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 It may be presumed that the Traceys of Galway are descended from the Sil Anmchadha







Army Birth Registration

Francis Tracy, Gort, 1829, R.D. Gds, Vol 1 page 36

John Treacy, Galway, 1833, 30th, Vol 1133 page 44



(I) Andrew Tracy resided in Galway, Ireland. (II) Michael, son of Andrew Tracy, was probably a native of Galway.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire...by Lewis publishing company, Chicago - New Hampshire - 1908 Page 1289


1. Andrew Tracy, (b. circa 1790 Galway d. 1874 Island Pond Vermont) & Catherine Dillon or Delaney [see Dr. Andrew Tracy]

               1.1 Michael Tracy (b. circa 1816 Galway d. 1910 Island Pond Vermont) m. Julia Hannon cicra 1840 Irland

            1.1.1 Delia Tracy (b. circa 1840 Ireland d. 1897 Island Pond Vermont)

            1.1.2 Andrew Tracy b. circa 1846 Galway d. 1917 Meriden Connecticut

               1.2 Peter Tracy b. circa 1819 Galway d. 1890 Island Pond Vermont


Arthur Tracey (b.1820 d. April 1860 Detroit MI) married Mary Mullany in 1842 in Stradbally Church in Waterford. Before Arthur moved to Waterford County he lived in Galway County. Came to Detroit in 1856-57. [see Waterford]


John who married a Mary Alliston.

George died 21yrs old in 1868 in Detroit





The emigrant ancestor of this family was Arthur Tracy (b. 1818) who left Ireland abt 1850 with his wife and two sons. He lived in Michigan in 1851 where his daughters, Margaret and Mary (b. 1857) were born. He died in May 1860 in Detroit, Michigan. This line is through his son, John (1849-1920) born in Ireland and died in Detroit, Michigan. He married Mary Elizabeth Alliston (1857-1904) born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Charlotte Tracy Gondron (b. 1913).

Gondron, Charlotte Tracy (1989) Tracy. Palo Alto, California.

Families: Tracy, De Lorme, Alliston, Burton

32 pages – FHL 929.273 A1 no.5558 (LDS)


Bartholomew Tracey & Sarah Crowley

William b. 1 June 1867 (LDS)


Daniel Treacy & Honor Slattery

Michael b. 29 May 1868 (LDS)


Edward Trassy/Treacy & Ellen Gilmore

Margaret Trassy b. 4th December 1872 Galway (LDS)

Thomas b. 24 July 1875 (LDS)


Edward Tracy & Mary Hagan

FEMALE b. 15 June 1879 Cappa (LDS)


James Tracy & Catherine Loughey

James b. 16 September 1869 (LDS)


James John Treacy, 41 years, b. Galway Ireland Arrival Date: 13 Feb 1942 Malone, New York from Canada


James Patrick Treacy of Galway & Oakland Maryland

1920 Censu - West Oakland, Garrett, Maryland,

Head James P Tracy M 40 Maryland

Wife Estelle M Tracy F 35 Maryland

Son James H Tracy M 4 Maryland

Son John Tracy M 2 Maryland

Son Maurice Tracy M 0 Maryland

1930 Census - Oakland, Garrett, Maryland,

Head James P Treacy M 53 Ireland, Immigration 1883

Wife Estelle M Treacy F 46 Maryland

Son James J Treacy M 14 Maryland

Son John J Treacy M 13 Maryland

Son Maurice F Treacy M 11 Maryland

Daughter Estelle Treacy F 9 Maryland

Daughter Mary C Treacy F 7 Maryland

Son Leo E Treacy M 5 Maryland

Son William O Treacy M 3 Maryland

1940 Census - Oakland, Election District 14, Garrett, Maryland

Head James Traesy M 64 Eire

Wife Estelle Traesy F 56 Maryland

Son James Traesy M 24 Maryland

Daughter Estelle Traesy F 19 Maryland

Son Jack Traesy M 23 Maryland

Son Morris Traesy M 21 Maryland

Son Leo Traesy M 14 Maryland

Daughter Mamie Traesy F 12 Maryland

Son William Traesy M 13 Maryland




John Tracey
I am looking for relatives of my great grandfather, John Tracey born Mayo or Galway about 1853. His fathers name was Lawrence Tracey or Treacy and he was a mason. John Tracey was a miner who moved to England and then America. Married Sarah Duffy in 1877 in Durham, England where he was a coal miner at the Shotton Colliery. His father was Lawrence Tracey (a mason), deceased at the time of the marriage in 1877.
They are both listed as natives of Ireland in the 1881 census. Sarah's father was Daniel Duffy and Mother was Rose Ann Roddey both natives of Ireland. John Tracey's father was Lawrence Tracey deceased in 1877. They were coal miners and masons by trade. Emigrated in 1882. Any information would be great. He perhaps had a relative named Thomas Francis Treacy (1881 British Census for Mayo?) born about 1849. Any help from Tracey's in the area would be appreciated.

Sean P. Tracey stracey@traceylawfirm.com December 2011


John Tressy & Ellen Farraher

Bridget b. 20 July 1868 Abbey District (LDS)


Mary Treacy b. Galway (d. of John Treacy & Catherine Kane) m. Patrick Mansfield (s. of Michael Mansfield & Catherine Ring) on 4 July 1918 Manhattan, New York, New York.


John Tracy and Margaret Leonard

Looking for information on my great-great grandparents, John and Margaret Leonard Tracy. Their family information is as follows:
Husband: John Tracy, born @1830 in Galway Bay, Galway, Ireland. Died January, 1892, in Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Married Margaret Leonard in 1876. Born in 1849. Died 17 Mar, 1931.
Children: (all born in in Milton, Wood County, Ohio)
1. John: b. 2 Jan 1877; d. 29 Aug 1942 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana; married Rhoda Blanche Standiford around 1900 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. (My ggrandparents)
2. Charles Richard: b. 1878; d. 1942. Married Marie Flanagan.
3. Peter Tracy: b. 1880; d. 1925. Married Buelah.
4. James Tracy: b. 1882; died 1952 in Muncie. Married Katherine "Katie" Wood.
5. William Tracy: b. 1886; d. 1966. Married Mary Mayme Carroll
6. Stephen Tracy: b. 1888; d. 1896
7. Patrick Tracy: b. 7 Jul, 1890; d. 1961. Married Margaret.
Now the story goes like this. John was the seventh son of a John Tracy. His family came to America during the potato famine. Being the youngest, they thought John too young to come and planned to leave him in Ireland with family and send for him later. John snuck aboard ship and came with his family anyway. John named his seven sons after himself and his seven brothers.
Anyone have any more info on our lineage?

Darlene White May 20, 2000 & June 19, 2005


Margaret Treacy b. 4 April 1869 Galway d. 21 March 1964 Lawrence Otago New Zealand (LDS)


Maria Tracey b. abt 1852 m. Kieran Byrnes abt 1873 (LDS)


Mark Tressy & Mary Burke

James b. 1 August 1870 (LDS)

Martin Tressy & Mary Burke

Mary b. 5 October 1865 Abbey District (LDS)

John b. 4 May 1868 (LDS)


Martin Tracy & Anne Malley

Agnes b. 4 June 1880 (LDS)

Martin Tracy & Anne Malloy

Bridget b. 15 July 1869 (LDS)


Martinus Tracey (s. of Michaelis & Annae Tracey of Co. Galway) of Co. Galway m. Julia Maria Dunphy (d. of Jacobi & Annae Dunphy of 12 Upr Dorset St) of 12 Upr Dorset St on 5 April 1866 Wit: Jacobus Joseph Dunphy of 12 Upr Dorset St & Maria Teresa Dunphy of Clontarf. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.

Martin Tracey, full [age], bachelor, miner, lives 12 Dorset St, (s. of Michael Tracey, farmer) married Julia Mary Dunphy, full [age], spinster, lives 12 Upr Dorset St, (d. of James Dunphy, leatherman?) 5 April 1866 RC Cathedral Marlboro St Wit: James Joseph Dunphy & Maria Theresa Dunphy [North Dublin City No.1 Dublin North PLU]


Mary Ann Tracey (b. 1857 Galway, Ireland d. Jan 1904 Nottingham) m. John Flear abt 1893 Ireland?

She was a cotton winder in Ireland and had several brothers and sisters in County Sligo.



Michael Tracey (b. 1860 Co. Galway) & Mary ??? [1901 Census: Upper Tyrone Street, North Dock, Dublin - CoI]

Catherine Tracey b. 1888 NY

Mary Tracey b. 1893 NY

Mark Tracey b. 1896 Dublin

John Joseph Tracey b. 1899 Dublin

Ita Tracey b. 1902 Dublin

Frances Tracey b. 1905 Dublin

George Kelly at 2010-09-04


Mich(a)el Tracey/Treasy & Julia Blade

Thomas b. 30 November 1874 Newtown (LDS)

Michel b. 8 June 1879 Newtown (LDS)


Michael Tress(e)y & Honor Ruane

Bernard b. 20 August 1865 Abbey District (LDS)

Mary b. 18 September 1875 (LDS)

Michael Tressy/Treacy & Anne Ruane

Anne b. 25 September 1867 (LDS)

Patt b. 2 October 1869 (LDS)


Michael Tracy & May Strawton

Martin Tracy b. 29th April 1868, Galway (LDS)


Michael Trassy/Treacy & Bridget Turner

John b. 11 September 1867 (LDS)

Mary b. 5 August 1869 (LDS)

James b. 29th January 1872 (LDS)

Bridget b. 29 April 1873 (LDS)

Michael b. 20 April 1875 (LDS)


20 August 1901 San Francisco Call

Tracy - In this city, August 19 1901, Mary beloved wife of Michael Tracy, and mother of Mary, James, Katie, Martin, John Edward, Richard and Lawrence Tracy, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 45 years.


1896 New England Naturalization Petitions

Michael C Treacy, b. 15 October 1867 Galway Ireland, 6 Grove St. Quincy, Court: Boston Massachusetts


11th December 1915 The Tablet

Prize Day At The Gregorian [Rome]...among the probati...Nicholas Treacy, 0.M.I...

Fr. Nicholas Treacy, b. 1891, Clonfert Diocese, d. 21-04-1946, Belcamp [North Dublin - Nicholas Bernard Treacy].


Patrick Tracey b. 1831 (LDS)


Patrick Trassy & Catharine Cavanagh

Catharine Trassy b. 15th December 1868 Galway (LDS)


Pat Treacy & Mary Haile

Mary b. 27 June 1877 (LDS)


Patrick Treacy & Honor Hughes

Michael b. 6 January 1876 (LDS)


Patritius Tracy (s. of Thomas & Catherinae Tracy of Co Galway) of 44 Upr Sackville St m. Elizabeth McDermott (d. of Thomae & Margaritae McDermott of Danestown?) of 5 Lower Temple St on th 29 May 1859 Wit: Joannes Colahan of 44 Upr Sackville St & Catherina Colahan of Jones Road. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Patricio/Patritius TraceyTracy & Elizabeth McDermot(t)

Marianna Tracey b. 7 September 1860 of 44 Sackville St Sp. Anna Cullen. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Thomas Tracy b. 20 October 1861 of 6 Lr Temple St Sp. Brigida Maglinn. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Margarita Tracey b. 6 January 1866 of 7 Kellys St [Ct] Sp. Catharina Maguire. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Catharina Tracey b. 25 December 1867 of 24 Rutland Place Sp. Anna Nowlan. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Joannes Tracy b. 11 April 1875 of 2 Henry Place Sp. Maria McDermott. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Elizabeth Tracy b. 31 March 1877 of 2 Henry Place Sp. Maria McDermott. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Patrick Tracy & Eliza/Bessy/Elizabeth McDermott

FEMALE b. 6 January 1866 (LDS)

Catherine b. 25 December 1867 (LDS)

Patrick b. 25 October 1870 (LDS)

William Joseph b. 2 April 1874 (LDS)

Elizabeth b. 2 April 1877 (LDS) 2 Henry Place


Thomas Tracy (s. of Patrick Tracy & Elisa McDermott of 2 Granby Place) of 2 Granby Place m. Rose McGarry (d. of John McGarry & Anne Walsh of 12 Denmark St) of 12 Denmark St on 26 October 1884 Wit: John Foley of 1 Mongomery St & Margt Shannon of 14 Horsonans Row. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Thomas Tracey. full [age], bachelor, labourer, lives 2 Granby Place, (s. of Patrick Tracy, living, labourer) married Rose McGarry, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives 12 Denmark Street, (d. of John McGarry, living, car man) 26 October 1884 RC Cathedral Dublin Wit: John Foley & Marget Sherry [Dublin North PLU] signed his mark

Thomas Tracey/Treacy & Rosana/Rose McGarvey/McGarry/McGurry/McGerry

Patrick John Tracey b. 16 October 1885 of 2 Granby Place Sp. Mary M Sherry. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

Anne Tracey b. 24 September 1887 of 7 Denmark Row  Sp. Margt Tracey. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC [McGarvey]

Thomas Chris Tracey b. 23 November 1889 of 2 Granby Pl Sp. Kate Reily. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC [McGarry]

Catherine Tracey b. 23 October 1891 of 1 Farrells Court Sp. Anne Kelly. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC [McGerry]

Christina Treacy b. 21 December 1894 of 7 Grenville Place Sp. Catherine Smollen. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC [McGurry]

William Joseph Tracy b. 16 March 1897 of 34 Coles Lane Sp. Catherine McGarry. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC

John Joseph Tracy b. 27 July 1899 of 15 Denmark Place Sp. Elizabeth Farrell. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral RC


Patrick Treacy (1901-2/11/1959) m Hanora Ryan 1st November 1924 Limerick

Martin Treacy (24/2/1928-29/10/2000) Gortavalla, Doon, Co. Limerick (LDS)

Mary b. ??? Jan 1930 Gortvalla Doon Limerick d. 24 March 1897 Galway bur. 27 March 1987 Doon Limerick (LDS)


Michael Tracy of Kiltegan [Wicklow] (s. of Patritius & Catharina of Liscoleman [Wicklow]) married Maria Keogh of Glenogue [Inch Wexford] (s. of Patritius & Anna of Glenogue) Wit: Patritius Tracy of Galway & Brigida Kavanagh of Cashan. Arklow Parish 6 Aug 1874


Sabina Treacy & Martin Morgan

Lawrence Morgan, 62, died 03 Jun 1915 Everett Massachusetts, Widowed, b. Ireland circa 1853 (s. of Martin Morgan & Sabina Tracey)

Patrick Morgan, 38, died 04 Apr 1904 Quincy Massachusetts, Single, Laborer, b. Ireland circa 1866 (s. of Martin Morgan & Sabina Tracey) Informant: Sabina Morgan

Mary Morgan b. 29 Jul 1867 Galway (LDS)

Biddy Morgan b. 02 Apr 1869 Galway (LDS)


Thomas Tracey b. Galway m. Ann Ellen Bryan 2 December 1875 Philadelphia Pennsylvania (LDS)


Thomas Trassey or Treacy m. Mary Doherty [State Reg: Portumna, 1st Quarter 1879 4 400]


Thomas Treacy [of Galway] married Margaret Dogherty [of Clare] Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England Jan-Feb-Mar 1865


1881 Census - Green Lane Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire

Thomas Tracey            Head                      M            44           Ireland, carter

Margaret Tracey          Wife                       F             41           Ireland

Hugh Tracey                Son                        M            15           Patricroft, Lancashire, England, book keeper

Mary Ellen Tracey       Daughter                F             12           Patricroft, Lancashire, England, dress maker

Susannah Tracey         Daughter                F             10           Patricroft, Lancashire, England

John Thos Tracey        Son                        M            8             Patricroft, Lancashire, England

Elizabeth Tracey          Daughter                F             5             Patricroft, Lancashire, England

Philip Tracey               Son                        M            3             Patricroft, Lancashire, England


1900 Census - Precinct 5 Hyde Park Town Chicago city Ward 32, Cook, Illinois

Thomas Tracy              Head                      M            65           b. Set 1834 Ireland, immigrated 1886 Na

Margaret Tracy            Wife                       F             58           b. Aug 1849? Ireland, married 35 years 6 child 6 alive

Hugh Tracy Son                        M            34           b. Nov 1866 England, immigrated 1885 Na, lawyer private secretary

Sussana Clifford         Daughter                F             30           b. June 1870 England

William F Clifford      Son-in-law             M            36           b. Aug 1864 Ireland

Mary Fenton Clifford                 Granddaughter      F             1              b. Sept 1899 Illinois

John T Tracy                Son                        M            27           b. Sep 1873 England, travelling salesman

Lizzie Tracy                 Daughter                F             25           b. Dec 1875 England

Phillip H Tracy            Son                        M            23           b. June 1877 England, lawyer


1900 Census - Civilain residents of Santiago-de Cuba, Cuba

Hugh T Treacy, head, M            35           single, b. Nov 1865 England, immigrated 1885 Na, lawyer


Mary E. Foran, 49, b. 1873 England, (d. of Thomas Treacy b. Ireland & Mary Doherty b. Ireland) d. 27 Apr 1922 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Buried 29 Apr 1922 Mt Olivet

Spouse: Frank Foran, 3941 W. Congress St., Ward 13 


Elizabeth Bick, 68 years, b. 8 Dec 1875 Manchester, England (d. of Thomas Tracy b. Galway, Ireland & Margaret Doherty b. Co.Clare, Ireland) d. 1 Jun 1944 4700 Kenwood Chicago Cook Illinois, buried 3 Jun 1944 Mt Olivet Worth Cook Ill . Spouse: Casper Bick, Informant: Margaret Foran


Philip Henry Treacy Sr, 80 years, b. 29 Jun 1877 Eccles [Manchester] England (s. of Thomas Treacy & Margaret Doherty), died 4 Jan 1958 1246 Judson Evanston Cook Illinois, Married, Attorney, Buried Calvary Evanston Illinois, Informant: Rita B Jager


November 05, 1916 Evening star About Evening star. (Washington, D.C.)

National Tickets...Congressmen...Illinois...2nd Dictrict. Philip H. Treacy, dem...


WWW1 Draft Registrion

Philip Henry Treacy of 4756 Kenwood Ave Chicago Cook County Illinois, 41 years, b. 20th June 1877, citizen by father naturalization, lawyer [self employed] 5 North La Salle St Chicago, Contact Mrs Casper Bick 1320 E48th Street Chicago, medium height, brown eyes, dark brown hair


Thomas Hugh Treacy (Feb 20 1834 - Apr 9 1903)

Margaret Treacy (Feb 15 1839 - Mar 7 1907)

John T. Treacy (Sep 22 1875 - July 22 1905)

Francis J Foran 1931

Casper Bick 1937, age 64

Elizabeth T. Bick 1944, age 68

Mary F Foran 1922

Margaret E Foran 1969 age 71


John B. Foran 1904

John Doherty 1911

Ellen Foran 1914

Francis J. Foran 1931



Thomas Tracy & Honoria Kelly

Anne b. 25 September 1875 (LDS)


Thomas S. & Mary Tracey

Margaret Tracey born 3 May 1827 in Galway, Ireland

He married 29 Nov 1846 in St. Stephen, NB (his obit, cath) Margaret Tracey born 3 May 1827 in Galway, Ireland, daughter of Thomas S. & Mary Tracey, ...

Calais, Maine families: they came and they went? Thelma Eye Brooks - Reference - 2002 - Page 61


Thomas Tracy, son of Thomas, was the first Tracy in the family line to come to America. He was born in County Galway, Ireland. He came to America August 25, 1848 through the port of Boston. He moved to Milford about 1850 and was a farmer. His wife was Magaret Hardiman…

The Story Of The Powers-Tracys'-Garveys'-Mannix http://jbarry.tripod.com/powersstory.html and http://jbarry.tripod.com/updates.html

Thomas Tracy was born in County Galway, Ireland. He came to America August 25, 1848 through the port of Boston. He moved to Milford about 1850 and was a farmer. At the time of his death in 1905 he was a large property owner and "familiar figure on the Milford Streets." Thomas became a United States citizen on October 22, 1858. He died in Milford hospital after being ill for two weeks. Prior to this, he was in good health and "was able to be on the streets daily."


In the 1920 census, Martin Tracy stated that he was born in Ireland, came to the US in 1850 and became a citizen in 1855. No record of this proves this to be true. Records show that he was actually born in Milford, Massachusetts to Thomas and Magaret (Hardiman) on November 6, 1849. His siblings, besides John B., the future lawyer and Mayor of Taunton who was born in 1868, where; Patrick b. 1851, Thomas b. 1853, Bridget b. 1854, Winifred b. April 1860, and Magaret b. 1862. All were born in Milford. Magaret would marry a man named Pierce and life in Fall Rivers.

Thomas Tracy became a citizen about 1856 He was born in Ireland in August about the year 1826. His father was Thomas but his mother's name is unknown. Unlike his sons, who would become professionals, Thomas earned his living as a "woodsawyer" and owned 800 dollars worth of land in 1880. By 1900 he was living alone in Milford and died from senility and pleurisy on November 30, 1905. Magaret (Hardiman) Tracy was also born about 1826 in Ireland. She would die June 11, 1875 at the age of 47 from rheumatic fever. They are buried together in St. Mary's Cemetery in Milford.



Oct 1869 US Weekly return of enlistments at Naval Rendezvous

Thomas Tracey, Age: 24, b. Galway, Ireland, labourer, eyes: grey, hair: sandy, Complexion: Fair, 5'9.25"

Place of Enlistment: Boston, 4 Oct 1869 for 3 year term general service,



4 July 1910 San Francisco Call

Tracey - In this city, July 2 1910, Thomas Tracey, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 74 years...Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.


6 December 1913 San Francisco Call

Treacy - In Richmond, Cal., December 4 1913, Thomas J. beloved husband of the late Sarah Treacy, loving father of P.J. and Thomas J. Treacy and brother of P.W. Treacy and Mrs. J.S. McEvilly, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 54 years. A member of Burke council No. 609 Y.M.I., and the Redmen of Richmond.


1871 Census - Broughton Lancashire

Thomas Tracey    Head       M            56           Ireland

Catherine Tracey   Wife       F             48           Ireland

James Tracey         Son         M            19           West Derby, Lancashire

Edward Tracey      Son         M            18           West Derby, Lancashire

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             14           Walton On The Hill, Lancashire

Letitia Tracey        Daughter                F             12           St Helens, Lancashire

Elizabeth Tracey    Daughter                F             6             Manchester, Lancashire

1881 Census - 204 Bury New Road Broughton Lancashire

Thomas Tracey      Head       M            63           Galway Ireland, Fruiterer

Catherine Tracey   Wife       F             52           Cavan Ireland

James Tracey         Son         M            29           Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Mary Tracey          Daughter                F             24           Liverpool, Lancashire, England, single, Invoice Corresponding Clerk (Comm)

Letitia Tracey        Daughter                F             22           St Helens, Lancashire, England

Elizabeth Tracey    Daughter                F             16           Manchester, Lancashire, England, Milliner


Edward Tracey married Mary Rourke Apr-May-Jun 1877 Manchester Lancashire Volume: 8D Page: 428 Line Number: 325

Francis Herbert Tracey b. Jul-Aug-Sep 1878 Manchester, Lancashire, England  Vol 8D Page 279 Number 63

1881 Census - 202 Bury New Road Broughton Lancashire

Edward Tracey            Head       M            28           Walton On The Hill, Lancashire, England, Fishmonger Employing 6 Boys

Mary Tracey                Wife       F             26           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Francis H Tracey         Son         M            2             Manchester, Lancashire, England

Thomas E Tracey         Son         M            1             Salford, Lancashire, England

Mary A Tracey            Daughter                F             0             Salford, Lancashire, England

Mary A Rourke           Cousin    F             36           Manchester, Lancashire, England

Annie Hughes             Servant   F             14           Manchester, Lancashire, England

1891 Census - St John The Evan Broughton, Lancashire

Edward Tracy, head, 38, b. 1853 West Derby Liverpool, Lancashire

Mary Tracy, Wife, 35, b. 1856 Manchester, Lancashire

Francis H Tracy, son, 13, b. 1878 Broughton, Lancashire

Thomas E Tracy, son, 12, b. 1879 Broughton, Lancashire

Leo Tracy, son, 8, b. 1883 Broughton, Lancashire

Madeline Tracy, daughter, 7, b. 1884 Broughton, Lancashire

Bernard Tracy, son, 4, b. 1886 Broughton, Lancashire

Gertrude Tracy, daughter, 2, b. 1889 Broughton, Lancashire

Dorothy Tracy, daughter, 0, b. 1891 Broughton, Lancashire

1901 Census - Broughton St John The Evan, Broughton, Lancashire

Letitia Tracey, head, 42, b. 1859 St Helens Lancashire

1901 Census - St John The Evan, Broughton, Lancashire

Edward Tracey, head, 48, b. 1853 West Derby Liverpool, Lancashire

Mary Tracey, Wife, 45, b. 1856 Manchester, Lancashire

Edward Thomas Tracey, son, 22, b. 1879 Broughton, Lancashire

Leo Tracey, son, 18, b. 1883 Broughton, Lancashire

Madeline Tracey, daughter, 17, b. 1884 Broughton, Lancashire

Bernard Tracey, son, 15, b. 1886 Broughton, Lancashire

Gertrude Tracey, daughter, 12, b. 1889 Broughton, Lancashire

Dorothy Tracey, daughter, 10, b. 1891 Broughton, Lancashire

Ursula Tracey, daughter, 9, b. 1892 Broughton, Lancashire

Alphonse Tracey, son, 7, b. 1894 Broughton, Lancashire

Blanche Tracey, daughter, 6, b. 1895 Broughton, Lancashire


Ellis Island

{ Francis H. Tracey, Manchester England, 1912, 29 years, b. Manchester England, single, to: Frd M McGowan, Hotel Victoria. to: New York. Father: Edward Tracey, The Nook Northam??? St? Brighton?

{ Francis Herbert Tracey, Manchester England, 1912, 29 years, b. Manchester England. Father: Edward Tracey,  [crossed out]


Bernard Tracey, 33, b. 1887 Manchester England, of Flint Mich, machinist (s. of Thos. Edw. Tracey & Mary Rourke) m. Louise O. Youngs (Harvey), 24, b. 1896 Pt. Huron Macomb Michigan, of Flint Mich (d. of Geo. Harvey & Carrie Hartman) 29 Dec 1920 Flint Genesee Michigan (Groom served in war vs. Germany from Wayne Co. Mich)


TRACEY roots from Manchester

Greetings! I am a new subscriber trying to find TRACEY family information. I can't trace back very far. I know that my grandfather, Bernard TRACEY, was born around 1887 in Manchester (his parents were Thomas Edward TRACEY and Mary ROURKE). Bernard had at least two siblings, Blanche TRACEY and Bert TRACEY.

Bert is interesting and I am including this information in the hope that it will jar somebody's memory. He worked with Laurel & Hardy in their early Manchester days (early 1900s?), before they became stars at Hal Roach studios in the U.S. We also have some funny old photos of Bert TRACEY directing silent movies. Would anyone out there know anything about him?

My grandfather, Bernard TRACEY, served in the U.S. Army during WWI, got married in 1920 and moved to Canada, where he is responsible (or at least partly responsible) for an amazing number of Canadians, mostly in the Sarnia, Ontario area.

I would be so grateful for any information you can give me. Regards -

Linda B. 9 Feb 1999


Margaret Tracey (single)

Birth Date: 4 Oct 1876

Birth Place: Newcastle Co, Galway

Age: 47

Residence: c/o Coyne, New York

Passport Issue Date: 26 May 1924

Father Name: Thomas Tracey

Father's Birth Location: Newcastle, Ireland

Father's Residence: Newcastle, Ireland

Passport Includes a Photo: Yes


St Patrick's Cemetery, Inver Grove, Dakota Co., MN

Thomas Tracy b.in Co Galway, Ireland d.May 01,1893; aged:65yrs,8mths,15dys

Bridget Tracy b.Aug 05,1828 d.Sep 29,1903;wife of Thomas Tracy

Julia d.Mar 14,1883; aged:13yrs,5mths,4dys; daughter of T and B Tracy


Timothy Treacy & Maria Bugler

Timothy b. 20 Aug 1867 Mt Shannon, Gal Ire bapt. Mt Shannon, Gal (LDS)


William Treasy/Trassy & Bridget Loftis/Loftus

Martin Treasy b. 23rd November 1870, Galway (LDS)

Honor Trassy b. 20th April 1877 Crumlin, Galway, (LDS)


William Treacy/Tressy & Bridget Loughlin

Sally b. 16 May 1873 (LDS)

Mary b. 12 January 1875 (LDS)


William Treacy & Honora Ryan

Honora Treacy b. 28 December 1880 Ballycleary, Ballyclery, Galway, Ireland (LDS) [Error – see Roscrea Parish]


Wm Tracy (of the County of Galway, gent) m. Hester Stanton (of Ormond Quay) on 8 July 1789 - St. Mary CoI (North Dublin City)


1789 July 8th

Wm Tracy of the county of Gallaway, gent, married to Hester Stanton of Ormond Quay, C1. (Dublin)


St. Gabriels Arklow Cemetery, Co. Wicklow

In Loving Memory of William Treacy - The Brook
Died 23 February 1968 age 66
Also his daughter-in-law Breda (Loughlin) Treacy - died 9 October 1993 age 54
His son Sean Treacy - died 27 October 1997 age 72
Also his wife
Ellen (nee Weadick) Treacy - died 16 January 1999 age 96

(1911 Census: Ellen Weadick, 8 years, Doyles Lane #4, Dtr of Dan'l & Mgt. m. Wm. Treacy in Galway 192? d. 16 Jan.1999)




Note: No records available online, except Galway Family History Society West.


William Tracey and Sarah Blake, Abbeyknockmoy Parish

At the time of the Griffiths Valuation (1856 for Galway), they were living in the townland of Lissaniska in the parish of Abbeyknockmoy in eastern County Galway. Their known children were:
Mary (bapt 14 Sep 1823) = Michael Coffey (my G-grandparents)
Bridget (bapt 01 Jul 1826)
John (bapt 22 Feb 1829)
Margaret (bapt 03 May 1832)
Mary and her husband Michael emigrated in 1884 to Boston with their 14 year old daughter Bridget Coffey. Their daughter Mary emigrated to Boston in 1880 and married Geoffrey Murphy (born in Watree, Gowran, Kilkenny) in 1887. Does any of this Tracey material look familiar to anyone?

Dave Riley Portsmouth, RI Dave Riley 14 Mar 2004


Edmd Tracy married Mary Glynn 10 Feb 1825 Wit: Jno Tracy, Mark Glynn & Margt Burke. Tuam Deanery Parish of Abbey [Abbeyknockmoy Galway]


Thomas Tressy/Treacy/Treasy & Rose Quin(n)

Margaret b. 31 March 1865 Abbey (LDS)

William b. 29 July 1867 (LDS)

Michael b. 20 September 1870 (LDS)

John b. 26 April 1873 (LDS)

Pat b. 10 June 1876 Lysaniska (LDS)


Martin Treacy married Mary Hession 30 Sep 1864? Wit: Michael? Treacy & BLANK Burke. Lackagh Parish

Martin Tracy & Mary Hession

Mary Tracy b. 14 Feb 1866 Sp. Owen Hession & Bridget Burke. Lackagh Parish

Martin Tr(e)acy & Mary Hession

Mary b. 13 February 1866 Turloughmore [Turloughmore Common Lackagh] (LDS)

Margaret b. 26 November 1867 (LDS)

Edward Tracy b. 21 Feb 1873 Galway

John b. 8 April 1875 (LDS)

Martin Tracy & Mary Hepian

Peter b. 25 June 1876 (LDS)

Martin Treacy, cottier, & Mary Hepian? [Hessian]

Peter Treacy b. 26 November 1867 of Abbey. Martin Treacy father Abbey, his mark [Abby Tuam PLU]

Martin Treacy, land holder, & Mary Hepian? [Hessian]

Julia Treacy b. 18 Nov 1871 of Abbey. Mary McNmera, present at birth, Abbey, her mark [Abby Tuam PLU]

Martin Treacy, shop keeper, & Mary Hepian? [Hessian]

Peter Treacy b. 25 June 1876 of Abbey. Martin Treacy father Abbey [Abby Tuam PLU]


Julia Treacy, 26 years, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Abbey [Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Martin Treacy, farmer) married John Patterson, 27 years, bachelor, architect, lives Abbey, (s. of Michl Patterson, farmer) 05 March 1898 RC Chapel Tuam Wit: Patrick Burke & Mary Teresa Curly? [Tuam Tuam PLU]


1901 Census

Martin Treacy, 64, M, 3 Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Publican Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widower, Co Galway

Edward Treacy, 26, M, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway

John Treacy, 24, M, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway

Peter Treacy, 22, M, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway

Thomas Treacy, 21, M, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Shop Assistant, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway

Martin Treacy, 20, M, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway

Norah Treacy, 16, F, Culliagh North, Abbey West, Galway, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway

Patrick Hession, 63, Male, Brother in Law, Roman Catholic, Farmer, Not Married, Co Galway,


1911 Census

Martin Treacy, 73, M, 3 Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (head, farmer & publican, widower)

Edward Treacy, 38, M, Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (son, shop assistant, single)

John Treacy, 36, M, Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (son, farm servant, single)

Peter Treacy, 34, M, Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (son, farm servant, married 2 years, 1 child)

Thomas Treacy, 32, M, Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (son, shop assistant, single)

Norah Treacy, 28, F, Culliagh, North, Abbey West, Galway (daughter, farm servant, single)


Norah Treacy, 27, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Abbey [Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Martin Treacy, shopkeeper) married Michael Forry, 28, bachelor, steward, lives Kilkee [Kilmovee crossed out] [Kilfearagh Co Clare], (s. of Own Forry, farmer) 2 November 1913 RC Church of Abbey Wit: Michael Lally? & Mary Geraghty [Abbey Tuam PLU] see above


Michael Forry, my great grandfather, was born on 1 March 1884, one of eight children of Owen Forry and Catherine Morley of Tavrane, Kilkelly, Co. Mayo.  He married Norah Treacy from Abbeyknockmoy, Galway on 2 Nov 1913.  In 1930 the family moved to Tuam, Co. Galway.

[Their daughter] My grandmother Mary Treacy née Forry…



Peter Tracy, full age, bachelor, landholder, lives Lisaniska [Lissaniska Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of Bartholemew Tracy, landholder) married Mary Cunnane, full age, spinster, landholders daughter, lives Emammore, (d. of Michael Cunnane, landholder) 6 February 1868 RC Chapel Killererin Wit: John Duane & Margt Cassidy, their marks [Tuam Tuam PLU] signed their marks


Patt Treacy, cottier, & Mary Wyne

John Treacy b. 15 Sept 1870 of Lisanisha [Lissaniska Abbeyknockmoy] [Abby Tuam PLU]

Patt Treacy & Mary Wyne

John b. 15 September 1870 (LDS)

Pat Tressy & Winifred Wynne

Biddy b. 10 May 1874 (LDS)


Edward/Ned Tressy/Tracy & Biddy/Bridget Kenny

Michael b. 2 January 1872 (LDS)

Honor b. 13 May 1874 (LDS)

John b. 20 November 1877 Lisaniska (LDS)


John M Tracy, 36, of Brookline, gardener, b.c. 1881 Ireland (s. of Edward & Bridget Kenny) m. Annie A Harrington, 27, of Jamaica Plain, b. Ireland (d. of Bernard & Margaret Carty) 21 Oct 1917 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States


1940 Census - Ward 11, Boston, Boston City, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Head            John Tracy             M            62           Ireland

Wife             Annie Tracy           F             50           Ireland

Son               John Tracy             M            22           Massachusetts

Son               Bernard Tracy        M            20           Massachusetts

Son               Thomas Tracy        M            18           Massachusetts

Daughter      Madeline Tracy      F             17           Massachusetts

Son               George Tracy         M            14           Massachusetts


Mary E Tracey, 26, of 78 Waltham St, cook, b.c. 1886 Ireland, (d. of Edward Tracey & Bridget Kenny) m. August V Jacobson, 27, of 53 Union Park, Chauffeur, b.c. 1885 Finland (s. of John Jacobson & Louise Flain) m. 30 May 1912 Boston, Massachusetts


Patk/Patrick Treacy, 30 years, bachelor, labourer, lives Caherpukey [Caherphuca Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of Edmd Treacy, landholder) married Mary Duddy, 20 years, spinster, housework, lives Monivea [Monivea], (d. of Thomas Duddy, shopkeeper) 06 February 1873 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: Michael Treacy & Bridget Duddy [Abbey Tuam PLU] [see Athenry]


Michael Tressy, 24 years, bachelor, landholder, lives Clough [Clogh Clonkeen], (s. of Barthw Tressy, landholder) married Bridget Mannion, 20 years, spinster, cottier's daughter, lives Knocknor [Knockroe Clonbern], (d. of Pat Mannion, cottier)  24 February 1876 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: Thomas Coen & Ellen Mannion, signed his mark [Abbey Tuam PLU] signed his mark [see Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill]


Bartley Tressy & Margaret Kelly

John b. 28 February 1875 (LDS)

Bartholomew Treacy & Mary Kelly

Mary b. 1 February 1878 Lisaniska (LDS)


John Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Lisanickn? [Lissaniska Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of BLANK BLANK) married Margaret Dolan, full age, sidow, BLANK profession, lives Brierfield [Moylough], (d. of BLANK BLANK) 18 February 1882 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: John Killeen & Mary Dempsey [Abbey Tuam PLU]


Bernard Tracy, BLANK age, bachelor, farmer, lives Ballyruane OR Ballybane? [Ballybaun Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of Michael Tracy, farmer) married Margaret Coleman, BLANK age, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Crumlin [Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Michael Coleman, farmer) 20 January 1896 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: Patrick Cavanagh & Lizzie Murphy [Abbey Tuam PLU]

Bernard Treacy & Margaret (Maggie) Coleman/Coady

Mich. b. 2/6/1897 bapt. 2/14/1897 Ballyruane Sp. Mich Coleman & Delia Murphy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Bernard b. 4/23/1900 bapt. 4/29/1900 Ballyruanne Sp. John Fahy & Margaret Fahy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Honor b. 9/2/1902 bapt. 9/6/1902 Ballyruanne Sp. ??? McTigh & ??? Ruanne (Coady). Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Dlie b. 9/8/1906 bapt. 9/15/1906 Bally? Sp. Thomas Clancy & Mary Corgave. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


William Treacy, 36, bachelor, farmer, lives Larghmore [Laragh More Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Bridget Treacy nee McLoughlin, 34, widow, BLANK profession, lives Ballinamona [Ballynamona Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Patt McLoughlin, farmer) 26 February 1897 RC Chapel Abbeyknockmoy Wit: Pat Gingtey? bachelor & Noria Gaynen? Spinster [Abbey Tuam PLU]

William Treacy & Bridget McLoughlin

Mary bapt. 6/28/1900 Sp. John Flynn & Margaret Forde. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

John b. 1/6/1904 bapt. 1/17/1904 Larraugh Sp. Michael Bird & Catherine Bird. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


1901 Census

Bridget Treacy, 82, F, 32 Laraghmore, Deerpark, Galway, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widow, Co Galway

William Treacy, 40, M, Laraghmore, Deerpark, Galway, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Son, Married, Co Galway

Bridget Treacy, 40, F, Laraghmore, Deerpark, Galway, Farmer's Wife, Roman Catholic, Daughter in Law, Married, Co Galway

Michael Treacy, 3, M, Laraghmore, Deerpark, Galway, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Grand Son, Not Married, Co Galway

Mary Treacy, 0, F, Laraghmore, Deerpark, Galway, Roman Catholic, Grand Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway


1911 Census

William Tracey, 64, M, 3 Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway (head, farmer)

Bridget Tracey, 56, F, Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway (married 13 years, 5 children/4 alive)

Michael Tracey, 13, M, Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway

Mary Tracey, 10, F, Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway

Patrick Tracey, 8, M, Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway

John Tracey, 7, M, Laragh More, Deerpark, Galway


Pat Treacy & Kate Mannion

Pat b. 4/5/1897 bapt. 4/5/1897 Corrofar Sp. James Lane & Mary Forde. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Thomas Tracey & Julia Black

Julia b. 9/21/1897 bapt. 9/24/1897 Chapel Road Sp. John Blade & Honor Blade. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Julia Treacy, 26 years, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Abbey [Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Martin Treacy, farmer) married John Patterson, 27 years, bachelor, architect, lives Abbey, (s. of Michl Patterson, farmer) 05 March 1898 RC Chapel Tuam Wit: Patrick Burke & Mary Teresa Curly? [Tuam Tuam PLU] see above


John Treacy & Margaret Garvey

Mary b. 11/28/1903 bapt. 12/5/1903 Larraugh

Bridget bapt. 10/22/1904 Larraugh Sp. John Langon & Bridget Garvey. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Patrick b. 3/24/1906 bapt. 3/31/1906 Larraugh Sp. Stephen Treacy & Mary Gle?. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Catherine b. 4/20/1906 bapt. 4/27/1906 Larraghuane Sp. John Hession & Margaret Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Nora b. 5/2/1908 bapt. 5/8/1908 Lorragh Sp. William Garvey & Kate Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Julia b. 9/18/1910 bapt. 9/24/1910 Larragh Sp. Stephen Treacy & Mary Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Delia Treacy & Pat Skuhill

Nora b. 22-Feb 1906? bapt. 25-Feb 1906? Chapel Road Sp. James Treacy & Mary Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Catherine Treacy & John Forde

Patrick b. 9/18/1907 bapt. 9/21/1907 Larr Sp. Edward Hay & Ellen Ryan. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Thomas Treacy & Honor/Ellen Williams

Thomas b. 12/10/1907 bapt. 12/21/1907 Lisans Sp. Joe Williams & Bridget Williams. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

John b. 6/22/1909 bapt. 6/28/1909 Lisans Sp. John Williams & Mary K?. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Patrick b. 3/1/1911 bapt. 3/4/1911 Sp. William Fahy & Bridget Fahy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Mary b. 8/15/1912 bapt. 8/15/1912 Sp. Patt King & ??? King (Ellen). Abbeyknockmoy Parish

M? b. 11/6/1914 bapt. 11/8/1914 Lisannes Sp. John King & Sarah ???. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Edward Treacy & Mary Lane

Kate b. 2/24/1908 bapt. 3/4/1908 Chapel Road Sp. Thomas ??? & Mary ???. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Michael b. 4/25/1912 bapt. 5/8/1912 Chapel Road Sp. Martin Treacy & Delia Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Patrick b. 9/10/1913 bapt. 9/21/1913 Chapel Road Sp. Thomas ??? & Norah Lane. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Peter (Pete) Treacy & Ellen Nicholson

Mary Ellen b. 4/30/1908 bapt. 5/8/1908 Abbey & ??? Sp. Patt Nicholson & Nora Treacy. Abbeyknockmoy Parish

Martin b. 1/10/1914 bapt. 1/24/1914 Sp. Martin Nicholson & Catherine ???. Abbeyknockmoy Parish


Norah Treacy, 27, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Abbey [Abbeyknockmoy], (d. of Martin Treacy, shopkeeper) married Michael Forry, 28, bachelor, steward, lives Kilkee [Kilmovee crossed out] [Kilfearagh Co Clare], (s. of Own Forry, farmer) 2 November 1913 RC Church of Abbey Wit: Michael Lally? & Mary Geraghty [Abbey Tuam PLU] see above


Michael Forry, my great grandfather, was born on 1 March 1884, one of eight children of Owen Forry and Catherine Morley of Tavrane, Kilkelly, Co. Mayo.  He married Norah Treacy from Abbeyknockmoy, Galway on 2 Nov 1913.  In 1930 the family moved to Tuam, Co. Galway.

[Their daughter] My grandmother Mary Treacy née Forry…



Mich Treacy & Maggie Forde

Brigida Theresa Treacy b. 1/1/1915 bapt. 1/9/1915 Ryehill [Tuam] Sp. Mich Forde & Delia ???. Abbeyknockmoy Parish [see Tuam]


11 August 1964 The London Gazette

Treacy (otherwise Tracey), Martin.

Abbert [Monivea], Ballyglunin [in Killererin], Galway, Ireland, and The Navy Inn, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Contractor and Farmer. [died] 1st January 1962.

J. M. G. Sweeney, Cross Street, Athenry, Ireland, Solicitor. [Representatives] (Martin Treacy and J. Hessian.)

12th October 1964 (054)


Buried in Templemoyle Graveyard

Mrs Mary Treacy of Newcastle, Athenry died 25 July 1928 aged 78 years - memorial Card

Thomas Treacy of Newcastle, Athenry died 1st February 1931 aged 94 - memorial Card

Bartholomew Treacy died March 1867 aged 65

Margaret Treacy died September 1893 aged 73

Martin Treacy died November 1918 aged 68

Bridget Treacy died June 1953 aged 85

Patrick Treacy died February 1953 aged 87











Steve B Treacy

The late Steve B Treacy 16 November 2006


The club and parish are deeply saddened by the death of our club president Steve B. Treacy. Steve was probably the greatest clubman in the history of the club and his death will leave a void which will never be filled in Abbeyknockmoy. Steve was a dedicated follower of Abbey and Galway hurling who put his life and soul into the club at all times. Hurling in the parish is all the poorer for his death.


Steve B played with the club throughout the 1960s and 1970s, winning North Board championships in 1960s, 61, 62 and 68. He was also a member of the 1971 Intermediate team which won the county final and made the breakthrough to senior hurling for the first time, a feat of which he was immensely proud. He acted as manager and selector of various teams throughout the 1970s, resulting in a Junior Championship in 1977. As manager of our Intermediate team in the early 1980s, he instilled great interest in the team which unfortunately lost numerous county semi-finals. Nevertheless, his hard work and dedication laid the foundations for the subsequent Intermediate win in 1985 and senior win in 1988.


Steve B acted as a selector with our senior and intermediate teams and his continued enthusiasm for hurling was appreciated by his fellow selectors and players. In 2006 he was manager of the junior team which reached a county quarter-final. The size of the Junior panel he assembled was testament to the preparation he put into managing the teams. As any of the players will maintain, the amount of phone calls he made and text messages he sent during the year informing players of training and matches were incredible and while all of this was voluntary, Steve B would never have it any other way. He served as chairman, secretary and treasurer of the club on numerous occasions and was our current club president and finance officer. He was a driving force in the club throughout the years and his abilities as a fund-raiser were terrific. Steve B rarely missed any club match, under-age or adult, and he was extremely popular and well liked by all club players young and old. Indeed this was probably his greatest quality as a man, his ability to easily get along with anyone. Steve B was also a fanatical Galway hurling supporter and he rarely missed a match any Galway team were involved in.


His death is a huge loss to his family and Abbeyknockmoy Hurling Club. Many stories will be told about Steve B in the future and they will all be good ones. He had a positive impact on everyone in Abbey and he will never be forgotten. We sympathise with his sons, Stephen and Jarlath, daughters Bernadine, Jacqueline and Stephanie, his brother Paddy, sisters Evelyn, Mary, Celia and Freda, and finally his partner Ann.


Ar dheis De go raibh a anam.


Courtesy of The Tuam Herald 16 November 2006



 Addergoole & Liskeevy, Milltown


Note: Online RC records available are baptism 1858-1880 and marriages 1859-1880.


Malachy Tracey married Briget Tracy 11 Feb 1836 at Liskeevy [Liskeevy] by Rev. Pat Garvey. Dunmore Parish [Addergoole RC]


Mary Tracey/Treacy & John Macken [see Owen Tracy Dunmore]

Ellen Macken b. 26 Sep 1859 Sp. Owen Tracy & Honor Byrne. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

Honor Macken b. 25? Aug 1862 Sp. Martin Murphy & Mary Mallin. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

John Macken b. 10? Sep 1865 Sp. Thos Turner & Kate Byrne. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish


Patrick Tracy, full age, bachelor, landholder, lives Hillwood [Hillswood East Tuam], (s. of Daniel Tracy, landholder) married Mary Monahan, full age, spinster, Herd's daughter, lives Milltown, (d. of Patrick Monaghan, herd) 2 April 1870 RC Chapel Tuam Wit: Patrick Tracy & Catherine Kennedy, their marks [Tuam Tuam PLU] signed their marks

Pat Treacy/Tracy & Mary Monaghan

Pat Treacy b. 5? Nov 1868? Sp. Pat & Brgt Moneghan. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

Honour Tracy b. 8/15 Oct 1874 of Millbrook [?] Sp. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

Patrick Treacy & Mary Monaghan

Bridget b. 3 December 1879 (LDS)



Patrick Treasy, landholder, & Honoria Langan

John Treasy b. 10 May 1870 of Cloonreane parish of Milltown [Cloonrane and Milltown are in Addergoole]. [Dunmore Tuam PLU]

Patrick Treacy/Treasy & Honoria Langan

Patrick William Treacy, b. 11 Aug 1861 (s. of ??? Treacy & ??? Langon) d. 12 May 1940 Alameda, California, United States

James b. 1 April 1868 Dunmore, Gal (LDS)

Annie E. Treacy, Aged 30, b. Mayo [Galway?] Ireland (d. of Patrick Treacy & Honor Langan) m. Jeremiah S. Mcevilly, aged 32, b. Mayo Ireland (s. of James Mcevilly & Julia Joyce) 25 Oct 1899 Butte, Silver Bow, Montana

Annie E Mcevilly b. 1 Aug 1870 (d. of ??? Treacy & ??? Langan) d. 22 Jan 1947 Alameda, California, United States

John b. 10 May 1870 Dunmore, Gal (LDS) [Treasy]


Patrick W. Treacy

For over twenty years Patrick W. Treacy has been engaged in business for himself in Oakland, and while he has accumulated a competence, he has also won a position among the men of integrity and honesty who command a place as worthy citizens. He is a native of Ireland, his birth having occurred in County Galway; his parents, Patrick and Honor (Langan) Treacy, both died in their native land. In Ireland, Patrick W. Treacy married Miss Mary Higgins. and with her sought a new home among the more abundant opportunities of the western world. They came first to San Francisco, and thence to Oakland, this being about twenty-eight years ago. By trade he was a painter and decorator, a business which he began to follow as soon as he located permanently in this city. For a few years he worked for others, then in I884 established an independent business, since which time he has carried on a lucrative business. He now employs from six to eight men the year round, and for the character of his work as well as the promptness and dispatch with which orders are executed, has won an enviable reputation.

Mr. and Mrs. Treacy have eight children, all in school, namely: Nora, Mary, Helen, Eugene, Agnes, Thomas. Stephen and Wilfred. Mr. Treacy is associated fraternally with the Ancient Order of United Workmen and St. Joseph’s Benevolent Society of St. Patrick’s Parish, West Oakland, Cal.

History of the State of California and Biographical Record to Oakland and Environs: Also Containing Biographies of Well-known Citizens of the Past and Present, Volume 2. 1907


1910 Census - Oakland Ward 6, Alameda, California

Head Patrick W Treacy M 45 Ireland  Immigration 1895

Wife Mary H Treacy F 47 Ireland

Daughter May Treacy F 21 California

Daughter Lilicon Treacy F 19 California

Son Eugine Treacy M 17 California

Daughter Agnes Treacy F 14 California

Son Thomas Treacy M 12 California

Son Steven Treacy M 8 California

Son Wilfred Treacy M 5 California

1920 Census - Oakland, Alameda, California

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Head Patrick W Tracy M 54 Ireland, Immigration 1887 

Wife Mary Tracy F 54 Ireland

Son Eugene L Tracy M 27 California

Son Thomas R Tracy M 22 California

Son Stephen A Tracy M 18 California

Son Alfred Tracy M 14 California




Passport photograph


Patrick Treacy

Born: 6 Aug 1872 Dunmore, Ireland

Age: 50

Residence: 35 years at San Francisco & Oakland, California

Passport Issue Date: 4 Jun 1923

Going to Ireland to visit relatives on Carmania from New York 16 June 1923

Father: Patrick Treacy, Ireland, Deceased

Emigrated: from Queenstown April 1888

Natralised: 8th Aug 1894 San Francisco


pat pass



Patrick Treacy, 20 years, bachelor, landholder, Cloonrane [Addergoole Galway], (s. of Pat Treacy, landholder) married Mary Higgins, 19 years, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Ballindine [Crossboyne], (d. of Owen Higgins, publican) 11 June 1883 RC Chapel Ballindine Wit: Joseph Kelly & Ellin Higgins [Ballindine Claremorris PLU]


Mary Tracey/Treacy, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Knock [Knockaunkeel? Addergoole], (d. of Thomas Tracey, farmer) married Thomas Grady, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Milltown [Addergoole], (s. of Henry Grady, farmer) 20 February 1888 RC Chapel Milltown Wit: Michael Roynan & Margaret Treacy [Dunmore Tuam PLU]


John Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Cloonrane [Addergoole Galway], (s. of Pat Treacy, deceased, farmer) married Ellen Mongon, full age, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Crimlin [Crumlin Kilvine], (d. of John Mongon, Do [farmer]) 20 February 1892 RC Chapel Drymills Wit: Pat Treacy & Anny Mongon [Ballindine Claremorris PLU]


Michael Treacy, 30, bachelor, shopkeeper, lives Balinahine? [Ballindine Crossboyne Mayo], (s. of Patrick Treacy, farmer) married Kate Rattigan, 25, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Malinfield?, (d. of John Rattigan, farmer) 20 April 1896 RC Chapel Milltown [Addergoole] Wit: Patrick Cosletlo & Mary Vashy? [Dunmore Tuam PLU] [see Kilvine Mayo]



15 March 1873 (TH) 10 July 1875 (TH) Gouldings Manures

Agents...Patrick Tracey, Cloonrane, Ballindine...


Will Calandar

Anthony Langan 20 Jan 1881 Cloonrane Ballindine Galway, fgarmer, to nephew Pat Treacy (junior) of Cloonrane, farmer


1891 Return of judicial rents

Michael Treacy of Cloonrane Galway, landlord Stephen Taafe, 32a/3r/3p, poor valuation £13/15/0, old rent £14/18/7, new rent £12/0/0


1920 Census - Haverhill Ward 2, Essex, Massachusetts, United States [see 1901 & 1911 census Ireland]

Head John J Tracy M 51 Ireland, Immigration Year: 1885[?], own house

Wife Ellen Tracy F 47 Ireland

Daughter Evelyn Tracy F 13 Ireland





Note: Online baptisms are 1840-1880 and marriages 1866-1880


1900? Photo: Tracey family, Clonbrock. [Ahascragh] Women and children standing in doorway of thatched cottage. Women wearing shawls and bonnets, younger boy wears smock.



Patritis Tressy & Bridgida Tressy

Margarita Tressy b. 1 Jan 1861 Sp. Thomas Clarke & Catherine Naughten. Ahascragh and Killosolan Parish (Note: Killisolan Church)

Patricio Tressy & Brigitta Tressy

Margarita c. 1 January 1861 Roman Catholic Ahascragh and Killosolan (LDS) Tressy


Patrito Treacy & Bridgida Maguire

Honoria c. 7 June 1863 Roman Catholic Ahascragh and Killosan (LDS)


Patricio Tracey & Brigette McGuiness

Jacobus Tracey b. 28 Mar/3 Apr 1874 Sp. Gulielmus Tracey & Elleanora Tracey. Ahascragh and Killosolan Parish

Patt/Patricio Trac(e)y/Tressy & Biddy/Bridget/Brigitta McGuiness

Martin Tracy b. 3rd November 1865 Clonbrock, Galway (LDS)

John b. 8 May 1868 (LDS)

James b. 16 March 1874 Clonbrock ALSO Jacobus b. 28 March 1874 c. 3 April 1874 Roman Catholic Ahascragh and Killosolan (LDS)


Patrick Tracy, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Culleen [Killeen Ahascragh], (s. of Patt Tracy, dead, farmer) married Honoria Davis, " [full age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Breda [Bredagh Killosolan], (d. of Thos Davis, dead, farmer) 21 May 1888 RC Chapel Ahaseragh Wit: John Treasy & Kate Davis [Ahaseragh Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark


Killure New Graveyard, Ahascragh, County Galway, Ireland

John J. Treacy died Oct 1918






Philip Anthony Treacy, b. 26 May 1967 Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, son of the late James Vincent Treacy and Katie Agnes Treacy. His parents owned a baker’s shop in Ahascragh, Co. Galway.

Philip began studying fashion in Dublin at the National College of Art & Design in 1985. He was more interested in making the hat than the outfit. This coincided with him winning, in 1988, a place on the Royal College of Art’s MA course. At the time the RCA was planning to establish a hat course and his arrival confirmed that they were right to do so. A star pupil from the outset, he soon gained the attention of the late great style icon, Isabella Blow. Their meeting was subsequently to become the subject of an exhibition at the Design Museum, ‘When Philip Met Isabella’. He graduated in 1990 and set up his own business in the basement of Isabella and her husband Detmar Blow’s home.

Philip won the British Accessory Designer of the Year ‘Oscar’ in 1991, 1992 and 1993, and then again in 1996 and 1997. Irish Fashion Oscar 1992. Haut Couture Paris 2000.

He has designed hats for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Valentino, Versace, Pucci, Alexander McQueen and most recently Ralph Lauren. In 2000, he made millinery history by staging his ‘Orchid’ collection of haute couture hats in Paris.

Philip heads an international company which sells accessories all over the world. His design oeuvre has expanded to include handbags, gloves, a chair for Habitat and a sportswear line for Umbro.

He has just completed the interiors for the G Hotel in Galway, west of Ireland and will soon begin work on the interior design of a new hotel in London’s Bow Street.

On the 19th of November 2007, at 40 years of age, he was awarded an honorary OBE for services to the British fashion industry by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at a ceremony in Clarence House. The Duchess is one of his most loyal customers and she wore one of his creations a metallic feathered ‘head-dress’ for her wedding in 2005.






Mary Tracey & Connor Callinan

Kitty Callinan b. 16 May 1841 Sp. Richard Kents? & Peggy Callinan. Ardrahan Parish


Maria Tracy & Patritis Donohue

Brigida Dononhue b. 17/21 Jan 1870 of Chessy [Shessy Ardrahan] Sp. Thoma Ruane & Katharina Donohue. Ardrahan Parish





Note: Online RC baptism and marriage records are 1858 to 1878.


Thos Tracy & Mary Tracy

Stephen Tracy b. 27 Dec 1858? Sp. Michl & Mary Gilligen. Athenry Parish

Tom Tracey & Mary Hynes

Michael Tracey b. 4 May 1861 Sp. Michael Hynes & Mary Monaghan. Athenry Parish


Briges/Bridget Tracy & Michl Ryan

Michl Ryan b. 6 Apr 1859 of Toorhill? [Toorkeel Monivea] Sp. Nichlas & Ann Hogon?. Athenry Parish

Willm Ryan b. 1 Dec 1860 of Toorkeil Sp. Thos King? & Mary Collins. Athenry Parish

Mary Tracy & Michl Ryan

Kate [Mary crossed out] Ryan b. 30 Oct 1864 Sp. Patt Lally & Honor Roonde?. Athenry Parish


Martin Treasey married Mary Dooly of Kiltulla Chapel House 17 March 1846 Wit: Richard Fitzpatrick & Mary Anne Cahalen?. Kiltullagh Parish

Martin Tracey & Mary Tracy

Lawrence Tracey b. 24 Jul 1859 of Codoo [Cuddoo Monivea] Sp. Michl Ruane & Mary Gilligan. Athenry Parish

Martin Tracey & Mary Dooley

Honor Tracey b. 7 Jan 1862 Sp. Teresa Quinn. Athenry Parish


Thomas Tracey & Catherine Burke

Mary Tracey b. 16 Dec 1862 Sp. Michael & Margareta Olau?. Athenry Parish

John Tracy & Mary Burke

Thos Tracy b. 15 Dec? 1865 Sp. James Nolan & Mary Hardiman?. Athenry Parish


Thomas Tressy & Catherine Binker

Thomas b. 1 December 1865 Athenry (LDS)


Bridget Tressy, spinster, lives Ganty [Kilconierin], (d. of Stephen Tressy, labourer) married Michael Cassidy, of full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Athenry [Athenry] (s. of Ml Cassidy, labourer) 2 November 1865 RC Chapel Loughrea Wit: Michael Gilligan & Mary Rourke, their marks [Loughrea Loughrea PLU] signed their marks [see Carabane]


Thos Tracy married Mary Curran 9 Feb 1871 Wit: Peter? Burke & Lizzy? Lardner?. Athenry Parish

Thomas Tressy, 30, bachelor, farmer, lives Newcastle [Monivea], (s. of Martin Tressy, farmer) married Mary Curran, 29, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Tysaxon [Tisaxon Monivea], (d. of John Curran, farmer) 9 February 1871 RC Chapel Athenry Wit: Peter Burk & Elizabeth Landine? [Athenry Loughrea PLU] signed his mark

Thos Trassy & Mary Curran

Martin Trassy b. 15? Nov 1873 Sp. Patt Rown? & Mary? Anne Mullin. Athenry Parish

Thomas Tressy & Mary Curran

Martin Tressy b. 1st November 1873, Athenry Galway (LDS)


Catherine "Katie" Treacy, 1885 - 1968

Catherine "Katie" Treacy was born on month day 1885, at birth place, to Thomas Treacy and Mary Treacy (born Curran).

Thomas was born on ?1837, in Newcastle, Athenry, Co Galway, Ireland.

Mary was born circa 1850, in Tysaxon Athenry Co Galway.

Catherine had 6 siblings: Mary Josephine Browne (born Treacy), Julia Treacy and 4 other siblings.

Catherine lived on month day 1901, at address.

Catherine passed away on month day 1968, at age 83 at death place.


Katie Treacy in 1901 Ireland Census

Katie Treacy was born circa 1886, in County Galway, Ireland, to Thomas Treacy and Mary Treacy.

Katie had 5 siblings: Annie Treacy, Julia Treacy, Martin Treacy, Delia Treacy and Mary Treacy.

Katie lived on March 31 1901, in Shoodaun, Graigabbey, Galway, Ireland.



Peter Tready? & Cathne Burns?

Mary Tready b. 24 Oct 1873 Sp. John & Mary Donnellan. Athenry Parish


Edward Treacy & Mary Jordan

My Jordan ancesters lived at 'Cussane Cross', where roads from Galway City-Monivea and Athenry-Tuam intersected. A modern farm house is there now, on NW corner. John Jordan (d. 1867) and Hannora Clancy (d.1890) had 7 children:
1. Thomas (b.~1841- ), m. ______; daughter Mary, m. Edward Treacy. One son ____ Treacy, who has since moved, we think, from original home to Co. Mayo, Ire.
6 Oct 2007


Patk/Patrick Treacy, 30 years, bachelor, labourer, lives Caherpukey [Caherphuca Abbeyknockmoy], (s. of Edmd Treacy, landholder) married Mary Duddy, 20 years, spinster, housework, lives Monivea [Monivea], (d. of Thomas Duddy, shopkeeper) 06 February 1873 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: Michael Treacy & Bridget Duddy [Abbey Tuam PLU] [see Athenry]

Patk? Tracey & Margt Doody

Mary Tracey b. 8 Nov 1874 Sp. Jnos Tracey & Bridget Doody. Athenry Parish

Patrick Tressey, shopkeeper, & Mary Driddy/Duody?

Mary Anne Tressey b. 2 Nov 1874 of Atherny. Patrick Treacy Athenry father.

Patrick Tressey & Mary Duddy

Mary Anne b. 2 November 1874 Atheeny (LDS)

Patrick Tressy & Mary Duddy Tresey 

Mary Anne Tressy b. 02 Nov 1874 Atheeny, Loughrea, Galway, Ireland (LDS)


Michael Tracey & Bridgett MANYON


Has ChildrenMichael John TRACEY (b: 15 August 1880 in Athenry, Galway, Ireland d. · Death: 30 January 1964 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO) & Martha Belle JEFFERS (b: 23 November 1888 in Ogden,,UT)


Has ChildrenEvelyn Dorine TRACY b: 7 April 1918 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO


Michael Treacy, 25, bachelor, railway labourer, lives Ballyboggan [Monivea], (s. of Thomas Treacy, railway ganger?) married Mary Mannion, 22 years, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Ballyboggan, (d. of William Mannion, farmer) 28 April 1884 RC Chapel Athenry Wit: Michael J Kelly & Mary Anne Kelly? [Athenry Loughrea PLU]


Martin Treacy, 28 years, b. Athen Rye, Ireland, Arrival Date: 24 May 1914 Vancouver, British Columbia


March 4, 1919 at the Pro-Catherdhal, Dublin, John son of the late Martin Treacy, Abbey, Ballyglunin Co. Galway to Marion (Cissie) youngest daughter of the late Michael A. Cahill of Prospect House, Caltra, Ballinasloe.


My father was Michael Treacy who was born in Athenry 3rd January 1921. Apparently his mother [Bridget or Beatrice] died when he was very young and also his father [James?] was apparently shot dead in around 1922 in the Athenry area by the local police/army because of being out during a curfew. He was brought up by his grandmother, along with his sister Maureen who I think was very close to his age. My father moved to England in about 1938 and eventually settled in the Whitehaven, Egremont area of Cumbria. He married my mother Kathleen Abernethy in Whitehaven in 1951.He died in Birmingham [England] in 1980. If anyone thinks they may have known him or his family in Athenry in those days please let me know, as I know so little about his life in Ireland or of any relatives over there. Thank you. Kevin Treacy 01/7/2005

5th child of Michael Treacy born in Athenry 1921. stephen 12/10/2005



Newcastle National School [Monivea]

28th May 1888 Martin Treacy, 13, Newcastle, Farmer

May 1891 Willie Treacy, 4, Tourkeel, Railway Labourer



Templemoyle Graveyard

Bartholomew Treacy died March 1867 aged 65

Margaret Treacy died September 1893 aged 73


Patrick Treacy died February 1953 aged 87

Bridget Treacy died June 1953 aged 85

Martin Treacy died November 1918 aged 68




Eddie Treacy

April 03, 2008

The Late Eddie Treacy. The sudden and untimely death recently of Eddie Treacy in Boston was a great shock and brought great sadness to all who knew him, and once again our heartfelt sympathy to his family. Eddie was a prominent underage hurler for Athenry in the late 1980's and earlt 90's. A prominent forward on the under 14 team which reached the 1988 County Final, and in 1994 Eddie as a member of the Athenry Under-21 County Champions. In between he made his mark with Athenry Vocational School being a key player when the school won their first All-Irelands Vocational Schools senior hurling title in 1991. Eddie also enjoyed football success in the school and captained one team to a Connacht title. When he went to Boston, Eddie soon became involved with the Fr Tom Burke's club and made a big contribution both as a player and hurling coach. Here in Athenry his brothers Gerry, Michael, and Raymond have been prominent and successful with a variety of Athenry teams, and are still representing their club as keenly as ever. Apart from sporting activities, Eddie was a very popular young man who had a friendly smile for all people he met. He will be remembered with fondness. Ar dheis laimh De go raibh a anam dilis. - St Mary's GAA Club Courtes of the Tuam Herald 3 April 2008




 Athleague (Galway/Roscommon)


See Roscommon.



 Aughrim (& Kilconnel)


Note: No online RC Marriages.


Brigida Trassy & Jacobus Hobbins

Michael Hobbins b. 5/9 May 1830 Sp. Joannes Trassy & Ellen Carmody. Aughrim Parish

Maria Hobbins b. 6 Sep 1831 Sp. Thady Trassy & Cath Hobbins. Aughrim Parish

Gulielmus Hobbins b. 26/30 Nov 1834 Sp. Thos Hobbins & Ellen Kerane. Aughrim Parish


Partrick Treacy? m. Elleanor Connolly 20 February 1834 Wit: Pat Connaughton & Mary Connoly


Biddy/Cath Treacy/Trassy & Mart Linskey

Catherine Linskey b. 19 Feb 1860 Sp. Thos Ward & Biddy Linskey. Aughrim Parish

Peter Linskey b. 30 Dec 1861 of Ballyglass [Kilconnell] Sp. Michl Kelly & Cath Kelly. Aughrim Parish

Martin Lynskey b. 11 Sep 1864 of Ballyglass Sp. Thos Kelly & Cath Kelly. Aughrim Parish

Michael Lynskey b. 29 Sep 1867 Sp. Laurence Treacy. Aughrim Parish [Cath]


Biddy Treacy & Peter Burke

Peter Burke b. 24 Jun 1863 Sp. Pat Meany & Anne Duane. Aughrim Parish


Biddy/Brigid Treassy/Treacy & Pat Garvin

Michael Garvin b. 17 Jun 1866 Sp. Thos Treacy & Mary Grehan. Aughrim Parish

Honoria Garvin b. 18 Oct 1868 Sp. Michl Treacy & Mary Shaughnessy. Aughrim Parish

Delia Garvin b. 4/12 Jan 1878 Sp. BLANK. Aughrim Parish

Brid Treacy & Pat Garavan 

James Garavan b. 19 Jun/4 Jul 1880 Sp. Michl Treacy & Sarah Treacy. Aughrim Parish


Edward Treacy, 23, bachelor, labourer, lives Fahey [Fahy Killallaghtan], (s. of William Treacy, dead, farmer) married Mary Hayden/Haydin, 23, spinster, house keeper, lives Ballinderry [Kilconnell], (d. of Michael Hayden, dead, labourer) 26 August 1876 RC Church Aughrim Wit: John Dealy & Wineyford Garvin [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU Galway] signed his mark

Eduardo Tracy & Maria Hayden

Maria Tracy 2/12 Aug 1877 of Tonaeogie [Tonlegee Kilbride] Sp Thomas Kidease & Mrs Dolan. Kilbride Parish (LDS)

Edward Tracey & Mary Heydian

Maryanne Tracey b. 27 July 1877 Tonragee Kilbride (LDS)


John Tracy. Reg. No. 7455. Rank Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Connaught Rangers 5th batt. Died of wounds France 20/10/1918. Born Kilconnell, Co. Galway.

Age 37, Son of Edward and Maria Treacy, of Ballinderry, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway; husband of Annie Treacy, of Rossmore, Woodford, Co. Galway.

Roll of Honour: Treacy – October 20, 1918, in France, Coy. Q.M.S. John Treacy, Connacht Rangers, of wounds, only son of Edward Treacy, Kilconnell, Ballinasloe dearly-loved husband of Annie Treacy; deservedly regretted. R.I.P.

John Tracey, 7455, 3rd Bn Connaught rangers, enlisted 23/6/1902 Dublin, 11/12/1912 Cr. Sgt., died 20/12/1918 Maurois Communal Cemetery 3.25 miles SW of Le Cateau.

20 years, b. 1884?, postman, single, 5'5.25", 121 Lbs, 33" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC,

Born Kilconnell, Galway. 1918 Ann Treacy, 2 Bowling Green, Galway. 27 June 1919 WO, personal property to Mrs Ann Tracey 20 St Josephs Terrace, Galway. 23/7/1923 Ack Victory Medal Sisters of Charity, Stanhope St, Dublin.

11 March 1908 Arrived India on "Rewa"

30/1/1909. A very good clerk. Sergeant rank promotion 3/4/07

August 1912 Re-Engagement Paper. Rank Sergeant. Ferozepore, Punjab, India.

1915 Next of Kin. Father John Kilconnell Galway Mother Mrs E Treacy [crossed out] Wife An? Wife: married estate?

27/10/1915 Rank C.Qm.S. Hospitalised at Harve. Letter to Mrs E Treacy, Kilconnell, Ballinasloe.

8/12/1915 Hopitalised at Southall with Rheumatic Fever, letter sent to Mrs A Treacy, Sea View, Summore? Kinsale?

23/6/1916 Leave? Address Rossmore, Woodford, Galway

[1919?] Widow: Annie Treacy nee Callanon, married Preston 24 January 1907, 30 St Josephs Terrace

Children: Annie Treacy, born 1st December 1909 Dagshai [India?], 30 St Josephs Terrace,

Father; Edward Treacy, [68 years approx], St. Michaels Hospital, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Mother: Maria Treacy, Deceased.

Sister: Mrs Balfour, 34 years, East 82 St, New York

In his will he leaves all his property to his wife, Mrs Annie Treacy, Rosmore, Woodford, Co. Galway. [Will]



 Ballinakill (East Galway)


Note: No online marriages


Catherine Tracey (b. 1817 Ballynakill Galway d. 22 November 1867 Ipswich Queensland Australia, 50 years) m. Patrick Cannon (b. 1820 Ballynakill Galway d. 14 October 1865 Ipswich Queensland Australia, 45 years) 1843, Galway Ireland,



Immigration from Galway to Australia, New South Wales & Queensland.

CANNON     Catherine                1850       29           Ballinakill               William TRACEY / Ann xx Living in Ballinakill.    Husb = Patrick, 28 & 2 chn on board.  Ship =     Cornwall

CANNON     Joseph     1850       1             Ballinakill               Patrick / Catherine TRACEY On board this ship.      xx           Ship =     Cornwall

CANNON     Mary       1850       4             Ballinakill               Patrick / Catherine TRACEY On board this ship.      xx           Ship =     Cornwall



Patrick Tracy (b. 1815 - 1820 d. aft. 1870 New York City) m. Ann ??? Abt. 1841

In the 1850 New York City census Patrick Tracy was found living in the 14th ward, on page 134. He was listed as 30 years old, a clerk, born in Ireland. In his household was his wife Ann, 27 years old, and a daughter named Mary J. Tracy, being 2 years old, showing New York as her place of birth. In the 1860 census Patrick Treacy was listed as being 45 years old (note the difference in his age?), as shown in the 6th ward, 3rd division, page 1105, dwelling number 263, on the date of 03 July, 1860. He worked as a private watchman, born in Ireland, and his wife Ann was not found in the record, but his son Michael, and Mathew, and his daughter Mary were found. Also living with them in the 1860 census was a woman named Johanna Sweeney, 45, a servant, from Ireland also. In the 1869 New York city directory he was at 19 Mott street. Patrick was the first known relative to come to NYC. His sister Anna Tracy came over a few years later with her husband Michael John Connery, who was living at his home in 1863, at 19 Mott street. He was a witness to the Naturalization of Michael Connery his brother-in-law, Patrick being listed as living at 19 Mott street. Also Patrick's sister Anna (Johanna) Tracy's daughter Ann Elizabeth was born at the 19 Mott street address in 1863. In the 1870 census of New York City as found in the 7th ward, first district, on page 24. He was now listed as being 55 years old, now working as a tailor, worth 500.00 in personal worth, and 1000.00 in real estate, being born in Ireland. Again, his wife Ann appears, she being listed as 50, she was absent from the 1860 census. Also in the household were his son's Michael, and Mathew Tracy, and their daughter Mary. A study of Irish ship records for the port of New York shows two possible prospects for Patrick Tracy coming to America. It is still not clear whether one of these men represent our Patrick. The first was on 20 June, 1847, from Liverpool, on the ship "Pacific", it shows a Pat Tracy 28, a mechanic of Ireland, alond with a wife whose first name was not known, aged 25, and a son Mike Tracy who was listed as 3. This could be our family, or at least part of our family? The second was a Patt Tracey, 30 years old, a male laborer, from Ireland, on 08 April, 1848, from Dublin, to NYC, on the ship "James Fagan", manifest ID 2873, he came alone in steerage. This fits better with the known family information, given the probable place of birth of his daughter Mary in New York (still not proven, and only extracted from one record).

Anna Tracy (b. 1821 - 1822 Rossmore, Ballinakill Parish d. January 17, 1898 Brooklyn, New York) m. Michael John Connery Abt. 1845 in Woodford, Ballinakill Parish, Leitrim Barony, Galway, Ireland

Anna Tracy came over to New York city with her young daughter Mary Ann in Jan., 1851, as shown in the biography of her husband Michael John Connery. She was listed in this record as Anna Conroy, and she appears again this way as a widow in the 1880 census of New York city, in the household of John Mc'Namara her son-in-law, and her daughter Anna Agnes Connery. In 1868 she was listed in the New York city directory as Anna Conrey with her daughter Mary as dressmakers living at 638 6th avenue. In 1878 she was listed as Anne Conroy, widow of Michael living at 155 E. 41st street, and she was listed again in 1879 as Annie G. Conrey at this address, and she still worked as a dressmaker. In 1880 she lived at 1484 2nd avenue as shown in the census record. From 1882-1883 she appears again as Ann Conroy widow of Michael living At 1467 2nd avenue, not far from her daughter Anna Mc'Namara. She died as Ann Conroy while living at 423 Hicks street, in the 6th ward of Brooklyn, being 76 years old. She died of Gangrene, and was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Brooklyn. Her death record stated that she was a homemaker, and that she was living in NYC for 52 years.



‘Kate’ to Sydney, New South Wales or Moreton Bay, Queensland 1850

Michael Tracey, 36, Toem [Tuam?] (parents: Michael/Mary nee Brien, both dead), His surname is stated as Brien but a long note states that his real surname is Tracey.

Mary Lynch, 26, Nenagh (parents: Michael & Margaret Tracey) (wife of William, 30)

Jane Treacy, 22, Rushmore [Rosmore Galway], (parents: William / Ann xx Living at Rushmore. Sister = Catherine Kennet? [Mary Kennedy?]) 

Mary Treacy, 20, Rushmore [Rosmore Galway], (parents: William / Ann xx Living at Rushmore. Sister = Catherine Kennet? [Mary Kennedy?]) 



Mary Treacy & Hardy Kelly

Pat Kelly b. 26 Jan/10 Feb 1840 Sp. Denis Crancy & Anna Kenanore. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Thoma Tressy & Honoria Head

Michael Tressy b. 13 Sep 1841 Sp. Thomas & Brigida Moloy. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Jacobi Cleary? & Bda Whyte

Michl Cleary b. 3 Sep 1843 Sp. Thomas Treacy & Bda Treacy. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Bda Treacy & Joannis Whyte

Bridgidda Whyte b. 13 Sep 1843 Sp. Winifreda Whyte. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Johannis Tracy & Maria

Maria Tracy b. 22 Apr/6 May 1849 Sp. Patritius & Catharina Walsh. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Michl Tracy married Mary Quinn 1 Mar 1859 Wit: Michl Cronnally & Mary Hogan. Ballinakill Parish

Michael Treacy & Mary Quin(n)

Patrick b. 17 February 1865 Portumna (LDS)

Michael b. 9 February 1867 Portumna (LDS)

Laurence b. 17 September 1869 Portumna No 1 (LDS)


Michael Tracy & Mary Quinn

Patrick Tracy b. circa 1867 Ireland d. 26 Nov 1911 Pembroke Sanatorium NH, aged 44 years, Pulmonary Tuberculosis Lived: Residence Manchester NH

Annie Maria Tracy b. circa 1867 Ireland d. 4 Jan 1923 at 49 Pennacook Street, Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire of Cerebral Hemorrhage & Chr Nephritis, aged 56, single, lived NH 7 weeks, Lived: Lowell, Mass, Occupation: Housekeeper

Mary Kenney, b. circa 1864 Ireland, 58 years, widow (d. of Michael Tracy & Mary Quinn) m. John Drury, b. Cincinnati, Ohio 47 years (s. of Patrick Drury & Margaret Hanlon) m. 27 Mar 1922 Hamilton, Ohio, United States


Margt/Maria Tressy & Jacobi Minnogue/Minogue

Margaret Minnogue b. 22/24 May 1862 Sp. Pat Broderick & Cath Martyrin. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish

Michael Minogue b. 13/22 Aug 1867 Sp. Joannes Breheny & Brid Connors. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Bridget Treacy/Trassy, 20, spinster, lives Ranabrone [Reynabrone Ballynakill (Leitrim barony)], (d. of John Tressey, Do [farmer]) married Patrick Mahony, 22, bachelor, farmer, lives Coolrisk, (s. of John Mahony, farmer) 23 February 1870 RC Chapel Ballinakill Wit: James Egan & Mary Murphy [Woodford Loughrea PLU] signed her mark

Brigida Tracy & Patritii Mahony

Brigida Mahony b. 20/21 Jan 1871 Sp. Patritius Egan & Maria Tracy. Ballinakill (East Galway) Parish


Patt Tressy, 30, bachelor, farmer, lives Clonacussa [Cloonnacusha Tynagh], (s. of John Tressy, farmer) married Bridget Burke, 20, spinster, farmer, lives Abbeyville [Ballynakill (Leitrim barony)], (d. of Patt Burke, alive, farmer) 25 February 1878 RC Chapel Abbey [Ballinakill] Wit: James Tressy & Kate McDonagh [BLANK Portumna PLU] [see Tynagh]


Michaelis Trassy & Cath Kelly

Michael Trassy b. 15/21 Sep 1878 Sp. Michael Trassy. Ballinakill Parish



 Ballinasloe (& Kilclooney) CoI


Mary Treacy, full [age], spinster, lives Do [Ballinasloe], (d. of Edward Treacy, Sergeant) married William King, full [age], bachelor, Army Pensioner, lives Ballinasloe, (s. of William King, labourer) 3 December 1870 Kilclooney Church of Ireland Wit: Thomas MacDonagh & John Gately, his mark [Kilclooney Ballinasloe PLU] signed their marks



 Ballinasloe (& Kilclooney) (Galway/Roscommon)


See also Roscommon. Early records seem to locate families in Roscommon while later records indicate Galway.


Note: Online marriage records end 1841.


John Tracy (abt 1790- abt 1835) Farmer, Galway Shipping Co m. Ellen abt 1809

Ellen Tracy (1814-22/1/1893) Shannon Harbour to Prahan, Victoria, Australia married Thomas Curley (Market gardener) abt 1834 Ballinasloe, Kilcloony Parish, Galway. (LDS)

1. John & Ellen Tracey Ballinasloe died around 1835

1.1  Ellen Tracey, born Shannon Harbour, Roscommon around 1814 (but I believe Shannon Harbour didn't exist until 1850!), married Thomas Curley in 1834 in Kilclooney parish, Ballinasloe, and emigrated to Australia where she died in 1893.

Kate Vines, silkworm@netvision.net.il

[Note: Shannon Harbour is listed as being located in Co. Offaly]


John TRACEY worked for Galway Shipping Co. about 1820, He and wife Ellen died of typhus in 1835. Daughter Bridget orphaned and eventually went to Australia as assisted immigrant.), Galway Bay, Ballinasloe, 1820-1840.

1.1 Ellen (b. abt. 1814 Shannon Harbour, Galway d. 22nd January 1893 Prahan, VIC, Australia) m. Thomas Curley abt 1834 Ballinasloe, Kilcloony Parish)

1.2 Bridget/Biddy Mary (b. abt 1819 Ballinasloe d. 11 May 1890 Eumemmering VIC Australia) m. John Andrews 18 December 1841 St. Francis RC Melbourne Australia). She lived in a convent and with "Aunt Ellen" prior to immigrating. She arrived in Victoria on the ship ‘England’ 17 July 1841.

1.3 Ann (b. abt 1832 Galway) m. John Shaw 1852 Brighton

1.4 Brother (not named) went to sea.

Peter Andrews, pandrews@melbpc.org.au, http://www.ozemail.com.au/~pjandrew/andrews.html PO Box 89, Mount Macedon, 3441, AUSTRALIA


John Tracey & Ellen

Ellen Tracey (b. 1811 in Galway d. 1893 in Prahran, VIC, Australia) m. Thomas Curley (b: 1816 in Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland). Travelled to Australia on the "England"


1. Ann Tracey b: 1832 in Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland spouse John Shaw died Rochford VIC 1891

2. John Curley b: 1837 in Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland

3. Bridget Curley b: 1840 in Ballinasloe, Galway, Ireland

4. Michael Curley b: 1842 in Brighton,VIC, Australia

5. Bartholomew Curley b: 1844 in Brighton, VIC, Melbourne

6. Maria Curley b: 1848 in Brighton, VIC, Australia

7. Catherine Curley b: 1849 in Brighton, VIC, Australia

8. Has ChildrenThomas Patrick Curley b: 1858 in Brighton, VIC, Australia

[Note: Name may be Codley in ship record]


Michael Tracey b. abt 1797 & Ann Dolan or Dolphin

Winifred Mary (b. abt 1822 Keil Ballinasloe d. 14 June 1904 Wannon Hamilton Victoria Australia) m. John Quigley 23 May 1848 Mount Napier Portland Bay District Victoria Australia (LDS)


1. Michael and Ann Tracey of Keil, Ballinasloe.

1.1  Winifred Tracey, born abt 1822. Assisted migrant to Melbourne, 1841 on "Middlesex" with cousin, Cecilia Dolphin (aka Dalton). Married John Quigley in Australia).

Patricia Hammond quigley@eisa.net.au


Michael Tracey & Ann Horan


Has ChildrenWinifred Mary TRACEY b: ABT 1823 in Keil, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland


Michael TRACEY




Michael Tracey (b. abt 1797 County Galway) Marriage 1 Ann HORAN (b: ABT 1802 in County Galway, Ireland)

Note: When his daughter Winifred died, her father's occupation was given as "farmer".

Change Date: 6 Jan 2006


1.                       John TRACEY c: 16 Nov 1822 in Catholic Parish, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland

2.                       Has ChildrenWinifred Mary TRACEY b: ABT 1823 in Keil, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland

3.                       John TRACEY c: 29 Jun 1824 in Catholic Parish, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland

4.                       Michael TRACEY c: 1 Aug 1826 in Catholic Parish, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland

5.Thomas TRACEY c: 1 Jun 1829 in Catholic Parish, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland

6.                       Joseph TREACY c: 25 Apr 1832 in Catholic Parish, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Ireland


Thomas Tressy & Maria

Bridgida Tressy b. 4/7 Jan 1834 Sp. Bernardus Barret & Rosa Bonis?. Ballinasloe Parish

Thomas Tracy & Maria Kelly

Bridgida Tracy b. ? Jun/12 July 1845 Sp. Marcus & Margarita Tracy. Ballinasloe Parish

Bridgida Tracy b. 15/17 Oct 1847 Sp. Marcus & Margarita Tracy. Ballinasloe Parish

Thomas Thracey b. 7 Jun/6 Aug 1849 Sp. Maria Thracey. Ballinasloe Parish

Thomas Treacy & Mary Kelly

Mark b. 1838 Ballinasloe d. 18 November 1895 (LDS) Moved to Broken Hill Australia.


1. Thomas Treacy & Mary Kelly of Loughrea and Ballinasloe from 1830's

Thomas Treacy married Mary Kelly at Loughrea in 1827.

1.1 John bapt, 1829 at Loughrea.

1.2 Margt bapt. 1832 at St Michael's Church Ballinasloe. Migrated to Sth Aus.

1.3 Michael bapt. 1835 at St Michael's Church Ballinasloe.

1.4 Mark abt 1838. Migrated to Sth Aus.

1.5 Edward William. abt 1839 Migrated to Sth Aus.

1.6 Mary bapt 1842 at St Michael's Church Ballinasloe.

1.7 Bridget bapt 1845 at St Michael's Church Ballinasloe.

E. Macilwain, millie204@intenode.on.net

Treacy - Ballinasloe, Beal Atha na Sluaighe
Thomas Treacy from Ballinasloe married Mary Kelly in 1827 in Loughrea. First child John was born in Loughrea in 1829 and the rest of the family was born in Ballinasloe. 3 of the children Margaret, Mark and Edward William went to Australiain the 1850s. Looking for family connections.


Irish ancestors

James Murphy Born Co.Armagh.Ireland & Margaret Treacy/Tracy B.Co.Galway Ireland M.North Rhine.S.A.1856. Mark & Edward Treacy Brothers of Margaret Arr.S.A.1859 From New York. James B.Mt.Barker Catholic Cem. S.A.1924. Margaret B.Strathalbyn Catholic Cem.1898.

Margaret Allison (View posts) 18 Mar 2001


Treacy connection in Burra S.A.

Margaret, Mark & Edward William Treacy arrived Adelaide in 1850s from Galway.I am on the Mark Treacy branch

Elizabeth Macilwain (View posts) 1 Aug 2006


Thomas Treacy (1805-) & Mary Kelly (1810-)

Margaret Treacy 1833-1898

*       Mark Treacy 1838-1895

Edward William Treacy 1839-1908


29 January 1876 The South Australian Advertiser

TREACY-SHAW.—On the 13th of January, at Pichirichi, North, by the Rev. Father Nevin, Edward Treacy, second son of Mr. Thomas Treacy, Ballinasloe, Ireland, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late Levi Shaw, of Woodside South Australia, Adelaide.


William Tracey & Mary Larkin

Michael b. 20 August 1844 Sp. Michael & Sara Hemsworth


1844 Aug.20 n. 21B. Michael Tracey fil Gul. et Maria Larkin c.PP Michael & Sara Hemsworth, St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Ballinasloe


Patrick K. Treacy and Nancy ???

Michael James Treacy, Sr., b. September 16, 1852, Balinasloe, County Galway, Ireland642, 643, 644, d. June 14, 1922, Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN645, 646.

1. Patrick & Nancy Treacy - Ireland (Galloway?) -
2. Their son Michael Treacy married Catherine Francis (Maher) Treacy - I believe immigrated to US, settled in Louisville KY.
Michael/Catherine's children:
my grandmother, Anna Elizabeth Treacy (b. I think 1895) & her siblings are: Joseph, John (b. 1892) (who went by O'Treacy) Aloysius, James, Catherine, Kitty, Agnes. Believe they were all born in KY but could be wrong.
Then the family moves to Indiana - no idea why.

3. Anna Elizabeth Treacy (my grandmother) married Louis Boniface Riester
Their children, John (my father), Mary, Florence
4. John (my father) married Louise Childers
John and Louise had 4 children, of which I am their youngest.
If you have any info relating to this lineage, please email me at alriester@cox.net. I have more info at home with more specific dates, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. If you find your info somehow relates to mine, I also have pictures of some of the people from late 1800s to early 1900s.
Anna Riester


Michael James Treacy (b. 16 September 1852 Galway d. 14 June 1922)

Migrated to: Louisville, Jefferson County, KY in 1876 then to Indianapolis, Marion County, IN in 1900

Additional notes: Catherine Brockman, Joseph Treacy, John Treacy, Anna Treacy, Aloysius Treacy, Timothy Treacy, Maher

Researcher: Pat Treacy 25 September 2006


Patricii Tracey & Catharine Berrane/Brennan

Maria Tracey b. 14/20 Oct 1854 Sp. Diosysuis Corellan & Margarita Ridde?. Ballinasloe Parish

Honora Tracy b. 23 Oct/7 Nov 1862 Sp. Jacobus Jordan & Maria Eyre. Ballinasloe Parish

Honoria Treacey b. 25 Aug/2 Sep 1864 Sp. Michael Kenny & Maria Harney. Ballinasloe Parish

Joannes Tracey b. 1/23 Aug 1867 Sp. Thoma Griffin & Brigida Nicholson. Ballinasloe Parish

Patritius Tracey b. 18/28 Apr 1871 Sp. Samuel Loughnane & Maria Tracy. Ballinasloe Parish

Jacobus Tracy b. 7 May/5 Jun 1874 Sp. Martinus Tracy & Maria Tracy. Ballinasloe Parish

Patrick Tracy & Catherine/Kate Ber(r)ane

Honoria b. 17 August 1864 Ballinasloe (LDS)

Patrick b. 18 April 1871 (LDS)

James b. 20 May 1874 (LDS)

Patrick Tracy, labourer, & Catherine Berane

Honoria Tracy b. 17? Aug 1864 of Deerpark Cottages B'sloe [Kilcloony]. Patrick Tracy, father, Deerpark Cottages, his mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU Galway]


John Grehan m. Bridget Duffy 24 July 1855 Wit: Michael (Trassy) ? & Mary Griffin, Kilclooney [Ballinasloe] Parish


Michaelis Tracey & Brigida Murray

Anne Tracey b. 9/12 Jul 1861 Sp. Andrew Madden & Anna Madden. Ballinasloe Parish

Michael Josephus Treacy b. 18/22 Jul 1864 Sp. Petrus Rattican & Catherina Rattican. Ballinasloe Parish

Brigida Tracey b. 1/4 Mar 1866 Sp. Thoma Lynch & Margarita Clueny. Ballinasloe Parish

Joannes Tressy b. 19/23 Jun 1868 Sp. Wm & Honoria Raftery. Ballinasloe Parish

Michael Tracy, labourer, & Bridget Murray

MALE Tracy b. 3 July 1864 of Slarrys? Lane B'sloe. Catherine Tracy, grandmother, present at birth, her mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU Galway] (LDS)

Michael Tracy b. 18 Jul 1864 of Slerry's Lane Ballinasloe. Catherine Tracy, grandmother, present at birth, Slerry's Lane, her mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU Galway] [crossed out] (LDS)


Bridget Tracy, 24, spinster, Do [labour], lives Ranclough?, (d. of Michael Tracy, herd) married Michael Colleran, 30, bachelor, labour, lives Coolderry [Moore], (s. of Paul Colleran, deceased, smith) 29 November 1890 RC Chapel Moore Wit: Michael Kelly & Anne Callanan, signed her mark [Creagh Ballinasloe  PLU Roscommon] signed his mark


Mary Treacy, 21, spinster, Do [labourer], lives Killehosan [Kilnahown Clontuskert Galway] (d. of Miclus? Treacy, Do [labourer]) married Michael McKeon, 24, bachelor, labourer, lives Ardnaghy [Ardnaglug Moore Roscommon], (s. of John McKeon, labourer) 8 November 1866 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: M Tracey & Kate Donellan, her mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU Galway] signed her mark

Maria Tracy & Michaelis McKeon

Brigida McKeon b. 1/18 Jan 1867 Sp. Joannes McNamara & Winifrida Fallon. Ballinasloe Parish


Martin Treacy, full age, bachelor, servant, lives Ballinasloe [Kilcloony Galway OR Creagh Roscommon], (s. of John Treacy, labourer) married Anne Moelia, spinster, (d. of Thos Moelia, labourer) 21 September 1868 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: Maurice Foyle? & Catherine Recttary?, their marks [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU] signed their marks

Martin Tracy/Treacy m. Ann/Anne Moelia/Melia/Mealia 21 September 1868 Ballinasloe (LDS)

Martin Tracey & Anne Morlia/Melia

Brigida tracey b. 17/23 Feb 1869 Sp. Michael Burke & Margarita Colahan. Ballinasloe Parish

Patritius Tressey b. 15/23 Feb 1872 Sp. Martin? & Margarita Calahan. Ballinasloe Parish

Maria Tracey b. 23 Jan 1874 Sp. Patritius Lahan & Catherina Treacy. Ballinasloe Parish             

Joannes Treacy b. 21 Mar/7 Apr 1876 Sp. Thomas Conlan & Bridida Canavan. Ballinasloe Parish

Martin Tracy/Treacy m. Ann/Anne Moelia/Melia/Mealia

Patrick b. 18 February 1872 (LDS)

Mary b. 9 January 1874 Ballinasloe (LDS)

John b. 21 March 1876 Deerpark (LDS)

Ann b. 11 June 1878 Cottages (LDS)


William Treacy, 30, bachelor, slater, lives Ballinasloe, (s. of John Treacy, farmer) married Catherine Egan nee Kelly, 30, widow, shop keeper, lives Do Do [Ballinasloe] (d. of John Kelly, Do Do [farmer]) 20 November 1877 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: Stephen Rigney & Bridget Carroll [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark


Anne Treacy, 17, maid [single], servant, lives Ballinasloe, (d. of Michael Treacy, dead, labourer) married John Kerrigan, 20, bachelor, labourer, lives Ballinasloe, (s. of Michael Kerrigan, living, labourer) 21 August 1879 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: Michael Farrell & Margaret Kerrigan, signed her mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark


James Tracey of 11 Whitton Rd (s. of Thomas & Margart? Tracey of Killimor Co Galway) married Rosanna Kelly 4 Lower Av Terenure (Patrick & Annie Kelly of Naas [Co. Kildare] 6 July 1925 Wit: Edwd Treacy of Ballinsloe Galway & Esther Kelly of 26 Cassir? Rd Rathmines. Terenure Parish Dublin  [see Killimore Galway]


Martin Treacy, 25, bachelor, labourer, lives Ballinasloe, (s. of Martin Treacy, alive, tin smith) married Winifred Carroll nee Ward, 30, widow, house keeper, lives Ballinasloe, (d. of Denis Ward, dead, tin smith) 14 January 1883 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: Michael Scully & Bridget Ward [Ballinsloe Ballinasloe PLU] signed their marks


Bridget Treacy, Do [full age], maid, Do [servant], lives Do [Ballinasloe] [Creagh Roscommon OR Kilcloony Galway], (d. of Patrick Treacy, labourer) married John Gallagher, full [age], bachelor, servant, lives Ballinasloe, (s. of Patrick Gallagher, farmer) 01 May 1887 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: John Madden & Kate Greene, signed his mark [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU] signed her mark


Katie Treacy, do [full age], spinster, servant, lives Ballinasloe [Creagh Roscommon OR Kilcloony Galway], (d. of Michael Treacy, servant) married Thomas Halloran, full [age], bachelor, soldier, lives Castlebar [Aglish Mayo], (s. of John Halloran, servant) 07 January 1899 RC Chapel Ballinasloe Wit: Michael Connaghton & Norah Treacy [Ballinasloe Ballinasloe PLU]



Thomas Treacy, 4137, The Conaught Rangers (Special Reserve), discharged July 1913

19 years b. 1893, RC, Town labourer, 5'7.75", 143 lbs, 37" chest, hazel eyes, black hair, single, scar back of neck, father James & sister Sarah (E) Fawn Street Derry next of Kin

born St. Michaels, near Derry, Donegal

Reference: John Moran, Fish Dealer, Dunlo Street, Ballinasloe, Galway. Thomas Treacy worked Driving Fish Cart for 10 months until 5/12/1912 [before joining up]




Noel Treacy (Nollaig Ó Treasaigh) born 18 December 1952 Ballinsloe, Co. Galway, the son of Martin Treacy and Margaret Lally. Educated St. Joseph's College, Garbally, Ballinsloe, Co. Galway. Married to Mary Cloonan, four daughters. He is a Fianna Fáil member and has been a Teachta Dála (TD - member of parliament) for Galway East since 1982.

Political Record:

Member of the Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute and Irish Livestock Auctioneers Association.

Member Macra na Feirme since 1968: Macra na Tuaithe and Muintir na Tíre.

Represented Connacht on the GAA National Youth Council 1970-83.

Youth Officer, Galway GAA County Board 1970-83.

First elected May 1982, in a bye-election, and at each subsequent election.

Chairman Galway/Mayo Regional Development Organisation 1986-87.

Galway County Vocational Education Committee 1985-91.

Member of Galway County Council 1985-91 (Chairman 1986-87).

Established County Enterprise Boards 1994.

Member of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee 1995-97.

Minister of State:

Department of the Taoiseach 1988-89 and became the State's First Minister for Heritage Affairs.

Department of Health 1989-91.

Department of Finance (with special responsibility for the Office of Public Works and the Central Development Committee) 1992-93.

Departments of the Taoiseach, Finance, Transport, Energy and Communications (with special responsibility for Energy 1993-94).

Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment (with special responsibility for Science, Technology and Commerce 1997-2002).

Department of Agriculture and Food (with special responsibility for Food and Horticulture) 2002-04.

Departments of An Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs with special responsibility for European Affairs 2004-07.

Contact: Cross Street, Athenry, Co. Galway. Tel: 091-844360 Fax: 091-844360



Galway Independent 31 October 2007

Deputy Noel Treacy has been brought in from the cold after he lost his junior ministry after last May's election. He will chair the committee on the Good Friday Agreement a position worth €20,000. Deputy Treacy said he is honoured to have been appointed chair of this committee. "This committee has been established by An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern TD, to oversee any issues arising from Ireland's role as a signatory to the Good Friday Agreement. I have maintained a very strong interest in the affairs of the North throughout my 25 years unbroken service as a Dáil Deputy and I am honoured to be heading up this important Committee."


It has been stated that Noel Treacy was not a ‘fan’ of Bertie Ahern.









Celebration of Jackie Treacy and the late Pauline Treacy at the Rugby Club on Saturday 18th February


Jackie Treacy has retired as Bar Manager and Committee member after 40 years of dedicated service to the Club. Jackie is known far and wide for the great welcome he has provided to all members, players and visitors to the Club. We would like you to share in the celebration of one of the great volunteers in Ballinasloe rugby.


On that date also we are honouring the late Pauline Treacy. Like Jackie she was at the centre of our Club for 40 years. To many, she was the heart of the Club. To honour Pauline’s contribution we are dedicating the new dressing rooms to her memory. A commemorative plaque will be unveiled at the dressing rooms to mark the occasion.







 Ballymacward & Clonkeenkerrill (& Gorteen)


Note: No online marriages


Maria Tracy & Michaell/Michael Hardeman/Hardiman

Thomas Hardeman b. 22 Nov/12 Dec 1841 Sp. Joannes Hardiman & Joanna Trassey. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish


Eugenio Trassy & Eleanora Ward

Margarita Trassy b. 3/10 Feb 1842 Sp. Joannes Discan & Catherine Ward. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish


Winifrida Trassey & Thaddgo Hardeman

Sabina Hardeman b. 26 Feb/6 Mar 1842 Sp. Patritius Hardiman & Honoria Trassey. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish


Michaell Trassy & Winifrida Coffey?

Patritius Trassy b. 9/13 Feb 1843 Sp. Bartholomgus Doyle & Bridgida Mannion. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish


Bartholomeo Trassy & Margarita Fury/Hurrey?

Bridgida Trassy b. 18 Oct 1843 Sp. Gulielmus Molloy & Maria Trassy. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish

Catherina Trassy b. 9/10 Mar 1843 Sp. Patritius Hardganian? & Catherina Hardganian?. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [faint copy]


Honoria/Honor Tressy/Treasy/Trassy/Treasay & John/Joanne Kelly

Thomas/Thoma Kelly b. 4/12 Aug 1859 Sp. John Kelly & Catherina Kelly. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]

Mary/Maria Kelly b. 10/22 Aug 1862 Sp. Michael Carty & Maria Moore. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]

Catherine Kelly b. 17/30 May 1864 Sp. Thomas Connor & Mary Ruane. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish

Margaret/Margarita Kelly b. 13/29 Jul 1866 Sp. Michl Lally & Honoria Nutly. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]

Bridget/Brigida Kelly b. 19/27 Nov 1870 Sp. Thos/Thoma Callanan & Mary/Maria Griffin. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate] [twins]

Anne/Anna Kelly b. 19/27 Nov 1870 Sp. Catharina Mahon. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate] [twins]

Bernard/Bernardus Kelly b. 25 Apr/11 May 1873 Sp. Mary Anne Callanan. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]

Honor Tressy & John Kelly, labourer

John Michael Kelly b. 28 Sept 1875 of Gurtyrogan [Gortyroyan Ballymacward] [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU]


Martin/Martino Tressy/Treasy & Honoria Morrossy/Morrissy

Martinus Tressy/Treasy b. 3/15 May 1860 Sp. Thoma Tressy/Treasy & Honoria Tressy/Treasy. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]

Patrick/Patritius Tressy b. 4/15 Oct 1865 Sp. Michl Morrissy & Jane Coen. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish [duplicate]


Margaret/Margarita Tracy & Michael Hardiman

Michael Hardiman b. 25 Sep/8 Oct 1865 Sp. John Hardiman & Mary Hardiman. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish (Note: Parentibus matrimamio non jusita/not married) [duplicate]


Michael Tressy, 24 years, bachelor, landholder, lives Clough [Clogh Clonkeen], (s. of Barthw Tressy, landholder) married Bridget Mannion, 20 years, spinster, cottier's daughter, lives Knocknor [Knockroe Clonbern], (d. of Pat Mannion, cottier)  24 February 1876 RC Chapel Abbey Wit: Thomas Coen & Ellen Mannion, signed his mark [Abbey Tuam PLU] signed his mark

Michael Treassy/Treasy & Brigida Mannion

Patritius Treassy b. 4/11 Mar 1877 Sp. Joanne Ward & Delia Ward. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish

Margarita Treasy b. 10/17 Nov 1879 Sp. Thoma Magan? & Brigida Molloy. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish

Michael Treacy & Bridgida Mannion

Eleanora b. 21 September 1894 bapt. 29 September 1894 Sp: Michael Ward & Julianna Hard?

Michael Tressy & Bridget Mannion

Patrick b. 15 March 1877 (LDS)

Margaret b. 25 November 1878 Clough (LDS) Clogh?


Margaret Tracey, 23, Do [single], spinster, lives Clough [Clogh Clonkeen], (d. of Martin Tracy, Do [farmer]) married John Naughton, 24, single, farmer, lives Menlough [Menlough Oranmore], (s. of Bryan Naughton, farmer) 25 February 1878 RC Chapel Gurteen [Gorteen Ballymacward] Wit: Thomas Naughton & Mary Dooly, signed their marks [Athenry Loughrea PLU] signed her mark


Anna Treasy & Matheo Roach

Lucuc Roach b. 15/22 Oct 1880 Sp. Patritio Hansbury. Ballymacward and Clonkeenkerrill Parish


Martin Trassy, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Clough [Clogh Clonkeen], (s. of Martin Trassy, farmer) married Bridget Finnerty, full [age], spinster, daughter of farmer, lives Clough, (d. of Pat Finnarty, farmer) 27 November 1897 RC Chapel Ballymacward Wit: Pat Treacy & Winifred Finnarty [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark



 Beagh (& Shanaglish)


Inscriptions from Shanaglish, Beagh Parish, Galway.

This monument was erected by Michael Hoarty and Michael Tracy in memory of his father John Hoarty for them and posterity Dec 6th A.D. 1824



 Boyounagh (& Glenamaddy/Glennamaddy)


Note: Online marriages end 1865.


Mary Tracy & Thos Etty?

Thos Etty b. 4 Nov 1838 Sp. Mary Kearny. Boyounagh Parish


Michl Tracy & Elenor/Ellen/Margt/Nelly Kearney/Keany

Bridt Tracy b. 26 Oct 1839 Sp. Bridgt Donnolen. Boyounagh Parish *

Mary Tracy b. 9 Feb 1842 Sp. Margt Donnolan. Boyounagh Parish

John Tracy b. 29 Jun 1844 Sp. Margt Kearny. Boyounagh Parish

Thos Tracy b. 28 Jan 1849 Sp. Biddy Kearny. Boyounagh Parish

Mary Tracy b. 15 Aug 1852 Sp. Cate Donnalen. Boyounagh Parish

Michl Tracy b. 1 Apr 1855 (possibly of Clooncon [Boyounagh]) Sp. Mark? Cuny & Bridgt Flaherty. Boyounagh Parish

??? Tracey & Nellie Keaveny

Pat b. 6/1860 Sp. ???


Nicholas Tracy & Mary Collins

Mary Tracy b. 26 Oct 1839 Sp. Nelly Do [Collins]. Boyounagh Parish *

John Tracy b. 23 Apr 1842 Sp. Mary Raftery. Boyounagh Parish


Martin Tracy, 25, labourer, single of Princeton  (b. 1841 Ireland s. of Nicholas Tracy & Mary Collins) m. Katie Gately, 18, single of Westminister (b. Westminister d. of Martin Gately & Mary Gately)  on 16 Apr 1866 Fitchburg/Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Martin Treacey of 213 High St, Garndner Massachusetts, d. 16 Jul 1916, aged 74 years/8 months/8 days, widowed, b. 1832 Ireland s. of Nichols Treacey & Mary Collins, Informant Mrs John F Caffrey, buried St. Johns, Gardner


Winny Tracy & Patt Manion

Patt Manion b. 14 Jan 1840 Sp. Mary Tracy. Boyounagh Parish

Patt Manion b. 28 Apr 1841 Sp. Margt MacDermott. Boyounagh Parish


Bridgt Tracy & Patt Mulkern

Patt Mulkern b. 17 Apr 1841 Sp. Bridgt Kerny?. Boyounagh Parish


Cate Treacy? married John Mullins 27 Feb 1843 Wit: Wm Mullins & Bridgt Treacy? Boyounagh Parish


Mary Treacy/Tracy & Farrell Kine/Quin/Kyne

Sabina Kine b. 27? May 1849 Sp. John & Ellen Kine. Boyounagh Parish

Ellen Quin b. 29 Jun 1855 Sp. John Lyons & Mary Mullarty. Boyounagh Parish

John Kyne b. 28 Jun 1857 of Pollea [Polleagh Templetogher] Sp. Tom Power & Anne Kyne. Boyounagh Parish


4.11.16 [4th November 1916] Image

Anne Coyne (d. of Farrell Coyne & Maria Tracey) 1851 Polleagh North [south crossed out] Templetogher Galway

Address: Mr Michael Conner, L Castle, Dunmore, Co Galway

IG Record 24522

COYNE Anne Farrell COYNE Maria COYNE nee TRACEY Polleagh North Templetogher Ballymoe Galway 1916 - Mr Michael Conner, L. Castle, Dunmore, Galway.


Polleagh North, Templetogher, Co. Galway

Anne Coyne      Applicant                               

Farrell Coyne Father                             

Maria Tracey      Mother


Martin Tracy & Mary Tracy

Mary Anne Tracy b. 18 Mar 1850 Sp. Patt & Winny Tracy. Boyounagh Parish

John Nary b. 27 Jun 1852 Sp. Hugh? Tracy & Betty Gerghty?. Boyounagh Parish

Winfred Tracy b. 12 Sep 1854 Sp. John & Margt Roach. Boyounagh Parish


Danl Tracy married Nora Flaherty 3 Mar 1859 Wit: Thos Callus & Bt Flaherty. Boyounagh Parish

Daniel Treacy & Honor Flaherty

Anne b. 13 August 1865 Glennamaddy (LDS)


Michael Reily & Jane Mitchel

Michael b. 4/1/1860 Gotthajer Sp. Michael Mitchell & Cath Tracey


James Treacy & Ellen Gormley

Michael b. 4 October 1865 Glennamaddy (LDS)

Mary b. 25 June 1868 Glennamaddy (LDS)

Margaret b. 10 August 1871 (LDS)


Michael Tr(e)acy & Margarey/Margaret Fahy

Margaret b. 1 June 1866 Glennamaddy (LDS)

Hugh b. 18 February 1870 (LDS)


Mary Treacy, 17 yrs, spinster, lives Woodfield [Boyounagh], (d. of Michael Treacy, deceased?, Ditto [landholder]) married Martin Collins, 23 yrs, bachelor, landholder, lives Bush Town, (s. of Pat Collins, deceased?, landholder) 11 June 1870 RC Chapel Glenamaddy Wit: Thomas Trasy & Margaret Donlan? [Glenamaddy Glenamaddy PLU Galway] signed their marks

Maria/Elenora Tracy & Martini Collins

Margaret Collins b. 8 Oct 1871 Sp. Joane Tracy & Catharina Donnallan. Boyounagh Parish

Brigida Collins b. 14 Sep 1873 Sp. Patricis Tracy & Maria Fleming. Boyounagh Parish

Eleonora Collins b. 24 Sep? 1876 Sp. Thomas Keane & Honoria Joyce. Boyounagh Parish


Francis Tr(e)acey & Ann(e) Boyle

Francis b. 5 July 1870 (LDS)

Michael James b. 19 July 1875 (LDS)

Bernard Joseph b. 20 May 1879 Carenderry (LDS) [Carrownderry? Templetogher]


John Treacy, 25 years, bachelor, farmer, lives Woodfield [Boyounagh], (s. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Mary Mullen, 17 years, spinster, lives ditto [Woodfield], (d. of William Mullen, do [farmer]) 28 January 1871 RC Chapel of Glenamaddy Wit: Edmond Donlon & Margaret Fahy [Glennamaddy Glenamaddy PLU] signed their marks

Joannis Tracy & Maria Mullen

Eleonora Tracy b. 17 Dec 1871 Sp. Joane & Margarta Mullen. Boyounagh Parish

Maria Tracy b. 6 Jul 1873 Sp. Matthia Mullen & Maria Conner. Boyounagh Parish

Brigida Treacy b. 26? Sep? 1876 Sp. Patras Treacy & Honora Kearny? Boyounagh Parish

John Treacy & Mary Mullin

Mary b. 24 July 1873 (LDS)


John Treacy from Glennamaddy/Woodfield

I am trying to find an Irish connection to my G.Grand father John Treacy from Woodfield, Glennamaddy. All I have is that he was married to Mary Mullen and I believe they had three daughters Bridget/ Delia-born in 1876. Nora born in 1871-and Mary born in 1873. My Grand mother was Bridget who married James Donovan here in Boston. I would appreciate any leads to the connections to Glennamaddy, Ireland. If anyone knows the name and address of a parish in glennamaddy that would help too.

Noreen King Noreen in Boston 8 Feb 2005


Thomas Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Lishnahalla Glenamaddy [Lisheennaheltia Boyounagh], (s. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Bridget Rush, full age, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Carramanagh [Carrowmanagh Dunmore], (d. of Michael Rush, farmer) 05 February 1885 RC Chapel Dunmore Wit: Martin Mullin & Kate Rush, signed her mark [Dunmore Tuam PLU] [see Boyounagh]


Treacys of Glenamaddy [Glennamaddy]

Treacy family from Lisheenaheilta [Lisheennaheltia], Glenamaddy area. Treacy's originally from Woodfield, Rush possibly originally from Carramana. Supposedly a Comer married a Treacy

Thomas Treacy (from Woodfield) married Bridget Rush they had the following children

Thomas b. 1884,

Mary b. 1886, went to and stayed in Boston. Married William Mullin

John b. 1887, went to Boston but returned to Glenamaddy area

Helen b. 1889, went to and stayed in Boston. Married William Lester

Michael b. 1891, joined US Navy died 1918 in Boston

Thomas b. 1896, married Nora Canny remained in Lisheenaheltia

Bridget b. 1896, married Peter Casby stayed in Middletown and then Glenamaddy

Patrick b. 1899, possibly went to Australia

Helen was my grandmother. Honoria Treacy b. April 6, 1889 to James Treacy and Ellen Treacy (Higgins?) in Derrooghs District of Glenamaddy. Catherine b. June 14, 1889 to Patrick Treacy and Mary Treacy (Keeffe) in Kietallagh? District of Glenamaddy. If either of these belong to you let me know and I will send you the birth certificate. I was looking for my grandmother Helen Treacy b. 1889 and these were the two listed. I got them thinking maybe her name was changed or something. The local church is St. Patrick Church in Glenamaddy. There is a website www.glenamaddy.net. There is a link to the church and some good information about the town.

Good Luck. Patti in Boston

Patti Matthews patti93@comcast.net 27 June 2005


Hi Patti, I'm replying to an old post so I'm not sure if you'll get this. Anyway I hope you do - Thomas Treacy (son of Thomas Treacy and Bridget Rushe) from Lisheenaheilta was my maternal grandfather. My father's family (Slattery) are also from Lisheen. I recently asked my mother (born Ellen Treacy, always known as Eileen) about her father's brothers and sisters - she knew that many of them emigrated to the Boston area, and gave this list to the best of her recollections:
John - emigrated to America
Patrick - emigrated to Manchester England
Michael (who my mom thought was the eldest) - emigrated to America
Thomas - my grandfather, died in Lisheen in 1964, had 10 surviving children, nearly all of whom emigrated to England shortly after the war
Mary - emigrated to America
Nellie - emigrated to America - I'm guessing this is Helen your grandmother?
Bridget - stayed in Ireland
I'm trying to work back a generation or two further back, as I'm interested in finding out what happened to these families during the famine. I'm hoping to take a trip later this year to look through the parish records for Boyounagh, but I'd love to get any other info you might have on your grandmother's aunts/uncles or grandparents.

Thanks and hope to hear from you, Mark Slattery (Glasgow, Scotland) markslatt 23 Jun 2007


Mark, I am so excited reading your post. I have been in contact with Treacy families in the Lisheen/Glenamaddy area in the past but they were always a different Treacy family. I do have some information from baptismal and birth records I got when I was in Ireland and I will be glad to send you everything I have.
John did come to Boston but went back to Glenamaddy with his wife and children.
Patrick I don't know very much about.
Thomas of course you know about
Michael joined the US Navy and died here in Chelsea Mass. at the Naval Hospital of pneumonia
Mary was the first to come to Boston, she married but had no children
Nellie (Helen) is indeed my grandmother and she came to Boston, returned to Ireland and then came back and married. My daughter is named Tracey after my grandmother. Bridget married a Casby and stayed in the Glenamaddy area. Most of her children came to Boston. Noreen Casby has given me some of the information I have. Does your mom have a brother that still lives in the Glenamaddy area? I think, a few years back, my father met a Willie? Treacy who came over to visit Noreen Casby. I will get together whatever information I have and send it to you.

My email is patti93@comcast.net. Patti 24 Jun 2007


1917-1918 Draft Registration   

Michael J Tracy, b. Sept 20 1892 Glenamaddy Galway Ireland, lives 16 Ellet Boston Mass, single grocers clerk

Michael Joseph Tracy, Ship's Cook, fourth class, N. R. F.: died 9 Sept., 1918, at Naval Hospital, Chelsea, of disease. Enr. 8 June, 1918; assigned 5 July to Naval Training Camp, Hingham; trans. 25 July to Naval Rifle Range, Wakefield; 7 Aug. to Receiving Ship, Boston; 2 Sept. to Naval Hospital.

Born 9 Sept., 1893, at Lisheenaheilta, Glenamaddy, County Galway, Ire., son of Thomas (died 1900) and Bridget (Rushe) Tracy; brother of John, Thomas, Patrick, all of Lisheenaheilta. Ellen (wife of William Lester) of Boston, and Mary (wife of William Mullen) and Bridget (wife of William Casley), both living in Ireland, 1919. Clerk. Resident in Massachusetts four years. Of Dorchester.


Mary Treacy, 21 years, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Woodfield [Boyounagh], (d. of John Treacy, deceased, landholder) married Patrick Comer, 33 tears, bachelor, landholder, lives Woodfield, (s. of Thomas Comer, landholder) 27 January 1894 RC Chapel Glennamaddy Wit: Thomas Comer & Bridget Treacy [Glennamaddy Glenamaddy PLU] signed his mark


* Follow each other in register



John J Treacy, born 1896, from Kiltullagh, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway, educated 1912-1919, ordained 1919, Wilcannia-Forbes, Presbytery, Bourke, NS Wales. Served in Broken Hill, Barham, Bourke and Warren. Vicar General 1953-1964. Monsigor, 1954. Died 16/8/1964. Burried at Warren. CLV (1965) 96.

McEvoy, John (1993) St. Patrick’s College Carlow 1793-1993. St. Patricks’s College, Carlow.


Catherine Treacy

I am looking for family of my grandmother Catherine Treacy. From what I have been able to find out is that she was from Kiltullagh, Glennamaddy, Co. Galway. She came to the States, I believe in 1911. She lived in New York City.
John Swift May 6, 2006



17th June 1918 The New York Times/New York Tribune

Rev. Frank W. Tracy, native Williamstown, County Galway, Ireland, June 14, St. Mary’s Hospital, Rochester, Minn. Solumn High Mass Wednesday morning, 10 o’clock, St. John Chrysostrom Church, 167th St. and Hoe Av. Interment St. Raymond’s.

December 14, 1911 The Macon Times-Democrat [Macon Missouri]

Rev. Frank W. Tracy, pastor of the Catholic church, and his sister Miss Nancy Tracy, were called to New York Friday by the death of their sister.

1912 The Official Catholic Directory and Clergy List

Macon, Macon Co.. Immaculate Conception, Rev. Frank W. Tracy.


Rev. Frank W. Tracy, resident Chaplain, St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minn.


Tom Treacy (1895? - 1981) by alias archie [Photograph] [see Kilcolman (& Claremorris) Co. Mayo]

Thomas Treacy m. Agnes Brett 1925 [State Registration: Marriage Jan - Mar 1925 Glennamaddy Vol: 4  Page: 121] 

Authorised Raleigh dealer in his bicycle shop in Glenamaddy, Co. Galway. Taken early '70s.


seanbro 64 months ago

This shop was on Kilkerrin Road Glenamaddy. His son Sean [see Galway City] was a Landlord in London and I wonder is that the same Sean Treacy in you 50's picture. He (Sean) wrote a book called The Smell of Broken Glass". Tom was a very kind neighbour and friend, his wife was a school teacher in the village. Tom fixed and sold bikes, he also sold batteries radios and cigs. He had a glass cabinet on the counter where he sold mouth organs and penny whistles from. If there is a heaven he has the same shop there as he would have gone directly. I served mass as an alter boy at his funeral. I would love to have a copy original file of this as it would be a beautiful picture for my house in the UK of happy childhood memories.

alias archie 64 months ago

Thank you Sean for your touching tribute. Tom taught me how to ride a bike during one of my summer holidays home and he used to lend me his wife's bike to get around. You are right in the connection you make between Tom and Sean. Sean later went on to manage The Queen's Elm after the Finches, and I have commented on his tenure there at : www.flickr.com/photos/alias-archie/3994010248/





1937-8 Schools’ Manuscript Collection

Answers by Shawn Treacy, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway.

UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore and Linguistics






Note: On Galway placenames Nogginstown is stated to be a village in Newgrove townland. In the Tithe records it is between Newgrove and Wallscourt Kilreekill, however there are no Traceys recorded. Also some townlands were moved by Parliament decree to other civil parishes & baronies.


Note: Online baptism records are 1809 to 1869 and marriages 1809 to 1863.


1821 Census

Michael Tressy, 45, -, Farmer & Brogue Maker, 5, Pallace, [present name is] Finnure, Kilreekil [ie Abbeygormacan], Galway [6 acres]

Mary Tressy, 50, Wife, -, 5, Pallace, Finnure, Kilreekil, Galway

Mary Tressy, 17, Daughter, -, 5, Pallace, Finnure, Kilreekil, Galway [deaf & dumb]

Patrick Tressy, 12, Son, -, 5, Pallace, Finnure, Kilreekil, Galway [deaf & dumb]

Catharine Tressy, 19, Daughter, -, 5, Pallace, Finnure, Kilreekil, Galway


1821 Census

Honoria Tressy, 32, Daughter [of Mary Monaghan], -, 15, Glanaskey [ie Glennaskehy], Kilreekil, Galway

Mary Tressy, 4, Grand Child, -, 15, Glanaskey, Kilreekil, Galway


Daniel Tressy married Honor Monaghan of Newtown [Newgrove? Kilreekill] 16 Jan 1815 Wit: Patt Doud, Bridgt Duelly & C Duffy. Cappataggle Parish


Biddy Tressy of Cappatagl [Cappataggle Killallaghtan] married Laurence Fahy 23 Apr 1815 Wit: Rose Linane, Maryrett Casanagh & Rose Dolan. Cappataggle Parish


Jno Tresy married Winny Colman of Shillihane [Slihaun Killallaghtan] 2 Feb 1818 Wit: Laurence? Tresy, Andrew Moran & Winny Duane, Cappataggle Parish

John Tressy & Winny Colman/Cluman

Laurence Tressy b. 17 Jul 1820 of Shellihane Sp. Pat Kelly & Eloner Kiely. Cappataggle Parish

John Treacy b. 15 Jul 1835 of Slahane Sp. Michl Landregan? & Bridget Maley?. Cappataggle Parish


John Treasy & Mary Cavanagh

Patt Treasy b. 25 Jan 1819 of Nagginstown [Tithe record between Newgrove and Wallscourt Kilreekill] Sp. Anthony Cavanagh & Catherine McLoughlin. Cappataggle Parish


1821 Census

Margaret Tressy, 25, Daughter [of Patrick Cavanagh, blacksmiths], 22, Cloonmeen, (present name) Cloonmane Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway

Judith Tressy [Cavanagh], 21, Daughter, -, 22, Cloonmeen, Kilreekil, Galway

John Tressy, 25, Son In Law, Shoe Maker, 22, Cloonmeen, Kilreekil, Galway

Mary Tressy, 4, Grand Child, -, 22, Cloonmeen, Kilreekil, Galway

Patrick Tressy, 2, Grand Child, -, 22, Cloonmeen, Kilreekil, Galway


Patt Treasy & Mary Quin

Brid Treasy b. 17 Mar 1819 of Naggenstown [Tithe record between Newgrove and Wallscourt Kilreekill] Sp. Thady Flaherty & Mary Bryne. Cappataggle Parish


1821 Census

Patrick Tressy, 36, Shoemaker, 24, Cloonmeen, [present name] Cloonmane Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway [1 acre]

Mary Tressy, 36, Wife, 24, Cloonmeen, Cloonmane, Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway

William Tressy, 6, Son, 24, Cloonmeen, Cloonmane, Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway

Bridget Tressy, 2, Daughter, 24, Cloonmeen, Cloonmane, Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway

Margaret Tressy, 10, Daughter, 24, Cloonmeen, Cloonmane, Or Nagginstown, Kilreekil, Galway


Jams Tressy married Anne Mannan of Cappatagel [Cappataggle Killallaghtan] 22 Jun 1821 Wit: Andrew Moran, John Mannon & Jno Farrell. Cappataggle Parish

Jams Treasy/Treacy?/Trassy & Nancy/Anne Manion/Mannion

James Treasy b. 19 Aug 1819 of Cappatagal [Cappataggle Killallaghtan] a bastard Sp. James Naughton & Brid Treasy. Cappataggle Parish

Bridget Treacy b. 2 Jul 1821 of Slihane [Slihaun Killallaghtan] Sp. John Mannoin. Cappataggle Parish *

Catherine Trassy b. 1 May 1826 of Cappatagil Sp. Patrick Kearne & Honor Curly. Cappataggle Parish

John Treacy b. 7 Jan 1829 of Gurtnahannason [Gortnahimrissan Killallaghtan] Sp. Patt Dolan & Catharine Doyle. Cappataggle Parish


Jams Tressy & Honor Ward

Bridgt Tressy b. 29 Mar 1820 of Fahy [Killallaghtan] Sp. John Tressy & Judy Ward. Cappataggle Parish


Mary Tressy of Cappalagel [Cappataggle Killallaghtan] married Jno Bows 31 Jan 1821 Wit: Danil Tressy, Matt Bows & Mary Moony. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Treasy/Treacy & John Bowes/Bawe?/Bouse?

Margaret Bowes b. 26 Nov 1821 of Gortnahane [Gortnahoon Killallaghtan] Sp. Danniel Treasy & Kitty? Daly. Cappataggle Parish

Thomas Bawe b. 1 Aug 1826 of Gortnahown Sp. Daniel Treacy & Kitty Daly. Cappataggle Parish

Mathew Bouse b. 21 Jul 1834 of Gortnahone [Gortnahoon Killallaghtan] Sp. Mathew Bouse & Bridget Kenedy. Cappataggle Parish


John/Jhos? Treasy & Mary Linshy/Lynsky

Ellan Treasy b. 31 Mar 1821 of Fahy [Killallaghtan] Sp. Martin Fahy & Sally Burke. Cappataggle Parish

Emd? Tressy b. 2 Jul 1821 of Cappataggle [Killallaghtan] Sp. Patt Murphy, Thady Lynsky & Bridget Lynsky. Cappataggle Parish *


Honor Treasy/Treacy & Patrick Clarley/Closby

Ellen Clarley b. 3 Apr 1821 of Hallyhust? [?] Sp. Pat Mitchael & Mary Qinsk?. Cappataggle Parish

Margaret Closby b. 21 Sep 1834 of Glanneskeagh [Glennaskehy Kilreekill] Sp. Bernard Hart? & Elenor Closby. Cappataggle Parish


Edmond Treasy married Catherine Coleman of Cappatagal [Cappataggle Killallaghtan] 19 Aug 1821 Wit: Pat Treasy, Jam Hevin? & Kitty? Treasy. Cappataggle Parish

Edmond Treacy & Kitty Clumane/Clonan

John Treacy b. 27 Mar 1827 of Lavach [Lavagh Killallaghtan] Sp. Thos Davis? & Mary Clumane. Cappataggle Parish

Edmond Treacy b. 23 Mar 1833 of Lavach Sp. Thos Divane & Hanora Clonan. Cappataggle Parish

James Treacy b. 2 Apr 1836 of Ardrus [Ardros Killallaghtan] Sp. Willm Treacy & Maddy Davis. Cappataggle Parish


Catharine/Kitty Treasy/Treacey & Patt Dolan

Laurence Dolan b. 14 Oct 1826 of Slahane [Slihaun Killallaghtan] Sp. John Dolan & Nancy Ruavin?. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Dolan b. 10 Nov 1828 of Slohane Sp. John Dolan & Mary Cagovan?. Cappataggle Parish


John Treacy & Bridget Kelly

Laurence Treacy b. 24 Jan 1827 of Balnaclogh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] Sp. John Kelly & Catharine Treacy. Cappataggle Parish

Catherine Treacy b. 31 Oct 1830 of Balnaclogh Sp. John Clarke & Anne Kelly. Cappataggle Parish


Michl Treasy? & Bridget Silvan?

Michael Treasy b. 18 Mar 1827 of Cahernagary [Cahernagarry Kilreekill] Sp. John Fahy & Sally? Silvan. Cappataggle Parish


James Tracey & Kitty Ward

Michael Tracey b. 29 Sep 1828 of Ardrus [Ardros Killallaghtan] Sp. Thos Davis & Bridget Bonitt. Cappataggle Parish


Mary Treasy/Treacy/Tressy & Michl Dolan

Catherine Dolan b. 17 Mar 1833 of Slohane [Slihaun Killallaghtan] Sp. Laurence Dolan & Mary Ann Aroahors?. Cappataggle Parish

Elenor Dolan b. 8 May 1835 of Slahane Sp. Laurence Callinan & Bridget Dolan. Cappataggle Parish

James Dolan b. 2 Nov 1837 of Slohane Sp. Michl Gildea & Margarett Gildea. Cappataggle Parish

Michl Dolan b. 14 Sep 1842 of Slohane Sp. Darby Loughnane & Bridget Barrane. Cappataggle Parish

Timothy Dolan b. 8 Nov 1845 of Mail Road [in Cappataggle? Killallaghtan] Sp. Thos Hobbins? & Bridgt Tressy?. Cappataggle Parish


Kitty Tracy & John Kelly

James Kelly b. 10 Apr 1833 of Balnaclogh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] Sp. Michl Miheran & Bridget Kelly?. Cappataggle Parish


Mary Treacy of Lacach? [Lackagh OR Lavagh Killallaghtan] married James Lyons 4 Nov 1834 Wit: Thos Lyons & Mary Lagane. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Treacy/Tressy & James Lyons

John Lyons b. 30 Sep 1835 of Ardrus [Ardros Killallaghtan] Sp. Laky Finn & Mary Lyons. Cappataggle Parish

Thomas Lyons b. 8 Oct 1837 of Lavach [Lavagh Killallaghtan] Sp. Patt Kelly & Bridget Davis. Cappataggle Parish


Danial Treacy married Catharine Conor? of Duomare? [Doonaree Killallaghtan] 2 Mar 1835 Wit: Denis Glynn & Mary Kelly. Cappataggle Parish

Daniel Tressy & Kitty/Catherine Conor?/Connor

Bridget Tressy b. 24 Feb 1843 of Balagbelli [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] Sp. Patt Fahy & Kitty Daly. Cappataggle Parish

Daniel Tressy b. 12 Apr 1847 of Balvabilla Sp. James Fahy & Bridget Dolan. Cappataggle Parish

Margarett Tressy b. 15 Jun 1852 of Balnabilla Sp. Edmond Carty & Mary Cahill. Cappataggle Parish

Daniel Thressy & Ketty Connor

Catherine Thressy b. 13 Apr 1850 of Ballamabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] Sp. John & Catherine Carty. Cappataggle Parish


James Treacy & Kitty Carty

Mary Treacy b. 31 Jul 1835 of Balvabill [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] Sp. Denis Glynn & Margaritt Glynn. Cappataggle Parish

James Treacy & Kitty Conor?

Anne Treacy b. 6 Apr 1836 of Balvabill Sp. William Conor & Kitty Daly. Cappataggle Parish

William Tressy & Kitty Conor

William Tressy b. 13 Jun 1838 of Balvobell Sp. William Conor & Kitty Daly. Cappataggle Parish


William Treacy married Honoria Kelly of Arduis? [Ardros Killallaghtan] 5 Nov 1836 Wit: Denis Raynolds? & Mary Finn. Cappataggle Parish

William Trassy & Honoria Kelly/Kelley

Michael Trassy b. 27 Aug 1837 of Fahy [Killallaghtan] Sp. Thomas Davis & Bridget Burns. Cappataggle Parish

John Tressy b. 22 Aug 1841 of Ardans [Ardros Killallaghtan] Sp. John Dwane & Mary Malone. Cappataggle Parish

Wm Tressy b. 26 Jul 1844 of Fahy Sp. James Kitly? & Peggy Byrne. Cappataggle Parish

William Thressy & Honora Kelly/Relly

James Thressy b. 02 Oct 1849 of Fahy [Killallaghtan] Sp. Patrick Kelly & Catherine Malone. Cappataggle Parish


Elenor Treacy & John Roache

William Roache b. 6 Apr 1837 of Kilrakle [Kilreekill] Sp. Mary Murphy. Cappataggle Parish


Bridget Tressy of Faley? [Fahy Killallaghtan] married Peter Finn 29 Jan 1838 Wit: Michl Daly & Mary Malone. Cappataggle Parish


William Tracey married Mary Dolan of Balnabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] 12 Feb 1839 Wit: Patt Conor & Bridget Lynihy. Cappataggle Parish

William Tressy & Mary Dolan

Bridget Tressy b. 8 Feb 1844 of Ballamabilla Sp. Thomas Bowes & Margaret Bowes. Cappataggle Parish


Patt Tressy married Mary Corly? of Lavach [Lavagh Killallaghtan] 1 Mar 1840 Wit: Laurance Reaftey & Anty? Raftey. Cappataggle Parish


Patt Tressy married Anne Burns of Balnamcloch? [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] 4 Feb 1841 Wit: John Burns & BLANK. Cappataggle Parish

Patt/Pat Tressy & Anne/Nancy Burns/Briens/Byrn/Byrns

Mary Tressy b. 25 Nov 1841 of Balnamacloch Sp. John Burns & Mary Burns. Cappataggle Parish

Peggy Tressy b. 1 Oct 1843 of Killalton [Killallaghtan? Killallaghtan] Sp. Thomas Tressy & Honor Tressy. Cappataggle Parish

Timothy Tressy b. 27 Nov 1845 of Ballanamodgh [Ballynamuddagh? Killallaghtan] Sp. Peter Tressy & Mary Burns. Cappataggle Parish

Michael Tressy b. 30 Nov 1847 of Ballanamodgh Sp. Pat Kinane & Biddy Burns?. Cappataggle Parish

Patt Tressy b. 14 May 1854 of Balnamedach Sp. John Loughnam & Catharine Mannion. Cappataggle Parish

John Tressy b. 23 Jun 1861 of Balinamodock Sp. Thomas Fahy & Catharine Byrns. Cappataggle Parish

Patt Thressy & Nancy Burns

Edmond Thressy b. 21 Oct 1850 of Ballamodagh [Ballynamuddagh Killallaghtan] Sp. James Burns & Biddy Rilly. Cappataggle Parish


Bridget Tressy & Peter Finne/Fynn

John Finne b. 25 Jun 1841 of Ardrus [Ardros Killallaghtan] Sp. Michl Tressy & Anly? Tressy. Cappataggle Parish

Catherine Fynn b. 31 Dec 1843 of Fahy [Killallaghtan] Sp. Thomas Davis & Mary Monahane. Cappataggle Parish


Bridget Tressy & John Carty

Anne Carty b. 24 Sep 1841 of Slohane [Slihaun Killallaghtan] Sp. Daniel Tressy & Mary Wall. Cappataggle Parish


Mary Tressy & William Ushar?

John Ushar b. 25? Jun 1843 of Chapel [?] Sp. Bridget Tressy. Cappataggle Parish


John Tresey & Mary Kelley

Catherine Tresey b. 1 Sep 1844 of Ballinaclough [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] Sp. Owen Tresey & Peggy Spelm?. Cappataggle Parish


Pat Tressy married Bridget Burke of Drought [Kilreekill] 14 Feb 1858 Wit: Thady Tressy & Mary Fitzpatrick. Cappataggle Parish


Laurence Tressy married Margarett Clarke of Balnadogh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] 07 Feb 1859 Wit: Thos Lynsky & Kitty Cahill. Cappataggle Parish


John Tressy married Mary Halloran of Balnaclgh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] 10 Aug 1859 Wit: Gilbert Clarke & Mary Clarke. Cappataggle Parish

John Tressy & Mary Halloran

Michl Tressy b. 1 May 1860 of Balnaclogh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan] Sp. John Roane? & Bridget Tressy. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Tressy b. 1 Nov 1861 of Balnaclogh Sp. Gil Clarke & Ellen Kelly. Cappataggle Parish

Jno/John Thressy & Mary Holleran

Pat Thressy b. 13 Mar 1864 Sp. Margaret Blanden. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Thressy b. 8 Apr 1866 Sp. Martin Mannon & Catherine Duane. Cappataggle Parish

John Tracey, labourer, & Mary Holleran

Patrick Tracey b. 13 Mar 1864 of Ballynamuddagh [Killallaghtan]. John Tracy, father, Ballynamuddagh, his mark [Kiltormer Ballinasloe PLU] (LDS)


Bridget Treacy of Ardrus [Ardros Killallaghtan] married Patt Garvey 22 Apr 1860 Wit: Michl Carney & Elenor Farrell. Cappataggle Parish


Pat/Patrick Thressy & Bridget Bowes/Bose

Mary Thressy b. 27 Nov 1863 Sp. William Torpey & Ellen Clarke. Cappataggle Parish

Bridget Thressy b. 20 Oct 1865 Sp. Timothy & Bridget Kelly. Cappataggle Parish

Catherine Thressy b. 23 Sep 1867 Sp. William Bowes & Catherine Murray. Cappataggle Parish

Patrick/Pat Tracy & Bridget Bowls/Bowes

Bridget b. 12 October 1865 Killaan (LDS) Bowes

Catherine b. 12 September 1867 (LDS)


Ann Treasy/Thressy, 28, spinster, spinster, lives Ballamabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan], (d. of Danel Thressy, farmer) married Thomas Bowes/Bose, 36, bachelor, farmer, lives Peak, (s. of Mathew Bose, farmer) 27 February 1865 RC Chapel of Cappatagal Wit: Mathew Bowes & Nasry? Connor [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU]

Anne Thressy & Thomas/Thos Bowes

Catherine Bowes b. 12 Jul 1865 Sp. Michael Kelly & Mary Thressy. Cappataggle Parish

Mary Bowes b. 18 Nov 1866 Sp. Michael Dooley & Bridget Thressy. Cappataggle Parish


Bridget Treacy/Thressy, 24, spinster, lives Ballaniabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] (d. of William Thressy, farmer) married William Tarpy, 29, bachelor, farmer, lives Cloncha [Cloncagh Killimordaly], (s. of Martin Tarpy, farmer) 04 February 1869 RC Chapel of Cappatagal Wit: Thomas Phillips & Mary Hynes [Killaun Ballinasloe PLU] see Kiltullagh and Killimordaly


Laurence Tressy/Treacy, 39, widower, farmer, lives Ballinaclogh [Ballynaclogh Killallaghtan], (s. of John Tressy, farmer) married Ann Raftery, 24, spinster, BLANK, lives Attiregan [Ballymacward], (d. of Rodger Raftery, farmer) 05 May 1873 RC Chapel Ballynavant? Wit: Martin Kelly & Maria Kelly [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU]

Laurence Treacy & Anne Raftery

John b. 5 July 1874 (LDS)

Patrick b. 5 September 1876 Ballinaclough (LDS)


William Treasy & Anne Coffey

Helena b. 27 August 1875 (LDS)

William Treasy, farmer, & Anne Coffey

Helena Treasy b. 27 Aug 1875 of Ballinabella [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan] [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU]


Helena Treacy, 22, spinster, BLANK profession, Lives Ballinabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan], (d. of Wm Treacy, Do [farmer]) married Peter Salmon, 30, bachelor, farmer, lives Donaree [Killallaghtan], (s. of Jas Salmon, farmer) 30 November 1895 RC Chapel Cappatagal Wit: Willie Flaherty & Mary A Coffey [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU] see above


William/Willie Treacy, 28, bachelor, farmer, lives Ballamabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan], (s. of William Treacy, farmer) married Mary A McDonagh, 26, spinster, BLANK profession lives Benmore [Ben More Grange], (d. of Thomas McDonagh, farmer) 27 July 1899 RC Chapel New Inn Wit: Thomas Bowes & Nora McDonagh [[Kilconnell [Killaan] Ballinasloe PLU]]


1901 Census

William Tracy, 48, M, 3 Ballymabella, Killallaghton, Galway, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Galway

Annie Tracy, 49, F, Ballymabella, Killallaghton, Galway, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Galway

William Tracy, 29, M, Ballymabella, Killallaghton, Galway, Roman Catholic, Son, Married, Co Galway

Mary Ann Tracy, 29, F, Ballymabella, Killallaghton, Galway, Roman Catholic, Sister in Law, Married, Co Galway

Eliza Tracy, 0, F, Ballymabella, Killallaghton, Galway, Roman Catholic, Niece, Not Married, Co Galway


1911 Census

William Treacy, 68, M, 1 Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway (head, retired farmer)

Ann Treacy, 70, F, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway (married 40 years, 2 children)

William Treacy, 38, M, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway (farmer, married)

Mary Ann Treacy, 37, F, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway (married 12 years, 6 children)

Helena Treacy, 10, F, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway

Martha Treacy, 9, F, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway

William Treacy, 8, M, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway

Annie Treacy, 6, F, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway

Walter Treacy, 4, M, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway

Daniel Treacy, 1, M, Ballymabilla, Killallaghtan, Galway


Mary Treacy, 24, spinster, herd, lives Fahey [Fahy Killallaghtan], (d. of William Treacy, herd) married Michael Larkin, 29, bachelor, herd, lives Killure [Kilgerrill], (s. of Peter Larkin, herd) 19 August 1879 RC Chapel Cappatagal Wit: Patrick Larkin & E. M. Krelly [Klltaan Ballinasloe PLU]

Maria Tressey & Michael Larkin

Bridget Mary Larkin b. 1 Jun 1880 Killuremore, Parish of Kilgerrill (LDS)


Edward Treacy, full age, bachelor, small farmer, lives Killaghton [Killallaghtan Killallaghtan], (s. of Pat Treacy, farmer) married Bridget Locke, full age, spinster, house keeper, lives Chesterfield [in Cloonineen Kiltormer], (d. of Patrick Locke, deceased, herd) 23 May 1885 RC Chapel Kiltormer Wit: John Fahy & Margaret Egan, signed her mark [Kiltormer Ballinasloe PLU Galway] signed her mark


Helena Treacy, 22, spinster, BLANK profession, Lives Ballinabilla [Ballymabilla Killallaghtan], (d. of Wm Treacy, Do [farmer]) married Peter Salmon, 30, bachelor, farmer, lives Donaree [Killallaghtan], (s. of Jas Salmon, farmer) 30 November 1895 RC Chapel Cappatagal Wit: Willie Flaherty & Mary A Coffey [Killaan Ballinasloe PLU] see above



Cappataggle Parish Deaths

Mary Tressy alias Slatery of Shellehane, died 13 Apr 1819

Andrew Treacy of Bolvabille, died 6 Sep 1831

James Treacy of Balnalogh, died 22 Sep 1831

James Treacy of Ardrus, died 30 May 1833, a young man

Daniel Tracey of Lavath, died 15 Feb 1837

Mary Dolan alias Tressy of Ballamabella, died 15 Sep 1844

Jno Tresey of Ballanaclough, died 02 May 1845, pensioner?

William Tressy of Lavach, died 15 May 1845, an old man

Mary Carty alias Tressy of Mail Road, died 11 Dec 1845

Mary Dolan alias Tressy of Slhane, died 25 May 1847

Cathe Tressy alias Colman of Fahy, died 13 Jan 1848


* Follow each other in register




History of St. Gabriels Hurling Club, London - Founded 1961 by P.J. Noone

To write about the foundation of St Gabriels hurling club I first have to describe the house where the idea was born and discussed - 64 St. Margarets Road, Kensal Green. It was a house of hurlers, musicians and visitors every night, just like a home from home. This house was owned by Martin Treacy and his wife Bridie. They were both very keen on music and hurling and were from Cappatagle, Co. Galway. There were six lodgers in full board for £2.10s.0.d per week. Pete Crehan R.I.P from Cappatagle, Tom Malone R.I.P from Kilconnell, Sean Malone R.I.P (Toms brother), Raymond Roland R.I.P from Craugwell, Michael Greally from Oranmore Maree and myself P.J. Noone from Cappatagle. It was here sitting by the fire on a winters night that we first talked about forming our own hurling club. The four people who were responsible for its foundations were Packie Grealish (Carnmore), Marty Treacy (Cappatagle), Paddy Malone (Kilconnell) and myself P.J. Noone (Cappatagle) – all Galway men !…




Paddy Treacy of Galway; All-Ireland Senior Flute Champion 1951, 1952, 1965.


Set Dancing News Old news and reviews - Volume 4 - 1999

That's what life is all about

Dear Bill

I teach set dancing for the past fifteen years and my husband is Paddy Treacy, the well known flute player from Galway. He comes from Cappatagle, a few miles west of Ballinasloe. A lot of good musicians came from there. When Paddy moved to Dublin he went to the Pipers Club in Thomas Street where he met Leo Rowsome, Willie Clancy, Bobby Casey, Séan Seery, Kathleen Harrington, Sonny Brogan, John Joe Gannon, Paddy O'Brien and lots more.

He joined the Kincora Ceili Band and J J Gannon and Bobby Casey. They played all over the country and would be away every Sunday night. During this period he played in the Oireachtas flute competition representing the Pipers Club. He got first three times and in 1956 he won the Oireachtas Gold Medal receiving full marks which meant he couldn't enter any more. He won first in the first and second Fleadhs. He gave up playing with the Kincora as we had been married by then and had a young family and Paddy didn't want to be away from home.

A few years later Paddy O'Brien returned from America and started the Lough Gowna Ceili Band so Paddy was asked to join. They broadcast regularly and played in the Oireachtas band competition and won three times. About fifteen years ago he started the Sheelin Ceili Band with Seamus Meehan, Phil McMahon, F De Bruen and A Vaughan, Paddy playing the C melody sax as well as the flute. He packed up the band a year ago and just plays for set dancers in the Merchant Bar every Wednesday. He has been there for the past eleven years. You might think that was near the end of the music. No way, we have an open house with every flute player in Dublin coming to play music. Great fun, lovely friends and that's what life is all about. Of course Paddy being from Galway he has been set dancing since he was a kid and enjoys coming to my classes and ceili with me. We have a wonderful life and wonderful friends thanks to Paddy's music and being involved in set dancing. I am enclosing a photo of Paddy taken last Christmas. Hope you find this of some interest.

Yours sincerely,

Kaye Treacy, Terenure, Dublin





 Carabane (Kilconickney & Kilconieran)


Note: Online RC records are for baptisms 1831 to 1879 and marriages 1831 to 1864.


Denis/Danl Thressy & Cecilia Burke

Margaret Thressy b. 11/13 Feb 1832 Sp. Thady Thressy & Maria Burke. Carabane Parish

Jno Thressy b. 19/22 Jun 1834 Sp. Brigt Whelon. Carabane Parish


Patk Thressy & Sally Corbet/Corbett

Patk Thressy b. 20/24 Jun 1832 Sp. Patk Hynes & Nelly Donohue. Carabane Parish

Thos Thressy b. 22 Jun 1836 Sp. Pat & Honor Connolly. Carabane Parish

Patii Tressy & Sarah Corinacan?

Anna Tressy b. 1 Jul 1838 Sp. Michl & Mrs? Donohue. Carabane Parish


Edmd Thressy & Rose Mannion

Bridgt Thressy b. 09 Aug 1832 Sp. Thos Sheehan. Carabane Parish


Maria Thressy & Michl Corbett

Brigda Corbett b. 7/8 Sep 1833 Sp. Johs & Brigtda Kenedy. Carabane Parish


Petri Thressy & Beddy Thressy

Maria Henessy b. 25/30 Dec 1833 Sp. Patci? Thressy & Brddy Cleark. Carabane Parish


Maria Thressy & Jno Fahy

Pat Fahy b. 31 Dec 1833/7 Jan 1834 Sp. Jno & Cath Fahy. Carabane Parish


Maria Thressy & Johanes Burke

Pat Burke b. 16/29 Jan 1834 Sp. Denis Forde & Maria Thressy. Carabane Parish


Michl Thressy & Martin [crossed out] Raftery

Malachy Thressy b. 14/15 Jun 1834 Sp. Honor Fahy. Carabane Parish


Thady Thressy & Mary Kelly

Edmund Thressy b. 21 Nov 1835 Sp. Pat Treacy. Carabane Parish


Cath Thressy & Pat Meehan

Pat Meehan b. 18 Feb 1836/18 Mar 1836 Sp. Jno Quin. Carabane Parish


Martin Thressy & Mary Liniae?

Martin Thressy b. 22 Feb 1836 Sp. Thos Cummins. Carabane Parish


Margt/Mary/Margarita Tressy & Peter/Petri Ruane/Rowan

Michael Ruane b. 18 Mar 1836 Sp. Brigt Thressy. Carabane Parish

Thos Ruane b. 20/21 Dec 1838 Sp. Jacobus Martin & Cath. Carabane Parish

Maria Rowan b. 27 Nov 1841 Sp. Catharina Hanley. Carabane Parish


Cath Thressy married Denis Flanagan 10 June? 1836 Wit: Celia Birds? & P Ruane? Carabane Parish [see Loughrea]


Stephen Thressy & Margt Keon?

Mary Thressy b. 26 Jun 1836 Sp. Michl McNaw? & Mary Magek? Carabane Parish

Stephn Tressy & Margt Keane

Brig Tressy b. 10/20 Oct 1838 Sp. Thos McNamara & Brig Hynes? Carabane Parish


Judith Thressy & Jno Gardone

Peter Gardone b. 18/20 Mar 1837 Sp. Thady & Bridg Thressy. Carabane Parish (Note: Not chd [charged?])

Judith Tressy & Johannis Gardiner

Johannes Gardiner b. 4? Jun 1842 Sp. Margarita Cunnin?. Carabane Parish


Mary Thressy married John Matthews 17 Apr 1837 Wit: Michl Smyth & Patt Keary. Carabane Parish Galway

Maria Tressey/Tressy & Johis/Johanis/Joannis Matthews/Mathews

Bridg Matthews b. 23/26 Jan 1838 Sp. Martinus Tressey & Maria Dermody. Carabane Parish

Maria Mathews b. 16/18 Feb 1841 Sp. Michl & Mrs Smyth?. Carabane Parish

Thomas Matthews b. 13 Aug 1843 Sp. Edmundas Murphy & Mrs Murphy. Carabane Parish

Joannes Mathews b. 26 Feb 1847 Sp. Patritis Smyth & Anna? Murphy. Carabane Parish *

Maria Mathews b. 13 Feb 1849 Sp. Thoma & Honora Calnas?. Carabane Parish


Judith Tressy married John Doherty 26 Jan 1838 Wit: Peter Tressy & Patt Murray. Carabane Parish


Ellen Tressy married Patt Flemming 26 Feb 1838 Wit: Thady Flemming & Patt Murray. Carabane Parish


Jacobi Tressy & Honor Ryder

Mary Tressy b. 18/26 Aug 1838 Sp. P Murray & Honor Meehan. Carabane Parish


Judith Treacy & Johannis Quinn

Petrus Quinn b. 26 Aug 1838 Sp. Geoghgaus? & Brig Curly. Carabane Parish


Michl Tressy & Sarah Coy

Brig Tressy b. 1/3 Feb 1839 Sp. Jeh Keane & Maria Gibbons. Carabane Parish


Maria Treasy & Joannis Burke

Maria Burke b. 20 Oct 1839 of Lr Tooloban [Tooloobauntemple Kilconickny OR Tooloobaunbeg Lickerrig] Sp. Brigida Curboy. Carabane Parish


Martini Tressy & Catharina Clarke

Elleonora Tressy b. 21 Jan 1842 Sp. Thadi? Tressy & Catharin Fox?. Carabane Parish


Elleonora Tressy & Patritii Flemming/Flemon

Petrus Fleming b. 19 Jun 1843 Sp. Bridt Flemming. Carabane Parish

Jacobus Flemming b. 23 Feb 1847 Sp. Petrus Tressy & Maria Tressy. Carabane Parish

Margarita Flemon b. 13 Jun 1849 Sp. Patritius Baneet & Maria Keogh. Carabane Parish

Thadius Flemming b. 17 Apr 1852 Sp. Michael & Maria Flemming. Carabane Parish

Patritius Flemming b. 5 Aug 1855 Sp. Brigida Grace. Carabane Parish

Maria Fleming b. 21 Feb 1858 Sp. Thomas Quirk & Margarita Quirk. Carabane Parish


Mary Tressy married Laurence Sheehan 7 May 1844 Wit: John Barrett & Elizabeth Barrett. Carabane Parish


Mary Tressy married Mick Burke 20 Jun 1844 Wit: James Hilligan? & Margt Cain?. Carabane Parish


Edmund Tressy married Bridget Roonan? 28 Nov 1844 Wit: John Roonan & Bridgt Gallagher. Carabane Parish

Edwardi Tressy & Brigida Rooney

Maria Tressy b. 15 Nov 1848 Sp. Joannes & Maria Rooney. Carabane Parish


Catherine Tressy married Michl Kelly 23 Jan 1845 Wit: Thomas Tressy & Bridgt Tressy. Carabane Parish


Joannis Tressy & Maria Kenedy

Joannes Tressy b. 7 Mar 1849 Sp. Jas Kenedy & Ca Cahahan?. Carabane Parish


Brigida Tressy & Joannis Hines

Brigida Hines b. 10 Mar 1849 Sp. Honora Tressy. Carabane Parish


Mary Tracey married John Fahy 20 Aug? 1850 Wit: Patt Miskell & Bridt Tully. Carabane Parish


Thoma Trassy & Brigida Hanafee

Brigida Trassy b. 31 Aug 1851 Sp. Thoma? Casy? & Maria McNamara. Carabane Parish


Maria Trassy & Martin Keogh

Joannes Keogh b. 18 Nov 1851 Sp. Thoma Martin & Hanoria Dolphin. Carabane Parish

Margareta Keogh b. 16 Feb 1853 Sp. Patritius Dolan & Margarita Cusboy. Carabane Parish

Ellenora Keogh b. 8 Sep 1857 Sp. Ellenora Donohoe. Carabane Parish


Mary Tressy/Treacy & Martin Keogh

My g'mother was a Marie Keogh (b19.5.1886) from Dugrane (Doogaunan) nr Loughrea. Her sisters were Winifred (b23.11.1887- think she went to New Zealand), Anne/Nancy (b25.8.1891- went to Waltham, Mass. & married a Harold Keough?), Bridget/Delia (b12.5.1897) and Eileen/Ellen (b20.11.1899- married a Finn?). Her brothers were John/Jack and Martin, who stayed in Galway & never married; Jack farmed Dugrane and Martin farmed St Clearns, Craughwell.
Their parents were Martin Keogh (bc1848) and Mary Forde (b26.6.1857 Ballynagreeve) who m'd 16.2.1885 at Killeenadeema. Martin's parents were Martin K (bc1816) and Mary Tressy/Treacy? (bc1820) who lived at Carrabane.
Mary Forde's parents were John Forde (bc1815, d1869) and Honoria Callanan (bc1833, d1871) who lived at Ballynagreeve. Plenty more brothers & sisters etc.
Is anyone out there connected?

Bryony Moore (View posts) 29 Jul 2002


Cath Tressy married Thos McGan 22 Jul 1855 Wit: Wm & Honoria Dooley. Carabane Parish


Patritii Tressy & Elleonora Bergin

Joanna Tressy b. 13 Aug 1856 SP. Thomas Raftery & Maria Bergin. Carabane Parish


Bridget Tressy married James Redington 20 Apr 1858 Wit: Michael Mahony & Maria Tressy. Carabane Parish

Brigida Tressy/Tressey & Jacobi Reddington

Thomas Reddington b. 16 Dec 1861 Sp. Michael Burke & Maria Burke. Carabane Parish

Margarita Reddington b. 15/16 May 1864 Sp. Michael Martin & Anna Coleman. Carabane Parish


Timothy Tressy married Honour Martyn 25 Oct 1859 Wit: Martin Keogh & Mary Martyn. Carabane Parish [see Michael Edward Tressy]

Thadeii?/Thadii/Thadeus Tressy & Honoria Martin/Martyn/TORN COPY

Thomas Tressy b. 20 Dec 1861 Sp. Michael Martin & Maria Tressy. Carabane Parish

Maria Tressy b. 29/30 Mar 1864 Sp. Jacobus Flemming & Nelly Tressey. Carabane Parish

Maria? Tressy b. 3/7 Jun 1866 Sp. Joanne Carty? & Maria Kenned?. Carabane Parish

Sarah Tressy b. 9/11 May 1868 Sp. Martin? Keough? & Maria Martyn. Carabane Parish

Honoria Tressy b. 28 Feb/26 Mar 1870 Sp. Laurentius Kennedy & Margta Keogh. Carabane Parish

Patricius Tressy b. 18/19 Feb 1872 Sp. Thadeus Flemming & Brigida Burke. Carabane Parish

Thadeus/Thad(d)y/Timothy Tressy & Honor(ia) Martyn/Martin

Mary b. 28 March 1864 Loughrea (LDS)

Ellen b. 2 June 1866 Loughrea (LDS)

Sarah b. 10 May 1868 (LDS)

Honoria b. 28 February 1870 (LDS)

Patrick b. 18 February 1872 (LDS)

Anne b. 10 June 1876 Loughrea (LDS)

James b. 15 October 1877 Rathenddy (LDS)

Thaddy Tressy. farmer, & Ann Martin

Mary Tressy b. 28 Mar 1864 of Rathruddy [Raruddy Kilconickny]. Thaddy Tressy, father, Rathruddy, his mark [Loughrea Loughrea PLU]

Thady Tressy, farmer & Honoria Martyn

Thadeus Tressy b. 10 May 1874 of Rathruddy [Raruddy Kilconickny] Loughrea. Thady Tressy father Rathruddy [his mark]

Catherine Tressy b. 13 April 1881 Rathruddy Loughrea. Thady Tressy, father Rathruddy [his mark]

Michael Tressy b. 10 Oct 1886 of Rathuddy Loughrea. Honoria Tressy mother Rathruddy [her mark]


Pat Tressy, of full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Rauddy [Raruddy Kilconickny], (s. of Thady Tressy, farmer) married Kate Fahy, do [of full age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Glenathollen [Glenatallan Kilconickny], (d. of Michael Fahy, do [farmer]) 17 February 1896 RC Chapel Clostaken Wit: John Martin & Maggie Barrett [Loughrea Loughrea PLU]


Pat Tressy & Brigida Tressy

Maria Tressy b. 20 May 1861 Sp. Thadicius Tressy & Maria? Cisndthy?. Carabane Parish

Patritii/Patricii/Patii Tressy & Brigida Burke

Petrus Tressy b. 30 Jun 1863 Sp. Patritius Fliany? & Eliza Kelly. Carabane Parish

Eliza Tressy b. 20 Aug 1865 Sp. Thomas Keough & Bessy Burke. Carabane Parish

Joannes Tressy b. 25/27 Sep 1867 Sp. Gulielmus Dromody & Elizabeth Kelly. Carabane Parish

Michael Tressy b. 15/16 Sep 1868 Sp. Gulielmus Donohue? & Honoria Donohue. Carabane Parish

Catharina Tressy b. 27 Aug 1871 Sp. Thomas Burke & Catharina Burke. Carabane Parish

Patritius Tressy b. 28 Nov/31 Dec 1873 Sp. Patritius & Margarita Flemming. Carabane Parish [see Michael Edward Tressy]

Brigida Tressy b. 21? Jul 1877 Sp. Petrus? Tressy & Maria Tressy. Carabane Parish

Patrick Tressy/Tr(e)ac(e)y & Bridget Burke

Eliza b. 20 August 1865 Loughrea (LDS)

John b. 28 September 1867 (LDS)

Michael b. 15 September 1868 Loughrea (LDS)

Catherine b. 27 August 1871 (LDS)

Patrick b. 4 January 1874 Laughrea (LDS)

Martin Tressy b. 17th March 1876, Galway (LDS)

Bridget b. 18 July 1877 (LDS)

Mary b. 5 December 1879 (LDS)


Michael Tressy (1868 - 1937)

Born in Loughrea, Galway, Ireland on 15 Sep 1868 to Patrick Tressy. Michael Tressy married Margaret Cosgrove (1869 – 1935) and had 4 children. He passed away on 09 Jul 1937 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.

Albert C Tressy 1901 - 1924

Mary Mildred Tressy 1905 - 1943

Frederick William Tressy 1910 - 1968

John Edward Vincent Tressy 1907 - 1911



James Tressy, 24, bachelor, farmer, lives Carrabane [Carrowbaun Lickerrig], (s. of Patrick Tressy, farmer) married Mary Daly, 20?, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Mullagh [Abbeygormacan], (d. of Michael Daly, farmer) 26 January 1899 RC Chapel Mullagh Wit: James Treacy & Eliza Daly [Kiltormer Ballinasloe PLU] see above


1901 Census

Bridget Treacy, 60, F, 8 Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Roman Catholic, Mother, Widow, Co Galway

James Treacy, 36, M, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Galway

Mary Treacy, 30, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Galway

Delia Treacy, 1, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway

Kate Treacy, 0, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway


1911 Census

James Tressy, 52, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway (head, farmer also Eliza Deely cousin)

Mary Tressy, 39, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway (married 12 years, 9 children/8 alive)

Kate Tressy, 10, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Patt Joe Tressy, 9, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Michael Tressy, 8, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

James Tressy, 6, M, 3 Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Mary Tressy, 5, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Elizza Tressy, 4, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Peter Tressy, 3, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Ellen Tressy, 0-7 months, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway


Maria Tressy & Michaelis Cronnolly/Cromnolly?

Maria Cronnolly b. 21/24 Jun 1865 Sp. Michael Kelly & Maria Kelly. Carabane Parish

Margarita Cromnolly b. 11/14 Apr 1867 Sp. Joannis Raftery & Honoria Fahy. Carabane Parish

Patricius Cronnolly b. 8/13 Mar 1870 Sp. Gulielmus Kelly & Honoria Kelly. Carabane Parish

Hanah? Cronnolly b. 12 May 1872 Sp. Patritius Dempsey? & Katharina Cronnolly. Carabane Parish


Bridget Tressy, spinster, lives Ganty [Kilconierin], (d. of Stephen Tressy, labourer) married Michael Cassidy, of full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Athenry [Athenry] (s. of Ml Cassidy, labourer) 2 November 1865 RC Chapel Loughrea Wit: Michael Gilligan & Mary Rourke, their marks [Loughrea Loughrea PLU] signed their marks

Bridget Tressy & Michaelis Cassidy

Michael Cassidy b. 12 Aug 1866 Sp. Michael McNamara & Margta Healy. Carabane Parish

Maria Cassidy b. 18/23 Aug 1868 Sp. Jacobo Tressy & Judith Raftar? . Carabane Parish

Joannes Cassidy b. 23/26 Apr 1870 Sp. Michael Finn & Maria Finn. Carabane Parish


Bridget Tracy & Michael Cassidy.
Michael J. Cassidy, 28, of Lex., b. in County Gallway, Ireland, s. of Michael & Bridget (Tracy), m. Delia V. White, 18, d. of Michael & Ellen (Welch), of Lex., June 21, 1894.

Mass. [from old catalog] Lexington. Record of births, marriages, and deaths to January 1, 1898 .. (Volume 2).


Maria Treacy & Thoma Heagney [see Leitrim Parish Galway]

Maria Anna Heagnery b. 2/3 Sep 1876 Sp. BLANK. Carabane Parish


Pat Tressy, of full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Rauddy [Raruddy Kilconickny], (s. of Thady Tressy, farmer) married Kate Fahy, do [of full age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Glenathollen [Glenatallan Kilconickny], (d. of Michael Fahy, do [farmer]) 17 February 1896 RC Chapel Clostaken Wit: John Martin & Maggie Barrett [Loughrea Loughrea PLU] see above


James Tressy, 24, bachelor, farmer, lives Carrabane [Carrowbaun Lickerrig], (s. of Patrick Tressy, farmer) married Mary Daly, 20?, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Mullagh [Abbeygormacan], (d. of Michael Daly, farmer) 26 January 1899 RC Chapel Mullagh Wit: James Treacy & Eliza Daly [Kiltormer Ballinasloe PLU] see above


1901 Census

Bridget Treacy, 60, F, 8 Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Roman Catholic, Mother, Widow, Co Galway

James Treacy, 36, M, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Galway

Mary Treacy, 30, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Galway

Delia Treacy, 1, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway

Kate Treacy, 0, F, Raruddy East, Loughrea Rural, Galway, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Galway


1911 Census

James Tressy, 52, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway (head, farmer also Eliza Deely cousin)

Mary Tressy, 39, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway (married 12 years, 9 children/8 alive)

Kate Tressy, 10, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Patt Joe Tressy, 9, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Michael Tressy, 8, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

James Tressy, 6, M, 3 Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Mary Tressy, 5, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Elizza Tressy, 4, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Peter Tressy, 3, M, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway

Ellen Tressy, 0-7 months, F, Raruddy, East, Loughrea Rural, Galway


Kilconickney & Kilconieran

Killconerin Civil Parish is located in the middle of East Galway, five kilometres south-east of Athenry on the road to Loughrea. There is a signpost to the church on the road. It is one of the two areas named in the Books of Survey and Distribution of the seventeenth century where the Traceys held land in Ireland. In Kilconienan, there is the remains of an old church which contains two slab stones dedicated to the Traceys. From the position of these stones it may be likely that this was a Tracey family church. As such, it would be the earliest known family structure and should be of interest to all Traceys. Unfortunately, the graveyard is very overgrown and the end wall of the church now forms part of a cow shed.





The old church of Kilconieran…inserted in the wall near where the alter was is a stone with the following inscription:

“Erected by Martin Tressy, to pray for his wife Honoria alias O’Bryan and his daughter Mary deceased and the rest of his family. 1755”





On another horizontal flag below the first stone is written:

“Pray for the wife of Patrick Tressy Margo ??as who ??? who ?oved the 14th of ??? 1760”

Lickerrig School Folklore Report 1837-8 in Stanley, Cathal ed. (2000) Castles & demesnes: gleanings from Kilconieran and Clostoken.Galway.






Also in the same cemetery are the following:


“O Lord have mercy on the soul of James Tressy who dep May 1829 age 66 years erected by his wife Mary Tressy alias Donohue and their sons Pat Tressy & Thady Tressy. AD 1841?”

Also scratched on the tomestone are other deaths including “son Michael 1940”

Erected by Martin Treacy late from Montreal Canada West in memory of his parents his mother Ellen Birmingham who died November 17 1836 Also his father Thady Treacy who died December the 19th 1846 May their souls rest in peace Amen”



In addition to the headstones in Kilconierin that you have identified (http://www.traceyclann.com/files/Galway2.htm), two additional headstones of interest to you there may be:

- Erected by Margaret Tracy alias Fury and her son John in memory of husband Michael Tracy died 26th January 1804 aged 58.

- In memory of Edmond Trasy died 6th March 1791 aged 61 and his son Dan died 2nd July 1830 aged 66. Erected by Thady Trasy 1830.

Additionally, by way of suggestions / query, the 'Mary Tressy/Treacy & Martin Keogh' family listed under Loughrea are also from Kilconierin-Clostoken parish.

Finally, in the 1821 census, there are Tressy's in both Moyode and Rathgorgin. As you've noted they also appear in the Book of Survey and Distribution for the parish (Creggaturlough), and more signifiently, the Calender of Patent Rolls at the beginning of the seventeenth century (Kilconierin). The fact that Rathgorgin-Moyode-Kilconierin-Creggaturlough are all the one area in north-west Kilconierin can be no coincidence and means the Tracey's/Tressy's lived in this area of Kilconierin for centuries. It is also clear that they are one of three or four of the most significent families in tracing the legacy and history of Kilconierin parish though the centuries.

Best Regards,

Steve Dolan. sakdolan@hotmail.com 25 Aug 2012





Note: This is the only parish with the ‘Hashy’ name.


Thos Hashy & Biddy Haly

Thos Hashy b. 18 Dec 1830 of Menlo [Menlough Oranmore] Sp. Andw Niclosan & Biddy Cadrim. Castlegar Parish

Michl Hashy b. 21 Jul 1842 of C. Garr. [Castlegar St. Nicholas] Sp. Michl Sallinger & Biddy Laughlen. Castlegar Parish

Patt Hashy b. 1 Jan 1844 of Castlegarr Sp. Michl Sallinger & Judy Fahy. Castlegar Parish


John Hashy & Margt Sullivan

Biddy Hashy b. 14 May 1842 of Bushleethan. Sp. Wenny Cahill. Castlegar Parish


John Hashy & Mary Conry

Patt Hashy b. 16 Jan 1844 of L Varna [Lecknavarna? Ballynakill (Ballynahinch)]. Sp. Mathias Conry & Margt Madden. Castlegar Parish


Margt Hashy of Bruchy married John Holland 27 Jan 1844 Wit: Richd Burke & Celia Killeen. Castlegar Parish


Wenny Hashy married Patt Jennings 15 Dec 1844 Wit: Andw Roonan & Biddy Dooly. Castlegar Parish (Note: in chapel 3x3 04 to aff dis ob)


Mary Tracy of Ballybanebeg [Ballybaan Beg St. Nicholas] married Michl Leonard 29 Jun 1852 Wit: Thos & Maria Murry. Castlegar Parish Galway





Denis Tracy married Cecily Burke 3 Apr 1837 Wit: Danl Tracy & Catt Haddican. Dunmore Parish (Note: Cert to Denis Tracy permission parochi sponsors de Kilcornan [Clarenbridge RC])



 Clonfert (& Eyrecourt, Meelick)


Note: There are no online/microfilmed records.


Patrick Treacy born around 1790 - 1794 in Tynagh and Mary Egan, born in 1811 in Loughrea. [see Tynagh]

Edward Treacy, born about 1830 probably in Tynagh or Killimor Galway

Michael Treacy/Trasy born in Killimor, Galway on 25 Mar 1852.


Edward Treacy & Bridget Boland 20 Jan 1857 Killimor John Boland & Michael Burke [see Killimorbologue]


Convert: Cath Walsh alias Treacy 15 Dec 1843 of Cugalla [Cagilla & Lisbeg Tithe record - between Blacksticks and Ballyhoose, Clonfert Galway]. Loughmore and Castleiny Parish Co. Tipperary [see Loughmore and Castleiny]


Patrick/Patt Tr(e)acy & Mary Gormerly

Nicholas b. 11 February 1864 Eyrecourt (LDS)

John b. 6 September 1868 Eyrecourt (LDS)


John J. Tracy (b. circa 1871 Galway, Ireland d. 12 Jan 1946 Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 75) (s. of Patrick Tracy b. Galway, Ireland & Mary Gormedy b. Co. Galway, Ireland)

Occupation: Carpenter

Spouse: Mary

Burial Date: 15 Jan 1946

Burial Place: Hillside, Cook, Illinois

Cemetery: Mt. Carmel


John Tracy & Celia/Secilia Tracy

Anne b. 4 September 1865 Eyrecourt (LDS)

Michael b. 4 April 1871 (LDS)


Michael Tracy & Mary Staunton

Ellen b. 20 April 1866 Eyrecourt (LDS)


Patt Tracy & Bridget Gormerly

Bridget b. 28 April 1866 Eyrecourt (LDS)


Catherine Tracy/Treasy, 19, spinster, lives Clonfert [Clonfert], (d. of Tom Tracy, farmer) married Michael Cooney, 29, bachelor, farmer, lives Fahy [Fahy], (s. of Thos Cooney, farmer) 25 July 1870 RC Chapel Clonfert Wit: John Cooney & Margaret Shea, his mark [Laurencetown Ballinasloe PLU]


William Tracey, 23, bachelor, blacksmith, lives Portumna [Lickmolassy], (s. of Daniel, farmer) married Sarah Cleary, 21, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Kilmaca [Kilmacshane? Clonfert], (d. of John, farmer) 03 [5] August 1873 RC Chapel Eyrecourt [Donanaghta] Wit: James Howard & Mary Cleary [Eyrecourt Portumna PLU] signed his mark [see Portumna]


Patrick Treacy & Mary Coolifs

Catherine b. 14 August 1878 Melick (LDS)


John Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Clonfert [Clonfert], (s. of Thomas Treacy, dead, farmer) married Catherine Killeen, Do [full age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Meelick [Meelick], (d. of John Killeen, dead, farmer) 17 February 1885 RC Chapel Meelick Wit: Patrick Nevin & Mary E. Molloy [Eyrecourt Portumna PLU]


Michael Treacy/Threacy, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Clonfert [Clonfert Galway], (s. of Thomas Treacy, farmer) married Nora Ryan, do [full age], spinster, do [farmer], lives Babogh [Brehoge Wheery], (d. of John Ryan, do [farmer]) 12 June 1887 RC Chapel Ferbane Wit: Michael Treacy & Winifred Cusack [Ferbane Parsonstown Offaly PLU]


Mary Treacy, 26, spinster, BLANK profession, lives Eyrecourt [Clofert OR Donanaghta], (d. of Michael Treacy, landholder) married Michael Mullins,30, bachelor, tailor, lives Eyrecourt, (s. of Thomas Mullins, tailor) 31 January 1895 RC Chapel Eyrecourt Wit: Mary Connor & Mary Kate Monahan [Eyrecourt Portumna PLU] signed her mark


Hannah/Hanna Treacy nee Ryan, full [age], widow, BLANK profession, lives Clonfert callows [Annaghcallow Clonfert], (d. of John Ryan, farmer) married John Larkin, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Kilmacshane [Clonfert], (s. of Peter Larkin, farmer) 04 February 1899 RC Chapel Clonfert Wit: John Horan & Lizzie Egan [Laurencetown Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark



 Clonrush (Mountshannon) (Clare/Galway)


See Clare




The Townlands of Clontuskert



Joannes Treacy & Maria Dougherty

Brigida Treacy b. 4 Mar 1828 of Karroked [Carrowkeel Clontuskert] Sp. Ricardus Donallan. Clontuskert Parish


Brigida Treacy/Treasy & Carolius/Carolus Boyle

Patritius Boyle b. 7 Apr 1828 of Crowsnest [Clontuskert] Sp. Petrus M'Loughlin & Maria Dempsey. Clontuskert Parish

Joannes Boyle b. 17 May 1830 of Crowsnest Sp. Joannes Broderick & Brigida Treasy. Clontuskert Parish

Michael Boyle b. 26/30 Sep 1832 of Crowsnest Sp. Joannes Bohane & Eleonora Madden. Clontuskert Parish


Catharina Treasy of Kellysgrove [Clontuskert] married Thady Meeley? 27 Jul 1829 Wit: James Finn & Nancy Jordan?. Clontuskert Parish


Pat Treasy married Rosa Barrette? of Lismanny Bella [Lismanny & Ballagh Clontuskert] 3 May 1829 Wit: Hugh Kinahan, Michael Kinahan & Fergus Barrette. Clontuskert Parish

Patritius Treasy/Treacy/Trassy & Rosa Barrett/Barret

Patritius Treasy b. 6 Mar 1830 of Lismany Sp. Thomas & Maria Treasy. Clontuskert Parish

Brigida Treasy b. 22 Dec 1831 of Lismany Callow** Sp. Michael Reilly & Anna Henehan. Clontuskert Parish

Maria Treasy b. 17 Mar 1834 of Callows Sp. Joannes Rodin & Catherina Treasy. Clontuskert Parish

Michael Treacy b. 28/31 Jan 1841 Sp. Patritius Treacy & Maria Donnelly. Clontuskert Parish

Thomas Treasy b. 25/30 Oct 1843 Sp. Thomas Heenahan & Maria Staunton. Clontuskert Parish

Joannes Treacy b. 10/18 Jan 1846 Sp. Joannes Tully & Maria Treasy. Clontuskert Parish

Michael Treacy b. 6 Jul 1848 Sp. Patritius Treacy & Maria Whyte. Clontuskert Parish

Jacobus Treacy b. 29 Jun/8 Jul 1850 Sp. Michael Navin & Brigida Treacy. Clontuskert Parish

Anna Treacy b. 26 Jul/3 Aug 1853 Sp. Patritius & Eleanora Lorcan?. Clontuskert Parish

Petrus Trassy b. 29 Sep/12 Oct 1856 Sp. Thomas Trassy & Catherina White. Clontuskert Parish

** low lying land


Jacobus Treasy & Catherina McDermotte

Catherina Treasy b. 3 Apr 1830 of Kellysgrove [Clontuskert] Sp. Thomas Cun(ringham?) & Honona Kenney. Clontuskert Parish

Michael treasy b. 18 Aug 1832 Sp. Patritius & Brigida Roe. Clontuskert Parish


Gulielimus Treasy & Maria Whelan

Thomas Treasy b. 2/15 Dec 1832 of Gragavoneen [Graigueawoneen Clontuskert] Sp. Michael Mulvey? & Catherina Good. Clontuskert Parish

Gulielmus Treasy b. 24 Mar/16 Oct 1842 Sp. Patritius Connolly & Maria Crodick. Clontuskert Parish

Catherina Treacy b. 14/22 Dec 1844 Sp. Patritius Madden & Anna Whelan. Clontuskert Parish


Mary Trassy married Patk Kelly 24 Jul 1856 Wit: Patrick Boland & Mary Seain. Clontuskert Parish

Maria Trassy/Tracy/Tracey & Patritius Kelly

Joannes Kelly b. 26 Jun/5 Jul 1857 Sp. Lucas & Catherina Kelly. Clontuskert Parish

Catherina Kelly b. 30 Jun 1860 Sp. Michael & Margarita Flattery. Clontuskert Parish

Patritius Kelly b. 18 Feb/8 Mar 1863 Sp. Patritius Trassy & Catherina Kelly. Clontuskert Parish

Jacobus Kelly b. 30 Sep/15 Oct 1865 Sp. Jacobus & Catherina Kelly. Clontuskert Parish

Maria Kelly b. 13/27 Aug 1868 Sp. Michael Madden & B Dolan. Clontuskert Parish

Thomas Kelly b. 27 Jan/5 Feb 1870 Sp. Patritius Larkin & Anna Kelly. Clontuskert Parish [duplicate]

Lucas Kelly b. 23 Dec 1872/4 Jan 1873 Sp. Joannes Mulvy? & Brigida Reilly. Clontuskert Parish

Michael Kelly b. 24 Apr/12 May 1876 Sp. Joannes Kelly & Maria Kelly. Clontuskert Parish


Edvardus/Edmondus Trassy & Maria Bohan

Brigida Trassy b. 1/23 Sep 1860 Sp. Malachius Calahan & Eleanora Hanlon. Clontuskert Parish

Jacobus Trassy b. 8 Jul/3 Aug 1862 Sp. Joannes Seymour & Anna Havarty. Clontuskert Parish

Edwardi Tressy & Maria Bohan

Maria Tressy b. 2/16? Aug 1862 Sp. Thomas Connelly & Sabina Tully. Kiltormer Parish


Catherine/Kate Treasy/Treacy, 18, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Lisheenaguile [Kiltormer], (d. of William Treasy, farmer) married Thomas Hanrahan, 30, bachelor, farmer, lives Ardeanny [Ardranny Clontuskert], (s. of Pat Hanrahan, farmer) 27 May 1882 RC Chapel Kiltormer Wit: Michael Hanrahan & Anne Treacey, signed his mark [Kiltormer Ballinasloe PLU] signed his mark



Clontuskert Parish Deaths

Danniel Treasy of Carrakiel, died 7 Jul 1828

Patrick Treasy of Athyeaffie?, died 4 Mar 1835





Martin Tracey & Mary Forde

Bridget Tracey b. 7/11 Dec 1848 of Shanvally [Shanbally Killeeneen OR Killora] Sp. John Forde & Bridget Forde. Craughwell Parish


Looking for my ancestors.

My great grandfather was Michael Connolly and he was born in 1831 approx in Strongfort Craughwell. He married Mary Raftery from Garracloone Craughwell on 07-02-1860. Her parents were Patrick Raftery and Ellenora Flemming. I would like to who their parents were and what siblings they had.

I would also like to know about my great grand aunt. She was Honoria Connolly from Strongfort, Craughwell. She married James Tracy on 10-02-1852. He may have been from Coolraugh, Ganty or Craughwell His father may have been either Michael or Peter

Mary Connolly 11 September 2012 http://www.irelandxo.com/group/killeenadeema-aille-leitrim-galway/messages/looking-my-ancestors





Thos/Thomas Treacy/Tracy & Ellen/Nelly Bourke

William Treacy b. 5 Nov 1854 Sp. Thos? Griffin & Nelly Hughes. Donaghpatrick Parish

Honor Tracy b. 28? Jun 1858 Sp. John Murphy & Mary Bourke. Donaghpatrick Parish

Thos Tracy b. 23 Dec 1860 Sp. John Casey & Judy Mulroe. Donaghpatrick Parish





Note: Online RC marriages end 1877.


Surname Researchers

Treacy, Tracey

 Of NY, NJ

From Dunmore

Beth Tracey


On the History and Antiquities of the Parish of Dunmore, in the Baronies of Dunmore & Ballymoe, Co. Galway by the Rev. J. Neiry

Journal of the Galway Archaeological & Historical Society

ii. The Ordnance Survey Letters

J. O'Donovan to Geo. A. Larcom

Of the Parish of Dunmore Tuam, Aug., 30th. 1838

Situation: This parish is bounded on the north by the county of Roscommon and the parish of 'Teampull a tochum' (Templetogher) in this county: on the east by the parish of Bweenaunagh (buidheanach) (Boyounagh) and Cloonbern (Clonbern): on the south by Cloonbern and the parish of Tuam in which a part of it is isolated: and on the west by the parish of Addragoole.

Name: In the Ancient Irish Annals, this place is called 'Dunmor,' signifying large 'Dun' or earthen fort: which is the true name, though present tradition interprets it as if it were written 'Dun Moire,' "the Dun of Moira," daughter of the great navigator Manannan.

History: Tradition says that this place took its name from an earthen fort rected by 'More' the daughter of 'Manannan,' with which a large castle was afterwards erected immediately after the English invasion of 'Haiste,' a distinguished Chieftan of the Conquest, the ancestor of the present people called 'Hosty,' now numerous in this part of the country. We have, ‘now’, no historical authority to prove when or by whom this castle of Dunmore was erected, but the tradition is vivid and I think true. It has been preserved by Donnell Treacy, who lives at the old Castle, from the lips of the poet Cormac O'Coman, who lived to the age of 110 and who was the living 'Fintan' (fountain) of the history of Connaught in his time.

Dr. O'Connor states in the Stowe catalogue that the Annals of Connaught are the best history for the Castles of Connaught. Do they mention this Castle of Dunmore (in Conmaice Kinel Dubhain - (modernised Divaney, Dwane and Divine, still in use) which was in later times called Dun Mor Fheorais?

The tradition preserved by old Treacey (note: and preserved by Tommie Treacey, grand-nephew of Donal according to Rev. Neary), from the mouth of the poet O'Coman, is that the noble 'Haiste' (Hosty Merrick was killed in 1272, 'Annals of Lough Cé', and buried at Annaghboggan near Lake Beltra, Burrishoole), the son of Membric, a distinguished warrior of the Welsh nation, commenced erecting a castle a short distance to the west of where Dunmore Castle now stands, but that the fairy who presides over the place, Mor ni Mananain, not wishing that he should erect his fortress there, destroyed by night as much as his masons had erected by day, and that she continued to do so for several nights until Haiste consulted a Magician, who told him that Mor-Ny-Mhanannain did not wish him to place his fortress there, but that she would be willing to allow him erect it on the site of her own fort, and Hasty, taking the advice of the Sage, and seeing the old 'Dun' a favourable position, immediately commenced to build there, and More, being delighted to view so lofty a pile towering over the humble mounds of her ancient fortress, suffered no fairy to interrupt the work.

Hosty was not long in the quiet possession of this Castle when Bermingham came hither from the north, where he was after gaining a great victory, and drove him out of it partly by force and partly by treachery ; and his descendants who assumed the name of Mac-orish, maintained possession of it until the wars of Ireland, when Col. Hoath drove them out. This is all that tradition remembers of this fortress.

The Castle stands on a small hill over a rivulet about a quarter mile to the west of the little town of Dunmore. The hill seems to have been originally crowned with an earthen 'Dun', from which the name, but it is now so effaced that no idea can be drawn as to the extent or character. The entire hill was enclosed by a strong wall now almost entirely destroyed, some of it scattered about in massy fragments, and some tumbled in the rivulet.

The Castle itself is a square building, measuring on the inside 45 feet in length and 27 in breadth, and, as well as I could judge by the eye, 60 in height. Walls 7 ft. thick. It had three lofts, as appears from the windows and the holes for joists. It certainly does not appear to be the fabric erected by Hosty-Mac-Membric. The Four Masters have collected the following Annals of this place, from which it appears that it was an ancient Irish Military station before the arrival of the Anglo-Norman and Welsh families.

"1133, Cormac MacCarthy and Conor O'Brien led an army into Connaught and killed Cathal O'Conor Raydamna of Connaught and O'Flynn, chief of Sil-moc-lomain, and the demolished Dunmugdorn and Dun-More, and plundered a great part of the country."

"1143, Morogh O'Melaghlin, King of Meath, was most treacherously taken prisoner by King Turlogh O'Conor, and confined with other Meathian prisoners in Dun-More."

"1159, Murtagh MacLoughlin (presumptive monarch of Ireland) with the nobles of Kinel-Connell, Kinel-Owen and Oriel, marched an army into Connaught and burned Dun-More, Dun-Ciar and Dun na ngall and devastated a great part of the country."

These three notes are antecedent to the period of Hosty Mac Membric. The following are subsequent to it:

"1249, Dunmore was burned by he sons of the King of Connaught."

"1271, Matthew O'Conor was killed by the English of Dunmore."

"1284, Dunmore was burned by Fiachra O'Flynn."

"1569, Sir Henry Sydney took (the Castle of) Dunmore Mac-Feorais and Roscommon."

Archdall is wrong in making this the 'Domhnach padraig' of the Tripartite, as we shall show when treating the parish of Donagh-patrick. It is sufficient here to observe that the two names are not identical, and that Dun-more is not a corruption of Domhnach-more as Donshaughlin in Meath of Domhnach Seachlainn. ‘It is possible that it could be a corruption of it,’ but, we know from history that it is not.

We therefore come to the historical conclusion that there was no abbey at Dun-mor in Cor-maicne Kinel-Dubhain until the year 1425, when Walter de Birmingham, Lord Baron of Athenry, erected there a friary for Augustinian Eremites. The remains of this house are in the same state as described by the French artists in 1779:

"This Abbey is in the town of Dunmore, and, I believe, was much larger, but cannot be traced as the ground is level and no ruins about, it being a kind of market, the part A. on the plan is a waste, the arches built up, and B. is converted into a parish church where service is performed. Over the door C. are arms and an inscription which I copied. Said to be built by the Lords of "Athenry".



Tithe Records


Anne Tracey, Gortnagoyne, Dunmore, Kilkenny [Galway], 1833

Daniel Trassy, Castle, Dunmore, Kilkenny, [Galway] 1833

Denis Preacey [Treacey], Carrowneseer Carrowcunnipp & Shruel [Carrownaseer], Dunmore, Kilkenny, [Galway] 1833

Felix Treacey, Knockatee Ballydonelan, Dunmore, Kilkenny, [Galway] 1833

John Treacey, Knockatee Ballydonelan, Dunmore, Kilkenny, [Galway] 1833

Thomas Treacey, Knockatee Ballydonelan, Dunmore, Kilkenny, [Galway] 1833



Griffiths Valuation 1855

Bartholomew Tracy Kilnalappa Dunmore Galway

Bartholomew Tressy Knockatee East Dunmore Galway

Bartholomew Tressy Knockatee West Dunmore Galway

Daniel Tracy Dunmore Dunmore Galway

Hugh Tracy Meenleana Dunmore Galway

James Tressy Knockatee East Dunmore Galway

John Tracy Timadooaun Dunmore Galway

Patrick Tracy Dunmore Dunmore Galway

Patrick Tressy Knockatee East Dunmore Galway

Patrick Tressy Knockatee West Dunmore Galway

Thomas Tracy Dunmore Dunmore Galway

Thomas Tracy Knockbally Vishteal Dunmore Galway

Thomas Tressy Knockatee East Dunmore Galway




1880’s Fenians [see Mavis Darcy webpage]

“In Dunmore the ‘centre’, I think, was Pat Treacy, a shoemaker.”

Ryan, Mark Francis (1946) Fenian Memories.


Cathleen M Treacy (b. 22 October 1795 Snipehill Roscommon d. 2 November 1889 Carrowkeel Galway) m. Martin Finaghty (1783-1851) 11 February 1809 Snipehill Roscommon

Bernadus Bryan Finnerty 1813-1856



Patk Treasy? married Honora Moran 26 Jan 1824 Wit: Thomas Frayan? & Margt Hussy. Deanery of Dunmore.


Pat Tracy married Winifred Carr? 4 May 1825 Wit: Denis Tracy & Patt Tracey?. Deanery of Dunmore [see Mavis Darcy webpage]

Pat Tracy & Winifred/Mary Garry/Carr

Peter Martin Tracy b. 30 Oct 1833 Sp. Pat MacDonagh & Mary Mulkeen. Dunmore Parish

Hugh Tracy b. 23 Apr 1835 of Dunmore [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Ryder & Brigit Collins. Dunmore Parish

Michael Tracy b. 9 Oct 1837 of Dunmore Sp. Pat MacIntire & Briget Kelly. Dunmore Parish

Denis Tracy b. 23 Nov 1838 of Dunmore Sp. Andrew Maddan & Briget Grady. Dunmore Parish

Winifred Tracy b. 26 May 1841 of Dunmore Sp. Pat Raftery & Mary Guff. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tracy, labourer of this parish (s. of Patrick Tracy, Alive*, & Winefride Carr, daed* of County Galway Ireland) m. Catharine Foley of this parish (d. of Thomas Foley, trader, dead*, & Dorothy Gormly, alive*, of this parish) 24 Nov 1869 Notre-Dame-de-Montréal, Montréal, Canada Wit: James Tracy & Mary Ann Dalton [signatures of all, note: James Treacy] * LDS transcription has the opposite


Tom Treacy                 Bridget                        Thomas                        Bridget

Poet &                         Concannon                  Treacy                         Treacy

Shoemaker                  Treacy                         1850-1927                   Reilly


Castle Farm Dunmore 1927

More photos…Mavis Darcy webpage



Hubert Tracy married Eleanor Ruane 3 Dec 1825 Wit: Denis Tracy & Sarah Bourke. Deanery of Dunmore [see Donald John Treacy]

Hugh Tracy & Elleen Ruane

Patrick Tracy b. 26 Jan 1836 Missliana? [Meenleana Dunmore] Sp. Edmd Ruane & Mary Coghlan. Dunmore Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 28 Aug 1838 Carnaseer [Carrownaseer Dunmore] Sp. Margaret Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Hugh Tracy & Ellen Rush

Margaret Tracy b. 10 Feb 1835 Sp. Peter Rush & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish *


1872 Boston Pilot

Of Philip Tracy, aged 31 years, a native of Menlena, Dunmore, county Galway, who left Brooklyn, N. Y., July 4, 1867; when last heard from, two years ago, was in Cedar City, Callaway county, Mo. Information of him will be received by his wife, Mary Tracy, care of Thomas McLaughlin, No. 186 Navy street, Brooklyn, N. Y


Patrick Treacy [born Dunmore Galway?] married Julia Gibson of Kilrush on the 22 Apr 1873 Wit: James Gibson & BLANK Keane St. Senan's Parish Kilrush Co. Clare [see Dunmore Galway]

Patrick Treacy, 32, bachelor, draper, lives Ballina Co Mayo, (s. of Hugh Treacy, farmer) married Julia Gibson, 19, spinster, BLANK, lives Frances Street Kilrush, (d. of John Gibson, grocer) 22 April 1873 RC Chapel Kilrush Wit: James Gibson & M.T. Keane [Kilrush Kilrush PLU]


Felix Tracy & Judith Commons

Mary Tracy b. 16 July 1833 Sp. Pat Kelly & Mary Higgins. Dunmore Parish

Stephen Tracy b. 5 Feb 1837 of Grange [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Fallon & Sibina Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Pat Tracy & Honor/Honoria/Winifred/Winny Lyons

Catherine Tracy b. 23 Sep 1833 of Quarter [Dunmore] Sp. Michael Tracy & Brigit Donelan. Dunmore Parish

Mary Tracy b. 8 Aug 1835 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. John Tracy & Siby Lyons. Dunmore Parish

Brigit Tracy b. 11 Feb 1838 of Knockatee Sp. Pat Tracy & Winifred Crowe. Dunmore Parish

Catharine Tracy b. 8 Aug 1840 of Knockatee Sp. Thomas Scahill & Mary Brogan. Dunmore Parish

Sibina Tracy b. 27 Aug 1843 of Knockatee Sp. Pat Tracy & Mary Forde. Dunmore Parish


Margaret Tracy & Thomas Coughlan

Mary Coughlan b. 16 Dec 1833 Sp. Michael Cullinan & Mary Coughlan. Dunmore Parish

Patrick Coghlan b. 17 Feb 1838 of Carnaseer [Carrownaseer Dunmore] Sp. Mary Egan. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracey & Pat Ruane

Evelina Ruane b. 30 Dec 1833 Sp. John Hosty & Mary Hosty. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tracy & Mary Kearns/Kirrane

Bridget Tracy b. 2 Jan 1834 Sp. Michael Gowlan & Mary Tracey. Dunmore Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 9 July 1836 Gortnalia [Gortnalea Dunmore] Sp. Denis Tracy & Mary Kearns. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracey formerly Kearns

Born about 1804 [location unknown]

Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown]

[sibling(s) unknown]

Wife of Dennis Tracey — married [date unknown] [location unknown]


Mother of Margaret (Tracey) Conway

Died about 1854 at about age 50 [location unknown]



Margaret Tracey married Thomas Cruise 15 Jan 1834 Wit: James Tracy & Catherine Donelan. Dunmore Parish

Margt Tracy & Thomas Cruice/Cruise

Mary cruice b. 14 Apr 1837 Sp. Briget Lally. Dunmore Parish

Michael Cruise b. 12 Dec 1841 Sp. Michael Griffin & Mary Donelan. Dunmore Parish

Catharine Cruise b. 24 Oct 1845 of Bellwall [Ballinphuill? Tuam] Sp. Ellen Morris. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracy married Cormac Commons 2 Feb 1834 Wit: James Sheridan & Bernard MacHugh. Dunmore Parish

Mary Tracy & Cormac Commons

Patrick Commons b. 17 Feb 1835 of Ballagh [Dunmore] Sp. Peter Commons & Mary Parkinson. Dunmore Parish

Thomas Commons b. 3 Mar 1838 of Ballagh Sp. Pat Donelan & Ann Redington. Dunmore Parish


Michael Tracy married Mary Rattigan 9 Feb 1834 Wit: Thomas Gibbons & Mary Redington. Dunmore Parish

Michael Tracy & Mary Rattigan/Ratigan

Catharine Tracy b. 13 Feb 1835 Sp. Daniel Tracy & Catharine Doonlan. Dunmore Parish

John Tracy b. 27 Sep 1836 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Thomas Scahil & Siby Lyonms. Dunmore Parish

Mary Tracy b. 10 Jul 1839 of Knockatee Sp. John Tracy & Honor Lyons. Dunmore Parish

Brigit Tracy b. 24 Jun 1841 of Knockatee Sp. Denis Tracy & Catharine Tracy. Dunmore Parish (LDS film 1279206 p.189)

Hugh Tracy b. 28 Dec 1845 of Knockatee Sp. Owen Judge & Mary Judge. Dunmore Parish

M Darcy Mavis Darcy


Hugh Tracy married Ellen Feeny/Feany 5 Mar 1834 Wit: Richard Feany & Briget Fleming. Dunmore Parish

Hugh Tracy & Mary Feeny

Mary Tracy b. 30 May 1836 of Castle [Dunmore] Sp. Richard Feeney & Winny Devine. Dunmore Parish

Brigit Tracy b. 14 Aug 1838 of Sorriltown [?] Sp. Edmund Fitzpatrick & Mary Keady. Dunmore Parish

Hugh Tracy & Ellen Finigan

Patrick Tracy b. 23 Jan 1835 Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Tracy & Brigit Hely. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracy & Pat Kelly

Patrick Kelly b. 29 Mar 1834 Sp. Maria Reilly. Dunmore Parish

Briget Kelly b. 2 Feb 1837 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Barthw Tracy & Sibina Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Mary Kelly b. 3 Jun 1845 of Knockatee Sp. Pat Collins & Ann Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Thomas Tracy & Ann Tracy

Michael Tracy b. 24 Jul 1834 Sp. Domk [Dominick] Tracy & Briget Burke. Dunmore Parish

Hugh Tracy b. 11 Jun 1837 of Carnaseer [Carrownaseer Dunmore] Sp. Thomas Tracy & Margaret Ruane. Dunmore Parish


Michael Tracy & Mary BLANK

Margaret Tracy b. 9 Feb 1835 Sp. John Tracy & Brigit Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Pat Tracy married Eleanor Byrne 26 Feb 1835 Wit: James Waldron & Brigit Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Pat Tracy & Eleanor Byrnes

Briget Tracy b. 20 Apr 1835 Sp. Stephen Slattery & Brigit Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 17 Jun 1837 of Quarter [Dunmore] Sp. Thomas Patten & Briget Byrne. Dunmore Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 11 Feb 1840 of Quarter Sp. Mat Martin & Ann Redington. Dunmore Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 28 Jul 1844 of Quarter Sp. Michael Byrne & Bridget Slattery. Dunmore Parish


Cath Tracy & William Picket

William Picket b. 6 Jun 1835 of Quarter [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Picket & Margaret Conolly. Dunmore Parish


Bernard Tracy & Mary Donely (Donelan LDS)

James b. 19 Sep 1835 Gortmagine [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. James Collins & Margt Costillon. Dunmore Parish

Bryan Tracy & Mary Donely

Ann b. 28 July 1838 Gortnagine Sp. Michael Fallon & Brigit Collins. Dunmore Parish

Bryan Tracy & Mary Donelan

Mary b. 5 Feb 1843 Gortnagguine Sp. James Tracy & Brigit Mannion. Dunmore Parish

Bryan & Mary Treacy

Owen Tracy b. 5 July 1849 Sp. Catharine Shenahan? Dunmore Parish


Bridget Tracy married Michael Beirne 10 Jan 1836 Wit: Cormack Commons & John Blake. Dunmore Parish


Malachy Tracey married Briget Tracy 11 Feb 1836 at Liskeevy [Liskeevy] by Rev. Pat Garvey. Dunmore Parish [Addergoole RC]

Malachy Tracy & Brigit Tracy

Patrick Tracy b. 5/1/1838 Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Kelly & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Sibina Tracy & Pat Costelloe

Patrick Costelloe b. 8 Jul 1836 of Flaskagh [Dunmore] Sp. Wm Costelloe & Mary Costelloe. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracy & Andrew Qualter

Sibina Qualter b. 29 Sep 1836 of Knock [Knockatee? Dunmore] Sp. Peter Cullinan & Bridget Qualter. Dunmore Parish


Dick Dowling, Galway's Hero of Confederate Texas

Dick Dowling was born in 1837, the year Texans were celebrating their first anniversary as citizens of an independent republic and Galwegians were reading the inaugural issues of The Tuam Herald. The second of nine children born to Pat and Bridget Qualter Dowling of Knock (Milltown), County Galway, Dick was baptized in the Church of St. Nicholas, Parish of Dunmore on January 14, 1837 as recorded by The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Loftus. His baptismal sponsors were Richard Dowling and Mary Qualter nee Tracy, his paternal uncle and maternal aunt by marriage.

Ann Caraway Ivins and Timothy Colllins (2005) Dick Dowling, Galway's Hero of Confederate Texas. Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society, Vol. 57 (2005), pp. 113- 138


Martin Tracy married Mary Petty 16 Dec 1836 Wit: Michl Tracy & Honor Mullally. Dunmore? [Parish].. Tuam Parish (Note: Certificate to Martin Tracy 16 Dec 1836)


Ann Tracy & John Collins

John Collins b. 4 Mar 1837 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Michael Fallon. Dunmore Parish

Catharine Collins b. 27 Jul 1839 of Knockatee Sp. James Collins & Mary Collins. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tracy married Cecily Burke 3 Apr 1837 Wit: Danl Tracy & Catt Haddican. Dunmore Parish (Note: Cert to Denis Tracy permission parochi sponsors de Kilcornan [Clarenbridge RC])


Owen Tracy & Mary Grady

James Tracy b. 10 Jul 1837 of Gortnagine [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. Pat Collins & Mary Donelan. Dunmore Parish

Owen Tracy b. 5 Aug 1842 of Gortnaine Sp. Thomas Tracy & Sibina Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracey/Treacy & John Macken

Ellen Macken b. 26 Sep 1859 Sp. Owen Tracy & Honor Byrne. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

Honor Macken b. 25? Aug 1862 Sp. Martin Murphy & Mary Mallin. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish

John Macken b. 10? Sep 1865 Sp. Thos Turner & Kate Byrne. Addergoole and Liskeevy Parish


Anne Trassy married Pat Boyle 5 Mar 1855 Wit: Michl Manion & Peggy Trassy. Dunmore Parish

Anne Tracey & Patt Boyle

Mary Boyle b. 16 Mar 1856 of ?rtnaguie [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. John Boyle & Bridt Tracy. Dunmore Parish

John Boyle b. 20 Jun 1858 of Gortnagine Sp. P. Grady & Mary Collins. Dunmore Parish


James Tracey married Bridget Boyle of Clooninkan [Cloonkeehan Kiltullagh] 12 Feb 1865 Wit: James Fleming & Mary Kenny. Kiltulla Parish * [see Dunmore Galway]

James Tracey, full [age], bachelor, labourer, lives Gortnagine [Gortnagoyne Dunmore Galway], BLANK, BLANK, married Bridget Boyle, full [age], spinster, lives Cloonuskawrn?, BLANK, BLANK, 12 February 1865 RC Chapel of Cloonfad Wit: James Fleming & Mary Kenny, their marks [Castlerea Castlerea PLU] signed their marks

Jacobus Tracey & Brigida Boyle

Elleonora Tracey b. 15/16 Nov 1877 of Gortnagyne [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. Daniel Corcoran & Elleonora Tracey. Dunmore Parish

James Tr(e)acy/Treasy & Bridget Boyle

Mary b. 29 January 1866 Dunmore (LDS)

Patrick b. 24 March 1867 (LDS)

Eugene b. 9 June 1868 Dunmore (LDS)

Bridget b. 20 September 1869 (LDS)

Anne b. 12 May 1873 (LDS)

Margaret b. 18 December 1874 Gortragoyne (LDS)

James b. 9 July 1876 (LDS)


Owen Thomas Treacy born Febuary 15, 1873, in Ireland. Died December 4, 1945 in Oakland. Son of James and Bridget Boyle Treacy, who settled in Oakland .

Garrett County Historical Society – 1953 The Glades Star: Gorman - 1928. - Page 167


Martin Boyle

The name is the same, but I doubt this will be of any help to you. A distant cousin of mine, Martin Boyle, was a farmer on the land of my ancestrel Treacy ancestors in County Galway, near the town of Dunmore. More specifically the farm was in the township of Gortnagoyne. The Boyles had come from County Roscommon to County Galway in the 19th century, where they intermarried with the Treacys, my people.

Bill Treacy Bill Treacy 5 Jun 2001


1. Owen Treacy married Mary Grady. No date or place.

1.1 Bridget b. c 1834, married Bernard Reynolds;

1.2 Mary b. before 1836, married John Mackin;

1.3 Anne b. before 1837, married Patrick Boyle;

1.4 James Joseph b May 14, 1837, Gortnagoyne, Galway, married Bridget C Boyle;

1.5 Owen bapt. 5/8/1842 Gortnagine Dunmore Parish (Spon Thomas Tracy & Sibina Tracy)

Steve Treacy, Anchorage, Alaska, got in touch a few years ago. Steve's grandfather, son of James, was James Patrick, b in Gort-na-Goyne near Dunmore. His family ended up in Garrett Co, MD. Mary thinks they're related.


[see https://treacytree.org/]


Certificate to John Tracy 12/11/1837 Dunmore Parish

John Tracy & Margaret Mannion

Mary Tracy b. 26 Sep 1838 of Tonbane [Tooreen Dunmore] Sp. Michael Tracy & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Briget Tracy b. 4 Dec 1840 of Gurteen [Gorteen Dunmore] Sp. Mary Ronan. Dunmore Parish


Thomas Tracy & Bridget Tracy

Margaret Tracy b. 12 May 1839 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Collins & Bridgit Tracy. Dunmore Parish


John Tracy married Margaret Kirrane 18 Jan 1841 Wit: Thomas Sheill & Winifred Tracy. Dunmore Parish

John Tracy & Mary Kirrane

Martin? Tracy b. 10 Nov 1843 Knockatee [Dunmore] Spon Pat Tracy & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Michael Tracy married Honor Burke 4 Feb 1841 Wit: Denis Tracy & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Michael Tracy & Honor Burke

Thomas Tracy b. 20 Mar 1842 of Toubane [Tooreen? Dunmore] Sp. Miochael Burke & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 5 Jun 1845 of Tonbane Sp. Honor Lyons. Dunmore Parish


Winifred Tracy (b. about 1820 in Knockatee) married Matthew Gavin 8 May 1841 Wit: James Maguire & Mary Fallon. Dunmore Parish

Winny/Winifred Tracy & Mathew/Mat Gavin

Patrick Gavin b. 7 Mar 1842 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Felix Tracy & Sibina Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Antony Gavin b. 25 Aug 1844 of Knockatee Sp. John Fallon & Mary Fallon. Dunmore Parish


There seem to be no records covering the others.

In the 1861 Census the family had moved to Bispham Street, Liverpool. Mathew was 40 a dealer in barrels, Win 38 seamstress, Patrick was a dock worker and lived down the street, Anthony Charles 15 (really 17), Maryanne 11, Catherine Mary 8, and Winifred 6, all born Ireland.

In 1861 Matt and Win were sharing 1 Bispham Street with 3 other families. On June 3, 1881, Win died at 67 Bevington Hill, Liverpool, of heart disease and facial neuralgia from an old facial injury, age 63. Her tombstone in Ford Catholic Cemetery reads "Winifred, Beloved Wife of Mathew Gavin, Departed This Life 3rd June 1881 Aged 65 Years, of Dunmore, Co Galway, May She Rest in Peace. This information is from Dr Anthony Carew, her descendant. Mary Keogh thinks this Win may be a sister of the Pat who married Win Carr. Tony disagreed.

M Darcy Mavis Darcy


Bartholomew Tracy married Cathi Tracy 6 Nov 1843 Wit Felix Tracy & Winny Royan. Dunmore Parish  (Note: Disp in 3º & 3º cons)

Barthy Tracy & Kati Tracy

Michael b. 8/9/1844 Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Felix Tracy & Brigit Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Batty Trasy & Catherine Trasy

Catty? [Mary crossed out] Trasy b. 4 Feb 1855 of Knockatee Sp. Pat Gilmore & Mary Gilmore. Dunmore Parish

Bartholomew Trasy & Catherine Trasy

John Trasy b. 20 April 1867 (LDS)


Delia Tracey, 21, of Newburyport, b. Co. Galway Ire, (d. of Bartholemew & Kate Tracey) [Bartholemew Tracey & Kate Tracey of Dunmore? Co. Galway] m. Daniel Manning, 25, of Newburyport, Miner, b. Co. Kerry Ire (s. of Owen & Kate Manning) 11 Jun 1878 Newburyport, Massachusetts


Mary Jane Tracy, 22, domestic, of Newburyport, b. Ireland (d. of Bartholomew Tracy & Catherine Tracy) m. Michael Coffill, 27, ship carpenter, of Newburyport, b. Bath M? (s. of John Coffill & Ann (Cartin) Coffill) 5 May 1884 Newburyport, Massachusetts


Sabina Tracy, Newburyport, 1886, Marriage, 370, 326

La...Ina [Sabina] Tracy, 20, of Newburyport, domestic, b. Co. Galway Ire (d. of Bartley & Catherine Tracy) m. John J. Keleher, 20, of Newburyport, Harnin? maker, b. Co. Cork Ire (s. of John & N...[Nora] Keleher) 23 Nov 1886 Newburyport, Massachusetts


Mary Tracy married John Jenings 5 Feb 1844 Wit: William Burke & Mary Murray. Dunmore Parish

Mary Tracy & John Jenings

Mary Jenings b. 6 Sep 1844 of Kiltulla [Kiltullagh Kilkerrin?] Sp. Margaret Tracy. Dunmore Parish [Kilkerrin RC]


Mary Tracy married Owen Wax 26 Feb 1844 Wit: Michael Lynagh & Margaret Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tracy & Margaret Mannion

Thomas Tracy b. 6 Mar 1844 Gurteen [Gorteen Dunmore] Sp. John Tracy & Mary Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Hugh Tracy married Mary Brogan 12 June 1841 Wit: James Kearney & Winifred Kearney. Dunmore Parish

Owen Tracy & Mary Brogan

Owen Tracy b. 23 Dec 1844 of Cappaghs [Cappagh Dunmore] Sp. Brigit Brogan. Dunmore Parish


Bartly Tracy & Kate Tracy

Michael Tracy b. 8 Sep 1844 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Felix Tracy & Brigit Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Patrick Tracy married Bridget Grady 22 Mar 1845 Wit: Henry Grady & Susanna Tully. Dunmore Parish [see Mavis Darcy webpage]

Pat & Bridget Treacey/Tracy

Danl Treacey b. 2 Mar 1848 Sp. Patt Wilson & Mary Treacey. Dunmore Parish (Note: certificate)

Mary Tracy b. 30 Mar 1853 of Dunmore [Dunmore] Sp. Francis? McDonagh & Mary Grady. Dunmore Parish

Winifred Tracy b. 29 Mar 1855 of Dunmore Sp. Hugh Tracy & Catherine Fallon. Dunmore Parish

Patt Tracey & Bridt Grady

Bridt Tracey b. 16 Jan 1858 of Dunmore Sp. Danl Grady & Mary Raftery. Dunmore Parish


Mary Tracy & Owen Mulkern

Catharine Mulkern b. 31 Aug 1845 of Cappagh [Dunmore] Sp. Michael Tracy & Margaret Heveran. Dunmore Parish

Bridgt Mulkeran b. 22 Dec 1855 of Cappagh Sp. Patt Tracey & Cath Kelly. Dunmore Parish


Briget Tracy married Malachy Egan 18 Feb 1846 Dunmore Parish Wit: Michael Conry & Maria Blake. Dunmore Parish


Thos Treacey married Mary Dolan 2 Mar 1848 Wit: Patt Walsh & Cathe Connell. Dunmore Parish [Note: Cathe Treacy witness to William Ousley & Catharine Riley, same date]


Gau (William?) & Bridgit Treacey

Dan Treacey b. 2/3/1848 Sp. Gau Wilson & Mary Treacey. Dunmore Parish


Martin Treacy married Sarah Slattery 16 May 1848? Wit: James Collins & Sibana Walsh. Dunmore Parish

Martin Treacey & Sibina/Serah

Mich Treacey b. 9 Sep 1848 Sp. Bridget Gellons. Dunmore Parish

John Treacey b. 12 Jan 1849 Sp. Patt & Honor Treacey. Dunmore Parish


Thos Tracy & Mary Tracy

Bridgety Tracy b. 8? May 1852 of Knock? Sp. Pat Cooncannon & Ellen Cooncannon. Dunmore Parish

Thos Tracey & Mary Concannon

Mary Tracy b. 7 Jan 1856 Sp. James & Brigd Tracy. Dunmore Parish


Pat & Catherine Tracy

Pat Tracy b. 20 Jul 1852 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Pat Tracy & Mary Riely. Dunmore Parish


Cathn Tracy married Rodger Donehoo 30 Nov 1852 Wit: P McDonnough & Mrs Mohen. Dunmore Parish


Catharine Tracy married Michl? Duffy ? Jul 1874 Wit: Michl Higgins & Catharine Finegan. Dunmore Parish

Catherine Donohoe nee Trassy, full age, widow, BLANK, lives Castle [Dunmore], (d. of Daniel Trassy, deceased, landholder) married Michael Duffy, full age, widower, labourer, lives Dunmore [Dunmore], (s. of James Duffy, deceased, landholder) 29 July 1874 RC Chapel Dunmore Wit: Michl Higgins & Catherine Finigan [Dunmore Tuam PLU] signed their marks


Pat Trassy married Honl Dishean 25 Feb 1853 Wit: Hugh Trassy & Mary Royan. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tressy married Mary Breheny 27 Feb 1854 Wit: John Trasy & Mary Corcoran. Dunmore Parish

Denis Tracy & Mary Breheny

John Tracy b. 11 Feb 1857 Sp. Mich Breheny & Brid Tracy. Dunmore Parish

Brid Tracy b. 24/12/1859? Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp. Wm Breheny & Bridgt Kelly. Dunmore Parish

Denis & Mary Tracy

Catharine Tracy b. 14? Jan? 1855 of Knockatee Sp. John Greeny? & Mary Corcornan?. Dunmore Parish


Honor Trassy married Michl Ward 17 Jul 1854 Wit: Thos Ward & Margt Conor. Dunmore Parish


Anne Trassy married Pat Boyle 5 Mar 1855 Wit: Michl Manion & Peggy Trassy. Dunmore Parish  [see Owen Tracy above]

Anne Tracey & Patt Boyle

Mary Boyle b. 16 Mar 1856 of ?rtnaguie [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. John Boyle & Bridt Tracy. Dunmore Parish

John Boyle b. 20 Jun 1858 of Gortnagine Sp. P. Grady & Mary Collins. Dunmore Parish


Bridget Tracy & Michl Joyce

Honor Joyce b. 7 Jul 1855 of Banballynore? [Shanballymore Addergoole] Sp. Pat Ractlan? & Catherine Mullarky. Dunmore Parish


Hugh Tracy & Mary Whelps

Honor Tracy b. 27 Nov 1856 Shrule [Dunmore] Sp. Michl & Mary Lyons. Dunmore Parish


John Trassy married Mary Cloonan 19 Feb 1857 Wit: Neill? Healy & Biddy Cloonan. Dunmore Parish

Joannes Tracey & Maria Cloonan

Catharina Tracey b. 20/25 Sep 1879 of Knock [Knockatee? Dunmore] Sp. Joannes Brennan & Maria Tracey. Dunmore Parish

John Treacy/Treasy & Mary Cloonan

Mary b. 28 March 1864 Dunmore (LDS)

Bridget b. 18 November 1865 Dunmore (LDS)

Thomas b. 18 February 1868 (LDS)

Kate b. 25 September 1879 (LDS)

John Tracy, farmer, & Mary Cloonan

Mary Tracy b. 28 Mar 1864 of Knock. John Tracy, father, Knock, his mark [Dunmore Tuam PLU]


Martin Tracey married Ellen Connelly 30 Jan 1858 Wit: Michl Nolan & Brid Connelly. Dunmore Parish


Jas Tressy married Margt Heden 7 Nov 1858 Wit: John Gilmore & Maria Martin. Dunmore Parish


Timothy Tracy & Eleanor Connelly

Catherine Tracy b. 16 Dec 1858 of Killnalap [Kilnalappa Dunmore] Sp. Patt Tracy & Bridget Fallon. Dunmore Parish


James Tracy/Treacy & Mary Glynn

Thomas Tracy b. 30 Dec 1858 of Knockatee [Dunmore] Sp Jno Collins & Margaret Tracy Dunmore Parish

Catherine b. 1 June 1868 (LDS)

Patrick b. 23 February 1871 (LDS)


Hugh Trassy & Cathne Fallen

James Trassy b. 31 Jul 1859 Sp. John & Brigt Fallon. Dunmore Parish


Pat Tracy married Bridgt Connelly of Belwell [Tobernaclug Dunmore] 10 Feb 1861 Wit: Michl Collins & Mary Raftery. Dunmore Parish

Patritius Tracy & Brigida Connelly

Catharine Tracy b. 26 Nov/12 Dec 1878 of Belcoell Sp. Michael Tracey & Mary? Mullansey. Dunmore Parish

Patrick Trassy/Treacy/Treasy & Bridget Con(n)elly

Mary Trassy b. 1st July 1864 Dunmore, Galway (LDS)

Bridget b. 14 May 1866 Dunmore (LDS)

Margaret b. 6 August 1872 (LDS)

John b. 6 August 1872 (LDS)

Martin Treacy b. 12th October 1874, Belwell, Galway (LDS)

Patrick Trassy, labourer, & Bridget Connelly

Mary Trassy b. 1 Jul 1864 of Belwell [Tobernaclug or Belwell Dunmore]. Patrick Trassy, father, Belwell, his mark [Dunmore Glenamaddy PLU] [duplicate]

Mary Trasy. labourer, & Bridget Connelly

Mary Trasy b. 1 July 1864 of Bellwell [Tobernaclug or Belwell Dunmore]. Patt Trassy, his mark [Dunmore Glenamaddy PLU] [duplicate]

Patrick Treasy, farmer of Bellwell, & Bridget Connely

Bridget Treasy b. 14 May 1866 Bellwell parish of Dunmore. Patrick Treasy, father, Bellwell [PLU Dunmore Glenamaddy Galway]


Patrick Tracy married Catharine Grady of Camasur [Carrownaseer Dunmore] 21 Feb 1861 Wit: Denis? Tracy &  Bridget Connely?. Dunmore Parish

Patrick Treacey & Catherine Grady

Thomas b. 25 July 1865 Dunmore (LDS)


Margt Trassy married John Guilmore 20 Mar 1861 Wit: Thos & Brigt Collins?. Dunmore Parish


Bridget Tracy married Martin Baker of Knocatie [Knockatee Dunmore] 26 Mar 1865 Wit: Pat Cunniff & Catherine Tracy. Dunmore Parish


[Note: Not found in civil registration. A Martin Baker married Sabina Slattery 14 Mar 1869 Dunmore PLU]


Mary Tracy married Patt Commons 9 Jan 1866 Wit: Antony Burke & Bt Heely?. Dunmore Parish

Mary Tracy, full age, spinster, " [labourer], lives Dunmore [Dunmore] (d. of Michael Tracy, labourer) married Patrick Commons, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Ballagh [Dunmore]], (s. of Cormac Commons, labourer) 9 February 1866 RC Chapel of Dunmore Wit: Anthony Burke & Bridget Grady, their marks [Dunmore Tuam PLU] signed their marks


Mary Treacy married Pat Henehan? 22 Jan 1866 Wit: John Boroll? & Catherine Rergan? Dunmore Parish


James Tracey married Honor Eagan of Cashel 1 Nov 1867 Wit: Patk Henaghan & Ellen Eagan. Kiltulla Parish

James Tracey, full age, widower, shoemaker, lives Dunmore [Galway?], (s. of Bernard Tracey, deceased, landholder) married Honor Eagan, Do [full age], spinster, lives Cashel [Kiltullagh], (d. of James Eagan, weaver) 1 November 1867 RC Chapel Grantahan Wit: Patt Henaghan & Ellen Eagan, their marks [Castlerea Castlerea PLU Roscommon] signed her mark


Catherine Treasy married John Scarry 30 Jan 1868 Wit: Hugh Treasy & Mary? Treasy. Dunmore Parish


Denis Tracey married Margaret Mannion ? Feb 1871 Wit: Daniel Tracey & Bridget Mullarkey?. Dunmore Parish [see Donald John Treacy]

Denis Treacy, full age, bachelor, landholder, lives Minlenah [Meenleana Dunmore], (s. of Hugh Treacy, landholder) married Margaret Mannion, full age, spinster, lives Gortnalea [Dunmore], (d. of Patrick Mannion, landholder) 20 February 1871 RC Chapel Dunmore Wit: Danial Treacy & Bridget Mullarkey [Dunmore Tuam PLU]

Dyonisius/Dionysius Tracey/Treacy & Margarita Mannion

Michael Tracey b. 19/23 Jan 1879 of Minleena Sp. Joannis Retington & Maria Mannion. Dunmore Parish

Thomas Treacy b. 18/30 Dec 1880 of Maileena Sp. Matthias Kilgarriff & Bridgida Mannion. Dunmore Parish

Denis Trassy/Treacy & Margret/Margaret Manion/Mannion

Hugh b. 6 August 1872 (LDS)

Patrick Trassy b. 5th March 1874 Galway (LDS)

Ellen b. 20 August 1875 (LDS)

Mary b. 11 June 1877 (LDS)

Michael b. 1 May 1879 Minlcana (LDS)


From Menlena, Dunmore area of Co. Galway. I have Dennis Treacy born 1830's and died 1919. I am looking for His father. He was a farmer married to Margaret Mannion b.? and died 1936.

Chris Treacy chrisdeb@umd5.umd.edu


D Am [Daniel?] Trasy married Ellanor? Trasy 31 Mar 1873 Wit: Wm Ryan & Bridlie? Trassy. Dunmore Parish [see Mavis Darcy webpage] and [see Donald John Treacy]

Daniel Treacy, full age, bachelor, bootmaker, lives Dunmore [Dunmore], (s. of Patk Treacy, bootmaker) married Ellen Treacy, full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Minlenagh [Meenleana Dunmore], (d. of Hugh Treacy, landholder) 31 March 1873 RC Chapel Dunmore Wit: Delia Treacy & William Ryan [Dunmore Tuam PLU] [see Mavis Darcy webpage]

Daniel Treacy & Ellenor Treacy

Mary b. 23 March 1874 (LDS)


Catharine Tracy married Michl? Duffy ? Jul 1874 Wit: Michl Higgins & Catharine Finegan. Dunmore Parish [see above]

Catherine Donohoe nee Trassy, full age, widow, BLANK, lives Castle [Dunmore], (d. of Daniel Trassy, deceased, landholder) married Michael Duffy, full age, widower, labourer, lives Dunmore [Dunmore], (s. of James Duffy, deceased, landholder) 29 July 1874 RC Chapel Dunmore Wit: Michl Higgins & Catherine Finigan [Dunmore Tuam PLU] signed their marks [see above]


Tom Treacy married Ellen Gleeson 7 Mar 1875 Wit: Pk Hart? & Biddy Coner. Dunmore Parish


Winnefred Tracy b. 20 April 1855, married Joannem (John) Finnegan Nov 9, 1875 at St Mary Catholic, Plainfield, Union, New Jersey (LDS). Two children, John, died without issue, and Mame Finnegan Reilly (born April 21, 1877 and died May 13, 1956), whose daughter was Sr. Winifred Mary Finnegan/Reilly.


Jacobus Tracey & Brigida Boyle [see Owen Tracy above]

Elleonora Tracey b. 15/16 Nov 1877 of Gortnagyne [Gortnagoyne Dunmore] Sp. Daniel Corcoran & Elleonora Tracey. Dunmore Parish

James Tr(e)acy/Treasy & Bridget Boyle

Mary b. 29 January 1866 Dunmore (LDS)

Patrick b. 24 March 1867 (LDS)

Eugene b. 9 June 1868 Dunmore (LDS)

Bridget b. 20 September 1869 (LDS)

Anne b. 12 May 1873 (LDS)

Margaret b. 18 December 1874 Gortragoyne (LDS)

James b. 9 July 1876 (LDS)