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 It may be presumed that the Traceys of Galway are descended from the Sil Anmchadha









James Tracy married Catherine Welby 5 Jun 1853 Wit: Batty Kenny & Ann Welby. Moycullen Parish [RIC? see Oughterard & Mayo]



 Omey (& Clifden)


William Tracy & Bridget

Mark Tracy b. 26 Sep 1858 Sp. James Coney? & Cath Hollnan?. Omey Parish


Darby Treacey (married, s. of John Treacy) m. Bridget King (married, d. of William King) 11 May 1858 Omey, Gal, Ireland (LDS SR)

Michael? Trasy? married Bridget King? 26 Dec 1860 Wit: Pat Kanfahan? & Ellen Joyce. Omey Parish

Mich/Michael Tracy/Treacy & Biddy/Bridget King

Ellen Tracy b. 6 Dec 1861 Sp. Tom King & Peggy Vaughan?. Omey Parish

Mary Treacy b. 11 Feb 1865 Sp. Thomas King & Bridget Ward. Omey Parish [duplicate]

Michael Tr(e)acy & Bridget/Biddy King

Mary b. 20 February 1865 Clifden (LDS)

John b. 1 June 1867 (LDS)


John Tracy married Mary Beman 16 Mar 1874 Wit: Michl Joyce & Bridget Joyce. Omey Parish (Note: Clifden [Omey] settled 9th April 74 R? Hyden)

John Tracey & Mary Bowman

Festus Tracey b. 12/1/1878 bapt. 27/1/1878 Dumbarton, St Patrick's Scotland [died Jan-Mar 1879 Clifden Galway Ireland?]


As the vast majority of the Treacys of Galway come from east Galway, it may be assumed that the registrations in the PLU of Clifden are for the one family.


State Registrations Marriages:

Darby Treacy, Clifden, 1858 3 559

John Tracy, Clifden, 1874 4 188

Anne Tracey, Clifden, 1st Quarter 1893 4 119


State Registrations Births:

Tracy, (female), Clifden, Galway. 1864 9 202

Treacy, Mary, Clifden, Galway. 1865 4 211

Tracy, John, Clifden, Galway. 1867 9 211

Tracey, Patrick, Clifden, 1875 4 198


State Registrations Deaths:

Female Tracy Clifden, Galway, 1864 age (at death): 0

John Tracy Clifden, Galway, 1873 age (at death): 50

Festus Tracey, Clifden, Galway, Jan - Mar 1879, age (at death): 1[?]

Bridget Tracey, Clifden, Galway, Oct - Dec 1896 age (at death): 55

Mary Tracey, Clifden, Galway, Apr - Jun 1909 age (at death): 85

John Tracey Clifden, Galway, Jan - Mar 1915 age (at death): 60

Michael Tracey, Clifden, Galway, Apr - Jun 1917 age (at death): 88

John Tracey Clifden, Galway, Jul - Sep 1939 age (at death): 71

Bridget Treacy Clifden, Galway, Jan - Mar 1940 age (at death): 68



301 [28 on map] Festus Tracey, Widow Tracey and Thomas Tracey represenatives of Thos Murray, Russadelisk [Rossadillisk Omey Galway], £5.0.9 rent, yearly tenant, 1820's?


30 August 1873 (TH) Clifden Petty Sessions

Captain Thompson of Sandrock[?] v. ??? of Kingstown for stealing fruit from his garden. P Tracy sworn...strawberries...


12 January 1878 (N) Clifden Meeting

...undersigned people of Connemara...Singed on behalf of the people...Michael Tracy...


20 February 1897 (TH)

Denis Tracy Lyons, a short man, with a long head and large heart and a magnetic intellectuality distinctively Irish, was born in a bad year, '47, which perhaps accounts for his being so good a fellow. Clifden...was his birthplace...teacher in London…infant education Queensland in 1876 - The Australian, of Brisbane of December 19th


1901 Census

Kate Treacey, 60, F, 13 Market Street, Clifden, Galway, General Servant Girl Domestic, Roman Catholic, Servant, Widow, Co Galway


Michael Treacy, 65, M, 1 Beagheauneen, Derrylea, Galway, Farmer, R Catholic, Head of Family, Widower, Co Galway

John Treacy, 30, M, Beagheauneen, Derrylea, Galway, Farmer's Son, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Galway


Myles Treacy, 34, M, Roundstone, Roundstone, Galway, Fishery Instructor, Roman Catholic, Boarder, Married, Co Wicklow


'Haverford', Queenstown to Phila 25 Sep 1910

John F Tracey, 55, b. 1855 Clifden Ireland, married, USC, lived Clifden Ireland, brother Michael Clifden Co Galway, lived US 1906, to home 213 Ribecca St N Braddock Pa


1911 Census

Michael Tracey, 80, M, 1 Beoghcauneen, Derrylea, Galway (head, farmer, widower, 4 children/2 alive)

John Tracey, 40, M, Beoghcauneen, Derrylea, Galway (son)

Bridget Tracey, 35, F, Beoghcauneen, Derrylea, Galway (daughter-in-law, married 5 years, 2 children)

Mary Tracey, 5, F, Beoghcauneen, Derrylea, Galway

Ellen Tracey, 2, F, Beoghcauneen, Derrylea, Galway





Jas Tracy & Cath Welby

Robt Patk Tracy b. 5 Mar 1862 Sp. Thos Ralph & Mary Tracy. Oughterard Parish





See also Galway City






Bridget Treasy & George Beauman

Mary Beauman b. 28 Mar 1821 of Folan's Lane [?] Sp. Pat Creahan & Catha Coneeley. Rahoon Parish


Jno Treasy & Agnes Fallon

Margt Treasy b. 2 Nov 1821 of Villa [Aille Rahoon] Sp. Michl Fallon & Bridgt Joyce. Rahoon Parish


Path Tracy/Treacy & Mary Clasby/Crosby

Winny Tracy b. 5 Aug 1827 of Mills street [Rahoon] Sp. Michl Jennings & Sabina Cambel. Rahoon Parish

Path Treacy b. 7 Jan 1830 of Mill Street Sp. Stephen Jennings & Judy Do [Jennings]. Rahoon Parish


James Tracy & Bridgt Kelly

Michl Tracy b. 19 Feb 1834 of Knockanawady [Knockanavoddy Rahoon] Sp. Laurence Kelly & Mary Kelly. Rahoon Parish


Patt Tracie/Tracy & Cathe Keely

Stephen Tracie b. 24 Dec 1834 of Parkavera [Rahoon] Sp. John Jennings & Mary Hynes?. Rahoon Parish

Honor [Thomas?]  Tracy b. 12 Mar 1837 of Mayors Park [?] Sp. Michl Glynn & Ann Geary. Rahoon Parish

James Tracy b. 11 Jun 1838 of Parkavera Sp. Thos Tracy & Honor Keely. Rahoon Parish

Patt Tracie/Tracy & Cathe Keary

Bridgt Tracy b. 23 Oct 1841 of William St Sp. John Gilrea? & Cathe Hynes. Rahoon Parish


John Tracy & Mary Lahdell?/Lopdel

Patt Tracy b. 5 Jun 1835 of Parkavera [Rahoon] Sp. Michl Connor & Mary Tracy. Rahoon Parish

Elizabeth Tracy b. 16 Jul 1837 of New Road [New Road West Rahoon] Sp. Thos Little & Bridgt Noone. Rahoon Parish


Patt Tracy & Bridgt Walsh

Bridgt Tracy b. 11 Nov 1839 of Upper Bohanand  Sp. Matha Flynn & Cathe Tracy. Rahoon Parish

Mary Tracy b. 7 Jan 1842 of Upper Boherard [S. W. of Rahoon townland, close to the road - O'Donovan's Field Name Books] Sp. Michl Walsh & Cathe Garey. Rahoon Parish

Cathe Tracy b. 6 Nov 1843 of Boherard Sp. Michl Grogan & Mary Treharn?. Rahoon Parish

Patt Tracy b. 28 Dec 1844 of Upper Boherard Sp. Petert Walsh & Ann Geary. Rahoon Parish


Sarah Tracy & John Walsh

Edward Walsh b. 17 Nov 1841 of Parkavera [Rahoon] Sp. Thos Mullins & Mary McAnly. Rahoon Parish

Mary Ann Walsh b. 18 Aug 1847 of Parkavera? Sp. Joseph Buggs & Honor Killeen. Rahoon Parish


Mary Tracy & James Conneely

Mary Conneely b. 18 Jan 1869 of New Road [New Road West Rahoon] Sp. Owen Conneely & Mary Toal. Rahoon Parish


Mary Tracey & John Holland

Mary Bridgt Holland b. 3 Feb 1875 of Salt Hill [S. of the parish and Leanaboy townland nearly a mile from Galway - O'Donovan's Field Name Books] Sp. Tom Buckely & Kate Conway. Rahoon Parish





Registers of Seamen's Services ADM 139/584

Patrick Tracy, b. 15 March 1845 Spindle, County Galway

Date of Volunteering: 30 May 1861 Continuous Service Number: 18367A


Martin Tracey, Piobair Uilleann/Uilleann Piper

Ballydonnellan, Spiddal , Co. Galway.

Treoir (Iris Oifigiuil Chommhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann) Márta/Aibeáin 1969


A centenary history of the beautiful church Cill Einde in Spiddal.

Eibhlin Threasaigh an tSuír

Martín Ó Treasaigh

cill einde - cead bliain By Eoin O Droighneain.Comhl. Forbartha an Spidéil, 2007



FOCUS ON FACES Orla Ni Threasaigh

Up to two weeks before she filled in her CAO form last year, primary teaching was the top choice for Orla Ni Threasaigh.

She had made her decision at the start of second-level and stuck with it, even though she admits to having "hated it" during a week's work experience in fourth year.

"I was still thinking that maybe it wouldn't be that bad and I would feel differently in a few years," says Orla, whose about-turn came after a visit to the school from a lecturer from NUI Galway's Irish-language BA in Chumarsaid (Communications).

The 17-year-old native Irish speaker from Spiddal was immediately hooked. "The fact that this course was more practical than learning from books, more hands-on," really appealed to Orla, who always loved acting.

The course covers journalism, working in radio and television, and law. According to Orla, "It is brilliant. At first I thought I would prefer the television side, but now I am really into radio."

The course, only in its second year, is taught at NUI Galway's centre in Carraroe, Co Galway, close to Orla's home and not really what she had in mind when considering her college options.

Her initial reaction to the course was "I'm not going back to Carraroe" but, while the visit from the NUI Galway lecturer swung her decision, Orla's teachers, career guidance counsellor and mother also played a role.

They sought to persuade her to pick a course closer to home, as she had only turned 17 shortly before her Leaving Certificate.

"They also knew I loved Irish and my career guidance teacher mentioned the course in Carraroe." Orla couldn't be happier about her future prospects. "A career in talking. Fantastic," she says.

One year on, her advice to those filling in the CAO form is to consider all options up to the end.

Sunday Independant January 06 2008





Traceys of Galway – Page 1

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