Dr. Samuel Gately Tracy M.D. (1867-1942) of New York, experimental physician




January 15, 1911  New York tribune.

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1897 Passport


Dr. Samuel Gately Tracy, M.D.


Dr. Samuel Gately Tracy was born in 1867 in New York City, the son of William Tracey and Catherine McCabe.


He attended Hamilton College New York and graduated from Bellevue Medical College in 1890. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Hamilton in 1894 in consideration of the scientific work done by him since he left that college.


He is best remembered for his work on electricity and radium. He was a frequent contributor to newspapers on various topics concerning public health.


He died in 1942 in Manhattan New York aged 71 years.



Professional Qualifications:
1889 B. S., Hamilton College N.Y.

1890 Education: M.D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1890, New York, NY

Professional Activities:
1897 International Medical Congress, Delegate, Moscow, Russia,

1890-1892 Bellevue Hospital Medical College, Assistant Chairman of Diseases of Children, New York, NY,
1890-1892 Bloomingdale Clinic, President and Attending Physician, New York, NY
1895 Postgraduate Medical School, Electro-Therapeutist, New York, NY

1900 Medical director of the American Institute of Electro Therapeutics (incorporated)
1904 Vanderbilt Clinic, Assistant Neurologist, New York, NY
1905 Skin and Cancer Hospital, Expert in Radium Research, New York, NY

1910 Health and Longevity Club, founder, secretary and treasurer.



Samuel G. Tracy, BSC, MD, (1908) “High Frequency Electricity to Retard Old Age: Influence of High Frequency Currents in retarding senility, with remarks on a new apparatus. The Naturopath and Herald of Health, 9(7), 210-211.

Thorium : A Radio-Active Substance With Therapeutical Possibilities. By Dr. Samuel, G. Tracy. Scientific American Supplement 1470.

Radium In Medicine. By Dr. Samuel, G. Tracy. Scientific American Supplement 1455. A Resume Of Recent Special Studies Of Radium And Radio-Activity. Scientific American Supplements 1468 And 1471.



29 Nov 1890 Utica Morning Herald (NY) [very bad copy]

An Emerson Society Reunion.

The alumni of the Emerson literary society of Hamilton college living in New York city, have issued a program for their first annual reunion, to be held this evening at the hospitable home of Dr. Samuel G. Tracy. M. D. No. 25, West 55th street....


June 5 1894 The Sun (NY)

Frightened into making a hasty arrest

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy of 25 West Fifty-fifth street, went to Patrolman Holmes of the East Fifty-first street police station, who was on duty at the upper end of Sixth avenue on Sunday, and to told him that liquor was being sold at Brodie's Cafe. Sixth avenue and Fifty-eighth street. The policeman, accompanied Dr. Tracy to the place. The bartender was behind the bar. and there was a man sitting at one of the tables. Holmes arrested the bartender...


1894 The Hamilton Review

Hamilton will confer the degree of B.S. on Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, of New York city, at the Commencement time. Dr. Tracy entered college with the class of '89, but remained only two years with his class. After leaving college he entered Bellevue Medical College, from which he graduated in 1890, The degree will be granted in consideration of the scientific work done by him since he left college


Dec 16 1900 The Sunday Telegraph (NY) [see file]

Modern Methods Make Miracles...Hot Medicated Oxygen...Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, medical director of the American Institute of Electro Therapeutics (incorporated), of 43 West Thirty-fourth street...


20 Feb 1901 Corning Journal

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, of No. 43 West Thirty-fourth street, New York city, has perfected an apparatus which promises to be very beneficial to those afflicted with defective hearing. It is a device for magnifying sound and by means of it ordinary conversation is made audible to those whose ears are deaf even to shouting, so it is said.


Aug 25 1901 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Arverne...Avery Inn...Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, Miss R. B. Tracy...


Feb 14 1904 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

A lecture on radium. Dr Samuel G. Tracy...


Mar 23 1905 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [see file]

Hope for Epileptics by X-Ray Treatment


July 2, 1905 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Allenhurst NJ...among the late New York arrivals at the Curlew [hotel] are...Dr. Samuel G. Tracy...


January 25, 1908 Spirit of the Age (Woodstock, Vermont)

Here are three suggestive rules laid down by Dr. Samuel G. Tracy:

1. Keep mouth, teeth, tonsils and nose clean.

2. Keep vital resistance of the body up to the standard.

3. Breathe plenty of fresh air, both in the house and out of it, but protect the body from cold and draughts by proper clothing. It Is necessary to keep the mouth, nose, tonsils, etc, clean, because the mucous membrane of these parts, especially the tonsils, ls not infrequently the port of entry of the germs of several, infectious diseases, as influenza, pneumonia and acute rheumatism. The little depressions in the tonsils are a favourite place for these germs to lodge; when the tonsils are, Inflamed and the vlial resistance of the body lowered from any cause,


Oct 28 1909 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [see file]

"Danger in Barber Shops"

Samuel G. Tracy, 240 West One Hundred and Second street, Manhattan


1910 The Hamilton Record

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy. ela. 240 West 109d street, New York.


January 15, 1911  New York tribune.

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy.

The normal age of a man ought to be 125 years instead of the palmists three score and ten. This is the belief of Dr. Tracy. organiser of the Health and Longevity Club. "I believe," he said recently. "that a man should live five times his age after reaching maturity, which is generally twenty-five, and which would make man's allotted time on earth 125 Instead of the Biblical threescore and ten. Centenarians should be the rule instead of the exception, in fact, a man should not begin to age until he is eighty, and at one hundred he should be in possession of the vitality and faculties of the average man of fifty to-day." In order to attain to longevity in America Dr. Tracy says: "We must cultivate our digestion and our dispositions. We must learn to be cheerful and placid and mild." He thinks the American has a better chance to attain to longevity, because the "climatic conditions are generally favorable, and, what is more important, the stock is not worn out."  


Jan 18 1911 New York Herald

A meeting of the Health and Longevity Club was held at the Waldorf-Astoria last Thursday evening...The musical programme was as follows...the founder, Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, on methods of retarding old age...and Dr. Samuel G, Tracy, secretary and treasurer.


Nov 5, 1911 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [see file]

Diathermy's Many Uses Described By Physician

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy tells of wonders of new electrical treatment.


Feb 1, 1914 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [see file]

Says Radium Water Has Medical Value

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy describes curative effects of the solution


Mar 14 1916 New York Herald

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, of No. 240-West 102d street, who passed the autumn and Winter on the Pacific coast, has returned to New York.


6 Nov 1916 The Daily Argus (NY)

Happenings in North Pelham...Real estate

Cleland Martha M to Samuel G Tracy, 240 W 102d st N.Y. Ovt 16; 24, '16...$1


1918 New York Medical Journal

Personal.— Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, of New York, has been placed in charge of the physiotherapeutic department of the Hotel Chamberlin, Fortress Monroe, Va.


Jan 23, 1921 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Tampa, Fla...recent arrivals...Dr. Samuel G. Tracy...









Malachi Tracy

William Tracey (1830-1895) & Catherine McCabe (1835-1897)

Martha Marcella Tracy (1857–1941) married Thomas Julian Cleland 6 Jan 1914

Rev William H. Tracy (1858–1895) married Mary Ella Bower Feb 1884

            William Bower Mitchell Tracy (1887–1945)

            Harold F. Tracy (1893–1894)

M. Ella Tracy (1860–1890)

Rebecca E. B. Tracy (1863–1920)

Eunice Louisa Tracy (1865–1870)

Samuel Gately Tracy (1867–1942)

David C. Tracy (1868–1870)

Franklin Tracy (1873–1889)

Carrie H. Tracy (1875–1944)

Kate Tracy (1876–1876)


William Tracy & Cathr. Tracy

William Tracy b.  6 Dec 1858 Manhattan New York


1860 Census - 1423 1st Division 22nd Ward New York City, New York

William Tracey            Male    30        New York, marble cutter

Catherin Tracey           Female 24        Ireland

Martha Tracey Female 3          New York

William H Tracey        Male    1          New York

Mary Marram              Female 17        Ireland, domestic


1870 Census - 113 19 Dis 20 Ward New York [6 July 1870] [double entry]

Wm Tracy                   Male    38        Ireland, marble cutter

Kate Tracy, Mrs          Female 34        Ireland, dress maker

Martha Tracy               Female 12        New York

Willie Tracy                 Male    10        New York

Ella Tracy                    Female 9          New York

Rebecca Tracy Female 7          New York

Samuel Tracy              Male    2          New York

Mary Lynch                Female 20        Ireland, servant

1870 Census – 109 West 33 Street, 17 Dis 20 Ward New York [3rd Jan 1871?]

William Tracy    Male    38        Ireland, marble cutter

Kate Tracy                     Female 34        Ireland, dress maker

Martha Tracy                 Female 13        New York

William Tracy    Male    12        New York

Ellen Tracy                    Female 10/9     New York

Rebecca Tracy   Female 7          New York

Samuel Tracy                 Male    3          New York


1880 Census - 102 West 52nd Street, New York, New York

William Tracy  Self      Male    54        Ireland, marble cutter

Cathrine Tracy            Wife    Female 47        Ireland

Martha Tracy   Daughter         Female 22        New York, United States, dress maker

Wm H Tracy   Son      Male    20        New York, United States, student [see below]

Ella Tracy        Daughter         Female 19        New York, United States, dress maker

Rebbeca Tracy            Daughter         Female 17        New York, United States, dress maker

Samuel Tracy  Son      Male    13        New York, United States

Frank Tracy     Son      Male    7          New York, United States

Carrie Tracy    Daughter         Female 5          New York, United States

Mary Kane      servant Female 35        Ireland


1884-1885 New York City Directory

Tracy William, cutter, h 102 W. 52d


Mary Elinor Tracy died 2 Jan 1890 Manhattan New York, Age 28, Single, b. 1862 New York, (d. of William Tracy b. Ireland & Catherine Tracy b. Ireland), buried  4 Jan 1890 Woodlawn


Catherine Tracy died 27 Jan 1897 Manhattan New York, Age 62, Widowed, Lady, b. 1835 Ireland, (d. of T. Mc Cabe b. Ireland & Mary Mc Cabe b. Ireland), buried 29 Jan 1897 Woodlawn New York


28 Jan 1897 New York Daily Tribune

Mrs. Catherine Tracy.

Mrs. Catherine Tracy, widow of William Tracy, died yesterday at the Home of her son, Dr. Samuel G. Tracy. No.25 West Fifty-fifth-st. She was born in 1834, and lived for the greater part of her life In this city. She was interested in many works of charity, and was a member of the Advisory Board of the Bethany Day Nursery. The late Rev. William H Tracy, of the Third Reformed Church, of Philadelphia, was her son. She leaves three daughters and one son, Dr. Samuel G. Tracy. The funeral will take place at her house at 12:30p.m. to-morrow. The Rev. Dr. Kittredge, of the Madison Avenue Reformed Church, will officiate, assisted by the Rev. c. S, Harrower, of St. Luke's Methodist Episcopal Church


18 & 19 June 1897 Passport Applications

Martha M Tracy born 2 June 1857 New York City, father naturalized citizen, 40 years,  5'1.5", high forehead, brown eyes, small nose, small mouth, round chin, black hair, medium dark complexion, small face

Samuel G Tracy born 6 Sep 1867 New York City, father naturalized citizen, physician, 30 years,  5'7.5", high forehead, hazel green eyes, aquiline nose, medium mouth, medium chin, brown hair, medium dark complexion, medium long face

Rebecca E.B. Tracy born 22 Feb 1863 New York City, father naturalized citizen, 34 years, 5'5.5", medium forehead, light brown eyes, small nose, medium mouth, medium chin, brown hair, medium dark complexion, round face

Carrie H Tracy born 17 Sep 1875 New York City, father naturalized citizen, 22 years, 5'8", high forehead, brown eyes, medium nose, medium mouth, prominent & round chin, brown (dark) hair, dark complexion, long and oval face


S. R. Stoddard (1897) The Midnight Sun: Being the Story of the Cruise of the Ohio Among the North British Islands, To Iceland And The North Cape J Through The Fjords Of Norway And To Baltic Ports. Glens Falls, N. Y

81 Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, New York.

82 Miss M. M. Tracy, New York.

83 Miss R. E. B. Tracy, New York.

84 Miss C. H. Tracy, New York.

Thanks are due to Miss Kelsey, Miss Tracy, Dr. J, N, Bishop and Mr, F, G-, Jewett, fellow voyagers, and Mr, F, Mnrray Jordan ?f FhiladBlphia, for photographs loaned for reproduction,


1900 Census - family 483 West 102 Street Manhattan, Election District 29 New York City Ward 21, New York County, New York

Samuel Tracy  Head   Male    33, born Sept 1867 New York, parents born Ireland, doctor

Martha Tracy   Sister   Female 44        born June? 1856 New York, parents born Ireland

Rebecca Tracy Sister   Female 33        born Feb 1867 New York

Carrie Tracy    Sister   Female 24        born Sept 1875 New York

Jessie Mcbride Servant            Female 40        born Apr 1860 England, parents born Scotland, emigrated 1889, maid


1910 Census - 241 New Assembky District 19, Manhatten NY

Samuel G Tracey         Head   Male    42        New York, physician specialist

Martha M Tracey        Sister   Female 52        New York

Rebecca E B Tracey    Sister   Female 47        New York

Carrie Tracey   Sister   Female 32        New York

Jessie Mcbride Servant            Female 50        England, servant private family


Martha Marcella Tracy, 50, single, b. 1864 New York (d. of William I. Tracy & Catherine Mccabe) married Thomas Julian Cleland, 45, single, b. 1869 Council Bluffs, Ia. (s. of Thomas H. Cleland & Lou Mitchell) 6 Jan 1914 Manhattan, New York


Rebecca E. B. Tracy died 13 Sep 1920 240 W. 10th Manhattan New York, Age 46, Single, b. 22 Feb 1864 United States (d. of William Tracy b. Ireland & Catherine Mccabe b. Ireland) buried 15 Sep 1920 Woodlawn Cemetery New York


15 Sep 1920 The Sun and New York herald

Tracy - Rebecca E. B. beloved sister of Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, Carrie H. Tracy and Mrs T. J. Clealand on September 13. Funeral services at her late residence, 240 West 102d st., on Wednesday Sepember 16 at 2:30 P.M. Internment Woodlawn Cemetery.


1940 Census - 240 West 102nd Street, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Samuel G Tracy          Head   Male    72        New York, medical doctor physitherapy

Martha Cleland           Sister   Female 82        New York, widow

Carrie H Tracy            Sister   Female 64        New York

Eudora Seymour         Maid    Female 74        Pennsylvania, widow, lived West Drange Essex, New Jersey, housekeeper private residence

Christine Milner          Maid    Female 55        Northern Ireland, lived Astoria New York, practical nurse residence


Martha M. Cleland died 4 Feb 1941 Manhattan New York, age 83, b. 1858 (d. of William Tracy & Catherine McCabe) Spouse Dr. Thomas Julian Cleland


4 Feb 1841 The New York Sun

Mrs. Thomas J. Cleland.

Mrs. Martha M. Tracy Cleland, wife of the late Dr. Thomas J. Cleland, died today at her residence, 240 West 102d street, at the age of 83.

Mrs. Cleland, who had been a visitor to Tampa, Fla, for the past twenty-five years, is survived by a brother, Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, and a sister, Carrie H. Tracy. Funeral services will be held at the home at 2 P.M. Friday.


Samuel Gately Tracy died 7 Dec 1942 240 W 102 St. Manhattan New York, Age 75, Single, Physician, b. 6 Sep 1867 New York City (s. of William Tracy b. New York City & Catherine A Mccabe b. Ireland) buried 9 Dec 1942 Woodlawn Cem.


December 8, 1942 The New York Sun

Dr. Samuel G. Tracy.

A funeral service for Dr. Samuel G. Tracy, one of the founders of the Bloomingdale Clinic, 225 West 99th street, will be held tomorrow at his home, 240 West 102d street. Dr. Tracy, who was 75 years old, died at his home yesterday after a short illness.

His only survivor is his sister, Miss Carrie H. Tracy.


Carrie H. Tracy died 23 Oct 1944 910 West End Ave. Manhattan New York, Age 69, Single, Housework, b. 14 Sep 1875 New York, (d. of Wm. Tracy b. New York & Catherine A. Mccabe b. Ireland), buried  25 Oct 1944 Woodlawn Cem.




Rev. William Henry Tracy





Rev. William Henry Tracy (1858–1895)


Rev W H Tracey of Dundee Presby married M Ella Bower of Rochester 30 Feb 1884 Rochester Monroe New York


September 2, 1893 The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

...The Second Reformed Church, Rev. W. H. Tracy pastor, has been handsomely decorated during the summer. The exterior also has been repainted...


March 31, 1902 The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Services commemorative of Its fiftieth anniversary were yesterday held In the Second Reformed Dutch Church, In Seventh street, near Brown...and was succeeded by Rev. William H. Tracy In 1891. He remained pastor until his death, in the fall of 1895...


Rev. Wm. Tracy died 20 Dec 1895, 1802 Tioga St Philadelphia Pennsylvania, age 38, b. 1857 New York City, Married, buried 24 Dec 1895  Woodlawn New York


December 22, 1895 New York Daily Tribune & The Sun December 22, 1895  (NY)

Death of the Rev William H Tracy

Philadelphia, Dec 21 (Special). The Rev William H Tracy pastor of the Second Reformed Church of Philadelphia died of Inflammatory rheumatism on Friday Dec 20 at his late residence. Mr Tracy was born In New York city on Dec 5 1858. He was educated in the New York public schools and graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary in 1883. His first charge was at Dundee N. Y. After four years service he was called to the Third Reformed Church of Albany. While In Albany he was acting chaplain of the Senate. He leaves a widow and one son.


William Bolver Mitchell Tracy died 1 Nov 1945 891 Park Ave. Manhattan, New York, age 58, Married, Advertising Exec., b. 21 Feb 1887 N.Y. (s. of William Tracy of N.Y. & Ella Rower of N.Y.), Spouse Beatrice P. Tracy, buried 3 Nov 1945 West Laurel Hill


Amhurst College

Tracy, William Bower Mitchell Philadelphia, Pa.

Honorable Mention - MODERN GOVERNMENT - 1908 William Bowen Mitchell Tracy

Degrees Conferred in 1908 - Cum Laude  - William Bower Mitchell Tracy


William Bowen Mitchell Tracy


1945 Amherst Graduates' Quarterly - Volume 35

The class of 1908 has suffered a grievous loss in the sudden death of Bill Tracy, which occurred on Nov. 1. He had apparently been in first class health when he arose that morning, but had a heart attack which was fatal before anything could be done for him. William Bowen Mitchell Tracy was born in Dundee, N. Y., Feb. 22, 1887, the son of Rev. Wm. H. and Ella M. (Bowen) Tracy. He prepared for Amherst at Cornwall Heights School, N. Y., and entered with our class in the fall of 1904.


Ella B. Sheip nee Bower born 1-19-57 died November 23 1950 Montgomery County Pa, Informant Mrs Wm B Tracey 891 Park Ave NYC




Cemetery Records


Woodlawn Cemetery  Bronx, Bronx County, New York


William Tracy died Sept 1895 age 65 years

Catherine [McCabe] Tracy died Jan 1897 age 61 years

M. Ella Tracy born Aug 3 1860 died Jan 2 1890

Franklin Tracy born March 3 1873 died Aug 3 1889


Rev William H. Tracy 1858-1895

Rebecca E. B. Tracy 1863-1920

Martha Tracy Cleland 1857-1941

Samuel G. Tracy 1867-1942

Carrie H. Tracy 1875-1944



West Laurel Hill Cemetery

William Bower Mitchell Tracy

BIRTH 21 Feb 1887 Dundee, Yates County, New York, USA

DEATH 1 Nov 1945 Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA

Ella Bower Sheip

BIRTH 19 Jan 1855 Lansing, Tompkins County, New York, USA

DEATH 23 Nov 1950 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA

Beatrice Tracy

BIRTH 4 Aug 1888 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

DEATH 19 May 1981 Haverford, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA



John’s Island Cemetery  Indian River Shores, Indian River County, Florida, USA

William Bower Mitchell Tracy, Jr 1914-1981

Elizabeth D. Tracy 1917-2004







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