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 It may be presumed that the Traceys of Galway are descended from the Sil Anmchadha


1900 Return of judicial rents

Nicholas Treacy of Cappasallagh Portumna Galway, landlord Marquis of Clanricarde, 29a/2r/0p, poor valuation £17/0/0, old rent £17/10/0, new rent 1 £16/0/0, new rent 2 £12/19/0

Patrick Treacy of Polldorragha Tuam Galway, landlord Mrs. Isabella Rodney, 11a/2r/0p, poor valuation £3/10/0, old rent £3/18/4, new rent £3/10/6, Fixed in Court in Dublin

Mary Treacy of Woodfield Gelenamaddy Galway, landlord Captain Quintin Dick, 24a/2r/32p, poor valuation £7/5/0, old rent £13/0/0, new rent £8/10/0

Mary Treacy of Knockballyvisiteal Tuam Galway, landlord Mrs. Isabella Rodney and another, 21a/2r/20p, poor valuation £12/10/0, old rent £14/11/0, new rent 1 £13/5/0, new rent 2 £12/16/0

John Treacy of Knockballyvisiteal Tuam Galway, landlord Mrs. Isabella Rodney and another, 17a/2r/20p, poor valuation £10/5/0, old rent £12/6/0, new rent 1 £11/0/0, new rent 2 £10/4/0

Thomas Treacy of Shoodaun Loughrea Galway, landlord Captain Henry T. Hall, 12a/2r/0p, poor valuation £5/5/0, old rent £5/9/0, new rent 1 £5/3/0, new rent 2 £4/13/6, Consent


January 10, 1900 (FJ) United Irish League

Gurteen Galway...T. Trassy.


Rhynland, Queenstown to Phila 10 Apr 1900

Michael Tracy, 24, b. 1876 Ireland, lived Mink [Meelick Galway?], brother paid passage, brother Jere Tracy 1201 South Western Ave Chicago


Belgenland, Queenstown to Phila 1 Jun 1901

Kate Tracy, 17, b. 1884, lived Gort [Galway], sister Bridget Tracy, 26 E Walnut Lane Germantown Phila. called for her.


June, 1901 The Gaelic journal

Tuam Branch...Martin Treacy D.C. 6d...


1901 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act

13/2/1901 Patrick Treacy of Carrowreagh Galway, landlord John D.F.K. Mahon, 25a/2r/28p, poor valuation £11/10/0, rent £11/10/0, Judical, purchase £239?, advance £230, cash £46

25/11/1901 Bridget Treacy of Lisheennaheltia Galway C.D., landlord Trees? of Michael Reily, 33a/1r/31p, poor valuation £-, rent £19/13/0, formerly Judical, purchase £307?, advance £295?, cash £59?

23/7/1901 John Treacy of Derrew (Parish of Kilquain) Galway, landlord Baron Ardilann, 29a/1r/9p, poor valuation £17/10/0, rent £12/7/6, Judical, purchase £223, advance £223, cash £45

23/7/1901 Edward Treacy of Derrew (Parish of Kilquain) Galway, landlord Baron Ardilann, 32a/0r/9p, poor valuation £15/15/0, rent £15/15/0, Judical, purchase £283, advance £283, cash £-


1901 (283) Public Works Loans Bill

Patrick Treacy, Co. Galway, 9 July 1885, for Farm Offices, £50 advanced £40, £4.0.9 paid, £35.19.3 outstanding/written off, The borrower was evicted in November 1893 for non-payment of rent, and is reported to have no means. The landlord is not liable. the lands have been let to a new tenant.


20 August 1901 San Francisco Call

Tracy— In this city, August -19, 1901, Mary beloved wife of Michael Tracy, and mother of Mary, James, Katie, Martin. John, Edward, Richard and Lawrence Tracy, a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 45 years.




 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



12-28-1901 Irish World (New York)

The annual convention of the Gaelic Athletic clubs...Gurteen No.1...M. Treacey...


'Noordland', Queenstown to Phila 4 May 1902

Kate Treacy, 18, b. 1884, lived Tuam [Galway], Sister Mary, 1932 Calumet Ave Chicago. Heard just before leaving, invited.


June 30 1902 Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania)

Tracy - On June 28, 1902, John Tracy native of Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland...from his son Michael E. Tracy 2822 Bristol street...


1902 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act

1/7/1902 Sarah Treacy of Derrew Galway, landlord Baron Ardilaun, 15a/2r/7p, poor valuation £5/0/0, rent £6/0/0, partly Judical, purchase £108, advance £108, cash £22


1903 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act - Estate of Patrick James Blake (unsound)

5/11/1908 John Treacey of Atticoffey West Galway, 2a/2r/18p, poor valuation £2/5/0, rent £1/3/0, not Judical, purchase £25, advance £25, cash £-


Nov 25 1903, Patrick Treacy, tenant, Fitzgeraold Kenny, landlord, Peak, Galway, 20a1r24p, £3.15.0 valuation, £6.14.0 rent, judicial, £95 purchase price and advance, 25 years


Jul 9, 1904 & Jul 16, 1904 (IT) Assault on a Clergyman

...remarkable assault committed on Rev. William Colgan, Incumbent of Killannin on 1st inst...The accused, Mart Tracey, who hails from Clough, County Galway, is a farmer. He is charged with having at Ballydavid, County Galway...good deal of drink taken..."Martin Tracey of the parish of Gurteen, took the pledge from me to-day. - J.M. Pelly, C.C. Presbytery, Ballymacward."...Tracy was then returned for trial, bail to the amount of £20, with two securities of £10 each being accepted.

22 July 1904 The Church of Ireland Gazette

Public Danger - The recent assault on the Rev W. Colgan at Athenry (July 1st) is one more proof of the risk run by law-abiding citizens when met by drunkards. Whatever motives may be actuated Martin Tracey it is perfectly plain that he was intoxicated. His own confesion was that "he had no more vsense that evening than if he were in Ballinasloe Asylum." Will this be pleaded as an "extenuating circumstance"? - C.M.B.

August 20, 1904 Kentucky Irish American

Ireland - At the Galway assizes a man named Martin Treacy was found guilty of assult on the Rev. W. Colgan at Athenry, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour.


1904 Eighteenth report of the Royal University of Ireland

Faculty of Arts - Degrees Conferred

Bernard Joseph Tracy [of Galway]

Patrick Cyril Tracy [of Galway]


31 March 1905 List of Teachers Employed by the Commissioners of National Education - Galway

Martin Treacy, 31 years 4 months, served 10 years 9 months, educated Newcastle Monivea, trained De La Salle, serving Galway 11183 Coldwood, Principal


May 3, 1905 (IT) Sale of French Estate

...Monivea...clearing of the large grazing farms...a farm of 80 acres was next visited...new tenants...P. Kelly, Peter m'Guan Secretary Monivea Branch UIL, Miss Ruane, Bernard Tracy and M. Nohilly...


May 20, 1905 (IT) Grazing Farms. A midnight march in county Galway

...district of Ballymabella...They went toards William Tracy's house...Michael Dooley, who with Tracy, holds a grazing farm at Treanbawn...continued to play as far as Eastwell Cross...


1906 Fourteenth report of the Congested Districts Board

Before March 31 1905, Michael Tracey of Killooney Galway, S.J. McDonagh Estate?, herd, New holding 31a/1r/20p, £20/11/6, sale £570, cash £85, total £655


April 2 1906, Michl Treacy, Clogh, Galway, 8a0r36r, £3.5.0, not judicial, £60 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.177

April 2 1906, Michl Treacy, Clogh, Galway,  2a3r0r, £17 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.119


April 2 1906, Martin Treacy, Clogh,  Galway, 7a1r0r, £3.5.0, £140 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.182

April 2 1906, Martin Treacy, Clogh,  Galway, 3a1r0r, £16 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.130


June 28 1906, Thomas Treacy, Omaun more, Galway, 10a0r2p, £3.10.0 valuation, £3.10.0 rent, £84 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.105

June 28 1906, Thomas Treacy, Cooldorraghan & Cloonconra & Cloonriddla & Lieraminaun, Galway, 28a3r30p & 1a1r0p & 1a3r12p & 1a2r0p, £310 purchase price and advance, consolidated with no.74


1906 [Cd. 3238] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the period from 1st November, 1903, to 31st December, 1905 - Galway

July 31 1905, Michael Treacy, Carragh, 28a3r30p, £460 purchase price and advance,


1906 RIC Service

Daniel Tracey, 62098, b. 1866 Galway [West Riding?]


62098 Daniel Tracey, dob 17 June 1886 [20 years], 5'10", b. Galway jd from Galway WR, Catholic, recommended by DI Egan, farmer, appointed 3 Sep 06, served Roscommon 5 March 1907, Resigned 30.11.10 52872D, To emigrate to Canada, Contd in Galway WR & Kings


1906 Second year premium boars [top pig breeders]

Mrs. Margaret Treacy, Knock, Milltown, Tuam, Galway


1906-7 Names and Address of Holders of Egg Distribution Stations in each County

Mrs. Mary Treacy/Tracey, Cornamona, Clonbur, Galway


1906-7 Names and Address of Holders of Turkey Stations in each County

Mrs. Tracey, Castle Turvin, Athenry, Galway


May 11, 1907 & May 25, 1907 (IT) Charge of unlawful Assembly at Athenry

...Dernoo/Derroo...defendants...young men...Barkley Tracy, Wm, Tracy...


Jul 24 1907 (IT) Government and Cattle driving

...Thomas James Smith, of Ballinasloe, County Inspector RIC...list of persons accused...B. Tracy, William Tracey...


1907 Stallion asses have been placed by the Department with...

Thomas Treacy, Newcastle, Galway


1907 Royal Commission Galway and Roscommon

Second Year Premium Boars…Mrs. Margaret Treacy, Knock, Milltown, Tuam [Galway]

Egg Distrabution Stations…Mrs Tracey, Cornamona, Clonbar [Galway]

Turkey Sataionms…Mrs. Tracey, Castle Turvin, Oranmore [Castleturvin Athenry Galway]

Ass Breeding…Thomas Treacy, Newcastle [Galway]


1907 Re-instated Evicted Tenants

John Tracey of Ballinclough Galway, Estate P.J. Davey, 48a/2r/0p, rent £22/0/0, evicted May 1895 (not re-instated)

Michael Treacy of Cahereen Galway, Estate Studdard, 60a/0r/0p, rent £34/0/0, evicted 23 Sept 1897


1907 – 1925 Members of the Tuam Rural District Council - Archives

Treacy, John

Treacy, Martin (Abbey West)

Treacy, Thomas (+1918)


1907 List of Persons who have lodged application with the Estates Commission as Evicted Tenants

2731. John Treacy, Clonkella, Ballycrissane, Ballinasloe. Ballinahisera, Lord Clanricarde Estate. 18a/0r/0p, £7.15.0 rent. Present tenant - Landlord. Circumstances of Applicant: 24 years, Unmarried.

7412. Mary Treacy, Cooldoragha, Portumna. Derrada, Lord Clanricarde Estate. 18a/0r/0p, £8.10.0 rent. Present tenant - Johnstone. Circumstances of Applicant: Widow, two sons, one in America.


1908 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act - Noicholas W. Colahan Estate

12/2/1908 James Treacy of Ballinrooaun Galway, advance £3, cash £3


Mar 14, 1908 (FJ)

Milltown (Galway) UIL...1s...J. Tracy, J. Tracy, sen...M. Treacy...

Belclare (Galway) U.I.L, per Thos. Treacy...

Killea (Tipperary) U.I.L. per S. Treacy...


Apr 4, 1908 (FJ) UIL?

Gurtanumeka...2s...P. Treacy...

Boula...2s6d Mr. N. Treacy...2s...P. Treacy...


Jun 16, 1908 (IT) Lough Corrib

...Messrs Tracy and Barton......The largest trout weighed 5.5lbs caught by Mr. Tracy...


July 04, 1908 Connaught Telegraph (Mayo)

Connacht Feis 1908...Tuam...2s6d...Mrs Tracy, N.T....


July 1908 Final year list of King's Scholars, qualified for Certificate of Compency in Irish and won prize of £5

Delia K. Treacy, of Tuam Convent Galway. St. Mary's training college, Belfast


US State Department records

Martin F. Treacy born 1908-11-30 at Laraghill, Ballyglunin, Co Galway son of Patrick Tracy now resides Norwood, MA date 1932-09-17



Feb 2, 1909 (FJ) Monster Demonstration in Tuam

...platform...Mr. M. Treacy, D.C...


1909 RIC Service

James Treacy, 57282, b. 1874 Tipperary


57282, James Treacy, 23, 5'9.75", b. Tipperary, joined from Tippy NR, Catholic, recommended by D.I. Waters, labourer, appointed 15th ? ?, served Donegal 22 Apl 96, Westmeath 1:3:97 (24413), Mayo 24:3?:05 (16488, 125429), Gal ER 5:3:09 (37112) [crossed out], Clare 5:2:09 (37112)

Circular 15:1:1909


22 May 1909 (CTr) Eyrecourt and Meelick U.I. League

...Committee...John Tracey...


12 Jun 1909 (CTr) Tuam District Council

...present...Martin Treacey....


3 Jul 1909 (CTr) Newcastle

...election of Officiers...T. Treacey...


9 Oct 1909 (CTr) Galway Teachers

...Mr. Comer (Glenamaddy) seconded, and the plan of campaign suggested was debated, Messrs. Kenny, CEC [Oranmore]; Parker, Joyce, Heneghan, O'Tracy, and the Chairman Taking part...


Nov 20, 1909 (FJ) Eyrecourt and Meelick (Galway) UIL

...2s...Jno. Tracey...


9 apr 1910 (CTr) Religious Ceremonies at the Convent of Mercy

...Merey Convent Tuam...Miss Tracey daughter of Mr. M. Tracey, entered the novitiate...Miss Tracey that of Sister Aloysius...present Mr and Mrs M Tracey and Miss Tracey...


18 june 1910 (CTr)

...Tea Room Oughterard...Corrib Fisheries Association...present...Fred W. Tracy...


4 July 1910 San Francisco Call

Tracey — In this city, July 2. 1910, Thomas Tracey. a native of County Galway, Ireland, aged 74 years.

Friends and acQualntances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:15 a. m., from the funeral parlors of Samuel McFadden & Co., 1070 Haight street thence to St. Patrick's church, where a requiem - high mass will be celebrated for the repone of his soul, at 9 a.m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery,


26 aug 1910 (CTr)

...One Length of Frieze...2. Miss tracy, Newcastle...Special prizes presented by Hon. Mrs Campbell for best 1/1 lb of butter exhibited. 1. Miss Treacy, Newcastle.


3 sep 1910 (CTr)

...East Galway Executive...Eyrecourt: John P. Tracy...


‘Friesland’, Liverpool to Phil 10 Sept 1910

Delia Treacy, 18, b. 1892 Co Cavan Ireland, Friend Michael Fern 18 Pullbank Rd New Terny. Passage paid by brother. In Boston, here since Feb 10, 127 W Concert St Boston, 2 sisters married phila, Pa. brother James Treacy Phila Country Club, Mrs Rose Day. 5'6”, dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes.

Ellen Tracy/Triacy, 30, b. 1880 Milltown Ireland, married, father Martin Belmont Milltown Co. Galway. Lived Tacony US from 1897 to 1910. Husband Frank Tracy 7214 Tulip St Tacony Pa. Husband called for them, husband has 1st papers. Fair complexion, dark hair, blue eyes.


'Haverford', Queenstown to Phila 25 Sep 1910

John F Tracey, 55, b. 1855 Clifden Ireland, married, USC, lived Clifden Ireland, brother Michael Clifden Co Galway, lived US 1906, to home 213 Ribecca St N Braddock Pa


5 nov 1910 (CTr)

...Kinvara UIL...P. Tracy...


Nov 10 1910, James Tracey, Caheroyn Galway, 8a3r18p & 0a2r0p, £3.13.6 valuation, £105 purchase price and advance, 28.4 years


24 dec 1910 (CTr) Kinvara

...meeting...P. Tracey...


1910 Re-instated Evicted Tenants

John Treacy of Ballinahiscra Galway, Estate Marquis of Clanricarde, 18a/0r/0p, rent £7/15/0, evicted Dec 1895


November 1910 to December 1911 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903

Honor Treacy, Ballaghalode, 19a2r33p & 30a3r36p, £5.15, £6.0.6, Not judl, £76, former estate Julia Turner & another, Galway

James Tracey, Caheroyn, 8s3r18p & undivided 0a2r0p, rent £3.13.6, £105 price, 28.4 years repayments, former estate of Richard W. Kinneem & another, Galway

John Tracey, Addorgool, 19a1r20p, £190, former estate Owen Ryan & another, Galway

John Treacy, Camus, 2a0r30p, £3, former estate of William Daly & another, Galway

John Treacy, Kilquain 25a1r0p £475 & Woodfield 15a1r1p, former esytate Allan Pollok, Galway

Mary Treacey, Gortadullisk, 13a3r4p, £12.8.10, Not judl, £311, 25.1 years, former estate of Mrs C Kelly & others, Galway

Patrick Treacy, Allon Upper 13a1r34p & Cloogawna 26a2r8p & Whitepark 57a3r38p, £6.8, £8.1.10, £144, 17.7 years, estate of The Earl of Clancarty, Galway

Timothy Tracey, Addorgool, 26a3r10p, £231, former estate Owen Ryan & another, Galway


Jan 5 1911, Patrick Treacy, Alloon Upper & Cloongawna & Whitepark Galway, 13a1r34p & half 26a2r8p & 57a3r38p, £6.8.0 valuation, £8.1.10 rent, £144 price and advance


1912-13 [Cd. 6028, 6029, 6096, 6137, 6187, 6263, 6330, 6393, 6403, 6420, 6424, 6443] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish land purchase acts, during the month of November, 1910. - Galway

5th January 1911, Patrick Treacy, Alloon Upper & Cloongawna & Whitepark, 13a1r34p & half 26a2r8p & 57a3r38p, £6.8.0 valuation, £8.1.0 rent, £144 purchase price and advance, 17.7 years


7 jan 1911 (CTr) Eyrecourt and Meelick

...T. Tracy...


28 jan 1911 (CTr) Ejectments

John J. Cheevers got an ejectment decree against...Lawrence Tracy...


1911 RIC Service

Edward Treacy, 65744, b. 1888 Galway


65744 Edward Treacy, dob 27 Nov 1888 [22 years], 5'9", b. Galway jd from E.R., Catholic, recommended by DI Lyon, farmer, appointed 15 Feb 1911, served Kerry 25 Aug 1911 - Tras Ga Bay 1.4.22, Disbanded 24/8/22 TS Castle Gd fo No6 CA £115-8-9, Contd in Galway E.R. & Kings


4 mar 1911 (CTr) Lahiff Estate

...parish of New Inn, county Galway...105 acres grazed by Messrs Dooley and Treacy are acquired by the Commissioners for the purpuse of enlarging the holdings of small tenants...


11 mar 1911 (CTr) Friends Again

Sergeant Fahy summoned Michael Tracy, Martin O'Donnell, both of the same place, for fighting...Mr. Steedy's store when Tracy came in and he began arguing about a wall that was knocked down...


1 apr 1911 (CTr)

...annual convention of the Galway Co. Board GAA...Kilconnell FC John Tracy, James Kelly...


6 may 1911 (CTr) Galway County Board

The election of the County Committee for the coming year...T. tracy, Kilconnell...


13 may 1911 (CTr) Memory of Parnell [Memorial]

How Galway was represented in the Metropolis [Dublin] on Sunday...Kilconnell...John Treacy...Belclare Branch UIL...Thomas Treacy...Eyrecourt Branch UIL...John Tracey...


'Friesland'. Queenstown to Phila 22 May 1911

Michael J Treacy, 30, b. 1881, married, lives 6 years Phila USA, Father: Mich'l Terrybrien Gort [Galway]. Home 2531 W Silver street Phila Pa [with one]

Catherine Treacy, 21, b. 1890, married, lived Gort, Father: Mich'l Terrybrien [Derrybrien?] Gort. Home: 2531 W. Silver Street, Phila Pa.


27 may 1911 (CTr)

...Galway County Board...Kilconnell, J. Tracy...


7 oct 1911 (CTr) Ballinasloe Show

...Veterinary Surgeon - Cantrell Tracy, M.R.O.V.S. (see Cantrell Tracy of Naas)


21 oct 1911 (CTr) The Public Meeting

..."honest John Dillon"...delegates...Eyrecourt UIL...J. Tracy...


11 nov 1911 (CTr) Kinvara

...committee...P. Tracy...


Dec 1 1911, John Tracey, Kilquain & Woodfield Galway, 25a1r0p & 14a1r1p, £475 price and advance


23 dec 1911 (CTr) United Estates Committee

...seconded by Mr. Thomas Tracy Largahmore..."...condemn...the action of Peter Broderick of Laraghmore...

1911 [Cd. 5488, 5489, 5490, 5624, 5639, 5750, 5758, 5887, 5890, 5952] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the month of November, 1909 - Galway
1st July 1910, Thomas Treacy, Laraghmore, 15a0r32p, £4.0.0 valuation, £4.17.10 rent, £107 purchase price and advance, 21.8 years


1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland



1911/1912 Derrybrien to Tiernascragh

Tiernascragh Heritage Project

‘Derrybrien to Tiernascragh’ Centenary Commemmoration Saturday 9th June

In 1911/1912 eight families were relocated from the parish of Derrybrien in South Galway to the parish of Tiernascragh in East Galway. The eight families were Kelly (3), Daly/Quinn, Fahy, Flynn, Madden, and Treacy. Their arrival had a profound effect on their new parish in terms of its impact on school, church, commercial and social life.

They were relocated by the Land Commission to what was part of the Kenny estate, in the townland of Longford in Tiernascragh parish. They were allocated a new Land Commission house on a farm of land. Though now a journey of less than one hour by car, it was then a very long and hard journey for each family. Roads were in poor condition and the journey was undertaken on foot because they had to walk their few animals to their new homes. The journey is reputed to have taken 2 days to complete with an overnight stop somewhere near Abbey.

To mark this event, Tiernascragh Heritage Project are having a special mass in Tiernascragh church at 5pm on Saturday 9th June 2012, followed by the unveiling of a commemorative stone by the Mayor of County Galway (Cllr. Michael Maher). This will be followed a social gathering in the nearby community centre where a short historical address by Dr Brian Casey entitled; Migration, Resettlement and Commemoration in the Parish of Tieranascragh will take place, followed by refreshments and music. A large attendance is expected for this very special event.

Further details are available from Patrick Madden, Chairman, Tiernascragh Heritage Project at 087 6505561.



13 jan 1912 (CTr) Kinvara

A large meeting...present...P. Treacy...subscriptions in aid of the Cavanagh and Kelly...collections...Killina, Ballybuck and Roo per...T Tracey...


13 jan 1912 (CTr) Amazing Story of Second marriage

...at Ballinasloe [court]...Patrick Tracey was charged with bigamy...James Morris, Guilford England deposed: I remember Patrick Treacy, in [25th September] 1882, asking me to his marriage. It was in September. I attended at his marriage and was present at the registry office where he was married in Guilford. He was married to Miss [Harriett] Mills...Elizabeth Treacy, Cleeve Lodge, Queens road, Kingston-on-Thames, daughter of the prisoner deposed:...my father and mother lived together until May 1903...Rev. Father Joyce deposed: I was administrator of Ballinasloe in 1904. On 3rd July I celebrated a marriage between P. Treacy and Bridget Glynn...Bridget Glynn deposed: I reside at the Workhouse Ballinasloe...There was one child of that marriage. He lived with me 12 months after we were married...prisoner replied "What I have heard is perfectly true"


10 feb 1912 (CTr) Strong Protest from Kinvara League

...present...P. Tracey...


16 mar 1912 (CTr) Killimore

A large attended meeting...T. Tracey...


30 mar 1912 (CTr)

At the Galwat Petty Sessions on Monday John Tracy from Athenry, a young man about 24 years of age, was charged with discharging fire-arms on the public street in Galway and with being drunk in charge of firearms....defendant was a plumber on the railway, and was a young man of excellant character; he was going away to Australia this month; or if the magistrates wished to let him off he would go back to Athenry...case adjourned for a week.


April 22, 1912 Amsterdam Evening Recorder [see Malachi Tracey (1846-1912) of Galway, Chesterfield Derbyshire and Amsterdam NY]

Malachi M. Tracey died at his home, No. 91 Brookside avenue, at 5:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon, of pneumonia aged 61 years. Mr. Tracey was a native of Galway, Ireland and came to this country twenty-five years ago and has made Amsterdam his home since that time. He was a devote member of St. Marys church and was a respected citizen. He is survived by his wife, six daughters, Mrs. John Lee, Mrs. Patrick Horn, Mrs. Bert Moore, Mrs. Robert Dunham, Mrs. John Slappy and Miss Mary Tracey and two sons, Lawrence and Edward Tracey. He was the father of the late Malachi M. Tracey, Jr., after who the local post of the American Veterans of Foreign Service is named. The funeral will be held at the house tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock and at 9:30 at St. Mary’s Church. Interment in St. Mary’s cemetery. Friends kindly omit flowers.


16 May 1912 IT

Two young men named Gunning and Treacey were drowned in the Shannon, returning from Shannonbridge Tuesday night, a third man named Kenny escaped. Both men had their passages in their pockets for America.

18 may 1912 (CTr)

Two young men named Tracey and Cunning from Clonfert, near Banagher, were drowned in the Suck near where it adjoins the Shannon on Tuesday night. A third man who was in a boat which overturned escaped.


18 May 1912 (CTr)

...Kiltormer Club...present...Peter Treacey...Michael Treacey...[Michael Lyons, son of William, lost his life in the Titanic diaster]


17 aug 1912 (CTr) United Irish league

...Kinvara...P. Tracy...appointed to solicit subscriptions...Ballybuck and Killina and Cahercon - P. Tracey...5s each...T. Tracey...


11 Oct 1913 (CTr) another old Resident Passes away

The death has taken place at May Villa, Salthill of Mrs Tracey, an old and esteemed resident, at an advanced age. The remains were conveyed by rail yesterday to Ballinasloe, and thence to Ballygar graveyard; where High Mass will be celebrated this (Friday) morning for the repose of the soul.


12 oct 1912 (CTr)

...death occurred at Lydican, Claregalway of Mr Patrick Walsh...chief mourners were...and the Messrs. Treacey (brothers-in-law).


Nov 23 1912 (LO) Connacht Assizes

Galway. Patrick Treacy. Bigamy.


1912 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act

John Tracey of Gorteen Galway, 35a/2r/18p, value £13/10/0, rent £10/5/0, price £220, amount £220, 21.5 years of rent

Thomas Treacy of Killymore Galway, 17a/3r/23p, value £7/0/0, rent £5/12/0, price £120, amount £120, 21.5 years of rent

Catherine Treacy of Knockarevan Galway, 22a/1r/12p, value £9/10/0, rent £6/10/0, price £140, amount £140, 21.5 years of rent


1912 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - Former estate of Sir Hy G Burke

14/11/1912 John Tracey of Killoran Galway, 13a/3r/38p, price £110, amount £110, consolidated with parcel 0a/3r/31p, £3, £3


1912-13 [Cd. 6465] Evicted tenants (Ireland).

Martin Treacy, Derrada, Galway, Aug 1891, £8, 18a, Clanricarde estate, re-instated


1901 RIC Service

Patrick Tracy, 59968, b. 1878 Fermanagh


59968 Patrick Tracy, 22 years 8 months, 5'9.5", b. Ferm'h, Catholic, married 26.11.1912 wife from Kerry, recommended by DI Burke, farmer, appointed 1st Feby 1901 reappointed 1.6.1901 with loss of service, served Kerry 6 Dec 1901 - Galway WR 23.10.'13, P Sergt 1-9-20, Dischgd 5.2.1901 unfit by surgeon 24869D Disbanded 6.4.22 I.S. Galway W.R. No.14 C.A. £195.0.0


Oct 11, 1913 (IT) RIC

Transfers...Patrick Tracy, Kerry to Galway, W.R...


1 nov 1913 (CTr) Loughrea Petty sessions

...allowing a public vehicle to be used on the public road without a light...Daniel Tracy was fined 1s and costs.


20 dec 1913 (CTr) South Galway Board

...appeal...against the Gort Club being awarded the junior championship...Arising outof the referee's report on the said match, two players named Tracy (Gort) and O'Donnell (Peterswell) were suspended...


1913 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - Estate of Thomas W. Higgins

18/4/1912 Martin Treacey of Glen Galway, 5a/3r/26p & undivided 1/11 of 13a/2r/0p, value £3/0/0, rent £2/7/6, not judicial, price £50, amount £50, 21 years of rent


1913-1922 Military History

Daniel Treacey of Galway, 5 Battalion, 1 Western Division

James Treacy or Seán Treasaigh of Mountbellew, Galway and Wicklow

John Treacy, Abbey, Co. Galway

John Treacy, Bishop St, Tuam (Sec. Com.) now U.S.A., Co. Galway

John Treacy, Drumscar Lickmolassy Co. Galway & Garda Dublin

John Treacy, Monivea, Athenry, Co. Galway

John Treacy, Portumna Company, Portumna Battalion, South East Galway Brigade, Garda of Dublin

Joseph Treacy, 1st Lieutenant, A (Dunmore) Company, 1 Battalion, North Galway Brigade, 2 Western Division

Joseph Treacy, U.S.A., Newcastle Coy., Co. Galway

Martin Treacy, Gurteen Company, Mountbellew Battalion, South East Galway Brigade

Michael Treacy, Larraghmore, Ballyglunin, Co. Galway

Michael Treacy, Monivea, Athenry, Co. Galway

Michael Treacy, North Galway Brigade

Patrick Treacy, Captain IRA, Glenamaddy Coy., Co. Galway

Patrick Treacy, private, (Newcastle Athenry) Company, 4 Battalion, 1 Western Brigade, of Galway, USA & Dublin

Peter Treacy, Chapel road, Dereen, Ballyglunin, Co. Galway

Tom Treacy, Kiltulla Kilkerrin in U.S.A., "I" Glenamaddy Company, Co. Galway

Walter Treacy or Máitéar O'Treasaig, Cornamona Company, Leenane Battalion, Connemara Brigade


March 1914 IT

Fethard [on-Sea] Lifeboat Calamity...Collected in Portumna...D. Treacy 2s 6d...


2 may 1914 (CTr) Headford Petty Sessions

...Mr Mivchael Newell...lambs...His herd, John Tracey, reported all his lambs 33 in mumber correct on April 15th...farm at Cuilleen...


2 may 1914 (CTr) Galway Union

An inmate, Laurence Tracy, wrote a letter in flowing language, complaining that his pass had been stopped, and, therefore, he could not go out to look for work...


30 may 1914 (CTr)

...Killimore [hurling team]...J. Tracy...


Jul 22, 1914 (FJ) Speech of Mr. Muldoon MP...Mr. Hazleton MP

Tuam, yesterday...In an eight paper, he was proposed by Mr Michael Donohoe, Belclare, and seconded by Mr. Thomas Treacy, do. Assentors - Messrs. Patrick Onsbro, Stephen Treacy, Michael Hardiman, Martin M'Donagh, Bartly Lally, Peter Grady, John O'Brien, Mathias Donohoe.


27 Jun 1914 (CTr) [Ballinasloe Court]

...Mr. Tracey, V.S., swore he found one beast lame...


13 Jul 1914 (CTr)

Lawrence Tracey, an imate of the Galway workhouse...Defendant was allowed out on a number of occasions to get work...jail for a month.


25 Jul 1914 (CTr)

...Petty Jury...Martin Tracey...


15 Aug 1914 (CTr) Ballinasloe Petty Sessions

John Tracey, cappatagle, was bound to the peace for twelve months, for assaulting Patrick Hardiman of the same place.


29 Aug 1914 (CTr)

With regard to the proposed sinking of a well at Caherinisker, Mr. Tracey, N.T., who was present said that he was of opinion that there was not much likelihood of their getting water in that locality during the summer months as the soil was of a loose character...There are only six families in Caherfinisker, and two of them have already signed a requisition for the further sinking of a well at Ballinacregg...Greethill...Burkes house...


12 Sep 1914 (CTr) The Casualties

...wounded and in hospital appears the name of Pte. O Tracey (7737) of the Connaught Rangers...


September 1914

Some idea of the gap in attitudes betwwen young Dublin nationalists and some of their country cousins at the begining of the war is given by the case of the unfortunate Michael J. Ashe [Ordance Survey]...he attended a meeting of the Irish Volunteers in Loughrea Co Galway...The local police obtained statements from witnesses...One informant, Pat Treacy, a farmer from Rathruddy [Rarruddy], who regularly sold eggs to ashe, produced copies of the Irish Worker, Sinn Fein and Ireland, which the Dublin man had left with him. Treacy told the RIC: He asked me if I would like the Germans to win. I said I would not, why would I, and that only for the English I could not live...

Yeates, Pádraig (2011) Dublin 1914-1918 A City in Wartime: Easter Rising 1916. Gill & MacMillan, Dublin.


Dec 5, 1914 (IT) Winter Assizes

Connaught...Grand Jury...Philip N. Tracey...


1914 Connacht Tribune

Bigamy on 7d a day

At the weekly meeting of Ballinasloe Board of Guardians, a man named Patrick Treacy, who had been admitted to the House during the week, was brought before the Board. The Master said he was in receipt of a pension of 7d. per day, and he paid 6d. for his maintenance in the House.

He had been at Limerick last year convicted for bigamy.

Mr. Parker: On 7d. a day? (laughter)

Master: He is like some gentlemen I know, who leave their first and second wives in the Workhouse, and they can do the gentleman outside (laughter).

Chairman: You need not pass your own town (laughter).







1914-1918 Ireland’s Memorial Records

John Treacy. Reg. No. 73495. Rank Private, South Irish Horse 3221 (attached Dorsetshire Yeomanry). Died of wounds Egyptian Expeditionary Force 20/9/1918. Born Athenry enlisted Charlestown.

J. Treacy, Private Dorset Yeomanry (Queen's Own) 1st/1st Age: 24 Date of Death: 20/09/1918 Service No: H/73495.

Son of Michael and Mary Treacy, of Ballyboggin, Athenry, Co. Galway.

John Tracy. Reg. No. 7455. Rank Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Connaught Rangers 5th batt. Died of wounds France 20/10/1918. Born Kilconnell, Co. Galway.

Age 37, Son of Edward and Maria Treacy, of Ballinderry, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway; husband of Annie Treacy, of Rossmore, Woodford, Co. Galway.

Roll of Honour: Treacy – October 20, 1918, in France, Coy. Q.M.S. John Treacy, Connacht Rangers, of wounds, only son of Edward Treacy, Kilconnell, Ballinasloe dearly-loved husband of Annie Treacy; deservedly regretted. R.I.P.

Inscription ordered: He died so that others should live in peace thy will be don (Mrs A. Treacy, Rossmore, Woodford, Co. Galway, Ireland)

John Tracey, 7455, 3rd Bn Connaught rangers, enlisted 23/6/1902 Dublin, 11/12/1912 Cr. Sgt., died 20/12/1918 Maurois Communal Cemetery 3.25 miles SW of Le Cateau.

20 years, b. 1884?, postman, single, 5'5.25", 121 Lbs, 33" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC,

Born Kilconnell, Galway. 1918 Ann Treacy, 2 Bowling Green, Galway. 27 June 1919 WO, personal property to Mrs Ann Tracey 20 St Josephs Terrace, Galway. 23/7/1923 Ack Victory Medal Sisters of Charity, Stanhope St, Dublin.

11 March 1908 Arrived India on "Rewa"

30/1/1909. A very good clerk. Sergeant rank promotion 3/4/07

August 1912 Re-Engagement Paper. Rank Sergeant. Ferozepore, Punjab, India.

1915 Next of Kin. Father John Kilconnell Galway Mother Mrs E Treacy [crossed out] Wife An? Wife: married estate?

27/10/1915 Rank C.Qm.S. Hospitalised at Harve. Letter to Mrs E Treacy, Kilconnell, Ballinasloe.

8/12/1915 Hopitalised at Southall with Rheumatic Fever, letter sent to Mrs A Treacy, Sea View, Summore? Kinsale?

23/6/1916 Leave? Address Rossmore, Woodford, Galway

[1919?] Widow: Annie Treacy nee Callanon, married Preston 24 January 1907, 30 St Josephs Terrace

Children: Annie Treacy, born 1st December 1909 Dagshai [India?], 30 St Josephs Terrace,

Father; Edward Treacy, [68 years approx], St. Michaels Hospital, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway

Mother: Maria Treacy, Deceased.

Sister: Mrs Balfour, 34 years, East 82 St, New York

          John Joseph Treacy, Cappagh & Ballinderry – buried France aged 37.

In his will he leaves all his property to his wife, Mrs Annie Treacy, Rosmore, Woodford, Co. Galway. [Will]

John Treacy. Reg. No. 73495. Rank Private, South Irish Horse (attached Dorsetshire Yeomanry). Died Egyptian Expeditionary Force 20/9/1918. Born Athenry.

enlisted Charlestown.

Michael Treacy. Rank 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Munster Fusiliers 4th batt. Killed in action France 21/3/1918. Born Ireland, age 27.

Son of the late Patrick and Mary Treacy, of Kiltullagh, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway.

Michael Treacey, Sheffield, England. Killed in the Great War, 1918.

I have been researching the names on a memorial in Sheffield Cathedral, England, which remembers the policemen and firemen who fell in the Great War 1914-18.

“Sheffield Police and Fire Brigade

To the glory of god and to the undying memory of the members of the Sheffield city police force and fire brigade who gave their lives whilst serving with her majesty's forces during the great war 1914-1919”

There are details relating to Michael Treacey. Was he a policeman or a fireman. His parents Patrick and Mary were from Kiltullagh, Glenamaddy, County Galway, Ireland. I'd like to know details about his family and his career if possible.
Can anybody tell me more
Kind regards
Robert. smiths565  17 Apr 2008

I am researching this family as I think I may be related.

seanpat 28 Apr 2012

Thomas Treacy. Reg. No. 14185. Rank Private, Royal Munster Fusiliers 1st batt. Died of wounds France 2/6/1918. Born Ahascragh, Co. Galway.

Age 34, Son of Michael and Bridget Treacy, of 28, Brown St., Moss Bank, Widnes, Lancs.; husband of Gladys Treacy, of River View Cottage, Compass Hill, Kinsale, Co. Cork. Son Thomas M born 7/6/1916.

Bagneux British Cemetery (Gezaincourt) (Somme France) Treacy, T, United Kingdom Private 14185 Royal Munster Fusiliers 02/06/1918 Age: 34 II. E. 25.

Inscription ordered: For in life we loved him dearly and we love his memory still (Mrs Treacy, 169 Cresent Road, Brentwood, Essex)


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

James Tracey, Longhrea, Galway,  

John Tracey, b. abt 1882, Galway,  

Patrick Treacy, b. abt 1893, Tynagh, Galway

William Tracey, b. abt 1888, Abbey, W Galway


6 mar 1915 (CTr)

...meeting of the County Galway National Teachers' Association was held in the Town Hall Athenry...delegates...Galwal Central...M.T. Tracey...


29 may 1915 (CTr)

Wounded Connaught Rangers...Tracey, 9305?, Lsc? Cpl M; Tracy, 7433, Co. Quartermaster-Sergt. J;...


26 jun 1915 (CTr)

Thomas Tracey, Laraghmore, summoned Mary and Ted Wynne, Laraghmore, for setting a dog at him, and for using threatening language...cross-cases...dismissed all cases...


11 sep 1915 (CTr) A western sensation

...Ballinturley...at the County Infirmary, where the injuried girl, Norah Tracy, lies....discharging firearms at her...Her sister, who was with her was not injured...


18 sep 1915 (CTr)

For cycling without a light at Drought, Patrick Tracy was fined 2s6d and costs...


12 Feb 1916 Western People

Milltown Petty Sessions... Children's Court - Painful Affair. At the conclusion of the ordinary business of the siiting a childrens court was held before which Delia Treacy and John Treacy children aged 14 and 12 years respectfully charged their stepmother Honor Treacy of Ardnagall with assault and ill treatment...The father and the uncle of the children were present in court and the evidence revealed unhappy family relations...By his first marriage there were five children and by the second there were three...James treacy the uncle of the two children said the children had been living with him recently...adjourned.


1 April 1916 Evening Herald

Cupid Goes Astray "Canooíiling and Philandering" ín Breach Case. "All that I Ask Is Love" The hearing of a breach of promice case in Ballinasloe attracted about a score of ladics to the local Court on yesterday...Thrown in along with this was a íairly good supply of "canoodling and philaudering '' (laugnter) The defendant was a man called Treacy, who was married twice previously and recided near Loughrea...The plaintif was a farmcr's daughter residing at Springfield, Kiltomer living with her brother...


22 April 1916 Connacht Tribune

Apology. I, Patrick Treacy, of Aloon, Ballymacward, do horeby apologise to Martin Tierney and Mrs Mary Morrisscy, of Esker, Glentane, Co, Galway, for a slander uttered by me in relation to their characters, and I hereby unreservedly withdraw the words used on the occasion in question (the Ist day of April, 1916), and undertain not to interfere with them in any way in future, and pay all costs in this matter Dated this 10th day of April, 1916. (Signed) Patrick Treacy.


Jun 10, 1916 (IT) Prisoners Deported

...100 prisoners had been removed from Richmond Barracks, Dublin and lodged in Wakefield Detention Barracks...

Tracey, T., Dean street, Kilkenny

Tracey, M., Athenry


1 July 1916 Connacht Tribune

Portumna Board of Guardians...Rev M. Donohoe CC wrote thanking the Guardians for their resolution of sympathy on the death of his sister Mrs Treacy Killoran. Similar letters were received from Mr M Donohue (Master) and Messrs P and J Donohue, and Mr Treacy.



6 July 1916 Freemans Journal

Treacy—July 4 1916. at her residence, Carrenderry, Williamstown, Anne, wife of Francis Treacy and mother of Rev Frank Treacy, St Mary's Rochester and Rev Patrick Treacy, Dayton New York. Funeral to Castlerea to-morrow (Friday).







22 Jul 1916 Western People


2 December 1916 Connacht Tribune

Patriick A Fahy, Monivea, summoned John Treacy, Monivea [Galway], for tresspass. The dispute arose out of a compliant against the defendant of having used a donkey and cart in the use of a passage to a well, which, he stated was to be used only by foot, according to the division of the land by the Estate Commission...dismissed the case as a question of title was involved.


1916-1923 Volunteers

Treacy, Frank (Cloonfree Coy.) 40, 445

Treacy, James (Mountbellew, Ballinasloe) 458

Treacy, John Joseph (Ballinturly, Fuerty) 445

Treacy, Joseph (Dunmore Coy, Co. Galway) 454

Treacy, Michael (North Longford Flying Column) 462

Treacy, Nora (Ballinturly, Fuerty) 445

Treacy, Pat (Ballinturly, Fuerty) 445

Treacy, Patrick (Glenamaddy Coy.) 445, 453, 454

Treacy, Patrick (Kilteevan Coy.) 207, 445

Treacy, Sean (Tipperary) 24, 109

Treacy, Thomas (Cootehall) 141, 165, 194, 445

Thorne, Kathleen Hegarty (2005) They put the Flag a-Flyin’. The Roscommon Volunteers 1916-1923. Generation Publishing, Oregon.



March 1916

John R. Treacy (of Tuam PLU???)

MS 33,604 (17) Sheehy Skeffington Papers NLI

Concerning lost property, social arrangements, public lectures.



Letter from Mrs Treacy, Tuam;

Ms 33,933 (3)


31st August 1917 Freeman’s Journal

Frank Gallagher, Knockalisheen, Co. Clare, was charged with having on the 22nd July and 29th July practised parties of young men at Meelick, Co. Clare, in movements of a military nature.

Sergeant James Treacy stated that on the 22nd July about fifteen young men were put through military movements by the accused at Meelick. Accused gave the party military commands, and under those commands the party went through military drill and movements.


6 oct 1917 (CTr)

Michael Tracey, raford, who was described as a labourer, was charged...with unlawfully killing Martin Hansherry at Moyode on the 16th September...He stumbled against a stone and in grasping the gun it went off, and shot the deceased in the back of the right thigh...adjournedment to the next Petty Sessions...


1917 USA Draft Registration  

Barton [Martin?] Tracy b. 1889 Tuam Galway Ireland, labourer, no dependants, lives 14 Highland Park Newton Mass

Bernard Joseph Tracey b. 27 Feb 1887 Manchester England, alien, machinest, single, no dependants, lives 230 Concord Ave Detroit Mich [family from Galway]

Bert Tracy b. 16 Jun 1889 Manchester England, alien, Moving Pictures Actor Myers Theby Comedy Co, single, no dependants, lives 820 Reocaside Ave Jacksonville Fla [family from Galway]

Daniel Tracey b. 15 Jan 1887 Dunmore Galway Ireland, naturalised citizen, married, wife and 5 children under 12 years, lives 309 Court St Elizabeth NJ, railway freight conductor at Central railroad of NJ

Daniel Tracey b. 17 Jun 1886 Galway Ireland England, married, wife and three children dependants, lives 78 Megait St Boston Mass, naturalised citizen, motarman ay boston Elevated Cars

Dennis Tracey b. 17 Mar 1893 Dunmore [Galway] Ireland, naturalised citizen, parents dependants, single, lives 1080 E Grand Elizabeth NJ, Fireman at Standand Ceil

Edward Martin Treacy b. 15 Nov 1895 Portumna Galway Ireland, declarant naturalisation, trucker Western Electric Co, single, no dependants, was private coast artillery USA 6 months, lives 3805 Indianalla Chicargo Ill

James Joseph Tracey b. 14 Apr 1894 Galway Ireland, grocery clerk Atlantic & Pacific, single, no dependants, flat feet, lives 3805 Ind Ave Chicago Ill

James Treacy b. 23 Dec 1887 Ballinasloc [Ballinasloe Galway] Ireland, declared intention naturalisation, Catholic priest Fays Diocese, no dependants, single, clergyman exemption, lives Starkmathu NJ

Lawrence Tracy b. 08 Nov 1892 Gallaway [Galway] Ireland, declared naturalistion, machinest at Remmington, single no dependants, lives Mildred Ave Stroollyn Pa

Michael Francis Tracy b. 26 Oct 1893 Portumaria [Portumna Galway] Ireland England, single, no dependants, naturalised, US citizen, lives 4535 Park Ave? NY, Platform man at Aine? Express Co

Michael J Tracy b. 20 Sep 1892 Glenamaddy Galway Ireland, declared intention naturalise, grocer clerk, single, no dependants, lives 16 Ellet Boston Mass

Michael J Tracy, b. Sept 20 1892 Glenamaddy Galway Ireland, lives 16 Ellet Boston Mass, single, grocers clerk

Patrick Joseph Tracey b. 17 Mar 1890 Cornamona [Galway] Ireland England, single, lives 18 Buiney St Boston Mass, grocery clerk at John T Connor

Patrick Treacy b. 07 Mar 1891 Dunmore Galway Ireland, naturalised citizen, clerk in railroad office, single, no dependants, lives 309 Court St Elizabeth NJ

William Tracy b. 13 Jul 1888 Galway Ireland, alien, handyman Strand Oil, wife dependant, married, lives 10014 Almira Ave Cleveland Ohio


1917-1921 Service Medal - Daniel Treacey of Galway, 5 Battalion, 1 Western Division

Daniel Treacey

Dominich Street, Portumna, Galway

Civilian occupation     Unknown;

Notes: Service (1917-1921) Medal awarded.

Data Protection Note: Open

Organisation: Irish Republican Army

Rank: Unknown

Commanding Officer(s): L. Kelly

Company: Unknown

Unit: 5 Battalion

Brigade: Unknown

Division: 1 Western Division

Medal awarded: Service (1917-1921) Medal

File Reference: MD3280


1917-1921 Service Medal - Kathleen Mary Morley nee Tracey, president Cumann na mBan Arlow Wicklow, Bay View Ferrybank Arklow Wicklow & The Mall Wicklow Wicklow & St. Jude's Galway Road Tuam Galway & Mullingar Westmeath

Kathleen Mary Morley nee Tracey


St. Jude's, Galway Road, Tuam, Galway

Bay View, Ferrybank, Arklow, Wicklow

The Mall, Wicklow, Wicklow

[Gruille] Street, Mullingar, Westmeath

Notes: File relates to successful Service (1917-1921) Medal application. Service certified and medal issued 3 March 1952.

Data Protection Note: Open

Organisation: Cumann na mBan

Rank: President

Commanding Officer(s): Matthew J. Kavanagh

Company: Arklow Company

Medal awarded: Service (1917-1921) Medal

File Reference: MD8183


1919 [Cmd. 57, 68, 370] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Purchase Acts, during the months of January, February and March, 1917. - Galway

25th October 1917, Michael Tracy, Longford, 35a0r0p, £23.4.0 rent, £532 price and advance, 22 years


November 1917 Treacy - The family of the late Mr. Treacy, Carrenderry [Williamstown, Co. Galway?], return their sincere thanks to the numerous friends who sympathised with them in their recent bereavement and hope they will accept this in acknowledgement.


June 15, 1918 The Gaelic American

Sister Mary Treacy. The profession took place at the Convent of Mercy, Loughrea, Most Rev Dr Gilmartin presiding, of Miss Treacy, Sister Mary Emmanuel, Belclare, Tuam.


June 18, 1918 New-York tribune.

Tracy - The Rev. Frank W. Tracy, native williamstown, County Galway, Ireland, June 14, St Mary's Hospital Rochester, Minn. Solemn high mass Wednesday morning 10 o'clock. St John Chrysostom Church, 167th St and Hoe av. Internment St. Raymonds.


30 Nov 1918 (CTr) Tweleve Arrests

At a special court held at Loughrea...twele men were charged with unlawfull assembly at Ballycrissane, Killmore, on the 18th Oct...a force of 85 police and 50 military...over eight hundred assembled at the farm...Constable...heard a member of the crowd say, "We are here to fight for the farm; We will die before we will let anyone have it". Witness identified Patrick Tracey, Ballycrissane; Andrew Muldoon, Old street and Patrick Killackey, Tieranascragh...


5 Jul 1919 (CTr) Tuam District Council

...Mr. TE Joyce, JP, for the Abbey East division and Mr. Tracy seconded....for Joyce...T. Treacey...


4 Oct 1919 (CTr) Tuam Quarter sessions

...burning of a store at Gumacurcreen Kilmoylan on July 26...Bridget Greaney, who owned the store...Ml Greaney, an employee of the Board [CDB] said...John Treacey, brother of the last witness, said he also saw the store being locked up...Peter Greaney, her son...


1918 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - former estate of E.T. Dames-Longworth

10/1/1918 Edward Treacy of Oatfield Galway, 16a/0r/23p, value £9/5/0, price £255, amount £255


1919 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - former estate of John J. Kearns (Land Commissioners)

Edward Treacy of Cossaun (part of) Galway, 44a/3r/26p, value £13/10/0, rent £13/10/0, price £256, amount £256, 18.9 years of rent


1919 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - former estate of Edith Kelly (Congested Districts Board)

March 6 1919 Martin Treacy of Kilgarve North  Galway16a/3r/5p & undived half of 17a/1r/15p and South 28a/3r/25p, value £-, rent £11/0/0, price £281, amount £281, 25.5 years of rent

March 6 1919 Edward Treacy of Oakwood North  Galway7a/2r/5p and South 35a/2r/14p, value £-, rent £6/8/0, price £163, amount £163, 25.4 years of rent

March 6 1919 John Treacy of Liss Galway, 30a/3r/5p, value £5/10/0, rent £9/11/0, not judical, price £239, amount £239, 24.8 years of rent


1919 Monthly returns of advances made under the Irish Land Act - former estate of Burton W. Persse

7/8/1919 James Tracey of Raruddy West Galway, 15a/2r/10, price £325, amount £325


Jan 5, 1920 (FJ) Robbed by masked men

...Portumna...an old man named Treacy was relieved of £3 and the contents of his cart...


Feb 19, 1920 (FJ) Teachers Differ

...Co. Galway National Teachers Association...An amendment by Mr M Treacy calling on the CEC to cease advocacy of the Education Bill as it had been rejected by the Church and the country was ruled out of order...


25 sep 1920 (CTr)

Patrick Tierney, ballyboy, summoned Mrs. Tracey for closing up a "kish" and stopping him from bringing home his turf...


1920 Chemist and Druggist

...examinations...Martin Joseph Treacy, Belclare, Galway...


Jan 24, 1921 (FJ) Terrorism in the Tuam District

...John Treacy, Abbey, was arrested. He surrendered a shot-gun...

Jan 24, 1921 (IT) Shootings in County Galway

...three men...were shot dead while attempting to evade arrest...John Tracy, Abbey was arrested. He surrendered a shot gun he had in his house...


John Tracey of Abbey Barnaderg/Ballycinin/Ballyglunin Co Galway, 26 Jan 1921 Courts martial of civilians, March 29 1921 held In field Ireland, charge GAA (D), fine s50/-, F.G.C.M. £2.10.0, default 2 months, fine paid

John Treacy, 2/RO/102 Cashier Irish Command, 05 Feb 1921 Internment camps & prisons, cheque £2-10-0. Particulars: Accused was asked by police if he had a gun he said he had and immediately handed same over. The police gave the accused an excellent character and was always a good friend to them.


23 April 1921 (TH) Dispute about a heifer

Michael Moran, Feigh Abbey, sued Peter and John Treacy, Abbey, for £20, the price of a heifer sold by plaintiff's son to John Treacy...Adjourned to the next sessions to have Moran's son produced in court.


1921-1922 Irish Military Archives

James Treacy or Seán Treasaigh of Mountbellew, Galway and Wicklow

John Treacy, Abbey, Co. Galway

John Treacy, Monivea, Athenry, Co. Galway

Joseph Treacy, 1st Lieutenant, A (Dunmore) Company, 1 Battalion, North Galway Brigade, 2 Western Division

Joseph Treacy, U.S.A., Newcastle Coy., Co. Galway

Michael Treacy, Monivea, Athenry, Co. Galway

Patrick Treacy, Captain IRA, Glenamaddy Coy., Co. Galway

Patrick Treacy, U.S.A., Newcastle Coy., Co. Galway



1921- Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Catherine otherwise Kate Tracey, 25 Sep 1925, late of Corrafaireen Ballyglunin County Galway, widow, who died 27 Feb 1925, to John Tracey, farmer. Effects …

Edward Treacy, 11 Aug 1933, late of Ballynamuddagh Aughrim County Galway, farmer, who died 17 Dec 1922, to Thomas Treacy, famer. Effects …

Edward Treacy, 11 Dec 1925, late of Allington Ballycrissane County Galway, farmer, who died 2 Jul 1925, to Catherine Treacy, the widow. Effects …

Edward Treacy, 8 Mar 1938, late of Killandullick Killimore County Galway, farmer (retired), who died 18 Jan 1934, to James Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Ellen M. Tracey, 9 May 1935, late of Upper Cloontoa Road Tuam County Galway, married woman, who died 2 Apr 1935, to Bridget Roche, spinster, and Patrick Gannon, merchant. Effects …

Ellen Treacy, 13 Jun 1930, late of Kilnalappa Dunmore County Galway, widow, who died 10 Aug 1914, to Bridget Walsh, spinster. Effects …

Francis Treacy, 24 Mar 1938, late of Sheeaun Portumna County Galway, farmer, who died 2 Dec 1937, to Bernard Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Hugh Treacy, 16? Aug 1940, late of Curoullon Toomard County Galway, farmer, who died 19 Jun 1940, to Thomas Kelly and Thomas Crehan, farmers. Effects …

James Tracey, 21 Mar 1924, late of Derry Kilkerrin County Galway, farmer, who died 23 Oct 1920, to Michael Tracey, farmer. Effects …

James Treacy, 1 Aug 1933, late of Raruddy Loughra County Galway, farmer, who died 13 Apr 1933, to Mary Treacy, widow. Effects …

James Treacy, 25 Nov 1938, late of Caheroyan Athenry County Galway, farmer, who died 12 Mar 1936, to Mary Treacy, widow. Effects …

John Treacy, 10 Aug 1938, late of Milltown County Galway, farmer, who died 23 Apr 1938, to Stephen Treacy, farmer. Effects …

John Treacy, 24 May 1937, late of Rehan Tynagh County Galway, farmer, who died 25 Feb 1937, to Laurence Treacy, farmer. Effects …

John Treacy, 3 Nov 1939, late of Ardmagall Milltown County Galway, farmer, who died 8 Aug 1939, to Michael Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Joseph Treacy, 29 Sep 1932, late of Killimore Road Portumna County Galway, farmer, who died 5 May 1932, to Patrick Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Lawrence Treacy, 17 Feb 1941, late of Rehan Tynagh Loughrea County Galway, farmer, who died 7 Aug 1940, to Patrick Joynt, farmer. Effects …

Michael Treacy, 23 Nov 1936, late of Longford Ballycrinane Ballinasloe County Galway, farmer, who died 22 Feb 1935, to John Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Michael Treacy, 7 Feb 1939, late of Cloonraine County Galway, farmer, who died 11 Dec 1938, to Kate Treacy, married woman. Effects …

Patrick Treacy, 19 May 1933, late of Barrack Street Loughrea County Galway, bank porter, who died 18 Feb 1931, to Mary Treacy, the widow. Effects …

Patrick Treacy, 29 Mar 1928, late of Polldarragha Tuam County Galway, farmer, who died 20 Apr 1925, to Bridget Rooney, married woman. Effects...

Patrick Treacy, 7 Nov 1933, late of Killeen South County Galway, farmer, who died 1 Sep 1909, to Thomas Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 10 Feb 1939, late of Knockatee Dunmore County Galway, labourer, who died 24 Dec 1937, to Edward Gilmore, farmer. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 11 Apr 1934, late of Claretuam Tuam County Galway, farmer, who died 2 Apr 1927, to Bridget Treacy, widow. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 16 Jul 1938, late of Killeen Ballyshrule Portumna County Galway, farmer, who died 9 Mar 1934, to John Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 2 Feb 1925, late of Timiduane Clonberne County Galway, farmer, who died 22 March 1913, to Mary Slamon, widow. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 22 Sep 1937, late of Westbridge Loughrea County Galway, retired farmer, who died 10 Jul 1937, to Patrick Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Thomas Treacy, 27 May 1933, late of Castlefarm Dunmore County Galway, farmer, who died 14 Dec 1927, to Joseph Treacy, farmer. Effects …

Vincent Treacy, 6 Apr 1929, late of Cappasallagh Portumna County Galway, farmer, who died 8 Mar 1929, to Nicholas Treacy, farmer. Effects …


28 jan 1922 (CTr)

...instructions of Mrs Mary Treacey to sell by Public Auction...land at Carrick West, Cornamona, County galway contain 34 acres...two story thatched dwelling-house...yearly tenant at the yearly rent of £5.4.0. There is also a small house...yearly rent of £1.5.6


4 February 1922 (TH) Cormac Dall (or Charles Commions)

...a blind bard...died about 1790...An old man named Donnell Tracey, who lived at the Castle of Dunmore, said that he saw him and that he was then over one hundred years old...


6 may 1922 (CTr) Co. Galway Farmers' Association

...Tieranascragh - W. Broder, P. Tracy...

13 May 1922 (TH) Galway Famers Union

...Tiernascragh- W Broder, P Tracy...


7 October 1922 Connacht Tribune - Student Sucess

Mr. Anthony Treacy, Claretuam, a pupil of Tuam Christian Brothers Schools, won a £40 scholarship tenable for three years in Galway University.


19 oct 1922 (CTr)

...Killeen branch...send...Thomas Tracey as delegates.


23 December 1922 (TH) Unpurchased Tenant League

...delegates...w. Curran (Concanon St. George estate); P. Treacy, do;...


1922 Army Census


Bernard Treacy; 22; Vol, Infantry, home address: Monivea Galway, 21897 pay no: 24813, Joined: May 10th 1922 Mountbellew Co. Galway, single, RC, Next of kin: father, Next of kin: Bernard Treacy, Monivea; Tuam (Galway); download file


John Tracy; 22; Sergt, Infantry, home address: Drumrcay, Portumna, 9114 pay no: 14490, Joined: 15/3/22 Renmore, single, RC, Next of kin: moth, Next of kin: Ketie Tracy, Drumscay? Portumna; -; download file


30 January 1923 Cork Examiner

Kerry Farmer's Fate... John Tracey, Western Division, deposed to seeing deceased brought to the guardroom and heard him being questioned Lieut. Larkin. He saw him threaten Prendeville ...

Nov 8, 1924 (FJ) ...Murder of Thomas Prenderville at Tralee...

...Sergeant John Treacy...said he had been sergeant of a military guard on 1st January 1923 at Hartnetts Post, Castleisland...[of Galway?]


1922-1924 Dublin Metropolitan Police and Civic Guard (Garda Síochána) Personnel Registers

John Treacy, No. 5515, b. Drumsea [Drumscar Lickmolassy -  Cooldorragh Census] Portumna Galway, b. 28/7/1900, joined 16/1/1924, RC, IRA Rank Pte, Army rank Srg, knowledge of Irish, 5'8.75", 36/36.5? chest


Michael Treacy; 23; Pte, Infantry, home address: Coldaraha, Portumna, 31294 pay no:10712, Joined: ?, single, RC, Next of kin: mother, Next of kin: Mrs Treacy, Coldaraha, Portumna,; Portumna (Galway); download file


Michael Treacy; 25; Private, Infantry, home address: Killarna, Ballinasloe, 31098/R10908 pay no: 10517, Joined: 25/3/1922 Galway, single, RC, Next of kin: mother, Next of kin: Margaret Treacy, Killarna Ballinasloe; Ballinasloe (Galway); download file


Michael Treacy; 36; Pte, home address: Backpack, Esker, Athenry, Co. Galway, 35156 pay no: 10769, Joined: 4/7/22 Craghwell, single, RC, Next of kin: father, Next of kin: Mr. Bart Treacy (same address); Buttevant (Cork); download file


Thos Treacy; 19; Pte, Infantry, home address: St. Michaels Sq, Ballinasloe, 31208 pay no:10729, Joined: 4/7/22 Portumna, single, RC, Next of kin: father, Next of kin: John Treacy, St. Michaels Sq Ballinasloe; Oughterard (Galway); download file


10 feb 1923 (CTr)

A meeting of the Ballinasloe Urban District Council...He also cautioned Miss Tracey for throwing out rubbish at the corner of the square and threatended to get the council to summon her...


9 jun 1923 (CTr)

...The following priests were in the choir...Rev Fr Tracey, do [Esker]...


Jun 13, 1923 & Jun 16, 1923 (IT) Inauguration of "Dun's Day"

...Sir patrick Dun's Hospital Dublin...The nurses who received their third year certificates were...Margaret Tracey, Kilkerrin, Ballinasloe...


25 aug 1923 (CTr)

...Treaty candidates...This gentleman man who interupted got seven days in Galway Jail for breaking into Mr. Treacy's house in Abbey...


29 sep 1923 (CTr)

...a case against Bartholomew Tracey, charged with that he did on the 8th June 1922 enter the house of a man named Patrick Monaghan...unable to identify accused...

6 oct 1923 (CTr)

At Ballinasloe Quarter Sessions... Bartley Tracey, labourer, Kiltullagh...house of Patrick Monaghan, Athenry...11 o'clock...accused in which he said he left Athenry that night at 8.30 o'clock. A later statement by accused in the barracks at Athenry was to the effect that left Athenry at ten o'clock. Accused was discharged.


13 oct 1923 (CTr) Larceny of Rabbit Traps

Patrick Treacy and his son, John, of Ardnafall, Milltown...the woman of the house...young Treacey was aged about eight years...Healy's and Treacey's lands adjoin. Michael Treacey said he saw


13 December 1923 IT

Inter-University Championship...Gaelic Football...Galway...T. Treacey...


Michael Vincent Threacy

Registration District: Portumna

Event Type: Births

Registration Quarter and Year: Jan - Mar 1924

Volume Number: 4

Page Number: 255


24 may 1924 (CTr)

...Headford District Court...Guard Peter Tracey...


Aug 5, 1924 (FJ)

Convent of Mercy, Tuam. Piano...Dilly Treacy...Singing...Dilly Treacy...Presentation Convent Tuam...Patrick Treacy...


6 dec 1924 (CTr) Galway Circuit Court

J. Tracey of Abbey, sued Norah Monaghan, same place, for £9.7.6 for shop goods supplied...Miss Bessie Fingletan gave evidence that she looked after the accounts for Mr. Tracey and also assisted in the shop...she got a cheque for £3.5.6 from Mr. Tracey to send to the Land Commission...goods paid for with eggs...A decree for £9.17.6 was given.


31 jan 1925 (CTr) Sensational Story

...fired a shot at the house of Wm Treacy, Ballanahilla, pulled Wm. Tracy out of his house, threatened to shot him...brother Walter...marry the girl...

9 oct 1926 (CTr) "Because of a Girl"

At Galway circuit Court...wounding William Tracey of Ballaanbilla, New Inn and also with assaulting Wm Tracey on the 24th June last...who hit him on the nose with a revolver...


25 apr 1925 (CTr)

Mary Coffee, Newtown, Ballinasloe against James Hardiman, same place, shop goods sold and delivered; decree for £3.6.9; against Thomas Tracey, Killaghaherna, £1.1.2...


16 may 1925 (CTr)

...Tuam Cummann na nGaedheal branches...Barnaderg...P. Tracey...


13 jun 1925 (CTr) Tuam Electorial Area

James Cunningham, N.T., Kilkerrin Ballinasloe. Proposed by Pk Cummings Kilkerrin; Seconded by Hugh Tracey, Derrnabrien, Mountbellew.


27 jun 1925 (CTr) Loughrea District Court

Martin Tracey, NT, Castleturbin, Athenry, brought an action against Peter Kelly, Athenry, for recovery of the sum of £10, price of a mare.


27 jun 1925 (CTr) Decrees at Ballinasloe

RD Council...against Margaret Tracey, Killaharda, £4.14.3...


11 jul 1925 (CTr) B.Sc. Degree Examination

Pass...Tracy, M P....


Nov 5, 1925 (IT) University College Galway

B.Sc...Tracy, Michael Patrick (Also B.E.)...


20 feb 1926 (CTr) Dereen District Court

John Tracey, Abbeyknockboy, was prosecuted by the sate for allowing gaming to be carried on in his licensed premises...adjourned...


13 mar 1926 (CTr)

We regret to record the death of Mrs John Tracey, Keelogue, Meelick, Eyrecourt, which occurred on Saturday last. deceased was 76 years of age, and one of the most respected residents of the district, and a member of the oldest and most popular families in East Galway. the funeral to the family burial ground, Meelick, on sunday, was large and representative, including representatives from the surrounding parishes for 20 miles. RIP.


20 mar 1926 (CTr) "A serious Offence"

...John Tracey, publican, Abbey, for permitting gaming on his premises...in the kitchen off the bar found three men playing cards...Witness seized the cards and some coppers...


17 jul 1926 (CTr) Land Purchase Annuities

5885? Bern Tracey, Glennaghloghaun S. Roundfield, T.1 Monivae, £2.9.5


October 1926

...Wm Treacey, Ballinbilla, New Inn, was assulted with revolvers in June...


25 dec 1926 (CTr)

The following candidate for the position of district court clerk at Tuam...Tracey, Claretuam...


27 jan 1927 (CTr)

...the licence of Nicholas Daly, publican, Derreen...a man named John Tracey said they were members of a search party that were looking for his (Tracey's) sister, who had been missing for a week...John Tracey deposed that he lived about three miles from Daly's public house...They were searching Moyne Wood when, at about 4 o'clock, word was brought to them that his sister had been found about three miles away...


12 feb 1927 (CTr) In Tuam and north Galway

New District Court Clerk. Mr John Tracey, Claretuam, Tuam, has been appointed District Court Clerk, Tuam District, for the District Court areas of Tuam, Headford and Derreen.

March 5, 1927 The Advocate (NY)

John Tracey. Claretuam, Tuam, has been appointed District Court Clerk. Tuam district, for the District Court areas of Tuam, Headford and Derreen.


5 mar 1927 (CTr) City Retreats

...Very Rev Wm Treacey of the Redemptorist order...


26 mar 1927 (CTr) At Dunmore Court

...Ml Tracey, Belwell, Dunmore, for having been under the influence of drink- Defendant was fined 5s on this charge and 5s for not having a light on his car.


25 jun 1927 (CTr) Eyre Square Galway

Programme...Hickey (Dublin) (Lightweight Champion of Ireland) v. Tracey (Dublin Lightweight)...


1 oct 1927 (CTr)

...Were you offered a house by Mr. Tracey, Ballindine at 5s a week?...


15 oct 1927 (CTr)

John Burke, Lecarrow, Athenry...I am woring for a man named Martin Tracey...


29 oct 1927 (CTr) Killimore Court Prosecutions

For allowing his cattle to wander on the public road...John Tracey, Lisdigney, was ordered to pay 2s...


17 Dec 1927 (CTr)

...breach of the Licensing Laws...found on premises...Martin Tracy, Esker...


Coldwood N.S., Craughwell, Athenry, Co. Galway

The school was built in the year 1874. It continued until 1936. It was a one-roomed structure with a gable facing the road. It was situated beside the present school. Miss Monaghan and Miss Lohan taught there around the beginning of the century. Martin Treacy and his sister Julia were there until 1927. Julia Treacy taught in Coldwood until the year 1933.


14 jan 1928 (CTr)

...Cumann na nGaedheal conference at Headford...conference held in Mr. Donohoe's...E. Tracey...


4 feb 1928 (CTr)

...Ballymacward Ratepayers Association...seconded by Mr. P. Tracey...


18 feb 1928 (CTr) Portumna Small Tenants' League

...present...C. Tracey...


18 feb 1928 (CTr) Mountbellew District Court

...summoned Hugh Tracey, Kilkerrin, for using a motor car that had not a rear light. Defendant was fined 10s.


24 mar 1928 (CTr)

...Late Mrs Kennedy wife of Mr MJ Kennedy, County Surveyor Galway...In the choir...the Very Rev. Fr. Tracey, CSSR Esker (cousin of the deceased)...


28 april 1928 (CTr)

...Castlelambert...dance at Knockbrack..got down off the bicycle near Tracy's cross-roads...


May 19, 1928 (IT) Irish Police News

7566 Guard Edw. Tracy, Roscommon to Ballinasloe.

Nov 24, 1928 (IT) Irish Police News

7566 Guard E. Tracy, Ballinasloe to Aughrim.


26 may 1928 (CTr)

Mr. James Tracey, Athenry, was presented with a clock, pipe and tobacco pouch by the Permanent Way staff, Great Southern Railway, on his retirement after 56 years' service.


2 jun 1928 (CTr) Dunmore District Court

John Tracey, Ardnagall, was summonded for not sending his child to school. His explanation was that the child had to go three miles to school and could not go in bad weather. An explanation was sent to the school but apparently was not delivered...Fined 2s and if there is another conviction the fine will be £2.


30 Jun 1928 (CTr) County Galway students

Diploma in Education...Annie V. Tracy...


22 sep 1928 (CTr)

At Athenry District Court...using vehicles unlighted...Michael Tracey, Esker, 1s...


22 sep 1928 (CTr) Dereen Court

Exemption orders for the fairs during the coming year were granted...John Tracey, publican, Abbey.


22 sep 1928 (CTr) Derreen District Court

...having stock wandering...fined 2s John Tracey, Corafaireen;


29 sep 1928 (CTr) Athenry Court

...Hugh Tracey, Kilkerrin, was fined 3s for using a motor car on which the identification plates were not distinguishable...


Jul 2, 1929 (IT) University College Galway

...Commerce...Pass...Tracey, M.J...


13 Jul 1929 (CTr) University College Galway

...Arts... Seond Class Honours...Tracy, MJ...Commerce...Pass...Tracey, MJ...


19 oct 1929 (CTr) Dereen District Court

...Mary E Tracy, Derren, summoned...for abusive and threatening language...she was sitting outside her house with her brother when defendant passed and told her to get away or he would dash her brains out...She knew there was litigation between her father and defendant...brother Martin...he had got an ejectment on the title against Treacy...adjourned the case for three months...


1 mar 1930 (CTr)

...Mr. J. Tracey, district court clerk.


Jun 25, 1930 (IT) National University Examinations

BA (Pass)...Patrick Tracey.


5 jul 1930 (CTr)

B. Comm Degree - Subsidiary Examination...Pass...Tracy, MJ...


29 nov 1930 (CTr)

...James Tracey...Killimore, were fined 2s6d for using unshod donkeys;


27 dec 1930 (CTr)

Three cocks of hay and one stack of corn were destroyed by fire in the farmyard of Mr. Michael Tracey, farmer, Cloonacusha, near Killimore. The fire was noticed at 1 a.m. by a neighbour who was returning from a dance. The cause of the outbreak is unknown.


27 dec 1930 (CTr)

...Wm Tracey...Tynagh...were fined 2s6d for using unshod donkeys;


19 Jan 1931 (CTr) Judge and Farmers

"No farmer in this country would pay a penny more for land than he is compened to pay, and he is quite right"...brought a civil bill ejectment on the title against Edward Treacy, Cussann, Athenry, for possession of lands at Fahy's Village...decree for possession.


7 Feb 1931 (CTr)

Deaths...Thomas Treacy, Newcastle, Athenry.


14 feb 1931 (CTr)

Galway [hurling]...passing to Tracy...


28 Feb 1931 (CTr)

Patrick Treacy...donkey...allowing stock to wander on the public road


21 mar 1931 (CTr)

On Monday last a first Months Mind Mass was offered at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, for the repose of the soul of the late Thomas Tracey, of Newcastle, Athenry, County Galway, who died on February 1.


21 Mar 1931 (CTr) Portumna Sports Field Open

120 yards race: 1. WJ Treacy...


28 mar 1931 (CTr)

...For £1, cash lent against Michael Treacy, Killalaghton...


11 Apr 1931 (CTr) In Portumna

The profession took place in the Convent of Jesus and mary, Gurtnor Abbey, Crossmolina, of Miss Bridget Treacy (in religion Sister Bernardette), daughter of Mrs. Treacy and the late Mr. Edward Treacy, Allington House, Ballycrissane...


16 may 1931 (CTr) Dead horse in stream

...John Treacy, Beagheauncen...


20 Jun 1931 (CTr) Juvenile Hurling at Portumna

...In the Portumna team Mick Treacy, though not yet fourteen, was playing like a vetern full back. He was an outstanding sucess, and will yet, we predict, play for the county. His brother Joe, and Frank Dolphin did gret work at mid-field...


4 jul 1931 (CTr) First Arts Examinations

...Second Class Honours...Tracey, Carmel M...


11 jul 1931 (CTr)

...fined 2s for allowing their animals to wander...Ballindooley...Thomas Tracey, do...


11 jul 1931 (CTr)

...Pass. Tracy, Mary V...B. Comm Degree...Pass...Tracy, Martin J...


25 Jul 1931 (CTr)

Amongst those who are spending a holiday in Portumna, their native place...and Mr. James Treacy.


25 Jul 1931 (CTr) Gort Open Meeting

...E. Tracy, Limerick 69...


25 Aug 1931 (CTr)

...To John Treacy, Esq, District Court clerk Tuam...


25 Aug 1931 (CTr)

...Butter salt...3. Mrs Treacy, Cappa...


3 Oct 1931 (CTr)

Thomas Treacy, Killeen, Ballyshrule, Portumna, was appointed sheep dipping inspector for his area.


17 Oct 1931 (CTr)

Nurse Kate Treacy also wrote tendering her resignation after 22 years service ands asking to have a number of years added to her service. This application was also ordered to be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

14 Nov 1931 (CTr)

...and Kate Treacy, who had twenty two years service tendered her resignation.


17 Oct 1931 (CTr) Gaelic League Juvenile Huring Cup

Killimore...T. Treacy...


24 Oct 1931 (CTr)

P. Treacy, Dominick street, Galway for failing to produce a driver's licence for a motor car was fined 5s...


31 Oct 1931 (CTr) Death of Mr Patrick Cahill, ballinakill

...Mrs Treacy (sister)...John Treacy (brother-in-law)...


31 oct 1931 (CTr) Conferring of Degrees at University College, Galway

Bachelor of Arts...Tracy, Martin J...


7 nov 1931 (CTr)

The following were fined for breaches of the Lighting Act: Patk Tracey, Ballyboggan 2s6d...


21 Nov 1931 (CTr)

Messrs Rathwell, merchants, Ballinasloe, obtained a decrees for £8.7s against Anthony O'Brian and Michael Treacy, Loughill...


21 nov 1931 (CTr) Dereen District Court

...fined 2s for having stock wandering on the public road: John Tracey, Corafaireen...


12 Dec 1931 (CTr)

Under the School Attandence Act...Fergus Treacy, Killoran, 7s6d...


2 jan 1932 (CTr)

A meeting of the Corr and Dernhiney tenants was held at Ballycrissane, Mr. Patrick Treacy presiding...


30 jan 1932 (CTr) Death of Miss Dillie Treacy, Ballidnine

...on January 21, was a shock to her parents...She attended a funeral on sunday evening apparently in her usual good health...by her parents, brother, and sisters and friends...


13 feb 1932 (CTr)

Powell, Tom, Salthill, Galway, teacher and student...Assentors: Thos. Treacy, Junr, Dunmore South...Joseph Tracey, Castlefarm, Dunmore North...


13 Feb 1932 (CTr) Mr Lambert's 3 Additional papers

...Thos Treacy, Killeen, Portumna...


5 mar 1932 (CTr)

For sale - One yearling shorthorn bull, Department Certificate, Patrick Treacy, Claretuam, Tuam.


12 mar 1932 (CTr)

...on behalf of Mr. E. Rothwell, Ballinasloe applied for a possession order of a cottage held in Laurencetown by William Treacy, a saddler. The defendant held the house as a caretaker...A order for a possession, with a month;s stay of execution was given.


12 mar 1932 (CTr) [Bus accident]

Patrick Treacy, the driver, swore that he had been driving cars for a number of years and he knew the route to Spiddel well....


16 apr 1932 (CTr) Unlicensed Portumna Dogs

...Patrick Treacy, Balycrissane.


7 may 1932 (CTr) Galway University College Sports

In the inter-faculty tug-o'-war, Engineers defeated Medicals...[Engineers]...P. Tracey.


21 may 1932 (CTr)

At Galway District Court on Thursday...Patrick Tracey, Dominick street, was charged with reckless driving...Patrick Tracey, defendant, swore he had considerable experience in driving motors...[hackney?]


21 may 1932 (CTr) Scholarships

The boys awarded scholarships were: Martin Treacey, Dreen?, Ballyglunin, 75 per cent;...


11 jun 1932 (CTr) Galway Ordinations at Maynooth

...The Very Rev Michael Tracy, L.Mus. conducted the college choir...


11 jun 1932 (CTr) Ballinasloe Distric Court

...unlicensed dogs...John Treacy, do [Killabeg]...


11 jun 1932 (CTr)

For sale in Ballindine a two-storey slated house adjoining Devines with plot at rear, extending to river. Apply to owner, Michael Treacy.


18 jun 1932 (CTr) Three Tuam Priests

...natives of the Tuam District: Rev. Antony Treacy, son of Mrs Treacy, Claretuam, ordained in All-Hollows for the Brisbane diocese...


25 jun 1932 (CTr)

...for using an unlighted vehicle. P. Treacy, Derrew...1s...Ambrose Treacy, Derrew...2s...


25 jun 1932 (CTr) An Irish Wake

...Cahalans left for Castlenancy, County Galway...Yorkville Temple...May Tracy was in charge of the arrangements.


25 jun 1932 (CTr) B. Comm. Degree Subsidiary Examination

...Tracey, Mary V...


25 jun 1932 (CTr) Summer Examinations

BA Degree Subsidiary Examination...Tracey, Carmel M...


6 aug 1932 (CTr) Christian Brothers Tuam

Latest Successes:...Martin Treacy, 1st Place, Agricultural Scholarship...


3 sep 1932 (CTr)

Mr and mrs Owen McDermott sailed...to visit the old homestead in Springfield, Williamstown, County Galway...amoung those who saw them off were altorney Bernard Tracey and his sisters, the Waldron brothers, the Noonan and Redmond families, R. Patterson, B. O'Connor, F. McDermott, James J. Hanley etc. Owen McDermott ia a member of the Williamstown Commercial Club...


17 sep 1932 (CTr)

...John P. Taaffe, Garda Cloonfad and Miss Kathleen M. O'Reagan only daughter, Ballykillen Cloonfad. The ceremoney was performed by Rev A. Treacy (cousin of the bride)...


17 sep 1932 (CTr)

Cooking...Home made brown bread...3 Mollie Tracey, Ballinturley.


17 sep 1932 (CTr)

...incidents at Kilrush [Clare]...in charge of Miss Treacy, Postmistress.


15 oct 1932 (CTr) Threats to Shoot

...Ml Treacy, Cappasallagh...the lands of Corr were recently divided and as in some instances the way it was divided did not satisfy certain people....Treacy's brothers...


22 oct 1932 (CTr) The Late Mr TJ Cahill

...John Treacy (brother-in-law)...


22 oct 1932 (CTr)

Patk Tracey, Gort, summoned for being drunk, was fined 2s6d. "I have taken the pledge until Christmas" said the defendant, when asked by the justice if he had anything to say in answer to the charge.


22 Oct 1932 (CTr) The first Engineering examination.

Pass: Tracy, Patrick J...


22 oct 1932 (CTr) Queen Wililelmina

...Chris. Tracey, Gortanumera, Portumna 10 cwts.


26 Nov 1932 (CTr)

The Commissioners acting as the Galway Board of Health brought an action to efect Patrick Treacy (72), a tenant of the Boards's cottages as Killalaghton, on the grounds that the tenant did not occupy the cottage...single...the cottage was built for Treacy about 22 years ago. There was a garden attached. Up to this year there was no bed in the cottage...He was caretaker of the graveyard nearby for fourty years...This old man was sleeping in the cottage since June...adjourned the case...


3 dec 1932 (CTr) A.C.A. [Army Comrades Association] Meeting

appointed chairman in each parish...Killeen, Thos Treacy...


17 dec 1932 (CTr) Peace in Glenrevagh

...Headford District court...unlawful assembly...to prevent...county surveyor from employing men on the road contract...James Treacy, Glenrevagh.


17 dec 1932 (CTr)

...Corofin has lost within the last few seasons other prominent players...Rev A Treacy (Australia)...


December 24, 1932 The advocate (NY)

Treacy and Murphy — At St. Joseph's Church, Galway, by Rev. Father Coyne, Edward Treacy, of Caherpucha, Ballyglunin, to Annie, daughter of James and the late Mrs. Murphy, of Derrylissane, Menlough, ???sloe


24 dec 1932 (CTr)

At ballinasloe District Court...of a cottage at Killalaghton held by Patrick Treacy...six months stay on the decree...


24 dec 1932 (CTr)

The Ulster Bank Ltd, Tuam, sued Thomas Treacy, Clonasadogue, for £12.7.0 and a decree was given.


28 jan 1933 (CTr)

Patrick Treacy, Ballyboggan, Craughwell was fined 2s6d...


11 feb 1933 (CTr)

...cycling without a light...P. Treacy, Killana 2s...


18 feb 1933 (CTr)

Martin Fallon, licensed publican, Abbey...prosecuted...four men in kitchen...Edward Tracey, Abbey; John Tracey, Cranagh;...Edward Tracey said he came there with a paper...


15 apr 1933 (CTr)

...Patk Treacy, Ballyerissane was fined 2s for wandering animals...


22 apr 1933 (CTr)

At a general meeting of the Closetoken Fianna Fail cumann a vote of sympathy was passed with the relatives of the late Mr Jas Treacy, Rathruddy [Raruddy], whose unexpected death on Thursday 13th inst caused profound regret in his native parish and surrounding districts. The late Mr Treacy joined the Fenian Brotherhood at a very early age, and gave sustained? support during his lifetime to the cause of Irish freedom. Deceased was a devote and practical catholic and a faithful member of the various church sodalities in Loughrea on Sunday at the monthly meeting of the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular to which he belonged, Prayers were offered at the Abbey Church for the eternal repose of his soul.

10 jun 1933 (CTr) Loughrea Town Commissioners

Mrs. Tracey, Rathruddy, also wrote thanking the Board for kind expression of sympathy passes with her and family on the death of her husband.


6 may 1933 (CTr) The Protestant Church at Ballygar [Group Picture]

...has been purchased...to Gortanumera and rebuilt as a Catholic Church...group of Gortanumera parishioners...Messrs. James Treacy...


20 may 1933 (CTr)

...Nora Higgins, Liss...her brothers death in New York...her sister Mrs Treacy...


20 may 1933 (CTr)

The following qualified for scholarships in the East Galway area...Maggie Treacy, Derreen, Ballygluinn, 63%...


24 jun 1933 (CTr)

...Very Rev M Tracey, Professor of Gregorian Chant, presided at the organ...


24 jun 1933 (CTr)

...will of James Verdon, Vermont, Menlough...called in the motor driver, James Treacy, to witness the will...


24 jun 1933 (CTr) Intermediate Hurling Team

Cussaune - M Treacy (capt)...P. Treacy...Ballymacward...P. Treacy...T. Treacy...


8 JUl 1933 (CTr) The B.Comm Degree Examination

...Tracy, M. V.


29 july 1933 (CTr)

The case of Bridget Tracey, Castlefarm against...for assault on June 18, was adjourned for six months.


26 aug 1933 (CTr)

...Three year old filly...2. Bernard Treacy, Earlston...


6 Sep 1933 (CTr) Death of Mrs YTreacy, Shaenrush Portumna

...after a long illness at the age of 72 years...her people (Howards)...The burial took place at Tynagh...


7 oct 1933 (CTr) Death of mr Tom Kilgarriff...Sinn Fein...

...J. A. Treacy, Ballindine...


11 nov 1933 (CTr)

...Cussane Fiana Fail Club...vice-president Martin Treacy...


11 nov 1933 (CTr) BA Degree

...Tracey, Carmel M. M...B.Comm Degree...Tracy, Mary V...


18 nov 1933 (CTr) Branches of Fine Gael

...Belclare...T.P. Treacy...


18 nov 1933 (CTr)

Decrees were given...Patrick T. Treacy, Dublin, against Thomas carter, Athenry, £1.6.4...


25 nov 1933 (CTr)

...the case of recipient Ann Treacy...getting 5s per week...but when she got her army pension 20s8d in December 1932, the home assistance was discontinued...


16 dec 1933 (CTr) Bicycle

...the larceny of a bicyle, the property of thomas Tracey, and value 7s6d. Tracey stated he left his bicyle outside a dance hall [Monivea?] on November 5 and when he came out the lamp was missing...took it for a joke...


30 dec 1933 (CTr) The Redemptorists and the Irish Language

...Father W. Treacey, of happy memory, were likewise heroes in this cause;...


20 jan 1934 (CTr)

...Ballymacward Fianna Fail Club...elected...committee...P. Treacy...


3 feb 1934 (CTr) Patrick? Cahill Will

...to my brother Michael Cahill, to distribute as he thinks right between my sister Marion Treacy, or my nieces or nephews, but out of same £2000 he is to erect a first class monument to my father's grave, also one to my own"...


10 mar 1934 (CTr) Our American Letter

...a very sucessful benifit dance at the Galway Halls NYC...patrons included...Patrick Tracy...


14 apr 1934 (CTr)

...lighting up Act...Thomas Treacy, do [Clough], 1s, Bartley Treacy, do [Clough], 2s...


21 apr 1934 (CTr)

...Timothy Treacy, Cappatagle...potatoes...large family...


5 may 1934 (CTr) [University Scholarship]

...Martin Treacy, Dereen, Ballyglunnin (Christian Brothers Tuam)...


16 jun 1934 (CTr) 18 Nominations - 9 Vacancies

Mr. patk Treacy (F.G.) kiltulla, Glenamaddy. Proposer Mr Patk J Finnegan, Kilkerrin; seconder Mr Ml Gerrity, Glenamaddy.


23 jun 1934 (CTr)

...Lights and Vehicles Act...Hugh Treacy, Ballindine...2s6d...


30 jun 1934 (CTr) The Silent Barmaid

John Treacy, licensed publican, Abbey, was summoned...would not endorse...fine 5s...


7 July 1934 (CTr) [Local Elections] Tuam Area

...Patrick Treacy (F.G.)...Thirteenth Count...Treacy 935. Treacy elimated...


14 July 1934 (CTr)

Mr. John Treacy, district court clerk, Tuam, was presented with a silver tea set by the Tuam members of the Bar and with a dinner and tea set by the Tuam Gardai to mark the occasion of his marriage which took place recently.

10 nov 1934 (CTr) The Late Mrs Treacy, Tuam.

Sympathy of bench and bar with Tuam District Court Clerk...Mr. John Treacy...death of his young wife...


11 aug 1934 (CTr) Miss O'Halloran's Classes

...70 words a minute...Violet Tracey...[Dublin?]


22 Dec 1934 (CTr) Monivea Fianna Fail Branch

...elected for the following year...Mr. J. Treacy, Monivea, treasurer.


1934 Will

The Right Hon. Anthony Francis, Earl of Westmeath, LL.D., P.C., of Pallas Tynagh, Loughrea, County Galway, I.F.S., formerly attached to the British Embassy at Washington, and later assistant private secretary to Mr. Joseph Charmberlain, who was then Secretary for the Colonies, died on December 12 last, aged 63 years, leaving estate in England and the I.F.S. of the value of £115,944. He left –

£200 to the parish priest of Tynagh, for religious and charitable purposes connected with the parish

£100 to the same, for the poor of the parish

£100 to the housekeeper Ellen Magner, if still in his service and not under notice

And the following bequests to his servants if still in his service and not under notice.- £500 to his steward and gardener John Clooney. £20 to Annie Clooney. £50 to his herd Patrick Molloy. £25 to his herd Thomas Kelly. £25 to his carpenter Patrick Kelly, and £20 to his labourer and occasional coachman Laurance Treacey.

£200 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Irish branch

£200 to the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Guardian 2/5/1834 p.10


1934/5 registered victualling premises, fixing quantities and price (5 d/lb)

Edward Treacy, Moore Street, Cappamore, Limerick. Maximum 100 lb of beef.

John Treacy, 41 Grand Parade Mkt., Cork. Maximum 650 lb of beef.

John Treacy, Laraghmore, Ballyglunin, Galway. 100 lb of beef

William Tracey, Limerick Street, Cappawhite, Tipperary. Maximum 350 lb of beef.

Beef Supply (Appointed Area No. 3) Order, 1934. No. 369/1934

Beef Supply (Appointed Area No. 4) Order, 1934. No. 370/1934


3 June 1939 (TH) Agricultural Scholarships

to Galway boys...Uinnsion O Treasaigh, Baile Crosain, Baile Atha na Slugh [Ballinasloe]...


1939 OPW

"C81/5/645/39" "Letter Search: John Tracey, Lisdeligny, Co Galway" "39" "Lts" "B4"


18 apr 1942 (CTr) Late Mrs Anna Marie Treacy

...wife of James Treacy, Carrarea, Loughrea on the 8th April 1942...Chief Mourners: James Treacy (husband), Michael and patrick (sons) Julia and Agnes (daughters), James Holland (brother) Delia Holland (sister), Mrs Keane (niece), Martin Holland (nephew). Relatives: Thomas and John Treacy, Mrs Treacy, Eileen Treacy, Mrs M. Holland, Charles Friskey etc.


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Bernard Joseph Tracy b. 20 May 1879 Gallway County, Ireland Residence: Bronx, New York

Daniel Tracey b. 15 Jan 1888 Dunmore Co, Ireland Residence: Union, New Jersey

Daniel Tracy b. 17 Jun 1888 Galway, Ireland Residence: Suffolk, Massachusetts

Dennis Henry Tracey b. 17 Mar 1893 Galway Co, Ireland Residence: Essex, New Jersey

Edward Martin Treacy b. 11 Nov 1895 Galway, Ireland Residence: Chicago, Illinois

James Joseph Tracey b. 20 May 1894 Portumna, Ireland Residence: Chicago, Illinois

James Patrick Treacy b. 6 Jun 1879 Dunmore, Ireland Residence: Garrett, Maryland

John Joseph Tracy b. 28 Mar 1882 County Galway, Ireland Residence: Essex, New Jersey

John Tracy b. 1 Dec 1881 Balenslo, Ireland Residence: Suffolk

Lawrence John Tracy b. 2 Mar 1893 Galway, Ireland Residence: Delaware, Pennsylvania

Martin Joseph Tracey b. 8 May 1884 Abbay Knock Moy, Ireland Residence: New York, New York

Martin Tracey b. 28 Oct 1882 Galway, Ireland Residence: New York City

Martin Tracy b. 11 Nov 1877 Galway, Ireland Residence: New York City

Martin Tracy/Treacy b. 16 Oct 1888 County Galway, Ireland Residence: Middlesex, Massachusetts

Michael Francis Treacy b. 26 Oct 1893 County Galway, Ireland Residence: Queens, New York

Michael Frank Tracey b. 1 Feb 1897 Galway, Ireland Residence: Kings, New York

Michael Tracy b. 27 Apr 1884 Portumna, Ireland Residence: New York, New York

Michael Tracey, 64 Beecher Pl Newton Centre, Middlesex Mass, 45 years, b. Oct 1 1896 County of Confert Ireland [Clonfert Galway]. contact Mrs Agnes Callan, works Boston Navy Yard

Patrick Joseph Tracey, 16 First St Norwood Norfolk Mass, 61 years, b. 26 Jan 1881 Galway Ireland, contact Mrs Mary Parasso, works Winslow Bros & Smith Co

Patrick Joseph Tracey b. 17 Mar 1890 Clonbur Co Galway, Ireland Residence: Suffolk, Massachusetts

Patrick Patrictis Treacy b. 4 Mar 1887 Galway, Ireland Residence: Mid, Massachusetts

Thomas Tracy b. 11 Apr 1884 Galway, Ireland Residence: Bristol, Massachusetts

William Owen Treacy b. 1 Mar 1885 Athenry, Ireland Residence: Queens, New York

William Patrick Treacy b. 14 Jun 1878 Galway, Ireland Residence: New York City


17 April 1943 (TH)

To authorise the renewal of the licence held by Mr. John Treasy, Abbeyknockmoy, under the Poisins and Pharmacy Act, 1908, from the 6th February 1943 for twelve months.


Institution of Civil Engineers of Ireland. List of Corporate Members and Students of the Institution.

1944 Michael P. Tracy, B.E., B.SC., Lenaboy Gardens, Taylor's Hill, Galway .

Patrick Joseph Treacy, B.E., 1 York Terrace, Killarney, Co. Kerry


27 June 1964 (CTr) Scholarship

Noel Treacy, son of Mr M. Treacy, P.C. and Mrs Treacy of Clough, Gurteen, Ballinasloe, and a pupil of Gurteen N.S. has been awarded a five years scholarship at St. Joseph's College, Garbally Park, Ballinasloe.


14,17,22 February 1989 Moruya Examiner/17 February 1989 Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Edward Francis Tracey, died 14 February 1989, 76, at Canberra formerly of Carrick, County Galway, Ireland.


23 October 2003 Sydney Morning Herald/5 November 2003 Ryde Weekly Times Australia

John Francis Treacy, died 16 October 2003 at Concord Hospital, NSW, late of Homebush, NSW, formerly of Galway, Ireland






Galway Camogie All-Ireland Minor Champions 1996 who beat Tipperary 3-16 to 4-11

Back Row: Jackie Brien (selector), Collette Kennedy-Walsh (Manager).Aoife Connolly, Mary Flannery, Susan Regan, Mairead Mahony, Colette Deeley, Therese Maher, Valerie Treacy, Michelle Glynn, Shauna Ward, Veronica Sweeney, Marie Corcoran, Ailbhe Kelly, Lourda Kavanagh.
Front Row: Sandra Tannian, Cathy O'Rourke, Lorainne Murphy, Siobhan Hardiman, Ashling Brennan, Aoife Lane, Paula Carrig, Collette Nevin (capt.), Siobhan Cummins, Mairead Meehan, Elaine Kearns, Sarah Cullinane, Dermot Connolly (selector).

Valerie Treacy Galway






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NAI Ref Name Probate Ref Grant Type Date Issue Date Death

2004/102/236 TREACY MARTIN          1983 GY 008854                 Intestate      08/04/1983      01/10/1982


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