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 Traceys of Tipperary – Page 2 South Tipperary


Parishes of South Tipperary:







Waterford & Lismore Marriage Licence Bonds 1649-1845


Joanna Tracey & Mathew McNemara 1783 (Marriage Licence Bond)


Elizabeth Tracy & Thomas Hudson 1832 (Marriage Licence Bond)


Ann Treacy & Murth. McKenzie 1817 (Marriage Licence Bond) [St. Mary's, Clonmel]

George Treacy & Honora Dorney 1787 (Marriage Licence Bond)

Hannah Treacy & Joseph Delahunt 1811 (Marriage Licence Bond)


Waterford & Lismore Bonds


John Tracy Carpes make 1783 (bond)

John Tracy Cahir [Lismore Diocese] [Caher? Tipperary] Servt 1797 (bond)


William Treasy Aglish [Aglish OR Lismore & Mocollop] Farmer 1803 (bond)


Waterford Wills


Michael Treasy, date missing, Servior, Ballinafrank [?], (will)

Thomas Treasy, date missing, Ballinaparky-Agliassh [Ballynaparka Aglish], (will)

William Treasy, 1803, Aglish  [Aglish OR Lismore & Mocollop], (will)




Thomas Treacy died 1864, Cashel PLU, aged 56, b. 1808, died 8 Nov 1864 Killenaule [Killenaule] Tipperary


James Treacy died 1865, Tipperary PLU, Aged 80, b. 1785

Mary Tracy died 1865, Tipperary PLU, Aged 70, b. 1795

Mary Treacy died 1865, Tipperary PLU, Aged 68, b. 1797


Thomas Tracey died 1867, Tipperary PLU, aged 24, b. 1843

Timothy Treacy died 1867, Tipperary PLU, aged 27, b. 1840

John Tracy died 1867, Clonmel PLU, aged 25, b. 1842


Hanora Treasy died 1868, Tipperary PLU, Aged 90, b. 1778

John Tracey died 1868, Tipperary PLU, Aged 60, b. 1808, died 13 Sep 1868 Tipperary Tipperary

Thomas Tracy died 1868, Tipperary PLU, Aged 100, b. 1768


Edmund Treacey died 1869, Tipperary PLU, Aged 45, b. 1824, died 27 Jan 1869 Tipperary

Thomas Treasy died 1869, Clonmel PLU, Aged 7, b. 1862


Ellen Treasey died 1870, Callan PLU, Aged 57, b. 1813

John Treacy died 1870, Clonmel PLU, Aged 25, b. 1845

William Treacy died 1870, Tipperary PLU, Aged 24, b. 1846, died 28 Jun 1870, Bunardy [?]



 Anacarty and Donohill


Note: For the townland of Philipstown [Philipston Donohill] see Cappawhite North Tipperary.


Stephen Tracey married Mary Joy of Anacarthy [Mealclye Donohill] 12 Aug 1822 Wit: Patt Daverin & Margaret Britt. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Stephen Trassy/Tracy & Mary Joy

Michl Trassy b. 4 Oct 1823 of Anacarthy Sp. Emd Ryan & Bridgit Woods?. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

John Tracy b. 28 Oct 1824 of Garryshane [Donohill] Sp. Thomas Sadleir & Bridget Dwyer. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Ally Tracy of Allybrick? [Ballybrack Donohill] married James Dwyer 3 Mar 1825 Wit: John Tracy, James Connall & Ed Conory. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Winifrid Tracy of Millbrook [maybe in Anacarthy Mealclye Donohill] married Thomas MacKler 24 Nov 1831 Wit: Thomas Todd, John Foley & Hony Davesson?. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Winifred Tracy & Thomas/Thos Mocler/Mokler

John Mocler b. 8 Jan 1833 of Newtown [Aghacrew or Donohill] Sp. William Mocler & Margaret Tracy. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Mary Mokler b. 1 Jan 1839 of Knockgorman [Donohill] Sp. John Brien & Honora Quinlan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Judith Tracy & John Sullivan

Mary Sullivan b. 25 Jan? 1838? of Mohora [Moheragh Donohill] Sp. Patrick Leacy & Winifrid Leacy. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


John Tracy/Tracey & Catherine Murphy

Margaret Tracy b. 13 May 1841 of Goldengarden [Kilpatrick] Sp. James Lahy & Bridget Lacy. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Patrick Tracey b. 11 Mar 1845 of Kilpatrick [Kilpatrick] Sp. Daniel Horan & Mary Arthur. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Thomas Tracey & Johanna Barry

Judith Tracey b. 4 Oct 1844 of Parish of Solohead [Sologhead] Sp. Judith Treacy. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Anne Tracy/Tracey & James Simmons

Margaret Simmons b. 12 Oct 1848 of Hollyford mines? Sp. George Tracy & Lebia Chasy. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

George Simmons b. 20 Jun 1850 of Hollyford Mine? [Templebeg? Kilcommon & Hollyford RC] Sp. Michl McGlinn & Catherine Simmons. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Catherine Simmons b. 10 Dec 1852 of Hollyford mines Sp. James Fields & Mary McNamara. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Richd Tracy married Judith McHugh of Foilmacduffe [Foilmacduff Donohill] 23 Feb 1852 Wit: Timy Ryan, Ally Gavan & Patk Shanahan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Bridget Treacy of Doon [Doon Limerick] married Edmund Laaly of Dundrum [Ballintemple Tipperary] 21 Feb 1857 Wit: Pat Treacy & Mary Franklin. Doon and Castletown Parish

Bridget/Bridt Treacy/Tracy & Edmd/Edmund/Ned Looby/Luby, Vintualler/Victueller?

David Looby b. 21 Jan 1858 of Coolacussane [Kilpatrick] Sp. Patrick Treacy & Ellen Looby. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Catharine Looby b. 2 Jan 1862 of Coolacussane Sp. John Ryan & Sally Hogan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

John Looby b. 19 Jun 1864 of Coolacussane Sp. Partrk? Davey? & Masy? Tramscline?. Anacarty and Donohill Parish (Note: married the 14? January? 1913 at Sheilow  to Bridget Tnewearn? Ws. Denny Nash & Margaret Hogan)

Mary Looby b. 12 Nov 1867 of Coolensane Sp. Matt Moloney & Judy Ryan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Edmund Luby b. 21 Apr 1871 of Coolecussan Sp. Laurence Joy? & Mary Joy?. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Richard Luby b. 20 Jan 1875 of Coolcussane Sp. John Butler & Margaret Ryan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish


Patrick Treacy married Johanna Ryan of Ballysheedy [Ballysheeda Aghacrew OR Donohill] 30 Jan 1865 Wit: Denis Treacy & Kate Ryan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Patrick Treacy, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Bishopswood? [Kilmore (Kilnamanagh)] (s. of Patrick Treacy, farmer) married Johanna Ryan, full [age], spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Ballysheedy, (d. of Daniel Ryan, farmer) 30 January 1865 RC Chapel of Anacarty Wit: Denis Treacy & Kate? Ryan [Cappagh Tipperary PLU] [see Knockavilla]


Denis Treacy, 45, bachelor, farmer, lives Sologheadbeg [Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg], (s. of John Treacy, deceased, farmer) married Bridget Allis, 30, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Hollyford [village beside Lackenacreena Donohill], (d. of James Allis, deceased, farmer) 05 February 1894 RC Chapel Anacarty Wit: Denis Ryan of Soloheadbeg & Mary Josephine Ryan of Hollyford [Cappagh Tipperary PLU] see Sologhead





Edmund Tracy, Schoolmaster, & Judith Cormick

Mary Tracy b. 21? May 1811 Bawnleigh [Bawnreagh Buolick] Sp. Mary Cormick. Gortnahoe Parish

Edmund/Edward/Ed Tracey/Trassy & Judith/Joanna/Jude Cormick

Philip Tracey b. 13 Aug 1814 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Honora Liby. Ballingarry Parish

Patrick Trassy b. 4 May 1817 of Commons Sp. Patrick Donnell & Honora Cormick. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Tracey b. 26 Apr 1820 of Common Sp. Mary Murphy. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Tracy b. 26 Apr 1825 Sp. Mary Murphy. Ballingarry Parish

Honora Treacy b. 3 Aug 1834 Sp. Matt Ryan & Fanny Rochford?. Ballingarry Parish


Richard Tracey married Catherine Molony of WmsTown [Williamstown Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] 14 May 1816 Wit: Michael Tracey, Catherine Tuite? & Catherine Russell. Ballingarry Parish


Brigid Trassy & Pat/Patrick Riordan

Ellen Riordan b. 10 Jan 1816 of Knockroe [Tithe record Knockrow or Wilford Lady Barker Lismalin OR Knockrow or Hilford Mowney beside Shangarry Mowney] Sp. Thoms & Mary Maher. Ballingarry Parish

John Riordan b. 8 Dec 1818 of Knockrow Sp. Michl Power & Mary Loughnan. Ballingarry Parish


John/Jo Tracy/Tracey/Treacy & Catharine/Cath Ryan

Ann Tracy b. 19 May 1822 of Coppa? [Cappagh Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Richd Wright? & Judy Ryan. Ballingarry Parish

Patt Tracy b. 14 Jan 1827 Sp. Ml? Heafy? & Mary Ryan. Ballingarry Parish

Thomas Tracey b. 29 Apr 1829 Sp. Jo Slattery & J? [page torn]. Ballingarry Parish

Jas? Treacy b. 29 Jul 1831 Sp. El? Walsh. Ballingarry Parish

Wm Treacy b. 7 OR 21 Dec 1834 Sp. John Heade? & Ellen Welsh. Ballingarry Parish [duplicate]


Hons/Honor/Honora/Honny?/Ann Treacy/Tracey/Trecey/Treasy/Tracy & Jo/John/Jno Commons

Wm Commons b. 29 Apr 1827 Sp. Wm Rafter & Mary Fitzgerald. Ballingarry Parish

? ?mmons b. Mar 1829 Sp. Patk & Margt Commons. Ballingarry Parish [page torn]

Thos Commons b. 18 May 1831 Sp. Jo Magrath & Mary Sexton. Ballingarry Parish

Patk Commons b. 7 Aug 1833 Sp. Richd Butler & Judy Magrath. Ballingarry Parish

Roger Commons b. 26 Jun 1835 Sp. Wm Fitzgerald & Ally Magrath. Ballingarry Parish

Owen Commons b. 19 Jul 1837 Sp. John Tracy & Mary Bryan. Ballingarry Parish

Jas Commons b. 7 Oct 1839 of Foyle [Tithe record between Farranrory and Garranacool Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Patt & Cath Common. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Commons b. 21 Apr 1842 Sp. Ed? Sullevan & Mary Common. Ballingarry Parish

Ed? Commons b. 14 Sep 1844 of Foyle Sp. Ml? St. Leger? & Mary Butler. Ballingarry Parish


Wm Tracy married Honor Finan 16 Feb 1829 Wit: Jo Finan & Ellen Croak. Ballingarry Parish


Danl Trasy married Nancy Courtney 3 Mar 1835 Wit: Js Dunn & Margt Courtney. Ballingarry Parish


Julia Treacy & Js/Jas Lyons

Catharine Lyons b. 27 Aug 1836 Sp. Mary Pollard. Ballingarry Parish

Matw Lyons b. 19 Jan 1839 Sp. Jo Connelly & Bridget Cashin. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Lyons b. 28 Aug 1841 of Common? [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Js Dwyer & Cath Butler. Ballingarry Parish

Jas Lyons b. 8 Apr 1844 of Common Sp. Patk Rochford & Bridgt Scott. Ballingarry Parish


Mary Tracy [Trecy?] of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] married Jas Rochford 9 Feb 1840 Wit: Edmd Dannel & Ann Tracy. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Treacy & Jas Rochford

Cath Rochford b. 3 Dec 1843 Sp. Matt Hely? & Mary Fitzpatrick. Ballingarry Parish

William Rochford b. 3 Aug 1847 of Commons Sp. Patt & Judy Treacy. Ballingarry Parish


Anne Treasy of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] married Patk Rochford 8 Aug 1840 Wit: Matw Lyons & Julia Treasy. Ballingarry Parish

Anne/Mary/Honey? Trasey/Tracey/Tracy & Patt/Pk Rochford

Cathe Rochford b. 2 Mar 1845 of Commons Sp. Ml Commons & Mary Rochford. Ballingarry Parish

Frances? Rochford b. 29 Nov 1846 of Commons Sp. Patt Tracy & Margt Duggan. Ballingarry Parish [Mary]

Judy Rochford b. 11 Mar 1849 of Commons Sp. Thos Rochford & Mary Wall. Ballingarry Parish [Honey]

Js Rochford b. 13 Jun 1852 of Commons Sp. Js Shanehan & Aley Rochford. Ballingarry Parish


Patrick Treacey & Marry Reilly

Edmund? Treacey b. 11 Nov 1839 Sp. John Preston & Catharine Treacey. Gortnahoe Parish

Patk/Patt Treasy/Tracey & Honor/Ann/Honora/Onny Riely/Reilly

Owen Treasy b. 17 May 1841 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Matt Ryan & Mary Cormick. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Treasy b. 31 May 1842 of Commons Sp. Wm Pollard & Brigt Riely. Ballingarry Parish

Judith Treacy b. 25 May 1844 of Boula [Bolakeale OR Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Jno Cahil? & Mary Duggan. Ballingarry Parish

Patt? Treacy b. ? Mar 1846 of Do [Commons] Sp. Phil? Treacy & Ellen Dwyer. Ballingarry Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 15 May 1847 of Commons Sp. Catharine Treacy. Ballingarry Parish

Ph? [Philip?] Tracy b. 20 May 1854 of Do [Commons] Sp. Patt? Reilly & Mary Dwyer. Ballingarry Parish

Owen? Tracey b. 6 Jul 1856 of Commons Sp. Thos Magrath & Biddy Dwyer. Ballingarry Parish

Bridget Tracey b. 26 Jul 1858 of Commons Sp. Mick Coffey & Mary Reilly. Ballingarry Parish


Mary Tracy/Treasy/Treasey & Ed/Edh? Ryan

Judith Ryan b. 20 Jun 1841 of Boula [Bolakeale OR Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Ml Callehan & Ellen Grace. Ballingarry Parish

Ellen Ryan b. 9 May 1843 of Boula Sp. Jno Doran & Anne Reily. Ballingarry Parish

Ed Ryan b. 25 Mar 1845 of Boula Sp. Wm Pollard & Cathe Feehan. Ballingarry Parish

Catharine Ryan b. 11 Jan 1847 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Judy Dwyer. Ballingarry Parish

Pk Ryan b. 15 Apr 1854 of Commons Sp. Patt Tracy & Bri? Donnell. Ballingarry Parish


Phil Tracy & Mary Power

Edmund Tracy b. 1 Nov 1842 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] illeg Sp. Mary Kelly. Ballingarry Parish


Jno Treacy married Cathe Butler of Boula [Bolakeale OR Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] 7 Jul 1844 Wit: Phil Treacy & Bridgt Foley. Ballingarry Parish

Jno Treacy & Cate/Cath Butler

John Treacy b. 22 Jun 1845 of Boula Sp. Patt Rafter & Elira Butler. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Treacy b. 26 May 1852 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Pk Danning? & Judy Brennan?. Ballingarry Parish

Cathe Tracy b. 3? Aug 1846 of Commons Sp. Patk Rochford & Judy? Treacy. Ballingarry Parish


Cathe Tracy & James Kelly

Catharine Kelly b. 31 Dec 1846 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Patt Tracy & Margt Duggan. Ballingarry Parish


Edm Tracey & Ellen Sheehan

Judy? Tracey b. 25 Apr 1853 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] (illeg) Sp. James Lalanny? & Ka? Sheehan. Ballingarry Parish


Judy Tracey & Jno Tobin

Matt Tobin b. 10 Nov 1855 of Boulea [Bolakeale OR Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Pat & Mary Tobin. Ballingarry Parish


James Tracey married Judy Coney of Ballinany 24 Feb 1857 Wit: Ned Ryan & Judy Tobin. Ballingarry Parish

James Tracy/Tracey/Treacy & Jude/Johanna/Joanna Canny/Coney/Connell/Curry/Cuney/Cunny

John Tracey b. 06 Feb 1859 of Boulea Sp. Martin Kelly & Cath Coney. Ballingarry Parish

James Tracy b. 18 Aug 1860 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Michal Dwyer & Mary Canny. Ballingarry Parish

Catharina Tracey b. 7 Feb 1864 of Boula [Bolakeale OR Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Thos Cormick & Margt Pollard. Ballingarry Parish

William Tracey b. 14? Jun 1868 of Boulea Sp. Edmond Butler & Mary Tehan? Ballingarry Parish

Honora Treacy b. 26 May 1870 of Boulea Sp. John Stokes & Mary Rochford. Ballingarry Parish

Michael Tracy b. 15 Oct 1873 of Boulea Sp. Thomas Kealy & Mary Scally. Ballingarry Parish

Patrick Tracy? 25 May 1876 Bonlea Sp. William & Honoria Brennan? Ballingarry Parish

Joanna Tracy b. 13 Feb 1878 of Boulea Sp. John Tracy & Bessy? Treis? Ballingarry Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 1 May 1881 of Boulea Sp. Pat Hely & Cath Hackett. Ballingarry Parish

James Treacy & Judy Coney

Catherine b. 5 February 1864 Ballingarry District (LDS)

John Tracy & Johanna Canny/Cunny

Thomas b. 6 February 1866 Ballingarry District (LDS)

William b. 20 June 1868 Ballingarry District (LDS) Cunny

James Tracy & Johanna Canny

Johanna b. 8 February 1878 Bonlea (LDS)

James/Jas Treacy/Tracy, cottier, & Judy/Johanna Coney/Cunny/Conney

Catherine Treacy b. 5 Feb 1864 of Bonlea [Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)]. Judy Treacy, her mark [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary]

Thomas Tracy b. 6 Feb 1866 of Bonlea. Johanna Tracy, her mark, mother, Bonlea [Ballingarry Callan PLU] [bad handwriting]

William Tracy b. 20 Jun 1868 of Bonlea. Ellen Donnell, her mark, present at birth, Bonlea [Ballingarry Callan PLU]

Honora Tracy b. 23 May 1870 Bonlea. Judy Tracy, her mark, mother, Bonlea [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary]


The Treacy family that is in my family is from Ballingarry, Thurles and Killenaule, which are towns in Tipperary county. My Patrick was born May 25, 1876 to James Treacy and Judy Cunny. My Wife's relations, dead and alive are from Ballingary. I have a big list of names that I received from Father Phillip Morris who is the Pastor of the Catholic Church Ballingarry, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Names such as (All Treacys) John, Patrick, Thomas, Honora, Michael, Joanna, James, Catherine, William, Mary, Another Patrick, my Wife's Grand Father who married a Fogarty from Killenaule, And an Ellen.


James Treacy married Judy Cunny/Coney. Father Morris states that Cunny was sometimes called Coney and there is a note in the Parish register of that fact. They were married February 24, 1857. James Treacy and Judy Cunny had the following children, the dates I will submit after each name will of course be the date of Baptism. The Day first-month-and then the year:
John 6-2-1859


Patrick 9-3-1862
Catherine 7-2-1864

Thomas 2-2-1866
William 21-6-1868

Honora 26-5-1870

Mary 28-4-1872
Michael 15-10-1873

Patrick 25-5-1876
Joanna 13-2-1878

James Cunny and Honora Rochford had the following children:
Michael 17-2-1822

Mary 22-8-1825
Bridget 10-4-1831

Judy 30-11-1834
Ellen 24-11-1837

As you can see Judy Cunny DOB 30-11-1834 married James Treacy. Patrick Treacy, DOB 25-5-1876 was the son of James and Judy, Patrick is my Wife's GrandFather, James and Judy are her Great Grand Parents. Since Judy Cunny was the Daughter of James Cunny and Honora Rochford, this couple is my Wife's GG Grand Parents. I have No other info on the Rochford family except what you read. Looking at the dates of birth, Honora Rochford who married James Cunny probably was born about 1845. Your Grandfather's Sister Honora Rochford, born 1879 would be the next generation. There is no doubt a blood relationship here. I know exactly where Ballingarry and Killenaule are located we visited there 3 yers ago. My Wife's Mother Johanna was a Treacy. Her Mother was Bridget Fogarty from Killenaule. We have lived in South Carolina for the past 11 years, previously to that we lived about 40 miles north of West Point on the Hudson in New York State. Keep in touch, My Grandmother was a Burke.

Sincerely, Tom Sartori Tom Sartori 5 Mar 2000
tommy Sartori - Oct 3, 2008


Edm Tracey married Margt Brennan of Commons? [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] 19 Jan 1862 Wit: John Brennan & Mary Duggan. Ballingarry Parish

Edmd/Edmond Tracy/Treacy & Margaret Brennan

Pat Tracy b. 24 Jul 1864 of Commons Sp. James Gaan? & Johanna Sald?. Ballingarry Parish

Honora Treacy b. 9 Jun 1870 of Commons Sp. Michael Hanrahan & Joanna Treacy. Ballingarry Parish

Edward Tracy & Margaret Grennan

Patrick b. 3 August 1864 Ballingarry District (LDS)

Edmond Tracy & Margaret Brennan

Honora b. 29 June 1870 (LDS)

Edmond/Edmund Tracy, collier, & Margaret/Margt Brennan

Patrick Tracy b. 3 August 1864 of "Kill? common" [Blackcommon? Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)]. Edmond Tracy, father, "Kill Common", his mark [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary] [quote marks on cert]

Honora Tracy b. 29 Jun 1870 “The Commons” Mary Healy [sister?], her mark, present at birth, “the Commons” [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary]


Mary Tracey/Tracy & Phil/Philip/Pat? Healy/Hely

James Healy b. 20 Apr 1862 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Pat Wall & Mary Reilly. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Healy b. 21 Feb 1864 of Commons Sp. Pk Tracy & Cath Ryan. Ballingarry Parish

Patrick Healy b. 23 Mar 1866 of Commons Sp.Laur Fitzpatk & Johanna Tracy. Ballingarry Parish

Philip? Hely b. 20? May 1872 of of The Commons? Sp. William Rochford? & Bridget Treacy. Ballingarry Parish

Eugene Hely b. 31 May 1874 of Commons Sp. James Hely & Bridget Dunphy?. Ballingarry Parish

James Hely b. 23 Mar 1878 Sp. Pat Hely & Margt Farrall?. Ballingarry Parish [Pat]

Margaret Healy b. 27 May 1880 of Commons Sp. John Maher & Kate Maher. Ballingarry Parish

Mary Tracy & Philip Healy, collier

Thomas Healy b. 23 Jul 1870 “The Commons”. Mary Healy, her mark, mother, “The Commons”  [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary]


Mary Treacy, minor, spinster, servant, lives Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)], (s. of Thomas Treacy, collier) married John Sullivan, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Commons, (s. of James Sullivan, carpenter) 28 [26?] November 1870 RC Chapel Ballingarry Wit: Thomas Murphy & Frances Goteford? [Ballingarry Callan PLU Tipperary] signed their marks

Mary Tracy & John/James Sullivan

Catherine Sullivan b. 8 Jun 1873 of Kyle [Kyleballygalvan? Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. Daniel Sullivan & Fanny? Rochford?. Ballingarry Parish (Possible Note: Married 29 April 1920)

Mary Sullivan b. 8 May 1875 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] Sp. James Tracy? & Kate Jones?. Ballingarry Parish

Ellen Sullivan b. 17 Feb 1877 of Commons Sp. James & Ellen Sullivan. Ballingarry Parish


Judy/Joanna Tracy & William Rocheford [see Gortnahoe]

Honoria Rocheford b. 29 Mar 1874 of Commons [Blackcommon Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)]  Sp. Michael Rocheford & Eliza Ivers?. Ballingarry Parish

Cath Rochford b. ? Oct 1876 of Commons Sp. James Tracy & Judy Cunny. Ballingarry Parish



Lismolin Cemetery



Gloria in Excelsis Deo Here lies the body of William Trasey late of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] who depd this life Augt 15th 1821 aged 55 years


Here lies the body of James Trassy who died March the 16th 1772 aged 28. Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.



 Ballyneale (south east Tipperary)


Note: No online marriages.


Brigida Tracy & Joannis Phelan

Catharinam Phelnn b. 16 Feb 1840 Sp. Rogur? Sullivan & Judith Keohe. Ballyneale Parish


Patrick Tracey & Maria Bennet

Catharinam Tracey b. 9 Aug 1852 Sp. Michael Cahill & Maria Keeff. Ballyneale Parish


Timothae Tracy & Eleonora Shearn

Philippum Tracy b. 10 Apr 1859 Sp. Patritii Sheason & Catharina Hara. Priest J Tracy. Ballyneale Parish

Timothae Tracey & Ellana (c.f. Flavcis Shearn)

David Tracey b. 26 May 1866 Sp. Patricis Walsh & Joannes Flynn. Ballyneale Parish

Gullielmi Treacy & Ellena Hearn/Ahearn

Mariam Treacy b. 1 Nov 1863 Sp. Patricius Learey? & Maria Hearn. Ballyneale Parish

Michaelem Tracy b. 2 Jan 1870 Sp. Laurentio Butler & Maria Hennessy. Ballyneale Parish

Thomam Tracy b. 28 May 1871 Sp. Joannes Mulumhy & Ellina Dwyer. Ballyneale Parish

Ellenan Tracy b. 23 Oct 1872 Sp. Jacobo Walsh & Ellena Carbery. Ballyneale Parish

William Tracey & Ellen Hearn

David Tracey b. 5 Jun 1866 Carrick On Suir,Tipperary (LDS)

Michael Tracey b. 1 Jan 1870 Carrick On Suir, Tipp (LDS) Glenbower, County Laois (LDS)

Thomas Tracey b. 1 Jun 1871 Carrick On Suir, Tipp (LDS)

Ellen Tracey b. 10 Nov 1872 Carrickonsuir, Tipp (LDS)

William Tracey, labourer, & Ellen Hearn

David Tracey b. 5 Jun 1866 of Glenbowen [Glenbower Fiddown] Ellen Tracey, her mark, mother, Glenbowan [Carrick On Suir Carrick On Suir PLU]

Michael Tracey b. 1 Jan 1870 Glenbower. Ellen Tracey, her mark, mother, Glenbower [Carrick-on-Suir Carrick-on-Suir PLU]


Patrick Treacy, 26, single, b. 1867 Ireland (s. of William & ??? Hearn) married Ellen Hourahan, Single b. Ireland (d. of Thomas & ??? Slattery) 1 Oct 1893 Manhattan New York


Patrick Tracy died 29 May 1917, 216 E 77 Manhattan New York, age 55, Married, Laborer, b. 1 Feb 1862 Ireland (s. of William and Helen Haran both b. Ireland), buried 1 Jun 1917 Calvary


June 1 1917 New York Tribune

Tracey — On May 29, Patrick, beloved husband of Ellen Tracey (nee Hanrahan), and father of the late William Tracey, native of Ballyneal, County Tipperary, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence, 216 East 77th st., on Friday, June I, at S:30 a. m.: thence to Church of St Jean Baptiste, 76th st. and Lexington av. Interment Calvary.


William Tracey died 12 Mar 1913, 249 East 77th St. Bronx New York, 17 years, Single, Stenographer, b. 1896  United States (s. of Patrick & Ellen Haurahan both b. Ireland), buried 14 Mar 1913 Calvary


Families of Carrick-on-Suir: Tracey, Hearn

I am researching the families of William Tracey and Ellen Hearn of Carrick-on-Suir. I think I have proof of their marriage in 1857, and the birth records of several of their children. Ellen Hearn is the daughter of Patrick Hearn. Her mother may have been Mary Morrissey, but I'm not sure about that. I don't have the parentage of William Tracey. Patrick Hearn's father may have been Thomas Hearn. Anyone with any information, your help would be deeply appreciated.

Helen Tracey 15 Feb 2015


James Treacy, 35, bachelor, farmer, lives Boherboy [Kilvemnon], (s. of John Tracey, farmer) married Mary Haurahan, 23, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Ballinruan [Grangemockler], (d. of John Haurahan, farmer) 17 February 1887 RC Chapel Grangemockler Wit: Thomas Shea & Mary Haurahan [Garrangibbon Carrick On Suir PLU]



 Ballysheehan CoI


Annie Maria Tracy, full [age], spinster, None, lives Ballysheehan School House [Ballysheehan], (d. of Francis Tracy, school master) married James Beattie, full [age], widower, labourer, lives Meldrum [Brickendown], (s. of Alexander Beattie, soldier) 19 June 1877 Ballysheehan Church of Ireland Wit: Issahella Beattie, signed her mark & Susan Tracy [Cashel PLU] signed his mark

Anne Tracy & James Beaty

Alice Beaty b. 16 May 1878 Meldrum, Cashel, Tipperary (LDS)

Isabella Beaty b. 14 Nov 1879 Killenaule, Cashel, County Tipperary (LDS)



 Bansha and Kilmoyler


Jas Tracy married Hanora Dwyer 22? Jan 1837 Wit: Wm & Jas Ryan & Ellen Kennedy. Bansha and Kilmoyler Parish


John Treacy married Mary Power 15 Aug 1842 Wit: Jas Power (Sen) & Jas Power (Jn). Bansha and Kilmoyler Parish


Mary Tracey & Wm Dwyer

Bridget Dwyer b. 11 Mar 1854 Sp. Richard Peters & Mgt Quinlan. Bansha and Kilmoyler Parish


Cath Treacy & Wm Doyle

Margaret Doyle b. 19 May 1854 Sp. John Treacy & Ellen Hickey. Bansha and Kilmoyler Parish



 Boherlahan & Dualla


Cate Tracy & Pat Marnane?

Ann Marnane b. 9 Apr 1811 illeg Sp. Patk Kirwin & Ellen McGrath. Boherlahan Parish


Nelly Tracy & Michl Griffin, Private in the Co. W ford Militia

Ric Griffin b. 27 Apr 1816 Sp. James Brogan & Bid Dunn. Boherlahan Parish


Tom? Tracy & Peg Cormick

Ned Tracy b. 9 May 1822 of Ballytarsan [Ballytarsna (Hackett) Ballysheehan] Sp. Wm Duggan & Jude Cormick. Boherlahan Parish


Judith Treacy/Tracy & Dennis/Denis Dwyer

Margaret Dwyer b. 29 Nov 1831 of Erry [Erry] Sp. Dennis Butler & Bess Adams. Boherlahan Parish

Dennis Dwyer b. 16 Oct 1834 Sp. Wm? Ryan & Jane Adams. Boherlahan Parish

Brigt Dwyer b. 2 Feb 1838 of Erry Sp. Owen Ryan & his wife. Boherlahan Parish

Judith Dwyer b. 21 Sep 1839 of Erry Sp. Thos Dulanty & Brigt Ryan. Boherlahan Parish


Margt Tracy married Edmd Ryan 20 Nov 1837 Wit: Jno Butler & Thos Friny. Boherlahan Parish


Ryan/Boherlahan/Ballydoyle Boherlahan County Tipperary
Hi, I am looking for information on my ancestors. Edmund Ryan born abt 1823- Ballydoyle (son of Edmund, not sure of mother's name- cannot read it properly on ship manifest) was married to Margaret Tracy born Ballydoyle (parents Patrick and Ellen)(born abt 1826(or Treacy) - not sure of spelling. Their children at the last known time of them living in Boherlahan were Patrick (born abt 1842), Ellen (born abt 1845), Mary (born abt 1847), Margaret (born abt 1850) and Catherine (born abt 1853). They emigrated to Australia in 1854 on the ship "Switzerland". Unfortunately Catherine died during the voyage aged 1. I know that Margaret had a sister Ellen who lived in Australia at the time of their emigration. Not sure when she came to Australia.


Margaret/Margt Treacy & Patrick/Patk Glason/Gleeson

Thomas Glason b. 26 Dec 1858 of Spring Garden [sub division of Aughnagomaun Ballysheehan] Sp. Mary Cormack & James Ryan. Boherlahan Parish

John Gleeson b. 6 Feb 1861 of Springe Garden Sp. Jno Treacy & Cath Ryan. Boherlahan Parish

Mary Gleeson b. 4 Jun 1865 of Spring Garden Sp. Danl Gleeson & Mary Morrissy. Boherlahan Parish

Margt? Gleeson b. 22? Mar 1868 Sp. Thos Gleeson & Mary Gleeson. Boherlahan Parish





Jacobum Tracy married Cath?nam Ryan viduam [widow] 5 Nov 1780 Wit: D? Ryan & Patritio Griffen. Cahir Parish

Joannem Terossy married Mariam Hynes of Ballybradone [Ballybrada Caher] 15 Jun 1784 Wit: Revd Deo Jacobo Keating & Revd Duo Thomas Anglon? Cahir Parish


Brigida TracyTrasy & Jacobi Burret/Burnet
Mariam Burret b. 18 Aug 1785 of Carrigeen [Caher] Sp. Gulielmus Brien & Honora Stapleton. Cahir Parish
Joannam Burnet b. 16 Dec 1792 of Carrigeen  Sp. Petris? & ???. Cahir Parish
Mariam Tracey of Carrigeen [Caher] married Joannem Burke 10 Jan 1792 Wit: Joanne ?eating. Cahir Parish
Michaelem Tracy married Ellenam Bourke of Caher [Caher] 15 Feb 1795 Wit: Thomas Griffith & Joanne Keary?. Cahir Parish
Cornelii Tracy [O Leary?] & Catharina Hogan
Henricum Tracy b. 9 Feb 1814 Sp. Johamm Power? & Maria Quirk. Cahir Parish
Michaelem Treasy married Brigidam Dudy 15 Nov 1826 Wit: Tobias Burke & Gulielmo Walsh. Cahir Parish
Michaelis Treacy & Brigida Doody
Michaelem Treacy b. 19 Dec 1829 Sp. Gulielmo Burke & Catha Burke. Cahir Parish
Michaelem Treacy b. 26 Feb 1832 Sp. Thoma Burke & Elena Hickey. Cahir Parish
Helenam Treacy b. 15 Jul 1834 Sp. Michaell Doheney & Alicia Mooney. Cahir Parish
1841 Eleanor to Australia

Michael Tracy, 36, Caher, husband (parents: "deceased")

Bridget Tracy, 26, Caher, wife (parents: not given - Ryan connection ??) Baptism Cert.

Michael Tracy, 10, son

John, Tracy, 6, son

Catherine Ryan, 23, Caher (parents: Dennis/Margaret Sullivan F dead) Baptism certified. Protected by Michael Tracy & wife


Cathm Treacy married Michaelem Donehey 10 Feb 1829 Wit: Michl O'Neil & Mariam Burke. Cahir Parish
Catha Treacy & Michaelis Dohenny
Johannem Dohenny b. 5 Dec 1829 Sp. Edmd Moroney & Miarianna Burke. Cahir Parish
Gulielmum Dohony b. 11 Dec 1831 Sp. Thoma Burke & Honora Morrissey. Cahir Parish
Helenam Dohany b. 26 Dec 1833 Sp. Gulielimo Rourk? & Bridget Brown?. Cahir Parish
Gulielmum Petrum Doheny b. 30 Jun 1841 Sp. P. Burke & C? Slattery. Cahir Parish
1853 Joannes Tracy priest. Cahir Parish [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]



 Carrick-on-Suir  (south east Tipperary)


Ellena Tracy/Treacy & Laurentis/Joannis Megher/Maher

Maria Megher b. 19 Nov 1788 Sp. Jacobus Galern? & Maria Dorney. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Thomas Maher b. 2 Nov 1798 Sp. Nicholaus Power & Anna Kierwich?. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Catharina Tracy & Philippi Fogarty

Catharina Fogarty b. 28 Feb 1791 Sp. Andrew Brown & Margarita Brown. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Jacobi Threace & Maria Kerby

Brigidda Threace b. 11 Feb 1795 Sp. Dominicus Buckley & Gratia Cherry. Carrick-On-Suir Parish


Joanna/Juliana Tracey/Bracy & Gualteri Deverax/Devereux

Joanna Dover b. 26 Mar 1801 Sp. Michael Cantwell & Anastasia Byrant?. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Patritius Deveraux b. 17 Mar 1812 Sp. Patritio Maher & Ellena Commins. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Patricius Tracey married Maria Downes 7 Jun 1829 Wit: Joannes Downes & Maria Fahy. Carrick-On-Suir Parish


Maria Tracy married Patricius Keefe of Main Street 15 Feb 1836 Wit: Jacabo Gery? & Miarai Kiwnahine?. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Patritiu Tracey/Treacy & Margarita Mieye/Meade?/Meada

Guliulmus Tracey b. 12 Sep 1836 of Bridge lane Sp. Jacobus Quinn & Maria Connors. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Maria Tracey b. 02 Aug 1849 Sp. Georgis Lane & Catharian Birch. Carrick-On-Suir Parish

Ricardus Treacy b. 26 Nov 1851 Sp. Ricards Meade & Maria Comessy? Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Edmundus Treacy married Maria Hayes (paupores et vagi) 17 Apr 1837 Wit: Timothes Conroy & Hanora Scully. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Edmundi Tracy & Maria Hayes

Patricius Tracy b. 24 Mar 1841 of Cedir? lane Sp. Soan? Walsh & Margrieta Riely. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Mary Tracy & Patritii Keefe

Joanes Keefe b. 11? Jul 1840 Sp. Jacobo Keating & Cate Casy. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Ellena Tracey & Eomindi Walsh

Thomas Walsh b. 20 Jul 1840 of New? street Sp. Jacobo Dalton & Brigida Carroll. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Maria Traca

Maria Traca b. 17 Apr 1842 of Rocks Sp. Maria Power. Carrick-On-Suir Parish


Anna Trishy married Philipus Cassin 26 Nov 1842 of Mainstown? [Newtownlennan]  Wit: Jacobo Fitzents? & Margita Shilly. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Michaelis Treacy & Anastatia Shea

Dionisus Treacy b. 1 Sep 1844 of Sir Johns Road Sp. Walt Shea & Ann Kelly. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Thomas Tracey & Alicia/Louisa Lahy [see Treacy Brothers of New Jersey]

Joannes Tracey b. 23 Jun 1847 of Bridge? lane Sp. Jacobo Quirk & Maria Anna Connell. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Jacobus Tracey b. 5 Feb 1849 of Bridge lane Sp. Joan Phelan & Marg Macks. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Gulielmus b. 20/24 Nov 1850 of Bridge Lane Sp. Michael Phelan & Anna Macks. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Catharina Tracey married Thomas White of Gray Stone [Greystone] Street 2 Mar 1856 Wit: Edwd? McCarthy & Brigida Walsh. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Patricis Tracey & Helena Hick?

Johannes Tracey b. 27 Apr 1857 Sp. Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Carrick-On-Suir Parish


Catherina Tracy & Thoma/Thomas Prendergast

Joannem Prendergast b. 8 Jun 1859 of Greystone street Sp. Thoma Meany & Margarita Mulcahy. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Mariam Prendergast b. 03 Aug 1860 of Greystone St. Sp. Gulielmo Ryan & Catherina Connors. Carrick-On-Suir Parish


[Gap in RC records]

Anastasia Tracy

Michael Tracy b. 25 January 1866 workhouse. Jermiah Kelly master workhouse (Carrick-on-Suir LDS)

Anastasia Tracy

Michael Tracy b. 25 Jan 1866 of Workhouse [Carrick On Suir Carrick On Suir PLU]


Jacobus Tracey married Anastatia Gorman 6 June 1872 Wit: Patritio Carroll & Anna Lynden. Carrick-on-Suir Parish [see Owning and Templeorum Kilkenny]

James Treacy, 35, bachelor, railway porter, lives Fiddown [Fiddown Kilkenny], (s. of Michael Treacy, boatman) married Anastasia Gorman, 28, spinster, BLANK, lives Carrick on Suir [Carrick], (d. of James Gorman, farmer) 06 June 1872 RC Chapel Carrick on Suir Wit: Patrick Carroll & Annie Lyndon [Carrick on Suir Carrick On Suir PLU Tipperary]


Michaelem Treacy married Ellenam Wall 20 Apr 1875 Wit: Thomas Cleary & Maria Callaghan. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Michael Treacy, 29, bachelor, clerk, lives Carrick on Suir County Tipperary, (s. of John Treacy, alive, farmer) married  Ellen Wall, 27, spinster, housekeeper, lives Carrick on Suir County Tipperary, (d. of John Wall, dead, merchant) 20 April 1875 RC Chapel Carrick on Suir Wit: Thomas Cleary & Mary Anne Callanan [Carrick on Suir Carrick On Suir PLU Tipperary]

Michaele Tracey/Treacy & Elena Wall

Maria Joanna Tracey b. 10/10 Oct 1877 of Grey Stone St Sp. Thomas Cleary & Maria Callaghan. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Elena T Treacey b. 5/9 Aug 1880 of Grey Stone St Sp. Dionysis Treacy & Anastatia Wall. Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Michael Treacy & Ellen M. Wall

Mary Frances Treacy b. 9 Oct 1877 Greystone Street Carrick On Suir County Tipperary/Longford (LDS)

Ellen Treacy b. 8 Jul 1880 Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary (LDS)


Michael Treacy, 37, widower, merchant, lives Carrick on Suir [Carrick], (s. of John Treacy, deceased, farmer) married Margaret Phelan, 26, spinsterm housekeeper, lives Carrick on Suir, (d. of Richard Phelan, boatman) 23 September 1883 RC Chapel St Nicholas Wit: James Treacy & Mary Anne Moore [Carrick on suir Carrick On Suir PLU]


Maria Tracy & Joanne Trihy?

Michaelus Trihy b. 3/6 Sep 1876 of Greystone St Sp. Gululmo Coump? & Marie Trihy. Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Margarita Treacy & Michaele Butler [see Carrickbeg Waterford]

Patritius Butler b. 17/21 March 1880 of Tinivam [Tinvane Carrick] Sp. Joanne Halloran & Ellena O'Neil. Carrick-on-Suir Parish






Surname Researchers



Roxanne Treacy


Catherine Tracey & Thomas Grady

Thomas Grady b. 21 Feb 1795 Sp. Michael Sweeney & Honor Wright. Cashel Parish


Margaret Tracey/Trassy & Dan/Daniel Flanig?/Flanigan

William Flanig b. 20? May 1796 Sp. William Maher & Jude Ryan?. Cashel Parish

James Flanigan b. 22 Aug 1802 Sp. Honora Ryan?. Cashel Parish


Daniel Traeacy of Cashell, Co. Tipperary married Anestasia Kehoe of Ross Co. Wexford on the 14 Jan 1805 at St. John's Newfoundland Wit: Wm. Byrn & Catherine Brien


Holy Cross Murders 1826-7

Michael Treacy - NSW

Alias: Tracey 

Religion: Catholic
Marital status: Single
Calling/trade: Ploughman & reaper
Born: 1806 Tipperary – Cashel?
Tried: 1828 Tipperary        

Sentence: Life   

Ship: Governor Ready (2) [1829]
Crime: Conspiracy or murder
Remarks: Cripple


Michl Tracy & Judith Fahy?

Bridget Tracy b. 9 Apr 1822 Illeg Sp. Ellen Roche. Cashel Parish


Wm Tracy & Mary Hickey

James Tracy b. 22 Apr 1822 Sp. George Grace & Ellen Hickey. Cashel Parish

Rody Tracey b. 11 Sep 1825 Sp. James Garvin & Margt Luby?. Cashel Parish

William Treacey b. 15 May 1828 Sp. Laurence Ryan & Ellen Hickey. Cashel Parish

Judith Tracey b. 24 Dec 1830 Sp. Jerry Kennedy & Judy Lacey. Cashel Parish

Judith Tracey b. 16 Jul 1832 Sp. Michael Byrne & Ellin Wallace. Cashel Parish

Mary Tracey b. 31 May 1836 of L Well [Ladyswell? St. John Baptist] Sp. Patrick Donnell & Cath Ryan. Cashel Parish


Mary Tracy & John Toomey

Thomas Toomey b. 30 Dec 1825 Sp. Michl Toomey & Cath Cain. Cashel Parish


John Tracy & Ellen Morrissey

Judith Tracy b. 16 Nov 1825 Illegt Sp. Ellen Donnell. Cashel Parish


Mary Tracey of parish of Cashel married Patrick Donnell of parish of Cashil 4 Jul 1827 Wit: Jas Tracey & Judy Tracey. Cashel Parish

Mary Tracey/Treacy & Patrick Donnell (Labr Cashel)

John Donnell b. 24 Jun 1830 Sp. James Tracey & Ellen Donnell. Cashel Parish

Cath Donnell b. 15 Mar 1833 of Boherlough [Boherclogh St. John Baptist] Sp. James Jordan & Mary Carroll. Cashel Parish


Mary Tracey of Cashel [St. John Baptist OR St. Patricksrock] married John Quinlan 17 Jan 1830 Wit: Edmd White & Mary Hickey. Cashel Parish

Mary Tracey/Treacy/Treacey & John Quinlan

Winifred Quinlan b. 10 Dec 1830 Sp. Wm Tracey & Eliza Mahoney. Cashel Parish

Honora Quinlan b. 1 Mar 1833 Sp. Pat Dwyer & Winny Treacey. Cashel Parish

William Quinlan b. 8 Nov 1837 of G H Lane Sp. Jas Holmes & Alice St? Gernane. Cashel Parish


Eliza Tracey & Peter Conroy

Peter Conroy b. 1 Mar 1831 of 6 Dragoon Guards Sp. John Hanley? & Judy Hanley. Cashel Parish


Mathew Tracey of Pallas [Pallas Grean Limerick - Pallasgreen RC] married Cathr Dwyer of Green [St. John Baptist] 8 Feb 1833 Wit: BLANK. Cashel Parish


Michl Treacey? & Ellen Power

Susan Treacey b. 7 Apr 1835 of Green [St. John Baptist] Sp. Michl Power & Bridgt Dermody. Cashel Parish


Nancy Treacy of LW [Ladyswell? St. John Baptist] married John Hyland of Lowergate [Cashel?]  27 Feb 1838 Wit: Edmd Hennessy? & Brigt Gtomiccy?. Cashel Parish


Mary Treasy & John Walsh

James Walsh b. 7 Jan 1841 of Green [St. John Baptist] Sp. Ellen Brooke?. Cashel Parish


John Treacy & Cathe Dwyer

Cathe Treacy b. ? May 1842 of Blackcastle [St. Patricksrock] Sp. Robt Creamors & Ellen Maher. Cashel Parish


Judy Treacy & Michl Murphy

Bridgt Murphy b. 9 Feb 1844 of Green [St. John Baptist] illegt Sp. Mahony & Cath Cashen. Cashel Parish


Bridget Treasy & John Moore

Margaret Moore b. 11 Feb 1849 of Moor [St. Patricksrock] Sp. Thos Loughnane & Mary Ryan. Cashel Parish


Anne Treacey & Wm Byrne

Margaret Byrne b. 18 Sep 1849 Sp. Margt Ryan. Cashel Parish (Note: Vagrants)


John Trassy & Bridget Hacket

Thomas Trassy b. 28? Jul 1850 of P H [Palmer's-hill? St. Patricksrock] Sp. Catharine Murphy. Cashel Parish

Winifred Tracy b. 1 May 1853 Sp. James Hogny & Joanna Dunn. Cashel Parish


Simon Treacy & Cathr Casey

Ellen Treacy b. 18 Sep 1853 of Fr St [?] Sp. Thos Kennedy & Ellen Cuney?. Cashel Parish


Joanna Tracey married John Carey, shoemaker, of Canopy [?] 26 Nov 1853 Sp. Denis Geary & Mary McGlinn. Cashel Parish *


Roger Treacy married Mary McGlynn 1 Dec 1853 Wit: James Keating & Joanne Guilfoyle?. Cashel Parish (Note: in tempore vetito [prohibition]) *


James Tracey & Honora Rahelly/Reilly/Rahely

Michael Tracey b. 14 Oct 1854 of Chapel Lane [?] Sp. Mich Hara & Ellen Holm?. Cashel Parish

Stephen Trassy b. 26 Dec 1856 of Chapel Lane Sp. Richd & Catherine Conolly?. Cashel Parish

Honora Tracy b. 28 Dec 1858 Sp. Michl Connors & Mary Dwyer. Cashel Parish

Mary Tracy b. 10? May 1861 Sp. Thos Cagney & Mary Sullivan. Cashel Parish

Catharine Treacy b. 9 Mar 1866 Sp. Ambrose Marshall & Cath Rahelly?. Cashel Parish

Honoria Tracey b. 3 Feb 1871 of Moor Abbey [Moor St. Patricksrock] Sp. Pat Connor & Alice Prutile? Cashel Parish

James Tracey & Honora Rahilly

Patrick Tracey b. 15 Mar 1864 Sp. Michael Morrissy & Honora Darmody. Tipperary Parish

James Treacy & Honora Rahilly/Rahely

Patrick b. 14 March 1864 (LDS)

Catherine b. 8 March 1866 Cashel (LDS) Rahely

James Treacy, labourer, & Hanora Rahelly

Patrick Treacy b. 14 Mar 1864 of Goats lane Tipperary [Cordangan OR Corroge OR Tipperary]. James Treacy, father, Goats lane Tipperary [Tipperary Tipperary PLU]

James Tracy, labourer, & Honora Rahely

Catherine Tracy b. 8 March 1866 of Blind Street Cashel. Honora Tracy, her mark, mother, Blind Street Cashel [Cashel Cashel PLU]


Patrick Tracey died 1865, Cashel PLU, Aged 0, died 17 Jan 1865 Cashel [St. John Baptist OR St. Patricksrock] – Cashel RC], Cashel, mother Honora Tracey


Mary Anne Treacy of The Moor [Moor St. Patricksrock] married James Brien 25 Jul 1880 Wit: Patrick Dwyer & Mary Hughes. Cashel Parish

Mary Anne Treacy, 18 yrs, servant, lives Moor Cashel [St. Patricksrock], (d. of James Treacy, dead, labourer) married James Brien, 23 yrs, bachelor, labourer, lives Green of Cashel [St. John Baptist], (s. of John Brien, alive, labourer) 25 July 1880 RC Chapel Cashel Wit: Patrick Dwyer & Mary Hayes, signed their marks [Cashel Cashel PLU] signed their marks


James or Mary Anne Treacy, Cashel, Co Tipperary

I recently discovered that I have Treacy ancestry. My great-great grandmother was Mary Anne Treacy, born around 1862 who married James Brien in 1880. Mary Anne's father was James - he had died by the time of her marriage and I do not have his date of birth. Her mother was listed as Honoria but may be Honora. On Mary Anne's marriage record the family was listed as living at Moor, Cashel.
If this rings a bell with anyone I would really welcome it if they could get in touch.
leesiggs1  9 Oct 2008


Michael Tracey married Cathne Conolly 5 Feb 1863 Wit: Margrat? & Ann Hackett. Cashel Parish

Michael Treacy & Cath Connolly

Mary Treacy b. 16 May 1863 of Cast? [?] Sp. Margaret Carroll. Cashel Parish


Winefred Tracy of Chapel Lane [?] married John Dunne, soldier 6 Feb 1873 Wit: James Hegney & Alice Purtil?. Cashel Parish

Winfred Treacy, full age, spinster, servant, lives Chapel lane Cashel, (d. of John Tracy, labourer) married John Dunne, full age, bachelor, soldier?, lives Chapel lane Cashel, (s. of Bryan Dunne, deceased, farmer) 07 February 1873 RC Chapel Cahel Wit: James Hegney & Alice Mictell? [Cashel Cashel PLU] signed her mark

Winifred Tracy & John Dunn

Laurence Dunn b. 22 Jun 1878 Ballagh [Clonoulty?], County Tipperary (LDS) [Note: Not found in online RC index]


Mary Tracey & Michael Quinn

James Quinn b. 18 Jul 1877 Cashel


Simon Tracey married Maria Mackey of Main Street 16 Feb 1879 Wit: George Moore & Maria Dwyer. Cashel Parish

Simon Treacy, full age, widower, shopkeeper, lives Friar St Cashel, (s. of John Treacy, dead, shopkeeper) married Maria Mackey, full age, spinster, shopkeeper's daughter, lives Main St Cashel, (d. of Patrick Mackey, dead, shopkeeper) 16 February 1879 RC Chapel Cashel Wit: George Moore & Maria Dwyer [Cashel Cashel PLU] signed his mark


18 Aug 1890 t0 2 Feb 1892 Dublin Workhouse, lives Cashel Co. Tipperary

William Tracey, 7, b. 1883, RC

Died in Cabra. This boy has been in Mater Hosp for the last three months. Father Simon Tracey Bawnbroker Main St Cashel Co. Tipperary


Mary Anne Treacy of The Moor [Moor St. Patricksrock] married James Brien 25 Jul 1880 Wit: Patrick Dwyer & Mary Hughes. Cashel Parish [see above]

Mary Anne Treacy, 18 yrs, servant, lives Moor Cashel [St. Patricksrock], (d. of James Treacy, dead, labourer) married James Brien, 23 yrs, bachelor, labourer, lives Green of Cashel [St. John Baptist], (s. of John Brien, alive, labourer) 25 July 1880 RC Chapel Cashel Wit: Patrick Dwyer & Mary Hayes, signed their marks [Cashel Cashel PLU] signed their marks


Reverend Joseph Vincent Tracy (1860-1947), DD, b. at Mountmellick, Ireland, 26 August, 1860, son of Edward Tracy, of Cashel, Ireland. Education: at Hawes Hale and Bigelow public schools, Boston; Boston College; Holy Cross College, Worcester (A.B., 1882) ; St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y.; St. John's Seminary, Boston. Ordained priest by the Most Rev. John J. Williams, Archbishop of Boston, February 24, 1886. S.T.D. St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1898; received the title of Missionary Apostolic from Pope Leo XIII, 1903. Spent the earliest years of his priesthood in Florida and Minnesota; in 1889 was assigned to the parish of the Most Precious Blood, Hyde Park, Mass.; teacher of Holy Scripture at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1890-88; in 1898 was recalled to Boston to teach the New Testament at St. John's Seminary and act as local director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Through his efforts, branches of this society were organized in more than one hundred parishes and over $84,000 collected for missions within four and a half years. In 1906 he read a paper before the annual meeting of the Arch-bishops, entitled The Catholic Church in the United States, and its mission work, in which a plan for a national mission-support organization covering all mission needs was outlined. Appointed Rector of St. Anthony's Parish, Allston, 1907; Rector of St. Columbian's, Brighton District, Boston, since 1907. Has contributed to the Sacred Heart Review, Catholic World, American Catholic Quarterly, Ecclesiastical Review. Address: Rector, St. Columbkill's, Brighton District, Boston, Mass.    

The Catholic Encyclopedia and Its Makers. The Encylopedia [!] press, inc.,1911& 1917

He died 12 February 1947 [see Laois].




Catherine Tracey died 1867, Cashel PLU, aged 76, b. 1791, died 16 Jun 1867 Cashel Cashel [St. John Baptist]


John Tracy died 1869, Cashel PLU, Aged 51, b. 1818, died 23 Dec 1869 Cashel [St John Baptist OR St Patricksrock]



 Castleconnell (Limerick/Tipperary)


See Limerick.





Patritius Treacy married Honora Buckley 24 Oct 1852 Wit: Joanne Buckely? & Margarita Ryan. Clerihan Parish


Dionysis Treacy married Maria Connell of Lafally [Lavally Newchapel] 8 May 1858 Wit: Patritio Barrett?, Maria Connell et aliis multy [and others]. Clerihan Parish [see Clonmel]

Denis Tracey & Mary Connell

William Tracey b. 24 May 1859 Sp. Michael Barrett & Mary Maher. Clerihan Parish





Thomam Tracey married Alliciam McGrath 23 Apr 1816 Wit: Jacobo Conway & Allicia Coner?. Clogheen Parish


Michaelem Treacy married Rosemarie Wade 16 Mar 1848 Wit: Edmundo Ric? & Maria Haden & Ellen Annes Power. Clogheen Parish



 Clonmel St. Marys & Ss Peter and Paul (see also Waterford)


Hugon Treasy & BLANK

Catharinam Treasy b. 25 Aug 1790 Sp. Patritius Sullivan & Anna White. St. Mary's, Clonmel Parish


Joannis Treasy & Honora power

Catha treasy b. 22 Sep 1793 Sp. Joannes Ahern & Honora Meehan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treasy & Joannis Kelly

Eliz Kelly b. 14 Dec 1794 Sp. Patrici Carolan? Daniel & Jane Lae St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joanna Treacy & Joannis Egan

Daniel Egan b. 5 Jun 1796 Sp. Patrici Harting Pacuer & Margta Butler St. Mary's, Clonmel


Euginis? Treasy & Elena Bryan

Margaritam Treasy b. 19 Jul 1797 Sp. Gienysig? Cahons? & Maria Daily St. Mary's, Clonmel


Elena Tracy & Lois Scully

Marium Scully b. 26 Dec 1798 Sp. Thos Lawlor & Maria Lawlor St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Tracy & Jois Gavan

Margaritam Gavan b. 25 Mar? 1802 Sp. Jois Shea & Maria Kevan? St. Mary's, Clonmel Parish


Jacobi Tracy & ? Carrol

Catharinam Tracy b. 3 May 1802 Sp. Thos Walsh & Cath Connor. St. Mary's, Clonmel Parish


Matia Tracy & Gullelmi Goher?/Hulahan?

Cathrina Goher? b. 26 Jul 1803 Sp. Jacobus Muchin? & Catherina Lahy St. Mary's, Clonmel

Margritam Hulahan? b. 19 Jun 1813 Sp. Johan Carthy & Maria Hulihan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Tracy & Georgii Talbot

Thomam Talbot b. 24 Jun 1803 Sp. Thos Cormick & Maria Quirke St. Mary's, Clonmel


Jacobi Tracy & Cath Hogan

Mich Tracy b. 15 Jun 1807 Sp. Thos Hays & Maria Dempsey St. Mary's, Clonmel


Georgi Tracy & Judith Barry

Brigidam Tracy b. 23 Aug 1809 Sp. Margarta Conors St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catha Tracy & Danieles Mara

Mariam Mara b. 3 Sep 1811 Sp. Carolus Frawly & Maria Graddy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Jacobi Tracy & Cath Tobin

Mariam Tracey b. 15 Mar 1812 Sp. Nate? Swly? & Marium Land St. Mary's, Clonmel


Lois Tracy & Cath Hacketeel

Patriam Tracy b. 04 Oct 1812 Sp. thos Phelan & Mariam Donnal St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Joannes Magher

Maria Magher b. 19 Oct 1813 Sp. Patritio Spellan & Ellena Morrisy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Anna Tracy & Patritii Lahy/Lahee

Joannem Lahy b. 25 Jun 1814 Sp. Joanne Peeky & Margarita? Lahy? St. Mary's, Clonmel

Mariam Lahee b. 26 Jul 1815 Sp. Carolo Henessey & Mary Toarpy. St. Mary's, Clonmel Parish


Edmundi Tracy & Brigida Tracy

Elena Tracy b. 16 Jan 1817 Sp. Elina Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel

Edmundi Trasey & Bridgitta Carreu?

Edmundum Trasey b. 13 May 1818 Sp. Gulielmo Delany & Bridgitta Foley. St. Mary's, Clonmel Parish

Edmundi Treasey & Brigida Carew

Michaelem Treasey b. 19 Sep 1833 Sp. Jacobo Connolley & Maria Anna Riely St. Mary's, Clonmel


Farrel Tricy & Elenora Brien

Joanm Tricy b. Apr 1818 Sp. Sullivan & Maria Merkels St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Treacy & Joannis Sherick?

Joannem Sherick? b. ? Sep 1818 Sp. Joannis Doody Patrina Gilam Molly? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treacy & Guilelmi Noonan

Guilielmum Noonan b. ? Oct 1819 Sp. Patricio Delany & Elona Leonard St. Mary's, Clonmel

Elenam Nonnan b. ? Mar 1821 Sp. Edmundo Nowlan & Catherina Roberts St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catharina Tracy & Cornelii Toomy

Anna Toomy b. 26 Jul 1820 Sp. Murdach McKenzie & Margarita Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catherina Treacy & Thomas Walsh

Brigdam Walsh b. ? Feb 1823 Sp. Edmundo Smyth & Maria Walsh St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Trassy married John Hogan of Clonmel [St. Marys, Clonmel Tipperary] 17 Jan 1827 Wit: Ml Trassy & Mary Trassy. Mullinahone Parish


Thoma Tracy? & Eliz Toohey?

Mariam Tracy b. 2 Dec 1827 Sp. Joanannes? Beecham? & Dan? Brady? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Pat Trasey & Margt Daniel

Patritium Tracy b. 1 Mar 1828 Sp. Thomas Power & Ellana Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Ann Treacy & Murth. McKenzie 1817 (Marriage Licence Bond)

Anna Treacy & Mordaine? [Murdach] McKensey?

Margaritam Treacy b. 18 Mar 1828 Sp. Maria Bermingham St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Tracy married David Brien 6 Oct 1828 Wit: Dionysis Gormon & Brigita Hearnon St. Mary's, Clonmel 


Edmundi Tracy & Margarita Tansey?

? Tracy b. 7 Jul 1830 Sp. Danl? Sharn? & Maria Trainor? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treacy & Patritii Keefe

Michaelem Keefe b. 04 Oct 1831 Sp. Michaeli Kelly & Maria Quinlan St. Mary's, Clonmel 

Bartholomeus Keefe b. 18 Aug 1833 Sp. Gulielmus? Brien & Elenora? Foley? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joannes Treasy & Maria Maher

Michaelem Treasy b. 30 Oct 1831 Sp. Michaele Treasy & Brigida Moran St. Mary's, Clonmel

Joannes Treacy married Maria Maher 19 May 1838 Wit: Patritius Cummnis & Godpridius Daniel Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Joannes Treacy & Maria Maher

Honora Treacy b. 16 Dec 1839 Sp. Patrick Commons & Hanna Donegan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Brigida Tracey b. 21 Feb 1844 Sp. Gulielmus Dunne & Catharina Dunne Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Patritii Tressy & Brigida Connors

Jacobum Tracy b. Dec 1832 Sp. Joanne Casey & Maria Quinlan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Johannes Trasey & Johanna Power

Patritium Trasey b. 11 Mar 1833 Sp. Johann? Bisk? & Maria Tyler? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Margarita Tracy married Cornelius Cleman 1 Nov 1834 Wit: Martin Kelly & Maria Laekes St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Michaele Stokes

Jeremiam Stokes b. 13 Jan 1836 illeg Sp. Daniele Grady & Ellena Kenedy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Patritius Treacy married Brigida Condon 15 Jul 1836 Wit: James Collins & Alicia Hartigan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel



Thomas Tracy married Alicia Kenny 3 May 1840 Wit: James Roake & Ellina Sweeny Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Thoma Tracey/Tracy & Alicia Kenny

Joannes Tracy b. 1 Jul 1844 Sp. Richardis Morissey & Ellena Tracy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Thomam Tracey b. 3 Aug 1847 Sp. Gilielmus Sheehan & Honora Dumphy St. Mary's, Clonmel

Alicia Tracy b. 2 Dec 1850 Sp. Joannes Ahern & Honoria Ahern Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Edmundas Tracy married Catharina Phelan 9 Jul 1842 Wit: Richardus Daniel & Maria McKerrin Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Edwardus Tracy & Catherina Phelan

Edmundus Tracy b. 29 Aug 1843 Sp. Patricius Phelan & Ellena Massy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Joanes Tracy & Brigita Hackett

Honora Tracy b. 19 Oct 1843 Sp. David Costello & Margareta Casey Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Ellena Tracy married Carolus McCarthy 4 Apr 1842 Wit: Ricardus Daniel & Judith McCarthy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Ellena Tracy & Carolus McCarthy

Maria Anna McCarthy b. 2 Dec 1846 of Parshia SaMaria Sp. Anna McKinsea Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Michael Tracy married Anastasia Shea 11 Nov 1843 Wit: Cornelius Shea & Mary Keane. Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Corolus Connors

Corolus/Cornelius Connors b. 2/3 Dec 1848 Sp. Ricardus Cadwell & Judith Hennessy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Ellena Tracy & Caroli McCarthy

Mariam McCarthy b. 21 Jul 1850 Sp. Joanne Buckley & Maria Anna K? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joannes Tracy & Elizabetha Murray

Joannes Tracy b. 22 Dec 1852 of Milita Sp. Michael McJameson & Maria Cunnigham Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Maria/MAnna Tracy & Jacobus Danaher

Anna Danaher b. 12 Mar 1854 Sp. Jacobus Mason & Margta Brien Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Patricius Dannaher b. 15 Mar 1857 Sp. Joannis Carey & Catherine Casey Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Anastia Tracy & Patritius Norris

Catharina Norris b. 30 Jul 1854  Illeg Sp.Joanans Lyons & Maria Tracy? th Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Dionysis Treacy married Maria Connell of Lafally [Lavally Newchapel] 8 May 1858 Wit: Patritio Barrett?, Maria Connell et aliis multy [and others]. Clerihan Parish

Denis Tracey & Mary Connell

William Tracey b. 24 May 1859 Sp. Michael Barrett & Mary Maher. Clerihan Parish

Dionysius/Denis Treacy & Maria Connell/Connele

Thomas Treacy b. 23 Apr 1862 Sp. Michael Halloran & Judith Ryan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

James Treacy b. 18 April 1864 St Marys District (LDS)

Mary Treacy b. 7 February 1867 St Marys (LDS)

Ellen Treacy b. 14 Apr 1873 St Marys (LDS)

Thomas Tracy b. 16 Apr 1876 Sp. Patritius Kelleher & Catharina Farrell Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel (14 April 1876 Old Bridge or Glebe LDS)

Dennis/Denis Tracy, labourer, & Mary Connel?/Connell

James Tracy b. 18 Apr 1864 of Pound Lane. Mary Tracy, mother, Pound Lane, her mark [St Mary's Clonmel PLU Waterford]

Mary Tracy b. 7 Feb 1867 of Glebe St Marys [Clonmel Waterford]. Mary Tracy, her mark, mother, Glebe St Marys [St. Mary's Clonmel PLU Waterford]


Janetta Tracey & Gulielimus Leary [see Cork City]

Gulielmus Leary b. 3 Apr 1864 Sp. Josephus Gilsnan & Maria McKinzie Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Jane Tracy & William O'Leary

William O'Leary b. 12 Mar 1864 Dudlin St (LDS)


Phobe Tracy single, (d. of Thos. Tracy) m. Michael Lindlay, single, (s. of James Lindsay) 24/26 March 1865 St. Marys Clonmel Wit: Samuel Simpsom & William Brown.

Phoebe [Phobe] Tracy, full [age], spinster, lives Clonmel, (d. of Thos Tracy, farmer) married Michael Lindsay, full [age], bachelor, Lut? Constatele? Police, lives Clonmel, (s. of James Lindsay, silk hatter) 24 March 1865 St. Mary's Clonmel Church of Ireland Wit: Samuel Simpson & William D Brown [Clonmel Clonmel PLU Church of Ireland]


Julia Tracey, full [age], spinster, lives Upper Johnson St Clonmel, (d. of Patrick Tracey, road contractor) married Peter White, full [age], widower, sergeant of police, lives Old Bridge Clonmel, (s. of Peter White, shop keeper), 1 March 1867 SS Peter & Paul Wit: Daniel Brosnan & Margt Keating [Clonmel Clonmel PLU] signed her mark

Julia Tracey married Petrus White 1 Mar 1867 Wit: Daniel Brosnan & Margarita Keating. Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Julia Tracy & Patricus [?] White

Josephm White b. 11 Nov 1867 of Summer lane Sp. Joannes Linahan & Maria White . Ballybricken Parish

Julia Tracy/Trasy & Peter White

Joseph White b. 16 Nov 1867 Ireland (LDS)


John White b. 15 Nov 1867 County Waterford, Ireland (LDS)


Winifred Treacy & Thomas Yarr [see Cloughjordan]

Bartholomew Yarr b. 28 Mar 1870 Portree, Inverness, Scotland

Aloysius John Yarr b. 20 Nov 1875 Clonmel, Tipp, Ire.


Yarr, Major-Gen. Sir (Michael) Thomas, K.C.M.G., C.B., F.R.C.S.L— Cr. 1917. Only surviving son of Thomas Yarr, Esq., J.P., of Winton Avenue, Rathgar, Dublin, by Winifred, who d. 1900, dau. of the late Michael Tracy, Esq., of Tipperary; b. 1862. Sir Thomas Yarr, who was educated at Blackrock Coll. (L.R.C.S.I. 1882, F.R.C.S.L 1893), is a Major-Gen. A.M.S. and a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; was Deputy Director of Medical Services, Dardanelles, 1915-16, and Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1916; appointed a Director of Medical Services 1916.  Army and Navy Club, s.w. ; Albemarle Club, w.

The county families of the United Kingdom (1919)


Sarah Jane Tracey & William Whitford [moved from Liverpool and back again. See Liverpool]

Elizabeth Ellen Whitford b. 20 May 1870 Clonmel

William Whitford b. 27 May 1872 Clonmel


Patritius Treacy married Joanna Hogan 25 Feb 1879 Wit: Petrus Neil & Catherina Williams. Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel Parish

Patrick Treacy, full [age], widower, laborer, lives Cross St, (s. of William Treacy, laborer) married Johanna Hogan, full [age], widow, servant, lives Cross St, (d. of James Horgan, laborer) 25 February 1879 RC Church SS Peter & Paul Wit: Peter Neil & Catherine Williams, signed her mark [Clonmel Clonmel PLU] signed their marks [faint]


John Tracey, full [age], batchelor, car driver, lives Irishtown, (s. of James Tracey, farmer) married Catherine Waddy alias Catherine Murphy, full [age], widow, BLANK profession, lives Maria Street, (d. of Thomas Murphy, labourer) 09 January 1881 RC Chapel St, Marys Wit: P. Murphy & Bridget Connolly, signed her mark [Clonmel Clonmel PLU] signed their marks

John Treacy m. Catherine Murphy 9 January 1881 Clonmel (LDS)

James b. 15 November 1881 Clonmel (LDS)

John Thomas b. 16 May 1883 Clonmel (LDS)

Catherine b. 31 August 1884 Clonmel (LDS)

Mary Joseph b. 2 May 1886 Clonmel (LDS)

William b. 24 January 1888 Clonmel (LDS)


John Thomas Treacy (d. 6 November 1948) m. (Eliza) Agnes Mason 21 July 1906 Clonmel (LDS)

John b. 9 January 1907 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

William b. 26 January 1908 Clonmel d. 1939 (LDS)

Margaret b. 20 August 1912 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

Catherine b. 23 June 1914 Clonmel d. 10 July 2002 (LDS) Eliza

Patrick John b. 23 April 1923 Clonmel d. 6 June 1978 (LDS)


Patrick Treacy

Hi, my name is Maria and my father's name was Patrick. He was born in Clonmel in 1923. He had sisters, Kitty (Davis), Aggie, Betty, Annie, brothers Tommy Jimmy. Can’t remember the names of the rest. I do have details of dates of births etc. of the Treacy family. Think grandmothers name was Eliza but she was never known as that. We used to visit Annie in Cork. He had a very big family. Auntie Kitty had one son who lives in Australia. If this sounds like the same family let me know.
Maria Tracey http://www.voy.com/104782/33.html 16th March 2008


Patritius Tracy & Brigida Condon

Patritius Tracy b. 7 Mar 1887 Sp. Edwds Landy & Catha Hapblon Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Joannes Tracy & Maria Meagher

Patricius Tracy b. 16 Mar 1887 illeg Sp. Joannes Keely & Eleonora Keeffe. Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel Parish


William Tracey, full age, bachelor, soldier?, lives Military Barracks Clonmel, (s. of George Tracey, deceased?, labourer) married Ellen Dillon, full age, spinster, servant?, lives Ward? St Clonmel, (d. of Martin Dillon, living, labourer) 23 May 1892 RC Chapel St Peter & Paul Wit: Patrick Farrell? & Ellen Gorman [Clonmel Clonmel PLU]

William Treacy, soldier, & Ellen Dillon

??? Tracey b. 1 March 1893 of Stephen St. Margt? Halpen? River St present at birth [her mark]


Mary Anne Treacy, 37, spinster, servant, lives Irishtown, (d. of James Treacy, farmer) married Daniel Grogan, 42, widower, policeman, lives William St, (s. of James Grogan, farmer) 22 February 1898 RC Chapel St Mary's Clonmel Wit: Charles Draper & Margaret Kennedy [Clonmel Clonmel PLU]


Patrick Treacy, full age, bachelor, servant, lives Queen? Street Clonmel, (s. of Patrick Treacy, servant) married Charlotte Chadwick, full age, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Queen? Street Clonmel, (d. of Frederick Chadwick, deceased, farmer) 26 October 1899 RC Chapel SS Peter & Paul Wit: Robert Brett & Anne Brett [Clonmel Clonmel PLU]


1901 Census

Patrick Treacy, 35, M, 64 Queen Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary, Retired Farmer, R C, Head of Family, Married, Kings Co

Charlotte Treacy, 37, F, Queen Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary, Keep, R C, Wife, Married, Kings Co



1846 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland


James Tracy, master; Ann Tracy, Mistress; Abbey National Schools, Marifield


1856  Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland


Anne Tracy, Abbey National Schools, Marlfield, Clonmel, Tipperary. School Mistress

James Tracy, Abbey National Schools, Marlfield, Clonmel, Tipperary. Schoolmaster


16 July 1859 Pilot (Boston & NY)

Our Colleges. The College of the Holy Cross.

..9. Divine Providence, by James Tracey...But the most elaborate production was that, on “ Divine Providence,” by James Tracy. It had many excellant thoughts, going to the root of the matter...

 The Degree of A. B. was conferred on...James Tracy, Boxbury Mass.

Class or Mental Philosophy...premium to James Tracy, Boxbury, Mass...


21 July 1866 Pilot (Boston & NY)

Death of Rev. James Tracey, of Boston.

We announce with deep regret the demise of Rev. James Tracey, late assistant Pastor of St. James’ Church, which took place on Monday morning, 9th inst., at the residence of his parents, at Roxbury.—

The Rev. Mr. Tracey was born near Fermoy, county Cork, Ireland, and from his youth entertained the desire of entering the ecclesiastical state. Having received his elementary education in Ireland, he finished his classical course in Holy Cross, Worcester, and after graduating with high honors in that institution, lie entered the Seminary of St. Sulpice, Montreal, where he finished his Theological studies.

He was ordained priest tor the diocese of Boston at St. Hyacinthe, Canada, in November, 1864.

His first mission was at St. Vincent’s Church, in this city, where he was so much beloved as to obtain many valuable and substantial marks of their esteem. He was afterwards in Holyoke and Taunton, in this State. In January, 1865, he was appointed to St. James’ Church, Albany street, where his constitution yielded to the insidious disease consumption, of which he died, after a few months’ illness.

Blessed with a generous and cheerful disposition, endowed with brilliant talents, possessing a clear and accurate knowledge of his ecclesiastical duties, with great zeal for the salvation of souls, and love for the poor, he was admired and esteemed by all who knew him in College, in the Seminary, and on every mission in which he labored. Truly has the diocese ot Boston lost one of its most gifted clergymen:- we all remember his brilliant lecture, last winter, on O’Connell.

His funeral took place on Tuesday, 10th inst., from the Chapel of the Angel Guardian, Roxbury, and was attended by the Bishop of tbe diocese, Rt. Rev. John J. Williams, and a large number ot clergymen. The Rev. F. Lyndon, V. G., Rector of the Cathedral, officiated; Rev. Mr. Denvir, Roxbury, Deacon; Rev. Mr. O’Keeffe. Worcester, Sub-Deacon, and Rev. Mr. Fitzpatrick, Master of Ceremonies.

Amongst the Clergy men present we noticed Rev. George A. Hamilton, Charlestown; Rev. John Bapst, S. J., Immaculate Conception ; Rev. M. Hartney, Salem; Rev. Thos. McNulty, Bridgewater; Rev.Thos. McNulty. Milton; Rev. L. McMahon, N Bedford; Rev. B. Flood, Waltham; Rev. J. Donohoe, East Cambridge; Rev. P. J. Canny, Boston ; Rev. George F. Haskins, Boston; Rev. B. O’Reilly, Boston; Rev. M. Moran, Boston; Rev. John McShane, Boston; Rev. James Sullivan, Boston; Rev. R. Robinson, Boston; Rev. Michael Supple, Charlestown; Rev. Thomas Griffin, Roxbury; Rev. Tnos. Sheehan, Boston; Rev. Mr.Rossi, Cambridge; Rev. Mr. Ameliano, Boston.

After the services in the Church, the remains were conveyed to Holyhood Cemetery, followed by a large number of clergymen and many of the people ol Boston, who manifested their deep sorrow at the early death of such a young and talented clergyman. He died at the early age of 33 years. Requiescat in pace.—Amen.


Aug 1866 [Limerick Newspaper]

At Boston, The Rev. James Tracy, C.C., son of the late Mr. James Tracy, of Marlfield Clonmel.


James Tracey died 9 Jul 1866 Roxbury Massachusetts, 32 years, Single, Clergyman, b. 1834 Ireland (s. of James b. Ireland & Ann b. Ireland)


1860 Census - City Of Roxbury Wd 1, Norfolk, Massachusetts

James Tracy, 45, b. 1815 Ireland, teacher

Ann Tracy, 44, b. 1816 Ireland




Death Records

Ellen Tracey, Date of Death 17 Apr 1873, 4 days, Glebe St Marys, labourers child, informant Mary Tracey.

Mary Anne Tracey, Date of Death 09 Nov 1882, 16 years, Old Bridge St Marys, labourers child, mother Mary Tracey.

Thomas Treasy, Date of Death 20 Jun 1869, aged 7, Glebe St. Marys, informant Mary Treasy

William Tracy died 1867, Clonmel PLU, aged 87, b. 1780, died 2 Mar 1867 Clonmel Clonmel [St. Marys, Clonmel Tipperary or Waterford]



Marlfield - Clonmel Parish

Erected by Leonard Meskill, in memory of his loving wife Elizabeth Maskill, who died the 10th of June 1914, aged 52 years.  Also his father Bartolomew Meskill, who died 24th April ??, aged 65yrs. Also his daughters Mary Treacy, who died 2nd Nov 1925, aged 38 years. Also the above Leonard Meskill, who died 10th March 1921. Also Elizebeth Meskill. R.I.P.


Clonmel Gravestone Index

Marlfield Clonmel

Mary Treacy buried 1925 S2/324


St. Mary Clonmel

Arthur Treacey buried 1783 S2/446


St Stephens Clonmel

Bridget Tracey buried 1809 S2/47

Catherine Tracey buried 1781 S2/47

John Tracey buried 1802 S2/47

William Tracey S2/47


Thomas Tracy buried 1774 S2/48



John Treacy

All my family are Treacy from Clonmel Tipperary, I am Louise Treacy (married name Howard) my Dad John Treacy from Clonmel and my Grandfather John Treacy Senior. would be great to exchange information. Louise x

Louise Howard 09-02-2016









Séan Treacy, [see Séan Treacy (1923-2018) of Clonmel]

born 22nd September 1923 Clonmel Co. Tipperary, 4th child of James and Margaret (nee Kenrick), married Catherine Connolly 4th June 1967.

Educated at Maryfield NS, St. Mary’s CBS, Clonmel Technical Institute & UCC Dip Social and Economic Science.

1952-1973 President Clonmel Trades & Labour Council.

1955-1973 Alderman Clonmel Borough Corporation.

1955-1973, 1977-1987 Tipperary South Riding Council.

1957-58, 1961-62 Mayor of Clonmel.

Chairman Joint Board of Conciliation and Arbitration Boot and Shoe Industry Ireland, member Executive Council Irish Shoe and Leather Workers’ Union, member Executive Council Irish Labour Party, Labour spokesman on Education 1961-5, Industry & Commerce 1965-9 & Local Government 1969-73.

1961-1997 Member of Dáil Éireann

He was first elected to the Dáil in the 1961 general election as a Labour Party Teachta Dála (TD) for Tipperary South and was re-elected in 7 subsequent elections and returned automatically in 3 more due to being Ceann Comhairle. He left the Labour Party in 1987 and was elected as an independent TD in the 1987 general election. He served in 10 successive Dála until he retired from politics at the 1997 general election.

1973-1977, 1987-1997.Ceann Comhairle (speaker) of Dáil Éireann & member Council of State

He was a member of the Presidential Commission (acting head of state) from November 17, to December 18, 1974 and from October 22, to December 2, 1976.

1981-1984 Member of the European Parliament.

Chairman: 1973-7 & 1987-97 Civil Service Commission and Local Appointments Commission,  Comhairle na Mire Gaile, Irish Parliamentary Association, Committee of Procedure and Privileges Dáil Éireann. Member: Conference of Presidents of European Parliamentary Assemblies.

Hobbies: Reading, walking & Travel.









Clonmel Rugby Club

In 1937, they played in the Show grounds. They had their best period in the years of 1937 to 1940 when they won 6 cups the Manseragh and Garryowen Cups. In the years 1937 and 1939 they won the double. with David Lonergan Captain in '37 and John Smyth '39. On that squad you had Davy Lonergan, Joe Fennessy, John and Davy Smyth, Jim Byrne, Denis Lowry , Pat O 'Shea, Rodger Coffey, D. Lalor, J, Fogarty, Usna Treacy, T. Harnick , T. Leonard, K. Keoghane, Vinny Healy



28 May 1987 Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Uisnagh Joseph Treacy, died 27 May 1987, late of Toowoon Bay, Drummoyne, formerly of Clonmell, Tipperary, Ireland.





Willm Trassy of Clonoulty [Churchquarter OR Curragh OR Hill Clonoulty] married Bridgit Ryan of Clonoulty 17 Jan 1810 Wit: Jo? Trassy, Conner Hayes? & John Quinlan. Clonoulty Parish

Wm Tracey/Trassy, farmer, & Bidy/Bridget Ryan

Nancy Tracey b. ? Oct 1810 of Clonoulty Sp. Thos Hay? & Mary Lahy. Clonoulty Parish

Judith Trassy b. ? Mar 1812 of Clonoulty Sp. ? Trassy & Cate Neary?. Clonoulty Parish

Michael Trassy b. 29? Sep 1819 of Cluin [Clone? Clonoulty] Sp. James Quinlan & Elizabeth Quinlan. Clonoulty Parish


Cate/Catherine Trassy & Daniel Ryan, labr

Denis Ryan b. 19 May 1813 of Tana [Toragh Clonoulty] Sp. Jno Fogarty & Cate Ryan. Clonoulty Parish

Bernard Ryan b. 24 Sep 1815 of Tauna? Sp. Jerry Kearry & Mary Do [Kearry]. Clonoulty Parish


Wm Trassy, cooper, of Rossmore [Clonoulty] married Cate Hickey? 18 Feb 1817 Wit: Patrick English, Simon Hickey? & Jno Tressy. Clonoulty Parish

William Trassy, cooper, & Mary Hickey

John Trassy b. 26 Aug 1818 of Cossmore [Rossmore?] Sp. Simon Hickey & Mary Trassy. Clonoulty Parish


John Tracy & Mary Ryan

Tim Tracy b. 27 May 1821 of Rossmore? [Clonoulty] Sp. James? H?. Clonoulty Parish



Michael Tracy, 45, divorced, b. 1823, (s. of John Tracy & Mary Ryan) married

Sarah Jane Alexander/Alexandes Goodison, 38, divorced, b. 1830, (d. of John Goodisan & Amelia/Anne McCutcheon)

9 May 1868 Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States


Andrew Trassy/Tracy & Bridget M?/Mulcahy

Daniel Trassy b. 8 Mar 1837 of Li? Sp. Daniel Dwyer & Margaret Penefather. Clonoulty Parish

Mary Tracy b. 12 Dec 1839 of Ballymore [Clonoulty] Sp. Martin Dwyer & Margaret Hearny?. Clonoulty Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 16 Oct 1843 of Ballycamas [Ballycamusk Holycross] Sp. Wm Hennessy & Brisget Phelan. Clonoulty Parish

Andrew Tracy b. 16 Jan 1847 of Bal? Sp. Daniel Delahuntly & Anne Hennessy. Clonoulty Parish


Mary Tracy, 24, b. Ireland, RC, (d. of Andrew Tracy & Bridget Muleahy) m.  William Herlihy, 40. B. Ireland, RC (s. of John Herlihy & Joanna Clifferd) on  17 Aug 1875 Brant Canada


Mary Tracy of Cluin [Clone? Clonoulty] married Malachy Dwyer 20 Feb 1840 Wit: Patrick Scanlan & Mary Dwyer. Clonoulty Parish

Mary Tracy & Malachy Dwyer

Judith Dwyer b. 14 Sep 1843 of Cluin [Clone? Clonoulty] Sp. Thos Ryan & Honora Dwyer. Clonoulty Parish

Ellen Dwyer b. 27 Mar 1848 of Ballagh [Clonoulty] Sp. Patrick Hayes & Ellen Keeffe. Clonoulty Parish


Catherine Treacy of Ballycamask? [Ballycamusk Holycross] married Patrick Commins 16 Aug 1856 Wit: Daniel Ryan & Bridget Meagher. Clonoulty Parish

Catharine/Kate Treacy/Tracy & Patrick Cummins/Coman

Bridget Cummins b. 6 Oct 1856 of Ballycamask Sp. Daniel Treacy & Bridget Meagher. Clonoulty Parish

Margaret Coman b. 28 Feb 1859 of Ballycamask Sp. Edmond Dwyer & Mary Tracy. Clonoulty Parish

Mary Cummins b. 11 Nov 1861 of Ballycamask Sp. Thomas Mulcahy & Joanna Mulcahy. Clonoulty Parish

Catherine Commins b. 14 Mar 1864 of Ballycamask Sp. Thomas Commins & Brigid Ryan. Clonoulty Parish

Ellen Commins b. 1 Jun 1866 Sp. John Ryan & Julia Kearney. Clonoulty Parish

Patrick Cummins b. 21 May 1869 of Ballycamusk Sp. Daniel Ryan & Brigid Dwyer. Clonoulty Parish

Joanna Commins b. 15 May 1872 of Ballycamus Sp. Michael Heffernan & Bridget Commins. Clonoulty Parish


Daniel Treacy married Norah Grady of Clonoulty [Churchquarter OR Curragh OR Hill Clonoulty] 3 Feb 1861 Wit: William Commins & Anne Fahey. Clonoulty Parish


Mary OR Margaret Treacy & John Russell

Thomas Russell b. 23 Dec 1861 of Pierstown [Piercetown Clonoulty] Sp. John Ryan & Catherine Dwyer. Clonoulty Parish

Ellen Russell b. 20 Jul 1863 of Pierstown Sp. William Dwyer & Amelia Dwyer. Clonoulty Parish

John Russell b. 19 Sep 1866 of Pierstown Sp. Philip Ryan & Ellen Corbett. Clonoulty Parish

Martin Russell b. 13 Nov 1868 of Pierstown Sp. James Kennedy & Brigid Gorman. Clonoulty Parish

John Russell b. 13 Sep 1871 of Pierstown Sp. Martin Ryan & Elizabeth Ryan. Clonoulty Parish

Timothy Russell b. 24 Apr 1874 of Piercetown Sp. Stephen Ryan & Ellen Ryan. Clonoulty Parish


Mary Treacy & William Henesy

Mary Henesy b. 3 Jan 1862 of Ballycamask [Ballycamusk Holycross] illegitimate Sp. Catherine Treacy. Clonoulty Parish


Mary Treacy & John Kearney?

Judith Kearney b. 30 May 1866 of Ballycamas? [Ballycamusk Holycross] illegitimate Sp. Brigid Mulcahy. Clonoulty Parish



 Cullen and Latten


John Tracy & Cathne Hayes

Michael Tracy b. 22 Sep 1839 of Latten Illegimate Sp. Mary Noonan. Emly Parish (Note: Strangers from Latten [Lattin Lattin Tipperary - RC Cullen and Latten])


Timothius Tracey of Cullen married Catherina Riordan of Arlman [Ardlaman Solloghodmore] 21 Feb 1846 Wit: Daniele Reardan & Gulielmi Butler. Sologhead Parish Tipperary [see Timothy Edward Treacy of Limerick]

Timothy/Tim Tracey & Cathe/Kate Riordan/Reardon

Edmund Tracy b. 28 Feb 1847 Sp. Danl Tracy & Brigit ???. Cullen and Latten Parish Tipperary

Daniel Tracey b. 26 Mar 1849 of Dromsally [Dromsallagh Tuogh] Sp. Martin Breen & Kate Ryan. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thomas Tracy b. 1 Jun 1855 of portatis? Cappamore Sp. John Reardon & Mary Fahy. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thady Tracy b. 28 Mar 1860 of Dromsally Sp. Micl Glas Kenna? Rua & Johanna Maishen? Cappamore Parish Limerick


James Treahy/Trehy/Trihey/Treacy? & Margaret Daniher

Judith b. 1850

Edmund b. 1852

Daniel b. 1854

Kate b. 1857


Bridget Treacy married James Riordan 7 Feb 1853 Wit: Michael Baggot, Edmund Treacy & Margaret Dwyer. Cullen and Latten Parish


Catherine Tracy married Joannis Harty? 22 Feb 1854 Wit: Padradic? Harty & Catharina Hays?. Cullen and Latten Parish

Kate Tracy & John Harty

John Harty b. 8 Nov 1854 Sp. Edmd Tracy & Johana Tracy. Cullen and Latten Parish


Edmund Treacy married Anna O'Brien 27 Feb 1859 Wit: Denis Treacy, Morgan O'Brien & Honora Mitchel. Cullen and Latten Parish [see Doon and Castletown Limerick]


Margarita Tracy married Daniel Kirby 8 Feb 1860 Wit: Gulielmo Kennedy & Catharina Hays. Cullen and Latten Parish


Edmond Treacy married Bridget Hays 27 Feb 1859 Wit: Edmond Tracy, Bridget Dunne & William Hays. Cappawhite Parish

Edmd/Ed/Edmond Tracey/Tracy/Trasey & Bridget/Bridgid Hays/Hayes

Edmd Tracey b. 17 Apr 1860 Sp. Willm Hays & John Tracy. Cullen and Latten Parish

William Tracy b. 8 Dec 1862 Sp. John Hearty? & Catherine Hays. Cullen and Latten Parish

Mary Trasey b. 9 Mar 1865 Sp. William Neill & Mary Trasey. Cullen and Latten Parish

Kate? Tracy b. 8 Dec 1867 Sp. James Tracey & Bridgit Ryan. Cullen and Latten Parish

John Tracey b. 12 Jun 1869 Sp. Timothy Heffernan & Bridgid Hayes. Cullen and Latten Parish

Edmond/Edmund Treacy [see Page 1 murdered January 1869] & Bridget Hayes [Not married in this parish]

Catherine (Kate) b. 7 December 1867 Emly (LDS)

John b. 13 July 1869 Emly (LDS)

Edmond Tracy & Bridget

Mary b. 9 March 1865 Emly (LDS)

Edmond Tracy, farmer & Bridget Tracy

Mary Tracy b. 9 Mar 1865 of Ballinulty [Cullen] Edward Tracy, father of Child, Ballynulty [Emly Tipperary PLU]

Edmond Treacy, farmer, & Bridget Hayes

Catherine Treacy b. 7 Dec 1867 of Ballinulty [Cullen]. Edmond Treacy, father, Ballinulty [Emly Tipperary PLU]

John Treacy b. 13 Jul 1869 Ballinulty. Bridget Treacy, mother, Ballinulty [Emly Tipperary PLU]


Catherine Treacy died 1867, Tipperary PLU, aged 0, b. 1867, died 20 Dec 1867 Ballynulty [Ballinulty Cullen], father Edmond Treacy


Johana Tracy married Joannes Hogan? 8 Feb 1862 Wit: Michael & Thos Leary & Catharina Hays. Cullen and Latten Parish


Joannes Tracy married Brigida Corbet 9 Feb 1875 Wit: Jacobus Leahy & Maria anna Crotty? Cullen and Latten Parish [see Cappawhite]

John Treasy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Philipstown [Philipston Donohill], (s. of Timothy Treasy, farmer) married Bridget Corbette, full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Ballinselta, (d. of John Corbette, farmer) 9 February 1875 RC Chapel Cullen Wit: John Doherty & Mary Crotty [Emly Tipperary PLU]


Peter Treacy & Mary Molony

Catherine Treacy b. 7 Jul 1877 of Long Stone? [Longstone Cullen] Sp. Patk Ryan & Cathne Ryan. Cullen and Latten Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 16 Nov 1879 of Longstone Sp. Edmd Ryan & Ellen Molony. Cullen and Latten Parish



 Doon & Castletown (Limerick/Tipperary)


See Limerick.





Phil Treasy & Mary Finn

Mary Treasy b. 3 Mar 1813 Sp. Edmd Tobin & Mary Brien. Drangan Parish

Phil Treasey b. 6 Jul 1817 Sp. Thos Walsh & Mary StJohn. Drangan Parish


Mary Treasy & Jas Carew

Wm Carew b. 22 Nov 1813 Sp. Cathn Henesy. Drangan Parish


Mary Treasy/Tracey & Michl Molony/Moloney

Brigt Molony b. 3 Apr 1815 Sp. Elizabeth Dulden?. Drangan Parish

Elen Moloney b. 16 Jun 1825 Sp. Edmd Donavan & Cathr Burke. Drangan Parish


Edmd Tracy of Mulmahoun [Mullinahone] Parish married Margt? Cain of Capa [Cappaghmore Cloneen] 19 Nov 1821 Wit: Dan Kelly & Anne Brien. Drangan Parish [see Mullinahone]

Edmd Treacey & Margt Cain

William Treacey b. 18 Aug 1824 Sp. William Cain & Cathn Shea. Drangan Parish


Wm Treacey married Anne Brien of Clonen [Cloneen] 17 Apr 1822 Wit: Edmd Brien & Brigt Cormick?. Drangan Parish


Mary Treacey & Dl? Candan

Jno Candon b. 3 Sep 1822 Sp. Mary Flaherty. Drangan Parish


(Note: July 1826 Drangan was separated from Mullinahone ans was united to Cloneen & part of Pepperstown & part Crohane and Lismalin.) [Note: all civil parishes]


Ellen Tracy & Jno Cormack

Mary Cormack b. 23 Oct 1826 of Ca? Sp. Michl & John Jude Cormack?. Drangan Parish

Richard Cormack b. 19 Nov 1831 of Corbally [Drangan] Sp. Mahew? & Bridget Fitzgd [Fitzgerald]. Drangan Parish

Matt Cormack b. 20 Sep 1834 of Corbally Sp. Wm St. John & Bridget Maher. Drangan Parish


Matt Johnson & Ellen Carrol

Anstace Johnson b. 30 Mar 1828 of Drangan [Drangan] Sp. Patt & Mrs Tracy. Drangan Parish *


Mary Tracy & Jeremiah/Derby Harney

Mary Harney b. 30 Mar 1828 of Rathkeany [Rathkenny Peppardstown] Sp. John Hogan & Mary Casey. Drangan Parish *

Michael Harney b. 22 Sep 1835 of Rathkeany Sp. Michl Denny? & Margt Hickey. Drangan Parish


John Tracey married Johanna Kean of Cappa [Cappaghmore Cloneen] 9 Feb 1831 Wit: John & Wm Kean. Drangan Parish [see Mullinahone]


Mary Tracy of Drangan [Drangan] married James Neil 9 Oct 1831 Wit: Jas Noonan & Bridget Walsh. Drangan Parish

Mary Tracy & James/Js Neil

John Neil b. 6 Nov 1832 of Drangan [Drangan] Sp. Michs & Bridget Walsh. Drangan Parish

Mary Neil b. 20 Sep 1835 of Drangan Sp. Pierce Cummins & Bridget Tracy. Drangan Parish

Joanna Neil b. 31 Jan 1841 of Drangan Sp. Martin Hallaran & Anne Lahy. Drangan Parish

James Neil b. 10 Nov 1845 of Drangan Sp. Js St. John & Mary Meagher. Drangan Parish


Patt Tracy married Mary Guiton of Croohane [Crohane Crohane] 5 Sep 1834 Wit: Wm St. John & Johanna Davin. Drangan Parish

Patt Tracy & Mary Genton/Guiton

Bridget Tracy b. ? Jul 1835 of Drangan [Drangan] Sp. Margt Ginton. Drangan Parish

Patt Tracy b. ? Oct? 1837 of Drangan Sp. James Halloran & Margt Shea. Drangan Parish


James Tracy married Judith Tobin of Drangan [Drangan] 11 Sep 1836 Wit: Tom Keating & Mrs Phelan. Drangan Parish

Jas Tracey & Judith Tobin

Ellen Tracey b. ? Jul 1837 of Drangan [Drangan] Sp. Wm? St. John & Ellen Phelan. Drangan Parish

Mary Tracy of Rathkeany [Rathkenny Peppardstown] married Edmd Kelly 4 Apr 1837 Wit: Dens Barton & Judith Maher. Drangan Parish


Willm Tracey of Cappagh [Cappaghmore Cloneen] married Mary Byrne of cappagh 25 Jan 1844 Wit: Patk Smith & Margt Byrne. Drangan Parish [see Mullinahone]

William Tracy & Mary Bryan

Edmund Tracy b. 12 May 1844 Sp. Patrick Smith? & Catharine Bryan. Mullinahone Parish

James Treacy b. 30 Aug 1846 of Ballydavid? [Kilvemnon] Sp. Patrick Lane? & Cellein? Dillan. Mullinahone Parish

Willm Treacy/Tracy & Mary Byrne/Burne

Margaret Treacy b. 3 May 1849 of Kilnagrana [Kilnagranagh Cloneen] Sp. Js & Ellen Kean. Drangan Parish

Catherine Treacy b. 16 Aug 1856 of Seleshawn [Saucestown? Peppardstown] Sp. Js & Mary Meagher. Drangan Parish

William Tracy b. 11 May 1858 of Shelshawn Sp. James Cormick & Biddy Meagher?. Drangan Parish

Patrick Treacy b. ? Aug 1860 of Lylestown? [?] Sp. Joseph Cormac & Ellen Maher. Drangan Parish

John Tracy b. 4 Apr 1863 of Sheleshawn Sp. John? Meagher & Margaret Trac?. Drangan Parish


James Tracey, 22, bachelor, labr, lives Drangan [Drangan], (s. of Wm Tracey, labr) married Honora Maher, 20, spinster, servy, lives Gaits Kough (d. of Richd Maher, do [labr]) 20 August 1866 RC Chapel of Fethard Wit: John Cunningham & Honora Grace, their marks [Fethard Cashel PLU] signed their marks [see Mullinahone]


William Tracy? & Ellen Kealy

Mary Tracy b. 10 Dec 1851 of Cuistown [?] Sp. Denis Tracy & Ellen Kealy. Drangan Parish


James Treacy married Kate Harrington 21 Feb 1871 Wit: Denis Treacy & Mary Treacy. Drangan Parish

James Tracey, [full] aged, bachelor, farmer, lives Boherbuy, (s. of Edmund Tracey, farmer) married Kate Harrington, [full] aged, spinster, lives Cloran, (d. of Edmond Harrington, farmer) 20 February 1871 RC Chapel Clonee Wit: Denis Treacy & Mary Treacy [Fethard Cashel PLU Tipperary]


Mary Tracey married Robert Maher of Kilbury? [Cloneen] 22 Nov 1872 Wit: Jno & Johanna Tracey. Drangan Parish (Note: a dispenstaion being obtained 3o & 4o ipud conanjunity?) [see Mullinahone]

Margaret Treacy, 22 years, spinster, daughter of a herdsman, lives Drangan [Drangan], (d. of William Treacy, herdsman) married Robert Meagher, 25 years, bachelor, farmer, lives Drangan, (s. of Robert Meagher, farmer) 23 November 1872 RC Chapel Drangan Wit: James Treacy & Joanna Treacy [Killenaule Cashel PLU]

Margt/Margret Tracey/Treacy & Robert/Robt Meagher

Jeremiah Meagher b. 21 Apr 1874 Sp. Jereht? Meagher & Hg? Cormack?. Drangan Parish

Robert Meagher b. 24 May 1875 Sp. Joseph Carran? & Johanna Tracee?. Drangan Parish

Mary Magher b. 29 Dec 1876 Sp. Ml? Slattery & Cathne Treacy. Drangan Parish

Jeremiah Meagher b. 14 Feb 1879 Sp. Thos? & Bridgt Meagher. Drangan Parish

Catherine Meagher b. 18 Sep 1880 Sp. Edwd & Margt Brien. Drangan Parish


Joanna Treacy of Boherleigh [Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] married Maurice Harrington 12 Feb 1872 Wit: John Harrington, James Treacy & Margaret Treacy. Mullinahone Parish

Joanna Tracy/Treacey/Treacy, 24, spinster, BLANK, lives Boherfeigh, (d. of Edmond Tracy, farmer, deceased) married Maurice Harrington, 35, bachelor, farmer, lives Cloran [Cloneen], (s. of Edmond Harrington, farmer, deceased) 12 February 1872 RC Chapel Mullinahone Wit: John Harrington & Margarett Treacey. [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]

Johanna Tracey & Maurice Harrington

Edward Harrington b. 11 Feb 1873 Sp. James Tracey & Margt Tracey. Drangan Parish

Jas Harrington b. 4 Feb 1875 Sp. Michl Burke? & Margt Treacy. Drangan Parish

Mary? Harrington b. 10 May 1877 Sp. Robert Meagher & Catherina Harrington?. Drangan Parish

Wm? Harrington b. 21 Dec 1878 Sp. Th? Slattery & Johanna Tracey. Drangan Parish


Wm Tracey & Mary Fitzgerald

Johannes Tracey b. 2 Dec 1876 Sp. Dan Connors & Katt Wales?. Drangan Parish


Margaret Tracy & John Morris

Maria Morris b. 31 Dec 1876 Sp. Thomas Daly & Bridget Kelly. Drangan Parish


* Follow each other in register



8th July 1879 Tipperary Free Press and Clonmel Advertiser

The right to bury in Cloneen Churchyard is reserved to the following persons and their families:-

Boherboy: Denis and Michael Tracy

Killalea (maybe Kyleaclea): Martin Treacy



18th Century Decorated Gravestones


Tracy 1739



Survey of the old Graveyard (Ballyhomuck) Cloneen

No. 23

Michael Tracey

(wife) Anastica Tracey nee Shea 23 years 1846

No. 171

John O’Halloran (Kylenagrannagh) 1933

Wife Margaret nee Heffernan 1950,

Patrick 1947 Margaret Carroll 1923,

James O’Halloran 1888,

Wife Catherine nee Treacy 1893,

Michael Field 23 years 1746




 Emly CoI


Protestant Marriages Tipperary Town Registrar

July 11 1860 Emly licence
Catherine Tracy daughter of Frank Tracy (Farmer)
to James Powell Mason (Land Steward) son of Peter Mason (G'man)
(State Registration:
Catherine Tracy, Tipperary, 1860 10 437)

Catherine Tracy, full age, spinster, lives Ballysadan parish of Ballyscadan, (d. of Frank Tracy, farmer) married James Powell Mason, full age, bachelor, land steward, lives Ballysadan, (s. of Peter Mason, gentleman) 11 July 1860 Emly Church of Ireland Wit: John Martin & John Reynolds [Emly Tipperary PLU]



 Emly (Limerick/Tipperary)


Elizabeth Tracy & Bartholomew Bourk

Michael b. 12-May 1813 Dromcom? Sp. Connor Bourk & Brigid Tracy, his m-in-law


Margaret Tracy of Ballicarane? [Ballycurrane Emly Tipperary] married James O'Brien 6 Feb 1815 Wit: Terence Hageny, Catherine Cain & James Roche. Emly Parish

Margt Treacy/Trassy/Tracy & Jas/James Brien/O'Brien, labr

Denis Brien b. 13 Jul 1817 of Duncumomin [Duncummin Emly] Sp. Patt Dinissy & Margt Cussin. Emly Parish

John Brien b. 16 Aug 1820 Sp. Jno Brien & Honor Hegney. Emly Parish

Margaret Brien b. 2 Oct 1821 Sp. Jeremy Crew & Cath Mollowney. Emly Parish

Thos O'Brien b. 12 Mar 1828 Sp. Michl Heffernan & Ellen Corbitt. Emly Parish

Margt Treacy & Jas Brien (labr)

Denis b. 13-Jul 1817 Duncummin  Sp. Patk Henessey & Margt Curtin


Bridget Tracely? & Patrick English

James b. 5-Nov 1816 Duncummin Sp. Thos Norris & Elen English


Honoria Treacy & Terry Heagney, farmer

Winifred Heagney b. 10 Aug 1817 of Duncummin [Emly] Sp. Elly Connelly & Mary Howanten?. Emly Parish

Honoria Treacy & Terry Geagney (farmer)

Winifred b. 10-Aug 1817 Duncummin Sp. Elly Connelly & Margt Harrenton

Honor Treacy & Terry Egan (farmer)

Elean'r b. 27-Dec 1819 Ballinislea Sp. Ed Healy & Margt Corbett


Jno Trassy, labr, & Jane Nugent

Bridgt Trassy b. 4 Feb 1819 of Ballavistea [Ballyvistea Emly Tipperary] Sp. Michl Mallowney & Mary Hickey. Emly Parish

Thomas Treacy b. 12 May 1821 of Ballavistea Sp. Jno Toley & Elan Mallowney. Emly Parish


Patrick Hogan  & Margt Flaherty

Michl  b. 19-Feb 1819 Knockanen Sp. Jno Treacy & Alica Casy


John Tracy & Ellen Nugent

John Tracy b. 30 Jun 1832 of Ballicarane [Ballycurrane Emly Tipperary] Illegte Sp. John Nugent & Margt Magrath. Emly Parish


Michael Tracy & Cathne Power [see Knocklong and Glenbrohane, Limerick]

Thomas Tracy b. 21 Feb 1833 of Ballevistea [Ballyvistea Emly Tipperary] Sp. James Brien & Cathne Corbitt. Emly Parish

Mary Treacy b. 14 Apr 1835 of Ballevistea Sp. John Breen & Bridget Carroll. Emly Parish

Honora Tracey b. 27 Mar 1837 of Ballevistea Sp. Mary Power. Emly Parish


John Tracy & Cathne Hayes

Michael Tracy b. 22 Sep 1839 of Latten Illegimate Sp. Mary Noonan. Emly Parish (Note: Strangers from Latten [Lattin Lattin Tipperary - RC Cullen and Latten])


Bridget Tracey of Clasdrumsmith [Clashdrumsmith Emly Tipperary] married John Ryan 3 Mar 1840 Wit: John Tracy, Timothy Crowe & Bridget Crasoe?. Emly Parish


Mary Tracy/Treacy/Tracey & Gerald/Garrett/Garet/Garret Fair

Mary Fair b. 1 May 1842 of Ballevistea [Ballyvistea Emly] Sp. John Ryan & Winifred Higgins. Emly Parish

Thos Fair b. 11 Feb 1844 of Ballevistea Sp. Pat Murphy & Cathne Horigan?. Emly Parish

Bridget Fair b. 17 May 1846 of Ballinstea? Sp. John Murry & Ellin Murphy. Emly Parish

Margaret Fair b. 30 Mar 1847 of Ballevistiae? Sp. Michl Murry & Mary Dwyer. Emly Parish

Honora Fair b. 4 Aug 1850 of Ballivestea Sp. Michl Murresy & Margaret Treacy. Emly Parish

Patrick fair b. 1 Aug 1852 of Ballivestea Sp. Patrick T[BLANK] & Ellen Treacy. Emly Parish


John Tracy & Mary Power

John Tracy b. 21 Nov 1843 of Clasdrumsmith [Clashdrumsmith Emly Tipperary] Sp. James Power & Bridget Geron. Emly Parish

Mary Tracey b. 13 Jul 1846 of Clash? Sp. Honaria? Glasheen & Catherine Gleshin. Emly Parish


Catherine/Kate Treasy/Tressy/Tracy & John Harty

Honora Harty b. 16 Dec 1855 of Chantersland [Chantersland Emly] Sp. Patrick Harty? & Margaret Harty. Emly Parish

Edmund Harty b. 6 Jul 1857 of ChancellorsLand [Chancellorsland Emly] Sp. James Riordan & Bridget Trassy. Emly Parish

Mary Harty b. 25 Mar 1860 of Chencellorsland Sp. Owen O'Brien & Cathne Harty. Emly Parish

Patrick Harty b. 28 Jun 1863 of Chancellorsland Sp. Michael Kenna & Margaret Kenna. Emly Parish

Bridget Harty b. 26 Dec 1866 of Chancellor's land Sp. William Hogan & Honora Harty. Emly Parish

Edmond/Edmund Treacy [see Page 1 murdered January 1869] & Bridget Hayes [Not married in this parish ] 

Edmund b. 1860

William b. 1862

Catherine (Kate) b. 7 December 1867 Emly (LDS)

John b. 13 July 1869 Emly (LDS)

Edmond Tracy & Bridget

Mary b. 9 March 1865 Emly (LDS)



Emly Gravestone Inscriptions

Tracey, Bohernore.


 Fethard CoI


Mary Tracy, 19, spinster, lives Fethard, (s. of John Tracy, shoemaker) married Anthony Tolan, 19, bachelor, private 47th Regt, lives Fethard, (s. of Patrick Tolan, shoemaker) 14 June 1848 Fethard Church of Ireland Wit: Janes Cave & John Norris [Fethard Cashel PLU]

Mary Tracy (d. of John Tracy, 19 years) m. Anthony Tolan (s. of Patrick Tolan, 19 years) 14 Jun 1848 Cashel


Richard Kildare Treacy, full [age], bachelor, gentleman, lives Fethard Tip, (s. of William Treacy, gentleman) married Jeanie Sayers, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives Fethard Tip, (d. of Fredrick Sayers, law agent) 25 July 1878 Fethard Chuch of Ireland Wit: John H. Harvey, Clerk of the Crown? & Joseph Dobbs. Robt Sayers Minister. [Fethard Cashel PLU] [see William Treacy of Bellmount]



 Fethard & Killusty


Mary Treacy & John Meagher

Joseph meagher b. 4 Jun 1809 Sp. John Mowly & Mary Prendergast. Fethard Parish


Mary Treacy & Laurence Egan

Richd Egan b. 16 Nov 1812 Sp. Cathne Heffernan. Fethard Parish


Jno/John Treacy & Bridget/Biddy Wallace/Wallis

Cathe Treacy b. 12 Apr 1815 of Fethard [Fethard] Sp. Martin Poor & Mary Quirk. Fethard Parish

Mary Treacy b. 19 Jul 1817 Sp. John Hutcheson & Elizabeth Murphy. Fethard Parish

Patt Tracy b. 10 Jan 1819 Sp. John Shed? & Mary Fitzgerald. Fethard Parish

Margt Tracy b. 30 May 1825 of C Lane [Old Chapel Lane Fethard?] Sp. Edmund Cullon & Mary Byrne. Fethard Parish


Patt Treacy & Mary Fitzpatrick

Margt Treacy b. 8 Jun 1829 of Green [The Green Fethard] Sp. Bridget Horan. Fethard Parish


Cath Treacy married Patt Cleary 18 Oct 1834 Wit: Patt McGrath & Ally Ryan. Fethard Parish

Cathe/Catharine Tracy/Treacy/Treasy/Treacey & Patt/Patrick Cleary

MaryB? Cleary b. 7 Jun 1836 of Main St Sp. Patt Donovan & Judith Lanegan. Fethard Parish

Pat Cleary b. 11 Mar 1838 of Main St Sp. Tim? Walsh & Mary Hines. Fethard Parish

John Cleary b. 7 Jan 1840 Sp. James Maher & Nelly Shea. Fethard Parish

Thos Cleary b. 31 Oct 1841 of Chapel Lane Sp. Thos English & Mary Walsh. Fethard Parish

James Cleary b. 16 May 1845 Sp. Richd? Connlay? & Jane Mack. Fethard Parish

Catherine Cleary b. 9 Feb 1851 Sp. Michl Luther & Margt Cleary. Fethard Parish

Mary Cleary b. 18 Jul 1852 Sp. Thos Walsh & Ellen Finane. Fethard Parish

Bridget Cleary b. 11 Dec 1855 Sp. Bridget Buckley. Fethard Parish

Ally Cleary b. 18 Mar 1858 Sp. John Carroll & Anty Brennan. Fethard Parish

Ellen Cleary b. 19 Jul 1860 Sp. P & M Boyle?. Fethard Parish


Alice Tressy? married John Cleary 11 Jan 1835 Wit: Tom Fitzgerald & Ellen Gleeson. Fethard Parish


Mary Treacy & Tim Morressy

Edmund Morressy b. 8 May 1835 Sp. Mary Butl?. Fethard Parish (Note: Tipp)


James Tressy? & Bridget Finane

James Tressy b. 7 Feb 1841 of Chapel ln [Old Chapel Lane Fethard?] Sp. James Lahy & Anne Halloran. Fethard Parish


Patrick Tracy married Margt Wall 16 Jan 1842 Wit: Thos Guidee & Bridget Loughin. Fethard Parish

Patt Tracy & Margaret Wall

Johanna Tracy b. 8 Sep 1844 Sp. John Loughnan & Margaret Boe. Fethard Parish


Anne Tracy & Martin Casey?

Martin Casey b. 24? Feb 1842 of Killusty [Kiltinan] Sp. Timothy Maher & Bessy Sheidy. Fethard Parish


Timothy Tracy & Alice Morey [see Mitchelstown, Co. Cork]

Darby Tracy b. 20 Mar 1843 of Kilbrough [Kilbragh Railstown] Sp. John Henessy? & Mary Slattery. Fethard Parish


Ellen Tracey & John Daniel

John Daniel b. 15 Jun 1843 of Kilbragh [Railstown] Sp. Patrick & Mary Tracy. Fethard Parish


Edmd Tracey & Margt Fogarty [from Drom and Loughmore?]

William Tracey b. 30 Jan 1854 Sp. James Guider & Cath Walsh. Fethard Parish


James Tracey, 22, bachelor, labr, lives Drangan, (s. of Wm Tracey, labr) married Honora Maher, 20, spinster, servy, lives Gaits Kough (d. of Richd Maher, do [labr]) 20 August 1866 RC Chapel of Fethard Wit: John Cunningham & Honora Grace, their marks [Fethard Cashel PLU] signed their marks [see Mullinahone]

James Tracy married Honora Maher 19 Aug 1866 Wit: John Cunnigham & Anty Grace. Fethard Parish

Jas Treacy & Honora Maher

William Treacy b. 4 Jun 1867 Sp. Denis Ryan & Margt Treacy. Fethard Parish

James Tracey & Honora Maher

William b. 2 June 1867 (LDS)

James Tracey, labourer, & Honora Maher

William Treacy b. 2 Jun 1867 of Peppardstown [Peppardstown] James Treacy, father, Peppardstown [Fethard Cashel PLU]


Jn/J Tracy & Mary Coffey/Coffy [A soldier from near Gorey, Wexford who also lived in Armagh. See Avoca Wicklow]

Frances Ellen Treacy b. 18 Jul 1867 Sp. Jn Coffey & Kate Cummins. Fethard Parish

John Tracy b. 28 Jan 1869 Sp. Joe Rochester & Cilia Coffey. Fethard Parish

John Tracey & Mary Coffee/Coffey

Frances Amelia b. 16 July 1867 Fethard (LDS)

John b. 24 January 1869 Fethard (LDS)

John Tracey, Corporal 89th Regt, & Mary Coffee

Frances Amelia Tracey b. 16 July 1867 of The Green, Fethard [Fethard] Ellen Coffee, present at Birth, The Green [No image available - Official transcript] [Fethard Cashel PLU]

John Tracey, sergeant 89th Foot, Athlone, & Mary Coffey

John Tracey b. 24 Jan 1869 The Green Fethard. Ellen Coffey, her mark, present at birth, The Green [Fethard Cashel PLU]


John Tracey, 5889, Coms't Trpt, enlisted 20 November 1884

15 years 10 months b. 1869, 5'4.75", 114 Lbs, 32" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC, Father ??? John Tracey 3rd Batt ???

Born Fethard, Tipperary


Martin Treacy, full age, bachelor, Sub Constable, lives Dungarvan, (s. of Martin Treacy, farmer) married Sarah Murphy, Do [full age], spinster, servant, lives Coolinore [Coolanure or  Coolmore Rathcool], (d. of James Murphy, servant [Coolinore crossed out]) 20 May 1874 RC Chapel Fethard Wit: Johanna Lynch & John Sullivan [Fethard Cashel PLU] [not listed in RC register] [see RIC]


Michael Treacy married Mary Tuberdy 27 Jun 1876 Wit: Denis Coffey & Margaret Morrissy. Fethard Parish

Michael Tracy/Treacey, 28, bachelor, herdsman, lives Prospect [Rathcool OR Drangan], (s. of Thomas Tracy, herdsman) married Mary Tubberty, 25, spinster, housekeeper, lives Prospect Co. Tip (d. of Denis Tubberty, Case-taker?)  27 June 1876 RC Chapel Fethard Wit: Denis Coffey & Margaret Morrissey [Fethard Cashel PLU]

Michl Treacy & Mary Tulberty/Taberdy

Thomas Treacy b. 22 Mar 1877 Sp. Jn Fennelly & Ana Hayes. Fethard Parish

Alice Treacy b. 8 Feb 1878 Sp. Jn Morrissey & Ellen Cahill. Fethard Parish

Mary Tracey b. 2 Feb 1879 Sp. Jas Daniel & Ellen Morrissey. Fethard Parish

Margaret Treacy b. 29 May 1880 Sp. Jn Morrissey & Ann Daniel. Fethard Parish

Michael Tracey & Mary Tubberdy/Tubberty/Jubberty

Thomas b. 22 March 1877 (LDS)

Alice b. 10 February 1878 Prospect (LDS) Jubberty

Margaret b. 23 May 1880 Prospect (LDS)

Michael Treacy of Prospect, labourer, & Mary Tubberty

Anne Treacy b. 19 Oct 1884 of Prospect. Michael Treacy father Prospect [his mark]


Traceys of Prospect, Fethard

1. Michael Tracey born 1803?

1.1 Thomas Tracey 1826?

1.1.1 Thomas born 1877

1.1.2 Alice 1878-1936, as a young woman she worked as a servant at Bansha House.

1.1.3 Ellen 1879,

1.1.4 Margaret 1880.

1.1.5 Katie?

Kind regards from Auckland NZ. Valerie Watson (nee Power)


Thomas Treacy, 248450, gunner, Royal Regiment of Artillery (RHA & RFA), enlisted 17/9/1917 Clonmel, deserted 19/2/1918

20 years b. 1897, farm labourer, single, 5'11.25?", 39.5" chest, brown mole left leg, RC, Pte John Treacy Irish Guard of Rathduff Fethard brother next of kin,

Born Rathduff Fethard Co. Tipperary


Survey of the old Graveyard (Ballyhomuck) Cloneen

No. 23

Michael Tracey

(wife) Anastica Tracey nee Shea 23 years 1846

No. 171

John O’Halloran (Kylenagrannagh) 1933

Wife Margaret nee Heffernan 1950,

Patrick 1947 Margaret Carroll 1923,

James O’Halloran 1888,

Wife Catherine nee Treacy 1893,

Michael Field 23 years 1746




 Galbally and Aherlow (Limerick/Tipperary)


See Limerick.



 Killenaule & Moyglass


1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen

Denis Tracey, b. Killensulle [Killenaule Tipperary]

Denis Tracey, b. 1810 Killenaule [Tipperary]

Denis Tracey, b. 1811 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. Killenhaule [Killenaule Tipperary]

John Tracey, b. 1807 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. 1812 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. 1814 Tipperary Tipperary

Timothy Tracey, b. 1808 Killenaule Tipperary

Timothy Treacy, b. Killenaule [Tipperary]


Helena Treasy & SMUDGE

Margarita ? b. 16 Jan 1744 Sp. Edmundus SMUDGE. Killenaule Parish


Maria? Tracy & Patricio Myers

Redmondus Myers b. 25 Aug 1747 Sp. Patricius Burk & Matina Penelope ?hy. Killenaule Parish


Patricio Tracy & Maria Armstrong

Joanna Tracy b. 20 Oct 1753 Sp. Jacobus Quin & Maria Burk. Killenaule Parish


Margaretam Tracy parish of Cuilligh [Cooleagh - RC Killenaule] married Thadeum Skehan parish of Macarky [Moycarkey] 29 Feb 1756. Killenaule Parish (Note: Banns)


Dyonisio Tracy & Winifreda Kelly

Anastasia Tracy b. 25 Jun 1769 Sp. Michl Lahy & mat. Margareta Sause. Killenaule Parish

Margareta Tracy b. 8 May 1772 Sp. Richardus Brennan & mat. Catharina Lahy. Killenaule Parish

Thadaus Tracy b. 11 Jan 1775 Sp. Joannes Quigly & mat. Helena Tracy. Killenaule Parish

Michael Tracy b. 21 Sep 1777 Sp. Gulielmus Hackett & Mat. Cath Hackett. Killenaule Parish


Mariam Tracy married Mauricium Ruspert? 26 Feb? 1770. Killenaule Parish

Margareta Tracy & Mauritio Rochford/Ruspert/Rotchford/Rispard?

Robertus Rochford b. 16 Feb 1771 Sp. Robertus Cushin & Mat. Maria Murphy. Killenaule Parish

Anastasia Ruspert b. 17 Jun 1773 Sp. Joannes Tobin & mat. Margareta Murphy. Killenaule Parish

Jacobum Rotchford b. 17 Dec 1782 Sp. mat. Margarita Lahy. Killenaule Parish

Jacobus Rispard b. 17 Aug 1789 Sp. Thos BLANK & Mat. Cath Rispard. Killenaule Parish


Andrea Tracy & Maria Hogan/SMUDGE

Maria Tracy b. 22 Apr 1772 Sp. Edmundus Hall & mat. Brigida Fizgerald. Killenaule Parish

Elisa Tracy b. 4 May 1775 Sp. Georgius Guony & mat. Rosa Carthy. Killenaule Parish

Jacobus Tracy b. 27 Jul 1780 Sp. Philli?ius Connell & Mat. Maria Fogarty?. Killenaule Parish


Edmundo Tracy & Cath Ryan

Helena Tracy b. 17 Nov 1776 Sp. Richardus Shea? & Joanna Cahill. Killenaule Parish


Michaelam Tracy married Helena Hackett of Killenaule 11 May 1777. Killenaule Parish

Michaele Tracy & Eleonora/Ellanora/Ellena/Helena  Hackett

Anastasia Tracy b. 13 Mar 1778 Sp. Petrus Hackett & Mat. Eleonora Meagher. Killenaule Parish

Thadus Tracy b. 30 Oct 1779 Sp. Thos Quirk & Mat. Cath Hackett. Killenaule Parish

Michael Tracy b. 28 Feb 1782 Sp. Patricius?  Fogarty & Mat. Maria Russell. Killenaule Parish

Dionisium Tracy b. 24 Jul 1784 Sp. Catharina Rotchford. Killenaule Parish

Gulielmus Tracy b. 9 Aug 1787 Sp. Con? & Astasia Quirk. Killenaule Parish

Ellena Tracy b. 21 Feb 1790 Sp. Joannes Rotchford & Mat. Catharina Donnell. Killenaule Parish

Margarita Tracy b. 6 May 1792 Sp. Richardus Rusford? & Mat. Cathj Hackett. Killenaule Parish

Maria Tracy b. 24 Oct 1794 Sp. Jacobus Sullivan & Mat. Margarita Glisan?. Killenaule Parish

Michaell Tracy & Margarita Hack?

Jacobus Tracy b. 23 Jul 1797 Sp. Valentinus? Fogarty & Mat. Maria Connor. Killenaule Parish


Joanna Tracy & Gulielmo Cahill

Margarita Cahill b. 2 May 1779 Sp. Daniel Ryan & Mat. Joanna Cahill. Killenaule Parish

Gulielmus Cahill b. 17 Oct 1781 Sp. Thadeus Ryan & Mat. Joanna Cahill. Killenaule Parish

Joanna Cahill b. 2 Mar 1786 Sp. Ellena Gayna?. Killenaule Parish *

Patritius Cahill b. 22 Mar 1790 Sp. Gulielmus Geynan & Mat. Margarita Guynan. Killenaule Parish

Edmundus Cahill b. 7? Mar 1793 Sp. Martinius? Gaynan? & Mat. Ellena Cahill. Killenaule Parish


Maria Tracy & Patricio Condon

Patricius Condon b. 28 Jan 1781 Sp. Phillipius Kennedy & Mat. Maria Grognas?. Killenaule Parish


Brigida Tracy & Edmund/Edmundo Power

Maria Power b. 20 April 1783 Sp. Joannes Baolan & Mat. Joanna Scott. Killenaule Parish

Patritius Power b. 22 Mar 1790 Sp. Joannes Corcoran & BLANK. Killenaule Parish

Margarita Power b. 22 Feb 1793 Sp. Patritius Nowlan? & Mat. Joanna Cantwell. Killenaule Parish

Joanna Power b. 14 Sep? 1795 Sp. Michael Nowlan & Mat. Jaanna Cantwell. Killenaule Parish


Helena/Helen/Ellena Tracy & Phillippo Lein/Lyons

Anastasia Lein b. 2 Mar 1786 Sp. Jacobus Paorcell & Mat. Maria Gahao?. Killenaule Parish *

Margarita Lyons b. 25 Mar 1790 Sp. Patritius Dyne? & Mat. Brigida Kennedy. Killenaule Parish

Michael Lain b. 15 Aug 1793 Sp. Joanne Riffard? & Mat Cath Dannell. Killenaule Parish


Annastasiam Tracy married Patritium Brien 11? Feb 1788 Wit: Jacobo Sullivan, Catherina Ripard? & Catherina Murphy. Killenaule Parish

Anistatia? Tracy & Patritio Brien

Margarita Brien b. 16 Feb 1794 Sp. Jacebus Sullivan & Mat. Margarita Glesan. Killenaule Parish


Thoma Tracy & Maria Kennedy

Maria Tracy b. 11 May 1792 Sp. Michael? M'Carrick? & Mat. Eliza Purcell. Killenaule Parish


Morgan Tracy & Marga? Doran?

Michael Tracy b. 27 Dec 1795 Sp. Joanne Bulfin & Mat. Eleonora Dwyer. Killenaule Parish


Michael Tracy [Trahy?] & Eliza? Grymes

Maria Tracy b. 20 Mar 1800 Sp. Patritius Parle? & Mat. Honora Murphy. Killenaule Parish


Margt Tracy & Joanne Neil

Margaret Neil b. 8 Dec 1800 illeg Sp. Mat. Margariata Fitzgerald. Killenaule Parish


Michael Tracey/Treacy & Mary Naughten/Nortin/Nocktin

Denis Tracey b. 24 Mar 1814 Sp. James Crook & Jane Naughten. Killenaule Parish

Ellin Treacy b. 3 May 1816 of Gray'stown [Graystown Graystown] Sp. Thomas Connell & Ally Cosney?. Killenaule Parish

Michael Treacy b. 28 Feb 1818 of Gray'stown Sp. Patk Dunnin & Mary Treacy. Killenaule Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 22 Mar 1822 of Knockavardah [Killenaule] Sp. Patrick Goony? & Mary Egan. Killenaule Parish


James Treasy & Margaret Moloughny/Maloughny

Anty Treasy b. 4 Oct 1815 of Mottlestown [Mortle-town Cooleagh] Sp. Tim Broderick & Mary Thrase?. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Treasy b. 8 Nov 1818 of Rathmolan [Rathmooley Killenaule] Sp. James Hennessy & Catherine Murphy. Killenaule Parish


Tom Treacy of Killenaule married Ally Hunt (d, of Tom Hunt) of Kilenac on the 19 Feb 1816 Wit: Hr Mannion & Michl Treacy Moycarkey Parish


William Treacy married Mary Cocoran of 4? Roads [Four Roads village in Lanespark Killenaule] 26 Feb 1816 Wit: James Corcoran, Michl Treacy & Wm Mannin. Killenaule Parish

Wm/Wilm Tracy & Mary Corcoran

Denis Tracy b. 25 Apr 1817 of Fourroads Sp. Piesce Hackett & Alicia Hunt. Killenaule Parish

James Tracy b. 26 Mar 1819 of Fourroads Sp. Walter Cashman & Anne Adara. Killenaule Parish


Michl Treasy & Ellisabeth Brien

Anty Treasy b. 5 Apr 1816 of Mottlestown [Mortle-town Cooleagh] Sp. Thimothy Fogarty & Margaret Brien. Killenaule Parish


Bridget Tracy & Timothy/Tim Dwyer

John Dwyer b. 8 Jun 1817 of St Johnstown [St. Johnstown] Sp. James Ryan & Joanna Carrol. Killenaule Parish

Bridget Dwyer b. 2 Jul 1820 of St Johnstown Sp. Patrick Hoolahan & Martha Morrissy. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Dwyer b. 27 Dec 1827 of St Johnstown Sp. Michael Dwyer & Catherine Murray. Killenaule Parish

Ellen Dwyer b. 19 Feb 1832 of St Johnstown Sp. Denis Graghan & Mary Murry?. Killenaule Parish


Margaret Treacy of Tisonds? [Four Roads village in Lanespark Killenaule] married Edmd Nugent 19 Nov 1818 Wit: Wm Treacy, Richd Delahunty & Nancy A?ir. Killenaule Parish

Margaret Tracy & Edmd Nugent

Michael Nugent b. 20 Sep 1820 of Four Roads Sp. Richard Dulanty & Joanna Quirk. Killenaule Parish


Ellen Treacy of Ballinure [Graystown] married John Hayden 3 Nov 1822 Wit: Michl Bourk, Ally Ready & Julian Treacy. Killenaule Parish

Ellen Tracy/Treasy & John Hayden

James Hayden b. 12 Aug 1823 of Ballenure Sp. Thomas Tracy? & Margt Rulfin. Killenaule Parish

Michael Hayden b. 27 Jul 1825 of Ballenure Sp. William Carew & Anne Brilfan. Killenaule Parish

John Hayden b. 1 Jun 1828 of Piersetown [Piercetown Rahelty - nearest] Sp. Edmond Carey & Mary Cudihy. Killenaule Parish

Thos Hayden b. 24 Apr 1831 of Noan [Graystown] Sp. Edmund Hayde & Ellen Kennedy. Killenaule Parish

Ellen Hayden b. 22 Sep 1833 of Ballinure Sp. Jas Grady & Margt Hall. Killenaule Parish

Jas Hayden b. 24 Sep 1836 of Pierstown Sp. Wm Dwyer & Mary Coffey. Killenaule Parish

Cath Hayden b. 4 Aug 1839 of Ballinure Sp. John Driscol & Ellin Moran. Killenaule Parish


Michael Treacy married Ellen Dargan of Caddigan 9 Feb 1823 Wit: Henry Hays, Elizabeth Cormick, Margaret Dargan. Killenaule Parish

Michael/Michl Tracy & Ellen Dargan/Dansigan/Dargin

Catherine Tracy b. 30 Apr 1823 of Catagan'stown [Cathaganstown Killenaule] Sp. James Donel & Ellen Ryan. Killenaule Parish

James Treacy b. 2 May 1824 of Killenaule [Killenaule] Sp. Philip Navin & Ellen Navin. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Treacy b. 1 Mar 1827 of Catagan'stown Sp. Stephen Navin & Catharine Daniel. Killenaule Parish

Margt Tracy b. 21 Jan 1829 of Grace-Town [Graystown Graystown] Sp. Tank? Cormick & Cathrine Donniel. Killenaule Parish

Cath Trassy b. 17 Nov 1832 of Graystown Sp. Michl Daniel & Mary Dargan. Killenaule Parish

Michael Treacy b. 7 Sep 1836 of Graystown Sp. John Daniel & Mary Mullenuly. Killenaule Parish


Morgan Treacy married Mary Meakler of Mobarnan [Magorban] 12? Sep 1828 Wit: Martin Molony, Michael Ryan & Joanna Cummins . Killenaule Parish


Denis Tracy married Mary Hayden of Lower Graigue [Killenaule] 4 May 1832 Wit: Michael Meagher & Martha Morrissy. Killenaule Parish

Denis Tracy & Margaret/Mary Headen/Hayden

Mary Tracy b. 7 Aug 1832 of Mortles-Town [Mortle-town Cooleagh] Sp. Denis Tracy & Margt Tracy. Killenaule Parish

Jude Tracy b. 11 Jun 1834 of Mortlestown Sp. John Moloughny & Winney Tracy. Killenaule Parish

Anty Treacy b. 21 Dec 1836 of Mortelstown Sp. Michl Cahil & Margt Hayden. Killenaule Parish

Tim Treacy b. 6 Jan 1839 of Mortelstown Sp. John Treacy & Mary Cormack. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Treacy b. 2 Feb 1841 of Mottlestown Sp. John Hayden & Anastasia Franay. Killenaule Parish


Bridgt Treacy of Killenaule [Killenaule] married Tom Glassem 16 Feb 1833 Wit: Tom Treacy & Ellen Dunn?. Killenaule Parish

Bridgt Tracy/Tresy & Tom Glassun/Glasheen

Jas Glassun b. 4 Dec 1833 of Killenaule Sp. Wm Russel & Anne Kenedy. Killenaule Parish

Mary Glassun b. 25 Mar 1836 of Killenaule Sp. Pat Shea & Bridgt Tynan. Killenaule Parish

William Glasheen b. 16 Jul 1840 of Killenaule Sp. John Shea & Ellen Denning?. Killenaule Parish

James Glasheen b. 21 Jul 1844 of Killenaule Sp. Laurence Mahony & Mary Pennfather?. Killenaule Parish

John Glasheen b. 5 Sep 1846 of Killenaule Sp. John Kennedy & Margaret Bagnel? . Killenaule Parish


Tom Trassy married Jude Kelly of Killenaule [Killenaule] 30 Nov 1833 Wit: Patk Shea & Cath Carty. Killenaule Parish

Tom Trassy & Judy Keily

Jas Trassy b. 18 Apr 1834 of Killenaule [Killenaule] Sp. Laurence Keily & Cath Day. Killenaule Parish


Mary Trassy & John O'Leary

Jude O'Leary b. 28 May 1835 of Killenaule [Killenaule] illeg Sp. Bridgt Trassy. Killenaule Parish


Michl/Mic? Treacy & Cath Baily/Bayly

John Treacy b. 9 May 1837 of Killenaule [Killenaule] Illeg Sp. Bridgt Treacy. Killenaule Parish

James Tracey b. 6 Jan 1841 of Killenaule Sp. James Gooney & Bridget Cleary?. Killenaule Parish

Thomas Treacy b. 9 Nov 1842 of Killenaule Sp. Jno Auliff & Ellen Duning. Killenaule Parish

Mary Treacy b. 4 Aug 1844 of Killenaule Sp. Richard Fahy & Mary Finan. Killenaule Parish

Patrick [Michael crossed out] Treacy b. 21 Jun 1846 of Killenaule Sp. Richard Shea & judith Bayly. Killenaule Parish


Winnefrid Treacy of Mortalstown [Mortle-town Cooleagh] married James Byrne 21 Jun 1841 Wit: Denis Treacy & Anty Treacy. Killenaule Parish

Winnifred Treacy & Thomas Byrne

Thomas Byrne b. 30 Sep 1841 of Mortlestown Sp. Denis Treacy & Anastasia Treacy. Killenaule Parish

Winnefred/Winefrede Tracy & James Byrne

James Byrne b. 19 Sep 1843 of Mortlestown Sp. Michael Merhan? & Mary Cormick. Killenaule Parish

Mary Byrne b. 2 May 1846 of Mortlestown Sp. Thomas Moackler & Catharine Moackler. Killenaule Parish

Margaret Byrne b. 16 Feb 1849 of Mortelstown Sp. James Cormack & Ellen Cormack. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Byrne b. 10 Nov 1850 of Mortelstown Sp. Patrick Treacy & Kate Cormack. Killenaule Parish


Patrick Treacy & Mary Head/Hayde

Anastasia Treacy b. 29 Sep 1841 of Ballinure [Graystown] Sp. Thomas Ryan & Mary Russel. Killenaule Parish

Mary Tracy b. 25 Mar 1843 of Ballinure Sp. Edmund Hayde & Catharine Kennedy. Killenaule Parish


Morgan Treacy married Catharine Doyle of Ballivaden [Ballyvadin Magorban OR Rathcool] 17 Nov 1842 Wit: Hemry Crook & Cornelius Kennedy. Killenaule Parish


James Treacy & Margaret Fitzgerald

Michael Treacy b. 17 Dec 1842 of Fookstown [Foulkstown Magorban] Illegt Sp. Mary Dwyer. Killenaule Parish


Mary Tracy & John Corcoran

James Corcoran b. 24 Dec 1843 of Lanespark [Killenaule] Sp. Ellen Meehan. Killenaule Parish

John Corcoran b. 22 Jun 1849 of Four Roads [Four Roads village in Lanespark Killenaule] Illeg Sp. Mary Stephens. Killenaule Parish


John Tracy & Bridget Peirt?

Margaret Tracy b. 25 Dec 1846 of Killenaule [Killenaule] Sp. Pat Burke & Margaret Cahil. Killenaule Parish


Mary Treacy of Four Roads [village in Lanespark Killenaule] Magorban] married John Corcoran 3 Mar 1851 Wit: Edmund Kennedy & Mary Kennedy. Killenaule Parish


Patrick Tracy married Margaret Kennedy of Killenaule? [Killenaule] 29 Aug 1852 Wit: James Sheedy & Mary Conway. Killenaule Parish


Judith Treacy of Ballinaglera [?] [Ballynagleragh Bruis] married Martin Minchin 11 May 1856 Wit: Michael Ryan & Catherine Kennedy. Killenaule Parish [see Gortnahoe]

Johannna Tracey & Martin Minchin

Mary Minchin b. 8 Jun 1856 of Ballinaglera Sp. Michael Ryan & Catherine Kennedy. Killenaule Parish

Judith Tracey & Martin Minchin

Judith Minchin b. 12 Feb 1859 of Newtown? [Kilcooly?] Sp. James & Judith Costigan. Gortnahoe Parish

Margaret Minchin b. 24 Dec 1860 of Newtown Sp. Thomas Reardon? & Catharin Headan. Gortnahoe Parish


Patrick Treacy & Mary Cormack

Mary Treacy b. 23 Aug 1857 of Do [Lismortagh Cooleagh] Illeg Sp. Kate Est. Killenaule Parish


Patrick Tracy married Mary Loyde 5 Nov 1876 Wit: James Sheedy & Mary Anne Costello. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Treacy, 65 years, widower, dealer, lives Killenaule [Killenaule], (s. of John Treacy, labourer) married Mary Loyd, 20 years, spinster, servant, lives Killenaule, (d. of William Loyd, labourer) 05 November 1876 RC Church Killenaule Wit: James Sheedy & Mary Anne Costello, signed his mark [Killenaule Cashel PLU]

Patrick Tracy & Mary Loyde/Loyd

Patrick Tracy b. 17 Jan 1878 Sp. Patrick Taylor & Mary Anne Costello. Killenaule Parish

William Tracy b. 19 Oct 1879 Sp. Michael Hanly & Mary Donnelly. Killenaule Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 12 Sep 1880 Sp. Thomas Foley & Johanna Hennessy. Killenaule Parish

Patrick Treacy & Mary Lyod/Loyd

Patrick b. 15 January 1878 Killenaule (LDS)

Catherine b. 10 September 1880 Killenaule (LDS)


Mary Treacy nee Lloyd, full [age], widow, servant, lives Killenaule [Killenaule], (d. of William Lloyd, labourer) married Patrick O'Donnell/Donnell, full [age], bachelor, labourer, lives Killenaule, (s. of William O'Donnell, labourer) 26 September 1892 RC Church Killenaule Wit: David O'Connell & Catherine Power [Killenaule Cashel PLU]


John Treacy & Mary Donnelly

Thomas Peter Treacy b. 22 Jun 1880 Sp. Patrick Fogarty & Kate Donnelly. Killenaule Parish


John Treacy, of Coolgraney, married Mary Donally, of Parkbaun 04 Jul 1878. Wit: James OKeefe & Kate Donally. Gorey Parish [retired to Avoca Wicklow]
John Treacy of Pike St Killenaule, Subconstable RIC, & Mary Donnolly
Thomas Peter Treacy b. 22 June 1880 of Pike St Killenaule. John Treacy father Pike St Killenaule [Cashel]
John Treacy of Killenaule, Constable RIC, & Mary Donnelly
Ann Mary Treacy b. 1 Nov? 1883 of Killenaule. John Trecey father Killenaule [Cashel]
John Tracey of Hinley Park Callan, Acting sergeant RIC, & Mary Donnelly 
Peter Tracy b. 22 August 1885 Parkbawn. Kate Donnelly Park Baun present at birth. [Gorey Gorey][Parkbaun Kilcavan]
John Tracy of Hollyfort Tipperary, police sergeant & Mary Donnelly [Kate crossed out]
John Tracy b. 22 July 1887 of Parkbaun. Kate Donnelly Parkbaun present at birth.


James Trassy, 23 years, bachelor, labourer, lives Boola [Bourney OR Corbally], (s. of James Trassy, labourer) married Catherine/Kate Fahey, full age, spinster, labourers daughter, lives Mardyke [Graystown], (d. of Thomas Fahey, labourer) 05 February 1884 RC Chapel Killanaule Wit: Michael Gleeson & Johanna Gleeson, signed his mark [Killenaule Cashel PLU] signed his mark [see Bournea and Corbally]


Mathew Tracy/Treacy, of full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Derryhogan [Twomileborris], (s. of Michael Tracy, farmer) married Mary A/Anne O'Callaghan, of full age, spinster, farmer, lives Lanespark [Killenaule], (d. of John O'Callaghan, farmer) 19 February 1895 RC Church St. Mary's Killenaule Wit: James O'Callaghan & Maggie Kennedy [Killenaule Cashel PLU] see Moycarkey


Patrick/Patt Treacy, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Mardyke [Graystown], (s. of James Treacy, labourer) married Bridget Fogarty, full age, spinster, labourer, lives Killenaule [Killenaule], (d. of Thomas Fogarty, labourer) 19 November 1898 RC Chapel Killenaule Wit: Michael O'Donnell & Katie Fogarty [Killenaule Cashel PLU]

Patrick Tracy (Labourer) & Bridget Fogarty Labourer

James b. 20 June 1900 Killenaule, Union of Cashel, Tipperary Page 453 (District of Killenaule)


Wm Treacy  b. 02 Feb 1904 ,​ Killenale Tuppriany Qc [killenaule Tipperary?]

Arrival Date: 13 Aug 1922 Buffalo, New York, from Canada 

Departure Contact: Fa Patrick Killenale 

Arrival Contact: Sister Katherine Beatty 


Catherine M Beatty (Treacy); 98; Killenaule TIP IRL>Goshen NY; Times Herald Rec; 2000-1-15; wwwalton


Athenia 11 Jun 1927 Canada

William Treacy, Age: 22, single, farm labourer, b. Killenaule Ireland

Mother: Mrs Bridget Treacy, Cashel Rd Killenaule Co Tipp



Burials Parish Register

Thadei Tracy of Crohane? died 27 Feb 1791

Margarita Tracy died 6 Jul 1795


St. Mary's Churchyard Killenaule

28. Erected by Patrick Treacy of Killenaule to the memory of his beloved wife Margaret Treacy who died Sep. 12th 1876 age 70 years. May she rest in peace. Amen.

160. Erected by Patrick Treacy (Cashel Road) in loving memory of his wife Bridget who died 27th Mar 1951 aged 76 yrs., and her relations interred here. The above Patrick Treacy died 10th April 1972 age 96 yrs. R.I.P.


Ballingarry Old Church Cemetery

Erected by Mrs Kate Phelan, USA

In loving memory of her Father

James Treacey (Mardyke) [Mardyke Graystown]

who died 29th Feb 1940 aged 78 yrs

Her Mother Catherine Treacey

Died 25th Feb 1901 Aged 47 yrs

Her Brother Tom Treacey

Shot Easter week 1916 aged 19 yrs

Also Margaret Tracey

Died 15th Oct 1963 aged 70 yrs

John (Jack) Tracey

Died 29th January 2003 aged 75 yrs

New York

William Phelan

Born August 28th 1919

Died Jan 11th 1985





Mary Treacy & Patrick Dwyer

William Dwyer b. 20 Dec 1840 of Ballynahinch [Ballygriffin] Sp. Martin Ryan & Bridget Dwyer. Knockavilla Parish


Patrick Treacy married Johanna Ryan of Ballysheedy [Ballysheeda Aghacrew OR Donohill] 30 Jan 1865 Wit: Denis Treacy & Kate Ryan. Anacarty and Donohill Parish

Patrick Treacy, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Bishopswood? [Kilmore (Kilnamanagh)] (s. of Patrick Treacy, farmer) married Johanna Ryan, full [age], spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Ballysheedy, (d. of Daniel Ryan, farmer) 30 January 1865 RC Chapel of Anacarty Wit: Denis Treacy & Kate? Ryan [Cappagh Tipperary PLU]

Patt/Patrick Tracy/Treacy & Joanna Ryan

Mary Tracy b. 16? Dec 1865 Sp. Mary Ryan. Knockavilla Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 3 Mar 1867 Sp. Edward Looby & Bridget Tracy. Knockavilla Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 15 May 1868 Sp. Edmd Tracy & Sarah Ryan. Knockavilla Parish

Joanna Treacy b. 26 Sep 1869 of B. Wood Sp. John Ryan & Ellen Muan?. Knockavilla Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 18 Jun 1871 of B. Wood Sp. Edmd Muan & Mary Hefferson. Knockavilla Parish

Sarah Treacy b. 2 Apr 1873 of Lwr B Wood Sp. David Looby & Mary Griffin. Knockavilla Parish

Richard Treacy b. 8 July 1874 of B Wood Sp. Jerry? Moran? & Margt Dwyer. Knockavilla Parish (Note: married to Margaret Scanlan in Anacarthy Church 15 Feb 1911 by Rev Martin Ryan P.P.)

Daniel Treacy b. 10 Apr 1876 of Bishopswood Sp. Patrick Treacy & Mary? [SMUDGE] Treacy. Knockavilla Parish

Edmond Treacy b. 16 Jan 1878 of Bishopswood Sp. John Looby & Mary Dwyer. Knockavilla Parish (Note: Edmond was married in St. Mary's Cathredral Halifax cr.S Canada to Maran Gilles? East Bay Cape Breton [Nova Scotia] 25 January 1911)

Patrick/Patsy Tracey/Tracy/Treacy & Johan(n)a(h)/Shana Ryan

Mary b. 8 December 1865 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Margaret b. 4 March 1867 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Patrick b. 14 May 1868 (LDS)

Johannah b. 25 September 1869 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Martin b. 17 June 1871 (LDS)

Sarah b. 3 April 1873 (LDS)

Richard b. 20 July 1874 (LDS)

Daniel b. 3 April 1876 Bishopswood (LDS) (Shana) Knockavilla

Edmond b. 16 January 1878 Bishopswood (LDS)

Patrick/Pat/Patsy Treacy/Tracey, farmer, & Johannah/Johana/Johanah Ryan

Mary Treacy b. 8 Dec 1865 of Bishopswood [Kilmore (Kilnamanagh)]. Patt Treacy, father, Bishopswood [Kilpatrick Cashel PLU]

Margaret Tracey b. 4 Mar 1867 of Bishopswood. Johana Tracey, her mark, mother, Bishopswood [Kilpatrick Cashel PLU]

Patrick Tracey b. 14 May 1868 of Bishopswood. Patrick Treacy, father, Bishopswood [Kilpatrick Cashel PLU]

Johanah Treacy b. 25 Sep 1869 Bishopswood. Patrick Treacy, father, Bishopswood [1869 18 481 Kilpatrick Cashel PLU]


Margaret Tracey died 1867, Cashel PLU, aged 0, b. 1867, died 28 May 1867 Birkpsword [Bishopswood Kilmore (Kilnamanagh)], father Pat Tracey


John Scanlan & Alice Dwyer

Margaret Ryan b. 25 Mar 1877 of Ballagreffina? [Ballygriffin Ballygriffin] Sp. Jeremiah Dwyer & Kate Dwyer. Knockavilla Parish (Note: married to Richard Treacy Bishopswood? in Anacarthy third? 15 E February? SMUDGED)


1901 Census

Patrick Treacy, 68, M, 36 Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Limerick

Johanna Treacy, 64, F, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary, Farmers Wife, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Tipperary

Sarah Treacy, 26, F, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Richard Treacy, 24, M, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Daniel Treacy, 23, M, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary


1911 Census

Richard Treacy, 35, M, 7 Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary (farmer)

Margaret Treacy, 29, F, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary (married under 1)

Patrick Treacy, 81, M, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary (father, married)

Daniel Treacy, 33, M, Bishopswood, Oughterleague, Tipperary (brother, single)


Richard Treacy of Bishopswood, Co. Tipperary

Irish War of Independence

1913-1922 Military History


Bridget Treacy & Keiran Hardy [see Kilfinane Limerick]

Catherine Hardy b. 20 Jul 1879 of Dundrum [Ballintemple] Sp. John Harrington & Sarah Morressy. Knockavilla Parish


Edmund Tracey. [full] aged, bachelor, labourer, lives Bishopswood [Kilmore (Kilnamanagh)], (s. of Edmund Tracey, labourer) married Julia Ryan, [full] aged, spinster, milkmaid, lives Bishopswood, (d. of Timothy Ryan, shoemaker) 09 September 1897 RC Chapel Knockavilla [Oughterleague] Wit: John Ryan & Katie Ryan [Kilpatrick Cashel PLU] signed their marks [1901 & 1911 Census – Cashel Urban]





Tom Tracy & Honor Heafernan

Mary Tracy b. 27 Apr 1810 Sp. John Heafernan & Nell Tracy. Mullinahone Parish *


Honor Tracy & Michael Carroll

John Carroll b. 27 Apr 1810 Sp. John Dermody & Anty Neeson. Mullinahone Parish *


Mary Trassy & Pierse Walsh

Patt Walsh b. 13 May 1810 Sp. Margt Meagher. Mullinahone Parish

Cath Walsh b. 21 May 1817 Sp. James Cuddy & Mary Maher. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Tracy married Wat Tobin 2 Aug 1811 Wit: John Mulloy, Jas Hogan & John Ryan. Mullinahone Parish


Bridget Tracey married Timothy Dwyer 30 Nov 1811 Wit: Ml Tracy, John & James Do [Tracy]. Mullinahone Parish (Note: Cooper's daughter)


Mr. Martin Tracy of the Dioceas of Killaloe [Co. Clare] married Miss Johanna Shee of Woodhouse or Seven Acres 1 Sep 1812 Wit: Wm Shee, Edmd & John Do [Shee]. Mullinahone Parish Co. Tipperary (Note: N.B. one forged Guinea note to be deducted) [marriage cost £24.0.0]


NOTE:John Shee [John Nicholas Shee]. He was of Seven Acres, an unidentified location near Tober and Gurtnapisha (see old map), near Cloneen, SW of Mullinahone. He was a close relation of the Shea family (normally thus spelt) of Tober, who were killed in a horrific arson attack in 1821 in land agitation. See [Larkin, 2002, p.81].



Margt Tracy & Thomas Carrigan

Thomas Carrigan b. 25 Sep 1812 Sp. Mary Bourk. Mullinahone Parish


John Tracy & Ellen Murphy

Mary Tracy b. 13 Mar 1813 Sp. Cath Dwyer. Mullinahone Parish


Denys Tracy & Cath Carigan

Pat tracy b. 4 May 1813 Sp. Pat Fox & Mary Carigan. Mullinahone Parish


John Tracy & Margt/Anstace Clancy

Bridget Tracy b. 9 May 1813 Sp. Mary Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Anne Tracy b. 15 Mar 1816 Sp. Thos Hickey & Honor Do [Hickey]. Mullinahone Parish


Cath Tracey & James St. John

Richd St. John b. 26 Dec 1813 Sp. John Doran & Cath Lahy. Mullinahone Parish


Margt Tracey & Thos Lahart

Michael Lahart b. 28 Aug 1814 Sp. John Cunningham & Mary Do [Cunningham]. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Tracy married Wm Denn 22 Jan 1815 Wit: Cath Dwyer, John Tobin & Betty Conway. Mullinahone Parish

Margt/Mary Tracy & Edmd/Ed Denn/Dunne

James Denn b. 30 Dec 1817 Sp. Denis & Cath Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Ml Dunne b. 24 May 1820 Sp. Cornelius Ryan & Mary Dunnine. Mullinahone Parish

Robert Denn b. 6 Sep 1823 Sp. Martin Walsh & Mary Kay. Mullinahone Parish

Ed Dunn b. 13 Sep 1826 of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] Sp. Darby Harney & Honora Tracy. Mullinahone Parish


James Tracey & Bridget Ryan

Joan Tracey b. 7 Apr 1816 of Knockgura [Knockuragh Drangan - Drangan RC] Sp. John St. John & Cath Morony. Mullinahone Parish

Ml Tracy b. 30 Nov 1817 of Drangan [Drangan] Sp. Patt Dulland & Joan Costello. Mullinahone Parish


Patt Trassy married Mary Phelan 2 Feb 1818 Wit: James Corbet & Mary Sullivan. Mullinahone Parish

Patt Tracy/Treacy & Mary Phelan/Whelan

Thomas Tracy b. 14 Sep 1820 Sp. John McGrath & Honor Egan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Tracy b. 26 Nov 1823 Sp. Ml Egan & Bridget BLANK. Mullinahone Parish

John Treacy b. 1 Feb 1828 of Poulacapple W [Kilvemnon] Sp. Jno Brett & Judy Keating. Mullinahone Parish [twins]

Daniel Treacy b. 1 Feb 1828 of Poulacapple W [Kilvemnon] Sp. Jno Hogan & Mary Tobin. Mullinahone Parish [twins]

Margt Treacy b. 20 Dec 1830 of Poulacapple Sp. Daniel Treacy & Ellen Crotty. Mullinahone Parish

William Tracy b. 8 Oct 1833 Sp. James Keating & Mary Hogan. Mullinahone Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 21 Jun 1836 of Poulcaple Sp. Patrick McGrath & Ellen Britt. Mullinahone Parish


Patrick Tracy married Catherine Carroll 3 Mar 1862 of Cotterstown [Cottrellstown Kilmaganny] Wit: Martin Carroll & Eleanor Hanrahan. Windgap Parish [Kilkenny]

Patrick/Pat Treacy & Catherin/Cath Carroll

John Treacy b. 1/2 Mar 1863 of Cotterstown Sp. Martin Carroll & Ellen Hanrahan. Windgap Parish

Patrick Treacy b. 20/21 May 1867 of Cotterstown Sp. Pat Hanrahan & Margaret Murry. Windgap Parish

Mary Treacy b. 22/23 Dec 1870 of Cotterstown Sp. John Carroll & Cath Neil. Windgap Parish

Thomas Tracey b. 17/18 Dec 1873 of Cotterstown Sp. James Butler & Cath Murray. Windgap Parish

Ann Treacy b. 21 Mar 1878 of Garryricken [Garryrickin Killamery] Sp. Michl Murray & Mary Quinlan. Windgap Parish

Pat Treacy & Bridget Carroll

Bridget treacy b. 11/12 Nov 1875 of Cotterstown Sp. Joseph Murray & Bridget Moughan. Windgap Parish

Patrick Trac(e)y & Kate/Catherine Carroll

Patrick, 20.5.1867, Cotterstown (Callan 1867 9 629) (Cottrellstown???)

Mary, 23.12.1870, Cotterstown (Callan 1871 4 791)

Thomas, 23.12.1873, Cotterstown (Callan 1874 4 685)

Bridget, 13.11.1875, Cotterstown (Callan 1875 19 608)

Anne, 21.3.1878, Cotterstown (Callan 1st Quarter 1878 4 662)

William, 24.3.1882, Cotterstown (Callan 2nd Quarter 1882 4 525)

Patrick Tracey, labourer, & Kate Carroll

Patrick Tracey b. 20 May 1867 of Cotterstown. Patrick Tracey, his mark, father, present at birth, Cotterstown [Kilmaganny Callan PLU]


Patrick Tracey (1836-1902) was born to Patrick Trassy and Mary Phelan of Mullinahone, Tipperary and he moved to Kilkenny to marry Catherine Carroll (1839-1902) who was born to John Carroll and Bridget St. John.

They lived in Windgap mainly in Cotterstown, but also at Kilmaganny and Coolaghmore.

Mullinahone, RC Tip

Windgap RC Kilkenny



Joanna Tracy married Philip Phelan 17 May 1818 Wit: Nichs Shee & Denys Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Joan/Joanna/Judith/Judy Tracy/Treacy & Philip/Phil Phelan

Richd Phelan b. 17 Apr 1819 Sp. Ml Haw & Mary Phelan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Phelan b. 15 Feb 1821 Sp. Edmd Tracy & Mary Costello. Mullinahone Parish

Margaret Phelan b. 1 Dec 1822 Sp. John Carrigan & Margt Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Denis Phelan b. 24 Nov 1824 of Ballycullen, Mull [Ballycullin Kilvemnon] Sp. Patk Hawe & Alicia Bryan. Mullinahone Parish

Ellenor Phelan b. 9 Apr 1827 of Ballycullen Sp. Martin Costelloe & Mary Moakler. Mullinahone Parish

Honor Phelan b. 6 May 1829 of Ballycullen Sp. Wm Costello & Mary Treacy. Mullinahone Parish

James Phelan b. 2 Jun 1831 of Ballycullen Sp. Michl Treacy & Norry Carrigan. Mullinahone Parish

Bridget Phelan b. 15 Jul 1833 Sp. Patrick Brien & Mary Hawe. Mullinahone Parish

John Phelan b. 15 Nov 1836 of Ballycullen Sp. Philip & Margaret Haw. Mullinahone Parish

Judith Phelan b. 4 Dec 1837 of Bally? Sp. Patrick Tracy & Bridget Tracy. Mullinahone Parish


Anstace Tracy married Patt Tobin (Brady) 18 Oct 1818 Wit: Thos Murphy & Margt Walsh. Mullinahone Parish


Judith Tracey married John Britt 19 Feb 1822 Wit: John Wright & Margt Walsh. Mullinahone Parish


Edmd Tracy of Mulmahoun [Mullinahone] Parish married Margt? Cain of Capa [Cappaghmore Cloneen] 19 Nov 1821 Wit: Dan Kelly & Anne Brien. Drangan Parish Edmd Treacey & Margt Cain

William Treacey b. 18 Aug 1824 Sp. William Cain & Cathn Shea. Drangan Parish

Edmd/Edmond/Edmund Tracy/Treacy/Tracey & Margt Cain/Keane/Kane

Denis Tracy b. 17 Oct 1822 Sp. - Tracy & Mary Cain. Mullinahone Parish

John Tracy b. 28 Feb 1827 of Boherbee [Boherboy Kilvemnon] Sp. Patk Cain & Mary Treacy. Mullinahone Parish

James Treacy b. 6 Aug 1829 of Boherbee Sp. Wm Carrigan & Judith Mullally. Mullinahone Parish

Wm Treacy b. 9 Nov 1831 of Carrick St [Kilvemnon] Sp. Wm Morressey & Margt Carroll. Mullinahone Parish

Margt Tracey b. 15 Mar 1835 of Boherbee Sp. Michl & Bridget Tracey. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Tracy b. 4 May 1837 of Boherbue Sp. Patrick Kane & Judith Kane. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 23 Aug 1839 Sp. Richard Phealen & Alley Carrigan. Mullinahone Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 9 Jul 1840 Sp. Thomas Shea & Mary Shea. Mullinahone Parish

Judith Tracy b. 29 Dec 1842 Sp. Patrick Lahy & Mary Phelan?. Mullinahone Parish


Willm Tracey of Cappagh [Cappaghmore Cloneen] married Mary Byrne of Cappagh 25 Jan 1844 Wit: Patk Smith & Margt Byrne. Drangan Parish

William Tracy & Mary Bryan/Byrin

Edmund Tracy b. 12 May 1844 Sp. Patrick Smith? & Catharine Bryan. Mullinahone Parish

James Treacy b. 30 Aug 1846 of Ballydavid? [Kilvemnon] Sp. Patrick Lane? & Cellein? Dillan. Mullinahone Parish

Willm Treacy/Tracy & Mary Byrne/Burne

Margaret Treacy b. 3 May 1849 of Kilnagrana [Kilnagranagh Cloneen] Sp. Js & Ellen Kean. Drangan Parish

Catherine Treacy b. 16 Aug 1856 of Seleshawn [Saucestown? Peppardstown] Sp. Js & Mary Meagher. Drangan Parish

William Tracy b. 11 May 1858 of Shelshawn Sp. James Cormick & Biddy Meagher?. Drangan Parish

Patrick Treacy b. ? Aug 1860 of Lylestown? [?] Sp. Joseph Cormac & Ellen Maher. Drangan Parish

John Tracy b. 4 Apr 1863 of Sheleshawn Sp. John? Meagher & Margaret Trac?. Drangan Parish


Mary Tracey married Robert Maher of Kilbury? [Cloneen] 22 Nov 1872 Wit: Jno & Johanna Tracey. Drangan Parish (Note: a dispenstaion being obtained 3o & 4o ipud conanjunity?)

Margaret Treacy, 22 years, spinster, daughter of a herdsman, lives Drangan [Drangan], (d. of William Treacy, herdsman) married Robert Meagher, 25 years, bachelor, farmer, lives Drangan, (s. of Robert Meagher, farmer) 23 November 1872 RC Chapel Drangan Wit: James Treacy & Joanna Treacy [Killenaule Cashel PLU]

Margt/Margret Tracey/Treacy & Robert/Robt Meagher

Jeremiah Meagher b. 21 Apr 1874 Sp. Jereht? Meagher & Hg? Cormack?. Drangan Parish

Robert Meagher b. 24 May 1875 Sp. Joseph Carran? & Johanna Tracee?. Drangan Parish

Mary Magher b. 29 Dec 1876 Sp. Ml? Slattery & Cathne Treacy. Drangan Parish

Jeremiah Meagher b. 14 Feb 1879 Sp. Thos? & Bridgt Meagher. Drangan Parish

Catherine Meagher b. 18 Sep 1880 Sp. Edwd & Margt Brien. Drangan Parish


James Tracey, 22, bachelor, labr, lives Drangan, (s. of Wm Tracey, labr) married Honora Maher, 20, spinster, servy, lives Gaits Kough (d. of Richd Maher, do [labr]) 20 August 1866 RC Chapel of Fethard Wit: John Cunningham & Honora Grace, their marks [Fethard Cashel PLU] signed their marks

James Tracy married Honora Maher 19 Aug 1866 Wit: John Cunnigham & Anty Grace. Fethard Parish

Jas Treacy & Honora Maher

William Treacy b. 4 Jun 1867 Sp. Denis Ryan & Margt Treacy. Fethard Parish

James Treacy & Honoria Maher

Richard Treacy b. 23/24 Jan 1869 of Red Hause [Redhouse Killaloe] Sp. Michael Britt & Bridget Hickey. Ballycallan Parish Kilkenny (LDS)

James Tracy & Honora Maher

William Tracy b. 2 Jun 1867 Cashel OR Fethard Tipperary

James Treacy & Hanna/Honora Maher

Richard b. 23/1/1869 Callan (Callan 1869 4 704) (LDS)

Mary b. 18 July 1871 (Callan 1871 14 620) (LDS)

James Tracey, labourer, & Honora Maher

William Treacy b. 2 Jun 1867 of Peppardstown [Peppardstown] James Treacy, father, Peppardstown [Fethard Cashel PLU]

James Treacy, herd, & Honna Maher

Richard Treacy b. 23 Jan 1869 Red House [Redhouse Killaloe]. James Treacy, father, Red House [Callan Callan PLU] [Riehard in online index]


Richard Tracy (s. of James Tracy & Nora Maher) married Kittie Ludwig (d. of John Ludwig & Elizabeth Kreisch) 13 Mar 1897 Winnebago, Wisconsin, United States



James Treacy 1846.jpeg

James Treacy


When James Treacy was born on August 30, 1846, in Mullinahone, Tipperary, Ireland, his father, William, was 21 and his mother, Mary, was 25. He married Nora Meagher and they had three children together. He then married Johanna Dargen and they had 13 children together. He died on May 4, 1926, in Seattle, Washington, at the age of 79, and was buried there.





Edmond Treacy of Drangan/Mullinahone

1. Edmond Treacy married Margaret Keane

1.1 William Tracey (1824-1898) married Mary Burns (1819-1910)

1.1.1 John Tracey (1864-1910)

Colleen Tracey Simmons (1992) The Traceys of Tipperary. Journal of the Irish Family History Society, Volume 8. PO Box 36, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland.


Eamon Treacy, Drangan/Mullinahone Joe Kenny on: 03/09/2001

William Treacy b. abt 1765 & Mary (LDS)

Michael b. abt 1792 Mullinahone (LDS)

Eamon (Edmond LDS) Treacy born about 1790 (or 1794 LDS) died after 1844/5. Married Margaret Kane (Keane) daughter of Denis and Margaret. All Mullinahone, County Tipperary.

1.1 Thomas b. about 1820 Drangan (LDS)

1.2 William b. November 09, 1821 (1824 LDS) in Mullinahone; died 1898 in Sioux Falls (Wall Lake LDS), Minnehaha Co, South Dakota. He married Mary Byrne 1st  (25th LDS) January 1844 in Drangan, daughter of James and Mary Williams.

1.2.1   Edward, b. May 12, 1844 (1845 LDS), Mullinahone; d. Aft. 1891 (30 March 1923 LDS), Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin; m. Thersa Donovan, 1868. Children: William b. February 1871; Patrick b. 17 March 1873 d. 27 December 1931 Chicago; Mary b. 1874 d. 1937; James b. January 1875; John b. 11 August 1876 d. 11 June 1952; Andrew b. 5 February 1879 d. 2 November 1882; Josie b. September 1881; Kate b. February 1884 d. 1950; Carlene b. 22 April 1897 d. 22 September 1897; Margaret b. March 1891 d. 1914; Harry Thomas b. 14 May 1889 d. 28 November 1942 (LDS)

1.2.2   James b. August 30 (31 LDS), 1846, Drangan; d. May 04, 1926, Seattle, King County, Washington, James arrived in Seattle in 1903 married:

(1)     Nora Meagher, Abt. 1870, Drangan. William Treacy b. Tipperary Richard Peter Treacy b. abt 1871 Drangan m. Catherine Ludwig abt 1895 Appleton and Margaret Vanderhoof abt 1900 Appleton (LDS) Mary Treacy b. Tipperary Nora and child Mary died during birth;


I'm looking for any information regarding James Treacy and his son Richard Peter Treacy (My 5th and 4th generation Grandfathers) They lived in the towns of Drangan and Mulliahome, County Tipperary Ireland. Also they had a family farm named Soilshawn. James was born 30 August 1846 and Richard Peter was born on 23 January, 1863. Both immigrated here around 1876 Places where they live in the US Wisconsin and Wall Lake, South Dakota in 1878. Finally settling in Seattle Washington in 1903 Rich Tracy


(2)   Johanna Dargan, Abt. 1883 (1877 LDS), Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin. Children: Margaret Agnes b. Jul 1878 d. 4 June 1907 (or d. 26 October 1962 m. ??? Fleischer); Winifred Eileen b. 1878 d. 1977; Albert John (Brunner) b. about 1880; Mary Ellen (b. January 1880 Minnehaha SD d. 5 March 1944) m. William Martin Walsh 1910 Seattle WA; James Edward b. August 1884 d. 28 June 1941; Johanna Norine b. 7 December 1886 d. 26 October 1974; Catherine Veronica Sr Paula b. May 1889 d. February 1966; Michael b. 1890 d. 27 Jnauary 1895; John Joseph b. May 1892 d. 1904; Edward J. (Murphy) b. 10 September 1893 d. 1943; Ethel Ann b. 13 September 1894 d. 12 May 1938; Elizabeth Regina b. June 1898 d. 1928 (LDS)




1.2.3   Margaret, b. May 03, 1849, Kilnagrennagh, County Tipperary; d. Abt. 1920, County Tipperary m. Robert Meaher, Abt. 1865, Drangan.

1.2.4   Mary, b. December 10, 1851, Drangan; d. April 02, 1941, New York, New York; m. Thomas Dwyer, Abt. 1870, Drangan;

1.2.5   William, b. May 11, 1858 (1853 LDS), Shelshawn, County Tipperary; d. Aft. 1927, London, England m. Unk ???.


1.2.6   Catherine Frances, b. August 15, 1859 (1858 LDS), Sileshaw, Co Tipperary; d. February 21, 1944, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha County, South Dakota; m. Miichael Dargen, 1886 (1887 LDS), Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota.


Mary M. DARGEN b: Oct 1888 in Hartford, SD

Michael E. DARGEN b: 20 Sep 1889 in , SD

Catherine DARGEN b: Sep 1889 in , SD

Frances DARGEN b: Jul 1891 in , SD

Emily DARGEN b: Jul 1892 in , SD

William F. DARGEN b: Sep 1893 in Hartford, SD

Joseph DARGEN b: Sep 1893 in , SD

Arthur Charles DARGEN b: Sep 1895 in , SD

Helen R. DARGEN b: Nov 1897 in , SD

Robert J. DARGEN b: Nov 1897 in , SD

Esther DARGEN b: Mar 1899 in , SD

Agnes DARGEN b: Abt 1900



1.2.7   Patrick, b. August 01, 1860 (1855 Drangan LDS), Shanakyle, County Tipperary; d. Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin.

1.2.8   John, b. April 04, 1863 (5th April 1864 Drangan LDS), Shileshawn, County Tipperary; d. March 23, 1910, Mobridge, South Dakota; m. Mary Grace Riley, Abt. 1886 (6 May 1887 Sioux Falls LDS). Children: William Edward b. 28 May 1887 d. 1 July 1887; Maryane (Mayme) b. 4 Juned 1888 d. abt 1951; Catherine (Kate) b. 27 August 1889 d. 24 May 1978; John Thomas b. 5 November 1890 d. 3 May 1968; Richard b. 23 January 1892 d. 12 August 1893; Ruth Ellen (Nell) b. 19 February 1893 d. abt 1953; Harey Joshipe b. 8 June 1894 d. 8 February 1941; Rose Esther b. 19 December 1895 d. 24 March 1959; Patrick Ramond b. 2 September 1897 d. 9 September 1968; Robert Michael b. 2 January 1899 d. 28 February 1904; Arthur James b. 18  January 1901 d. 7 November 1959; Leo Burnard b. 17 January 1903 d. 31 July 1952;

1.2.9   Johanna, b. Abt. 1864 (1856 Drangan LDS), Mullinahone; d. January 1885 (1884 LDS), Wall Lake, Minnehaha Co, South Dakota.


1.3 Denis, b. October 17, 1822, Drangan; d. County Tipperary. It is believed that this Denis was either father or grandfather to the famous Sean Treacy (Sinn Fein), more research is needed.

1.4 John, b. February 28, 1827, Mullinahone;
1.5 James b. August 06 (08 LDS), 1829, Boherbee; Mullinahone (LDS)
1.6 Margaret, b. March 15, 1835, Boherbee; Mullinahone (LDS)
1.7 Mary, b. April 5th (May 4th LDS) 1837, Boherbee; Mullinahone (LDS)
1.8 Ellen, b. August 23, 1839, Mullinahone;
1.9 Patrick, b. September 07 (July 9th LDS), 1840, Mullinahone;
1.10 Judith, b. December 29, 1842, Mullinahone;
1.11 Thomas, b. Abt. 1844, Drangan;

1.12 MALE b. 16 May 1847 Mullinahone (LDS)


1. Records of William Walsh.
2. 1900 Federal Census for Grand Shute, Outagamie, Wisconsin.
3. 1920 Federal Census of King County, Washington, Vol 23, district 335, sheet 14, line 13., Name spelled "Tracey."
4. 1900 Federal Census for Grand Shute, Outagamie, Wisconsin, Vol 56, sheet 13, line 20, District 69.
5. Obiturary "Seattle Times", "he emigrated...landing in Philadelphia the year of the Centennial."
6. US Citizenship papers dated May 28, 1883.
7. 1900 Federal Census Sioux Falls South Dakota, Vol 12, sheet 54, line 35, Roll 1553, Mary Treacy living with them.


Edward Edmund TREACY
Birth: 12 MAY 1844 in Mullinahone, CO Tipperary, Ireland 
Death: 30 MAR 1923 in Appleton, WI 
Marriage 1 Theresa DONOVAN b: FEB 1852 in England married: ABT. 1868


1. Has ChildrenWilliam TRACY b: FEB 1871 in WI d. WFT Est. 1892-1961.

2. Has ChildrenPatrick TRACY b: 17 MAR 1873 in Appleton WI d. December 27, 1931, Chicago, IL.

3. Has No ChildrenMary TRACY b: 1874 in WI d. 1937.

4. Has No ChildrenJames TRACY b: JAN 1875 Served in Spanish-American war, died from yellow fever.

5. Has ChildrenJohn TRACY b: 11 AUG 1876 in Appleton WI  d. June 11, 1952.

6. Has No ChildrenAndrew TRACY b: 5 FEB 1879 in Appleton WI  d. November 02, 1882, Appleton, WI.

7. Has No ChildrenJosephine 'Josie' TRACY b: SEP 1881 in WI

8. Has ChildrenKate TRACY b: FEB 1884 in WI  d. 1950.

9. Has ChildrenTheresa Tresie L TRACY b: APR 1887 in Appleton WI mar: George Wingrove

10. Has ChildrenHarry Thomas TRACY b: 14 MAY 1889 in Appleton, WI d. November 28, 1942, Appleton, WI.

11. Has No ChildrenMargaret TRACY b: MAR 1891 in WI d. 1914.

12. Has No ChildrenCarlene TRACY b: 22 APR 1897 in Appleton WI d. September 22, 1897, Appleton, WI.

Added 02 March 2004
Includes Wife Theresa, children Mamie, Josephine, Harry, Margaret
Courtesy Michael Higgins


One of Edward Treacy and Theresa Donovan's sons is my Grandfather Harry Thomas Tracy (born May 13, 1887 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin - died November 28, 1942 Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin) He married Florence Appalona Wilhamena Peske on November 25, 1912 in Memominee, Michigan. She was born May 6, 1888 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin and died November 30, 1956 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Children of Harry and Florence are:
1. Harriet Elsie Tracy 
born April 21, 1913 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin; 
Died April 22, 2001 in Naperville, Illinois. 
She married Robert Clayton Manley on August 1939 in Wisconsin.
Children of Harriet and Robert:
A. James Manley
B. Gretchen Manley 
C. Donald Manley
2. Carlton (Cully) Thomas Tracy (my father) 
born August 21, 1914 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin and 
Died on December 22, 1986 in Fairfield, Solono County, California. 
He married Ella Marie Zephirin on February 2, 1940 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. She was born November 18, 1916 in Brussels, Wisconsin. She died March 30, 1975 in Antioch, Contra Costa County, California.
Living Children of Carlton and Ella:
A. Thomas John Tracy
B. Nancy Ann Tracy (that's me) 
born in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Married Wayne Merle Miller on January 15, 1966 in Antioch, Contra Costa County, California.
Have three boys, 
Glenn Wayne Miller
James Wayne Miller
Joseph Wayne Miller
C. Carla Gaye Tracy
3. Mildred (Millie) Eleanor Tracy 
born April 12, 1916 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin and
Died November 23, 1993 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. 
She married Raymond (Ray) Potter on June 3, 1938 Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Children of Millie and Ray:
A. James Potter
B. Judith Potter
C. Kristine Potter
4. Roland Ferdinand Tracy 
born October 24, 1918 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin and
died November 28, 1969. 
He married Jean Hoetzer. 
He had at least three children as far as I can remember.
5. Margie Margaret Tracy (still living)
born in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. 
She married Norbert ( Nubs) Dennis Dressang (still living)
Children of Margie and Nubs:
A. Dennis Lee Dressang
B. Gary Alan Dressang
C. Richard Wayne Dressang
D. Karen Sue Dressang
E. Bryon Jay Dressang
F. Joel Robert Dressang
G. Beth Marie Dressang
6. Junior Robert Tracy 
born August 10, 1923 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin
and died from heart problem on 
February 26, 1930 in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Nancy A (Tracy) Miller Contact Information



Ellen Trassy married John Cormick 28 Feb 1824 Wit: Jas Fox & Patk Fox. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Treacy & John Cormick

Patt Cormick b. 10 Apr 1825 of Corbally, Drangan [Drangan RC] Sp. Mathias Cormick & Mary Meagher. Mullinahone Parish


Cath Tracey married Thos Quinlan 1 Mar 1824 Wit: Denis Tracey & Patk Halloran. Mullinahone Parish

Cath Treacy & Jeremiah/Jer Quinlan, Farm

Cath Quinlan b. 20 Sep 1825 of Ballyvoneen [Modeshil] Sp. Patt Dwyer & Ellen Egan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Quinaln b. 13 May 1827 of Ballyvoneen Sp. Wm Treacy & Mary Egan. Mullinahone Parish


Daniel Tracy married Ellen Crotty 15 Aug 1824 Wit: Richard Quigly & Mary Dwyer. Mullinahone Parish


Philip Tracy & Mary Shea

Bridget Tracy b. 16 Apr 1825 of Newtown, Drangan [Newtowndrangan Drangan] Sp. Ellen McCarthy. Mullinahone Parish


James Treasy, labr, & Mary Cody

Bridget Treasy b. 6 May 1825 of Mull [Mullinahone? Kilvemnon] Sp. Patk Buiggy? & Ellen Doran?. Mullinahone Parish


Ellen Tracy of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] married Cornelius Ryan 30 Jan 1826 Wit: Thos Tracy & Cornelius Cahill. Mullinahone Parish

Ellenor Tracy & Cornelius Ryan

Patrick Ryan b. 8 Aug 1827 of Ballywater Sp. John Doherty & Ellenor Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

John Ryan b. 10 Jun 1830 of Ballywater Sp. Denis Treacy & Margt Heffernan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Ryan b. 15 Aug 1835 of Ballywater Sp. Patrick Mahony & Anstese Mullowny. Mullinahone Parish

Honora Ryan b. 25 Nov 1837 of Ballywater Sp. Thomas Quirk & Ellen Jorden. Mullinahone Parish

Edmund Ryan b. 3 Apr 1840 Sp. Patrick Ryan & Catharine Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Michael? Ryan b. 2 Sep 1843 Sp. James Ryan & Mary Costleae? . Mullinahone Parish


Mary Tracy of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] married Darby Hartney 4 Feb 1826 Wit: Thos Tracy & Honor Tracy. Mullinahone Parish


(Note: July 1826 Drangan was separated from Mullinahone ans was united to Cloneen & part of Pepperstown & part Crohane and Lismalin.) [Note: all civil parishes]


Judith Tracy/Treacy & John Britt

Mary Britt b. 16 Jul 1826 of Mull [Mullinahone Kilvemnon] Sp. John Shea & Mary Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Sara Britt b. 26? Jun 1831 of Killahy St [Killaghy Street Kilvemnon] Sp. Thomas Moloney & Anastasia Moloney. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Britt b. 15 Jun 1833 Sp. Richard Eagene & Elizabeth Britt. Mullinahone Parish

Judy Britt b. 19 Mar 1835 Sp. Thos Comerford & Anty Bryan. Mullinahone Parish

Eliza Britt b. 15 Sep 1837 of Mullina Sp. Dennis Gleeson & Judith Delahunty. Mullinahone Parish

Sally Britt b. 4 May 1839 Sp. Thomas Bryan & Honora Healy. Mullinahone Parish

John Britt b. 29 Jul 1842 Sp. John Maher & Mary Carew? Mullinahone Parish


Michl Tracey married Mary Ryan of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] 2 Dec 1826 Wit: Mary Morriss & James maher. Mullinahone Parish

Michl Treacy & Bridget Ryan

John Treacy b. 9 Dec 1829 of Ballywater Sp. John Hogan & Mary Treacy. Mullinahone Parish *


Cath Trassy married John Hogan of Clonmel [St. Marys, Clonmel Tipperary] 17 Jan 1827 Wit: Ml Trassy & Mary Trassy. Mullinahone Parish


Honora Trassy of Cappanagraue [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran] married Danl Quinlan 19 Feb 1828 Wit: James Maher & James Ryan. Mullinahone Parish


Wm Treacy/Tracy & Honor/Norry/Honora/Honna Tinan/Tinane/Finnane

Mary Treacy b. 5 Dec 1829 of Cappahagaran [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran] Sp. John Morgan & Anty Mullowney. Mullinahone Parish *

Darby Treacy b. 25 Dec 1830 Sp. Denis Treacy, Cath Clancy & Thos Keating. Mullinahone Parish

William Treacy b. 18 Sep 1834 Sp. Cath Mansel. Mullinahone Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 3 Oct 1836 of Capanageraun Sp. William & Mary Mulloney. Mullinahone Parish

Patt Tracy b. 1 Mar 1839 Sp. Michael Cahill & Judith Cuddihy. Mullinahone Parish

Catharine Tracy b. 21 Apr 1841 Sp. Jeremiah Quinlan & Nonnay? Cahill?. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 23 Nov 1844 Sp. Andrew? Slattery & Margaret Addis. Mullinahone Parish


John Tracey married Johanna Kean of Cappa [Cappaghmore Cloneen] 9 Feb 1831 Wit: John & Wm Kean. Drangan Parish

John Treacy/Tracy & Johanna/Judy/Judith Keane/Kane/Cain

Denis treacy b. 15 Jan 1832 of Boherbee [Boherboy Kilvemnon] Sp. Wm Keane & Mary Treacy. Mullinahone Parish

William Tracy b. 28 May 1834 of Boherbee Sp. Michl Tracy & Bridget Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Edmund Tracy b. 18 Jun 1836 of Boherbue Sp. Edmmund Tracy & Judy Mullally. Mullinahone Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 14 Oct 1838 Sp. Patrick Tracy & Alicia Carryon. Mullinahone Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 20 Dec 1840 Sp. Richard? Phelan & Allicia Grace. Mullinahone Parish

James Tracy b. 23 Apr 1843 Sp. Patrick Tracy & Judith Lahy. Mullinahone Parish

Michael Tracy b. 22 Jul 1845 Sp. Thomas Shea & Margaret Phelan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Treacy b. 19 Dec 1851 of Boherbugh? Sp. James Cain & Judith Cain. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Trassey of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] married Patk Flemming 6 Mar 1832 Wit: Thos Trassey & John Meany. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Tracey & Patrick Flemming

Mary Flemming b. 11 Jul 1833 Sp. Connor Ryan & Margt Heffernan. Mullinahone Parish

Margt Flemming b. 5 Mar 1835 of Ballywater Sp. Patrick Egan & Ellen Mahony. Mullinahone Parish

James Flemming b. 20 Jul 1837 Sp. Thomas Mulloney & Margaret Dillon. Mullinahone Parish

Patrick Flemming b. 22 Mar 1840 Sp. Catharine Halloran. Mullinahone Parish

Allicia Flemming b. 19 May 1842 Sp. Patrick Ryan & Catharine Kennedy?. Mullinahone Parish

Catharine Flemming b. 11 Nov 1843 Sp. David Cahil & Mary Burke. Mullinahone Parish

John? Flemming b. 25 Jul 1846 of Ballywater Sp. John Chahtam & Mary Costello. Mullinahone Parish


Wm Tracy married Mary Purcell 14 Feb 1833 Wit: James Cody & Kitty Cormick. Mullinahone Parish

Wm Treacy & Mary Purcel

Margt Treacy b. 6 Dec 1833 of Poulacapple [Kilvemnon] Sp. Michl Purcell & Biddy Walsh. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Tracy b. 12? Feb 1837 Sp. Alexander Burrnay? & Ellen Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

John Tracy b. 29 Jun 1841 Sp. James? Quigly & Catharine Mupoth?. Mullinahone Parish


Denis Tracy married Cath Kennedy 18 Feb 1833 Wit: Pat Mahony & Margt Kenny. Mullinahone Parish

Denny/Dennis/Denis Tracy/Trassy & Cath/Catherine Kennedy

William Tracy b. 29 Mar 1834 Sp. Patrick Mahony & Ann Mahony. Mullinahone Parish

Jeremiah Tracy b. 27 Jul 1836 of Ballywater? [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] Sp. Patrick Kennedy & Ellen Freny?. Mullinahone Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 11 Oct 1838 Sp. Daniel Quinlan & Margaret Kennedy?. Mullinahone Parish

James tracy b. 9 Sep 1841 Sp. James Mahony & Margaret Cahil?. Mullinahone Parish

Michael Tracy b. 10 Nov 1844 Sp. John Ryan & Mary Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Trassy b. 31 Oct 1847 of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] Sp. Thos Kenedy & Mary Kenedy. Mullinahone Parish


Ellen Tracey & Con Wright

Thomas Wright b. 22 Apr 1833 Sp. Denis Heffernan & Ann Mahoney. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Treacy married Michl Burke 22 Sep 1833 Wit: Ed Burke & Cath Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Margt/Margaret Tracy & Michl/Michael Burke

Mary Burke b. 10 Aug 1834 of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] Sp. Edmond Mahony & Mary Mullowney. Mullinahone Parish

Judith Burke b. 6 Mar 1837 of Mullinahone [Kilvemnon] Sp. Edmond Burke & Catherine Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Patrick Burke b. 8 Aug 1839 Sp. James Halloran & Ellen Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen? Burke b. ? Sep 1842 Sp. John Donovan? & Ellen Burke. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Burke b. 6 Jul 1845 Sp. William Crotty & Margaret Dillon. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Treacy & Edmond Muckleroy/McEhoy

Honoria Muckleroy b. 15 Dec 1833 Sp. Wm Mullally & Cath Muckleroy. Mullinahone Parish

James McEhoy b. 17 May 1835 of Clashikeny [?] Sp. Joseph Lainener? & Mrs Joseph Lainener. Mullinahone Parish

William Muckleroy b. 6 Apr 1837 of Clashbeg [Modeshil] Sp. William Muckleroy & Bridget Tracy. Mullinahone Parish

Eliza Muckleroy b. 25 Jun 1843 Sp. Joseph? Laurence? & Mary Muckleroy. Mullinahone Parish


Bridget Tracy married John Phelan 27 Feb 1838 Wit: Philip Phelan & Alicia Shea. Mullinahone Parish


Catharine Tracy & James Halloran

Mary Halloran b. 24 Jan 1841 Sp. Patrick Ryan & Ellen Mullowny. Mullinahone Parish

Margaret Halloran b. 15 May 1843 Sp. Michael Burke & Margaret Dillon. Mullinahone Parish

Thomas Halloran b. 24 Jul 1845 Sp. Patrick Ryan & Allicia Phelan. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Halloran b. 11 Jun 1848 of Baliwater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] Sp. Patrick? Malony? & Catherine Kenedy?. Mullinahone Parish

James Haloran b. 21 Apr 1851 of Ballywater Sp. James Haldin? & Margaret Gam?. Mullinahone Parish

John Haloran b. 23 Aug 1853 of Cappanagraun? [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran] Sp. John Tracy & Anastasia Haloran?. Mullinahone Parish

Ellen Halloran b. 24 Apr 1856 of Cappaghnagarrane Sp. William Bolan? & Mary? Adin?. Mullinahone Parish


William Tracy & Mary Bryan/Byrin [see above]

Edmund Tracy b. 12 May 1844 Sp. Patrick Smith? & Catharine Bryan. Mullinahone Parish

James Treacy b. 30 Aug 1846 of Ballydavid? [Kilvemnon] Sp. Patrick Lane? & Cellein? Dillan. Mullinahone Parish


Michael Tracy & Margaret Ryan

Mary Tracy b. 19 Jun 1844 Sp. Mary Quinn?. Mullinahone Parish


William Treacy & Margaret Walsh

Margaret Treacy b. 13 Feb 1850 of Poulecaple [Poulacapple Kilvemnon] Sp. Edmund Garner & Judith? Quin?. Mullinahone Parish


Patrick Treacy married Honora Morissey of Balaleugh [Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] 4 Mar 1851 Wit: James Morissey & Catherine Morissey. Mullinahone Parish


Laurence Tracy & Mary Jenkins

Mary Tracy b. 17 Jan 1852 of Ballydonnel? [Ballydonnell Lismalin] Sp. Patrick Laughlin & Mary Tracy. Mullinahone Parish


Michl Tressy [Freny?] & Ellen Hynes

Judith Treacy b. 24 Aug 1853 of Kyleathlea [Kylatlea Kilvemnon] Sp. John Cyeary? & Ally St John. Mullinahone Parish


John Tracy married Briget Duggan? of Tinnleuke? [Tinnakilly? Peppardstown] 12 July 1854 Wit: Flerence? Danahagh?, Anne Cully & Sally Makey. Mullinahone Parish


Denis Treacy married Ellen Phelan of Boherleigh [?] 10 Sep 1854 Wit: Nicholas? Mocler, Mary Hogan & Catherin Ryan. Mullinahone Parish


Mary Trasey of Mullinahone [Kilvemnon] married James Power 7 Jul 1855 Wit: Willm Holmes, James Crotty & Ellen Crolly. Mullinahone Parish Tip South


26 December 1857 Naturalization Bennington Vermont
Patrick Tracy b. 1822 Mullinakow [Mullinahone], Tipperary, Ireland Wit: Henry G. Root & James H. Chapin


Margaret Trasey of Poulecapple [Kilvemnon] married John Lunergan 6 Feb 1858 Wit: Patrick Trasey & Margarit Trasey. Mullinahone Parish Tip South


Margret Tracey of Mullinahone [Kilvemnon] married James Maher 12 Feb 1861 Wit: James Maher?, Mary Tracey? & James Gatly?. Mullinahone Parish

Margaret Treacy/Tracey & James Meagher

James Meagher b. 18 Feb 1865 of Mullinahone Sp. Stephen Shea & Margaret Flemming. Mullinahone Parish [twins]

Anne Meagher b. 18 Feb 1865 of Mullinahone Sp. James Meagher & Mary Treacy. Mullinahone Parish [twins]

William Meagher b. 28 Jan 1866 of Mullinahone Sp. Maurice Brien & Bridget Coady. Mullinahone Parish

James Meagher b. 1 Dec 1867 of Mullinahone Sp. George Meagher & Anne Keeffe. Mullinahone Parish

Anne Meagher b. 14 Feb 1869 of Mullinahone Sp. Daniel Meagher & Catherine mcGrath. Mullinahone Parish

George Meagher b. 21 Apr 1872 of Mullinahone Sp. Michael Sullivan & Ellen? Raleigh. Mullinahone Parish

Edward Meagher b. 5 Oct 1876 of Mullinahone Sp. William Coady & Ellen Mullaly. Mullinahone Parish


Margaret Tracey married to James Maher on 12 Feb 1861 in Oakfield, Mullinahone, Thurles, County Tipperary. Witnesses James Maher, Mary Treacy, James Crotty.

Mary Beth Baker <mbmb1130 at pacbell.net>.

Margaret Treacy & James Maher

Anne (twin) b.18 Feb 1865 Mullinahone RC.

James (twin) b. 18 Feb 1865 Mullinahone RC.

William b. 28 Jan 1866 Mullinahone RC

James b. 1 Dec 1867 Mullinahone RC.

Anne b. 14 Feb 1869 Mullinahone RC Sp: Daniel Meagher & Catherine McGrath.

George b. 21 Apr 1872 Mullinahone RC.

Julie <-nospam-juliegydglais@aol.com>


I have a Margaret Treacy (see 1.2.3 above) who married James Meagher on 2/12/1861 married in Mullinahone, Tipperary, Ireland. They had seven children James, Ann, William, James, George, Edward, Anna (1869-1947).
Anna married Robert James Wood and they had eight children: Anna Mae, Alice, Virginia, James, Jane, Teresa, Helen, Veronica.
Their second James married Elizabeth Broderick and they had the following off-spring: Kathleen, Mary, Ann, Thomas, and James. Kathleen married James Rockford and had children: Francis, Lucy, Catherine, Mary and James from 1936 -1947.

marybethbaker44 2 Feb 2002


Thomas Tracy married Mary Phaelan of Cappanaguone [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran] 28 Nov 1867 Wit: Thomas Kennedy, Patrick Phaelan & Margaret Poer?. Mullinahone Parish

Thomas Tracy, 27, bachelor, farmer, lives Ballywalter [Kilvemnon], (s. of Denis Tracy, farmer) married Mary Phelan/Phealan, 31, spinster, lives Cappanangrane [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran], (d. of James Phealan, farmer) 28 November 1867 RC Chapel Mullenhone Wit: Thomas Kennedy & Margaret Poor [Mullenhone Callan PLU Tipperary]

Thomas Tracey/Tracy & Mary Phaelan

Catherine Tracey b. 20 Aug 1869 of Ballywalters Sp. Richard Kickham & Mary Tracey. Mullinahone Parish

Denis Tracy b. 24 Jan 1871 of Ballywalter Sp. Edmond Kennedy & Mary Holloran. Mullinahone Parish

Mary Tracy b. 14 July 1873 of Ballywalter Sp. Patrick Phaelan & Ellen Haloran. Mullinahone Parish (Note: Said Mary was married on the 15 Jan? 1910? to Michael O'Connor at Mullenhone)

Anne Tracey b. 22 May 1876 of Ballywalter Sp. Thomas Halloran & Catharine Tracey/Holloran? Mullinahone Parish

Thomas Treacy & Mary Phelan/Phealan

Catherine b. 20 August 1869 (LDS)

Denis  b. 23 January 1871 (LDS)

Mary b. 14 July 1873 (LDS)

Thomas Treacy, farmer, & Mary Phelan

Catherine Treacy b. 20? Aug 1869 Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon]. Mary Phelan, her mark, present at birth, Cappanagrane [Cappaghnagarrane Isertkieran] [Mullinahone Callan PLU]


July 28, 1921 The Philadelphia Inquirer

Treacy - July 26, Catharine, daughter of late Thomas and Mary Treacy (nee Phelan), late of Ballywaters [Ballywalter Kilvemnon], County Tipperary. Ireland. Relatives and friends invited to attend funeral. Fri 7.30 A.M., from residence of Thomas Kennedy, 452 W. Woodlawn ave. Germantown. Solemn requiem mass at St. Vincent's Church, 9 A.M. Int. Holy Sepulchre Cem.


Ellen Treacy & Michael Dunne

Edmond Dunne b. 29 Jun 1871 of Mullinahone [Kilvemnon] Sp. Thomas Shea & Catherine Dunne. Mullinahone Parish (Note: Said Edmond? Dunne? was married to Kate Kelly? on February 22nd 1936 at New Ross)


Joanna Treacy of Boherleigh [Bolintlea Ballingarry (Slieveardagh)] married Maurice Harrington 12 Feb 1872 Wit: John Harrington, James Treacy & Margaret Treacy. Mullinahone Parish [see Drangan]

Joanna Tracy/Treacey/Treacy, 24, spinster, BLANK, lives Boherfeigh, (d. of Edmond Tracy, farmer, deceased) married Maurice Harrington, 35, bachelor, farmer, lives Cloran [Cloneen], (s. of Edmond Harrington, farmer, deceased) 12 February 1872 RC Chapel Mullinahone Wit: John Harrington & Margarett Treacey. [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]


William Tracey married Mary Doran 6 Aug 1866 of Poulacapple [Kilvemnon Tipperary] Wit: John Lonergan & Mary Maher. Windgap Parish Kilkenny

William Tracey, full age, bachelor, labourer, lives Poolacapple, (s. of Patrick Tracey, labourer) married Mary Doran, full age, spinster, lives Kildrummery? [Kildrummy Kilmaganny], (d. of John Doran, labourer) 6 August 1866 RC Chapel Windgap Wit: John Lonergan & Mary Meagher, his mark [Kilnagranny Callan PLU Kilkenny] signed their marks

William Tracy & Mary Doran/Horan

Thomas Tracy b. 22 Aug 1867 of Poulacapel W [Kilvemnon] Sp. Michael Quarn? & Mary Shisnny?. Mullinahone Parish

Maria Tracy b. 4 Jan 1870 of Poulacapel West Sp. John Egan & Judith Brett. Mullinahone Parish

Alice Tracy b. 12 Jul 1872 of Poulacapel W Sp. Michael Doran & Catharine Bride. Mullinahone Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 6 Oct 1878 of Poulacapel W Sp. Michael St. John & Bridget Gardener. Mullinahone Parish

John Tracy b. 9 Oct 1881 of Poulacapel? Sp. Michael Gardiner & Mary Gardiner?. Mullinahone Parish (Note: Said John Tracey was married married to Catherine Cahill on June 5th 1911 at Mullinahone)

Patrick Tracy & Mary Doran

Mary Tracy b. 18 May 1875 of Poulacapel W Sp. Edmond Gardner? & Mary Doran. Mullinahone Parish

William Treacy & Mary Doran

Thomas b. 28 August 1867 (LDS)

Alice b. 17 October 1872 (LDS)

Patrick b. 28 May 1875 (LDS)

William Tracy/Treacy, farmer, & Mary Doran

Thomas Tracy b. 28 Aug 1867 of Poolacople [Poulacapple Kilvemnon] Patrick Tracy, his mark, house hobla?, Poolacople [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]

Mary Treacy b. 1? Jan 1870 Poolacople. Patrick Treacy, his mark, present at birth, Poolacople [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]


1901 Census

Mary Tracey, 60, F, 10 Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widow, Co Kilkenny

Thomas Tracey, 33, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary

John Tracey, 20, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary, Agricultural Labourer, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Tipperary


Thomas Treacy, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Poulacapple [Kilvemnon], (s. of William Treacy, farmer) married Anastatia Phelan, full age, spinster, farmer, lives Butlerswood [Killamery], (d. of James Phelan, farmer) 6 June 1905 RC Chapel Windgap Wit: John Treacy & Ellen Minogue [Kilmaganny Callan PLU] signed his mark


1911 Census

Mary Tracey, 71, F, 19 Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (head, retired farmer, widow)

Thomas Tracey, 43, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (son, farmer)

Annastatia Tracey, 34, F, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (daughter-in-law, married 5 years, 3 child)

William Tracey, 5, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (gr son)

James Tracey, 3, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (gr son)

Patrick Tracey, 1, M, Poulacapple West, Kilvemnon, Tipperary (gr son)


John Treacey/Treacy, full [age], bachelorm farmer, lives Poulacapple [Kilvemnon], (s. of William Treacey, deceased, farmer) married Catherine Cahill, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Clonagoose [Kilvemnon],, (d. of John Cahill, deceased, farmer) 5 June 1911 RC Church Mullinahone Wit: William Cantrell & Margaret Cahill [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]


William Treacy, B Company, 7 Battalion, Kilkenny Brigade, 2 Southern Division, of Tipperary

File Reference             MD22316

1917-1921 service medal

William Treacy


Clonagoose, Mullinahone, Tipperary

Poulcapple West, Mullinahone, Tipperary

Date of birth                1906-04

Date of death              1986-03-21

Notes            File relates to successful Service (1917-1921) Medal application. Service certified and medal issued 30 January 1953. Medal later deemed to have been duly awarded. Duly awarded certificate signed 22 April 1970. Associated file DP46822: relates to subject's application for Special Allowance under the Army Pensions Acts in respect of illness, disability or infirmity. Allowance awarded in 1971. File contains correspondence, memoranda, social welfare reports and means assessments.

Data Protection Note Partly closed

Organisation                Irish Republican Army

Rank             Unknown

Commanding Officer(s)             George Dwyer; J. O'Brien; E. Aylward

Company      B Company

Unit              7 Battalion

Brigade        Kilkenny Brigade

Division        2 Southern Division

Medal awarded           Service (1917-1921) Medal



Kitty Cashin (Mrs. Gardiner), Ned Gardiner and Bill Treacy.jpg


The hide out at Poulacappal was an extraordinary one, the further end of a simple thatched cowbyre 30 feet long, with stone walls and a corrugated roof had been extended to create a small room, entered from inside the byre, through a tiny iron door, concealed by a tethered animal, a tiny door that swung closed under its own weight. Inside this small space, hardly thirteen feet by six, were bed boards in two tiers, with on one side, a hinged table. Overhead again in a cramped space under the thatch four men, maybe, might sleep. As many as fourteen all told could crowd in. The byre which had contained three cows, now had a jennet tethered in it; a jennet being the sort of animal likely to discourage intruders. The divil would ate ye, says Bill Treacy. Its roof and gable was thatched by Larry Madden, still alive in England. It was the brainchild of Jim Bryan, who died in 1977, and Ned Gardiner, Bill Treacy, Pat Egan and Jim Cashin, all local volunteers. Someone called it “Katmandu” and the name stuck to the present day (although it is no longer there, its material having been used for other purposes during World War Two). It sheltered at one time or another during the Civil War practically every leader, including De Valera and Lynch. We heard this night that De Valera was coming, says Bill Treacy, and bedad hadn’t Pat Egan, drowned wet and with the clothes sticking to him to get out of his bunk to accommodate him. Dev wasn’t aware of course. The hideout defied all efforts to locate it, efforts made by the Staters in the knowledge that it existed somewhere in the neighbourhood. It is nationalist country, a land of small holdings and little houses; not grouped like a village, yet not widely separated either. Situated west of the road from Callan to Clonmel, Katmandu itself was two miles along a by road, then one mile down a rutted lane, past the small Treacy farmhouse, and on a hundred yards into a damp field.

...Bill Treacy and Ned Gardiner, both of whom are alive and thriving near the spot, can recall the critical meeting as well as most of the events that led up to it. Mick Whelan was the caterer for those billeted with him. As he and his brother Johnny were bachelors, it was rough and ready. They lived in a thatched cottage with clay floor in the yard backing upon Katmandu. They were characters in their own way, Johnnie effecting to be simple. We found yer dump, said a raiding party one day. Begob i f ye did, said Johnny, it must be one of yer own. On another occasion, Tans raked over heaps of soil and rocks. I say sor, said Johnnie to the officer, there’s plenty more of those heaps at the back.

...The lucky ones however stayed at Cashin’s, across the field, at Minogue’s, Gardiner’s, Luttrell’s or O’Gorman’s. Egan’s, a substantial house, had the son Jim, killed by a Stater party. I was talking to him, said Bill, a few minutes before. Where are the rest of the lads, said he; I will go down to my own house for a bite to eat. He was shot without warning coming out. Ah, broke in Mrs. Gardiner (Kitty Cashin) at this point, weren’t there men in every generation who knew they would fail, but went out anyway. Mrs. Treacy (they use the Irish O Treasaigh frequently) washed for and fed Liam Lynch during an earlier stay. Bill spoke to him in the yard on the morning of his departure, six days before his death. Lynch, seemingly confident, confided to him where he was going. Bill Quirke he remembers too; an awful joker of a fella; do ye know, it being cold, didn’t he feck the top coat of Fr. Kerrigan the P.P. in Callan. Many of the party, including “the big tough man” Aiken, and Hyde came to Poulacappal after the March meeting in the Nier. They were away from it therefore only three weeks when they returned for the April 20th and 21st, conference.

...Bill Treacy made a model of Katmandu which he presented some years ago to the local museum in Tipperary town.

Sean Dowling of Dublin in MacEoin, Uinseann (1987) Survivors. 2nd Edition. Argenta Publications, Dublin.




James Treacy, 35, bachelor, farmer, lives Boherboy [Kilvemnon], (s. of John Tracey, farmer) married Mary Haurahan, 23, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Ballinruan [Grangemockler], (d. of John Haurahan, farmer) 17 February 1887 RC Chapel Grangemockler Wit: Thomas Shea & Mary Haurahan [Garrangibbon Carrick On Suir PLU]


Mary Treacy, 20 yrs, spinster, shopkeeper's daughter, lives Boherboy [Kilvemnon], (d. of Michael Treacy, dead, shopkeeper) married James Gahan, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Kylotlea [Kylatlea Kilvemnon], (s. of Denis Gahan, farmer) 01 September 1897 RC Chapel Mullinahone Wit: David Gahan & Margaret Treacy [Mullinahone Callan PLU Tipperary]


17 January 1898 San Francisco Call
Tracey - In this city, January 16 1898, Patrick, beloved husband of Ellen Tracey, a native of Boherbee, parish of Mullinahone, County Tipperary, Ireland, aged 49 years...from his late residence 2907 Harrison street, hence to St. Peters Church...Internment Holy Cross Cemetery.

Treacy Poulecaple, near Mullinahone

Thomas Tracey married Bridget Hogan and went on to have three sons Patrick, Frank and Joseph. I am loking for any relatives or anyone that can give me any information to build my family tree.

fiona tracey

Kilaghy castle..../ poulecappel ( Treacy)

Hi I am looking for any information of the former owner of Kilaghy castle, near Mullinahone.... His name was Jim Funcheon....
OR any of the Treacy descended form poulecappel...... Thomas (born around 1876)  who had 3 sons Patrick,  Frank and Joseph

fipluck 14 May 2009

Hogan/ Treacy Mullinahone, Muileann na hUamhan County Tipperary
I am looking for the Treacy family from Mullinahone. Thomas was born in 1874 and died in 1963.(may have originated from poullacapple west. Also the Hogan family. Nora was born in 1874 and lived in Mullinahone but think she came from Kilvemnon and had a daughter Bridget who married the above Thomas Treacy.


Lismolin Cemetery



Gloria in Excelsis Deo Here lies the body of William Trasey late of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] who depd this life Augt 15th 1821 aged 55 years


Here lies the body of James Trassy who died March the 16th 1772 aged 28. Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.



Mary Treacy died 1864, Callan PLU, aged 7, b. 1857, died 21 Dec 1864 Mullinahone [Kilvemnon] Tipperary, Mary Treacy mother

Mary Triacy died 1865, [Tipperary PLU?], Aged 60, b. 1805, died 27 Nov 1865 Poulecopple [Poulacapple Kilvemnon – Mullinahone RC], Cullum [Callen], Tipperury



 New Inn and Knockgraffon


William Tracy married Mary Cashan? of F. Liney [Farranliney Knockgraffon] 4 Jan? 1856 Wit: James Carew? & Bridgett Hennessy?. New Inn and Knockgraffon Parish

Wm Tracy/Treacy & Mary/Catherine Corkin/Cashin

Cath Tracy b. 14 Jul 1857 Sp. James Hagan & Bridget Donnel. New Inn and Knockgraffon Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 26 Jun 1859 Sp. Jno Lonigan & Mary Lynch. New Inn and Knockgraffon Parish

William Tracy b. 28 Jul 1863 Sp. Wm Henessy? & Margt Hagan. New Inn and Knockgraffon Parish

John Treacy b. 16 Jul 1868 Sp. Denis Hagan & Bridget Heffernan. New Inn and Knockgraffon Parish

William Treacy & Mary Cashen

John b. 15 July 1868 Tullamain (LDS)

William Treacy, labourer, & Mary Cashen

John Treacy b. 15 Jul 1868 of Dogstown P Newinn [Dogstown] [Newinn town Knockgraffon] New Inn and Knockgraffon RC. William Treacy, father, Dogstown [Tullamain Cashel PLU]



 Pallasgreen and Templebredin Parish (Limerick/Tipperary)


See Limerick.




Alicia Tracy & Stephani White

Patritium White b. 22 May 1809 Sp. Derundo Cody & Maria Keating. Powerstown Parish


Michaelis/Michl Tracey/Tracy & Maria Hay/Hays/Hearn?

Michaelem Tracey b. 1 Oct 1809 Sp. Jacobo Pendergast & Joaan Masket. Powerstown Parish

Joannam Tracy b. 5 Oct 1810 Sp. Thomas Ryan & Maria Pendergast. Powerstown Parish

Thomam Treacy b. 15 Nov 1812 Sp. Thoma Hays & Margarita Ryan. Powerstown Parish

Mich Tracy b. 26 Jan 1815 Sp. Edm Fahy & Cath Tracy. Powerstown Parish


Catharina Treacey & Bartholomei Mulcahy

Catharinam Mulcahy b. 4 Jun 1826 illegiterum Sp. Maria Hays. Powerstown Parish


Maria Tracy & Johannes Waters

Mariam Waters b. 5 Sep 1828 illegitemaise Sp. Patritis Doroley & Maria Cummins. Powerstown Parish


Catherinam Treacy married Patricium Lonegan 9 Nov 1830 Wit: Michaelo Hayes & Maria Reilly. Powerstown Parish

Catrinae/Catharina Treacy/Tracy/Treacey & Patricu Lonegan

Mariam Lonegan b. 10 Feb 1834 Sp. Michaele Hayes & Johanna Treacy. Powerstown Parish

Margaritam Lonegan b. 18 Nov 1838 Sp. Gulielmo Lonnegan?  & Eliza Daniels. Powerstown Parish

Patricu Lonegan b. 27 May 1842 Sp. John Hacken? & Bridget Hays. Powerstown Parish

Thomam Lonegan b. 1 Nov 1845 Sp. Thoma Kennedy & Maria Anna Prendergast. Powerstown Parish


Margarita Treacy/Tracy & Thoma Mahoney/Mahony

Anastaciam Mahoney b. 8 Jul 1835 Sp. Jacobo Daniel & Catherina Hickey. Powerstown Parish

Joannem Mahony b. 20 Aug 1838 Sp. Jacobo Gahen & Anastasia Crane. Powerstown Parish


Maria Treacy & Roberto MacRilroy/MacKilroy?

Michaels MacRilroy b. 16 Aug 1845 illegitianun Sp. Johannes Ryan & Catharine Money?. Powerstown Parish

Michaels MacKilroy b. 16 Aug 1845 illgm Sp. Johannes Flinn & Margarita Fahy. Powerstown Parish


Mariam Tracy married Timotheum Noonan 21 Sep 1852 Wit: Michael White & Johanna Tracy. Powerstown Parish



 Sologhead (Limerick/Tipperary)


See also Limerick. Civil Parishes are Oola and Tuoghcluggin in Limerick & Solloghodbeg and Solloghodmore in Tipperary.


1820s-1830s Tithe Records

Thoms Tracy, Glebe, Sleaty [Solloghodbeg], Queen's, [Tipperary]

John Tracy, Sollyheadbeg [Raheen], Sleaty [Solloghodbeg], Queen's, [Tipperary]

Thoms Tracy, Sollyheadbeg [Raheen], Sleaty [Solloghodbeg], Queen's, [Tipperary]

Richd Tracy, Ardlomain Earl of Derby [Ardlaman], Solloghodmore, Tipperary, 1824

Richd Tracy, Ardloman, Solloghodmore [Ardlaman], Tipperary, 1824 [duplicate]


1850-51 Griffiths Valuation South Tipperary

John Tracy Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg Tipperary

Nicholas Tracy Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg Tipperary


1862 Offences commited in the County of Tipperary

Sheep stealing of Mary Tracy, farmer, 18 May 1861, Sollohed-Beg, no inf party declined, no accussed


8 August 1872 (FJ) Charge of Shooting with intent to Kill

At the Tipperary Petty Sessions...Denis Tracy, residing at Solloheadbeg, was charged with firing a pistol at Mrs Mary Cairy, the wife of a farmer residing in the same locality...intent to kill. The prisoner, who is in custody...pleaded guilty...


1883 Thomas Treacy, tenant, Rev. Henry Smyth, landlord, Sollogheadbeg, Tipperary, 7a2r30p, £8 valuation, £10.17.3 rent, £8.10.0 judicial rent, by consent


1888 Return of judicial rents

Thomas Treacy of Sollaheadbeg Tipperary, landlord Governors of Erasmus Smith's Schools, 21a/0r/8p, poor valuation £22/0/0, old rent £21/7/7, new rent £17/0/0, by consent


1889 The Book of County Tipperary

Denis Treacy, Farmers Residents, Sollohedbeg, Tipperary.

Thomas Treacy, Farmers, Residents, Sollohedbeg, Tipperary.



Margarita Tracy & Michl Ryan

Mats Ryan b. 5 Oct 1810 Sp. Thoma Hickey & Honora Ryan. Sologhead Parish


Catharine Tracy & Edmd Hern?

Tims Hern b. 18 Nov 1810 of Drumwood [Solloghodmore] Sp. Danl Gavin & Maria Ryan. Sologhead Parish


Maria Tracy & Gulielmo Doorty

Brigida Doorty b. 1 Jan 1811 of Ballochber? Sp. Raymunda Neal & Mare Haker?. Sologhead Parish

Gulielmus Doorty b. 8 Apr 1816 of Ballochbuer Sp. Michl Hanly & Margt Ryan. Sologhead Parish


Danl/Daniele Tracy & Catharina Kearney

Brigida Tracy b. 21 May 1811 of Gurtnabarnee [Gortnabarnan Cullen Tipperary] Sp. Geraldo Birn & Brigid? Kerr. Sologhead Parish

Edmundus Tracy b. 27 Nov 1813 Sp. Edmd Tracy. Sologhead Parish


Thoma Tracy & Maria Dunbar

Mats Tracy b. 16 Aug 1811 Sp. Micl Glasheen & Anna Carroll. Sologhead Parish


Mar? Tracy & Thoma Real

Pats real b. 17 Mar 1812 Sp.. Sologhead Parish [Crossed out]

Margarita Treacy & Thoma Realy?

Phils Realy b. 21 Apr 1812 of Gurtakilleen [Gortakilleen Oola] Sp. Edmd Rafferty & Cathe Croagh?. Sologhead Parish


Will have to review closer, but attached records do show bap. Records for twin sons of my 4th great grandparents, Thomas Real and Margaret Treacy then living in Gortakillee, Oola, Solohead. Still looking for her family. Likely she was born in Soloheadbeg ca. 1780

Thomas Raille is my 3rd great grandfather and farmed in both Townships. Thomas Real in Ballybeg was a cousin to Thomas. His descendants still live in the same land. I was last there in 2016.

No doubt the Treacy in the 1911 census were related. Most likely they came from Soloheadbeg in Tipp.

Chuck Real Nov 2019


Jacos Tracy & Ellea Ryan

Jacos Tracy b. 16 Dec 1812 Sp. Thoa Ryan & Maria Tracy. Sologhead Parish


Ricas/Ricardo Tracy/Tracey/Treacy & Briga/Brigida Hanly

Ricas Tracy b. 11 Sep 1813 of Arlomond [Ardlaman Solloghodmore Tipperary] Sp. Joas Dwyer & Maria Dwyer. Sologhead Parish

Helena Tracey b. 19 Aug 1816 of Arlemon Sp. Joans Dwyer & Judith Quinlan. Sologhead Parish

Catherina Tracy b. 19 Apr 1822 Sp. Joannes & Margareta McGrath. Sologhead Parish

Brigida Treasy b. 9 Jun 1825 Sp. Michael Hanly? & Maria Quinlanan. Sologhead Parish


St James Parish RC Colgan Ontario

Bridget Treacy, wife of Richard Treacy of Tecumseth died April 18th 1869 & was buried April 20th in St. James Cemetery - aged 85 years

Richard Treacy of Tecumseth one of the first Catholic settlers in that township died full of years after receiving the sacremenys of the church Dec 4th [1869] & was buried in the St James' Cemetery Dec 6th aged 96 years.


Saint James Roman Catholic Cemetery Colgan, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada

Richard Treacy


Dec 4, 1869

Aged 96 yrs




April 18, 1869

Natives of

Co. Tipperary Ireland


Mary Treacy Meagher (1812–1914)

Bridget Treacy Moran (1825–1864)



Settlers Before 1837.


Settler. Con. Lot.

Tracy, Patrick ........... 1 16

Tracy, Wm ............. 2 16

Tracy, Richard .......... 2 16

Tracy, Richard ........... 1 18

Hunter, Andrew F. (1909) A history of Simcoe County. Volume II The Pioneers.  Barrie, Ont. The County Council


I am looking for Treacys from Kilkenny county. Richard Treacy is first mentioned in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada in 1833 and had sons, Thomas (my line), Patrick and William. There may have been others, as well. Oil painting labelled Kilkenny Castle done by member of Thomas Treacy family in late 1800's or early 1900's suggest they may have migrated from Kilkenny to Canada c 1835.

BYoder 1 Mar 1999


1. Richard Treacy (1773 Tipperary - 4 Dec 1869 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada) & Bridget Hanley (1784 Tipperary - 18 April 1869 Tecumseth, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada)


1.1 William Treacy (1805 Tipperary – 1875 Peel, Wellington, Ontario, Canada) married Elisa Coogan (1813 Ireland - 18 November 1886 Yatton, Peel, Wellington, Ontario, Canada) 1830 Canada

1.1.1 Bridget Tracy 1835–1880 

1.1.2 Catherine Tracy 1841–

1.1.3 Richard Treacy 1843–1900

1.1.4 John Tracy 1845–

1.1.5 Ellen Tracy 1847–1883 

1.1.6 Ann Tracy 1851–

1.1.7 Thomas Tracy 1853–

1.1.8 Mary Tracy 1856–

1.1.9 William Tracy 1859–1941


1.2 Patrick Treacy (1806 Tipperary – 6 January 1892 King, York, Ontario, Canada) married Elizabeth Cahoon (1814–1887) 1 May 1837 St Margaret of Scotland RC Church, Tuam, Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County, Upper Canada

1.2.1 Richard Joseph Treacy 1838–1906

1.2.2 Bridget Treacy 1841–1870 

1.2.3 George Treacy 1845–1919

1.2.5 John Joseph Treacy 1847–1911

1.2.6 Mary Jane Treacy 1849–

1.2.7 Elizabeth Ann Treacy 1852–1920

1.2.8 William J. Treacy 1853–

1.2.9 Josephine Mary Treacy 1856–1881

1.2.10 Patrick Treacy 1857–1934


1.3 Thomas Treacy (1810 Tipperary - 26 April 1896 Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County, Ontario) married Ann Maher (1814–1897) 10 June 1839 St Patrick's Gore Mission

1.3.1 Bridget Treacy 1840–1912

1.3.2 Mary Treacy 1841–1931

1.3.3 Catherine Mary Treacy 1843–1932

1.3.4 Richard M. Treacy 1845–1913

1.3.5 Daniel Treacy 1846–1914

1.3.6 Annie Treacy 1849–1941

1.3.7 Sarah Treacy 1852–1932

1.3.8 Johanna Treacy 1854–1937

1.3.9 William Treacy 1854–1932

1.3.10 Thomas Treacy 1858–1936

1.3.11 John M. Treacy 1861–1950


1.4 Richard Treacy (Sept 1813 Ardleman, County Tipperary – 21 Jul 1870 Adjala Township, Simcoe County, Ontario) married Ellen Healy (1821–1900) 19 January 1840 St James RC Church, Colgan, Adjala Township, Simcoe County

1.4.1 Bridget Treacy 1840–1919

1.4.2 Michael Treacy 1843–

1.4.3 Richard Treacy 1845–

1.4.4 Patrick Treacy 1848–

1.4.5 Mary Ann Treacy 1850–1923

1.4.6 Rose Treacy 1854–1937

1.4.7 Ellen Treacy 1856–1931


1.5 Mary Treacy (May 1815 Tipperary - 2 June 1914 Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada) married Philip Meagher (1805 Tipperary - 1844) 8 October 1838 St Margaret of Scotland RC Mission Church, Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County [with picture]

1.5.1 Catherine Meagher 1840–1873

1.5.2 Bridget Meagher 1842–1918


1.6 Helen Treacy (1816 Ardlamen, Tipperary – 1825 Ireland)


1.7 Catherine Treacy (April 1822 Ardlamen, Tipperary - before 1900 USA) married James Treacy (1807 Ireland–1900) (s. of James Treacy & Mary Fitzpatrick) 29 July 1839 St Margaret's of Scotland RC Mission, Tecumsth Township, Simcoe County


1.8 Bridget Treacy (1825 Ardlamen, Tipperary - 2 August 1866 Adjala Township, Simcoe County, Canada West) married James Moran (1819–1897) 3 February 1845 St Margaret of Scotland RC Mission, Tecumseth Township, Simcoe County

1.8.1 James Tracy Moran 1845–1935

1.8.2 Richard Moran 1846–1854

1.8.3 Sarah Elizabeth Moran 1849–1929

1.8.4 William Moran1853–1936

1.8.5 Bridget Moran 1856–1945

1.8.6 Mary Ann Moran 1858–1922

1.8.7 Edward Moran 1859–1860

1.8.8 Mary Catherine Moran 1860–1900

1.8.9 Theresa Moran 1862–1930

1.8.10 Richard Treacy Moran 1866–1939



Maria Treacy married Dionisius Ryan 30 Jun 1814 Wit: Joanne? Phelan & Thoma Treacy. Sologhead Parish

Cath Treacy & Dionysio Ryan

Cath Ryan b. 12 Jun 1815 of Solleheadbeg [Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg] Sp. Joannes Phelan & Judith Ryan. Sologhead Parish

Maria Tracy & Dionysio Ryan

Johanna Ryan b. 5 Jul 1819 Sp. Thomas Ryan & Catherina Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Maria Ryan b. 21 Mar 1821 Sp. Gulielmus Ryan & Catherina Phelan. Sologhead Parish

Brigeda Ryan b. 9 Jan 1823 Sp. Nichalaus & Ellena Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Michael Ryan b. 12 Feb 1825 Sp. Cornelius Ryan & Catherina Carew. Sologhead Parish

Thomas Ryan b. 16 Jul 1827 Sp. Michl & Brigida Ryan. Sologhead Parish


Joannes Tracy married Maria Loohy? 2 Feb 1818 Wit: Joannes Loohy & Thos Tracy. Sologhead Parish [brother of Nicholas Treacy below]

Joanne Tracy & Maria Looby

Catherina Tracy b. 18 Nov 1818 Sp. Timothius Sheagh? & Eliza Looby. Sologhead Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 8 Nov 1821 Sp. Jopannes? Hanly & Winnifrida Connors. Sologhead Parish

Ellena Tracy b. 22 Sep 1824 Sp. Michael & Catherina Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Joannes Tracy b. 31 Mar 1827 Sp. Joannes Looby & Ellena Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Brigida Tracy b. 16 Jan 1838 of Newtown [Oola OR Tuoghcluggin OR Solloghodbeg] Sp. Margarita Tracy sola [only]. Sologhead Parish


Catherina Treasy married Cornelius Ryan 2 May 1850 Wit: Thoma Tresy & Mauritio Loohy. Sologhead Parish


Thomas Tracey married Mary Carey 25 Feb 1873 Wit: Edmond Hanly & Catherine Carey. Sologhead Parish

Ths Tracey & Mary Carey

John Tracey b. 5 Dec 1873 Sp. Michael Looby & Catherine Carey. Sologhead Parish


Johanna Tracy married Michael Hayes 4 Mar 1862 Wit: Joannah Hayes & Johanna Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Johanna Treacy/Tracy & Michael Hayes/Hays

Ellina Hayes b. 18 Aug 1863 of Milltown [Solloghodmore] Sp. Thoma Treacy & Anna Hayes. Sologhead Parish

Maria Hayes b. 4 Oct 1864 of Milltown Sp. Richardus? Crossit? & Catherin? Tracy?. Sologhead Parish

Jeremiah Hays b. 31 Oct 1865 of Kyle [Solloghodbeg] Sp. Edmundas McGrath & Brigida Tracy. Sologhead Parish

Johanna Treacy & Michael Hayes, farmer

Jeremiah Hayes b. 1 Nov of Miltown Solloghed [Milltown Solloghodmore]. Michael Hayes, father, Miltowm Sologhed [1865 18 672 Tipperary Tipperary PLU]


Will: Mary Treacy 5 Feb 1865 Soloheadbeg Tipperary, widow, to son Denis Treacy, farmer (Under Decree 15 November 1872 “Treacy v. Treacy”)

November 1872 Court of Probate

Treacy v. Treacy: Mr. Denis Treacy of Soloheadbeg, Tipperary to establish the will of his mother, Mary Treacy. The validity was disputed by Thomas Treacy another son. The will was accepted.


1. John Treacy was born possably about 1787 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. He died possibly 21 Feb 1848 and was buried in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. (from a headstone on a Treacy plot in Kilfeacle). John married Mary Looby on the 2 February 1818 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary, witness Thomas Treacy. The Tithe Applotment (1826) record for Soloheadbeg lists a John Tracy who leased eight acres and also a Thomas Treacy.

They had the following children:

1.1. Catherine christened 18 Nov 1818 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsors  Timothy Keogh and Eliza Looby.

1.2. Thomas christened 8 Nov 1821 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary, sponsors John Hanley and Winifred Connors. He died 24 Dec 1895 in Murgasty, Co. Tipperary. Thomas married Mary Carey/Keary/Carew, daughter of Edmond Carew and Mary Hanley, on 25 Feb 1873 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Witnesses Edmond Hanley and Catherine Carew. Unfortunately his birth date doesn't tie in with the age given on his marriage certificate from February 1873, which looks like 37 (indicating he was born around 1835), but the age on the certificate is difficult to make out and could also be deciphered 50 or 51 (indicating he was born around 1822). However Thomas's death certificate from December 1895 gives his age at 54, indicating he was born around 1841. At the time of his marriage, in 1873, Thomas's occupation was a farmer (according to his marriage certificate). At the time of the birth of his son, Thomas, in 1881, he was the superintendant of a coal yard (according to the birth certificate), and at the time of his death in 1895, he was a labourer. Thomas and Mary had the following children:

1.2.1 John born 4 December 1873 (LDS) and was christened 5 Dec 1873 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsors Michael Looby and Catherine Carey. He died probably 1873 or 1874.

1.2.2 John christened 1 Nov 1874 in Tipperary. Sponsors Michael Looby and Catherine Carey. There doesn't seem to be any recollection of John as an adult. He may also have died as a child.

1.2.3 Edmund born 6 November 1875 (LDS) and was christened 8 Nov 1875 in Tipperary. Sponsors Edmund Carey and Margaret O'Dwyer. Edmund emigrated to the U.S. as a young man. Ellis Island records were checked but nothing that definitely related to this Edmund was found. It's believed that Edmund died in the San Francisco earthquake of April 1906. He was living there at the time and nothing more was heard from him after that.

1.2.4 Timothy "Timmy" Joseph born 15 July 1878 (LDS) and was christened 16 Jul 1878 in Tipperary. Sponsors John Casey and Johanna Casey. Should "Casey" read "Carey"? He died 28 Nov 1930 in Lisnabrinnia, Co. Cavan.  He never married. According to his death certificate, his profession was "technical instructor", and he died of "haemorrhage and shock".

1.2.5 Thomas Joseph christened about 13 Apr 1881 in Tipperary. Sponsor Sarah Carew. He died 13 Apr 1969 in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary and was buried in New Cemetery, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. Thomas began his career working at a gasworks in Tipperary town; according to the 1911 census he was a "gas account collector". Prior to his marriage in 1915, he became manager of the gasworks in Carrick-on-Suir (located on the Quay). Eventually he bought the Carrick gasworks.

1.2.6 Martin Joseph was born in Murgasty Cottages, Murgasty, Co. Tipperary and was christened 9 Nov 1883 in Tipperary. Sponsors Edmond Carew and Bridget Carew. He died 19 Jan 1977 in Fermoy, Co. Cork and was buried in Kilcrumper Old Cemetery, Fermoy. According to the 1901 census return for his mother's household in Murgasty, Co. Tipperary, Martin, aged 17, was a baker. He later got work in the gasworks business, possibly in Cobh, Co. Cork. He eventually moved to Fermoy, Co. Cork where he was manager of the Fermoy Gas Company. Martin married Catherine Fogarty, who was born in Portlaw, Co. Waterford. She died 5 Jan 1964 in Fermoy, Co. Cork. Martin and Catherine had no children.

1.3. Ellen christened 22 September 1824 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsors Michael Treacy and Catherine Treacy.

1.4. John christened 31 Mar 1827 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsors John Looby and Ellen Treacy. He died 21 Mar 1848 and was buried in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary.

1.5. Denis born about 1831 and died 19 Mar 1899. Unfortunately no baptismal record for a Denis Treacy born in Soloheadbeg to a father named John and a mother named Mary was located. He died 19 Mar 1899 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary from bronco-pneumonia and was buried in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. According to his marriage certificate he was 45 when he married in February 1894, indicating he was born around 1848. However, according to the death register he was 67 when he died in March 1899, indicating he was born around 1831.  Denis married Bridget Allis, daughter of James Allis, on 5th Feb 1894 in Anacarty, Cappagh, Co. Tipperary. Both fathers are listed as deceased. Bridget was born about 1863 in prob. Hollyford, Co. Tipperary. She died 14 Jun 1941 and was buried in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. At the time of her marriage, Bridget lived in Hollyford, Co. Tipperary. Witnesses to the marriage were Denis Ryan from Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary and Mary Josephine Ryan from Hollyford, Co. Tipperary. They had the following children:

1.5.1 John J. (Seán) born 14 Feb 1895 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary and was christened 16 Feb 1895 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsors at Seán's baptism were Michael Allis and Kate Allis. He was an only child. He died 14 Oct 1920 in Talbot St., Dublin and was buried 18 Oct 1920 in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. (see below) He had a cousin Nicholas Treacy.

1.6. Mary born about 1831 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary. She died 31 Jul 1844 and was buried in Kilfeacle, Co. Tipperary. Mary died at the age of 13.

1.7. Bridget born Newtown, Soloheadbeg, christened 16 Jan 1838 in Solohead, Co. Tipperary. Sponsor Margaret Treacy.



1881 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland

Cork City

Joseph Edward Tracy, commissioner Irish courts & solicitor (& law agent to the Fermoy Gas Co.), 59 South mall


March 1888

On Monday the Master of the Rolls made ??? a conditional order made in February accepting the tender of Mrs Catherine Tracey, of Dublin, of £2800 for the purchase of the Fermoy Gas Works.


1914 The Gas World

Mr. M. [Martin] Treacy, manager of the Cairrick-on-Suir gasworks, has been appointed manager to the Wicklow Gas Company, in place of Mr. W. Ewing,


1917 The gas world year book

Carrick-on-Suir & Wicklow

G.W. Anderson, M.J. (or T.) Treacy, R.B. Anderson


1921 Guys

MJ [or WJ] Treacy, Works Manager. Fermoy Gas Company, Limited. Gasworks. Courthouse rd


1931 The Gas World Year Book

Fermoy M. Treacy

Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (3) T. J. Treacy, owner.


1935 Guys Directory


W J Treacy, Manager Gasworks, Courthouse road ans O'Rahilly row


1945 Guys

Rushbrooke [Cobh]

W. Treacy, mgr., Gas Works


John Treacy (1787 - 1848) married Mary Looby (d. 5 Feb 1865) 2 Feb 1818

Catherine Treacy (b. 18 Nov 1818) married Con Ryan (d. 27 Mar 1876) 2 May 1850 - no children

Thomas Treacy (1821 - 1895) married Mary Carey (b. 1851) 23 Feb 1873

Ellen Treacy (b. 1824) probably died in infancy

John Treacy (31 Mar 1827 - 21 Mar 1848) Kilfeacie tombstone

Mary Treacy (1831 - 31 July 1844) Kilfeacie tombstone

Denis Treacy (1832 - 19 Mar 1899) married Bridget Allis, Hollyford. One son.

Johanna Treacy (1834 - 16 July 1874) married Michael Hayes 4 Mar 1862. Two children Ellen Hayes (b. 18 Aug 1853) & Mary Hayes (b. 4 Oct 1864).

Bridget Treacy (b. 16 Jan 1838) married James Coffee 8 Feb 1872. Children

Marnane, Denis G. (2010) Treacys of Soloheadbeg – Family, Land and Murder: A Very Irish Tragedy. Tipperary Historical Journal [link]


Jacobo Treacy & Margt Fitzgerald

Thomas Treacy b. 8 May 1818 Sp. Mauralius? Tierney & Margt Dwyer. Sologhead Parish


Jacobo Tracy/Treasy &