Timothy Edward Treacy (1861-1946)



Timothy Edward Treacy (1861-1946)

Democratic Party


Timothy Edward Treacy (b. February 22, 1861 in County Limerick, Ireland d. Died: April 26, 1946 in San Francisco, CA)

Married: Delia Finn/Flinn cica 1888


Elsie M. Treacy b. July 1889 SF (married Casey and Calder)

Edmund Jerome Treacy (b.5 Nov 1891 SF d. June 1966) m. Lillian K Murphy (1897 - 1985)

Milton Joseph Treacy (b. July 1892 SF d. 16 Aug. 1969)

Amy C Treacy b. Oct 1893 SF (Mrs. Tuerck)

Harold Timothy Edward Treacy (b. Dec 1898 SF d. 5 Aug 1985 Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California) (m. Rachel Mina Flatland)

Irma Olivia Treacy (b. June 1901; d. June 1982) (m. Joseph Ubanks)


1886-1892: Deputy Sheriff, San Francisco County

1892-1893: Deputy Superintendent of Streets, San Francisco County

Date                Party                Office              Votes               Result

11-03-1896      Democratic      AD-31             0                      Win

03-03-1931      Nonpartisan     SD-21 1958                Win


Legislation: "In 1897 Tim Treacy was elected to the State Assembly and there fathered two bills which became California's first minimum wage and maximum hour law... Treacy's bills set a minimum of $2.00 a day for eight hours of labor." (South of Market Journal, 1937)






Journal of Proceedings, Board of Supervisors, City and County of San Francisco, Volume 41, Issue 1, 1946

South of Market Journal (Vol. XII, No.3 March 1937)




Timothy E. Treacy


It's something to be able to get oneself born on Washington's birthday. You know, a day off every birthday, parades, patriotic fetes 'n' everything! But February 22 is no holiday back in Ireland, either now or in 1862 when Timothy E. Treacy was born in County Limerick. Which may be the big reason why Treacy trekked just as soon as he could to the United States, where his natal day is also a national holiday.


Anyhow, you've heard the crack: "He took his parents by the hand and led them to the new land." In Treacy's case, it is the truth. In 1876 when he was fourteen, he brought his mother to San Francisco, where they joined his brothers, Ed and John.


Ed was construction foreman for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, the then Donohue road, and had his eye on a ranch in Marshall, on Tomales Bay. The Indians had killed the owner, MacKnight, but that didn't bother Ed; he knew he could pick up the place at a bargain from MacKnight's survivors, and he thought it would be a nice quiet place to park mother and youngest brother. San Francisco was too wild for the  greenhorns.


So there Tim went with his 45 year old mother to start tilling the soil of the new world. But when he found that the price of eggs "wouldn't pay for the wear and tear on the hens." Tim decided there wasn't much profit in chicken and cauliflower raising.


Back in San Francisco, because brother John was a member of the Emmets beat the Cornishmen at marks- mental flag boy of that Irish military outfit, and went with the Emmetts to Carson City in 1879 to compete with the Cornish Washington Guards. Those were the days of the Ophir, Con., Virginia, Best and Belcher, the heydey of the Comstock Lode. Not only did the Emmetts beat the Cornishmen at marksmanship, skirmishing and other military drills, but one of their number, Bugler Sexton, a veteran of the Civil War, went down into a flooded mine at the end of a rope and brought up two men, one after the other, dead. Sexton and the Emmetts were the heroes of Carson City, the motif for treats at every bar — and bars were everywhere — so poor Sexton wasn't able to draw a sober breath for the remainder of that historic stay.


In 1886, when he was 24 years of age, Treacy became a deputy sheriff of San Francisco county. In 1892 he was deputy superintendent of streets under Assessor Jim Nealon and in 1893 he went into street construction as a business with Jim Flinn, who had graduated from St. Ignatius and was working in Nealon's office.


In 1897 Tim Treacy was elected to the State Assembly and there fathered two bills which became California's first minimum wage and maximum hour law. At the time $1.50 was the average day wage and you could work as long as the boss willed. Treacy's bills set a minimum of $2.00 a day for eight hours of labor.


But even after they were passed by Assembly and Senate, Governor Jim Budd hesitated to sign the act and it took all Treacy's personal prestige and physical vigor to browbeat Budd into wielding his pen.


Another of Treacy's bills would have set a price of 5 cents for a loaf of bread weighing one pound. Like business under NRA, so the bakers then objected to price fixing. They agreed to clean up their bakeshops, put in concrete floors, rid their basements of rats - and the concomitant peril of bubonic plague - if the price fixing feature were forgotten. So upon this sanitary compromise, the law was passed.


In 1899 Treacy aided in the drafting of a charter for the city. His wage and hour law was included as a funds mental with the pay set at $3.00 minimum instead of $2.00. He was also instrumental at that time in getting for the city a full-pay fire department in lieu of the part-time organisation upon which the city had previously depended.


By 1901 he found himself' president of three different organizations: The Cleveland Cadets of 600 members; the Young Men's Institute, No. 89, and the Excelsior Club, one of the major social groups of the then South of Market district.


The rules of the Excelsior Club were short and not sweet. To gain admission, a neophyte had to box two rounds with any opponent the club selected. And if the president of the couldn't find a fit or willing opponent among the membership, then said president himself must box the newcomer!


Treacy was elected to the State Senate in 1930 to till the short term from 1931 to 1933. And there with Senators Tom Maloney and Tallant Tubbs, he strongly backed Senator Roy Fellom's enabling act which put the state for the first time upon the road to building the Oakland-San Francisco Bay bridge.


Today at 75, Treacy is hale and virile. He has six children and six grand-children. And he likes to recall that one of his Senate bills gave back to the city the Channel street tideflats a mere gift of $300 000 from the state!


Past president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, he has kept in tune with the old land and the new. Member of the Democratic County Committee, he is in step with the New Deal. Born on Washington's birthday, he has served, and intends to continue to serve his country well and patriotically,


Ref: South of Market Journal (Vol. XII, No.3 March 1937)





1850-1851 Griffiths Valuation

Timothy Tracy, Dromsallagh, Tuogh, Limerick



Timothius Tracey of Cullen married Catherina Riordan of Arlman [Ardlaman Solloghodmore] 21 Feb 1846 Wit: Daniele Reardan & Gulielmi Butler Sologhead Parish Co. Tipperary

Timothy/Tim Tracey & Cathe/Kate Riordan/Reardon

Edmund Tracy b. 28 Feb 1847 Sp. Danl Tracy & Brigit ???. Cullen and Latten Parish Tipperary

Daniel Tracey b. 26 Mar 1849 of Dromsally [Dromsallagh Tuogh] Sp. Martin Breen & Kate Ryan. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thomas Tracy b. 1 Jun 1855 of portatis? Cappamore Sp. John Reardon & Mary Fahy. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thady Tracy b. 28 Mar 1860 of Dromsally Sp. Micl Glas Kenna? Rua & Johanna Maishen? Cappamore Parish Limerick


[A Tim Tracey died 1864 Limerick Ireland, Age 52]



Edmund Treacy, 900 Brannan, Ireland, Nov 4 1872, Roseburg Ore

James J. Treacy, 217 Dore, Ireland, April 10 1885, SF Cal

John Tracy, 217 Dore, Ireland 1876, SF Cal

John Treacy, 217 Dore, Ireland 1880, SF Cal

Timothy Edmund Tracy, 39 Buena Vista Terrace, Ireland, March 1882, SF Cal

Timothy Edmund Treacy, 39 South Broderick, Ireland, Mar 20 1882, SF Cal


18 August 1897 San Francisco Call

Treacy — In this city, August 16, 1897. Catherine, beloved mother of Edmond,. John, T. E. and the late Thomas Treacy, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland, aged 78 years.

The funeral will take place this day - (Wednesday), at 9:30 o'clock a. m. from her late residence. 215 Dore street, between Ninth and Tenth Harrison and Bryant, thence to st. Joseph's Church, where a requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. Interment Mount Calvary cemetery.




Edmund Treacy (1847-1911)


9 September 1875 Marin Journal

List of letter in the Post Office, San Rafael...Edmond Treacy...


Voter Registration

1875 Edmund Treacy, 28, b. 1847 Ireland, San Francisco, California


1880 Census - 265 Tomales, Marin, California

Edward Treacy           Self      Male    32        Ireland, poultry raiser

Catherine Treacy         Mother            Female 59        Ireland, widowed


28 October 1889 Daily Alta California

Real Estate...Harrison, near Seventh — Two-story frame; owner, Ed Treacy; architect, M. J. Welsh; contractor, A. J. Abern: cost, $2600...

7 November 1889 Daily Alta California

Real Estate

Ed Treacy to Hibernia Savings and Loan Society 1 year, 6 percent;, lot 20x60 SE Harrison, GO 3\T Cbesley. $1000.


1900 Census - 900 Brannon St, San Francisco Assembly District 31, San Francisco, California

Edmund Tracey, 63, single, b. Ireland, emigrated 1865, Naturalised, own income


1910 Census -             900 Brannan St, San Francisco Assembly District 31, San Francisco, California

Edmund Tracey, 63, b. 1847 Ireland, emigrated 1865, Naturalised, own income


Edmond Treacy died 4 Oct 1911 North Gennan Hotel 8th Bannan, 65 years, retired


October 5, 6 & 7, 1911 The San Francisco call

Treacy—In this city. October 4. 1911. Edmund, dearly beloved brother of Timothy E. and John Treacy. a native of Ireland, aged 63 years.

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral tomorrow (Saturday), at 8:15 a. in., from the parlors of McBrearty & McCormiok. 915 Valencia street near Twentieth. thence to St. Joseph's church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, commencing at 0 a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from Thirteenth and West Mission streets.




John Treacy (1855-1931)


29 August 1884 Daily Alta California

Roster of the Third [Third Regiment (Irish) Infantry Regiment National Guard of California (NGC)]...Company B...John Treacy, Timothy Treacy...


Voter Registration

1898 John Treacy, 46, b. 1852 Ireland, 215 Dore, San Francisco, California, United States


1900 Census - 217 Dore St,    Precinct 15 San Francisco city Ward 31, San Francisco, California

John Tracey     Head   Male    45        b. Feb 1855 Ireland, emigrated 1870, 30 years resident, naturalised, teamster sand wagon

Kate Tracey     Wife    Female 40        b. Nov 1860 Ireland, 21 years married 7 children 7 alive, emigrated 1875, 25 years resident

Thomas Tracey            Son      Male    20        b. Aug 1880 California, boiler maker (revetter

John Tracey     Son      Male    18        b. June 1882 California, boiler rivetter

Maggie Tracey            Daughter         Female 17        b. Dec 1883 California, seamtress (shirts

James Tracey   Son      Male    15        b. April 1885 California

Kattie Tracey  Daughter         Female 14        b. June 1886 California

Ella Tracey      Daughter         Female 13        b. Nov 1887 California

Josie Tracey     Daughter         Female 10        b. April 1890 California


1900 Crocker-Langley San Francisco directory

Treacy John, teamster, r. 217 Dore

Treacy Thomas, apprentice Union Iron Wks., r. 215 Dore


22 & 23 October 1901 San Francisco Call, Volume 90, Number 144, 

Treacy — In this city, October 20. 1901, Margaret F., beloved daughter of John and Kate Treacy, and sister of Thomas, John. James. Katie. Ella and Josie Treacy, a native of San Francisco, aged 17 years 9 months and 23 days.

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow (Wednesday), at 9:30 o'clock, from the parents' residence, 217 Dore street, thence to St. Joseph's Church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul at 10 o'clock. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.


1910 Census - 217 Dore Street, San Francisco Assembly District 31, San Francisco, California

John Treacy     Head   Male    58        Ireland, emigrated 1870 Naturalised, teamster express

Kate Treacy     Wife    Female 50        Ireland, 29 years married, 7 children 6 alive, emigrated 1873

Thomas J Treacy         Son      Male    28        California, teamster draying

John F Treacy  Son      Male    27        California, teamster draying

James J Treacy            Son      Male    25        California, teamster draying

Katherine T Treacy     Daughter         Female 23        California, shirt maker shirt factory

Ella C Treacy  Daughter         Female 22        California, bookkeeper grocery store

Mary J Treacy Daughter         Female 19        California, bookkeeper cement etc

Walter J Stanton         Boarder           Male    54        Pennsylvania, teamster draying


Ella Clarice Treacy, 24, b. 1890 (d. of John Treacy & Catherine O'Malley) married Ernest Daniel Gilkey, 30, b. 1884 (s. of Frank Gilkey 7 Louise Schell) 25 Nov 1914 San Francisco, California, United States


1920 Census - 217 Dore Street,          San Francisco Assembly District 21, San Francisco, California

John Treacy     Head   Male    67        Ireland, widowed, emigrated 1870, naturalised 1875, Watchman factory

Tom Treacy     Son      Male    38        California, teamster drayage

John Treacy     Son      Male    36        California, stevedore warehouse

James Treacy   Son      Male    34        California, teamster drayage


1930 Census - 217 Dore st, San Francisco (Districts 1-250), San Francisco, California,

John Treacy     Head   Male    78        Ireland, widowed, emigrated 1875, naturalised, retired

John F Treacy  Son      Male    47        California, LA SS Co Stevedore

James J Treacy            Son      Male    45        California, teamster Stetron runner

Thomas J Treacy         Son      Male    49        California, teamster


1940 Census - 217 Dore, Assembly District 20, San Francisco, San Francisco City, San Francisco, California

James Tracey, head, 55, single, b. California, same house, truck? Driver? drayage


Thomas J Treacy, born 1 Apr 1881 California, died 16 Jun 1940 Napa, California, United States, Mother's Name: Malley


James J Treacy, born 10 Apr 1885 California, died 3 Jun 1965 San Francisco, California, United States, Mother's Name: Omalley


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Colma San Mateo County, California

John Treacy 6 Jul 1931




Thomas Treacy (1856-1880)


14 March 1880  Daily Alta California

Treacy — In this city, March 12. Thomas Treacy, a native of Ireland.


Treacy, Thomas ... died in 1880 ... age 24 ... 1880D-4383


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Colma San Mateo County, California

Thomas Treacy died 12 Mar 1880




Timothy Edmund/Edward Treacy (1861-1946)


1880 Census - San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States

self  Ed. J. Gillespie  M 21 Massachusetts, United States 

other  Timothy Treacy  M 20 Ireland, single, Blacksmith 


29 August 1884 Daily Alta California

Roster of the Third [Third Regiment (Irish) Infantry Regiment National Guard of California (NGC)]...Company B...John Treacy, Timothy Treacy...


20 September 1884 Daily Alta California

[Democrats parade]...Fifth Division...San Francisco Club - Capt T. Treacy...


Voter Registration

1888 Timothy Edmund Treacy, 27, B. 1861 Ireland, 7 Chesley, San Francisco, California

1892 Timothy Edmund Treacy, 30, B. 1862 Ireland, 1145 Harrison, San Francisco, California


30 April 1890 San Francisco Call

Y.M.I. Concert. The Archbishop Will Attend the Entertainment To-Night.

...The following - named members were given charge of other details of the entertainment:...T. E. Treacy...

27 November 1890 San Francisco Call

The St. Joseph Council Entertainment...A fair audience enjoyed the opening exercises...opening remarks, President T.E. Treacy...


11 October 1893  San Francisco Call

Tim Treacy Re-elected.

The general committee of the Democracy of the Thirty-first District met last night and tilled a couple of vacancies in the district's representation in the county organizations.

At a meeting held last month Denis Redmond was selected for the general committee and Timothy Treacy for the executive committee by a viva voce ballot, but when they presented their credentials objections were made from their own district on the croiuid that the election should be by a secret ballot.

The general committee sustained the objection, and sent the matter back. At last night's meeting Redmond received fourteen votes, and his opponent, J. J. Lane, nine. Treacy was chosen over W. A. Asmussen by the same vote.


25 September 1897 San Francisco Call

Bullet Through His Body.

Bradley, Cal., Sept. 24.— While getting out of his cart to-day a young man named E, G. Coret let fall a 33-caliber revolver, which was discharged. The bullet entered his body two inches above the navel and came out three inches to the right of the spinal column. He is a nephew of Hon. T. E. Treacy, the San Francisco contractor, and was stopping at the latter's bitumen mine near here.


September 19, 1898 The San Francisco call

Democratic Ticket...Superintendent of Streets — Timothy E. Treacy.

...R. P. Doolan is one of the Committee of One Hundred who will reap his reward in the Superintendent of Streets office, provided Tim Treacy does not want the place. Treacy stands first, with Doolan second, but Tim is in about the same position as Jim Gallagher and is studying as to whether it is better to take an appointment under Maguire than to risk his own money on a local fight. Treacy is one of Maguire's State Central Committee men and can have almost anything the little Pinto Giant can give away...


1900 Census - ED 61 Precinct 16 San Francisco city Ward 31, San Francisco, California, United States

head  Timothy Tracey, b. Feb 1861, M 39 Ireland, married 10 years, 5 child 5 alive, immigration year: 1875, Neutralisation: Na, Contractor, read/write 

wife  Delia Tracey, b. Jan 1867,  F 33 California 

daughter  Elsie Tracey, b. July 1889,  F 11 California 

son  Eddie Tracey, b. Nov 1891, M 9 California 

son  Milton Tracey, b. Jul 1892,  M 8 California 

daughter  Amy Tracey, b. Oct 1893,  F 7 California 

son  Harold Tracey, b. Dec 1898,  M 2 California 

cousin  Florence Edmondson, b. Oct 1883,  F 17 California 


December 18, 1903 The San Francisco call.

...Flinn & Treacy...


Melitta (near), Sonoma County, California – Flinn & Treacy Basalt Block Quarry (Trachyte/Paving Blocks) (From The Structural and Industrial Materials of California, Bulletin No. 38, California, State Mining Bureau, San Francisco, California, 1906.)

Flinn & Treacy Basalt Block Quarry; Flinn & Treacy, 302 Montgomery street, San Francisco, owners. At Olsen Siding, near Melitta, on the Southern Pacific Railroad. The quarry has been operated constantly for three years, producing about 40,000 blocks per month.”

...while Flinn & Treacy, of San Francisco, have the Borg or Oleson quarries, shipping from Oleson siding. The quarries are at an elevation of about 800 feet. There are 3850 acres in the property, of which about 1000 acres have stone suitable for quarrying. The rock is principally a dark gray andesite; but grading in part to a black, fine-grained basalt. There is also some vesicular material.

“Borg first opened up the Oleson quarry about 1893. Flinn & Treacy bought 15 acres of this which they worked out and they are now operating on a royalty basis on the west end of the ranch. They made an average of over 250,000 blocks per year, for 12 years up to the beginning of 1913; but when visited (October, 1913) there were only three men employed.



June 01, 1908 The San Francisco call.

Boy Racer Is Maimed Under Car

...Ed Treacy of 19 South Broderick street, San Francisco...The century contest to-day was a revival of the old 100 mile race about the bay... '

The Injured lad was taken to the O'Connor sanatorium nearby, where an operation was performed. Tonight he is resting easilyand the physician attending states that he has a chance td recover If he rallies from the shock...

Eddie Treacy resides with his parents at 39 South Broderick street, this city. His father 13 T. E. Treacy of the contracting firm of Flinn & Treacy, The unfortunate boy is 16.5 years old and is a student at Sacred Heart college, where he is exceedingly popular. both with students and faculty. He was an athletic youth, being particularly fond of bicycling.






1910 Census - San Francisco Assembly District 34, San Francisco, California

self  Timothy E Treacy  M 49y Ireland, immigration year: 1873 

wife Delia F Treacy  F 49y California 

dau  Elsie M Treacy  F 19y California 

son  Edmund J Treacy  M 18y California 

son  Milton J Treacy  M 16y California 

dau  Amy C Treacy  F 15y California 

son  Harold T Treacy  M 11y California 

dau  Irma O Treacy  F 8y California 

     Mary A Hurley  F 32y Ireland


June 21, 1910 San Francisco Chronicle

Five young men Edmund Joseph Treacy...will receive diplomas for having successfully completed the collegiate course...Edmund Treacy will receive a gold medal for languages...


26 Dec 1918 Funeral Account

Funeral of Delia Treacy of 39 Buena Vista Terrace, charged to Timothy E Treacy

Died 21 Dec 1918, Born 1 January 1863 California, 55 years, 11 months 20 days

Daughter of Jeremiah Finn & Bridget Sweeney both born Ireland


Treacy - In this city, December 21, 1918, Delia F. Treacy, dearly beloved wife of Timothy E. Treacy and loving mother of Mrs. W.F. Therck, Elsie, Edmund J., Milton J., Irma and Harold Treacy, beloved sister of Mrs W. Dowdall, Mrs Charles Wilson, Mrs E. Flenry, Mrs F. Edmundson, a native of San Francisco Cal., aged 53 years 11 months 20 days. A member of St. Agnes Alter Society.


1930 Census - San Francisco (Districts 1-250), San Francisco, California

head  Timothy E Tracy  M 69 Ireland, widowed, father's birthplace: Scotland mother's birthplace: Scotland 

daughter  Elsie Calder  F 36 California 

daughter  Erma Ubanks  F 26 California 

son-in-law  Joseph Ubanks  M 36 Kentucky


4 March 1931 Santa Cruz Evening News

Veteran Democrat Wins Special Election San Francisco, March 4.

Timothy A. Treacy, veteran Democratic politician, was elected state senator from the old twenty-first district at a special election yesterday. He fills the unexpired term of Senator Roy Fellom, who resigned from the twenty-first district position to accept long-term San Francisco senatorship to which he was elected last fall.


1933: ...Mrs. Milton Treacy, daughter- in-law of Senator Tim Treacy,...


1935: Timothy E. Treacy, 39 Buena Vista Terrace


1940 Census - Assembly District 26, San Francisco, San Francisco City, San Francisco, California, United States

Timothy E Treacy, head, 79 years, Widowed, b. Eire, residence in 1935: Same House 

Irma D Treacy, daughter, 35 years, b. California, secretary State employment


Timothy Edmond Treacy

Birth: Feb. 22, 1861 County Limerick, Ireland Death: Apr. 25, 1946 San Francisco San Francisco County California, USA

married Delia Frances Finn

Birth: Jan., 1867 California, USA Death: Dec. 26, 1918 California, USA



1940 Census - 450 Dewey Blvd, Assembly District 25, San Francisco, San Francisco City, San Francisco, California,

Edmund J Treacy        Head   Male    46        California, same house since 1935, Street Contractor

Lilian Treacy   Wife    Female 42        Irish Free State

Edmund J Treacy        Son      Male    16        California

Robert T Treacy          Son      Male    14        California

Timothy E Treacy       Son      Male    7          California


Edmund J. Treacy
TREACY, EDMUND J. CDR. USN (RET.) October 1, 1923 to April 12, 2007

Edmund "Jerry" Treacy of Solana Beach, CA, passed away peacefully at his home attended by his children; he serenely joins his loving wife, Loretta, who preceded his passing 17 months earlier. Jerry, 83, leaves a brother, Tim Treacy of San Francisco and five children: Sandra Treacy (Robert Bunker), Jann Gould (Robert), Jeremiah Treacy (Rebecca), Kathleen Glaser and Rev. Jack Treacy, S.J., and grandchildren: Daniel Bunker, Katie and Michael Treacy, Nick and Ellen Wright and Ryan Schooley; niece Kathy Cooper and nephew Bobby Treacy.

Born in San Francisco to a family of Irish heritage with roots in The City's politics and construction, Jerry was the eldest of three brothers. He attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory and the U.S. Naval Academy. Upon his graduation in June of 1945, he married his sweetheart, the very elegant Loretta Mae Cleary of San Francisco. Jerry attended the Submarine School, New London, Connecticut, (his last command, the USS Capitane received the coveted Navy "E" commendation) and was stationed in Panama, Key West, Charleston, Monterey, Greece, Annapolis, and San Diego. While at the Naval Academy, Jerry taught engineering to the famed Navy Quarterback, Roger Staubach. The family settled in San Diego where he retired as a Commander and pursued his second career in the aerospace industry as a systems analyst with Lockheed and Rohr Corporations. A world traveler in uniform and command, Jerry has probably seen more of the world from both the ocean and the mountains, having climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro along with the difficult Peruvian range. Jerry loved people, cultures and the planet and trekked through Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Amazon. Notably, long before the now-popular trend in cycling, Jerry hopped on a borrowed bike and peddled from San Diego to the tip of Baja, covering about 100 miles a day. Many residents and surfers of the Solana Beach community know Jerry as "The Walker" with his inimitable gait who made his daily route down Lomas Santa Fe Drive to Fletcher Cove, where he swam every day (without a wetsuit) until age 75. A member of the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club and active member of the St. James Catholic Community, Jerry volunteered his time and energy through the years to help tutor math to middle school students and also taught English as a second language. Truly an officer and a gentleman, contributions in his honor may be made to San Diego Hospice, 4311 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated, Tuesday, April 17th, at 11:00 a.m. at St. James Catholic Church, 625 S. Nardo, Solana Beach, CA. Jerry will join his loving Loretta in a private burial in Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery. El Camino Memorial Encinitas Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Please sign the guest book at obituaries.uniontrib.com.

April 16, 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune & San Francisco Chronicle



Timothy Edmond Treacy (June 4, 1932-October 5, 2015)

Tim passed away peacefully and with gracious love at the embracing and caring Coming Home Hospice in his beloved San Francisco. Preceded in death by his brothers Edmund Jeremiah Treacy II, and Robert Timothy Treacy, Tim leaves a family of nieces and nephews notably in San Francisco, San Rafael, Santa Clara, and San Diego; Sandra Treacy (Robert Bunker), Edmund Jeremiah Treacy, Jr. (Rebecca); Kathleen Glaser, and Rev. Jack Treacy, S.J; Kathleen Treacy Cooper (Mark) of Washington state and Robert (Bobby) Treacy, Arkansas; Tim will be missed by great nieces and nephews Daniel Bunker (Kathleen McCabe), Nicholas Wright, Ellen Wright, Katherine Treacy, Michael Treacy, Ben Cooper and Jennifer Cooper; Amber, Arlene and Riley Treacy.

Tim was a 3rd Generation San Franciscan and hailed from the Forest Hill neighborhood. The youngest of three sons to an Irish family steeped in San Francisco politics and construction, Tim attended Saint Ignatius College Preparatory (1950), received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, 1954, and then his law degree from Stanford University. After law school, Tim pursued a successful private practice and then joined the CA Public Utilities Commission as principal counsel (specializing in telecommunications law) and argued cases before the California Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. While Tim's extremely keen intellect was rooted on legal terra firma, Tim pursued a life of adventure that included mountaineering on a level that required the stuff of grit and expert skills: he loved Nepal and the Himalayas (having climbed the base camp at Everest), the Alps, and scaled the peaks of the Pyrenees to Mongolia. He hiked to Vale of Kashmir, climbed Kilimanjaro, Denali in Alaska, and picked his way up the celebrated 22,000 Aconcagua Mountain in South America. Proudly, Tim was also an avid Tahoe skier who moved from downhill to cross country skiing and finally to snowshoes, and competed nationally and internationally; a member of the Worldloppet Ski Federation -- "The World Of Marathon Skiing" - Tim's Worldloppet Master accomplishment concluded that he was among the early skiers to complete a series of very long distance cross country races in many locales. The Swedish Vassaloppet at 90 kilometers is cited showing the athletic nature of the event. Tim was a member of the Far West Nordic Ski Education Association, Auburn Ski Club, and kindly sponsored European racers to come to the USA to do the Birkiebeiner in Hayward, WI. After he took off his skis he put on his running shoes and then when he wasn't competing in marathons, he found time to travel: the Arctic was a favorite, his meeting the native Inuit, and trekking across ice, thrilled him. Tim never met a frozen tundra he didn't like. Global travel aside, Tim loved a dinner of conversation, opinions, lively and frank point-counterpoint, and had a deep and knowledgeable love of history and could explain any historical trend or event, from the succession of the Stuarts to the carving up of the Middle East after WWI. Our dear Uncle Tim was a one-of-a-kind who experienced more of the world than most. As a 50 year plus member of the Olympic Club, Tim hosted many of our family Christmas and Thanksgiving Celebrations. We miss him and will not see his like again.

A memorial mass and celebration of Tim's life will be held at St. Brendan's Church, San Francisco, Tuesday October 27th at 11 am with a reception immediately following. The family requests that in lieu of flowers contributions in Tim's memory be made to Save the Bay, Sierra Club of California, Truckee Donner Lands Trust, and the Eastern Sierra Land Trust.

Published in San Francisco Chronicle from Oct. 11 to Oct. 21, 2015



1940 Census - 2726 Filbert Baker, Assembly District 27, San Francisco, San Francisco City, San Francisco, California,

Milton Treacy  Head   Male    46        California, same house, contractor own business

Marg T Treacy Wife    Female 38        California

Frederick W Palmer    Lodger            Male    68        Michigan


Milton J [Josephh] Treacy born 23 Jul 1893 California, died 16 Aug 1969 San Mateo California United States, Mother's Name: Finn


Milton J. Treacy





1930 Census - 72 Castro Street, San Francisco (Districts 1-250), San Francisco, California

Martin Flatland           Head   Male    57        Wisconsin, parents b. Norway, electric contractor

Eva B Flatland            Wife    Female 52        England

Harold T Treacy          Son-in-law       Male    29, 27 when married,  California, father b. Ireland mother b. california, Den Contraction sheet pawing

Rachel M Treacy         Daughter         Female 25, 23 when married, California, father b. Wisconsin mother, England


Harold T Treacy, born 27 Dec 1898 California died 5 Aug 1985 Santa Clara California, Mother's Name: Flynn


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo County

Timothy Edmond Treacy

Edmund Jerome Treacy

Harold T Treacy








Treacy in Ire-- SF 1880's-present

I am looking for any family history on my great-grandfather, Timothy Edward Treacy, b.Feb. 1861 in Limerick, Ire; d. 26 April 1946 in SF, CA.

He came to SF in the late 1880's/1890. He married Delia Finn/ Flinn (b.Jan. 1867) and they had their first child, Elsie (Mrs. Casey), in July 1889. Other children were Edmund (b.5 Nov 1981; d. June 1966), Milton (b. July 1892; d. 16 Aug. 1969), Amy (Mrs. Tuerck) (b. Oct 1893; d. date unknown), and Harold (b.Dec 1898, d. 5 Aug 1985), And Irma (b. June 1901; d. June 1982).

Timothy had a brother who worked for the railroad in the northern SF Bay Area, and later his mother came out to SF.

Virginia Treacy November 14, 1998





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