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This autograph book was kept by a Republican in Mountjoy Gaol in 1917 and it contains the names of Republicans from Clare and elsewhere: here we see the name of Sean Treacy, Soloheadbeg, Co Tipperary, dated 21/10/17.

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Séan O Treasaigh

Autograph book, Dundalk & Mountjoy prisons 1917, page 68


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Sean Treacy, (1895-1920)


He was born 14 Feb 1895 in Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary, son of Denis Treacy and Bridget Allis. 

From an early age, Seán had nationalist leanings, and in his teens he joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) which later evolved into the Irish Republican Army (IRA). In August 1917, Seán was arrested and spent two months in jail. The following year he was rearrested and spent four months in jail. Then on 21 January 1919, along with other members of the IRA's Third Tipperary Brigade, including Dan Breen, Seán took part in the Soloheadbeg ambush in which three members of the Royal Irish Constabulary, who were escorting a transportation of explosives, were waylaid and shot dead. This was the first military incident of the War of Independence. A few months later, in Co. Limerick, Seán was seriously wounded in a successful attempt to free an I.R.A. prisoner who was being escorted to jail. He recovered, and throughout the latter half of 1919 and most of 1920 he led attacks against the British in Dublin and Co. Tipperary. But on 14 October 1920, in Talbot St. in Dublin, he was recognised by a police detective and in the ensuing gunfight Seán was killed, in front of the 'Republican Outfitters' at No. 94 Talbot Street. A small bronze shield above the door commemorates the spot. His fiancée was May Quigley, and he was killed just eleven days before his intended wedding.



He is buried in Kilfeacle Cemetery which is      

about six miles east of Tipperary Town.          

sean treacy grave




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Ryan, Desmond (1945) Sean Treacy and the Third Tipperary Brigade IRA. Anvil Books, Tralee.



In November 1900, John Treacy (Sean Treacy) a farmers son from Solohead enrolled in Hollyford N.S.


1901 Census


Bridget Treacy, 45, F, 15 Solloghodbeg, Solloghodbeg, Tipperary, Farmer, R Catholic, Head of Family, Widow, Tipperary

Michael Allis, 28, Male, Brother, R Catholic, Farm Servant, Not Married, Tipperary

Nora Allis, 26, Female, Sister, R Catholic,  Not Married, Tipperary


John J Treacy, 6, M, 1 Lackenacreena, Donohill, Tipperary, Scholar, R C Church, Nephew, Co Tipperary

James Allis, 34, Male, Head of Family, R C Church, Farmer, Not Married, Co Tipp


1911 Census


Bridget Treacy, 48, F, 2 Solloghodbeg, Solloghodbeg, Tipperary (head, farmer, widow)

John J Treacy, 16, M, Solloghodbeg, Solloghodbeg, Tipperary

M A Allis, 54, F, 2 Solloghodbeg, Solloghodbeg, Tipperary (sister, single)



young Sean Treacy.jpg

A young Sean Treacy


Sep 15, 1917 (IT) Trials in Cork

A District Courtmartial assembled at Victoria Barracks Cork, on Friday to try five menwho were arrested recently for offences under the Defence of the Realm Act...John Tracey, Solohead, Co. Tipperary was charged with having worn a uniform of a military character in the public street of Tipperary on the 19th August, and with having carried a hurley on the occasion.

Sep 22, 1917 (IT) Irish Courts Martial Findings

John Treacy, civilian, was tried at Cork on the 5th September 1917 and was found guilty of an offence against the Regulation prohibiting unauthorised wearing of uniform of a military character, and carrying an article capable of being used as a weapon, and has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.

Carrying Hurleys', Irish Independent, 8 Sept. 1917. 

In Soloheadbeg, Co. Tipperary, John Treacy would not enter a plea to charges of wearing a military uniform and carrying a hurley




Ireland, Prison Registers

John Treacy 

Also: Bridget Treacy 

Prisoner 1917 Dundalk, Louth, Ireland 

Residence: Sologheadbeg Co Tipp 

Age: 22  b. Sologheadbeg Co Tipp 

Offence: Breach D O R A 


Item: 2  Book: 1/16/1 County: Louth


John Treacy of Soloheadbeg Clare, 19 Aug 1917 Courts martial case registers file A2/1861, No 9AA DRR, offence 9/8/1917 arrest 24/8/1917 count martial 7/9/1917 DCM held at Cord, found guilty of all charges (3), 2 years Imprimt with hard labour, one year & six months of sentence remitted by G.O. CinC when confirming, Due for release 11 March 1918


16 March 1918 letter from Dundalk Prison by Seán Treacy.
Pencil on Royal Arms embossed paper with prison censor's initials in blue crayon, to "Aine", thanking her for shamrocks and asking her to get his mother to send him clothing. "Glad to hear that P O' Duibidy is giving the peelers some exercise". Signed "Seán O Treasaig".



Treacy, Corringham & Carroll, 06 Jan 1921 Courts of inquiry in lieu of inquest 2/2543 No. 37.

Seeing some of their agents fall caused panic among the British soldiers and they began firing indiscriminately on the crowds of civilians caught in the street. Two innocent bystanders were killed by the soldiers, a 15-year-old messenger boy called Patrick Carroll and Joseph Corringham, who was hit in the stomach by a bullet as he cycled up the street.



Shawn Tracey of Dublin, 29 Mar 1921 Courts of inquiry in lieu of inquest, list of civilians who have been shot by crown forces, not halting when challanged.






National Museum Ireland


Funeral of Sean Treacy, Tipperary, October 1920



Luger parabellum pistol, Sean Treacy, 1920



Luger parabellum pistol, Sean Treacy, October 1920






War between British forces and Irish Republicans

“This film opens with titles proclaiming ‘Terror In Ireland’. We then see a scene in which a British checkpoint blocks an Irish street. The scene then switches to show a crowd gathering around an IRA man shot dead by British troops. It is probably Sean Tracey, a prominent Republican.”



https://archive.org/details/TheFilmOnWar [download]




Dan Breen and Sean Treacy Documentary Part 1


New film from Dundalk maker



Dan Breen Interview 1967 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emBbgo1DZTk


Sean Treacy by Dominic Behan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNkD3oJczuk&feature=related


Sean Treacy 'Tipperary so Far Away' by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Maken http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enBpyP84EQA


Sean Tracy – WolfHound http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90xMvXyrPYk


Sean Treacy - Tipperary So Far Away- Brian Corrigan Erins Own http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayxPm0VwOrg&feature=related


Sean Treacy by The Threshing Mill Boys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOpQG0ThiRQ


Sean Treacy The Wolfe Tones http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-42KmHX7ZA&feature=related




Bureau of Military History (1913-1921) - Witness Statements

Daniel Breen

W/S No: 1763

Address: St. Kevin's Park, Dartry, Dublin 6

Brigade: 3rd Tipperary Brigade

Position: Quartermaster

Witness Statement Part 1

Witness Statement Part 2

Witness Statement Part 3


Also in the 1920s the Waterford Barracks was renamed the Sean Treacy Barracks.



Séan Treacy by Dominic Behan

Give me a Parabellum and a bandoleer of shells,
I'll wait in ambush for some men and I'll blow them all to hell,
For just today, I heard them say that Treacy met defeat,
Our lovely Séan is dead and gone, shot down in Talbot Street.

They were at the front and at the back; they were all around the place.
None of them anxious to attack; or meet him face to face.
Lloyd George did say, 'You'll get your pay - and a holiday most complete',
But none of them knew what they would go through, in that house in Talbot Street.

When he saw them in their Crossley trucks, like the fox inside his lair,
Séan waited for to size them up before he did emerge,
With blazing guns he met the Huns, and forced them to retreat,
He shot them in pairs coming down the stairs, in that house in Talbot Street.

'Come on', he cried, 'Come show your hand, you have boasted for so long,
How you would crush this rebel band with your armies great and strong'.
'No surrender', was his war cry, 'Fight on lads, no retreat'
Brave Treacy cried before he died, shot down in Talbot Street.



Sean Treacy by J. Crofts


We often heard our fathers tell
How in the Fenian times
The noblest of Tipperary's sons
Imprisoned spent their lives.

Those tales we can hear daily,
And the deeds of valiant men,
As the war goes on unceasingly
Through valley, hill and glen.

They searched for Sean at midnight;
His comrade with him slept.
Macready's murdering bloodhounds
In silence on them crept.

Our heroes fought as brave men should
And made a gallant fight;
With bullet food they did conclude
The lives of Smith and White.

In a crowded Dublin Street Sean died
On a dim October day;
The story will be told with pride
While men in Eirinn stay.

With trusty gun held in his hand,
Two sleuth hounds he laid low:
'Twas well they knew this island through
They had no brave foe.

When the British saw the battle
They shook with fear and dread
A machine gun then did rattle
And our hero bold lay dead.

Sean Treacy killed! Sean Treacy killed!
Was borne along the breeze.
No bells were rung; no caoin was sung;
He died for Ireland free.

While grass grows green in Eirinn
We'll think of you, brave Sean!
We'll sing your praise o'er hill and vale
When grief and gloom are gone.

And when the dawn of Freedom's sun
Shines out in Eirinn's skies,
In our Gaelic tongue we'll tell our sons
How brave Sean Treacy died.



Sean Treacy by Peadar Kearney


To you! O Flower of Ireland’s Youth,

Across the grave we send a Nation’s praise

Hailing your name - the greatest name of all,

Young Ireland’s pioneers!

Chanting your courage cool;

Your deathless love for her,

Your changeless hate for those

Who sough her soul to rend-

Those you pursued and slew

Without remorse-

Those you destroyed and conquered

To the end.





Sean Treacy

(Air: Spailpin a Rúin)


A Threasaigh cháidh! Molaim-se do láimh,

Cé go bfhuil tú go tláth ‘san uaig anois.

Ba láidir tú i bpáirt i n-aghaidh Ropoirí Sheáin

Bhí ar buile ‘sar fán trid an nduithche.

I dteangain na mBárd, béidh t’ainm go h-árd,

Mar gheall ar do grádh d’ár staire-

Do throidis gach lá go meanmnach grádhach

Ag saothrú siothcán agus buaidh dhi.


Is truagh linn tú ar lár id’ óige ‘sid bhláth,

Nuair atáimid ag tnú le saoirse.

Ach mairfidh do cháil an fhaid a bheidh trácht

Ar fhearaibh gan sgáth ‘ sa tír seo.

Roimh ghramaisg an áir do seóladh thar sáil’

I leith go h-oileán ár sínnsear,

Ag dóghadh ‘sa robáil ar fuaid Inse Fáil,

‘S ag creachadh gan náir’ ár ndaoine.


Meireach tusa ‘s do shórt do bheimís go deó

Mar bhacaigh ag cur stró ar gach éinne

Mar do sgiobadh ár stór’ sár maoin ós ár gcómhair

Mar sguabtar an ceó des na sléibhte.

Ba cheap-magaidh is spóirt ár mbuaidhreamh ‘sár mbrón

Ag an Sgriosadóir Seón úd an Eirligh,

Gur airigh sé an gleó ar gach taobh de go beó

‘S gur mhothuigh sé cómacht bhúr bpiléar-na.


Anois codail go sámh, a Ogánaigh breágh,

‘San roilg sin lámh led’ ghaoltaibh,

No go dtagaidh an lá nuair a ghlaodhfar go h-árd

Ar ár shíolruigh ó Adhamh agus Eabha.

I bhFlathas na ngrást go rabhair go h-árd

I measg sgata breágh lághach de Gaedhealaibh,

Is go raibh sé indán dom féin tar éis bháis

Bheith i d’ fhochair i láthair an Aon-Mhic!




O mild O’Treasaigh! I praise your strong hand,

Atho’ you lie limp in the grave. Strong indeed

Was your part against the Saxon ravishers running

Stark mad through the land.

In the Tongue of the Bards your name will be on high

For your love for our own Love,

Each day you fought with courage and yet magnanimously,

Striving to bring her peace and victory.


We mourn that you are stretched low in your youth and

Bloom even as we await freedom,

But your fame shall live as long as our heroes are

Commemorated in our land.

Before that slaughtering rabble that were hurled

On us from beyond the sea on the island of our

Ancestors, burning and ravaging all Inis Fail,-

And shamelessly plundering the people-


Ah, well, but for you and your comrades, we should

Have been for ever like a beggar asking alms from

All and each. Because our wealth and store were

Swept away like mists from the hills.

Our sorrow and anguish were but a laughing stock and a mockery

To yon John of the destruction and

Slaughter; until he heard the noise of battle all round

Him, and felt the power of you rifles.


Sleep gently then, brave Soldier in the Churchyard

Beside your kindred. Until the day comes

When all the seed and kindred of Adam and Eve

Shall be called from their graves.

In God’s Heaven may you be among the kind

And gentle kin of all the Gael,

And may it be my fate to be with you in the presence

Of God’s Only Son!



Tipperary Far Away


The moon shone down in Talbot Street

Where a dying rebel lay,

His arms were crossed and his body was stretched,

And his life blood flowed away.


A passing comrade heard his moans,

And the sufferer soon was found,

He gently raised his aching head,

Up from the cold damp ground.


" Softly, gently, comrade," he cried,

" No longer on earth must I stay,

" I will never more roam to my own native home

" In Tipperary far away.


" A lock of my hair I pray you take,

" To my mother so far away,

" And so as she will gaze on it,

" She fondly will think of me.


" Tell her it's down by the Liffeyside,

" My mouldering bones do lay,

" There's a vision of light, before me to-night

" In Tipperary far away."


His comrades gathered round him,

To bid him his last farewell,

He was as brave a young soldier

As ever in battle fell.


They dug a grave and beneath they laid,

Sean Treacy, brave and gay,

Who will never more roam to his own native home

In Tipperary far away.


The Station of Knocklong.


The news has spread thro' Ireland and spread from shore to shore

Of such a deed no living man has ever heard before,

From out a guarded carriage 'mid a panic-stricken throng

Sean Hogan he was rescued at the Station of Knocklong.


When a guard of four policemen had their prisoner minded well

As the fatal train sped o'er the rails conveying him to his cell,

The prisoner then could scarce foretell of hearts both brave and strong

That were planning for his rescue at the Station of Knocklong.


The shades of eve were falling fast when the train at last drew in

It was halted for an hour or so by a few courageous men

They sprang into the carriage and it did not take them long,

" Hands up or die " was the rebel cry at the Station of Knocklong.


Now King George's pampered hirelings they shrivelled up with fear

And thought of how they placed in cells full many a Volunteer

Now, face to face with armed men to escape how they did long

But two of them met with traitors' deaths at the Station of Knocklong.


From Solohead to Limerick such deeds as these were seen

And devil a tear was ever shed for Wallace of Roskeen,

They did Old England's dirty work and did that work too long

But the renegades were numbered up at the Station of Knocklong.


Now rise up Mother Erin and always be of cheer,

You'll never die while at your side there stand such Volunteers,

From Dingle Bay to Garryowen the cheers will echo long

Of the rescue of Sean Hogan at the Station of Knocklong.



Ashtown Road.

(Air : The Snowy-Breasted Pearl)


'Twas a cold December day

A lorry ploughed its way

Midst bullets splash and play

On Ashtown road.


In that car a living tool
Of England's hated rule
There was begun a duel
On Ashtown road.


Young Savage, unafraid,

With rifle and grenade

Attacked them undismayed

On Ashtown road.


But a bullet laid him low

From a rifle of the foe

That's another debt we owe

For Ashtown road.


But another day shall dawn

Like that cold December mom

When a Martyr's name was born

On Ashtown road.


We laid him in a grave

Where the willows sadly wave

Oh, Son of Erin brave

Farewell to thee.



Second Anniversary Obituary Notices

Irish Independent Oct 14, 1922





The second anniversary of Sean Allis Treacy was observed as a general holiday in Tipperary. Photograph shows crowds around the grave at Kilfeacle cemetery during an oration.

Freeman’s Journal, Oct 23, 1922




Dec 19, 1923 (FJ) In Memoriam

Savage - In proud and glorious memory of our dear comrade, Lieut. Martin Savage, who gave his life for Ireland 19th December 1919, at Ashtown, Co. Dublin; also his comrades of that day, Tom Keogh, Seagan Tracy and Seagan Doyle. Inserted by their comrades O'Daly and Leonard.



Military Service Pensions Collection

19 June 1925 - 8 November 1941
Subject Information File relates to Bridget Treacy's receipt of a Dependant's Allowance under the Army Pensions Act, 1923 in respect of the death of her son Sean Treacy killed in a gun battle with British forces on Talbot Street, Dublin on 14 October 1920. According to the material on file Sean Treacy was serving as Brigade Officer Commanding, South Tipperary Brigade IRA at the time of his death. It is also stated that his death occurred following an attempt by British forces to raid a meeting being held between Treacy and members of IRA GHQ and IRA Dublin Brigade GHQ in connection with a planned attempt to rescue Dan Breen from the Mater Hospital in Dublin. Dan Breen had been wounded the previous day when involved with Sean Treacy in an incident with British forces at the home of Professor Carolan in Drumcondra, Dublin as a result of which two members of the British forces and Professor Carolan were killed. It is further stated that along with Sean Treacy, members of the British forces were killed and wounded and three civilians also killed in the incident which led to Treacy's death. Bridget Treacy was awarded a Gratuity of £100 (one hundred pounds sterling) in [October] 1925 which she refused to accept. This award was then increased to £150 (one hundred and fifty pounds sterling) in [November] of that year but Bridget Treacy again refused to accept it. In March 1927 Bridget Treacy was awarded and accepted an allowance of £1 (one pound sterling) per week in [March] 1927 payable from 1 April 1922. File includes: original signed handwritten and copy typed correspondence between Bridget Treacy and the Department of Defence and the Army Finance Office regarding the processing of her application/claim; signed typed report dated 16 July 1925 from Captain [Donnchadh] O Súilleabháin, Office of the Director of Intelligence to Lieutenant Tully, Adjutant General's Branch G.H.Q. regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Sean Tracy; reports dated 1 August and 9 November 1925 from the Chief Superintendent's Office, Tipperary Division, Gárda Síochána regarding the general circumstances and means of Bridget Treacy; representations on behalf pf Bridget Treacy from J. J. Walsh T.D., Minister for Posts and Telegraphs and Seamus Burke T.D., Minister for Local Government and Public Health (1925 - 1926); handwritten signed memo marked "Personal" from [] dated 26 January 1926 addressed to the Army Finance Officer regarding Bridget Treacy's application; typed copy letter/report dated 11 June 1926 from the Army Finance Officer addressed to "President" regarding Bridget Treacy's case stating that it has been found impossible to assess the claimant's case as one of total dependency under the Army Pensions Act, 1923 and stating the writers view that the award of a total dependency allowance would not meet the merits of the case which in the writer's view deserves the award of a substantial lump sum of not less than £500 (five hundred pounds sterling), recommending that the proposed inclusion in the estimates under the Amending Pension Bill of a sum for extra regulation expenditure might be used as a means of increasing gratuities without the need for specific provision within the Bill, and noting that Bridget Treacy's case may not be able to wait until such monies might be made available; two typed copy signed and unsigned letters dated 9 March 1927 from Thomas Gorman, Army Finance Officer to the Secretary, Department of Finance regarding the case of Bridget Treacy and enclosing typed copy report dated 4 March 1926 from Eoin Ua Dubhthaigh (Eoin O' Duffy) regarding a personal visit he had made to Bridget Treacy at her home, stating his findings as to her means and circumstances and reporting her comments and views as to her application; and material relating to Bridget Treacy's sister and brother.









1937 OPW

"A61/1/18/37" "National Education Buildings: Proposal To Change Names Of Talbot St And Earl St To Seantreacy St" "1937" "Edu" "B4"


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