It may be presumed that the Traceys of Wexford are descended from the Uí Bairrche.









The Traceys of Wexford can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as Wexford formed part of the territory of the Uí Bairrche. It would appear from the records of the mid-1800’s that there was four main settlements of families: North Wexford (close to Arklow, Co. Wicklow); Central Wexford (Enniscorthy and Ferns); South East Wexford (Wexford Town and Rosslare); and South West Wexford (New Ross). Named after the Traceys, there are the townlands of Ballytracey (Baile Uí Threasaigh, Ballegresaigh, Tracey’s Town) just north of Boolavogue, four miles south east of Ferns, and in the south Tracystown [Traceystown] East (Baile Uí Threasaigh Thior) and Tracystown West (Baile Uí Threasaigh Thiar), located 3 miles south-east and 2 miles west of Taghmon respectively. In the Grand Panel of the county of Wexford of 1608, there is a reference to Illanstrassock (Tracey’s bog/marsh islands) in the Barony of Gwery [Gorey]. The best match may indicate that it is the Island townlands of the civil parish of Rossminoge, west of Gorey Town. South Wexford may also the home of Norman Traceys, as there are historical records dating from 1280 to 1307, but there does not seem to be any references after this date.


William (Bill) Treacy

of Clongeen Co. Wexford and

London GAA President since 1997 and member of the Hall of Fame.

Mícheál Ó Treasaigh (1924-1973) of Enniscorthy Co. Wexford member of Sinn Féin, Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann and many other organisations. He was a member of Enniscorthy Urban District Council for fourteen years, of which body he was twice elected chairman (July 1967 & July 1969). He was a founding director of Enniscorthy Credit Union in 1964. He was engaged in many campaigns including the National Waters Restoration League in 1970 to remove feudal rights to river fishing.

joe treacy

Joe M Treacy

of Enniscorthy

Rehab Group Chairman 2003 to 2006

Managing Director of First National Building Society to 1993. He started working there in 1954, when it was known as the Working Man's Benefit Society.

Captain of Elm Park Golf Club, Dublin, 1985

Mary Tracey

whose father came from Enniscorthy.

Held Irish records for 800m, 1500m and 3000m between 1972 and 1976. She won BLE titles for 800m 1973; 1500m 1972-6, 1978 & 1980; cross-country 1973 and 1980; marathon 1982. British WAAA titles for 800m 1972 & 1973, silver 1984; 3000m 1975 & 1976. Dublin City Marathon 1983 Olympic athlete 1972 & 1976.

Texaco Sportstar Award for Athletics 1973.


 Traceys of North Wexford (PLUs Gorey and Shillelagh)


See also Arklow/Avoca, Co. Wicklow.


The following newpaper reference may refer to Kilgorman, Co. Wexford, as this is the only place where the christian name ‘Garret’ has been found:


6 November 1770 Freemans Journal

To the Committee for conducting the Free-Press

Dearest Brethren,

As the Freedom and Liberty of the Press, is no small Part of the Happiness of the Subject, and that through the Channel of your Paper, Facts can be related without Distinction of Persons; I take the Liberty of requesting you to insert in your next Paper the following Case, which you may rely on being a Fact, having seen it on Record in the Court of Exchequer.

Not 100 Miles from the upper End of Great Britain-street, lives a young Reverend Parson, from Size, and surprizing abilitiees well qualified for a Mitre, and from his Marraige to the Niece of a Right Reverend, not without Hopes of one. This Gentleman's Father, A Resident, near Arklow, in the County of Wicklow, where he had a small Estate and some Leasehold Interests, in or about the Year 1745, set about 70 Acres, Part of his Leaseholds, to one Garret Tracy, at a Rent of about 11s. an Acre, which Lease and Premises this Tenant has since held, and more frequently for that Time paid the Rent before than after it was due, as appears by the Receipts. This young Parson on the Death of his Father, as only Child, became seized of his whole Possessions, and in the Year 1769 applied to said Tracy, to surrender his old Lease, so made by his Father, and take a new one from him, at a rent of about 18s. an Acre, which said Tracy agreed to, and this young Parson having declared the greatest Regard for his and his Father's good old Tenant, who not only paid him before Hand, but was ready on all Occasions to join him in Security, told this poor simple honest Man that to save him Expence, he would draw the Leases; accordingly printed Leases were filled up and executed by said Parties, but the old ones, through the Design of his Reverence not cancelled or surrendered. His Reverence then alledging, as is likely was the case, that he was in Want of Money, applied to his Tenant to advance him a Year's Rent, and he not having it in his Power to comply with his Request, his Reverence, in Hillary Term last, caused a Bill of Discovery to be filed against this old Tenant, on the aforesaid Transactions, and is proceeding thereon, to dispossess him of his Farm.

Quere, was it upon such Principles, the Acts against the Growth of Popery were founded?

As I am not acquainted with any of the Parties, if his Reverence will Please to quiet his honest Tenant, in the Possession of his Farm, and be for the future more careful of his Conduct, it is all that intended by,


Your Well-wisher,

John Telltruth


The Tithes records list:

James & L Treacy of Kilpatrick (27a/0r/0p 1833 (ref 31/17)) and Michael Treacy of Cloneranny (9a/3r/0p, 1833 (ref 31/17)), all of Kilgorman.

Rich Treacy, Mangan, Kilnahue, North Co. Wexford, 2 lots 6a/0r/0p & 5a/0r/0p, 1834, (ref. 31/17)


In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following were recorded:

John Treacy and lessor Michael Treacy of Cloneranny; William Tracey of Kilmichael; William Tracey, Bridget Tracey and Rose Tracey of Kilpatrick; all of the Civil Parish of Kilgorman.

The record for Martha Tray is also included, as it may be a spelling error, but she may be related to the Trays of Arklow.

Cloneranny townland of the Parish of  Kilgorman (Ord. S. 3 & 7)  342 acres

Map (# of 10)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


John Treacy

Hamilton K.G. Morgan

House, offices and land

21a 1r 30p



John Donnelly

Michael Treacy





Margaret Kavanagh

Michael Treacy




Kilmichael townland of the Parish of  Kilgorman (Ord. S. 3 & 7)  342 acres

Map (# of 10)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


William Tracey

James Doran

House, offices and land

41a 2r 17p



Isabella Boland

William Tracey




Kilpatrick townland of the Parish of  Kilgorman (Ord. S. 3 & 7)  248 acres

Map (# of 8)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Wm Tracey and others

Joseph Salkela

Land (common)

87a 0r 25p



William Tracey

Joseph Salkela

House, offices and land

53a 1r 14p



Bridget Tracey

Joseph Salkela

House and land

20a 2r 15p



Rose Tracey

Joseph Salkela

House, offices and land

19a 2r 22p


Coolnagloose townland of the Parish of  Kilcavan (Ord. S. 3?)  203 acres

Map (# of 9)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Martha Tray

Hugh Boland






In 1860, at the Wexford Crown Court, there are the following references in the Brien Murder trial...went to first mass at Castletown chapel...Rody Tracy's house...James Tracy was looking out of the window and say a woman lying on the ground; saw prisoner stooping over her...


In March 1865, a woman named Charlotte Tracy about 35 or 40 years of age, took suddenly ill yesterday evening in one of the carriages of the Dublin and wicklow Railway, at Harcourt street Terminus. She was a servant in Lower Gardiner street, and was proceeding to her friends at Gorey, county Wexford. [There is a Charotte Treasy born in Wexford in 1845]


In December 1870, in The Nation, the following were contributors to the Ambulance Committee in aid of the French Army, from Tomnahely, Inch, Gorey and neighbourhood, Wexford...William Tracy...Mrs Mary A Tracy, Clones Upper[?]...Garret Tracy, Kilgorman[?]...


Garret Tracey died in 1871, aged 64 years. (Gorey PLU)


6 March 1890

Garret Treacy of Scarnach [Inch Gorey, beside Ashwood] Co. Wexford, pleaded guilty, Deft ont Feb 9 at Carlow did leave a cart his property on the public St so as to obstruct the passage thereof, paid fine of 5/- with costs 1/-


Admistration of the estate of James Treacy late of Kilpatrick Castletown Gorey County Wexford farmer who died 10 December 1901 granted at Dublin to Catherine Reilly widow Effects £47


May 2, 1910 (FJ) RIC

...Constable Jas. Treacy, Queen's Co., to Wexford...

Constable Treacy (Clonaslee, Queen's County). HC Deb 07 July 1910 vol 18 c1768 1768

§ Mr. DELANY asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been called to the case of Constable [James] Treacy, lately stationed at Clonaslee, Queen's County, against whom it was alleged that on a certain Sunday in October last, when acting as barrack orderly between nine and ten o'clock at night, he stopped two men outside the barracks, and, after procuring drink for them from an adjacent public-house, incited them to smash the bicycle belonging to the sergeant of a neighbouring station and throw it into the river; that on another occasion this constable supplied horns to two young men, prompting them at the same time to sound a local Protestant, lately married, with the object of annoying the sergeant; and that he advised certain persons to feign drunkenness before the sergeant, get arrested, and then go before a doctor and a magistrate and charge the sergeant with unlawful arrest; whether he is aware that evidence of a most reliable character is forthcoming in support of those charges; and will he grant a public sworn inquiry in order that the allegations against this constable may be thoroughly investigated?

§ Mr. REDMOND BARRY My attention has already been drawn to the matters referred to in the question, which were investigated by two experienced police officers some months ago. The Inspector-General then came to the conclusion that the case of Constable Treacy would be sufficiently met by his transfer to another county, as already ordered on other grounds. I see no reason for any further inquiry.

Royal Irish Constabulary (Constable Treacy).HC Deb 13 July 1910 vol 19 cc573-4W 573W

§ Mr. DELANY asked the Chief Secretary whether he can say upon what date Constable Treacy left Clonaslee, and where he is at present stationed; and whether he is engaged in ordinary police duties?

§ Mr. BIRRELL Constable Treacy left Clonaslee on 14th May and is at present stationed at Coolgreaney [Coolgreany Co. Wexford]. He performs ordinary police duties.

Royal Irish Constabulary (Constable Treacy).HC Deb 14 July 1910 vol 19 cc591-2 591

§ Mr. REDDY (for Mr. Delany) asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he will order a magisterial investigation into the charges preferred against Constable Treacy, lately stationed at Clonaslee, Queen's County, seeing that the evidence of eight independent witnesses is forthcoming charging this constable with incitement to crime and outrage on three distinct occasions?

§ Mr. BIRRELL As the hon. Member has already been informed, this matter has been investigated by two experienced police officers. The constable has been transferred to another county, and I see no reason for any further inquiry.

§ Mr. REDDY (for Mr. Delany) asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether, at the inquiry held on 19th April at Clonaslee, Queen's County, by District-Inspectors O'Connor, Kanturk, and Wallace, Cappawhite, into the charges of incitement to crime and outrage preferred against Constable Treacy, the evidence was taken on oath; and whether he will lay a copy of the report of those two police officers and the minutes of evidence upon the Table of the House?

§ Mr. BIRRELL Evidence was not taken on oath at the inquiry referred to. I do not propose to lay upon the Table of the House a copy of the report of the officers who conducted the inquiry.



1901 Census

1911 Census




James Treacy, 68, M, 4 Kilpatrick, Kilgorman, Wexford, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Not Married, Co Wexford [died 1901]

Andrew Reilly, 30, Male, Nephew, Roman Catholic, Not Married, Co Wexford
















Daniel Tracy, 36, M, 3.2 Portraine Demesne, Donabate, Dublin, Carpenter, Catholic, Boarder, Not Married, Co Wexford



John Treacy, 53, M, 6 Ballygahan Lower, Ovoca, Wicklow, Pensioner Sergeant R.I.C, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Queen's County

Mary Treacy, 53, F, Ballygahan Lower, Ovoca, Wicklow, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Anne Mary Treacy, 17, F, Ballygahan Lower, Ovoca, Wicklow, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Peter Treacy, 15, M, Ballygahan Lower, Ovoca, Wicklow, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

John Treacy, 13, M, Ballygahan Lower, Ovoca, Wicklow, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford





James Treacy, 41, M, 1 Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, Constable RIC, b. Kilkenny)

Elizabeth Treacy, 33, F, Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, married 13 years, 6 children, b. Kerry)

Gertrude B Treacy, 11, F, Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, b. Limerick)

William S H Treacy, 8, M, Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, b. Limerick)

Lionel A Treacy, 6, M, Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, b. Laois)

Linda O Treacy, 5, F, Knockbaun, Coolgreany, Wexford (CoI, b. Laois)

[Note: also son Nicholas James Treacy, 10 years – who emigrated to Australia]



John Treacey, 27, M, 5 Smithstown, Jerpoint West, Kilkenny (agricultural labourer, b. Wexford)

Mary Kate Treacey, 25, F, Smithstown, Jerpoint West, Kilkenny (married 5 years, 3 child)

William Treacey, 4, M, Smithstown, Jerpoint West, Kilkenny

James Treacey, 2, M, Smithstown, Jerpoint West, Kilkenny

Patrick Treacey, 1, M, Smithstown, Jerpoint West, Kilkenny








John Treacy, 63, M, 9 Ballygahan, Lower, Avoca, Wicklow (head, Ex Sergeant R.I.C. and farmer, b. Queens)

Mary Treacy, 62, F, Ballygahan, Lower, Avoca, Wicklow (married 32 years, 5 child, 3 alive, b. Wexford)

Anne Mary Treacy, 25, F, Ballygahan, Lower, Avoca, Wicklow (daughter, single, b. Tipperary)

John Thomas Treacy, 22, M, Ballygahan, Lower, Avoca, Wicklow (son, farmers son, single, b. Wexford)


31 Godolphin Road, Shepherds Bush W London

Peter Treacy, 25, Boarder, b. Gorey County Wexford Ireland, Single, Bankers Clerk




Oct 24 1923 (FJ) Ulster

From Wexford to Tyrone. - Miss I. [L?] Treacy (Wexford), Derrchrin, N.S. Coagh [Tyrone] has been appointed assistant teacher in Stewartstown N.S. No.2, in sucession to Miss Annie Kelly resigned on marriage.


12 Mar 1928 Proposed Garage at Coolgreaney

...Patrick S. Treacy for vacant plot of ground on the lower side of the ball alley at Coolgreaney on which to build a garage...[refused]

13th May 1935 Plot Of Ground At Coolgreaney

Mr. Patrick S. Treacy, Coolgreaney, applied for vacant piece of ground on the lower side of the Ball-alley, Coolgreaney, for building purposes.

Mr. Treanor, Assistant Surveyor for the district, reported that the Council should not give approval to Mr.Treacy's application as in his (Mr.Treanor f s) opinion the plot in question did not belong to the Council.

No order.




Nov 11, 1948 (II) Marriage

Mr. T. [Thomas] Tracey, Wexford and Miss Maura [Mary] Keane, Griffith Avenue, Dublin after their marriage at the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Marino.



Oct 31, 1954 (SI) & Nov 1, 1954 (II) Deaths

Treacy (Coolgreaney) October 30 1954 at his residence Coolgreaney, Inch, Co. Wexford, Patrick S. Treacy, formerly of 3rd Batt, Nth Wexford Brigade I.R.A.; deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife relatives and friends. RIP. Remains leaving house this (Sunday) evening to-morrow (Monday) at 3 o'c to Ballyfad Cemetery.


Mar 10, 1959 (II) Deaths

Treacy (Co. Wexford) March 8 1959, at her residence, Coolgreany, Inch, Co. Wexford, Bridget Treacy, ex-N.T.; very deeply regretted by her sisters and relatives. RIP. Funeral today (Tuesday) from Johnstown Church to Ballyfad Cemetery at 2 o'c.





Catherine Tracey, x, full, sp., kilpatrick, inch, co wex.(d. of Laurence Tracey (dead), farmer;) m. Peechael Reilly x, full, bach., fisherman, clone, inch, co wexford, Andrew Reilly (dead), farmer; by fredk. Donovan sept. 19, 1869, Wit: Peechael Reilly & Winifred Tracey. Arklow Parish

Catherine Tracey (b. circa 1848) m. Michael Reilly (b. circa 1847) circa 1869 (LDS)

Andrew Reilly b. 7th July 1870 Coolgreany [see 1901 Census]

John Tracey & Mary Coffee/Coffey [State Reg: John Treacey m. Mary Coffey, Farnbro' [Farnham Hamshire England] July-September 1866 2a 168]

Frances Amelia b. 16 July 1867 Fethard Tipperary (LDS)

John b. 24 January 1869 Fethard Tipperary (LDS)

Lilly Mary b. 9 September 1878 Armagh Armagh (LDS)

James b. 4 May 1880 Armagh (LDS)


[Army record – Father] Regimental Number 555

John Treacey of the parish of Ashwood [Kilgorman], near the town of Arklow, in the county of Wexford, aged 21 years 6 or 11 months, labourer.

89th Regiment of York for ten years. Joined at Tipperary, 15th September 1859. Previously enrolled in the Wicklow Militia Rifles on 18th July 1859.

Height 5'8.75", Fresh complexion, grey eyes, dark brown hair, chest 40".

Promoted corporal 8th August 1865. Stationed in Dublin. Promoted to Sergeant 10th september 1868. Appointed Colour Sergeant 15th March 1876. Awarded long service Silver Medal. Discharged 4th November 1880?.

Home: 17 Sept 1859 - 6 March 1860

East Indies: 7 Nov 1860 - 7 Aug 1865

Home: 8 Aug 1865 - 29 sept 1870

East Indies: 30 Sep 1870 - 29 Apr 1875

Home 30 Apr 1875 - 4 Nov 1880

Married Mary Coffee, Farnham Southampton 24 July 1866.

Discharged at Armagh, in consequence of 2nd period of enlistment

Health Record: Sharmaffe? 8/8/1865, Curagh 13/3/67, Dublin 16/7/67, Athlone 7/7/68, Fermoy 26/10/69, Limerick 4/8/70, Cainmona? 4/11/70, Doonamalle 12/5/72, Difastic? 9/10/73, Bangalore 11/10/73, Armagh 1/1/76


[Army Record - Son] John Tracey, 5889, Coms't Trpt, enlisted 20 November 1884

15 years 10 months b. 1869, 5'4.75", 114 Lbs, 32" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC, Father ??? John Tracey 3rd Batt ???

Born Fethard, Tipperary

19/11/96 Transfer to The 1st Class Army Reserve, rank corporal
95th Inspection Sergeant, 18/10/1894, Aldershot
25 years 8 months, 5' 8.5", fresh complextion, grey eyes, brown hair, intended residence: 73 Hugh street near Victoria Station London SW, 9 years 333 days in Army
Enlisted 20/11/1884 Dublin, born Fethard Tipperary, 15 years, 5' 4.75", 114 lb, 32" chest
Health record: Aldershot 26/11/84, Derrnport 3/9/85, Aldershot 30/9/85, Curragh 4/4/85?, Shoolands? 16/7/86, Wralweuh? 16/12/86, Shorncliffe 13/4/93, Aldershot 1/11/93
John Tracey, CorCommissarat & Transport Corps, joined at Aldershot 26 Nov 1884, of Fethard Fethard Tipperary, aged 15 years 10 months, spent 8 years 3 months in  RS&M? School,  oath sworn at Dublin
religious denomination: RC
Crs Corps: Promoted 3" Cl S Sgt 15/8/88
As Corps: Further service S Sergt 1/2/1889
Reverted Sergt 1/4/94
Convicted of Absence and reduced to Corp 27/3/94
Ahes Transferred Corpl 19/10/94
Abssent 1/7/95
Absent at date of discharge
Wool Disard 19/11/90
Granted Kings Pardon 23/5/10 Corpl 13 July 10
Attested Boy 20/11/84 - 23 Mch 86
Appointed Bugler 24 March 86 - 14 Aug 89
Appointed lce cpl 13 apr 87
educated at: Rl Hibernian Mily School 8 years 3 months
Next of Kin: Father Col Sergeant John Tracey 3rd Batt York & Lancaster regiment Pontepaft?
Education: 2nd Class 10/3/85, 1st Class 27/3/88, English & Geography added 26/3/90
Mary Tracey 
James b. 13 Jan 1869 Gorey, Wex, Ire
Michaell Tracy (s. of Patrick Tracy) m. Sarah Byrne (d. of Patrick Byrne) 08 Jan 1865 Coolgraney, Wexford, Ireland. [Not listed in State Registration]
Jacobus Casey (s. of Sarah Tracey & Guillelmi Casey of Gorey) of 39 Mercer St m. Ellen Carroll on 10 January 1864 St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.
State Births:

Tracey, James, Gorey, Wexford. 1869 2 917 (b. 13 January 1869, son of Mary Tracey)

Treacey, Peter, Gorey, 3rd Quarter 1885 2 753 (see 1911 Census London & Royal Navy)

Tracy, John, Gorey, 3rd Quarter 1887 2 745 (moved to Kilkenny?)

Tracy, Thomas, Gorey, 1st Quarter 1894 2 753 


Royal Navy Register of Seamen’s Services

Peter Treacy, born 22/8/1885 Gorey, Wexford. Record M21290.


St Patrick’s Church Cemetery, Courtown Road, Castletown, Co. Wexford


Erected by John Treacy Ovoca in loving memory of his son William who died in Dublin 19th Nov 1907 Aged 25 Years
Also The Above John Treacy Died 18th March 1914 Aged 66
His Wife Mary Treacy Died 15th Jan 1925 Aged 75 Years
Also His Daughter Anne (Annie) Mary Treacy Died 24th Dec 1939


In loving memory of John Treacy Perrymount (Late Avoca) Died 28th Sept 1974 Aged 87 Years


Erected by Ellen Treacy Ballylarrin in loving memory of her husband Daniel Treacy died 12th Dec 1942 Aged 61 Years
Her Brother William Hall Died 21st April 1953 Aged 82 Years
The Above Ellen Tracy Died 17th Feb 1956 Aged 71 Yrs
Henry Hall Died 19th May 1958 Aged 77 Yrs
Mary Jane Russell Died 20th April 1965 Aged 58 Yrs


Memorials of the Dead

Castletown North Wexford

Erected by Michael Treacy of Clonraney in memory of his beloved son Michael Treacy who depd this life 10th Dec 1845 aged 46 years also his daughter Catherine who depd this life Febr 23rd 1846 aged 16 years.

Erected by Wiliam Treacy of Kilmichael in memory of his beloved son William who died Febr 18th 1854 aged 14 years

Confessional in the church: In memory of deceased friends of William & Eliza Treacey Kilpatrick RIP



 Traceys of Central Wexford (PLU Enniscorthy)




The earliest record is that of Roderick O’Trassy who is listed as a Bishop of Ferns, and who is reported to have died in 1145 AD. His position would indicate that the Traceys and the Uí Bairrche held some power in that area at that time. Close by, there is the townland of Ballytracey (Baile Uí Threasaigh, Tracey’s Town, 1654 Ballitrassie/Ballitrassy) at Boolavogue, four miles south east of Ferns, which may have been his homeland. To the north, overlooking Ballytracey is Carrigroe Hill, which was used in ancient times for the celebration of Lughnasa (Halloween). It has an unusual cleft rock formation called the giants bed. After the Norman invasion, Ballytracey may have become the property of the church, similar to nearby Ballyregan, as part of a resolution of a dispute in 1226-7 between John de St. John, Bishop of Ferns and the Prendergasts of Enniscorthy.






The image on the left is taken from the shine of St. Máedoc of Ferns, and the two figures are dressed in the fashion of the early aristocracy and clergy of Ireland. The chap on the left reminds me of the pose that my father used to make.


De Episcopis Fernensibus



Extract from Ware 1665



In 1624, Lord Esmond on behalf of his ward stated that Thos Tracy (of Ferns?), among others, had caused loss of profits to the amount of £1000. Implicated in the 1641 rebellion was Thomas Trassy of Cloghaman, gent (Clohamon on the Slaney, six miles north west of Ferns). In 1642, Nic Tracie also of Cloghamon was named as a landowner who was in active rebellion. “The list is a veritable 'Who's Who' of Catholic Wexford in the mid seventeenth-century…” (Whelan 1990)


Six miles south of Ferns is Enniscorthy, which became the main economic centre of the area from medieval times onwards, due to it’s position on the Slaney river. It is also the main centre of the Traceys according to later records. The earliest reference is to Patrick Tracey of Kilcarberry Hill, (St. Johns townland), south of Enniscorthy Town, which is located on the west side of the Slaney and it’s tributary the Boro river.




Patrick Tracey (1711-1789)


Painting by John Trumbull in 1784-6 of Captain Patrick Tracey, born 1711 in Kilcarberry Hill, Enniscorthy, died 1789 Newburyport Massachusetts North America. His nephews Captain Nicholas Tracy and Captain James Tracy also followed him to America. The Tracy families of Newburyport were major players in the American revolution. Captain Nathaniel Tracy (1751-1796), one of the sons of Patrick Tracey, was the chief financier of the American Revolution.


The following webpage contains a history of the family:


Traceys of Enniscorthy and Newburyport


The following are articles on the family:


Lee, Thomas Amory (1921) The Tracy Family of Newburyport. Essex Institute Historical Collections 57 (January 1921) L 58.


Echo 28 August 1937 (Enniscorthy)


Sunday Post 1st August 1937 (Boston)




Nathaniel Tracy (1751-1796)


It would appear that Patrick Tracy had a brother Robert Tracy. In 1768 there is a record of the will of Robert Tracy, of Killcarberry, which is not available from the Irish National Archives. According to Thomas Amory Lee, William Tracy Eustis (1822-1906) procured a copy of this will, and he states the following:


“Robert Tracy of Killcarberry, Wexford, Ireland, farmer, died between December, 1767, and Feb. 22, 1768, when his will was probated. He therein leaves one shilling each to sons Matthew, John, James, and to daughters Katherine Devereux, otherwise Tracy, wife of Thomas Devereux, and Mary Tracy, otherwise Nevil, wife of John Nevil; to youngest son, Martin Tracy, one-fourth part of thirty-two acres in Killcarberry, corn housed; under the management of Henry Tracy of the Ring of St. John in said county, and Matthew Tracy of Rotholm, barony of Forth, in said county, farmers, they to be executors. Apparently his wife died before 1767. Her name is unknown.”


Since his son Nicholas is not mentioned in the will, it may be that he had left for America before the will was drawn up. By the same reasoning, if the James referenced in the will is Captain James Tracy, then he would have left for America after the death of his father. In the Freemans Journal of February 1777, it states that Captain James Tracy, is an Irishman, had served in our navy, and is a nephew to old Tracy [Patrick], the principal merchant of Newbury Port, and cousin to the owners of the present prize [Nathaniel and John Tracy].  In the will of Captain Nicholas Tracy of Newburyport who died in 1787, there is a reference to his brothers Matthew Tracy and John Tracy and his sister Catherine Devereux, all of the Kingdom of Ireland, which may mean that they were alive at that time. The following Memorial of the Dead is listed for Old Ballymore SE Wexford: “Here lies the body of Catherine Devereux alias Tracy of Colkeren…her husband Thomas De(vereux) who depd this life May 12th 1803 aged 78”


The Tracys of Newburyport were trading and travelling to Europe and presumably had contact with Wexford. It was Nathaniel Tracy who forwarded letters from Wexford to Commodore John Barry [father of the American Navy], regarding his relatives living there (SE Wexford):


“Letters from Ireland - the first definite word from his family since the outbreak of war [1775] were awaiting Barry when he reached New London, on July 20. Their exact contents we cannot be sure of, but, apparently, they contained word of the death of his parents, and the destitute situation of his two sisters, Margaret Howlin and Eleanor Hayes, and their little families.

"They are really very moving to me," the Captain wrote to Nathaniel Tracy, at Boston, who had forwarded the letters. He asked Tracy to arrange for payment of twenty guineas annually to the unfortunates, and suggested the money be cleared through London bankers.”

Ref: Clark, William Bell (1938) Gallant John Barry 1745-1803. The Story Of A Naval Hero Of Two Wars. The Macmillan Company, NY.


There is also a record of a letter from Barry in 1783, regarding the money that he owed to him (Griffin).


One of the Tracys of Newburyport, Captain Thomas Tracy who left Ireland around 1766, did travel to Ireland in 1783 and visited his parents, but it is not completely certain that he was from Wexford.


The following is the family tree drawn up from the information available:


1. Unknown Tracy

1.1. Robert Tracy, farmer of County Wexford (died about December 1767)

1.1.1 Katherine Tracy of Wexford married Thomas Devereux (born about 1725, died Ballymore, Wexford May 12th 1803 aged 78)

1.1.2 Captain Nicholas Tracy (born about 1726 Co. Wexford, died on 23rd May 1787 Newburyport, MA)

1.1.3 Matthew Tracy of Wexford (may have died after 1787)

1.1.4 John Tracy of Wexford (may have died after 1787)

1.1.5 James Tracy of Wexford, perhaps Captain James Tracy (died perhaps October 1777 MA)

1.1.6 Mary Tracy of Wexford married John Nevil

1.1.7 Martin Tracy, youngest son, of Killcarberry Wexford

1.2. Captain Patrick Tracey (born about 1711 at Kilcarberry Hill, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, died 28th February 1789 Newburyport, MA)


In 1800, James Treacy was tried for his part in the murder of English and Tremble in 1798 and was transported to Australia for 7 years. He appears on convict lists until 1821.


"In the first week of the Rebellion, my father, John English, John Tremble and myself came out of... Park, where we had been concealed. At the crossroads of Knockmarshall [St. Johns Enniscorthy], met the prisoner and a party of rebels, the prisoner armed with a pike, and seeing the party, went to hide. I was ordered down to the party by one Devereux [of the Leap], who was a captain. We were then ordered away and the prisoner. James Treacey cried out "Lash the Orange dogs away, everyone of them shall not live”.  I had a sore leg and was ordered by Devereux to be guarded until I got well and then was sent to be with the rest...”


There is a British War Office/Chelsea Hospital record for a Patrick Treacy (b. about 1778) of St. Mary Parish Wexford, who enlisted in 1801, at ‘Inniscorthy’. He served 7 years as a foot soldier and 11½ years as a dragoon. According to the record he served over 15 years in the East Indies, but there is another reference to an extra eight years approximately in the 15th India. He was discharged with a fractured left leg. He is described as five feet two inches in height, brown hair, grey eyes, dark complexion and a locksmith by trade. His physical description is also included in the record. He retired to the Cape, South Africa on a pension granted in March 1819.  The records of 1830, state that he was on a full pension of 1s per day.


It may be presumed that Traceys lived in this area before the written records that are available. There is land in Kilcarberry/Ballinapierce called Treacy’s Land. There may also be indications of an earlier history. There is a family by the name of Hassey living in Davidstown Parish. Hassey is a very rare name in Ireland and may be dervived from the pronunciation of the Gaelic name of Uí Threasaigh. There is also a townland in the parish called Clohass (Clogh hassie), which may be named after the family. In addition, there is another townland named Ballinavary (Baile-na-mBarrach), which may indicate an Uí Bairrche connection.


There are interesting reports describing the unusual burial habits of the Traceys of the area:


“The Priory of St. John’s near to Enniscorthy.

This religious establishment was founded at St. John’s on the small river Urrin, near to its junction with the Slaney, about one mile south of Enniscorthy, and eleven N.W. of Wexford. …

In this old grave yard was observed, until about a quarter of a century ago, a burial custom of some families which we have never heard of elsewhere. Three families in comfortable circumstances, of the names of Tracy, Doyle and Daly, with others their immediate connections buried their dead without coffins. The body being brought in a well made coffin to the edge of the grave, the friends assembled around, and the body, the face for a moment being uncovered in order that they might take the last look at the lamented departed, was laid in the grave, previously prepared with great care. The grave was made more than six feet deep, and at each end a course of stone work, without mortar, was raised full two feet high. Much attention was given to the providing of tough green sods, cut about seven feet long and about two wide, from the alluvial banks of the Slaney, several of which being rolled up close by, were conveyed to the graveyard, and the grave then neatly lined with them from top to bottom, a smooth one covering it perfectly below. The grave thus presented a smooth green appearance, dry grass and moss were strewn thickly in it, and a pillow of the same raised the head, as it were in bed. The corpse in its ample winding sheet, was then removed from the coffin, and laid in the grave – a stout plank or two, then placed lengthwise from the stonework at head and foot, and not in contact with the body, and the green sods, the grass turning downwards, carefully folded over all. The grave was then filled in the usual manner, and covered with the ordinary green sod, and the coffin was left for the use of the first poor person who might require it. No coiming was ever practiced beyond the suppressed working of natural grief. The last ceremony of this kind which  took place here, was at the funeral of John Doyle of Craan, but his family, and the others who up to that time were strict observers of it, have since conformed to the practice of their neighbours, and now bury in coffins. No reason has come down in local story, of the origin of the custom.”

Wexford Independent of May 3, 1856, page 1.


Church records for the area begin at the start on the nineteenth century. Just north of Kilcarberry is Enniscorthy town and entries for Traceys in the Catholic Church records start from 1801 onwards. A mile to the west of Kilcarberry, and also on the Boro river is Ballinapierce (Ballineperesagh, Ballina pierce) townland in the parish of Davidstown. Entries for Traceys in the Catholic Church records start from 1806 onwards.


There is another British War Office/Chelsea Hospital record for a Michael Tracey (b. circa 1825), born in the parish of Enniscorthy, Wexford and joined the 13th Regiment in Dublin on the 24 of January 1844 at the age of 19. His service record states that he served 20 years 111 day, during which period he served 11 years 10 months abroad, 10 years 8 months in The East indies and 1 year 2 months in China.

He was discharged being unfit for further duty on the 30th June 1864. He had four good conduct badges, no medals and one court martial. He served as a private in the 13th Light Infantry from 24th March? 1844 to 30th May 1844, and in the 87th from 1st June 1844 to his discharge. He was 5'8", fresh complexion, grey eyes and dark brown hair. His intended residence is given as Liverpool.


In the Tithe records of 1827-1833, there appears to four Tracey familys located in and around Enniscorthy town and also in the in the Catholic Parish of Monagear. The families in Ballinapierce are the only ones that remained in the area.


In 1833, Martin Tracy married Margaret Neil. She was probably also from Ballinapierce or nearby St. Johns. In December 1801, Thomas Neale of Ballinapierce was murdered, his house burned down, and his children Michael and Catherine were also injured. Michael Neile is named in the Tithe records for Ballinapierce. In consequence of the crimes, a Proclamation was issued by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, offering a reward for information of £200 for each person prosecuted, or a pardon if they were involved and informed on their fellows. Thomas Neale is buried in Clonmore Cemetery. Margaret Neil was probably the grand-daughter of Thomas Neale.


There is a reference that an Arthur Tracy (s. of John & Julia Tracy, both dead), Roman Catholic, stone mason and bricklayer, aged 27 years of Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland & Julia Tracy (d. of Patrick & Julia Tierney, both dead) Roman Catholic, domestic servant, aged 26 years of Dublin, Ireland, arrived in New South Wales, Australia on the ‘Alfred’ on the 29 Jan 1842. Their child, Jane Tracy was born on board 28 January 1842. Also on board ship and who may be relatives, were the children of Patrick and Mary Tracy of Dublin, Ann Tracey aged 19 and John Tracy, bricklayer, aged 23 who was married to Anne Lachlan of Wicklow. They were bounty immigrants, whose passage was paid by the colonial government, in order to have suitable skilled labour and tradespeople. There are church records from St. Nicholas Parish, Dublin for Arthur’s marriage in 1839 and the baptism of a son William in 1840.


In 1853, the Griffith Valuation records show Martin and James Tracy occupying lands and houses in Ballinapierce and Martin has a larger holding of land in nearby Dunanore. From an examination of the land maps, their holdings appear to be on the north bank of the Boro between Ballinapierce Bridge and Victoria Bridge (Soldiers Hole). These are the plots maked 11 and 12 in the middle pink map. According to the land records, Martin gave up his holding in Dunanore around the 1860s. His holding in Ballinapierce passed to Matthew Tracey around the 1880’s after which it passed out of the family. It appears that James gave up his holding in Ballinapierce for a while around the 1870’s, which seems to be reflected in the church records. In the 1880’s the land was in possession of his representatives, which may be presumed to be his daughters. The lands in Ballinapierce, were first let by the De Burghs and then sub-let by the the Beattys. Perhaps a co-incidence, in 1885 and 1886, the agent for the letting of Ballinapierce House (occupied by Philip Beatty) and approximately 100 acres in Ballinapierce, was Richard H. Tracy of Naas, Kildare (see Kildare). He worked for the De Burgh family in Naas, who also owned the land in Ballinapierce.





In the middle part of the 1860’s Mathew Tracey had moved into Enniscorthy town, was married and had children. In July 1872, he made a contribution to the Galway Vindication Fund. In April 1880 in a letter to the Irish Times, Matthew Tracy is listed as one of the electors of Enniscorthy, who objected to the treatment of Parnell when he visited the town. In Bassett’s Directory of 1885, there is a reference to Mathew Treacy, Baker & Flour Dealer, Market Street, Enniscorthy. There is also a reference to James Treacy, land-owner in Kiltealy to the west of Enniscorthy.


In October 1877, at the funeral of Sir James Power, Bart. of Edermine, Enniscorthy, county Wexford, one of chief mourners was J.E. Tracy, solicitor, of Cork. He appears to be the only chief mourner from outside of Wexford and his relationship to the Power family has not been determined.


In 1888, Matthew Treacy, Cathedral street, Enniscorthy was advertising for a female confectioner.


In 1894, there are two classified advertisements in the Irish Times for a Mrs Tracy of Kildrea [Kiltrea?] House and Chapel Street, Enniscorthy, looking for positions for a cook and a yardman and wife.


In the 1901 and 1911 census records for Enniscorthy town, there only a reference to Matthew Treacy’s family. In 1911, the family lived in various addresses in the town. Also there appears to be a discrepancy in the age of John Treacy.


In 1913, John Treacy was part of the White-Boys Drama Class and in May 1914, he was one of the cast of a production in the Athenaeum, staged by the Gaelic League.


In 1916, the assistant to the principal of the Davidstown national school was Kathleen Dempsey, who later married J. Treacy [unknown address], and both went to Canada in 1919.


Family records Enniscorthy Town and surrounding areas


The Tithes records of 1827 to 1833 list:


John Treacy, Garryduff, Kilcormick, East of Enniscorthy Co. Wexford, 13a/2r/25p, 1825 (ref 31/25)


James Hassey, 4 Guttle St, St. Mary’s Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, 0a/2r/1p, 1833 (ref 31/12)

Robert Treacy, 11 Guttle St, St. Mary’s Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, 0a/0r/1½p, 1833 (ref 31/12)

Patrick Heasy?, 38 Guttle St, St. Mary’s Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, 0a/0r/2p, 1833 (ref 31/12)

[Guttle St = John’s Street]

James Treacey, Ballinapierce (9 of 13) , St. Johns, South of Enniscorthy,Wexford, 3a/1r/0p, 1833 (ref: 31/40) } 223 acres in total

Mich Treacey, Ballinapierce (7 of 13), St. Johns, South of Enniscorthy, Wexford, 4a/2r/0p, 1833 (ref: 31/40) } Observations: de Burgh

[Note: The records are hand written and can be difficult to decipher. There are multiple records for Francy/Franey, greater than the number for Griffiths, which could be interpreted as Trassey.]


In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following were recorded:

James and Martin Tracy of Ballynapierce St. Johns, South of Enniscorthy. Martin Tracey is also recorded in the neighbouring townland of Dunanore, Clonmore. These areas are located on the west bank of the Slaney and it’s tributary the Boro. It would appear that Martin now held the lands in Ballnapierce previously held by Michael in the Tithe Records.

Ballynapierce townland of the Parish of St. John’s (Ord. S. 25) 385 acres

Map (# of 16)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Martin Tracy

Lady Anne DeBurgh

House, offices & land

7a 3r 4p



James Tracy

Lady Anne DeBurgh

House, offices & land

5a 0r 35p


Dunanore townland of the Parish of Clonmore (Ord. S. 25 & 26) 326 acres

Map (# of 14)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Martin Tracy

Harry Alcock (in fee)


22a 0r 29p



1861 Enniscorthy Census

No. 6 Templeshannon Quay – Jeremy Dempsey? household

Anne Tracy


Bassett’s Directory 1885

James Treacy, Land, Kiltealy, Enniscorthy, Wexford

Mathew Treacy, Baker & Flour Dealer, Market Street, Enniscorthy, Wexford



1901 Census

1911 Census




Matthew Treacy, 61, M, 5 Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Baker, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Margaret Treacy, 48, F, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Annie Treacy, 18, F, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Household Work, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Matthew Treacy, 15, M, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

Martin Treacy, 13, F, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

John Treacy, 12, M, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

Michael Treacy, Duffery Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford, Roman Catholic, Son, [crossed out]



Michael Treacy, 18, M, 2 Fitzwilliam Square, Wicklow Town, Wicklow, Hardware Shop Assistant, Roman Catholic, Servant, Not Married, Wexford





Joseph Tracy, 52, M, 1 Killegney, Clonroche, Wexford (servant single)




Margaret Treacy, 54, F, 2 Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford (shopkeeper, married 30 years, 5 children, b. Wexford, mother of head)

Annie Mary Obrien, 27, F, Head of Family, Roman Catholic,  Enniscorthy Wexford, Shopkeeper, Read and write, Widow, no children

Alice Parry, 14, F, Cousin, Roman Catholic, Wexford, Scholar, Read and write, Single


Matthew Treacy, 73, M, 10 Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford (married, Margaret Treacy crossed out)

John Treacy, 32, M, 10 Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford (married)


Ellen Treacy, 20, F, 55 Irish Street, Enniscorthy Urban, Wexford (married 2 years, 1 child died, daughter of head Michael Donegan) [died 1911]



Michael Tracy, 25, M, Quay North (Shipping return), Wicklow Urban, Wicklow (“Shamrock light ship”, carpenter in ship, single, b. Wexford)



13. Matthew Treacy, 24 years, single, b. Enniscorthy Co Wexford Ireland, Stoker 1st Class, HMS Collingwood, Devonport, Devonshire

[Also 14. James Duncan, 22, single, b. St Patricks Wexford [town] Ireland, Stoker 1st Class]


11. Martin Tresey, 23 Years, Single, b. Ennescarthy Ireland, Bar Assistant  102/104 Camden Road And 217 Great College St Camden Town Nw  (St Pancras) London




In 1910, Henry Treacy of Bree, was convicted of being drunk on the public street of Clonroche on 25th December 1909


In July 1911, Joseph Tracey of Killegney, was convicted of being drunk at Clonroche.


22 Sepember 1917 Matthew Treacey

Administration of the estate of Matthew Treacy late of the Duffry Street Enniscorthy County Wexford Baker who died 16 November 1912 granted at Waterford to Margaret Treacey the widow. Effects £56.


In April 1913, Martin Tracey was back in Enniscorthy, when he was fined 3s. for being drunk in charge of a bicycle at Ferns.


Listed in the Wexford County Council 5th August 1914 the 30th July, 1914 Motor Car Acts...for not having paid their duty...MJ [Michael Joseph?] Treacy, not served...



1935 Matthew D. Tracey/Treacy, 2 Cathedral Street Eniscorthy,

1936 Maurice Tracey/Treacy, 2 Cathedral Street Eniscorthy, father Insurance Agent, earns £180, one of seven children


1940 Margaret Mary Tracey, 2 Cathedral Street, Enniscorthy, father Confectioner and tobacconist, earns £240, one of six children


May 10 1940 (IP) Buy your Hudson Cycle here

...John J. Treacy, 2 Cathedral St., Enniscorthy...


Church records (Davidstown Parish & Enniscorthy Parish) and State records (1864 to 1899):

Davidstown Parish Baptisms

1805 - Dec 24 1880

Enniscorthy Parish Baptisms

May 16 1794 - June 10 1804
Mar 1 1806 - May 23 1816
June 2 1816 - Dec 31 1835
Jan 1 1836 - Dec 30 1861
Jan 1 1836 - Nov 6 1841
Jan 2 1862 - Dec 23 1880

Davidstown Parish Marriages

June 1808 - Nov 27 1880

Enniscorthy Parish Marriages

May 3 1794 - Sept 25 1805
Sept 17 1805 - May 12 1816
July 20 1816 - Nov 28 1835
Jan 1 1836 - Nov 30 1861


Robert Tracy m. Elinor Summers 10/10/1801 Enniscorthy Parish (Wit John Maguire & Judy Redmond)


James Trasy? & Mary Gordan

Morris bapt 18/5/1806 of Davidstown Parish (Spon Martin Gordan & Honor Donnolly)


Thomas Treacy & Cath Breen

Robert? Bapt 14/?/1806 of ?dith, Davidstown Parish (Spon Jno Rac & Mary Down?)


Robert Trasy? & Mary Clany

John bapt 19/2/1807 Davidstown Parish (Spon Thomas Connor & Mary Martin)


John Tracey & Elizabeth Miscloe

Henry Tracy bapt 24/4/1807 Davidstown Parish (Spon James Kehoe & Anne Miscloe?)


Mary Tracy & Thomas Fortune

Thomas Fortune bapt 11/6/1807 Davidstown Parish (Spon James Brier & Mary Kehoe)

[Tho Fortune is listed in Tithe records for Ballinapierce]


Mary Tracey m. James Miskela 9/7/1809 Enniscorthy Parish (Wit W. O’Bryan, Anthony Murphy & Bryan Flaherty)


Catherine Tracey & Martin Byrne

Mary (illegt) bapt 10/4/1810 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Ellenor Tracey)


Catherin Tury? to Richard Cony 21/2/1812 Wit: George Dunn & John Martin


John Tracy & Julia ??? (both dead 1842)

Arthur Tracy b. 1815,  Roman Catholic, of Enniscorthy, Wexford m. Julia Tierney, b. 1816, Roman Catholic of Dublin (d. of Patrick & Julia Tierney, both dead 1842) [bounty immigrants to NSW 1842]

Arthus Tracy m. Judith Tierney on 11 March 1839 Wit: Jacobo Finegan & Eleonora Finegan [St. Nicholas Dublin]

Arthur Tracy & Julia Tierney

William Tracy b. 2 October 1840 Sp. Jno Tracy & Margt Finigan [St. Nicholas Dublin]


Mich Treacy m. May Moor 29/1/1819 Davidstown Parish (Wit Jms Synnot, Molly Treacy & Edwd Brohey?)

Jas bapt 11/3/1819 Davidstown Parish (Spon Laur Moor & Anne Treacy)

[Lau Moore & Ann Moore are listed in Tithe records for Ballinapierce]


Michael Tracy m. Mary Doyle 13/10/1820 Enniscorthy Parish (Wit William Delvin & Anty Bolger)

Patt bapt 14/9/1821 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Edward Edwards & Mary Rose)       

Michael bapt 7/4/1823 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Richard Courtney & Anne Codd) [joined the British Army in 1844?]


Thomas Trasy? & Cath Rac

Cath? 17/9/1825 of Davidstown Parish (Spon Thos? Ceanny & Sally Grieves)


Mary Treacy m. Edward Doyle 5/10/1830 Davidstown Parish (Wit: Jas Farrell & Moses Mernagh)

Anne Treacy & Neal Doyle
James Doyle b. 14/5/1831 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish Spon. Peter & Marianne Kehoe
Nancy Treacy & Ned Doyle
Mary Doyle b. 23/6/1833 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish Spon. Math Dixon & Mary Leacy
Nancy Thracy & Edward Doyle
Edward Doyle b. 22/3/1838 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish Spon. William Brenan & Bridget Keogh?

[Edw Doyle & George Dixon are listed in Tithe records for Ballinapierce]


William Tracey/Tracy/Treacy m. Margaret Cullen/Cullin 6/7/1831 Davidstown Parish (Wit Pat Summers, ? Kelly & Cloghan? Leary)

Robert 10/6/1832 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Matt Nolan & Betty Dempsey)

Thomas 2/6/1835 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Martha Hernan & Catherine Nolan) Rev J. Sinnott

Robert 30/4/1838 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Richard Goodall & Ellen Barry) Rev J. Roche

Thomas 17/4/1841 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon James Barry & Mary Bryan) Rev W. Murphy


James Treacy (Ballynapierce, St. Johns) m. Catherine (Kitty) Ronan (Ronay or Ronyn or Ronayn or Ronak) 9/1/1831 Davidstown Parish (Spon James Monys, Anne Rongs & Ellen Cladd?)

Eliza bapt. 12/10/1833 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon Nicholas Sinnott & Peggy Byrne) [Thracy]

Alicia bapt. 16/2/1836 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon James Moor & Anne Rony) [Treacy]      

Mary bapt 24/2/1839 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon John McKeon & Anne Dixon)

Anne bapt 25/6/1841 of Ballinapierce Davidstown Parish (Spon Michl Cogly & Esther Hamilton)

Catherine bapt 26/11/1843 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon  John Kenny & Judy Foley?)

Margaret bapt 8/6/1846 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon William Moons & Judy Kenny)

James Treacy (Farmer)

Catherine Treacy (aged 25 spinster servant Ballynapierce) m. Michael Foley (aged 30 batchelor carpenter Enniscorthy son of James Foley) 29/4/1872 by Peter Barry PP Davidstown Parish (Wit: James Murphy & Ann Treacy)

Church Record: Catherine Treacy to Michael Foley 29/4/1872 Wit: James Murphy & Ann Treacy

James Tracy (Labourer)

Alice Tracy (aged 30 Spinster servant Ballyhighland?) m. Thomas O’Brien (aged 35 Widower servant Ballyhighland? Son of Patrick O’Brien labourer) 3/5/1873 or 1874 by E Brennan? CC Courtnacuddy or Davidstown Parish (Wit: Edward Leary & Maria? Byrne) Bride, groom & witnesses made their mark.


James Tracy (Labourer)

Bridget Tracey (aged 21 spinster Labourer Ballyeaden [Ballyeden]) m. Luke Byrne (aged 25 bachelor labourer Moneytucker Son of James Byrne small farmer) 23/6/1878 by E Brennan? CC Courtnacuddy or Davidstown Parish (Wit: Thomas Larkin & Bridget Dunne) Bride, groom & witnesses made their mark.

Ellen Byrne bapt 14/6/1879 Davidstown Parish

Ellen Byrne was born on 14 Jun. 1879 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died in Dec. 1910.

Mary Byrne was born about 1883 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 16 Dec. 1980.

Johanna Byrne was born on 20 Nov. 1884 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 3 Feb. 1964.

Annie Byrne was born on 1 Jan. 1888 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 15 Oct. 1964.

Luke Byrne was born in 1891 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 31 Jan. 1963.

Daniel Byrne was born on 28 Jan. 1893 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 6 Jun. 1979.

Bridget Byrne was born in 1895 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 11 Mar. 1973.

Margaret Byrne was born on 25 Dec. 1896 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 18 Jan. 1981.

James Byrne was born in 1899 in Moneytucker, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford and died on 18 Mar. 1975.

[Thanks to Donal O’Neill]


Johanna Treacy m. Martin Murphy 26/5/1873 Davidstown Parish (Wit: John Divies & Margaret Treacy)


1880 Death in the District of Clonroche, Enniscorthy

No.: 492

Date and Place of Death: 1880 Eleventh April Donanose [domicile?]

Name and Surname: James Tracy

Sex: Male

Condition: Married

Age and Birth day: 81 years

Rank, Profession or Occupation: Labourer

Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness: Two months ill. General debility Uncertified

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: Martin Kenny? present at Death Donanose

When Registered: Thirtieth April 1880

Signature of Registrar: Stork???, Registrar







Brigid Byrne nee Tracey1

Bridget Byrne nee Tracey (b.c. 1857 d. Aug 19 1929)

It seems likely that she was born in Ferns and moved to and married in Davidstown. This implies that she was related to the Treacys in the area. After marrying, she lived in Davidstown for a while and then moved to Moneytucker and was buried in Courtnacuddy Cemetery.

For their family see [Donal O’Neill]


David Tracy & Sophia Spacy(?)

Mary Tracy bapt 22nd August 1832 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon John Brennan & Anty Keans)



ballinapierce bridge

Ballinapierce Bridge on the river Boro (Abhainn Bhoru)


Enniscorthy grave

1. Martin Tracy (1799 or October 1808?-25/11/1873 Died Duffy Hill aged 65 years 1 month or 1877 aged 78) (Farmer of Dunanore in Clonmore & Ballynapierce in St. Johns) m. Margaret (Peggy) Neil 18/2/1833 Davidstown Parish (Wit Jas Fortune, John Neil & Rich Sinnot)

Mary bapt. 16/11/1833 Davidstown Parish (Spon John Neil & Mary Lacy) [Thracy]

Matthew* bapt. 7/8/1836 of Ballinapierce, Davidstown Parish (Spon Michael Murphy & Mary Phelan) [Treacy]

Martin bapt 16/8/1839 of Ballinapierce Davidstown Parish (Spon William Dinan? & Anne Byrne) (d. 1866)

Mary bapt 5/11/1843 of Ballinapierce Davidstown Parish (Spon James Moor & Margaret Brien)

Michael bapt 26/4/1847 of Ballinapierce Davidstown Parish (Spon James Brien & Mary Kinny)

Michael bapt 17/7/1850 of Ballinapierce Davidstown Parish (Spon Thomas Stafford & Marianne Connors). He went to America about 1890 and later went to Australia where he was killed in a mine accident.


Martin Treacy (Farmer)

Mary (aged 22 sp) m. Peter Lords (aged 28 B Cattle Dealer Kiltealy son of Mick? Lords farmer) 14th February 1870 by Peter Barry PP Davidstown Wit: Thomas Stafford & Margott Moresy?

Church Record: Mary Treacy m. Peter Loids 14/2/1870 Davidstown Parish (Wit: Thomas Stafford & Mart Morrisy)


2. Mathew Treacy*, (7/8/1836-16/11/1912 aged 75 or 70 state reg), Baker & Flour Dealer, Market Street, Enniscorthy.

2a. Mathew Treacy & Catherine Stafford (c.1833-19/4/1880 died Duffry St aged 47 years 1 month), No.12 Hospital Lane and Duffrey Hill, Enniscorthy.

Mary (Hannah crossed out) Tracey (b. 14/6/1865) No.12 Hospital Lane Mary bapt 16/6/1865 Enniscorthy (Spon Matthew Hanlon & ? Hanlon) Rev J. Breen

Mathew Tracey (Baker)

Mary (aged 25 spinster servant Killagoley? Enniscorthy) m. Michael Neill (aged 30 batchelor weaver? John’s St Enniscorthy son of John Neill weaver?) 18th September 1892 by Robert Rossiter CC Enniscorthy Wit: Patrick Neill & Catherine ???)

Catherine Tracey (b. 29/10/1867) Duffry Hill

Martin Treacy (b. 25/1/1873) Duffrey Hill (d. 1873)

2b. Matthew Tr(e)acy (widower of Duffry Street, Enniscorthy)  m. Margaret Farrell (c.1849-27/9/1925) (spinster of Enniscorthy d. of Michael Farrell, mason) 18th January 1881 at Enniscorthy RC by William Fortune CC. (Wit James Nolan & Anne Brennan)

Anne Treacy (b. 2/1/1882) Duffery St. m. 1st Daniel O’Brien 11 June 1907 [State Reg: Enniscorthy 1907 Jul/Sept Vol.4 page 324] 2nd Nicholas Murphy 22 April 1913 [State Reg: Enniscorthy 1914 Jan/March Vol.4 page 415] and had children Catherine Murphy 1914 and John Murphy 1918.

Michael Joseph Treacy (b. 30/8/1883 d. 8/4/1925 Dublin) Duffery Gate [1911 census: light house ship sailor in Wicklow] m. Anne Byrne (Elizabeth Anne O'Byrne 1885-1982) in 1915 in North Dublin [State Reg: North Dublin 1915 Jul/Sept Vol.2 page 579] He lived in Dublin and his children were Mrs Kathleen M Woffinden (Yorkshire), Vincent Matthew Tracy (Dublin and Manchester), Christopher Matthew Tracy (Dublin and London), Matthew Tracy (Dublin) & Stella Tracy.

Matthew Treacy (b. 11/9/1885 d. 9/12/1955 Dublin, buried 11/12/1955 St. Mary’s Enniscorthy) Duffery St. m. Bridget Donovan (1886-1967) 19 Duffry Hill in 7 January 1925 [State Reg: Enniscorthy Apr - Jun 1925 Vol: 4, Page: 278]. He was a sailor from 16th September 1908 to at least the 31th December 1928 (record transferred to card 1/1/1929). His dob was given as 11/9/1886 Enniscorthy and his occupation as baker. He is described as 5’10” height, 38” chest, brown hair, grey eyes, dark complexion and a scar on the right side of the back of his neck. He was passed educationally to be a Petty Officer on the 3/12/1912 and was given a cert ??? February ’13. He seemed to have served on at least 20 ships during this time. (see Record K1313 Devonport - Royal Navy Register of Seamen’s Services). He lived in Dublin.

Martin Tracey (b. 2/5/1887-1954? Chesire) Cathedral Street son of Mathew (baker) & Kate Tracy ??? at ??? Cathedral Street m. Mary A. Dempsey Chesire Birkenhead 2nd quarter 1914 8 a 1215. Their children were Matthew Treacy, Sylvester Michael J Treacy, Martin J. Treacy, Margaret M. Treacy, Mary A. Treacy and Patrick J. Treacy all born in Wirral Chesire.

John Joseph Treacy*, (1/5/1889-3/6/1972), Duffery St. John Joseph Treacy (Insurance agent, Cathedral St., Enniscorthy) m. 1st Ellen Donegan 1910 (1891-1911 daughter of Michael of 52 & 55 Irish Street Enniscorthy) and 2nd Nora Delaney* 1920 (1896-10/7/1989 daughter of Maurice of 7 Askinvillar Lower Killann, Wexford).


Edward Treacey, Enniscorthy, 1898 Mar 1902 (b. 14/9/1898 to ??? Treacy & Mary Treacy nee Crowley, Duffrey Gate, Enniscorthy registered by Mary Treacy [her mark] St John St).

Thomas Treacy m. Mary Crowley 1891 [State Reg: Celbridge, 3rd Quarter 1891 2 367]

Edward Treacy On 14 September 1898 Enniscorthy (Crowley) [Enniscorthy]

Bridget Tracy On 31 July 1906 Enniscorthy (Crowley)


* Buried in the graveyard behind St. Aidan's Cathedral, Enniscorthy



1877 Death in the District of Enniscorthy No.2, Enniscorthy

No.: 52

Date and Place of Death: Twenty seventh July 1877 Duffry Hill

Name and Surname: Martin Treacy

Sex: M

Condition: Widower

Age and Birth day: 78 years

Rank, Profession or Occupation: Farmer

Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness: Debility two months no medical attendant

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: Mathew Treacy present at Death Duffry Hill

When Registered: Tenth August 1877

Signature of Registrar: Michael Lynch, Deputy Registrar


23/11/1912 Enniscorthy Guardian

Treacy – November 16, 1912, at his residence, 12 Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, Matthew Treacy, aged 73 years; deeply regretted by his sorrowing family. R.I.P. Funeral took place on Monday morning to Cathedral Cemetery, after High Mass and Office.

Obituary. Mr Matthew Treacey. Enniscorthy.

On Saturday last after a rather prolonged illness Mr. Matthew Treacey, Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, breathed his last. He had been ailing for some months past, so that the end did not come as a surprise. Mr. Treacey, was a quiet, unassuming, respectable old resident of the town, possessing intelligence above the average. He remembered something of the ’48 movement, and was acquainted with all that took place in the dark days of ’67. He was father of Michael Treacey, formerly of Wexford. Office and High Mass were held on Monday in the Cathedral. The celebrant was Rev. John Codd C.C. Cathedral: chanters, Rev. Patrick Cummins, C.C., and Rev. John Bultler, C.C., Cathedral. In the choir were – Rev. James Rossiter, C.C., Cathedral; Rev. Father Lawrence, and Rev. Father Columbanus of the Capuchin Order;  Rev. J. J. Rossiter, M.SS., Templeshannon: Rev. Robert Stephenson, M.SS., Templeshannon; Rev. Richard Walsh, M.SS., do.; Rev. Patk. Murphy, M.SS., do. Internment took place immediately after in the Cathedral cemetery. R.I.P.


3/10/1925 Enniscorthy Guardian

Tracy – September 27th, 1925, at 2 Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, Mrs. Margaret Tracy, widow of the late Matthew Tracy, aged 76 years. Interred in Cathedral Cemetery on Tuesday last. R.I.P.

Mrs. Margaret Treacy, Enniscorthy.

On Sunday, 27th ult., there passed away at Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, an old and respected member of the business community of Enniscorthy in the person of Mrs. Margaret Treacy. She had been in failing health for some months past, so that her demise was not unexpected. She was spiritually attended by Rev. R. Browne, C.C., Cathedral, who was almost a daily visitor of the invalid, and the Sisters of St. John of God were unremitting in their attention. She was the mother of Mrs. N. J. Murphy, Kilmokea, Campile,; of Mr. John Treacy, Cathedral-st., Enniscorthy, and the late Mr. M. J. Treacy, Baggott-street, Dublin. Internment took place in the Cathedral cemetery on Tuesday last. The chief mourners were: Mr. John Treacy, Cathedral-street, Enniscorthy, and Mr. M. Treacy, Liverpool (sons), Mr. N. J. Murphy, Co. Sec. Wexford Farmers’ Union (son-in-law). Office and High Mass were held on Wednesday in the Cathedral. The celebrant was Rev. J. Wadding, C.C., Cathedral; Rev. J. Codd, C.C. do., master of ceremonies. The chanters were: Rev. R. Browne, C.C., and the Rev. M. Rossiter, C.C. do. There were sixteen priests in the choir.


Michael Joseph Treacy

18th April 1925 Enniscorthy Guardian

Treacy – April 8, 1925, at his residence 101 Lower Baggot-street, Dublin, Michael Joseph Treacy (late Enniscorthy). R.I.P. Interred on April 10th in Glasnevin.


Mathew Treacy1

1919 Valetta, Malta

Matthew Treacy

24 December 1955 The Echo

Treacy - Dec 9 1955 at St Kevin's Hospital Dublin, Matthew Treacy, late Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy; deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife, brother, brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws and a large Circle of friends. R.I.P. Interred in St. Mary's Cemetery on Dec 11.

Acknowlodgements. Treacy - Mrs. M. Treacy, brother and relatives of the late Matthew Treacy, No. 1c Fatima Mansion, Dublin, wish to return sincere thanks to all who sent Mass cards, wreaths, letters, telegrams and messages of sympathy in their recent sad bereeavement; to al those who called personally and attended furnerals. They trust this will be accepted by all in greatful acknowledgment.




1947 John J. Treacy


9 June 1972 The Echo

Treacy – June 3, 1972, at his residence Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy, John J. Beloved husband of Nora Treacy, deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife, sons, daughters, grandchildren, relatives, and friends. R.I.P. Interred in Cathedral Cemetery on Monday after Requiem Mass in St. Aidan’s Cathedral.

Death of Mr. John J. Treacy

...In his early life he was employed on the clerical staff of Wickham’s Brewery, Wexford...was closely associated with the Gaelic League in the town and was a noted Irish step-dancer, winning many prizes at many Feiseanna...He is mourned by his wife, Mrs. Nora Treacy, his sons, Messrs Declan Treacy, M.P.S.I., Lawnwood Park, Stillorgan, Maurice Treacy, Duffry Hill, Enniscorthy, Michael Treacy, The Farmer’s Inn, Main St., do, a member and former Chairman of Enniscorthy Urban Council, John Treacy, Rectory Rd, do., and Joseph Treacy, manager of the Grafton St. branch of the First National Building Society; and his daughters, Mrs. Brenda Windsor, Fairview Tce., Enniscorthy, and Mrs. Peggy Lowney, South Main St., Wexford...Chief mourners...Mr. V. Murphy and Mrs. Murphy and family Campile, Mr. Syl Treacy and Mrs. Treacy, Liverpool, Mr. John Treacy and Mrs. Treacy, do., Mr. Patk. Treacy and Mrs. Treacy, do., Mrs. Gell, do., Mr. M. Kinnaird and Mrs. Kinnard and family, St Aidan’s Villas, Enniscorthy, O’Neill family, Pearse Road, Mrs. A. Fenlon and family, Bellefield, Mrs. Delaney and family, Wheelagower, Morrissey family, Springmount, Sinnot family, Caim, John Sinnott, Ballyhyland, Kearns family, New Ross, Meagan family, Dublin, Delaney family, Courtnacuddy (relatives) R.I.P...


1947 Nora Treacy

14/7/1989 Echo

Treacy 10th July 1899, at An Grianan Nursing Home, Nora, Widow of John Treacy, late of 2 Cathedral Street, Enniscorthy, deeply regretted by her sorrowing sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, sons-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, relatives and friends. R.I.P. Requiem Mass to-day (Wednesday) in St. Aidan’s Cathedral at 12 noon. Interment in Cathedral grounds immediately afterwards.

28/7/1989 Echo – Acknowledgement

Treacy The family of the late Honor (Nora) Treacy wish to thank most sincerely all who sympathised with them in their recent bereavement, those who sent Mass cards, letters of sympathy, floral tributes and those who attended the funeral. We would like to pay a special thank you to Dr. Philip Bowe for his great care and attention to her over the years, to the Matron and staff of Dr. Cuddigans and “An Grianan” Nursing Homes, also to the chlergy of St. Aidan’s and St. senan’s Parishes and the priests who attended the funeral. The Holy Sacrifie of the Mass will be offered for the intentions of all.



Apr 2, 1962 Irish Press

Treacy (Enniscorthy) April 1 1962, at her residence, Duffry Hill, Bridget Treacy; deeply regretted by her loving brother, sister, nephews and nieces, and a large circle of friends. RIP Remains were removed to St. Aiden's Cathedral yesterday (Sunday) evening. Internment in St. Marys Cemetery tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2.15 o'clock. [Bridget Tracy b. Jul - Sep 1906 Enniscorthy???]




Mary Treacy m. William Mahon 12/11/1833 Davidstown Parish (Wit Edward Keogh, James Treacy & Bridget Keogh)


Michael Tracey/Traney &. Biddy Whelan

Patrick bapt 10/4/1837 of Balyhuland, Davidstown Parish (Spon Andy Whelan & Bridget Kavanag)


Mary Tracey & Nicholas Lynch
Robert Lynch baptized 6/2/1839 Bree Parish (Spon Dennis Tracey & Margaret Carrol)


Richard Tracey & Anne Bracket

Richard 8/9/1841 Enniscorthy Parish (Spon Peter Kenny & Mary Summers) Rev W. Murphy


Wm Tracey (or Franey) & Anty Flinn (Fling?)

Anne bapt 1/10/1853 of Ballyeden, Davidstown Parish (Spon Martin Keogh & Mary Larkin)

Anstia bapt 1/5/1857 of Liase?, Davidstown Parish (Spon James Doyle & Bridget Sinnott)


Eliza Treacy m. Martin Kinny 12/11/1857 Davidstown Parish (Wit: Philip Kenny, Patt Foley & Matr Murphy)


Mary Tracey/Treacy [of Toomavarra Tipperary?] & Patrick Delaney (b. Enniscorthy)

Michael Delaney b. 27 Feb 1877 Roscrea, Kings, Ireland

Margaret Delany b. 30 Aug 1878 Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland

James Joseph Delaney b. 13/10/1880 of Ballycarney (Spon: David Motiarty & Joann Byrne) [Donal O’Neill] (LDS)


Confirmations Enniscorthy Parish

Ewd Tracy 30/8/1857

Matthew? Tracy 30/8/1857

Mary Treacy 30/8/1857

Michael Treacy 11/11/1859

Mathew? Tracy, Davidstown, 24/2/1861

Margaret Mary Tracy? 16/10/1865

Margaret Tracey 24/10/1871

Cathern Tracy 25/9/1878


Deaths Enniscorthy Parish 1815-1880

John Tracy of Shannon died 17/11/1871 aged 15 years 6 months

Martin Treacy of Duffy Hill died 25/11/1873 aged 65 years 1 month (State Reg: Martin Treacy, Enniscorthy Deaths 1877, Estimated birth year: 1799, Age: 78)

Catherine Traecy (Mrs) of Duffry Street died 19/4/1880 aged 47 years 1 month


Other Church Records

Alice Tracy? & James Flood spon to baptism of Nelly to Nick Flood & Margery Bulger 1/1/1796 Enniscorthy Parish

Ann Tracy & Robert Murphy spon to baptism of Peter to Peter Murphy & Mary Dwyer 15/4/1862 Enniscorthy Parish

Ceath Treacy & Jns Murphy spon to baptism of Miriam to Ns Neil & Mary Brennan 12/11/1827 Davidstown Parish

Christina Triacy? & John Synnott wit to Philip Menissy to Margt Magee 23/8/1864 Davidstown Parish

Edward Tracy & Peter Burne wit to marriage of John Fitzgerald & Brigid Begley 13/5/1821 Enniscorthy Parish

Margaret Tracey & Lausendi Phannan wit to marriage of William Kinsillah & Johanna Oneal 1/10/1849 Enniscorthy Parish

Martin Tracy, John Neil & Jas Fortune wit to the marriage of Richard Sinnott & Mary Roche 18/2/1833 Davidstown Parish*

Martin Treacy, Peter Leacy & John Neil wit to marriage of Thomas Doyle & Mary Neil 2/3/1840 Davidstown Parish

Mary Treacy & Edward Sheal spon to baptism of John to Charles McGuire & Margaret Cox 27/8/1814 Enniscorthy Parish

Mary Tracey & Peter Kain spon to baptism of Anne to Laurance Bryan & Mary Scully 28/7/1819 Enniscorthy Parish

Mary Tracy? & Thomas Fowler spon to baptism of William to Matthew Coady & Eliza Dauley 22/8/1861 Enniscorthy Parish

William Tracy & Anne Nowlam spon to baptism of Ellen to Richard Sinnott & Betty Cloney 6/6/1826 Enniscorthy Parish

William Treacy & Mary Byrne spon to baptism of Cath to William Cullen & Bridget Nowlam 25/3/1847 at Johns, Davidstown Parish


* Same date as his marriage and similar witnesses.


Family records Ferns


The Tithes records of 1827 to 1833 list:

John Treacy, Garryduff, Kilcormick, south east of Ferns Co. Wexford, 13a/2r/25p, 1825 (ref 31/25)



Mary Tracy, 50, 5'1", blue eyes, black hair, fresh complexion, N.T. Barry, RC, married, begging, 2nd offence?

Cathe Tracy,  17, 4'5.5", grey eyes, red hair, fresh complexion, same, RC, single,  begging,

Patrick Tracy,  15, 4'2", blue eyes, brown hair, fresh complexion, same, RC, Spil [spell?], labourer,  begging,

Thos? Tracy,  9, 3'10", blue eyes, fair hair, fresh complexion, same, RC, same,  begging,

2 Sept 1862

Patrick Treacy, 19, 5'4.25", blue eyes, light hair, fresh complexion, N.T. Barry, RC, read, labourer, passing base coin


In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following was recorded:

Bridget Tracey of Crane, Clone, south east of Ferns in the Catholic Parish of Monagear.

Crane townland of the Parish of Clone (Ord. S. 20)

Map (#)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Bridget Tracey

William Murphy (holds 111a)

(owner Earl of Portsmouth?)




James Tracy of the Main Street of Ferns.

Main Street, Town of Ferns townland of the Parish of  Ferns (Ord. S. 15)  

Map (# of 40)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


James Tracy

William Delany

House and yard




The Valuation Office records for James Tracy No. 30 Main St, Ferns show that the immediate lessor changed from James Tracey to the 'Widow Tracey' in 1892 and to Michael Tracey in 1895. Then to Thomas Tracey in 1919 and then on to Rose Tracey in 1927 and then to Michael Tracey in 1930. [Thanks to Donal O’Neill]


1886 Death in the District of Ferns, Enniscorthy

No.: 366

Date and Place of Death: 1886 Not known Ferns

Name and Surname: James Tracey

Sex: M

Condition: Married

Age and Birth day: 70 years

Rank, Profession or Occupation: Labourer

Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness: Apoplexy

Signature, Qualification and Residence of Informant: Information received from John Murphy Coroner for County of Wexford

When Registered: First September 1886

Signature of Registrar: CB Smith???, Registrar



Johanna Tracy sen & Johana Tracy, of Ferns, that the deft on the 26th Decr 1888 at Ferns did make use of abusive provoking? & threatening language towards the complainent [Bridget Murphy of Ferns] calculated to cause a breach of the Peace whereby she requires her to show cause why she should not enter into surities tto be of good behaviour. Dismissed.


May 1895

Michael Tracy of Ferns, ...26th of April 1895 at Ferns had one dog in his posession without being duly licensed for same, paid 1/1


scan0001 (2)



Jim Treacy of Ferns 1907

Echo 29/7/2009




1901 Census

1911 Census




Michael Tracey, 51, M, 74 Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Hackney Driver, Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Annie Tracey, 53, F, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Thomas Tracey, 25, M, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Machine Knife Maker, Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

Patrick Tracey, 23, M, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Labourer, Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

Johanna Tracey, 20, F, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Michael Tracey, 15, M, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Scholar, Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford


James Tracey, 28, M, 94 Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Sickle Mechanic, Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Anne Tracey, 28, F, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Annie Tracey, 0, F, Ferns Town, Ferns, Wexford, Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford





Michael Macy [Tracy], 60, M, 23 Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford, Co Wexford, Cardriver, Head of Family, Widower

Thomas Macy [Tracy], 35, M, Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford, Co Wexford, Mechanic Labourer, Son, Single

Patrick Macy [Tracy], 33, M, Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford, Co Wexford, General Labourer, Son, Married

Johanna Macy [Tracy], 30, F, Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford, Co Wexford, Car [crossed out]

Michael Macy [Tracy], 25, M, Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford, Co Wexford, Cardriver, Son, Single


Mary Tracey, 34, F, 25 Mainstreet, Ferns, Wexford (married 1 year, 2 children/1 alive, daughter of head Eliza Donnolly widow?)


James Tracy, 38, M, 8 Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford

Annie Tracy, 38, F, Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford (married 12 years, 4 children)

Annie Tracy, 11, F, Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford

Johanna Tracy, 4, F, Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford

Michael Tracy, 3, M, Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford

Mary Tracy, 0, F, Milltown Road, Ferns, Wexford



In 1905, Julia Kearns, principal party, James Byrne?, Sureity?, Michael Treacy, all of Ferns; Estreat Recognizance, keep the peace


In 1909, Bryan Tracy of Chaple lane Ferns, [defendant], Eliza Warren of Miltrion? [complainant] & Connor [witness], Deft negleted as reqired to quit want & deliver unto Compt on demand possession of Dwelling House a premises situated at Chapel lane, Ferns This tenancy at 2/6 per week homing? been determined by notice to quit. Decree for posession.



In a souvenir program for a grand two day bazaar held in Ferns on the 20th and 21st of May 1923, the following are stated as contributors to the stalls:

St. Aidan’s Stall

per Misses Maguire, 2/-  Mrs. R. Treacy, Ferns

per Miss L. McDonald, Mrs. Treacy, Ferns, a prize

St. Joseph’s Stall

Per Miss Dora Doyle, Bunclody, Miss Treacy, Main Street Bunclody, Sideboard cloth

St. Kevin’s Auxiliary Refreshment Stall

List of prizes, Miss Treacy, Bunclody, Irish Hand-embroided Cloth

Aeridheacht Mór

Singing Solo Females (Senior), Annie Treacy, Ferns


May 12, 1930 (II) Deaths

Tracy (Ferns) May 11 1930 at her residence, Main st. Ferns, Rose Tracy; deeply regretted. RIP. Funeral will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) to Ferns Cemetrery.


August 10, 1933 IP

Provincial Hanball...At Ferns - Foley Cup. B. Keogh and P. Dunne beat P. Flood and M. Treacy.



1936 Rosanna T. Tracey, Main Street, Ferns, father Carpenter, one of five children


18th May 1936 Feis in Enniscorthy

...Rosie Tracey...[schoolgirls photograph]

Ferns Parish Journal 2011


1939 Families of Coolbawn Housing Estate [photographs of houses]

No.1 Michael Treacey

No.33 Mr. Patrick Treacy

Ferns Parish Journal 2011


9 Jun 1941 Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts

Application Miss Annie Tracey: Under date 22nd May 1941, Miss Annie Tracey, Main St., Ferns, wrote that she had made application some time ago for loan under Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts but nad been informed there was no money available. She Wlderstood now that three or four selected applicants did not intend to erect houses and if any of them withdrew she wished her application to be favourably considered. She was very anxious to start as soon as pOSSible, as unless she did she would forfeit two years' rent of the house in which she was living. The site on which she proposed building was in the centre of the village of Ferns where a demolition scheme had carried out. It would be a great asset to the place to have new houses erected on the demolished site as soon as possible. The Secretary stated that Mrs. Kavanagh (formerly Keegan) who had been selected in respect of loan for house proposed to be erected on Gorey Corporation Lands, had withdrawn her application.

The following resolution was adopted on the motion of Mr. 0'Byrne, seconded by Miss O'Ryan:- "Tnat we recommend the County Council to agree, subject to the sanction of the Minister for Local Government and public health to loan of £150 in respect of house to be erected at Ferns Village being granted to Miss Annie Tracey, Ferns." The County SoliCitor submitted letter from Mrs. Kavanagh under date 1st May 1941 stating she bad been Wlable to secure a contractor to bUild for tne amount of loan, so that her application would have to be withdrawn. If things 1mproved she would ask ner application to be reconsidered

10 Nov 1941 Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts

Miss Annie Treacy: The following under date 29th October 1942 (H.20924/41 - Loch Garman) was read from Department of Local Government and Public health:-

"With reference to your letter of the 14th August, I am directed by tne Minister for Local Government and Public liealth to state that we will raise no objection to the proposal of the Wexford County Council to advance the sum of £150 to Miss Annie Treacy under the Small Dwellings AcquisItion Acts in respect ot a house in course of erection at Main Street, Ferns, Co. Wexford


12 Apr 1943 Compliants Re Cottages

St. Aidan's ferns...following tenants...James Tracey.


Apr 11, 1944 (II) Death

Tracey (Ferns) - April 10, 1944, at her residence, St. Aidens, Ferns, wexford, Annie Tracey, beloved wife of James Tracey, aged 71; deeply regretted by her sorrowing husband and family. RIP. Funeral tomorrow (Wednesday) from St. Aidens to cemetery at 1 o'c. (O.T.)


Feb 26, 1951 (II) Social and Personal

The marriage arranged between Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Tracey, Ferns, and Phyllis, only child of Mr. J. and the late Mrs. Carr, North View, Putland Road, Bray, will take place on April 3rd (D.V.)

May 18, 1951 (II) Marriages

Tracey and Carr - April 3, 1951, at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Putland Road, Bray (with Nuptial Mass and Papal Blessing), by Rev. Peter Maguire CC, Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tracey, Ferns, Co. Wexford, to Phyllis, only child of John and the late Mrs Hannah Carr, North View, Putland Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow.


Jul 31, 1953 (II) Marriage

McDonald and Tracey - June 24 1953 at St. Mary's Church Barndarrig by the Rev J Doyle PP, with Nuptial Mass and Papal Blessing, William son of the late Daniel and Mrs McDonald, Ballahara House, Kilbride, Wicklow to Rosanna, daughter of Michael and Mrs Tracey, Ferns, Co. Wexford.


Apr 1, 1957 (II)

2 dozen white Wyanadouse and 2 dozen RI Red Cockerals, 7 weeks old. blood tested 50/- per doz. Mrs. A. Treacy, 1 Upper Ferns, Co. Wexford.

Jun 10 1959 (II)

10 lovely Pheasants, 6 weeks old fully feathered with Bantam mother. £4 the lot. Ml Tracey, No. 1 Upper Ferns, Co. Wexford.


Jan 13, 1959 (II) Death

Tracey (Co. Wexford) Jan 12, 1959 (suddenly) at his residence, Chapel Station, John beloved husband of Nano Tracey; deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife, father, mother, brothers and sisters. RIP. Remains will be removed to Ferns Church today (Tuesday) arriving at 6.30 o'c approx. Funeral to Ferns Cemetery tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2 o'c.


Jan 25, 1963 (II) Deaths

Tracey (Ferns, Co. Wexford) Jan 24 1963 at his residence Upper Ferns, Michael Tracey, beloved husband of Annie Treacy; deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife, and family, RIP Remains will be removed to Ferns Church to-day (Friday) at 7 o'c. Funeral tomorrow (Saturday) after Office and High Mass at 11 o'c to Ferns Cemetery.


Apr 5, 1963 (ME) Wexford Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

...Fleadh Ceoil...Ferns...Hon. secretary Mr. Michael Treacy, Castleview, Ferns


Mar 3 1970 (II) Death

Tracey (Ferns) March 2, 1970, at Parkton Nursing Home, Enniscorthy, Annie, relict of Michael Tracey, No.1 Upper Ferns, Co. Wexford; deeply regretted by her sorrowing sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, relatives and friends. RIP. Remains will arrive in Ferns Church this (Tuesday) evening at 6.30 o'c. Office and mass in Ferns Church to-morrow Wednesday at 11 o'c. Funeral immediately afterwards to Ferns Cemetery.


Church Records of Monageer


Biddy Tracy & James Bryan?

Winny? Bryan b. 27 Oct 1841 Tinnacross Sp. James Fylam? & Mary Hanna?


William Murphy & Catherine Doran

Margaret (illegitimate) b. 27 Nov 1842 Ballydamore Sp. Patt Fortune? & Bridget Tracy


Mary Tracey/Frany & Peter Clare

Margaret Clare b. 13 March 1843 Ballysimon Sp. Moses Brien & Catherine Laless?


John Tracy & Elizabeth Redmond?

Brigit b. 30th Jan 1847 of Crane Sp. Jos Donahue & Mary Murphy (see Burial)


Cathr Treacy to ??? Redmond 30th 1855 Wit: John Donohue & Brigit Lynch?



Biddy Tracy of Crane, 9 months, Oct 22 1847

James Hussay, of Tinacross, 56 years,

Biddy Tracy of Crane, 80 years, March 28 1865



Church records of Ferns and State records (1864 to 1899): [Update records thanks to Donal O’Neill]


1. James Tracy (labourer) of Ferns & Johanna Murphy.

1.1 Anne Tracy b. 15/2/1842 of Ferns (Spon: Moses Connors & Mary Baily) [Donal O’Neill]

Anne Tracey m. William Furlong 22/8/1875 [1854-1902] of Miltown? (Witnesses: Brian ????? & Mary Tracey) [Presume daughter]

Children of William Furlong and Anne Tracey

19/5/1876 Sarah Furlong of Miltown (Spon: Patrick Dwyer? & Bridget Tracy)

3/3/1878 Eliza Furlong of Miltown (Spon: James Kavanagh & Mary Tracy) Notation across Eliza's record 'Was married to William Byrne of Camolin on 25/7/1917 in Ferns by Canon Doyle'

[Donal O’Neill]

1880 John Furlong [Paul Gueret (guerholl) May 2012]

1.2 Thomas Tracy b. 3/7/1844 of Ferns (Spon: Dan Bayly & Margaret Martin)

1.3 Joanna Tracy b. 7/8/1847 of Ferns (Spon: John Block & Bidy Byrne)

1.4 Michael Tracy b. 30/11/1850 of Ferns (Spon: Thomas Maguire & Eliza Connors)

James Tracy (heuxtor)

Michael (aged 22 batchelor servant Ferns) m. Anne Kenny (age 25 spinster servant Ferns daughter of Thomas Kenny labourer) 14th April 1872 by B.E. Hayler PP Wit: Miles Breslan & Catherine Bent. Bride, groom & witnesses made their mark.

Michael Trac(e)y (labourer d. 1915?) of Ferns & Ann(e) Kenny.

1.4.1 James Tracey (b. 21/7/1873) Milltown Ferns. (Spon: John Bolger & Mary Tracy) [Donal O’Neill]

Michael Tracey (labourer)

James Tracey (batchelor labourer Ferns) m. Anne Mahon (spinster servant Ferns daughter of Daniel Mahon Labourer) 4th September 1898 by Laurence Jones CC Wit: Michael Mahon & Johanna Tracey (Annie d. 1944) Annie Tracey was born in Jul. 1900 in Ferns Johanna Tracey was born in 1907 in Ferns Michael Tracey was born in 1908 in Ferns Mary Tracey was born in Aug. 1910 in Ferns Daniel Tracey On 17 July 1914 Ferns [State Reg]

1.4.2 Thomas Tracey (b. 17/10/1875) Ferns. (Spon: Aidan Kavanagh & Kathy Tracey) Notation across Thomas's record 'Was married to Rosanna O'Brien of Annadura on 23/7/1917 in Ferns by Canon Doyle RP' [Donal O’Neill]  (Thomas d. 1921 aged 41, Rose d. 1930)

1.4.3 Patrick Tracey (b. 18/3/1878 d. 1949) of Ferns. (mother stated as Ann Brian on State Reg) Spon: Nicholas Lacy & Sarah Lacy) Notation across Patrick's record 'Married to Mary Donnelly Ferns on 3/8/1910 by Canon Doyle) [Donal O’Neill] Elizabeth Tracey On 03 November 1910 (Donnolly) [Ferns] Michael Tracey On 03 November 1910 (Donnolly) Ana Tracy On 19 September 1912 (Donnolly) Elizabedth Tracey On 06 December 1914 (Donnolly) Johanna Tracey On 12 August 1918 (Donnolly) Mary Tracey On 12 August 1918 (Donnolly)

1.4.4 Johanna Tracey (b. 7/8/1880) Ferns. (Spon: Patrick Kinsella & Anty Doyle) [Donal O’Neill]

1.4.5 Mary Tracy (b. 12/8/1882) Ferns.

1.4.6 Michael Tracy (b. 20/1/1886) Ferns. (m. 1913 Annie O’Brien or Brien. Michael d. 1963, Annie d. 1970) Anne Tracey was born in 1914 in Ferns. Michael Tracey was born in 1916 in Ferns and died on 24 Apr. 1966. John Tracey was born in 1918 in Ferns and died on 12 Jan. 1959. Thomas Tracey was born in 1921 in Ferns. Rose Tracey was born in 1923 in Ferns. Patrick Tracey was born in 1926 in Ferns and died on 20 May 1977. Daniel Tracey, B. 1929

1.5 Mary Tracey b. 16/7/1853 of Ferns (Spon: James McDonald & Margaret Delaney) [Donal O’Neill]

1.6 Bridget Tracey b. 11/1/1857 of Ferns (Spon: William Brien & Mary Kavanagh) [Move to Enniscothy area and married Luke Byrne 23rd June 1878]

1.7 Catherine Tracey b. 21/7/1859 of Ferns (Spon: Raymond Sinnott & Maryann Sinnott) [Donal O’Neill]

1.8 Elizabeth Tracey b. 28/7/1861 (Spon: Richard Kirwin & Margaret Leary) [Donal O’Neill]

Eliza Tracy (d. of James Tracy & Joanna Murphy of c Ferns) of 61 Marlboro St m. Stephen Fay (s. of Stephen Fay & Mary Stoker of 59 Jervis St) of 61 Marlboro St on 27 November 1880 Wit: Michael McNally of 83 Maillin St & Margt Hayes of 63 Lr Mechlenbugh St. Pro-Cathedral Dublin.

1.9 Johanna Tracey b. 4/11/1866 bapt. 7/11/1866 of Ferns (Spon: John O'Brien & Margaret Tracey) [Donal O’Neill]


Margaret Treacy (spinster servant Ferns, no father stated) m. Marks Kearns (bachelor servant Ferns, son of Marks Kearns shoemaker) 17th October 1871 in the RC church by John Doyle Wit: Michael Redmond & Bridget Connor [or Biddy Conroy]. Both bride & groom made their mark. [From Ballinapierce?]

Catherine Kearns b. 12/9/1872 of Ferns (Spon: James Kearns & Anne Tracy) [Donal O’Neill]

James Kearns b.5/1/1874 of Ferns (Spon: Jas Kavanagh & Mary Tracy) [Donal O’Neill]

Mick Kearns b. 18/1/1877 of Ferns (Spon: Dan Malone & Eliza Tracy) [Donal O’Neill]




Ferns Castle

Ferns Castle




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Eamon Treacy, Treacy Engineering Ltd, Ballinvalley, Kildavin, Bunclody, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Tel: 059 91 57629

Ben Dunne, Westpoint Health & Fitness Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Tel: 01 8221103




 Traceys of South Wexford


As stated previously, South Wexford may have been the home of Norman Traceys, referenced in historical records dating from 1280 to 1307, but there does not seem to be any references after this date. It is also possible that the Richard Tracy named was not a Norman. The records state that Richard Tracy held 2 carucats 60 acres (approx 300 acres in total) in Leffeth/Le Fech/Fyth (possibly The Fayth, Wexford Town) and Polryth/Pollrith/Polrych (possibly Pollwitch located near Mayglass 2 miles north from Tomhaggard, South-East Wexford) and pays yearly £5.7s.4d. without suit. Another possibility is that his holding was located beside John Occle/John de Ocle land at Mountgarrett, New Ross.





The ruins of the Norman castle at Tracystown West, built around 1450 AD as part of a series of defensive castles in south Wexford.

Tracystown East (Baile Uí Threasaigh Thior) and Tracystown West (Baile Uí Threasaigh Thiar, 1654 Trassistowne/Trassestowne), located 3 miles south-east and 2 miles west of Taghmon respectively, may have been either Norman or Gaelic settlements. They are located on the boundary of Bargy barony.


Morley at al state “These last townlands may be of Norman origin but references to the Norman Tracys in south Wexford are scarce and they may not have remained in the area. The occurrence of Tracytown as a townland name in an area of Norman settlement may seem to support the Norman attribution of Tracy, but even a cursory examination of Wexford place names shows this reasoning to be unsound”.


If Traceystown East is a Gaelic settlement, then Tincurra Church would have been of importance to the Traceys and the Uí Bairrche. It fulfills a number of criteria as an inauguration or óenach/meeting site. 


The placename Tincurra (Tincur = marriage portion/settlement) is mostly particular to Wexford and occurs in three locations, in areas with an Uí Bairrche connection. 




The ruins of Tincurra church on the edge of Tracystown East, which appears to be of celtic origin.



 Wexford Town & Rosslare (South East Wexford) PLU Wexford


Wexford Town


In two leases dated March 1731 and August 1743, John Tresey of Wexford Yeoman is named as a witness. The areas named are located around Wexford town.


In July 1764, James Tracy, Ale Draper [alehouse keeper], of Wexford [town?] was a witness to a pre-marriage settlement between Christopher Jeffares, of Furzeytown [Tacumshin, Forth], and Mary Berry, of Ballykelly [Killiane, Forth?]. Most of the persons mentioned are located in Forth barony, including the Wheelocks (see Ballyrane).


4 February 1792 Dublin Evening Post

In the battle for the franchise, both James Tracey and Nicholas Tracey of Wexford Town are listed in a petition of leading catholics of Wexford.


Matthew Greene, trial 5th November 1798

...witness for the prisoner...3rd witness William Tracy [presume of Wexford Town]...strand over the bridge...


The Tithes records list

In 1831 Nicholas Treacy of Mauldinstown was listed as a Tithe Defaulters. In 1833, he was listed as having 11a/1r/4p (ref 31/116)


1846 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Matthew Tracy, Faythe, Wexford. Public House.


1848 Wexford Goal

John Tracey, for leaving poor house.


In the February 1850 Parliamentary Elecotors for the borough of Wexford, Mathew Tracy of Maudlintown is listed.


In a Landed Estates deed, there is a reference to a cabin and backside, held by Denis Tracy, joining the Corporation ground, near John's-gate, facing John's churchyard, prior to 1856. The only other reference to a Denis Tracy in Wexford, is as a sponsor in Enniscorthy.


In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following were recorded:

Margaret Tracy of John’s Gate Townparks St. Johns, Wexford Town; Matthew Tracy of St. Mary, William Street Townparks, St. Michaels of Feagh, Wexford Town and of Maudlintown, East of Wexford Town;

John’s Gate, Townparks townland of the Parish of  St. Johns (Ord. S. 37)

Map (# of 33)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Margaret Tracy

John Stafford




St. Mary, townland of the Parish of Wexford Town (Ord. S. 37) 

Map (# of )


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Mary Wadding

Matthew Tracy




Matthew Tracy



Patrick Reid

Matthew Tracy



Daniel Murphy

Matthew Tracy


William Street, Townparks townland of the Parish of  St. Michael of Feagh (Ord. S. 37) 

Map (# of 56)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


William Connelly

Matthew Tracy





Mary Murphy

Matthew Tracy





Matthew Tracy

Jane Batt & Robt. Stafford

Ho. (pt of), offs., yd., & gar.

(Remainder of tenement in parish of Maudlintown)

0a 0r 26p



Nicholas Sinnott

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




James Rowe

Matthew Tracy

House and yard





Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Matthew Tracy

Jane Batt


0a 0r 20p



Matthew Tracy

Jane Batt


0a 0r 37p


Maudlintown townland (Town of Wexford) of the Parish of Maudlintown (Ord. S. 37)

Map (# of 54)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Patrick Rossitor

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




James Dunne

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




John Dillon

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Michael Niville

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Philip Ninchan

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




William Cahill

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




John Doyle

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Thomas Neill

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Margaret Cousins

Matthew Tracy

House and yard





Matthew Tracy

House and yard





Matthew Tracy

House and yard





Matthew Tracy

House (in ruins)





Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Felix Murphy

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Joseph Rossiter

Matthew Tracy

House and yard




Matthew Tracy

Robert Stafford

House (pt. of) Offs, & Ld. (Remainder of tenement in Parish of St. Michael’s of Feagh)

10a 0r 10p



13 July 1855

Margt Tracey, 62, 4'10", Dak eyes. grey hair, sallow complexion, lives Wexford, RC, widow, stealing a fish,


The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Rowe Steet, Wexford Town, was opened in 1858. One of the Stations of the Cross has the following dedication:


‘XII In memory of her deceased friends by Alice Tracy’


In the 1870 Slater's Directory of Ireland, it would appear that Margaret Tracy now ran the Public House in the Faythe.


In the 1877 Local government and taxation of towns report, Mr. Nicholas MacDonnell, Wexford town surveyor, is stated as proposing “to make a sewer of Ninety perches, Irish, in length, from Tracey's to Castle-hill.” Castle Hill Street (now Kevin Barry Street) leads from the Faythe towards South Main Street. Ninety Irish perches are approximately a third of a mile. As such, I presume that [Matthew then Margaret] Tracy’s [public house] was to the south, at the junction of the Faythe and William Street.


12 March 1907 James Tunstead

Administration of the estate of James Tunstead late of Poulpeasty County Wexford farmer who died 9 May 1906 at The Infirmary Enniscorthy said County granted at Dublin to Susan Treacy [Castlecomer  Kilkenny] married woman. Effects £372.



1901 Census

1911 Census




None stated.




Thomas Treacy [Freacy], 70, M, Barrack Street, Wexford No. 2 Urban, Wexford, Co Wexford, Tailor, Catholic, Head of Family, Married 8 years

Elizabeth Treacy [Freacy], 52, F, Barrack Street, Wexford No. 2 Urban, Wexford, Co Wexford, Catholic, Wife, Married 8 years


Patrick Treacy, 50, M, 13 High Street, Wexford Urban No 1, Wexford (tea agent, b. Baldwinstown (Bargy) Wexford)

Mary Treacy, 50, F, High Street, Wexford Urban No 1, Wexford (married 26 years, 2 children died)


James Treacey, 31, M, 14 Trinity Street, Wexford No. 2 Urban, Wexford (single, border, railway signalman, b. Kilkenny)




16 April 1913 Mary Walsh

Probate of the will of Mary Walsh late of Corramacorra Murrintown County Wexford widow who died 23 February 1913 granted at Dublin to Maria S. Tracey spinster. Effects £21.19.4


1915 Army Application - Not approved.

James Tracy, 10080, The Army Service Corps

39 years 280 days, b. 1876, Shoeing Smith?, married, RC, 5'4.25", 40" chest, mark on inside of right thigh, fit for service at home or abroad, Annie Tracy 12 high street Wexford wife 1895? next of kin

Address: 12 High Street, Wexford

Family: Annie Morris, Spinster, married at Wexford 7/9/1889[?], lives at 12 high Street Wexford, Child: Catherine Tracy, b. 7/12/1903 at Wexford

8/12/1915 Discharged - Not being likely to become an efficient soldier.


10th March 1920 Applications were received from the following as Rate Collector for No, 4 Collection District

...Patrick Treacy, 11 High Street, Wexford... [he also applied for a similar job in 1916 and 1923]


Dec 12, 1934 (IP) Death

Tracy (Derry) December 9 1934, at his residence, Ardkill, Derry, John Tracy formerly of High St., Wexford. RIP. Funeral took place to family burial ground, Ardmore, Derry, yesterday (Tuesday). Queen of the Most Holy Rossary, pray for him. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on his soul. [He was from Derry]



Church records (Wexford Town) and State Records:

Roman Catholic church record for Wexford Town

Baptisms start from 1671 (missing 1689-1694, 1710-1723 & 1787-1815)

Marriages (missing 1685-1724)


Thomas Trasy & Maigret

Margaret 7/4/1723 or 1725 Wexford Town (Spon John White & Mairgret Pearle)


Thomas Trasy & Cat Cormick (Catherine Connick? married 1728)

Elizabeth 21st ? 1732 or 1733 Wexford Town (Spon Pat Roe & Elizabeth Synnot)


Margaret (Peggy) Trasy & James Hews (or Hughes)

Pat 31/1/1733 Wexford Town (Spon Richard Reigh & Cat Donel)

? January 1735 Wexford Town (Spon Daniel ? & Cat Hay)


James Trassy? & Peggy Megin?

Margaret 22/5/1734 Wexford Town (Spon Francis Doyle & Mary Ramle?)


Anistates Tracy & Andrew Gannan

? 15/10/1738 Wexford Town (Spon James French & Christian Murphy)


Eleanor Tracey m Michael/Patrick Cody 14/5/1743 Wexford Town (Wit Patrick & Anne Kelly)

Thomas Cody 24/2/1743 Wexford Town (Spon Patrick Quirk & Anstasia Tracey)

Catherine Cody 21/12/1747 Wexford Town (Spon Patrick Cody & Catherine Stafford)

Mary Cody 10/3/1749 Wexford Town (Spon James Hughes & Mary Hogan)

Margaret? Cody 23/10/1752 Wexford Town (Spon Barnaby Hay & Mary Meyler)

? Cody 15/3/1756 Wexford Town (Spon James Myler & Alley Nangle)


Margaret (Catherine) Tracey m Jasper (John) Revel 23/51744 Wexford Town (Wit John srn. & Marg Revel))

Mary Revel 3/1/1744 Wexford Town (Spon Patrick Murphy & Mary Doyle)

Laurence Revel 9/8/1748 Wexford Town (Spon Stephen Connick & Eleanor Stafford)

John Revel 18/12/1750 Wexford Town (Spon Michael Murphy & Mary Hays?)

Mary Revel 20/11/1751 Wexford Town (Spon Francis Bogg & Mary Foghlan)

Eleanor Revel 26/5/1754 Wexford Town (Spon William Power & Mary Bond)

Stephen Revel 13/1/1758 Wexford Town (Spon James Friett? & ?)

Catharin Revel 28/7/1759 Wexford Town (Spon James Tracey & Mary Couzins)

Catharin Revel 30/2/1760 Wexford Town (Spon James Ennis & Joan Cullin)

Elenor Revel 7/8/1763 Wexford Town (Spon Barnaby Hay & Bridget Doyle)


James Tracey & Elizabeth Wickham

Eleanor 5/9/1751 Wexford Town (Spon John Codd & Margaret Howlin)

James? 12/10/1753 Wexford Town (Spon Patrick ? & Margaret Furlong)

Robert 20/2/1756 Wexford Town (Spon Richard Devoraux & Mary Clarey)

John 10/4/1759 Wexford Town (Spon Thomas Barry & Mary Sinnot)

Margt??? 19/4/1761 Wexford Town (Spon John Cleary & Barbara Coote)

Mathew 20/4/1763 Wexford Town (Spon Nicholas Deveraux & Mary Howlin)

Catharin 29/7/1765 Wexford Town (Spon Luke Corish & Elenor Stafford)


Eleanor Tracey & Patrick Cleary

Philip 25/3/1773 Wexford Town (Spon Daniel Kavanagh & Mary Furlong)


Ele(a)nor Tracey m James Edwards 15/6/1774 Wexford Town (Wit James Tracey & Robert Tracey)

Elizabeth 11/5/1775 Wexford Town (Spon Michael McCarty & Elizabeth Wickham)


Thomas Trasy & Margret Harris

William 21/4/1775 Wexford Town (Spon Luke & Mary Conway)

Alley (Alice?) 25/3?/1776 Wexford Town (Spon Owen Redmond & Bridget Roche)


Mary Treacy m John Petite 23/7/1783 Wexford Town (Wit James Tracy & Richard Deveraux)

John Petite 10/8/1786 Wexford Town (Spon James? & Bridget Treacy)

Margaret Treacy & John Petite

Mathew? Petite 2/4/1784 Wexford Town (Spon Joseph Doyle & Mary Petite)


Eleanor Treacy & James Lacy

Ie? Lacy 2/7/1785 Wexford Town (Spon Pat Lacy & Johanna Murphy)


William Tracy m Mary Anne Parle 16/11/1792 Wexford Town (Wit Mary Doyle & Mary Burke)


Anstace Tracy m Thomas Moran 29/9/1807 Wexford Town (Wit John Kenny & Martin Roche)


Patrick Tracy m Bridget Culleton 18/11/1807 Wexford Town (Wit John & Anastasia Mackiligrue)


Margaret Treacy m John Morren 29/3/1812 Wexford Town (Wit Michl & Mary Connors)


Mary Treacy m Willm Deveraux 30/9/1813 Wexford Town (Wit Learn.? John Connor & Will Treacy)

Anne Deveraux 4/9/1816 Wexford Town (Spon Peter Deveraux & Mary Meyer)

Margt Deveraux 16/8/1817? Wexford Town (Spon Willm North & Eliza Hammond)

Michael Deveraux 1820? Wexford Town (Spon Richd Noctan? Margt Hays?)

Wm Deveraux 2/2/1823 Wexford Town (Spon Patt Nevil & Mary Hammond)


Patt Treacy & Jo(h)anna/Jarminah? Furlong

Margt 4/7/1815 Wexford Town (Spon Henry? Murphy & Mary Deveraux)

Thos? 23/2/1820 Wexford Town (Spon Thos Furlong & Mary Lacy)

? 1821? Wexford Town (Spon Frank? Furlong? & Betty Furlong)

James 11/5/1824 Wexford Town (Spon Michl? Cavanish? Mary Armstrong?)


John Treacy & Margt Sacic?

Ann? (Anne?) 8?/3/1816 Wexford Town (Spon Peter Walsh & Margt Williams)


Margt Treacy & Jas Cosgrove

Lucy Cosgrove 7/7/1816 Wexford Town (Spon John Lambert & Susy? Lewis?)

Francis Cosgrove 1/6/1817? Wexford Town (Spon Michl Howlin & Mary Leacy)


James Trac(e)y m Margaret Parle 27/11/1822 Wexford Town (Wit Patt & Mary Parle)

Margt 7/11/1823 Wexford Town (Spon Anne Murphy)

Winifred 9/2/1826 Wexford Town (Spon John Carle & Mary Sinnot)

Thomas 8/11/1828 Wexford Town (Spon Pat Parle & Mary Lacy)


Patt Tracy m Mary Murphy 2/9/1826 Wexford Town (Wit Ellen Rossiter & Catty Wafer)


Mary Tracy & Robert Murphy (married 1834)

Margaret Murphy 15/11/1836 Wexford Town (Spon Pat Cavanagh & Esther Tracy)


William Tracey/Tracy/Treacy m Catherine (Kitty) Daly 5/6/1839 Wexford Town (Wit Patrick Byrne & Ellen Fortune)

Patrick 27/8/1839 Wexford Town (Spon Patrick Burne & Jane? Young?)

Johanna 1/8/1845 Wexford Town (Spon William Whelan & Anne Foley)

Mary Anne 19/5/1847 Wexford Town (Spon Joseph? McGuin? & Margaret Kavanagh) [married John Stafford?]


Anne Tracey & Richard Paor?

Francis Paor? 4/10/1843 Wexford Town (Spon Oliver Doyle & Jane Bond)


Mathew Tracey & Catherine Mayler

Mary 24/7/1844 Wexford Town (Spon Marg Comminford?)


Anne Tracey m John Kinan/Keanan/Keenan/Meehan 12/7/1846 Wexford Town (Wit Betty Roche & Sally Howlin)

Mary Ann Kinan? 14/8/1847 Wexford Town (Spon John Hayes & Winafred Kenny)

Esther Kinan? 22/9/1849 Wexford Town (Spon James Stamp? & Bridget Synnot)


Mary Tracey/Tracy & Thomas Whelan (married 1846)

Michael Whelan 9/8/1847 Wexford Town (Spon John Baldwin & Anne Ryan?)


Margaret Tracy? & Pat Furlong

Anne Furlong 14/2/1851 Wexford Town (Spon Peggy Burke?)


Margaret Tracy m. Thomas Tobin 25/5/1853 Wexford Town (Wit Raymond Dowling & Maria Kenny)

Margaret Tobin 17/3/1854 Wexford Town (Spon Francis Cosgrives)

Sarah Tobin 10/5/1856 Wexford Town (Spon Pat Brian & Eliza Peppar?)

Anne Tobin 17/12/1858 Wexford Town (Spon Anne Doyle)

Margaret Tray (Tracy?) & Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan 19/5/1854 Wexford Town (Spon Alan? Finlin)

Catherine Tracy m James Condon 6/8/1855 Wexford Town (Wit William Scallan & Bess Keating)
Thomas Tracy (s. of Patrick Tracy) aged 24 years m. Johanna Bolger (d. of Nicholas Ronan) aged 24 years on the 03 Feb 1867 Wexford, Wexford, Ireland
John Trecy, 36, single, (s. of John Trecy) m. Mary Cogley, 35, single, (d. of James Cogley) on 04 Mar 1867 Wexford, Wexford, Ireland  
Mary Tracey (d. of William Tracey) aged 25 years m. John Stafford (s. of John Stafford) aged 22 years on the 26 Jun 1868 Wexford, Wex, Ireland
Frances Stafford b. 15 Oct 1868 Wexford Wexford
Christina Stafford b. 8 Oct 1873 Wexford Wexford
James Stafford b. 10 Jan 1876 Wexford
Patrick Stafford b. 21 Jan 1878 Wexford Wexford


Other Church records


Anne Tracy & Cath Lawler spon to baptism of Bess to John Wade & Bidde Murphy 5/11/1822 Wexford Town

Katarin Tracy & Adam Whogort spon to baptism of Thom to John Louy (Long?)  & Nell? Wrigh 11/2/1700 Wexford Town

Catherine Tracy & ? Kehoe  spon to baptism of Joseph to James Keating & ??? 27/8/1737 Wexford Town

Catherine Tracy & Richard Cahill spon to baptism of Mary? to James Hill & Mary Freemer 8/5/1739 Wexford Town

Catherine Tracy & James French spon to baptism of Catherine to ? English & Mary Boggans 8/10/1743 Wexford Town

Catherine Tracey & Laurane Boggan spon to baptism of Patrick to Patrick Hughes & Mary O’Brien 5/11/1840 Wexford Town

Catherine Tracy? & William Cormick? spon to baptism of Joh William to John Gethins? & Ellen Murry 28/6/1851 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & John Scallan spon to batptism of Thomas? to John Connor & Catherin Brennan 16/6?/1766 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Patrick Prendergast spon to baptism of Clare to John Keating & Mary Hean? 15/3/1767 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & William North spon to baptism of Stephen to Patrick North & Mary Connor 22/4?/1767 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & John Naddy spon to baptism of Catharin to James Carr & Mary Cleary 9/3/1767 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Thomas Barry spon to baptism of John to James Crossby? & Anstacie Busher? 12/8?/1768 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Mouge? Prendergast spon to baptism of  James? to Michael Long & Mary Knee 19/7/1769 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & John Connor spon to baptism of Olas? to John Murphy & Elizabeth Connic 4/5/1770 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Thomas Carty spon to baptism of ??? to Samuel Smith & Mary Couzins 20/7/1770 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Richard McCarty spon to baptism of Richard to Peter English & Mary Mithi? 6/5?/1772 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Walter Myler spon to baptism of John to Patrick Couzins & Elenor Connor 15/3/1773 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & John Couzins spon to baptism of Mary to Richard Murphy & Judy Connor 31/1/1773 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Mary Scallan witnesses to the marriage of James Cullin & Ann Barry 4/9/1773 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & John Furlong spon to baptism of Patrick to Thomas Furlong & Agnes Bent 15/3/1776 Wexford Town

Elenor Tracey & Patrick Esmond spon to baptism of Joseph to Patrick Keneddy & Bridget Lamport 11/1/1777 Wexford Town

Eliza? Treacy & Edmond Prendergast spon to baptism of Catharin to John Prendergast & Elizabeth Howlan? 15/3?/1816 Wexford Town

Bess? Tracy & Dennis Kelly spon to baptism of James to John Edwards & Mary Mackey 17/4/1829 Wexford Town

Bess Tracy & Thomas Nevile? spon to baptism of Richard to Pat Hughes & Mary Breen 2/12/1845 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Margaret Howlin spon to baptism of Elizabeth to William Cardiffe & Mary Kelly 8/2/1758 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Judy Furlong spon to baptism of Catherin to John Furlong & Catherin Connor 19/3/1758 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Nathanel Waddy witnesses to the marriage of William Ennis & Bridget Cormick 27/12/1758 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Laurence Butlet witnesses to the marriage of James Car & Mary Cleary 7/9/1764 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Mary Butler spon to baptism of James to Samuel Smith & Mary Couzins 26/7/1765 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Elizabeth Wickham witnesses to the marriage of Richard Frank & Mary Murphy 31/5/1766 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Clare Hagan spon to baptism of James to Patrick Staples & Catherin Fitzhenry 29/2/1772 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Mary Roc spon to baptism of Mary to Mark Sinnot & Catherin Starkey 22/1/1775 Wexford Town

James Treacy & Mary Ann Power? spon to baptism of Mary to Rich Mycod? & Mary Boyle 8/12/1778 Wexford Town

James Tracey & Clement Deveraux  witnesses to the marriage of Francis Wadding & Mary Wickham 21/7/1784 Wexford Town

James Tracy? & Biddy Savage? spon to baptism of Richard to William Bodlin? & Catherine Murphy 1/11/1842 Wexford Town

John Tracy & Ellen Lambert spon to baptism of Mathew to Mathew Byrn & Margaret Byrn 24/8/1844 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracy & James Hughes spon to baptism of James to Matthas Meyler & Joan Pierce 23/1/1743 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracey & Thomas Hay spon to baptism of Elizabeth to Laurence Furlong & Bridget Welsh 17/3/1757 Wexford Town

Margt Treacy & Thos Roe spon to baptism of Barbara to Rich Murphy & Joan Connor 13?/1/1778 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & John Divigns? spon to baptism of John to Richard Rack & Mary Murphy 17/5/1778 Wexford Town

Marg? Treacy & James Stafford spon to baptism of Eleanor to James Chivers? & Mary Connor ?/4/1778 Wexford Town

Margt Treacy & Pat Rositor? spon to baptism of Anthony to Thos Rositor? & Mary Ann Duff 5/2/1781 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & Nich Corish spon to baptism of Barbara to Thos Barry & Mary Sinnot 8/2/1781 Wexford Town

Marg Treacy & James Cody spon to baptism of Michael to Mark Boorly? & Catherine Cody 14/8/1782 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & John Barry spon to baptism of Elizabeth to John Warren & Mary Whitty 16/3/1783 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & William Devereaux spon to baptism of Francis to Richard Myler & Mary Boyle 21/10/1783 Wexford Town

Margt Treacy & Pat Corish spon to baptism of Nicholas to Francis Wadding & Mary Wickham 30/12/1784 Wexford Town

Marg Treacy & Philip Deveraux spon to baptism of Moy? to Laurence Rea & Mary Murphy 2/4/1786 Wexford Town

Peggy Treacy & Nicholas Treacy spon to baptism of Nicholas? to John Cullin & Betty ??? 10/7/1786 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & Ambrose Bosswell witnesses to the marriage of Patrick Coney & Mary Edwards 4/3/1802 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracy & Patt Butler spon to the baptism of James to Laurence Williams & Fanny Whitty 25/2/1834 Wexford Town

Margaret Treacy & Ellen Pettitl witnesses to the marriage of John Cosgrove & Elizabeth Kavanagh 22/4/1839 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracey & Joh Crean spon to the baptism of Patrick to Leonard Burke & Margaret Bondily? 24/12/1844 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracy? spon to baptism of Patrick to Patrick Cussan? & Mary Breen 7/5/1846 Wexford Town

Margaret Tracy & John Kirwan witnesses to marriage of Peter Roche & Mary Furlong 11/5/1848 Wexford Town

Mary Tracy & Thomas Keane spon to baptism of Ellen to Patrick Hughs & Mary Bryan 1/8/1843 Wexford Town

Mary Tracey & Thomas Codd spon to baptism of William toWilliam Sinnot & Ellen Codd 13/12/1846 Wexford Town

Mathew Tracey & Mary Rack spon to baptism of Margaret to Richard Rack & Mary Murphy 7/3/1776 Wexford Town

Mathew Treasy & Mary Cormick spon to baptism of Catherine to Thomas Keary & Mary Shandon? 20/7/1782 Wexford Town

Math Treacy? & Catherin? Connolly spon to baptism of Catt? to Hugh Crowley? & Mary Connolly 27/8/1819 Wexford Town

Nicholas Treacy & Patrick Petitte? witnesses to the marriage of Philip Kavanagh & Mary Bent 10/8/1793 Wexford Town

Pat Treacy & Christian Sinnot spon to baptism of Catherine to Thos Furlong & Eliza Beth? 4/9/1816 Wexford Town

Patrick Treacy & Mary Treacy spon to baptism of Judith? to Nicholas Kelly & Catherine Hutchinson 19/2/1855 Wexford Town

Patrick Tracy & Mary Murphy spon to baptism of Mary to Thomas Nangle & Margaret White 4/5/1863 Wexford Town

Robert Tracey & Elenor Kelly spon to baptism of James to John North & Elenor Kelly 18/9//1775 Wexford Town

Thomas Trasy? & Mary Reyly spon to baptism of Chrabeth to Thomas Keaw & Ellen Murphy 5/4/1728 Wexford Town

Thomas Tracey & Mary Kelly spon to baptism of Elizabeth to Richd Mollourny & Elenor Kelly 20/8/1776 Wexford Town

William Treacy & James Claney witnesses to the marriage of Thomas Roche & Bridget Cullin 22/12/1801 Wexford Town

William Tracy & Catherine Doors? spon to baptism of Elizabeth to John  Carty & Elizabeth Hemp? 12/12/1838 Wexford Town


Memorials of the Dead

Church of St. Francis, Wexford town East Wexford

Matthew Tracy died 27th Aug 1839 aged 64, Ellen Tracy his sister died 14th July 1868 aged 68, Margaret Tracy his sister died 15th Dec 1870 aged 50, Anne Tracy his sister died 28th Oct 1873 aged 63.

Nicholas Tracy died 14th May 1826 aged 77 years, Margaret Tracy nee Parle his wife died 12 Oct 1855 aged 86, Elizabeth their daughter died 7th June 1861 aged 66, Mary their daughter died 4th Oct 1853 aged 50.


 Rosslare and surrounding areas


In 1636 and 1638 there is a reference to a Katherine Tracy of logharn (Longhard, Ballybrennan Parish, Forth) who may have had an inn.


In 1768 there is the will of Robert Tracy, of Killcarberry, Enniscorthy which has Matthew Tracy of Rotholm, barony of Forth, farmer, as an executor. (see above)


In 1796 there is the will of John Tracy of Rathlom, Co. Wexford. (Ratholm, Ballybrennan?)


In 1804 there is the bond of the widow Mary Tracey of Rathholm, Ballybrennan.


In December 1822 some atrocious ruffians cut the throat of a horse the property of Mathew Tracy, of Rathholm, in the Barony of Forth.


The Tithes records list

In 1831 both Matthew Tracy and Thomas Treacy of Ratholeen, Ballybrennan were listed as Tithe Defaulters. In 1839 they were listed as having 27a/1r/33p (ref 31/126) and 13a/3r/0p (ref 31/126) respectively.

John Tracey/Treacy, Muchrath, Killinick, Co. Wexford, 2 lots 6a/0r/0p & 4a/0r/0p, 1833 to 1836, (ref 31/125) (Landlord W. Annesley, Observations W. Sweney of Dublin Gent)


In July 1832 at the Wexford Summer Assizes, James Tracy and three others were convicted, for an assault upon four policemen stationed at Killinick, and was sentenced to three months imprisonment


In the Estate Records, there is a reference to a Mary Tracy as tenant of lands in Ballyrane, with a renewal date of 1838 (original date 1712). Other tenants named are the Wheelocks. There may be a connection to the 1764 deed naming James Tracy, Ale Draper of Wexford town and the Wheelocks.


In 1840 there is the will of Thomas Tracy of Ratholin.


Thomas Treacy of Wexford was committed on the 7 June 1842 by High Sheriff for Contempt of Chancery Court and was discharged 14 April 1845.


In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following were recorded:

In close proximately there were John Tracey of Muchrath and Matthew Tracy of Ballyrane, both of Killinick; Matthew Treacy of Ratholm, Ballybrennan.

Muchrath townland of the Parish of  Killinick (Ord. S. 48)  acres

Map (# of 5)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


John Tracey

Hamilton K.G. Morgan

House, offices and land

16a 0r 35p


Ballyrane townland of the Parish of Killinick (Ord. S. 47) 112 acres

Map (# of 7)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Matthew Tracey

Robert Nash

House, offices and land

57a 3r 4p



Michael Byrne

Matthew Tracy





Margaret Kenny

Matthew Tracy




Ratholm townland of the Parish of Ballybrennan (Ord. S. 48) 97 acres

Map (# of 2)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


Matthew Treacy

Viscount Monck

House, offs & land

Part of

97a 1r 20p



Anastatia Parle

Matthew Treacy





22 March 1860

James Treacy, 20, 5'5.25", Blue eyes, D Brown hair, fresh complexion, Nicharee [Duncomick], RC, labourer, having ship U??tax Tobacco in port


From February 1864 to 1887 in the London Gazette, under the heading of Inland Revenue - Copy of Bankers Returns - Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists, it states Matthew Tracy, Ratholum, Killinick, County Wexford (Farmer)


In 1870, Matthew Tracy of Ballymore and Patick Tracy of Mulrankin expressed support for the pope.


In Bassett’s Directory of 1885, there are references to the landowners Mathew Tracey of Ratholm and John Tracy of Ballysheen, both in Killinick.


Under the Return of judicial rents, the following are stated:

In 1888, John Treacy of Muckrath Wexford, landlord Hon. Mrs. Deane Morgan and another, 16a/0r/39p, poor valuation £10/0/0, old rent £11/0/0, new rent £9/0/0

In 1890, Mathew Treacy of Ballyrane Wexford, landlord William J. Robinson, 4a/3r/17p, poor valuation £3/5/0, old rent £6/0/0, new rent £4/7/6, by consent


In May 1891, at a Wexford Town Meeting for John Remond of the Nationalist Party, Patrick Treacy of Rathangan was listed as a supporter.


In the 1894 Slater's Directory, Patrick Treacy, is listed as a Farmer & Publican in Baldwinstown [Kilcowan], Wexford



1901 Census

1911 Census




Patrick Treacy, 40, M, 2 Beckville, Kilcowan, Wexford, Shop Assistant, Roman Catholic, Son in Law, Married, Co Wexford

Mary Treacy, 40, F, Beckville, Kilcowan, Wexford, Housekeeper, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Married, Co Wexford

Anne Treacy, 16, F, Beckville, Kilcowan, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Grand Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Ellen Walsh, 84, Female, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Licenced Publican, Widow, Co Wexford




James Tracey, 50, M, 9 Bastardstown, Kilmore, Wexford, Agricultural Labour, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Not Married, Co Wexford




Matthew Tracey, 50, M, 5 Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Margt Tracey, 50, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

William Tracey, 27, M, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Farmers Son, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford

Margt Tracey, 25, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Stasia Tracey, 23, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Alice Tracey, 17, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Farmers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Matthew Tracey, 12, M, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford




John Tracey [Trecey], 70, M, 1 Muchrath, Tacumshin, Wexford, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Margaret Tracey [Trecey], 40, F, Muchrath, Tacumshin, Wexford, Farmers Wife, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married,  Co Wexford



Eliza Tracey, 20, F, 8 Eaton Place, Blackrock, Dublin, General-Domestic Servant, Roman Catholic, Servant, Not Married, Wexford






[moved to Wexford Town]




Anastasia Treacy, 34, F, 5 Tullabards, Little, Kilmore, Wexford (single, housekeeper)

Elizabeth Treacy, 30, F, Tullabards, Little, Kilmore, Wexford (single, cook)




Mathew Treacy, 62, M, 5 Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford (farmer)

Margaret Treacy, 60, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford (married 42 years, 9 children/8 alive,

William Treacy, 39, M, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford (single)

Mathew Treacy, 22, M, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford (single)

Margaret Treacy, 34, F, Ratholm, Rosslare, Wexford (single)




Margaret Treacy, 50, F, 1 Muchrath, Tacumshin, Wexford (head, widow, farmer)



Alice Tracy [Teacy], 29, F, Killegar, Enniskerry, Wicklow, Roman Catholic, Servant, Single, Co Wexford,




In 1912 Mary J. Treacy born circa 1908 in NY USA, travelled with her aunts Josephine Dunne (36) and Margaret Dunne (28) to her mother Mrs J Treacy [nee Dunne], of 664 E 179 St New York. Her grandfather was Patrick Dunne, Poulmarl, Taghmon, Co. Wexford.


In 1913 Matthew Treacy played for the GAA team ‘Forth Heroes’ of Ballymore/Killinick/Our Lady’s Island.


Matthew Tracey, farmer, of Ratholin Killinick County Wexford, who died 13 Nov 1925. His will was granted 05 Mar 1942 at Waterford to Peter Murphy, Effects £87.0.0


1937 Wexford County Council

Ratholm Lane: Mr. M. Treacy, Ratholm, Killinick, wrote calling attention to this lane, the Condition of which he described as "something awful". There were six people using the lane, and, if they could get a few loads of gravel out of Mr. Browne's quarry the people concerned would do the repairs themselves.

Referred to County Surveyor.


Church records and State Records:

Kilmore Parish baptismal records 7 Jul 1828 to 29 Sep 1854 (1845 missing) http://www.kilmoregenealogy.com/


Anastatia Treacy m. James Brien 8/2/1858, Rathangan Parish (Wit: Michael Brien, Ellen Roche)


Anastatia Tracey (born 1840 Hareslaw [Haresmead? Horetown or Hayesland? Kilrane], Wexford, Ireland) Married in June 1880, Kilrain, Wexford, England, to William ENNIS 1837-

Patrick ENNIS 1875-1950

http://gw.geneanet.org/cschmidt5?lang=en;pz=christoper+paul;nz=schmidt;ocz=0;p=anastatia;n=tracey October 2013


Sath Callahan & Ellen Wallace

Martha b. 29/5/1856 Duncormack, Rathangan Parish Sp. William Sinnott & Anty Tracy


James Tracey m. Catherine Hanlin 31/7/1861, Rathangan Parish (Wit: James Brian, John Cleary)

1. James Tracey (b.c. 1839 d. 1878) & Catherine (b.c. 1838) [Hanlin?]

1.1 Stephen Tracey (b.c. 1861 Wexford) m. Elizabeth Reardon

1.1.1 Mary Tracey (b.c. 1883)

1.1.2 James Tracey (b. 1886)

1.1.3 Stephen Tracey (b.c. 1890)

1.2 Mary Tracey (b.c. 1865 Swansea)

1.3 Lawrence Tracey (b.c. 1868 Swansea)

1.4 Margaret Tracey (b.C. 1869 Swansea)

1.5 Anastasia Tracey (b.c. 1872 Swansea) m. Daniel O'Driscoll

1.6 Patrick Tracey (b.c. 1874 Swansea)

1.7 Mary Tracey (b. 1877)

Seán Duggan on May 8, 2009

James Tracey (1840-) & Catherine Handlin (1839-)

Steven Tracey (1862 Wexford - 1905 St.Helens Lancs) m. Elizabeth Reardon (1862-1927)

James Tracey (1887-1959) m. Lilian Mary Heaton (1892-) 1912 Lowehouse St.Helens

1881 British ensus

Household: 12 Llangavelach St, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales



Marital Status






 Stephen TRACEY 

 Boarder (Head) 




 Wexford, Ireland 

 General Labr 


 Elizabeth TRACEY 





 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales 



Household: 4 Skinner St, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales



Marital Status






 Catherine TRACEY 






 ... Laundress 


 Larawnce TRACEY 





 Glamorgan, Wales 

 General Labourer 


 Margrett TRACEY 








 Amelia TRACEY 








 Pathrick TRACEY 
















It would appear that Wales was not a popular place for the Traceys to emigrate to. Also around that time, Lawrence was not a popular name with the Traceys.

I could not find Lawrence Tracey in the 1871 census in Wales, but his death may have occured in Jan 1877 in Swansea, Glamorganshire. By elimination, I presume that this must be him:

1871 Census England - Widnes, Lancashire
Self  Luke Whitney  M 25 Wexford, Ireland 
Wife  Mary A Whitney  F 30 Wexford, Ireland 
Daughter  Bridget Whitney  F 5 Widnes, Lancashire 
Son  Nickolas Whitney  M 7 Wexford, Ireland 
Lodger  Lawrance Treacy  M 35 Wexford, Ireland

There was a Laurence Tracy born in 1835 in Wexford, (perhaps near Rathangan Parish).

The best match that I have is for perhaps his brother, athough in the 1881 Census there are Traceys from Waterford living in Swansea.

Advice tracing Traceys

Lawrence Tracey was indeed born around 1835-37 and had a younger brother James who married a Catherine. James tragically died in 1879 in Swansea at the age of 32 leaving Catherine with 6 children. Stephen witnessed the accident and the coroners report confirms Stephen is James' son so the information you kindly sent me matches. I also purchased a book called "Little Ireland" about the Irish immigration into Swansea. It briefly mentions the Tracey men, stating they were from Wexford which also tallies with your information so thanks to you - I'm on the right path. I think Margaret Power was born Waterford but I'm still searching for confirmation. 

Sian Roderick sian.roderick2002@gmail.com August & September 2013

Johana/Joney Tracy/Frasy? & William Furlong            

Walter b. 26th October 1828 Kilmore Parish Sp. Matthew Tracy & Mary Furlong

James Furlong b. 9 Jan 1833 Sp. John Frasy? (Trasy) & Margaret Furlong

Catherine b. 20th June 1835 Kiolmore Parish Sp. James Keough & Margaret Doyle


Rich Fitzgerald & Ellen Sinnott

Laurence b. 13/11/1854 Ambrosetown Rathangan Parish Sp. Laur Tracey & Anty Tracy


Peter Moran  m. Margaret Murphy 29/6/1858 Rathangan Parish (Wit: Larence Treacy & J.Colfer)


John Cragorty & Mary Cochlan

Mary b. 18th Sep? 1848 Kilmore Parish Sp. Laurence C? & Mary Tracy


Mathew Tracey (s. of John Tracey) m. Mary Bennett (d. of James Whedock) 10 Jul 1850 Killinick, Wex, Ire

I am researching the Wheelocks. You mentioned a marriage settlement document 1764, between Christopher Jeffares (another relative ) and Mary Berry, with James Tracey, alehouse owner as witness.  Matthew Tracey m. Mary Bennett nee Wheelock 1850 Killinick , her first husband was Thomas Bennett.

Kind Regards.

Daphne Wilson

Mathew Tracey (19, farmer Ratholm s. of Mathew Tracey) m. Margaret Walsh (18, farmer Ballykereen, d. of Richard Walsh, farmer), 15th May 1869, at Tagoat RC by John Barry CC (Wit John Walsh & Elizabeth Martin?) Ballybrennan.

Mary Tracey 8/10/1869 Broadway (LDS)

William 11/2/1872 Broadway (LDS)

Anastasia 11/9/1876 (LDS)

Ellen Tracey 22/4/1878 Ratholne (LDS)


Michl Tracey & Mary Molloy (married 1855 Wexford?) residence Kilkenny

Alicia b. 26/4/1855 Rathangan Parish Wexford Sp. Michl Cosgrove


Patrick Tracey m. Mary Walsh 11/2/1885, Rathangan Parish (Wit: Edward Walsh, Annie Whitty) (Patrick Treacy, Wexford, 1st Quarter 1885 4 648)


Nicholas Philips & Catherine Butler

Annah b. 10/6/1897 Rathangan Parish Sp. Patrick Tracy & Catherine Furlong


Stephen Tr(e)acy & Mary Fichonis/Fitzgerald/Tracy

Anastatia b. 12/10/1836 Rathangan Parish Sp. James Walsh & Mrs.Murphy (Tracy)

James b. 16/7/1839 Rathangan Parish Sp. Mick Scallon & Mary Sheridan (Fichonis)

Catherine b. 26/7/1842 Rathangan Parish Sp. John Walsh & Catherine Rosseter (Fitzgerald)


Memorials of the Dead

Ballymore Old SE Wexford

Here lies the body of Catherine Devereux alias Tracy of Colkeren…her husband Thomas De(vereux) who depd this life May 12th 1803 aged 78

Mayglass SE Wexford

Here lieth body of Mat/thew Tracy who depd this life January 20th 1777 agd 63 years

Here lyeth the body of Margaret Tracy who depd this life June 2nd 1777 agd 18 years

Ballybrennan SE Wexford

Here lieth the body of Mar(y T)reacy alias Marshall and d(e)parted this life the 28th day of July (1)82(5?) aged 45 years. Also (the) body of her (h)usband Thomas Treac(y who) departed this life … of October 186(3 or 5) aged ??? years.



New Ross and surrounding areas (South West Wexford) PLU New Ross


See also Listerlin, Mullinarrigle, Raheen and Rosbercon, Co. Kilkenny.


On the 17th June 1495, there was a lease for 59 years between Clement son of William Butler and Donald O’Trassye, for a messuage (fortified house) with a garden and joining the town of Ross, from the Market Street on the south to the common road on the north and in length from Nicholas Britonn’s land on the west to the land of St. Saviour’s on the east. Also Clement has granted to Donald an acre of land outside the same town which lies from the highway on the south to the common land of the north in breath and in length between the King’s Way which leads to Mountgarret on the east to the walls of the town on the west. Rendering yearly to the said Clement and his heirs 3s. of lawful money yearly.


On the 1st of December 1602, Donell O Trasy of Horetowne, Husb, was granted a pardon by Elizabeth I.


In the account book of Patrick Rossitor of Ballygarvan Castle, there are the following enteries:

1809 11th May I hired Biddy Treacy 1st year for £2-10-0 she was hired 6th May 1810

1798 March 17th I sent Pegg Treany [Treacy?] to Newfoundland and Path or Cath Doyle three shirts three aprons 3½ yards linnen and a towel

...1810 March 17th I sent Pegg Treany [Treacy?] to Newfoundland seven yards linen six and half yds serge made into a habit and two spades the intire amounts to £1-13-3.


In March 1810 at the Waterford Assizes, a  Tolls and Customs officer of Waterford, was tried and convicted for an assult upon Rose Tracy, a poor widow woman, who had come from the county of Wexford [presume New Ross area] with a basket of eggs and six couples of fowls to sell. It appeared, besides the extortion, that the poor woman had upwards of 16 of her eggs broken, and one of the fowls killed.


The Tithes records list

John Treacy?, Shellagin, St James & Dunbrody, Co. Wexford, 1a/0r/0p, 1833 (ref 31/94)

Patrick Treacey, Ballyvelig?, St James & Dunbrody, Co. Wexford, 1a/0r/0p, 1833 (ref 31/94)


In May 1822, four Wexford boatmen were arrested in Ivesk barony [on the Suir River?], Kilkenny under the Insurrection Act. They were William Byrne, Patrick Tracy, James Fortune and Patrick Ryan. They were employed by Richard Birron of Campile Bridge, County Wexford, who vouched for their character and they were acquitted.

In the 1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen lists, there is a Timothy Tracey, b. Ballyhack [Wexford] listed.
Esther Treacy of Irishtown, New Ross was listed as a £10 voter on the 11 April 1836 and in 1838 was listed under the applications for Excise Licences

In 1839, Thomas Tracy, Quay, New Ross is listed as a coach/carriage Maker.


In May 1842, there is a Chancery between Daniel Brien and Johanna Shannon, minors, by Mary Walsh, widow, their maternal Aunt, Plaintiffs and Thomas Tracey, Johanna Tracey, otherwise Shannon, his wife, Defendants. The land in question, was located in Ballygarvin [Ballygarvan, Owenduff] close to New Ross, had been in possession of John Murphy, two acres, and Martin Cheevers, two roods, and dwelling-house. Thomas Tracy and Johanna Shannon had been married in 1840, by marriage bond. Owenduff and the surrounding area had a large number of Shannons. These lands are situated near the Market and Post-town of New Ross, in the County of Wexford. The Tenant will be required to enter into the usual Security, by Recognizance - himself and two Surities in double the amount of the Rent, for the punetual payment of same. For particulars, apply to John V. Horan, Solicitor for Plaintiffs, No.47, York-street, Dublin; or Mr. Charles Hayden, the Receiver, Dunbrody, Priesthaggard, Wexford.



31 March 1849

Patrick Tracey, sheep stealing, imprisoned Arthurstown,

Patrick Tracey, pig stealing, imprisoned Waterford


1851 New Ross

Stephen Tracy, larceny, By the Court, Wexford Gaol

James Tracy, do

Bridget Tracy do


wex ind 1842.jpg




In the Griffiths Valuation of 1853 the following were recorded:

James Tracy of Butlersland and  John Tracy of  St. Marys, New Ross 

James Treacy of Bryanstown, Clongeen, East of New Ross.

John Tracy of Clonsharragh and Patrick Tracy of Ballyvelig, both of St. James and Dunbrody, which is south of New Ross.


Butlersland townland of the Parish of St. Marys, New Ross (Ord. S. 29) 92 acres (including graveyard)

Map (# of )


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


James Tracy

Nicholas Rourke




New Ross townland of the Parish of St. Marys, New Ross (Ord. S .29)  acres

Map (# of )


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)

1 55

John Tracy

Patrick Gahan




Bryanstown townland of the Parish of Clongeen (Ord. S. 40)  441 acres

Map (# of 19)


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


James Treacy

John Robinson

House, Office and land

3a 2r 5p


Clonsharragh townland of the Parish of St. James and Dunbrody (Ord. S. 44)  acres

Map (# of )


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)


John Tracy

Lord Templemore (in fee)

House, office and land

23a 2r 36p (half? two occupants)


Ballyvelig townland of the Parish of St. James and Dunbrody (Ord. S. 39) 425 acres

Map (# of )


Immediate Lessor



Valuation (land/buildings)



Patrick Tracy

Lord Templemore


House, offices and garden

4a 0r 7p

0a 0r 30p




6 Nov 1854
James Tracy, 17, 4'9.25", Brown hair, brown eyes, fresh complexion, lives at Ross, RC, labourer, stealing turnips, trial 4 Jan 1855


24 may 1871

Laurence Tracey, 38, 5'6.5", blue eyes, brown hair, fresh complexion, lives New Ross, RC, reads, labourer, assault, Wexford 2nd Sessions,



Mary Treacy, 45, 5'2", D Br hair, grey eyes, fresh, born Ballywilliam [Templeludigan?], lives New Ross, RC, had concealled on her person a piece of print with intent of stealing of same/rec stolen goods 2nd larceny, for trial at New Ross on Sept 21 ??? 79/sentence 2 calr months & 2 C mas, latter sentence to precede foruccer?

November 1885

Mary Treacy, 51, 5'2", D Br hair, grey eyes, fresh, born Ballywilliam [Templeludigan?], lives New Ross, RC, Receiving, 2 cal mo


In March 1880, there was a court case for assault against William Neill and James Treacy. In January, a Richard Murphy and the men had been in the town of New Ross, and on their way home it was alleged the assault had occurred. The Jury, after deliberating for more than an hour, was discharged, being unable to agree on a verdict.


8 June 1883

Andrew Treacey, 14, 4'4.5", D Bro hair, Bro eyes, Fresh complexion, marks - Scrofula, born New Ross, lives New Ross Union, pauper, RC, R&W, steal whiskey from the store of the N Ross ???house, 14 days and 5 yrs Refty, [with Michael Nolan 14 & Michael Breen 12]

24 May 1890

Andrew Treacey (Reformatory boy), 19, 5'1", Bro hair, Gr eyes, Sall complexion, marks - right eye gone? cail on chest?, born and lives New Ross, Lab, RC, RW, assault, 2 cal mos HL


Andrew Tracey, at New Ross assault, convicted and fine paid


28 April 1887 Freeman's Journal

The Temperance Question...Timothy Tracey, from Arthurstown, county Wexford...


On the 14th June 1900, Mary Tracey of Clonsharragh Mersheen & Duncannon, purchased  29a/0r/12p from the landlord Baron Templemore, which she had been renting for £21/1/6, for £380, advanced from the Land Commission and she had a £76 cash deposit.


On the 15th August 1900, William Treacy of Bryanstown, purchased 3a/2r/5p from the landlord Charles E.T. Lesliie, which he had been renting for £3.4.0, for £45 advanced from the Land Commission.


On the 16 February 1901, a sad drowning fatality occurred at Waterford on Sunday Night, when a young woman named Bridget Tracey [Bridget Tracy b. 1873], a native of New Ross, was drowned in attempting to rescue her sweetheart, who had fallen into the Suir. Five months later, her body was recovered floating in the Suir at Grace Dieu.


Tragic Occurrence in Waterford

On Sunday a melancholy fatality occurred in the River Suir at Waterford, by which a young woman lost her life under extremely distressing circumstances. It appears that shortly after seven o'clock Bridget Tracey, aged about 28 years, employed as a domestic servant by Mr. T.P. O'Meara, Bridge street, left as was usual on Sunday evening to take a walk, and presumably to meet her sweetheart, a young man named John Doyle. Immediately after going out she met Doyle and another young couple on Grattan quay, and the four proceeded in the direction of the Dungarvan Railway station. Doyle left them to go on to one of the hulks. It is conjectured in the darkness he accidentally fell into the river. The others were attracted by the splash and his cries for help, and rushed to ascertain what had happened. Doyle, who was able to swim, suceeded in catching a rope, but in the meantime, the poor girl Tracey became excited and anxious for his safety. The other girl, named Kinahan, caught her by the dress and cautiuoned her to be careful, but in her anxiety Tracey pressed forward, and also fell into the river. There was a strong current running, and in the darkness she soon disappeared, her companions being altogether powerless to render any assisstance. Doyle was rescued, but was naturally in a shocking distressed state. The river has been dragged, but uo to the present the body has not been recovered. The deceased girl was a native of New Ross, and was 13 years in her late employment. She was shortly to have been married to Doyle.

Feb 16, 1901 Irish Times.


In 22 Sept 1902, James Treacy, 25, 5'6.5", d Bro hair, Blu eyes, Fsh, 149 lb, born and lives New Ross, Blacksmith, RC, Drunk, 7 days, Cousin Jae Treacy Modlintown [New Ross?] Wexford

In August 1903, James Treacy, 26, 5'6.5", d Bro hair, Blu eyes, Fsh, scar on forehead over left eye, 147 lb, born and lives New Ross, Blacksmith, RC, Drunk & Disorderly, 1 cal month, single uncle? Jas Treacy Irishtown New Ross


In March 1903, at the monthly petty sessions held in Arthurstown, Mary Treacy was fined for a road nuisance offence.


For the 28th January 1909, there is a second reference to William Treacy of Bryanstown, purchased 3a/2r/32p from the estate of Charles Edward Tench Leslie, which he had been renting for £2.10.0, for £42 advanced from the Land Commission.


Admistration (with the will) of the estate of Mary Treacy late of Clonsharragh County Wexford farmer who died 27 December 1913 granted at Waterford to William Foley farmer Effects £264.4s.4d


1901 Census

1911 Census




Mary Treacy, 69, F, 9 Clonsharragh, Ballyhack, Wexford, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widow, Co Wexford

Margaret Foley, 50, Female, Sister, Roman Catholic, Farmer, Not Married, Co Wexford

John, Foley 15, Male, Nephew, Roman Catholic, Farm Labourer, Not Married, Co Wexford




Catherine Tracey, 32, F, 15 Oldcourt, Barronstown, Wexford, General Servant Domestic, Roman Catholic, Niece, Not Married, Co Wexford

Edward Delaney, 62, Male, Head of Family, Roman Catholic, Farmer, Not Married, Co Wexford




Kate Treacy, 46, F, 3 Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Shopkeeper, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Widow, Co Wexford

Patrick Treacy, 10, M, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford


Robrt Treacy, 50, M, 7 Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Labourer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Bridgert Treacy, 52, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Housekeeper, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Lawrence Treacy, 12, M, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Wexford


William Treacey, 40, M, 8 Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Carpenter, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Not Married, Co Wexford

Catherine Treacey, 35, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Housekeeper, Roman Catholic, Sister, Not Married, Co Wexford

Statia Treacey, 13, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford, Scholar, Roman Catholic, Niece, Not Married, Co Wexford




Mary Tracey, 30, F, 1 Bunions Lane, New Ross Urban, Wexford, Domestic Servant, Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Johanna Morrissey, 62, Female, Mother, Catholic, Domestic Servant, Married, -, Co Wexford

Anastasia Morrissey, 21, Female, Daughter, Catholic, Domestic Servant, Not Married, -, Co Wexford

Jack Morrissey, 13, Male, Son, Catholic, Scholar, Not Married, -, Co Wexford

Sylvester Morrissey, 11, Male, Son, Catholic, -, Not Married, Blind, Co Wexford

Patrick Moloney, 8, Male, Nephew, Catholic, Scholar, Not Married, -, Co Wexford


Andrew Tracey, 33, M, 1 Frenche's Court, New Ross Urban, Wexford, General Labourer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Ellen Tracey, 26, F, Frenche's Court, New Ross Urban, Wexford, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford


James Tracey, 50, M, 4 Maudlins Town, New Ross Rural, Wexford, Labourer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Mary Tracey, 50, F, Maudlins Town, New Ross Rural, Wexford, Labourers Wife, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford

Mary Anne Tracey, 21, F, Maudlins Town, New Ross Rural, Wexford, Labourers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford

Kate Tracey, 17, F, Maudlins Town, New Ross Rural, Wexford, Labourers Daughter, Roman Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Wexford


Anne Treea?y [Treehey], 60, F, 41 Michael Street, New Ross Urban, Wexford, No Occupation, R C, Lodger, Widow, New Ross, Co Wexford


Bridget Tracy, 50, F, 1 Mountgarrett, New Ross Rural, Wexford, General Servant Domestic, Roman Catholic, Boarder, Widow, Co Kilkenny


John Treacy, 33, M, 15 Neville Street, New Ross Urban, Wexford, Waiter at Chapel, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Wexford

Mary Treacy, 33, F, Neville Street, New Ross Urban, Wexford, Servant Domestic, Roman Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Wexford




Maurice Tracy [Fracy], 42, M, 6 Rosbercon, Rosbercon Urban (New Ross Urban District), Wexford, Fitter, Roman Catholic, Boarder, Not Married, Waterford


James Tracey, 29, M, 18 Rosbercon, Rosbercon Urban (New Ross Urban District), Wexford, Smiths Helper, Cathorlic, Servant, Not Married, Co Wexford






Mary Tracey, 83, F, 6 Clonsharragh, Ballyhack, Wexford (head, farmer, widow, sister Margaret Foley single 79 years


Catherine Treacy, 13, F, 12 Ballyvelig, Ballyhack, Wexford (niece to head Denis McEvoy, railwayman, all b. Kilkenny)




Catherine Treacy [Teacy], 38, F, Galbally, Ballyhoge, Wexford, Housekeeper Cook-Domestic Servant [to Catholic Curate Priest], Catholic Church, Servant, Single, Co Wexford,




Robert Treacey, 60, M, 6 Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford

Bridget Treacey, 63, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (married 23? Years, 1 child)

Laurence Treacey, 22, M, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (son, single)


William Treacy, 44, M, 4 Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (head, carpenter, single)

Catherine Treacy, 40, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (sister, single)

Anastatia Treacy, 23, F, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (niece, single)

Henry Treacy, 2, M, Bryanstown, Inch, Wexford (grandnephew)


William Treacy, 31, M, 3 Leegane, Inch, Wexford (nephew, married, Peter Middleton head single)

Alice Treacy, 33, F, Leegane, Inch, Wexford (niece, married 8 years, 2 children)

Robert Treacy, 8, M, Leegane, Inch, Wexford (grandnephew)




James Tracey, 72, M, 12 Commons or Newtown, New Ross, Wexford (also James Morrissey nephew 12 years)

Mary Tracey, 71, F, Commons or Newtown, New Ross, Wexford (married 42 years, 7 children/2 alive)

Catherine Tracey, 27, F, Commons or Newtown, New Ross, Wexford (daughter, single)


Andrew Tracey, 40, M, 19 Michael Street, New Ross, Urban, Wexford

Ellen Tracey, 28, F, Michael Street, New Ross, Urban, Wexford (wife 11? Years, 2 children dead)


John Treacy, 42, M, 14 Neville Street, New Ross, Urban, Wexford (Butler)

Mary Treacy, 40, F, Neville Street, New Ross, Urban, Wexford (married 10 years, no children)


Johanna Treacy, 23, F, 55 South Street, New Ross, Urban, Wexford (border, assistant stationer, sister head Sarah Nix married ‘John Nix crossed out’, both b. Carlow)

Johanna [John] Nix,  25,  Male,  Head of Family,  Roman Catholic,  Stationer,  Married,  Co Limerick

Sarah, Nix,  27,  Female,  Head of Family,  Roman Catholic,  Stationer,  Married 1 year, Co Carlow



Mary Josephine Treacy, 42, F, 8.1 Mardyke Street, Cork No. 7 Urban (part of), Cork (head, widow, married 23 years, 3 children/1 alive, b. Waterford)

Margaret Mary Treacy, 21, F, Mardyke Street, Cork No. 7 Urban (part of), Cork (daughter, single, National school teacher, b. Wexford)



Patrick Treacy, age 21, born New Ross County Wexford [Inch], Institution Gibraltar, Overseas Military Gunner 6 Coy BGA?, Single




1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

Josephine Treacy, New Ross Wexford Ireland, 1922, 30 years, b. Myshall, Co. Carlow.

Sister: Mrs Nix, 48 South Street, New Ross, Co. Wexford. [see 1911 Census]

Cousin: Mrs Doyle, 157 East 99th street, New York City, N.Y.


21 February 1914 William Treacy.

Administration of the estate of William Treacy late of Bryanstown County Wexford Carpenter who died 31 January 1914 granted at Dublin to Catherine Treacy spinster. Effects £615.2.7


Andrew Treacy of New Ross died Jul - Sep 1948, aged 79 years.


Mar 3, 1954 (II) Deaths

Treacy (Co. Wexford) March 1 1954, at his residence, Leagawn, Foulksmills, William Treacy; deeply regretted by his sorrowing sons and grandchildren. RIP. Remains were removed yesterday (Tuesday) evening to Clongeen Parish Church. Funeral today (Wednesday) at 1.30 o'c to New Cemetery.


Wexford County Council - Cottages referred for repair - April '56 to April '57

Robbert Treacy, Legaune [Leegane] 10/12/1956


Church records and State records:


Jacobum Treacy m. Brigidam Foley 6 Sep 1831 - New Ross, Wexford, Ireland


James Tracy (s. of James Tracy) m. Mary Hanlon (d. of Peter Hanlon) 23/11/1870 at New Ross town (New Ross  1870 19 423)

Bridget Tracy b. 29/2/1872 (LDS)

Bridget Tracy b. 16/4/1873 (LDS) [d. Waterford 1901?]

Ellen Tracy b. 17/1/1875 New Ross (New Ross 1875 4 870)

James Tracy b. 20/12/1876 New Ross (New Ross 1876 19 816)

Catherine b. 12/8/1878 Mandlin, New Ross (New Ross 2nd Quarter 1878 4 845)

Mary Ann b. 1880 New Ross (New Ross 2nd Quarter 1880 4 755)

Catherine Tracy b. 10/6/1884 New Ross (New Ross 2nd Quarter 1884 4 729)

 1901 Census






Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants

Maudlins town

St. Mary's





James (50)


Mary (50) wife

Mary Anne (21)

Kate (17)


John Tracey (s. of Michael Tracey) m. Mary ? (d. of Thomas ?) 12/6/1892


Laurentius Treacy m. Elisabeth Farrel 19 Nov 1837 - New Ross, Wexford, Ireland


Lawrence (Larry) Tracy & Bridget (Mary) McGee married 1861

Bridget b. 16 February 1863 bapt 17th. February 1863. Sponsors: Patt & Bridget Byrne. Cushinstown (Old Ross, Carna & Ballyanne Parish)

James born 2/6/1867 (New Ross 1867 9 902)


Margaret Mary Treacy (1889 Arthurstown, County Wexford - 1973 Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK)

Mother: Mary Josephine mar. Treacy 1867-1955

Husband1: unknown Fuller 1885-1930

Husband2: Terence William Cummins 1900-1990

Departure: Traveling By Air Aboard An American Export Airline Flight With Daughter Peggy Cummins To New York City, New York, Arriving 13 Sep 1945; Then By Train To Hollywood, California.1945

Foynes Flying-boat Station, Co. Limerick, Ireland to Botwood, Newfoundland and on to New York


Mary Tracy & William Connors m. 1872 (?State Reg: Maryanne Treacey, New Ross, 1872 4 877)

Mary, 12.12.1873, "New Ross, Wexford"

Margaret, 27.03.1875, Wexford

Anastasia, 20.11.1876, Wexford

William O'Connor - New Ross, Ros Mhic Thriuin, Ross
I am looking for Information on William O’Connor who was born in 1852 in New Ross Wexford his father was Luke O'Connor and his mother was Margaret Furlong his first wife's name was Mary Tracey and he had three children of that marriage. His wife died and he came to Australia two of the children died at an early age and there was one surviving I believe her name was Mary they did not go to Australia with him. Any information would be appreciated.


Michael Treacey & Margaret ?

Patrick Tracey b. 19/4/1896, Fethard


Mick Tracey & Sally Duffin (LDS) [TRACY, MICHAEL, DUFFIN, SARAH, 1850, M]

John Tracy b. 12/10/1866 New Ross [State Reg: Tracey, John, New Ross, Carlow/Kilkenny/Wexford. 1866 19 872]


Patritius Treacy m. Anastasia Cadogan 20 or 26 Nov 1848 New Ross, Wexford, Ireland


Patrick Tracey (s. of  Patrick Treacy) m. Catherine Furlong (d. of James Furlong) 18/11/1886 at Clongeen

Patrick Tracey b. 17/6/1890 Bryanstown (see 1911 Census Gibraltar, Overseas Military)

 1901 Census





Head of household

Head of household

Head of household

Other occupants



Shelmaliere West




Kate (46)


Patrick (10)

Pierce Corey (50) lodger slatemason married

Simon Cowmon (30) carpenter married

Thomas Rodgers (20) lodger slatemason married


Patrick Treacy Marriage:  Dec 1836  - New Ross


Robert Tracy & Mary Middleton

Catherine Tracy b. 25/3/1878 Carrickbyrne (Clongeen LDS)

William Tracy b. 12/1/1880 Carrickbyrne (Lageen LDS)


Thomas Tracey (42 years, s. of  Patrick Tracey) m. Elizabeth Fardy (30 years, d. of  Patrick Fardy) 10/7/1864 at Horeswood


1. Thomas Tracy (1840- January 27, 1900) Born New Ross, died Cook Co, Chicago, Illinois. Married Johanah Duffin or Duffer b. 1842/1844, Wexford

1.1 Patrick b. 1860, Illinois

1.2 Mary b. 1864, Illinois

1.3 Joseph Francis b. 13 Nov 1871 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois

1.4 Jane b. 1875, Illinois

1.5 Frank b. Nov 1877, Illinois

1.6 Robert b. Aug 1879, Cook, Illinois

1.7 Jennie b. 1886

1.8 Annie 

1.9 James b. 1870, Cook, Illinois

1.10 John b. 1874, Illinois

1.11 Catherine b. 1872

1.12 Florence Johanna b. 7 Nov 1893, Illinois

1.13 Patrick L.  b. 1894, Illinois

1.14 William b. 17 Jan 1866, Illinois



I have a ggm Margaret Isabel Burns who married Joseph Tracy in 1892. On the Burns side her parents were thought to be: William Burns/Bunn/Byrne and Ann McDonald. On the Tracy side, his parents were: Thomas Tracy and Johanna Duffin/Duffy from Co. Wexford. Any connections? Just drop a note yea/nay. Hope this helps. Best regards,
John DuGene  John DuGene January 07, 2002


Thomas Tracy (b. approx 1850 New Ross County, Wex., Ireland d. 27 Jan 1900 Chicago, Cook, Illinois), married

Occupation: Shoe Maker

Burial place: burial date: 30 Jan 1900 Calvary

1880 Census Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  Thomas Tracey  M 40 Ireland  Shoe Maker

Wife  Johanah Tracey  F 38 Ireland 

Son  Patrick Tracey  M 20 

Dau  Mary Tracey  F 16 

Dau  Jane Tracey  F 5 

Son  Joseph Tracey  M 9 

Son  Frank Tracey  M 2 

Son  Robert Tracey  M 9m 

1900 Census ED 503 Precinct 2 Chicago city Ward 16, Cook, Illinois, United States

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Head  Johanna Tracy  F 56 Ireland  Widowed, Mother of 14 Children, 6 living

Son  Frank Tracy  M 23 Illinois 

Son  Robert Tracy  M 21 Illinois 

Granddaughter  Elizabeth Schilie  F 10 Illinois 


Kate Treacy (b. 16 Aug 1864 Co. Waxford, Ireland d. 28 Dec 1934 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (d. of Phillip Foley b. Co. Limrick, Ireland & Mary Powers b. Co. Waxford, Ireland) 

Occupation: Retired Housekeeper 

Spouse: Thomas Treacy 

Burial Date: 31 Dec 1934 Mt. Olivet, Chicago, Cook, Ill. 


Patrick Tracy (b. Wexford, Ireland) & Anastasia Kaddigan (b. Wexford, Ireland) [married Cadogan 1848?]

James J. Tracy (b. approx 1854 Wexford, Ireland d. 26 Jul 1927 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)

Spouse: Nora Tracy

Occupation: Laborer

Burial date: 29 Jul 1927 Calvary, Evanston, Cook, Ill., USA

1910 Census Chicago Ward 24, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  James J Tracy  M 50y Ireland, Immigration 1873 

Wife  Nora Tracy  F 50y Ireland, Immigration 1872

Julia M Johnson  F 60y Norway 

1920 Census Chicago Ward 23, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  James J Tracy  M 58y Ireland, Immigration 1873 

Wife  Nora B Tracy  F 58y Ireland, Immigration 1873

Francis L[?] Tracy (b. 1st May 1854 Ireland s. of Patrick Tracy & Stacee Kathigan [Stacia Karrigan])

Died:. 16 Aug 1936, 1142 East 148 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio of Cardio-vascular disease with hypertension

death age: 82y3m15d 

Retired, Widower, spouse: Mary 

burial date: 19 Aug 1936  cemetery: Calvary 

Informant: Mrs. W.J. Tracey, 12001 Oakview Ave


Patrick J. Tracey (b. Ireland) & Bridget Kavanaugh (b. Ireland) 

Mary Ehorn (b. 15 Aug 1875 Stratford, Canada d. 13 Nov 1924 Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Occupation: Housework 

Spouse: Charles Ehorn 

Burial Date: 17 Nov 1924  Mt. Olivet, Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Patrick Tracey (b. Waxford, Ireland) & Bridget Cavanaugh (b. Wexford, Ireland)

Hannah Agnes Soonan (b. 28 Feb 1880 Hamilton, Canada d. 14 Aug 1936 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)

Spouse: George

Burial Date: 17 Aug 1936 Mt. Olivet, Worth, Cook, Ill.

Patrick Tracy (b. Wexford, Ireland) & Bridget Cavanaugh (b. Wexford, Ireland)

Thomas Robert Tracy (b. 30 May 1882 Chicago, Illinois d. 29 Oct 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)

Spouse: Marie Elizabeth

Occupation: Sales Manager

Burial date: 02 Nov 1925 Mt. Olivet

1910 Census Chicago Ward 31, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  Patrick Tracy  M 66y Ireland 

Wife  Bridget Tracy  F 66y Ireland 

Son  William A Tracy  M 23y Illinois 

Self  Harry J Tracy  M 26y Illinois 

Wife  Marion Tracy  F 23y New Jersey 


James Tracey (of Wexford, Ireland) & Bridget Kavanaugh (of Wexford, Ireland)

Margaret Brett (b. 1863 Birmingham, England d. 24 Jan 1941 Evergreen Park, Cook, Illinois)

Spouse: William

Occupation: Housekeeper

Residence: Oak Lawn, Cook, Illinois

Burial: 27 Jan 1941 Worth, Cook, Illinois

James P. Tracy (b. Ireland) & Bridget Cavanagh (b. Ireland) 

Katherine Connors (b. 14 Feb 1877 Canada  d. 13 Apr 1916  Chicago, Cook, Illinois) 

Occupation: Housewife 

Burial Date: 16 Apr 1916  Mt. Olivet

James P. Tracey (b. Waxford, Ireland) & Bridget Cavanaugh (b. Waxford, Ireland)

William A. Tracey (b. 30 Jun 1886 Chicago, IL d. 07 May 1936 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Occupation: Fireman, Bd. of Education

Residence: Chicago, Cook, IL

Spouse: Catherine F.

Burial Date: 11 May 1936, Calvary, Evanston, Cook, IL

1880 Census Hyde Park, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  James Tracy  M 39 Ireland 

Wife  Bridget Tracy  F 37 Ireland 

Dau  Margeret Tracy  F 15 England 

Dau  Cartherine Tracy  F 14 Canada 

Dau  Emily Tracy  F 4 Canada 

Dau  Hannah Tracy  F 2 Canada

1900 Census ED 1018 Precinct 27 Hyde Park Town Chicago city Ward 32, Cook, Illinois, United States

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Head  James Tracy  M 53 Ireland, electrician, citizenship 1874 

Wife  Bridelie Tracy  F 53 Ireland, , citizenship 1875 

Son  James Tracy  M 16 Chicago, electrician 

Son  William Tracy  M 14 Chicago   


John J Tracy (b. Wexford Co, Ireland, aged 37 years) & Edna Robinson (b. Lo Fayette, Indiana, aged 37 years)

Dorothy Virginia Tracy b. 03 Jul 1919 Cook County, Chicago


William Treacy/Tracy (s. of James Treacy) m. Anne (or Catherine?) Delaney (d. of Andrew Delaney?) 12/11/1864

Catherine Tracy b. 20/10/1865 at New Ross town (see 1901 Census – Oldcourt townland)


William Tracy & Mary?

James Tracy b. 7/6/1882 Ballyleigh


Details for New Ross supplied by Kelvin Johnson-Treacy, Southhampton, UK. He can be contacted at info@traceyclann.com.


Roman Catholic Parish records

23/3/1824 baptism of Edwardam Freany or Treacy, father Jacob Freany or Treacy


Memorials of the Dead

Carnagh SW Wexford

Here lieth the body of Edwd Power who depd May ye 27 1803 aged 78 years also his wife Catherine Power alias Tracy (remainder of inscription under ground)

Old Ross SW Wexford

Cadligan Gravestone…Also Anastatia Tracy died 5th Sept 1898 aged 75 years.



Willie (Bill) Treacy of Wexford


Willie (Bill) Treacy, a proud Clongeen man, certainly fits into an illustrious category. In April 2009, 'Big Bill' was most deservedly inducted in the GAA Hall of Fame in London. The presentation was made to Willie by fellow Wexford man, Tommy Farrell, longtime Chairman of the London Board.Willie has been a dedicated member of the famed Tomas MacCurtain club since he emigrated to London in the halcyon days of the early 1950s. He was the first member of the club to become an officer of London's County Board. Since 1997, Willie has been honoured as President of the board – a position he graces with distinction, subsequently becoming Honorary Life President. Although totally immersed in the GAA affairs of his adopted city, Willie has remained staunchly true to his native Clongeen and, in particular, the local GAA Club, whom he was delighted to witness win their first senior title in 2007.


Clongeen GAA...This epic poem commemorates a famous hurling match played in Gusserane on 17th June 1945. It is not only the victorious who deserve to be celebrated in song. These immortal lines were written by that outstanding Gael — Willie Treacy, of Leegaune [Leegane] and London — who with genuine modesty has neglected to acknowledge his own huge part in the “B” campaign. In Verse Ten; this unfortunate omission has been corrected by a contemporary bard…

(10) Our full back was Big Bill Treacy

Who left those Ross men sore,

That famous gent of awesome strength

Cleared many a ‘certain’ score;

‘Twas the siege of Ross all over again,

And the Battle of Horetown —

But our heroes beldit must be toid-

Never let the Parish down:





Willie (Bill) Treacy







Alderman Thomas Henry Tracy 1921-5


Col. Thomas Henry Tracy, (1848-1925) M.C. Soc. C.E.,  D.L.S., P.L.S., O.L.S., M.B.C.A.M.E., M.E.I.C.

Thomas H. Tracy, Architect and Civil Engineer, was born in London, Ontario, Canada on June 25, 1848. His father, John Tracy, and his mother, whose maiden name was Mary Brady, were both natives of Wexford (or Wicklow), Ireland. They were the parents of four children, and came to Canada in 1838. They had come to London in 1840. Thomas H. Tracy was the third child, and was reared and educated in London.


At the age of sixteen he was apprenticed to the City Engineer, studied in the office of the late William Robinson, for five years. As a mentor, Robinson, was a long-standing acquaintance of his family and was also from County Wexford.  As soon as he finished his professional education, his certificate as P.L.S., he accepted a position in the Department of Public Works under Kivas Tully, the architect of the Province. This was at confederation in 1867 under Sir John Curling as commissioner, in the Department of Public Works at Toronto, where he remained three and a-half years. Mr. Tracy went to Albany and joined George Durand at the Albany State Capital under Fuller & Laver, the architects. In 1871, after the great fire in Chicago, he went to that city and remained a year, when he returned to London, but later went to Albany, N. Y., and entered the office of the architect of the State House at that place. In 1873 he returned once more to London, and became a partner of William Robinson, City Engineer, the firm being Robinson, Tracy & Fairbairn. Mr. Fairbairn became deputy minister of Public Works. This relation existed until 1878, when Mr. Robinson retired and Mr. Tracy was elected City Engineer, and he has since filled this position. In 1881 a resolution was passed requiring the City Engineer to give all his time to the city's interest. Previous to this, Mr. Tracy had had a large partnership in general work in his line. In his capacity he was also the architect of the School Board.


Captain Thomas H. Tracy served in the 7th Battalion, Fusiliers, London, Ontario. Tracy was present at the Battle of Batouche when Riel surrendered. Louis Riel was the Metis leader of the Canadian Provisional Government, who objected to the transfer of the Hudson's Bay Company's territory to Canada, feeling the land rights of the Metis and other inhabitants would be threatened. Riel made his final stand at the Battle of Batouche in central Saskatchewan, where he was captured on May 11, 1885. That year, he was tried and hanged by Canadian government for treason. Riel’s winchester this rifle was donated to the Vancouver Museum, by the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas H. Tracy.


Tracy was elected a Member of The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) on October 11th, 1888, was a founding member of the Vancouver Branch and was made a Life Member on January 8th, 1924. Mr. Tracy listened to the call of the West and became City Engineer of Vancouver in 1891 and later Consulting Engineer. He prospered in the West and his friends in London always like to hear of his success. In 1905, after fourteen years as City Engineer for Vancouver City, he opened an office at 411 Howe St, as a consulting engineer. He was a member, and Alderman, of the City of Vancouver Council from 1921 to 1925. 


Thomas H. Tracy was an enthusiastic member of the Masonic Order, and a Past Master, Past First Principal in the Chapter, and Past Eminent Preceptor of the Knights Templar; he is a member of the Scottish Kite, 18, and Past Grand Junior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Canada. In May 1925, St. John’s Lodge 209, presented him with a medal commemorating his fifty years as a Past Master. He was also a member of St. John’s Chapter No. 3. He was a Captain in the 7th Fusiliers, and served through the North-west campaign. He had charge, as constructing engineer, of the Water-works in 1878, and is a man well known and universally liked and esteemed. He was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of the 7th Fusiliers, an appointment well merited, and one which gives universal satisfaction. Thomas H. Tracy was married in 1874 to Miss Sarah M. Bryan, who was born near Amsterdam, N. Y.; they had one daughter, Sarah Louie and a son, Thomas Leonard. After a brief illness, he died on October 30th 1925, and was survived by his widow and daughter.



Annual Report 1926, Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

London and its men of affairs by Advertiser Job Printing Co., London, Ont (c. 1915)

Nancy Z. Tausky, Lynne Delehanty DiStefano, London Regional Art Gallery (Ont.) (1986) Victorian Architecture in London and Southwestern Ontario: Symbols of Aspiration. page 201

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William Cochrane, John Castell Hopkins, W. J. Hunter (1901) The Canadian album...


Thomas Henry Tracy &  Sarah Maria Bryan/Bryen

Sarah Tracey b. 16 Aug 1878 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

MALE Tracy b. 19 Nov 1890 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada


Thomas Henry Tracy, 77 years, b. Ontario, (s. of John Tracy & Mary Brady) d. 31 Oct 1925 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


1852 Census - Nissouri (west) township, Middlesex (county), Canada West [Note: besrt match]

27                Tracy, John                   Farmer                            Ireland                    Catholic                        42                M

28                Tracy, Mary                                                          Ireland                    Catholic                        40                F

29                Tracy, Patrick                                                       Canada                    Catholic                        16                M

30                Tracy, Mathew                                                     Canada                    Catholic                        14                M

31                Tracy, Margret                                                      Canada                    Catholic                        10                F

32                Tracy, Jane                                                            Canada                    Catholic                        8                  F

33                Tracy, Thomas                                                     Canada                    Catholic                        5                  M

34                Tracy, Elen                                                            Canada                    Catholic                        2                  F


1871 Census - Ward 05 e, London 10, Ontario

John Tracy, 56, b. Ireland, married, C of England,

Mary Tracy, 53, b. Ireland, C of England

Thomas Tracy, 22, b. O, C of England

Maria Jane Tracy, 19, b. O, C of England


Maria Jane Tracy, 20, (d. of John Tracy & Mary Tracy) m. William Obrien, 26, (s. of  William O'Brien &  Mary Anne O'Brien) 20 Apr 1871 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Maria Jane O'Brien (d. of John Tracy & Mary Brady) d.  08 Feb 1922 London, Middlesex,


1881 Census - Ward 5, London (City), Ontario, Canada

John Tracey, 63, b. Ireland, married Ch. Eng, Railway employee

Mary Tracey, 60, b. Ireland, married Ch. Eng


1881 Canada Census - Household: Ward 2, London, Middlesex, Ontario


Marital Status


Ethnic Origin





 Thomas H Tracy 








 Sarah M Tracy 








 Sarah L Tracy









1901 Canada Census - Household: Vancouver City, Burrard, B.C.


Marital Status





 Thomas H Tracy 





 Jun 25 1848 

 Sarah M Tracy