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Traceys of Dublin – Page 2

References from 1800 to 1899

- Directories

- Historical References

- Newspaper extracts

- Land Records

Traceys of Dublin – Page 3

Family Histories

Parish Records from 1800 onwards

Traceys of Dublin – Page 4

References from 1900 onwards

- Directories

- Historical References

- Newspaper extracts

- Legal Records

- Land Records

- Census

General references for Dublin



 Traceys of Dublin – Page 1


Traceys of Dublin – Page 1

Message Boards

References to 1800

- Historical References

- Newspaper extracts

- Legal Records

- Directories

- Parish Records




Dublin Heritage is a resource from Dublin City Public Libraries focusing primarily on databases derived from printed and other historic records related to Dublin city and surrounding administrative areas.

Online databases:

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for Dublin Parishes.

Electoral Lists (1939-40)


Church Records for Dublin



The ancestor of the Leinster Traceys, Tressach son of Becan, King of the Uí Bairrche Maighe (+884 AD), may have died in Dublin fighting the Vikings. The majority of the Traceys of Dublin can trace their history back to the Leinster tribe the Uí Bairrche.


In Dublin, the hill of Garyston (Garristown, near Ashbourne Meath) was also called the hill of Trasse (Trase) in the Book of Howth [Carnew Manuscripts]



c. 1190-1265. The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll

Henricus de Traci 91/2 Sol (=schillings)

Hii subscripti intraverunt in Gilde-mercaturam civitatis Dublinie William de Cestria et Waltero unred existentibus prepositis anno regni Regis Henrici xlvii (1262-3)

[These undersigned entered into the guild-market of the city of Dublin, William de Chester and Walter unred being prefects in the 47th  year of the reign of King Henry]

Willelmus de Trasy

Clark, Mary ed (1999) The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll c. 1190-1265. Dublin Corporation.


1258 Regis Henrici cives Dublin per subscriptos… El : Juvenem…Robertum Tracy…[may have been located beside the Dodder near Dundrum]

Henry F. Berry. Notes on an Unpublished Ms. Inquisition (A.D. 1258), Relating to the Dublin City Watercourse.From the Muniments of the Earl of Meath. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section C: Archaeology,  Celtic Studies,History, Linguistics, Literature, Vol. 24 (1902 - 1904), pp. 39-46.


1289 Easter - Thursday April 28

Dublin: Willm Tracy, because he did not come when summoned - ½ mark

Calendar of Documents Ireland 1171-1301. Vol 1 p.144, Vol 3 p.48 & 222, Vol 4 p.274


Dublin City Franchise Roll 1468-1512. (1998) Dublin Corporation

Fourth Friday after the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist 14 Henry VII in the time of the said Mayor and Bailiffs (14 July 1499)

James Tracey, at the instance of Bailiff Pecoke


The Dublin Gild of Carpenters, Millers, Masons and Heliers, in the Sixteenth Century.

…and Thomas, servant to William Trasse, are included among the members of the fraternity. [in 1522]

During the mastership of Patrick Tanner in 1537, " discord " arose between Patrick Boshell and William Trasse, carpenters, as to the making of the roof of …The arbitrators decided that Trasse had broken their statutes, and he was ordered to pay a fine…

…Certain of the entries have reference to what were called “hostings.” [military expeditions beyond the city] William Trasse and John Gryffne were paid 4s.4d. for hosting money in 1536; and in 1539, 7s.2d. were given Trasse for a hosting in May of that year…

The journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 1906


…It states that in 1537 discord arose between two carpenters, Patrick Boshell and William Trasse, as to making the roof of Esker church [south east of Lucan]. The work had been executed by the latter, and the discord arose from the fact that Boshell had been promised the contract, and that Trasse had obtained it by some unfair practice, for which he had to pay a fine both to the Guild and to his adversary…

Ball, Francis Elrington (1906) A History of the County Dublin…Alex. Thom & Co. (Limited), Dublin


1564-1565 The proctor's accounts of Peter Lewis

[rebuilding of the Christ Church cathedral]......Melaghlin iiij whit grots to every of them by the day at ther owne costis. iijs. vj d. ob. qu.

Lewis, Peter & Gillespie, Raymond (1996) The proctor's accounts of Peter Lewis, 1564-1565. Volume 1 of History of Christ Church, Dublin.  Four Courts Press, Dublin.


Trasse, Thomas, Dublin, 1575, Original Will,


During the latter portion of the sixteenth century the following goldsmiths were admitted to the freedom of the city (Dublin): 
1584 Francis Trassy. 
The journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland Vol. XI. Fifth Series Vol. XXXI. Consecutive Series 1901

Admitted to franchise, on having served apprettce: …Francis Trassy, goldsmith, an apprentice of John Hand, goldsmith…

Gilbert, Johns (1891) Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin. V.2

25 June 1589 Rathcoule 
...The names of the wemen & men...John Trassie (h)is wif. ...
Court book of the Liberty of Saint Sepulchre within the juisdiction of the Archbishop of Dublin, 1586-1590
John Trasy
V. Coolock [Dublin] c. 1595-1604; V. Crogan and Geashill [Offaly] 1615
Ulster Historical Foundation (2001) Clergy of Dublin and Glendalough.Ulster Historical Foundation [with] Library Committee of the Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough.

Viscount and Baron Tracy of Rathcoole and Baronet of the county of Limerick, so created 12th January 1642, Charles the 1st.


1619 – 1715 Parish Register Society of Dublin: Church of Ireland parish registers

Volume 1: The registers of St. John 1619-1699

4/11/1656 Tracey, Eliz: Daugh. To Edmund bapt. p.83

9/2/1669 Mary daughter to Daniell Trassy bur p.148

7/12/1683 Morris Trasie

Volume 4: Trinity College 1650-1660

24/2/1654 William Trassy of Gouline in the Barony of Middlethird and Sarah Gervie of the same married. p.36

Volume 5: 1636-1715

23/3/1688-9 Bridget Tracy bur. p.84

24/7/1701 Mary Tracy bur. p.143

19/2/1710-11 Valentine Trasey bur. p.200

28/9/1711 Mary Treasy p.202

30/3/1713 b. Stephen Tracey, s. of Peter & Mary p.217

23/12/1713 b. Tho. Tracey p.221

26/1/1714 Eles Tracy bur. p.230

Volume 6 Union of Monkstown 1669-1786

1664 Extracts from the Heart Money Rolls Co. Dublin

Parish of Dalky

Patr. Tracy, one hearth ij (=sum of money) p.85

1666-7 Extracts from the Heart Money Rolls Co. Dublin

Parish of Dalky

Patrick Trassee, one hearth ij p.89

Volume 7 – missing

Volume 8 – Londonderry (Derry)


Volume 9 Parish of S.Peter and S.Kevin 1669-1761

1674 June Thady Trasey of St. Stephens Greene, buried Saturday June the seven and twentieth p. 36

1676 February Katherin daughter of Mr. George and Martha Tracy of St. Stephens Green buryed the eight and twentieth p.57

1680 Aprill Marriage John Wade and Susana Tracy maryed same day (Aprill tweluth) p.72

1727 Burials Jane Tracy Feb 6th p.348

1739 Burials Catherin Treacy Dec 26th p.366

1740 Buriels Elizabeth Treacy Dec 10th p.369

1741 Burials Sarah Tracy Dec 24th p.371

1744 Christenings Robt, son of Thos and Ann Tracy Feby 18th p.272

1754 Burials James Tracy May 6th p.389

1755 Christenings Elizth daur of John and Jane Treacy May 19th p.293

1760 Christenings Mary daur of John and Jane Tracy Dec 14th p. 308

Volume 10 St. Nicholas Without 1694-1739

1708 June 29th burials Laughlin Treacy from Garden Lane burd p.163

1708 September 27th burials Symon Treasy from Fordams Ally burd pr p.164

1711 July 14th burials Jon Treacy from the Coomb burd p.181

1716 October 2nd burrialls Widow Tracy from New Row p.217

1717 June 13th baptisms Margaret Treacey d. Francis and Mary Patricks St. p.47

1730 May 5th marriages Franciss Tracy and Debora Green by consistorial license p.98

Volume 11 St. Andrews, St. Anne, St. Audden and St. Bride 1632-1800

1685 August (4) George Tracy and Sarah Williams marr by publ p.85

1698 May ye 22th Robertt Tracey and Ann Fottrell married p.88

1737 February 3rd marriages Bryan Fagan married to Eliz: Tracy p.95 [see Patrick Tracey bakert]

1787 April 28th Francis Smith and Maria Tracy consistory licence by the Rev Roger Ford Minister of Crumlin p.71

Volume 12 S. Marie, S. Luke, S. Catherine and S. Werburgh 1627-1800

1777 July 30th Edward Tracey and Sarah Bailey by Rev Richard Powell and licence p.100

1789 July 8th Wm Tracy of the county of Gallaway, gent, married to Hester Stanton of Ormond Quay, C1. p.41

1798 Sep 24th Mr. Clarke no. 49 Marys St. to Miss Tracy married by the Rev Mr. Homan

1799 Aug 18th George Tracy to Ellinor Morris by banns p.48

1799 Nov 30th John Farrell to Ann Tracy by consistory licence Rev Jno L’Estrange p.143


November 7, 1630

Pardon of Christopher Veldon, James Roone, and James Byrne, for the murder of Thomas Tresy, late of the city of Dublin.

Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reign Charles the First


April 1642 Deposition of Katherin Magee, Dublin

…William McEnale of Ballskaddan [Balscadden Balbriggan] in the said Countie of Dubli{n} weaver Richard Tressie of the same farmor…


October 1642 Examinatione of John Lalis of Iristowne in the County of Dublin yeo:

...Mathew Brangan of Rowlogh in the County aforesaid… Irishtowne in the parrish of Palmerstowne… one Connor tressy whoe was one of the soulldiurs of the garrison of Irish towne…

TCD – not listed in database


26th April 1644 Mustarded at Dublin

Captain Arthur Culme

...Edmond Trassy...

Lord Lambert

...James Tracy...

Serjeant-Majoe William Peasly

...Rorie Tracie...

Captain Nicholas Foorde

...Jo. Tressy...

30 January 1646[-7] Foot regiments in Dublin

...Lieutenant Roger Trasey...

Historical manuscripts commission. Report on the manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, K.P., preserved at the castle, Kilkenny


Ballimount inhabitants c. 1650

Lenington John farmer

Trassy William, his driver, aged 26 years, reasonable stature, red complexion, yellow hair

Ny Dogill Margaret, maid servant, aged 24 years, black hair

Dean Rath Inhabitants c. 1650

Aiess James, labourer

Tressy William, his servant, aged 21 years, 4½ feet tall, ¾ yard broad, black hair

Tressy John, labourer, aged about 30 years. 5 feet tall, 1 yard broad, brown hair.

Conner Margaret, his wife, aged about 30 years. 4½ feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair.

Curtiss Richard, labourer, aged 24 years, 5 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair, a little brown beard

Tressy Margaret, his wife, aged 26 years, 5 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, black hair

Tressy Katherine, aged 20 years, 4 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair

Tressy Alson, aged 16 years, 4 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair

Lucan Inhabitants c. 1650

Trassy John, brogmaker, aged 25 years, middle stature, black hair

Murchow Katherine, his wife, aged 29 years, tall stature, black hair

Wespanstown Inhabitants c. 1650

Trassy Richard, fircutter, aged 50 years, middle stature, brown hair

Fowin or Gowin Katherine, his wife, aged 25 years, small stature, brown hair

Tenants belonging to Walter Archbold of Palmerstown c. 1650

Nolan Charles, aged 30 years, low stature, brown hair

Tressy Mary, his wife, aged 30 years, low stature, red hair

Nolan John, labourer, aged 18 years, low stature, brown hair

Irish Genealogist, vol 8, p.


1650 Names and descriptions of inhabitants of baronies of Newcastle and Uppercross, Co. Dublin


page 7- Palmerstown

Charles Nolan

Charles Nolan, aged 30 yrs, brown hair?, low stature?

Mary Tressy, his wf, aged 30 yrs, red ", " "

John Nolan, labourer, aged 18 yrs, brown ", " "

Newcastle [Newcastle]

Richard Trody

Richard Trody, 36, brown, mid

Sarah Healy, his wf, 30, black, slender tall

Patrick Banane, his sert, 18, " [black], low

Margt Smith, his sert, 24, " [black], mid, pocky? fan?

Lucan [Lucan]

John Trassy

John Trassy, broghisker?, 25, mid, black

Kate Murchow, his wf, 29, tall, " [black]


Richd Trassy

Richd Trassy, fircutter, 50, mid, brown

Kathl? Gowan, his wf, 25, small, " [brown]

Mariara Strong, wid, 52, tall, " [brown]

Ballemount [Ballymount Clondalkin]

John Lenington

John Lenington, farmer, black...

Willim Trassy, his driver?, 26, yellow, W red, corpl? read, stat

Dean Rath [Deansrath Clondalkin]

James Aiess

James Aiess, lab, 35, 5-3/4, black D beard?...

William Tressy, his sert, 21, 4 1/2-3/4, black, wl, ris beard?

John Tressy

John Tressy, labl?, 30, 5-1, " [brown], " [D nob?]

Margt Cowher, his wf, 30, 4 1/2-3/4, brown,

Rose Dullanee, sert to James Aiess, 36, 4 1/2 - 1, black

Richard Curtess

Richard Curtess, lab, 24, 5-3/4, brown, Ll, a little lirom? hense?

Margt Tressy, his wf, 26, 5-3/4, black

Kath " [Tressy, 20, 5-3/4, brown

Alson " [Tressy], 16, 4-3/4, " [brown]

Joan Curtiess, serv at will, 23, 4-3/4


Date: 11 August 1662

Warrant, by the Duke of Ormond, appointing George Tracy to be one of the Waiters in the Custom House of Dublin, during pleasure

Written from: Dublin Castle Shelfmark: MS. Carte 165, fol(s). 9 Document type: Copy

Tracy, George and Martha Pope, 1670, Marriage Licence, page 222

1675 Customs House

Among the unpublished Exchequer Records is preserved an entry of £50 11s. 6d., disbursed in 1673, “for the Commissioners of Revenue for repairing the Custom House and the Warehouse;” also an account “of work done at the Custom House by several men, amounting to £22 5s., dated 28 September 1675, and signed George Tracy.

Gilbert, John Thomas (1859) A history of the city of Dublin. McGlashan and Gill, Dublin. Vol.II p.137

1682 Marquis of Ormond

May 22, George Tracy, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

June 20, G. Tracy, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

Aug 8, Geo. Tracey, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

1878-79 [C.2340] [C.2340-I] Seventh report of the Royal Commission on historical manuscripts. Part I.

Tracy, George, Dublin, gentleman, 1690, Will, page 56**


Hearth Money Rolls

1664 Parish of Dalky

Patr. Tracy

1666-7 Parish of Dalky

Patrick Trassee

1666-7 Parish of Monckstowne (Bullock)

Lawrin Theasy

The Septs, IGS International, Vol 19 No.2


1664 Extracts from the Heart Money Rolls Dublin

Parish of Clondalkin - Drumnagh Townland

John Tracey, one smoke, ii tax

Parish of Esker - Esker Townland

Richard Tressey, one hearth, ii tax

Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society, X, p.245, XI, p.451,


1665 The Roll of Langable Comon fines & sense money...

St Georges Lane

Mr Trasy sense money...6d


Freemen of Dublin

1669 Michael Tracey, Baker (pistor) [see St. Michan’s CoI burials]


Sugar Bakers and Confectioners in Georgian Ireland

In the ranking of guilds the most prestigious were those whose members satisfied the needs of wealthy clients, so confectioners were often ranked higher than, for instance, ordinary bakers. In 1669 Michael Tracey, pistor—from the Latin for a miller, baker, or pounder of wheat—was made a freeman of Dublin and a Johes Treasey (sic), pistor, was made a freeman in 1679. In 1747 Patrick Tracey of Dublin, baker, is registered as having a prerogative will, indicating that he was one of the wealthier merchants. The Tracey name, which has origins in both the native Irish Ó Treasaigh septs, and in an Anglo-Norman variant related to a place name in Normandy, can be tracked further using Wilson’s Dublin Directory for the period. In 1784 a Mary Tracey was listed as confectioner, 43 Exchequer Street, Dublin. Having moved to South Great Georges Street in 1788 she was then listed as pastry cook and confectioner. Whether Mary was the daughter of Edward Tracey, “Pastry-cook in Chequer Lane,” where a dangerous fire broke out in 1768, is unproven but seems likely (December 31, 1768 Freeman’s Journal).

Cashman, Dorothy. Sugar Bakers and Confectioners in Georgian Ireland. The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies , Vol. 41, The Food Issue (2018), pp. 74-99


1670? A list of men exchanged in the new raised companies of Colonel Thomas Dongans regiment

Captain John Burke's Company

Old men...Teig Tressy...

Sir Richard Parsons' company

New Men...John Tracy...

The King's regiment of Guards in Ireland

New Men...Leanord Tracey...

Historical manuscripts commission. Report on the manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, K.P., preserved at the castle, Kilkenny


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Tracy, Hon. Robert, Judge of Common Please, 5th s. of Robert, Vicount Tracy, Toddington, Glos., M.T., 15 April 1673, called 1680. 14 Nov 1699.


Baptisms in St. Brides Dublin 1633-1713

30th August 1674 Tracy Rich s. of Morrise & Dorathy

Irish Genealogist vol.7


List of Quarter Brothers & Journeymen [Goldsmiths]

1679 John Cressy


Freemen of Dublin

1679 Daniell Tracey, Healer (heyler) [slater]

1721 Danl. Tracey, slater (healer), son of Daniel Tracey

1728 John Tracey, bricklayer, (son of Daniel Tracey)

1745 Philip Tracey, carpenter, (son of Daniel Tracey)


20 Dec 1711 and 13 Dec 1738 Memorial No: 65239

1st Deed between John Baggot Esq City of Dublin, Elizabeth Kiernan, widow, City of Dublin and Daniel Tracy, hailer, city of Dublin

2nd deed Christopher Stone, merchant, City of Dublin, Elizabeth Webb, spinster, City of Dublin, and Daniel Tracy, hailer, city of Dublin

1738 The Corporations of Dublin, their Swearing Days, and the Names of the Masters and Wardens [Guy Miège]

7. Carpenters, August 16. Daniel Tracy, Heyler, Master: Thomas Ward, Henry Mills, John Lewis Wardens


24 Oct 1733 Memorial No: 52289

witness Daniel Tracy, slater, City of Dublin


p. xiv – Daniel Tracy – roofing

The committee appointed to retrench the city expenses, agreed with Daniel Tracy for roofing and slating the Mayoralty House, Trolsel, and other public buildings, for fifteen years, at £20, per year. 1742-3

p.62  - Dublin Assembly Roll 1742

…We think it proper that the old pipes be disposed of for the use of this city, and that the repairing the mills and wears be carried on under the direction of Mr. Scalon, and that Mr. Tracy attend the said work.

p. 97 – Daniel Tracy – roofing

…agreed with Daniel Tracy for keeping the slating and roofs of the said houses and every one of them in full repair for 15 years to come, provided the said Tracy lives so long, at the yearly salary of £20, to commence from the 25th December last, to be paid to the said Tracy in half yearly payments, he obliging himself for the above mentioned time to keep the said roofs in such exact order…said Tracy to give his bond of the penalty of £200, for performance of the same. Which is submitted to your honours, this 18th January 1742…Daniel Tracy..

p.210 – Dublin Assembly Roll 1746. Scanlon Tracy. Payment. Order.

…and ending the 25th October 1740, certified by Mr. Tracy…

March 1748 p.293

…according to an estimate given in by Mr. Tracy, will amount to £27 19s. 6d., sterling, which hope will effectually prevent the city pipe timber or tools from being embezzled or destroyed in the future. Which is submitted to your honours, this 21st

1741 p.450

Representatives of Dublin Guilds

[20] “Bricklayers”: John Tracy, Henry Keating

Weldrick, John Francis (1902) Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin. Vol. IX. Joseph Pollard, Dublin. p. xiv, 62, 97, 210 (7 pages)


1732 The Corporations of Dublin, their Swearing Days, and the Names of the Masters and Wardens [John Watson]

Bricklayers, August 24. John Woods, Master, John Tracy and John Wogan, wardens

1740 Dublin City Officers [John Watson]

Overseer of City Works: John Tracy

13 Mar 1743 Memorial No: 78616

Lease between John Tracy, mason, City of Dublin and John Brown, weaver, City of Dublin, of lease of William Palliser who leased adjacent houses to Lynch, Sheppard & Slade on the North-side Ellis Quay, Parish St Paul Oxmantown, Dublin

1742 Dublin City Officers [John Watson]

Assistant to the Masters of the City Works: John Tracy, Tighe-street.

1743 Dublin City Officers [John Watson]

20. Bricklayers. John Tracy, Tighe-street.

13 Mar 1743 Lease

John Tracy of City Dublin mason to John Brown of City Dublin weaver, William Palliser leased adj houses to Lynch, Sheppard & Slade, North-side Ellis Quay, Parish St Paul Oxmantown, Dublin. Witness Benjamin Johnston city of Dublin, Clerks William Hamilton & Mathew Pageitt. Reg Barthw Delandre of Dublin

1744 John Tracy

Bricklayer, who appears to have built Mercer's School, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, in 1744 to a plan by Cummin. After the trustees of the school had passed Cummin's plan, they 'spoke to' John Tracy, bricklayer, about the building. He is probably the mason and bricklayer who was employed extensively by the Barrack Board between 1753 and 1762 in works at the Dublin Barracks, Dublin Castle, the Poddle Guard House, the Parliament House, the Four Courts, the Powder Magazine and the Deputy Keeper's lodge in Phoenix Park.

M. Quane, 'Mercer's School Rathcoole & Castleknock, Co. Dublin', JRSAI 93 (1963)


Freemen of Dublin

1679 Johes Trasey, baker (pistor)

1685 Georgius Tracey, shoemaker (calcear)

1688 Patrick Trasey, shoemaker

1691 Carolus Tracey, pewterer


Huguenots? [Note: Tressee is probably not a Huguenot name]

...In Dublin City, perhaps 8 families and 44 individuals worshipped at St. John Church on Fishamble Street...and on the 23 April 1687 Charles Tresseé and Elizabeth Davise were united in wedlock...

Hylton, Raymond (2005) Ireland's Huguenots and their refuge, 1662-1745: an unlikely haven


Irish Wild Geese at The Hotel d'Invalides Paris 1600 to 1799

Thomas Trassy aged 36 of Dublin, dragoon of Sr. Carroll, lieutenant colonel of the King of England's Dragoons Regiment in which he says he has served 10 years as much in France as in Ireland. He has had his left arm "cut" after a musket shot at Valence. Married in Paris. Catholic. Received 15th August 1697. 15th May 1700 he gave up his place. Given 30 PSC.


1699 The Dublin scuffle being a challenge sent by John Dunton, citizen of London, to Patrick Campbel, bookseller in Dublin

[page 45-7] Nov. 24. 1698. WE the Persons whose Names are hereunto Subscribed, do hereby Attest and Declare, that about the beginning of this Month of November, Richard Pue did publickly own in our hearing, that Mr. Dunton never released him of the Agreement he first made with him, which Agreement was, That Mr. Dunton should have the Auction-Room [Dick's Coffee-House in Skinner-Row?] as long as he had occasion for it, paying 5. s. per Weak.

Subscribed in the Presence of

    Math. Gu[...]ne

    Samuel Lucas.

    Patrick Tracy.

    Heneage Price

    George Larkin

    William Robinson.

Thus Sir, have I given you a further Account of my Scuffle with Patrick Campbel, on which your Impartial Thoughts are desired by.

Your obliged Friend and Servant, John Dunton.

[side note page 423] To Mr. Bourn, Mr. Gee, Mr. D [...]bbs, Mr. Servant, Mr. Dell, Mr. Penny, Mr. Tracy, (alias Pat) Mr. Wilde, Mr. Larkin, Mr. [...]rice, and Mr. Robinson.



Tracey John 17c #52.1

Treacy Family 19c #193.7


Directory of Dublin 1738 to 1800


Tracey Daniel, Church Street.

Tracy Daniel, Heyler.



1760 Merchants and Traders

Tracy (John), Bricklayer, Gravel-walk

Tracy (James) China-merchant, Fishamble-street


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Bricklayer, Tighe Street.

1766 & 1767 Physicians and Surgeons [?]

Tracy (Michael) Back-lane


Tracy James, China Merchant & Taylor, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Bricklayer, Tighe Street.


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Bricklayer, Arran Quay.

Tracy Richard, Slater, Mary’s Lane

Tracy Godfrey, Ensign Foot Royal, America, 11th September.


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Bricklayer, Arran Quay.

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, Chequer Lane.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770)

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy Elinor, Taylor, Essex Street.

Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, Chequer Lane.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770)

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, Chequer Lane.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770)

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 35 Exchequer Street.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770)

Tracy Richard, Slater, Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 41 Exchequer Street.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770)

Tracy Richard, Slater, 4 Princes Street


Tracy James, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 41 Exchequer Street.

Tracy John, Barrister, Ellis Quay (Conferred Trinity Term 1770) (marked died)

Tracy Richard, Slater, 4 Princes Street

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 10 Fleet Street.


Tracy John, Taylor, 41 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Richard, Slater, 4 Princes Street

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.


Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.


Tracy Edward, Carpenter & Manufacturer, 43 Exchequer Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.


Tracy Edward, Carpenter & Manufacturer, 43 Exchequer Street.

Tracy James, Butcher 96 Old Church Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Mary, Confectioner, 43 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Patrick, Grocer, 26 Nassau Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 19 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 58 Coombe.


Tracy James, Butcher 96 Old Church Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Mary, Confectioner, 43 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Patrick, Grocer, 26 Nassau Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 19 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 58 Coombe.


Tracy Darby, Presser, 30 Ash Street.

Tracy James, Butcher 96 Old Church Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Mary, Confectioner, 42 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Patrick, Grocer, 26 Nassau Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 19 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer & Shoe Maker, 4 Nicholas Street.


Tracy Darby, Presser, 30 Ash Street.

Tracy James, Butcher 96 Old Church Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Mary, Pastry cook & Confectioner, 5 S. Gt. Georges Street.

Tracy Patrick, Grocer, 26 Nassau Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 19 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer & Shoe Maker, 4 Nicholas Street.


Tracy James, Butcher 96 Old Church Street.

Tracy John, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Mary, Pastry cook & Confectioner, 5 S. Gt. Georges Street.

Tracy Rose, China Merchant, 44 Fishamble Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 19 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 2 Nicholas Street.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer”

Treacy Darby, Presser, 30 Ash Street.


Tracy Edward, Measurer, 1 Chappel Yard, Stephens Street.

Tracy Philip, Taylor, 37 Exchequer Street.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer”


Tracy Edward, Measurer, 1 Chappel Yard, Stephens Street.

Tracy Philip, Taylor, Trinity Place.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer”


Tracy Philip, Taylor, 4 Trinity Place.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer, Kings Bench, Common Pleas” 47 Castle Street. Solicitor in Chancery by order of the court.


Tracy Michael, Publican, 11 Christ Church Lane.

Tracy Philip, Taylor, 4 Trinity Place.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer, Kings Bench, Common Pleas” 47 Castle Street.

1795 Directory

Attornies - †Tracy (W.W.) K.C.E. 47 Castle-Street


Tracy Martin, Carpenter, 18 Vicker Street.

Tracy Michael, Publican, 11 Christ Church Lane.

Tracy Philip, Taylor, 4 Dame Lane.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Pawnbroker, 6 Kennedys Lane.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer, Kings Bench, Common Pleas” 165 Gt Britain Street.


Tracy Martin, Carpenter, 18 Vicar Street.

Tracy Michael, Publican, 11 Christ Church Lane.

Tracy Philip, Taylor, 4 Dame Lane.

Tracy Thomas, Grocer, 24 N. King Street.

Tracy Thomas, Pawnbroker, 26 Kennedys Lane.

Tracy WW, Attorney, “Exchequer, Kings Bench, Common Pleas” 29 L. Stra Street.

1705 “The Ouzel Galley Society”

This society first saw light in 1705 with Tracy as its first captain. He lived in Dublin and Waterford.

The Ouzel Galley, Old Dublin Society, Special Issue Vol.3, no.2, p. 9,11,20

The Missing Ship or The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley: William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880) [Online Book]


3 Mar 1708 John Tressy, Yeoman of Dublin City, Witness to memorial Vol 2, p.175, No.364 between Edward Dalton & John Horne.


1709 Sir Mark Ranford, Alderman of Dublin Tenant: William Tracy, Aron Street (Will)

10/8/1709 Will

William Tracy, Aron St, Dublin , Occupier, 28 Nov 1709


8th June 1710, John Tressy, drawer, witness to leasing to Edward Rasin Old Poultry Market, Fishamble Street, Dublin (7352/2/480/1278) between Edward Dalton & John Horne.


18/12/1710, 19/12/1710 and 30/12/1710 Martin Tracy, City of Dublin, Clerk to Bruen Worthington, City of Dublin.

Witness to Lease & Release: P1 raising mortgage of £25 on property in deed 1744

Vol. 6, p.182, No. 1745

Witness to Mortgage: E let to F, 1 Aug 1624, property in West St, Dublin, for 63 yrs. Subsequent lease dated 26 Jul 1669 to G property in Liberties of Dublin for 61 years. C advancing £25 on the leases.

Vol. 5, p.265, No. 1714


12 May 1711 Memorial No: 2073

John Tracy, gent, City of Dublin, witness

4-18 March 1718 to 2 Dec 1720 Lease + Release (20919/31/20/17322)

John Tracy, Gent, City of Dublin, Witness

14 Sep 1722 Memorial No: 22450

John Tracy, gent, City of Dublin, witness

10-12 July 1723 Indented deeds of lease + release (22518/36/497/23792)

John Tracy, Gent, Dublin city, Witness

31 Jul 1727 Deed

...witness John Tracy of City of Dublin Gent.

16 Feb 1728 Memorial No: 44275

John Tracy, gent, City of Dublin, witness

31 Mar 1731 Memorial No: 45607

John Tracy, gent, City of Dublin, witness

20 Sep 1733 Memorial No: 51590

John Tracy, gent, City of Dublin, witness

5 Jan 1846 Memorial No: 184601125

John Treacy, gent, Rathmines Co Dublin, witness


11 Mar 1714 Memorial No: 13511

John Tracy, of the City of Dublin, witness and clerk to Richard Geering, Esq, City of Dublin

XXIII, 18511. L & r, 28, 29 Apr, 1719, L betw Rd Tisdall, Dublin, esq, of i p, and Geo Warburton, esq,...

Witnesses: Richd Geering, Dublin, esq; Thos Eaton, atty of King's Bench; John Tracy, clerk to Geering.

Dermot MacIvor. Historical Notes on Millockstown and Blakestown. Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society, Vol. 13, No. 1 (1953), pp. 68-123

12 Feb 1725 Memorial No: 31256

John Tracy, of the City of Dublin, witness and clerk to William Westberry, gent, City of Dublin

1727 Garret Wesley, Dangan, Co. Meath. Memorial Witness: John Tracy of Dublin (Will)

13 Mar 1727 Deed

...witness John Tracy of Dublin City Clerk to William Westberry of Dublin City Gent

20 Dec 1728 Deed

...witness John Tracy of Dublin City Clerk to William Westbery of Dublin City Gent  

17 Apr 1705 & 15 Oct 1731 Will/Lease

...witness John Tracy, clerk to William Westbury, of City Dublin


A History of the County Dublin By Francis Elrington Ball.

1713. Edward Treacy.

Howth and its owners: In the early part of the 18th century the penal laws fell heavily on the Roman Catholics. The Rev. Edward Treacy, who was then the parish priest, was a special object of persecution, and his church was reported to be in a dangerous condition, and liable to fall down. But throughout the century the Roman Catholic parishioners were not left without spiritual aid. The Rev. Edward Treacy was parish priest in Howth from 1713-1750 [In a parliamentary return in 1831, there are stated to have been in the parishes of Howth, Baldoyle and Kilbarrack “Two mass-houses, one priest and one popish school.”]

17 June 1714

John Sweetman of the Red Houses of Baldoyle in said county farmer being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelists and Examined. Saith that the last time he heard mass was on Sunday next sevennight. That the said Mass was said and celebrated by one Father Tracie a Popish Priest in the town of Hoath. He knoweth not the said Priest's Christian name. Saith that James Comon, Christopher Higley, Toby Tallant, Patrick Carr all of Hoath were at the celebration or saying of the said Mass. That the place of the said Trade's Residence is usually att or neare the town of Baldoyle. And that he doth not know of any Romish Bishop or Regular cleargy man of the Popish religion in this kingdom. Saith that there was one Christopher Meldon lately taught school in the Town of Baldoyle, that the said Meldon is now in Confinement at Kilmainham and that he knows of no other person that taught school within the said county.

Johes Sweetman [bound to Daniel Wybrants appear in the sum of] 40 Thomas Stepney. 17 June 1714 

Burke, William P (1914) The Irish priests in the penal times (1660-1760) [microform] : from the state papers in H. M. Record Offices, Dublin and London, the Bodleian Library, and the British Museum". Waterford

Rev. Edward Treacy, P.P., 1713-174-.

Just as he entered upon his office the Priest-hunters began their unholy work. We take the following deposition from Father William P. Burke's invaluable volume, "Irish Priests, in the Penal Times":- "John Sweetman of the Red House, Baldoyle, being duly sworn said that he last heard Mass last Sunday, celebrated by one Father Treacie a Popish Priest in the town of Hoath. He knoweth not the said priest's Christian name. James Conron, Chris. Higley, Toby Tallant, Patrick Carr were all at the celebration or saying of said Mass. The place of said Tracie's residence is usually at or near Baldoyle. Christopher Meldon lately taught school in Baldoyle; the said Meldon is now in confinement in Kilmainham. June 17, 1714." We next meet an account of Father Treacy in 1728. The old misunderstanding between the Secular and Regular Clergy kept constantly cropping up, especially in connection with the privilege enjoyed by Regulars of questing at the Chapels of the Seculars. This year the Regulars drew up a formal list of grievances and forwarded it to the Nunzio at Brussels. In reply a Commission consisting of the Archbishop of Dublin (Murphy) and the Bishop of Clonmacnoise (a Dominican), was appointed to inquire and report. Father Treacy was one of the incriminated P.P.'s, and in his sworn reply made to the charge advanced by Rev. Brothtr Antony Fottrell (a Franciscan), says, "that the said Brother came but twice to his Chapels to quest, and that on both occasions he assented to his making the quest in Baldoyle. Again he declares that on those occasions the quest could not be made prudently or fruitfully in the Chapel of Howth, which was then in a dangerous condition, and unless promptly repaired and made safe might fall down, and permission to rebuild be refused by the Lord of Howth, who with an oath declared that if the parishioners allowed the Chapel to fall, he would never permit a new Chapel to be built there or anywhere else within the district of Howth." This reply of Father Treacy was considered satisfactory by the Commission, and the people were allowed to repair their Chapel without further molestation. Father Treacy lived on to some year unascertained in the forties and was followed in the Parish by Rev. Father Taafe, P.P., 174-1769.

Short Histories of Dublin Parishes By Most Rev. M. Donnelly, D.D., Lord Bishop of Canae.  Dublin: Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, 1905-

Petition of the Chapters of Dublin to the Holy See, the 16th of September 1729

...Edmundus Treasy, Parochus de Haoth...

Patrick Francis Moran (1881) Spicilegium Ossoriense: Being a Collection of Original Letters and Papers Illustrative of the History of the History of the Irish Church from the Reformation to the Year 1800, Volume 3.


23-4 November 1720 to 17 Dec 1720 Lease + Release (21086/31/0/17424)

R. Tracy, Inn at Fleet Street, Witness. Four part agreement: A,B, rent to C - G all towns and lands of Ballefister, Ballemaser, Strandtowne, Bullemacer, Ballemackoris, County Downe; also town and lands of Annaduffe occupied by H - R.


Memorial 17858: Marchall to Magrath 25 Feb 1720

Signed & Sealed in the prence of John Tracy [of Dublin]

1721 Transcript of Memorial 18832: Deny to Connor

Witness...John Tracy of same [City of Dublin]


1724 Patrick Tracy, Hawker. NGR.

He signed ‘Flying-stationers declaration [against] Wood’s drossy half pence.’

Pollard, Mary (2000) A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade 1550-1800: Based on the Records of the Guild of St. Luke the Evangelist, Dublin.


2 Apr 1725 Memorial No: 28455

Deed between John Echlin, New Church St Dublin, & Robert Sharp of City of Dublin

Witness: James Tracy of the City of Dublin, victualler


4 Mar 1727 new deed 21 Jul 1722 old deed registered 16 Jan 1738

John French, gent of Loughrea Galway to Albert Dolphin, gent of Loughrea Galy, James Healy, mason of Loughrea Galway, occupier, lives of Olvier Power, Christopher power and James Tressy, to Nicholas Lynch, merchant of Loughrea Galway


Amrose Madden, gent of Loughrea Galway

Francis Lynch, gent of Loughrea Galway

Rickard Tressy, gent City of Dublin  [from Galway?]

4 Apr 1735 Memorial No: 56388

Witness Richard Tressy, gent, of City of Dublin

17 Jun 1736 Memorial No: 60662

witness Rick Tressy

7 Jul 1736 Memorial No: 62657

Lease between Edmond Kelly & son John of Mackney [Kilcloony]. Galway & Frederick French, esq, of Garbally [Garbally Demesne Kilcloony]. Galway [Ballinasloe]

Witness: Richard Tressy, gent, City of Dublin

1 Feb 1737 Memorial No: 62800

Lease between Richard Green, gent, of Gilltown. Kildare & James, Peter & Patrick Ferrall, dealers & gent, of the City of Dublin

Witness: Richard Tressy, gent, City of Dublin

27 Dec 1737 Memorial No: 62635

Witness Richard Tressy, gent, of City of Dublin

20 Apr 1738 Registered 6th Dec 1738

Hugh Montgomery Esq of Ballymull Down to Thomas Shaw Esq, of Newfort Galway eldest son of Robert Shaw Esq of Galway deceased, for lives of Croasdale Shaw, 4th son, & William French 3rd son of Frederick French, Francis Cornyn, gent of Gortermond. Leitrim.


Richard Tressey, gent, City of Dublin

Peter Kilkenny

George Shaw, gent, of Newford Galway


1 Nov 1709 old deed, 22 Jan 1728 new deed, registered 27 Jan 1728

property in parish of Drung, Cavan, for 33 years from 1709

John Waddington, gent, of Lisboduf, Cavan to Daniel Buck, farmer, of Fostree, MOG


Thomas Davenport, gent, city Dublin

William Fenner, gent, city Dublin

John Tracy, yeoman, city Dublin


...Paul Tracy's case...

The Law of Masters and Servants in Ireland By Matthew Dutton Dublin 1723


1728…[William Tracy] resided in Fleet street, in the parish of St. Marks, Dublin, in which parish he married, according to the rites of the Protestant Church on the 17th April 1728, Mary, daughter of Mr. James O’Brien, a woolen merchant in that city…and in the same parish his eldest son, James Tracy [and Timothy Tracy born 1730], the claimants grandfather, was born on the 27th January 1729.

1787? old lady of the name of Tracy, in Exchequer-street [above no. 43? the confectioners], Dublin. She had been a widow for several years and I used to work for her. Her brother, Mr. O’Brien, a woolen draper [in Francis street], and her son James Tracey, were also known to me…

(See Tracy Peerage Case)


1730 John Tracy and Deborah Green (Marriage Licence)


1/8/1732 Convert Rolls Richard Tressy (Trissey), Dublin

1738 Joseph Harrison. A Scriptural Exposition of the Church Catechism. 4th ed. Dublin.

Subscriber:...Mr. Richard Tresey...


1733 Joseph Tracy and Elizabeth Harrobin (Marriage Licence)


2nd October 1734 Old Bailey - Ordinary's Account,

Two Men, viz.   Nicholas Baldwin, and   Humphry Remmington; and four Women, viz.   Mary Haycock,  Elizabeth Tracey, Ann Knight and  Catherine Bougle, were by the Jury found Guilty of capital Crimes, and received Sentence of Death.

Elizabeth Tracey, 27 Years of Age, born nigh   Dublin, liv'd with her Father and kept House for him after her Mother's Death, who educated her at School in such Things as were proper for one of her Station. Her Father gave her 30 or 40 l. to put herself into Business, with which she bought Irish Linnen, and sold it in the Country , as well whilst she was in   Ireland as in   England, 'till such Time as the Stock was run out, and then she liv'd by Washing , and other Day-labour; having still some Pretence of Business to conceal her villainous Practices of coining counterfeit Money. Her Sister, Katharine Tracey, alias Bogle, or Steuard, was long detain'd in   New-Prison for putting off and paying away counterfeit Money…

Catherine Bogle, alias Tracey, alias Steuart, about thirty seven years of Age, was born of honest Parents near   Dublin, who put her to School, and bred her in the Romish Way. She served in several Families, but being of a vicious Disposition, she soon grew intimate with several Men, and lived with them at different times, and past alternately for their Wives, and had several Children by them, and this is the Occasion of giving her the Name of Bogle, Steuart, &c. and when they fell out, whilst under Sentence, with her Sister Elizabeth, she upbraided her with having had four Bastards in her own Country. Her last Husband (as she called him) used to lock her up, and to keep her under a pretty close Confinement, but Catherine not loving this way of Treatment, made an Escape from him, and came to London last Year…


British War Office

Peter Tracey, born 1687 Dublin, 3rd Regiment of Dragoons, residence 23 Jun 1736, Regimental Registers of Pensioners

Third Regt of Dragoons

Drum Peter Tracey, 49 years, served 27 years, middle finger of his right hand broke by his his horse falling on him in a fair on Recruiting? born at Dublin, admitted 23 June 1736


Freemen of Dublin

1737 John Tracey, carpenter, (son of John Tracey)


13 Jul 1737 Deed

Elinor Maganan of City of Dublin Widow of Edward Maganan of City of Dublin Victualler & Christopher Glasney of City of Dublin Innkeeper & Bryan Fagan of City of Dublin Brewer & Laurence Gibbons of Oxmanton. DUB  Witnesses: Thomas O'brien of City of Dublin Merchant & Patrick Tracy of City of Dublin Gent & James Saunders of City of Dublin Clerk to Dep Reg


27 April 1742 to 7 May 1754 Indented deed 5 part (31103/165/428/112620)

Partick Tracy, Occupier, Michael Chamberlain Esq of Dublin City intended marriage to Deborah Roberts of Dublin City, £1000 marriage portion; made over various houses formerly and currently occ by others listed Trusts for annuity or rent charge of £120 pa for life after death lands intail male


[1742] The Parting Cup

Just as Pat Tracy bought his coals,

By halves good lack! And not by wholes,

Not by half tun, but by half Barrel,

Which made his Wife with him to quarrel,

To vent her Passion and Displeasure,

That he shou’d stint her of her Measure.

Whyte, Laurence. Original poems on various subjects, Serious, Moral, and Diverting, viz. I. An Essay on Dunning, in Seven Canto's. II. A Dissertation on Fashions... Dublin, MDCCXLII. [1742]. 300 pp.


29 Jun 1743

Edward Tracy of City Dublin, gent, witness to Egan will Ballyaghter, co Tipperary & Nugent will Tihilly, Kings Co, land Division agreement. 100 acres plant.meas. Gurteen ; 100 acres Killishell ; 215 acres Curraghmore ; 194 & 1/2 and 2 acres Killcormick called Frankford, Kings Co


British Army Records

Andrew or William Tracey

Andrew Tracey b.1680 Dublin 40th Foot admitted Chelsea 8th Nov 1744 with 37 yrs service. Jockey. WO116/3

Wm Tracey, born Dublin, 40th Regiment Phillips, residence 8 Nov 1744, Regimental Registers of Pensioners

Wm Tracey, born 1678 Dublin, 40th Regiment Phillips, residence 8 Nov 1744, Regimental Registers of Pensioners

40 Regimt Philips's Admitted

Wm Tracey, 66 years, served 37 years, worn out with age and infirmity, born at Dublin, a jockey, 8th Nov 1744


J Tracey. executing 332£ perches plantation measure of the said work, commencing  at the city bason and proceeding Bason, south westward, from thence through ...

Gilbert, Rosa Mulholland & Weldrick, John Francis (1904) Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin. Vol. 11. Joseph Pollard, Dublin. p.277






Sep 2, 1922 (IT) The Famous Kelly Riots Old Smock Alley on January 19, 1747, during a performace of the comedy of "Aesop"...four petitions relative to the enforced closing down of the theatres immediately after the riots..."The humble Petition of Actors, Actresses, and other persons employed in the Theatre Royal in Smock Alley:...James Tracy...Marga. Tracy..."

Smock Alley Company...James Tracy, [an advertisment in The Dublin Spy 26 November 1753 indicates that "James Tracey, taylor to the theatre-Royal, is now moved to Fishamble-street, between Smock-Alley and the Blind Quay." He sells imported furs and his wife makes cloaks and mantels]...Marga Tracy...

16 February 1747 Oroonoko or The royal slave [cancelled]...cast...Hotman-Tracy...

2 June 1752 The Beggars Opera...Benefit: Tracy...

17 July 1854 The Inconsistant or The way to win him...Benifit: Tracy and the Machinist...Tickets to be had of Tracy in Fishamble street, near the Blind Quay...Act 3; Pasquali's Melledy solo on the violin by Master Tracy (a child about six years old)...

15 May 1756 The Royal Merchant...Benefit: Tracy...Tickets to be had of Tracy at his house in Fishamble street.

January 1761...The Orphan of China...Tracey the tailor...

1754-1755...Smock Alley Company...musicians...Master Tracey (violen)...King Henry VIII...Act III...a duet by Master Tracey accompanied by Corparelli.

1757-1758...The signatures of the musicians and their saleries are listed as follows:...John Tracy [ditto 16s3d]...

Greene, John C. (2011) Theatre in Dublin, 1745-1820: A Calendar of Performances, Volume 1. Lehigh University Press/Rowman & Littlefield, Maryland.

January 5th 1761 The ‘Orphan of China’ at Smock-alley and Crow-street theatres

The tragedy was rehearsed three times a day, and Mr. Tracey, then tailor to the Theatre, working day and night on the dresses, they were completed in eight and fourty hours.

Gilbert, John Thomas (1859) A history of the city of Dublin. McGlashan and Gill, Dublin. Vol.II p.189

Haldane Macfall. The life of Mrs Abington (formerly Miss Barton) celebrated comic actress

Mr. Mossop revived “The Orphan of China” which had succeeded at Drury-Lane, the winter before…As the manager had quarrel with Tracey, the taylor, credit was no more to be had than money…At length I prevailed upon Tracey, not only to make and expedite the dresses, but likewise to find the materials…Crow-street…

Bellamy, George Anne. (1785) An apology for the life of George Anne Bellamy. Late of Covent-Garden Theatre. Written by herself. Dublin, MDCCLXXXV. [1785]. 340 pp. 2 Volumes

4 October 1766 (FJ) Died

In Fishamble-street, the Wife of Mr. James Tracy, China-merchant

10 Oct. 1766 Belfast Newsletter

Died…Fishamble St. wife James Tracy, china merchant…

10 June 1779 (FJ)

Mr. John Tracy of Fishamble-street, musician, to Miss Grumly of said place.

12 June 1779 (F) Married

Mr. John Tracy, of Fishamble-street, to Miss Grumley, of said place.

Jun 1779 Hibernian Chronicle

John Tracy, Mr, of Dublin m. Miss Grumly of Dublin

12 April 1776 Saunders News-Letter

Masquerade dresses made by James Tracy. At his china shop, No 41 Fishamble-street, who perfords every other branch of the taylor's business in the neatest and most fashionable manner. N.B. He has just fitted up, in a very compleat manner, a neat convenient small house, situated in Philipsburgh, a little beyond Ballybough-bridge, to which belongs a small garden, with every other necessary convenience for a family; which premises he will either set or dispose of.

29th July 1779 Faulkner's Dublin Journal

Death: In Fishamble-street, Mr. James Tracy, Taylor & China Merchant.

1779 Tracy, James, Dublin, tailor (Prerogative Will)

31 July 1779 Saunders's News-Letter

All persons to whom the late Mr. James Tracy, taylor, of Fishamble-street, was indebted at the time of his death, are requested to furnish the nature of their demands to his widow and executrix Mrs Rose Tracy; she requests all those who are indebted to her late husband, to discharge their accompts immediately. Mrs Tracy humbly hopes for the counterenance and protection of herlate husband's friends and customers, as she intends carrying on the business in the same extensive manner as he has hitherto done. She will sell her interest of a small house and garden, commanding a beautiful prospect, well situated in Philipsbough near Ballybough bridge, at the small yearly rent of £4. There are 17 years of the lease unexpired. For further particulars inquire as above.

3 July 1781 (FJ) Married

Dr. St. John of Leighlin-bridge, co. Carlow, apothecary, to the most amicable, lovely and agreeable, Widow Tracy of Fishamble-street

6 July 1781 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty

Married Dr. St. John, of the County carlow to the Widow Tracy, of Fishamble-street.

February 26, 1785 Freemans Journal 

Masquerade and Fancy Dress for Ladies and Gentlemen - Designed and made up in the most elegant stile and manner by Mrs. Tracy (China shop) No. 44, Fishamble street.

Who takes this opportunity of returning her unfeigned thanks to the Nobility and Gentry, who have heretofore given her their patronage and commands in this line of business, and the approbation they have expected for the taste and fashion of her work; assuring them that the same unremitting attention shall be exercised to please them and all others who shall favour her with their orders. To accomodate customers, she is provided with beautiful Engravings of the various Dresses of different nations in every character. N.B. No dresses shewn in carriages, nor delivered until paid for. The Tailoring business carried on as usual.


1747 Tracey Patrick, Dublin, baker (Prerogative Will)


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

395 Patrick Tracy of the City of Dublin baker dated 11 Oct 1743 pd 7 Nov 1747

Son Paul

Daurs Margaret and Anne

Son in law Bryan Fagann

Daur Elizabeth Fagann wife of same

Wife Margaret T orse Harford


Volume 11 St. Andrews, St. Anne, St. Audden and St. Bride 1632-1800

1737 February 3rd marriages Bryan Fagan married to Eliz: Tracy p.95


13 Jul 1737 Deed

Elinor Maganan of City of Dublin Widow of Edward Maganan of City of Dublin Victualler & Christopher Glasney of City of Dublin Innkeeper & Bryan Fagan of City of Dublin Brewer & Laurence Gibbons of Oxmanton. DUB  Witnesses: Thomas O'brien of City of Dublin Merchant & Patrick Tracy of City of Dublin Gent & James Saunders of City of Dublin Clerk to Dep Reg


1748...; and from what I have heard, I may venture to appeal to the Memory of Mr. Martin Kirkpatrick, and Mr. John Tracey , as well as many others of the then Commons, whether there was not at lea that Number, besides the Sheriffs...

Genuine letters between Alderman Nathaniel Kane and Mr. Charles Lucas concerning the purchase of the mills at Island Bridge. Dublin, 1748.


1751 Subscribers:

Mr. John Tracey

Mr. Daniel Tracey

Winstanley, John. Poems written occasionally by the late John Winstanley, A. M. L. D. F. S. T. C. D. Dublin, MDCCLI. [1751].


1751 Tracey, John, Porter’s-row, Dublin (Prerogative Will)

John Tracey of Porter’s Row Dublin (St. Andrews), 1751, Probate will. Prerogative Grant book/F/202a


Society of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

Catherine/Katharine Tracy, Dublin & Wexford


Mind to send Catherine Tracy's Certificate to next Womens meeting

September 1756

The Friends appointed to draw up a testimony of our disunity with Walter Knott & Catherine Tracy with their late marriage...

Walter Knott & Katharine Tracy who were both educated in our society are married by a Priest, without consent of his parents and conceal the name of the priest who married them, & do not appear to have a due sense of their transgression.

A certificate from the meeting of Lambstown [Wexford] concering Katherine Tracy was read in this meeting.


1753 St Paul's Parish, Dublin

In the same year it was decided the time had come to have a Vestry room built as all Parish business meetings had to be held in the Church. This was to be built at the West end of the Church, North side of window. The room was to be 14' x 17', walls 9' high, pitched roof, plain ceiled, plastered, floored with tiles, 2 windows, 2 doors, shutters for windows, chimney in N. W. angle. The work was given over to John Trecey, bricklayer and Hugh Willson, carpenter. Final costing including furniture: thirty-four pounds (Vol II, 1753, 4).

Edith M. Best. St Paul's Parish, Dublin.The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 104 (1974), pp. 15-28


1754 Subscribers:

Mr. John Tracy, Bricklayer

Mr. John Tracy, Carpenter

Aheron, John. A general treatise of architecture. In five books. Dublin, MDCCLIV. [1754]. 217 pp.


1755 Judd, Peter, Dublin, tallow chandler. (Quaker records)

To my daughter Rachel Pim, executrix, two houses etc. in Big Butter Lane, Dublin wherein Christopher Deey and the Widow Bolinbroke now live subject to payment of £6 and a suger loaf and after her death to her children. To my son-in-law John Pim, executor, the house wherein I now dwell in Big Butter Lane, subject to £10 and sugar load yearly, also implements and tools belonging to the soap boiling and chandling business. To the children of Rachel Pim 5 houses on north side of Big Butter Lane now in tenancy of Widow Mercer, James Barden, Alderman Hunt, Widow Mitchell and Widow Dabyac, subject to yearly rent of £20 and one sugar loaf.
To my grandson Peter Judd lease of grounds on south side of Big Butter Lane held from Widow Bors with houses and improvements thereon, John and Rachel Pim to be his guardians during minority. To my granddaughter Hannah Judd £80 when 21 years. To my daughter-in-law Hannah Judd 5/-. To my servant Catherine Tracy £6. Residue to John and Rachel Pim.
By codicil Peter Judd to have all utensils etc. of soap boiling and chandling trade if he is able to follow it, if not they are to be sold and profit given half to Peter Judd and half to granddaughter Ann Pim.

Dated 13 Nov. 1755. Codicil dated 3 March 1757.

Witnesses: Wm. Jacob, Beaumt. Astle, James Russell.

Irish Manuscripts Commission: Quaker Records Dublin :  Abstracts of Wills


Freemen of Dublin

1755 Thos. Tracy, slater (healer), (by service with Daniel Tracy)


House of Commons Dublin

12 Jan 1756

A petition of Elizabeth Tracy, widow, and John Alder of Athlone, woollen drapers , and partners, setting forth , that by great losses in trade, they are rendered uncapable to pay all their debts, and that they were obliged to abscond and quit carrying on said business.

9 Dec 1761 The Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland

13 January 1756.

Sir Samuel Cooke, reported from the Committee (appointed to take into consideration, the petitions of Edward Buckingham, late of the City of Dublin, brewer, Elizabeth Tracy, widow, and John Alder of Athlone, and of Tobias Nugent, of Twatling-street, in the City of Dublin, skinner) the resolutions which the Committee had directed him to report to the House, which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the table, where the same were read, and agreed unto by the House, and are as follow:...

Resolved, that it is the opinion of this Committee, that the petitioners, Elizabeth Tracy, widow, and John Alder, have fully proved the allegations of their petition


9-13 Jun 1757 Lease & Release (35629/202/115/124774)

Tracy, Occupier, Edward Ransford, city of Dublin & Isabella Ransford, sister, had raised £400 mortgage with Ann Ackland, who subsequetly married William Deacon, merchant City of Dublin. They sold the mortgage to Elizabeth Baker and Bulkeley Harris, buying the mortgage & granting £200 to Martha Ransford. Numerous properties in & around the suburbs of Dublin, making over her portion under her father’s will, £400.



Dan Tracey, 1 Aug 1777, Lodge 97 Dublin,  

John Treacy, 1757, Lodge 225 Dublin, Excluded


Upton Collection. Royal Irish Academy

176. Handwritten notes concerning the Dunne family; including a schedule affecting the estate of Edward Dunne, dated 27th July 1799, listing the incumbrances against the estate; copy of advertisement for the sale of the estate of Edward Dunne of Brittas as published in the Dublin Journal, dated 1757; noting the size and quality of the land; agent for the sale is Martin Tracy, timber merchant of Earl's Street; including schedule of unpaid incumbrances affecting the estate of Lieutenant General E. Dunne dated September 1816; including original document noting judgements entered against Terence and Edward Dunn of Brittas ‘remaining unsatisfied on record’ dated circa 1680s and mentioning debts to Richard Tyrrell, Margaret Dunn, Richard Dalton and James Long.

House of Commons Dublin

21 Oct 1760 Paid Martin Tracy for timber, as per bill (No. 25) ... £

Oct 16, 1761 (BL) Dublin Oct 13

Between the hours of seven and eight o'clock at night, as Mr. Martin Tracey, of Earl street, timber merchant, was returning to town on horseback, he was attacked by two armed footpads on the road to Palmerstown, who robbed him of about seven schillings in cash and a silver watch; and after swearing him on a book that he would not for some time speak of what had happened, they made off towards Palmerstown.


House of Commons Dublin

1759-1761 Disbursements on the Grand Canal leading from the City of Dublin to the River Shannon

...Peter Tracy, pay clerk...

19 July 1765 [canal from Dolphin's Barn to Kilmainham]...Supplying the city with pipe water...your committee agreed with messieurs Edward Barnwell and Peter Tracey for executing 332.5 perches plantation measures of the said work, commencing at the city bason and proceeding south westward from thence through the lands of Kilmainham...

3rd April 1766...To amount of money paid messieurs Barnewell and Tracey on account of their contract ... ... £896 9 9

Calendar of ancient records of Dublin. Volume XI


Freemen of Dublin

1760 Richard Tracy, slater (healer)

1 July 1774 Saunders's News-Letter

A Caution. William Kean, Esq, wishes the public may guard against Richard Tracey, slater, whom he had employed last September in some new work and repairs, at his house and offices at Clontarf; said Tracey persuaded him at same time that a thorough pointing was absollutely necessary to the concerns, Mr Kean, thinking him an honest man consented thereto, and left the whole conduct of it to himself, who worked and attended constantly with his men, in covering the old pointing of 125 squares of slating with mortar, when the whole, except about five or six, was quite firm and sound, as appeared afterwards by the new stuff totally falling off, and shewing such villainous abuse as has discovered Tracey to be as great an imposter as lives. Most part of the new work did not stand, nor could Mr Kean see him after, though repeatedly sent to, until another slater was employed the 1st of May to repair the damages, and a threatening message sent for Tracey to attend, and be a witness to the scene of his fraud, which he did not attempt to justify, only said he did not mean it, and which jobb cost Mr Kean above 20 Guineas besides £11.8s to the other slater, to repair part only of the damages. Clontarf June 28th 1774

It is with utmost concern that Richard Tracy has seen the above advertisment of William Kean, Esq, and to find that, at this time of life, his character is called into question, for his justification he begs leave to submit to his employeers, friends and the impartial public, the following account of what has passed between Mr Kean and him: - Tracy having for seveal years been employed by Mr. Kean in the way of his trade, was some time in Aug 1773, sent for by him to make some repairs on his house and offices at Clontarf, and to slate some new work; in consequence of which Tracy waited upon him, and, on examining said houses and offices, thought they required to be pointed; he accordingly, by Mr Kean's consent set men to work, who pointed as much of the house and offices as wanted it, and Tracy attended there as often as he conveniently could, but being then in a bad state of health was not able to work, nor did he work himself. Tracy being attacked in last Dec with a severe fit of sickness, was confined to his bed for four months and upwards, and his life despaired of, and believes that in that period Mr Kean sent for him, but he being ill, did not hear of any message from Mr Kean; however, his son waith twice or three times on Mr Kean, and acquinted him with the situation and illness of his father, upon which Mr Kean was pleased to express some concern, and said it would be time enough for him to call when he was well, or to that effect. As soon as Tracy was able to go abroad, he some time in May last waited upon Mr Kean at Clontarf, where he found that another slater had been employed and was then at work for Mr Kean and Mr Kean, having complained of the work done by Tracy, said Tracy told him he believed it was the fault of the lime; however, to avoid falling under the censure of any gentleman, Tracy offered to pay the other slater for what work he had done, and to make such repairs as was necessary, or that Mr Kean would point out, and keep the same in repair for 4 years, without any expence to Mr Kean, which proposal was made in the presence of a creditable tradesman. And Mr Kean (without giving Tracy any notice) has at this distance of time been pleased to set out the above advertisement.

7 July 1775 Hibernian Journal, 7 July 1775 Saunders's News-Letter & 8 July 1775 (FJ)

Yesterday came on to be tried in his Majesty’s Court of exchequer, before the right hon. Lord Chief Baron Forster, and a respectable jury of the citizens of Dublin, a cause by nisi prius, wherein Richard Tracy, slater, was plaintiff, and William Kean of Clontarf, Esq, was defendant, upon an action on the case, for publishing in Saunder's News Letter a scandalous libel by the defendant, against the plaintiff; when the jury (after a full hearing) brought in a verdict for the plaintiff, of 430l. damages and 6d. costs.

1776? Londonderry Journal

Richard Tracy, Slater, nr Dublin, issue 324

1778 Tracy, Richard, Prionce’s-street, Dubl., slater (Prerogative Will)


1761 Tracey, Daniel, Dublin, healer (Prerogative Will)


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

122 Tracy Daniel of the City of Dublin healer dated 27 Jan 1761 pd 18 May 1761

Grandson Daniel Tracy

Son Revd Philp & father of same

Grand daur Mary Anne daur ofsd Philip

Grandson Pierson Philip Tracy

Nephew Thomas Tracy

Brothers John Tracy and Richard Tracy

Sister Anne Nearit? orse Tracy widow

Nephew William Tracy


Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Tracy (Tracey), Philip, Pen. (Dr. Magill), July 19, 1738, aged 16; s. of Daniel, Generosus; b. Dublin. B.A. Vern. 1743. M.A. Æst. 1746.

Clogher - Curates

1749. Philip Tracy appears up to 1760 (V.B.), son of Daniel T., "gen." b. in Dub., ent. T.C.D., July 19, 1738, aged 16, ed. by Dr. Magill, B.A. 1743, M.A. 1746, ord. D. 1748, Kilmore. [Monaghan?]

Clogher clergy and parishes [microform] : being an account of the clergy of the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Clogher, from the earliest period, with historical notices of the several parishes, churches, etc. (1929)


Philip Tracy of Clogher, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, clerk, and Ann his wife. 2. John Peirson of Hinninghouse, yeoman. Premises: messuage called Howes. Consideration: £173. 5s. Licence of Edward Stanley.

Bargain and sale DSTAN/3/68

25 May 1756 Lease - Registered 31 Dec 1757

House in town Dunleary and 6a1r27p and 1a4p. co Dublin

Martha Pearson, the elder deceased of Dunleary, co Dublin

1st part, Ann Pearson otherwise Tracy, wife of the Rev Philip Tracy of Clogher Co, Tyrone

2nd part, Martha Pearson otherwise Edkins, wife of Peter Edkins of City of Dublin

3rd part, William Lee, vitner, of Dunleary, co Dublin


Thomas Lee, gent, city of Dublin

Rev William Taviner, city of Dublin

1 Sep 1764 Deed

Rev Philip Tracey Of City Dublin & James Coningham Of City Dublin Gardiner regarding  Ground Lordship [Parish Of] St Marys Abbey, Dublin. Michael Walsh Of City Dublin    Mr Cottingham Of City Dublin    Christopher Regan Of City Dublin    Mathew Durnin Of City Dublin Dairyman Michael Haycock Of City Dublin Gent  James Sheridan Of City Dublin Gent  William Fitzgerald Of City Dublin Gent  Charles Meares Of City Dublin Dep Reg Registered 21 May 1765

Philip Tracy (1722-)

b. 1772 Dublin; ed. by Dr. Magill; TCD BA 1743, MA 1746

C, Balrothery 1765

s. of Daniel

Ulster Historical Foundation (2001) Clergy of Dublin and Glendalough.Ulster Historical Foundation [with] Library Committee of the Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough.

13/1/1765 Will [Robert Adair?]

Rev. Philip Tracy, City of Dublin, 10 Dec 1765 , Thomas Burroughs, Esq, City of Dublin  paid to Philip Tracy with consent of

Robert Tyghe (Tighe) Mitchelstown [Parish Castletowndelvin] co Westmeath

Forster Adair, son of Robert Adair (deceased. will annexed to deed), Hollybrook House, [Parish Kilmacanoge] co Wicklow

John Nugent, Esq. eld son & heir of James Nugent dec'd, Clonloss or Clonlost, [Parish Rathconnell], co Westmeath

for lands in co. Westmeath : Clonlost alias Newbridge, Crosserdree, Clondalever, Fennor, Balrath, Ballycorr & [Druminroenan adjoining Druminroe?] all in Parish Rathconnell, barony Moycashel & Magheradernon. Also Johnstown & Killadoughran, Parish Castletowndelvin, Barony Delvin. Also Ballycahillroe & Agharanny, Parish Kilcleagh, Barony Clonlonan. 1 house in Trim, co Meath.

13/6/1766 Lease

Rev Phillip Tracy, 16 Aug 1766, House south-side Church St, Dublin, John Rice, Weaver, Church St, Dublin, Jane Yarner, occupier, deceased, Dublin

1771-2 Reverend Philip Tracy, Marshalsea of the Four Courts

Acts and statutes, made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the seventeenth day of October, Anno Dom. 1769

Chancery Schedules

Nov 16 or 14 1796 No. 670 Ladd @ Tracy & others

Deeds from Ann Tracy

16 March 1705

No 1 lease from John Baggott & William Cooke with an assignment on the Babk of il

20 Decembr 1711

2 lease from John Baggott to Elizabth Kiernan

16 Nov 1762

3 conveyance from Alexander McDonnell to the Revd Philip Tracy

14 Aug 1783

4 deed of settlement, the Revd Philip Tracy & others S. 2&3 parts Geo Lestrange and Marmadick Taylor 4th part

7 Febr 1799 No. 806 Ladd @ Tracy & ors

Cash from Samuel Knox £80

20 Febr 1799 No. 815 Ladd @ Tracy & ors

Cash from Samuel Knox £240


Philip Tracy, gent of Dublin (s. of Daniel) m. Miss Ann Pearson of Dublin 21 Oct 1746 Pue's Occurrences

Philip Tracy (gent) m. Ann Pearson (spinster) on 28 October 1746

Philip Tracey (s. of Daniel) m. Ann Pearson on the 21 Oct 1746

Perason Philip Tracey m. Elizabeth Edkins November 1788

Perason Philip Tracey of Dublin m. Elizabeth Edkins Bef Nov 1788

Pearson Philip Tracy (d. 1807?) & Elizabeth Edkins (b. 1755, d. 1842?) of Dorset Street
His parents were Philip Trac(e)y and Ann or Nancy Pearson (whose parents were John & Martha Pearson).

1789 Nov. 12. A lease made between John Edkins of New Street, Geo, Edkins of Charlotte Street, Wm Gayer Woods of the City of Down (by the consent of Ann Edkins now Woods his wife) & Pearson Philip Tracey Of Dublin (by the Consent of Elizth Edkins otherwise Tracy His wife); and Philip Lawless.

1793 Dec. 12. A deed of lease of premises in Tanners Row, made between Martha Edkins Widow of Peter Edkins late of Mill Street & George Edkins their Eldest son; James Edkins Son of the said Peter and Martha Edkins, Ann Woods otherwise Edkins, Pearson Philip Tracy & Elizth Tracy otherwise Edkins his wife, Martha Edkins and Sarah Edkins (daughters of said Peter and Martha Edkins); and Philip Lawless of Mill Street.

1797 Sep. 26. A deed of lease of premises in New Market made between Cornelius Donovan Edkins of Gordon Lane in the Co of Dublin, George Edkins of Glafsevin, Ann Woods of Mill St, Person Philip Tracy of Upper Dorset Street & Elizth. his wife; and Wm. Casey of Newmarket.

1806 Jul. 16. A Lease on premises in New Market, made between James Edkins of the City of Dublin, Geo. Edkins, Ann Woods, Pierson Philip Tracy & Eth. his Wife & Wm Harding & Elinor his Wife; and Thomas Chavers of the said City.

1814 Dec. 21. A Deed of conveyance of premises in Tanners Row, made Between Geo Edkins of Mill Street; Sam. Knox of Dorset Street; and Elizth Tracy of Dorset St Widow Sister of the said George Edkins.

1807 Tracy, Pearson P., Dorset-st., Dublin, gent. (Prerogative Will)

1842 Tracy, Elizabeth, Lr. Dorset, Dublin. (Prerogative Will)


22/4/1761 Convert Rolls Terence Tracy, Gent, St. Bridget Parish.


1761 Voters - Candidates

…John Tracy, Carpenter – Grattan, Burton…

Richard Tracy, Carpenter – Hunt, Grattan

Thomas Tracy, ditto – ditto…

This day the poll was continued for electing two Members to represent the City of Dublin in Parliament, Dublin 1761. 1 pp.


1762 Fitzwilliam Estates (around Merrion and Fitzwilliam Squares, Dublin 2?)

Survey by Jonathan Barker

Illustration – James Tracy Old House

National Archives 2011/3/1


14 January 1763 (FJ) Died

In Bride-Street, Mr. Daniel Tracy, Saddle-tree-maker

Jan. 17, 1764 Freeman Journal, Dublin, Ireland

Deaths: In Bride-Street, Mr. Daniel Tracy, Saddle-tree-maker.


11 May 1763 Dublin Courier

Mary Tracy, otherwise Everston, wife of Christopher Tracy, Weaver, hath eloped for some time past from her said husband (with many things of value) without the least cause or provocation, and has made a practice to doing so for some years past, which, with her extravagance in her absence, has greatly involved him in debt; therefore gives this notice in general to the public, and his near neighbours in particular, not to give her any credit, on my account whatsoever, as he is determined not to pay debts she may contract, after the date hereof. Dublin May 12 1763. Christopher Tracy.


8 July 1763

Audleystowne. [Audleystown. Ballyculter, Co. Down] Richard & Sarah Bonnor to John Tracy. Mortgage. D2092/5/89

8 July 1763

Richard Bonner and Sarah his wife, Oldtown, Co. Kildare to John Tracy, Dublin

Mortgage, recites deed of 25th Nov., 1734.

Consid. £560

Audleystown Toberdoney Tober-Ellin [sic.] Elishas [sic.] Co. Down T1878/113

1 October 1765

Ballyroe, Tobberdoney, Toberellin, Elishas and Castle Quarter. Joseph Dioderici Richard and Sarah Benner, John and Abigail Tracy (1st part), Henry Dioderici Richard and Catherine Elrington Richard and Rose Favier (2nd part), and Bernard Ward (3rd part). Assignment. D2092/5/92


Lease of Townlands of Audleystown, als Ballynoe, commonly called Elisha's, or Castle Quarter, situate in Barony Lecale, ... The First Lord Bangor, in his Will, however, refers to Audleystown, “which I bought from Droderichi and Tracy ” ...

George Francis Savage-Armstrong (1906) A Genealogical History of the Savage Family in Ulster: Being a Revision and Enlargement of Certain Chapters of "The Savages of the Ards,"


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

Joseph Desderici? of Drumcondra Lane Co Dub Gent Dat 20 Aug 1770, pd 17 April 1783

Son Henry D

Wife Elizabeth D, oruwise Moore

Nephew John Tracy

Daur Rose Faviere? widow, Cath Elrington wd?

Gd son Joseph Favin? Thos Elrington

Gd Daur Eliz Faviere

Brother in law Richd Bonner


1763... producing yearly to the Lord Mayor, a certificate signed by Mr. John Tracy, that the several buildings [Mayoralty house and offices], in the said report mentioned, are in thorough order and repair.

Calendar of ancient records of Dublin. Volume XI


British War Office

Peter Tracey b. 1711 Dublin 74th Foot 1752-23rd Dec 1763 wounded in hand. a sawyer WO120/5

Peter Tracey, born Dublin, residence 23 Dec 1763

Seventy Fourth Regm of Foot

Peter Tracey, 52 years, 10.5 years service, wounded in the hand, born in Dublin, a Sawyer, admission Do (28th December 1763) Admitted of Secretary of War 3 January 1764


Alumni Duublinenses: Trinity Dublin

Tracy, John, Pen. (Mr. Darby), July 8, 1763. [N.F.P.] B.A. Vern. 1768. [Of the Middle Temple; eldest s. of John of Dublin; Irish Bar 1770.]


March 17, 1764 Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday

In most Societies or Meetings, the Healths of the following gentlemen are drank as Friends to Liberty.

…Thomas Tracy…


August 16, 1765 (BL)

Dublin...In the evening, that notorious offender Keane O'Hara and Edward larkin, who made their escape out of Newgate on Wedbnesday last were taken at the Articoke ia Patrick's well lane by P. Flaherty, G. Tracy and J. Carrol and otheres who conveyed them to their former lodging there was another in the gang but he got on, though one of the officiers fired at him.


12 October 1765 (FJ)

A well dressed young man went to the House of Mr. Shee, in Abbey-street [Dublin]...He says his name is John Tracy, by trade a shoe-maker, and was born at Birr in the Kings County.


5 November 1765 (FJ)

In the morning another of the villains who cut and carried away the valuable trunk from the back of the Post Chaise of William Brownlow, Esq; was taken and lodged in Newgate by Messr. Flaherty, Wolfe, Tracy, Connor and Davis.


1765 Tracy, John, Cork-st., Dublin, tapeweaver (Prerogative Will)


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

171 Tracy John of Cork St Dublin Tapeweaver dated 3 Mar 1763 pd 4 April 1764

Eldest daur Mary youngest daur Catherine Lyons

Brother Edward Tracy

Wife Catherine

Son in law Joseph Carrenagh


Patt Lyons & Cath ???

Cath Lyons b. 20 December 1763 Sp. Nichs Dunn & Cath Tracy. St. Catherines

Jno Lyons b. 17 August 1765 Sp. Jno Dunne & Cathne Tracy. St. Catherines


Ann Tracy married Joseph Kavanagh 8 May 1753 Wit: John & Catharine Tracy, Joseph Platt & Mary lange. St. Catherines Parish RC

Joseph Cavnach & Ann

John Cavnach b. 13 June 1754 Sp. John Tresey & Teresa McCan

Patk Cavanagh b. 11 September 1755 Sp. Thos Field & Mary Tracy

Elizabeth Cavanagh b. 4 August 1757 Sp. John Purcel & Cathe Tracy

Joseph Cavenagh b. 28 August 1759 Sp. Catharine Tracy


18 January 1766 (FJ) Died

In Swords, Mr. Michael Tracy, Inn-keeper


23 April 1766 St Stephen’s Green

Lady Arabella Denny to Mrs Fagan regarding the need to acquire Tracy’s Field near Peafield.

National Archives reference 2/8/71 ii


12/6/1766 Lease & Release

Witness: Daniel Tracy, servant to Richard Willson, City of Dublin , Newtown castle Byrne o'wise Newtown on the Strand, Parish Monkstown, co Dublin


1766 John Tracy Dublin Carpenter

27/6/1766 Narrate 1 p. 22/8/1766

My five grandchildren viz Suzanna Langin (now inter-married to John Nailor sergt. in 39th Reg. of Foot), Hannah Langin, Mary Langin, Elizabeth Langin, Rachel Langin. My six houses on north side of Tighe Street in the parish of St. Paul, Dublin. Robert Barrett, the widow wall, Thomas Kelly, John Coates, John Stewart and Owen Tommins tenants thereof. Robert Barnett, Dublin, cordwainer, John Stewart, Dublin, Victualler, exors.

Witness: Zacharia Toulton, Dublin cordwainer, John Fotteral, Dublin gent.

Memorial witness by John Fotteral, James Malloy, Dublin writing master.

247, 290, 161707 John Stewart (seal)


5 September 1767 (FJ)

Aug 30th] Eleanor Tracy renounced the Errors of Popery, and embraced the protestant Religion, in the Parish Church of Clontarf.


13 December 1768 (FJ)

In the morning, a number of fellows diverted themselves with beating a Bull at Finglas-Bridge, when some persons attempting to take the bull from them, one Tracey, received a stab of a pitchfork from one of the rioters, of which he died immediately.

[Finglas Bridge stood on the Finglas Road roughly between the Old Finglas Road and the Ballyboggan Road. The surrounding townland on 19th century maps was called Tolka. Other townlands in the vicinity included, to the west Ballyboggan North (and South) and Finglaswood, and towards Hart's Corner; Violet Hill Little, Violet Hill Great, Tolka Park, Slutsend, and Bankfarm.]


25 July 1768 (FJ) Hibernian Accademy, Dublin



31 December 1768 (FJ)

31st] A dangerous Fire broke out at the House of Mr. Edward Tracy, Pastry-cook in Chequer lane; but by the timely assistance of the Fire Engines belonging to St. Andrew’s and St. Ann's Parishes, under the care of Mr. Babington and Mr. Hodges, it was happily extinguished.

6 Jan. 1769 Belfast Newsletter

31 fire house Edward Tracy, pastry-cook Chequer Lane Thomas Babington, Mr. Hodges, assistance fire-engines St. Andrew’s St. Anne’s parishes damage. [Dublin]


1768 Two alphabetical lists of the freeholders and freemen who voted...City of Dublin...MDCCDXVIII (1768?)

Two Candidates ... William Marquess of Kildare, and John Latouche, Esq

Freeholders, and their Places of Abode, &c.

Tracey, John, Eſq; Ellis's-Quay, m

Trinity Guild

7 Carpenters

Tracey, Rev. Philip, l

Tracey, Richard, m

Tracey, Thomas, m


1767-70 Will & Probate [See also St. Paul’s]

John Tracey, Dublin

Laois Paper-Deeds

26 December 1769 (FJ) Died

On Ellis's quay, Mr. John Tracy, formerly an eminent Bricklayer

1769 & 1770 Dublin City Officers [John Watson]

Assistant to the Masters of the City Works: John Tracy, Ellis’s Kay.

1770 [10.] Hugh McDaniel, setting forth that the employment of assistant to the masters of the city works is become vacant by the death of Mr. John Tracy, therefore prayed to grant him the said office of assistant to the masters of the city works.

[3.] Certain of the commons, setting forth that the place of assistant to the masters of the city works is  become vacant by the death of John Tracy, and they  apprehend that such an officer would be of advantage to the corporation of this city, if the duties were properly ascertained, therefore prayed to appoint a committee for that purpose.

Calendar of ancient records of Dublin. Volume XII

Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Tracy, John, 1st s. of John, Dublin. M.T., M 1770. [Ellis quay]

Tracy, John, barrister, M 1770.

1770 Tracy, John, Dublin, gent. (Prerogative Will)

John Tracy, 25th January 1770, Prerogative Court will. T/6284.

Registered 15 Nov. 1773 by Humphry Aldrich Woodward. Registry of Deeds 293 - 621 - 198161.
Memorial of Marriage Settlement dated 19 Oct. 1773 between Wheeler Woodward of the City of Dublin, gent, and Humphry Aldrich Woodward, his son of 1st part; Sarah Lawton of Dublin, spinster of the 2nd part; Hugh Carleton of Dublin, Esq. and Charles Leslie of the City of Cork, doctor of physicks, of the 3rd part. Whereby Wheeler Woodward did grant to Carleton and Leslie that parcel of ground on Arbour Hill, City of Dublin, being premises heretofore demised to Wheeler Woodward by Henry Lord Viscount Palmers town, with a dwelling house thereof now in possession of Edward Smyth and Thomas White; to hold to Carleton and Leslie for the lives of Wheeler Woodward, David Beaty and John Tracey, being the lives in the lease thereof made by Henry, Lord Visct., Palmers town; and also for the term of 31 years from 25 March 1762 in case said lives should not live so long, at £18 - 10/~rent; and also that dwelling house on Ellis' Quay, Dublin, wherein said Wheeler Woodward now dwells as formerly demised to him by John Tracy, to hold to Carleton and Leslie for the residue of a term of 47 years from 1 May 1764, granted of the premises by John Tracy to Wheeler Woodward at £26 rent. To hold said premises to Carleton and Leslie ___ the trusts therein mentioned. And said Sarah Lawton did make over to Carleton and Leslie a mortgage formerly made to her by indenture dated 23 Dec. 1769 by Arthur Bambrick of the City of Dublin, carpenter of ground and houses in Ormond Market, Dublin, which he held by lease from Thomas Gleadowe, being deceased , and in which mortgage the sum of £200 is due on foot thereof to Sarah Lawton. To Hold to Carleton and Leslie upon the trusts therein mentioned.
Said deed and this memorial witnessed by Robert Hutcheson and Edward Druit, both of Dublin, gents.
Robert Hutchesen swears as to the witnessing at Dublin 15 Nov. 1773,

1773- 1810 Irish Tontine Annuities

A list of the Nominees in the Irish Life Annuities of 1773 certified to be living on the 25th December 1810

Ann Tracy spinster - (23) - Parish of St. Paul in the city of Dublin; second daughter of Mr. John Tracy late of said parish, and his only daughter by Abigail his second wife £100.

1 Dec 1775 Memorial No: 206644

Marriage Settlement

Thomas Gee of Dublin City, cabinet maker and Dorothea Browm, Spinster

Abigail Tracy and John Tracy Esq are executors of John Tracy, dead, and also trustees to the present settlement. John Tracy was in his lifetime the executor of John Browne

29 Jan 1776 previosly 31 Jan 1774 Memorial No: 207050

...John Tracy of Dublin City, Esq...

23 May 1776 Memorial No: 208348

Marriage Settlement

Ann Tracy of Dublin City, spinster, to Henry Steevens Reily Esq of Prussia Street, Dublin


John Tracy Esq of Dublin City & Edmond Reily Esq of Dublin City

Dowry provided by Abigal Tracy, widow & John Tracy

...occupier Charles Reily, gent, of Big Lagore, Meath

1776 Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle
Dublin, 28 May. Married Henry Stevens Reily, Esq; to Miss Tracy of Ellis Quay.

Henry Stevens Rielly = Miss Tracey of Ellis Quay, June 1776

Hibernian Magazine

Barrack Street

MS 36,513/9 Renewals of leases by Count Alfred D’Orsay and others, trustees in the will of the late Earl of Blessington to John Tracy and Mary Anne O’Reilly, widow. Also includes copy lease by Charles Gardiner to John Tracy. 14 July 1763-19 Mar 1831 3 items

MS 36,513/5 Leases by Luke Gardiner to Abigail Tracy, widow. 21 Sept 1779 2 items

MS 36,513/6 Renewals by Luke Gardiner to Abigail Tracy, widow. 31 May 1780 2 items

Gardiner Papers NLI

August 17th 1808 Lease of property in Barrack St., Dublin by Ann Reily otherwise Tracy, widow, to Mary Masterson (D. 9666-7)

10 July 1779 (F) Died

...On Ellis's-quay, councellor Tracy...

29 July 1779 Dublin Evening Post

To be let. The house wherein Counsellor Tracy, deceased lately dwelt, situated on Ellis Quay, No 6. It is in exceedingly good repair, and fit for the immediate reception of a tenant, having locks, grates and chimney pieces through the whole house; with many other useful and nex=cessary fixtures. Also , to be let a house in Hendrick street, oppososite to the Hay Market, No 2, being in very good repair, and in which the Hon Mrs Wilson lately dwelt; There are locks, grates and chimney pieces through the house.

Enquire of Mrs Tracy, in Prussia-street; or of Mr Reilly, Public Notary, at his office, No 85 Dame-street.

1779 Tracy, John, Barrister-at-law (Prerogative Will)

John Treacy (barrister) 19th July 1779, Prerogative Court will. T/6285.

July 1779

On Ellis's quay, John Tracy, Esq, barrister at law. By his death an estate of between £600 and £700 per annum devolves to his brother-in-law Henry Stevens Reilly, Esq, an eminent notary publick.

The Gentleman's and London magazine: or monthly chronologer, 1741-1794

1780 The General Insurance Company of Ireland

Subscribers In the City of Dublin…Exrs. of John Tracy, Esq; dec.

1781 The General Insurance Company of Ireland

In the City of Dublin…Late John Tracy, Esq….

19 March 1783 (F)

Jane Mellaver, Cullodee, Plaintiff. William Stuart, esq. Defendant

Abigail Tracy, Executrix of John Tracy, deceased, Plaintiff. same Defendant

The several Tenants of the Defendant's Estates in and about Leighlin Bridge, in the County of Carlow, granted in Custodiam to the Plaintiffs in those Causes are directed to pay their Rents and Arrears of Rent to Mr. James FitzGerald, of the Town of Carlow, Sadler, and to no other Person, he being empowdered by Letters of Attorney from Plaintiffs and by several Orders of Court to receive the same; and are cautioned that if they pay any Part of their Rents to the Defendant, they will be compelled to pay the same over again to the Plaintiffs or their said Agent. Henry Clarke, Plaintiffs' Attorney.

23 December 1788 (FJ) Died

In Prussia-street, Mrs. Tracy, mother-in-law to Henry Steevens Reilly, Esq.

1789 Walker's Hibernian Magazine

In Pruffia (Prussia) Street, Mrs. Tracy, mother-in-law to Henry Stevens Reilly, Efq (Esq).

1788 Probate Will

Abigail Tracey

Laois Paper-Deeds

1789 Tracey, Abigail, widow (Prerogative Will)

Abigail Tracy (widow), 5th February 1789, Prerogative Court will. T/6286.

The Gentleman's and London Magazine

Deaths for Jan 1789...In Prussia Street, Mrs Tracy, mother-in-law to Henry Stevens Reilly Esq.

1794 Lease

Henry Steevens Reilly (his wife) Anne Reilly nee Tracy, Henry Palmer John Boakes (merchant) Abigal Tracy John Tuckey

Prussia St [Dublin?]

Laois Paper-Deeds

12 December 1797 The London Gazette

Commissions signed by His Majesty for the Army in Ireland, dated November 1, 1797, except otberwise mentioned.

5th Ditto, Cornet John Tracey O'Reilly to be Lieutenant, by Purchase, vice Walford, resigned.


1770 17th September Finn’s Leinster Journal

Married, Mr. Patrick Tracy, basket-maker to Miss Mary English of Fishamble Street.

Irish Genealogist, Vol. 8


1-5 February 1771 Ramsey's Waterford Chronicle

Died...the wife of Mr. Tracey, broker.

2 February 1771 (F)

...In Bride's-alley, Mr. John Heven, Broker; and the Wife of Mr. Tracy, Broker...


1771 Tracey, George (Prerogative Will)


2/12/1771 Convert Rolls Dr. Denis Tracy of Physick, Dublin & Mountmellick Queens Co

1771 Freeman's Journal Dublin, December 30.

Last Sunday Denis Tracy, Esq. M.D. of Mount-melick in the Queen's County, a Gentleman of Eminence in his Profession, read his Recantation in the Parish Church of St.Audeon's, Dublin. [link to Abigal Tracy & Anne and Henry Steevens Reilly]


Freemen of Dublin

1771, John Tracy, esq, carpenter



John Tracy of Dublin, Slaughter-Butcher [insolvent debtor?]

Reverend Philip Tracy, Marshalsea of the Four Courts

Acts and statutes, made in a Parliament begun at Dublin, the seventeenth day of October, Anno Dom. 1769


Canadian military service

David Tracy born abt 1771 St Pauls, Dublin - Canadian military service 10 Nov 1795

Edward Tracey born abt 1782 Dublin, Dublin - Canadian military service 16 Aug 1804

John Tracey born abt 1777 Dublin, Dublin - Canadian military service 25 Apr 1802

John Tracey born abt 1782 St Johns, Dublin - Canadian military service 30 Sep 1806


25 April 1772 Fee Farm Grant for property at Stephen's Green

Columbine Lee Carre of Benegary, Co. Carlow, Esquire, of the first part; Rev. Edward Synge of Dublin, Clerke Archdeacon of Killaloe, of the other part

Signed and sealed by both parties, witnessed by Arthur Dunne, John Kelly and Roger Treacy and registered by John MacAlee, Deputy Registrar at the Register's Office (Book 285, Page 593, Number 190750).

[Dublin Unitarian Church Collection RIA/DUC/2/SIN/10]


18 May 1613 - 2 June 1772 The Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland

22 February 1772

...Also a Petition of John Tracy, of the City of Dublin , Slaughter Butcher...

...Aug. 2 1768-9. A principal Sum of 200 l. due to Anthony Tracy [Dublin?], and secured by: the Bond and Warrant of the said William Howard and Abraham

Grier, with Joseph Anderson

1772? A list of the debtors in the several jails...Dublin City, Marshalsea of the Four Courts

...Rev. Philip Tracy...Also a petition of the Reverend Doctor Henry Ware, praying that the Reverend Philip Tracy, may not be included in the said Heads of a Bill...


2 Feb 1774 Saunders News-Letter

Fancy Dresses. Made in the most elegent manner, by Elinor Tracy, widow of Hugh Tracy, taylor, late of Castle-street, so well known by the nobilty for making the much admired dressees for the Countress of Moira and Lord Townsend's fancy balls; Said Eleanor Tracy, carries on the business in the same extensive manner, and employes the same persons who transacted under her late husband, and are allowed to be the only best hands in the fancy way; she having the only original complete set of fancy dress books in the kingdom for ladies and gentlemen, qualifiers her to fulfil the commands of the nobility and gentry who please to honour her on the present occasion. The books may be viewed at her apartments, the Upper Globe on Usher's-island, next house to Councillor Lytter's - N.B. Mantua-makers may have patterns of dresses at a responable price.

18 April 1780 Saunders News-Letter

Fancy Dresses. Made in the most elegent manner, by Elinor Tracy, widow of Hugh Tracy, taylor, late of Castle-street, so well known by the nobilty for making the much admired dressees for the Countress of Moira and Lord Townsend's fancy balls; she has in her possesion, the only original complete set of fancy dress books in the kingdom, containing 250 dresses of the different nations and hopes from her employing the hands her late husband did, to be honoured with the commands of the nobility and gentry, at her appartments, No 6 Exchange street


21 May 1774 Memorial No: 200933

Witness: Daniel Tracy of Dublin City clerk to 1st part, John Hill, jrn, Esq...


21 May 1774 earlier deed 25 Mar 1773 Memorial No: 201112

Marriage settlent


John Tracy of Dublin City, Esq


66. Thomas Butler of Wat'ing Street, Dublin. Dated: 31st May. 1774.

Proved: 19th Dec., 1777.

Wife: Ellinor Butler alias Fitzsimon (Executor).

Children: Thomas; Catherine Christian alias Butler; Margaret Butler.

Mentioned: Stephen Creagh Butler.

Executor: John Tracy.

Witnesses: John Peart; John Keating; Godfrey Peart.

Clare, Wallace (1932) The testamentary records of the Butler families in Ireland (genealogical abstracts)


24 August 1774 (FJ) Married

Mr Abraham Lennon of Pimlico, aged 25, to the widow Hannan, of Earl-street, aged 85. - Mr. Mark Conway, aged 16, to Miss Mary Treacy, aged 30, grand daughter to said widow Hannan.

1 September 1774 Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette

... Mifs Mary Treacy, aged 30, grand-daughter to the laid Widow Hannan.

1774 Annual Register

Married lately at Dublin, Mr. Abraham Lemon of Plimlico, aged 25, to the widow Hannan of Earl Street, aged 85. On the same day, Mr. Mark Conway, aged 16, to Miss Mary Treacy, aged 30, grand daughter to the said widow Hannon.

The Annual Register or A view of the History, Politics and Literature for the year 1774. Dodsley London 1789.


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

133 Molloy John of Dublin wine cooper dated 21st Oct 1774 pd 9 Novem 1774

Wife Ellinor Kenny

Niece Mary Tracy

Nephew Hugh Molloy


12/12/1774 Indented Deed assignment

Mr. David Tracy, Occupier, 5/8/1754, from Michael  Chamberlain, Esq. Dublin City  unto Christopher Walsh, corn chandler, late of Dublin city; dec'd: piece of ground on east side of Church street, in suburbs of Dublin city, formerly in poss of Christopher Walsh, bound on south by holdings of Mrs Connor formerly in possession of David Tracy, on north by estate of Michael  Chamberlain formerly in possess of Patrick Burke, on east by small house built by Mr. Kenny, apothecary  formerly of Dublin city, for 31 years at £6 ster, in trust, to pay pay unto Charles Dempsey, Grocer, Dublin City and his wife Bridget, daughter of Christopher Walsh upon her age of 21


14 Dec 1774 Saunders's News Letter

The public are hereby cautioned not to give any money or goods, or any sort of credit to any person or persons whatsoever on my account, except to myself and to my wife Catherine Tracy in person. Prince's street, Dublin, the 15th of December 1774. Richard Tracy.


16 December 1774 Saunders's News-Letter

Died...In Blackmoor-yard, Mr. Daniel Tracy...


1 Apr 1775 Registered 8 Apr 1775

About eleven acres at Stillorgan, Dublin, already occupied by Alexander Dowdall, for 11 years. Her heirs retain certain rights attached to the land

George Johnson, carpenter, City of Dublin, Richard Johnson, stone cutter, City of Dublin, Edward Webb, gent, & Barbara Webb nee Johnson, wife, of Killgobbin, Dublin to Alexander Dowdall, farmer, of Stillorgan Dublin. Vicontess Margaret Allen, deceased.


Paul McDaniel, of Blackrock Dublin

John Trasy, of Stillorgan Dublin

John Cahill


29 July 1775 (FJ) Married

Mr. Tracy of the Strand, to Miss Rebecca Powel of Back-lane.

31 July 1775 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty

Married...Mr Daniel Tracy, of the Strand, to Miss Rebecca Powel, of Back lane.

1 August 1775 (FJ)

The marriage of Mr. Tracy of the Strand, to Miss Rebecca Powel of Back-lane, is void of foundation.

02 August 1775 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty

The marriage mentioned in this paper of...Mr. Daniel Tracy, of the strand to Miss Rebecca Powel, is without foundation - See Dublin Journal


1776 & 1777 Dublin Court of Exchequer possession orders,

Daniel Tracy, debtor, Francis Street.

Daniel Tracey v John Thrustout, a plot of ground on the west side of Francis Street containing various houses, cottages, etc, dated May 20th 1776 & June 10th 1777.


British War Office

John Tracey/Treasy born Dublin, Dublin. Served in other regiment(s) unspecified; 54th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 30 after 15 years of service, 1791

John Tracey (but signs his name Treasy) b.1761 St Mary’s, Dublin (39th and?) 54th Foot 1776-24th Nov 1791. Served on the Spanish Main. Cordwainer


31 July 1777 (FJ) Married

Mr. Edward Tracy, merchant in Birr, to Miss Sally Baily of Meath-street


1777 Treacy, Martin, timber merchant (Prerogative Will)


1777 St Paul's Parish, Dublin

On 2nd June 1777 there was a proposal to build a new school house for the Charity School "contiguous to the Vestry Room on the North Walk leading to Oxmantown Green. Part of the walk at Western End in breadth 43' and in depth 20' be vested in Trustees: Tracy, Ryan and Bunbury".

Edith M. Best. St Paul's Parish, Dublin.The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 104 (1974), pp. 15-28


1777 Freemen of Dublin city 

William Tracy of Dublin 


9 Jan 1778 Memorial No: 215470


Daniel Tracy of Dublin City, gent



Mr. Thomas Tracy (-1778), Dancing Master, of Edenderry, Co. Offaly


Tracy's Selection.jpg




29 June 1778 (FJ)

On Friday evening last, Mr. Thomas Tracy, of Edenderry, dancing-master, was thrown from his horse, by...was unfortunately drowned...

179? Tracy's selection of the present favorite country dances. [professional dancing master]

Dublin. Published by B. Cooke at his Piano Forte and Music Warehouse (No.4) Sackville Street, [1794-8?]

Format: Sheet Music

c 1795 Tracy's Selection of the Present Favorite Country Dances

c 1795 Tracy's Second Collection of the Present Favorite Country Dances

c 1795 Tracy's Collection of Favorite Country Dances for the present year

Tracy's Collection of Favourite County Dances, for the present year; with proper Basses and Figures for Dancing. Dublin (published by Hime), folio.

An introduction to the study of national music by Carl Engel. Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, London, MDCCCLXVI [1866]



25 July 1778 Saunders's News-Letter

Landlords Concerns...Mr. Thomas Quinn King street Oxmantown...Tenants names...Mr Myles Tracy, house &c, 25 year lease, 1 Oct 1775, £7 rent, remaining 22 Yrs from 31st May 1778


5 December 1778 (FJ) Bankrupt

Thomas Tracy, of Fleet-street, in the city of Dublin, grocer, dealer, and chapman, to surrender on the 15th and 17th days of december instant, and on the 26th day of January next, at one o'Clock in the afternoon, on each of the said days, at the Tholsel. Atorney, John Kelly, Fade-street.


1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls

Denis Tracy, Doctor, 23 Jan 1772, No. 1950

Denis Tracy, of Dub, Esq, Dr Physich, 2 Dec 1771 - 2 Dec 1771, No. 37 F

Edward Tracy, Carpenter, of Exchequer Street, 3rd Oct 1780 County of Dublin

John Treasy, Shoemaker, of Booterstown Co Dublin, 28th Jan 1782 City of Dublin

Mary Tracy, Confectioner, of Dublin City 19th May 1786 City of Dublin

Richd Tressy of Dublin, 1st August 1732 - 26th May 1733 no.1456

Terence Tracey, 22 August 1761, No. 1054

Terence Tracy, of Dub, 11 April 1761 - 22 Apr 1761. N. 961

Thomas Tracy, of Nicholas Street, 13th May 1782 City of Dublin


Friday, June 4, 1779 Londonderry Journal

Dublin: Timothy Tracy, convert to the Church of Ireland at the parish church of Monnkstown.

8 June 1779 Edinburgh Advertiser

Extract of a letter from Dublin, May 29...and on Tuesday last Timothy Tracy read his recantation of popery.


17 February 1780 Dublin Evening Post

The Public are hereby cautioned not to credit Elenor Philips alias Tracy, on my account, as I mean to have no further dealings or connection with her. Given from my hand, the 12 day of February 1780. John Philips.


25 October 1780 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty

Taylor's Hall...journeymen Taylors of Dublin...John Tracy...


12 January 1782 Saunders's News-Letter

Last Thursday night the body Mr. Darby Tracy, carpenter, who has been missing for seme time, was taken drowned near the Poole.


28 February 1782 (FJ)

At Werburgh-street...meeting of the working weavers of Ball and Woodhouse...Nicholas Tracy...


1782 Tracey, Edward, Exchequer-st., Dublin, carpenter (Prerogative Will)

18 May 1782 Saunders’s News-Letter

Edward Tracy, carpenter and measurer, son and successor to the late Edward Tracy, of Exchequer street, most respectfully acquints his friends and the public, and the friends of his late father, that he continues to execute the carpenters work in the most extensive line and the measuring in the same correct manner of his late father. Any commands left at his house, no. 43, Exchequer street, shall be immediately attended to.

27 July 1784 (FJ) Married

Mr. Edward Tracy, carpenter and Measurer, of Exchequer-street to Miss Deborah Taylor, of Parliment Row.

27 July 1784 Saunders's News-Letter

Marriages...Mr Edward Tracy, carpenter and measurer of Exchequer-street, to Miss Deborah Taylor, of Parliment-row

28 July 1784 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty (Dublin)

Mr. Edward Tracy, carpenter and measurer, of Exchequer-street, to Miss Deborah Taylor, of Parliament-row


11 September 1782 (F)

Mr. Daniel Tracy, of the North Strand, to miss Payne, of Abbey-street.


3 October 1782 Saunders News-Letter

A pastry, confectionary and preservative school for the instruction of young ladies is opended by Bridget Abernathy, daughter to Mrs Tracy, pastry-cook and confectioner of at no.3 in Chatham-street near Grafton-street...


10 Jan 1783 Saunders News-Letter

Boarding School, No. 44 James's Street

Mrs Tracy and Miss Mahon present their respects to their friends and the public, and take the liberty of informing them, that their vacation will end on Monday the 13th January inst, when their school will be again opened for the instruction of young ladies, in English and French, gramatically, history, geography, and the use of the globes, tambour, embroider, crayon, ribbon, picture, dridden, and all kinds of needle-work, and the most particular attention paid to their health, morals and education. Mrs Tracy and Miss McMahon were educated in France, where they acquired a perfect knowledge of the French language, and all kinds of needle-work and notwithstanding the great advantage young ladies will have in being educated by them, they will inspire them on the following moderate terms: Day scholars 11s4.5d Entrance and same per quarter; Boarders £20 a year, and three guineas entrance with separate beds if required. - The best masters in writing, music, dancing, drawing &c attend the school, which for situation and air cannot be excelled. January 6 1783.


22 Apr 1783 Dublin Evening Post

Army. A cornetcy in an old regiment of light dragoons who wishes to retire, would dispose of his commission or would exchange with an officer on or likely immediately to be put on half pay, on responable terms. Inquire of Mr Tracy, at Mess Wybrants, Granby-row.


8 Oct 1783 Saunder's News Letter

Friday last Patrick Tracy, of Nassau-street...were all convicted before the Chief Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue of Excise of selling porter at 4d the quart, and fine five pouinds each.


1783 Tracy, Darby, Angel-alley, Dublin, aleseller (Prerogative Will)


1783 Tracy, Thomas, Earl-street, Dublin (Prerogative Will)


1783-4 Votes of the House of Commons, Dublin

p.465 a petition of John Tracy, late of Cook-street, in the City of Dublin, Dealer

p.578 a Petition of Thomas Tracey, of the Upper Combe, in the City of Dublin, Grocer

p.611 a petition of John Tracy, of Ross-lane, in the County of the City of Dublin, Taylor

p.613 a petition of William Tracy, formerly of Dungannon, in the County of Tyrone, Dealer


Register of the Parish of St. Thomas, Dublin 1750-1791

Wm Reed & Martha Tracey, 3 December 1783, Revd. Dr. Paul Consistorial Licence.


8 November 1784 Saunders's News-Letter

Roman Catholic Parishioners of St Andrew, St. Mark &c...Edward Tracy...


14 Feb 1785 Saunders News-Letter

Stolen out of the stables of Nicholas Carney, near Castle Brack, in the Queen's County, on Friday Night the 28th of January last, a low black mare seven years old, with a small star and a few grey hairs under the hind part of the saddle, a switch tail, she was nicked, but carried low, about fourteen hands, high, nice headed, and light in her limbs, well carecased, and had a foal suckling when stolen. Whoever gives intelligence where said mare may be had, shall have one guinea reward, or for mare and thief, on conviction, two guineas; to be paid by Edward Tracy, No. 24, Winetavrn-street. Feb. 10 1785.


5 April 1785 (FJ)

On Sunday morning one Tracy a plaisterer and whitewasher in Abbey-street, was seized with a violent fit of coughing, which so convulsed his frame, that he died instantly. He left a wife and four children, one of whom was on his knee when the cough attacked him.


1785 A translation of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri: in English verse...Dublin

Subscribers...Dr. Tracey, Mt. Mellick. William Tracy, Esq...


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Tracy, William Weldon, attorney, E 1786. (attorney Exchequer, E 1790 r) (See Tracy Peerage Case)


26 Dec 1791 Memorial No: 288205

Terence Tracy/Tracey, surviving Executor of Anne Farlton? against Nathaniel Jackson surviving Executor of Richard Jackson and Ann Forbes surviving Executor of James Forbes


Robert Deverall, farmer, of Raheen, Queen's Co [Laois]

Erasmus Jackson, merchant, of Mountmellick, Queen's Co [Laois]

William Weldon Tracy/Tracey, gent, of City of Dublin

Declaration of payment of sums otherwise payable out of the lands of Drinagh, Garroon & Clonekeen, part of the lands of Mountmellick, Queen's Co [Laois].


17 April 1786 (FJ) Died

In High-street, the widow Tracy, a woman of fair character.


27 March 1787 (FJ) Committed to New Prison

...John Tracy, by Alderman James, for assaulting and imprisoning, when on duty as a watchman, Mr James Hyde, one of his Majesty's messengers. - The above culprit is ordered to be confined one week, and fined forty schillings...


Copy of Lease of Meeting House at Cook Street dated 11 August 1787.

Parties: Stephen Wybrants of Dublin, of the first part; Hugh Crothers, Thomas Andrews, Alexander Kirkpatrick Jnr., Samuel Dick, James Hartley, Nathaniel Hone, of the other part.

Includes: Mentions 1711 lease for eighty four and a half years between Bartholomew Wybrants and Peter Ward. Ward's interest in the property was invested in Hugh Crothers, Thomas Andrews et al.

Witnessed by P.P. Tracey, Samuel Bruce a Notary Public and registered with the Registry Office on 17 June 1791 (Book 436, Page 414, Number 282769) by John Moore, Deputy Registrar.

Dublin Unitarian Church Collection RIA/DUC/2/COO/8


12 June 1788 (FJ) Committed to New Prison

...Michael Tracy, by Ald. Howison, for a fraud...


8 July 1788 (FJ) Trials at the Tholsel before the recorder...Quarter Sessions

...Michael Tracey...Catherine Hendrick, alias Tracy...were tried for different felonies, and discharged.


31 July 1788 (FJ) Quarter Sessions

...George Bell, for feloniously taking out of the room of Jane Keenan, sundry articles of wearing apparel, the property of Mary Keenan, and also sundry other articles, the property of Edward Tracy, was found guilty and sentenced to seven years transportation...


25 September 1788 (FJ) Married

Mr. Francis Tracy, to Miss Jane Daly


21 October 1788 (FJ)

To the shame of old bachelors, who let many a young maid pine on the virgin-thorn, a Mr. Darby Tracy, cloth-presser, of the Liberty, was a few days since married, at the age of 75, to his third wife.- His first wife, whom he wedded in his youth, lived till he arrived at his sixty-eighth year. Death having then robbed him of his long and faithful companion, he speedily determined to enjoy again the sweets of matrimony, and accordingly soon married a smart plump girl of nineteen - by her he had four children, two of whom are now living - having unfortunately been deprived, the begining of last month, of this wife also, he was on Monday forenight last, united in wedlock to another very smart girl of nineteen, by whom he declares he is confident of adding considerably to the human race. Hear this, ye tribe of old bachelors, - such a votary of Hymen, as Dary Tracy is worth, in his generation, a hundred such drones as ye are. Emulate, then, his example, by recording your names on the nuptial roll.


25 November 1788 Assignment (44129/406/1/265657)

John Tracy, Gent, Dublin, Witness Deed Witness Memorial. J by indenture dated 9 Jun 1750 let to K house and land on South side of Spans Lane Dublin bounded on the East by the late holding of L, on the South by land in least to M, on west by N fo 100 years at £5 pa by a deed dated 6 Jan 1756 K mortgaged property to C. By indenture of lease dated 6 Nov 1773


27 - 31 Mar. 1789 Belfast Newsletter

Dublin…Wm. Tracey, transportation robberies acquitted witnesses...


4 June 1789 (FJ) Dublin

Thomas Williams, by Alderman Car???, for assulting Catherine Tracy and forcibly putting her into a carriage among some men, in consequence of which she lost a gold ??? of her handkerchief.


1789 A collection of poems: mostly original...Dublin

Subscribers: ...Daniel Tracy, Esq, Phil. P. Tracy, Esq. Warren Tracy, Esq...

1789 Reliques of Irish poetry...Dublin

Subscribers...Daniel Tracey, Esq...


1790 Belfast Newsletter

Miss Frances Trac(e)y trial [see Frances Tracy]


19 January 1790 (FJ) Kilmainham Sessions

John Tracy and Wm. Tone for cow-stealing acquitted, but to give bail for their good behavour for three years.


1790? Subscribers:

John Tracy, M. Dublin

Parker, George. Life's painter of variegated characters in public and private life…[Dublin?], [1790?].


26 February 1791 (FJ) Masquerade

...A News-boy, as perfect as if he stood all his life at Faulkner's corner - Mr. Tracy...

8 - 11 Mar. 1791 Belfast Newsletter

Dublin masquerade harlequin Mr. Tracy, newsboy…


11 December 1792 (BL)

The following has, we suppose, been published in consequence of the late Proclamation [of the Lord Lieutenant] Royal Exchange. At a meeting of the merchant Corps, Dec 9, Colonel Jackson in the Chair. Resolved unanimously, that the principal of the corps is, and ever has been to support the constitution, laws and peace of the country, far which purpose, whenever it shall appear necessary, they will assemble...P.P. Tracy...


5 October 1793 (FJ) Friday 4th

Mary Tracy, for stealing a metal weight, the property of the Trustees of the Linnen Manufacture - to be burned in the handm and imprisoned ??? month.


British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Edmund Tracey/Treacy born Dublin, Dublin. Served in 2nd Foot Guards Discharged aged 44 after 19 years 6 months of service Covering dates give year of enlistment to year of discharge., 1793-1812

Edmund Tracey b.1768 St John’s, Dublin [crossed out for Loughrea, Gallway] 2nd or Coldstream Guards 1793 –18th Nov 1812 WO120/10 Cordwainer WO121 WO116/14

Second Foot Guards

18 Nov 1812 Dd Edmd Treacy No 38852, 44, 19 years 11/12? months, rate per day 1/-, Disard Viscera, born Loughrea Galway, Cordwainer, Gr eyes fresh complexion, gr hair


1793 Subscriber:

Mr. Timothy Tracy, Black-Rock [Dublin?]

Barnard, James. The life of the venerable and Right Reverend Richard Challoner, D. D. Bishop Of Debra. Dublin, 1793.


1793 Subscribers:

Mr. T. Tracy, Mountmellick

William Weldon Tracy, Attorney at Law [Dublin?]

Boyd, Henry. Poems, chiefly dramatic and lyric. Dublin, 1793.


1794, 1795 and 1796 Dublin Port Business [The city and country calendar…Dublin]

[Collectors] First Clerk and Commissioner of Affidavits in all Revenue Cases

Daniel Tracy, Esq

Customs and Excise - Cheque Book Deputy

William Tracey

1796 Commissioners of the Revenue

Strong Water Permit Office…Clk of the Commissioners Cheque-Book…Assistant Clerk, Warren Tracy, Gent.

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in all Revenue Cases; and ??? Clerk to the Collector of Dub. Port, Daniel Tracey, Esq;

May 1796 Walker's Hibernian Magazine

Deaths...Daniel Tracy, Esq, collectors clerk and commissioner of revenue affadavits in Dublin Port...

14th November 1804 Report of the commissioners

...Clerk to the Commissioners Check Book...that William Tracy, the late Assistant Clerk, died a year since...Port of Dublin...


1795 Subscribers:

Daniel Tracy, Esq

Mr. Philip Tracy

Mr. Thomas Tracy

A Digest of Foreign Exchanges, etc by Sir Thomas Bond (1795) Dublin


1786 Walker's Hibernian Magazine

Domestic Intellence Dublin April 20, 1796


Daniel Tracy, esq . collector's and commissioner of revenue affidavits in D? Port.


1791 The Holy Bible, Translated from the Latin Vulgat...Hugh Fitzpatrick, printer, for Richard Cross Dublin


Mr Thomas Tracey, North King-street


26 March 1796 (FJ) Meeting of the Pawn-Brokers of the City Dublin

...Tho. Tracy... [see Frances Tracy]

Goldsmiths Registered – Company of Goldsmiths in Dublin

1798 Thos Tracy [6 Kennedys Lane]


List of Rebels who surrendered in the city of Dublin from 29 June to 9 September 1798

Patrick Tracy, New Street no.27, engine weaver

Bartlett, Thomas ed. (2004) Revolutionary Dublin 1795-1801. The Letters of Francis Higgins to Dublin Castle. pp327&n, 370. Four Courts Press, Dublin.

1798 Claimants and Surrenders

James Tracey, Howth Hill, Dublin

M. Tracey, Howth Hill, Dublin

Patrick Tracey, Howth Hill, Dublin

Simon Tracey, Howth Hill, Dublin

Patrick Tracy, 27 New St., Dublin

Thomas Tracey, Braspot, Dublin




Index for the Diocese of Dublin to the year 1800

Tracey, Edward and Sarah Bayly, 1777, Marriage Licence, page 141

Tracey, Elizabeth and Robert Brown, 1753, Marriage Licence, page 267

Tracey, Elizabeth and Robert McKenny, 1749, Marriage Licence, page 31

Tracey, John, Dublin, carpenter, 1753, Will, page 265

Tracey, Patrick, Dublin, 1726 Original Will, -

Tracy, Ann and John Farrell, 1799, Marriage Licence, page 488

Tracy, Ann and Daniel Magee, 1761, Marriage Licence, page 226

Tracy, Catherine (Treacy in bond) and Thomas Andrew Clarke, 1798, Marriage Licence, page 379

Tracy, Daniel and Ann Paine, 1782, Marriage Licence, page 39

Tracy, Darby, Ash-st, presser, 1790, Intestacy, page 94

Tracy, George, Dublin, gentleman, 1690, Will, page 56**

Tracy, George and Martha Pope, 1670, Marriage Licence, page 222

Tracy, John, Killadowen, co. Dub., yeoman, 1680, Caveat & Will, page 108 & 111, Will and grant book

Tracy, John, Luske, chandler, 1683, Will, page 14, Will and grant book

Tracy, John, Dublin, carpenter, 1766, Will, page 209

Tracy, John, Dublin, broker, 1778, Intestacy, page 195

Tracy, John, Will, page 86

Tracy, John Dublin, Tailor, 1790, Will, page 71

Tracy, John and Elizabeth Close, 1799, Marriage Licence, page 427

Tracy, Maria and Francis Smith, 1787, Marriage Licence, page 340

Tracy, Mary, Exchequer-st, widow, 1791, Will, page 162


Tracy, Martha and William Read, 1783, Marriage Licence, page 119

Tracy, Mary and Peter Gillet, 1787, Marriage Licence, page 346

Peter Gillet senior had married Mary Tracy in 1787 [Dublin Marr. Lic. Appendix to 26th Report of Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland]. 
Mary died 14 July 1824, aged 63 years, and is buried at St David’s, Naas, with her sister Martha, who had married William Read in 1783 [Brian McCabe, ‘St David’s Church Naas.’ Irish Family History, vol. 9, 1993, p. 45; Dublin Marr. Lic. Appendix to 26th Report of Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland]. 
Mary’s will was proved at Dublin in 1824 [Index to Prerogative Grants, 1821-1830]; it seems that her husband had predeceased her.


Tracy, Mary and Marcus O'Hara, 1788, Marriage Licence, page 435 [see Frances Tracy]

Tracy, Peter and Bridget Perdergast, 1746, Marriage Licenceb., -

Tracy, Richard, Swords, co. Dub, innholder, 1766, Intestacy, page 141

Tracy, Rose, 1740, Original Will, -

Tracy, Thomas, Dirty-lane, timber merchant, 1756, Intestacy, page 90

Tracy, Thomas and Mary Raymond, 1756, Marriage Licence, page 421

Tracy, William and Elinor Gaffney, 1754, Marriage Licence, page 313

Tracy, William and Hester Stanton, 1789, Marriage Licence, page 16

Tracy, William Weldon and Ann Rotheram, 1794, Marriage Licence, page 404 [see St Michan]

Trasse, Thomas, Dublin, 1575, Original Will, -

Tracy, Joseph and Harrobin Elizabeth, 1733, Marriage Licence, page B.C.


Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

107 Tracey Joseph city Dublin mercht & Eliza Harrobin parish of St Catherine spr May 31 1733


Tracey, John and Deborah Green, 1730, Marriage Licence, page B.C.

1895 Keeper of Public Records in Ireland, Appendix 26 Report


Dublin Bonds

Darby Tracy Ash St Presser (with Remurn) 1790 (bond)

John Tracy Dublin Broker 1778 (bond)

Thomas Tracy Dirty Lane Timber Merch 1776 (bond)


Genealogical Abstracts

Abigaile, Tracy, 1769, Dublin,

Anne, Tracy, 1681, Dublin,

Anne, Tracy, 1776, Dublin,

Anne, Tracy, 1799, Dublin,

Catherine, Tracy, 1763, Dublin,

Catherine, Tracy, 1777, Dublin,

Catherine, Tracy, 1798, Dublin,

Daniel, Tracy, 1761, Dublin,

Daniel, Tracy, 1782, Dublin,

Daniel, Tracy, 1787, Dublin,

Darby, Tracy, 1783, Dublin,

Edward, Tracy, 1782, Dublin,

Elizabeth Agnes, Tracey, 1810, Dublin,

Elizabeth Agnes, Tracey, 1810, Dublin,

Elizabeth, Tracey, 1749, Dublin,

Elizabeth, Tracey, 1753, Dublin,

Elizabeth, Tracy, 1726, Dublin,

Elizabeth, Tracy, 1783, Dublin,

James, Tracy, 1779, Dublin,

John, Tracey, 1799, Dublin,

John, Tracy, 1749, Dublin,

John, Tracy, 1763, Dublin,

John, Tracy, 1769, Dublin,

John, Tracy, 1780, Dublin,

Joseph, Tracey, 1733, Dublin,

Joseph, Tracy, 1769, Dublin,

Margaret, Tracy, 1749, Dublin,

Maria, Tracy, 1787, Dublin,

Mary, Tracy, 1769, Dublin,

Mary, Tracy, 1782, Dublin,

Mary, Tracy, 1787, Dublin,

Mary, Tracy, 1788, Dublin,

Patrick, Tracy, 1743, Dublin,

Pearson, Philip Tracy, 1797, Dublin,

Richard, Tracy, 1777, Dublin,

Rose, Tracy, 1779, Dublin,

Thomas, Tracy, 1756, Dublin,

Thomas, Treacy, 1778, Dublin,

Wm Wildon, Tracy, 1794, Dublin,

Wm, Tracy, 1769, Dublin,





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Demetrius - Jeremiah, Diarmuid, Darby

Dionycius - Denis

Gulielmus - William

Honoria - Nora

Jacobus - James

Joannes or Ioannes - John

Lucius - Luke

Petrus - Peter

Thaddeus - Timothy


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St. Werburgh’s CoI





Tracy Miss of Dublin (d. of John) m. Langin Bef 1747 [see 1766 John Tracy Dublin Carpenter]


Tracy Mrs m. Dr St John of Carlow Jul 1781 Hibernian Chronicle Couple Married At Dublin


Anne Tracy b. about 1660 m. Thomas Woffington 25 April 1681 (LDS)


John Tracy (3rd Viscount Tracy of Rathcoole) (b. about 1617) & Elizabeth Leigh

Ferdinando b. Rathcoole (LDS)


Maria Tracy m. 28 September 1787 (LDS)


Michael Treffy, Mr of Dublin m. Margaret Haly/Hely Miss of Dublin Feb 1777 Hibernian Chronicle


Nich Tracy m. Mgt Clinch 20 December 1773 (LDS)


Patrick Tracy b. 1711 d. 28 February 1778 (LDS)


William Treacy b. about 1776 (LDS)


William Treacy b. about 1776 m. Eliza McCormick about 1809 (LDS)

Isabella b. 1810 d. 7 October 1890 m. Henry Eager about 1828 (LDS)


Thomas Tracy (-1821) of Dublin and Mount Erin Virginia, Surgeon in the American Army in the Revolutionary War and teacher to the step grand-children of George Washington

his nephew James Francis Treacy (1766-1830) of Dublin and Mount Erin Virginia

Virginia Hills, is located in the eastern portion of Fairfax County, Virginia. In 1811, Irvin sold the property (now 362 acres) to Thomas Tracy for $13,000. Tracey was a native of Dublin, Ireland who had come to the colonies before the Revolution. He had been hired in 1783 to tutor the Custis children, the grandchildren of Martha Washington, and Tracy was a frequent guest at Mount Vernon. Tracy died on August 5, 1821, having willed the estate to his nephew, James, a sign painter of Dublin, Ireland, under the condition that James become a U.S. citizen. James, then 56 years old, migrated to this country in 1822 to claim his inheritance and lived on the property for eight years until his death on June 8, 1830. The state Acts of Assembly of 1830-31 record the award of title and release of 362 acres of Mount Erin to Frances Maria Tracy, widow of James Francis Tracy.

James Francis Tracy Papers, 1821-1828. 29 items. Alexandria (Arlington County), Va. Letters from James Francis Tracy from Dublin, Ireland, prior to his departure for America to take possession of property inherited from his uncle, ...

Guide to the cataloged collections in the Manuscript Department of the William R. Perkins Library, Duke University

Thomas Tracy, a respected master music teacher at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, bought the 362 acres in 1811 from James Irwin who operated a ropewalk on the property. Tracy held Mt. Erin to his death in 1821, whereupon passed to his nephew on the condition he became a US citizen. The nephew died eight years later leaving his estate to wife and family. The Mt Erin property ownership was contested and turmoil ensued.

There were many Catholics in the Alexandria area as early as 1750, with a number of Irish Catholics settling here by the early 1800s. Thomas Tracy was one of those early Irish settlers.

A well-educated man, Tracy came from Dublin and served in the Revolutionary War. He was originally a music teacher. Tracy was hired to teach piano to the children of John Parke Custis, son of Martha Washington, and stepson of George Washington. John Parke Custis (known as Jacky when younger, and Jack as the Custis children got older) was around four years old when his mother Martha married George Washington. Tracy was so successful that he became the family’s regular academic tutor, both at Mount Vernon and Abingdon, the Custis mansion that stood where Reagan Airport is located today. After John Parke Custis died in 1781, his widow married Dr. David Stuart in 1783. They moved to Hope Park Plantation in southeastern Fairfax County. Because Thomas Tracy was able to provide the Custis children with a good education, the Stuarts asked him to come with them. While at Hope Park, Tracy also taught separate classes for the enslaved children on the plantation.

Tracy became quite affluent. In 1811, he bought a plantation, named Mount Erin after his homeland, which is still standing in Virginia Hills, near Telegraph Road. He died in 1821, leaving his estate to a nephew, James Tracy, a sign painter from Dublin. James emigrated and lived at Mount Erin until his death in 1830.

— Kitty Guy, Parish Historian February 7, 2023

Thomas Tracy, previously engaged as a music master in the household of Arthur Middleton of South Carolina, was employed by David Stuart to teach music and other subjects, including arithmetic and penmanship, to the two oldest Custis girls, Elizabeth and Martha. GW later hired him to teach music to Nelly Custis (GW’s Cash Memoranda, 1 Sept. 1797–20 Feb. 1799, entry for 20 Dec. 1798, RPJCB). Tracy visited Mount Vernon periodically between April 1788 and February 1799 (Diaries, 5:306, 6:333). He apparently was not employed to teach Harriot the guitar.



1817 - 1820

James Francis Tracy, Toy seller, 3 [or 30] Hammond Lane


James Tracy married Frances McDonnell ? Oct 1821 Wit: Patrick Glynn & Anne Glynn. St. Paul's Parish


Saint Marys Catholic Church Cemetery, Alexandria, Alexandria City, Virginia, USA



Sacred to the memory of James Francis Tracy who departed this life at Mount Erin, in the 64th year of his age on the 8th of June 1830. He was a native of the city of Dublin and migrated to this Country in the year 1822 to take possession of the estates devised to him by his uncle, the late Thomas Tracy. Erected at the request of his affectionate wife, Frances (illegible) Tracy. Rest his soul


June 12, 1830 Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, DC)

At Mount Erin, the seat of his residence, near Alexandria, on the 8th inst. James Francis Tracy, nephew of the late Thomas Tracy, of Alexandria, well known, by many of the most respectable families in Maryland and Virginia, as a teacher of music and a scholar. The deceased, (the subject of this notice) as well as his uncle, were both natives of Ireland, and of the City of Dublin; the latter emigrated to this country before the Revolutinrary War, when he was a youth, and served as a Surgeon in the American Army. The former, in the year 1822, came over to take possession of the estate left him by his uncle - since which he became a citizen of the U. States, and has resided in this neighbourhood, where, from the urbanity of his manners, and correctneas of his deportment, he enjoyed the esteem and respect of his neighbors - and has died with the reputation of an honest man. He lives to a good old age, and has left an affectionate wife to mourn the loss of a kind and tender husband. Alex. Gazette.



1850 Census - Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia

R. Murphy, male, 21, b. 1829 Ireland, no profession stated

James Murphy, 27, b. 1823 Ireland, no profession stated

F A Tracy, female, 50, b. 1800 Ireland, no profession stated


November 15, 1851 American telegraph. (Washington [D.C.])

On the 9th instant, at Petersburg, Va., Mrs. Frances Mar1a Tracy, aged forty-nine years, formerly of Mount Erin, Fairfax county, Va., the widow of the late James Francis Tracy, both natives of Dublin, Ireland, She was the daughter of Matthew McDonnell, of Dublin, Ireland.


Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Petersburg City, Virginia, USA

Frances M McDonald Tracey (1802 Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland - 9 Nov 1851 (aged 48–49) Petersburg City, Virginia, USA)

No grave marker has been found



 Blanchardstown RC (Dublin West)


Edvardi Thracy/Tracey & Cathe/Catharina

Jones Thracy b. 20 Oct 1788 Sp. Thos Ledwige & Maria Ledwidge. Blanchardstown Parish

Margta Tracey b. 31 Jul 1796 Sp. Jonnes Flanagan & Margta Smith. Blanchardstown Parish



 Booterstown RC (Dublin South)


John/Joanis/Jois/Joans Tracey/Tracy & Martha

Cornelius Tracey b. 25 Jan 1765 Sp. Patte Carty & Frances Daley. Booterstown Parish

Mary Tracy b. 18 Sep 1769 Sp. James Petty & Cathe Bryan. Booterstown Parish

Joanes Tracy b. 1 Jan 1772 Sp. Jones Kelly & Cathe Gaffney. Booterstown Parish

Matheus Tracy b. 18 May 1774 Sp. Johes Nugent & Eleara Cullin. Booterstown Parish

Margarita Tracy b. 22 Apr 1776 Sp. Laurentis Tyrrell & Maria Cullen. Booterstown Parish

Anna Tracy b. 16 Feb 1778 Sp. Gulielmy Brien & Cath Lodge. Booterstown Parish

Edwardus Tracy b. 1 Jan 1782 Sp. Darcy Hamilton & Eleara Sheridan. Booterstown Parish


Pat Tracy & Eleara

Joaes Tracy b. 28 Jun 1775 Sp. Joaes Fitzgerald & Eliza betha Ward. Booterstown Parish


Andrea Tracy & Cath

Malachias Tracy b. 30 Aug 1778 Sp. Jacobo Collier & Maria Brien. Booterstown Parish


Thos Tracy married Anastasia Foley 8 Jan 1781 Wit: Joanes & Sara Foley, & Anna Kavanagh with many others. Booterstown Parish


Maria Tracy married Gulielmus Doyle 16 Feb 1790 Wit: Joanes & Martha Tracy, & Pat Doyle. Booterstown Parish


Pat/Patk Tracy & Maria/Mary

Rosa Tracy b. 6 Dec 1793 Sp. Pat Sulivan & Maria Doran. Booterstown Parish

John Tracy b. 23 May 1808 Sp. John Muan? & Ann Karny. Booterstown Parish

Pat Tracy & Mary Leary

Laur Tracy b. 25 May 1805 Sp. Jas Meighan & Elizabeth Counrel? Booterstown Parish



 Clondalkin RC, Chapelizod RC, Lucan RC, Palmerstown RC (Dublin West)


Mary Tressy b. about 1620 Palmerstown m. Charles Nolan about 1642 Palmerstown (LDS)


Demetrius Tracy married Anne Hoey 11? Jun 1778 Wit: Matthew & Elenor Do [Hoey] her parents, Kit Do [Hoey] her brother, Ed & Bet Nowles & Bartholomew Kiernan. Clondalkin Parish


Michael Tracey & Judith Andrews

Michael Tracey b. 21 Oct 1780 Sp Margd Walsh. Rathfarnham Parish

Mic Tracy & Judith Andrews

Will Tracy b. 1 Dec 1782 Sp. Hugh Kelly & Mary Mahar. Clondalkin Parish

Bat Tracy b. 22 Jan 1786 Sp. Thos Kennedy & Mary Byrne. Clondalkin Parish


Anne Tracy & George McMullen

Robt McMullen b. 28 May 1786 Sp. Judith Do [Tracy]. Clondalkin Parish


John Tracy married Esther Stone 21 Jan 1787 Wit: Anne McCan & Anne Cranigan. Clondalkin Parish

John Tracy & Esther Stone

Pat Tracy b. 8 Mar 1788 Sp. Thos Carrol & Margt Kelly. Clondalkin Parish

Mary b. 6/2/1790. Clondalkin RC [page missing from online register]


Mat Tracy married Mary Sinnot 22 Nov 1789 Wit: Thos Will, Pat & Mary Do [Sinnot]. Clondalkin Parish

Mat Tracy/Tracey & Mary Sinnot

Peter Tracy b. 13 Sep 1790 Sp. Dic Walsh & Mary Byrne. Clondalkin Parish

Margt Tracy b. 10 Feb 1793 Sp. Ned Donogh & Nel McArdell. Clondalkin Parish

Will Tracy b. 9 Apr 1795 Sp. John Reilly & Mary Norton. Clondalkin Parish

John Tracy b. 15 Jan 1798 Sp. Pat Do [Sinnot] & Esther Norton. Clondalkin Parish


Paul Tracy & Margt Costello

Peter Tracy b. 6 Jul 1795 Sp. James Carrick & Mary Moony. Clondalkin Parish


Willm Murphy m. Ann Morrison 3 April 1799 Wit: Arthur McGuiness & James Tracy. Lucan RC


Martin Tracy m. Mary Power 10/5/1799 (Wit John Cavanagh & Cather Dwyer). Lucan RC



Burial of Ann Thracey of Dublin on the 10 September 1788 Clondalkin CoI

Burial of Thos Threasey on 8 April 1790 Clondalkin CoI


 Dean Rath (Clondalkin Dublin West)


Alson Treasy b. about 1632 Dean Rath (LDS)


??? Treasy b. about 1595 Dean Rath m. about 1623 (LDS)


Katherine Treasy b. about 1630 Dean Rath (LDS)


Margaret Treasy b. about 1625 Dean Rath m. Richard Curtis about 1646 (LDS)


Dean Rath Inhabitants c. 1650

Aiess James, labourer

Tressy William, his servant, aged 21 years, 4½ feet tall, ¾ yard broad, black hair

Tressy John, labourer, aged about 30 years. 5 feet tall, 1 yard broad, brown hair.

Conner Margaret, his wife, aged about 30 years. 4½ feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair.

Curtiss Richard, labourer, aged 24 years, 5 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair, a little brown beard

Tressy Margaret, his wife, aged 26 years, 5 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, black hair

Tressy Katherine, aged 20 years, 4 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair

Tressy Alson, aged 16 years, 4 feet tall, ¾ yard broad, brown hair



 Finglas (Dublin North)


Brigt Tracy & Luke Ball

Martha Ball b. 20 Oct 1798 Sp. Rich Martin & Jane Sweeny. Finglas Parish


St. Canice’s Cemetery Barrack Lane, Finglas.


Here lieth the body of Mr. John Tracy (?) of the city of Duhlin Viculai (?) who departed this life on the 4th day of April 1783 aged 44 years. Also the body of Mary his wife who departed this life ? ? ? and 8 other children ? ? ? (remainder under ground)

Genealogical Society of Ireland December 2009


St. Canices, Finglas

Here lieth the body of Mr. John Tracy of the Cux of Dublin VIcar who departed this life the 14th day of April 1783 aged 44 years. Also the body of Mary his wife who departed this life the 1st day of January ??? and 8 of their children.



 Glasnevin CoI (Dublin North)



Mary Treacy, King street, 13 December 1793

Giles Tracy, Finglass, 28 February 1796

Marg Tracy, King street, 21 September 1798



 Hadington Road - St. Mary’s RC (Dublin South)


Martin Tracy married Mary Power on 10 May 1799 Wit: John Cavenagh & Cather Dwyer. Haddington Road Parish



 Howth (Dublin North)


Timothy Tracy & Mary Doorley

Michl Tracy b. 12 May 1787 Sp. Jno & Anne Quin. Howth Parish


Patrick/Pat Tracy married Alice Griffin 5 Jul 1795 Wit: Andreas McCann & Margret Smyth. Howth Parish

Patrick Tracy & Alice/Ally Griffin

Timothy Tracy b. 23 Mar 1796 Sp. Patrick Doogan & Mary Tracy. Howth Parish

Elis Tracy b. 9 Apr 1798 Sp. Andw Doyle & Sally Flood. Howth Parish

Patt Tracy b. 13 Aug 1809 Sp. Pat McNally & Agnes Shervan. Howth Parish



 Kingstown [Dun Laoghaire] (Dublin South)


Pat/Paddy/Patk Tracy & Mary

Bridget Tracy b. ? Aug 1787 of Loghanstown [Loughlinstown Commons Rathmichael] Sp. Mary Gafney. Kingstown Parish

James Tracy b. 19 May 1792 of Kille [Kill of the Grange Kill] Sp. Pat Sullivan & Sally Shea. Kingstown Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 28 Jul 1800 of Monkstown [Monkstown] Sp. Lach? Wynn & Margt Kenny. Kingstown Parish


? Tracy & Rose

? Tracy b. ? Jan 1788 of Kill [Kill of the Grange Kill] Sp. Js Smyth & Abby Macan. Kingstown Parish

Larry Tracy & Rose

Betty Tracy b. 14 Jan 1790 of Kille Sp. Wm Donehoe & Judy Mangan. Kingstown Parish

Justin Tracy b. 28 Mar 1792 of Kille Sp. Biddy Galleher. Kingstown Parish


Biddy Tracy of Bullock [Monkstown] married Francis Walsh ? Feb 1792 Wit: Catty Murray & James Boylan. Kingstown Parish



 Lusk (Dublin Nouth)


Jno Tracy & Mary

Mary Tracy b. 9 May 1759 Sp. Richd & Mary? Morgan. Lusk Parish

Cathne Tracy b. 10 Sep 1765 Sp. Martin ?lly & Elenr Reilly. Lusk Parish


Thos Tracy married Mary Daly 19 Feb 1760 Wit: (Note: No witnesses recorded). Lusk Parish


Esther Tracy married James Levins 16 Aug 1770 Wit: Jno Dollard of Skerries & Mic Inchman?. Lusk Parish


Note: Mainly Ann Tracy, also Mrs Tracy & Jno Tracy witnesses to various marriages in 1771 & 1772


John Tracy & Ann Sweetman?

Mary Tracy b. 22 Aug 1784 illegitima Sp. BLANK. Lusk Parish


Ann Tracy married Christopher Bisset 4 Dec 1785 Wit: Thos Tracy & John Tracy. Lusk Parish

Ann Tracy & Christopher Bissett

William Bissett b. 20 Jun 1805 Sp. Patt Callaghan & Jane Tolan. Lusk Parish

Wim Bisset b. 21 Jan 1807 Sp. George Hacket & Bridget Callaghan. Lusk Parish


Christopher Bissett (1766 - 1846)

Born in Lusk, Dublin, Ireland on 1766. Christopher Bissett married Anne Tracy and had 4 children. He passed away on 1846 in Curduff, Lusk, Dublin, Ireland.


Christopher Bissett 1798 - 1878

William Bissett 1805 - 1875

Thomas Bissett 1792 - 1865

Margaret Biset Bisett Bisset Bissett Bissette 1786 - Unknown


Christopher C Bissett, 1798 - 1878

Christopher C Bissett was born in 1798, at birth place, to Christopher Bissett and Anne Bissett (born Tracy).

Christopher was born in 1766, in Lusk, Dublin, Ireland.

Anne was born in 1763, in Dublin, Ireland.

Christopher was baptized on month day 1798, at baptism place.

He had 3 siblings: William Bissett and 2 other siblings.

Christopher married Mary J. Bissett (born Dowdall) in 1823, at age 25 at marriage place.

Mary was born in 1800, in Ireland, united kingdom.

They had 9 children: Christopher Bissett, Catherine Connor (born Bissett) and 7 other children.

Christopher lived at address.

He lived in 1833, at address.

He lived in 1841, at address.

He lived in 1853, at address.

He lived in 1926, at address, New York.

Christopher passed away in 1878, at age 80 at death place.



 Rathfarnham RC (Dublin South)


Daniel Casey & Catharine

Catharine Casey b. 1778 Sp. James Fitzgerald & Anne Tracey


John Tracy & Mary Kelly

Mary b. 22 Aug 1788 Sp Mary Carrol. Rathfarnham Parish


Elizt/Elizth Tracey & James Malone

Mary Malone b. 28 Aug 1779 Sp. Patt Brennan & Anne Whitty. Rathfarnham Parish

John Malone b. 10 Jun 1781 Sp. Roger Flanagan & Mary Tracy. Rathfarnham Parish


Catherine Tracey married John Archbold 8 Feb 1780 Wit: Thomas Archbold & John Archbold. Rathfarnham Parish

Catharine Tracey/Tracy & John Archbold

William Archbold b. 5 Feb 1781 Sp. Patt Carrol & Mary Wade. Rathfarnham Parish

John Archbold b. 15 Oct 1782 Sp. Willm Joly & Jane Archbold. Rathfarnham Parish


Michael Tracey & Judith Andrews

Michael Tracey b. 21 Oct 1780 Sp Margd Walsh. Rathfarnham Parish

Mic Tracy & Judith Andrews

Will Tracy b. 1 Dec 1782 Sp. Hugh Kelly & Mary Mahar. Clondalkin Parish

Bat Tracy b. 22 Jan 1786 Sp. Thos Kennedy & Mary Byrne. Clondalkin Parish


William Whelan m. Bridget Farrel 12 November 1780 Wit: Edward Moore & Mary Tracey


Mary Tracey/Tracy & Patt Kilbride

Rose Kilbride b. 1781 Sp. Micl Goodwin & Mary Byrne

Mary Kilbride b. 13 Nov 1784 Sp. John Devine & Elinor White. Rathfarnham Parish

Cathrine Kilbride b. 1785 Sp. John Hynes & Ann Doyle

Bridgt Kilbride b. 11 July 1787 Sp. Patt Staunton & Mary Kilbride. Rathfarnham Parish



 St. Andrew’s CoI (South Dublin City)



On 13th Sep. 1787 - Widow Tracy (See Tracy Peerage Case)



 St. Andrew’s RC (South Dublin City)


Elizabeth Tracy b. about 1705 St. Andrew’s m. Lacy Chadwick 2 July 1726 St. Andrew’s (LDS)


Patt Tracey & Margt P Henry

Thomas b. 22/4/1742 Sp Mel Henry & Jane Demsey. St Andrews RC


Edvardus Tracy & Hanna

Petrus Tracy b. 30 June 1742 Sp Aug Wall & Maria Hanly. St Andrews Parish


Mathaus Davis & Judith

Joannes Davis b. 1742 Sp. Christopherus Tracy & Sara Owens


Isaac Audwin & Maria ???

Jacobus Audwin b. 1742 Sp. Jacobus Tracey & Margta Tracey


Jacobi Trac(e)y & Maria

Jacobus b. 18/12/1743 Sp Michael Moor & Anna Tracey. St Andrews RC

Franciscus Tracy b. 29 Dec 1744 Sp Francisus Lee & Maria Moor. St Andrews Parish


Jacobus Smith & Hanna

Georgius Smith b. 1744 Sp. Joannes Woogan & Sara Tracy


Robertus Masterson & Brigida

Michael Masterson b. 1746 Sp. Bartholms Bourke & Anna Tracy


Anne Tracey m. Edward McGrath 7 November 1847 Wit: Denis Kennedy & Eliza Kennedy


Joas Hogan & Margta

Darcas Hogan b. 1747 Sp. Joanes Cousins & Anna Tracy


Elinor Tracy m. Philip McCart 20 Dec 1748 Wit. Else Tracy, Cath Hayse & Mary Butler. St. Andrews Parish



Anna Smyth b. 1748 Sp. Anna Tracey


Stephen Hawport m. Else Cullen 2 July 1749 Wit: Harry Tracy & Ally Tracy


Patrick Harford m. Mary Taafe 27 July 1749 Wit: Harry Tracy & Ally Tracy


Thomas Downes & Maria

Elisabetha Downes b. 1749 Sp. Valentmus Talbot & Alisia Tracey


Joannes Murphy & Catharina

Paulus Murphy b. 1749 Sp. Patricius Lyeken & Alisia Tracey


Batholomui Aspell & Eliza

Eliza Aspell b. 1749 Sp. Hugo Byrne & Eleonora Tracey


Patricius Tracey & Margta

Gulielmus Tracey b. 30 Sept 1750 Sp Patricius & Elizabeth Smyth. St Andrews Parish


Paulus Tracey & Brigida

Maria Tracey b. 10 Dec 1750 Sp Catharina Kelly. St Andrews Parish


Edwardus Boyle & Maria

Henricus Boyle b. 1750 Sp. Gulielmus Witchet & Anna Tracy


Patricius Dunn & Maria

Mailda Dunn b. 1750 Sp. Patritius Dunn & Rosa Tracy


Philippus Tracey married Anna Byrne 15 Feb 1751 Wit Francisus Develin, Jenetta Donan & Catha Sulivan. St. Andrews Parish

Philippus/Phili Tracy/Tracey & Anna

Catherine Tracy b. 15 Oct 1751 Sp Francisus Develling & Elizabeth Develling. St Andrews Parish

Winefrida Tracy b. 4 Jan 1753 Sp Eliz Byrn. St Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 2 Aprl 1754 Sp Maria Mullin. St Andrews Parish

Honora Tracey b. 7 Mar 1756. Sp Jacobus Murry & Eliza Byrne. St Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 14 Mar 1757 Sp Thos Byrn & Marg Cosgrif. St Andrews Parish


Daniel Tracy married Jenetta Carrol 30 Nov 1751 Wit Joannes Casin, Maria Lord, Anna Carrol & Jacobus Cullen. St Andrews Parish


Thomas Downes m. Marianna Sweetman 4 August 1752 Wit: Henricus Tracy & Allicia Tracy


Jacobi Hayes & Jenetta

Eleona Hayes b. 1752 Sp. Ricardus Butler & Alicia Tracey


Michaelis Walsh & Maria

Marcella Walsh b. 1752 Sp. Pats Quin & Alicia Tracy


Daroei Kelly & Marga

Laughlinus Kelly b. 1752 Sp. Patricius Tracy & Sara Dunn


Ignatis Maringa & Catha

Joseph Manuel Maringa b. 1752 Sp. Richdus Tracy & Maria Magrath


Edvadi Tracy & Maria

Brigida Tracy b. 9 Sept 1753 Sp Mauricius Cassady & Jenetta Heffernan. St Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 5 Sept 1754 Sp Petrus Cassady & Anna Stokes. St Andrews Parish

Anna Tracy b. 17 July 1756 Sp Joans Sheridan & Maria Gilbins. St Andrews Parish

Cath Tracy b. 5 April 1759 Sp Joaes Macrath & Judith Magee. St Andrews Parish

Edvardo Tracy b. 20 Feb 1763 Sp Joas Hanly & Anna Tracy. St Andrews Parish


Jacobi Finnegan & Isabella

Joas Finnegan b. 1753 Sp. Joas Murphy & Allicia Tracey


Joas Redmond & Catha

Eleona Redmond b. 1753 Sp. Richdus Milleen & Allicia Tracey


Lawrentus Cowcannon & Eliz

Patricius Cowcannon b. 1753 Sp. Matheus Connelly & Judith Tracy


Hugonis McCabe & Eleona

Laurentius McCabe b. 1753 Sp. Patricius Doyle & Margt Tracey


Patricia Price & Maria

Robertus Price b. 1753 Sp. Joas Talbot & Margareta Tracy


Georgius Tracy married Anna Dempsey 21 April 1754 Wit Gulmus Ekins, Marta Lyons, Brigida Doharty & Maria Walsh. St Andrews Parish


Gulielmi Dobbin & Marga

Jennetta Dobbin b. 1754 Sp. Joannes Rolife & Jennetta Tracy


Ands Walsh m. Elibtha Sweetman 28 September 1755 Wit: Margta Tracy & El Tracy


Joans Tracy & Maria

Joannes or Patricus b. 19/10/1755 Sp Joas Patrius Normocle? or Patriephram. St Andrews RC


Thos Mulleneux m. Anna Hollin on 2 May 1756 Wit: Joanes Tracy & Georgius Jones


Thoa Tracy & ????

Thos b. 22/12/1758 Sp Nic Kebnedy & Maria Tool. St Andrews RC


Micha Cadle & Marga

Michael Cadle b. 1759 Sp. Rogerus Tracy & Anna Whitty


Philipi Duly & Catta

Ricardus Duly b. 1759 Sp. Philipus Duly & Rosa Tracy


Laurent Tool & Margarita

Joanna Tool b. 1760 Sp. Georgig Feighy & Joana Tracey


Doms Jonns Pezus & Estra

Gunnin Jonns Pezus b. 1760 Sp. Thos Tracy


Lucas Casady m. Alisa Fry 28 January 1760 Wit: Thos Tracy & Jacobus Garland


Edward Laye m. Elisaba-Maria Giolly on 27 January 1761 Wit: Jacobs Tracy & Catria Carty


Joannis Tracey & Joana (Jana)/Jane

Joannes Tracey b. 20 Dec 1761 Sp Joannes Connor & Brigida Reyley. St Andrews Parish

Philippus Tracey b. 11 Mar 1765 Sp Catharina MacGan. St Andrews Parish

Joni/Jois Tracy & Genetta/Janitta

Joans Tracy b. 20 Mar? 1763 Sp Pets Dordwell/Dowell & Margta Thelwell/Shelweell. St Andrews Parish [duplicate]


Joans Tracy & Catna

Joans Tracy b. 23 Aug 1762 Sp Nicols Kenedy & Catna McBride. St Andrews Parish


Corneli [Charles] Tracy & Anna

Joans Tracy b. 29 Aug 1762 Sp Jacobs Carrol & Margta Handlon. St Andrews Parish


Gulms [William] Tracy marrid Jeneta Finigan 3 Jul 1763 Wit Jabus Gorman, Maria Farrell & Dyons Byrn. St Andrews Parish


Patritius Fairing m. Margarita Carney on 8 September 1764 Wit: Catharina Tracy & Jana Brown


Joannes Smith m. Cath Niterfield 18 November 1764 Wit: R-ds Thos Tracy & Maria Nitefield


Patritius Lawler m. Elizabeth Roe 21 July 1765 Wit: Cornelius Carroll & Alicia Tracey


Jana Tracey married Guillelmus Cassidy 10 Jun 1766, Wit: Joannes & Christina Barren, Anna Strong. St. Andrews Parish


Jacobus Tracy married Rosa Pierson 31 Jan 1767 Wit Margus & Margta Mooney, Laurentius French. St Andrews Parish


Pat Bryan & Elenora

Margarita Bryan b. 1767 Sp. Edvardus Thracy & Joanna McCullough


Georgii Jones & Elisb

Anna Jones b. 1767 Sp. Edwardus Treasey & Easter Reiley


Jacobi Tracy & Margarita

Sara Tracy b. 7 Aug 1768 Sp Sersepthia: Eliztha Tracy. St Andrews Parish


Edvardi Brennan & Elizb ???

Joannes Brennan b. 1768 Sp. Jacobus Treacy & Eleonora Fodgings


Patritius Tracey married Maria English 8 Jun 1770 Wit Thos & Edmundus, Thos & Joan Ruth, Maria McDermot. St Andrews Parish

Patrick (Pat) Trac(e)y & Mary English

Philip b. 30/11/778 Sp James Miller & Mary Johnston. St Michaels & John RC.

Michl b. 16/8/1782 Sp Patt Nalty & Cath English. St Michaels & John RC.

Michl b. 6/6/1785 Sp Laure & Mary Heney. St Michaels & John RC.

Thomas b. 7/4/1788 Sp Mr Kinney & Mary Henry. St Michaels & John RC.

Willm b. 1/12/1790 Sp Thos Geraty & Mrs Kennedy. St Michaels & John RC.


Finn’s Leinster Journal 1770 17th September

Married, Mr. Patrick Tracy, basket-maker to Miss Mary English of Fishamble Street.

Irish Genealogist, Vol. 8


Pat Spalling & Eleonora 
Juditha Spalling b. 1770 Sp. Daniel Treasey & Juditha Doran


Patritius Tracey married Agatha White 21 Jul 1771 Wit Guilimus Oaks & Mgta Lilly. St Andrews Parish


Joas/Jois/Joannis Tracey/Tracy/Treacy & Elizabetha/Elizaba/Elis/Elizb/Eliz/Eliza

Eleonora Tracey b. 20 Aug 1771 Sp Guil Taylor & El McDonagh. St Andrews Parish

Brianus Tracy b. 28 Nov 1773 Sp. Cornelius Balfe & Cath Cavanagh. St Andrews Parish

Margta Tracy b. 18 Aug 1775 Sp. Gulms Humpry & Margta Black. St Andrews Parish

Joannes Tracy b. 14 Sep 1777 Sp. Tobias Butler & Catharina Cunningham. St Andrews Parish

Michl Treacy b. 27 Sep 1778 Sp. Terrentius Cuningham & Agnes White. St Andrews Parish

Patt Tracy b. 7 Aug 1782 Sp. Mich Blyde & Maria Hogan. St Andrews Parish

Margt Tracy b. 1784 Sp. Agnes White & Jas White

Joes Tracy b. 15 Sep 1786 Sp. Joes Mullin & Eleo Hogan. St Andrews Parish

Mich Tracy b. 15 Oct 1788 Sp. Nicolaus & Agnes White. St Andrews Parish


Dionisius Treasey m. Maria Grarvy 2/11/1771 (Wit Maria Doollon & Anna Cardife). St Andrews RC


Jos Power & Eleonora

Anna Power b. 1771 Sp. Demetrius [James] Treasy & Maria MacGee


Andrea Noble & Maria ???

Maria Noble b. 1771 Sp. Joes Doolan & Maria Treacy


Joes Tracy married Margarita Moran 2 Mar 1772 Wit Michael Archdeacon, Pa? & Cath McCue. St Andrews Parish


Thoma Miler & Margrita ???

Anna Miler b. 1772 Sp. Joes Treacy & Maria Rion


Gulmi Sheridon & Elizb ???

Cath Sheridon b. 1773 Sp. Edwardus Treacy & Margrita Dunn


Jois Tracy & Joanna ???

Guilielmus Tracy b. 1773 Sp. Michl Moran

Joannis Treasy & Joanna ???

Joas Treasy b. 3 Nov 1774 Sp. Brigitta Burnet. St Andrews Parish


Pat Tracy married Jena Byrne 6 February 1774 Wit: Neil & Cath Cullin, Thos Phillips. St Andrews Parish


Michaelis Tracy & Maria

Thom Tracy b. 13 Jul 1774 Sp. Joes Goodin & Maria Long. St Andrews Parish


Tobias Burk m. Anna Lesly 12 November 1775 Wit: Timotheus Crawley & Elizbs Treacy


Michael Treacy married Jana Grace 21 January 1776 Wit: Jacobus & Margrita Oates. St. Andrews Parish


Jacobus Offarf m. Rosa McMahon 7 June 1776 Wit: Joes Fitzpatrick & Allicia Treacy


Dernetrii Maher & Maria ???

Jacobo Maher b. 1776 Sp. Jacobo Ross & Brigta Treacy


Dionycii Connoly & Margta ???

Joas Connoly b. 1776 Sp. Michael Boylan & Brigta Treacy


Dionycii Connoly & Margta ???

Joas Connoly b. 1776 Sp, Michael Boylan & Brigta Treacy


Joas Treacy

Laurentio Treacy b. 1776 Sp. Laurento Addams


Michl Tracy married Margt Haly 9 February 1777 Wit: Cornelius Morris & Janetta Haly. St. Andrews Parish

Mich/Machs Tracy & Margt/Margta/Marga ???

Geo Tracy b. 25 Jul 1781 Sp. Joaa Haly. St. Andrews Parish

Joes Tracy b. 17 Oct 1782 Sp. Patt Byrne & Anna Forsith. St Andrews Parish

Michael Tracy b. 3 Oct 1785 Sp. Andreas Murphy & Marga Destre. St Andrews Parish

Margt Tracy b. 3 Nov 1788 Sp. Harietta Newcome. St Andrews Parish


Brigita Treacy married Jacobus Abernathy 20 April 1777 Wit: Stephenus & Margarita Sullivan. St. Andrews Parish  [daughter of Mary Tracy, Confectioner, 42 Exchequer Street – see ad 1782]


Patritius Tracy & Anna ???

Joanna Tracy b. 10 Sep 1777 Sp. Jacobus Murphy & Anna Ralf. St Andrews Parish

Anna Tracy b. 26 Jul 1779 Sp. Gulus Robertson & Eleonora McKenery. St Andrews Parish

Joes Tracy b. 10 Oct 1780 Sp. Joes Walsh & Bgda Abernathy. St Andrews Parish


Thoa Tracy & Maria ???

Cath Tracy b. 6 Feb 1777 Sp. Jac McDaniel & Maria Rogers. St Andrews Parish

Thoma Treacy & Maria ???

Thoms Treacy b. 25 May 1777 Sp. Timotha O’Brian & Bridgta Mahar. St Andrews Parish

Tha Tracy & Maria ???

Anna Tracy b. 1 Nov 1778 Sp. Gul Ryan & Winfreda Pigeon. St. Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 14 Jan 1781 Sp. Joes Reilly & Maire Brady. St. Andrews Parish


Joes Bowe & Eliz Nowlan 7 February 1778 Wit: Thos Oolaghan & Cath Tracy


Thomas Doran m. Catha Fay 16 February 1778 Wit: Thomas Tracy & Thomas Fay


Thos Tracy married Cath McMahon 18 June 1778 Wit: Fran Graten & Hugo McMahon. St. Andrews Parish

Tho Tracy & Cath

Franciscus Tracy b. 25 April 1779 Sp. Franciscus & Margt McMahon. St. Andrews Parish

Thoma Tracey & Catharine McMahon

Anne Tracey b. 8 Oct 1780 Sp. Charle Higgins & Elizabeth Tighe. St. James Parish

Thomas Tracey & Cath McMahon

Grace Izabella Tracey b. 21 March 1784 Sp. Edwd Cahill & Grace McMahon. St. Catherines Parish


Francis McMahon Tracy served in the Royal Navy.  Lt. 12th Dec 1800 [son?]

1811 Tracy, Francis, Frederick-st., Dublin, esq. Lieut RN (Prerogative Will)


Bartho Dowling & Alicia ???

Joas Dowling b. 1778 Sp. Joas Stone & Elenora Treacy


Alexandri Farrell & Joanna ???

Jacobo Farrell b. 1778 Sp. Eugenius Daly & Maria Treacy


Joes Tracy m. Anna McDaniel 10 October 1779 Wit: Eliz Gordon & Maria Crosby. St. Andrews Parish

Joas Treacy & Anna ???

Jacabus Treacy b. 17 Jan 1780 Sp. Gulielmo Archbold & Maria McCormack. St. Andrews Parish


Georgii Slater & Fracisca ???

Heneretta Slater b. 1779 Sp. Joanna Tracy & Eliza Tracy


Thos Tracy marrid Maria Ellary 30 January 1780 Wit: Chris & Cath Fitzgerald, Anna Ellaey. St. Andrews Parish [see Frances Tracy]

Thomas Tracy & Mary Ellery

Elizth b. 12/11/1780 Sp Rowland Power & Frances Tracy. St Michaels & John RC.

Darby b. 10/3/1782 Sp Willm Hagan & Ann Power. St Michaels & John RC.

Mary Cathe b. 30/3/1783 Sp John Power & Eliz Tracy. St Michaels & John RC.

Francis Michl b. 17/10/1784 Sp Francis Higgins & Frances Tracy. St Michaels & John RC.

Thos b. 25/12/1785 Sp Pat Leeson & Margaret Lawless. St Michaels & John RC.

Thomas b. 16/8/1789 Sp Michl Ellery & Frances Tracy. St Michaels & John RC.

Michl b. 11/10/1790 Sp Moreus O’Hara & Ann Fitzimmins. St Michaels & John RC.

Elizth b. 19/12/1791 Sp Willm Callaghan & Bridg Derham. St Michaels & John RC.

Marcus Tracy b. 11 May 1794 Sp. Marcus O’Hara & Margaret Egan

Jermh O’Hara Tracy b. 2 June 1797 Sp. Marcus O’Hara & Frances Tracy


Ricdi/Ricardi/Rici Tracy/Tracey & Marie/Maa

Andreas Treacy b. 1780 Sp. Felix Larkan & Maria Dowling

Andreas Treacy b. 10 Jan 1782 Sp. Christr Kavanaugh & Brigda Owens. St. Andrews Parish

Christina Tracy b. 23 Jun 1783 Sp. Chriss Kavanagh & Margt Carty. St. Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 26 Mar 1785 Sp Margt Dowling. St. Andrews Parish

Mich Tracey b. 12 Oct 1786 Sp Laurentius McEvoy & Maria Bulger. St Andrews Parish

Anna Tracy b. 1 Jun 1788 Sp. Thomas Dowly & Catha Tray. St Andrews Parish

Bridgitta Tracy b. ? Jun 1790 Sp. Joanne Young & Elisabetha Hyland. St Andrews Parish

Maa Anna Tracey b. 2 Oct 1791 Sp. Michl Nannenery & Maa Cosgrove. St Andrews Parish

Dims Tracy b. 4 Nov 1792 Sp. Maa Wards. St Andrews Parish

Richd Tracy & Mary

Bridget Tracy b. 7 Jun 1891? Sp. John Young & Eliz Hyland. St Andrews Parish


Jeremia Clare & Maria ???

Eleonora Clare b. 1780 Sp. Joas Treacy & Margta Nowlan


Eugenii Tormey & Maria

Eugenius Tormey b. 1780 Sp. Jacobus Walsh & Maria Treacy


Michl Murray m. Brigda Geraghty 28 August 1781 Wit: Joas Tracey & Elizaba Tracey


Ambrosii Brennan & Maria ???

Catha Brennan b. 1781 Sp. Dionycius Treacy & Agnes White


Thoa Flood & Anna ???

Guliels Flood b. 1781 Sp. Hugo Treacy & Margta Langston


Sussanna Tracy married Joes Read 4 August 1782 Wit: Eliz Tracy, Patt Murphy & Cath Dowling. St. Andrews Parish


Robertus Tracy married Maria Bonny 25 August 1782 Wit: Joes Mathews & Margt Cosgrave. St. Andrews Parish


Elizabeth Tracy m. Richard Dillon 15/2/1784 (Wit Thomas & Mary Tracy) St Michaels & John RC.

Richardi Dillon & Elb ???

Elizabetha Francisca Dillon b. 1785 Sp. Thomas Tracy & Francisca Tracy


Anna Treacy married Joes Savans 22 May 1784 Wit: Joes Gavan & Brigida Habernatty. St Andrews Parish


Jois Tracy & Eliz

Margt Tracy b. 22 Jul 1784 Sp. Agnes White & Jas Do [White]. St. Andrew's


Edi Tracy & Debora ??? [Taylor?]

Edus Tracy b. 15 May 1785 Sp. Jas Dunn & Margt Cahill. St Andrews Parish

Maria Tracy b. 21 May 1786 Sp. Joes Shea & Maria Tracy. St Andrews Parish


Joas/Jois Treacy & Brigda/Briga ???

Margta Treacy b. 24 Aug 1785 Sp. Joas Freeman & Anna Brady. St Andrews Parish

Catha Tracy b. 10 Mar 1791 Sp. Jocs Halloran & Anna McCormic. St Andrews Parish


Michs Dalton & Maria ???

Margta Dalton b. 1785 Sp. Joas Treacy & Alicia Kelly


Phili Connolly & Esther

Hannah Connolly b. 1785 Sp. Jacobus Lavin & Maa Treacy


Thoa Currin & Marga

Catha Currin b. 1786 Sp. Pats Ward & Maria Treacy


Sara Tracey married Joes Stapleton 30 Feb 1788 Wit Jas Tracy, Joes Bannin & Eliz Cody. St. Andrews Parish


Maria Tracy married Bartholimus Ward 21 September 1788 Wit: Edus Tracy & Geo Byrne. St. Andrews Parish


Thom French & Alicia

Joan French b. 1788 Sp. Martin Tracy & Cath Murphy


Edvardus Tracy m. Catherina Hevey 24 July 1789 Wit: Thoma Stokes & Thoma Reddy


Joana Tracy m. Jacobus Noon 10 September 1791 Wit: Saingt Hevy & Marga Adams


Patricii/Patti Tracy & Brigida/Briga ???

Maria Tracy b. 6 Feb 1791 Sp. Ricardus Bannon & Maria Truman. St Andrews Parish

Charles Tracy b. 1792 Sp. Rose Trynor & William Martin

Jacobus Tracy b. 23 Nov 1793 Sp. Pats Byrne. St Andrews Parish

Elionora Tracey b. 7 May 1796 Sp. Bartholomeus MacDermot & Elionora MacDermot. St Andrews Parish

Jacobum Tracy b. 25 Nov 1796 Sp. Pata Byrne & Joana Mullany. St Andrews Parish


Roberti/Robs Tracey/Tracy & Catha/Catherina ???

Joans Tracey b. 2 Jun 1791 Sp. Geraldus Rion & Briga Tracey. St Andrews Parish

Honora Tracy b. 1 Sep 1793 Sp. Joan & Maria Moran. St Andrews Parish

Thos Tracey b. 29 Nov 1795 Sp. Thos Cnnen & Brigida Berron. St Andrews Parish

Catha Tracy b. 5 Feb 1797 Sp. Jacs Mulinox & Jacs Calachan. St Andrews Parish


John/Joannis Tracy/Tracey & Bridget/Brigida ???

J Tracy b. 1792 Sp. Robert Roach & Mary Micnamara

Anna Tracey b. 27 Oct 1794 Sp. Joannes Read & Maria Read. St Andrews Parish


Laurentius Murphy m. Maria Magenis on 12 October 1792 Wit: Joans Tracy & Easther Duff


Honoria Tracy married Pat Dempsey 1 January 1794 Sp. Pat Lewis, Pat Hanlon, Dorothea Bourk? & Anne Lewis. St. Andrews Parish


Thos Tracy married Hanaeh Powell 11 September 1794 Wit: Jacobus O’Reilly & Anna Hogan. St. Andrews Parish


Phili Tracy & Marga ???

Joans Tracy b. 12 April 1794 Sp. Guls Tracy & Alica Archbold. St Andrews Parish


Pati Dempsey & Hona

Maria Demsy b. 1795 Sp. Richs Devoux & Esther Tracy


Franciscus Buckley m. Teresa Rorke on 28 August 1795 Wit: Thos Tracey & Joannes Hopkins


Thos Doyle m. Hona Philips on 14 October 1795 Wit: Jacobus Tracey & Michl Clarke


Guilielmi Carter & Maria Goodman

Henricus Carter b. 1795 Sp. Patritio Treacy & Maria Smith


Jois Sullivan & Eliza

Carolus Sullivan b. 1795 Sp. Philip Tracy & Josa? McDonnell


Laui Mealy & Mara

Pats Mealy b. 1795 Sp. Tims Tracy & Anna Mealy


Catherina Tracy married Patritius Bryan 1 February 1796 Sp. Patritius Keegan & Eliza Do [Keegan] & Jacobus Sarafield. St. Andrews Parish


Andra Doran & Maria

Andreus Doran b. 1796 Sp. Dionisius Bressel & Allicia Tracey


Francis Tracy & Mary

Dennis Tracy b. 26 April 1796 Sp. James Becky & Sarah Kavanagh. St Andrews Parish


Pati Cloyne & Marga

Anna Cloyne b. 1796 Sp. Bart Healy & Sarah Tracy


Franciscus Tracy married Eliza Wigly 12 Jan 1797 Wit: Joes Horan? & Mary Byrne. St. Andrews Parish

Francisco Tracey & Eliza ???

Joannes Tracey b. 4 Nov 1798 Sp. Patritius Blaney & Eliza Blaney. St Andrews Parish


Timothei Murray & Judith

Maria Murray b. 1798 Sp. Paulus Hennegan & Juliana Tracey


Anna Tracy m. Andreas Lynch 19/9/1799 (Wit Thomas Tracy & Rosa Reily) St. Andrews RC


Thomas Tracy & Catherine

Catha Tracy b. 29 Sept 1799 Sp Loughlin Bryan & Maria Hannan. St Andrews Parish


Rudiicus Lyons m. Margarita O Connor on 2 November 1799 Wit: Ands Tracy & Jacs McDermot



 St. Andrews, St. Anne, St. Audden (South Dublin City)


Volume 11 St. Andrews, St. Anne, St. Audden 1632-1800

1685 August (4) George Tracy and Sarah Williams marr by publ p.85

1698 May ye 22th Robertt Tracey and Ann Fottrell married p.88

1737 February 3rd marriages Bryan Fagan married to Eliz: Tracy p.95


 St. Anne’s CoI (South Dublin City)


Daniel Tracy b. about 1761 m. Euphemia Wright 3 February 1787 St. Anne’s (LDS)


1787 April 28th Francis Smith and Maria Tracy consistory licence by the Rev Roger Ford Minister of Crumlin p.71


1817 Tracy, Euphemia A (also Wright), Dublin (Prerogative Will)


 St. Audoen CoI (South Dublin City) (in the Union of St. Nicholas Within)


George Tracy m. Sarah Williams 4 August 1685 marr~ by publ?


Robertt Tracey m. Ann Fottrell 22 May 1698



Christopher Trecy (a poor man) buried 15 April 1677 View Record

Burial of Mr. Tracy on 12 September 1710

Burial of Judey Tracey on 30 July 1712



 St. Audoen RC (South Dublin City)


Pat Tracey & Margt

Robt Tracey b. 16 February 1725


Eliz Tracy m. Bryan Fagan 3 February 1736-7


James Bruce m. Anna Cawnan on 24 February 1748 Wit: Micahal Cawnan & Mary Trecy


Winifrida Tracy married John Neil 1 March 1750 Wit: John Tracy, Luke Quinn & John Malone. St. Audoens Parish


Catherin Tracy married John Cusack 8 April 1751 Wit: Bridgit Tracy, Moules Tracy & Philip Downy. St. Audoens Parish


Bridget Trecy m. Evard Green on 26 February 1754 Wit: John Reed & Pat Cambel


Cornelius Tracy married Ann Walsh 5 December 1754 Wit: William Currin, Elizabeth Cowper & John Walsh. St. Audoens Parish


Luke Trecy married Cat Owens 25 January 1756 Wit: Will Kinsilach, Mary Shochenicy & Judy Dowling. St. Audoens Parish


Elisab Trecy m. John Magurin on 19 December 1756 Wit: Pat Deering & Cecily Deering


Michael Trecy married Mary Murphy on 14 July 1759 Wit: Sara Hart, John Cunningham & Ann Crafton. St. Audoens Parish


John Wadding & Ann Cogly 25 December 1759 Wit: Roger Bellew & Elizabeth Tracy


Margaret Tracy married Dennis Hyland 4 August 1761 Wit: Elizabeth Gurrin & Mary Tipper. St. Audoens Parish


Jno Trafe [Trase?] M. Elz Lynham 22 April 1764 Wit: Jno Callan, Ann Wilson, Mary Callan


Tho Keegan m. Elisab White 18 September 1765 Wit: Tho Huss & Elionor Trecy


Michael Cassidy m. Mary Callan 5 November 1770 Wit: Patt Mahon & Nicholas Tracey


Jon Trecy married Elizab Foly 18 December 1771 Wit: Morgan & Margt McDonach & Walter Foly. St. Audoens Parish


Jas Tracy married Elinr Fox 18 November 1772 Wit: Jas Renolds, Elinr Fox & Cathe Kennedy. St. Audoens Parish


John Tracy & Margaret ???

Daniel Tracy b. 2 December 1781 Sp. Murtagh Kelly, Arthur Davis & Jane Langfort. St. Audoens Parish


Dennis Tracy & Mary ???

Cathe Tracy b. 18 December 1785 Sp. Hugh Galogly & Cath O Neal. St. Audoens Parish


Wm Booth & Esther ???

Mary Ann Booth b. 18 June 1787 Sp. Michl Sherky & Mary Tracy


George Kearns & Eliz ???

Mary Kearns b. 9 March 1788 Sp. Richd Tracy & Sarah Adams


Edwd Martin & Ann ???

Esther Martin b. 23 March 1788 Sp. Michl Tracy & Ann Lowny


John Flanagan & Jane ???

Ann Flanagan b. 9 May 1790 Sp. Thos Flanagan & Cathe Tracy


Jno Bulger & Mary ???

Margt Bulger b. 26 December 1793 Sp. Francis Tracy & Bridget Jaurdain


Thomas Farrell & Ally

Peter Farrell b. 28 August 1796 Sp. James Trecy & Elizabeth Reilly


Michl Croker & Mary ???

Elizth Croker b. 9 October 1798 Sp. Lawce Hanlon & Cathe Tracy


John Clarke & Thomasine ???

Patrick Clarke b. 7 July 1799 Sp. Mathw Connel & Bridget Tracy



 St. Bride (or Bridgets) CoI (South Dublin City)


Charlas Tressee and Elizabeth Davise were married by Mr Gouldsmith April the 23 1687


Baptisms in St. Brides Dublin 1633-1713

30th August 1674 Tracy Rich s. of Morrise & Dorathy

Irish Genealogist vol.7


 St. Catherine CoI (South Dublin City)


Burial of

Bridgett Tracy on 23 March 1688


Patrick Martin & Mary

Edward Martin b. 30 Sept 1753 Sp. Edward Redmons & Agnes Treasey


Charles Tracey & Chardy

Ed Tracey b. 20 November 1738


Edwd Tracey m. Sarah Bailey 30 July 1777


Fanner? Tracey & Margt

Samuel Tracey b. 5 March 1737


Francis Tracy & Elizth ???

Charlotte Tracy b. 4 December 1797 of Bridgefoot Street

Mary Tracy b. 26 April 1801 of New Row


John Treacy & Meary

Elizth Treacy b. 6 March 1732


John Tracey & Mary ???

John Tracey b. 8 February 1778 of Dirty Lane

Chas Tracy b. 21 March 1779 of Dirty Lane


Lewis Moore & Elanore

Ann Moore b. 9 March 1758 Sp. Charles Fallot & Margery Treasey


Philip Farrell & Susana

William Farrell b. 27 November 1754 Richard Langan & Mary Treasey


Peter Tracey & Mary

Stephen b. 30 March 1713 St. Catherine (LDS)


Willm Tracy & Honor ???

Willm Tracy b. 17 April 1785 of Coal Ally


Burial of

Valentine Trasey 19 February 1711

Mary Treasy 28 September 1711

Tho Tracey 23 December 1713

Eles Tracy 26 January 1714

Mary Tracy 29 January 1717 (Child crossed out, wom)

Jane Tracey 18 April 1724, a w

Wil Tracy 21 February 1730, m

James Tresay on 5 May 1741 View Record

Elizabth Treasey on 11 June 1741

??? Tracy on 22 June 1765



 St. Catherine RC (South Dublin City)


Wm May & Mary

Wm Man b. 13 July 1740 Sp. Math Quin & Mary Thracy


Theophilus Byrne & Mary Byrne/Coffee

George Byrne b. 22 November 1741  Sp. John Ellit & Catherine Tracey

Thos Byrn b. 17 January 1745 Sp. Cornelius Nary & Catherine Tracy


James Tracy & Atty ???

Jno Tracy b. 14 September 1742 Sp. Ignatius French & Mary Denny. St. Catherines Parish

James Tracy & Alice ???

William Tracy b. 24 October 1743 Sp. Charles Dempsey & Cathy Tracy. St. Catherines Parish

William Tracy b. 10 November 1747 Sp. John Garry & Elinor McDonnell. St. Catherines Parish

William Tracy b. 24 October 1754 Sp. Charles Demsey & Cathy Tracy


Elinor Tracy married Patrick Bermingham 19 December 1742 Wit: Esma Bermingham & Mary Bermingham. St. Catherines Parish


Bryan Kiernan & Mary Kiernan

John Kiernan b. 21 October 1743 Sp. Mathew Quin & Catherine Tracy


Martin Joyce & Sarah Joyce

Mathias Joyce b. 26 October 1743 Sp. Thomas Madders & Cathy Tracy


Charles Flanigan & Judith Flanigan

Eliza Flanigan b. 7 July 1744 Sp. John McCobe & Catherine Tracy


William Davis & Margt Davis

Michael Davis b. 19 August 1744 Sp. Michael Howard & Margt Tracy