It may be presumed that the Traceys of Carlow are descended from the Uí Bairrche.










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The Traceys of Carlow can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as Carlow formed part of the territory of the Uí Bairrche. In Carlow there is Traceys crossroads (east of Fighting Cocks on the Carlow-Ballon road), named after the Traceys.


circa 1305 Ormond Deeds 

391. B Milo Albus grants to Nicholas Harper clerk, and his heirs, a house with a place in the tenement of Jordan de Exonia called Balyk[eh]in, lying from the house of said Nicholas to the highway, paying yearly a penny or a pair of white gloves, value a penny, at Easter. Witnesses : Sir William, vicar of Stradbaly, William Esmer, Thomas Hayrun, Haye Goch, Walter the clerk, son of Ralph, Richard Ylger, Wm. Tracy.


Elizabeth I

1566 10th July

Pardon to ... Edmund O Trasy of Ballynebranaghe (Ballynabranaghe, Carlow)

The Irish Fiants of the Tudor sovereigns. (1994) De Burca, Dublin.


25 April 1772 Fee Farm Grant for property at Stephen's Green

Columbine Lee Carre of Benegary, Co. Carlow, Esquire, of the first part; Rev. Edward Synge of Dublin, Clerke Archdeacon of Killaloe, of the other part

Signed and sealed by both parties, witnessed by Arthur Dunne, John Kelly and Roger Treacy and registered by John MacAlee, Deputy Registrar at the Register's Office (Book 285, Page 593, Number 190750).

[Dublin Unitarian Church Collection RIA/DUC/2/SIN/10]


3 July 1781 (FJ) Married

Dr. St. John of Leighlin-bridge, co. Carlow, apothecary, to the most amicable, lovely and agreeable, Widow Tracy of Fishamble-street

6 July 1781 Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty

Married Dr. St. John, of the County carlow to the Widow Tracy, of Fishamble-street.


19 March 1783 (F)

Jane Mellaver, Cullodee, Plaintiff. William Stuart, esq. Defendant

Abigail Tracy, Executrix of John Tracy, deceased, Plaintiff. same Defendant

The several Tenants of the Defendant's Estates in and about Leighlin Bridge, in the County of Carlow, granted in Custodiam to the Plaintiffs in those Causes are directed to pay their Rents and Arrears of Rent to Mr. James FitzGerald, of the Town of Carlow, Sadler, and to no other Person, he being empowdered by Letters of Attorney from Plaintiffs and by several Orders of Court to receive the same; and are cautioned that if they pay any Part of their Rents to the Defendant, they will be compelled to pay the same over again to the Plaintiffs or their said Agent. Henry Clarke, Plaintiffs' Attorney.


Marriage Licence Bonds Diocese of Ossory 1739-1804

24 November 1791 Wm Ransford of Rathglass in the co. of Carlow, farmer and Mary Treacy of the parish of Comer [Castlecomer Kilkenny], spinster, both protestants

15 October 1797 Wm Treacy of Leighlin Bridge in the co. of  Carlow, coal merchant, and Ann Bradley of Coolbawn in the parish of Comer [Coolbaun Castlecomer Kilkenny] spinster

Irish Genealogist, vol 8


Rebellion Paper (National Archives)

2/1/1797? P.848

Nugent J. about the brothers Tracy (1/2 p)

26/5/1797 p.369

Maurice Tracy (Carlow) to Mr. Pelham that two men came every Sunday and read Republican newspapers to the people and that they intended next Sunday to go to Baltinglass; he prays that Mr. Pelham will put a stop to such proceedings.

9/2/1798 p.577

Winder, John (Mount Pleasant) to Mr. Cooke with information as to the Tracys who are implicated in the murder of McCormick the soldier at Blessington.


1797 Oath of Allegiance

285, Tracey, France, Clonee

487, Tracy, Thomas, Lastgarvin

746, Tracey, James, Crowesgrove

798, Tracy, Michael, Kilbride

799, Tracy, William, Kilbride



1798 Subscribers:

Master Francis Tracy, Camolin-Park or Francis Tracy, Esq, Camolin-Park [Wexford] [May have been from Carlow]

Gordon, James. Terraquea; or, a new system of geography and modern history. By the Rev. James Gordon, Vicar Of Barragh. Dublin, M.DCC.XCIII. [1798].

[Note: Gordon also wrote a book on the 1798 rebellion]



Patrick Nowlan maketh Oath that he usually resides at Ballon in the Parish of Ballon in the Barrony of Forth in the County of Carlow and will appear in his proper person in Open Court to prosecute Patrick Kinsela, Michael Maher, William Treacy, Owen Redmond.

(signed ) being first truly read to Patrick Nowlan ~ Patrick, his X mark,  Nowlan, Taken and Acknowledged before me this 18th day of July 1804  ( signed )


June 1805

Copy Humble Memorial of Michael Treacy, a private soldier in the Kilkenny Regt. of Militia now under sentence of death but reprieved by [Justice Down’s] humanity. -9p4

Ms. 11,062/20 Ormond Family Papers NLI

Copy humble petition of Michael Treacy under sentence of death in the jail of Carlow respited until further orders. To Walter Earl of Ormond and Ossory.

Ms. 11,062/21 Ormond Family Papers NLI







Manuscript: Challenge to a Duel, addressed to Edward Nowlan, Balaghmoon, Carlow June 30th 1810, take notice that you must meet me at Carlow in the Barrack yard tomorrow morning at the hour of ten o'clock in the fore noon of said day to finish the dispute between you and me. John Tracy [of Lisgarvan]. With statement made by Edwardian Nowlan, Lisgarian? before Robert Cornwall, magistrate, and signed by both men, as a m/ss, w.a.f. (1)

Sold for €140

Mealy’s Rare Book Sale Dublin 10 December 2013



Ireland-Australia Transportation





Trial Place



Native Place


Death Place


Michael Tracy


Providence I (1811)


Carlow Co








TRACY, Michael (TINSELL, TRACEY) (ABGR 23222) Born c1778 as he gave his age as 33 years on arrival in Australia, in 1811.

Michael was sentenced to transportation for Life when he was tried in County Carlow, in March 1806.

He received a Ticket of Leave, number 843, the date unknown.

Michael married Mary Brine (BRIEN) in 1813. (Historical BDM's numbers V18131451 3A/1813)

When the 1814 Muster took place, he was recorded as Michael Tinsell, a Convict Off Stores, for Drummond at Parramatta. (page 91, number 4027)

When the 1822 Muster took place Michael was a Labourer in Parramatta with a Ticket of Leave. (page 481, number A21231)

In the Muster of 1823-25 he was a Labourer in Parramatta with a Ticket of Leave. (page 577, number 43353)

When the 1828 Census for New South Wales took place Michael was a 45 year old Labourer in Parramatta with his wife, Mary, per Minstrel 1812, who was 35 years. Can find no trace of Mary Brine in Uebel's Records. (references T1088-89)



British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Thomas Tracey born Carlow, Carlow Served in 30th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 30, 1808-1822

Thomas Tracey, b. 1790 Carlow, Carlow

Thomas Tracey 2/30th at Waterloo With Patrick of Dimlocking

Thomas Tracey b.1791 Carlow 30th 1805-1816 NO MGS medal. WO 118 vol 9s p.85 labourer

Thomas Tracey b. 1790 Carlow, Carlow 30th Foot 1808 – 1822WO120/25

Thomas Tracey b. 1790 Carlow 30th Foot discharged Jan 1823 (17yrs service with 3 in India and 2 for Waterloo) labourer WO116/33 Waterloo medal


1810 List of able men in the Barony of Idrone

Parish of Wells - Townland of Ballyknocken

Wm Tracey, gent.

Parish of Lorum - Townland of Heath

Thos Tracey, gen. Worker

Townland of Rathballnolleen

Thos Tracey, farmer

Parish of Augha - Townland of Ratheath

William Tracy, gen. Worker

Parish of Dunleckney - Townland of Kildrennagh

Patrick Tracy, gen. worker

Carlovina 1996, p.74-77 & 1998, p.14-15


5 April 1811 (FJ) Carlow Assizes - The King v. Francis Tracy

The prisoner Tracy was indicted for a burglary, murder and robbery in the dwelling home of James Sunderland, on the 20th of November last, at Ballyhill, in the co. Carlow...An alibi was provided by his brother-in-law James Kearney...After a deliberation of half an hour, the jury found him guilty of burglary but not of murder and robbery...The judge pronounced a sentence of death. 


British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

James Tracey/Treacy Born Leighlinbridge, Carlow Served in 7th Foot Regiment; 95th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 40 1817-1839

James Tracey, b. 1799 Carlow, Carlow

James Tracey, Cpl b. 1799 Leighlan bridge, Carlow, Carlow 95th Foot then 7th Foot labourer WO118/20


1817 from Wexford and Carlow, 5,500 Emigrants (c. 1,000 families) to Canada (British North America),

935 Ml Tracy 4


1817 to 1864

1. William Kepple, Lisgarvan Forth Carlow, 65a/2r/23p, £68.9.0 rent, Lease dated 2nd May 1817 from James Eustace and Edward Eustace to Thomas Tracey for 3 lives or 31 years. from the 1st day of May then last. Two of the said lives are now in being, namely, Edward Tracey, now aged about 56 years and Patrick Tracey, now aged about 52 years. The lease states the land to contain 40 acres plantation...rent £70...







Trial Place



Native Place


Death Place



Nolan Nowlan Nowlin

Tracey Tracy Treacy 


John Barry (2) [1821]


Dublin City



Carlow Co




29 November 1820 (FJ)
Edward Heery, James Neyland, William Nowlan alias Tracey, and James Field, who were convicted at the last Commission for a burglary and robbery in the dwelling house of Captain Thompson at Upper Baggot-street, in August have (through the clemency of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant) had the capital punishment commuted to transportation for life.
1831 William Nowlan/Tracey, -John Barry 2/ticket of leave cancelled


1822 Subscribers:

Mr. Mathew Tracey, Tinriland, Co. Carlow

Francis Frederick Hayd'n (1822) The medical mentor, and new guide to fashionable watering places. Carlow


1823 Hibernian Church Missionary Society

Leighlinbridge Chuch Missionary Association...Mrs Tracy and Mrs Thomas 2s6d...


1824 - Pigot & Co.'s Directory

Leighlin Bridge

James Tracey, Woolen Draper

Wm Tracey, Coal Merchant


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


Alice Tracy, Seskinamodra, Sliguff, Carlow, 1826

Andrew Tracey [& Jas Fitzmaurice both written in], Ardenteagle [Ardateggle], Killeshin, Queen's, 1828 [also written in pencil Leighlin bridge [Wells Carlow]]


Darby Treacy, Ballymartin, Clonygoose, Carlow, 1827

Dennis Preasy [Treasy], Agha, Affane, Waterford [Agha Carlow], 1826


Edward Treacy, Crannagh, Kiltennell, Carlow,

Edward Treacy, Killedmond, Kiltennell, Carlow,

Edward Treasy, Garryhill, Dunleckny, Carlow, 1825

Edward Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

Edwd Treacy, Raheenwood and Boldorough, Myshall, Carlow, 1827


James Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

James Treasy, Neviney [Nurney], Affane, Waterford [Agha Carlow], 1826

John Tracey, Lisgarvan, Gilbertstown, Carlow, 1834

John Tracy, Ballyleen, Aghade, Carlow, 1828

John Treacy, Nurney, Nurney, Carlow, 1826

John Treasy, Tullowbeg, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

John Treasy, Tullowbegg [Tullowbeg], Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833


M Tracy, Tullow Lands, Tullowphelim, Carlow, 1824

Michael Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

Michl Tracey, Rathmeague, Hacketstown, Carlow, 1823

Michl Tracey, Rathmege, Hacketstown, Carlow, [duplicate]

Michl Tracy, Nocknotubert, Barragh, Carlow, 1825

Michl Treacy, Raheenwood and Boldorough, Myshall, Carlow, 1827


Pat Tracy, Fankardstown [Tankardstown], Tullowphelim, Carlow, 1824

Patrick Treasy, Killdrena, Dunleckny, Carlow, 1825

Peter Tracy, Ardattin, Barragh, Carlow, 1825

Peter Tracy, Cranes, Barragh, Carlow, 1825


Thomas Treacy, Ballycormuck, Loughbrackan, Meath [Ballycormick, Lorum, Carlow], 1828

Thomas Keacy [Treacy] Dennmore, Loughbrackan, Meath [Donore, Lorum, Carlow], 1828


William Treacy, Oldtown, Nurney, Carlow, 1826

William Treasy, Pullowgreen [Tullowgreen] Gardens, Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833

William Treasy, Tullowbeg, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

William Treasy, Tullowbegg [Tullowbeg], Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833

William Treasy, Tullowgreen Gardens, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

Wm Ireary [Treasy], Ballynockan, Wells, Carlow, Kilkenny, 1824



Dennis Preasy [Treasy], Agha, Affane, Waterford [Agha Carlow], 1826

James Treasy, Neviney [Nurney], Affane, Waterford [Agha Carlow], 1826


John Tracy, Ballyleen, Aghade, Carlow, 1828


Michl Tracy, Nocknotubert, Barragh, Carlow, 1825

Peter Tracy, Ardattin, Barragh, Carlow, 1825

Peter Tracy, Cranes, Barragh, Carlow, 1825


Darby Treacy, Ballymartin, Clonygoose, Carlow, 1827


Edward Treasy, Garryhill, Dunleckny, Carlow, 1825

Patrick Treasy, Killdrena, Dunleckny, Carlow, 1825


Edward Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

James Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

John Treasy, Tullowbeg, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

John Treasy, Tullowbegg [Tullowbeg], Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833

Michael Treasy, Mountplesant, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

William Treasy, Pullowgreen [Tullowgreen] Gardens, Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833

William Treasy, Tullowbeg, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826

William Treasy, Tullowbegg [Tullowbeg], Fenagh, Leitrim, [Carlow] 1833

William Treasy, Tullowgreen Gardens, Fenagh, Carlow, 1826


John Tracey, Lisgarvan, Gilbertstown, Carlow, 1834


Michl Tracey, Rathmeague, Hacketstown, Carlow, 1823

Michl Tracey, Rathmege, Hacketstown, Carlow, [duplicate]


Edward Treacy, Crannagh, Kiltennell, Carlow,

Edward Treacy, Killedmond, Kiltennell, Carlow,


Thomas Treacy, Ballycormuck, Loughbrackan, Meath [Ballycormick, Lorum, Carlow], 1828

Thomas Keacy [Treacy] Dennmore, Loughbrackan, Meath [Donore, Lorum, Carlow], 1828


Edwd Treacy, Raheenwood and Boldorough, Myshall, Carlow, 1827

Michl Treacy, Raheenwood and Boldorough, Myshall, Carlow, 1827


John Treacy, Nurney, Nurney, Carlow, 1826

William Treacy, Oldtown, Nurney, Carlow, 1826


Alice Tracy, Seskinamodra, Sliguff, Carlow, 1826


M Tracy, Tullow Lands, Tullowphelim, Carlow, 1824

Pat Tracy, Fankardstown [Tankardstown], Tullowphelim, Carlow, 1824


Andrew Tracey [& Jas Fitzmaurice both written in], Ardenteagle [Ardateggle], Killeshin, Queen's, 1828 [also written in pencil Leighlin bridge [Wells Carlow]]

Wm Ireary [Treasy], Ballynockan, Wells, Carlow, Kilkenny, 1824



Tithe Applotment

Barragh Civil Parish 7th Jan, 1825

Michl Tracy, Nocknotubert
Peter Tracy, Ardattin
Peter Tracy, Cranes

Tullowphelim (1825/8)

354, Patrick Tracy of Tankardstown, 16a 3r 1p @, 2/10½ £2.8.2

1833 Tithe Arrears in Myshall

Rahenwood & Buldoro        Arrears due for May 1st 1833               

Michl Tracey                                        1.0.3        

Edwd Tracey                                       4.8         


1826/7 Schoolteachers

Mathias Tracy, RC, Orchard Nurney


Kings Inns Admission Papers 1607-1867

Daniel Tracey, 4th s. of John, Mountrath, woollen draper, and Mary Delany; over 16; ed. Carlow College; aft. Felix Delany, Dublin, apothecary, cousin german. H 1829



At a Special Sessions held at Carlow on Thursday the 8th day of October 1829 the following persons were approved of as fit and proper to be entrusted with the Sale of Malt and Spiritous Liquors, Wine, Beers, Ale &c for the year ending the 10th day of October 1830.

Edward Brennan of Tomard,. Securities: Jn McGee, Wm Treacy

At a Special Sessions held at Bagenalstown on Saturday the 10th day of October 1829 the following persons were approved of as fit and proper to be entrusted with the Sale of Malt and Spiritous Liquors, Wine, Beers, Ale &c for the year ending the 10th day of October 1830.

Pd, Richd Kehoe, Bagenalstown, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, Thos Hughes, Bagenalstown, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, Jas Byrne, Bagenalstown, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

John Kelly, Bagenalstown, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Martin Maher, Bagenalstown, Securities:Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, Lauce Nowlan, Ballinkillen, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, Mary Doyle, Ballymoon, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Mhl Dowling, Ln Bridge, Securities: John McGee & Wm Tracey

Sarah Hennesy, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, Terence O'Neill, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Hy Ransford, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Patrick Moran, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Patrick Moran, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Jas Treacy, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Caleb Tyndell, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

George Jeffers, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Edwd Headon, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Jas Dwyer, Ln Bridge, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Chas Kavanagh, Ln Bridge, Securities:Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pat Connelly, Old Leighlin, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Jas Reddy, Nurney, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Edwd Cummerford, Ridge, Securities:Jno McGee & Wm Tracey

Pd, George Holland, Royal Oak, Securities: Jno McGee & Wm Tracey


December 31, 1830 (FJ) Repeal of the Union

Leighlin Bridge...Mr. Richard Treacy...


1831-2 & 1844 Carlow - Wesleyan Methodist Preacher (see Richard Taylor Tracey)


17 July 1844 Wexford Conservative 

Carlow Assizes...Charge of Murder...were indicted for the wilful murder of Thomas Treacy at Dunleckney on the 15th April 1844...


1832 Electoral List

Tracey Rev. R.T., Brown St., Gentleman, Dissenter, Do [Liberal]


1832 Carlow soldiers who absconded (deserted).








before joining





50th Foot


Machill Carlow


8 Aug 1832

Police Gazettes of 1828-1840

NOTE: Not included in the transportation to Australia.

British War Office

Thomas Tracey b. 1814 Machill, Carlow 50th Foot deserted 1832 labourer FMP


1832 Dec-30, William Treacy, son of William and Maria Browne, Esquire, Excise Office, late of Carlow Parish.

1834 Sep-28, Deborah Jane, daughter of James and Emma Treacy, merchant.

Wells Parish Extracts from the Parish Registers. Ireland. Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead. 1901 Vol. V No. 1 Part 1


William Treacy, 1832, Prerogative Court will, Exec: Anne Treacy, Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow. IAR/1832/F/61.


September? 1833 To the Right Honourable and Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury,

The Memorial of the undersigned Licensed Maltsters of the Town and County of Carlow and Neighbourhood, —

…William Tracy, Leighlin Bridge…


1834 [11] Tenth report of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Excise Establishment, and into the management and collection of the excise revenue throughout the United Kingdom. Malt duty, Ireland.

...Extract from the Memorial to the Treasury, of the Maltsters in the Carlow District...signed...William Tracy, Leighlenbridge...


1835 Returns of Books, Schools and Children of Religious Denominations

Thomas Nolan, Felix Treacy, Patrick Clancy. Roman Catholic: Grange Tullow Co. Carlow, 


1835 Juvenile Association

Carlow District School

John Storrs’ Card – Mr. H. Tracy 1s 0d

Ennis College

Master Bernard’s Card – Mr. Tracy 0s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

1836 Juvenile Association


Sarah Maria Robinson’s Card – John Tracy 2s 6d


Miss Brown’s Card – Mrs. Tracy 1s 6d

Miss Cliffords Card – Mrs. Tracey 2s 6d


Master R. Deverell’s Card – Mr. Tracy 1s 0d

The Annual Reports of the Juvenile Association for promoting the education of the deaf and dumb poor of Ireland.


February 1836

Mary Tracey of Rathnageerath (?) [Rathnageeragh Feenagh] in case against James Lawler.


Recognizance Bond for Mary Tracey of Rathnegeerath, February 1836.


6 April 1836 Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report

Edward Treacy, householder, Castle Street, Borough of Carlow, Carlow. £10


1 February 1837 Voters

Edward Treacy, Castle-street Carlow, householder, £10, 6 April 1836


William Treacy, Leighlin Bridge, Co. Carlow, 1837, Prerogative Court will. Exec: J Treacy, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow. IWR/1837/F/722.


Printed 12 May 1837.Appendix 6 of the First report from the Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, Ireland.

Edward Treacy, householder, Castle-street, £10 value, 6 April 1836


An Alphabetical List of persons who have Registered Votes pursuant to the Act of the 2nd and 3rd of William IV., chap. 88, to the lst day of February, 1838.

Voters' Names

Place of Abode

Situation of Franchise


Date of Registry

Andrew Tracey




 22 June 1837

John Treacy




 29 March 1837

William Tracy

Leighlin bridge



15 Nov 1832?

Peter Tracy

Ardattin, Forth Barony



British War Office – Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

John Tracey Born Rathoa, Carlow Served in 77th Foot Regiment Discharged aged 26, 1839-1849

John Tracy, b. 1822 Carlow, Carlow


British War Office to 1860 (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

John Treacy, b. 1826 Leighlinbridge, Carlow


1 June 1839 (FJ) Vote in Carlow

...vote of John Murphy, locksmith, of Tullow-street...that [part of] a shop and parlor had since been "let off" to one Tracey, [of Tullow-street] who, in April last, obtained an excise licence for it. He now sold beer there.

1839 (414) The Select Committee on the Carlow Borough Election Petitions

...Tracey [occupied] a little shop and a little back room behind it...he does not sleep in it...there is a separate entrance [to Ivers or Barrington]...Thomas Tracey [took over the premises from John Murphy, locksmith] 8th January 1839...Murphy has given his own house to Tracey, with the exception of the forge...Tullow street...T. Tracey, publican or licensed to sell spirits, his name over the shop window...

Sir, You are requested to take notice, I intend applying at the next quarter sessions of Carlow, for a certificate to enable me to a licence for retailing spirits and beer, at my residence, number 124, Tullow-street, in the town of Carlow and barony of Carlow and county of Carlow ; and my sureties are Edward Tracey and John Ivers, both of Tullow-street aforesaid. Dated 11 March 1839.

Thomas Tracey.

Addressed to the clerk of the peace of the county of Carlow.


1839 T. Shearman The New Commercial Directory For The Cities Of Waterford And Kilkenny, Towns Of Clonmel, Carrick-on-suir, New Ross And Carlow 1839

Edward Treacy, 10 Tullow Street, Carlow. Boot And Shoe Maker.

Thomas Treacy, 124 Tullow Street, Carlow. Publican


British War Office

John Tracey b. 1822 Rathoa, Carlow 77th 1839 – 49


Middlesex London and Plymouth 9 June 1841 arrived 30 Sep 1841 Port Philip
Dennis Tracey 30 hus (36 family) Farm servant RC both Carlew (Carlow???)

Honor Tracey 28 wife of Dennis (36 family) Farm servant RC both Carlew (Carlow???)

Winifred Tracey 19 (57 single woman) House maid RC reads Galway


28 October 1841 (FJ) Loyal National Repeal Association

From Tullow, county Carlow, £1.2.0 from 22 Repealers, collected by Mr. James A. Treacy, who observes – “The imperative duty that devolves on every Irishman, of enrolling himself among the friends of national freedom, have induced me, and the persons whose subscriptions I forward, to join the ranks of the Repealers. The recent paltry arguments of anti-Irish Sharman Crawford, against the Repeal, have increased the ardour of the people of this town to identify themselves in the constitutional struggle for self-legislation. Why is Sharman one of the few who delcare against Repeal? Will he get a peerage from a Tory government for doing so? Does he forget he draws his thousands from the labour of Irishmen? And instead of being a declaimer against the only beneficial act that will heal the woes of Irishmen, and more firmly link the hearts of the sons of Erin to the throne of England, he (Sharman Crawford) ought to be aiding the noble efforts of our beloved Liberator to repeal that act which destroyed the trade and manufactures - made bankrupt and paupers of the merchants and traders of his county.”


1841 Carlow Summer Assizes. (July)

Tracy, Appellant, Malcolmson, Respondent.

...It appeared, that the respondent's demand was founded upon an I. O. U., signed by the appellant; that after the Appellant, making of the I. O. U. the respondent caused the person of the appellant to be taken in execution on account of certain bills of exchange; that the appellant petitioned for his discharge as an insolvent; that the appellant's schedule did not contain any entry in respect of the I. O. U.; that the respondent appeared in the Insolvent Court, and opposed the appellant's discharge upon grounds connected with the bills of exchange, but made no claim, objection, or opposition in respect of the I. O. U.; and that, ultimately, appellant was discharged as an insolvent(o).

...I do not feel warranted in conflicting with the decision of the full Court; and shall, therefore Reverse the decree, without costs


March 17, 1842 (FJ) The Riot in Kilkenny - Carlow Election

...Andrew Mahony, John Tracy, Patrick Byrne, James Kelly, Patrick Doolan and Simon Kemple...riot in Kilkenny city...assulting Mr. Beattie and Captain Terry...Bush Hotel, porter called John Tracy...four months hard labour...-Kilkenny Journal

26 March 1842 (TH) Kilkenny/Carlow

The trials of Andrew Mahony, John Tracy, Pat Byrne, James Kelly and Patrick Dowling, for riot and assult, committed in Kilkenny, during the last contested election for the county Carlow, took place on Saturday. They were all convicted and sentenced - Treacy, Kelly and Dowling, to be imprisoned four months each with hard labour - Byrne, three months and hard labour, - and Mahony, three months.


1842 Carlow

from Carloviana Vol 1 #2 January 1948


Richard T Tracy, Rev., Brown St.

Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House, Charlotte Street, Minister, Rev. Richard T. Treacy.


Patrick Treacy, 11 Tullow Street.


Thomas Treacy, 12 Tullow Street.


1842 Carlow - Commissioners of Loan Fund Board of Ireland

...At the re-formation of the Society in the year 1839...called for other sufficient Securities, and Mr. John Magee and Mr. John Treacy, merchants living in Leighlin Bridge, in large commercial prosperity, were accepted as Securities, jointly and severally, in the sum of £70 sterling...

...(1841) On the removal of Edward Styles from the office of Clerk and Receiver, Mr. James Treacy was appointed to the office...



Return of Murders

24 April 1844, Thomas Tracey, labourer, Idrone Easy Carlow, no reward


24 April 1844 Persons murdered

Thomas Tracey, labourer, Idrone East, Co. Carlow.

Parliamentary Papers


6 pm 7 Apr 1845-1846 Returns Relative to Assaults.

Denis treacy, farmer, Kiledmond, Idrone East, Carlow, assault endangering life. John Treacy committed.


1846 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Edward Treacy, Mill Street, Tullow, Carlow. Leather Seller

John Treacy, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow. Shoe Maker

Patrick Treacy, 11 Tullow Street, Carlow. Shoe Maker

Rev. Richard T. Treacy, Minister Wesleyan Methodist Meeting House, Charlotte Street.

Richard T Tracy, (rev), Brown Street, Carlow. Wesley Methodist Church.

Rose Tracy, Bagnalstown, Co.Carlow. Straw Bonnet Maker

Thomas Treacy, 12 Tullow Street, Carlow. Leather Seller

Thomas Treacy, Bagnalstown, Co. Carlow. Leather Seller



29 September 1848 Bathurst Advocate (NSW)

April 7, 1849 (FJ) & September 18, 1849 (BL)

There is no remedy known equal to Holloway's Pills for the Cure of Asthma - Mr. Richard Treacy, of Belmont, [Bellmount] Carlow [Belmount, Kilkenny?] having derived so much benefit from the use of these pills...asthma...for the last fifteen or sixteen years...- (See Advertisement)




1851 English Census

John Treacy, soldier, unmarried, 25, private infantry army, b. Carlow Leighlin Bridge, Residence: Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire.

Patrick Tracy, born 1833 in Carlow, Ireland. Residence: Toxteth Park, Lancashire.


1816-1921 Royal Irish Constabulary

8768  Math Tracey, 18,  23-Jun,  Carlow,   C, Labr, Depot, Cork E 1847

Eugene Tracey, 21 years, Carlow, Enlisted 1851, 856060

Math Tracey, b. 1889, Carlow, Enlisted 1915, 852092


October 28, 1852 (FJ) Insolvent Debtors' Court

In re Treacy. The insolvent was opposed by a shopkeeper in Borris-in Ossory, to whom he owed a sum of twenty pounds...It was stated that he and his mother obtained credit to that amount, and soon after sold their stock and farm and were on their way to America...kept in the name of "the Widow Treacy and Son"...remand the insolvent for four months...



13. Patrick Tracy, Knockbrack, Carlow, 22a/2r/1p Irish, 36a/1r/32p Statute, £26.8.0, tenant from year to year


Griffiths Valuation Carlow 1852-53


By area

Denis Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow


Edward Tracey, Tullow St. Carlow Carlow

Edward Tracey, Mountpleasant Fennagh Carlow


Elizabeth Tracey, Donore Lorum Carlow


Ellen Tracey, Ballytarsna Nurney Carlow


Henry Tracey, Ballyleen Ballon Carlow


Honoria Tracey, Scragg's Alley Carlow Carlow


James Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow

James Tracey, Nurney Nurney Carlow


John Tracey, Church Street Wells Carlow

John Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow

John Tracey, Kilree-Street Dunleckny Carlow

John Tracey, Mountpleasant Fennagh Carlow

John Tracey, Raheenwood Myshall Carlow

John Tracy, Cloneen Agha Carlow

John Tracy, Kildreenagh Dunleckny Carlow

John Tracy, Powerstown Clonmelsh Carlow

John Tracy, Rathellin Agha Carlow


Judith Tracy, Ballyellen and Tomdarragh Ballyellin Carlow


Lawrence Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow


Mary Tracey, Ballinkillin Lorum Carlow

Mary Tracey, Templeowen Fennagh Carlow

Mary Tracy, Grangeford Grangeford Carlow


Matthew Tracey, Rathnageeragh Fennagh Carlow


Michael Tracey, Busherstown Killerrig Carlow

Michael Tracey, Milltown Fennagh Carlow

Michael Tracey, Rathnageeragh Fennagh Carlow

Michael Tracy, Kilcoole Gilbertstown Carlow

Michael Tracy, Knocklonagad Sliguff Carlow


Patrick Tracey, Busherstown Killerrig Carlow

Patrick Tracey, Tullow St. Carlow Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Royal Oak Killinane Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Johnstown Urglin Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Knockbrack Myshall Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Moneybeg Dunleckny Carlow


Peter Tracey, Ardattin Ardoyne Carlow

Peter Tracey, Craans Ardoyne Carlow


Rose Tracy, Bagenalstown Market Street Dunleckny Carlow


Thomas Tracey, Donore Lorum Carlow

Thomas Tracy, Ballyknockan Fennagh Carlow


William Tracey, Tullow Fair Green Fennagh Carlow

John Tracy, Cloneen Agha Carlow

John Tracy, Rathellin Agha Carlow


Peter Tracey, Ardattin Ardoyne Carlow

Peter Tracey, Craans Ardoyne Carlow


Henry Tracey, Ballyleen Ballon Carlow


Judith Tracy, Ballyellen and Tomdarragh Ballyellin Carlow


Edward Tracey, Tullow St., Carlow Town, Carlow

Honoria Tracey, Scragg's Alley, Carlow Town, Carlow

Patrick Tracey, Tullow St., Carlow Town, Carlow


John Tracy, Powerstown Clonmelsh Carlow


John Tracy, Kildreenagh Dunleckny Carlow

John Tracey, Kilree-Street Dunleckny Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Moneybeg Dunleckny Carlow

Rose Tracy, Bagenalstown Market Street Dunleckny Carlow


John Tracey, Mountpleasant Fennagh Carlow

Edward Tracey, Mountpleasant Fennagh Carlow

Mary Tracey, Templeowen Fennagh Carlow

Matthew Tracey, Rathnageeragh Fennagh Carlow

Michael Tracey, Milltown Fennagh Carlow

Michael Tracey, Rathnageeragh Fennagh Carlow

Thomas Tracy, Ballyknockan Fennagh Carlow

William Tracey, Tullow Fair Green Fennagh Carlow


Michael Tracy, Kilcoole Gilbertstown Carlow


Mary Tracy, Grangeford Grangeford Carlow


Michael Tracey, Busherstown Killerrig Carlow

Patrick Tracey, Busherstown Killerrig Carlow


Patrick Tracy, Royal Oak Killinane Carlow


Denis Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow

James Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow

John Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow

Lawrence Tracey, Killedmond Kiltennell Carlow


Elizabeth Tracey, Donore Lorum Carlow

Mary Tracey, Ballinkillin Lorum Carlow

Thomas Tracey, Donore Lorum Carlow


John Tracey, Raheenwood Myshall Carlow

Patrick Tracy, Knockbrack Myshall Carlow


Ellen Tracey, Ballytarsna Nurney Carlow

James Tracey, Nurney Nurney Carlow


Michael Tracy, Knocklonagad Sliguff Carlow


Patrick Tracy, Johnstown Urglin Carlow


John Tracey, Church Street Wells Carlow


October 11, 1853 (FJ) Catholic Church

...Rev P Treacy, CC. Modeligo to Tallow...Rev Thomas Treacy, CC Cahir to Portlaw...Rev John Treacy, CC, Cahir to Ardmore...


1856 Wexford

James Tracy, 17, 5'2.5"?, grey eyes, brown hair, fresh complexion, of Graignamana, RC, R[ead], labourer, stealing fowl


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Edward Tracey 4 Feb 1872 Tullow street Carlow, leather merchant, to Maria Tracey spinster

James Tracy 20 Jul 1898 Knocklonegal Carlow, farmer, to Mary Tracy, widow

John Tracey 11 Nov 1881 Mount Pleasant Carlow, farmer, to daughter Margaret Lennan, wife of Silvester Lennan of Oldtown.

Joseph Treacy 9 Apr 1899 Balty Carlow, farmer, to Anna Maria Treacy widow

Michael P J Tracey 7 Mar 1912 Patrickswell Rathvilly Carlow, shopkeeper, died Rathlyon Tullow, to Annie Tracey, widow

Patrick Tracey 25 Mar 1909 Tankardstown Tullow Carlow, farmer, to Michael Tracey, farmer

Patrick Treacey 8 Mar 1865 Tullow Street Carlow, shoemaker and leather seller, to Edward Treacey, leather merchant

Peter Tracey 1 Jun 1879 Craans Carlow, farmer, to son Michael Tracey, farmer

Rose Treacy 11 Dec 1886 Bagnalstown Carlow, spinster, Lawrence Ryan of Killabin Queens, farmer


Patrick Haydon 12 Feb 1891 Carlow, to niece Bridget Tracey of Grangeforth, married woman

Patrick Smith 17 Jun 1909 Tankardstown Carlow, farmer, to Michael P Tracey, farmer

Bernard Smyth 9 Oct 1908 Rathvilly Carlow, miller, to Michael P Tracey, farmer

Patrick Smith 17 Jun 1909 Tankardstown Carlow, famer, to Annie Tracey, widow

Michael M'Donald 10 May 1900 Currenree  Carlow, farmer, to John Tracy, farmer

John Curran 22 Sep 1890 Dunbell Kilkenny, labourer, to Jeremiah Treacy of Ballymartin Carlow, famer 


June 18, 1859 Carlow Weekly News

Carlow Town Commission...rate-payers present...Edward Tracey...Mr Edward Tracey was unanimously elected as the other auditor...

October 16, 1860 (FJ) Carlow Town Commissioners

...elections...Edward Treacy...

17 March 1865 (FJ) Deputation from Carlow

...Carlow town Commissioners...Edward Tracey...September 1865 Carlow

Town Commissioners...Edward Tracy...

16 September 1865 (N) Country Cess Deputation

...Edward Tracy, Esq., T.C. [Carlow]

2 November 1865 Irish Times

Edward Tracey, Carlow Town Commissioner, on the number of protestant and catholic members.

August 1866 IT

Carlow Town Commissioners...Edward Tracey...

21 October 1867 (FJ) Carlow Town Commissioners

Annual election...appointed...Edward Treacy...who were announced to retire by rotation...Edward Treacy...for Carlow [town]...

1870’s Approx

"An adjourned meeting of Carlow Town Commission was held on Thursday evening, present: Messrs Mathias Tynan (chairman); Edward Clarke, Matthew Byrne, James Bolger, Patrick Bolger, Benjamin Coleman, Edward Tracey, Michael McDonald, Michael Murphy, James Graham and Rowan McCombe.

10 March 1871 (FJ) Aid for French

...Carlow Town Commissioners...Edward Tracy...


July 23, 1860 (FJ) Carlow - Thomas Tracy v. Patrick Tracy

...case of assault of one brother against another...lease which had been previously deposited with the defendant as security for moneys advanced by the defendant to enable the plaintiff to pass through the Insolvent Court.

July 1860 Tracy v. Tracy

Carlow...This was an action for assulting the plaintiff, brought against his brother...certain house in Carlow alledged to be his property...partnership property, to which he had a joint right...


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

James Tracey, b. 1868, Carlow, Carlow 

John Tracey, b. 1864 Powerstown, Carlow


2 Nov 1861 Assizes

John Treacy of Tullow Carlow, discharged of Highway Robbery of Michael Sullevan farmer


1862 - 1864 National education (Ireland)

Bessy Tracy & Margaret Tracy, R.C. teachers, female, Garryhill, Dunleckny, Carlow


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Denis, New Ross, Carlow/Kilkenny/Wexford. 4 755 (see Kilkenny)

Tracey, Patrick, Carlow, Carlow/Laois. 3 418

Tracy, Mary, Carlow, Carlow/Laois. 8 519


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

- Alphabetical

- by County


16 December 1867 (FJ) In aid of Pope

Parish of Bagnalstown...Bagnalstown District...the Misses Tracey 10s...Newtown District...Mr John Tracey 10s...


11 April 1868 (FJ)

...Mr. Treacy, Kiltigan [Rathvilly?]...


Edward Tracy, DMP 9469, born 1868, Myshall, Co. Carlow

The Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy. Four Courts, 2001


St. Patrick's College, Carlow 1793-1993

Francis Treacy, educated 1889-1904, ordained 1904, Wilcannia-Forbes. Served in Broken Hill, Cobar and Balranald.

John J Treacy, born 1896, from Kiltullagh, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway, educated 1912-1919, ordained 1919, Wilcannia-Forbes, Presbytery, Bourke, NS Wales. Served in Broken Hill, Barham, Bourke and Warren. Vicar General 1953-1964. Monsigor, 1954. Died 16/8/1964. Burried at Warren. CLV (1965) 96.

Matthew Treacy, educated 1866-1875, ordained 1875, Kildare and Leighlin. Curate in Myshall, Clonbullogue and Ratheen. PP Rosenallis January-November 1902. Died 16/11/1902.

Michael J. Treacy, born 9/7/1947, from Westport, Co. Mayo, educated 1966-1972, ordained in 1972 for Natchez (Biloxi). Associated Pastor: Bay St. Louis, Nativity – Biloxi, Gulfport. Director of ‘Renew’ for the diocese of Biloxi 1985-. Pastor: St. Thomas Aquinas/Hattiesburg 1988-.

Peter Treacy, from Cappagh Co. Tyrone, educated 1849-1891, ordained 1891, Wilcannia-Forbes RIP. Served in Crookwell and later PP in Gundagai 1919-1933. Died 19/5/1935.

 “Father Peter Treacy (of Tyrone) studied at St. Patrick's College in Carlow from 1884 to 1891. He was ordained a Missionary Priest in Carlow Cathedral into the Diocese of Wilcannia, Australia on 14 June 1891 by the famous historian and Co-Adjutor Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Most Rev. Michael Comerford. One other classmate, Colman Casey, was also ordained for Wilcannia Diocese. In the same ceremony other classmates were ordained for the Dioceses of Sydney and Goulburn in Australia . His first Parish was Bourke then Brewarrina and Nyngan. He then moved to the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn (as it had now become) where Fr. Treacy served in Crookwell and Gundagai where he was P. P. from 1919 to 1932. He died on 19th May 1935 and is buried in Gundagai aged seventy years old.” Mairead McCormack-Kelly

Where the age is not given, it may be presumed to be in the range of 16 and 25 years.

McEvoy, John (1993) St. Patrick’s College Carlow 1793-1993. St. Patricks’s College, Carlow.

The Carlovian, 1948, 124


1870 Bagenalstown Dog Licences

Thomas Tracey, Donore (1)

Carloviana 1990/1 p.10-2


1870 Slater's Directory of Ireland

Edward Tracey, Town Commissioner, Carlow

Rose & Winifred Tracy, Bagnalstown, Linen & Woollen Drapers & Haberdashers


7 July 1871 (FJ) St. Patrick's Collegiate Seminary, Carlow

...present...Mr. Denis Tracy...

11 July 1871 (FJ) Carlow Lay College

...present...D. Treacy, Esq, Dublin; J. Tracy, Esq, Dublin....


1871 British Census

James Treacy, spouse Mary, b. abt 1837 Carlow Ireland, Lancashire England

= Mary Treacy, spouse James, b. abt 1839 Carlow Ireland, Lancashire England


Elizabeth Tracey, b. abt 1853 Carlow Ireland, Yorkshire England


1875 Return of Number of original Civil Bill Ejectment Processes

Benjamin B. Feltus v. Edward Tracey and others, claiming £81/5/0 for disturbences, 5 Jan 1871 Bagenalstown Carlow


3 March 1876 (FJ) Memorial to the late ??? Fitzsimon, Administrator, ??? Co. Carlow.

...subscriptions...Mr Peter Tracy, Craans...


1876 Landowners of County Carlow (over 1 acre)

Henry Tracey, Ballyleen, Carlow. 107a/3r/15p. £62.0.0

Mary Tracey, Ballinree, Carlow. 103a/0r/23p. £67.10.0

Michael Tracey, Ballymartin, Carlow. 16a/3r/24p. £10.0.0

Thomas Tracey, Carrignafecca, Carlow. 77a/1r/6p. £48.10.0


25 June 1877 (FJ) Polo in the County Carlow

...HRH arrived from the Curragh...against Messrs R. Treacy [of Castlecomer Kilkenny?]...


11 July 1877 (FJ) The Late Sarah Maher

...Castlekelly...Goresbridge...Rev. M. Treacy, CC, Myshall [Carlow]...


13 December 1877 (FJ) Carlow

RC Clergy...Matthew Tracy, CC...


26 February 1878 (FJ)

The Month's Memory Office and High Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Mrs. Tracey, Mountpleasant, County Carlow, will be held in Newtown Chapel on Thursday next, the 28th of February instant, at 11 o'clock.


February 1878 to 1880 London Gazette

Inland Revenue - Copy of Bankers Returns - Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists

Anne Finn (miss), Ellen Condon (miss) & Bridget Tracy (miss), St. Josephs Convent Tullow.


1878 Bonds & Judgements Ireland

Maria Treacy, Carlow, spinster (executrix) v. Joseph F. Duckett, Rochelle-lodge, Kingstown, Dublin. 4 Sep, £48.0.0

Kemp's mercantile gazette


August 1879 Polo

County Carlow Club...Mr. K.D. Tracy...


November 1880 Land Commission

...Carlow deputation consisted of - Rev. P.F. Nolan, Mr. Peter Murphy, tenant farmer, Mr. M. Tracey, tenant farmer...


1881 British Census

Thomas Tracy, 35 years, born Carlow, married, collier, 17 Hall St Wolstanton, Stafford

Catherine, 35 years, born Ballymurphy, wife

Maggie, 6 years, born Tunstall, daughter

Mary, 5 years, born Tunstall, daughter

James, 1 year, born Tunstall, son


1881 Slater's Directory of Ireland

Maria Treacy, 123 Tullow st, Carlow, Leather seller

Henry Tracey, Farmers Ballon Division 

Michael Tracey, Farmer Humewood Division, Baltinglass Union


1882 Irish Exhibition of Arts and Manufactures

A M Treacy, Miss, Naas, 1

Edward Treacy, Main street Birr, 5

John Tracy, Cork, 912 Tanned and Curried Leather.

M Tracy, Rickardstown, Nurney, Co. Kildare 1

Maria Tracy, Tullow street, carlow 2

Michael Treacy and Thomas Hall Lucan, 1

Thomas Tracy, Mary street, Galway, 3


1883 Return of judicial rents

Edward Tracey of Rathnegeeragh Carlow, landlord Lord Bessborough, 49a/1r/12p, poor valuation £24/0/0, old rent £40/0/0, new rent £30/0/0

Michael Tracey of Croans Carlow, landlord John Doherty, 76a/0r/28p, poor valuation £55/10/0, old rent £90/2/3, new rent £66/10/0


1884 The Kennel Club Calendar and Stud Book.

Bitches. Baithershin (14,486). – Messrs. R.B. and T.S. Carey’s, Borris, Co. Carlow, Ireland; breeder, Mr. W. Tracey; date of birth. August 26th, 1882; colour, dark red, no white, cropped, black toe nails. By Mr. Barkley's Shorter ...


City of Berlin, Liverpool & Queenstown to New York 23 May 1885

Patrick K. Tracey, 18, M, labourer, Bagnalstown [Carlow], to Chicago


23 June 1887 Freeman's Journal

... Joseph Tracey, assistant to Mr. Thomas ir Gerrard, Crown Solicitor, Carlow...


2 October 1886 (N) Death

Treacey - September 26, 1886, at her residence, Main-street, Bagenalstown, Miss Winifred Sara Treacey, aged 72 years.


15 October 1887 (N) New Church of St. Patrick, rathvilly, County Carlow

The Ladies Table...No. 9 Table...Miss Tracey, Liscolman...


28 July 1888 (N) Rackrent Extraordinary

...Carlow...Patrick Tracey [rent] from £120/18/6 to £60...

26 October 1888 New Zealand Tablet

Longford [Carlow?] - Patrick Treacy, of Ballinree, was recently evicted from his holding and deprived of the benefit of the Land Act. The Land Commissioners had reduced Mr Treacy's rent from £120 to £60, showing that he had been heartlessly plundered by rack-renting. — But the land-thief, Captain Newton, determined to prevent him from getting justice, and so evicted him because he couldn't pay double the judicial rent.


1888 Return of judicial rents

Anne Tracey Ltd Admix of Michael Tracey of Carrignafecka Carlow, landlord Captain P.C. Newton, 79a/1r/18p, poor valuation £48/10/0, old rent £80/8/0, new rent £40/0/0

Patrick Tracey of Ballinree Carlow, landlord Philip J. Newton, 102a/0r/7p, poor valuation £70/0/0, old rent £120/18/6, new rent £60/0/0 (see 1909)


July 1888 Court of Bankruptcy

Re Richard Tracy, bankrupt had carried on business as a baker and leather merchant. His sister, Miss Mary Tracy...certain leases of land had been handed to her for an advance of £1000 in 1880.


1890 Return of judicial rents

John Treacey of Ballyleen Carlow, landlord A.H. Middleton, 107a/3r/15p, poor valuation £62/0/0, old rent £88/9/10.5, new rent £49/7/8, Old rent exclusive of drainage charge of £19/12/10


31 May 1890 (N) Ordinations at Carlow College

...to sub-deaconship...P. Tracey...Los Angelos...


August 1890 The Royal University of Ireland Matriculation Examination

Francis W Treacy, Carlow College


1891 Return of judicial rents

Michael Treacy of Ardattin Carlow, landlord Jmaes T. Butler, 34a/2r/3p, poor valuation £19/10/0, old rent £31/19/6.5, new rent £20/10/0, by consent


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Bessie Tracey, Knocklmagad (Knocklonagad Carlow?) Ireland, 1913, 23 years, housemaid, b. Knocklimagad, father ??? Traceey, Knockl?agad, [Knockclonagad] Co. Carlow, to Albany


Bridget Tracey, Bagnalstown Carlow Ireland, 1908, 20 years, sister: Margt Tracey 278 Claremunt St Chicago, b. Myshall, Mr John Tracey, Rathnaga near Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow


Edward Tracy, Bagralstom (Bagenalstown Carlow Ireland?), 1898, 21 years, to New York, Friend? Richard Sheridan 119 Boston? St, Peaford? NY?,


Edward Treacey, Kildavin (Carlow) Ireland 1920 26 years, Brother: Mr. J. Treacey, 97 lr Dorset St, Dublin, Ire. Sister: Mrs J. Denis, 824 Undercliff Avenue, Edgewater, NJ. 5’6”, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes. b. Bagnelstown Ireland.


Ellen Tracey, Bonio (Borris Carlow?) Ireland, 1908, 32 years, Father in law: Pack? Tracey, Ballimie? Kilmona Borris [Rathanna Carlow?]. Husband: Patrick, 18 Elm St Madison NJ. 5’8”, Dark complexion, dark hair. brown eyes 

Johanna Kathleen Tracey, Bonio (Borris Carlow?) Ireland, 1908, 4 years [daughter]

Maria Tracey, Bonio (Borris Carlow?) Ireland, 1908, 2 years [daughter]

Joseph Tracey, Bonio (Borris Carlow?) Ireland, 1908, 20 years, labourer, 5’8” Fresh complexion, brown hair. blue eyes Father: Pack? Tracey, Ballimie? Kilmona Borris [Rathanna Carlow?] Dialent? of 5 [Brother-in-law]


George F. Treacy, Carlow Ireland, 1912, 22 years, gas fitter, H’keeper, cousin Albert Connors, Killedmond Boris Co. Kilkenny [Carlow]. sister paid passage, sister Mrs Amelia Shoemaker, RGD3 Vanettian New York, 5’11”, dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, b. Carlow Ireland. [George F. Treacy 22, Amelia Treacy 55]

Amelia Treacy, Carlow Ireland, 1912, 55 years, H’keeper, cousin [nephew] Albert Connors, Killedmond Boris Co. Kilkenny [Carlow]. daughter paid passage, daughter Mrs Amelia Shoemaker, RGD3 Vanettian New York, 5’5”, dark complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes, b. Carlow Ireland. [George F. Treacy 22, Amelia Treacy 55]


Mary Treacy, Carlow Ireland, 1909, 26 [36?] years, single, Mother Amelia Treacy, Clongummon, Carlow. to Aunt Mrs Maigant Sutton, 715 South Division St Elmnia NY. 5’5”, fair complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes. Light scar on right hand. B. Carlow Ireland. [1901 Census Clogrenan, Killeshin, Laois. 1911 Census Carlow]


James Treacey, Carlow (Ireland), 1902, 25 years, married, farmer, to cousin? Mrs? Mc? Andrew, 289 Ryi? J. Timm? Jip, Chicago. Chicago, [James Treacey 25, Mary Treacey 24]

Mary Treacey, Carlow (Ireland?), 1902, 24 years, to cousin? Mrs? Mc? Andrew, 289 Ryi? J. Timm? Jip, Chicago. Chicago, [James Treacey 25, Mary Treacey 24]


James Treacy, Ireland, Bagnalstoun Cobarlow [Bagnalstown Carlow Ireland], 1907, 27 years, single, farmer, Bagnalstown CoCarlow, to brother Edward Treacy, 345 Seats? St Chicago Ill. 5’11”, dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes. b. Bagnalstown Co Carlow.


John Treasy [Treacy], Borris (Carlow) Ireland 1907, 28 years, married, Father Patrick Treasy Ballonane? Borris?. to sister-in-law Mary Arnold 997 East 99 St New York NY. 5'7" dark complexion, dark hair, brown eyes, top of first finger off right hand. b. Borris Ireland. [crossed out]

Margaret Treasy [Treacy], Borris (Carlow) Ireland 1907, 21[?] years, married, Hwife, Father Patrick Ryan coolasnonghta Myshall. to do [sister-in-law Mary Arnold 997 East 99 St New York NY]. 5'8" brown complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. b. Borris Ireland. [crossed out]


Joseph Tracy, Bagualstown (Bagnalstown Carlow Ireland), 1898, 17 years, single, to Bro Patrick Tracey, 1972 Second Ave, NY. [same ship as Mary & Cath]

Mary Tracy, Bagualstown (Bagnalstown Carlow Ireland), 1898, 11 years, Irish [sister USC], to brother Pat Treacy 1972 Second Ave NY [see Mary Tracy 11, Cath Tracy 7]

Cath Tracy, Bagualstown (Bagnalstown Carlow Ireland), 1898, 7 years, American [written: USC, sister Irish], to brother Pat Treacy 1972 Second Ave NY [see Mary Tracy 11, Cath Tracy 7]


Josephine Treacy, New Ross Wexford, Ireland, 1922, 30 years, single, shop Assist, Sister Mrs Nix, 48 South Street, New Ross Co. Wexford. [see 1911 Census] Cousin Mrs Doyle, 157 East 99th Street, New York City, NY. 5’4”, fresh complexion, black hair, brown eyes. b. Myshall Carlow


Margt Tracy, Bagualstom (Bagenalstown Carlow Ireland?), 1899, 21 years, single, to sister Mary Tracey, 347 Southerquic St Chicago.


Maggie Tracy, Bagnelstown [Carlow] Ireland, 1912, 23 years, single, Cousin Nellie Neill, Ballycormack, Bagnelstown Co. Carlow. Cousin Mrs May, 100 Orchford? St Bridgeport Conn. 5’, fair complexion, fair hair, grey eyes. b. Bagnalstown Ireland.


Mathew Tracy, Dublin Ireland, 1913, 31 years, single, Jakierer?, Last residence: Dublin. Father Patrick Tracy, Upton, Fanagh, Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow. Brother Mr? Michael Tracey 1440 Fairfield? Av Chicago Ill, 5’8”, dark complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Ballinree, Co Carlow, Ireland [1901 Census, Seskinnamadra Carlow. 1911 Census Arran Quay Dublin]


Martin Treacy, Bagualstown (Bagnalstown Carlow? Ireland), 1901, 20 years, to brother William, Convent of Good Shepard, Buffalo, NY.  [crossed out]


Mary Treacy, Mishhall (Myshall Carlow? Ireland), 1906, 27 years, single, postulant, to friend The Superioress, Dominican Convent, New Orleans. 5’8”, brown complexion, brown hair, grey eyes,. B. Mishall Ireland.


Michael Treacy, Clonmore (Carlow? Ireland), 1899, 26 years, single, to brother James, 433 E 79th St New York


Maria Tracy, Carlow Ireland, 1893, 20 years, of USA?, to New York City


Mary Tracey, Chicago USA, 1909, 34 years, single, clerk, 5’6” pale complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, non-immigrating alien, Mother: Mrs Tracey, Karrig na Fecca, [Carrignafecka] Co. Carlow. to brother James Tracey, 278 Claremount Ave Chicago, b. Karrig-na-fecca Ireland


Pat Tracey, Ballymartin (Carlow Ireland?), 1899, 25 years, single, lived Boston 1896, Cousin Jas Hanlon 503 W 59th St New York


Nora Treacy, Troy NY USA, 1906, 35 years, American, lives Warford Troy NY, friend Thomas Dredlin? 22 Middle St Wausford Troy NY [Nora Treacy 35 and Patrick Tracey on same boat]

Patrick Tracey, ???obather [Lacken? Co. Carlow?], 1906, 27 years, lived Lacken? Co. Carlow?, sister: Mrs Annie Doran 40 Park ave Hoboken NJ [Nora Treacy 35 and Patrick Tracey on same boat]



April 1893

Mr Tracy Turnerelli in a letter to a Carlow journal, stated his father was the son of an exiled Italian nobleman, and that he was placed in Carlow College, where he completed his education. [see Tracy Peerage Case – for background information]


1894 John Treacy, tenant, Edward KB Tighe, landlord, Johnstown, Carlow, 15a3r11p, £12.15.0 valuation, £15.10.0 rent, £10.10.0 judicial rent


1894 Slater's Directory of Ireland

Tracey Maria, boot & shoe dealer, 123 Tullow street

Tracy Rose (& milliner), Bagnalstown


April 1895

Lady recommends young man, R.C., £10 for stable and garden; R.C. Youth, £8, for general work. - M. Tracy, Myshall, Bagnalstown.


1897 British Army WWI Service Records

William James Treacy, 28, b. abt 1869 Carlow, Residence: 1897


1899 Return of advances under Purchase of Land

June 6 1898 Purchaser: Michael Treacy of Grangeford Old Carlow, Vendor: Viscount Duncannon, 1a/0r/5p, value £1/17/0, rent £2/0/0, purchase £30, advance £30, deposit £15


1898 Return of judicial rents

Patrick Treacy of Craans Carlow, landlord Mrs. Muriel L.C. Doherty, 76a/0r/28p, poor valuation £55/10/0, old rent £90/2/3, new rent 1 £66/10/0, new rent 2 £54/8/0


1899 Return of judicial rents

Edward Tracy of Rathnageerath Carlow, landlord Viscount Duncannon, 41a/1r/31p, poor valuation £24/0/0, old rent £40/0/0, new rent 1 £30/0/0, new rent 2 £24/0/0


1901 Return of judicial rents

26/7/1901 Reps of James Tracey of Knockelonagad Carlow Carlow, landlord Col. Fitzgibbon Trant, 42a/0r/23p, poor valuation £25/5/0, old rent £40/0/0, new rent 1 £32/10/0, new rent 2 £22/10/0, appeal £25/0/0




1901 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland


1901 Census of England

Shutname Tracey, 50, Canlow [Carlow?] Ireland, Tunstall, Staffords

Thomas Tracey, 52, Canlow [Carlow?] Ireland, General Labourer, Tunstall, Staffords


Congregation of St. Joseph of Cluny

Date of Profession, Name, Birthplace Mission

1902 Sr. Alphonsus Tracey, Rathnageera (Myshall, Co. Carlow?), Paris


17 November 1902 (IT) Death

Tracey - November 16, at 21 Gardiner's place [Dublin], the Rev. Matthew Tracey, P.P. Rosenallis, Queen's County, aged 53 years. R.I.P. Funeral arrangements will be announced in to-morrows issue.

January 03, 1903 The Intermountain Catholic. (Salt Lake City [Utah] ;) 1899-1920 newspaper.

The Rev Matthew Tracey pastor of Rosenaills died on the 16th [November]. He was A native of Carlow and for nearly thirty years was in the sacred ministry. He was for two years on the Scotch mission He then returned to Clonbullosue where he remained twenty-three years. He was transferred to Rosenaills about three years ago.


Aug 3, 1904 (IT) Carlow Agricultural Society

Class 21 Special prizes...Mares...1st prize, Messrs. Smith and Tracy, Rathvilly...


1905 Kelly's Directory

Michael Tracey, Rathvilly S.O. co. Carlow

R. Treacy Kinneagh glebe, Kinneagh, co. Carlow


1907 List of Persons who have lodged application with the Estates Commission as Evicted Tenants

4195. Patrick Tracy, Seskin, Killedmond, Carlow. Ballinree, PC Newtown Estate. 100a/3r/0p, £120.18.6 rent. Present tenant - John Griffin, yearly tenant. Circumstances of Applicant: Aged 55, six sons at home, five in America.


1909 Re-instated Evicted Tenants

Patrick Tracey of Ballinru Carlow, Estate P.C. Newton, 100a/3r/0p, value £70/0/0, rent £120/18/6, evicted 18 July 1888




1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


1911 [Cd. 5488, 5489, 5490, 5624, 5639, 5750, 5758, 5887, 5890, 5952] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the month of November, 1909 - Carlow

6th October 1910, Michael P. Tracey, Patrickswell, 9a1r14p parcel, £24.13.0 valuation, £490 price, £380 advance, £110 deposit, Estate of Whitty and Smith


May 23, 1911 (IT)

Young country man requires situation; make himself generally useful; can milk. Apply Tracey. Fenagh, Carlow.


1914 [Cmd. 7114, 7143, 7162, 7222, 7231, 7288, 7411, 7414, 7489, 7577] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish land purchase acts, during the month of January, 1913. - Carlow

6th November 1913, John Tracey, Johnstown, 15a3r31p, £12.5.0 valuation, £10.10.0 rent, judicial, £234 price and advance, 22.2 years


Handbag Theft 1913

…was found guilty of stealing a handbag containing £22/10/0, the property of Miss Maria Treacy, at Carlow Fair on October 22nd.


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

James Treacy, b. abt 1877, Carlow, Carlow

Munrice [Maurice?] Tracey, b. abt 1875, Bullickmayer, Carlow,  

William James Treacy, b. abt 1869, Carlow,


WW1 Merchant Seamen Medal Cards BT 351/1

Edward Tracey, b. 1892 Carlow

1918-1941 Merchant Navy Seamen

*Edward Tracey, b. 1892 Carlow Carlow

[Note: * = photo . http://www.irishmariners.ie/]


March 1914 IT

Leinster Senior Schools Cup, Knockbeg College Carlow...three-quarters backs...P. Treacy...

Mar 10, 1914 (FJ) Rugby Football

...Knockbeg College (Carlow)...P. Treacy...


Jun 17 & 18, 1915 (IT) Co. Carlow Breach of Promise

...Miss Deborah Shirley [37] of Coolnakisha, Leighlinbridge, County Carlow and the defendant Mr. Richard Tracy/Treacy, [50] farmer, of Ballycallan [Ballycullane], Kildare...second cousin of defendant, who held a farm of close on three hundred acres. His maens if capitalised would amount to £8,000...dances...In 1902...kiss...In 1904, marriage was spoken of...attachment for a Miss Melbourne [of Luggacurran] [engaged for 14 years]...delay, which ahd extended over eleven years...James Neale examined...related to defendant...Mrs Annie Parsons...said that before her marriage, she used to assist the defenant, her uncle, in the household...

Jun 19, 1915 (IT) and Jun 26, 1915 (IT)

The Carlow breach of promise action, Shirley v. Tracey...jury failed to agree on the question of contract and were discharged.

Jun 30, 1915 (IT)

Motion for a change of venue...by defendant...to Kildare...refused motion with costs.

Nov 3, 1915 (IT) and Nov 6, 1915 (IT) £1000 Damages Claimed

...Defendant...You were secretary of the Quadrile Company? Yes (laughter)...showed her deposit receipts for £1500 with the Provincial bank...

Nov 5, 1915 (IT) and Nov 13, 1915 (IT) £200 damages

The jury, after ten minutes absence, returned with a verdict for the plaintiff, assessing the damages at £200.


November 1915 IT

Stewart Institution [Dublin] The following candidates were declared successful...Anthony Treacy, Carlow...


1915 Return of advances under Purchase of Land - Estate of Westropp-Dawson

14/10/1915 Patrick Tracey of Ballylinblock Carlow, 52a/2r/0p,  purchase £810, advance £810


1915 Kellys Directory of Leather Trades in Ireland

Maria Tracey, 123 Tullow St


Jan 13, 1916 (IT) Marriage

Warren and Moore - January 9, 1916 at St. Stephens Church, North Bow, London, John Edward, eldest son of Mrs. Warren, Staford road, London, and elder brother of Dr. William Warren, H.A.M.A. Eastbourne and nephew of T. Bysen, Esq., General Post Office, London, to Kate, eldest daughter of the late Michael Moore, of Kilcarrig, Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow and grand-daughter of the late Madame Tracy, Ballinree, Borris, Co. Carlow and cousin of the Rev. Father Mat Tracy of Borris, Co. Carlow, Ireland.


Nov 17, 1917 (IT)

The annual report of the Vere Foster Writing Compedition announces that the special prize for the best writing, open to candidates throughout the British Empire, has been awarded to Bridget Tracey (aged 15 years, 7 months), Presentation Female National School, Carlow...


Kellistown Past and Present from "The Nationalist and Leinster Times" newspaper, Saturday, 1st March 1919

Some Descendants of Evicted Tenants of Kellistown Farm…James Tracey, Ballymartin, Borris…



1920 Carlow

Miss Tracey's - Boot Shop, Tullow Street


1922-1984 Defence Forces

Christopher Treacy, Kilcarrig St., Bagenalstown. 800749

Jacob Tracey, Ballymartin, Borris. 92014

John Treacy, Ballymartin, Borris. 436243

Patk. Treacy, Railway Tee., Borris. 829127

Ptk. Treacy, Ballymartin, Borris. 436244

Win. Treacy, Ballymartin, Borris. 217014

Win. Treacy, Main St., Bagenalstown. 23810


Feb 23, 1923 (FJ) Military seize cattle

The lands known as "The Irish Farm" at Kilcomney, near Bagenalstown were visited by military...In connection with the working of this farm four young men, J. Neill, W. Murphy, J. Treacy and another were arrested by National troops.

Apr 23, 1923 (FJ) Co. Carlow farm dispute

At the Bagenalstown District Court...James Treacy...for having taken forcible possession of the lands of Kilcomney, near Bagenalstown known as the "Irish Farm"...Mr. Michael O'Riordan, manager of the lands, having died in the meantime, the District Justice refused informations.


1926 Irish Free State Army Absent Voters List

William Tracey, Main Street, Bagenalstown - 23810, Sgt., 18th Batt., Cork.


Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices, Empire Marketing Board, and related bodies

1926-8 Irish Distress Committee and Irish Grants Committee: Files and Minutes

Abraham Treacy, County Carlow, File no. 1313


Oct 13, 1928 (IT) Residential Business Premises

...instructed by Miss Tracey (who is retiring from business) to sell by public auction...nos 123, 124 and 125 Tullow street Carlow, held on lease for a term of 500 years from March 25th 1928 subject  to the rent of £23 per annum...No. 123 at present in occupation of the Vendor in which a good wholesale leather trade has been carried on for the past 70 years...


Apr 22, 1937 The Irish Times

Mr. W. L. Duggan And Miss K. Treacy

Mr. W. L. Duggan, solicitor, Carlow and Tullow, son of Mr. J.J. Duggan, Solicitor, and President of the Incorporated Law Society, and Mrs Duggan, Carlow, was married to Kathleen, youngest daught of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Treacy of waterford, of Dun Laoighre, at St. Michael's Church, Dun Laoighre, yesterday...The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. J.A. Treacy. Miss C. Treacy (sister of the bride) was the bridesmaid and Mr. Gerald Clancy (cousing of the bridegroom) acted as best man...


July 1937 Voters registered in Carlow Town

Athy Road

Alice Tracey

Burrin Street

Samuel Tracey

Granby Row

Michael, Nora, May, Maurice Tracey.

Annie, Patrick, John, Bridie, Tracey

Pollerton Road

William Treacy



No. 62 Pollerton Road, Willie Treacy, single, worked in Leverette and Fry.


4th December, 1941 Dáil Éireann Volume 85 Ceisteanna/Questions. Oral Answers.

Carlow Military Service Pension Claim.

Mr. Hughes asked the Minister for Defence if he will say when Mr. Eugene Tracey, Fenagh, County Carlow, who made application for a pension under the Military Service Pensions Act may expect to hear of a decision in his case.

Mr. Aiken (for the Minister for Defence): In the case of the application made under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934, by Mr. Eugene Tracey, Fenagh, County Carlow, the finding of the referee is that on the evidence before him Mr. Tracey is not a person to whom the Act applies and he was informed accordingly. Mr. Tracey lodged an appeal for revision of the finding but the referee has not yet completed his investigations in the matter


1942 US Draft (born between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897)

Edward Tracey b. 28 Sep 1892 Co Carlow, Ireland Residence: Essex, New Jersey

John J Tracy b. 28 Dec 1881 Carlow, Ireland Residence: Hartford, Connecticut

Patrick Joseph Tracy b. 28 Feb 1879 Carlow, Ireland Residence: Morris, New Jersey


Old Roads, Fields and Mass Paths

PJ Treacy, Barragh contains Brophys field, Haydens field.

White, WD (1994) Heirs to a Heritage Part II.


Families By Ontario Genealogical Society 1996

C.J. Tracey, Sligo

John Tracey, Carlow

William Tracey, Waterford





Church of Ireland records for the Carlow area



Surname Researchers


County Carlow born 15 Nov 1845. Immigrated to USA in 1862

Don Wilt


Co. Carlow pre-1845 to present

Kathy Sedlar


Annesley Treacy (d. 1932 aged 66 Castlecomer) m. Susan Tunstead [Stage Reg: Annesley Treacy & Susan Tunstead, Carlow, 3rd Quarter 1893 Vol.3 page.279]


Edward Tracy & Mary Kavanagh

Mary Anne b. 27 July 1879 (LDS)


Grace Treacy (d. of Robert Treacy) m. James Campbell  (s. of Andrew Campbell) 18 Feb 1847  Carlow [Kilkenny?]


Harriett Tracy [see Castlecomer Kilkenny]

…Morgan’s only son, named Morgan also, but called Mortimer, was married in County Carlow in 1844 to Harriett Tracy. Mortimer and Harriett had four children: Ann, born 1846; William Duke, born 1848; Harriett, born 1851; and Maria, born 1853….



James Trasey & Jane Higginson

Elizabeth Anne b. 7 December 1874 (LDS)


Margaret Bridget Tracey  b. Carlow, Ireland, 26 years & Pierce Cody b. Carlow Ireland, 26 years

Catherine Cody  b. 18 Aug 1913 Cook Co. Chicago  Il


Margaret Tracey (single)

Birth Date: 4 Dec 1884 [1885? State Reg]

Birth Place: Co Carlow, Ireland

Age: 37

Residence: Brooklyn, New York & Mass for 21 years

Passport Issue Date: 1 Nov 1922

Father Name: James Tracey

Father's Birth Location: Ireland

Father's Residence: Deceased

Emigrated October 1st 1901

Neutralised 7th June 1921 Albany


Martin Moore, b. September 1838 County Carlow Ireland. d. September 1910, New Britain, Conn. And Ellen Garrigan

Son of James and Margaret (Tracey) Moore, relatives of Thomas Moore, the Irish poet of Dublin.

Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittelsey Family: By Charles Barney Whittelsey. Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill book company, inc., 1941


Maria Tracy (d. of Edvardus Tracy & Elizabeth Horan of Mount Mellick of Queens? Co) of 23 Richmond St m. Gulielmus Kelly (s. of Martini Kelly & Honoria Owens of Ballymic Co. Carlow) of 23 Richmond St on the 11 September 1877 Wit: Joannes Martin & Maria Martin of 6 Shamrock Villa Harolds Cross. [comment in Latin?]. St. Lawrences, Dublin.

Mary Tracey & Gulielmus Kelly.

Gulielmus Joseph Kelly b. 19 July 1878 of 23 Richmond Place Sp. Gulielmus Leadley & Maria Helena Leadley. St. Lawrences, Dublin.


Michael(?) Tracy

Edward Tracy b: 15 Nov. 1845 in Co. Carlow, came to U.S. on ship Cultivator from Liverpool to NY in 1862, went to IL, enlisted in Union army, married Mary Callahan (who died before 1880), then moved to Iowa around 1880 and married Margaret Minner. Father's name possibly Michael - possible sibling Philip. Died 9 Jul 1916. If anyone has information on this family, please contact me.



Patrick Trac(e)y

I am trying to find information on the Tracey family. Patrick was born in 1833 in Co. Carlow and moved to Liverpool in 1855 where he married Eliza Miner. On the marriage certificate one of the witnesses was William Tracy, who lived in Ireland. Can anyone help? Thanks

kmastudio 21 Apr 2007


Patrick Tracey & Mary Reilly

John b. 28 July 1871 (LDS)

Johanna b. 6 June 1873 (LDS)


William Tracy, single, (s. of John Tracy) m. Catherine Heffron, single, (d. of Michael Heffron) on 20 Apr 1868 Carlow, Carlow

William Tr(e)ac(e)y & Catherine Heffernan/Heffrin

Louisa Catherine b. 19 January 1869 Ballickmoyler & Newton, Queens/Laoighis (LDS) or Carlow (LDS)

Harriett Louisa b. 25 August 1870 Ballickmoyler, Queens (LDS)

Alice b. 24 February 1872 Ballickmoyler, Queen's (LDS)

John b. 2 July 1873 Ballickmoyler, Queens (LDS)

Mary Anne b. 14 April 1875 (LDS)


William Treacy (d. Carlow, Ireland) & Anne Hovenden (d. 1853)

Son William Treacy Born June 21, 1845 in Melbourne, Australia; died August 10, 1918 in Prarahn, Victoria

Who married  Marian Bartlam

Father of William Raymond Treacy, Henry Budds Treacy, Reginald Bartlam Treacy and Muriel Frances Bradford Treacy born Hawthorn, Australia

[Note: Lease of twenty acres of land in lower Ballylehane [Killabban Laois] from Henry Hovenden to William Treacy]


Brigida Whelan (d. of Winifredae Fracy & Dionysii Whelan of Co. Carlow) of Anna Villa m. Thomas Byrne (s. of Joannis Byrne & Margaritae Jones of Co. Wicklow) of Ashford on 22 October 1862 Wit: Joanne Byrne & Elizabeth Davine. Rathmines RC

Joannes Whelan (s. of Winifredae Tracy & Dionysii Whelan of Crookstown [Kildare?]) of Crookstown m. Maria Whelan (d. of Jacobi Whelan & Annae Donaghan) of Rathgar on the 31 January 1867 Wit: Jacobo Whelan & Bridifa Donovan. Rathmines RC http://churchrecords.irishgenealogy.ie/reels/rathmines_mf_1823-1886_ma_0370.pdf



 Bagenalstown (& Dunleckey)


Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c1851/52

Parish of Nurney, Townland of Ballytarsna, (Ord. S. 12), 785 acres





Immediate Lessor


5 A b

Ellen Tracey

Patrick Rafter


Parish of Agha, Townland of Rathellin, (Ord. S. 12 & 16), 739 acres



Immediate Lessor


 4 a

John Tracy

Thomas Delany



Dunleckey baptisms 1820 – 1847 (start of 1848)



Anne Tracy & Darby Clark

Bridget b. 3 Nov 1822 Knocktomas Sp. John Nolan & Mary Nolan,

Darby b. 10 Nov 1824 Nurney Sp. Josephy Byrne & Catherine Clark


Ann Tracey & Daniel Comerford

Patk Comerford  b. 7 Dec, 1845 Ballyryan Sp. John Tracey & Judith Byrne


Ann Tracy & George Dillon

Catharine Dillon b. 21 June, 1840 Ballywilliamroe Sp. John McAsey & Betty McAsey 


Patc Henesey & Mary Cormick

Mary b. 7 Oct 1823 Ballycormick Sp. Hugh Neil & Anne Tracy


Patc Doyle & Bridget Lennon

Morgan b. 19 Oct 1823 Kildrina Sp. Anne Tracy


Michl Murphy & Mary Doyle

Bridget b. 23/1/1824 Boherduff Sp. ??? Murphy & Anne Tracy


Mattw Walsh & Judy Bryan

Mich? b. 2 Nov 1824 Glanahary Sp. John Maloney & Anne Tracy


John Brophy & Margaret McLane

John b. 10/2/1833 Cloniga Sp. Andrew Hogan & Anne Treasy


Michael Sullivan & Mary Nolan

Mary b. 12/1/1834 Augha Sp. Mick Clark & Anne Tracy


Bridget/Bidy Tracy/Treasy & John Kinsel(l)a

Catharine b. 1 Sept 1821 or 29 Oct 1821 ??? Sp. John Carey & Bidy?/Grady? Tracy (double entry)

Ellen b. 4/4/1824 ??? Sp. Mich Byrne & Joanna Gaskins

Margaret b. ?? Dec 1834 Ballyknockin Sp. Andy Kief & Catharine Darcy


Bridget  Tracy?Tierny? & Pat Murphy

John Murphy b. 2 May, 1842 Bagenalstown Sp. Michael Finlon & Ann Dagan

James Murphy b. 2 May, 1842 Bagenalstown Sp. Michael Finlon & Ann Doyle


Bridget Treacy & Hugh Rooney

James Rooney b. 3 Jan, 1841 Oldtown Sp. John Neil & Mary Treacy (Check Parish of Borris baptisms, many entries for parents with these names)


Kitty/Cath Treasy/Treacy & Roger/Rody Dillon

James b. 29 Sept 1833 Cloneen Sp. Mick McDonnell & Kitty Treasy

John b. 18 Oct 1835 Cloneen Sp. Michael Lacy & Mary Byrne

Mary Dillon b. 2 June 1839 Clomoney Sp. Wm McDonald & Mary ?(illegible)


Cath/Catherine Tracy/Tracey & Jas Kavanah/James Kavanaugh

Ann Kavanah b. 27 Jan 1837 Oldtown Sp. ?(illegible) Sutton & Mary Treacy  

Garret Kavanaugh b. 21 July, 1844 Oldtown Sp. Thomas Murphy & Margaret ?

Catharine Ba….. & Patrick Kavanaugh   [NOTE: Transcriber has this as the same family]

Thomas Kavanaugh b. 8 Sept, 1839 Oldtown Sp. Bridget Lacy


Cath Tracy & Michael Neil

Elizabeth b. 8/2/1835 Cloneen Sp. Jas Clark & Maria ???


Kitty Tracy? & Matthew Nowlan

Mary b. 1 Sept 1821 Mountpleasant Sp. James Murphy & Judy Brien


Catharine/Kitty Treasy/Treacy/Tracey & Michael/Mick Tuit(e)

Mary b. 28 July, 1833 Cloneen Sp. ??? Clowry & Margaret Leorart?

John Tuite b. 14 May 1837 Cloneen Sp. John Dinsby?(sp) & Bridget Farrel

Peggy Tuite b. 5 May 1839 Cloneen Sp. Tom Nowlan & Cath Farrell  14 May, 1837

Bridget Tuite b.  10 Oct, 1841 Cloneen Sp. Pat Clowry & Ellen Nolan

Catharine Tuite b. 28 Apr, 1844 Cloneen Sp. John Fielding  & Anty Doyle

Judith Tuite b. 12 July, 1846 Cloneen Sp. Michael Reddy & Ellen Tracey


Edward Eustace & Marie Hill

Marie b. 6/1/1833 Oldtown Sp. Martin Feltus & Kitty Tracy


John Car(?)ey & Catherine Kinsela

James b. 10 Sept 1820 Ballyknockan Sp. John Kinsela & Connie? Tracy


Charles Tracy? Macy? & Ann ?(illegible)

Eleanor Tracy? Macy? b. 3 Aug, 1845 Knockullard Sp. ?(illegible) & Catharine Powers


Denis Finn & Judy Corcoran,

John Finn b. 16 June 1839 Augha Sp. Peter Corcoran & Dan Treacy [male?]


John Lennon & Kitty Dobbs

John b. 9 Oct 1829 Ballaghaderneen Sp. Denis Tracy & Ellen Flinn


Tom Butler & Betty Dobbs

Michael b. 29/6/1834 Mountpleasant Sp. Denis Treasy & Biddy Rossiter


Jas Nolan & Eliza Butler

Mary b. ?? Dec 1835 Mountpleasant Sp. Denis Tracy & Anne Kearney


John Cummins & Mary Finn

Anne Cummins b. 19 June 1836 Ballaghaderneen Sp. Denis Treacy & ?(illegible)


James Whitty & Ann Fitzhenry

Mary b. 26 Apr, 1840 Ballyknockin Sp. Denis Tracy & Mary Hunter


Edward Tracey b. 1891 Co Carlow (s. of Edward Tracey & Mary Kelly) m. Margaret Griffin b. 1888 Co. Kilkenny (d. of James Griffin & Catherine Quinn) 16 November 1930 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


Edward Tracy & Mary Lenon

Mary b. 1839 Bagnalstown (Carlow Book 5, p.77, No.40)


Betty/Elizabeth (or Kitty) Treacy & John McAsey

Ellen McAsey b. x? Sept 1836 Ballywillioamroe Sp. John Kinsella & Bridget Kinsella (Kitty)

Elizabeth McAsey b. 19 Oct 1839 Ballywilliamroe Sp. John Treacy & Kitty McGuire

Bridget McAsey b. 22 Jan 1845 Ballywilliamroe Sp. John Tracey & Cathrine Kinsella

Ann McAsey b. 22 Jan 1845 Ballywilliamroe Sp. Matthew Nowlan & Ann Dillon

Betty Treasy & John McCasey

Catherine b. 20/4/1834 Ballywilliamroe Sp. Simon Frankly & Betty Kinsella 

Elizabeth Lacey & John McCasey [NOTE: Transcriber says it is the same family]

Denis Mccasey b. 13 Aug, 1843 Ballywilliamroe Sp. Francis Moore & Ellen Tracy


John Kealy & Anne Doyle

John b. 29 Oct 1827 Ballyknockin Sp. Peter Neil & Elizabeth Trasy


Eleanor  Tracy & Lawrence Doyle

Michael Doyle b. 25 June, 1848 * Bagenalstown  Sp. Lawrence Fitzpatrick & Mary Ann Murphy


James Walsh & Mary Doran

Patrick b. 14/2/1836 Newtown Sp. Patt Clark & Elln Treasy


John Doyle & Ellen Nolan

Patt Doyle b. 19 Feb, 1839 Newtown Sp. John Howard & Ellen Treacy


William Higgins, Mary, Brennan,

Bridget 19/3/1820 Knockmanus Dunleckney Sp. Henry Tracey & Fanny Brennan


Jacobo (James) Treacey b.about 1844 Bagenalstown in Killinane m. Margarita Dowdall about 1869 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Jacobus b. 14 August 1870 Bagenalstown (LDS)


James/Jas Tr(e)acy & Elizabeth/Betty/Eliza Doyle

Luke b. 2/4/1826 Mountpleasant Sp. Patt Tracy & Betty Doyle

Mathias b. 27 Dec 1827 Mountpleasant Sp. John Tracy & Mary Doyle

Margaret b. 30 September 1829 Bagenalstown (LDS) Mountpleasant Sp. William Tracy & Maria Tracy

Mary b. ??? September 1834 Bagenalstown (LDS) 29 Sept 1834 Mountpleasant Sp. John McGrath & Biddy Doyle

William Treacy b. xx? Apr 1837 Mountpleasant  Sp. James Nolan & Biidy Byrne

Winny b. 26 Feb, 1840 Mountpleasant  Sp.  Lawrence Byrne & Eliza Butler   


James Trac(e)y & Mary Hughes

Margaret b. 2 December 1868 (LDS)

Thomas b. 13 February 1870  Borris (LDS)

Patrick b. 21 March 1872 (LDS)

Maryanne b. 29 December 1873 (LDS)

Bridget b. 5 July 1876 (LDS)

Winifred b. 10 May 1878 Ballenkillen (LDS) (Ballinkillin ?)


James Tracy & Mary Neill

Mary b. 21 December 1880 Knockclonegad (LDS)

Mary Vitalis Tracey ([rev] mother, teacher, single) d. 10 Jul 1933 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, 23 Dec 1880 Ireland (d. of James Tracey & Mary O'Neill)  (LDS)


Jacobus Treacy m. Catharina Nolan 4 March 1867 Bagenalstown (LDS)


William Hayden & Mary Corey/Carey,

Michael b. 11/2/1821 Mount Johasant??? Sp. Jas. Tracy & Maria ???


Edward Kinsela & Mary Macasey

Bridget b. 3 Dec 1826 Nurney Sp. James Treasy & Mary Treasy


Pierce Fenlon & Margaret Macasey

Margt b. 9/5/1835 Fena Sp. James Tracy & Anne Gaskin


John Whitty & Anne Fitzhenry

Peter ?? Dec 1835 Ballyknockin Sp. James Tracy & Mary Finlon


Jas Wilson & Mary Whitty

Bridget Wilson b. 21 Jan 1837 Ballyknockin Sp. Jas Tracy & Mary Whitty


Joanna Tracy & Jas Connolly

Mary b. 4/4/1833 Kildrina Sp. Michael Curran & Mary Harold


Joanna Tracy & John Murphy

Thos b. 21/5/1824 Oldtown Sp. Wil Byrne & Betty Mguin


John Treasy b. about 1808 Bagenalstown In Killinane (LDS)


John Tracy & Maria Keary

Thomas b. 26 April 1879 Bagenalstown (LDS)


John Tracy m. Catherine Lynch of Rivertown Leighlinbridge 2nd June 1858

John Tracey & Catherine Lynch

Mary b. 19 April 1864 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Owens b. 6 June 1866 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Thomas b. 7 May 1868 Bagenalstown (LDS)


John Tracy & Margaret McNally (or Mary MacAhy/MacAby LDS)

Thomas b. 28 October 1827 Bagenalstown (LDS) Bagenalstown Sp. Robt Smith & C??? Murphy


John Tracy/Treasy & Mary McEvoy

Betty b. 10 August 1823 Bagenalstown (LDS) 11/8/1823 Bagenalstown Sp. James Kehoe & Mary Murphy

Mary b. 13 October 1829 Bagenalstown (LDS) Bagenalstown Sp. Mich Nolan & Bridget McEvoy

Patt b. ??? June 1832 Bagenalstown (LDS) 3/6/1832 Bagenalstown Sp. Wm Lennon, Anne Dempsey

Bridget b. 14 February 1835 Bagenalstown (LDS) Ballybrummal Sp. Thos Kealy & Mary Bulger

John Treasy b. x? Mar 1836 Bagenalstown Sp. David Higgins & Ellen Headen


John (Jno) Treasy b. about 1808 Bagenalstown in Killanane m. Margaret Nolan about 1833 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Anne b. 3 February 1834 Bagnenalstown (LDS) Bagenalstown Sp. John Murphy & Ellen Walsh

Mary b. 23 January 1836 Bagenalstown (LDS)


John Treacy & Mary Ryan

John Treacy b. x? Mar 1837 Kilcarig Sp. (none) & Betty Neil (illegitimate)


Murison and Treacy, April 29, 1911 at Castlecomer...Alexr A. Murison, second son of Alexr Morison, Dunmore Park, Kilkenny to Helen A., younger daughter of John Treacy, Coome [Coole?], Bagnalstown.


James Aughney & Mary Brien

William Aughney b. 8 Dec, 1844  Kildrina  Sp. John Tracey & Ann Tracey


John Collin/Cullen & Margaret Maher,

Richard b. 20 Oct 1827 Kilcarig Sp. John Tracy & Betty ???


Dennis Neil & Bridget Neil

Thomas b. 28/1/1829 Garihill Sp. John Tracy & Mary Neil


Thos Butler (protest) & Betty Dobbs

Catharine Butler b. 21 Sept 1829 Fenagh Sp. John Tracy & Mary Butler


Patt Murphy & Margt McDonald,

Thomas Murphy b. 17 July 1836 Clonatoose Sp. John Treacy or Lacey & Kitty McDonald (entered twice by priest)


Larry Byrne & Margaret Mylett

Francis Byrne b. x? May1836 Bagenalstown Sp. John Tracy & Elizabeth Murphy


Judith/Judy Treacy & James Crowley

Jane Crowley b. 23 Sept 1838 Boherduff  Sp. Andrew ?(illeg) & Bridget?(illeg) 

James Crowley b. 18 April, 1841 Boherduff Sp. John Murphy & Mary Treacy


Judy Tracy/Treasy & John Murphy

Bridget b. 29/6/1831 Nurney Sp. James Haughney, & ??? Bagham

James b. 20/2/1834 Nurney Sp. James Fallon & Kitty Treasy

Catharine Murphy b. 22 Oct 1837 Oldtown Sp. Jas Kavana & Judy Byrne - 21 May 1824; 6 May 1827; 14 May 1829 [Nancy]


Judith Tracey & Patrick Neil

Michael Neil b. 22 May, 1845 Ballywilliamroe Sp. Ellen Aughney (illegitimate)


??? & ???

??? b. 28/12/1827 Boherduff Sp. ??? & Judy Tracy


Pat Southwick & Margt Joyce

John b. 24/5/1829 Ballyellen Sp. James Nolan & Judy Tracy


Margaret Treacy b. about 1804 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Margaret Tr(e)acy/Treasy/Tracey (b. about 1806 Bagenalstown in Killinane) m. Guilelmi (William) McDonald 26 February 1824 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Mary b. 2 Feb 1827 Bagenalstown Sp. Tom Walsh & Mary Go??? (McDonal)

James b. 6/4/1828 Newtown Sp. Larry Doyle & Judy Brenan (McDonel)

James b. 30/5/1830 Boherduff Sp. Arthur Lyons & Anne Murphy (McDonel) –

James McDonald of Newtown (son of William McDonald & Margaret Treacy of Newtown) m. Saragh Fenlon (daughter of Jacobi Fenlon & Elizabeth Byrne of Bohermore) 5 Oct 1858 Witnesses: Pat Kelly of Roscal & Elizabeth Magenisa of Ballywilliamson)

Wm b. 23 July, 1832 Boherduff Sp. George Burris & Anne Nolan

John b. 24 Nov 1833 Boherduff Sp. James ??? & ???

Mary McDonald b. 20 Mar 1836 Boherduff Sp. ?(illegible) & ?(illegible)

Danl McDonell b. x?  July 1838 Newtown  Sp. M. Doyle & Judy Carney?sp (McDonnel)  20 Feb., 1836; 

Michael McDonald b. 12 June 1842 Boherduff Sp. John Murphy &Mary McDonald

Bridget McDonald b. 9 March, 1845 Boherduff Sp. Michael McDonald & Cath?(illegible)


Margaret/Peggy Treasy/Tracy & Frank/Francis Moore

James b. 18 Dec 1825 Fenagh Sp. John Kinsela & Betty Lyons

Mary b. 4 Nov 1827 Fenagh Sp. Matt Tracy & Biddy Kinsela,

Catherine b. 14/3/1830 Fena Sp. James Whitty & Sally Whitty

Anne b. 10/3/1833 Fena Sp. John Treasy & Betty Kinsela

Martin b. 15 Nov 1835 Ballyknockin Sp. Bill Tracy & Anne Tracy

Bridget Moore b. 18 Mar 1838 Fenna Sp. John Kealy & Cath Kinsella,

Margaret Moore b. 28 June 1840 Fennagh Sp. Charles Nolan & Ann Kinsella 

Eleanor Moore b. ? Jan,  1843 Fenagh Sp.  Andrew Murphy & Cath Rorke


Peggy Tracy & William Murphy

Tom b. 17/2/1822 Ballyryan Sp. Tom Tracy & Kitty Tracy


Margaret Tracey (b. about 1825 Bagenalstown in Killinane) m. Francis Nowlan about 1845 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Margaret Tracey & Frances Nowlan [NOTE: Transcriber thought this may have been Frank Moore]

Sarah Nowlan  b. 31 May, 1846 Ballyknockan Sp. Patk Finlon & Ellen Kinsella


Mary Tracey & Thomas Collier [NOTE: Transcribers thinks this is the same family]

Thomas Collier b. 20 June, 1847 Ballinakill Sp. Margaret Moore

Mary Tracy & Thomas Cullen

John Cullen b. 12 Mar, 1843 Ballinkillen Sp. None ("Tom Cullen of Currencuree" illigitmate)


Mary Tracy & Mich Corcoran

Mary b. 28 Nov 1823 Seskin Sp. Thos Corcoran & Mary Corcoran


Mary Treacy, 21 years, (d. of Thomas Treacy) m. Patrick Dowling, 23 years, (s. of John Dowling) 27 Feb 1865 Bagenalstown, Carlow, Ireland


Mary Tracy & Patt or James Hunt/Hunch/Hinch

Mary b. 17/6/1832 or 20/6/1832 Bagenalstown Sp. Peter Murphy & Anne Murphy (double entry)

Sarah b. 7/3/1834 Bagenalstown Sp. Mick Brenan & Anne Brenan (James Hunch)

Catharine Hinch b. 17 Mar 1838 Bagenalstown Sp. Mich Lalor & Mary A Murphy


Mary Tracy & James Kinsela

Cathj b. 2 July 1820 Newtown Sp. Bidy Grogan,


Mary Tracy & William Murphy

Patrick b. 28/5/1820 Ballykillen Dunleckney Sp. Andrew Murphy & Mary Kelly


Mary Tracy & John ???

John b. 27/6/1822 Ballyryan Sp. Bill Barsting/Borsting? & Mary Tracy


John Magra & Mary Gaynor

Margaret b. 27/2/1827 Boherduf Sp. John Grogan & Mary Tracy


John Neil & Judy Tobin

Mary b. 28 Aug 1829 Bohermore Sp. Tom Tobin & Mary Tracy


James ??? & Biddy Kelly

Catherine b. 5/6/1831 Dunore Sp. James Bryan & Mary Treasy


Tom Deters(sp?) & Ally Duffy

Anne b. 28 Sept 1835 Bagenalstown Sp. Mary Tracy


Mathew Treasy & Sally Murphy

Bridget b. 21 February 1834 Bagenalstown (LDS) 16/2/1834 Cloniga Sp. John Treasy & Ally M...?


Denis Neil & Cath Nowlan

Sally b. 23/4/1821 ??? Sp. Matthew Tracy & Mary Tracy


Charley Huerican & Mary Masterson,

Patrick ?/4/1823 Ballaghaderneen Sp. Matt Tracy & Anne Prendergrast,


Mattw Nolan & Cath Henley

John b. 11/1/1824 Mountpleasant Sp. Matth Tracy & Mary Tracy


Thomas Caravan & Anne Whitty

Thomas b. 10 July, 1831 Ballaghaderneen Sp.Matt Tracy & Mary Mowran


Michael Treacy b. about 1816 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Michael Treacy/Treasy & Betty Brenan

Mary b. ??? March 1828 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Michael Tracy & Bridget Kenny

Patrick b. 1 January 1833 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Michael Treacy m. Maria Lawlor about 1841 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Jacobus (James) b. about 1842 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Michael Tracy & Bridget McDonal

Margaret b. 15 Sept 1823 Corries Sp. Ellen Coughan

Betty b. 15 Aug 1826 Corries Sp. John Bryan & Margaret Byrne


1. Michael/Mick Treacy/Treasy/Tracy, (born c. 1811) Augha, Parish of Bagnelstown in Killinane, Co.Carlow, married Elizabeth (Betty) Nolan 15 October 1836 Bagenalstown (LDS)
1.1 Catherine Treacy (born about 1836 at Augha, christened 17 March 1837 Bagenalstown (LDS), died: 5 Mar 1892 at Ballyknocken) married Moses King 30 Jan 1858 at Parish of Bagenalstown, Carlow, Ireland. 

Catharine Treacy bapt. 17 Mar 1837 Augha Sp. Thomas Rourke & Mary ?(illegible)

1.2 Denis Treacy b. 19 January 1840 at Augha, Bagenalstown (LDS) bapt. 2x? Jan 1840 Augha Sp. William Tobin & Ellen Doyle 




Looking for my 3rd and 4th great grandparents...who are of the Tracey clan in Carlow

I have recently learned from a cousin in England that our 4th great grandfather (on my father's maternal side) is Michael Treacy of the Leghlinbridge area.

Michael Treacy b? m. Elizabeth Nolan 15 Oct 1836 Augha parish my 4th great grandfather
Catherine Tracey (b. ? - about1892) m. Moses King b. ? d. 1878 in Ballyknocken Daughter of Michael
Elizabeth King (01 Jan 1861 - 1920) m. Patrick McGrath b. ? 1927 d. about 1895 Leghilinbridge Daughter of Catherine
Mary McGrath (1883 - 1956) m. James Nolan b. ?   d. Nov 1909 Bagenalstown ( a month before my grandmother was born) Daughter of Elizabeth
Elizabeth Mary Nolan (12 Dec 1909 born in Bagenalstown she immigrated to NYC in 1930 m. William Vincent O'Connor in 1939 was widowed in 1971 and died 12 Jan - 2000) Daughter of Mary

Can you help me learn more about my Tracey family history? I am attempting to learn about Micheal my 4th great grandfather and his family.I have not been able to find out his information or that of his daughter Catherine and her husband Moses. Can you help fill in some blanks for me and maybe connect me with family related to Michael and Elizabeth. I am very curious to learn if that Nolan family is related to my grandmother Nolan's family? The dates I have written on my 4th, 3rd and 2nd great grandparents are approx. I do know for sure that my great grandfather's name was James Nolan and that he died the month before my grandmother was born which puts his death as Nov 1909. I know his wife's name was Mary McGrath and that she re-married a Nolan a few years after she was widowed and had 3 more children.

Thank you,
BarbaraJo O'Connor Caisse <yanknyorker@gmail.com>  March 04, 2012


Thos Noah?/Nook? & Ellen Lynch

John b. 8/2/1822 Danesforth (Kilkenny?) Sp. Mich Tracy & Margt Tracy


Thos Henesey & Dolly McDonal

Elizabeth b. 22 Dec 1822 Newtown Sp. Mich Tracy & Mary Murphy


John Magra & Mary Gaynor,

Edrwd b. 11/3/1823 Boherduff Sp. Mich Tracy & Judy Ryan


Mich Sullivan & Mary Nolan

Catharine b. 7 July 1823 Augha Sp. Mich Tracy & Margt Tracy


James Byrne & Eliza Brenan

John b. 7/6/1829 Bagenalstown Sp. Michl Treasy & Ellen Brenan


Denis Finn & Bidy Corcoran

Elizabeth b. 15 Nov 1830 Augha Sp. Mick Treacy & Mary Neil


Thomas Tobin & Judy Carroll

Mary b. 20 Nov 1831 Augha Sp. Mick Tracey & Cath Curren


Nancy Trasy/Treasy & John Murphy

24 May 1824

Bridget b. 6/5/1827 Oldtown Sp. Mick Keefe & Ellen McGuiness

Bridget b. 14/5/1829 Oldtown Sp. Hugh Murphy & Cath Tony?


Patt Treacy & Mary Brenan

Elizabeth Treacy b. x? July 1837 Carig Sp. (none) & Margaret Nolan (illegitimate)


Patt Tracey?(sp)/Treacy & Judy/Biddy/Judith Byrne

Patt Treacy b. 15 Apr 1838 Ballaghaderneen Sp. Edwrd McDonald & Cath Byrne

Eliza Tracey?(sp) b. x? Jan, 1839 Bagenalstown Sp. John Treacy & Catharine Treacy

Thomas Tracey b. 7 May, 1843 Dunore Sp.  John Bolger & Eleanor Byrne 


Pat Tracy & Anne Doyle

Andrew Tracy b. 16th April 1820 Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow (LDS)

Eloisa b. 15 July 1827 Bagenalstown (LDS) ??? Sp. Mich Bryan & Mary Aughney


Edward Byrne & Esther Bryan

Billy b. 1/2/1831 Ballycormick Sp. Patt Treasy & Biddy Murphy


John Robinson & Mary Robinson

Maria Robinson b. x? Mar 1838 Bagenalstown Sp. Paddy Tracey & M..(illegible)


Richard Tracey m. Mary Walsh 19 February 1844 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Richard Tracey & Mary Walsh

Bridget Tracey b. 1 June, 1845 Donore Sp. Patrick Tracey & Winifred Walsh

Eleanor Tracey b. 1 Feb, 1847 Ballymoon Sp. Thomas Donahoe & Maria Doran


Thomas Tracy & Margaret Borris/Burris

William b. 18 Oct 1829 Ballyryan Sp. Martin Nolan & Bridget Murphy

Winfred b. 7 December 1834 Bagenalstown (LDS) Ballyryan Sp. James Nolan & Mary L???

Thomas Tracy & Margaret Burrow(e)s?

Bridget b. 31 August 1823 Bagenalstown (LDS) Nurney Sp. Peter Brady & Cath Tuite

James Tracy b. 27 July, 1842 Bally…? Sp. James Holden & ?(illegible)

Thomas Treacy & Mary Burroughs,

Thomas b. 1 July 1839 Ballinkillen Sp. James Caulfield & Margaret Nolan  

Tim Treasy & Margaret Borris

31 Aug., 1823

Anne b. 7/3/1826 Nurney Sp. John McGrath & Anne McGrath


Thomas Tracy & Mary Joyce

Peter b. 24/6/1822 Sp. John Morisy? & Sarah Byrne

Bridget b. 19 Nov 1825 Ballycormick Sp. Mary Cormack


Thomas Tracy/Tracey & Jane Perrin

Richard b. ??? October 1835 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Matthew Tracey b. 16 Feb, 1845 Donore Sp. John Kenedy & Elizabeth Fagan

Thomas Lacy & Jane Perrin?(sp) [NOTE: Transcriber says this is the same family]

Richard Lacy b. 7 Oct 1835 Sp. Pat Lacy & Judy Lacy

Andrew Thomas & Jane ?(illegible) [NOTE: Transcriber says this is the same family]

Mary Treacy b. 9 Dec, 1838 Dunore  Michael McAsey & ?(illegible)


Thomas Tracey (b. Kileariy St., Baymalstown) & Johanna Ronin/Ronan

Patrick b. 8 September 1867 Bagenalstown (LDS) Ronan

Thomas b. 25 November 1869 Kilree Boris OR Bagenalstown (LDS)

John b. 7 March 1872 Bagenalstown (LDS)

Richard b. 7 March 1874 Bagenalstown (LDS) Ronin

Eliza b. 30 March 1875 (LDS)

Johanna b. 3 June 1876 (LDS)

Thomas Tracy & Johanna Roney

Machard [Richard?] b. 11 March 1879 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Thomas Tracey (Stone Cutter) & Johanna Ronan

Joseph Patrick Tracey (b. June 19 1881 Bagenalstown Carlow Ireland d. December 10 1950 in Bronx NY USA buried St Raymonds Cemetery Bronx NY USA) m. Sarah O'Connor



Thomas Tracy & Elizabeth ???

Mary b. 5 February 1822 Bagenalstown (LDS) Dunore Sp. John Reddy & Sarah Bogden (Bodkin?)


Thomas Tracy & Margt ???

William b. 13 October 1829 Bagenalstown (LDS)


Thomas Tracy & Mary ???

Pat b. 24 June 1822 Bagenalstown (LDS)


James Nowlan & Margt. ???

Stephen b. 1/1/1820 Blackrush(?) Sp. Thomas Tracy & Mary Masterson


James Murphy & Anne Dillon

Mary b. 17/3/1820 Nurney Dunleckney Sp. Thomas Tracey & Anne Hanlon,


William/Billy Tracy/Treasy & Margaret/Mary Neil

Anne b. 18 February 1821 Bagenalstown (LDS) Oldtown Sp. ??? Brown & ???

John b. 16/5/1824 Bagenalstown Sp. Davy Dargin & Honor Doran (Mary Neil)

William b. 22 October 1826 Bagenalstown (LDS) Bagenalstown Sp. Patc Dargin & Mary ???

Patt b. 3 May 1829 Bagenalstown (LDS) Oldtown Sp. Dan McEvoy & Judy Byrne


Nova Scotia Immigrants

Thomas Tracy s. of William/Margaret (O'Neal) of Co. Carlow, Ireland; marr. Halifax 3 Sep. 1835 Mary Brown.


Matthew Treacy of Donore (s. of William Treacy of Donore) m. Bridget Maher of Killane (d. of James Maher of Killane) on Nov? 1882 [1881?] Ballon, Carlow


James Bryan & Betty Bryan

Bridget Bryan b. 2x? Nov, 1840 Clonatoose Sp. Wm Tracy & Ann Gaskin


Vesty Treacy & Mary Mahony

Bridget Doyle b. 24 July 1836 Ballinakill Sp. Simon Mahony & Nessy ?(illeg) [Strange entry]


??? Tracy & Margt ???

??? b. 1?/2/1822 ??? Sp. ??? & ???


Inscriptions on Tombstones in Templepeter Cemetery

Edward Tracey

Erected by Maria Tracey of Carlow in memory of her father Edward Tracey who departed this life February 4th 1872 aged 64 years. R.I.P.

John Tracey

John Tracey Ballylean died 11th December 1926 aged 72 years; his daughter Bridget died 7th July 1906 aged 12 years; Margaret died 16th July 1920 aged 24 years; also his wife Maria (Nee Cummins) died 15th December 1943 aged 80 years.

Rose Tracey

Erected in memory of Miss Rose Tracey of Bagnalstown who died the 11th December 1886 aged 70 years; also there are interred the remains of her father, mother, brother and sister. R.I.P.

Thomas Tracey

Erected by Edward Tracey T.C. of Carlow in memory of his beloved father Thomas Tracey who died 5th April 1847 aged 76 years, and his brother William Tracey 23rd April 1843 aged 28 years, and of his brother Patrick Tracey who died 8th March 1865 aged 55 years; also Maria Tracey who died the 6th of March 1927.

Win Tracey

late of Lisgarvan, 11th day January 1825 aged 28 years.





John Tracey August 1974


1977 MovieTone

National Ploughing Championships – Colour Story No: 77/198
GV Competition Senior Tractor Class. MCU plough 'Wicklow' Charles Keegan in action. Shots of blades of plough. MS Jim Scott adjusts plough. CU sign 'Derry'. MS Derry Jim Scott ploughing. CU ditto. MS Wexford tractor. CU plough to BV ploughing. MS spectators. BV William Ryan (Kilkenny), MS Ryan to plough. MS ditto. LS ditto. MCU John Tracy (Carlow) measures distance - winner of competition. CU Supreme Trophy. MCU presentation of trophy by Chairman of Esso to John Tracy. CU trophy.




Michael Tracey who represented Co. Carlow in the National Championships in the early 1950s. Michael’s career began with horses and stretched into the trailed plough era. He didn’t get as far as competing with a mounted plough but he did have the satisfaction of ploughing in the same competition as his son, Johnny, in a local match in 1955. John Tracey of Bagenalstown, Carlow has competed since 1955, Senior Tractor Champion 1973, 1977, 1983, 1985. 3 Furrow Tractor Champion 1975. Competed in eight World Championships and was runner-up in 1973, 1977, 1983, 1985 and Prague 2005.  His son, Eamonn Tracey, Senior Tractor Champion 2003 and ploughed for Ireland in 1998 and 1999 when he won the gold medal for grassland ploughing. His son, Seán Tracey, Youngest Ploughman trophy 2006 and U-21 champion at 13 years of age, National U-21 senior champion 2007.


John and Eamon were the Irish and Carlow representatives in the World Championships in Tullow, Carlow in September 2006. Carlow Chamionships 2006: Senior Class: 1st, John Tracey, Garryhill; 2nd, Eamonn Tracey, Garryhill. U-21: 2nd, Seán Tracey, Garryhill;

Carnew Championships 2006: The new Champion Class was won by Eamon Tracey, taking the Kinsella Estates Cup and narrowly beating his father John into second place. Kidd Memorial cup for best middle was won by Eamon Tracey. The U21 Carnew champion was Seán Tracey, Eamon’s son and John’s grandson, who won the Doran/Donnelly Cup and the Youngest Ploughman trophy.


Eamonn Tracey 2006

Seán Tracey 2012

2007 Ploughing Championship, Tullamore Co. Offaly

 John Tracey


3rd Senior



 Eamon Tracey


2nd Senior



 Seán Tracey


Winner Under-21



2008 Ploughing Championship, Farmley, Cuffesgrange, Co. Kilkenny

 John Tracey


Winner Senior Conventional

 Eamon Tracey


4th Senior Conventional

 Seán Tracey


Winner Under-21 Senior grade

John Tracey was the Irish judge at the 2008 World Ploughing Championships in Austria.

2009 Ploughing Championship, Cardenton, Athy, Co Kildare.

 John Tracey


2nd Senior Conventional

 Eamon Tracey


3rd Senior Conventional

 Seán Tracey


2nd Under-21 Senior grade

In September 2009, John Tracey arrived home from the World Ploughing Championships in Slovenia with gold, silver and bronze medals. Unfortunately for John it was the silver medal he won for the overall champion, the sixth time he has been placed as runner-up since 1973. However he did take first place in the grassland ploughing section and also won a bronze medal in the stubble section. John was presented with the silver medal and a rose bowl and arrived home in time for the launch of the National Ploughing Championships, which take place in Co. Kildare later this month. Team Manager Eamonn Tracey.

2010 Ploughing Championship, Cardenton, Athy, Co Kildare.

 John Tracey


3rd Senior Conventional

 Eamon Tracey


1st Senior Conventional

 Seán Tracey


2nd Under-21 Senior grade

2010 National Ploughing Association. Director: John Tracey, Knocklonagad, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

2010 Five Nations Contest will take place in Upper Nisbet, Jedburgh, Scotland on 23rd and 24th October 2010. John Tracey, Carlow – Conventional

2011 Ploughing Championship, Fallaghmore, Athy, Co Kildare.

 John Tracey


Republic of Ireland

3rd Senior Conventional

2nd World Challenge Conventional

 Eamon Tracey


1st Senior Conventional

 Seán Tracey


1st Under-21 Senior grade

2011 National Ploughing Association. Director: John Tracey, Knocklonagad, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

2012 Ploughing Championship, Heathpark, New Ross, Co Wexford.

 John Tracey


4th Senior Conventional

 Eamon Tracey


1st Senior Conventional

 Seán Tracey


1st Under-21 Senior grade

2012 National Ploughing Association. Director: John Tracey, Knocklonagad, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

Held around the same time, September 2012, Eamon Treacy won a silver medal after taking part in the 2012 World Ploughing Championships in Croatia. He was joined by his father John Treacy, who coached the Irish team.

2013 Ploughing Championship, Ratheniska, Stradbally, Co. Laois.

 Eamon Tracey


1st Senior Conventional

2013 National Ploughing Association. Director: John Tracey, Knocklonagad, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

July 2013, Eamon Treacy won a bronze medal coming third in the conventional ploughing competition in the 2013 World Ploughing Championships in Canada.


2014 Ploughing Championship, Ratheniska, Stradbally, Co. Laois.

 Eamon Tracey


1st Senior Conventional Test Match

 Seán Tracey


5th Under-28 Conventional Class Senior Grade

Eamonn Treacy winner of the 2014 World Ploughing Chamionship at St Jean d’Illac, Bordeau, France, gold medal in the conventional class.

He was joined in France by a huge crowd of Irish supporters, including his wife Eilish and sons Seán and Steve, while his other son, David, sent his best wishes from America, where he is currently on placement as part of his college training. The Nationalist 15th September 2014


 Ballon & Rathoe


Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c1851/52

Parish of Ardoyne, Townland of Craans, (Ord. S. 14), 777 acres



Immediate Lessor



Peter Tracey

Reps. Right Hon. John Doherty

House, offices & land



1792 02 19 (triple wedding) Dowling, John m. Allice Tracy; witnesses: Denis Kavanagh, John Smith Murphy, John m. Cathrine Donn (RN: sic Dunn); witnesses: John Dowling, James Curren Smith, John m Mary Sommers; witnesses: James Macavoy, John  Dowling


Timothy Maher & Margaret,

Darby b. 4th Dec 1791 Lisgarvin Sp. Owen Cummins & Elizabeth Tracy


Edward Nowlan & Ann

James b. 25th Sep 1793 Lisgarvin Sp. Andrew Reddy & Elizabeth Tracy


John Tracy of Ballylean [Ballyleen] (s. of Henry Tracy D. of Ballylean) m. Maria Cummins of Kilnock [Kilknock] (d. of Pat Cummins D. of Kilnock) on 15 Nov 1882 [1881?] Ballon, Carlow

John Treacy & Maria Cummins

Henry Joseph Treacy b. 2 Dec 1883 bapt.6 Dec 1883 Ballylean. Ballon & Rathoe, Carlow RC.


Matthew Treacy of Donore (s. of William Treacy of Donore) m. Bridget Maher of Killane (d. of James Maher of Killane) on Nov? 1882 [1881?] Ballon, Carlow


Timothy Magher & Mary

Michael b. 17th Apr 1794 Lisgarvin Sp. Thomas Tracy & Judith Nowlan


Thomas Treacy m. Ellen Nolan 1837 Killane


Thomas Tracey & Catherine Smith

Patrick Tracey b. in Tullow, Co Carlow.

John Tracey b. 1827 Ireland. Immigration: 15 September 1857 ‘Admiral Lyons’ with sister Mary sponsored by BIL John Murphy, Duck River.

Anne Tracey b. 1830 in Knocknatubrid, Ardattin, Co, Carlow. Immigration: 31 October 1854 Patrician parents living at Newbridge, Co. Wicklow. d: 13 August 1873 in McEvoy Street, Waterloo, NSW 42 years. Burial: 15 August 1873 Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, NSW. Married John Murphy (b. 1828 in Wexford) 19 July 1856 in St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, NSW, Australia reg no 369 d: 24 January 1897 in Sydney Hospital, Sydney, NSW Burial: 25 January 1897 R C Cemetery, Rookwood, NSW

Mary Tracey b. 1835 in Knocknatubrid, Ardattin, near Tullow, Co Carlow. Immigration: 15 September 1857 ‘Admiral Lyons’ with brother John sponsored by sister Anne Murphy, Pyrmont

Thomas Tracey b: 1839 in Ballymoneen, Co Wicklow. Married Ellen Clemin b: 1842 in Ballymoneen, Co Wicklow. Immigration: 09 May 1863 ‘Ironside’ with wife and 2 children and siblings, James and Catherine.

James Tracey b: 1841 in Avoca, Co Wicklow. Immigration: 09 May 1863 ‘Ironside’ with siblings Thomas and Catherine, Sponsored by John Murphy.

Catherine Tracey b: 1843 in Knocknatubrid, Ardittin, Co Carlow. Immigration: 09 May 1863 ‘Ironside’ with siblings Thomas and James. Sponsored by bil John Murphy, Braidwood.

I'd love to hear from anyone researching the family.

“K & L Goodworth"  (laraken@bigpond.com) 8 June 2011


??? Treacy & Maria Cummins, (daughter of Patrick & ??? Connors. These Cummins from Kilknock and Killane.) (Traceys of Ratharnan???)

Tom Treacy, lived in the area of Ballon

"Sue Clement" <sneirish@comcast.net> 7 July 2004


Inscriptions on Tombstones in Templepeter Cemetery

Edward Tracey

Erected by Maria Tracey of Carlow in memory of her father Edward Tracey who departed this life February 4th 1872 aged 64 years. R.I.P.

John Tracey

John Tracey Ballylean died 11th December 1926 aged 72 years; his daughter Bridget died 7th July 1906 aged 12 years; Margaret died 16th July 1920 aged 24 years; also his wife Maria (Nee Cummins) died 15th December 1943 aged 80 years.

Rose Tracey

Erected in memory of Miss Rose Tracey of Bagnalstown who died the 11th December 1886 aged 70 years; also there are interred the remains of her father, mother, brother and sister. R.I.P.

Thomas Tracey

Erected by Edward Tracey T.C. of Carlow in memory of his beloved father Thomas Tracey who died 5th April 1847 aged 76 years, and his brother William Tracey 23rd April 1843 aged 28 years, and of his brother Patrick Tracey who died 8th March 1865 aged 55 years; also Maria Tracey who died the 6th of March 1927.

Win Tracey

late of Lisgarvan, 11th day January 1825 aged 28 years.


Memorials of the Dead

Liscolman SW Wicklow

Erected by Michael Tracy of Liscolman in memory of his wife Ann Tracy who departed this life the 29th of January 1857 aged 77 years. Also the above Michael Tracy who dept this life Dec 7th 18.2 aged 80 years.

Here also are interred the remains of Mrs. Tracy of Kilbregan? Who departed this life septr 25th 1856? Aged 58 years also the repose of the soul of Patrick Tracy of Kilcoran who depd this life Octr 2nd 1875 aged 75 years. Also the repose of the soul of Anne wife of Peter Traecy of Craan who departed this life the 21st of Augt 1868 aged 72 yrs. Also the above named Peter Tracey who died 1st June 1879 aged 82 years and his daughter Sarah Jane Tracey who died 3rd April 1896 aged 65 years.





Griffiths Valuation for Carlow County c1851/52

Parish of Sliguff, Townland of Knocklonagad, (Ord. S. 19), 776 acres



Immediate Lessor



Michael Tracy

Philip Newton

House, offices & land


Queries on the Tracys of Borris, County Carlow 1840's - 1870's Tara Tracy


Hi to all, I am looking information on the Treacy/Tracy families from Borris and Dillon from Bagenalstown. Birth records and marriage records would be great, if anyone can help. "treacy BREEN" treacy@breen784.fslife.co.uk "Michael Brennan" michael@janbren.freeserve.co.uk 2 Feb 2004 Breen Jan 22, 2008


Looking for any information on Treacy's from Borris Co Carlow. 1900-present. tab1310  13 February 2008


Hi my name is Geraldine Kennedy nee [Treacy]. I am looking for any information on the Treacy's of borris ; Ballymartin, Borris Co. Carlow. Thank you. geraldine treacy kennedy  Jan 4, 2009 


Extracts from Parochial Registers of Borris, 1782 – 1880 [up to 1853 completed]

Please note that there are no entries between the end of 1813 and January of 1825.



Bridget Tracy & James Hickey

Patt b. 31 May 1829 Sp. John Culleton & Kitty Rice

Darby b. 02 Apr 1832 Sp. Michael Murphy & Meary Eagan

James b. 08 Jan 1837 Ballymartin Sp. Maurise Hickey & Ally Treacy


Bridget Tracy & Hugh Rooney

Maria b. 16 May 1842 Rathanna Sp. Dan McDonald & Cath McDonald

John b. 10 Oct 1850 Myvalley Sp. Tom,Doyle & Judy Kinsella


Cath Tracey & William Jurdin

Mary b. 25 Feb 1787 Knocroe Sp. Daniel Carroll & Anne Jurdin


Catherine Treacy (b. 1908 in Bellymartin Ireland) m. William Sheane (b: 1897 in Corries Carlow) 1949 in Bervis Ontario


1. Living Sheane


Charles Kavana & Elinor Cloney

Janna b. 14 May 1792 Rahanna Sp. Davy Doyle & Caty Tracey


Denis Tracy & Bridget Tobin

Mick b. 20 Oct 1833 Sp. Patt Doran & Mary Neil

Mary b. 28 Oct 1838 Killedmond Sp. Michael Tobin & Ann Byrne

Patt b. 03 Mar 1844 Killedmond Sp. Thomas Tracy & Mary Byrne


James Nolan & Margaret Hokans

Margaret b. 29 Jan 1830 Sp. Denis Tracy & Mary Doran


Andy Doyle & Bidy Connors

John b. 01 Apr 1832 Raheen Sp. Denis Treacy & Citty Doyle


Patt Murphy & Mary Pepper?

Anne b. 25 Jan 1835 Killedmond Sp. Denis Tracy & Anne Ryan


Edward Murphy & Mary McNally

John b. 17 Apr 1839 Knochsquire Sp. Denis Tracy & Mary Carty


James Murphy & Eliza Curry

Margret b. 05 Jan 1840 Rosdellig Sp. Denis Tracy & Mary Kavanagh


Edmond Tracy & Anne Byrne

Denis b. 14 Jun 1804 Killedmond Sp. Paddy Doran & Judy Byrne


Edward Tracey & Mary Keilan/Keelan

Laurence b. 1 July 1876 Carlow Carlow (LDS)

Eliza b. 13 August 1878 Killcoltrim (LDS)

Bridget b. 25 July 1880 Borris (LDS)


Edward Tracey m. Judith Murphy 19 Feb 1859 Knochsquire Borris Wit: John Healy & Anne Anderson


James Tr(e)acy & Elizabeth/Ellen Bow

??? b. ?? Aug 1839 Killedmond Sp. ??? Doran & Joney Jordan (Elizabeth)

Philip b. 27 Feb 1842 Killedmond Sp. Moses Byrne & Cath Byrne

Anne b. 02 Mar 1845 Killedmond Sp. John Neil & Margret Hefferon

Susan b. 25 Feb 1849 Killedmond Sp. Patt Neil & Margaret Neil


James Tracey (labourer) of  Kiledmund Co. Carlow & Mary Mahon of Collintra (Cullentragh, Kilann, Co. Wexford).

Mary b. 25/1/1880 (State Reg: Enniscorthy, 2nd Quarter 1880 4 633)


Daniel Fienny & Beddy Tobin

James b. 25 Dec 1835 Killedmond Sp. James Treacy & Mary Neil


John Tracy m. Mary Tobin 20 Feb 1857 Ballinvally Wit: Thos Harding & Mary Kinsella


Larry Treacy b. about 1815 Borris (LDS)


Larry Tracy & Bridget Murphy

Mary b. 09 Aug 1844 Killedmond Sp. James Tracy & Ellen Tracy


Laurence/Larry Tr(e)acy m. Bridget Murray 13 February 1840 Borris (LDS)

James b. 16 Jul 1848 Killedmond Sp. Mick Murphy & Cath Byrne

Edward b. 27 March 1853 Borris (LDS) Killedmond Sp. Mick Murray & Ellen Neile

Margaret b. 21 August 1857 Borris (LDS)


Martin Fenan? & Ellen Nolan

Mary b. 07 Apr 1839 Kilcoltrim Sp. Larry Treacy & Mary Byrne


Larry Dowling & Mary Dobbs

Rose b. ?? May 1849 Killedmond Sp. Larry Treacy & Catherine Nolan


Maria Tracy b. about 1848 Borris (LDS)


Maria Tracey & Patrick Brennan 

Henry  Brennan b.  23 Dec 1871  BORRIS, CAR, IRE 


Maria Tracy m. Jacobus McDonald 9 February 1869 Borris (LDS)


Maria Anna Tracy m. Jacobus McDonald 23 July 1877 Borris (LDS)


Mary Tracey &, John Doran

Elin b. 18 Sep 1786 Knocroe Sp. Gerald Byrne & Bridgt Cloney


Jas Moore m. Anne Grace 6 July 1857 Ballybrack Wit: Patt Pendar & Mary Tracy


Michael Tr(e)acy b.1794 married Mary Lawlor b. 1799
Edward b. 1823
Thomas b. 1825
married Ann Sheridan. They lived at Carrignafecca (Carrignafecka). [See Myshall]
Sara b. 1827
married in 1853 to Thomas Fenlon b 1825. They lived at Miltown near Bagenalstown. Their son Patrick b. 1860 married Dora Flemming.

Bridget M. Fitzgerald (b. 05 Mar 1864 Carlow, Ireland d. 06 Mar 1929 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Sarah Tracey b. Carlow, Ireland & Thomas Fenlon b. Carlow, Ireland)

Occupation: Housewife

Spouse: Matthew Fitzgerald

Burial Date: 09 Mar 1929 Mt. Olivet

James b. 1829
Maria b. 1832
Eliza b. 1836
John b. 1837
Patrick b. 1838
Bridge b. 1830

Ann, b. 1840 married Michael Moore in 1862, lived at Kilcarrig.
Jenny & cyndie culligan & frances moore

Mary L. Price mlprice@mhtc.net 12th July 2008

I have info. on Traceys of Mt. Pleasant, Fenagh; Carrignafecca; Rathnageera & Knockendrane, most buried at Drumphae.
I am a direct descendant of Edward Tracey of Mt. Pleasant (b. ca. 1765) & his son Michael Tracey of Rathnageera and Carrignafecca (b. 1794).

"Mary L. Price" < mlprice@mhtc.net >  4 Jul 2004


1. Michael Tracey

1.1 Darby Tracey m. Maria Hanlon/Hanlin 9 February 1864 Borris (LDS) [State Reg: Darby Tracey, Carlow, 1864 3 453]

Darby Tracey (s. of Michael Tracey) m. Mary Hanlon (d. of James Hanlon) 9 February 1864 Boris, Co. Carlow. (LDS)

1.1.1 John b. 6 January 1865 Borris (LDS)

1.1.2. Anne b. 28 February 1867 Borris (LDS)

1.1.3 Thomas b. 24 December 1868 (LDS)

Tracy (Tracey) of Boris, Co. Carlow

1. Michael Tracy married Annie Maher. [Leighlinbridge?]

1.1 Michael (b. September 1845), immigrated to the US in 1873 and married Hannah Quinlan, they did not have any children.

1.2 Jeremiah (aka Darby) married Mary Hanlon. Jeremiah and Mary had at least 2 children.

1.2.1 John H. (b. 1/6/1865) Borris, Carlow. John immigrated to the US in 1885 (An interesting fact about John Tracy is that John Tracy is listed in the 1900 US census as John Hanlon. It seems as though he was occasionally using his mother’s maiden name). He married Elizabeth Gainey (b. 2/24/1863) who immigrated to the US in 1884. John and Elizabeth had five children. All of John and Elizabeth’s children were born in Somerville, MA. Mary J (b. 9/16/1894), never married. John X (b. 1895), died as a child. Elizabeth A (b. 1898), married John Quirk. Esther A (b. 4/15/1900), married John Landrigan. Thomas Francis (b. 8/30/1901), married Helen Weber in Lexington MA on October 12, 1929. Thomas and Helen had 5 children; Joan, Thomas F (jr), married Elizabeth Dennehy. Helen John Paul.

1.2.2 Annie H. (b. 2/26/1867). Borris, Carlow. Immigrated to the US in 1885.



John H. Tracy & Elizabeth Gainey

Elizabeth Tracy b. 8 January 1899 of 25 Lake St Somerville Middlesex Massachusetts, Father: freight clerk, father born Co. Carlow Ireland mother born Co. Cork Ireland

MALE TWINS b. 27 December 1903 of 25 Lake St Somerville Middlesex Massachusetts, Father: Receiving Clerk, parents born Co. Carlow Ireland, date of record Jan 5 1904.



Mick/Michael Tracy & Anne Murphy

Ellen b. 23 Jun 1833 Crannagh Sp. Patt Whelan & Ellen Byrne (Frea?y not Treacy in the transcript)

Darby b. 22 Feb 1835 Crannagh Sp. William Rice & Mary Rise

Thomas b. 12 Dec 1841 Ballymartin Sp. Michael Murphy & Aly Tracy


Michael Tracy & Nancy Murphy

John b. 01 Nov 1836 Ballynattin Sp. Michael Byrne & Anne Byne


Michael Tracey & Anne Murphy

Ellen b. abt 1832 Burns?

I am trying to trace one of my ancestors, Ellen Tracey, who was born about 1832 in Burns (I'm not sure if that is correct, but that is the way it is typed on a transcript of her Australian marriage certificate), Carlow. She emigrated to Australia in 1856 on the ship Mangerton (I think on her own) and settled in Queensland, Australia. She married Edward Terry in 1865 and lived to the age of 99. I wonder if you may also be descended from her family or if you could help me to trace her family. On her marriage certificate her parents are given as Michael Tracey (farmer) and Anne Murphy.

Jill Vincent


Ellen Terry (Tracey) death


Thomas Tracy & Mary Brenan

Thomas b. 24 Dec 1843 Kilcoltrim Sp. Will Hogan & Honor Nolan


Thomas Tracy (b. about 1816 Borris) m. Mary Murray about 1841 Borris (LDS)

Anne b. 21 April 1842 Borris (LDS) Killedmond Sp. Lary Tracy & Bridget Murray


Thomas Byrnes & Mary Neil

Cath b. 20 Mar 1842 Knochsquire Sp. Thomas Tracy & Cath Murphy


10 Feb 1918 Chicago Tribune Obituary

Mary Gaul, fond sister of Mrs. Margaret Brennan, Mrs. Annie O'Grady, aunt of James and Katie Healy, Mrs. Wm. Tracey, and Philip Brennan, native of Borris, County Carlow, Ireland. Funeral Monday at 9 a.m. from sister's residence, 4620 Union av., to St. Gabriel's church; autos to Mount Olivet. For seats call Wentworth 645.

Margaret Tracey (b. circa 1891 Co. Carlow, Ireland d. 22 Apr 1938 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Patrick Henly b. Co. Carlow, Ireland & Bridget Gaul b. Co. Carlow, Ireland

Occupation: housework

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse: William

Burial Date: 25 Apr 1938 Mt Carmel, Hillside, Cook, Illinois


11 July 1955 Chicago Tribune Obituary

Edward J. Tracey, late of 1005 N. Karlov avenue, dearly beloved husband of the late Mary, nee Darcy; loving father of John J., Mrs. Anne Lynn, the late Thomas, and Mary Catherine; dear brother of Mary Tracey; grandfather of four. Funeral Tuesday, July 12, at 9 a.m., from funeral home, 4255-57 W. Division street, to Our Lady of the Angels church. Interment Mount Olivet. Member of O. L. A. Holy Name society. Native of Carrignafeca, County Carlow, Ireland. ALbany 2-3600.

Edward J Tracey b. Carlow Ireland, 37 years & Mary Darcey b. Elton, Ireland, 36  years

Anna Estelle Tracey b. 17 Jul 1915  Chicago Cook Co. Il


Kiltennel Tombstone Inscriptions

52. Foley

This headstone has the design of the tabernacle. It has three crosses with three chalices and the letters HIS.

Erected by Michael Foley in memory of his father Luke Foley who depd this life Septr the 26th 1809 aged 60 yrs. Also his wife Margaret Foley als Treacy depd Septr the 25th 1808 aged 60 yrs.

Co. Carlow Tombstone Inscriptions. Published by St. Mullins Muintir Na Tire.



 Carlow (CoI)


Church of Ireland records for the Carlow area



Abraham Treacy (s. of John Treacy, farmer) famer of Bilbo m. Anne Condell (d. of Thomas Condell, farmer) of Augrue on 1 February 1883. Wit: Thos Willoughby & Alicia Condel. Bilboa Parish View Register

Abraham Tracey (labourer) & Anne Tracey

Martha Tracey b. 25 November 1883 bapt. 13 January 1884 of Greenhill, Killeshin Parish View Register

John Tracey b. 2 November 1884 bapt. 4 January 1885 of Greenhill Cottage, Killeshin Parish View Register

Abraham Treacy & Anne Treacy

Mary Jane Treacy b. 31 May 1886 bapt. 22 August 1886 of Carlow Parish View Register


Georgina Treacy (b. Bilbo, Ireland d. 30 Dec 1974) m. Frank Shirley

William Leacock http://www.gencircles.com/users/leacock


James Tracey m. Margaret Kavanagh on 4 June 1773. Carlow Parish View Register


James Tracey of Leaghlin Bridge m. Emma Magee of Carlow Parish on 5 September [1827] ???? (Date unclear) by licence. Carlow Parish View Register [see Leighlinbridge]

James Treasey & Emma

Amilia Treasey b. 1 July 1830 bapt. 19 July 1830  Dunleckney View Register


Marriage of Thomas Willoughby of Mayo and Jane Robinson of Mayo on 21 December 1889 Wit: Samuel R Carter & James Treacy. Carlow Parish View Register


Richd Tracey & Ann Tracey

Louisa Cathe Tracey b. 19 April 1820 Carlow Parish View Register


Burial of William Treacy, Son of William & Maria Browne, Esqr. Excise Office, late of Carlow Parish. 1832  Decr. 30. Wells Parish.





Many thanks to Terence Curran for various records and especially for Carlow Town (January 2008).


Andrew Tracy & Mary Costello

Thomas b. 1843 Seskin? (Book 5, p.151, No.221)


Andrew Tracy & Judith Hayden

James b. 1840 Goal (Book 5, p.92, No.46)


Anne Treacy of Killeshin m. John Curren/Curran 23rd February 1846 Killeshin, Laois  Wit: Morris Treacy? & Judy Treacy

Joseph b. 10th or 18th January 1847 100 Acres Sp. John & Anne Whelan

Bridget b. 6th February 1848 Killeshlin Sp. Pat Cooper & Anne Neill

Laurence b. 1852 Staplestown Road, Carlow Town (Book 6, p.102, No.121)


Catherine Treacy m. James Curran 23rd November 1839 Killeshin, Laois Wit James Caopuis? & Anne Treacy

Danl? b. 22nd Oct 1843 Killeshin Sp. Pat & Mary Curran

Elizabeth b. 1855 Barrack Street, Carlow town (Book 6, p.129, No.90)


Edward Treacy & Fanny Hughes

Elizabeth b. 1846 Tullow Road (Book 6, p.17, No.15b)


Treacy (Bray) April 18, 1937, at her niece's residence, Lasgarvan, Herbert Road, Bray, Catherine daughter of the late Edward Treacy, Leather Merchants, 121-123 Tullow Street, Carlow. Funeral arrangements later.


Edward Tracy & Mary Lenon

Mary b. 1839 Bagnalstown (Carlow Book 5, p.77, No.40)


1. James Tr(e)ac(e)y (b. Queens Co. son of Patrick; d. June 1903, Butler*, aged 48, 7 Little Barrack St, Carlow, buried St. Marys, Book 11, p.126, No.22) m. 10th May 1876 Mary Flem(m)ing Upper Tomard (b. 18th May 1851 Tomard**; d. June 1920, Laundress, aged 74, 7 Little Barrack St, Carlow, buried St. Marys, Book 11, p.168, No.23)

            1.1 Margaret (b. 23 December 1876 bapt. 24 December 1876 Tomard*** d. 19th April 1958, Tailors wife, aged 81 years, 12 Little Barrack Street Carlow, buried St. Marys, Book 12, p.142, No.17) (LDS) Little Barrack Street m. James Curran (son of William Curran & Frances Kenna) 26th February 1900

1.1.1 William b. 1900 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.82, No.115)

1.1.2 James b. 1901 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.89, No.114)

1.1.3 Patrick b. 1904 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.111, No.117)

1.1.4 John b. 1905 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.119, No. 126)

1.1.5 Michael b. 1907 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.131, No.34)

1.1.6 Joseph b. 1910 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.156, No.115)

1.1.7 Thomas b. 1912 Little Barrack Street (Book 9, p.171, No.107)

1.1.8 Margaret b. 1913 Little Barrack Street

            1.2 Rosanna/Rose b. 29 October 1878 (LDS) (State Reg: Tracy, Rosanna, Carlow, 4th Quarter 1878 3 395)

1.3 Patrick b. December 1881 Staplestown Road (State Reg: Tracey, Patrick, Carlow, 4th Quarter 1881 3 361) (Book 8, p.243, No. 84)

* I think he may have worked for Browne-Clayton at Brownes-Hill House, at least there is a James Treacy recorded on the staff there in 1898

**Thomas Flemming & Margaret Butler

William b. 31st August 1845 Tomard

John b. 1849

Elizabeth b. 1847

Mary b. 18th May 1851 Tomard

Margaret b. 1855

*** Placename Boolyrethornon or Tomard or Toomard, Civil parish Tullowcreen.

(State Reg marriage: James Tracy, Carlow, 1876 8 329)

James Treacy and Mary Flemming

My Great Great Grand parents lived at Nº 7 Barrack Street Little in Carlow Town their names were James and Mary, wondering if any one else has them in their Tree. Both appear on the 1901 census however James had died prior to the 1911. They had at least one daughter called Margaret who married James Curran a Tailor they live at Nº 12 Barrack Street Little.

Terence Curran September 10, 2007/May 2008

Little Barrack Street

No 5 & 6 were occupied by the Curran brothers Michael 1878-1950 (at No 5) and James (at No. 6). Michael worked as Tailor in Michael Molloy’s for many years. Molloy’s which will be remembered by many readers, was a fashionable department store in Tullow Street where Tullow Street House now stands. James was also a Tailor in his later years. The Brother carried on a Tailoring business from their homes.

(Source: Friends and Neighbours 1986 & Michael Purcell c2008)

James had in fact been a Tailor all of his working life, as was another brother William who lived in Burrin Street. The three brothers were carrying on a family tradition within the trade as their father who also called William and was a Tailor as was his Father Patt Curran. Their Mother Frances Curran Nee Kenna also came from a long line of Tailors her father James Kenna work from a shop in Barrack Street Tullow in the 1860,s. James died in 1948 aged 75 his wife Margaret Curran Nee Treacy out lived him by 10 years, Margaret was no stranger to Little Barrack Street as her parents James Treacy and his wife Mary live at number 7 in 1901. Margaret’s marriage produced 10 children with James Curran, boy’s William born in 1900 died 1937, James (known as Rookie) Pat, (Worked at Thompsons) John who married Annie Shannon moved to Bridewell lane and then on to JKL Avenue. , Michael Joseph and Thomas born 1912 died 1934. Girls were Margaret Frances and Mary, the three girl’s live at No 11 Little Barrack Street.

(Slource: Terence Curran, James Great Grandson)

Nº7 was occupied by James Treacy and his wife Mary (nee Fleming) From 1895 to 1920, with Children Margaret Rosanna and Patrick. Margaret married James Curran of Burrin Street a Tailor and first moved into number 2 then 12 and finally number 6 Little barrack Street.

(Slource: Terence Curran, James Great Grandson)



James Tracey & Rebecca Goold

John Tracey b. 25 Jan 1875 Carlow, Car, Ire. (LDS)


James Tracey & Mary Railly

Catherine b. 28 May 1869 Carlow, Car, Ire (LDS)


John Tracy & Margaret Murphy

Rose b. 1775 (Book 1, p.11, No.58)


1. Maurice Tr(e)ac(e)y & Ann(i)e La(w)lor

1.1 Bridget b. 1901 Closh (Book 9, p.88, No.105)

1.2 Patrick (b. 1903 John Street, Book 9, p.102, No.105 d. ?? October 1936, aged 32, Gramby Row, Book 12, p.62, No.76)

1.3 Mary Elizabeth b. 1908 Athy Street (Book 9, p.139, No.74)

1.4 Margaret Josephine (b. 1910 Athy Street, Book 9, p.153, No.63 d. 19th February 1932, aged 21, Granby Road, Book 12, p.43, No.17)

1.5 Honora Christina b. 1911 John Street (Book 9, p.164, No.113)

1.6 Maurice b. 1913 John Street (Book 9, p.179, No.121)

Death Register

Maurice Tracy, d. 20/12/1934, aged 62, Gramby Row, buried St. Marys, Book 12, p.54, No.63 (State Reg birth Tracey, Maurice, Carlow, 1873 3 484)

Anne Tracy, d. 04/09/1947, aged 72, Granby Road, buried St. Marys, Book 12, p.100, No.42

Bridget Tracey, d. 27/7/1972, Nº4 Granby Road, buried St. Marys, Book 12, p.200, No.42

Maurice Tracey, d. 19/05/1973, Gramby Row, . buried St. Marys, Book 12, p.203, No.30

1920 - 4 Granby Cottages, Carlow.

A family with the last name of Tracey lived there in the 19-teens and 1920's. Don't know father's name, but mother's name was Annie (maiden name: Lawlor), and they had 10 children. The names of the children that I know of are: oldest daughter Annie; then Bridget ("Bridie"); Patrick "Paddy"; 6 more whose 1st names I don't know; then the baby, Sheila Tracey, born October 18, 1919. Thanks so much for any help. Peggy Peggy


Michael Tr(e)ac(e)y & Maria Dunn(e)

Mary b. 23 June 1865 Carlow Carlow (LDS) Maria b. 1865 Dublin Street (Book 8, p.103, No.82)


Michael Trac(e)y & Ann(e) Headon/Heydon

Mary Ann b. 1847 Tullow Street (Book 6, p.38, No. 66)

Bridget b. 1849 Tullow Street (Book 6, p.62, No.37)


Michael Tracey & Ellen Nolan

Mary b. 01 Apr 1870 Carlow Carlow (LDS)

Patrick b. 03 Feb 1872 Carlow, Car, Ire (LDS)

Ellen b. 27 September 1873 Carlow Carlow (LDS)

Margaret b. 25 Sep 1879  Carlow, Carlow (LDS)


Patrick Treacy, single, (s. of Michael Treacy) m. Mary Neal[?], single, (d. of Michael Byrne[?]) 20 Jun 1865 Carlow, Carlow, Ireland (LDS)


Patrick Tr(e)ac(e)y m. Mary/Maria Rielly Trac(e)y of Pollerton Road in 1865

Mary b. 29 December 1866 Carlow Carlow (LDS) Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.119, No.158)

Kate b. 1869 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.142, No.57)

John b. 1871 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.163, No.88)

Johanna b. 1873 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.179, No.49)

William b. 1876 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.206, No.97)

Patrick b. 1879 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.223, No.10) m. Ellen Kealy Tullow Street in 1904

Anne Maria b. 1882 Pollerton Road (Book 8, p.251, No.88)


Daniel Doyle m. Anne Rourke 14 November 1780. Witness: Roger Tracey and William Gafney


Thady Tracy & Bridget ???

Catherine b. 1777 (Book 1, p.23, No.110)


Thomas Tracey & Margaret Cogan

Anne b. 1854 Malahide Gra??? (Book 6, p.121, No.115)


Thomas Tracy & Judith Doyle

Alice b. 18th November 1849 Tullow Street Carlow (recorded Leighlinbridge?)


Thomas Tracy & Bridget Madded (Madden?)

Patrick Joseph b. 1863 Coal Market (Book 8, p.79, No.72)


Death Register

Bessie Treacy, aged 60, of Church Street, died March 1906 (Book 11, p.132, No.17)

Bridget Treacy, Widow, of Staplestown Road, died Feb 1913 (Book 11, p.147, No.7)

Edward Treacy, aged 64, Shopkeeper, of Tullow Street, died January 1872 (Book 11, p.46, No.8)

Maria Tracy, of Tullow Street, died 6th March 1927, buried Temple (Book 12, p.22, No.13)

Mary Treacy, at Dympnas, died 7th January 1975, buried St Mary's (Book 12, p.211, No.2)

Michael Tracey, aged 39, Porter, of Bridewell Lane, died April 1866 (Book 11, p.25, No.35)

Michael Tracy, son of Michael Tracy & Margaret Rice, of Staplestown Road, died 1847 (Book 6, p.39, No.91)

Patrick Treacy, aged 54, Shoemaker, of Pollerton Road, died November 1899 (Book 11, p.116, No.55)

Patrick Treacy, aged 50, Leathercutter, of Tullow Street, died March 1865 (Book 11, p.20, No.20)




Parish of Clonegall Baptism Records 1833-1916



John McDonald & Anne Donohoe          

Mary b. 28 August 1848 Clonegal Sp. Mick Dowling & Anne Tracey


Eliza Tracey & Edward Hughes

James b. 29th Jan 1843 Sherwood


Eliza Tracey & Edward Kehoe

John b. 15th Aug 1847 Sherwood


Mary Tracey & Patrick Dunne

Mary b. 21st Oct 1909 Carrigduff

Patrick b. 21st Oct 1909 Carrigduff


James Donohoe? & Cath Brien

Anne b. 20 May 1852 Kilbride Sp. Mick Tracy & Anne Quigley


Kildavin R.C. New Cemetery

No. 68 Curry & Tracey

In loving memory of James Curry, Craanmore died 18th June 1960 aged 80 yrs.

Also his brother Thomas died 20th Feb 1973 aged 83 yrs.

Also their sister Ellen Curry died 30th March 1979 aged 79 yrs.

And their nephew Edward Treacy died 12th June 1987 aged 67 yrs.

Also Margaret Tracey nee Kavanagh who died on 7th April 1966 aged 81 yrs. R.I.P.

Nolan Ballon

Small Plaque: Dear Dad. Love from Eamon, Eleanor & family

From the book "A Christian Calling - Religious Life & Christian Death in Clonegal Parish" by Eamonn Whelan & Rory Murphy


Miss Anne Kavanagh, house now occupied by

Rihard & Ms Gibson nee Joan Treacy, Cranemore. Kildavin. Family: Carmel, Elaine, Charmaine, Tracy.


Edward & Ms Treacy nee Margaret Mary Kavanagh, Ratheenleigh, Myshall. Family: Patrick J, James, Eamon, John, Elizabeth, Joan, Margaret.

James & Ms Treacy nee Ann Brennan, Paulstown. Family: Raymond, Damien, Alan, Aishling, Paula. (new house)

Dobbs house Cranemore was a small house near Treacy’s garage. Treacys house Cranemore, was first occupied by James and Thomas Curry. The next occupant was their nephew Edward Treacy and his wife Margaret.

White, WD (1994) Heirs to a Heritage Part II.




Clonegal - 1963 Carlow Under 14 Football Champions

Back Row: Dan Murphy, J. Ryan, N. Fitzharris, George Collier, Mick Rooney, Malone, PJ Brien, Tom Doyle, E. Treacy, Anthony Fennell, Larry Murphy, Liam Cosgrove, Pat Rooney, John Byrne, Paddy Coleman.

Front Row: Patrick Whelan, Paul Murphy, Joe Hillard, Jim Treacy, Pat Doyle, Pat Murphy, Lar Kinsella, Martin Nugent, Jim Osborne, Stephen Shiel.


A new juvenile force announced their arrival on the Carlow GAA scene in 1963 when Clonegal won the U-14 Football and Hurling double, competitions heretofore mainly the preserve of the county's three main towns, Carlow Town, Bagenalstown and Tullow.

- Leo McGough, The Nationalist Friday July 6. 2007







1974: Kildavin reached the senior final only to be beaten by Eire Og.


Front (I to r) - M. Nolan, S. Shiel, T. Codd, G.Coleman, E. Roberts, E. Whelan, J. Treacy.

Back - C. O'Neill, J. Kirwan, C. Byrne, B. Doyle, P. Byrne, P Murphy, J. Doyle, P. Farrell.