It may be presumed that the Traceys of:

 East Waterford are descended from the Uí Bairrche

 West Waterford are descended from the Uí Fidgeinti.


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The Traceys of Waterford can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as they are of the Uí Bairrche or Ui Fidegeinti. In Waterford, there is Treacy's Hill (Kilmacthomas), named after the Traceys.


1312 Waterford

24 July 1312


Yet Of Pleas Of The Crown And Delivery Of Gaol At Same Place Before Same, Day And Year As Above. [Waterford]

Walter Ohatherne and William Otrassy, charged that they on Trinity Sunday at the ninth hour, entered the Church at Holy Trinity, Waterford, and there broke a chest before the alter of St. John Baptist and out of said chest robbed a breviary worth two marks and a chalice worth 20s., come and say they are clerks and neither can nor ought to answer here. And thereupon come one Henry, commissary of Mathew, Bishop of Waterford, with letter patent of the bishop by which the bishop assigned Henry as his commissary, to demand all and singular clerks charged at please of the crown at this day before the judiciary and demand Walter and William in the bishops name to be delivered to him as clerks. And that it may be known why they ought to be delivered to the said commissary inquiry proceeds more fully into the truth of the premises by the underwritten jurors to wit, Jordan de Bristoll, Robert de Gloucestre, Robert Toukere, David Tayllour, Robert le Marischall, William le Tylere, Henry Goer, Walter Large, John son of Richard, Richard le Tayllour, Robert le Rede and Walter le Keu who say that Walter is not guilty therefore he is quit. They say that William is quilty therefore let him be delivered to the commissary to be kept in the bishops prison as are convicted under fitting penalty. He has no chattels.

Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls Ireland Vol I 1295-1303 p.391,394 Vol II 1305-7 p.280,349. HMSO 1914


1314 Clonmel Pleas

Jordan, son of Patrick Nelltylle and others of his following, who feloniously slew Roland Tracy and William Kerdiff at Ringnagonagh [Ringagonagh Waterford] and robbed them of 30 cows.


14 May 1314


Pleas Of The Crown And Delivery Of gaol At Clonmel before Edmund Le Botiller, Custos, Tuesday Before Ascension a. r. 7.

Jordan son of Patrick Nekylle and others of his following, who feloniously slew Roland Tracy and William Kerdiff at Ringnagonagh and robbed them of thirty cows, which they brought to the house of Nicholas Leynagh, Nicholas well knowing that they were thus robbed and having art and part therein, and also charged that he procured and abetted Jordan son of Patrick Nekyll to rob Clement Leynagh, tenant of Nicholas, of all his goods and chattels, so that when Clement was made a beggar Nicholas could have good right to his lands and tenements, and so acquire the said tenements in fee, comes and of grace, at the instance of Arnald le Poer, knight, is admitted to make fine, etc., for the said charges and also for all other trespasses and felonies to this day, except death of another man, by 20 marks, by pledge of John Kermerdyn and Clement Leynagh, so that he stand, etc. And by the same fine suit of the peace is pardoned to David Leynagh, Ivo Leynagh and John Bretnagh, for the charges wherewith they were charged above in this roll, so that they stand, etc. And let the said fine be levied of David, Ivo and John as well as Nicholas, if they wish to enjoy the same peace. And it is granted that they have terms to pay of the fine 40s. yearly, half at Michaelmas and the other half at Easter.

Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls Ireland Vol I 1295-1303 p.391,394 Vol II 1305-7 p.280,349. HMSO 1914


October 1537

Item, the saide Jurye present that ther ar many other merchauntmen of the Citie of Waterford do use lyke grey merchauntes, whose names ensue, vizs Patrik Welche, Thomas Lumbard, Henry Welche, younger, Henry Welche, senr., Patryk Welche the younger, James Welche, Sherlok, Edward Shyrlok, Jamys Sherlok, junr., Richard Lombard, David Baylif, William Madan, Jamys Baylif, Morice Wyse, William Lyncoln, Mallage Tressey, goldesmyth. Piers Dobin, Denys Porsell, John Neyle, John Lee, Nicholas Lee, Robert Lee, and many other whose names they knowe not, and use also to forstall the marketes, and also regrated the same ; so that there is not unethes a hide to be boughte in no market ne elsewhere but at ther handes and at ther pleasure, ne wolle, vytalles, ne other thinges.

Hore, H.J. The Social State of the Southern and Eastern Counties of Ireland in the Sixteenth Century, 1870. [Online Book]


Elizabeth I

4 Aug 1601

Pardon to...Wm. O Hasie (also O Hahasy), of same, husb., (Corragh-in-dorragh) (also Courriehudareigh and Correhene Daregh) [Curradarra Aglish waterford]


29/9/1601 Waterford p.88-9

The Mayor of Waterford and others to the English Privy Council

Relates the arrival of the Spaniards at Kinsale:- Pray send us help here. We have always been loyal and will do our best to defend this city with the last drop of our blood. Pray deliver to the bearer, Nicholas Luke, 300 pikes 50 halberts and two last of powder for provision and defence of the city, for which we pay Her Majesty Treasurer of War here.

Signed by Edward Geoghe, Mayor of Waterford, George Sherloke (county) Sheriff and Thomas Tracy Borough Sheriff


1705 “The Ouzel Galley Society”

Striding down the street came Captain Eoghan Massey of Waterford to take command of The Ouzel galley-his first command, for he had only recently been appointed to senior rank on the retirement of the aged and respected Captain Tracy…Captain Tracy had too much confidence in his old ship, in his former mate who now commanded her, and in her crew, to accept her loss as possible. He went out into the streets of Water ford and Dublin proclaiming his confidence. The underwriters, the insurers of the galley, were not slow to profit by the talkative ness of the garrulous captain. They claimed that he had constituted sufficient doubt to exempt them from paying compensation under this condition of uncertainty. The Law loomed large. But one Mr. 'Thompson, representative of the underwriters, more fearful of legal avarice than of parting with the more limited compensation, pleaded for arbitration. The parties agreed and a meeting was called. Six men representing the shippers and six the underwriters, with an independent chairman, met in solemn conclave. The case was heard before them. It proved a triumph for Messrs. Ferris, Twigg & Cash, for as a result of the judgment the insurance was paid in full. The experience of arbitration thus gained was to stand them good stead at a later and more important day…All these activities were to have their being under the title "The Ouzel Galley Society." This Society first saw the light in 1705, with Tracy*, as reward of loyalty, its first captain.

*The names of the first two Captains of the Society are ascertained from W. H. G. Kingston who states in his preface that the log was owned by Captain Massey whose greatgrandfather had been in the mercantile service. It was then ascertained that this was the actual Massey spoken of in his book as captain of the galley. If his name is correct then it maybe considered as fairly certain that Captain Tracy's name is also correct. It may be well to note that the names Tracy and Massey were unlikely names for an English writer to have given to two Irish seamen if they were not those of actual people.

The Ouzel Galley, Old Dublin Society, Special Issue Vol.3, no.2, p. 9,11,20

The Missing Ship or The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley: William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880) [Online Book]


1749 Secretaries of State: State Papers Foreign, France SP 78

Petition for release of Susanna Tracy. Received from the Bishop of Waterford July 12/23.


1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls

Michael Treacy, farmer, Ballinapark [Ballynaparka] Co Waterford, 11 March 1779 Munster Circuit Clonmel assises

Thomas Treacy, farmer, Ballinapark [Ballynaparka] Co Waterford, 11 March 1779 Munster Circuit Clonmel assises

William Treacy, farmer, Ballinapark [Ballynaparka] Co Waterford, 11 March 1779 Munster Circuit Clonmel assises


25 Jan 1785 Saunders News-Letter

Married...Edmund Dunn of Dungarvan, Esq, to Miss Mary Tracy, of Clobrack [Clonbrock? Galway]


17 July, 1786.

Admon of last to Johanna Reyley, 0rs renouncing. Will of Leonard Parker, Killwiney. To Revd James Kesting £l 2s. 9d. immedy after my decease. To wife £15 yearly on K.yiney Nephew, Nicholas parker, shopkeeper Tallow, son to my bror John parker, Lismore, taylor; wife also grass & keep of 1 cow, wet & dry, & acre of K.winey-to be seeded, tilled & brought home to her by nephews Leonard & William Parker of Lismore. Nephew Nicholas Parker, Upr Tircullen, son of my b r o F ~ o b ~ Parker, decd, £1 yrly. during term of K.winey lease in Charitable uses as Revd James Keating & nephew Nichs P. direct. Execrs Geo. Drew, Tallow, Esq., Geo. Botes, Mount Prospect, Co. Cork, Esq. Prest Wm Long, Danl Treassy, Wm Evans


16th March [1791]. Petition of John Hobson, Esq; complaining of an undue election and return for the borough of Tallagh in the county of Waterford…Capt. John Towell, John Courtney, Esq and Daniel Tracey, appeared to the said committee… Capt. John Towell and John Courtney having disobeyed the said summons…Daniel Tracey attended for several days…absented himself…Daniel Tracey, publican, of Tallagh…severally guilty of a gross contempt of the privileges of this House…

31st March…had surrendered themselves into the custody of the Serjeant at arms…Ordered…be discharged from the custody of the Serjeant at arms attending this house, paying their fees.

Votes of the House of Commons, in the Second Session of the fifth Parliament of Ireland, in the reign of his present Majesty. [1791].


Reward For The Apprehension Of Those Deemed Guilty Of Contempt Of Parliament In Respect Of Tallow Borough, County Waterford, Election Petition 17 March 1791

By The Lord Lieutenant And Council Of Ireland, A Proclamation


Whereas the chairman of the select committee, appointed by the House of Commons to try and determine the merits of the petition of John Hobson, esq., complaining of an undue election and return for the borough of Tallagh, in the county of Waterford, informed the House of Commons, that the said committee had directed him to report to the said house, that Captain John Towell, John Courtney, esq., and Daniel Tracy, publican of Tallagh, appeared to the said committee to have been duly summoned to attend and give evidence before the said committee, on the part of the petitioner. That the said Captain John Towell, and John Courtney, having disobeyed the said summons, were by the house severally ordered into the custody of the sergeant at arms. That it appeared to the said committee, that the said Daniel Tracy attended for several days among the witnesses who were summoned to give evidence before the said committee; but the said Daniel Tracy, without the permission of the said committee, and without submitting to be examined, absented himself, and was for such, his misconduct, ordered by the house into the custody of the sergeant at arms. That the committee have reason to believe the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, could give material evidence on the matter of the said petition to them referred, and that they have wilfully absented themselves; and the said committee therefore directed him to report the said matter specially to the house, for the interposition of its authority to enforce the attendance of the said Towell, Courtney, and Tracy.

And whereas it was, on the 16th day of March instant, resolved by the House of Commons, that the said Captain John Towell, John Courtney, esq., and Daniel Tracy, have been severally guilty of a gross contempt of the privileges of the house.

And whereas an humble address hath been presented to us by the knights, citizens, and burgesses in parliament assembled, that we would be graciously pleased to issue our proclamation for apprehending the said Captain John Towell, John Courtney, esq., and Daniel Tracy, with a promise of reward for the same:

Now we, the Lord Lieutenant and Council, have thought fit to issue this our proclamation, hereby requiring and commanding all persons whatsoever, to discover and apprehend, or cause the said Captain John Towell, John Courtney, esq., and Daniel Tracy, to be discovered and apprehended, and carry them before some of our justices of the peace, or chief magistrates of the county, town or place, where they shall be apprehended, who are respectively required to secure the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, so apprehended, and thereof to give speedy notice to the right honourable the Speaker of the House of Commons, the serjeant at arms attending the said house, and to the clerk at the Council, to the end they may be forthcoming, to be dealt withall and proceeded against according to law. And for the prevention of the escape of the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, into parts beyond the seas, we do require and command all officers of the customs, and other officers and subjects of and in the respective ports and maritime towns and places within the kingdom of Ireland, that they, and every of them, in their respective places and stations within the said kingdom, be careful and diligent in the examination of all persons that shall pass, or endeavour to pass beyond the seas; and if they shall discover the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, then to cause them to be apprehended and secured, and to give notice thereof as aforesaid.

And we do hereby strictly charge and command all persons, as they will answer the contrary at their perils, that they do not anyways conceal, but do discover them the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, to the end they may be secured. And for the encouragement of all persons to be diligent and careful in endeavouring to discover and apprehend the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, we do hereby further declare, that whosoever shall discover and apprehend them, the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, or any of them, and shall bring them before some justice of the peace or chief magistrate as aforesaid, shall have and receive as a reward for the discovery, apprehending, and bringing them the said John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy, before such justice of the peace or chief magistrate as aforesaid, the sum of one hundred pounds sterling.

Given at the Council chamber in Dublin, the 17th day of March 1791.


The election returns for the borough of Tallow (Tallagh), county Waterford, were contested on eight occasions in all between 1713 and 1790 because the dukes of Devonshire, who were purportedly the ‘commanding influence’, were unable to maintain their ascendancy in the borough. In 1790, in response to John Hobson’s challenge to the return of John Egan, the House of Commons ordered a new election in which Egan (who ran contrary of the duke’s interest) was successfully returned: HIP, ii, 344–5.

John Towell, John Courtney, and Daniel Tracy were deemed guilty of ‘gross contempt’ by the House of Commons arising out of the inquiry into the contested election petition in respect of the borough of Tallagh, because, in the case of Towell and Courtney, they not only failed to respond to the summons to attend to give evidence to the committee appointed to determine the petition, but also evaded the efforts of the serjeant at arms ‘to capture them’. Daniel Tracy, who attended the committee hearings for several days before absenting himself without permission, likewise evaded the serjeant at arms: Commons Journal, xiv. 389.

Kelly, James & Lyons, Mary Ann (2014) The Proclamations Of Ireland 1660–1820. Volume 5. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin


24 September 1791 (F) Married

In Waterford, Mr. John Tracy, to Miss Mary Proudfoot, daughter to Mr. Thomas Proudfoot, of Parliament-street.


1796 Thomas Treasy, Ballinaparky, Parish of Agliss, Co. Waterford. (Will)


24 February 1796 The Times (London) & 27 February 1796 Caledonian Mercury

Lloyd's List Feb 23...The Tracey, Sinnett, from Waterford, are lost near Wexford. The cargoes expected to be saved...


[1798] Register of deaths of Irish residents in Cadiz

Diego Trecy, Thomatown, Waterford [Thomastown Kilkenny?], son of Juan Trecy and Ana O’Donovan, age 72, bachelor, 1798.

Samuel Fannin,BA,DipEd. Spanish Archives of Primary Source Material for the Irish. http://www.irishancestors.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Fannin-Spanish-Archives-of-Primary-Source-Material.pdf


Ship Polly, Waterford to Philadelphia, November 16th 1805

Thomas Tracy, no baggage


Bristish War Office

John Tracey, Cpl b. 1775 Dublin. Waterford Militia and Nova Scotia Fensibles.Labourer.12 yrs service Chelsea on 30th Oct 1816 WO116/23


[1819] October 25, 1854 (FJ) Incumbered Estates [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

In the Matter of John Walsh and Thomas Lalor v. the Estate of Anne Power, continued in the name of Edmond Power...lands of Scartlea, Upper Third, Waterford; Richardstown, Iffa and Offa East, Tipperary...Judgement obtained by Deaglin Treacy, in the Court of Queen's Bench, as of Easter Term, 1819, against Richard Power, jun, for the penal sum of £500.


1821 Census Extract County of Waterford

Townland and Parish of Faithlegg

Power, Nicholas, 34, 4 story house

Margaret, 21, wife,

Margaret, 2,

Kate, 1,

Maturn (?), Margaret, 20, cousin-in-law

Tracy, Steward

Butler, Coachman, Gardner


27 Apr 1822 Mortgage & 12 Dec 1840 Deed

(a) 27 Apr 1822 B lent E&F £8,000 secured against land in Upperthird barony, Waterford (Coolnamuck, Barnagihy, Sheskin & Carrickbeg) and Iffa & Offa barony, Tipperary (Figlash, Mainstown, Clogastilly, Mucknerymore, Mucknerybegg & Rathclarish), (b) 27 Apr 1825 D was appointed mortgage trustee, and H now pays A (as exec of B) £2,000 for that share as co-mortgagee

Grice Blakeney Smyth of Templemichael, Waterford Rev., admin B Rowland Smyth of Castlewidenham, Cork Will 25 Apr 1825, DSP 1836 Richard Smyth of Ballinatray, Waterford Esq., eldest brother/heir B Richard Butler Hamilton II Lowe of Kenilworth, Tipperary Esq,, trustee Charles William Wall of Coolnamuck, Waterford Esq, James William Wall of Coolnamuck, Waterford Esq,, eldest son/heir E Charles William John Wall of Coolnamuck, Waterford Esq, Martin Cormack of Ennisnag, Kilkenny Esq, John Clancy of City of Dublin Esq, James Shannan Richard Power of Upperthird Barony, Waterford Head Tenant Witness: Thomas Tracey of Coolnamuck, Waterford Carpenter & Michael Walsh of Carrick on Suir, Tipperary Baker. George Christian of Carrick on Suir, Tipperary Commissioner Oaths 26 Jan 1841


Michael Tracey, from Waterford, settled in Kilbride about 1825 (MUN Folklore).

Sheila M. P. Lynch, E. R. Seary (1998) Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland. Mc Gill-Queen's Press.


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


Deglan Treacy, Bishops-Grove [?], Ardmore, Waterford, 1827

Deighlin Tracey, Kilgabriel, Kinsalebeg, Waterford, 1833

Deighlin Tracey, Pilltown, Kinsalebeg, Waterford, 1833


John Heasy [Treasy?], Coolishal [Coolishal], Czoumgloun, Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825

John Tracey, Coolrae [Coolroe], Clonagam, Waterford, 1827 [dead in pencil]

John Tracey, Coolroe, Clonagam, Waterford, 1827

John Tracy, Commons [?], Templemichael, Waterford, 1830

John Treacy, Ballingowan East, Aglish, Waterford, 1830


Marce Tracy, Shannacoole [Shanacoole], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834

Mary Freasey [Treasey], Ballingown, Aglish, Waterford, 1830

Mauce [Maur] Tracy, Killwatermoy, Kilwatermoy, Mayo, [Waterford]

Michael Tracy, Shanballagh [Shanbally], Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825

Michl Tracy, Shanballagh [Monroe – Monvore?], Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825

Micl [Tracey & Partner, Coolroe, Clonagam, Waterford, 1827]


Patrick Tracey, Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834

Patrick Tracey, Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834

Patrick, Juasy [Treasy, labourer] Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834 [1828-1832]

Patt Thracy, Currahaly[?], Kilmoleran, Waterford,


Thomas Fracy [Tracy], Shannacoole [Shanacoole], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834

Thomas Tracy, Knockaderry, Newcastle, Waterford,

Thomas Tracy, Woodstown, Islandikane, Mayo, [Waterford]

Thomas Treacey, West Island [?], Stradbally, Waterford, 1834

Thos Tracy, Tinnock [Tiknock], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834


William Tracy, Waterford, St Johns Without, Waterford, 1835



Mary Freasey [Treasey], Ballingown, Aglish, Waterford, 1830

John Treacy, Ballingowan East, Aglish, Waterford, 1830


Deglan Treacy, Bishops-Grove [?], Ardmore, Waterford, 1827


Patrick Tracey, Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834

Patrick Tracey, Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834

Patrick, Juasy [Treasy, labourer] Ballynakill, Ballynakill, Waterford, 1834 [1828-1832]


Marce Tracy, Shannacoole [Shanacoole], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834

Thomas Fracy [Tracy], Shannacoole [Shanacoole], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834

Thos Tracy, Tinnock [Tiknock], Clashmore, Waterford, 1834


John Tracey, Coolrae [Coolroe], Clonagam, Waterford, 1827 [dead in pencil]

John Tracey, Coolroe, Clonagam, Waterford, 1827

Micl [Tracey & Partner, Coolroe, Clonagam, Waterford, 1827]


Thomas Tracy, Woodstown, Islandikane, Mayo, [Waterford]


Patt Thracy, Currahaly[?], Kilmoleran, Waterford,


Mauce [Maur] Tracy, Killwatermoy, Kilwatermoy, Mayo, [Waterford]


Deighlin Tracey, Kilgabriel, Kinsalebeg, Waterford, 1833

Deighlin Tracey, Pilltown, Kinsalebeg, Waterford, 1833


John Heasy [Treasy?], Coolishal [Coolishal], Czoumgloun, Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825

Michael Tracy, Shanballagh [Shanbally], Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825

Michl Tracy, Shanballagh [Monroe – Monvore?], Lismore and Mocollop, Waterford, Cork, [Waterford] 1825


Thomas Tracy, Knockaderry, Newcastle, Waterford,


William Tracy, Waterford, St Johns Without, Waterford, 1835


Thomas Treacey, West Island [?], Stradbally, Waterford, 1834


John Tracy, Commons [?], Templemichael, Waterford, 1830


1836 (582) Tithe suits (Ireland.)

26 May 1835

Rev. John Burke Wallace, plaintiff, Deglan Treacy, defendant [Declan?]

Hon and Rev. George Theobald Burke, plaintiff, Teglan Treacy defendant [Declan?]

1831 Tithe Defaulter

John Tracy, Farmer, Coolroe, Clonagam, Co. Waterford.

Michael Tracy, Ballynacourty, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.



14. Margaret Keily, Lyrattin, Lickoran, Waterford, [or Shanacoole Waterford], £11 rent, 22a/1r/0p, Tenant under lease dated the 20th day of October 1828, from Peter Bayler, jun, to Thomas Tracey, for the life and lives of John Tracey, Thomas Tracey, and Michael Tracey, sons of lessee and the survivor of them, or for the term of fourty three years, concurrent from the 28th day of March 1828. John Tracey, one of the lives mentioned is dead, the other two, Thomas and michael, still survive, and are aged respectively 43 and 40 years or thereabouts.


Bytown on 5 February 1829 - The McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley

(127) Patrick Treacy Waterford Portlawn (Coobro?) -/-/- [indicates no family recorded] [Portlaw???]

Patrick Treacy has no family; but he has a brother Michael with a family residing at Port-lawn in the Parish of Portlawn, he is known to Captain Meddlecut

(137) Dennis Tracey (X) Kilkenny Tibrone (Tibrone?) -/-/- [Tullarone???]

His father John, residing with a family in the same county and town from whence Dennis came; they are known to Captain St. George of Freshford


1824-1825 Irish to Canada

Patrick Tracy, Coolroe, Portlaw, Waterford, Ireland.

Patrick Tracy has no family; but has a brother Michael with a family residing at Port Lawn in the Parish of Portlawn, he is known to Captain Middlesect.

[CO 384/13; 22]


British Civil Service Evidence Of Age

John Tracy/Treacy, born 1841 Carrick-On-Suir Waterford Ireland

John Tracy, born 1829 Cappoquin Waterford Ireland

Civil Service Evidence of Age: John Tracy, born 2 Nov 1829, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford.

Society of Genealogists ref: 47781 059.
Civil Service Evidence of Age: John Treacy, born 24 July 1829. Birth place not given. brother Francis Treacy.

Society of Genealogists ref: 25175 036 


Michael Treasy, 1831, Waterford & Lismore Diocese will. Exec: John Mullowny, Ballinaparke, (Ballynaparka, Co. Waterford?). IWR/1831/F/104.


Registered 1832 to 1840 Rent & Valuation of £10 County Electors, Waterford

Thomas Tracy, Nov 5 1832, house & lands, Knockaderry Newcastle Waterford Union, 18a/2r/21p, rate £17/4/0, registered in 1832 and not since.

Thomas Tracy, Oct 16 1832, house & lands, Graigshoneen Ballylaneen Dungarvan Union, 8a/0r/0p, rate £5/0/0, registered in 1832 and not since.

Thomas Tracy, Oct 24 1840, house & lands, Ballinaparka Aglish Dungarvan Union, 20a/0r/3p, rate £25/15/0


1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen

Deglane [Declan?] Tracey, b. [Waterford?]

James Tracey, b. 1840 Waterford Waterford

John Tracey, b. Cheekpoint Waterford

John Tracey, b. Waterford Waterford

John Tracy, b. 1827 Cheekpoint Waterford

John Tracy, b. Cheekpoint Waterford

John Treacy, b. 1825 Waterford Waterford

Michael Tracey, b. 1836 Dungarvan Waterford

Nicholas Tracey, b. 1792 Dungarvan Waterford

Nicholas Tracey, b. Dungarvan Waterford

Peter Tracey, b. 1826 Waterford

Peter Tracy, b. Ballytnickle [Ballytruckle Waterford Waterford]

Thomas Tracey, b. 1811 Waterford Waterford

Thomas Tracey, b. 1835 Dungarvan Waterford

Thomas Tracy, b. 1833 Cheekpoint Waterford

Thomas Tracy, b. Portlow [Portlaw Waterford]

Thomas Treacey, b. Cheekpoint Waterford

Thomas Treacy, b. 1832 Waterford Waterford

Thomas Treacy, b. 1833 Waterford Waterford

1866 Merchant Navy

John Tracy, 55, b. 1811 Waterford, served Dec 1866 on Alma, previous T.S. Reefs Cardiff, mate


Thomas Tracy, Waterford – matriculated 11/9/1837 (Students of Maynooth) [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Royal College of Maynooth

Thomas Tracey, 25 years, appointed by Right Rev. Dr. Foran his ordinary, entered 1837 for 7 years, Waterford Diocese


30 September 1837 (FJ) The Catholic Church (Waterford Chronicle) [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

The Right Rev. Doctor Foran, held an ordination in the chapel of St. John, Bowling-green-lane...Minor Orders...Patrick Tracy...


1837 Waterford - Wesleyan Methodist Preacher

Richard Taylor Tracey (see Richard Taylor Tracey)

1839 T. Shearman The New Commercial Directory For The Cities Of Waterford And Kilkenny, Towns Of Clonmel, Carrick-on-suir, New Ross And Carlow

Rev Richard T Tracy, Wesley Chapel, Parade Quay, Waterford. Nobility/gentry/clergy


1837 Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC)

2544 Thos Tracy, 19 years, 5'8", b. [1811] Wat, Catholic, married Nov '37, wife b. Kerry, recommended by PM Barron JP?. appointed 28 Jan 37, served Kerry & N? Tip 1/4/71, ref B48023/14870, P1SC 1 Feb '38 - RforAC 1 Nov '43 - P1SC 1 Feb '44 - PAC 1 July '51 - P Con 1 Dec '55 - P2HC 8 Feb 1871, Appm 34332/1409 - 2y St A93167/4775 - B281777/8419, Repd A13060/842, Pemsioned 1 Nov 1874 £3-15 RF2544D/6129, service 37 years 8 months, £83 pension


2 August 1838 (FJ)

The cot-men, in large numbers went down the river on Monday Morning, for the purpose of destroying the few remaining weirs there at present. They succeeded, without receiving any interruption, in cutting down a weir belonging to a Mr. Tracey, at Cheek Point. - Waterford Chronicle


Lismore Castle Papers Cork/Waterford

May-Dec 1838

Letters from various tenants and other persons, including George Rogers, James Egan, Michael Treacy, John Scanlan, E. Condon, Patrick Lawney, Edward Dartnell, George Stanley, Henry Parker and Richard Ussher, 27 items

MS 43,539/ 42


Letters from tenants and other persons, including William Gallwey, John Ward, William Coffey, Martin Lee, Henry Bagge, James Byrne, William Veale, William Budd, Matthew Blackburne, Michael Treacy, Daniel Buckley and John Walsh, 51 items

MS 43,452/ 11

1853-60 Cork

Letters and papers concerning Gillabbey weir and the pipe waterworks at Cork, correspondents include Alexander Swanston, William Currey, Francis Leahy, John Benson, James Adams, Messrs. Tracy & Nagle and J.R. Berwick with map and schedule of lettings, 40 items

MS 43,494/ 1

1859 & 1868

Letters and papers concerning the Dungarvan Harbour Embankment and Reclamation Bills, including letters from Messrs. Tracy & Nagle and Edmund Holland, with the reports of the Admiralty and Board of Trade, 10 items

MS 43,464/ 3


Letters and correspondence with tenants and other persons, including Catherine Colbert, William Sullivan, Richard Hudson, Rev. Samuel Hayman, Rev. Edward O’Donnell, Richard Tracy, J. Bagge Hearne, Andrew Carbery and Nicholas Peterson, 25 items

MS 43,452/ 32


Letters from tenants and other persons, including John Collins, W. Stacey, J.D. O’Keefe, Jasper D. Pyne, Launcelot Gubbin, R. Briscoe Cherry, Margaret Tracey, Lizzie Noton, Thomas Lucas and John Collins, 14 items

MS 43,452/ 52


31 May 1839 (FJ) The Catholic Church

The Right Rev. Dr. Foran, Bishop of Waterford has conferred Deacon's orders on...Tracey...The Rev. Messrs...Tracey subsequently received Priest's orders.



Name of Missing

Home county


AD Date


Honora Treacy (Si Bridget)

Leamy Brien, Kilrossanty, Waterford

Quebec 1843

Ottawa(Bytown), ONT

Frankfort Co., KY


Sylvester Treacy (brother), 4 Bleeker St, Albany, NY

Ellen Tracy

Tallow/Tallagh, Waterford

Cork 5/1850

New York City


Patrick Ryan (friend) 11 Hamilton St, Boston, MA

Michael Tracy

Portlaw, Clonagam, Waterford

Little Falls, Herkimer Co, NY


Patrick Tracy (father)

Contact: Rev JD Brady, Salem MA

2 March 1839 Boston Pilot

Of Michael Tracy, son of Patrick Tracy, a native of the parish of Partlaw, County Waterford, - when last heard from he was working in Little Falls, Herkimer County, State of New York. Any information respecting him will be thankfully received by his parents and brother, John Tracy, by a letter directed to them in care of Rev. J. D. Brady, Salem, Ms. Will the New York Truth Teller give the above an insertion, and oblige a subscriber.

1850 Boston Pilot

Of Bridget and Honora Treacy, natives of co. Waterford, parish Kilrosseuty [Kilrossanty], townland of Leamy Brien [Lemybrien, Stradbally]. The former was married to Stephen Murphy, blacksmith, of Glynnpatrick, who sailed from Liverpool to the United States in 1836 or 7. His wife, Bridget, left Ireland 2 or 3 years after in the barque Dispatch, of Waterford. Honora emigrated in the same vessel to Quebec in 1843. They met in Bytown, Upper Canada. It is supposed they are living at present in Frankfort County, Kentucky. Any information respecting them will be thankfully received by their brother, Sylvester Treacy, No. 4 Bleeker street, Albany, N. Y.

1850 Boston Pilot

Of Ellen Tracy, of Tallagh [Tallow], co. Waterford, who sailed from the Cove of Cork 3rd of May last and landed in New York - supposed to be in the city of N. York. Any information respecting her will be thankfully received by Patrick Ryan (late of County Waterford Police). Direct to Patrick Ryan, No. 11 Hamilton street, Boston, Ms.


October 6, 1840 (FJ) The Catholic church [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

On Thursday, the 24th ult...received into the convent of St. Joseph, at Tallow, Miss Bridget Tracey, daughter of Declan Tracey, Esq., of Piltown, in this county...-Waterford Chron.

29 Sep 1841 (CE) Catholic Intelligence

Miss Tracy, daughter of a Mr. Declan Tracy, and sister of the Rev. P. Tracy, curate of Ballybricken, in this city, was professed in the convent of Tallow.

September 30, 1841 (FJ)

On Saturday morning last, Miss Tracy, daughter of Mr. Declan Tracy, and sister of the Rev. P. Tracy, curate of Ballybricken, in this city, was professed a nun in the Convent of Tullow. The solemn ceremony was performed by the Rev. E. Condon, attended by several clergymen, and was witnessed by a respectable attendance of the lady's own friends, and many who were invited from the town and vicinity. Every part of the sacred service was truly imposing, and the music and singing very select. - Waterford Chronicle.

The Convent of St. Joseph's, Tallow…About the year 1877, and for some years before this period, there were but few of the religious able to attend school. Death deprived the community of three or four members in little more than the space of a year. As might be expected, with such little help in school, the children were not up to the standard required by the results' programme, which came into operation in or about this time. The Mother Prioress who had charge of the community at this period was M. Clare Treacy (sister to the three Fathers Treacy, late of this diocese), a person of great prudence and foresight ; she wisely determined on seeking subjects more capable of school work. After fervent prayer she succeeded in a short time in getting postulants who were both classified teachers and most desirous of entering the Carmelite Order. These good sisters in a short time by their zeal and diligence worked up the school and raised the classes to the requirements of the programme.

N. Harvey (1912) Parochial history of Waterford and Lismore during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Carmelite Convent of St. Joseph's Tallow

Superior Mother Clare Treacy 1877

Patrick Power (1937) Waterford &f Lismore A Compendious History of the United Dioceses. Cork University Press


William Tracey, born: Aylish, Capperguin, Waterford; Age at attestation: 23; Attested: Woolwich; Joined in: 1841; Discharge reason: Paid £20; Discharge year: 1847.

UK Archives ADM 157/832  


February 4, 1842 (FJ)

On Wednesday last a man was killed at Piltown, near Youghal, by the falling of a ton slate upon his head. His name was Kelly, a father of seven children, a labouring man in the employment of Mr. Declan Tracy.


March 25, 1842 (FJ) Waterford Repeal Association

...the Rev. Mr. Tracy, R.C.C. of Butlerstown...


9 September 1843 Holograph letter from George D Fottrell, 54 Old Dominick Item Street, Dublin to (Dr. Cullen, Irish College Rome.) Fottrell has asked Rev. Christopher Burke of the Metropolitan who is travelling to Rome to pass on this letter. He has received £31 from Rev. P Tracy for his brother John who is a student of the college. [Presumed Rev Patrick Tracy of Waterford]

Pre-Cullen Series Irish College Rome


7 October 1843 (N) Repeal Association

...Lismore...Clashmore, per D. Tracy, Esq., 10l. 12s....

4 November 1843 (N) Repeal Association

...Rev. Patrick Tracey, P.P. Ballybricken, Waterford...Piltown, Kilkenny, per Mr. D. Tracy £2/3/6...

July 19, 1844 (FJ) Repeal

Clashmore and Piltown, Waterford...D. Tracy, Esq.

20 July 1844 (N) Repeal Association

Clashmore and Piltown, Waterford...Doolan [Declan] Tracy, Esq.

15 March 1845 (N) O'Connell Tribute

Clashmore and Piltown, county Waterford...Piltown...D. Tracy, Esq., 1l...

6 December 1845 (N)

Clashmore and Pilltown, Co. Waterford...Declan Treacy, Esq., 1l...


1843 Summer, 1844 Spring & Summer Assizes Waterford

Patrick Treacy found quilty of erecting an illegal weir at Faithlegg. Nets up and fishing. 1844 Convicted.

Patrick Treacy, stake weir at Cheek Point. Nets up and fishing. Convicted before.

Patrick Treacy, Stake weir at Dunbrody. Convicted before. and Mr. Haughten submitted.

Patrick Tracey, illegally fishing at Kilmanock Weir (under Mr. Haughton), June 1843, Convicted, did not appeal

April 3, 1844 (FJ) Demolition of Fishing Weirs [Waterford]

...cleared a weir above Cheekpoint, belonging to Tracy...-Waterford Mail

8 June 1844 Wexford Conservative

The next case was against John Lynch for erecting a stake weir at Kilmanock. Mr. Haughton (one of the magistrates) said - I will retiure from the bench, as I am in some degree concerned in this case, and i beg to state, in reference to this weir, that I was applied to by a Mr. tracey to let him the site for erecting the weir, which I declined believing it illegal to erect a weir there. Since the war-steamer came into the river, Tracey again called on me, and stated that as the other stake weirs were fishing under the protection of the war steamer, he considered they were legal and, as I conceived the same, I let him the site on which the weir has been erected. However, as I was led in error to believe the government sent the steamer to protect the weirs, I think I may undertake that Tracey's weir shall be removed...

1 March 1845 Wexford Independent

Wexford Spring Assizes...Illegal Weirs...Dunbroady...Patrick Tracey and John Lynch similarly indicted, were called upon to enter into recognizances of a like nature [not to erect weirs] Tracy not being present, the case was ordered to stand over till the next day.

November 3, 1845 Passage County Waterford

James Redmond Barry, Esq., presiding

Present—Captain Bolton, R.N.; Captain Clarke, R.N.; Nicholas A. Power, Esq., Belleview; Lieutenant Colston, R.N.; L. Lambert, Esq.; Mr. Gillespie, " Viper" Cutter; Messrs. Tracy, O'Neill, and Cox. The attendance of the Fishermen interested in the Salmon and White Sea Fisheries was numerous.

…Patrick Tracy, claimant.

George Elliott, sworn.—Knows the weir in question, which is the joint property of Patrick Tracy and Thomas Whelan. It is an ebb weir, and has been continually fished for Sprats, to his knowledge, these thirty-seven years; that is as long as he knows Passage. Mr. Power, of Faithlegg, is paid £4 a year for it.

In reply to Mr. Barry, Thomas Whelan stated, that he had a lease of this weir, but it was now expired. He had been fishing it himself these twenty-seven years, and his father had it forty years before him. It was to Mr. Bolton's father that his father paid rent for it. Tracy, his partner, is joined with him about three years; it it is an ebb weir, and situate at Checkpoint…

1849 Report from the Select Committee on Fisheries

3 June 1846 Mr. Marry's report on the Weirs illegally erected in River Suir

...Mr. Houghan professed to be convinced of the impropriety of the proceeding, adsmitted that he had given a full assent to the construction of a head weir, by a person of the name of Patrick Tracy, of Cheek Point, and that the present weir was, as he supposed, erected by John Lynch, a servant of Tracy...

No.6 The Weir at Kilmannock was removed under an order from the magistrates of the county of Wexford, in 1844; case having been tried at summer assizes of that year, and Patrick Tracy and John Lynch both convicted.

"I may shortly conclude this report by saving that the judgement of the magistrates in the cases of Patrick Treacey, Catherine Walsh, Andrew Doherty and Patrick Meade, turn on the same point [ancient timber tide weir verse iron weir] save the facts in favour of their weirs are much stronger than in Mr. Power's, inasmuch as they can show a continuous erection in eveery year from about the year 1811 to the year 1842, in the form of a stake weir; and that the illegality of those weirs (save that of Catherine Walsh) must turn on the fact whether the convictions at the asssizes of Waterford in 1844 will not render them equally illegal with the rest."



20 July 1844 (N) Waterford Assizes

...guilty of committing a violent assult...on the person of Ellen Tracy, at Ballymoate...


16 November 1844 & 1849 (N) Waterford

...Rev. Patrick Tracy, Trinity Without, Waterford...

4 January 1845 (N) O'Connell Tribute

Parish of Butlerstown [Waterford] - Rev. Mr. Tracey, R.C.C...

25 October 1845 (N) Loyal National Repeal Association

Trinity Without, Waterford, per Rev. P. Tracey

3 February 1851 Cork Examiner

... Patrick Tracey, C.C., Trinity Without, been removed to Modrligo.

February 7, 1851 (FJ)

The Rev Patrick Tracey, CC, Trinity Without has been removed to Modeligo - Waterford News



Others came out openly in favour of some form of state-assisted colonization from Ireland. Rev. Patrick Tracey, a co. Waterford priest, made his position quite clear: 'I consider it my duty to recommend what... would ameliorate the condition of the poor man, and I consider that emigration would be a mode of doing it'.' Similar attitudes were not uncommon during the famine. While it is rather strange that only those who did in fact support emigration were asked directly for their views upon it, this divergence of opinion may have fairly reflected that amongst the clergy as a whole.

MacDonagh, Oliver (1947) The Irish Catholic Clergy and Emigration during the Great Famine. Irish Historical Studies, Vol. 5, No. 20 (Sep., 1947), pp. 287-302

1845 Law and practice in respect to the occupation of land in Ireland

Waterford list of Witnesses

Rev. Patrick Trac(e)y curate of Trinity Without and Butlerstown, evidence on Kinsale Beg near Youghal 9th October 1844

1845 Report from Her Majesty's Commissioners...Occupation of Land in Ireland

The Reverend Patrick Tracey, sworn and examined

1. Are you a parish priest ?—I am coadjutor curate to the Rev. Martin Flynn, who was examined here today, the parish priest of Trinity Without and Butlerstown. [full text]

February 23, 1846 (FJ)

Rev. Mr. Tracy, R.C. priest of Ballybricken, Waterford has been presented by his friends with a gold watch, chain and seal, for having restored accord among the agitating Repealers of that locality.

28 February 1846 Wexford Independent

Rev. Mr. Tracy. R.C. Priest of ballybricken, Waterford, has bneen presented by his friends with a gold watch, chain, and seal, for having restored concord among the Repealers of that locality.


15th November 1845 The Tablet

...The LIBERATOR...I call from this spot on the Repeal Wardens of Waterford, to apologise in as strong terms as they can to the Rev. Mr. Tracy...

22nd November 1845 The Tablet

WATERFORD. The LIBERATOR—I wish first to call the attention of the Association to a document received from Waterford to-day. "At a meeting of the Waterford committee of the Loyal National Repeal Association, held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1845—Mr. William Duggan in the chair. "Moved by Mr. James Delahunty, and seconded by Mr. William Sullivan, and passed unanimously :—That we withdraw and retract the expression ' unmindful of his country,' as applied to the Rev. Mr. Tracy, in the resolutions adopted by us on the 2nd of October last, and we also deem it right to state, that in its adoption we did not intend or wish to interfere with the authority of his ecclesiastical superiors. (Signed), "JAMES DELAHUNTY, Repeal Superintendent."


18 July 1846 (N) John Jack v. Patrick Rourke

John Jack, leasee of the Earl and Countess of Huntingdon...It was an action of ejectment on the title, brought to recover possession of the lands of Kilgabriel, now in possession of Declan Tracy and his sub-tenant...His Lordship...the jury had a right to satisfy themselves that a notice was given to each of the parts for the entire farm, and that Rourkle was the under-tenant of Mr. Tracy...The jury returned a verdict for the defendant, with 6d. costs.

22 Jul 1846 (CE) County Waterford Assizes

...Declan Tracy and his sub-tenants. The declaration contains two demises, one in the name of the Earl of Huntingdon and the second of both the Countess and Earl of Huntingdon. Both date the Ist of April, 1846...

...Tracey, and who, during a portion of that time paid rent for the whole of those lands, and receipts had been given to Tracey as representing the others. Notice to quit was served on the 24th of September. That was served on Tracey, and also on...


1846 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland

Luke Tracy, Main Street, Lismore. Butcher/Nail Maker

Michael Treacy, Grattan Street & Batchelor’s Quay, Youghal. Corn & Coal Merchant

Patrick Tracey (rev), clergy, Airmount.

Patrick Tracy (rev), curate, Mayor's Walk Waterford. Curate Trinity Without, Airmount.

Thomas Treacy, North Main St. Youghal. Public House


1846 Roman Catholic Diocese Of Waterford & Lismore

Parish Trinity without or Ballybricken, Bishop Flynn, M., Curate Tracy, Patrick, Post town Waterford


1846 Charitable Donations and Bequests (Ireland)

Mary Malone, of the Mayor's Walk, City of Waterford:

To Rev. Patrick Tracy, to be distributed amongst the poor of the parish of Trinity in said city.

Parliamentary Papers, Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons



In the valuation of 1846, James Tracy had a house and Maurice Tracy had a house at Glenpatrick [Rathgormuck Waterford]


15th July 1848 The Tablet

More Arrests...At half-past six o'clock, Mr. Meagher, accompanied by the Rev. Mr. Tracey, preceded by a large posse of constables and a troop of the 4th Light Dragoons, and followed by two companies of the 7th Fusiliers, the officers mounted, proceeded along the quays of Waterford, surrounded by a dense and threatening crow', until they came to the bridge, which had been by that time barricaded with piles of timber...

18th July 1848 The North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the Principality

Attempted rescue of Mr. Meagher. The following particulars of the circumstances attending Mr. Meagher's arrest are given in the Pilot...At half-past six o'clock, Mr. Meagher, accompanied by the Rev. T. Tracey, preceded by a large posse of constables and a troop of the 1th Dragoons, and followed by two companies of the 7th Fusiliers-the officers mounted -proceeded along the quays of Waterford, surrounded by a dense and threatening crowd, until they came to the bridge, which had been by that time barricaded with piles of timber...There would have been a dreadful scene of disaster had it not been for the exhortations of Mr. Meagher himself, with those of the Rev. Mr. Tracey. To these the people at length assented reluctantly, pulled down the bairicade, the traces were mended, and the party proceeded to Hallyhale, where they met the Dublin mail, and Mr. Meagher, Capt. Gunn, Constabulary inSpector, acconipanied by a few police, Who arrived with carbines, and 60 rounds of cartridges each proceeded to Dublin.

By John Walsh, of Cappoquin, Waterford. First printed in the Christmas number of the ‘Waterford Citizen’, 1869, over the signature ‘A Cappoquin Girl’.

Shaun O’Dwyer A Glanna

March 1886 Donahoe's Magazine, Boston

The Rev. Patrick Tracy, of the diocese of Waterford, Ireland, died recently, aged seventy-three years. He was ordained in 1837, and up to 1848 was connected with the parish of Trinity Without, Waterford, as a zealous and devoted missionary curate. He took an active and earnest interest in the 1848 movement, and was intimately associated with the late General T. F. Meagher, on which occasion, fortunately, his great influence over the masses saved that city from a sanguinary conflict, as the rescue of Meagher on the morning of his arrest was fully determined. In other parishes of the diocese he was distinguished for his zeal and charities, and had been a hard-working priest for nearly fifty years.

[Thomas Francis Meagher’s arrest] With the assistance, however, of the Rev. Mr. Tracy, who sat upon the box of the chaise, some order was restored, and the harness replaced. Mr. Meagher s faithful followers, the Ballybricken men, again exerted themselves to the utmost to see that his instructions were carried out...

[John O Mahony's Personal Narrative] "Meagher arrived alone He said, that on coming to Waterford at night, he had sent for the chief men of his club, and. (I believe) Father Tracy. The men came to him, Tracy did not. On his asking them to march, they said they could not without Father Tracy s advice and consent. Too late then to look for it, or to muster the club-men. Meagher not encouraged to wait. This Tracy, I afterwards understood, was the Byrne of Waterford Primum Mobile and chief adviser of the clubs, though not personally presiding over any club himself. (Meagher does not seem to blame this man. 1 do from the circumstance that his conduct on this first appeal to him was exactly the counterpart of Byrne's)."

Cavanagh, Michael (1892) Memoirs of Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher : comprising the leading events of his career chronologically arranged, with selections from his speeches, lectures and miscellaneous writings, including personal reminiscences.


1848 Loans made by Commission of Public Works

Daniel Tracey, Decies within Drum, Waterford, £92/5/4

Sessional Papers


1848-9 William Smith O'Brien Petition

Patt Treacy, Waterford

Patrick Tracy, Waterford RCC

Patrick Tracy, Waterford


1846-1851 New York arrivals

Mary Tracy, age 21, Spinster, Great Britain to USA, Waterford: Downes 04/11/1849

Ellen Tracy, age 22, Spinster, Ireland to USA, Waterford, Juliet 06/15/1849

Julia Tracey, age 20, Servant, Ireland to USA, Waterford: Oronoco 05/01/1851


September 16, 1848 (FJ) Waterford/Kilkenny/Tipperary

...the police barrack [Portlaw] was attacked by a rebel party...a party of dragoons chased the rebels into the woods of Portlaw and Curraghmore and took eight prisoners...On the same day there was an attack on the police barrack at Glenbower near Carrick...six hundred rebels commanded by O'Mahony, took up all the arms they could find in the neighbourhood of Kilmacthomas along the mountain foot of Comeragh and marched to Rathgormac to attack and burn the barrack...they killed a cow at the farm of H.W. Barron and had the head of it on one of the pikes; they shot two farmers named Tracey (tenants of Mr. Disney), who refused to give up their arms; one was shot through the head, the other through the breast...One man was shot dead on the spot and another died yesterday [12th September]...


Griffiths Valuation - Waterford 1848-51

The records are available online from the Waterford County Library. However, sometimes the link does not work.



By Area

Arthur Treacy Templevrick Ballylaneen Waterford


Catherine Tracy Mayor's-Walk Trinity Without Waterford


Declan Tracy Pilltown Kinsalebeg Waterford

Declan Treacy Kilgabriel Kinsalebeg Waterford


Denis Tracey Ballynacourty Dungarvan Waterford


James Tracey Town of Abbeyside Dungarvan Waterford

James Tracy Ardoginna Ardmore Waterford

James Tracy Glenpatrick Rathgormuck Waterford

James Tracy Town of Dungarvan. Buttery East. Dungarvan Waterford


Johanna Tracy Tramore West Maket Street Drumcannon Waterford


John Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

John Tracy Ballyduff East Kilmeadan Waterford

John Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

John Tracy Town of Dungarvan, Buttery West Dungarvan Waterford


Luke Tracy Town of Lismore Main St Lismore and Mocollop Waterford


Mary Tracey Woodstown Islandikane Waterford


Mathew Tracy Town of Cappoquin The Green Lismore and Mocollop Waterford

Matthew Tracy Town of Cappoquin Barrick Street Lismore and Mocollop Waterford


Michael Tracey Dromore Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballynaparka Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Knockaderry Lower Newcastle Waterford

Michael Woodstown Islandikane Waterford


Patrick Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

Patrick Tracy Ballynamoyntragh Kilmacleague Waterford

Patrick Tracy Browley West, Borheenclough Trinity Without Waterford

Patrick Tracy Carrickanure Newcastle Waterford

Patrick Tracy Cheekpoint Faithlegg Waterford


Richard Tracy Francis Street Contd Trinity Without Waterford


Thomas Tracy Carrickanure Newcastle Waterford

Thomas Tracy Graigueshoneen Ballylaneen Waterford

Thomas John Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Thomas Tracy Shanacoole Clashmore Waterford

Thomas Tracy Town of Abbeyside Dungarvan Waterford

Thomas Wm. Tracy Ballynaparka Aglish Waterford

Thos. Wm. Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford


Timothy Tracy Ballynacourty Dungarvan Waterford


Walter Tracy Carrick Road, Portlaw, Coolroe, Clonagam Waterford


William Tracy Carrickbeg Town Leaf Road Kilmoleran Waterford

William Tracy Coolroe, Mulgrave Street Clonagam Waterford

William Tracy Craggs Clashmore Waterford

John Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

John Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracey Dromore Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballynaparka Aglish Waterford

Michael Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Patrick Tracy Ballingowan East Aglish Waterford

Thomas John Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Thos. Wm. Tracy Ballynaparka Village of Aglish Aglish Waterford

Thomas Wm. Tracy Ballynaparka Aglish Waterford


James Tracy Ardoginna Ardmore Waterford


Arthur Treacy Templevrick Ballylaneen Waterford

Thomas Tracy Graigueshoneen Ballylaneen Waterford


Thomas Tracy Shanacoole Clashmore Waterford

William Tracy Craggs Clashmore Waterford


Walter Tracy Carrick Road, Portlaw, Coolroe, Clonagam Waterford

William Tracy Coolroe, Mulgrave Street Clonagam Waterford


Johanna Tracy Tramore West Maket Street Drumcannon Waterford


Denis Tracey Ballynacourty Dungarvan Waterford

James Tracey Town of Abbeyside Dungarvan Waterford

James Tracy Town of Dungarvan. Buttery East. Dungarvan Waterford

John Tracy Town of Dungarvan, Buttery West Dungarvan Waterford

Thomas Tracy Town of Abbeyside Dungarvan Waterford

Timothy Tracy Ballynacourty Dungarvan Waterford


Patrick Tracy Cheekpoint Faithlegg Waterford


Mary Tracey Woodstown Islandikane Waterford

Michael Woodstown Islandikane Waterford


Patrick Tracy Ballynamoyntragh Kilmacleague Waterford


John Tracy Ballyduff East Kilmeadan Waterford


Declan Tracy Pilltown Kinsalebeg Waterford

Declan Treacy Kilgabriel Kinsalebeg Waterford


William Tracy Carrickbeg Town Leaf Road Kilmoleran Waterford


Luke Tracy Town of Lismore Main St Lismore and Mocollop Waterford

Mathew Tracy Town of Cappoquin The Green Lismore and Mocollop Waterford

Matthew Tracy Town of Cappoquin Barrick Street Lismore and Mocollop Waterford


Michael Tracy Knockaderry Lower Newcastle Waterford

Patrick Tracy Carrickanure Newcastle Waterford

Thomas Tracy Carrickanure Newcastle Waterford


James Tracy Glenpatrick Rathgormuck Waterford


Catherine Tracy Mayor's-Walk Trinity Without Waterford

Patrick Tracy Browley West, Borheenclough Trinity Without Waterford

Richard Tracy Francis Street Contd Trinity Without Waterford


Pilltown House, Pilltown, Kinsalebeg, Waterford [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Declan Tracy was leasing this property from the Kennedy estate at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at over £12. Smith refers to it as "Pilltown, not long since the estate of the Walshes". The house is labelled Pilltown House on the 25-inch map of the 1890s. It is no longer extant. Tracy is noted as the owner of over 450 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s. A substantial mill, valued at £39, in the same townland was being leased by Peter Moore Fisher [X129800]. It was included in the sale of Fisher property in the Landed Estates Court in November 1865. The mill appears to have fallen into disuse by the end of the nineteenth century though the ruins remain.



Daisybank House, Cheekpoint, Faithlegg, Waterford

In 1848, Patrick Tracy was leasing this property from the Power estate when it was valued at over £18. The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage suggests it was built in the later eighteenth century and served as a hotel during its long history.



Ireland-Australia Transportation Database (1780-1868)



PLACE OF TRIAL: Co. Waterford

TRIAL DATE: 08/01/1849

CRIME DESCRIPTION: Receiving stolen goods

SENTENCE: Transportation 7 yrs



1 August 1849 Wexford Independent

Waterford Harbour Regatta - Dunmore East (from the Waterford Mail)...Second Race...Hookers...2nd prize won by 'Fly’, owner Pat Tracey...


1849 Receivers, Courts of Chancery and Exchequer

In the matter of Mary Quin, Widow, Petitioner...that persuant to an order made in the cause of Nicholas Mahon Power, plaintiff, and Hugh Power defendant, and report thereunder, dated the 7th day of January 1848, Michael Tracy, of Knockaderry, in the county of Waterford, land surveyor, was appointed received over the lands of Liffarry, otherwise Lughanny and Ballygoney, situated in barony of Iverk and county of Kilkenny, the property of the respondent...


March 11, 1850 (FJ) Waterford - Admiralty Case

...Denis Tracy...steering a fishing smack called the Liberty...Shamrock [of Dungarvin]...


1850 Thoms Directory of Ireland

M. Tracy, Curate, Tramore, Waterford

Patrick Tracy, Curate, Trinity Without or Ballybrikan, Waterford


1850 - 1852

25. 72 to 84 map, William Tracey, Carrickbeg, Townparks, Waterford, House and land, 24a/0r/18p, £53.17.0 rent, tenant from year to year


1850 Second & 1856 Eight & 1859 Ninth Report of All Hallows College Drumcondra Dublin


6 Nov 1854 letter from J.A. Tracy [James Austin Tracy], Cathedral House Calcutta East Indies

Students in the House:

Mr. J. Tracey of Waterford Diocese, from Mount Melleray School, to Calcutta E. Indies

Mr. B. Tracey/Tracy of Derry Diocese or Scotland (w.D.) Diocese, from Mr. M'Leery's School Glascow, to Glascow

Mr. J Tracey of Waterford Diocese, from Mount Mellary School, to Salford England


Rev James Tracy, departed April 1844 to Dacca Bengal or St. John's College Calcutta

Rev John Tracey, departed May 1858, to Salford England

Rev Bernard Tracy, departed September 1858, to St. Sulpice Paris for Scotland (W.D.)

Subscriptions in 1850

Mr DT Tracy, Rathmines £1

Calcutta, per Rev J.A. Tracy £7.15.10

Rev T Tracy, CC, Portlaw £1

Subscriptions in 1856

Rev Thomas Tracey, CC, Portlaw, Co. Waterford £1

Subscriptions in 1859

Rev Pat Tracy, CC, Kilrosenty £1

Mr. Deaclan Treacy, Ardsallagh £1

1871 Census - Whitwick, Leicestershire

James A Tracey, M, 50, b. Ireland, priest


August 30, 1851 (FJ) Mount Melleray - Its Schools - Annual Exhibition

...The recitations were performed...I am particularly struct by the declamations of...Master John Treacy, of Cappoquin...the pupils have distinguished themselves, during the last scholastic year, in the following order of merit...Matthew Treacy...John Treacy...

20 August 1852 (FJ) Collegiate School of Mountmelleray [Waterford]

…Master John Tracy, then delivered, in admirable style, one of O'Connell's speeches...

21 August 1852 (N) Collegiate School of Mountmelleray [Waterford]

Greek/Latin/English/Elocution/History/Grammer and Geography/Vocal music Improvement/Dramatic Debate...Matt Tracy. Distinctions in the Order of Merit: John Tracy...

23 August 1852 Cork Examiner

Collegiate Exercises At Mount Melleray Abbey... Master John Tracy then delivered, in admirable style, one of O'Connell's speeches…

August 11, 1853 (FJ) Collegiate School of Mountmelleray

…Mr. John Tracy, Cappoquin…Matt Tracy…

August 11, 1853 (FJ) Collegiate School of Mount Melleray

Latin...Matt Tracy, John Tracy...English...John Tracey...

30 July 1866 Cork Examiner

The Annual Exhibition At Mount Melleray Seminary, Cappoquin... J. Treacy, Kilmacthomas; [Waterford]...

[1857] Certainly, a decade later, similar complaints were being relayed to All Hallows. From the Salford diocese, Bishop William Turner wrote that he was unable to accept one student priest, even on a short-term basis, 'for six months or any period'. In refusing him, he said, 'I am sorry that Mr Tracey is so ultra-Irish but I hope that the advice and caution you will deem it necessary to give him would have its due effect'. [AHC Salford. Bishop William Turner to Reverend Dr Woodlock, 14 December 1857]

McNicholas. Anthony (2007) Politics, Religion and the Press: Irish Journalism in Mid-Victorian England. Peter Lang, Oxford.

11 April 1858 (N) Ecclesiastical

All Hallows College...the Archbishop of Dublin conferred tonsure on...John Tracy...Bernard Tracy...

2 April 1859 (N) Ecclesiastical

All Hallows College...Annual Report...John Tracy, Sub-deacon, to Salford, England...Bernard Tracy, Deacon, to the Seminary of St. Sulpice, to prepare for Scotland, W.D.

July 4, 1898 The Shan Van Vocht

A Pilgrimage to Bodenstown. (By Michael Cavanagh)...November 9th 1861... As our little party of Irish-Americans were preparing to start from the Shelboume Hotel, on this loving mission, it was unexpectedly reinforced by another exiled pilgrim- Mr. Kelly, a native of Waterford, but for many years a resident of Manchester. Having signified his intention of forming a “delegation of one” from his expatriated countrymen in Manchester, he had been furnished with a letter of introduction to me by a dearly beloved townsrnan of mine, the Rev. John Tracey, who felt confident that it would ensure the bearer a cordial reception. It not only fulfilled its object so far, but caused were old acquaintances, linked together by the mutual friendship we entertained for the patriot priest. When I left my old home, twelve years before, John Tracy was one of a band of Cappoquin boys, studying at the celebrated school of Melleray, several of whom have since become distinguished ornaments of the Irish missionary church celebrated alike for their efiiciency and zeal in propagating the faith in foreign lands, and for their loving devotion to their own dear isle…My dear friend, Father John Tracy, with a happier fate than any, died whilst on a visit to the home of his boyhood, and is blessed with a grave in front of the altar where he served Mass years before, and where the prayers of his people are surer to be perpetually offered up for his pure spirit’s eternal repose…

17 September 1864 (N) O'Brien Monument Committee

...Rev. John Tracy, St. Augustine's Manchester £1...

7th April 1866 The Tablet

Presentation To The Rev. John Tracy, Late of St. Augustine's, Manchester. (From Our Own Correspondent.)

On Sunday last, a deputation from the congregation of St. Augustine's consisting of Messrs. Brady, Kelly, M‘Coy, J. Brady, Blanchflower, and R. Clayton, waited upon the Rev. J. Tracy, at Heaton Norris, to present him with an address of affection expressing their regret at the separation, and wishing him happiness and success in the new mission to which he has been recently appointed by the Bishop. Accompanying the address was a purse of gold. The Rev. gentleman returned his grateful thanks, and acknowledged with much feeling the kindness which he had experienced during the years he laboured at St. Augustine's, both from the clergy and laity.

25 May 1872 (FJ)

We deeply regret the death of a good priest and a good Irishman, the Rev. John Tracy, of Manchester, who expired suddenly at Lismore on the 22nd inst...he had lately visited Cork for the purpose of inviting prominent Home Rulers to the Manchester meeting...

25 May 1872 (N) Death of the Rev. John Tracy

...Disease of the heart is understood to have been the cause of the sudden extinction of this valuable life...greatly beloved by the Irish People of Manchester for his many virtues, his love of the poor, and his sterling patriotism.

7 June 1873 (N) the Memory of a Patriot Priest

A solemn anniversary Requiem mass...attending...Rev. P. Tracy...He had the good fortune to have been born and to have spent his early years close to the famous Mount Mellery...All Hallows, near Dublin...


Rev John Tracy of Cappoquin Waterford & Salford England [brother of Matthew Tracy, the reporter of the Cork Herald]

The Manchester Martyrs

The Manchester Martyrs were William Allen, Michael Larkin and Michael O’Brien, all born in Ireland but living in Manchester and active Fenians. In 1867, after a most dubious trial, they were executed for their part in a successful ambush to free two Irish-American Fenian leaders Thomas Kelly and Timothy Deasy leaders from a prison van in which a policeman was shot dead. The Fenian leaders were not only freed but also spirited out of the country to New York, despite a £300 reward for their capture, about six times the average annual salary. Among those who helped Kelly escape were a Dr Kelly of Oxford Road and a Fr Tracy, evidence that Fenian sympathies were not just the preserve of the “low Irish” as the English press depicted the working-class Irish. Thomas Kelly on the run in the Cheetham Hill area, where he escaped from the police by changing clothes with a Father Tracey, before being taken to Liverpool by a Fenian who drove for a wine and spirit merchant. Concealed among the cases of wine he was delivered into friendly hands who assisted him to board a ship.


1851 Return of Sums allocated by Treasury for Promotion of Arterial Drainage

Daniel Tracey, Decies within Drum Waterford, £92/5/4


1851 Census Extracts - Waterford

27 Market St.

Egan or Ryan, Robert, 26, nm.

Treacy, Johanna, 48, mother, widow, Tipperary

Gough, Ellen, Servant



86 on map, John Treacy & Honora Cleary, Ballyduffe East [Kilmeadan Waterford?], 0a/1r/10p, £1.0.0 rent, £2.5.0 valuation, from year to year, determinable every 29th September


Encumbered Estate of James William Wall of Coolnamuck, owner. Includes Carrickbeg. 25 May 1852

Lot 11 Carrickbeg Town-Parks

25. William Tracey, House and Land, yr. to yr. ending March 25th


1852 RIC Service

Thomas Treacy, 15998, b. 1834 Kilkenny


15998 Thos Treacy, 18 years, 5'8.25", b. Kilky, Catholic, recommended W Graves Clk, lab, appointed 14 Ju 52, served Mayo 9 Oct 52 - Kildare - Waterford A58226/4042, P 1 June 1853, Reward R.F. £2 A61571/4095, Resigned 30/6/61 D96012/6910 Cansealled? A6727 Resigned 31/7/61 D76012/694, served 9 years 0.5 months, To better his condition Emigrate


October 11, 1853 (FJ) Catholic Church

...Rev P Treacy, CC. Modeligo to Tallow...Rev Thomas Treacy, CC Cahir to Portlaw...Rev John Treacy, CC, Cahir to Ardmore...


1853 Naturalization Declarations filed in Troy Justice Court

John Tracy, aged 37, Of Waterford, entered USA Jan 1851, Resides in Saratoga Co, Applied Dec 22 1853



5? on plan, Michael Treacy, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Waterford, House & Premises on 12p, £2 rent, year to year derterminable every 25th March


1853 Battersby's Registry for the Catholic World

Obituary...October 21. Mrs. Tracy, superioress of St. Clare's Convent, Newry, aged 66 years

Felix Tracy, Curate, Mounmellick

John Tracy, curate, Cahir

Thos Tracy, curate, Cahir

Patt Tracy, curate, Modeligo Cappoquin

William Tracy, PP, Kilcock

Chowringhee and Dacca...Rev J.A. Tracy

Pakoquetti USA, Jeremiah Tracy


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Thomas Tracey, born Waterford Ireland, 23 years, labourer, enlisted 25 Jun 1855 at Newport Kentucky by Maj Heintzelman for 5 years, blue eyes, S brown hair, dark complexion, 5’5”, Rifles F, deserted 15 Dec ‘57


1855 Tipperary

108b on map. Matthew Tracey, The Green, south side Town of Cappoquin, house and garden, 19' front, 16' rere, 0a/0r/5p, £1 rent, weekly tenant


16 February 1856 (N) Ecclesiastical

...the exemplary curate of Modeligo, the Rev. P. Tracy, has exchanged to Kilrosenty. [county Waterford]


27 December 1856 (N)

A deputation from the parishioners of Portlaw and Ballyduff waited, a few days since, on the Rev Thomas Tracy, their late curate, with an address and a liberal donation of £70...-Waterford News


1856 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland

Mathew Tracy, Main Street, Lismore, Waterford. Nail Maker

Maurice Treacy, Grattan Street, Youghal. Public House

Maurice Tracy, Grattan Street, Youghal. Coal Dealer

Michael Tracy, The Mall, Youghal. Salt & Lime Works/Timber Merchant/Coal Merchant

Michael Treacy, Grattan Street & Bachelor's Quay, Youghal. Corn Merchant

Thomas Tracey (rev), Portlaw, Waterford. Catholic Curate

Thomas Tracey, Bridge Street. Shopkeeper & Dealer In Sundries

Thomas Tracy, 21 Bridge Street. Baker

Thomas Treacy, North Main Street, Youghal. Public House


1856-7 British Tariff


Tidewaiters…Hugh J. Treacy

February 1863 Civil Service

Customs...Mr Hugh L Tracy, from 3rd to 2nd class...


19 December 1857 Wexford Independent

Stabbing - About half-past seven o'clock on Saturday eveing, two men, Peter Collins of Peter street, labourer, and Peter Tracy, of O'Brien street, a dealer in onions, quarrelled at the mayor's Walk, and in the scuffle both fell, and when Tracey stabbed Collins with a knife, twice in the abdomen and once in the side...The wounds are of a serious type, and Tracey will be detained in custody till Collins be pronounced out of danger. - Waterford Mail


1857 RIC Service

Michael Treacy, 21936, b. 1836 Waterford


21936 Michl Treacy, 21 years, 5'9.75", b. Wat, Catholic, recommended by Lord Stesart dn Decies, lab, allocated 17 Sep 57, served Cork W 17 Jan 58, died 17th March 59 A75856/4028


July 1, 1858 (FJ) Catholic Church

The Rev J. Tracey, CC, was presented on Sunday last, at Ballyneale, with an address and purse, containing fifty sovereigns to mark the appreciation of his worth and the regret felt for his departure by the inhabitants of Ardmore. The deputation was most hospitably entertained by the truly Irish P.P. of Ballyneale.


1858 RIC Service

Michael Tracy, 23863, b. 1838 Kings


23863 Michl Tracy, 20 years. 5'9.5", b. Kings, Catholic, married 10/11/80 wife from Waterford, recommended by S.W. Tarleton JP, lab, allocated 11 Sept 58, served Wat 12 Feb 59 - City 1/10/70 - Roscommon 15/12/80, Punishments 4/12/60 - 8/11/75 - 26/11/77, Pensioned 1st July 1884 23863D/89076, served 25 years 9 months, pension £46.0.0


1858 The Dublin Hospital Gazette

Royal College of Surgeons. List of gentlemen who obtained the diploma in the previous year

Maurice Charles Tracy, Pilltown, county Waterford.

1858 Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. The following gentlemen have obtained the Diploma of the College during the present year:

Maurice Charles Tracy, Pilltown, county Waterford

The British Medical Journal, Vol. 2, No. 98 (Nov. 13, 1858), pp. 956-957

Maurice Tracey, 20 Apr 1859, C. of G. Hope.

1861 [2853] Army Medical Department

...M. Tracy, appointed 20 April 1859, Canterbury station...

1865 [3566] Army Medical Department

Maurice Tracey, commissioned 20th April 1859, assistant surgeon 1863, staff [21st Foot?]


1858 Members:

John Tracy, Rev CC Clogheen, Tipperary?

Patrick Treacy, Rev CC, Kilrosenty, Lamybrien, Co. Waterford

Stephen Treacy, Esq., Officer of Inland Revenue Dublin.

Transactions of the Ossianic Society 1858, Dublin 1861


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Declan Tracy 2 Oct 1885 Piltown Waterford, farmer, to Catherine Tracy, spinster and universal legatee

Deelan [Declan] Tracy 29 Mar 1865 Piltown Waterford, gentleman farmer, to son Michael Gerard Tracy, gentleman farmer

Hugh Treacy 31 May 1918 34 Thomas Street Waterford, steward, to Annie Treacy widow

Maurice Charles Tracy 9 Apr 1873 Marlborough Street Cork, assistant surgeon in HM army unattached a widower, to brother Declan Tracy of Piltown (Clashmore County Waterford), gentleman

Peter Tracey 1 Dec 1871 John street Waterford, publican and sailmaker, to Bridget Tracey widow

Thomas Tracey Rev 30 Jan 1872 Seaview Cottage Bonmahon Waterford, RC Clergyman, by Rev Roger Power of All Saints near Kill PP and John O’Brien of King Street Waterford, solicitor

William Tracy 19 Jan 1880 Carrickbeg Waterford, farmer, to Catherine Tracy widow

William Treacy 21 Nov 1914 Aglish Waterford, shopkeeper, to Mary Treacy, widow


Ellen Mary Ryan 13 Apr 1869 Tramore Waterford, widow, to brother Rev Thomas Tracey of Bonmahon, RC

Ellen Mary Ryan 13 Apr 1869 Tramore Waterford, widow, left unadminister by brother Rev Thomas Tracey, to brother Rev Patrick Tracey of Aglish Cappoquin, RC


4-7 March 1859 Cork Examiner

... Rev. P. Tracy, C.C., Kilrosenty, brother to the bride, assisted the Rev. Gerald F. Long, P.P.. Clashmore, the Rev. John Mullins, P.P., Old Pariah, and the Rev. P....


1859 Commissioners of National Education

P. Treacy, teacher 4th class, Garranbane, Waterford.


October 4, 1860 (FJ) Catholic Intelligence

New Presentation Convent, Mountmellick...and a bride's cake, bearing a number of suitable mottoes presented by Mr. Tracy, confectioner, of Mountmellick.


December 19, 1860 (FJ) Catholic Intelligence

...Presentation Convent, Lismore. The young lady who had the supreme happiness to register her vows on this occasion was Miss Bridget O'Brien, elder daughter of Mr. Jeremiah O'Brien, Ballimacart, Dungarvan and niece to the Reverends Patrick, Thomas and John Tracey, all Catholic curates in this diocese...


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

John Tracey, b. 1842, Raigormick, Waterford

Martin Tracey, b. 1877 Waterford, Waterford

Stephen Tracey, b. 1864 Tramore, Waterford

Thomas Treacy, b. 1862 Dungarvan, Waterford

William Tracy, b. 1844 Cappoquin, Waterford

Militia Service Records (WO96) [Home Guard/Territorial Army]

James Tracy, b. 1880, Waterford, Waterford


Denis Tracey, b. 1861 Dungarvan Waterford 1896 Crew List


1861 - 59 Booth St, Hulme St John Manchester Lancashire

Geo Tracey, Head, 50, b. 1811 Waterford Ireland, collectotr of debts

Mary Tracey, Wife, 51, b. 1810 Coonagh [Limerick?] Ireland,

1861 Census - Green Street, Collegiate Church, Manchester, Lancashire

P N Stepham, Rev                Head       M            52           France, unmarried, Catholic Priest To St Joseph

John Tracey, Rev   ...            M            30           b. 1831 Ireland, unmarried, Catholic Priest To St Joseph

Bridget Carrall       Servant   F             28           Ireland

Catherine Carrall   Servant   F             26           Ireland


1861 Subscribers:

Rev. F Tracey PP, Ballyna, Enfield (Meath?)

Rev P Treacy CC, Killresenty (Kilrossanty, Waterford?)

Rev J Treacy CC, Carrick-on-Suir (Tipperary)

Rev R? Treacy CC, Ring Dungarvan (Waterford)

Fitzpatrick WJ (1861) The Life, Times & Correspondence of the Right Rev. Dr Doyle, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin. Duffy, Dublin.


Some were non-committal. Others came out openly in favour of some form of state-assisted colonization from Ireland. Rev. Patrick Tracey, a Co. Waterford priest, made his position quite clear: ‘I consider it my duty to recommend what…would ameliorate the condition of the poor man…”

1938 Irish Historical Studies: Joint Journal of the Irish Historical Society and... - Page 289



[Patrick Treacy] Darrigle [Portlaw Waterford? 1r/20p & 2a/1r/30p, 8s & £2.10.0, Valued at the sum, now occupied by Patrick Treacy, the owners wood-ranger and rent included as part of his wages.



Declan Tracy, Kilgabriel, Decies & Drum, Waterford, £89.7.6 rent, 88a/3/12p, £63 valuation, Lease dated 4th November 1862 made by Sir Charles Edward Kennedy to said Declan tracey for 31 years from the 29th of September 1862. Lease reserves...public right of way...


Declan Tracy, Garrananaspick & Kilmaloo West & Pilltown (sub-denominations of Ballalag, Ringawn and Widow's farm), Decies & Drum, Waterford, £307 rent, 454a/0r/37p, £347.11.0 valuation, Lease dated 20th March 1833 made by Charles Edward Kennedy to said Declan Treacy for the life of Augustus Frederick Duke of Leinster or 100 years from the 25 March 1833. The lease reserves...[6 rights of way]...


1862 - 1864 National education (Ireland)

M. Tracy, R.C. teacher, male R.C. Touraneena, Seskinan, Waterford

Mary Tracey, R.C., Head, female R.C. 7 EC/130 RC, Touraneena, Seskinan, Waterford

Patrick Treacy, R.C., Head, R.C., 127 RC, Garrabane, Kilgobnet, Waterford


13 May 1863 (FJ) Death of the Rev. Patrick Cleary D.D.

...Dungarvan...Patrick Tracy, John Tracy...


26 June 1863 Cork Examiner [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

... Charles Tracy, Esq., Army Medical staff, youngest son of Declan Tracy. Esq., Piltown, Co. Waterford, to Mary, eldest daughter of...

30 June 1863 (FJ) Married

May 12 at St. Augustine's Catholic Church, Port Elizabeth, Algoa Bay, Cape of Good Hope, by the Most Rev. Thomas Murphy, D.D., Maurice Charles Tracy, Army Medical Staff, youngest son of Declan Tracy, Esq, Piltown, County Waterford, to Mary, eldest daughter of Charles Honsley[?], Esq, surgeon, Port Elizabeth.


23 October 1863 Irish Times

Fisheries Commission - Waterford

The next case was that of Hugh Tracey. Tracey proved that his weir was a head weir and that his father fished it before him. Thomas Whelan, 70 years of age, knew Tracey’s weir for 30 years. The weir was condemned.

23 October 1863 Cork Examiner

The Fisheries Commission... of Hugh Tracy. Hugh Tracy, examined by Mr. Elliott—l am the owner of a head weir, and fished it about three years; my father had...

24 October 1863 Wexford Independent

...Hugh Tracy examined...I am the owner of a head weir, and fished it about three years; my father had a Scotch weir there before; I made it a "sprat weir", and before that it was also a head weir; I only fished for sprats, but before my time it was fished for salmon; the landlord, Mr. Power, gave me leave to fish.

...Thomas Whelan examined...I cannot say anything about Tracy's weir; I know his weir as a Scotch weir for thirty years; there was a little head weir there before the Scotch weir...

...James Ryan examined...there was no weir where Tracy's weir is until 1836...

The weir was condemed.

1864 Special Commissioners for Irish Fisheries - Fixed Nets

Suir, hard weir, Hugh Treacey & N. Power, Faithlegg Faithlegg Gualtiere Waterford, To be abated as being injurious to navigation, and not having suffiicient legal title as required...21st Oct 1863


1863 Medical Register

Daniel Tracey, registered 22 Jan 1850, St John's Fever Hospital Limerick, Lic. Apoth. Hall Dubl 1818

John Wise Tracy, registered 1 Jan 1859, 10 Acacia road St John's Wood London NW, Lic. Soc. Apoth. Lond. 1832 Mem. R. Coll. Surg. Eng. 1851

Maurice Charles Tracy, registed 21 June 1859, Army, Lic. R. Coll. Surg. Irel. 1858

Samuel John Tracy, registered 1 Jan 1859, 28 Old Burlington stree London W & Merton Surrey, Mem. R. Coll. Surg. Eng. 1849 Lic. R. Coll. Phys. Edin. 1860.


19th March 1864 The Tablet

The followitig Clergymen attended in choir :—... Patt Tracy, Kilrosenty…Thos Tracey, Kill…


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Bridget, Dungarvan, Waterford. 19 692

Tracey, George, Waterford, Kilkenny/Waterford. 19 869

Tracey, John, Youghal, Waterford/Cork East. 9 1026

Tracey, Patrick, Carrick-on-Suir, Waterford/Kilkenny/Tipperary South. 4 536

Tracy, James, Clonmel, Tipperary/Waterford. 9 685

Tracy, Margaret, Carrick-on-Suir, Waterford/Kilkenny/Tipperary South. 4 528

Treacy, Emily, Waterford, Kilkenny/Waterford. 4 830

Treacy, Thomas, Youghal, Waterford/Cork East. 14 945

Treasy, Margaret, Waterford, Kilkenny/Waterford. 9 951


February 1864 to 1868 London Gazette

Inland Revenue - Copy of Bankers Returns - Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists

Thomas Tracy, Rev., Ring, County Waterford


3 April 1865 Cork Examiner [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

... Declan Treacy. Esq., father of the Revs. Patrick, Thomas, and John Treacy. C.C.'s, and father-in-law of Alderman Ryan, of Waterford...


17 June 1865 (N) Catholic Institution Deaf and Dumb Cabra

...Miss M Tracy, Tournaneena, Ballinawell...[Waterford or Tipperary?]

17 June 1865 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb, Cabra

Collections...Miss M Tracy, Tonraneena, Ballinawell, per card...


1865 Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry of Ireland, England and Scotland

Bernard Tracey, St. Mary's Pollockshaws Renfrewshire Scotland [of Derry]

Felix Treacy, Balyna, Enfield, Kildare & Leighlin

John Tracey, Carrickbeg, Carrick-on-Suir, Waterf. & Lism.

John Tracey, Salford Lancashire England [of Cappoquin Waterford]

John Tracy, Cappoquin, Waterf. & Lism.

Michael Tracy, Derry, Derry

Pat. Tracy, Kilrosanty and Fews, Kilmacthomas, Waterf. & Lism.

Patrick Ambrose Treacy, Christian Schools - Carlow

Thos. Tracey, Kill and Newtown, Kilmacthomas, Waterf. & Lism.

Wm. Treacy, Kilcock, Kildare & Leighlin

Diocese of Erie

Clearfield Co. Clearfield, St. Francis, rev. Thomas Tracy...

Manchester, St. Augustine's Granby-rown Rev...John Tracey...

Stockport...St. Josephs Rev...P. Tracey...

Renfrewshire...Pollockshaws St. Mary's Rev B. Tracey

Alphabetical list of Parish Priest in Ireland

Treacy, Wm, Kildare & Leighlin, Kilcock

Treacy, Felix, Kildare & Leighlin, Enfield

Alphabetical list of Curates in Ireland

Tracey, J., Waterf. & Lism., Car.-on-Suir

Tracey, Thos., Waterf. & Lism., Kilmacthomas

Tracy, J., Waterf. & Lism., Cappoquin

Tracy, Michael, Derry, Derry

Tracy Pat, Waterf. & Lism., Kilmacthoma

CarrickBeg...curate...Tracy, John...

Kill and Newtown...Curate...Tracy, T...

Kilrosanty and Fews...Curate... Tracy, Patt...

Templemore or Derry, Bishops Parish,.curate...Tracy, Mich...

Christian Schools - Carlow Br. Amb. Treacy



2. William Tracey, Carrickbeg Town parks with its subdenominations of Coolnamuck Road North side, Upperthird, Waterford, 24a/2r/30p, £40.15.4 rent, tenant from year to year


15 December 1866 (N) Saint Joseph's Convent, Tallow, Co. Waterford

...present...Rev J. Tracey, C.C., Tallow...


1866-1914 Dog Licence Registers of Ireland

- Alphabetical

- by County


British Postal Service Appointments

John Tracy, 1866, Cappoquin [Waterford] to Whitechurch; Ired

J Tracey, 1874, Waterford

Patrick Treacy, 1904, Waterford To Kilmeadon


1866 Catholic directory, almanac and registry of Ireland, England and Scotland.

Shropshire, Oswestry, Rev. P. Tracey

Diocese of Salford, Heaton Norris, John Tracy

1869 Catholic directory, almanac and registry of Ireland, England and Scotland.

Diocese of Salford, Heaton Norris, Rev John Tracy


10 August 1867 (FJ) Carmelite Convent Tallow, County Waterford

...Rev P. Treacy, CC, Kilrosenty; Rev J. Tracy, OD, Tallow...


31 August 1867 (FJ) Insolvent Debtors

At Waterford, October 21: William Treacy, late of Coolnamuck, in the county of Waterford, Farmer and Road Contractor.

31 August 1867 Dublin Evening Mail

Insolvents...At Waterford, on Oct 21 - Wm Treacy, late of Coolnamuck, in the county of Waterford, farmer and road contractor, previously of same place, farmer.


1850-1883 New York Emigrant Savings Bank Records

30 Sept 1867 61387 Matthew Treacy born 1830 Waterford, wife Ellen Hennisk? born 1833 Waterford, of 103 Greenwich, Park Keeper, 1850 pr? "Buinup? Alice" 1853 "R Kelly" nee McGrath


1867 Irish Law Times

At Waterford, county Waterford, Oct 21

William Treacy, discharged


28 January 1868 Cork Examiner [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

... Condon—Tracy—On the 25th inst, at the Catholic Church of Pil1town, Waterford. the Rev. P. Tracy. Kiin-s--sputy, brother to the bride...


10 February 1868 (FJ) The Limerick Declaration

...John Tracey, C.C., Tallow, County Waterford...

22 June 1868 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb, Cabra

...Rev Dr Tracey, CC, do [Tallow]...


17 August 1868 Cork Examiner [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Tracy—Howard—Aug. at St. John's. P.Q., Maurice Charles Frederick Tracy, Staff Assistant Surgeon, son of the late Declan...


14 November 1868 (N) St. John's College, Waterford

...Rev Thomas Tracey, CC, Kill...Rev P. Tracey, CC, Kilrosenty...Rev John Tracey, CC, Slievegue...


1868 Edition - Harvey's Waterford Almanac and Directory

Peter Tracey, grocer and publican, 56 John Street

Richard Tracey, baker, 24 Henry Street


1868 Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Royal Naval Reserve BT 164/18

Thomas Treacy, Waterford, 1614 P


1869 RIC Service [retired Limerick]

Martin Treacy, 35513, b. 1849 Tipperary


35513 Martin Treacy, 19 years, 5'10.25", b. Tipp S?R, Catholic, married 16 July 78 wife from Dublin City, recommended by SI Holland, farmer, allocated 1 May '69, served Waterford 28 Aug 1869 - Limerick 1/5/78, Reward & Punishments, Pensioned 1.10.96 35313D/19983.


1869 Catholic Clergy Waterford

Patrick Tracy, curate, Aglish

Thomas Tracy, curate, Kill


4 February 1870 - Waterford Chronicle

...charged Johanna Furniss with deserting her child...Sally Hammond...Mary Tracy sworn, deposed that this child was left in her bed whilst she was sick, and it had beeen fathered on her son Andrew...she had two deserted children...The chairman told Sally that if she refused to be sworn he could send her to bridewell. Sally, after several qualms, kissed the book. She deposed to the father of the child, Andrew Tracey, paying her 2s 6d week for four weeks for the support of the Child; Mary Tracey (Andrew’s mother) told her she would paid for the childs support; the father went away, and she did not know any more about it...Mary Cassidy was the godmother...


1870 RIC Service

John Tracy, 25032, b. 1839 Limerick


25032 John Tracy, 20 years, 5'7.5", b. Limk, Catholic, recommended by S.In Murphy, lab, allocated 17 Aug 59, served Wick 14 Jan 60 - Waterford - Wat City 1/7/70, R2SC for 14 Morcbs? 1/1/63, Punishment, resigned 12 March 1871, to go to America


7 July 1870 (FJ)

...Rev. T. Treacy, C.C., Knockmahon [Waterford]...


7 July 1870 (FJ)

Rev. P. Tracy, CC, Aglish, Cappoquin


1870 Slaters

Bonmahon Co. Waterford

Rev Thomas Tracy


Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services

John James Treacy, b. 7 Dec 1870 Crooke, Waterford, 136949 Online Document ADM 188/188 Nation al Archives

1853-1923 Royal Navy

John James Treacy. Official Number: 136949. Place of Birth: Crooke, Waterford. Date of Birth: 07 December 1870.


17 July 1871 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb, Cabra

Rev. Thos Tracy, CC, Bunmahon, do [Waterford?]...


1871 British Census

James Tracey, spouse Ellen, b. abt 1821 Waterford Ireland, Gloucestershire England

= Ellen Tracey, spouse James, b. abt 1830 Waterford Ireland, Gloucestershire England

Mary Ann Tracey, b. abt 1817 Waterford Ireland, Lancashire England

Mary Ann Tracey, lodger, 34, married, b. 1837 Warterford Ireland, Toxteth Park West Derby Lancashire

Michael Tracey, b. abt 1850 Waterford Ireland, Gloucestershire England

Norah Tracey, b. abt 1851 Waterford Ireland, Gloucestershire England


15 July 1872 (FJ) Deaf & Dumb, Cabra

...Rev. Patk Treacy, CC, Aglish, Cappoquin...


1 November 1873 Freeman's Journal [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Tracy - Oct. 24, at Piltown, Youghal, Anne. daughter Of the Late Declan Tracy Esq., Pilltown Co. Waterford.

29 November 1873 Pilot (Boston Ma)

Oct. 24, st Piltown, Youghal, Anne, daughter of the late Declan Tracey, esq., Piltown, co. Waterford.


1874 The Medical Register

June 21

Maurice Charles Tracy (Pilltown, county Waterford?)

Staff Assistant Surgeon, Army

Lic. R. Coll. Surg. Irel. 1858

May 14

Richard Thomas Tracy (Limerick?)

190 Collins Street East, Melbourne, Australia

Lic. R. Coll. Surg. Irel. 1848

M.D. Univ. Glasg. 1849.


22 February 1875 (NJ) Rolls Court [Waterford]

Chatteris v. Tracey...against the Rev. Patrick Tracey and Mr J Ryan of Waterford as represenatives of the late Andrew Ryan, Esq., of Waterford [died March 1867]...His widow, Mrs Ellen Mary Ryan, took administration, and distributed his assets, reserving, however a sum of £430...Marseilles Company. She died before any claim was made, and although her brother, the Rev. Thos. Tracey, took out administration to her, the money was allowed to remain in the bank undisturbed for two years, when he died, and his brother, the Rev. Patrick Tracey, then took out administration, and in the month of February 1873...drew the money out of the bank...Money will be paid.

February 1875

Rev Patrick Tracey and Mr. John Ryan of Waterford, the representatives of the late Andrew Ryan, Esq, of Knock House, in the city of Waterford.


1875 Tewksbury Almshouse Intake Record

James Tracey, age 31

25 May 1875 Boston removed from New York

31 b Ire Co. Waterford land New York Sept 1867 per SS City of Baltimore. Direct to Jersey & went to work on farm there 2 yrs - Paterson N,J. 18 mos then to Boston short time Hyde Park few mos then Newark N.J. 3.25 yrs then New York & Penn till Nov last then came to Providence via NY & Prov SS Co thence to Boston via BosRR & then to work on RR near White Mountane NH till March 2, then Nalthann till May 20 then Boston till sent there - single - Currier & laborer N.N. No Esk No Lades - Pa Dennis & Ellen both d Ire - Bro Dennis Tracy Cor 20th St & 4th Ave Brooklyn NY Syph in Nov last in Boston - Has veneral warts - Intemp - No other Inst.


30th Sept 1876 Major Ferry Boat Accident at Ferrypoint

Thirteen people lost their lives in the last major ferry boat accident between Youghal and Ferrypoint which occurred on Saturday 30th September 1876.

...John Tracy/Treacy from Aglish...


October 1876 Terrible Boating Catastrope

Ferry boat at Youghal...The names of those missing are...John Tracy...

6th October 1876 Monmouthshire Merlin

The Terrible Boat Accident At Youghal. Fourteen Lives Lost. The ferry boat swamped at Youghal, on Saturday evening, was an open craft of three tons burthen, rowed by four oars. There were 22 passengers on boafrd besides the boatmen, the passengers being all farmers and their wives returning from market in Youghal...The names of the drowned are: Patrick Keane, Miohael Keane, Richard Staunton, Ellen Budds, Margaret Foley, John Treacy, Robert Wynne, Mary Keane, Julia Curry, John Shanahan, Mary Carroll, and the boatmen Davite, Mahony, and William Carty.


1876 Landowners in Ireland (over 1 acre)

Declan Tracy, Piltown, Youghal, Waterford. 453a/0r/0p. £537.0.0

1876 (412) Owners of land (Ireland). Return to an order of the honourable the House of Commons, dated 20 July 1876

Waterford: Declan Tracy, 201a, £121


25 May 1877 (FJ) Jubilee of Pope

...John Tracey, TC, do [Cork]...

...Patrick Tracy, CC, Aglish [Waterford]...D Tracy, AB, TCD, do [Clashmore, county Waterford]...


13 July 1877 (FJ) A.M.D.G. Mount Melleray Seminary [Waterford]

Rhetoric Class - Greek...Disinctions...Patrick Treacy...Greek Composition...Disinctions - Patrick Treacy...Science - Second Class - 1st Place...Patrick Treacy...Elocution...Distinctions...P Treacy...


1877 Waterford Almanac and Street Directory

John Tracey, 26 Spring Garden Alley, Waterford. Labourer

Margaret Treacy, 4 Bank Lane, Waterford. Dressmaker


12 January 1878 (FJ) Tracey v. Pedder

The action was brought to recover £20 damages for wrongful dismissal of the plaintiff from his employment as groom, in the service of the defendant, who is a lady residing in the county of Waterford...second count...£4 alleged to be due as wages...reserved judgment.

January 1878 Tracey v. Pedder

Mr. Gibaou applied to remit this case to the Chairman of the County of Waterford.

The plaintiff was a groom to the defendant, a lady named Pedder, and the action was brought for wrongful dismissal, the damages laid at £20. There was a second count for wages amounting to £4...


23rd April 1878 South Wales Daily News

The Desperate Attempted Murder At Cardiff. On Monday, Hugh Tracey [of Waterford?], the poor fellow who was so severely stabbed by the Greek Dovboch onboard the Agnes Sutherland in PenarUi Roads last Thursday, was not so well as on the day before. A slight relapse appeared to have set in, It is hoped that this unfavourable change is merely of a temporary character, and that the young Irishman is likely to recover.


1878 Hydaspes
Sailed Plymouth England 10 August 1878 - arrived Lyttelton New Zealand 9th November 1878

Colonial Nominated – Single Men

Laurence Treacy, 21 years, of Waterford, Farm Labourer

Hydaspes arrived Canterbury 09 Nov 1878 (assisted emigration)

Laurence Treacy, 21 years, single, farm labourer, of Waterford


1880 Wexford

John Treacy Meaher, 47, 5'2.5" l Br hair, blue eyes, sandy hair, born Ballyduff Lismore, of no fixed place, vagrant, Prot?, R&W, 14 days, August

John Treacy Maher, 47, 5'2.5" l Br hair, blue eyes, sandy hair, born Ballyduff Lismore, of no fixed place, vagrant, RC, R&W, 3 week, September


30th July 1881 The Aberystwith Observer

...Royal Humane Society...The Society's medalion was also awarded to Hugh J. Tracey, custom-house officer, for saving Michael Browne and Mary Power. The girl accidentally fell into a river 12ft. deep at Waterford. Browne jumped in and attempted to rescue her. The girl clasped him tightly, and they were both in imminent danger of being drowned, when Tracey ran to the spot, jumped in at considerable personal risk, and saved both of them.


1881 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland

Declan Tracey, Piltown, Youghal. Gentry & Clergy.

Mathew Tracey, Cappoquin, Waterford. Nail Maker

David Treacy, 79 North Main Street, Youghal. Grocer


The Very Rev. Patrick Treacy, Priest-is-charge of the Stratford Parish since 1901, was born in County Limerick, Ireland. He was ordained at Waterford in the year 1881, and came out to Wellington, New Zealand, in the same year. Before settling in Stratford, Father Treacy had been stationed at Lyttelton, Masterton, Kumara, Geraldine, Hawarden and New Plymouth.


1881 British Census (LDS)

Margaret Barnes [Tracey], Head, W, Female, 48, Waterford, Ireland, Fish Hawker, 2 Bridge St, Swansea Town, Glamorgan, Wales

Michael Tracey, Son, U, Male, 22, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, Furnaceman Copper (Works),

Johanna Tracey Daug, U, Female, 13, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, Scholar,

James Tracey, Son, Male, 9, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales, Scholar,

Patrick Tracey, 44 years, born Waterford, widow, Tailor, 25 Bridge St Swansea Town Glamorgan

Agnes, 16 years, born Swansea, daughter, Tailoress

John, 14 years, born Swansea, son, Common labr

Mary, 11 years, born Swansea, daughter

Louisa, 10 years, born Swansea, daughter

Julia, 5 years, born Swansea, daughter

Margaret, 3 years, born Swansea, daughter

Thomas Tracy, Lodger, Single, M, 20, Lab, Port Law Waterford; 6 Egerton St, Barton, Lancashire

Bridget Tracy, Lodger, Single, F, 21, Spinner (C), Dublin; (same address)

William Treacey, 36 years, born Limerick, labourer, married, 35 Hopwood St. Liverpool Lanc.

Mary Ann, 33 years, born Waterford, wife

Katey, 9 years, born Dublin, daughter

Sarah, 7 years, born Dublin, daughter

Michael, 4 years, born Liverpool, son

Mary, 15 months, born Liverpool, daughter


1881 Return of crimes against human life

Waterford, Michael Tracy Patrick Ryan, assult endangering life 6 Sep 1880 on Michael Power, fined 10s. each at Petty Sessions. William Prendergast was also tried for the same offence and discharged.


1881 Ship: Happy Go Lucky; Official number: 27350.

Michael Tracy; rank/rating, Able Seaman; year of birth, 1831; place of birth, Dungarnon [Dungarvan, Waterford?]; previous ship, Annie of Fleetwood.

BT 99/1303


William Tracy; rank/rating, Chief Steward; year of birth, 1838; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship,

BT 99/1313

1891 Ship: Hutton Hall; Official number: 87954.

Thomas Treacy; rank/rating, Able Seaman; age, 19; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Caesarea of London.

BT 99/1708


1882 Return of judicial rents

Thomas Treacy of Ballinacourty Waterford, landlord Robert T. Lonegan, 1a/2r/23p, poor valuation £1/15/0, old rent £4/9/0, new rent £3/6/0

Timothy Tracey of Ballinacourty Waterford, landlord Catherine Lonegan & another, 2a/1r/17p, poor valuation £3/5/0, old rent £6/5/0, new rent £4/15/0


1882 Return of Payments to Landlords

Declan Treacy, 4 holdings, annual rent £65/5/8, amount paid £51/19/2

1883 Return of judicial rents

Declan Fitzgerald of Garranspot Waterford, landlord Declan Treacy, 17a/1r/3p, poor valuation £10/10/0, old rent £13/6/0, new rent £12/5/0

1884 [C.4059] Arrears of Rent (Ireland) Act, 1882 - Landlords

Declan Treacy, Waterford, 4 holdings, £63.5.8 rent, £108.8.10 arrears 1880, £51.19.2 paid by commission


October 1884 National and Labour Demonstration, Villierstown

...Michael Treacy, secretary of the local Labourers' League...


The Poole Photographic Collection [National Library of Ireland]

1884 Cabinet commissioned by Mr. Tracey, New Ross

1884 Cabinet commissioned by Revd. W. Tracey, Kilkenny

1885 Cabinet commissioned by Miss Tracey, New Ross

1885 Cabinet commissioned by Mr. Tracey, New Ross

1886/7 Cabinet commissioned by Miss Tracey, Michael Street [New Ross]

1887 Cabinet commissioned by Miss Tracey, Newtown

1890 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss B. Tracy, c/o Mr. R. White, Newtown

1891 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss E. Tracey, Tullogher, New Ross

1891 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss M. Tracey, Tullogher, New Ross

1891 Carte de visite commissioned by Mr. Tracey, Tullogher, New Ross

1896/7 Group commissioned by Miss Tracey, Industrial School

1900 Group commissioned by Mr. S. Tracy, New Ross

1906 Cabinet commissioned by Miss A. Tracey, Main Street, Cappoquin

1908/7 Carte de visite commissioned by Mr. J. Tracey, Fiddown, County Kilkenny

1908/9 Carte de visite vignette commissioned by Mr. G. Treacey, De La Salle College, Waterford

1909 Group of seven commissioned by Mr. Treacy, 7 Beau Street, Waterford

1910s? Rev Canon Patrick Tracey, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, hat off

1910s? Rev Canon Patrick Tracey, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, hat on.

1913/4 Cabinet commissioned by Mr. Treacy, William Street, Clonmel

1915/6 Cabinet commissioned by Con. Tracy R.I.C., Peters St. Barracks, Waterford

1918 In memoriam commissioned by Mr. Treacy-Redmond, Villierstown

1920s? Bride and groom : commissioned by Mr. David Tracey, Garden Flat, 49 Leinster Road, Rathmines

1920s? Wedding group of five : commissioned by Mr. David Tracey, Garden Flat, 49 Leinster Road, Rathmines

1922 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss Treacy, 48 South Street, New Ross

1922 T. Tracey, Barrack Street, Waterford, house and shop : commissioned by Mr. Tracey

1925 Rev Canon Patrick Tracey.P.P., hat off.

1926 Carte de visite commissioned by Mrs. James Treacy, Ballymagill

1926 Group commissioned by Mrs. Treacy, Gas Works, Carrick-on-Suir

1928 Carte de visite commissioned by Mrs. James Treacy, Parish of Tullogher

1947/9 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss Joan Tracey, Metropole Hotel, Waterford

1949/52 Carte de visite commissioned by Miss Phyllis Treacy, Maypark Nursing Home


 “Irish Marriages” extracted from the “Irish American” [see Declan Treacy of Waterford and Youghal Cork]

Week ending April 23, 1887


March 21, by special license, at Cork.

M.G. Tracey, Bawnalog, Piltown, County Kilkenny, son of the late Declan Tracey, Esq., to Teresa Mary, daughter of the late Maurice Fitzgerald Esq., Rockview, Cloyne, County Cork.

(Michael Tracy/Treacy, Cork, 2nd Quarter 1887 Vol. 5, page 94 Marriages Register)


1887 Return of Masters, Mates, and Engineers to whom Certificates of Competency were issued

Hugh Treacy, second mate, Foreign Trade, issued 1 April 1886, No. 483


1887 Register of Deceased Seamen

Wm Tracy, aged 45 of Waterford, cook on the SS Orizaba. Died 07/11/1887 of Heart Disease at Tilbury Dock, Liverpool. Discharged from ship before demise.


16 July 1889 Freeman's Journal

Law Intelligence...Declan Tracy...


November 5, 1889 (FJ) Waterford Shipping List

...Daring, sch, Treacey, from New Ross to Meath, oats;...

15th May 1890 South Wales Daily News

Newport...sailings...River May 14 - Daring, Tracey, Dungarvan...


7 May 1891 Freeman's Journal

... Thomas Treacy, Aglish, Co Waterford


1891 UK Census

Hugh Tracey, 16 years, b. Waterford, boarder, Cardiff, Glamorganshire

John Tracey, 21 years, b. Waterford, border, Cardiff, Glamorganshire

Mary Tracey, b. abt 1839, Waterford Ireland, living in Lancashire

Mary Tracey, b. abt 1874, Waterford Ireland, living in Lancashire

Michael Tracey, age 29, crew, single, f’man (seaman), b. Waterford. Ship Rhosina, Millwall Dock, London.


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Annie Treacy, Dungawan (Dungarvan Waterford?) Ireland, 1907, 22 years, single, Mother Mrs Tracey Dungarvan. to Bro Tim? Treacy, 10152 E 4th St Anaconda Most [Montana]. 5’-“, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Dungarvan Ireland.


Bridget Tracey, Dungarvan Waterford Ireland, 1904, 29 years, Springfield, Brother: Thoma Tracey, 3 Rettico? Place ???

Bridget Tracey, Dungarvan Waterford Ireland, 1904, 29 years, American, to Yonkers NY, lived Springfield, Brother: Thomas Tracey, 3 Rittins Place, Yonkers, NY


Ellen Tracy, London England, 1922, 46 years, widow, 5'6", Dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To sister: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Villerstown, Ireland. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16] [see below]

Annie Tracy, London England, 1922, 17 years, single, 5'3", Dark complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To aunt: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Dublin, Ireland. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16]

William Tracy, London England, 1922, 16 years, single, 5'7", Dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To aunt: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Aldershot, England. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16]


John Treacy, Macroom, 1902, 20 years [Error due to scraps of pages should read John Treacy, Dungarvan (Waterford?) Ireland, 1902, 20 years, single, Dungarvan, to Bro Timothy Treacy, Central City, Col]


John Tracey, St Paul USA, 1912, 46 years, railway servant, Sister: Ellen Treacy? Piltown Co. Waterford. Wife: Ann Tracey, Thomas St, St. Paul Minn?, 11/1894 St. Paul, 5’8”, dark complexion, dark hair, Grey eyes, b. Youghal Ireland,


Joseph Tracey, Portlaw (Waterford Ireland?), 1898, 58 years, Irish [citizen crossed out], to Lanox Mass, (been there 7 months in 1899, to friend Des Barry 900 Part Street, Lenox Mass?) Citizen of Barkshire Mass 28 of January 1886 [Crossed out]


Kate Treacy, Aglish (Waterford? Ireland), 1899, 25 years, single, Bro Daniel, 535 e 35th St New York.


Margaret Tracy, Cappquia (Cappoquin Waterford Ireland), 1907, 35 years single, Hkeeper, Cappoquin Ireland, lived 1906 New York, to Aunt: Mrs J? Downing 601 S 7th Ave Mt Vernon NY. 5’3”, pale complexion, aubuen hair, blue eyes. b. Cappoquin.


Mary Treacy, Cappoquin (Waterford? Ireland), 1906, 22 years, single, brother Js Hno Treacy, 2209 Cliffon Ave Minneapolis Minn.


Mary Treacy, Waterford (Ireland), 1904, 36 years, single, America, Irish, lived Waterford, to Long Island, lived New York 1903, sister Mrs Frank McGee, 104 Vernon Avenue, Long Island, New York.


Mary Treacy, Lamberton USA, 1913, 23 years, single, father M Treacy, Cappoquin Co. Waterford. Non Immigrant Alien. lived 1906/1913 7 years Lamberton, to Brother Rev J.J. Treacy, Lamberton Minn. 5’5”, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. b. Cappoquin Ireland. [Rev. John J. Treacy d. 2 Mar 1916 Hennepin, Minnesota, aged 34, s. of Michael Treacy & Nora Feney]


Patrick Treacey, Dungarvan (Waterford Ireland?), 1903, 20 years, to sister Bridget, 1131 South? Street, Springfield [see 1901 census Clonea Waterford]


Steven Tracey, NY USA, 1919, 54 years, fireman, seaman’s home NY, Destitute Seaman Consular Passanger, destitute seaman US customs, 20 years US, Brother: Thomas Tracey, Barricks St, Waterford, Ireland. brother: Michael Tracey, 126ths.St. #239 W. New York, 5’5”, dk complexion, br hair, br eyes, b. Waterford Ireland


Thomas Treacy, Dungawan (Dungarvan Waterford? Ireland), 1902, 22 years, single, miner, Dungarvan, to fr John Kelly New York NY.


Thomas Treacy, Waterford Ireland, 1922, 54 years, married, sailor, wife Mary E. Treacy 7 Barrack St Waterford. to cousin James Byrne 437 West 124th Street New York NY. 5'8", fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, tattoos on arms. b. Duagh Ireland. [see Tramore]


William Tracy, Dromore (Aglish) Waterford) Ireland, 1910, 16 years, single, student, Aunt Mrs Powers, Dromore, Waterford. aunt paid passage, to Mother Mrs Tracy, 2096 8th Ave, New York. 5’7”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, b. Dromore Ireland [travelling with cousin Hannah Hallahan 16] [see 1901 Census]


United States Naturalization Petitions

Declan Treacy, born 24 Jul 1879 or 1880 Waterford, Ireland. Naturalised 1909 Boston & 1919 Quincy, Massachusetts

Ellen Treacy nee Burke, born 23 Mar 1885 Tuam, [Galway], Ireland. Naturalised 1943 Yonkers, West N Y. Spouse's Thomas Treacy born 25 Jul 1885 Dungarvan Waterford Irl


February 1893 The wreck of the Moresby

Evidence of Ballinacourty lifeboat crew...William Treacy, said he went to the boathouse at midnight and again at 6 in the morning. He went home to get something to eat. He was coming down from his own house through the field to the boathouse.


1894 Egan's Waterford Directory

John Tracey, 69 Barrack Street, Waterford. Sail Maker

Mrs. Treacy, 12 Barrack Street, Waterford.

Mrs. Tracey, Strand Street, Tramore, Waterford.

Michael Gould Tracy, Piltown, Youghal, Cork. Juror


National School Registers

Maggie Tracey, b. 1889, 1894, Waterford

Maggie Tracey, b. 1889, 1894, Waterford


1895 RIC Service

John Treacy, 53007, b. 1867 Tipperary North


53007 John Treacy, 20.5 years, 5'9.5", b, Tipp N, Catholic, married 3 May 1905 wife [Emily M] from Waterford contd in Limerick, recommended by DI Huddy, farmer, allocated 11 April 88, served Clare 9 Feb 89 - Waterford 16.9.95 - Kilkenny 1.9.05, P.A. Sergt 1.4.07 - P. Sergt 1.8.08, Reward, Pensioned 6.11.1913 53007D/78674, Contd in Queens


8th August 1896 South Wales Daily News

Newport...Sailings...River Aug 7...Peri, Tracey, Dungarvan....[see 1907]

28th August 1890 South Wales Daily News

Newport...sailings...Darius, Tracey, New Ross...


September 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); understands peaches, vines, fruit, flowers, vegetables; leaving owing to present employer going away; highly recommended; married, no family - P. Tracey, Ballysaggartmore, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

November 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); understands vines, peaches, fruit, flowers, vegetables; highly recommended; married, no family; state terms - P. Tracey, Dowth, Drogheda, Co. Meath.

December 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); thoroughly undersatnads his business; long discharges; married, no family; highly recommended - P. Tracey, Dowth, Drogheda, Co. Meath.


1899 Ballinacourty Lighthouse, Dungarvan

A record from 1899, for Ballinacourty which was recorded by Light keeper, George Donleavy reveals that the market-cart man John Shea was very ill and confined to bed. He writes ‘Went into Dungarvan with John Shea, market man to put him in Hospital suffering from Rheumatism & general disability’. Donleavy went to visit the sick man on March 11th, & found him ‘very low & weak’. On March 13th, he records ‘Received news at 11.30 AM that John Shea our market man departed this life at 7pm on yesterday in Dungarvan Union Hospital, I proceeded to Dungarvan to arrange for his interment in Kilgobnet on tomorrow’. He was an old & faithful servant & had served 44 or 45 years as Market-man to this station’. The passing of John Shea left a vacancy and the position was then open for a new man. Four tenders were received from the following; William Treacy. John Treacy. Roger Power. & Peter Kiely, All of those would have lived across the road from the lighthouse at ‘An Baile’. The tender was awarded to William Treacy.

1900’s Ballinacourty Fife & Drum, Dungarvan

Members of the band are: Tom Meehan, Tom Handrahan, Paddy Murray, Tom Kennedy, John Hayes, Pad Hogan, Tom Hogan, Pates Cummins, Maurice Veale, Pats Morrissey, Mike Handrahan, Michael Kiely, Dan Barry, Maurice Terry, Joe Murray, John Kiely, Declan Murray, Pats Treacy, Larry Power, Jack Elstead, Tommy Power.

1900’s Ballinacourty Townland, Dungarvan

Family surnames that have survived from the early part of the nineteenth century and into the new millennium number just five, one of which is Treacy.


16 February 1901 (SS)

A sad drowning fatality occurred at Waterford on Sunday Night, when a young woman named Tracey [Bridget Tracy b. 1873?], a native of New Ross, was drowned in attempting to rescue her sweetheart, who had fallen into the Suir.

August 3, 1901 Kentucky Irish American

On Wednesday evening a dead body was found floating in the Suir at Grace Dieu, which is believed to be that of Bridget Tracey, a New Ross girl, who was drowned nearly five months ago. The girl's sweetheart accidentally fell into the river, and she jumped in after him in a frantic effort to save him. He was saved, but all efforts to recover her body were fruitless up to Tuesday.



 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



1901 Census of England

Catherine Tracey, 38, Waterford Ireland, Eccles, Lancaster

Thomas Tracey, 38, Waterford Ireland, Engine & Roler Driver, Eccles, Lancaster


Catherine Tracy, 43, Ireland Waterford, Droylsden, Lancashire

Mary Tracey, 27, Co Waterford Ireland, Cotton Card Room Land, Droylsden, Lancaster

Mary Tracey, 63, Co Waterford Ireland, Droylsden, Lancaster


Margaret Tracey, 34, Ireland Co Waterford, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancaster


Thomas Tracey, 24, Waterford Ireland, Furnaceman Steel Foundry, Horwich, Lancaster


Thomas Tracey listed in 1901 England census on Waterford page.
Marriage Cert: 30/3/1901. District of Bolton, Lancs. Thomas Tracey age 28, of 6 Eminott? St., Horwich. Furnaceman. To Ada Ratcliffe age 24 of 11 Iron St., Horwich. Fathers - John Tracey (deceased) Labourer. George Ratcliffe. Railway Wagon Spring Maker.
From the 1911 census he is living at 15 Armstrong St., Horwich. Furnaceman. Place of birth Waterford. Children - Ellen age 10. William age 8. Mary age 5. Thomas age 2. George age 7 months. John crossed out.


William Tracy, 27, Waterford Ireland, Soldier, St George Hanover Square London


August 1905 IT

RIC Transfers...John Treacy, Waterford to Kilkenny...


US State Department records

Willie Tracy about 11 yrs old living with grandfather William O'Keeffe, Dromore, Aglish, Co Waterford date 1906-10-18 [see 1901 census]



Jun 29, 1907 (IT) RIC

A very pretty wedding took place in Cappoquin on last Tuesday, 18th inst, at St. Mary's R.C. Church, the contracting parties being Mr. Edward Dunne, RIC, fourth son of ex-sergeant L. Dunne, of Waterford City, to Miss A.M. Tracy, youngest daughter of Mr. M. Tracy, Main street, Cappoquin. After the wedding breakfast the happy couple left for Killarney, where the honeymoon was spent. The presents wer numerous and valuable.


1907 The Peri

The Peri was built in 1872 by the Co-op Shipbuilding Society of Blyth in Sunderland and registered in Waterford to Moloney and Co. It was a two masted schooner. Gross tonnage: 101.13. Dimensions:89.8 x 20.3 x 9.15ft. Official No: 67632. Registered in Liverpool in 1883, then in Waterford in 1893.The captain was Michael Hally of Abbeyside. In October 1907 the Peri sailed out of Dungarvan on its way to Newport, Wales, to pick up a cargo of coal for the Cork Brick Company. The crew were Patrick Dwyer, Michael Tracey and James Young. They had stormy weather on their return journey on the 2nd of November 1907. At ten minutes to twelve that night the Peri crashed on the rocks at Seaview near Helvick Head. The crew had abandoned ship. Michael Tracey went over board first then James Young (aged 15). Captain Hally and Patrick Dwyer got to the base of the cliff and climbed towards the top. Captain Hally lost his grip and fell. Dwyer lost contact with him and eventually got to the top and a nearby house owned by O'Sullivans. At 8 a.m. they discovered Captain Hally still alive clinging to a tree and managed to rescue him. The bodies of Michael Tracey and James Young were retrieved later that day.

Nov 4, 1907 (IT) Wreck of a Dungarvan Schooner

The schooner, Peri, belonging to Captain Michael Moloney, of this town, was wrecked early this morning at Sea View, a rocky coast between Helvick and Mino Head, of this county. The names of the lost are Michael Treacy, mate, and James Young, boy...

Photographs: http://www.waterfordcountyimages.org/exhibit/web/DisplayImage/K01Zi8B9hiCHE/1/The_Peri.html


1908 Return of advances under the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act - Henry Charles Villiers Stuart Estate

16/1/1908 James Treacy of Ballycurrane Waterford, 5a/2r/5p, value £2, rent £1/13/0, not judical, vance £12, cash £12


1908 [Cd. 4359, 4375, 4394, 4410] Irish Land Commission. Return of advances made under the Irish Land Act, 1903, during the month of January, 1908. - Waterford

Jun 16 1908, James Treacy with Daniel Healy, Ballycurrane, 5a2r5p & 14a2r14p, £2.0.0 valuation, £1.13.0 rent, £12 & £23 purchase price and advance

Jun 16 1908, James Treacy, Ballycurrane, 4a1r0p, £9 purchase price and advance


Jul 8, 1909 (FJ)...Assizes for County Waterford...Mr. Treacy B.L. [JJ of Dublin?] appeared for the appallents...


1909-10 Thom's Directory of the City and County of Waterford

Hugh or John Tracy, 7 Beau Street (Cathrine St), Waterford City. Ship's Steward (moved from Tramore, house still in family)

John Tracy, Scotch Quay, Waterford City. Pensioner (moved from Tramore, retired customs officer)

Martin Tracey, 34 Barrack Street (opp Side), Waterford City. Sailmaker

Matthew Tracy, Cappoquin, Waterford. Grocer

Michael Tracy, Kilmacthomas Rural, Woodstown, Kilmacthomas, Waterford. Farmer

Michael Treacy, Dromana, Aglish, Dungarvan, Waterford. Grocer & Postmaster

Thomas Tracey, 7 Barrack Street, Waterford City. Sailor

William Treacy, Dromana, Aglish, Dungarvan, Waterford. Grocer & Publican


11 June 1910 (IT)

[picture] De La Salle Training College (Waterford) Hurling Team...end third row...J. Treacy...

November 18, 1911 (ME) Death of Mrs. Murray, Tourin, Cappoquin 
The chief mourners were: Mr. Michael Murray, husband; Messrs Daniel and Ml Murray sons; Mrs Tracey, Mrs Flynn, Mrs M Phelan and Miss Lilly Murray, daughters...Mr. W. Tracey, Aglish.


1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


1907 RIC Service

William Treacy, 62509, b. 1881 Tipperary


62509 William Treacy, dob 3 Oct 1881 [26 years], 6'1.875", b. Tipp jd from NR, Catholic, recommended by DI Annesley, farmer, appointed 2 April 07, served Mayo 1 October 1907 - Waterford 16.4.1913, resigned 30.4.1920 62509D/42623, to better his position, Contd in Tipp N.R. & Kings


Oct 5, 1907 (IT) RIC

No. 4 Company...William Tracy, do [Mayo]...

April 1913 IT

RIC Transfers...William Treacy, from Mayo to Waterford...




27 June 1913 The Bulletin, San Francisco - Death
Treacy - In this city, June 26, Thomas F., husband of Catherine Treacy and father of Catherine Tracy, a native of Count Waterford, Ireland, aged 42 years. A member of the Riggers and Stevedores' Union.

28 June 1913 San Francisco Call

Treacy - In this city, June 26, 1913, Thomas F., husband of Catherine Treacy and father of Catherine Treacy, a native of County Waterford, Ireland, aged 42 years. A member of the Riggers and Stevedores Union...Internment Holy Cross Cemetery...



Jul 18, 1913 (IT) Will of Mr. Patrick Joseph Power, D.L.

...Faithlegg House, Waterford...Mary Tracy, who had been in his employment


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

Michael Tracey, b. abt 1874, Dungarvan, Waterford

Patrick Tracey, b. abt 1879, Aghlish, Waterford,


1914 The Gas World [see Sologhead Tipperary]

Mr. M. [Martin] Treacy, manager of the Cairrick-on-Suir gasworks, has been appointed manager to the Wicklow Gas Company, in place of Mr. W. Ewing,

1917 The gas world year book

Carrick-on-Suir & Wicklow

G.W. Anderson, M.J. (or T.) Treacy, R.B. Anderson

1931 The Gas World Year Book

Fermoy M. Treacy

Tipperary Carrick-on-Suir (3) T. J. Treacy, owner.


11 December 1915 (NG) Munster Hurling Championships - Waterford v. Tipperary

Waterford (T.F. Meaghers selected)...J. Tracey...

Mr. Edward Tracey, Fedamore [Limerick], refereed both marches


WW1 Merchant Seamen Medal Cards. BT 351/1

Hugh Treacy, b. Waterford 1873

John Treacy, b. Waterford 1868


John Treacy, b. 16 April 1868 Waterford, County Waterford. Number: D904. BT 377/7/40865

Thomas Treacy, b. June 1868 Waterford City. Number: V342. BT 377/7/130586

1915 Merchant Navy

F Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 47; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Carpathia. Ship: Zent 1915

F Treacy; rank/rating, Bosuns Mate; age, 45; place of birth, Wateford; previous ship, same. Ship: Orduna 1915

H Treacy; rank/rating, Chief Steward; age, 37; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, same. Ship: Coningbeg 1915

Hugh Treacy; rank/rating, Chief Steward; age, 38; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, same. Ship: Coningbeg 1915

J Treacy; rank/rating, Boatswain; age, 45; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, same. Ship: Protesilaus 1915

J Treacy; rank/rating, Bosuns Mate; age, 45; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, same. Ship: Orduna 1915

Thomas R Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman; age, 59; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Metagama. Ship: Montreal 1915

Thomas Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 58; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Highlander. Ship: Carisbrook 1915

Thomas Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 59; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Montreal. Ship: Kyleakin 1915

Thomas Tracey; rank/rating, Fireman; age, 50; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Carisbrook. Ship: Metagama 1915

Thomas Tracy; rank/rating, Fireman and Trimmer; age, 45; place of birth, Waterford; previous ship, Rosabelle of London. Ship: Woodfield 1915


1917 USA Draft Registration

Mathew T Tracey b. 10 Dec 1887 Abbyside Dungarvan [Waterford] Ireland, declared naturalisation, Oiler, married wife & 2 children, lives 15 Ingram St Yonkers NY


September 1, 1917 The Gaelic American

Annual Oireachtas...Industrial Exhibitions (home produced foodstufs and artiicles of clothing)...May Tracy, Waterford [city]...


1918 Petition Against Conscription

Annie Treacy, Barrack St

James Treacy, Barrack St


1920 US Census

Name: Declan Treacy

Residence: Quincy Ward 2, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Estimated Birth Year: 1879

Age: 41

Birthplace: Ireland

Marital Status: Single

1922-03-14 Petition for Naturalization Massachusetts

Declan Treacy of Ireland (presumed Waterford???)

Year Immigrated: 1907

Witness 1: Martin Thomas Ahearn

Witness 2: Charles E. Simonin

State Registration Deaths

Name: Declan Treacy

Registration District: Dungarvan

Registration Quarter and Year: Apr - Jun 1953

Estimated Birth Year: 1877

Age (at Death): 76



19th. June 1922 Photograph

Mr [T] Treacy, House & Shop, Barrack St. Waterford. [of Tramore]



Frank Murphy Shop sold in 1948 by his widow. 21 March 2015


8 November 1947 - Waterford Standard

Miss Mary Tracey The death took place last week at an advanced age of Miss Mary (“Molly”) Tracey, at her residence 74 Barrack St., Waterford. The deceased lady was a well known and-popular figure in the area, particularly to the hundreds of school-children who for many years have patronised her sweet shop in Barrack street. Interment took place on Sunday in the family burial ground adjoining Ballybricken Church. The chief mourners included Mr Martin Tracey, Barrack St (brother) Mrs F Barrett, England (sister) and Mr F Barrett, do (brother-in-law).



Mr Tracey, Barrack St. House & Shop.




June 26, 1925 (II) Waterford South Ward – County Council Elections [Thomas Tracey see Tramore]

(Ald.) Treacy (A.T.)

Jul 4, 1925 (IT) Free State Elections

Waterford...South...T. Treacy (S.F.)...

July 06, 1928 (ME) Waterford Municipal Election - South Ward No. 4

...Thomas Treacy...sixth count...Treacy...declared elected...

February 22, 1929 (ME) Waterford County Board of Public Assistance

A meeting of the above was held in Dungarvan...present...T. Tracey...

July 05, 1929 (ME) Election of Mayor

The annual meeting of the Waterford Corporation...present...T. Tracey...


9 September 1926 Cork Examiner

... Apply Mrs. Tracey, Aglish, Cappoquin, Co. Waterford.


1927 London Wills

Bridget Treacy of Barrack-street Waterford spinster died 11 August 1927 Administration London 3 September to Catherine Murphy widow. Effects £126.2.0 in England.


1928 Irish Mission for Immigrant Girls in New York City

Mollie Treacy, 1928, 20 years, from Waterford. Sponsor: Peter Ormond; Mrs. T. J. Conway 1668 View Ave. New York City. cousin (Carinthia - September 30 1928)


1931 Cappoquin

Tr(e)ac(e)y & Dunne, Main Street, Confectioners, Grocers, Tobacconists, Newsagents & Stationers


17 July 1937 Dungarvan Observer.

The troops of friends and well wishers in Portlaw and purlieus, of Miss Rose Treacy, Kildallon, Co. Cavan, extend cordial felicitations to her on her marriage to Mr James Coe. Miss Treacy who was formerly attached to the Marchioness of Waterford's domestic staff at Curraghmore House, won the sum of £5000 with a half-share in the "Sweet Afton" ticket which drew Laurett II in the Cambridgeshire Sweep last year.


Families By Ontario Genealogical Society 1996

C.J. Tracey, Sligo

John Tracey, Carlow

William Tracey, Waterford




Anne Marie Treacy

Anne-Marie Treacy, Lecturer in Music RWD B06, Music Department, University of Wolverhampton, Gorway Road, Walsall WS1 3BD, England. a.treacy@wlv.ac.uk

Born into a musical family in Waterford, Ireland, I experienced an eclectic range of music during my formative years having attended everything from Waterford’s annual festival of Light Opera to “Spraoi”, a celebration of street music and art as well as traditional sessions of Irish music in pubs throughout Ireland. Along the way I also developed a keen interest in history. Currently I am working on French and English music c.1300-c.1450 analysing compositional style in the Old Hall Manuscript, Ms. Ivrea, and the Apt manuscript. I am also exploring issues of patronage and political commentary in the early poetry (pre- Canterbury Tales) of Geoffrey Chaucer and the music and poetry of Guillaume de Machaut including Le Remede de Fortune, and Le Jugement de Roi de Behaingne. Other interests include performance aspects of Medieval English Drama and I have worked specifically on the function of music in York 45: The Assumption of the Virgin. In addition, I have produced medieval plays for The Granary Theatre, University College Cork, including Fulgens and Lucres and Adam de la Halle’s Jeu de Robin et Marion. In addition, I am director of the University of Wolverhampton’s Early Music Ensemble, Réaltanna, which performs a repertoire of both instrumental and vocal music from the medieval and renaissance periods. Increasingly Réaltanna are also extending their repertoire to include both traditional Irish folktunes and compositions by contemporary Irish composers such as Michael McGlynn and Shaun Davey

1997. MA in Medieval Music & English Literature. National University of Ireland: University College Cork. (2.1)

1995. BA in Music and English. University of Ireland: University College Cork. (2.1).


Anne-Marie Treacy Et pour la joie que j'avoie ce rondelet fis : the emotional use of song in Chaucer's Book of the duchess in Borderline areas in fourteenth and fifteenth-century music = Grenzbereiche in der Musik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts / edited by Karl Kügle & Lorenz Welker. Münster ; Middleton [Wis.] : American Institute of Musicology c2009










Joe Tracy (1872/3-1959)

He was one of the first American car drivers to win International standing.

Born in County Waterford, Ireland, in 1872-3 he emigrated to the United States at the age of 18 or 19 and later became an American citizen. Soon after, he became a professional chauffeur and race driver.

In 1899 Tracy drove a one-cylinder motor bicycle and while cruising down Broadway he saw his first car. Answering and ad one day he presented himself as a mechanic and set about working on his first car for a wealthy patron. Additional clients who needed instruction in the operation and maintenance of these new machines began to come his way.

Soon he was racing. Tracy participated in the 1904 Daytona-Beach Tournament driving a Peerless to second place in a 5-mile race. Also in 1904 he entered the first Vanderbilt Cup race but never made it past the second lap. In 1905, he won second place in a 100-mille event in Havana, Cuba. He also drove in the 1905 Gordon Bennett Race held in France, but completed only two laps after stripping gears of his Locomobile. Tracy was chosen by the ACA to represent the United States in the Gordon Bennett Race over the Auvergne Circuit but his race ended with a stripped second gear.

Joe Tracy's greatest racing successes were driving Locomobiles at the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island. He was the only driver to particpate in the first five races associated with this historic series (1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1905 American Elimination Race, the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the 1906 American Elimination Race, and the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race). His best results were third place in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race and first place in the 1906 American Elimination Race. In all five races, Al Poole drove along side Tracy as the mechanic.

His racing career ended soon after the 1906 race. He became a consulting engineer for the automotive industry. Joe Tracy died on March 20, 1959 at Long Island, NY at the age of 86.






A Tribute to Joe Tracy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEdXG8CwAhI

The Last Race for Old 16 and Joe Tracy? (1946) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udTbxEVDS2w


Kelvin Smith Library Manuscript Collection

Tracy, Joseph (1872-1959) Automobile racing pioneer

AMs, 27pp, varied sizes cut and pasted together, n.p. n.d. Speech comprising reminiscences of automobile races ca. 1890-1910. Written on reverse sides of business advertisement for Tracy's company: "Economy Tune-Up Service". Fair. Significant wear and chipping at tops and bottoms of pages. From the History of Science Collection.



[Note:The closest match I could find was Joseph Treacy b. 23 November 1869 Waterford Waterford (LDS) son of Peter Treacy & Bridget Harney]






Ann Treacy m. Murth Mckenzie 1817 Waterford & Lismore


Catherine Tracey Bonfield

Birth:   Jul. 20, 1836 County Waterford, Ireland

Death: Jan. 18, 1912 Eganville Ontario, Canada

Spouse: James Bonfield (1821 - 1883)*

Burial: Saint James the Less R.C. Cemetery Eganville, Ontario, Canada

Created by: Donna McGinty Record added: Oct 07, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 59719403


David Tracey

James Michael b. 1836 Waterford Waterford d. 23 July 1915 (LDS)


Elizabeth Tracy m. Thomas Hudson 1832 Waterford & Lismore


Ellen Tracy (d. of Thomas Tracy, 22 years) m. John Armstrong (s. of John Armstrong, 24 years) 24 Jan 1847


George Treacey m. Honora Dorney 1787 Waterford & Lismore


Hannah Treacy m. Joseph Delahunt 1811 Waterford & Lismore


James Tracy, 36 years, single, b. Co. Waterford, Ireland (s. of William & Honora Fleming) m. Ellen Munnelly, single, (d. of Thomas & Mary Doherty) 12 Jan 1892 Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts


John Tracey & Catherine Moroney

Johanna b. 22 December 1867 (LDS)


Joanna Tracey m. Mathew Mcnemara 1783 Waterford & Lismore


Johanna Tracey & James Walsh

John, 23.11.1866, Waterford

Richard, 28.04.1869, "Kill, Waterford"

Lawrence Tracey, 90 years, b.c. 1854 Co Waterford Ireland, Timaru Cemetery S. Canterbury N.Z 06/09/1944

Mary Anne Tracy b. 1850 m. John Fling 1871 Waterford (LDS)


Mary Tracy b. 1842 Waterford m. Thomas Power 1863 Waterford (LDS)


Michael Tr(e)ac(e)y & Mary Carroll

Thomas b. 22.02.1869, Waterford (KTJ) (LDS) (Carrick-on-Suir 1869 4 739)


Patrick Tracy (b. County Waterford) & Ellen Whalen (b: County Waterford)


Katherine Veronica TRACY m. Gordon Clifford DANIELS (b: 26 JAN 1886 in Greenfield, Saratoga, NY) 3 NOV 1928 in Greenfield, Saratoga, NY,


Thomam Tracy (Waterford) m. Birgittam Madden, St. Nicholas', Liverpool England. 19th century.

Thomas Tracy married Bridget Madden 1861 St Nicholas


Thomas Treacy

Mary Treacey m. William Keane 17/1/1891 at Waterford (Waterford 1891 2nd quarter 4 413)




 Abbeyside and Ring (West Waterford)







Dungarven & Abbeyside, 1800's


Ballinacourty, Dungarvan

Cynthia Venditte


Eddie Cantwell



Maria Tracy & Jacobi Hays

Michaelis Hays b. 14 Oct 1833 Sp. Timothes Tracy & Maria Hays. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Dyonsii/Denis Tracy & Brigida Power

Michaelem b. 14 Dec 1829 Sp. Jacobo Hayes & Maria Tracy. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Alicia Tracy b. 19 Apr 1831 Sp. Edmundo Power & Johanna Daly. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Thonam Tracy b. 9 Nov 1832 Sp. Joanne Power & Jescinta Kily?. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Winnia Treacy & Gulielmi Bennett

Gulielimus Bennett b. 18 Feb 1838 Sp. Joanne Tracy & Elena Daily. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Anastasia Tracy & Gulielmi Longan

Alicia Longan b. 22 Sep 1836 illeg? Sp. Edmundo Scanlan & Alicia Larkin. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Thoma Tracy & Elena Corbett

Thomas Tracy b. 31 Jan 1838 Sp. Geraldo Lucas & Maria Terry. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Joannes Tracy married Ellena Mullins 19 Nov 1838 Wit: Thoma Oranan & Cath Ryan. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Jacobi Tracy & Ellena Moran

Alicia Tracy b. 18 Oct 1839 Sp. Wilms Maher & Catherina Ryan. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Anna Tracy b. 15 Nov 1840 Sp. Jonea Marty? & Johana Johen?. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Maria Tracy b. 24 Oct 1846 Sp. Michaele Daly & Catharina Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Honora Tracy b. 9 Jan 1849 Sp. Weilmo? Tobin & Maria Donahoe. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Timothi Tracy & Joanna Kiely?/Kelly

Anastasia Tracy b. 21 Jul 1840 Sp. Jacobus Kily & Aneistasia Keily. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Gulielmus Tracy b. 14 Jul 1851 Sp. Mileo Kelly & Brigida Donohue. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Joannes Tracy married Maria Foley 19 Jan 1841 Wit: Jacobo Foley & Honora Foley. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Joannis Tracy & Maria Foley

Johannem Tracy b. 20 Jun 1840 Sp. Joanne Hearn & Catherina Hayes Rossmore Parish

Mariam Tracy b. 10 Aug 1845 Sp. Patritis Killy & Maria Kane Rossmore Parish


Joannis Tracy? & Margarita Scitham

Maria Tracy b. 10 Oct 1846 Sp. Patritio? Byrne? & Brigida? Mimth?. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Alicia Tracy married Francisus Jacob of Ballinard [Ballinroad Dungarvan] 5 Feb 1856 Wit: Michael Hays & Maria Tracy. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Alicia Treacy & Francisci/Francis Jacob

Mariam Jacob b. 29 Jun 1861 of B. Corty [Ballynacourty? Dungarvan] Sp. Thoma Burke & Catharina Coffey. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Catharinam Jacob b. 8 Mar 1863 of Ballinclamper Sp. Patritis Neille & Honoria Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Mariam Jacobs b. 6 Aug 1865 Sp. Ricardo Wall & Margarita Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Alicam Jacob b. 16 Feb 1873 Sp. Edwarddo Longan & Johanna Crowley?. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Thoma Tracy & Johanna Mulcahy

Joannem Tracy b. 18 Apr 1860 of Ballinacaurty [Ballynacourty Dungarvan] Sp. Joanno Mulcahy & Elena Cahil. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Michalis Treacy/Tracy & Margarita/Margaret Whelan/Whealon

Margaritam Treacy b. 17 Aug 1861 of Abbeyside [Dungarvan] Sp. Patrito Flynn & Maria Whelan. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Mariam Tracy b. 6 Dec 1864 of Abbeyside Sp. Mathdo Organ? & Margarita Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (Bridget b. 5 December 1864 Dungarvan LDS)

Ellenam Tracy b. 24 Aug 1867 Sp. Joanne Terry & Catherina Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (Ellen Tracy b. 25 August 1867 Dungarvan (LDS)


Thoma Tracy & Johanna Power

Mariam Tracy b. 22 Apr 1863 Sp. Thoma Power & Hanoria Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Thomas Tracy, 33 years, widower, sailor, lives Ballinnard [Ballinroad Dungarvan], (s. of Denis Tracy, fisherman) married Bridget Veale, 31 years, spinster, fishermans daughter, lives Ballinnard, (d. of Edmond Veale (deceased) fisherman) 24 November 1867 RC Chapel Abbeyside Wit: Roger Power & Ellen Cahill, their marks [Dungarvan Dungarvan PLU] signed their marks

Thomam Tracy married Brigidam Neale 24 Nov 1867 Wit: Rogeris? Power & Helena Cahill. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Thomam Tracy married Aliciam Wall 9 Feb 1869 Wit: Ricardi Wall & Maria Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Thomas Tracey & Alice Tracey

Brigitum Tracey 13 Sept 1870 Sp. Edwardo Coummins & Brigida Power [note: in leg ??? juntis] (12 September 1870 LDS)

Thoma Tracy & Alicia Wall

Honoram Tracy b. ? Sep 1876 Sp. Petro Comming & Bridita Connors. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (23 July 1872 Dungarvan LDS)

Thoma Tracy b. 3 Aug 1879 Sp. Thomas Meade & Margaritae Tracy. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (3 August 1879 Ballinacourty (LDS)


Gulielmi/ William Tracy/Treasy & Margarita/Margaret Power

Timotheus Tracy b. 28 Dec 1877 Sp. Rogerius Power & Jane Kelly. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (28 December 1877 Ballinacourty LDS) to Montana (see below)

Joannem Treasy b. 4 Jan 1880 Sp. Gulelmo Kelly & Honeria Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish (9 Jan 1880 Ballina Waterford LDS) to Montana (see below)

Catherine born approx 1885 to Montana (Ellis Island)


Timothy J. Treacy, 26 years, (s. of William Treacy & Margaret Power) m. Ellan Mulkern, 24 years (d. of Michael Mulkern & Margaret Lacey) 06 Sep 1906 Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana


1910 Census - 803 East Fourth St, Anaconda Ward 6, Deer Lodge, Montana

Tim Tracey   Head       M            32           b. 1878 Ireland, Immigration 1898, na, craneman, smelter,

Ellen Tracey                Wife       F             27           Ireland, Immigration 1903, married 3 years, 2 child 2 alive,

William Tracey            Son         M            2             Montana

John H Tracey             Son         M            0 9/12m  Montana


1920 Census - 1004 East Fourth St Anaconda Ward 6, Deer Lodge, Montana,

Timothy Tracy             Head       M            42           Ireland, Immigration 1898, Na 1910, labourer smelter

Ellen Tracy   Wife       F             36           Ireland

William Tracy              Son         M            12           Montana

John Tracy    Son         M            10           Montana

Margaret Tracy            Daughter                F             6             Montana

Catherine Tracy           Daughter                F             4             Montana

Mary Tracy   Daughter                F             2             Montana

Isabelle Tracy              Daughter                F             1             Montana


Tim/Timothy Treacy/Tracey, smelterman/labourer/foreman/craneman, b. Ireland & Ellen/Ella/Mary Mulkin/Mulkarin/Mulkoram/Mulkerin b. Ireland

William Tracey b. 28 Oct 1907 803 East Fourth Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, 1st child

John Henry Tracey b. 15 Jul 1909 803 East Pherid Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, 2nd child

Mary Alice Tracey b. 9 May 1917 1004 E 4th Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, 5th child

Isabel Treacy b. 13 Aug 1918 1004 E St Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, 6th child


William A Tracy died 29 Sep 1965 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, smelterman, served WWII, age 57, b. 28 Oct 1907 Anaconda MT (s. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin). Infdormant Mrs Earl Eccleston Anacona MT


John Henry Tracy, 25, b. 1910 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (s. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) married Agnes Elizabeth Gregovich, 23, b. 1912 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (d. of Mathew Gregovich & Katherine Kavaren) Wit: Leo McKelvey & Ann McKelvey 31 Dec 1935 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana Roman Catholic Priest


John Henry Tracy died 25 Sep 1961 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, welder foundryage 52, b. 15th July 1909 (s. of Tim Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) informant Mrs Agnes Tracey Anancona Mt


Margaret M. Tracey, 20, single, b, 1913 Anaconda Deer Lodge Co MT (d. of Tim Tracey & Ellen Mulkeren) married Charles F. Mclean, 23, single, b. 1910 Anaconda Deer Lodge MT (s. of Charles Mclean &Marie Davidson) Wit: Pat Dolan & Catherine Tracey on the 5 Jun 1933 Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana, Roman Catholic Priest


Catherine Ann Tracy, 21, b. 1914 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (d. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) married Earl W. Eccleston, 23, b. 1912 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (s. of Hamilton F. Eccleston & Diana Lezarby Knapp) Wit: Edward J Cyr & Mary Alice Tracy 14 Jul 1935 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana Roman Catholic Priest


Mary Alice Tracy, 20, b. 1917 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (d. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulchern) married Michael Francis Sullivan, 23, b. 1914 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (s. of John D. Sullivan & Mary Murphy Wit: Isabel Tracy & James T Mullen 9 Sep 1937 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana Roman Catholic Priest


Isabel Frances Tracy, 22, single, b. 1919 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (d. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) married Thomas B. Mccarthy, 26, single, b. 1915 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana (s. of Dan Mccarthy & Winnifred Morris Wit: Bernard McCarthy & Margaret McGinley 25 Jun 1941 Deer Lodge Montana Roma Catholic Priest


Tim Tracy, 20, b. 1921 Anaconda Deer Lodge MT , (s. of Tim Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) married Virginia Johnson, 16, b. 1925 Denver (d. of Chris Johnson & Eva Craddock) Wit: Robert Tracey & Isabel Tracy 20 Jan 1941 Deer Lodge Montana Roman Catholic Priest


Robert L. Tracy, 21, b. 1925 Anaconda Deer Lodge County Montana (s. of Timothy Tracy & Ellen Mulkerin) married Elizabeth Jane Mcandrews, 22, single, b. 1924 Anaconda Deer Lodge County Montana (d. of William Mcandrews & Elizabeth Gilboy) Wit: William A Tracy & Charlotte Mae Reardon 23 Feb 1946 Deer Lodge County Montana Roman Catholic Priest


Timothy Treacy died 18 May 1958 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, craneman copper smelter age 77, b. 26th Oct 1880 Co. Waterford Ireland (s. of William Treacy & Margaret Powers). Informant William Treacy Anaconda Montana

Timothy J. Tracy born 28 Dec 1877, died 18 May 1958 Anaconda Deer Lodge Montana, buried Mount Olivet Cemetery



Timothy Tracy (b. 19 Nov 1878 in Waterford d. May 1958) m. Ellen Mulkerin (b: 17 Mar 1883 in Galway) 1906 Anaconda Montana


William TRACY b: Private

John Henry TRACY b: Private

Margaret TRACY b: Private

Katherine TRACY b: Private

Mary Alice TRACY b: Private

Timothy TRACY b: Private

Robert TRACY b: Private

Has ChildrenIsabel Frances TRACY b: Private



Ref: Laurie K. Mercier (2004) 'We Are Women Irish': Gender, Class, Religious, and Ethnic Identity in Anaconda, Montana, Montana Historical Society. [Includes wedding photograph]


John Treacy, 27 years, single (s. of William Treacy & Margaret Piner [Power], Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland) m. Kate Quinn, single, 22 years (d. of Thomas Quinn and Mary Conly of Roscommon, Roscommon) 22 Jun 1909 Anaconda, Deer Lodge, Montana



Ellis Island

John Treacy, Macroom, 1902, 20 years [Error due to scraps of pages should read John Treacy, Dungarvan (Waterford?) Ireland, 1902, 20 years, single, Dungarvan, to Bro Timothy Treacy, Central City, Col]


Annie Treacy, Dungawan (Dungarvan Waterford?) Ireland, 1907, 22 years, single, Mother Mrs Tracey Dungarvan. to Bro Tim? Treacy, 10152 E 4th St Anaconda Most [Montana]. 5’-“, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, b. Dungarvan Ireland.


Margaritam Tracey married Thomam McCue 15 Oct 1879 Wit: Augustino Power & Joanna Doran. Abbeyside and Ring Parish

Margaritae Tracy & Thomae McCue

Thomam McCue b. 25 Jul 1880 Sp. Jacobo McCue & Joanna Power. Abbeyside and Ring Parish


Patritius Treacy of Clonea [RC. Abbeyside and Ring Parish] (s. of Joannis Treacy of Clonea) married Margareta Daley of Stradbally (d. of Gulielmi Daley of Canariley) 5 Apr 1880 Wit: Laurento Lyons of Clonea & Maria Lynch of Stradbally Stradbally Parish


Name: Tracey, Elizabeth; Tracey, Michael; Moloney, Alice; Maher, Margaret

Inscription: Erected to the memory of Elizabeth Tracey nee Foley who died at Abbeyside 14th June 1932. Her son Michael died 1st November 1907 and her Aunt Alice Moloney died 6th March 1908. Margaret Maher died 9th June 1952. R.I.P.

Note: S2 No.61B B.O'Keeffe & Sons

Graveyard: Abbeyside Graveyard

Source: Abbeyside Reference Archive


Death Certificates


Alice Tracy, witness to Death 04 Jun 1873 of Honora Wall, labourers widow, Ballinacourty Dungarvan.

Bridget Tracy, Date of Death 15 Sep 1868, 32 years, Ballinacourty Dungarvan, fishermans wife.

Honora Tracy, Date of Death 30 May 1873, 9 months, Ballinacourty Dungarvan, labourers daughter, informant Aileen Tracy.

Johana Treacy, Date of Death 05 Jan 1884, 70 years, Ballinacourty Dungarvan, labourers wife, daughter Margaret Treacy

Margaret Tracey, witness to Death 15 Nov 1893 of Michael McCue sailors child Abbeyside Dungarvan.

Margaret Tracey, witness to Death 29 Mar 1883 of her mother Margaret Whelan 96 years, tailors widow, Abbeyside Dungarvan.

Margaret Tracy, Date of Death 07 Jun 1876, 34 years, Ballinacourty Dungarvan, servant, spinster, informant Timothy Tracy.

Mary Treacy, Date of Death 02 Feb 1881, 16 years, Abbeyside Dungarvan, sailors daughter, informant Margaret Treacy.

Michael Tracy, Date of Death 15 Nov 1873, 21 months, Abbeyside Dungarvan, sailors son, informant Margaret Tracy.

Timothy Treacy, Date of Death 14 Jan 1886, aged 80, Ballinacourty Dungarvan, farmer, widower, son William Treacy.

Lizzie Tracey, witness to Death 05 Jan 1883 of Mary Murray, sailors widow, Abbeyside Dungarvan.

Margaret Treacy, witness to Death 28 Feb 1888 of mother Hanora Power, 80 years.







Commemorating 700 years of the Augustinian Order in Abbeyside Waterford led by 80 year old Fr. Declan Treacy, bearing a sacred candle.

31 August 1990 Dungarvan Leader


10 May 1941 Dungarvan Observer. Death of Mr. Patk. Treaey, Ballinacourty, Dungarvan.

The death, after a rather protracted illness. took place at the Hospital, Dungarvan on Tuesday night of Mr. Patrick Treacy. Ballinacourty, Dungarvan. A hardworking, industrious farmer, the deceased who was of powerful athletic physique was a general favourite and his death in the heyday of life is deeply regretted and much sympathy is extended to his bereaved widow and other relatives. A very large concourse of relatives and the general public attended at the removal of the remains to Ballinroad Parish Church on Wednesday evening, where on arrival the coffin was received by Rev. Fr. Power, C.C. who recited the prayers for the dead. On Thursday after the celebration of Requiem Mass, interment was made in the family plot adjoining. R.I.P.



07 June 2002 Waterford News and Star

Deise Gaeldom Mounrs Tommy Treacy

In the early hours of last Sunday morning Tommy Treacy bade farewell to this world of ours at the Waterford Regional Hospital. He was aged just sixty four.

Tommy lived all of his life in the homeplace in Ballinacourty, enjoying to the full every day that God sent him. From his earliest years he had an infectious love of the GAA and its games, and that inevitably meant an equally infectious love of Abbeyside / Ballinacourty.

Over the years he rendered extraordinary service to the sister clubs in a variety of roles. However his time as treasurer will always be recalled, being at the helm as he was when fundraising took on a quite mammoth task for all those directly involved. Most of all for Tommy Treacy.

He never moaned or groaned under the enormity of his GAA involvement. And for as long as Scor lives on the name Tommny Treacy will live with it.

He was passionate in his support for and love of this particular social side of the Association, and he travelled everywhere inside and outside the county when members of his own beloved club were competing.

For those of us fortunate enough to have known and befriended Tommy we can, and will, forever regard it a privilege. He was kindness personified in everything he did and he was incapable of uttering an ugly or offensive word. In a sentence he was one of nature’s true gentlemen.

He will be close enough to an impossible act to follow within the Abbeyside/Ballinacourty club where he deservedly enjoyed his own special brand of legendary status. In truth we may not seek his likes again.

Fittingly the GAA club did him proud at both the removal of his remains last Monday evening and his burial on Tuesday. Tommy Treacy, a giant of a GAA man and club man, deserved nothing less.

To his surviving relatives, including an elderly aunt in England, and Moll and Bernard Shields who were so good to him over the years, the sincerest sympathy of this column and columnist is extended. Go ndéine Dia trócaire ar a anam dílis.




 Aglish (West Waterford)


Note: There are more parish records available than there are on the NLI films especially marriage records which start 1877.


Maria Tracy & Mich Power

Thomas Power b. 2 May 1840 Sp. Guliulmus Hansfield & Brigida Ryan? Aglish Parish


Michaelis Tracy & Helena [Brifida crossed out] Hallahan

Margaritam Tracy b. 18 Oct 1840 of Ballingown [Ballingowan Aglish] Sp. Michael Fitzgerald & Helena Bransfield? Aglish Parish

Gulielmum Tracey b. 11 Apr 1843 of Ballingown Sp. Joanne Mullowney & Margarita Hodnet? Aglish Parish


Margarita Tracy/Treacy & Daniels Daly

Thomam Daly b. 29 Nov 1840 of Aglish Sp. Patritus Lee & Catherine Doody Aglish Parish

Mauricum Dealy b. 17 Nov [or Dec] 1842 Sp. Joanne Connel & Margarita Donovan Aglish Parish

Joannem Daly b. 6 Mar 1845 of Aglsih Sp. Dionysis Cody? & Brigida Collins alias Walsh Aglish Parish


Maria Tracy & Jeremia Whelan/Phelan

Thomam Whelan b. 29 Nov 1840 of Villers town [Villierstown Aglish] SP. Gulielmo Ronayne & Johanna Trihy Aglish Parish

Mariam Phelan b. 10 Sep 1843 Sp. Jacobo Danniel & Margarita Mohany Aglish Parish

Catharinam Phelan b. 17 May 1847 of Villerstown? Sp. Thoma Brady? & Elena Blansfield? Aglish Parish

Mariam Phelan b. 25 Feb 1849 of Viliarstown Sp. Joanne Kean & Ellena Kean Aglish Parish

Helenam Whelan b. 19 Feb 1852 of Villerstown Sp. Patriti Bransfield & Johanna Burke Aglish Parish

Michaelem Phelan b. 7 Jan 1855 of Vileristown Sp. Patritio Mernin & Brigida Mernin Aglish Parish


Joannes Tracy & Maria Kenna/Kena

Joannam Tracy b. 15 Dec 1840 of Ballingown [Ballingowan Aglish] Sp. Guls Kernin? & Brigid Fowler? Aglish Parish

Patricum Tracey b. 18 Mar 1843 Sp. Terentus OBrien & Honora Flennary? Aglish Parish

Thoma Tracy b. 23 Feb 1851 of Ballinagown? Sp. Joan? Tracy & Brigida Towler Aglish Parish

Laurentium Treacy b. 15 Jun 1854 of Ballingown Sp. Terence Phelan & Maria Kernin? Aglish Parish


Maria Tracy/Treasy & Patricii Comerford

Patricium Comeford b. 7 Mar 1841 Sp. Thomae Connery & Maria Walsh Aglish Parish

Honoram Comeford b. 7 Feb 1842 of Coolroe [Ardmore] Sp. Joanne Treacy & Maria Huston Aglish Parish

Catharinam Comerford b. 5 Mar 1843 of Coolroe Sp. Thoma Coughlan & Catherina Dower Aglish Parish

Thomam Comerford b. 2 Jun 1844 of Coolroe Sp. Thoma Greene & Catharina Murray Aglish Parish

Patritium Comerford b. 17 Aug 1845 of Dromore [Aglish] Sp. Joanne Cashman & Maria Doody Aglish Parish

Mariam Comerford b. 14 Jun 1849 of Coolroe Sp. Jacobo Moloney & Maria Moloney Aglish Parish

Thonam Commerford? b. 13 May 1850 of Coolroe? Sp. Anastasia Treasy Aglish Parish


Ellena/Eleonora Treacy/Trasey & Joannis Daley

Johannam Daley b. 3 Jul 1842 Sp. Joannes Keating & Ellena Meskel Aglish Parish

Mariam Daley b. 5 Sep 1844 of Dromore [Aglish] Sp. Michaele Treasy & Carharina Walshe Aglish Parish


Margarita Treacy/Treasy & Francisci Flynn

Mariam Flynn b. 20 Nov 1842 Sp. Dyonsis Collens & Johanna Healy Aglish Parish

Helenam Flyn b. 7 Dec 1844 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Treasy & Margarita Dee Aglish Parish

Francisum Flynn b. 10 May 1847 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Tracy? & Catharina Duggan Aglish Parish


Thomae Tracey/Treacy & Marie Sheehan

Mauritum Tracey b. 30 Dec 1842 Sp. Patritis Comerford? & Maria Tierney Aglish Parish

Thommam Tracy b. 28 Feb 1849 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Cody & Brigida Fowlar Aglish Parish

Catherinam Treacy b. 13 Apr 1850 of Aglish Sp. Thoma Connery & Maria Treacy Aglish Parish

Rogerium Tracy b. Oct 1854 of Aglish? Sp. Patric? Mulvaney? & Maria Duffin Aglish Parish


Catherinae Tracey & Joannis Ferrel

Joannem Ferrel b. 13 Dec 1843 Sp. Patrico Kiskil? & Ailina Kiskil? Aglish Parish

Gulielmum Farrel b. 17 May 1847 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Tracy & Maria Foley Aglish Parish


Thomas Treacy & Margaritae/Maria McEvoy/Macavoy

Danielem Treacy b. 4 Feb 1844 of Aglish Sp. Thoma Meskill & Helena Tierney Aglish Parish

Catharinam Tracey b. 1 Sep 1847 of Aglish Sp. Thoma Neil & Johanna Hearn Aglish Parish

Michaelan Tracy b. 28 Aug 1849 of Aglish Sp. Patritis Walsh & Brigida Staples? Aglish Parish


Danial Tracy died 3 Mar 1928 Bloomington McLean Illinois, age 84, b. 3 Feb 1844 Co Waterford Ireland, Laborer, buried 6 Mar 1928 St Marys Cem [see Daniel William Tracy Union Organiser & Government Executive Officer USA]

Danial Tracy (b.c. 1844 Co Waterford, Ireland d. 03 Mar 1928 Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, Burial 06 Mar 1928 St Marys Cemetery) Aged 84, Occupation: laborer

Daniel Tracy of Co. Waterford, Ireland & Kate O'Brion of Co. Sligo, Ireland

Margaret Sheridan (b. 18 Apr 1877 Bloomington, Illinois d. 26 Jan 1944 Bloomington, McLean, Illinois Burial 29 Jan 1944 St. Mary's Cemetery)

Occupation:       Housewife

Residence:         Bloomington, McLean, Illinois

Spouse: Frank Sheridan


Catherina Treacy & Patricii Meskil

Ellenam Meskil b. 29 Mar 1844 Sp. Thomas Meskil & Johanna Fitzgerald Aglish Parish

Michaelem Meskel b. 31 Jul 1845 of Aglish Sp. Laurentis Coughlan & Maria Tierney Aglish Parish

Thomam Meskel b. 30 Dec 1849 of Aglish Sp. Michael Brenan & Ellena Keating Aglish Parish

Michaelem Meskel b. 17 Aug 1852 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Cody & Maria Waters Aglish Parish

Johannam Meskil b. 16 Feb 1856 of Aglish Sp. Jacobo Tobin & Honoria Walshe Aglish Parish

Catharinam Meskill b. 31 May 1857 of Aglish Sp. Patricio Collins & Johanna Wall? Aglish Parish

Demetrius [Diontust?] Meskil b. 14 Jan 1866 of B. parka [Ballynaparka Aglish] Sp. Joanne Meskil & Margarita Meskil Aglish Parish

Gulielmum Meskele b. 19 Dec 1868 of Aglish Sp. Jacobo Hallanan & Alicia Dooby Aglish Parish


Maria Tracy & Patritii Lynch

Honoram Lynch b. 8 Sep 1844 Sp. Michaele Slaney & Maria Murphy Aglish Parish


Patriti Tracy & Anna Gorman

Mariam Tracy b. 4 Oct 1844 Sp. Gulielmo Tracey & Margarito Brien Aglish Parish

Margaritam Tracy b. 22 Nov 1846 of Ballingowen Sp. Gulielmus Brien & Brigida Fowlor/Towlor Aglish Parish


Joannis Treacy & Julianae/Johanna Connors

Mariam Treacy b. 16 Nov 1845 of Ballynaparka [Aglish] Sp. Edmundo Whelan & Maria Whelan Aglish Parish

Catherinam Tracy b. 14 Mar 1847 of Ballynaparka Sp. Daniel? Meskil & Elena? Meskil Aglish Parish


Thomae Treacy & Maria Sheehy

Mariam Treacy b. 25 Jan 1846 of Aglish Sp. Maria Roche Aglish Parish


Michaelis Tracy & Ellenae Connery [see John Tracy Papal Knight of NY]

Brigidam Tracy b. 25 Mar 1849 of Coolroe [Ardmore] Sp. Patritis Lucas & Margarita Tracy Aglish Parish


Joannes Tracey & Maria Ronan

Mariam Tracey b. 2 Sep 1849 of Aglish Sp. Mauritio Curren & Maria Phelan Aglish Parish

Joannes Treacy b. 24 Aug 1857 of Aglsih Sp. Patritio Walsh & Honora Walsh Aglish Parish


Anastatia Tracey & Thoma Nugent

Maria Nugent b. 16 Sep 1855 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Ormonde & Johanna Casy? Aglish Parish

Brigidam Nugent b. 5 Mar 1858 of Aglish Sp. Jacobo Comerford & Maria Flynn Lisaplorio? Aglish Parish

Johanna Newgent b. 15 Jun 1862 of Aglish Sp. Thoma Flynn & Margarita Greene Aglish Parish


Ellen Treacy, 24 years, single (d. of Thomas Treacy) m. Patrick Walsh, 58 years, widower (s. of Patrick Walsh) 6 Jun 1865 Aglish, Waterford, Ireland

Ellen Treacy, 24 years, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Ballinaparka, (d. of Thomas Treacy, farmer) married Patrick Walshe, 58 years, widower, shopkeeper, lives Ballinaparka, (s. of Patrick Walsh, farmer) 6 June 1865 RC Chapel of Aglish Wit: William Treacy & Kate Molney? [Whitechurch Dungarvan PLU] signed his mark


John Treacy, 23 years, bachelor, farmer, lives Ballingown [Ballingowan East Aglish], (s. of Michael Treacy, famer) married Bridget Power, 27 years, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Moneyvioe?, (d. of Patrick Power, farmer) 23 February 1865 RC Chapel of Whitechurch Wit: John Treacy & Anne Treacy [Whitechurch Dungarvan PLU]

John Treacy, 23 years, single (s. of Michael Treacy) m. Bridget Power, 27 years, single (d. of Patrick Power) 23 Feb 1865 White Church, Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland

Joannis Treacy & Brigidae Power

Michaelem Treacy b. 27 Dec 1865 of Ballingown Sp. Maurito Power & Helena Treacy Aglish Parish

Mariam Treacy b. 29 Apr 1867 of Ballingown Sp. Patritio & Anna Treacy Aglish Parish

Gulielmum Treacy b. 21 Apr 1869 of Ballingown Sp. Joanne Treacy & Brigida Ryan Aglish Parish

Patritium Tracey b. 11 Aug 1873 of B Lea [Ballintlea Ardmore] Sp. Thoma Tracey & Maria Fitzgerald Aglish Parish

Laurentium Tracey b. 7 Oct 1877 of Ballinymon [Ballynamona Ardmore] Sp. Gulielmus Fitzgerald & Brigida Leanlan Aglish Parish

Mauritium Tracey b. 6 Nov 1880 of (Ballingown) Sp. Gulielmo Brien & Brigida Ryan Aglish Parish

John Treacy & Bridget Power

Michael Treacy b. 25 December 1865 Whitechurch (LDS)

Mary Treacy b. 28 Apr 1867 Whitechurch (LDS)

William Treacy b. 19 Apr 1869 Whitechurch (LDS)

Margaret Treacy b. 1 May 1871 Whitechurch (LDS)

Patrick b. 10 August 1873 Whitechurch (LDS)

Anne b. 15 March 1876 (LDS)

Lawrence b. 25 September 1877 Ballingown (LDS)


Thomas Treacy, 24 years, bachelor, baker, lives Aglish, (s. of Thomas Treacy, farmer) married Alice Bransfield, 24 years, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Lakansilla, (d. of Redmond Bransfield, farmer) 21 February 1867 RC Chapel Aglish Wit: Patrick Walsh & Mary Shea [Whitechurch Dungarvan PLU]

Thomas Treacy, 24 years, single (s. of Thomas Treacy) m. Alice Bransfield, 24 years, single, (d. of Redmond Bransfield) 21 Feb 1867 Dungarvan, Waterford, Ireland

Thomas Tr(e)ac(e)y & Alice Bransfield

John Tracy b. 15 January 1868 Whitechurch (LDS)

Ellen b. 2 April 1871 White Church (LDS)

Margaret Treacy b. 7 August 1873 Whitechurch (LDS)

Declan Tracy 23rd July 1876, Waterford (LDS) [State Reg: Tracy, Declan, Dungarvan, 1876 14 683]

Reomond Tracy b. 3 Nov 1878 Sylich Waterford (LDS) [State Reg: Tracy, Redmond, Dungarvan, 4th Quarter 1878 4 635]

Thomas Treacy & Alicae Bransfield

Joannem Treacy b. 16 Jan 1868 of Aglish Sp. Jacobo Quinlan Sae hic Joannis M'Grath & Ellena Walsh Aglish Parish

Mariam Treacy b. 23 Jun 1869 of Aglish Sp. Patrito & Helena Whelan Aglish Parish

Gulielmum Tracey b. 3 Apr 1871 of Aglish Sp. Thoma Treacy & Johanna? Flemming Aglish Parish

Declanum Tracey b. 23 Jul 1876 of Aglish Sp. Redmundo Bransfield & Anastatia O'Brian Aglish Parish

Redmundum Tracy b. 14 Nov 1878 of Aglish Sp. Joanne Hackett & Helena Towler Aglish Parish

Daniel Tracey b. 2 Jan 1881 of Aglish Sp. Michael? M'Grath? & Maria Tracey Aglish Parish


Declan Tracy, 36 years, 1913 "Franconia" Queenstown to Boston

15 July 1916 & 14 October 1916 Cambridge Chronicle [Massachusetts]

Declan Treacy, a chauffeur…

12 September 1918 Draft Registration - South Braintree no 36, Massachusetts, United States

Declan Treacy b. 24 Jul 1874 Great Britain, 448 Middle St Braintree Norfolk Mass

Oiler at More Riven Shipbuilding Corp, Quincy, Norfolk, Mass

Nearest Relative: Mary McNaught, 448 Middle St Braintree Norfolk Mass


Medium Height, Medium Hair, Brown Eyes, Black Hair


1920 US Census - Quincy Ward 2, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Declan Treacy, age 41 [b.c. 1879] Ireland, Single

1924 Naturalisation - Massachusetts

Declan Treacy, Birth Year: [illegible], Spouse's Name: [illegible]

Declan Treacy m. Jan - Mar 1930 Lismore Ireland (LDS) 4 357

Declan Treacy, d. Apr - Jun 1953 Dungarvan Ireland, age 76 [b.c. 1877] (LDS) 


Thomas Tracey m. to Alice (IV) Bransfield with

MJohn Tracey 1868-

FEllen Tracey 1871-

FMargaret Tracey 1873-

MDeclan Tracey 1876-

MThomas Tracey 1876- [Error?]



Margaret Tracey Grandaunt of John Tracey


I believe that Margaret Tracey, Grandaunt of John Tracey (born June 4, 1957 in Villierstown) married Michael Fleming, Flemings Pub, Grange.

They had 5 children – 1 daughter and 4 sons.

John ‘Jack Fleming 1906 – 1980

Hannah ‘Cis’ Fleming 1907 – 1996

Michael Fleming 1908

Thomas ‘Tom’ Fleming 1911 – 1989

Eddie ‘Br Conleth’ Fleming

Michael Fleming’s sister Bridget married John Terry, Ardmore who were my Great grandparents.


Ann Ann Smiddy annsmiddy@blueyonder.co.uk 18 January 2013

[State Reg: Margaret Tracy m. Edmond Fleming Youghal Jul - Sep 1904 vol 4 page 421] [see 1911 census]


Mary Treacy [of Aglish Waterford] & John Moore, sergeant RIC Kilmore Quay Wexford

Margaret Moore born 4 April 1905 of Kilmore Quay

1901 Census - 48.3 & 153 in Taghmon Town (Taghmon, Wexford)

M        J                             39           Male       -              Roman Catholic     Co Kerry

Moore Mary Margt           33           Female    Head of Family      Roman Catholic     Co Waterford

Moore James                     6             Male       Son         Roman Catholic     Co Wexford         

Moore John Joseph           5             Male       Son         Roman Catholic     Co Wexford         

Moore Alice                      2             Female    Daughter                Roman Catholic     Co Wexford

1911 Census - 50.1 & 50.2 in Kilmore Quay (Kilmore, Wexford)

Moore John                       50           Male       Sergeant R I C       Roman Catholic     County Kerry            Farmer Son

Moore Mary B                  42           Female    Wife       Roman Catholic     Co Waterford        Sergeants Wife    Married   19 years 6 child 5 alive

Moore Alice                      12           Female    Daughter                Roman Catholic     Co Wexford         

Moore Margaret 5             Female    Daughter                Roman Catholic     Co Wexford         

Margaret Tracey, witness to death 13 Sep 1893 of her nephew Thomas Moore, constables son, Aglish Whitechurch.


4 September 1943 Dungarvan Leader

Death of Mr J Moore, Villierstown

One of Villerstown oldest and most respected inhabitants Mr John Moore, quietly passed to his eternal reward on Tuesday morning after a comparatively brief illness. Deceased was an ex-Sergeant of the old RIC and had been a resident of Villierstown for over 35 years, and during his long residence in this pretty village his upright honourable and unblemished character had made him a warm favourite amongst all classes of the public. He was brother-in-law of Rev Brother Benignus Tracy, Augustinian Order, Dublin Mr Declan Tracy, Publican, Villierstown; and Mr Redmond Tracy, PC. Baker and General Merchant do. and was father of Superlntendent J. J Moore GS Fermoy, andr Miss M Moore Villerstown.


Joannis Treasy & Margarite Mernin

Joannem Treasy b. 29 Sep 1868 illeg of Coolahest [Aglish] Sp. Helena Lucas Aglish Parish


Joannes Tracey & Margarita O'Brian

Margaritam b. 22 Sep 1870 of Aghlish Sp. Thomas Treacy & Catharina Molloney. Aglish Parish

John Treacy & Margaret O’Brien

Margaret b. 18 September 1870 Whitechurch (LDS)

John Treacy & ???

Margaret Treacy born & died 10 December 1870 Whitechurch (LDS)


Maria Anne Tracy & Terenti O'Brian/Brien

Gulielmum O'Brian b. 23 Feb 1877 of Aglish Sp. David O'Keeffe & Margarita Buggy? Aglish Parish

Mariam O'Brian b. 28 Jun 1878 of Ballinaparka Sp. Thoma & Catharina Meskill Aglish Parish

Mauritium Brien b. 16 Aug 1880 of Aglish Sp. Ricardo & Maria Washe? Aglish Parish



7 May 1891 Freeman's Journal

Thomas Treacy, Aglish, Co Waterford.


20 March 1943 Dungarvan Leader. Death of Mrs Mary Treacy, Aglish [pdf]

Regretted Passing of a Popular Lady...Mrs Mary Treacy, which occurred at her residence, Main Street, Aglish...was a member of the well-known Murray family, Tourin, Cappoquin and was relict of the late Mr William Treacy, brother of Mr Redmond Treacy PC, Baker and General Merchant, Villerstown; Mr Declan Tracey, Publican, do; and Rev Brother Benignus Tracey, OSA, Dublin, who was well and popularly known as a brilliant teacher on the staff of the Augustinian College, Dungarvan, many years ago...The chief mourners included Michael Treacy (son), Miss May Treacy (daughter), Miss Elizabeth Murray, Tourin, and Mrs B Ronayne, Dromore (sisters), Daniel and Michael Murray, Tourin (brothers), Mrs E Fleming, Grange (sister-in-law, Miss Cis Flemming do, Daniel and Michael Murray (junr) do, and Denis Murray, do and Thomas Whelan do (nephews) the Misses Lola and Betty Murray, do, Miss Betty Ronayne, Dromore, Mrs M Daly, Fermoy, Mrs D O'Sullivan do, Miss Chris Whelan do (nices) Mrs D Murray, Tourin and Mrs M Murray do (sisters-in-law)...Jack Treacy do [Villerstown]...




June 20, 1986 Dungarvan Leader


Fr. William Treacy of the Augustinian Order in Dungarvan celebrated the Golden Jubilee of his ordination. Fr. Treacy, a native of Villierstown, was ordained in Dublin in June, 1936 and served in Australia, England and Irehand.




Treacy Brothers of Waterford



John Treacy (Marathon Man) born June 4, 1957 in Villierstown near Dungarvan, County Waterford. Educated Providence University RI, MBA degree.

1974 & 1975 3rd place junior events World Cross Country championships.

All-American in cross-country in 1976, 1977, and 1978; and All-American in indoor and outdoor track in 1978, the NCAA three-mile champion in 1978, and the all-time Friar record holder at 3,000 meters, 10,000 meters, and two miles.

1978 (Glasgow) & 1979 (Limerick) World Cross-Country champion

1979 Silver medal, European junior 5000 meters.

1984 Silver medal, Marathon, Olympic Games Los Angeles (2:09.56). 

Winner of the Irish 5000 meters between 1978 to 1984 and 10000 meters between 1985 to 1987. Irish track records 3000 meters 1980 (7:45.22), 5000 meters 1984 (13:16.81), 10000 meters 1989 (27:55.80) & 20000 meters 1987 (61:10.1)

Texaco Sportstar Award for Athletics 1978, 1979 & 1984 and Supreme Sportstar 1979.

1992 (Los Angles) & 1993 (Dublin) Marathon winner.

He is one of four Irishmen to have competed in four Olympic Games and the first sportsman to be given the freedom of Waterford City. He is also an Honorary Fellow of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). In 2004 he was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame. In November 2009, he was the third athlete to be inducted into the Athletic Ireland Hall of Fame.


He is currently chief executive of the Irish Sports Council. He is married to Fionnuala and they have four children, Caoimhe and Deirdre, Sean and Conor. Sean played semipro rugby in Ireland and with the USA’s under-19s and under-20s teams before relocating to Boston.

(see also politics)


Ray Treacy


Ray Treacy born 1954 Villierstown Waterford

Winner of the Irish 10000 meters 1979.

Now regarded as one of the top College coaches in the USA.

Position: Dir. of Track & Cross Country Operations, Providence College

Alma Mater: Providence College RI 1982

He is Head Coach of the men's and women's cross country teams.

In November 2013, he was named Northeast Women's Coach of the Year by his peers, after an impressive six team victories in the season. In 30 seasons, he has been one of the nation's most successful coaches, coaching 59 All-Americans, who have received 159 All-America accolades. He has also coached 13 NCAA Individual Champions in cross country and track, 44 BIG EAST Individual Champions and 11 Olympians. In addition, his teams have captured one NCAA Cross Country Championship, 13 NCAA Northeast Regional Cross Country Championships, 21 BIG EAST Cross Country Titles and 20 New England Championships.





John Treacy Long-Distance & Cross-Country Runner

...The Treacy family has been based in Villierstown for many generations. According to the 1911 Census, John’s grandfather ‘Redmond Tracy’ was born in 1877 and worked as a baker. By the time John’s late father Jack was born in 1916, Redmond had added a general store to the bakery. In his youth, Jack drove a horse and cart around the surrounding parish, delivering bread every morning.

Jack managed to stave off marriage until he was 37 years old. ‘He had a good bachelor hood, you know that sort of a way’, laughs John. He kept fit playing both Gaelic football and rugby at local level but, says John, ‘his real passion was the greyhounds, both racing and coursing … from the time that I was a young lad, I remember my dad walking the dogs. He bred them and he sold them and he’d be looking for new one’s all the time. He’d deal on the phone and seal it with a handshake. They call them “doggy men”!’

Jack’s wife Gertie O’Brien came from the neighboring village of Aglish where her family had a convenience shop and post office. They had four children – Patricia in 1952, Ray in 1954 and the twins John and Liz in 1957. In 1963, Jack and Gertie closed down the bakery and opened up as a post office come telephone exchange’…

Interviews - Sporting Legends Of Ireland http://www.turtlebunbury.com/interviews/interviews_ireland/sporting%20legends/interviews_sports_john_treacy.html


1. Villierstown Village

Villierstown Village on a sunny day. The fourth house from the right of the photograph is Treacy’s Bakery, Shop & Post Office. It is the birthplace of John Treacy, Irish international athlete. At the top of the street is Villierstown Lodge and the gates to Dromana House.

Number : TT43 Image/Photo Date : Circa 1950 Photographer/Artist : Tobin, Tom

2. Teachers And Pupils Of Aglish National School

Teachers and pupils of Aglish National School posing for a photograph outside the school building. In the photograph from left to right, front row: John Connery, P.J. Connery, Michael Fenton, John O’ Brien, Pat Fitzgerald, Rowland O’ Connell and Michael Treacy. Middle row from left to right: Mickey Downing (kneeling), Tommy O’Connell, Nora O’Brien, Patricia O’ Grady, Brigid Connery, Ann Guiry, Ronnie Beston, Ann Beston, Mary O’Brien, Kathleen Guiry and Richard Cummins. Back row from left to right: Ms. Bríd Corrie (teacher), Jimmy Downing, Johnny Treacy, Margaret Lineen, Marie O’ Grady, Kathleen Lineen, Joan Fenton, Joanie Coughlan, Willie Joe Treacy, Harry Davis, Tom Connery and Mr. Tom Lineen (Principal/ Teacher).

Number : TT169 Image/Photo Date : Circa 1957 Photographer/Artist : Tom Tobin


Death Certificates


Anne Treacy, witness to Death 04 Jan 1866 of William Charles son of gentleman Charles Graves, Brookvale Ballingown Whitechurch.

Roger Tracey, Date of Death 09 Nov 1879, 24 years, Coolroe Ballycullane Whitechurch, labourer, bachelor.

Thomas Treacy, Date of Death 14 Jan 1870, aged 60, Dromore Whitechurch, shoemaker, married, informant Mary Treacy.

Ellen Tracy/Treacy, Date of Death 27 Oct 1877, 79 years, Ballingown Whitechurch, labourers widow, informant Michael Treacy.

John Tracey, Date of Death 22 Jul 1895, 19 years, Bleach Whitechurch, son of labourer, bachelor, sister Annie Treacy.

John Treacy, Date of Death 17 Jun 1880, 80 years, Ballingown Whitechurch, farmer, married informant Mary Treacy.

John Treacy, Date of Death 25 Sep 1877, 80 years, Dromore Whitechurch, labourer, widower.

John Treacy, Date of Death 30 Jul 1903, 77 years, Bleache Whitechurch, labourer, married, informant Annie Treacy.

Catherine Tracey, Date of Death 20 Dec 1874, 32 years, Ballinaparka Whitechurch, National Teacher, married, informant Michael Tracey.

Margaret Tracey, witness to death 13 Sep 1893 of her nephew Thomas Moore, constables son, Aglish Whitechurch.

Margaret Traecy, died 10 Dec 1870, 2 months, Ballinaparka Whitechurch, daughter of farmer, informant John Treacy.

Mary Tracy, Date of Death 02 May 1873, 6 years, Ballingown Whitechurch, daughter of labourer, informant John Tracy

Mary Treacy, Date of Death 05 May 1881, 67 years, Dromore Whitchurch, widow of labourer.

Mary Treacy, Date of Death 11 Mar 1895, 78 years, Ballingown Whitechurch, widow of labourer, daughter Anne Treacy.

Michael Treacy, Date of Death 26 Oct 1865, 68 years, Ballingown Whitechurch, farmer, married, informant John Treacy.

Maurice Tracey, Date of Death 30 Mar 1882, aged 17 months, Ballinagown Whitechurch, son of labourer, mother Bridget Tracey.

May Tracey, Date of Death 26 Mar 1878, 70 years, Ballinaparka Whitechurch, farmers wife, informant Thomas Tracey.

Thomas Tracey, Date of Death 17 Oct 1889, 48 years, Aglish Whitechurch, baker, married, son William Tracey.

Thomas Tracey, Date of Death 30 Apr 1886, 84 years, Ballinaparka Whitechurch, farmer, widower.

William Treacy, Date of Death 15 Jan 1869, aged 31, Ballinaparka Whitechurch, farmer, bachelor, informant Thomas Treacy




 Ardmore & Grange (West Waterford)


David Treacy, full age, widower, shop keeper, lives Youghal [Youghal Cork], (s. of John Treacy, farmer) married Ellen Fitzgerald, full age, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Crossford [Ardmore OR Lisgenan Grange], (d. of John Fitzgerald, farmer) 17 February 1867 RC Chapel Grange Wit: Thomas Roche & Kate Scanlan [Ardmore Youghal PLU] [see Youghal Cork]

David Treacy of Youghal (s. of Joannis Treacy & Honora Keefe of Ballynoe Co Cork) married Ellena Fitzgerald of Crossford (d. of Joannis Fitzgerald & Ellena Morissy? of Crossford) 17 Feb 1867 Wit: Thomas Roche of Meose Hill & Catherine Scanlan of Ballynamona. Ardmore Parish


Declan Treacy, Witness to death of brother-in-law John Ryan publican farmer Newtown Ardmore 08 Jan 1902

Johanna Tracy, Date of Death 24 Feb 1905, 65 years, Lickabeg Ardmore, wife of labourer, daughter Collen Tracy.


Ruadhan Treacy, Newtown School, Waterford

The first ever All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad was organized over the winter and spring terms in 2009. We invited Transition-year and 5th-year students in Ireland and Northern Ireland with an interest in languages and good analytical skills to put them together, learn about linguistics, and participate in this fun competition, with a view to representing Ireland in the International Linguistics Olympiad in Poland. About 15 schools replied to the invitation, and we arranged for a researcher or staff member from CNGL to visit the schools once or twice between December and February to conduct training sessions. The Olympiad itself took place at DCU in Dublin on Monday April 27th 2009. Despite a bus strike, 97 students from 12 schools took part in the team and individual competitions. The problems were very difficult, and the standard achieved was very high. Congratulations to all participants.

Results - Individual competition

Winner: Dylan Coburn Gray, Mount Temple School, Malahide, Dublin

2nd place: Kieran Fleming, St Caimin's Community School, Shannon, Co Clare

3rd place: Ruadhan Treacy, Newtown School, Waterford


International Linguistics Olympiad

Ireland was represented for the first time at the 7th International Linguistics Olympiad which took place in July 2009, in Wroclaw, Poland. The team was as follows:

- Kieran Fleming, St Caimin's Community School, Shannon, Co Clare

- Ruadhan Treacy and Stephen Ennis, Newtown School, Waterford

- Aislinn McGuire, Mount Temple School, Dublin

and was accompanied by Hugh Dobbs, who had trained the winning team from Newtown School, and Harold Somers, Cara Greene from DCU, who had organized the AILO.

The Jury of the Seventh International Olympiad in Theoretical, Mathematical and Applied Linguistics, after having examined and graded the papers of all participants is pleased to announce the following Honourable Mentions:...Ruadhan Treacy, Ireland...




The Irish team at the ILO. L to R: Hugh Dobbs (trainer), Ruadhan Treacy, Aislinn McGuire, Stephen Ennis, Kieran Fleming, Harold Somers, Cara Greene. The picture was taken on the terrace of Wroclaw University's Institute of Mathematics, overlooking the Oder river.





 Ballyduff (West Waterford)


Johanna Tracy & Thoma McGee?/Wyse? [very faint]

Patritium McGee b. 9 Feb 1858 Sp. Michael Cahill & Maria Kelly Ballyduff Parish


Margaritam Tracey married Michaelis Connors 26 Feb 1860 Wit: Honora Connors & Jacobo Morrisson Ballyduff Parish



 Cappoquin (West Waterford)


William Tracey, born: Aylish, Capperguin, Waterford; Age at attestation: 23; Attested: Woolwich; Joined in: 1841; Discharge reason: Paid £20; Discharge year: 1847. Folios 3-4.

Admiralty: Royal Marines: Attestation Forms



Margartam Treacy married Laurentium Dennehy 18 Feb 1817 Wit: Maria Healy & Joanna Boler. £4.11.0 Cappoquin Parish

Margaritha Tracey & Laurentii Dennehy

Mariam Dennehy b. 17 Nov 1817 Sp. Mathes Tracey & Maria Keresy. Cappoquin Parish


Margaritam Treacy married Gulielmum Ronane 17 May 1820 Wit: Cappoquin Parish

Margaritae Tracey & Gulielmi Ronayne/Ronan of Cappoquin

Joannem Ronayne b. 24 Feb 1821 Sp. Georgio Fitzmaurice & Maria Dennehy. Cappoquin Parish

Annam Ronayne b. 30 Oct 1822 Sp. Michaele Foley & Johanna Green. Cappoquin Parish

Honoram Ronan b. 22 Oct 1824 Sp. Gulielmo Murphy & Ellena Murphy. Cappoquin Parish

Lucam Ronayne b. 8 Nov 1826 Sp. Edmundo Beale Cappoquin Parish

Ellenoram Ronayn b. 2 Mar 1834 Sp. Richard Walsh & Margarita Donohoe Cappoquin Parish

Simonum Ronayne b. 10 Feb 1839 Sp. Joanne Murray & Anna Tracey. Cappoquin Parish


Rev. James Austin Tracy (1821-), of Cappoquin? Waterford, Vicar-general of Western Bengal, Dublin & Galway, Whitwick Leicestershire, listed from 1844 to 1871


Lucan Treacy married Johannan Green 13 Feb 1822 Wit: Gulieloma Roonane & Joannan Treacy Cappoquin Parish

Lucas Tracey & Johannae Green

Joannem Tracey b. 16 May 1823 Sp Michael Gready & Margarita Tracy. Cappoquin Parish

Annam Tracey b. 8 Nov 1824 Sp. Mathia Tracy & Bridgida King. Cappoquin Parish

Lucam Tracey & Johannae Galavan

Matteam Tracey b. 19 Jul 1826 Sp.Gulielmi Hely & Margarita Keligrew. Cappoquin Parish


Jacobum Treacy married Mariam Browning 29 Nov 1822 Wit: Maria Halam & Catherina Walsh. Cappoquin Parish

Jacobi Tracey & Annae Brown/Browning

Mariam Tracey b. 11 Nov 1823 Sp. Mathia Tracey & Margarita Tracey. Cappoquin Parish

Annam Tracey b. 26 Sep 1825 Sp. Thoma Keane & Elenora Hartery. Cappoquin Parish

Ellenam Tracy b. 3 Oct 1830 Sp. Joanne Green & Elizabetha FlahertyCappoquin Parish


Margaritae Tracey & Danielis Kennedy of Cappoquin

Daniel Kennedy b. 27 May 1823 Sp. Patrites Davis & Elizabetha Hubart. Cappoquin Parish


Joannis Tracey & Maria Doocey

Elizabetham Tracey b. 26 Jul 1823 Sp. Edmunduo Walsh & Catherina Callaghan. Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Tracey b. 13 Jan 1832 Sp. Jacobo Dalton & Margarita Fitzgerald. Cappoquin Parish


Matheum Treacy married Brigdam Satchel 25 Jan 1824 Wit: Teranius Qomme? Joanne Walsh & Davido Troy £3.10.0. Cappoquin Parish

Matheo Tracey & Mariae/Mararita/Brigida Satchell/Satsell of Cappoquin

Joannem Tracey b. 4 Nov 1824 Sp. Joanne Troy & Elizabetha Tatchell. Cappoquin Parish

Margaretam Tracey b. 11 Jul 1828 Sp Michaele Keane & Johanna Morrissey. Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Tracey b. 6 Jun 1830 Sp. Daniele Daley, Patritis Costin & Maria Keane. Cappoquin Parish

Michaelem Tracey b. 20 Aug 1838 Sp. Thomas Merman & Maria Foley Cappoquin Parish

Mathiae Tracey & Brigidae Gatrell [Tatsell]

Brigidam Tracey b. 22 Jun 1834 Sp. Gulielmo Ronayne & Maria Dennehy. Cappoquin Parish

Mathiae Tracey & Brigdae Gatrell [Satsell]

Mathiae Tracey b. 18 Jun 1835 Sp. Gulielms Murphy & Honnae Waters. Cappoquin Parish

Mathew Tracey & Brigida Russel [Tatsill]

Gulielmum Tracy b. 20 Jun 1841 Sp Joannes Dunne & Maria Lenard? Cappoquin Parish

Mathin Tracey & Brigdai Stache [Tatsale]

Lucan Tracey b. 27 Sep 1843 Sp Jacobo Walsh & Maria Dunne Cappoquin Parish


Joannem Treacy married Annam Meany 23 Feb 1824 Wit: Ricardo Walsh & Jacobo Walsh. Cappoquin Parish


Luaan Tracey married Honoram Richard 24 Nov 1828 Cappoquin Parish


Mariae Tracey & Danielis ???

Mariam Tracey Illeg b. 24 Feb 1830 Sp. Michaele Davis & Ellena Keeffe. Cappoquin Parish


Mathie Tracey & Elizabetha Joice/Loies/Louie

Margaritam Tracey b. 24 Feb 1831 Sp Mathia Tracey & Honora Waters. Cappoquin Parish

Joannem Tracy b. 8 Jul 1834 Sp Patritus Davis & Anna Tracey. Cappoquin Parish

Matheum Tracey b. 12 Oct 1836 Sp. Luca Tracey & Maria Dennhy Cappoquin Parish


Rev John Tracy of Cappoquin Waterford & Salford England & brother Matthew Tracy, the reporter of the Cork Herald


Elizabetham Treacy married Gulielmum Coleman 20 May 1831 Wit: Edwardo Dinge & Elizabetha Green. Cappoquin Parish


Catherinae Tracey & Mathia Morrison

Joannem Morrison b. 30 Apr 1833 Sp Lucam Tracey & Maria Dennehy. Cappoquin Parish


Lucae Tracey & Honorae Waters

Joannem Tracey b. 3 Mar 1830 Sp Thoma Keily & Margarita Dee. Cappoquin Parish

Elleneoram Tracey b. 22 July 1832 Sp Edwardo Barry & Maria Keeffe. Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Tracey b. 5 Feb 1835 Sp. CGualteris Kerressy & Brigida Doocey. Cappoquin Parish


Lucam/Lucas Tracey & Catherina Kelly

Margaritam Tracey b. 3 Nov 1838 Sp Jacobo Kennedy & Anna Tracey. Cappoquin Parish

Elizabetham Tracey b. 16 Sep 1840 Sp Thoma Barry & Maria Fitzgerald. Cappoquin Parish

Lucas Tracy & Catherina

Gulielmum Tracey b. 30 Jan 1843 Sp Thoma Sweeny & Maria Anna Lennon. Cappoquin Parish


Maria Tracey & Rogerii Kelly

Margarita Kelly b. 30 Jul 1839 Sp. Thoma Barthe & Catherinia Foley. Cappoquin Parish


Patricium Treacy married Anitam Garman 27 Nov 1840 Wit: Mathia Garman & Michale Garman? £4.0.0 Cappoquin Parish


Lucae Tracey & Margaritae Lynch

Mariam Tracey b. 30 Jan 1842 Sp. Timothii McNamara & Julia Flynn Cappoquin Parish

Margaritam Tracey b. 14 Mar 1843 Sp Patritio McNamara & Maria Tracey. Cappoquin Parish

Ellenoram Tracey b. 3 Nov 1844 Sp. Matheo Tracey & Maria Donnely. Cappoquin Parish

Brigidam Tracey b. 21 May 1850 Sp. Jodune Devan & Anna Brien. Cappoquin Parish

Mathie Tracey & Margarita Lynch

Mathium Tracey b. 15 Apr 1847 Sp. Joanna Tracey & Anna Troy. Cappoquin Parish


Anna Tracey & David Troy

Margarita Troy b. 29 Jun 1841 Sp. Joanne Troy & Maria Dennehy Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Troy b. 3 Oct 1842 Sp. Jacobo Walsh & Julia Murray. Cappoquin Parish

Annam Troy b. 15 Jun 1844 Sp. Gulielmo Troy & Maria Browne. Cappoquin Parish

David Troy b. 2 Dec 1845 Sp. David Troy & Margarita Dennehy. Cappoquin Parish


Brigidae Tracey & Gullelmi Prior

Johannam Prior b. 13 Mar 1843 Sp Patritio Donnell & Ellenora Sweeny. Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Prior b. 19 Mar 1844 Sp Gulielmo Moroney & Maria Doran. Cappoquin Parish

Joannem Prior b. 25 Jan 1846 Sp Patritio Riordan & Catherina Prior Cappoquin Parish

Elizabeth Tracy & Gulielmi Prion/Prior?

Cath Prion/Prior? b. 12 Aug 1849 of Carsigun [Carrigaun Modelligo] Sp. Patritio Connors & Maria Moroney. Modeligo Parish


Annam Tracy married Thomam Wallace Sep 1854 Wit: Anna Tracy & Michael Driscol. Cappoquin Parish


Annam Tracy married Michaelem Sargeantt 25 Jan 1855. Cappoquin Parish

Annae Tracey & Michaelis Sargent 0f Mill Street

Catherina Sargent b. 10 Nov 1855 Sp Joanne Tatsell & Maria Hackett. Cappoquin Parish

Jacobum Sargent b. 11 Jun 1857 Sp Joanne Curran & Margarita Collender. Cappoquin Parish

Mathiam Sargent b. 22 Mar 1859 Sp. Cornelis Sargent & Catherina Geary. Cappoquin Parish

Mariam Sargent b. 26 May 1862 Sp Thomas Wallace & Maria Tracey. Cappoquin Parish

Gullelmum Sargent b. 16 Oct 1863 Sp. Michaele Tracey & Maria Geary. Cappoquin Parish

Brigidam Sargent b. 20 Sep 1865 Sp Thoma Geary & Maria Anna Dynah. Cappoquin Parish

Cornelium Sargent b. 23 Apr 1867 Sp Mathia Tracey & Johanna Tatsell. Cappoquin Parish

Annan Sargent b. 21 Mar 1869 Sp Mathia Tracey & Ellen Neill. Cappoquin Parish

Margaritam Sargent b. 21 Mar 1869 Sp. Michaele Tracy & Margarita Tracy. Cappoquin Parish

Helena Sargent b. 12/16 Jun 1872 Sp Matheus Treacy & Catherina Sargent. Cappoquin Parish


Cappoquin - Ann Tracey

I am having a hard time (well dead end) tracing which Tracey family my Tracey comes from. The information I have is from your site and parish records etc. Can you help with Ann Tracey.

And indeed Anne Tracey did marry Michael Sargent (Carpenter) and is in Parish records. Some of their children migrated to Queensland in Australia (where I am now), and continued being carpenters. They built a number of Catholic churches, priories and convents around the North Queensland regions in the late 1880s through to 1920s.

I am unable to find Ann Tracey’s birth or who her parents were. If they went by naming convention(?) then maybe her mother was Catherine and her father Matthew but I have had no luck with that. Michael Sargent appears to have also dropped in from space and I cannot find his birth or parents either.

Ann death was 6th December 1893 at Mill Street , Cappoquin and her age was stated as 62 (birth about 1831 if this is accurate and marriage at 24)

Michael Sargent death was 5th February 1902 at Mill street Cappoquin and his age was stated as 60 (so birth about 1842 and marriage at 13???).

Michael was in the 1901 census in Mill street, Cappoquin age 59.

So with all that said I cannot find which Tracey line Ann is from or indeed Michaels.

So if you have time and would like to save me from this complete dead end then I would be so very grateful.

Kind Regards

Erin Sullivan 12 September 2017


Mariae Tracey & Thomae Wallace

Jacobum Wallace b. 24 Jul 1855 Sp. Michael Sargent & Catherina Driscolll. Cappoquin Parish


Joanem Tracy married Mariam Brown 1 Aug 1858 Wit Patrictius Tims & Joanes Prendergast. Cappoquin Parish


Matheum Tracey married Margaritam Stack 1 Dec 1861 Wit Michael Tracy & Anna Sargent. Cappoquin Parish

Mathew/Matthew/Mathias Tracey & Mariae Stack of Cappoquin

Brigidam Tracey b. 14 Jan 1863 Sp. Simon Daly & Maria Byrnes. Cappoquin Parish

Johannam Tracey b. 11 Apr 1866 Sp. Joanne Tracey & Maria Browne Cappoquin Parish. Johanna b. 8 April 1866 Cappoquin (LDS)

Mariam Tracey b. 26 Jul 1869 Sp. Joanne Foley & Helena Tracey? Cappoquin Parish. Mary b. 24 July 1869 Cappoquin (LDS)

Matheus Tracy b. 11 Feb 1972 Sp. Mathyis Tracy & Brigida Geary. Cappoquin Parish. Mathew b. 8 February 1872 (LDS)

Anna Tracy b. 25 Sep 1875 Sp. Jacobo Langan? & Marina Sargent? Cappoquin Parish/ Anne b. 25 September 1875 (LDS)

Mauritius Tracey b. 2/7 Mar 1879 Sp. Michaelis Tracy & Bridgida Tracy. Cappoquin Parish


Mathia Tracey & Brigidae Griffin

Brigdam Tracey b. 29 Jul 1862 Sp. Johanna Keeffe Cappoquin Parish



Michaelis Tracey/Treacy & Hannah/Norah/Hannoria Feeney/Feenan of Cappoquin

Brigida Maria Tracey b. 24/27 Feb 1876 Sp. Michaelo & Catherina Geary. Cappoquin Parish (b. 15 Mar 1876 Waterford Waterford LDS)

Matheas Tracey b. 19/20 Dec 1877 Sp. Francuis Foley & Catherina Targent Cappoquin Parish. (Matthew Treacy b. 19th December 1877 Cappryman, Waterford LDS)

James Tracy b. 15 June 1879 Sp. Joseph Clancy 2/6 & Margarita Maria Hayes 2/6. (John Treacy Cappoquin Parish. b. 12 June 1879 Lismore LDS)


Ellis Island

Mary Treacy, Lamberton USA, 1913, 23 years, single, father M Treacy, Cappoquin Co. Waterford. Non Immigrant Alien. lived 1906/1913 7 years Lamberton, to Brother Rev J.J. Treacy, Lamberton Minn. 5’5”, fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. b. Cappoquin Ireland. [Rev. John J. Treacy d. 2 Mar 1916 Hennepin, Minnesota, aged 34, s. of Michael Treacy & Nora Feney]


October 1905 – July 1908 Catholic Journal

WATERFORD.—An Interesting function took place lately In the band room, Cappoquin when the members assembled to present the Rev. John Treacy with a nice gold Celtic cross, a souvenir of Mount Melleray. as a mark of their personal esteem for this talented young clergyman, who, since he came home last July, always associated himself with the members of the band and gave them some new music, which they greatly appreciated. Father Treacy Is a son of Michael Treacy and he was ordained on the 10th of last June In St Paul. Minn., by the Most Rev. Dr. Ireland, archbishop of St Paul, after which be made a trip home to Ireland to see his parents and enjoy a holiday amid the scenes of his boyhood days, and It was on the eve of his departure that the presentation was made. On the motion of W. F. Begley, seconded by Thomas Daly, Jeremiah Dempsey presided. Among those present were: John Flynn, secretary of the band; James Hogan, conductor; Laurence Heffernan, James Meade, James Donovan, P. Lincoln, James Hackert, Michael Corcoran, William Hendriek, Walter McCarthy, Maurice Hackert, Batt Doyle, Thomas Keane, J. F. Ryan. The chairman made some very appropriate remarks. Mr. Flynn then said: "Rev. Father Treacy,, I have great pleasure in presenting you with this gold Celtic cross from the members of the band in return for the great inter- eat you have taken in us since you arrived horn, and-we wish you many years of health and prosperity in tin greater Ireland of the west" Mr. Flynn then handed the cross to Father Treacy amid continued applause, and Father Treacy made a very nice acknowledgment of the presentation.


Rev John J. Treacy

Birth: Jun. 10, 1880, Ireland

Death: Mar. 2, 1916, Minneapolis, Hennepin County. Minnesota, USA





12 April 1916 Cork Examiner

15 April 1916 Munster Express



Bridget Tracy, Date of Death 13 Feb 1876, 76 years, Cook St Cappoquin, spinster.

John Tracy, Date of Death 11 Jan 1893, 59 years, Main St Cappoquin, Rural Postman, widower, brother Michael Tracy.

Julia Tracey, witness to death 24 Jul 1896 of Johanna Dunford spinster Barrack St or Mass Lane Cappoquin.

Luke Tracey, Date of Death 09 Nov 1870, 64 years, Main St Cappoquin, butcher, widower, informant Ellen Tracey.

Margaret Tracy, witness to Death 28 Oct 1866 of Mary Stanley Main St Cappoquin.

Mary Tracy, witness to Death 11 Mar 1868 Cornelius Sargint carpenters child Castle St Cappoquin.

Mary Tracy, witness to Death 16 Oct 1870 Ellen Sargint carpenters child, Mill St or Castle St Cappoquin.

Matthew Tracey, Date of Death 28 Oct 1881, 3 years, Main St Cappoquin, shopkeepers child, father Michael Tracey.

Michael Joseph Tracey, Date of Death 09 Oct 1886, 3 years, Main St Cappoquin, shopkeepers child, father Michael Tracey.

Michael Tracy, witness to Death 08 Feb 1879 Mary Feeny labourers wife, Back St or Main St Cappoquin.


 Carrickbeg (North Waterford)


Thomam Treacy married Mariam Hynes 1 Feb 1832 Wit: Jacobus McLennan & Cathaeinam Power Carrickbeg Parish


Thomam Treasey married Lisam Leahy 20 Oct 1840 Wit: Michael Foran & Brigida Duigan Carrickbeg Parish


Anastatiam Tracy married Michl Joy 29 Nov 1840 Wit: Patritio Conners & Catherina Jriace Carrickbeg Parish

Anastatia Tracy & Michl Joy

Catherinam Joy b. 21 Jul 1843 Sp. Thoma Tracy & Margaritha Connors Carrickbeg Parish

Mariam Joy b. ? Sep 1844 Sp. Petre Deehy & Ellen Dorley Carrickbeg Parish

Anastatia Joy b. 12 Apr 1847 Sp. Patries? Tracy & Maria? Tracy Carrickbeg Parish


Gulielmum Tracy married Catharinam Phelan 23 Feb 1842 Wit: Joanne Connol & Ellena Phelan Carrickbeg Parish

Guilielmi Tracy & Catherine Whelan/Phelan

Catherinam Tracy b. 22? Jan 1845 Sp. Joanne Connell & Ellena Whelan Carrickbeg Parish

Michael Tracy b. 27 Jun 1849 Sp. Michael Quin & Margaretes Neill? Carrickbeg Parish

Margarta Tracey b. 5 Oct 1851 Sp. Thoma Tracey & Maria Ready Carrickbeg Parish

Catherina Tracy b. 24 Mar 1855 Sp. Jacobus Dee & Anastatia Joy Carrickbeg Parish

Thomam Tracy b. 21 Mar 1858 Sp. Joannes Whelan & Cath Whelan Carrickbeg Parish


Margarti Tracey of Carrickbeg (d. of Edmund Treacy & Catherine Phelan of Carrickbeg) married Michael Butler of Carrickbeg (s. of Michael Butler & Mary Power of Carrickbeg) 21 Dec 1873 Wit: Richard O'Shea of Tyroughney [Kilkenny] & Bridget Troy of Carrickbeg Carrickbeg Parish


Ellenam Tracy married Mauritum Courcey 4 Jun 1854 Wit: Jacobo Payrne & Catherina Gaisly Carrickbeg Parish

Elena/Ella Tracy/Treacy & Martinus/Mautitus/Maurice Conolly/Connery/Connry [lly crossed out]

Mariam Conolly b. 30 Jun 1857 Sp. Michl Foley & Catherina Lonegan Carrickbeg Parish

Catha Connery b. 25 Jan 1863 Sp. Martinis Power & Maria Power Carrickbeg Parish

Maurice Copnnally b. 27 Oct 1867 Sp. John Burke & Honoria Conner [lly crossed out] Carrickbeg Parish

Brigida Conolly b. 17 Dec 1871 Sp. Gulielmus Foley & Catherine Murphy Carrickbeg Parish


Anastatiam Tracy married Patritium Woods 5 Feb 1856 Wit: Jacobo Carroll & Brigida Tracy Carrickbeg Parish

Anastatia Tracy & Patritius Woods

Maria Woods b. 24 Oct 1856 Sp. Gulielinus Tracy & Louiza Tracy Carrickbeg Parish

Joannis Woods b. 28 Dec 1857 Sp. Thomas Tracy & Alicia Quan Carrickbeg Parish

Petrus Woods b. 1 Jul 1860 Sp. Jacobus Dihy & Margarita Dihy Carrickbeg Parish

Eleonora Woods b. 16 Apr 1862 Sp. Daniel Dehy & Anastatia Quann. Priest Joannes Tracy Carrickbeg Parish


Michael Tracy & Maria Carroll

Ellena Tracy b. 8 Jul 1858 Sp. Thoma Carroll & Bridgida Tracy Carrickbeg Parish



Patrick Tracey

John Tracy bapt. 10th July 1841 Carrick-on-Suir.

Civil Service Evidence of Age

John Treacy b. 7 Jul 1841 Carrick-on-Suir, Waterford


Inscription: In loving memory of Richard & Ann Phelan Their Grandson John Treacy who died Jan 8th 1907 aged 21 years. Also his mother Margaret Treacy died September 16th 1915 R.I.P.

Graveyard: Churchtown, Dysert

Source: Decies: XXV; January 1984


 Clashmore & Kinsalebeg (West Waterford) see also Youghal, Co. Cork


Tho/Thoma Tracey/Tracy & Elen/Helena Power

Mar Tracey b. 28 April 1811 of B. Crompane [Ballycrompane Clashmore] Sp. Mich Scanlan & Cath Flavin? Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Tim Tracey b. 29 Aug 1813 off B Crompane Sp. Edm Hynes Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Margm Treacy b. 9 Apr 1820 of Teanuck [Tiknock Clashmore] Sp. Richardo Power & Brigida Power Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Rogerum Tracy b. 12 May 1834 Sp. Gulielmi Burne & Ellena Burne Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Ellenae Treacy/Treasy & Patritiu Rourke

Patritinae Rourke b. 24 Nov 1811 Sp. Mauritio Treacy & Brigida Ormand Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Mariam Rourke b. 25 Feb 1814 Sp. Deglano Treasy & Margarita Brien Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Joannes Rourke b. 2 May 1821 of Kilnalough Sp.Thoma Brien & Margarita O'Brien Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mar Tracey & Maur Curreen

Mariam Curreen b. 2 Feb 1813 of Paddock Sp. Jac Curreem & Mar Brien Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mauritium Tracey married Annam Foley 28 Feb 1813 Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Deglanum Tracey married Brigidam Ormond [died 1816?] 22 Jun 1810 Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Deglani Tracey & Brig Ormond

Mar Tracey b. 29 Jun 1813 of Pilltown Sp. Thos Scanlan & Cath Mernin Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mauricu Treacy & Catharina Hearn

Mauracisum Treacy b. 12 Dec 1813 of Pilltown Sp. Patricius Rourke Joanna Connery Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Declanum Treacy b. 12 Dec 1813 of Pilltown Sp. Laurantis Connery & Bregetta Hearn Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Joannem Treacy b. 18 Jan 1814 Sp. Philip? Connery & Bridgia Bundo? Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Declan/Declani/Deglan Tracy/Treacy & Helena/Elena/Elina Malroney/Mullowney/Mullony [2nd wife?]

Catharina Tracy b. 12 Jul 1817 of Pilltown Sp. Gulielmo Fitzgerald & Eliza Lawlor Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Mich Treacy b. 7 Oct 1821 Sp. Ricd Michl O'Donel & Maria Connery Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Annam Treacy b. 12 Apr 1825 Sp. Rs Mauritius M.Grath & Maria Welby? [word crossed out] Brown? Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Marg Treacy b. 27 Feb 1827 Sp. Richd Power & Cath Mullony Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Edmundum Tracy b. 23 Apr 1833 Sp. Rev po [latin for priest?] Patricis Quirke & Maria Walsh Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Mautitium Tracy b. 19 Sep 1834 Sp. Matheo Mullony & Margarita Flynn Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mich Tracy? married Mariam Fitzgerald of Clashmore 10 Sep 1818 Wit: Laur Joln Denehy & Faleond Dogan Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Margta Tracy? & Daniels Budeohy

Jacobum trohy b. 21 Nov 1820 of Rogh Sp. Mario? Kinely & Stephanes Connoll Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Helena Treacy & Patricius Lynch

Thomas Lynch b. 15 Jan 1828 of pill Town Sp. Mat Keane & Maria Hearn Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Johannen Lynch b. 23 May 1830 Sp. Richardo Noonan & Catharina Lynch Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Brigidam Lynch b. 25 Mar 1835 Sp. Michaele Connors & Maria Hickey Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Thomam Lynch b. Jul 1837 Sp. Gulielum Connery & Maria Lynch Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Patricium Lynch b. 17 Aug 1840 Sp. Jacobus Ahern & Catharina Ahern Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mau Treacy married Cath Hogan 15 Feb 1831 Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Mariam Tracy married Michaelem Quinn 26 Feb 1838 Wit: Patricius Quin & Catharina Fitzgerald Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Maria Tracy & Michaelis Quin

Thomam Quin b. 23 Feb 1839 Sp. Jacobo Kennedy & Brigida Tracy Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Catherinam Quin b. 22 Jul 1841 Sp. Edmundo Foley & Maria ORourke Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Jacobi Tracy & Brigida Quinlan

Mauritium? Tracy b. 2 Mar 1839 Sp. BLANK & Maria Power Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Alicam Tracy b. 27 Sep 1840 Sp. Jacobus Carroll & Catharin Doyle Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Laurentium Tracy b. 9 Oct 1842 Sp. Joanno Hickey & Catherina Keeffe Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Margaritam Tracy b. 22 Feb 1847 Sp. Patritio Walsh & Johanna Quinlan? Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Gulielmum Tracy married Honoram Flening? 12 Feb 1843 Wit: Dairde Flening? & Michael Power Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Michaelis Tracy? & Catherina Ryan?

Joannem Tracy b. 3 May 1846 Sp. Thoman? Lewis & Margarita Welch? Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Maria Treacy & Michaels Leane

Maria Leane b. 26 Aug 1847 Sp.Patricio ONeil & Honoria Connele Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Margaritam Treacy? married Joannem Keely 30 Nov 1847 Wit: Miche? Treacey & Eleonorea Power Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish


Jacobi Treacy & Johannae Hickey

Mariam Treacy b. 15 Jul 1861 of Tinabinga [Tinnabinna Clashmore] Sp. Jacobo Cummerford & Cathierina Commerford Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Joannem Tracey b. 1 Jun 1864 of Ballycisnane? [Ballycurrane Ardmore] Sp. Ricardo Keating & Maria Fitzgerald Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Jacobum Tracey b. 29 Nov 1866 of BallyCusnane Sp. Joanne Healy & Helena Hicky Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Honoriam Tracy b. 7 Mar 1870 of Ballycurnane Sp. Thoma Hely & Catherine Fitzgerald Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Thonam Tracy b. 27 Nov 1879 of Ballycurrane Sp. Edmundo Fleming & Anna Mulcaty Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

James Tr(e)ac(e)y & Johanna(h) Hickey

John b. 30/5/1864 Ardmore, Waterford (LDS)

James b. 06 Feb 1867 Ardmore, Wat, Ire (LDS)

Hanora Tracy b. 17 March 1870 Ardmore (LDS)

Ellen b. 19 April 1873 Ardmore (LDS)

Patrick Treacy b. 20 March 1876 Ballycurrane (LDS)

Thomas Treacy b. 10 Feb 1880 Claddagh (LDS)

James Tracy & Johanna Hickey


Has ChildrenHanora (Nora) TRACY (b: ? in Waterford, Ireland d. 1949 in St. Paul, Minnesota) m. Patrick Delaney (b: 1865 in Ballydrennan, Tipperary, Ireland) St. Paul, Minnesota


Patrick Joseph DELANEY b: ? in St. Paul, Minnesota

John DELANEY b: ? in St. Paul, Minnesota

James DELANEY b: ? in St. Paul, Minnesota



James Tracy married Winifred Geraghty 8 Jun 1892 Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

James Tracy, b. Ireland & Winifred Geraghty, b. Ireland

James Tracy, Jr. b. 6 Jun 1895 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota

James Tracy, 37 years, b. Waterford, Ireland & Winifred M. 34 years, b. Mayo, Ireland

John Patrick Tracy b. 05 Jun 1904 bapt. 19 Jun 1904 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota


1900 Census - Election District 13 St. Paul city Ward 8, Ramsey, Minnesota [Geraghtys live next door]

James Tracy Head       M            33           Ireland, b. Nov 1866, emigrated 1884, na, Insurance agent

Winnifred Tracy          Wife       F             30           Ireland, married 8 years, 3 children

Edward Tracy             Son         M            7             Minnesota

James Tracy Son         M            5             Minnesota

Mary Tracy   Daughter                F             1             Minnesota


1930 Census - St Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States

James Tracy Head       M            63           Ireland, emigrated 1884, Insurance Fire Automobile

Winnfried Tracy          Wife       F             60           Ireland

James Tracy Jr.            Son         M            32           Minnesota, Insurance Fire Automobile

Mary A Tracy              Daughter                F             29           Minnesota, school teacher High School

John P Tracy                Son         M            25           Minnesota, station gasoline

Joseph P Tracy            Son         M            22           Minnesota

Thomas Tracy              Son         M            19           Minnesota

Bridget A Geraghty    Sister-in-law          F             47           Ireland


Edward J Tracy died 27 Mar 1952 6234 So Dorchester Ave Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 65 years, Married, Occupation: Guard, born 1887 St Paul Minnesota, (s. of James Tracy & Winford Garity)

Buried Calvary St Paul Minnesota

Informant: John E Tracy


Margaret Tracy, Ditto [full age], spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Piltown, (d. of Declan Tracy, Ditto [farmer]) married William Condon, full age, bachelor, farmer, lives Temple Valley, (s. of Patrick Condon, farmer) 25 January 1868 RC Chapel Piltown Wit: James Rice & Anne J. Tracy. Priest Patrick Tracy C.C. [Clashmore Youghal PLU Waterford]

Margaritam Tracey married Guilielmum Condon 25 Jan 1868 Wit: Jacobo Rice & Anna Tracey. Priest Patritius Tracey Clashmore and Kinsalebegg Parish

Margaret Tracy, single, (d. of Dalan [Declan?] Tracy) m. William Condon, single, (s. of Patrick Condon) 25 Jan 1868 Piltown, Co. Waterford, Ireland



Declan Tracy, Date of Death 29 Mar 1867, aged 76 years, Piltown Clashmore, married, farmer, informant Declan Tracy

Declan Tracy, Date of Death 02 Oct 1885, aged about 56 years, Piltown Clashmore, bachelor, farmer.

Patrick Tracy, Date of Death 06 Jun 1864, 33 years, Shanacoole Clashmore, farmer, bachelor, brother Roger Tracy.

Patrick Tracy, Date of Death 29 Nov 1885, 71 years, Piltown Clashmore, RC priest, bachelor.


James Tracey, Date of Death 03 Apr 1911, 71 years, Ballycurrane Kinsalebeg Ardmore, farmer, widower, son-in-law Michael Barron.

Bridget Tracey, Date of Death 03 Feb 1912, aged 1 day, Ballycurrane Ardmore, farmers child, father Patrick Treacy.

Patrick Treacy, Date of Death 04 Feb 1912, aged 2 days, Ballycurrane Ardmore, father Patrick Tracey farmer.


Name: Tracy, Bridget

Inscription: Erected by Declan Tracy in memory of his wife Bridget Tracy who departed this life February 21, 1876 [1816], aged 29 years. R.I.P. Amen.

Graveyard: Clashmore

Source: The Irish Genealogist Vol.2 No.8 1950







1938 Clashmore, Co. Waterford)


On Pastimes


On the election


Redmond Treacy,

Creggs [Craggs],








Réamonn Ó Treasaigh,








August 15, 1986 Dungarvan Leader

Outstanding Appointment

This week we are proud to bring to you the news, of the outstanding appointment of local man, Gerald Treacy, B.Sc. Hbns., C.T.G., clashmore to the County Dublin Vocational Education committee. This is a permanent post and Gerald will be teaching at St. MacDarnagh College, Templeogue. Gerald, along with his parents Mary and John, have worked hard through his school years at Clashmore N.S., Ring College, Youghal C.B.S. and Thomond College, Limerick to achieve his present outstanding successful appointment. We all join in wishing him every success and happiness for the future.



 Clonmel St. Marys & Ss Peter and Paul (North Waterford) (see also Tipperary)


See Clonmel Co. Tipperary



 Dungarvan (West Waterford)


10 Buttery(South-Side) Tracey James Fisher 1.0.0 29 September 1834 21 Yrs (Yly Demise) Was a freeholder a proper man

6 St. Thomas Street: Flynn Ed Shoemaker    Michael Tracy also in house succeeded Bill Flynn who held for his own life @ 5/= from August 11/25 a proper man.

23 St. Thomas Street: Coughlan Wlm Lawyer 1.10.0 25 March 1842 10 Yrs (Yly Demise) Purchased from James Treacy for £7 ought to pay regularly




Phil/Phalixcis Tracy & Mar Snow

An Tracy b. 29 Apr 1789 Sp. Joan Magrath & Mar Dwanes. Dungarvan Parish

Nicolai Treacy b. 13 Jul 1792 Sp. Ric Colars & Johan Ryan. Dungarvan Parish


Mariae Tracy & Mich Ryan

Gul Ryan b. 17 Jan 1790 of Chapl? Sp. Joanne Kane & Maria Mosisson. Dungarvan Parish


Joan Tracey & Marg Dower

Jac Tracey b. 9 May 1793 Sp. Rob Dower & Hon Gaugh. Dungarvan Parish


Maria Tracy & Pat Ryan

Marg Ryan b. 18 Aug 1796 of B Cuillane [Ballycullane Dunhgarvan] Sp. Tho Drohan & Alicia Kenedy. Dungarvan Parish


Jacobi Tracy married Mariam Fogarty of Fairlane [Dungarvan] 23 Jan 1810 Wit: James Dower & Corneliy Forarty. Dungarvan Parish

Jacobi Treacy & Mariae Fogarty

Cath Treacy b. 29 Apr 1812 of Fair Lane Sp. Michael Coughlan & Alicia Fogarty. Dungarvan Parish

Michaelem Tracy b. 23 Sep 1814 of Fair Lane Sp. Jacobus Christopher & Johanna Tool. Dungarvan Parish


Honora Tracy & Joans Cavanagh

Arthm Cavanagh b. 3 Nov 1811 of Blackpool Sp. Thomas Hullait? & Elizabetha Laye. Dungarvan Parish

Jacobum Cavanagh b. 4 Jun 1815 Sp. Thomas Hayes & Johana Condon. Dungarvan Parish

Davidum Cavanagh b. 25 Oct 1821 of Thomas? Street Sp. Gulielmus Tasly & Margrita Connery. Dungarvan Parish

Marg Tracey & Joans Cavanagh

Thonam Cavanagh b. 1 Mar 1813 of Blackpool Sp. Pats Walsh & Joana OBrien. Dungarvan Parish


Elenora Tracey & Jacobi Harrington

Johannam Harrington b. 29 Jul 1812 of Overlane Sp. Nicholaus Mulcahy & Johanna Harrington. Dungarvan Parish


Margarita Tracy & Maritis Roche

Mauritus Roche b. 25 Jan 1814 of Mill lane Sp. Guls Ryan & Maria Donel. Dungarvan Parish


Maria Tracy & Thoma Lacy

Bartholemy Lacy b. 19 May 1816 Sp. Patritius Connell & Brigida Connell. Dungarvan Parish


Nicaulsey? Tracy married Margta Troher? 27 Oct 1816 Wit: Joannis Power & Maria Troher. Dungarvan Parish

Nicholas Tracey & Margrita Raher

Mariam Tracey b. 14 Feb 1826 of Thomas St Sp. Johne Dower & Alaica Cody. Dungarvan Parish

Thoman Tracy b. 15 May 1829 of Nicholas St Sp. Jacobo Connors & Maria Roach. Dungarvan Parish

Brigida Tracy b. 27? Jan 1833 Sp. Stephano Dower & Maria Cricent?. Dungarvan Parish


Cath Treasey & Joannes Londergan

Johannam Londergan b. 19 Mar 1821 Sp. Patt Moran? & Maria Casey. Dungarvan Parish


Catharinam Tracey married Johan? Barry? 24 Jul 1825 Wit: Mauritio Barry? ??? Barry? & Richardo Fennell. Dungarvan Parish [very faint]

Catharina Tracy & Jacobi Barry

Joannam Barry b. 24 Jun 1829 of Chapel Street Sp. Mauritis Slattery & Ellena Hannigan. Dungarvan Parish


Catharinam Tracey married Matheum Walsh of Fair-lane 21 Jan 1828 Wit: Jacabo? Barry, Richardo Fennell & Maria Tracey. Dungarvan Parish

Catharina Tracey & Mathei/Matheus Walsh

Mariam Walsh b. 27 Feb 1829 of Main Street Sp. Richardo Fennel & Catherina Walsh. Dungarvan Parish

Dyonisus Walsh b. 29 Jun 1831 Sp. Gululmo Noonan & Catharina Smith. Dungarvan Parish

Brigida Walsh b. 23 Oct 1836 Sp. Joanne Cashman & Ellena Carthy. Dungarvan Parish

Patritius Walsh b. 8 Dec 1839 Sp. Patritius Walsh & Maria Walsh. Dungarvan Parish

Matheus Walsh b. 17 Apr 1843 of Buttery best Sp. Johainnes Brien & Maria Quaily. Dungarvan Parish

Catharina Walsh b. 19 Oct 1845 of Buttery Cast Sp. Guleilmus Sherin & Maria Cleary. Dungarvan Parish

Johannes Walsh b. 20 Apr 1848 of Buttery East Sp. Patricus Walsh & Maria Whelan. Dungarvan Parish

Maria Walsh b. 18 Sep 1850 of Buttery Sp. Dionitius ??? & ??? Muray?. Dungarvan Parish


Catharina Tracy & Mauriti Dower

Robertum Dower b. 18 Jul 1828 of Black Pool Sp. Joanne Dalton & Joanne Power. Dungarvan Parish

Margaritam Dower b. 10 Feb 1834 Sp. Mauritis Hacket? & Brigida Curavin?. Dungarvan Parish


Jocobi Tracy & Anna Brown

Matheum Tracy b. 3 Jul 1828 of ??? Sp. Mathio Tracy & Anne Tracy. Dungarvan Parish


Mariam Tracey married Simonem Markley 21 Feb 1830 Wit: Jacabo Kirby & Patritio Hallanan. Dungarvan Parish

Maria Tracy & Simonis Martley/Marly

Jacobus Martley b. 19 Dec 1830 Sp. Jacobo Tracy & Catharina Tracy. Dungarvan Parish

Margaritam Marly b. 1 Jun 1834 Sp. Michael Dyer & Ellena Wall. Dungarvan Parish

Dionisium Martley b. 14 Mar 1836 Sp. Jacobo Heaphy & Maria Burke. Dungarvan Parish


Thomam Tracey married Mariam Curivce 26 Feb 1832 Wit: Michael Meskil & Elenora Tracey. Dungarvan Parish


Michaelem Tracy married Joannam Longan 14 Sep 1832 Wit: Joanne Brian, Maria Lalor & Joanna Walsh. Dungarvan Parish

Gulielmi Tracy & Joanna Longan

Maria Tracy b. 8 Apr 1833 Sp. Thoma Walsh & Maria Lalor. Dungarvan Parish


Margatitam Tracy married Joannem Neagle 3 Nov 1833 Wit: Jacobo Tracy & Nicolas Mulcahy. Dungarvan Parish

Margarita Tracy & Joannis/Johannis Neagle

Jacobus Neagle b. 22 Sep 1834 Sp. Jacobo Tracy & Maria Laphin. Dungarvan Parish

Robertum Nagle b. 4 Nov 1836 Sp. Richard Tracy & Mastatina Foley?. Dungarvan Parish

Margarita Neagle b. 24 Aug 1839 Sp. Joannes Hurrington & Catharina Snow. Dungarvan Parish

Joannes Neagleb. 25 Dec 1841 of Butterylust Sp. Gulielmus Curran & Ellena Burk. Dungarvan Parish

Martinus Nagle b. 10 Nov 1844 of Buttery Sp. Joannis Drohan & Catharina Barran. Dungarvan Parish

Maria Neagle b. 29 Jul 1849 of Buttery Sp. Joannis Dower & Ellena Harrington. Dungarvan Parish


Margarita Tracy married Timotheum Hefernan 16 Jul 1837 Wit: Cornelio Walsh & Thoma Tracy. Dungarvan Parish

Margarita Tracy & Thimothei Heffernan

Thomas Heffernan b. 13 Aug 1837 Sp. Thoma Hannegan & Maria Walsh. Dungarvan Parish

Joannes Heffernan b. 13 Oct 1839 Sp. Henier Godkin & Catharina Power. Dungarvan Parish


Michaelem Tracy married Joannam Morrison 28 Apr 1837 Wit: Mauritio & Elizabetha Flynn. Dungarvan Parish

Michael/Michaels Tracy & Joanna Morisey?/Morresy/Morrisy

Maria Tracy b. 23 Jan 1838 Sp. Thomas Horgan & Catharina Ryan. Dungarvan Parish

Jacobus Tracy b. 4 Jun 1840 Sp. Augustinas Walsh & Margarita Power. Dungarvan Parish

Gulielimus Tracy b. 5 Mar 1843 of Thos St Sp. Joannes Power & Ellena Tobin. Dungarvan Parish


Maria Tracy baptised 1838. (LDS)


Jacobus Tracey married Maria Tatty 16 Jun 1840 Wit: Michael Tracy & Anna Tatty. Dungarvan Parish

Jacobus Treacy & Maria Tutty

Michael Treacy b. 26 May 1841 Sp. Michael Treacy & Joanna Neil. Dungarvan Parish


Joannes Tracy & Maria Lucas

Catharina Tracy b. 9 May 1844 of Clagrauter? Sp. Alice Hayes. Dungarvan Parish


Catharina Tracey & Johannes Keily

Margarita Keily b. 4 Jan 1849 of Bair Lane Sp. Johannis Keily & Maria Guiney. Dungarvan Parish


Maria Tracy & Daniel Fahy

Daniel fahy b. 3 Aug 1852 of Buttery? Sp. Michael Whelan & Anna Tracy. Dungarvan Parish


Margta Tracy? & Francius? Browne?

Patritius Foley b. 25 Oct 1852 of Buttery? Sp. Petrus? ??? & Brigida? ???. Dungarvan Parish


Brigida Tracy/Tracey & Richardus Nugent

Patricus Nagintet? b. 31 Dec 1863 of Church st Sp. Thomas Tobin & Ellena Tobin. Dungarvan Parish

Maria Nugent b. 5 Jun 1866 of Church St Sp. Thomas Nugent & Maria Ward. Dungarvan Parish


Gulielmus Tracey married Anna Lyndon of Patrick Street 9 Oct 1873 Wit: Patritius Cleary & Maria Murray. Dungarvan Parish

Gulielmus Tracy & Anna Laima?/Lyndon

Michael Augustus b. 2 August 1874 of B [X] Street Sp. Gulielmus Mead & Margarita Sanford?. Dungarvan Parish

Gullielius? Tracy b. 23 Apr 1876 of Buttery Sp.Deunicario? McGrath & Maria Nagle. Dungarvan Parish [very faint]

??? b. ? Nov 1877 bapt. 18 Nov 1877 of Buttery? Sp. ??? ??? & Hanorea Gleeson. Dungarvan Parish [very faint]

William Tracy (d. 1881) & Anne Lyndon

Michael Tracy b. 31 July 1874 Dungarvan (LDS)

William b. 22 April 1876 Dungawan (LDS)

Johana Tracy b. 14 November 1877 Dungawan (LDS)

Hannah Tracey b c1878

William Tracey (let me call him William 1) who married Anne Linden. William 1 was a jobbing tailor, who may have died in 1881. Anne Tracy moved with her three children to Liverpool, England where she remarried to a Charles Kelly.

They had a son Michael who married Ellen, who then had two children, Ann and William (William 3rd). William 3 married Sophie. The story about William 3's death is that he was knocked down by a car and buried in Vladivostok! Apparently, the local consulate was involved, but I can find no records. William 3 and Sophie had a son Michael who married someone called Judy.

They also had a son William (William 2nd) who apparently didn't marry. We believe he was a tailor in the Irish Guards.

Anne's daughter, Hannah Tracy, my grandmother, was born in Dungarvin in c1878. She was married on 10 Feb 1901 to John Dunn, who had come over from Forkhill, County Armagh with his 4 brothers (Richard, Matthew, Michael and Hugh) who all became bus drivers (then horse drawn). Her 1901 wedding certificate is attached. John and Hannah had 4 boys and 2 girls. One of the boys was my Dad William (the 4th?). John died in 1928 and Hannah remarried a Patrick McGlade. Hannah died in Liverpool in 1958.

Tony acldunn@aol.com 13 September 2010

William Treacy, Date of Death 01 Feb 1881, aged 40, Dungarvan Workhouse, married, Tailor

1911 Census of England - St. George, London [Military]

Michael Tracey, Woarter [Warder] Jails Sergeant, 39, married, 1st Battelion Irish Guards, Master? Jailer, b. Dungarvan Co. Waterford.

St George, London [Military]

Ellen Tracey, wife, 33, married 6 years 2 child living, b. Villiers Town Waterford

Annie Tracey, daughter, 5, b. Dublin

William Tracey, son, 4, b. North? Camp Aldershot


Ellen Tracy, London England, 1922, 46 years, widow, 5'6", Dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To sister: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Villerstown, Ireland. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16] [see below]

Annie Tracy, London England, 1922, 17 years, single, 5'3", Dark complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To aunt: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Dublin, Ireland. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16]

William Tracy, London England, 1922, 16 years, single, 5'7", Dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, Last address: Mrs Annie Newall, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Park, L'pool. To aunt: Mrs John Fitzgerald, 1656, 3rd Ave, NY New York. b. Aldershot, England. [see Ellen Tracy 46, Annie Tracy 27, William Tracy 16]

1930 Census - Bronx, New York

Head Ella Tracy F 52 Ireland, widowed, Immigration Year: 1922, Father's Birthplace: Ireland. Mother's Birthplace: Ireland

Son William E Tracy M 23 England, Immigration Year: 1922, Father's Birthplace: Ireland. Mother's Birthplace: Ireland

Son-in-law Christopher Bulloss M 28 New York

Daughter Anna Bulloss F 25 Ireland, Immigration Year: 1922, Father's Birthplace: Ireland. Mother's Birthplace: Ireland

1901 Census of England William Tracy, 27, Waterford Ireland, Soldier, London