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An Irish Family History
Origins, history and genealogy of the Tracey/Tracy/Treacy family name in Ireland.
The Irish name Tracey is derived from the native Irish O'Treasaigh Septs. The name is taken from the Irish word "treasach" meaning "war-like" or "fighter".  It may also be derived from the Irish word for three.
Variations on the name
There were numerous variations of the name but in modern times usually only the following forms are found: Tracey, Tracy, Treacey and Treacy in English and Ó Treasaigh (masculine), Ní Threasaigh (feminine) in Irish. The English spelling of the name appears to be inter-changeable and different variations can be found within a family or even for an individual. When tracing ancestors all spelling of the name should be checked. For convenience the spelling Tracey is used on this website. Usually, the spelling Treacy is particular to Ireland. The following are the variations that have been found:
Surnames: McTressy, O'Tracy, O'Trassy, O'Treacy, O'Tressy , Tracey, Traci, Tracy, Tracye, Trasey, Trasie, Trassey, Trassy, Trasy, Treacy, Treacey, Treacye, Treasy, Treassey, Tressy, Trissey.
Gaelic spelling: Ó Treasaigh (masculine), Ní Threasaigh (feminine), ua Tresaigh, Uí Threasaigh, Uí Treasaigh, uí Treassaich.
Ancient spellings: Thresaigh, Thressaich, T[r]easaigh, Treasaighi, Treassach, Tresach, Tresaich, Tresaig, Tresaigh, Tressach, Tressaich, Tressaig, Tressaigh, Tresuig.
Christian names: Treasach, Tressach (masculine) and Tressa, Trása, Teresa, Treasa (feminine).
Place Names
There are also a number of place names derived from the name:
In Donegal, there is Carntressy (Templecarn).
In Kildare, there are Baltracey (Celbridge) and Baltracey and Newtown Baltracey (Naas).
In Kilkenny, there is Kiltrassy (Callan).
In Waterford, there is Treacy's Hill (Kilmacthomas).
In Wexford, there are Ballytracey (Enniscorthy) and Tracystown (New Ross).
Historical References
The following contain references to the Traceys:
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The earliest reference to emigration to America, was a transport list to Virginia North America:
1653 Robert Tracy
1653 Robert Tracye
1654 Mary Tracy
1654 Robert Trasey
1655 Teague Trassey
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