It may be presumed that the Traceys of Meath are descended from the Uí Bairrche.










The Traceys of Meath can trace their history back to the beginning of historical records, as Meath formed part of the territory of the Uí Bairrche.



Board of First Fruits: abstracts from rolls of accounts Henry VIII-Charles I c. 1500 - 1700 [Accounts]

Petrum Tresse Rcorem de Rathmore [Rathmore Meath] viz in an 1562 1563 et 1574 ultr infa tempus hryus compi solut

Petru Tresse Reorem de Rathmore ut sup proan 1571 1578 1579 et 1580

Petrum Tresse Rcorem de Rathmore [1577-1578]

Petru Trassy rector de Crineston [Crinstown Laraghbryan Kildare] [1580-1581]


ret. de Johane Tracey Rector de Croghan [Croghan Croghan Offaly] pro duob ann finit 1607

de John Tracy Rector de Croghan ut su [Daren Miden]

Johem Tracy Rector de Croghan solvend viz adfest Pasch 1617 ad Fesh Mich 1617

Joħnem Tracy Reor de Croghan primitys dce Reor ut endū & [1617-1618]

2o. de Johne Tracey Rector de Croghan pro annis 1612 et 1617

re de Johne Tracey Vicar de Croghan ad XX p ann et vicar de Ballykilly ad pro 1621


ret. Edro Tracy viccar de Kilclonfest [Kilclonfert Offaly] [1613-1614]

Edrn Tracy viccar de Kilconfert

Edrm Tracy viccar de Kilclonfort [1614]

Edrm Tracy viccar de Kilclonfert [1615]

de Edro Tracy Vicar de Ballinekill [Ballynakill Ballynakill Offaly] Suno And firit at sup [1623-1624] [Daren]



1st Oct 1611

A view of such Debts and Sums, certain and desparable, due to the King by several recognizances, as appear by record in office of the Remembrancer of the Exchequer

Meath - Peter Tracy, rector of Rathmore and Richard Tirrell of Flower, 12 Eliz, for payment of such first-fruits as were due - 20 l. Str.

Carew Manuscript MS 629 Vol.6 p.119/128


Genealogical Abstracts

Edward Tracy, 1741, Meath

Jno Tracy, 1730, Meath


19 Mar 1741

Luke Tracey of Galtrim, co Meath, schoolmaster, witness to lease & memorial, Half Finglistowne & Rightown, co Meath


1761 List of Deaths

...Michael Tracey, of the co. of Meath, esq...

The Gentleman's and London Magazine, Volume 30


13/1/1765 Will [Robert Adair?]

Rev. Philip Tracy, City of Dublin, 10 Dec 1765 , Thomas Burroughs, Esq, City of Dublin  paid to Philip Tracy with consent of

Robert Tyghe (Tighe) Mitchelstown [ Parish Castletowndelvin ] co Westmeath

Forster Adair, son of Robert Adair (deceased. will annexed to deed), Hollybrook House, [ Parish Kilmacanoge ] co Wicklow

John Nugent, Esq. eld son & heir of James Nugent dec'd, Clonloss or Clonlost, [ Parish Rathconnell ], co Westmeath

for lands in co. Westmeath : Clonlost alias Newbridge, Crosserdree, Clondalever, Fennor, Balrath, Ballycorr & [ Druminroenan adjoining Druminroe ? ] all in Parish Rathconnell, barony Moycashel & Magheradernon. Also Johnstown & Killadoughran, Parish Castletowndelvin, Barony Delvin. Also Ballycahillroe & Agharanny, Parish Kilcleagh, Barony Clonlonan. 1 house in Trim, co Meath.

13/6/1766 Lease

Rev Phillip Tracy, 16 Aug 1766, House south-side Church St, Dublin, John Rice, Weaver, Church St, Dublin, Jane Yarner, occupier, deceased, Dublin


1778-1790 Catholic Qualification Rolls

Bryan Tracy, Farmr, Derryconnor, Trim 22 July 1793 [Meath]

Edward Treacy, Yarn Merchant, of Ballindrimnay [Ballynadrimna Kildalkey] Co. Meath 11 Febr 1783 City of Dublin

Patk Treacy, Farmr, Ballymahon, Trim 22 July 1793 {Meath]


16 September 1797 (FJ)

At the assizes of Trim, of the 8th September, no less than 27 have been found guilty of high treason. Tracy, who is one of the persons convicted at the above assizes, is a man of some property, and of a respectable family. Thomas Tracy was tried for high Treason, in associating with and arming men to assist the French in case of an invasion. At a meeting of 150 men on the 2nd of March, each man was to raise seventeen men to assist the French on their Landing. Tracy was made a commander of seventeen.

7 September 1897 Freeman's Journal [Note: This is the best match]

...Thomas Tracy [of Meath?] was tried for and convicted of high treason. There was only one witness for the prosecution, a man named Lane, an informer, who turned informer to...

18 Sept 1797 (BL)

Thomas Tracy was tried for high treason, in associating with, and arming men to assist the French in case of an invasion...first witness James Kane...Tracy was made a commander of 17...Counsel for the prisoner urged the circumstances of compulsion under which the prisoner was proved to have acted, as his best and only defence. Verdict guilty.

19 Sep 1797 The Times (London)

Thomas Tracy was tried for High Treason, in associating with and arming men to assist the French in case of an invasion. Jas Kane was sworn...Each man was to raise 17 to assist the French on their landing...The prisoner was appointed to command...

Convict Records: Ann Moran/Feagan

...The research I undertook in June 2013 establishes that Ann Moran was tried on Tuesday, 7 September 1797 at Trim in Co Meath.  Thomas Tracy was convicted on a charge of High Treason on the same day by one of the 2 judges sitting in the Summer Assizes.  It is possible Ann Moran was tried and convicted as an accomplice of Tracy’s, perhaps his wife or sister or friend, trying to

1 July[?] 1797 Edinburgh Advertiser

Ireland...T. Tracey found guilty of High Treason...


1802 Roscommon Census compiled by the Rev C.C. Ellison

In the Parish of Tullamore-Kilbride [Offaly] in Sept 1802 Tracy - Mary, Richard, George infant.  P119

In the parish of Clonmellon [Meath] Treacy, Thomas.  P123

The Irish Ancestor, 1973

1802 Protestant Parishioners Diocese of Meath

Thomas Treacy

(Irish Ancestor, 1973, Vol. V, No. 1, pp. 37-52)


British War Office

Michael Tracey b. 1781 Larieor/Dungan, Meath, Mason 1/71st 1807-1813 4th Garrison Btn 1807 WO25/2624


1808 (205) (Ireland.) Accounts

Lent Azzises 1807 - Meath

To George Bomford, John Tracy & Patrick Hart, to build two gullets over water-courses on lands of Kill and Streaney, road from Longwood to Summer-Hill, wages included £16/7/9


19 March & 28 August 1811 (FJ) Trim Assizes

witness...old garden of Dangan...Owen Tracy, who lives at Humberston  [Umberstown Laracor], and is a tenant of O'Connor sworn. He is a stone mason and bricklayer and a comrade of Hayes...

24 March 1811 The News (London)

Trial of Roger O'Connor. Trim Assizes Wednesday March 13.

...sassulting Henry Ogle...Dangan Castle [Laracor], the residence of the eldest O'Connor...Nicholas Kerrney, Owen Tracy and Dorah Crosbie swore positively that the prosecutor was the first agressor...


1817 Oldcastle - Wesleyan Methodist Preacher Richard Taylor Tracey


1821 - 1851

27. Mathew Treacy, Summerhill Town, [Laracor Co. Meath], Lease dated 20th May 1821, 0a/3r/20p, £5.10.8 rent, Life of John Treacy (dead) and Mathew Treacy (living) or 31 years from 1st May 1821, House and garden in town of Summerhill. An abstract of lease will be handed to the purchaser.

32. Patrick Treacy, Summerhill Town, [Laracor Co. Meath], 0a/0r/2p, £0.5.0 rent, year to year ending 1st November, House and garden in town of Summerhill


1826/7 Schoolteachers

Mary Tracy, RC, Oldcastle, Co, Meath.

1826 Second Report - Irish Education Inquiry [published 1836 House of Commons]

Mary Tracy, Old Castle Old Castle Half Fowre, R catholic, free girls school, 8 guineas per annum, a rented house until new one built (for males and females which will cost 5000l and capable of accomodating 1000 children, 41 male 31 female, 50 RC 27 male 23 female, school house built by parishioners


17 July 1829 (FJ) O'Connell Fund

...collected in the parishes of Rathcore and Rathmelian, Co. Meath...John Tracy...


1820s-1830s Tithe Records


 By Area


J Tracy, Killeglan, Killegland, Meath, 1833 [house]

James Tracy, Ninch, Julianstown, Meath, 1834

James Tracy, Ninch, Julianstown, Meath, 1834

John Tracy, Clonmahon, Laracor, Meath, 1828

John Tracy, Summerhill, Laracor, Meath, 1828

Joseph Tracy, Colpe [Colp], Colp, Meath, 1833


Thomas Tracey, Golboystown [Galboystown], Killallon, Meath, 1835


Tracy [widow], Dowdstown Philipstown Philipulstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833

Tracy [widow], Killion Cloneen &Ballina, Killyon, Meath, 1825

Tracy [widow], Killion Cloneen Ballina, Killyon, Meath, 1825

Tracy [widow], Philipstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833 [duplicate]

Tracy [widow], Philpotstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833

Tracy [widow], Philpotstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833 [Duplicate]



Joseph Tracy, Colpe [Colp], Colp, Meath, 1833


Tracy [widow], Dowdstown Philipstown Philipulstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833

Tracy [widow], Philipstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833 [duplicate]

Tracy [widow], Philpotstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833

Tracy [widow], Philpotstown, Dowdstown, Meath, 1833 [Duplicate]


James Tracy, Ninch, Julianstown, Meath, 1834

James Tracy, Ninch, Julianstown, Meath, 1834


Thomas Tracey, Golboystown [Galboystown], Killallon, Meath, 1835


Tracy [widow], Killion Cloneen &Ballina, Killyon, Meath, 1825

Tracy [widow], Killion Cloneen Ballina, Killyon, Meath, 1825


J Tracy, Killeglan, Killegland, Meath, 1833 [house]


John Tracy, Clonmahon, Laracor, Meath, 1828

John Tracy, Summerhill, Laracor, Meath, 1828



Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

182 Jno Tracy Clavanstown [Clowanstown? Killeen OR Trevet] County Meath & Deborah Green parish St Nicholas without Dublin spr 5 May 1730


1831 Canvas book of Mr. Rowley

Lower Moyfeuragh

Matthew Tracy, Summerhill (£10 valuation?)

Irish Genealogist, vol.7


British War Office

Hugh Tracey b. 1812 Moynalty, Meath 32nd Foot. Labourer deserted 1831 and 1833 FMP


British War Office - Chelsea Hospital 1787-1854

Thomas Tracy Born Lurgan, Cavan Served in 40th Foot Regiment; Meath Militia Discharged aged 40 Covering date gives year of discharge 1831.


James Tracy, Ninch, Co. Meath, 1836, Prerogative Court will. Exec: E. Doran, Ninch, ??? (laytown, Co. Meath?). IWR/1836/F/94.


Glasnevin Cemetery Dublin

Mary Tracey, of South Meath Hospital, died 1897 8C

Patrick Tracy, of Meath, died 1840, 25 years

Thomas Tracey, of Meath, died 1878 65 years


British War Office

Thomas Tracey b. 1820 Rathmolone, Meath 2nd Madras Infantry. “Ascendant 1860” aged 40. Nail maker with 22 yrs service FMP


1843 The Indian Mail

1843 Gentlesman’s Magazine

September 10. At Bishop’s College, Calcutta, the Rev. Arthur W. Wallis, B.A. late Boslen Sanscrit scholar in the University of Oxford, and formerly of Sidmouth, to Eliza eldest daughter of Wm. Wootton Esq, M.B.C.S., late of Blackheath, and formerly of Brook-street, Grosvenor square, and grand daughter of the late Hon. James Tracey, of Londwood Park, Ireland. [Longwood???]


1846 Slater's national commercial directory of Ireland


Patrick Tracy, nail maker, Summerhill


1846-1851 New York arrivals

Bridget Tracy, age 50, Servant, Meath Ireland to Pittsburgh, Liverpool: Garrick 09/12/1849

Wm. Tracy, age 30, Labourer, Meath Ireland to New York, Liverpool: Garrick 09/12/1849


1798-1914 Register of Enlisted USA

Hugh Tracy, 35 years, grey eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5’8”, born Meath Ireland, labourer, enlisted 17 April 1847 Bangor by Capt Thompson, 9 Inf F, deserted 26 Dec 47, from City of Mexico, a private [Hugh Tracy married Nancy Boye 25 Dec 1834 Penobscot, Maine. 1840 Census Bangor Penobscot Maine Hugh, Nancy & Nancy A 5 years?]


1855 Moyfenrath Meath

12. John Tracey, Cherry Lane subdenomination of Kilwarden, £29.15.0 rent, 26a/0r/0p Plantation, tenant from year to year


Griffiths Valuation Meath 1855


By Area

George Tracy Galboystown Killallon Meath


James Tracy Bridge Street,Ashbourne,(Killegland) Killegland Meath


John Teacey Kilwarden Clonard Meath

John Tracey Towlaght Clonard Meath

John Tracy Clongill Clongill Meath

John Treacy Ardnamullan Clonard Meath

John Treacy Ballyadams Killyon Meath


Matthew Tracy Colp, West Colp Meath

Matthew Tracy Town of Summerhill,Summerhill Laracor Meath


Michael Tracy Colp, West Colp Meath


Owen Tracy Kill Beg Rathmolyon Meath


Patrick Tracey Town of Summerhill,Summerhill Laracor Meath


Thomas Tracey Derryconnor Killaconnigan Meath

Thomas Treacy Freagh Castlerickard Meath

Thomas Treacy Longwood Clonard Meath


Thomas Treacy Freagh Castlerickard Meath


John Teacey Kilwarden Clonard Meath

John Tracey Towlaght Clonard Meath

John Treacy Ardnamullan Clonard Meath

Thomas Treacy Longwood Clonard Meath


John Tracy Clongill Clongill Meath


Matthew Tracy Colp, West Colp Meath

Michael Tracy Colp, West Colp Meath


Thomas Tracey Derryconnor Killaconnigan Meath


George Tracy Galboystown Killallon Meath


James Tracy Bridge Street, Ashbourne, (Killegland) Killegland Meath


John Treacy Ballyadams Killyon Meath


Owen Tracy Kill Beg Rathmolyon Meath


Matthew Tracy Town of Summerhill, Summerhill Laracor Meath

Patrick Tracey Town of Summerhill, Summerhill Laracor Meath


1856 Subscriber

Rev. James Tracy, Dunboyne, Student, located in Derry

Subscriber to Bourke, Ulick Joseph (1856) The college Irish grammar: compiled chiefly with a view to aid the students of St. Patrick's Maynooth. Dublin.


Feb 1858 Wexford

Ellen Tracey, 40, 5'1", Dark? eyes, black hair, fair complexion, lives Navan, RC, R&W, Begging


1858 – 1920 Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Anne Tracey 12 Mar 1917 Derryconnor Meath, spinster, to James Ryan, farmer

Bernard Tracey 15 Jul 1901 Derryconnor Ballivor Meath, farmer, to Anne Tracey and Margaret Tracey, spinsters

Margaret Tracey 6 Apr 1902 Derryconnor Balivor Meath, spinster, to Anne Tracey, spinster

Thomas Tracey 5 May 1870 Derryconnor Ballivor Meath, farmer, to Margaret Tracey, spinster

Thomas Tracy 21 Aug 1900 Killbeg Rathmolyon Meath, mason, to Mary Tracy widow


30 July 1859 (N) Navan Seminary

...Latin/Greek/Prosody/Composition/French...Patrick Tracy...Reading...Martin Tracy (Solus)...Orthography/Diocesan Catechism...John Tracy...Arithmetric/Optics...R. Tracey...


1860- British War Office (WO97) – Chelsea Hospital

James Tracey, b. 1875, Irwin, Meath 

Thomas Tracey, b. 1835, Drogheda, Meath

Militia Service Records (WO96) [Home Guard/Territorial Army]

Joseph Tracey, b. 1876, Drogheda, Meath

Thomas Tracey, b. 1875, Drogheda, Meath


1861 Census

Andrew Tracy, spouse: Mary, b. abt 1827 [Meath 1871] Ireland, Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales

Mary Tracy, spouse: Andrew, b. abt 1832 Glamorgan, Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales

Martin Tracy b. abt 1854 Montgomeryshire, Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales

Thomas Tracy b. abt 1856 Worcestershire OR Montgomeryshire, Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales

Alfred Tracy b. abt 1858 Montgomeryshire, Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales


Christchurch, Dewsbury, Liversedge, Yorkshire (West Riding) [see 1971 census]

John Tracy       Head   Male    51        Ireland, labourer

Mary Tracy      Wife    Female 50        Ireland

Margaret Tracy            Daughter         Female 12        Huddersfield, Yorkshire

John Tracy       Son      Male    9          Dewsbury, Yorkshire [died 1868?]

Thomas Tracy  Son      Male    7          Heckmondwike, Yorkshire

Michael Tracy Son      Male    5          Liversedge, Yorkshire


12 July 1861 (FJ) Navan Seminary

Latin Seventh Class, John Tracy

Arithmetic Third Class, Martin Treacy

English Grammer Second Class, Martin Tracy

Reading Second Class, Martin Treacy

Orthography Second Class, Martin Treacy

Historical Catechism Second Class, Martin Treacy

Doicesan Cathechism Second Class, Martin Treacy

Geography Fifth Class, Martin Treacy

Irish History, Martin Treacy

Bible, Patrick Treacy

Curr's Instruction, John Tracy

Writing Third Class, John Treacy, Fourth Class, Martin Treacy


1861 Subscribers:

Rev. F Tracey PP, Ballyna, Enfield (Meath?)

Rev P Treacy CC, Killresenty (Kilrossanty, Waterford?)

Rev J Treacy CC, Carrick-on-Suir (Tipperary)

Rev R? Treacy CC, Ring Dungarvan (Waterford)

Fitzpatrick WJ (1861) The Life, Times & Correspondence of the Right Rev. Dr Doyle, Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin. Duffy, Dublin.



5. James Tracy, Bridget street, Town of Ashbourne, House offices forge and garden, £3.18.0 rent, tenant from year to year


1864 – State Registered Births (See HOME for full list of Births and Marriages up to 1899)

Tracey, Joseph, Celbridge, Dublin/Kildare/Meath. 7 509

Tracey, Margaret, Edenderry, Kildare/Meath/Offaly. 8 593

Tracey, Mary, Trim, Meath. 7 1099


Thomas Henry Tracey, of full age, widower, solicitor, lives 103 Lr Gardiner St, (s. of Timothy Tracey, gentleman) married Alicia O’Brien, of full age, spinster, lives 17 Marino Cresent, (d. of James O'Brien, Captain in the army) 17 February 1870 RC Chapel Fairview Wit: V.? A. B. O'Brien & Kate J. O'Brien [Coolock & Drumcondra Dublin North PLU] [see Thomas Henry Tracey]

19 March 1870 The Pilot (Boston & NY)

Feb. 17, at Clontarf, Thomas H. Tracy, Esq., to Alicia, daughter of the late Capt. James O’Brien, Bryanstown House, Co. Meath.


22 October 1870 (FJ) French Ambulances

From the united parishes of Castlejordan and Ballybeggan...H. Tracy...


1870 to 1906 Ashbourne National School Register

Luke Tracey, entered school 15/06/1874, aged 4, RC, father blacksmith


1871 British Census

Patrick Treacy, spouse Bridget, 62, b. 1809 County Meath, Ireland, Labourer, Lancashire

= Bridget Treacy, spouse Patrick, b. abt 1819 County Cavan Ireland, Lancashire

Andrew Tracey, head, 46, b. 1825 Meath Ireland, Trawscoed Radnorshire Wales

= Mary Tracey, wife, 42, b. 1829 Cardiff Glamorgan, Trawscoed Radnorshire

Alfred Tracey, son, 12, b. 1859 Newtown Montgomeryshire, Trawscoed Radnorshire

Andrew Tracey, son, 9, b. 1862 Newtown Montgomeryshire, Trawscoed Radnorshire

Charles Tracey, son, 6, b. 1865 Newtown Montgomeryshire, Trawscoed Radnorshire

Mary Ann Tracey, daughter, 4, b. 1867 Newtown Montgomeryshire, Trawscoed Radnorshire

Clara Tracey, daughter, 0, b. 1871 Newbridge Radnorshire, Trawscoed Radnorshire

1871 Census England

  Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  John Tracy  M 44 Co Meath, Ireland, Heckmondwike. Yorkshire (West Riding) 

Wife  Mary Tracy  F 45 Rosscommon, Ireland 

Daughter-in-law  Margaret Kelley  F 24 Huddersfield, Yorkshire 

Granddaughter  Mary Kelley  F 2 Heckmondwike, Yorkshire 

Grandson  Martin Kelley  M 0 Heckmondwike, Yorkshire 

Son  Thomas Tracy  M 18 Dewsbury, Yorkshire 

Son  Michael Tracy  M 14 Dewsbury, Yorkshire 

Son  James Tracy  M 9 Dewsbury, Yorkshire 

Daughter  Ellen Tracy  F 3 Dewsbury, Yorkshire 

Mother  Dortherty Tracy  F 89 Rosscommon, Ireland 

Boarder  Martin Horne  M 19 Heckmondwike, Yorkshire 

Boarder  Thomas Horne  M 17 Heckmondwike, Yorkshire 


26 June 1872 (FJ) Galway Vindication Fund

Summerhill, Co. Meath...Mrs. Tracey

1 July 1872 (FJ)  Galway/Nolan Indemnity Fund

Summerhill, Co. Meath...Mrs. Tracey...


5 July 1872 (FJ) Galway Vindication Fund

Rathoath & Ashbourne, Co. Meath...Jas Tracey


February 1873 Trial of Rev John O'Grady

...48 gentlemen have been appointed as the reduced panel...Thomas Tracy, Dunshaughlin, farmer...[most were from Dublin, may be Dunsoghly, Dublin]


British Army Service Records

James Tracey, b. 1875 Irwin, Meath


27 December 1878 Freeman's Journal

...Thomas Tracey of Dunsaughlin? Ward.


1881 RIC Service [see Bryansford and Newcastle Parish Co. Down]

James Treacy, 40041, b. 1856.5 Galway Mayo


40041 James Treacy, 17.5 years, 5'8.5", b. Galway Mayo, Catholic, b. 28/12/80 wife from Down, recommended by S I Smith, None [trade], allocated 6 Feb 74, served Belfast 29 August 1874 - Down 1/8/76 - Meath 1/3/81, Reward & Punishments, Pensioned 17.3.99 40041D/45075, Cond in Tipperary


June 1881 Wexford

Thomas Treacy of Kells Co. Meath, that the defendant was drunk on the public street of Enniscorthy on the 13th day of June 1889, fine 2/6 with 1/- costs


1881 British Census

Andrew Tracy, head, 55, b. 1826 Ireland, married, hawker, Gilvach Llanyre Radnorshire [see 1871 census]

Clara Tracey, daughter, 10, b. 1871 Radnorshire, Llanyre Radnorshire

Mary Tracey, inmate, 57, b. 1824 Glamorgan, married, Workhouse Nantmel Radnorshire [wife of Andrew?]

Harriet Tracey, inmate daughter, 13, b. 1868 Montgomeryshire, Nantmel Radnorshire

Chas Tracey, lodger, 15, b. 1866 Newtown  Montgomeryshire, Ladywell St Newtown Montgomeryshire Wales [father Andrew?]

Patrick Tracey, Head Male, 44, b. Summerhill [Meath?], Ireland, Coal Miner, Old Boston, Haydock, Lancashire, England

= Elizabeth Tracey, Wife, Female, 43, b. Ashton, Lancashire, England


...January 1883...I then went to Ashbarden, [Ashbourne?] Co. Meath, and worked for a few days for one Tracy...

John Curry (Catholic priest.) The Barbavilla trials and the Crimes act in Ireland


23 January 1889 Freeman's Journal

... John Treacy, Summerhill, Itoaorsa a uji p9365t Jubry. [Meath?]


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

The records have been corrected for typographical errors according to best estimates for placenames. In addition, an attempt has been made to correctly identify place names for Ireland. As such, the originals should be checked for accuracy.


Janie Tracey, Dublin Ireland, 1913, 19 years, Cousin: Miss Kate Shortle, 8908 Albemaile? Rd Flatbush Brooklyn. b. ?? Mullingar Ireland. Father: Mr Tracey, Cherry Lane [Kilwarden Clonard] Meath [Also Katie McCormack, mother Annie same address]


Mary Tracy, Bristol England, 1911, 24 years, single, Father: Richard Tracy, Kinnegad, Co. Meath. Cousin Mrs K.V. Thontle, 2902 Allmart Rd Karinon? Brooklyn. 5’4”, fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. b. Kinnegad, Ireland. [crossed out]

Mary Tracy, Bristol England, 1911, 24 years, single, Father: Edwd Tracy, Kiloarden, Kinnegad, Co. Meath. Cousin R.V. Thortlen, 2902 Albenole Rd Flabush? Brooklyn. 5’4”, fair complexion, fair hair, grey eyes. b. Kinegad, Ireland. [Richard Tracey Kilwarden Co. Meath 1911 Census]


Margaret Tracey, Ashbourne (Meath Ireland), 1903, 20 years, single, to Uncle R. McCabe, State Hospital Long Island Kings Park [see 1901 census]


1896 Newspaper Ad

September 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); understands peaches, vines, fruit, flowers, vegetables; leaving owing to present employer going away; highly recommended; married, no family - P. Tracey, Ballysaggartmore, Lismore, Co. Waterford.

November 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); understands vines, peaches, fruit, flowers, vegetables; highly recommended; married, no family; state terms - P. Tracey, Dowth, Drogheda, Co. Meath.

December 1896 - Gardener (Head Working); thoroughly understands his business; long discharges; married, no family; highly recommended - P. Tracey, Dowth, Drogheda, Co. Meath.


Jul 23, 1898 (MC) Navan Petty Sessions

...Arthur Tracy...


February 18, 1899 (MC)

Rathmolyan...county and district Councilships...present...Terry Tracey...



 1901 Census of Ireland

 Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1901 Census of Ireland



1901 Census of England

Louisa Tracey, 67, Ireland Meath, Living On Own Means, New Shoreham, West Sussex


Oct 16, 1902 (IT)

Army Reservist, late 6th Dragoons, wants situation as Groom and Coachman; can be well recommended. Address Mr. J. Tracey, Navan Gate, Trim, Co. Meath.


William Treacy, 2030 Connaught Rangers.  Enlisted April 1st 1886, Discharged 1/4/1898.

20 years 10 months b. 1865, labourer, single, 6', 167 lbs, Blue eyes, Brown hair, RC, scar right hip,

born Kilconduff, Swinford, Mayo.

Met with a violent death at Castlebar on the 25th March 1905, Coroners Report, Lce. Cpl. Wm. Tracey

William Treacy, 7239, joined 5/2/2001 Fermoy

Served South Africa 1902, James Treacy Roy I Constabulary Kells Co. Meath brother next of kin

William Treacy, 1420 or 7239, 4th Battn Liverpool Regiment joined 4/2/1901 at Athlone, serving in Royal Irish Reserve Regiment & served in Connaught Rangers (Time Exp??)

35 years 9 months b. 1865, labourer, single, 6'1.5", 177 lbs, chest 37-9", blue eyes, brown hair, RC

born Kilconduff, near Swinford, Mayo. Will serve until 41 years.


20 May 1905 (AC) Meath Co. Committee annual Convention

...Rathmolina - Messrs John Treacey and E M'Loughlin...

13 October 1906 (AC) Meath Co. Committee annual Convention

...Rathmoylan F.C., Mr Tracy...

January 1908 IT
Navan, Rathmolyon branch of U.I.L....painting of Mr. Priest's cattle...Mr. Treacy's proposal of condemnation was passed...
Oct 20, 1908 (FJ) South Meath Executive
A meeting of the South Meath Executive of the United Irish League was held at Kilmessan...delegates...Rathmoylon...J. Tracy...
Feb 13, 1909 (FJ) National Convention Delegates
Rathmoylon Branch (Co. Meath)...John Treacy...


Oct 11, 1905 (IT)

Two young country girls wish to go together as Cook and House parlourmaid; highly recommended; England preferred. Apply Tracy, Kilwarden, Kinnegad, Co. Meath.


1907 RIC Service [see William Treacy of Bellmount Kilkenny]

Francis Treacy, 62231, b. 1882 Kilkenny


62231 Francis Treacy, dob 17 Aug 1882 [24 years], 5'9 5/8", b. Kilkenny jd from Carlow, Protestant, married 7.4.20 wife from Tyrone, recommended by DI Carter, Asylum Attendant, appointed 15 Nov 06, served Meath 1st May 1907 - Tyrone 10.5.12 - Cavan 5.3.1913 - Belfast 1.6.1913, Disbanded 20.5.22 T.S. Belfast No 16 C.A. £153.2.9


May 18, 1907 (MC) Longwood Petty Sessions

Sargeant Farrel summoned Miss Mary Hickey, Colehill, for a breach of the licencing Act...He saw three men come out, in a hurry, from the dwelling-house, adjacent to the licensed premises...Patrick Tracey and two other men...


May 18, 1907 (MC) Ballivor Petty Sessions

...Daly...wife is the licensee of a public house...Mary Treacy, a servant of Mrs. Daly, stated she never saw Mr and Mrs Daly in any other way but the best of friends.


Sep 14, 1907 (MC)

...cheque drawn by Henry J. Tracy in favour of Patrick Hilliard...Mrs Annie O'Brien, Brew's Hill, Navan...


Friesland Liverpool to Phila 25 Nov 1907

James Tracey, 24, b. 1883 Duleck [Meath] Ireland, married, fireman, lived New Castle England, father & mother Jas Tracey Clydes Cottage New Castle Co Dublin, passage paid by friend PPT, to cousin Dr R Tait Mackenzie 26 S 21st St Phila Pa (called for him). 5'8.5", fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes. [with one]

Mary W Tracey, 27, b. 1880 Devonport England, wife, lives New Castle England, father-in-law & mother Jas Tracey clydes Cottage New castle Co.  Dublin, cousin Dr. R. Tait Mackensie 26 S. 21st St Phila Pa, called for her, 5'9", fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes [with one]


Feb 22, 1908 (MC) South Meath UIL
...Rathmolyon - John Tracy...

Oct 8, 1910 (MC) Kells  [see Agnes Treacy]

...Agnes Treacy, the patti of Ireland...

Nov 5, 1910 (MC) Kells

...At the head of the list of artists is our Irish "Queen of Song", Miss Agnes Treacy...

Nov 19, 1910 (MC) Kells

..."At my window"..."Good-Bye"... Miss Treacy sang delightfully...



1911 Census of Ireland

Full listings alphabetically and by area as published by the National Archives 1911 Census of Ireland


Mar 14, 1914 (FJ) Ballivor (Meath) UIL

...2s6d...Miss Tracy...


Sep 5, 1914 (MC) Trim Board of Guardians

The tender of John Tracey, Rathmolyon was accepted for repairs to Hodgestown well at £9/5/0.


1914-1920 British Army WWI Service & Pension Records

Joseph Tracy, b. abt 1880, St Marys, Meath


23 Aug 1916 Irish Independent

Wanted at once, carpenter, competent to carry out concrete job. Apply J. Tracey, Builder, Rathmolyan, Enfield.


Jun 22, 1918 (MC) Meath Technical Committee

...applications for the position of principal to the Navan Technical School - viz: Messrs. Tracey (Cavan)....Mr. Tracey said that he had taught both subjects - commercial and manual [teaching]...


Oct 12, 1918 (MC) Loreto Convent, Navan - I.S.M. [Irish school of Music] Examinations

Grade III (Higher Intermediate)...Pass with Distinction (Pianoforte)...Eileen Tracey...


Feb 8, 1919 & Nov 29, 1919 (MC) Trim Board of Guardians/Guardians of Trim Union

...John Tracey...

May 8, 1920 (MC) L.G. Nominations

Summerhill Electoral Area (4 vacancies; 6 Candidates)...John Tracey, Kilbeg, Rathmolyon, labourer.

Mar 12, 1921 (MC) Trim School Board

...members present...John Tracey.

April 1921 Trim Board of Guardians

Also present Messers..J. Treacy...

Dec 17, 1921 (MC)

There was no meeting of the Trim Board of Guardians on Saturday, the only members to put in an appearance being Messrs J. Treacey and J. King.

Jul 1, 1922 (MC)

Back to the Land Association...delegates...Rathmolyon, Messrs J. Tracey and B. Greville...

Jul 8, 1922 (MC) Trim Rural Council

...John Tracey...

1922 Irish Builder and Engineer, Volume 64

Board of Works Contracts

Subject: Cottages for ex-service Men

Trim Rural District: J. Tracey, Rathmoylyon, Enfield, Co. Meath

Mar 17, 1923 (MC)

We the Trim Rural District Council hereby declare the Office of Councillor for the Electoral area of Summerhill vacant owing to the resignation of Mr John Tracy as a member of the Trim Rural District Council...

Jun 13, 1925 (MC)

...Labour (three candidates)...Michael McGrath, Isaactown, labourer (proposed by John Tracey, Kilbeg, Rathmoylyon, seconded by James Ennis, Isaactown, Agher. (Mr. McGrath has also been included in the Republican ticket).


Jul 9, 1921 (MC) Sales

...At Tavis, Kilmainhamwood, for Mrs Treacy, 3 acres heavy and crop meadow...

Dec 10, 1921 (MC) Sales

...At Tavis, Kilmainhamwood, for Mrs Treacy, 13 acres of prime land for grazing and meadow...

Jul 15, 1922 (MC)

...At Tavis, Kilmainhamwood, for Mrs Treacy, 4 acres superior crop meadow and 4 acres heavy old meadow...

Feb 9, 1924 (MC)

At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, letting of 15 acres...for Mrs MT Tracy...

Feb 14, 1924 & Feb 7, 1925 (MC) To let

Two storey dwelling house containing 6 appartments, with stabling and garden; also some grazing land if required. At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, for Mrs Treacy

Apr 11, 1924 (MC)

Tavis Kilmainhamwood, for Mrs MT Treacy' 2 divisions prime grazing lands containing 7.5 acres and 6 acres respectfully.

Jan 16, 1926 (MC)

At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, letting of 15 acres of grass lands in suitable divisions, for Mrs MT Treacy...

Dec 11, 1926 (MC)

At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, 20 acres grass in suitable divisions (portion thereof stocked with aftergrass), for Mrs MT Treacy...

Nov 26, 1927 (MC)

At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, 20 acres grazing lands in suitable divisions for Mrs MT Treacy...

Dec 1, 1928 (MC)

At Tavis Kilmainhamwood, 20 acres grazing lands in suitable divisions for Mrs MT Treacy...


1921- Calendars of Wills and Administrations

Mary A. Tracey, 24 Nov 1937, late of The Mill Castlejordan County Meath, who died 8 Aug 1937, to John Tracey, farmer. Effects …


Aug 5, 1922 (MC)

The defendants charged at a special court in Dunboyne as reported in a recent issue, were Michael Tracey and James Hickey, not Thomas Hickey, as then stated.


Jan 22, 1927 (MC) Road Nuisance

...William Tracy, Moynalvey, for allowing a pony to wander on the public road...

Nov 26, 1927 (MC) A "Sad Grievance"

Wm. Tracey, Moynalvey, Summerhill, wrote drawing attention to a "sad grievance" in connection with the cottage in which he was living with his brother-in-law, Jas. Malone. The latter was to give him possession but did not do so. The matter was referred to the rent collector.

Jan 21, 1928 (MC) Abusive and threatening language

James Malone, Moynalvey...in 1925 the defendant got in arrears with his rent and agreed to let Mrs. [Rose] Tracey/Treacy [his sister] and her husband [James Tracey] live in the cottage with him on their agreeing to pay the rent. They had signed an agreement to this effect but the cottage still remained in the defentants name as before...she came from Hudderstown, Co. Kildare...They had got £275 for the place in county Kildare...letter in the papers...

Mar 24, 1928 (MC) Possession of a Cottage

James Malone, Moynalvey, sued Rose Tracy and William Tracy for possession of a labourer's cottage at Moynalvey, Summerhill...gave a decree for possession...


Apr 21, 1928 (MC) Prizes in aid of Drumbaragh Schools

...17 - D. Tracey, 7 North Earl St., Dublin...


Apr 21, 1928 (MC)

Vincent McDonagh, publican, Bettystown...P. Tracy, Ninch...


May 12, 1928 (MC) The Meath County Board of Health

...appoint suitable tenants for the following cottages...(2) Drogheda (Meath) Rural District - Cottages formerly occupied by John Tracey, Donecarney;...


Sep 29, 1928 (MC) Trim District Sessions

...Messrs JG Graves Ltd...granted an Attendce Order against J. Tracey, Rathmolyon, Enfield.


Apr 6, 1929 (MC) Bellinter Park Golf Club

...A.J. Tracey...


Aug 24 1929 (MC) Land Improvement Act

John Tracey has applied (No. 4218) to the Commissioners of Public Works for a loan of £130 to improve lands of Killbeg (part of), Moneymore...


Dec 20, 1930 (MC) The Bridge of Cloonagh (by D.M. Large in the "Irish Times")

The stone parapet of Cloonagh Bridge...Mr Tracy of Ballinderry, still tells the story of how he sat sounding his horn vigorously until forced to give up all hope of getting past...who hurled himself in the argument on the side of the minority..."Don't you know perfectly well, Mr. Ehracy,"...


Apr 11, 1931 (MC) Meath County Board of Health

Drogheda District - Cottage formerly occupied by Bridget Tracy, Donecarney.


1953 OPW Contractor

"B74/3/2044/53" "J Tracey, Rathmoylan, Enfield, Co Meath." "5359" "Ctr" "B4"




William Treacy

PA-22/20, EI-UFO was built in 1957 and for 13 years has been owned by William Treacy of County Meath, Republic of Ireland. It has O-290D2, 133 hp engine and is equipped with COR VOR. In 2005 plane was covered with Ceconite 101.

Short Wing Piper Club. Turner Publishing Company







Meath Bonds

Elizabeth Tracy & Worship Wilson 1830 (Marriage Licence Bond)

William Tracey & Catherine Dillon 1801 (Marriage Licence Bond)


Margaret Tracey (b. circa 1866 Chicago, IL d. 16 Nov 1931 Chicago, Cook, Illinois (d. of James Tracey b. Ire & Jane Sherry b. Ire)

Residence: Chicago, IL

Burial Date: 19 Nov 1931 Calvary Cook Co, IL

John Patricks Tracey  (b. circa 1867 Illinois  d. 07 Apr 1912, 1512 Sedquick St Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of James Tracey b. Ireland & Jane Sherry b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Watchman, single 

Informant: Margaret Tracey, 1512 Sedquick St

Burial Date: 10 Apr 1912 Calvary

William J. Tracy  (b. 27 Feb 1868 Chicago, Illinois  d. 04 Sep 1924 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of James Tracy b. Neenah, Ireland & Jane Sherry b. Meath Co., Ireland 

Occupation: foreman 

Spouse: Nellie J. 

Burial Date: 08 Sep 1924  Calvary 

Mrs. W. F. Biederman (b. 22 Jun 1872 Chicago, Ill. d. 14 Mar 1926 Winnetka, Cook, Illinois (d. of James Tracey b. Tipperarry, Ireland & Jane Sherry b. Mealti, Ireland)

Occupation: Housewife

Residence: Chicago, Ill.

Spouse: Willis Biederman

Burial Date: 16 Mar 1926 Cook County, Illinois

James Tracey  (b. circa 1872 Chicago, Ill.  d. 11 Jul 1911 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of James Tracy b. Ireland  & Jane Sherry b. Ireland 

Occupation: Teamster  1891-1911, married

Street Address: 656 W. Division St. 

Residence: Chicago, Cook Co., Ill. 

Burial Date: 14 Jul 1911  Calvary, Chicago, Ill.

Thomas A. Tracy  (b. 07 Jan 1878 Chicago, Illinois  d. 13 Jan 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of James Tracy  b. Co. Tipperary, Ireland  & Jane Sherry b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Clerk 

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Burial Date: 16 Jan 1930 Calvary, Evanston, Cook, Ill. 

Edward Tracy  b. 08 Oct 1881 28 Hawthorn Avenue, Chicago, Cook, Illinois (s. of James Tracy, age 45, laboror & Jane Sherry, age 38) [one child?]

1880 Census Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Household Gender Age Birthplace

Self  James Tracy  M 40 Ireland 

Wife  Jane Tracy  F 36 Ireland 

Dau  Marguerett Tracy  F 15 

Son  John Tracy  M 14 

Son  William Tracy  M 12 

Son  James Tracy  M 10 

Dau  Mary J. Tracy  F 8 

Dau  Hellen Tracy  F 5 

Son  Thomas Tracy  M 2 

Niece Marguerett Tracy  F 20


Patritius Treacy of 60 Carysfort Av, Blackrock (s, of Michaelis & Margaritae of Co Roscommon) married Julia Hickey of Glenville Blackrock (d. of Philippi & Maria of Co Meath) 1 Sep 1890 Wit: Jacobo Byrne of Blackrock & Anne Carroll of Glenville Blackrock Booterstown Parish

Patrick Treacy, full age, bachelor, gardiner?, lives Carysfort Avenue Blackrock, (s. of Michael Treacy, labourer) married Julia Hickey, full age, spinster, servant, lives Glenville Blackrock, (d. of Philip Hickey, labourer) 01 September 1890 RC Chapel Booterstown Wit: James Byrne & Annie Carroll [Blackrock Rathdown PLU]


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Colma, San Mateo County, California

Thomas, beloved husband of Catherine Tracey. Native of Co. Meath Ireland. Died Mar. 19, 1897. Aged 50 Yrs.



20 March 1897 San Francisco Call

Tracy - In this city, March 19 1897, Thomas J. beloved husband Catherine Tracy, and brother-in-law of Mrs Mary Kenny. a native of County Meath, Ireland, aged 50 years.


1900 Census - 13.5 Precinct 9 San Francisco city Ward 32, San Francisco, California

Kate [Margaret crossed out] Tracy            Head       Female    44            b. Mar 1856 Ireland, widowed, emigrated 1870, 30 years US, home cleaner

Mary Kenney              Sister      Female    46           b. May 1854 Ireland, widowed, emigrated 1871, 29 years US, day laborer





Margt Tracy & Wm Nowlan

James Nowlan b. 15 Nov 1815 Sp. Hugh Sands & Jane Nealon. Athboy Parish


John Treacey, full [age], bachelor, labourer, lives Criseyland? [Curleyland and Mill Land Athboy] Co. Meath, (s. of John Treacey, labourer) married Catherine Brickland, full [age], spinster, farmer?, lives Killaedis? [Killarles Geashill] Kings? Co?, (d. of Michael? Brickland, farmer) 08 July [Sept?] 1892 RC Chapel Raheen Wit: John Treacey & Maria? Brickland [Clonygowan Mountmellick PLU Kings] [bad copy] see Killeigh Offaly





Eliza Tracy married John Reilly 4 Feb 1839 Wit: Micl Reilly & Ellen Boyne Balliver Parish


Thos/Thomas Tracy & Cathe/Catharine Keefe/Keeffe

Bernard Tracy b. 30 Nov 1838 Sp. Jas Grey & Bridget Keeffe Balliver Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 6 Mar 1841 Sp. Philip Grey & Mary Foster Balliver Parish

Cathe Tracy b. 4 Feb 1843 Sp. John Grey & Cathe Conlan Balliver Parish

Margt Tracy b. 19 Sep 1845 Sp. Richd Grey & Mary Delamer Balliver Parish

Marcella Tracy b. 19 Sep 1845 Sp. Bernard & Bridget Tracy Balliver Parish

John Tracy b. 23 Nov 1847 Sp. John Hannon & Rose Grey Balliver Parish

Anne Tracy b. 18 Jun 1850 Sp. John Reilly & Bridgit Hammon? Balliver Parish

Pat Tracy b. 11 Jan 1853 Sp. John Delamer & Catherine Conlan Balliver Parish


Mary Tracy & Pat Pigot

Mat Pigot b. 6 May 1855 Sp. Mat & Bridget Hiney Balliver Parish

Mary Pigot b. 21 Apr 1873 Sp. Thomas Pigot & Anne McNally Balliver Parish


Bridget Tracy married Pat Dowling 20 Feb 1860 Wit: Christopher Dignam & Rose Grey Balliver Parish


Mary Tracy married Lawrence Ludlow on the 24 May 1861 Wit: Thomas Regan & Mary Coffey Balliver Parish

Mary Tracey/Tracy & Laurence Ludlow/Ludlaw

Laurence Ludlow b. 18 Jan 1863 Sp. Bernard Tracy & Catherine Davis Balliver Parish

Catharine Ludlaw b. 16 Jul 1868 Sp. John Ludlaw & Anne Tracy. Balliver Parish

Mary Anne Ludlow b. 23 Sep 1870 Sp. Margaret Tracey Balliver Parish

Patrick Ludlow b. 19 Feb 1873 Sp. Pat Dowling & Marcella Mooney? Balliver Parish

Margaret Ludlow b. 26 Nov 1875 Sp. Thomas Ryan & Kate Dowling Balliver Parish

Bridget Ludlow b. 13 Sep 1878 Sp. Timothy Dempsey & Mary Torney? Balliver Parish (Note: married 4 June 1909 St. Mary's Philadelphia John Dalton - Rev James E Caokly PJ Errell PP)


Catharine Tracy m. John Ryan 20 Jan 1875 Wit: Thomas Tracy & Mary Foster.  Ballivor Parish

Catharine Tracy (d. of Thomas Tracy) m. John Ryan 20 Jan 1875 Ballivor, Offaly, Ireland (LDS)

Catherine Tracey, 30 [years], spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Derryconnor [Derryconor Killaconnigan], (d. of Thomas Tracey, deceased, farmer) married John Ryan, 44 yrs, bachelor, farmer, lives Inchimore [in Castlerickard], (s. of James Ryan, deceased, farmer) 18 January 1875 RC Chapel Ballivor Wit: Thomas Tracey & Margaret Tracey [Athboy Trim PLU]

Catherine Tracy & John Ryan

John Joseph Ryan b. 27 Feb 1876 Sp. Pat & Margaret Tracy Balliver Parish

James Ryan b. 16 Feb 1879 Sp. Pat Tracy & Elizabeth Munay Balliver Parish

Cath Anne Ryan b. 6 Jul 1881 Sp. John Reid & Kate Bracken Balliver Parish (Note: married in St. Andrews Dublin Thos Carroll on 26? July '94 by Rev Rd? Colghan P Farell PP)


Balliver Parish Deaths

Bridget Tracy of Glack, died 17 Mar 1846

Mrs? Tracy died 13 Oct 1877



Thomas Tracy died 1870, Trim PLU, Aged 63, b. 1807, died 5 May 1870, Derryconnor [Derryconor Killaconnigan]



 Castlejordan [also Offaly]


Michael Treacy & Bridget

Cathertine Treacy b. 11 Aug 1832 Sp. John Moore & Bridget Commins Castlejordan Parish

James Tracey b. 12 May 1834 Sp. James Sandyrs & Emilia Williams Castlejordan Parish

Bridget Tracey b. 18 Feb 1836 Sp. Jas Glynn & Cath Lynch Castlejordan Parish


Margaret Tracy & Laurence Corcoran

Mary Corcoran b. 28 Aug 1848 Sp. Maria Lynam Castlejordan Parish


Mary Tracy m. John Doyle 15 Aug 1852 Wit: Nicholas Carney & Ann Carney Castlejordan Parish.


John Tracy & Mary

Thomas Tracy b. 15 Jul 1853 Sp. John Brennan & Bridgt Gill? Castlejordan Parish


Mary Tracy & John McCabe

John McCabe b. 20 May 1856 Sp. Laurence Gill & Anne Byrne Castlejordan Parish


Bernard Tracey married Catherina McNamara 2 Feb 1861 Wit: Maurice Colgan & Agnes McNamara? Castlejordan Parish [see Philipstown Parish Offaly]


Anne/Annie Tracy, full [age], spinster, farmer, lives Kinnegad [Killucan], (d. of Ths Tracy, farmer) married Michael Bracken, full [age], bachelor, farmer, lives Killeskillan [Killaskillen Ballyboggan Meath], (s. of James Bracken, farmer) 18 November 1889 RC Chapel Kinnegad Wit: Michael Bracken & Maggie Dr? [Killucan Mullingar PLU]


Mary Treacy, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Killeskillen [Killaskillen Ballyboggan], (d. of Patrick Treacy, labourer) married Patrick McCormack, full [age], bachelor, labourer, lives Ballinabracky [in Castlejordan], (s. of John McCormack, dead, labourer) 18 June 1898 RC Chapel Ballinabracky Wit: John Brennan & Jane Tetly? [Ballyboggan Edenderry PLU Meath] signed his mark





??? & ???

Pat Tracy b. 25 Mar? 1806 Sp. Pat ??? Castletown-Kilpatrick Parish


Thos Treases? & Mary Reily

Judith Treases b. 27 Oct 1814 Sp. Laur Reily & Mary Castletown-Kilpatrick Parish


Brigida Tracy married Patritius Giblin 18 Feb 1828 Wit: Thoma & Joanna Flood Castletown-Kilpatrick Parish


Joannes Tracy married Catharina White on the 2 May 1840 Wit: Maria Weldon & Catharina Elliotts Castletown-Kilpatrick Parish

John Tracy & Cathe

Mary Tracy b. 15 May 1841 Sp. James Tracy & Cathe Kiernan Castletown-Kilpatrick Parish



John Tracy died 1866, Navan PLU, aged 63, b. 1803, died 29 Jan 1866 Clongill [Clongill - Castletown-Kilpatrick RC]



 Clonmellon (Meath/Westmeath) [see also Westmeath]


George Tracy & Margaret Flood 1843 (Marriage Licence Bond) [Griffiths George Tracy Galboystown Killallon Meath]

George Tracy & Margt/Margaret Flood

Margt Tracy b. 1 May 1844 Sp. Richard Flood & Mary Schleton. Clonmellon Parish

Michl Tracy b. 16 May 1847 of Galboytown? [Galboystown Killallon Meath] Sp. Nill? Gillick & Mary McDermot. Clonmellon Parish


Margaret Tracy alias Flood & Michael Smith

Elizabeth Smith b. 7 Jul 1861 of Galboystown [Killallon Meath] Sp. Michael Tracy & Teresa Molloy. Clonmellon Parish


Clonmellon Parish Death

Bridt Tracey m: Slieve Baun of Kilallon, died 17 Jun 1795



 Collon (Louth/Meath)


See Co. Louth.





James Tracy & Mary O'Leary [see Rathoath]

Anne Tracy b. 29 Oct 1826 Sp. Thos Tolan & Ann Kelly Donymore Parish



 Drogheda Saint Mary’s (Louth/Meath)


See Co. Louth





Note: Online RC registers baptisms 1852-1880 and marriages 1852-1881.


Margaret Tracey (b. 1774 Fermanagh d. 1838 Duleek) & James Elliott (b. 1768 Duleek d. 1827 Duleek)

Elizabeth Elliott b. 1796 Duleek d. 1851 Scotland

Wenda Elliott b. 1798 Duleek d. 1861 Australia

Georgia Elliott b. 1802 Duleek d. 1875 Ireland

Susan Elliott b. 1804 Duleek d. 1867 Ottawa Ontario

Margie Elliott b. 1807 Duleek d. 1879 Halifax Nova Scotia

Mable Elliott b. 1807 Duleek d. 1881 Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Tracey Elliott b. 1810 Duleek d. 1856 Duleek

http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Elliott-2976 [with photographs]


Hugh Tracy, full age, bachelor, servant, lives Gaulstown [Duleek], (s. of James Tracy, labourer) married Bridget Mullally, do [full age], spinster, housemaid, lives Duleek [Duleek Town Duleek], (d. of Peter Mullally, " [labourer]) 17 February 1896 RC Chapel Duleek Wit: Patrick Mathews & Annie McKeon, signed his mark [Duleek Drogheda PLU] [see Drumgoon Cavan]





John Tracy & Rose Bardin

Mary Tracy b. 17 Oct 1809 Sp. Anne Walsh Dunboyne Parish


Michael Tracy & Anne Maher

Abigail Tracy b. 8 Apr 1827 Sp. Michael Troy & Elizabeth Doyle Dunboyne Parish


Hannah Tracy married Peter Ledwith 18 Jan 1828 Wit: Bryan Dolan Dunboyne Parish


Abbey Tracy m. Thomas Reilly 14 Sep 1845 Wit: Wm Higgins & Marcella Daly Dunboyne Parish


Kate Tracey, 23, spinster, daughter of labourer, lives Quarryland [Dunboyne], (d. of Andrew Tracey, labourer) married Christopher Cawley, 24, bachelor, labourer, lives Piercetown [Dunboyne], (s. of Andrew Cawley, labourer) 29 April 1891 RC Chapel Dunboyne Wit: Edward Teeling & Kathleen Gibney [Dunboyne Dunshaughlin PLU]


Dunboyne Parish Deaths

John Tracy of Bracetown, died 20 Nov 1801

Thomas Tracy of Clonee, died 23 Aug 1828



Bridget Treacey died 1867, Dunshaughlin PLU, aged 78, b. 1789, died 23 Nov 1867 Clonee [Dunboyne]





Anne Tracy/Tracey & James Mahon

John Mahon b. 28 Sep 1840 Sp. John Hanlon & Ellen McIvers Dunderry Parish

Laurence Mahon b. 26 Oct 1845 Sp. James Tobin & Ellen Mullen. Dunderry Parish





John Tracy & Anna Wilson/Watson [see St. Mary Pro Cathedral RC]

Thomas Tracy b. 17 Aug 1817 Sp. James Coply? & Margaret Boylan. Dunshaughlin Parish


John Tracy & Ann

Jas Tracy b. 9 July 1824 of Co. Meath Sp. Anne Drill. Pro-Cathedral Dublin.

William Tracey b. 25 February 1831 Sp. Jno Doolin & Sarah Hampston. Pro-Cathedral Dublin.


Judith Tracy & Jas Byrne?

Mary Ryner b. 27? Sep 1831 Sp. John Cosgraeren? & Cathe Ennis. Dunshaughlin Parish


Bgt Tracy & Jas Byrnes

Begt Byrnes b. 6 Feb 1838 Sp. Thos Wild? & Mary Tralhan? Dunshaughlin Parish





Elizabeth Tracy of NT Forbes married Philipus Lynch of Kells [Meath?] 15 Jun 1838 Wit: Jacobo Folloitt & Maria McDermott Clongish Parish Longford


Patk Triasy married Anne Murphy 10 Apr 1835 Wit: Jas Mooney & Anne Glorice? Kilskyre Parish

Patritii Treacy? & Anna Murphy

Annam Treacy b. 26 Aug 1838 Sp. Thomas Essix & anna Cafrey? Kells Parish


Peter Treacy [Freacy] alia Cain married Mary C? 2 Aug 1868 Wit Miche Neuman & Anne C? Kells Parish Meath [missing part of page] [Not in State Registration]

Peter Treacy [Freacy] & May Casserly

Mary Treacy b. 5 June 1870 Sp. Bernard Smyth & Catherine Treacy? Kells Parish

Peter Treacy [Freacy], labourer, & Mary Casserly

Mary Treacy b. 31 May 1870 Drumbarrow [Drumbaragh Kells]. Anne Casserly, Drumbarrow, present at birth, her mark [Kilskeer Kells PLU]


Mary Ellen Tracy, 20 years, spinster, teacher, lives Charles Street Tullamore, (d. of Patrick Tracy, alive, customs officer) married Patrick Smith, 27 years, bachelor, decorator, lives Kells [Kells Meath], (s. of Patrick Smith, dead, farmer) 30 August 1887 RC Chapel Tullamore Wit: Thomas Tracy & Rosanna Killeary [Tullamore Tullamore PLU] [see Tullamore Offaly]


6 September 1887 Freeman's Journal

Smith and Tracy - Aug 30, 1887, at the Roman Catholic Church, Tullamore, by the Rev F Murphy, Mr Patrick Smith, Newmarket street, Kells, to Mary Ellen, daughter of Patrick Tracy, her Majestry's Customs, Liverpool.



 Kilbride and Mountnugent [see also Westmeath & Cavan]


Biddy Tracy & Thomas Reilly

Thomas Reily b. 24 Feb 1832 Sp. James Tracy? & Margaret Tracey Kilbride and Mountnugent Parish





Note: Kilcloon is in Meath and Kilcock is in Kildare


Bridget Tracy m. Edward Neil 6 Feb 1824 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Mary Thracy m. John Coghlan 25 Jan 1825 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Honor Tracy m. Michael Cornally 20 Jan 1826 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


John Treacy m. Elizabeth Hannin 28 Feb 1829 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Joseph Tracy m. Mary Geoghaghan 11 Jun 1831 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Thomas Tracy m. Margaret Keegan 15 Jan 1833 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Michael Tracey m. Margaret Keating 1 Nov 1841 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland


Ellen Tracy m. James Gormly 1 Sep 1859 Kilcloon, Batterstown and Kilcock, Meath and Kildare, Ireland [see Tubber Parish Offaly]





Note: Online baptisms are 1829-1878 and marriages 1829-1877.


Ann Tracy & Maurice Bray

Maria Bray b. 18 Nov 1792 (illegitimate) of Kilinysan? Sp. Thadeus Craymore? & Ann Casey Killine Parish


Jane Tracy & Nichl Dowling

Edwd Dowling b. 17 Nov 1794 Sp. Barthe Murray & Mary Swan Killine Parish


Jns Tracy married Anne Keeffe of Killine 2 Jun 1832 Wit: Jas Connollan & Anne Brogan Killyon/Killine Parish

John/Jn Tracy & Anne Keef/Keefe/Keif

Bryan Tracy b. 2 Apr 1833 Sp. Jn Fitzsimons? & Eliza Tracy Killine Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 1 Feb 1835 of Killine Sp. Michl Grey & Anne Brogan Killine Parish

Bridget Tracy b, 13 Jul 1836 of Killine Sp. Wm Mitchel & Jane Davis Killine Parish

Catharine Tracy b. 11 Jul 1838 Sp. George Davis & Marcella Hickey Killine Parish

Marian Tracey b. 12 Aug 1841 Sp. Thos Moran & Eliza Colabyth? Killine Parish

John Tracy b. 24 Sep 1843 Sp. Thomas Tracy & Catharine Reilly. Killine Parish

Richard Tracy b. 16 Jul 1845 Sp. Patrick Fagan & Mary Duignan Killine Parish

Anne Tracy b. 18 Jun 1848 Sp. James Gray & Eleonor Fagan  Killine Parish

Thomas Tracy b. 1 Sep 1850 Sp. James Dempsey & Bridget Tracy Killine Parish


Bernard Treacy of Ballyglass [in Clonad Killaderry], (s. of John Treacy of Chunylane? [Cherry Lane in Kilwarden Clonard Meath]) married Catharine Rourke of The? Island [Island Killaderry], (d. of John Rourke of The Island) 20 August 1874 Wit: John Shiel of Clonad [Killaderry] & Catherine Maher of Philipstown [Killaderry]. Philipstown Parish [see Philipstown Offaly]


Bridget Tracey/Treacy/Treacey/Tracy & Patrick/P Dooling/Dowling

Catherine Dowling b. 22 Jun 1865 Sp. Thomas & Anne Tracey Killine Parish

Thomas Dooling b. 10 Feb 1867 Sp. Richd Dooling & Jane Dooling Killine Parish (note: 14-8-08 married Teresa Turlet in St Alexanders Booth Liverpool by Fr Jas? Keagan? Pk Rooney? PP)

Bridget Dowling b. 9 Dec 1871 Sp. Patrick Dowling & Bridget Gardiner? Killine Parish

John Dowling b. 4 Mar 1874 Sp. Simon Dowling & Anne Treacy Killine Parish


Richard/Richd Tracey, 40, bachelor, farmer, lives Cherry lane [in Kilwarden Clonard], (s.  of John Tracey, alive, farmer) married Jane Hossey, 31, spinster, farmers daughter, lives Towlaght [Clonard], (d. of Richard Hossey, farmer) 24 February 1886 RC Chapel Clonard Wit: Bernard Tracey & Ellen Gilligan [Ballyboggan Edenderry PLU]


Patrick Tracy of Co. Kildare or Meath

Seeking info on townland of my ggrandfather Patrick Tracy who emigrated from either the Carberry district of Kildare or Clonard in Meath in about 1850. He eventually settled in Juneau Co, Wi and married Catherine He(a)vey who was from the Moy valley, Kildare.

Tom Tracy February 02, 2000


April 21, 1857 (FJ) Death

April 16, at Longwood, county Meath, Mr. Thomas Tracey, aged 66 years. R.I.P.

25 April 1857 (N) Death

Tracey - At Longwood, co Meath, Mr. Thomas Tracey, aged 66 years. R.I.P.

1857 News from Ireland

The following transcriptions are from the New York City newspaper The Irish-American. Spellings are as they appear in the newspaper.

April (or May) 16 at Longwood, county Meath, Mr. Thomas Tracey, aged 68 years.


Church of the Nativity Cemetery Kilmessan

Tracey, Frank, d. 19 Aug 1991, age: 55 yr, h/o Jenny, Bellinter, Navan, [FC]
Tracey, Jenny, d. 27 May 1993, age: 58 yr, w/o Frank, [FC]





Patk Triasy married Anne Murphy 10 Apr 1835 Wit: Jas Mooney & Anne Glorice? Kilskyre Parish [see Kells]





Margaret Hacy married Patt Dolan 3 Jun 1837 Wit: Laurence O'Brien & John McCornon. Lobinstown Parish


John Tracy & Eliza Hanratty

James Tracy b. 3 Apr 1853 Sp. Bridget Cassidy Lobinstown Parish





Thomas Joseph Tracey, full [age], bachelor, salesman, lives 37 St Patricks Road, Dublin, (s. of Patrick Tracey, customs Officer Liverpool) married Anne Mullen, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives Newcastle [Moynalty], (d. of Laurence Mullen, gentleman) 11 January 1898 RC Chapel Moynalty Wit: Patrick Smith & Mary Mullen [Moynalty Kells PLU] see Tullamore Offaly


Jan 22 1898 (MC) Marriage

Tracy and Mullen - January 11, 1898 at the Roman Catholic Church, Maoynalty, county Meath by the Rev. M. Kenny PP, Thomas J Tracy, 37 St. Patricks road, Drumcondra, Dublin (late Tullamore) eldest son of Patrick Tracy, Her Majesty's Customs, Liverpool, to Annie Mullen, youngest daughter of Lawrence Mullen, Newcastle, county Meath (niece of the late Rev Christopher Mullen PP, Moynalty, and cousin of the Right Rev. Monseigor Gaughran PP and VG Kells. No cards.





Anne Treacy married James Mation 12 Feb 1839 Wit: Michael Murphy & Catherine Plunket. Moynalvey Parish


Robert Tracey & Eliza Minau

Mary Tracey b. 29 Apr 1869 Sp. Robert Minau & Mary Minau. Moynalvey Parish

Robert Tracy & Eliza Moynahan

Mary b. 26 April 1869 (LDS)

Robert Tracy, herd, from? Tipperary, & Eliza Moynahan

Mary Tracy b. 26 Apr 1869 Kilmore [Kilmore] Eliza Tracy, her mark, mother, Kilmore [Dunboyne Dunshaughlin PLU]


Thomas Tracey married Catharine Tyrrell 7 Aug 1875 Wit: John Gravel & Anne Tyrrell Moynalvey Parish [see Rathcore and Rathmolyon]

Thomas Tracy, 49, bachelor, stone mason, lives Killbeg [Kill Beg Rathmolyon], (s. of John Tracey, stone mason) married Catherine Tyrrell, 32, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Arodstown [Kilmore], (d. of John Tyrrell, farmer) 07 August 1876 RC Chapel Moynalvey Wit: John Greville & Annie Tyrrell [Dunboyne Dunshaughlin PLU]

Thomas Tracey & Catherine Tyrrell

John b. 27 May 1877 (LDS)

Michael Joseph b. 11 October 1878 Kilberg (LDS)


Thomas Treacy married Maryann Ward 26 May 1882 Wit: Mark Maguire & Teresa Maguire? Moynalvey Parish

Thomas/Thos Tracy, 55 years, widower, mason, lives Kilbeg [Kill Beg Rathmolyon], (s. of John Tracey, mason) married Mary Anne Ward, 41 years, spinster, dress maker, lives Kiltale [Kiltale], (d. of John Ward, farmer) 25 July 1882 RC Chapel Boycetown [Galtrim] Wit: Mark Maguire & Teresa Maguire [Summerhill Trim PLU]




Moynalvey/Kilcloon Athletics Club

The History of Moynalvey/Kilcloon Athletics Club spans more than two decades. Moynalvey/Kiltale Athletic Club was founded in 1982 by John Durkan and Jim Treacy. While strong links still exist between the parishes of Moynalvey and Kiltale through their respective GAA clubs, the athletics club spread its wings to encompass the parish of Kilcloon and the club as it is known today came into existence c.1989.

The president of the club is Liam Treacy, who got international vests at schools and junior level for 800m and was a multi medallist for 800m at under age levels and competed for many years for Dublin City Harriers.

His wife Siobhan Treacy nee Lonergan, is a Chartered Physiotherapist was a member of Dublin City Harriers and won both the inter varsity cross country and 1500m three times representing Trinity College. She was a multiple track and field international at 1500m and competed at the world cross country 3 times. In addition she was silver medallist 3 times in the national senior 1500. Her personal bests are 2.07.0 for 800m, 4.18.0 for 1500m and 2.52 for the marathon. She was part of the only Irish women's senior team to win the home countries cross country international. She was physiotherapist to Irish Athletics for 15 years and was Physio to Athletics at the Barcelona and Seoul Olympic Games.

Daniel, Sara and Fodhla Treacy are their children.




Daniel Treacy (DCU & Moynalvey/Kilcloon AC)

In 2004, Daniel finished 2nd in the 1500m steeplechase in the Schools Athletics International in Chelmsford in July and was part of the Irish Schools Cross Country team in the same year.

In 2006 to 2009, he won a Sports Scholarship
in Athletics to DCU and became a key member of their athletics team. He graduated with a BA in Economics Politics and Law.

26th November 2006 All Ireland Inter County cross country championships, Dungarvan Co Waterford: The Meath Junior Men produced a great team effort to take the Gold medal, lead home by Daniel Treacy in 14th place with all six runners in the top 35.

9th December 2006: All-Ireland novice cross country championships, Athlone Saturday Daniel Treacy was Meath's only athlete in the boys under 19 and he ran well to finish 7th.

30 Jul 2007 ESB National League at Santry: 1500m Daniel Treacy (Moynalvey) 5th 4.02.2. 4x400: Blaine Rennicks (Bohermeen) Emmet Reilly (Navan) Daniel Treacy (Moynalvey) and Niall Matthews (Navan) 4th 3.31.07.



Sara Louise Treacy (Birmingham University, Moynalvey/Kilcoon AC & Ireland)


Irish Schools Athletics Champions 1916-2017

1500m Junior Girls

2003    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          4.54.74


2003    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          7.43


2004    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin                     

2005    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          13.08

1500m Intermediate Girls

2005    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          4.42.21

1500m Senior Girls

2006    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          4.41.16


2006    Sara Treacy     King's Hospital School, Dublin          9.00


Leinster Girls Under 16 – Gold AAI Cross Country Championships at Fintra, Killybegs, Co. Donegal on the 14th December 2003.

She won the Celtic International in Wales in January 2005 for girls under 17 and won the Schools International Cross Country in April again in Wales for the top under17 schoolgirls in Ireland England Scotland and Wales. She also won the Irish Schools under17 1500m in Tullamore in June 2005 and the Athletics Ireland u17 1500 in July 2005 in Tullamore. She was second in the Schools International 1500 in July also in Tullamore.

Sara was Irish Junior Cross Country in 2006 (AAI website) and competed in World cross country that year and European cross country also.The Leinster Cross Country championships, Belvedere House Mullingar 23rd October 2006: The best individual Meath result of the day was Sara Treacy (Moynalvey) who had an emphatic win in the girls under 18 event. All Ireland Inter County cross country championships, Dungarvan Waterford 26th November 2006: Sara Treacy (Moynalvey) was Meath’s best placed runner and took the silver medal. She was a member of a very promising Irish junior cross country squad which finished ninth in the European Junior Cross Country Championship at San Giorgio su Legnano, Italy in December 2006. Sara picked up an injury shortly after the European Cross Country, and was subsequently unable to compete in the spring cross country events. This piece of bad luck ruled her out of contention for another Irish School’s Cross Country title, having already won a record breaking 4 in-a-row previous to that for her former school, The King’s Hospital. Sara’s transition from schools’ to university level competition will no doubt have been made even more enjoyable by the fact that she out-paced two of the UK’s top young athletes, Non Stanford (12:13 ) who has trained with double Olympic gold medallist Kelly Holmes, and 3000m specialist Olivia Kenney (12:55). Of particular note is the fact that this performance came after a 10 month absence from competition.

In 2007, She received €4000 in the Meath Local Sports Partnership Bursary Awards and an Athletics Bursary to Birmingham University. Manchester University Cross Country Relays, 6th Oct 2007: Sara (18) wore the red and blue colours of Birmingham University for the first time, as she recently commenced studying medicine there on a full sports scholarship. The Manchester University relays drew almost 300 third-level athletes from all over the United Kingdom with 132 participants in the women’s event alone. Sara, was the second fastest on the day (12 minutes and 4 seconds) behind her Birmingham University club-mate, Stacey Johnson (11:58)

She also represented Ireland in the World Junior Track Championships in July 2008 (8th in her heat),

the World cross country championships in March 2008 recording the highest placing of the Irish athletes finishing mid-way in the junior race in 32nd, won the Celtic Cross Country International on 12th January 2008 and 34th in the European cross country championships in December 2007. She won division 1 of the National Track and Field Finals July 2008. Sara, representing Ireland, won the junior women’s race international cross-country event in Belgium November 2008.

In December 2010, Sara Treacy won the All-Ireland U23 Cross-Country championships at Derry, when she finished eighth overall and first in the u-23 event to maintain her position as one of the top athletes in the country. She won the title for the first time in 2009. She lead the Irish ladies U23 team in the U23 European Cross-Country title in Albuferia, Portugal in December 2010. Ireland’s three representatives in the women’s U23 event put in par performances to all finish in the top 50, with Sara Treacy being the first Irish athlete home in 28th position in 21:34.

In January 2011, she won the 8K Midland Women’s League, Coventry. On the 20th February 2011, she won the British Universities Indoor 1500m in Coventry. "Irish international Sara Treacy (fourth year Medicine) stormed ahead in the women’s 1500m, crossing the line at 4.30.05 to claim gold, a full 2.10s ahead of her closest competitor." In June 2011 she took both the 800m and the 1500m events in the Irish U23 National Championships. In July 2011, she was a finalist in the 1500m of the eighth European U23 Athletics Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In November 2011, she won her third U23 title in a row while winning her first senior crown in the Inter County Cross Country Championships. She has also the U23 representative in the Irish Team for the 18th SPAR European Cross Country Championships which took place in Velenje, Slovenia on 11 December 2011, finishing in 18th place.

In November 2012, completed her preparations for the Woodie’s DIY Inter County cross country championships with a fine fifth place finish in the IAAF World Cross Country meeting in Soria Spain. In December 2012, she was a member of the Ireland Senior Women Euro Cross Team that won gold in Budapest, Hungary on the 9th of December.

Sara did a one year intercalated science degree at Loughborough University and graduated from the University of Birmingham in July 2013 as a medical doctor.

In December 2013 at the European Cross-Country Championships in Belgrade, in the senior women's race, Sarah Treacy produced her best run yet at this level to finish 31st.

On 18th May 2014 she won the Loughborough International Athletics, 3000m Steeplechase Match.

In December 2014 at the European Cross-Country Championships in Bulgaia, in the senior women's race, she  produced her best run yet at this level to finish 12th in a time of 29:23, playing a key role in Ireland's bronze team medal. She was also selected for Team Europe for annual international match between Britain, Europe and America at the Great Edinburgh International Cross Country on 12 January 2015.

In February 2015, at the British Indoors championships in Sheffield, she won the 3000m in a personal best 9:06.27. Also in the 1500m, her time was 4:16.73. She is seeking European qualification in Birmingham in the 3,000m (9:00.00) and the 1500m (4:14.00) respectively.

In July 2015, she make the qualifying time of 9:44.14 for the 3,000 metres steeplechase at next year’s Olympics in Rio during a race in Letterkenny and again 12 days later at the Karlstad GP in Sweden. In August, ranked in the top 45, she competed at her first World Athletics Championship in Beijing in the 3000m steeplechase where she finished 13th in her qualifying heat.

In May 2016, there was another exceptional performance from Rio-bound Sara Treacy of Dunboyne at the BMC Grand Prix meet in Manchester Sport City, where she set an Irish record of 6 minutes 27.38 seconds when winning the 2000m steeplechase.

In August 2016, she finished a creditable 17th place in the final of the 3,000 metres steeplechase at the Rio Olympics.

As of October 2016, Sara's rankings in Ireland are 1st 2000m steeple, 1st 3000m steeple & 1st 3000m.

In November 2018 she finished fifth at the National Cross-Country Championships in Abbotstown and in December 2018 in the Senior women's race at the European Cross-Country Championships at Tilburg, she finished the best of the Irish in 26th place, after an 18-month absence from top class running because of injury.

In January 2019, she finished a strong seventh at the Cross Internacional Juan Muguerza in Elgoibar, Spain.


 Sara Louise Treacy, at Derry 2010



National Cross Country 2011


British University Indoor 1500m 2011

Sara Treacy - 1500m Champion (2) (8)


Euro Cross Country December 2012



Fodhla Treacy 2006/7



Fódhla Treacy (TCD & Moynalvey/Kilcloon AC)

9th December 2006 All-Ireland novice cross country championships, Athlone Saturday: Meath Novice Ladies team took the silver medals and Fodhla Treacy (Moynalvey) lead the Meath team home in 7th place.

Fódhla won the Irish universities indoor 800m in December 2006 and places 2nd twice in the outdoor 800m during her 4 years at Trinity (Graduated in 2007).

Fódhla was a 4th year student of Science when she won the Iain Morrisson Award. Her total of 31 Intervarsity appearances in the DUHAC vest speaks volumes about her commitment to the club and to her training. A very consistent performer she has been decorated with seven Intervarsity medals and has represented the club in a number of disciplines including her favourite 800m, Cross Country, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, 4x200m and 4x400m. Fódhla is obviously a very talented athlete but the real achievement was that she saw the importance of her contribution to the team as a whole, always willing to do it for the greater good. Her contribution off the track was equally as impressive. She was on the committee for three years running and held a Captains position for two of these.


Fódhla finished Trinity with a B.Sc. in Biology and graduated from St George's Medical School, University of London in July 2013 as a medical doctor.








Thomas Downs & Mary Tracy, Navan (no marriage record found) [circa 1780]


Mary Tracy & Thos Downes

Bridget Downes b. 17 May 1782 Sp. George Blake & Mary Connor Navan Parish

Michael Downes b. 5 Sep 1784 Sp. Philip Downes & Anne Antony Navan Parish

William Downs b. 23 Sep 1788 Sp. Thos Lynch & Eleonar Smyth Navan Parish


Thos Treacy & Mary Taylor

Peter Treacy b. 27 Apr 1784 Sp. James Gaulaugher & Jane Curren. Navan Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 27 Jan 1786 Sp. Edward Vaughan & Margaret Tracy? Navan Parish


T Tracy & Betty Maginnis

Elizabeth Tracy b. 20 May 1806 Sp. John Carty & Anne Maguire Navan Parish


Patrick Tracy, painter, of Virginia Co Cavan & Margaret Fitzpatrick [see Cavan]

Susannah Tracy b. 23 February 1886 Navan Workhouse. Bridget Dolan, Navan Workhouse, present at birth [Tracy, Susannah, Navan, 1st Quarter 1886 2 844]


Matthew Tracey & Catherine Ginnitty [see Drogheda]

Mathew John Treacy (known as “Sean”) b. Navan April 19th, 1929

Anastasia Treacy b. July 1931 / September 1931 Navan, Ireland    

William Tracey b. April 1936 / June 1936 Navan, Ireland

Rose T Treacy b. July 1940 / September 1940 Navan, Ireland        





Ross Anthony Treacy, goalkeeper, (Parkvilla FC, St Kevin’s Boys FC, Home Farm FC & Ireland) of Navan Co. Meath


Member of the Republic of Ireland under-15 squad to meet Juventus in a friendly game at the Aspire Academy in Doha, Qatar in December 2012. In January 2013, he was nominated for Meath's Young Sportsperson of the Year. He made his international debut as a substitute in the friendly against Finland at Swords Celtic in April 2013.


Played for the Republic of Ireland under-16 squad international friendly against Estonia in Listowel in September 2013 (6-0), where he saved a penalty.


September 2014, member of the Republic of Ireland soccer squad that is taking part in a series of UEFA U17 Championship qualifiers.


In June 2015, he signed a contract with English Premier League side Swansea City. He was on an apprenticeship with the Welsh club and was offered a contract when that programme was recently completed. He now plays with the Swansea U18 squad.



Ireland under 16 vs Estonia under 16 ross treacy save http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWM3aev5Gxw

Ross Treacy being interviewed by Evanne Ní Chuilin at the Meath Chronicle sports awards in Knightbrook Hotel 18th Jan 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYf-oCPG71I

Ross Treacy Swansea City Academy Analysis










 Nobber and Cruisetown


Marguerite Tracy m. Thos Tallon of nor? 21 Sep 1771 Wit: Thos & John Haggcuny Nobber Parish





Elizabeth Tracy b. about 1778 Oldcastle m. Frederick Folliott about 1799 Oldcastle (LDS)


Ned Tracy & Nelly Cavanagh

Anne Tracy b. 24 Jun 1790 of Old Castle illegittimates Sp. John Raferty & Anne Tracy. Oldcastle Parish


Bridget Tracy? & Nichs Brien

Nichs Brien b. 7 Jun 1802 Sp. John Garry & Elizabneth Farelly Oldcastle Parish


Edward Tracy & Mary Smith

Margaret Tracy b. 24 Jan 1810 Sp. James Finigan & Rose Smyth Oldcastle Parish

Michael Tracy b. 7 Feb 1813 Sp. Owen? Finnegan & Ann Halpin Oldcastle Parish

Edwd Tracey & Mary S?

Elizth Tracey b. 14 Sep 1815 Sp. Ml Brisdy & Anne Ball. Oldcastle Parish


Bridget Tracy married Thomas Reilly on the 24 Jun 1827 Wit: Hugh Tracy & Anne Folliott Oldcastle Parish

Bridget Tracy & Thomas Reilly

Julia Reilly b. 27 Nov 1829 Sp. Philip Fagan & Francey Lions Oldcastle Parish


Hugh Tracey married Bridget Finegan 24 Jul 1827 Wit: James Dillon & James Finegan Oldcastle Parish [moved to Belturbet Annagh Cavan?]

Hugh Tracy & Bridget Finigan/???gan

Mary Tracy b. 22 Nov 1828 Sp. John Weldon & Maria Thornton Oldcastle Parish

Edward Tracy b. 3 Mar 1830 Sp. Hugh Gelshenan & Bridget Ron? Oldcastle Parish


Catharine Tracy married Pat Martin on the 29 Jun 1835 Thomas Roily & James Martin Wit: Oldcastle Parish


Margaret Tracy married Mathew Daly 02 Jul 1838 Wit: Elizabeth Tracy & Mary Masters? Oldcastle Parish


Patrick Tracy married Jane Garry Wit: Bryan Gibny & Catherine Brady? ? Oct 1842 Oldcastle Parish

Patt Tracy & Jane Garry

James Tracy b. 23 Jul 1843 Sp. Pat Reilly & Anne Gibney Oldcastle Parish

Bridget Tracy b. 21 Apr 1845 of L/D? Sp. Christoper Garry & Bridget Cull? Oldcastle Parish


Jane Tracy nee Garry, full [age], widow, lives Do Do [2 Bolton St], (d. of James Garry, butcher) married John Redmond, full [age], bachelor, bricklayer, lives 2 Bolton St, (s. of Stephen Redmond, bricklayer) 11 October 1868 RC Cathedral Marlboro St Wit: James Walsh & Susan Ffolliott [Dublin North Dublin North PLU]

??? Tracey (d. of Jacobi Tracey & Brigida Garry of Oldcastle?) of 2 Bolton St m. ??? Redmond (s. of Stephani & Mariae Redmond of Bolton St) of 2 Bolton st on 11 October 1868  Wit: Jacobus Walshe of 23 Lt Britain st & Sus FFoliot of 1 Brigids Avenue. Vedua. Pro-Cathedral Dublin.



 Rathcore & Rathmolyon


NOTE: No online records


Matthew Tracy, stone mason, of Rathmolyon Co. Meath now residing in No. 5 Moland Place m. Elizabeth Budds of Rathmolyon 10 December 1840 Wit: Leo Hastings & James Edmiston - St. Georges (CoI) North Dublin City



Thomas Tracey married Catharine Tyrrell 7 Aug 1875 Wit: John Gravel & Anne Tyrrell Moynalvey Parish

Thomas Tracy, 49, bachelor, stone mason, lives Killbeg [Kill Beg Rathmolyon], (s. of John Tracey, stone mason) married Catherine Tyrrell, 32, spinster, farmer's daughter, lives Arodstown [Kilmore], (d. of John Tyrrell, farmer) 07 August 1876 RC Chapel Moynalvey Wit: John Greville & Annie Tyrrell [Dunboyne Dunshaughlin PLU]

Thomas Tracey & Catherine Tyrrell

John b. 27 May 1877 (LDS)

Michael Joseph b. 11 October 1878 Kilberg (LDS)


Rathmolyon Grave Yard

1. IHS Here lies the bodies of Jane Tracy who died April ye 19th 1783 aged 49 yrs and Mathew Tracy her husband who died Oct ye 29th 1794 aged 45 years This was erected by their son Jn Tracy

2. Gloria in excelsis Deo Erected by Margt Tracy in memory of her husband John Tracy who departed life 27th Jany 1836 aged 62 years

I H S Here Lie the Bodies of Jane Tracy who Died April ye 19, 1783 aged 49 yrs and Mathew Tracy her husband who Died Octr 29, 1794 Aged 45 yrs this was erected by their son Tho Tracey


Gloria in Excelsis Deo Erected by Margt Tracy in memory of her Husband John Tracy who departed this life 27th Jany 1836 Aged 62 Years





Michael Tracey died 1866, Trim PLU, aged 42, b. 1824, died 10 Jan 1866 Kilbeg [Kill Beg Rathmolyon - Rathcore and Rathmolyon RC]

Owen Tracey died 1866, Trim PLU, aged 61, b. 1805, died 10 Sep 1866 Kilbeg [Kill Beg Rathmolyon - Rathcore and Rathmolyon RC] County Meath






Martin Tracey of Meath

2010 maintained his title of Irish Drag Racing Top Car Class Champion, running the Mitsubishi Evo.

2010 won the inaugural Irish Touring Car Championship, driving the WestwardEng Ford Sierra RS500, and was presented with the Leinster Motor Clubs, prestigious Dunboyne Cup. He had a superb season with a record 7 wins in 8 races.

2011 won the Super Irish Touring Class Championship (ITCC).



Westward Precision Engineering









Eliza Tracy married John Magenis 4 Oct 1854 Wit: Pat Carpenter & Mary Gerty Rathkenny Parish



 Ratoath (& Ashbourne)


Mary Tracy & Rd? Birne

Anne Birne b. 22 Feb 1787 natural child Sp. Jno Talin & Cathy Flin. Ratoath Parish


Thos Tracy & Alyce Kelly

Js Tracy b. 29 Jul 1802 Sp. Ed? Fland & Cathe Branagan. Ratoath Parish


Margt Tracy & Frances Murray

Francis Murray b. 17 Dec 1819 Sp. Patt Dowling & Madge Rus?. Ratoath Parish


James Tracy married Mary Leary 2 May 1826 Wit: Peter Moron & Mm Kelly. Ratoath Parish

James Tracy & Mary O'Leary

Anne Tracy b. 29 Oct 1826 Sp. Thos Tolan & Ann Kelly Donymore Parish

Jas Tracy & Mary O'Leary/Leary

Richd Tracy b. 20 Sep 1828 Sp. Nich Kelly & Ally Chaton. Ratoath Parish

William Tracy b. 11 Feb 1830 Sp. Wm Leary & Mary Burke. Ratoath Parish

Margaret Tracy b. 6 Apr 1835 Sp. Martin Maher & Bridget Ward. Ratoath Parish

Jas Tracy b. 4 May 1837 Sp. Luke Maguinnes & Biddy Ward. Ratoath Parish


Anne Tracy died 1868, Dunshaughlin PLU, Aged 38, b. 1830, died 26 February 1868 Ashbourne [Killegland]



5. James Tracy, Bridget street, Town of Ashbourne, House offices forge and garden, £3.18.0 rent, tenant from year to year


Mary Tracy died 1864, Dunshaughlin PLU, aged 44, b. 1820 [error in date?]

Mary Tracy died 1864, Dunshaughlin PLU, aged 64, b. 1800, died 29 May 1864 Ashbourne [Killegland] Meath, James Tracy son


Jacobus Tracy of Ashbourne [Killegland] (s. of Jacobi & Maria Tracy of Ashbourne) married Anna Maguire of Malahide [Malahide] (d. of Luca & Elizabeth Maguire of Ashbourne) on the 18? Feb 1868 Wit: Robertus M'Auly of Ashbourne & Teresa Higgins of Malahide. Malahide Parish.

James Tracy, full age, bachelor, blacksmith, lives Ashbourne (s. of James Tracy, blacksmith) married Anne Maguire, spinster, lives Malahide, (d. of Luke Maguire, bricklayer) 16 February 1868 RC Chapel Malahide Wit: Robert Macaoley? & Teresa Higgins, her mark [Malahide Balrothery PLU] signed his mark

James Tracy (s. of James Tracy) married Anne Maguire (d. of Luke Maguire) 16 Feb 1868 Malahide, Balrothery (LDS)

Jas Tracey & Anna McGuire

Mary Tracy b. 20 December 1868 Ratoath (LDS)

Luke Tracey b. 24 Dec 1870 Sp. James Irvine & Anne Maguire? Ratoath Parish [crossed out under 24 Sep 1870] 20 December 1870 (LDS) (see Ashbourne NS) Living in Dublin, Census 1901 & 1911?

Anne Tracey b. 30 Nov 1874 Sp. Andrew Donnelly & Kate Gerraty. Ratoath Parish

James Tracy, blacksmith, & Anne Maguire

Mary Tracey b. 20 Dec 1868 of Ashbourne [Killegland] James Tracey, the father, Ashbourne [Rathoath Dunshaughlin PLU]

Luke Tracey b. 20 Dec 1870 Ashbourne. The mark of James Tracey, the father, Ashbourne [Ratoath Dunshaughlin PLU]


James Tracey married Margaret McCabe 24 Sep 1878 Wit: Nichs Kinsella & Kate Money. Ratoath Parish

James Tracey, full [age], widower, blacksmith, lives Ash Bourne [Ashbourne town Killegland], (s. of James Tracey, blacksmith) married Margaret McCabe, full [age], spinster, BLANK, lives Ash Bourne, (d. of Patk McCabe, shopkeeper) 24 September 1878 RC Chapel Ratoath Wit: Nicholas Kinsella & Kate Mooney [Ratoath Dunshaughlin PLU] signed his mark

James Tracey & Margaret McCabe

Bridget Tracey b. 31 Jul 1879 Sp. Mat Woods & Mary Tracy. Ratoath Parish (28 July 1879 LDS)

Margt Tracey b. 29 Dec 1880 Sp. Pat Clarke & Mary Ca?. Ratoath Parish

James Tracey & Margaret McCabe

Margaret Tracey b. 4 January 1881 Ash-Bowan (LDS)


Mary Trevey [Treacy] (d. of James Trevey [Treacy] & Anne Maguire, dead) of 15 Summer Hill married James Spencer (s. of William Spencer & Eliza Fay of 120 L. Mount S) on 18 January 1894 Wit: Joseph Spencer of ??? Plarent S? & Anne Treacy of 15 Summer Hill. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Dublin

Mary Tracey, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives 15 Summer Hill, (d. of James Tracey, blacksmith) married James Spencer, full [age], bachelor, waiter, lives 120 Lr Gloucester Street, (s. of William Spencer, waiter) 19 January 1894 RC Pro Cathedral Marlboro St Wit: Joseph Spencer & Annie Treacey, signed his mark [Dublin North PLU]

Mary Tracey/Treasey & James Spencer

Anne Christina Spencer b. 16 December 1894 of 9 Thompsons Cottages Sp. Anne Tracey

Mary Agnes Spencer b. 27 May 1896 of 121 Lr Gloucester St Sp. Margaret Gargan

Elizabeth Mary Spencer b. 17 January 1898 of 121 Lr Gloucester St Sp. Ellen Spencer. Sub Cond?

Eileen Alice Spencer b. 25 February 1899 of 10 Lr Gloucester St Sp. Kate Tracey


Anne Treacy (d. of James Treacy & Anne Maguire, dead) of 9 Thompsons Cottages m. Patrick Brennan (s. of John Brennan & Mary Doyle, dead) of Blackrock on 22 April 1895 Wit: Edward Doyle of Castle Dermott? & Mary Spencer of 9 Thompsons Cottages. St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral Dublin

Anne Treacey, full [age], spinster, BLANK profession, lives 9 Thompson's Cottages, (d. of James Treacey, BLANK profession) married Patrick Brennan, full [age], bachelor, parcel porter, lives Blackrock Co. Dublin, (s. of John Brennan, labourer) 22 April 1895 RC Pro Cathedral Wit: Edward Doyle & Mary Spencer [Dublin North PLU]

Anna Tracey & Patrick Brennan

John Joseph Brennan b. 23 January 1896 of Rotunda Sp. Edward Doyle & Mary Spencer

Anna Mary Brennan b. 9/22 November 1897 of 22 Up Gloucester Sp. Ellen Fox. St. Mary Pro-Cathedral Parish

Anne Treacy & Laurence Brennan

Bridget Ellen Brennan b. 9/17 July 1899 of 13 Glorneys Bgs Sp. Bridget Doyle. St. Mary Pro-Cathedral Parish


1930s? Dunree School, Dunreagh, Co. Meath

The Local Forge

There is only one forge in this parish. It is owned by Pat Donnelly and is situated at the place where the old turn pike stood which was demolished in 1936 by order of the Co Council.

Pat Donnelly has been the owner of the forge for thirty one years. He married Margaret Tracey in the year 1907. Her father James Tracey owned the forge in Ashbourne. He died in the year 1918 and then he left the forge to Pat Donnelly. His father owned a forge in Oldtown which is now owned by his brother Michal [sic] Donnelly.

The forge is sixteen feet by twelve in extent. It has a flat roof which is made of boards and felt. It has a square door on it and one fireplace in it. He has six hammers, three or four pincers buffers, pokers, tongs, knives, rasps, a vice, an anvil, a bellows made of cow's hide which has to be renewed every five or six years. It costs about six pound. He shoes horses and asses. He mends ploughs, spades and he makes harrows for tilling the land. He used to make picks and axes but he doesn't make them now.

Warts are cured by forge water. The black smith never got any gifts from anyone but probably the smiths before him got gifts. He shoes wheels outside but he does all the rest of his work inside the forge. He is very strong.

Collector: Imelda Glynn, Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Informant: Annie Donnelly, Ashbourne, Co. Meath



Pat Tracy & Anna Walsh

Mary Anne Tracy b. 25 Apr 1878 Sp. Thos McNulty & Catherine? McNulty. Ratoath Parish


Jane Tracey & John Bagg?

Alice Bagg b. 3 Jun 1878 Sp. Patt Brain & Anne Bagg. Ratoath Parish


Edward Tracey & Mary Collins

Mary Tracey b. 25 Jul 1879 Sp. John Carey & Alicia McNulty. Ratoath Parish


1901 Dublin WH, lives Dunshaulin [Dunshaughlin Co. Meath]

Mary Tracey, 22, single, RC


Griffiths Valuation Meath 1855

James Tracy Bridge Street, Ashbourne, (Killegland) Killegland Meath


1870 to 1906 Ashbourne National School Register

Luke Tracey, entered school 15/06/1874, aged 4, RC, father blacksmith (NOTE: where did the girls go to school?)


1901 Census Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Ashbourne, 131, 21, James, Treacy, head, RC, not R, 65, male, blacksmith, married, Meath

Ashbourne, 132, Margaret, Treacy, wife, RC, R+W, 55, female, married, Meath

Ashbourne, 133, Margaret, Treacy, daughter, RC, R+W, 20, female, housekeeper, not married, Meath (Ellis Island?)

Ashbourne, 134, Alice, Treacy, daughter, RC, R+W, 16, female, housekeeper, not married, Meath

& Catherine Tracy, 18, F, Ardcath, Ardcath, Meath, Domestic Servant, Roman Catholic, Servant, Not Married, Meath

1911 Census

Patrick Donnelly, 28, M, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath (black smith, b. Dublin)

Margret Donnelly, 30, F, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath (married 5 years, 3 child)

Maggie Donnelly, 4, F, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath

Wilian Donnelly, 3, M, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath

James Donnelly, 0, M, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath

James Treacey, 75, M, 21 Ashbourne Town, Donaghmore, Meath (F in law, black smith, widower)


1892-1924 Ellis Island Arrivals

Margaret Tracey, Ashbourne (Meath Ireland?), 1903, 20 years [Went to USA and returned?]


Feb 7, 1903 (MC)

A girl named Catherine Tracey, aged about twenty, was brought before a special court at Ashbourne on Saturday charged with deserting her infant child at Rath on November 26th...Catherine Rafferty deposed that she was aware that the prisoner gave birth to the child at Dunshaughlin Workhouse...Margaret Tracey, prisoner's sister... "Mick, I now leave your little daughter, Maryanne Macken, with you as I have no way of minding it. I am friendless and homeless this night. No one wants me. Mick, God forgive you. Trusting you will see to your child for my sake as I will be far away. From its mother, Kate Tracey, to its father, Mick Macken, Rath."...She met Mick Macken at Rafferty's gate...She left the child at his feet and ran away...She then concealed herself at the opposite side of the road...her sister and Mary Rafferty came and took it away... On November 28th the child was left at Dunshaughlin Workhouse...The girl was returned for trial to Meath Spring Assizes, bail being accepted, herself in £20 with two sureties of £10.





Stamullen Parish Deaths

Christopher Tracy of Kerogue [Keenoge Moorechurch] Dina Boci, died 19 Jan 1860





Jane Tracy/Trteasey  & Jas/James Maginnis

William Maginnis b. 28 Feb 1825 of Summerhill Sp. Mich? & Elizh Tracy. Summerhill Parish

John Maginnis b. 6 Dec 1833 of Summerhill Sp. William Maginnis & Mary Treasey. Summerhill Parish


Elizh Tracey married BLANK Davis 6 Jan 1829 Wit: Mathew Tracey & Mary Anne Tracey. Summerhill Parish


Patk Treacy & Margret Mooney/Looney

Patrick Treasey b. 22 Apr 1833 of Summerhill Sp. Matw? & Anne Tresey. Summerhill Parish

Cornelius Treacy b. 14 Jun 1838 of Sum? Sp. William McCormak? & Anna McCarly?. Summerhill Parish

Eliza Treacy b. 27 Jul 1851 of Sumhill? Sp. James Karrlin & Eliza Mullaney. Summerhill Parish


Patrick Tracey died 1865, Trim PLU, Aged 65, b. 1800, died 15 Mar 1865 Summerhill [Laracor - Summerhill RC], Trim


Matthew Tracey & Mary Mulvey

John Tracey b. 24 Sep 1835 Sp. William Girmiss? & Anne Mulvey. Summerhill Parish

Joseph Tracey b. 22 Aug 1839 of Sum? Sp. John Cas? Bess Kinney?. Summerhill Parish

Thomas Tracey b. 20 Jul 1845 of Summerhill Sp. Bernard Fitzpatrick & Jane McCarty?. Summerhill Parish

Matthew Tracey b. 20 Feb 1847 of Sum ill Sp. George McCarty? & Ellen Hinds. Summerhill Parish


Joseph Tracey died 1867, Trim PLU, aged 28, b. 1839


Thos Tracey & Jane Moran

Mary Tracey b. 5 Jan 1864 & 21 Feb 1864 Sp. Pat Tracey & Maryanne Ward. Summerhill Parish [double entry] (25 April 1864 Summerhill LDS)

Tom Tracey, nailor, & Jane Moran

Mary Tracey b. 25 Apr 1864 of Summerhill [Laracor]. Tom Tracey, father, his mark [Summerhill Trim PLU]


Thomas Tracey died 1864, Trim PLU, aged 47, b. 1817, died 29 Nov 1864 Summer Hill [Summerhill Laracor] County Meath, married, Pensioner & Nailer


Jane Tracey nee Moran, 35, widow, labourer, lives Summerhill [Laracor], (d. of Patt Moran, deceased, black smith) married Bernard Reilly, 42, widower, labourer, lives Summerhill, (s. of Owen Reilly, deceased, labourer) 19 October 1875 RC Chapel Dangan [Laracor] Wit: Bernard Manning & Mary Hyans?, signed his mark [Summerhill Trim PLU] signed her mark


Cornilius Tracey, 28, bachelor, labourer, lives Summerhill, (s. of Patrick Tracey, nailor) married Jane Clarke, 26, spinster, servant, lives Springvalley, (d. of Henry Clarke, musician) 4 October 1871 RC Chapel Dangan Wit: Thomas Nelson & Eliza Naughan [Summerhill Trim PLU]

Cornium? Treacy? married Jane Clarke 4 Oct 1871 Wit: Thos Nelson & Eliza Managn. Summerhill Parish

Cornelius Tracy & Jane Clarke

Mary Tracy b. 1? July 1879 Sp. Patrick Nyrne & Ellen? Clarke. Summerhill Parish

Cornelius Tracey of Summerhill, labourer, & Jane Clarke

Mary Tracey b. 1 July 1879 Summerhill. Cornelius Tracy father Summerhill his mark [Trim Registration]


Mary J. Tracy, 19, single, b. 1876 Ireland (d. of Cornelius Tracy & Jane Clark) married Thomas O'Brien, 20, single, b. 1875 Ireland (s. of Lawrence O'Brien & Mary O'Brien) 29 Sep 1895 Manhattan, New York



Summerhill Parish Deaths

Mary Tracy of Umbustoan?, mar [married], died 15 Feb 1824

Edward? Tracy of Dangan?, mar [married], died 4 Jun 1824

Mary Tracy of Summerhill, mar [married], died 27 Feb 1825

Daniel Tracy of Summerhill, married, died 14 Jul 1826

Mary Tracey of Suonith, married, died 2 Mar 1836





Mary Tracy (d. of John Tracy) m. William Smyth (s. of Robert Smyth) 30 May 1855 Trim, Meath, Ireland

Mary Tracy, full age, widow, lives Faoffans? [Freffans] parish of Laracor, (d. of John Tracy, mason?) married William Smyth, full age, widower, farmer, lives Adamstown parish of Laracor, (s. of Robert Smyth, farmer) 30 May 1855 Registrars Office Trim Wit: George Hamilton & Mary Loiza Smyth, her mark [Trim Trim PLU] signed her mark 'Mary Smith Tracy' (Note on sheet: The name should be 'Mary Tracy' not 'Mary Smith Tracy')


William Tracey of Portarlington [Lea Laois OR Clonyhurk Offaly], (s. of Michael & Mary Kelly of Portarlington) m. Margaret Hoff of Trim [Trim Co. Meath], (d. of Laurence & Mary Bruton of Trim) on 14 November 1894 Wit: John Rafle of Tullamore & Teresa Scally of Mullingar?. St. Mary Pro-Cathedral Parish [see Tullamore Offaly]

William Treacy, full [age], bachelor, shop keeper, lives Portarlington [Lea Laois OR Clonyhurk Offaly], (s. of Michael Treacy, farmer) married Maggie Hogg, full [age], spinster, milliner farmer's dau[ghter], lives Trim, (d. of Lawrence Hogg, Do [farmer]) 14 November 1894 RC Pro Cathedral Marlborough St Wit: John Drafter & Teresa Scally [Dublin North PLU]


19 November 1894 Freeman's Journal

William Treacy, Portarlington, to Winifred youngest daughter of the jaste Lauarentce,.,,,Lihlirgioss, Trim, Co Meath



Trimblestown [Tremblestown], Trim

TREACY – Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of  Margaret Treacy died at Portarlington Whit Monday 7th June 1897 aged 29 years.  R.I.P.  Erected in sad and loving memory by her bereft husband Willie.  Their daughter Mary M. Bligh, Dunlever House, Trim died 11th Sept 1972 aged 76 years.  (Stone mason – T.H. Dennany Glasnevin).





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