Bernard Aloysius Tracy (1858 Derry - 1927 San Francisco, California)





Bernard Aloysius Tracy

May 06, 1903 The San Francisco call




THE MISSION POTTERY, Tracy Brothers, proprietors, was established at its present location, Seventeenth and Harrison streets, in 1883. It was founded by Daniel McMenamin, J. J. And B. A. Tracy, the plant consisting of a building 40 x 100 feet in area and one eighteen-foot kiln. In 1884 a duplicate building containing a twenty-foot kiln was added; and in 1888 another building, 60 x 70 feet, and in it built a twenty-four foot kiln. At first the works were supplied with such machinery as was then in general use, comprising the “screw press,” with a capacity of 300 pieces of pipe per day. When the next building was completed the old machinery was replaced with new and improved machinery, including the best steam press manufactured by Messrs. Turner, Vaughan & Taylor, Cayuga Falls, Ohio. The press was capable of turning out 1,200 pieces of twelve to twenty inch pipe a day, or 2,000 pieces of the smaller sizes, while it required two men less to operate it than any other press in use. The works were first established on leased ground; they subsequently bought and now own the land, which is bounded by Seventeenth and Eighteenth and Harrison and Channel streets. The original capital invested was about $13,000, and the value of the above described property was $70,000. December 4, 1890, these works were entirely destroyed by fire, at a loss of $50,000. Four months afterward the enterprising proprietors had an entire plant rebuilt: Shop, 140 feet square and three stories high, with all the latest improved machinery. It is one of the most complete sewer-pipe works on the coast, and the only sewer-pipe manufactory in San Francisco. The concern employs twenty five to thirty men, and the output for 1889 exceeded $160,000 in value, consisting of vitrefied sewer pipe, water pipe, drain tile, chimney pipe and fire brick. The clay, of which 25,000 to 28,000 tons are consumed annually, is shipped from Amador county.

Mr. B. A. Tracy, who has the active management of the works, has invented a press-feeder which is capable of conveying sixty to seventy-five tons of clay per day, and performing the labor of two men. The firm’s office and sample yard are situated at 20 and 22 Eighth street, San Francisco.

The Tracy brothers are natives of the north of Ireland. Bernard A. Tracy is thirty-one years old, and in his youth learned the plasterer’s trade. He landed in the United States in 1876, and after attending the International Exposition at Philadelphia came on to California. Mr. J. J. Tracy, two years older, left his native land in 1881 and went directly to Seattle, Washington, where he engaged in the manufacture of soda water. Two years later he came to San Francisco, where he formed his present relation.

Transcribed by 10-5-06 Marilyn R. Pankey.

Source: "The Bay of San Francisco," Vol. 2, Pages 159-160, Lewis Publishing Co, 1892.







George Tracey & Anne McLaughlin

John Tracy (b.c. 1855 lived San Francisco)

Margaret Tracey married Joseph Deehan Wit: James McLoughlin & Ellen McMinamin 16 Jan 1876 (born circa 1856 died 6 December 1941 – Ardmore Derry)

Bernard Aloysius Tracy (1858 – 1927 San Francisco)

William Tracey (1862- 1905 Derry)

Michael Tracey b. 3 Feb 1865 of Lisglass Sp. Mary Elliott. Waterside Parish (b. 15 May 1865 Glendermot LDS) (publican died 1945 Derry)

George Tracy (b.c. 1864-1926 San Francisco)

Mary Catherine Tracey b. 23 Apr 1867 of Lisglass Sp. John McLaughlin & Catherine Tracey. Waterside Parish (20 May 1867 LDS) (Mary Tracy married John Mckeever)


George Tracey: Probate of the Will of George Tracey late of Lisglass County Londonderry Farmer who died 16 December 1899 granted at Londonderry to Joseph Deehan Farmer. Date Of Grant: 23/01/1900 Effects: £315

George Tracey died Oct - Dec 1899 Londonderry, Ireland, age 77


11 December 29, 1945

Tracy (Londonderry) Dec 28 1945, at his nephews residence, Hayesbank Ave., Waterside, Londonderry, Michael Tracey, publican (late of William St., Londonderry). RIP. Remains will be removed to St. Columb's Church, Waterside, to-day (Saturday) at 4.30 pm. Funeral tomorrow (Sunday) to Ardmore Cemetery immediately after 10.30 o'c Mass in St. Columb's Church Waterside.


Mary Catherine Tracey married John McKeever Londonderry Apr - Jun 1888 Volume 2 Page Number 205 [emigrated to NY & SF]

Mary Catherine Tracey, full age, spinster, of Lisglass Derry, d. of George Tracey, farmer married John McKeevir, full age, batchelor, mason, of Lisdillon Derry, s. of James McKeevir, farmer, Wit: Hugh McGlinchey & Catherine Doherty on the 1 April 1888 RC church of St Columba, Derry




Bernard Aloysius Tracy (1858 - 24 Mar 1927 San Francisco, California)


1880 Census – Oakland, Alameda, California

Bernard A Tracy     boarder   M            22           Ireland, plasterer


Registered Voter

1886 557 Natoma, San Francisco,

1890 1830 1/2 Folsom, San Francisco

1892 2121 Howard, San Francisco

1898 793 Stevenson, San Francisco


12 November 1888 Daily Alta California

Tracy - O'Brien - In this city, October 25, by the Rev. Father Cummings, Bernard A Tracy of San Francisco and Katie O'Brien of Nevada.


December 05, 1890 The morning call

Tracy Brothers & Co.'s Pottery works Destroyed by Fire...Seventeenth street and Santa Clara avenue...loss of about $50,000...Bernard Tracy...residence of B.A. Tracy, 616.5 Nineteen street...


February 07, 1891 The morning call

Tracy— In this city, February 6, 1891, George A.. beloved child of Bernard A. and Katie Tracy, a native of San Francisco, aged 1 year, 5 months and 25 days. Funeral will take place This day (Saturday), at 10 o'clock a. m.. from the residence of the parents, 1830.5 Folsom street. Interment private at Oakland.


October 19, 1894 The morning call

Real estate...Bernard A. Tracy to Catherine Tracy, all interest in lot on SE corner of Ney street and county road (Mission road). E 129:9 S80 W 210:5 N 107:6 block 3. College Homestead: gift.


1900 Census - Precinct 2 San Francisco city California

Bernard A Tracey   Head                      M            31           b. Feb 1869 Ireland, emigrated 1876 Na, liquor dealer

C Tracey                                Wife                       F             26           b. Aug 1873 Alaska, married 11 years, 3 children all alive, emigrated 1888

George Tracey                       Son                         M            7             b. Aug 1892 California

Helen F Tracey                      Daughter F             5             b. Sep 1896            California

Cecilia Tracey                        Daughter F             2m           b. Mar 1890 California


1903 Bernard Tracy, saloon keeper at 1498 Market Street and City Hall Square San Francisco.

Civil service scandal and alleged assault on reporter Robert W. Richie of 'The Call'


October 06, 1905 The San Francisco call

Tracy — In this city, October 4, 1905, Catherine, beloved wife of B. A. Tracy, and devoted mother of George A.. Helen Frances. Cecelia Catherine and Thomas Bernard Tracy, and sister of Mrs. Charles Orelup, a native of County Kerry, Ireland, aged 34 years.

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral this day

(Friday), at S:3O o'clock a. m., from her late residence, 793 Stevenson street, off Ninth, thence to St. Joseph's Church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul at 9a. m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.

California Circle No. 178, W. O. W. — The officers and members are requested to attend the funeral of our late neighbor. Catherine Tracy, from above residence. M. J. KATZ. Clerk.


June 12, 1907 The San Francisco call

Marriage Licences...Bernard A Tracy, 40, 2717 Twenty first street and Joanna M. Gau, 25, 1305 Gough street.


1910 Census - Assembly District 36, San Francisco, California

Bernard A Tracy     Head                      M            51           Ireland, emigrated 1876, Na, merchant liquors

Hannah M Tracy     Wife                       F             36           Ohio, 19 years married, 5 children all alive, parents born Germany

George A Tracy      Son                         M            17           California

Helen F Tracy         Daughter F             15           California

Cecelia M Tracy     Daughter F             10           California

Bewane T Tracy     Son                         M            7             California

Charles W Tracy     Son                         M            1             California


George Augustine Tracy, 21, b. 1892 (s. of Bernard Tracy & Katherine O'Brien) married Lillian Eloise Schmuckert, 19, b. 1894 (d. of Henry R Schmuckert & Marie Langlitz) 5 Sep 1913 San Francisco, California


1920 Census – Assembly District 29 San Francisco, California

Bernard A Tracy                    Head       M            59           Ireland, emigrated 1876, Na 1886, labourer shipyards

Joahonna M Tracy Wife        F             45           Ohio

Thomas B Tracy                     Son         M            17           California, salesman

Charles W Tracy                    Son         M            11           California

Norbert J Tracy                     Son         M            9             California



Bernard Tracy (Feb. 11, 1858 Ireland - Mar. 24, 1927 California USA)

Name: Bernard H Trasy

Race: Caucasian (White)

Birth Date: 11 Feb 1858

Birth Place: Londonderry, Ireland

Age: 69

Death Date: 24 Mar 1927

Spouse: Johanna Tracy

Father: George Tracy

Mother: Ann Mclaughlin

Funeral Home: Gantner - Felder - Kenny

Bernard A:

Husband of Johanna Tracy, father of George A T Bernard, Charles W and John N Tracy., Mrs George J. Stempel and brother of Mrs John Mckeever and the late George and John Tracy. Native of Londonberry Ireland.


Johanna Marie Gau Tracy (1876 - 1946)


George Augustine Tracy (1892 - 1949)

               Father of George B. Tracy, brother of Thomas B Tracy, Mrs. Helen Stempel, Mrs. Cecilia White, Charles W and John N. Tracy and grandfather of Georgette L. Tracy.

               Spouse: Lillian Eloise Schmuckert Tracy (1894 - 1970)

               Children: George Bernard Tracy (1914 - 1966)*

                               Spouse of Dorothy Tracy. He was an accountant for the County of SF. Devoted father of Georgette Tracy Campbell. US Army Lt Col World War II

Charles William Tracy (1908 - 1962)

               Husband of Lucy [C Y L M] Tracy. Brother of John and Thomas Tracy, Helen Stempel and Cecilia White. USNR






George Tracy (b.c. 1864 Derry -1926 San Francisco)


George Tracy of 317 Florida St died 20 Apr 1926 San Francisco, age 68, married, Police Officer, struck by auto,


Douglas 20 police journal (Volume Nov. 1924-Oct. 1925)

George Tracy Killed

Run Down By Boy Automobile Driver

For thirty-two years Patrolman George Tracy faced untold dangers in his daily life as a member of the San Francisco Police Department.

He faced these dangers night and day. He faced them as all San Francisco policemen face them, as a matter of duty and as part of the game they are in.

He was fortunate in that he survived for all these years any serious injury. He took them as they came and he was lucky that nothing happened to him.

Then one day last month he had finished his work at the Park Station and was on his way to his home on Florida street.

Who knows what joyous anticipations accompanied him as he left the station ; who knows what deed he had prepared that might make more happy the lives of his loved ones; who knows what thoughts passed through his mind as he neared his home.

Whatever they were, they were never to come to fruition.

For as he alighted from a street car at 9th and Folsom, an automobile came by. The driver was a 15-year-old boy. Something went wrong and the boy did not stop for the street car, and his automobile went on and hit George Tracy. It knocked the officer down, crushing his chest and rendering him unconscious.

The lad stopped the machine, and with aid from the car crew and bystanders, placed the injured policeman in his car and dashed for the hospital.

George Tracy put up a brave fight, but 62 years had left its effects upon him; thirty-two years of police service had caused his strength to be so that he could not overcome the shock and injury and in a few days he died.

He was given a funeral with full honors and his comrades tenderly carried him to his last resting place.

And his death was not in vain for it stirred up a coroner's jury empaneled by Dr. T. B. W. Leland to fix the responsibility for Tracy's death. And this jury recommended that the law of the state appertaining to licensing and granting of permits to drivers be amended so that no boy under 14 years of age be given a certificate to operate a machine in this state, and that no boy between that age and 18 years be given a permit until he had proven by rigid test that he knew how to drive and was possessed of the necessary appreciation of the responsibility a driver's license carries.

And if some member of the legislature wants to do something really constructive, he will foster and introduce a bill that will make it impossible for irresponsible youths to drive automobiles in California, and if he wants further to make himself popular with everyone who respects the law, he will introduce a bill that will make it tougher for anyone who don't keep in mind the rights of other people.


1900 Census - 2902 Seventeen street, Precinct 11 San Francisco city Ward 32, California

George Tracy          Head       M            35           Ireland, b. Oct 1865, emigrated 1888 Na, Police Officer

Annie Tracy            Wife        F             28           Ireland, b. Dec 1872, married 8 years 3 child 3 alive, emigrated 1888

Annie E Tracy         Daughter F             7             California, b. Oct 1893

George R Tracy      Son         F             5             California, b. May 1895

James F Tracy        Son         F             2             California, b. Sept 1898


1910 Census - 317 Florida Street, San Francisco Assembly District 31, California

George Tracy          Head       M            46           Ireland, emigrated 1885 Na, policeman city

Annie J Tracy          Wife        F             39           Ireland, married 18 years, 5 child 5 alive, emigrated 1889

Annie E Tracy         Daughter F             16           California

George R Tracy      Son         M            14           California

James F Tracy        Son         M            11           California

Elizabeth M Tracy   Daughter F             8             California

Francis W Tracy     Son         M            5             California


1920 Census - 317 Florida Street, San Francisco Assembly District 29, California

George Tracy          Head       M            56           Ireland, emigrated 1884, Na 1893, officer Police

Annie J Tracy          Wife        F             49           Ireland, emigrated 1884

George R Tracy      Son         M            23           California, mechanic automobile

James F Tracy        Son         M            21           California, teamster freigh

Mary Elizabeth Tracy             Daughter F             18           California, operator comptomita?

Francis W Tracy     Daughter F             15           California

Edward R Tracy     Son         M            6             California






Mary Catherine Tracey, full age, spinster, of Lisglass Derry, d. of George Tracey, farmer married John McKeevir, full age, batchelor, mason, of Lisdillon Derry, s. of James McKeevir, farmer, Wit: Hugh McGlinchey & Catherine Doherty on the 1 April 1888 RC church of St Columba, Derry.


1900 Census - San Francisco, California

John Mckeever                      Head                      M            40           Ireland, emigrated 1887, Na, bricklayer

Mary Mckeever                     Wife                       F             33           Ireland, emigrated 1887, married 13 years, 8 children 7 alive,

James Mckeever                    Son                         M            11           California [born 07 Feb 1889 Manhattan, New York]

George B Mckeever               Son                        M            10           California

Bernard A Mckeever             Son                         M            9             California

Annie K Mckeever                 Daughter F             7             California

Edward Mckeever Son                         M            4             California

John R Mckeever    Son                         M            2             California

Marie Mckeever                    Daughter F             1             California





1900 Census - Precinct 16 San Francisco city California

John J Tracy                           Head                      M            45           b. Dec 1855 Ireland, emigrated 1880 Na, Server Pipe agent

Mary I Tracy                          Wife                       F             32           b. Apr 1868 California, married 13 years, 4 children all alive,

Anna Tracy                            Daughter F             13           b. Sep 1887 California

Rosemonde Tracy   Daughter F             9             b. Jul 1891 California

Reginald A Tracy    Son                         M            6             b. Jun 1894 California

Mervyn S Tracy                     Son                         M            2             b. Sep 1898 California


1910 Census - Assembly District 39, San Francisco, California

Mannie Tracy                         Head                      F             39           California, widow

Anna H Tracy                        Daughter F             18           California, Actress Theatre

Rosemond Tracy                    Daughter F             17           California

Reginald Tracy                       Son                         M            14           California

Mervin Tracy                         Son                         M            11           California

Dougherty Tracy                    Daughter F             5             California


1917 WWI

Reginald  Ralph Tracy, 22, lives 1135 Masonic Ave, S.F. Cal, b. 21 June 1894, works as Clerk as S.F. Goodman 1587 Haight St, dependant mother, medium slender build, light blue eyes, brown hair.


1920 Census - Assembly District 27, San Francisco, California

Mary J Tracy          Head                      F             43           California, widow

Reginald Tracy        Son                         M            22           California, proprietor Grocery Store

Mervin Tracy          Son                         M            20           California, salesman Grocery Store

Dorothy Tracy        Daughter F             14           California


1930 Census - (Districts 1-250), San Francisco, California

Reginald J Tracy     Head       M            37           California, salesman grocery

Eva R Tracy                           Wife        F             33           California

Reginald J Tracy Jr.                Son         M            1             California

Jeannette Klein                       Stepdaughter           F             10           California

George A Klein                      Son         M            12           California


1940 Census - District 25, San Francisco City, California

Reginald Tracy        Head       M            48           California, laborer Bd. of ???

Edna Tracy             Wife        F             43           California

Jack Tracy              Son         M            12           California


Reginald John Tracy

Event Type    Death

Event Date    06 Apr 1953

Event Place   San Francisco, California, United States

Birth Date      21 Jun 1894

Birthplace      California

Gender          Male

Father's Name              Tracy

Mother's Name             Connahan

Wife Iris Tracy


Reginald John Tracy (Mother's Name Stoudt)

Birth  9 Aug 1928 San Francisco, California, United States

Death 26 Jan 1992 Marin, California, United States


Reginald John Tracy (Aug. 9, 1928 San Francisco - Jan. 26, 1992 Sausalito Marin County California) Srg WW2

Janet F. Foley Tracy (May 6, 1929 San Francisco - Apr. 22, 1998 Sausalito Marin County California)



Name                     Rosemond Dehart

Event Type             Death

Event Date              06 Dec 1985

Event Place             San Mateo, California, United States

Birth Date               01 Jul 1891

Birthplace               California

Gender                   Female

Father's Name        Tracy

Mother's Name       Connahan


Name                     Dorothy T Price

Event Type             Death

Event Date              03 Mar 1954

Event Place             San Francisco, California, United States

Birth Date               17 Mar 1905

Birthplace               California

Gender                   Female

Father's Name        Tracy

Mother's Name       Connahan




jack 1983.jpg




Sausalito historical society

Jack (Reginald John) Tracy

Wife Janet Tracy

Children Thomas Gregory Tracy (San Rafael ca. 1998); Stephen Burns Tracy (San Rafael ca. 1998); Elizabeth Tracy Hoffmire (Novato ca. 1998); Alison Tracy Whiteside (Corte Madera ca. 1998)

Chairman of Bicentennial Committee, 1976

Member of Historic Landmarks Board 1979-91

1993 Friends of the Sausalito Library Centenial exhibition of Sausalito writers.

Marinship 1942*1945 Exhibit, Research and Director of the Sausalito Historical Society at the time.

profile, Marin Scope 9-1-75, 2-4

Founded the Sausalito Historical Society in 1976 and served as its Director and on its Board for 15 (?) years.

author of "Moments in Time", a history of Sausalito.







San Francisco directories


1890 Langley's San Francisco directory

Tracey Catherine, widow, r. 1145 Harrison

Tracey Charles, boilermaker, r. 17 Hubbard

Tracey Edward B., waiter L. Meyer, r. 112 Natoma

Tracey Thomas, serviceman and extraman Engine No. 2, r. 141 M Minna

Tracey Timothy E.,deputy Superintendent of Streets, r. 1145 Harrison

Tracey William F., gasfitter, r. 76 Clementina

Tracy Anthony, mattressmaker Cal. Furniture Mnfg Co., r. 2314 Point Lobos Av

Tracy Arthur, waiter stmr Mariposa

Tracy Benjamin, fireman stmr State of California, r. 23.5 Zoe

Tracy Bernard A. (Tracy Bros. & Co.) r. 616.5 Nineteenth

TRACY BROTHERS & CO. (John J. and Bernard A. Tracy and Daniel Mcnienamin) proprietors Mission Pottery Co., 20-22 Eight nr Market

Tracy Clinton C, electrician, r. 37 Fifth

Tracy Edward, shoemaker, r. 411 Natoma

Tracy Edward, teamster, r. 624 Natoma

Tracy Edward D.. cltrk Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co., r. 511 Greenwich

Tracy Edward F., bookbinder T. K. Phillips & Co., r. 11 Rondel PI

Tracy Fannie Mrs., nurse, r. 112 Grove

Tracy Frederick B., bookbinder, r. 1913 Geary

Tracy George, foreman Tracy Bros., & Co.. r. 616.5 Nineteenth

Tracy James F., painter, r. 3 Sherwood PI

Tracy Jerome, hostler City RR., r. 1755 Mission

Tracy John, r. 509 Scott

Tracy John, boiler tender P. M. SS. Co.,

Tracy John, brushmaker Buchanan Bros., r. Capitol House

Tracy John, engineer, r. 22 Perry

Tracv John, mattress maker City and County Hospital

Tracy John, seaman, r. 411.5 Natoma

Tracy John, teamster, r. 3 Chesley

Tracy John, teamster, r. 609 Natoma

Tracy John F., plasterer, r. 632 Fell

Tracy John J. (Tracy Bros. & Co.) r. 509 Scott

Tracy John W. (Whelan & Tracy) r. 14 Glover

Tracy John W., shoemaker, r. 1U08 Buchanan

Tracy Joseph, boiler maker, r. 24 Verona

Tracy Joseph, carriage trimmer, r. 553 Mission

Tracy Joseph, harness maker and carriage trimmer, 318 McAllister, r. 5.53 Mission

Tracy Julia Mrs., chambermaid The Baldwin

Tracy Lilly A., widow, r. 1913 Geary

Tracy Maggie H. Miss, dressmaker, r. 123 Clipper

Tracy Mary, widow, r. 3 Sherwood PI

Tracy Mary, widow, r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy Mary Miss, dressmaker Mrs. M. Jurgensen, r. 609 Natoma

Tracy Michael, laborer S. P. Co.. r. 27.5 Oak Grove Av

Tracy Michael, teamster, r. 814 Bryant

Tracy Patrick, laborer, r. 137)4 Silver

Tracy Patrick, stonecutter, r. 1038.5 Folsom

Tracy R. L. Mrs., widow, r. 2814 Sacramento

Tracy Theodore F., bookkeeper Gladding, McBean & Co., r. 1001 Pine

Tracy Thomas, laborer, r. 11 Decatur

Tracy Thomas, laborer, r. 123 Shipley

Tracy Thomas, mattressmaker William A. Schrock, r. 10U8 Buchanan

Tracy Thomas, solicitor W. J. Callingham, r. 120.5 Lott

Tracy Thomas G., carpenter, r. 906 Filbert

Tracy William, laborer, r. 1186 Harrison

Tracy William, teamster, r. 1234 Mission

Tracy William E., clerk S. P. Co. (Coast Division) r. 1001 Pine

Whelan & Tracy (Richard I. Whelan and John W. Traiy) blank book mnfrs, 540 Clay


1895 Langley's San Francisco directory

County Jail No. 3. — ...Assistant Mntron - Mr.s. Tracy.

Forster Daniel (Tracy & Forster) r. 727 Fifth Av

Gardeners Public Squares — ...N. E. Tracy...$900 per annum each.

MISSION POTTERY C0., Tracey Bros. & Co. proprietors, factory cor Seventeenth and Harrison, office 20-22 Eighth

Starkweather William G. (Tracy, Starkweather & Tracy) r. Oakland

Tracy George, policeman, r. 3 Santa Clara

Tracey 8. H., r. Hotel St. Nicholas

Tracey Anthony, upholsterer, r. 3314 Point Lobos Av

Tracey Arica E. Miss, stenographer Baker & Hamilton, r. 2814 Sacramento

Tracey Bessie E. Mlsa, typewriter, r. 2814 Sacramento

Tracey Charles J., hoseman Engine 9, r. l.")2 Silver

Tracey E. F, r. 44 Third

Tracey Emily E , widow, r. 2814 Sacramento

Tracey John, engineer, r. 339 Bryant

Tracey John, teamster, r. 909 Kearny

Tracey Joseph, boilermaker, r. 25 Natoma

Tracey Martin, shoemaker, r 1129 Folsom

Tracey Michael, liquors, 1201 Folsom

Tracey Michael, teamster, r. 78 Natoma

Tracey Nicholas E , gardener, r. 23 Shotwell

Tracey Patrick J., policeman, r. 24 Shotwell

Tracey Patrick, expressman, r. 2907 Harrison

Tracey Robert E., clerk John T. Wrifjht, r. 2814 Sacramento

Tracey Thomas J., laborer, r. 319 Langton

Tracey Thomas, .seaman, r. 28 Minna

Tracey William F., fireman, r. 74 Clementina

Tracv Timothy, laborer, r. 781 Mission

Tracy & Forster (John Tracy and Daniel Forster) liquors, 727 Fifth Av

Tracy Andrew, policeman, r. 1723 Market

Tracy Arthur, waiter stmr Mariposa

Tracy Benjamin F., marine fireman, r. 181 Perry

Tracy Bernard A, jiottery mufr. r. 2125 Howard

Tracy Edward, teamster, r. 50 Stevenson Av

Tracy Fred B., salesman C. W. R. Ford & Co.. r. 330 O'Farrell

Tracy George T., auctioneer, r. 206 Oak

Tracy Harmon N. (Tracy, Starkweather & Tracy) r. Hollister

Tracy Herbert,, metal roofer and galvanized iron worker, 2031 Golden Gate Av

Tracy Homer H. (Tracy, Starkweather & Tracy) r. Oakland

Tracy James F, painter, r. 9b Sherwood PI

Tracy James H., plumber, r. 925 Union

Tracy James, gripman, r. 18 St. Rose's Av

Tracy John (Tracy & Forster) r. 727 Fifth Av

Tracy John F., plasterer, r. 032 Fell

Tracy John J., r. 509 Scott

Tracy John W., foreman Street Dept, r. 1119 Webster

Tracy John W., r. 943 Fifteenth

Tracy John, lumberman, r. 3 Brady

Tracy John, wharf builder P. M. S. S. Co

Tracy Joseph, carriage trimmer, 318 McAllister, r. 43 Willow Av

Tracy Joseph, harnessmaker, 1414 Pine

Tracy Julia, widow, r. 534 Minna

Tracy Mary Mrs., r. 9b Sherwood PI

Tracy Mary, widow, r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy Michael, laborer, r. 3}i Sheridan, rear

Tracy Michael, longshoreman, r. 317 Thirteenth

Tracy Morris, glass fitter, r. 534 Minna

Tracy Patrick, bartender, r. 714 Clementina

Tracy Theodore F. Jr., r. 1001 Pine

TRACY THEODORE F., bookkeeper Gladding McBeati & Co., r. 1001 Pine

Tracy Thomas E., mattressmaker, r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy Thomas, fireman, r. 297 Palmer

Tracy Thomas, r. 930.5 Mission

Tracy Timothy E. (Flynn & Tracy) r. 229 Hyde

Tracy William A., superintendent S. F. Market, r. 925 Union

Tracy William E., clerk Local Freight Office S. P. Co., r. 933 Army

Tracy William, teamster, r. 119.5 Sixth

Tracy William, watchman, r. 1186 Harrison

Tracy, Starkweather & Tracy (Homer H. Tracy, William G. Starkweather and Harmon N. Tracy) consulting engineers, 220 Fremont

Treacy Timothy E., street contractor, r. 1145 Harrison


1900 Crocker-Langley San Francisco directory

Tracey Charles J., special policeman, r. 153 Perry

Tracey Emily E., widow, r. 2836 Sacramento

Tracey Patrick J., policeman, r. 2963, 21st

Tracey Robert E., porter W. P. Fuller & Co., r. 2836 Sacramento

Tracey William F., truckman Truck 1, r. 74 Clementina

Tracy & McGurren (Bernard Tracy and Harry McGurren) liquors, 1496 Market

Tracy A. A., r. 606 Folsom

Tracy A. F. Mrs., widow, r. 2004 Pierce

Tracy Andrew, policeman, r. 230, 7th Av.

Tracy Ann, widow, r. 1186 Harrison

Tracy Anne Mrs., r. Our Lady's Home

Tracy Augustus, bricklayer, r. 325 Golden Gate Av.

Tracy Benjamin, marine engineer, 36 East South, r. Alameda

Tracy Bernard A. (Tracy & McGurren) r. 793 Stevenson

Tracy Catherine Mrs., r. 219, 2d Av.

Tracy Charles H., marine engineer, 36 East South, r. Berkeley

Tracy Charlotte Miss, stenographer, r. 1815 McAllister

Tracy Clinton C, electrician, r. 1145Vi Mission

Tracy Edward J., clerk Bonestell & Co., r. 616 Fell

Tracy Edward, teamster, r. 418 Ellis

Tracy Ellen, widow, r. 2907 Harrison

TRACY ENGINEERING CO. THE (Harmon N. and Haydn H. Tracy and Edward J. Nye) engineers, designers, builders of steam power and irrigating plants, centrifugal pumps, steam specialties, and agents for Nordberg Corliss engfines, pumps and air compressors, 151-153 Fremont, tel. Main 184

Tracy George, auctioneer, r. 328, 10th

Tracy George, policeman, r. 2902, 17th

Tracy Gold Mining & Milling Co., Parrott Bldg.

Tracy Hannah T., widow, r. 616 Fell

TRACY HARMON N. (The Tracy Engineering Co.) r. Hollister, Cal.

TRACY HAYDN H. (The Tracy Engineering Co.) r. 1318 Jones

Tracy James H., mounter Bulletib, r. 2917 Octavia

Tracy James, gripman Market St. Ky., r. 140 Wood

Tracy James, painter, r. 13 Sherwood Pl.

Tracy John F., bricklayer, r. 616 Fell

Tracy John H., driver Harbor Receiving Hospital, r. 139 East North

Tracy John J., r. 511 Scott

Tracy John W,, clerk, r. 311.5 Elm Av.

Tracy Joseph L., driver Stulz Bros., r. 616 Fell

Tracy Joseph P., carriage trimmer, r. 338 Polk

Tracy Julia, widow, r. 568 Minna

Tracy Louisa Mrs., teacher music, r. 1815 McAllister

Tracy M. Mrs., propr. The Palmerlee, 133 Ellis

Tracy M. Mrs., widow, r. 108 Lundy Lane

Tracy M., coalpasser str. Columbia

Tracy Margaret, domestic, 716 Steiner

Tracy Martin, laborer, r. 322.5, 12th

Tracy Mary, widow, r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy Mary, widow, r. 13 Sherwood PI.

Tracy Michael, stevedore P. M. SS. Co., r. 23 Shipley

Tracy Michael, wood and coal, 1334 Lasuo, r. SW. cor. Jersey and Diamond

Tracy Mollie Mrs., propr. The Trocadero, off Corbett Av., nr. Ocean Av.

Tracy Nicholas, r. 129 Silver

TRACY THEODORE F. bookkeeper Gladding, McBean & Co., r. 2004 Pierce

Tracy Thomas E., mattress maker Bernhard Mattress Co., r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy Thomas, fireman, r. 22% Ringold

Tracy Thomas, laborer eng. dept. U. S. A.

Tracy William A., janitor Flood Bldg., r. 2917 Octavia

Tracy William E., clerk local freight office S. P. Co., r. 2937 Howard

Tracy William H., shoemaker, r. 1008 Buchanan

Tracy William, millhand dal. Barrel Co., r. 920, 9th Av. South

Tracy, Mrs. M.  Proprietor HOTEL LEEPALMER 222 Mason, tel. John 2201

Treacy John, teamster, r. 217 Dore

Treacy Leonard, r. 408, 10th

Treacy Thomas, apprentice Union Iron Wks., r. 215 Dore

TREACY TIMOTHY B. (Flinn & Treacy) r. 410, 10th

Treacy William, teamster, r. 107 Dore





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