Tracy Undertakers of Brooklyn New York


A collection of letterhead stationery from Brooklyn businesses and institutions. Brooklyn Public Library

Thomas Tracy, 178 Graham Street near Myrtle Avenue, 11/26/1879, Sexton and undertaker


1879 Brooklyn City Directory

Tracy James H. undertaker, 160l Fulton

Tracy Thomas, undertaker, 450 Kent av, h 176 Graham


1886 Leading Manufacturers and Merchants City of Brooklyn

Thomas Tracy, Undertaker, No. 601 Myrtle Avenue.  — This old-established and conservative house is one of the most prominent and largely patronized in its line in the city.  It was founded in 1866 by the present proprietor, Mr. Thomas  Tracy, and from the beginning the career of the house, has  been one of uninterrupted success and prosperity. Mr. Tracy  occupies a neatly fitted-up store 25x60 feet in dimensions, and  at the rear of this a handsomely furnished office. At No. 450  Kent avenue he occupies for stabling purposes a two-story  brick building, where he has eleven horses, two hearses, four  coaches, etc. - His store contains a large and splendid assort-  ment of coffins, caskets, and funeral merchandise of every description, suited to all means and tastes. Funeral ceremonies  are conducted with the utmost consideration and care at rea-  sonable prices, and coffins and caskets are made to order at  short notice. Mr. Tracy is an experienced and competent.  embalmer, possesses every facility for preserving the bodies  intrusted to his care for any required period, in his engagements is prompt and reliable, and in his charges honor-  able and reasonable. Mr. Tracy, who resides at No. 350 Bed-  ford avenue, is a native of Ireland, and has been for forty  years a resident of Brooklyn. The telephone call is 24 A.

James H. Tracy, Undertaker, No. 1597 Fulton Street. — The well-known and prominent undertaking establishment of Mr. James H. Tracy, at No. 1597 Fulton street,  was founded in 1871. The careful, thorough methods of the  proprietor are well known and have inured greatly to the  benefit of this community during his lengthened period of  service. His wareroom is stocked with a full assortment  of caskets, coffins, and funeral supplies generally. He also  has a well-appointed livery stable, where he keeps  hearses, carriages of all kinds, and horses for service in the  undertaking branch of his business and also for hire. His premises are fitted with every convenience that has been  approved by time or the present requirements of the trade.  Delicate and unobtrusive in his work, and enjoying a perfect familiarity with all the proprieties observed and expected,  his employment gives the greatest satisfaction to those whose  interests he has in hand. As an embalmer all the improved  methods and processes are used. Several assistants are employed, and only first-class service is given. 


1888 The Metropolitan Church and Choir Directory of New York and Brooklyn

Sexton, Mr. Tracy, St. Lawrence School, 84th st., near Park ave.

Sexton, J. H. Tracey, 1601 Fulton St. Francis Xavier, Carroll Street and Sixth Avenue


1889 Lain's Brooklyn Directory

Tracy James H. undertaker, 1597 Fulton, h 6 Bainbridge

Tracy John C. undertaker. 601 Myrtle av, h 176 Graham

Tracy Thomas, undertaker, 601 Myrtle av, h 842 Bedford av


1906 Upington’s General Directory of the Borough of Brooklyn

Tracy Jas H undertaker 1597 Fulton h 21 Bainbridge

Tracy John C undertaker 908 Kent av h 296 Wll'by av


Oct 9, 1926 Brooklyn Life and Activities of Long Island Society (Brooklyn, New York)

Father and Son

Some professions descend quite commonly from father to son. This works out quite well for the public at large, as naturally the experience of the father proves invaluable and more can be gotten from his instruction than can be acquired in the usual way.

However, the profession of mortician is not one of the most pleasant in the world and, offhand, John C. Tracy, of 908, is the only man we can name in Brooklyn who has followed in his father's footsteps in this particular occupation. Mr. Tracy's father was for sixty years located at 601 Myrtle Avenue, and during that time the care and consideration which he showed as a funeral director won his universal respect. The elder Tracy is recalled by many who had occasion to do business with him, or who knew him socially, and we have yet to hear an unfavorable comment regarding him.

In the course of time, the present John Tracy took up his father's business, and his ability and tactfulness have been no less marked in the practice of a none too enjoyable profession. He has fully lived tip to his father's reputation and retained the respect which was once his. Together with his brother Jerome, he ranks among the leading men of his community.





James Tracy & Catherine Flaherty

Sara Tracy b. 1 Jan 1842 Sp. Denis Tracy & Margaret Flaherty. Lorrha and Dorrha Parish Tipperary

Thos Tracy b. 1 Jun 1843 Sp. Thos Flaherty & Margaret Tracey. Lorrha and Dorrha Parish Tipperary


James Tracy, age 30, Labourer, Ireland to USA, Liverpool: Devonshire 04/10/1846

Catharine Tracy, Wife, age 29, Ireland to USA, Liverpool: Devonshire 04/10/1846

Sarah Tracy, Daughter, age 03, Child, Ireland to USA, Liverpool: Devonshire 04/10/1846

Thomas Tracy, Son, age 01, Child, Ireland to USA, Liverpool: Devonshire 04/10/1846


1850 Census - 1360 Brooklyn, ward 11, Kings, New York

Jas Tracey                             M            40           Ireland, labourer, 17 years NY, Na

Catherine Tracey                   F             36           Ireland

Sarah Tracey                         F             8             New York

Thos Tracey                          M            7             New York

James Tracey                         M            4             New York


1855 Census - 74 (frame house) E.D. 2, Ward 7, Brooklyn City, Kings, New York

James Tracey         Head       M            36           Ireland, labourer, 17 years NY, Na

Cathrin Tracey       Wife       F             34           Ireland

Sarah Tracey          Daughter                F             13           Brooklyn

Thos Tracey           Son         M            11           Brooklyn

James Tracey         Son         M            9             Brooklyn

Marey Tracey         Daughter                F             4             Brooklyn

Margret Tracey      Daughter                F             1             Brooklyn


1860 Census - 670 2d Division 7th Ward Brooklyn, Kings, New York,

James Tracey                         M            48           Ireland, labourer

Catharine Tracey                   F             45           Ireland

Sarah Tracey                         F             17           New York, clerk

Thomas Tracey                      M            15           New York

James Tracey                         M            14           New York

Mary Tracey                          F             9             New York

Margaret Tracey                    F             5             New York

Michael Tracey                     M            2             New York


1865 Census - 8 (framed) Ward 07, Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Catherine Tracy     Mother    F             ?0            Ireland, 8 children, widowed, alien

Sarah Tracy            Daughter                F             ?3,           Ireland, laberer in Five? Shop, alien

Thomas Tracy        Son         M            22           Ireland, Sexton, Na

James Tracy           Son         M            19           Kings, Coach Driver

Mary Tracy            Daughter                F             14           Kings

Margaret Tracy      Daughter                F             10           Kings

Michael J Tracy     Son         M            7             Kings


1870 Census - 7th Ward Brooklyn NY

Cath Tracy                            F             52           Ireland

Thomas Tracy                       M            24           Ireland, undertaker

James Tracy                          M            21           New York, undertaker

Mary Tracy                           F             18           New York

Margaret Tracy                     F             13           New York

John Tracy                            M            11           New York


Margaret J. Tracy, 21, Single, b. 1856 Brooklyn (d. of James & Cathrine Flaherty) married Edward S. Regan, 29, Single, b. 1848 Brooklyn (s. of Jeremiah & Johanna O Brien) 26 Jun 1877 Brooklyn Kings New York


Sarah Mckeon died 30 Jan 1920 Brooklyn Kings New York (d. of James Tracy & Catherine Flaherty)


Mary C. Tracy died 23 Dec 1932 Brooklyn Kings New York, Age 77, Single, b. 1855 NY, (d. of James Tracy & Catherine Flaterty both born Ireland





Dec 19, 1874 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Lost - Strayed or Stolen, a white goat, without horns, from the livery stable of Thomas Tracy, Kent av, near Myrtle. Any information of its whereabouts will be thankfully received and liberally rewarded.


Sep 12, 1876 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Democratic Veterans of the army and navy, residing in the Seventh Ward, are requested to meet at Tracy's Kent av, near Myrtle, on Thursday September 14, at 8 o'clock P.M. for organisation. By direction of the Committee.


1880 Census - 176 Graham St Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Thomas Tracy        Self         M            32           New York, United States, undertaker

Cathine Tracy        Mother    F             62           Ireland

Mary Tracy            Sister      F             25           New York, United States

John Tracy             Brother   M            20           New York, United States, undertaker


Thomas Tracy died 3 Dec 1895 Brooklyn Kings New York, Age 52, Married, born 1843 Ireland, buried 6 Dec 1895 Holy Cross N.Y., parents b. Ireland


December 4 & 5, 1895 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Tracy - On Tuesday. December 3, 1893, Thomas Tracy, aged 52 years.

Relatives and friends, also members of St. Patrick’s Alliance. Branch No. 4. members of the Kings County Undertakers’ Association and Journeymen's Association and the Seventh Ward Jackson Club are requested to attend the funeral from his late residence. 842 Bedford av. on Friday. December 6, at 9:30 A. M.. to St. Patrick’s Church, where a solemn requiem mass will be offered for the repose of his soul.

The officers’ and members of the Andrew Jackson Club, of the Seventh Ward, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of our deceased member Thomas Tracy, from his late residence. 842 Bedford av, on Friday, December 6. at 9:30.A.M.

Thomas A..Kerrigan. President.

James Bouck, M.J. Fitzpatrick, Secretaries





1875 Census - 1603 (brick) Brooklyn, Kings, New York

James Tracy                          M            30           Ireland, undertaker, employed Kings, alien

Elizabeth Tracy      Wife       F             21           Richmond


1880 Census - 1601 Fulton St., Brooklyn, Kings, New York

James H Tracy       Self         M            31           New York, United States, parents born Ireland, undertaker

Elizabeth Tracy      Wife       F             26           New York, United States, parents born Ireland

Anna Duffy           Other      F             17           New York, United States


Jan 18, 1881 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Court News. - Accusing a Fifteen Year Old Boy of Perjury

On Application of Counselor Theo. Burgmyer, Judge Gilbert granted an alternative writ of prohibition to prevent Justice Gortum, of East New York, from issuing or executing a warrant for the arrest of Coleman Bhelms, aged 15, accused of perjury by James H. Tracy, of 1,601 Fulton Street. The offense is alleged to have been committed In the trial of the ease of Alois Lozansky against James H. Tracy, in the City Court, last November. Tracy bought horses of J, Rheims, of Clinton and Park avenue, and gave his note for $200 for two months and three days. Rheims considered the note imperfect, or unsatisfactory in some way, and sent his son Coleman with another note to Tracy drawn at three months, and a letter asking him to sign it. The son took the note back to his father signed and left the old note with Tracy. Suit was brought on this note in the City Court, and Coleman Rheims swore that Tracy signed It. The Jury found a verdict for the plaintiff, and thereupon Tracy went to Justice Gertum, of East Now York, and preferred a charge of perjury against the lad. The writ of prohibition was returnable this morning, before Judge Cullen. Mr. F. £. Dana, of counsel for the roistor, argued that a Justice of a country’ town in Kings County had no criminal jurisdiction in the City of Brooklyn, under the law of 1850, and that it was a perversion of Justice to drag a person out to Boat New York on such a charge. Colonel John H. Bergen represented the Justice, and decision was reserved.


27 Oct 1883 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Twenty-fifth Ward Democrats...James H. tracy...nominated...


October 11, 1889 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Tracy - On Thursday, October 10, 1889, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James  H. Tracy.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral from her late residence, 6 Bainbridge st; thence to Our Lady of the Victory Church, McDonough st and Throop av, where a solemn mass of requiem will be offered for the repose of her soul, on Saturday, the 12th inst., at 9:30  A.M. sharp. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery.


Dec 5, 1896 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Surprise Party to J .H. Tracy.

A surprise party was given on Thursday night to James H. Tracy by a number of his friends, at his residence, 21 Bainbridge street. Dancing began at 9 o’clock and at midnight Iuncheon was served. Among those present were:

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, McKenna. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. O’Shea, Mr. and Mrs, V. Lambert. Mrs. C. Cameron, John Clark. Mrs. Ellgroth, Mr. and Mrs. Shirk, Mr. and Mrs. Knoll and family. Mr. and Mrs Hatigan. Miss Mamie May, Mr. and Mrs Seebeck. Mr. McKay. Mrs. Regan, the Misses Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Markendorf, Miss Lonnerman. V. Lambert, jr., Mrs. Delaney. Miss Hilt, Masters Harry and John Tracy. Lee McKenna, Mr. and Miss Boyne. Mr. and Mrs, Buchanan, Mrs. Bennet, Miss Tracy, Miss K. Reilly, Mr. and Mrs. K, Howard, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. McKeon and family, Mr. Lenz, Mrs. Baker.


1900 Census - 21 Bainbridge Borough of Brooklyn, Election District 22 New York City Ward 23, Kings

James Tracy           Head       M            52           b. May 1848 New York, parents born Ireland, undertaker

Theresa Tracy        Wife       F             36           b. Sep 1864 New York, married 10 years, 2 child 2 alive, parents born Ireland

James H Tracy       Son         M            9             b. Nov 1891 New York

John Tracy             Son         M            6             b. Mch 1894 New York

Mamie R May        Sister-in-law          F             22           b. May 1878 New York, single, parents born Ireland


Jul 11, 1900 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Little Leo took a bath and Mr. De Wolf objected.

July 19, 1900 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.,

Mr. Hughes Was Taken Ill.

Consequently, Trial of Charge of  Disorderly Conduct Against Landscape Artist De Wolf Was Adjourned.

The case of Landscape Artist John De Wolf of the Park Department, who Is charged with disorderly conduct by Lee McKenna, 16 years old of 1,597 Fulton street, was called up in the Gates avenue court this morning for examination. Assistant Corporation Counsel William Hughes was to appear for Mr. De Wolf, but before the case was called was taken suddenly ill and was obliged to leave. Lawyer George Alexander explained to Magistrate Worth the circumstances and requested on behalf of Mr. Hughes another adjournment. Lawyer Rufus L. Perry, who appeared for the boy, objected to an adjournment, but it was finally agreed that the case could not go on to-day and the magistrate set August 7 as the date for the examination. A full account of the circumstances of the case was published last week. It Is claimed by the parents of the boy that De Wolf caught him bathing at the foot of the concourse. Coney Island, on Sunday a week ago, pulled him out of the water roughly by the wrist and held him for twenty minutes. Mrs. Tracy, [Mrs Teresa Tracy of 21 Bainbridge street] the wife of Undertaker James Tracy of 1,882 Broadway, an aunt of the boy, also claims that Mr. De Wolf used insulting language to her, and says she intends to bring civil proceedings for $10,000 for slander.


13 Nov 1900 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

The Municipal ownership and Reform Club of the Borough of Brooklyn met last evening at 1562 Fulton street...James H. Tracy offered resolutions which were unanimously adopted, reciting that certain pretended friends of reform have declared their purpose to exclude from consideration as possible candidates for the office of Mayor all supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate in the recent election; that the club condemns all such attempts at exclusion as hurtful to the cause of reform and as dictated by partisan prejudice.


1910 Census - 21 Banbridge Street, Brooklyn Ward 23, Kings, New York

James H Tracy       Head       M            60           New York, parents born Ireland, proprietor Undertaker

Teresa L Tracy       Wife       F             45           New York, married 20 years, 2 child 2 alive, parents born Ireland,

James H Tracy Jr. Son         M            18           New York

John A Tracy         Son         M            16           New York

John Braisted         Boarder M            52           New York, father Floride mother New York, income


Mar 29, 1912 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

James H. Tracey

James H. Tracy, for forty years a resident of the Stuyvesant section and one of the oldest undertakers of this borough died this morning at his residence, 21 Bainbridge street. His office was at 1597 Fulton street. He was born in old Canton street, sixty-five years ago, and was a member of Phenix Engine Company No.12 of the Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department. He was a member of the Society of Old Brooklynites, the Brooklyn Volunteer Firemen's Association, and the Church of Our Lady of Victory, where a requiem mass will be said Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Internment in Holy Cross Cemetery. He had long resided in the Twenty-fifth Ward. He is survived by his widow, Theresa L; two sons, James H., jr., and John A.; his brother John C. and two sisters, Mary and Mrs Sarah McKeon.


1920 Census - 21 Banbridge St Brooklyn Assembly District 5, Kings, New York

Teresa L Tracy       Head       F             54           New York, widowed, parents born Ireland, Undertaker own store

James H Tracy       Son         M            28           New York, embalmer undertaker

John A Tracy         Son         M            25           New York, married, undertaker own store

Jessie V Tracy        Daughter-in-law    F             23           New York

John L Tracy          Grandson               M            2y10/12m               New York


Grace Tracey died 22 Nov 1924 246 Macon St Brooklyn Kings New York, Age 27, Married, Housewife, b.  6 Dec 1896 U.S. (d. of Charles Gilbert & Evelyn Cromwell both born U.S.) Buried 25 Nov 1924 Holy Cross, Spouse James H. Tracey


Nov 24, 1924 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - Grace I., suddenly on Saturday Nov 22 1924, beloved wife of James H. Tracy, at her residence 246 Macon st. Funeral Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Requiem mass at Church of Our Lady of Victory, Throop ave and McDonagh st. Internment Holy Cross Cemetery. Auto cortege,


Jan 27, 1928 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

James H. Tracy Dies on street

James H. Tracy of 246 Macon St., proprietor of the undertaking establishment of James H. Tracy, Inc., died suddenly last night while walking on Bushwick ave., to the parish hall of the R.C. Church of our Lady of Victory, where he was to attend a euchre party. With him at the time of his death was a parish priest who administered the last rites of the church. Mr. Tracy was a lifelong resident of Brooklyn and is survived by his widow, Mrs Ethel T. Tracy, a son James H, two daughters, Jeanne and Grace, his mother and a brother. He was a member of Columbus Council K. of C., and Brooklyn Lodge of Elks.


Jan 27, 1928 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - Suddenly on Jan 26, 1928, James H. Tracy, beloved husband of Ethel T Tracy (nee Caddell) at his residence, 246 Macon St. Notice of funeral later.


1930 Census - 246 Macon St Brooklyn (Districts 0501-0750), Kings, New York, no occupation

Teresa Tracy          Head       F             65           Brooklyn, widowed, married at age 26, parents born Irish Free State,

Grace I Tracy         Daughter                F             10           New York


Teresa L. Tracey died 2 Aug 1935 246 Macon St. Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States, 70 years, Widowed, undertaker, Birth Year (Estimated) b. 1865 Brooklyn (d. of Patrick May b. Ireland & Catherine Rice b. Ireland) Spouse 'James H. Tracey, Buried 6 Aug 1935 Holy Cross Cemetery


Aug 5, 1935 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - Theresa L. On Friday Aug 2 1935, wife of the late James H. Tracy and mother of John a. Tracy, at her residence, 246 Macon St. Funeral Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. Requiem mass Church of Our Lady of Victory, Throop Ave and McDonough St. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.


Teresa L Tracy died Aug. 6, 1935

Holy Cross Cemetery Brooklyn Kings County (Brooklyn) New York



1930 Census - 395 Stuyvestant Avenue, Brooklyn (Districts 0251-0500), Kings, New York

John Tracy             Head       M            36           New York, 22 years when married, undertaker

Jessie Tracy            Wife       F             35           New York, 15 years when married,

John L Tracy          Son         M            13           New York

Joneth Tracy          Daughter                F             5             New York


1940 Census - 395 ???, Assembly District 5, Brooklyn, New York City, Kings, New York

John Tracy             Head       M            46           New York, undertaker own business

Jessie V Tracy        Wife       F             40           New York

Jonetha B Tracy     Daughter                F             15           New York

Mary Jean Tracy    Niece      F             16           New York

John L Tracy          Son         M            23           New York, assistant undertaker, works for father


John A. Tracy died 14 Apr 1945 689 St. Marks Ave. Brooklyn Kings New York, Age 51, Married, Funeral Director, born 8 Mar 1894 Brooklyn Kings New York (s. of James H. born U. S. & Teresa L. May born Ireland) Buried 18 Apr 1945 St. John's Cemetery, Spouse Jessie V. Tracy






Oct 28, 1946 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)




Apr 22, 1945  The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)


To our many friends and clients:

The business founded over eighty years ago by James H. Tracy and since conducted for three generations by his family, will be continued by the undersigned upon the same high standards followed by the founder and by our late president, Mr. John A. Tracy.


James H. Tracy, Inc.,

by John Leonard Tracy,

Vice President


Funeral Director's Office

1597 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Telephone - PResident 3-6531





Nov 9, 1941 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Editor, Old Timers: Some 50 years back an aggregation of businessmen in the vicinity of Bedford and Myrtle Aves, organised a club to which they gave the name, the Rusty Nail Club. Object of the club was conviviality and the slogan was: Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. Here's the roster as far as memory serves me:...Jack Tracy, undertaker, Myrtle near Kent...


1900 Census - 971 Kent Ave, Borough of Brooklyn, Election District 7 New York City Ward 7, Kings, New York

John Tracey           Head       M            43           b. Nov 1857 New York, parents b. Ireland, Undertaker

Margaret Tracey    Wife       F             34           b. Jany 1866 New York, 12 years married, 4 child 4 alive, parents b. Ireland

Thomas Tracey      Son         M            11           b. June 1889 New York

John Tracey           Son         M            9             b. Aug 1891 New York

Dorothy Tracey     Daughter                F             7             b. Dec 1893 New York

Jerome Tracey        Son         M            2             b. Mch 1898 New York


Thomas B. Tracy died 2 Sep 1906 Brooklyn Kings New York, Age 17, Single, School boy, b. 1889 Brooklyn N.Y., (s. of John C. Tracy & Margaret Mccarthy both born U.S.), buried 6 Sep 1906 Holy Cross Cem.


Sep 4, 1906 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Thomas Bernard Tracy.

Thomas Bernard Tracy, of 296 Willoughby Avenue, died Sunday. The young man was born in the Bedford section and was a student at Manhattan College. His father is a well known undertaker of this borough. The funeral services will be held Thursday at the Church of St. Patrick, and the interment will be in Holy cross Cemetery.


Nov 9, 1909 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Wanted - Help - Males

Young man as general worker in undertaking and livery business; references required; honesty and sobriety; must sleep on premises. J. C. Tracy, 908 Kent  av


1910 Census - 927 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn Ward 21, Kings, New York

John C Tracy         Head       M            47           New York, proprietor Undertaker, Emp

Margaret Tracy      Wife       F             42           New York, married 21 years, 4 child 3 alive

John C Tracy         Son         M            18           New York

Dorothy G Tracy   Daughter                F             16           New York

Jerome Tracy         Son         M            12           New York


Apr 15, 1911 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

To Let - Stables

Stables, all new, 4, 6 or 12 stalls, to suit tenant; plenty of wagon room; rent easy. 905-907 Kent av, near Myrtle. Tracy.


Feb 11, 1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

John C. Tracy

John C. Tracy, 55 years old, an undertaker at 908 Kent avenue, died yesterday, from a complication at his residence, 927 Bedford avenue. His funeral will be held on Saturday morning, and internment in Holy Cross Cemetery, following a requiem mass in the RC Church of St. Patrick. Kent and Willoughby avenue of which he was a member. Mr Tracy was born in Brooklyn and was a brother of the late James h. and Thomas Tracy both well known in the undertaking business. He was associated in business with his brother Thomas and succeeded to it at the latter's death. James H. Tracy died three years ago. My Tracy is survived by his wife, Margaret, two sons, John and Jerome, a daughter Dorothy and two sisters, Mrs Sarah McKeaon and Miss Mary Tracy.



john c.jpg



Mar 21, 1915 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)


Announcement has been made that the undertaking establishment of the late John C. Tracy at 908 Kent avenue has been taken over by his son, John C. Tracy, and that the business will be conducted along the same principles as heretofore, combined with the most modern and efficient methods in embalming and undertaking. Phone 3269 Prospect.




1920 Census - 260 Willoughby Av, Brooklyn Assembly District 11, Kings, New York

Margaret Tracy      Head       F             47           New York, widow,

John Tracy             Son         M            26           New York, undertaker undertakers Emp

Dorothy Tracy       Daughter                F             24           New York, teacher public school

Jerome Tracy         Son         M            21           New York, undertaker undertakers Emp


Jun 26, 1926 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - On Saturday, June 26, Margaret Tracy (nee McCarthy, at her home, 196 Clinton ave. Survived by two sons, John C. and Jerome: one daughter, Mrs Dorothy Nolan, and three sisters. remains at Roemmele's Funeral Chapel, 1230 Bushwick ave., Brooklyn, from where funeral will be held on Monday at 10:30 a.m. Requiem mass at St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Kent and Willoughby aves. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. It is requested no flowers be sent.


Jun 26, 1934 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - In memory of our dear mother, Margaret McCarthy Tracy, who died June 26 1926. John C Tracy, Jerome Tracy, Dorothy Tracy Nolan.


Jun 17, 1920 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - Walters - Mrs Carrie Walters announces the marriage of her daughter, Emma C., to John C. Tracy, on Wednesday June 16, 1920 at St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Kent and Willoughby aves, by the rector, the Rev. John F. Cherry.


1930 Census – 172 04 84th Avenue

John C Tracy               Head       M            38           New York, 28 when married, proprietor undertaking

Emma C Tracy            Wife       F             34           New York, 24 when married,

Thomas Tracy              Son         M            7             New York

Virginia Tracy             Daughter                F             4             New York


1940 Census  - Block H 172-04 84th Ave

John C Tracy               Head       M            48           New York, owner undertaker

Emma Tracy                Wife       F             44           New York

Thomas Tracy              Son         M            17           New York

Virginia Tracy             Daughter                F             14           New York


John C. Tracy died 19 Mar 1942 New York City Queens New York, Age 49, b. 1893 (s. of John C. & Margaret Mc Carthy), Spouse Emma


Mar 18, 1943 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Tracy - In loving memory of John C. Tracy, first anniverary mass at 7:30, Friday Mary 19, at St. Patrick's Church, Kent Avenue. Jerome Tracy.


Jerome Tracy, 26, single, b. 1899 NYC (s. of John C. & Margaret McCarthy) married Margarite Mckinley, 21, single, b. 1904 NYC (d. of Patrick & Catharine Lennon) 18 Feb 1925 Manhattan New York New York


1930 Census - 2003 East 28th Street, Brooklyn (Districts 1751-1953), Kings, New York

Jerone Tracy                Head       M            32           New York, undertaker own business

Margaret Tracy            Wife       F             26           New York, parents born Ireland


1940 Census - 908 Kent Ave Assembly District 11, Brooklyn, New York City, Kings, New York

Jerome Tracy               Head       M            42           New York, Undertaker own business

Margaret Tracy            Wife       F             36           New York

Dorothy Tracy             Daughter                F             8             New York

Margaret Tracy            Daughter                F             5             New York

Jerome Tracy               Son*       M            4             New York

John Tracy    Son*       M            4             New York

* Transcription states Stepson


Jerome Tracy died 1 Nov 1947 9202 93rd Ave. Brooklyn Kings New York, lived Woodhaven Queens New York, Age 49, Married, Funeral Director, born 12 Mar 1898 Brooklyn Kings New York (s. of John C. Tracy & Margaret McCarthy born U.S.) Buried 4 Nov 1947 Holy Cross Cemetery, Spouse Margaret Rita


Nov 2, 1947 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York)

Jerome Tracy, Funeral Director

Jerome tracy, Brooklyn funeral director, who until recently was in business at 908 Kent Ave., died yesterday after a long illness. He lived at 92-02 93d Ave, Woodhaven.

Mr. Tracy was born in Brooklyn, the son of the late John C. tracy, also a funeral director, and Mrs Margaret McCarty. He moved from Brooklyn to Woodhaven five months ago.

The funeral will be held Tuesday from the Galligan Funeral Home, 978 Bedford Ave. A solemn mass of requiem will follow at 9:30 a.m. in St. Patrick's R,C, Church, Kent and Willoughby Aves. Burial will be in Holy Cross Cemetery.

Surviving are his widow, Mrs Rita McKinley Tracy: two daughters, Dorothy and Peggy; two sons, Jerome and John and a sister, Mrs. John Nolan Jr.




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