Tracey Firefighters of Liverpool, New York and San Francisco


1883-84 San Francisco municipal reports Fiscal Year

Engine Company No. 2

Members at Call...Thos. Tracey, gasfitter, badge no. 18, hoseman...

Engine Company No. 4

Members at Call...William Tracey, gasfitter, badge no. 42, hoseman...

Engine Company No. 10

Members at Call...C. Tracy, boilermaker, badge no. 117, hoseman...

Truck Company No. 1

Members at Call...J. Tracey, brushmaker, badge no. 174, truckman




John Tracy & Sarah O'connor/Connor [Best Match]

Thomas Tracy b. 6/8/1827 bapt 18/8/1827 Glasgow, St Andrew's

Edward Tracy b. 9/9/1829 bapt 21/9/1829 Glasgow, St Andrew's


Thomas Tracey married Catherine Barrett Jan-Feb-Mar 1850 Liverpool Lancashire England


Thomas Tracey & Catharine Smete

John Tracey b. 2 February 1851 bapt. 9 February 1851 St. Patricks, Liverpool, Lancashire, England (LDS)


1851 Census - 12 No 6 Court Bolton Street, Toxteth Park, Lancashire

Thomas Tracy, head, 23, b. Glasgow Scotland, fireman to Heanna

Catherine Tracy, wife, 22, b. Ireland

John Tracy, son, 2 months, b. Liverpool


1855 Census - 96 (brick house) E.D. 1, Ward 9, New York City, New York

Thomas Tracey            Head   Male    28        Scotland, Fireman, 2 year residents

Cathe Tracey   Wife    Female 26        Ireland, 2 year residents

John Tracey     Son      Male    4          England, 2 year residents

Sarah C Tracey            Daughter         Female 1          N York, 1 year resident

John Tracey     Father  Male    50        Ireland, shoemaker, widowed, 1 year resident

Andrew Barrett           Brother-in-law Male    21        Ireland Ship carpenter, 8/12 months resident


1860 Census - 424  9th District, San Francisco, California

Thomas Tracy  Male    30        Scotland, barkeeper

Catharine Tracy           Female 29        Scotland

John Tracy                   Male    9          England

Sarah Tracy                 Female 6          N. Y.

Thomas Tracy  Male    4          N. Y.

William Tracy  Male    2          N. Y.


29 March 1868  Daily Alta California

Fatal Accidents.— Richard Henneasy, a sailor belonging to the crew of the British brig Harlech Castle, fell overboard on Friday night and was drowned; his body was recovered at the foot of Folsom street yesterday morning. Thomas Tracey, formerly a steamship fireman, while riding on the Ocean House Road on Friday night, was thrown from his buggy and fatally injured, living only a few hours after being taken to his home in the city.


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo County, California

Thomas Tracy, buried 27 Mar 1868



1870 Census - 148 Boarding House, 1st Precint 7th Ward San Francisco, California

Catherine Tracy           Female 38        Ireland, keeping house

Sarah Tracy                 Female 16        New York

Thomas Tracy  Male    13        New York

William Tracy  Male    12        New York

Charles Tracy              Male    9          California

Joseph Tracy               Male    7          California


1880 Census - 56 Natoma Street, San Francisco, California

Catherine Tracy           Self      Female 50        Ireland, keeping house, widowed

Charles Tracy  Son      Male    20        California, United States, boiler maker

Joseph Tracy   Son      Male    18        California, United States, laber

David Kelley   Other   Male    20        Massachusetts, United States, sawyer


13 March 1897 San Francisco Call

Catherine Tracey to Charles J. Tracey, lot on E. line of sixteenth avenue, 284:7 N of Clement street, N 25, E 117:1.5 SW 36:10, W 96:5. Gift.


9 April 1897 San Francisco Call

Tracey - In this city, April 7, 1897. Catherine, relict of the late Thomas Tracey and beloved mother of William, Charles and Joseph Tracey, and the late Mrs. Sarah Byrnes and Thomas Tracey, a native of Ireland, aged 67 years.

Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral This Day (Friday), at 8:30 o'clock a. M., from the residence of her son, 153 Perry street. thence to St. Rose's Chinch. Brannan street where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul, commencing at 9 o'clock a.m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery


Voter Registration

18 Oct 1882, Charles James Tracey, 22, b. 1860 California, 65 Natoma San Francisco California

1896, Joseph Tracey, 32, b. California, 26 Natoma San Francisco California


John Tracey


7 Jan 1861 Daily Evening Bulletin (San Francisco)

Tracey, John

In San Francisco, Jan. 6, 1861, John Tracey, son of Thomas and Catherine Tracey, a native of Liverpool, aged 9 years, 11 months and 4 days. Funeral from his parents’ residence. First street, 4th house from Minna. New York and Liverpool papers please copy.



Thomas Tracey


1880 Census - 4 Rincon Court, San Francisco, California

Thomas Tracey            Self      Male    22        New York, United States, parents b. Ireland, labourer

Lousia Tracey  Wife    Female 23        California, United States, parents b. German, cigar maker

Thomas H Tracey        Son      Male    2          California, United States


2 December 1886  Daily Alta California

Firemen Injured.

At the fire on Fell street, on Tuesday night, Thomas Tracey, S. G. Drummond and H. S. Fisher, members of the Fire Department, ware badly bruised by a falling roof, the supports of which burned away. While on the way to the fire, Aosecart No. 1 and Truck No. 5 collided, and James Talbot, David Eagan and Louis Cornant were slightly injured.


5 September 1887 Daily Alta California

Rescued From the Flames.

A fire broke but at 8:30 last night in the two-story frame house at 826 Fulsom street, occupied as a residence by Mm Pollitt. Sergeant O'Connell and Officer Meehaod first saw the flames bursting out of the windows and breaking open the door, got into the house just in time to rescue Mrs. Pollitt's little seven-year-old boy, who was sound asleep in a hall bedroom, from being burned up. The boy was the only occupant of the house, Mrs. Pollitt being absent at church. After rescuing the child the officers turned in box 157 and the blaze was quickly put out by the Fire Department, with a damage to the house and furniture of $1,000. The origin of the fire was not ascertained. Thomas Tracey, of Two Engine, while passing in front of the horse attached to Hose Cart No. 6. was severely bitten on the right shoulder, and was sent to the Receiving Hospital to have his wound dressed.


12 December 1890 San Francisco Call

Tracey — In this city, December 10, 1890, Thomas beloved husband of Louise Tracey and son of Catherine and the late Thomas Tracey and brother of William, Charles and Joseph Tracey, a native of New York, aged 34 years, 3 months and 19 days. [New York and Liverpool papers please copy].

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow (Saturday), at 10:15 o'clock a. m. from his late residence, 26 Tehama street, between First and Second. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.


11 December 1890 Daily Alta California

Overpowered By Gas.

Death of Thomas Tracey, While in the Basement of a New House.

Thomas Tracey, assistant foreman of Engine No. 2, and in the employ of the San Francisco Gas Company, was asphyxiated last evening in the basement of a newly built house on the corner of Langton and Howard streets. The house is owned by Patrick Plover. A little after 4 o'clock Tracey went into the basement to connect the house gas-pipes with the street main, when the gas burst through, the packing between the joints. He was overcome, and must have died very soon, as the gas was pouring into his face when the body was found by Edward Lichtig of 1113 Howard street, about 5 o'clock. Tracey was thirty-four years of age, a native of New York, and lived with his family at 26 Tehama street.


11 December 1890 San Francisco Call

Asphyxiated By Gas.

Death of a Gas-Fitter While Adjusting Pipes in a Cellar.

While Charles Tracey, a gas-titter, was making a connection with the main pipe in the new building at the corner of Howard and Langton streets, he was overcome by gas. Mr. Lichtig, who keeps the saloon a the corner, found the man, gave the alarm and the police patrol wagon was summoned. The remains were conveyed to the morgue. The building in which the accident happened belongs to Patrick Pluvor. Deceased was 34 years of age and a native of New York. He was also Assistant Foreman of Engine No. 2.

Death was caused by asphyxia, according to the diagnosis of Police Surgeon Williams.


1891 Chief Engineer's Report of The San Francisco Fire Department

Deaths...Thomas Tracy, of Engine 2, died of asphyxiation...


23 November 1891 San Francisco Call

Tracey — In this city. November 21, 1891, Louisa, relict or the late Thomas Tracey. and only daughter of Mrs. William Burgess, and daughter-in-law of Mrs. Catherine Tracey, a native of San Francisco, aged 35 years.

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow (Tuesday), at 2 o'clock p. m.. from the parlors of the W. J. Mallady between Third and Fourth, opposite the Grand Opera House. Interment I. O. O. K. Cemetery.


William Tracey



will f.jpg

"The Exempt firemen of San Francisco; their unique and gallant record" (1900)





 1880 Census - 81 Natuna Street, San Francisco, San Francisco, California

Patrick Creighton        Self      Male    50        Ireland, contactor

Mary Creighton           Wife    Female 47        Ireland

John Creighton            Son      Male    26        Missouri, United States, book binder

Daniel Creighton         Son      Male    19        California, United States, blacksmith

Cathorine Creighton   Daughter         Female 17        California, United States

Nellie Creighton          Daughter         Female 15        California, United States

Margaret Creighton     Daughter         Female 12        California, United States

James Creighton          Son      Male    12        California, United States

Annie Creighton         Daughter         Female 9          California, United States

Charles Creighton       Son      Male    5          California, United States

William Tracey            Son-in-law       Male    22        California, United States, parents b. Ireland, Works In Gas House

Marian Tracey Daughter         Female 20        California, United States

Patrick Donlan            Other   Male    38        Ireland

Peter Mc Nabb            Other   Male    60        New York, United States

A M Mc Nabb Other   Male    19        Wisconsin, United States

Patrick Mc Donnald    Other   Male    50        Ireland

Patrick Hickey            Other   Male    55        Ireland

John Shemick  Other   Male    22        Massachusetts, United States

Margaret Shemick       Other   Female 23        Massachusetts, United States

John Shemick  Other   Male    4          California, United States


William Francis Tracey - Voter Registration

18 Oct 1882 - 81 Natoma, San Francisco, California, United States, 24, b. 1858 NY

12 Aug 1886 - 76 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 28, b. 1858 NY

1 Oct 1888 - 76 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 30, b. 1858 NY

29 Sep 1890 - 74 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 32, b. 1858 NY

21 Sep 1892 - 74 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 34, b. 1858 NY

1896 - 74 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 39, b. 1857 NY

12 Jul 1898 - 74 Clementina, San Francisco, California, United States, 40, b. 1858 NY


10 February 1889  Daily Alta California

The Fire Commissioners.

At the meeting of the Fire Commissioners yesterday afternoon William Tracey, a member of Engine Company No. 10, was acquitted of a charge of neglect of duty, in failing to respond to four alarms. Tracey employed a substitute to act in his stead, and the substitute failed to do his duty. The Commissioners decided to take a new style hose carriage on trial lor three months, and if it proves satisfactory they will recommend its purchase by the Supervisors.


1890 Langley's San Francisco directory

Tracey William F., gasfitter, r. 76 Clementina


30 September 1895 San Francisco Call

A very nice party was given Thursday to Miss Nellie Tracey by her mother, Mrs. William F. Tracey, and her sister, Miss Kitty D. Tracey, at their residence 71 Clementina street. The guests arrived about 4 p. m. Following were the little hostess guests: Master William Richards, Miss Vivian Ryan, Master Dick Hoist, Miss Agnes Tracey, Master Robbie Carrick, Miss Sadie Tracey, Master Frank Tracey, Miss Nellie Tracey, Miss Grace Richards, Miss Irene Notung, Miss Marion Brown, Misa Lizzie Brown, Miss Irene Johnson, Miss Lizzie and Alice Collins, Miss Alice Tracey, Miss Jessie Christie, Miss Hazel Tracey, Miss Lizzie Wilson, Miss Pearl Kelsey, Miss Margaret and Katie Holst, Misa Ella Smith, Miss Kitty Tracey. In the evening the children's elders dined with Mr. and Mrs. William F. Tracey.


1895 Langley's San Francisco directory

Tracey William F., fireman, r. 74 Clementina

Tracy Patrick, bartender, r. 714 Clementina


1897 Truck Company No. 1 - 22 O'Farrell Street

W.F. Tracey Truckman


28 December 1899 San Francisco Call

Tracey - In this city, December 27, 1899, Alicia C., beloved daughter of William F. and M. A. Tracey, sister of Kathlyn F., Nellie G., Frank R., Sadie R. and Agnes M. Tracey, and granddaughter of P. C. and M. A. Creighton, a native of San Francisco, aged 12 years 1 month and 22 days.


29 December 1899 Los Angeles Herald

Poisoned Ointment

San Francisco, Dec. 28.—The death of Alice Tracy, a 12-year-old.girl, which occurred In this city today, Is attributed to the use of rat poison as an ointment. The circumstances are peculiar and an inquest will be held.


28 December 1899 San Francisco Call

Child's Peculiar Death.

A Mother Applies "Rough on Bats" With Fatal Besults.

Alice Tracy, aged 12 years, residing with her parents at 74 Clementina street, died under peculiar circumstances yesterday afternoon and her death was reported to tho Coroner for Investigation. Dr Newton of 719 Post street, who had been in the case a few days ago, Stated that the child died of arsenical poisoning.

About a month ago the girl's mother applied a mixture of Rough on Rats and vaseline on the child's head to exterminate parasites, and has used the mixture at Intervals since. The health of the girl gradually failed, until at last she was compelled to take to her bed. Dr. Newton was called in, but too late to save the child, as her system had absorbed so much of the poison that death was inevitable.

The Coroner will hold an inquest but as the body was partly embalmed by an undertaker before the Morgue was notified no autopsy will be made.


Burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Colma, San Mateo County, California, USA

Alicia Tracey (1887 - 27 Dec 1899)


1900 Crocker-Langley San Francisco directory

Tracey William F., truckman Truck 1, r. 74 Clementina


1900 Census - 74 Clementina Street, Precinct 5 San Francisco city Ward 28, San Francisco, California

Mary Tracey    Head   Female 41        California parents b. Ireland, 20 years married, 7 children 5 alive,

Ellen G Tracey            Daughter         Female 17        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, cigarette maker

Frank R Tracey           Son      Male    15        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, tinsmith

Sadie R Tracey            Daughter         Female 11        father b. NY, mother b. California,California

Mary A Tracey            Daughter         Female 9          father b. NY, mother b. California, California


1907-8 San Francisco Municipal Reports

William F. Tracey, Hoseman Engine Co. No. 37, who has been a member of the Fire Department for more than twenty-nine years. Pensioned December 26 1907. Effective January 1 1908.

William F. Tracey, Hoseman Engine Co. No. 37, retired February 28, 1908.


July 04, 1909 The San Francisco call

Guests registered at El Verano Villa are: ...Mrs. W. T. Tracey. Miss Sadie Tracey, Miss Agnea Tracey. Miss Amelds Tracey...


William F Tracey died 9 Dec 1909 San Francisco California, 52 years, b. 1857


10 & 13 December 1909  San Francisco Call

Tracey — In this city. - William F. Tracey dearly beloved husband of Mary A. and devoted father of Kathleen F., Frank C., Sadie M., Agnes M., Imelda P. Tracey. Mrs. J. W. Edwards and the late Alice Tracey, and brother of Charles J. Tracey, a native of New York, aged 51 years 9 months and 8 days.

Remains at his late residence. 2840 Folsom street. Notice of funeral hereafter.

Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral today (Monday) morning at 9:15 o'clock, from his late residence. 2840 Folsom street near Twenty-fourth, thence to St. Peter's church, where a requiem high mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, commencing at 9:45 a. m. Interment Holy Cross cemetery, by electric funeral car from Twenty-eighth and Valencia streets.


Mary Tracy died 4 Jan 1910 San Francisco California, 50 years, b. 1860


1910 Census -             852 Guerrero Street, San Francisco Assembly District 35, San Francisco, California

Kathlyn F Tracey        Head   Male    28        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, actress theatre

Frank C Tracey           Brother            Male    25        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, policeman railroad

Saide M Tracey           Sister   Female 20        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, shipping clerk

Agnes M Tracey          Sister   Female 18        California, father b. NY, mother b. California, stenographer? public

Imelda S Tracey          Sister   Female 9          California, father b. NY, mother b. California, none

Grover Tracey Cousin Male    17        California, parents b. California, parents born California, clerk office

Joseph Hanson            Roomer           Male    45        California father. b. Nov Norwegan, mother b. Maryland, clerk postal



Mary Agnes Tracey, 21, b. 1892 (d. of William Francis Tracey & Mary Agnes Creighton) married Frank Fredrick Fleming, 31, b. 1882 (s. of Charles Fleming & Mary Clary) 10 Sep 1913 San Francisco California



Charles Tracey


Charles Tracey & Anne Loretta

Isabella Lackey d. 1908

Clara Tracey died 1883



25 September 1886 Daily Alta California

Tracey— Brown - In this city, September 23, Charles Tracey and Kitty Brown 


14 January 1889 Daily Alta California

Born...Tracey — In this city, December 18, to the wife of Charles J. Tracey, a son.


16 August 1896 San Francisco Call

Born...Tracey - In this city, August 3, 1896, to the wife of Charles J. Tracey, a son.


1900 Census - 151 Perry St, Precinct 16 San Francisco city Ward 29, San Francisco, California

Chas Tracy      Head   Male    39        b. July 1860 California, parents born Ireland, special police

Catherine Tracy           Wife    Female 31        b. July1868 California, married 14 years, 4 children 4 alive

Isabel Tracy     Daughter         Female 18        b. Nov 1881 California

Mervyn Tracy  Son      Male    12        b. June 1887 California

Chas Tracy      Son      Male    11        b. Dec 1888 California

Lloyd Tracy    Son      Male    7          b. Sept 1892 California


1910 Census - 900 Risitadore Ave, San Francisco Assembly District 33, San Francisco, California

Charles J Tracey          Head   Male    49        California, parents born Ireland, boiler maker Has plant

Kate Tracey     Wife    Female 41        California, 23 years married 0 children 0 alive

Charles J Tracey Jr.     Son      Male    21        California,  fireman power house

Lloyd J Tracey            Son      Male    17        California, apprentice maclast Iron works

Harold T Tracey          Son      Male    13        California


Lloyd J [James] Tracey died 30 Jun 1954 Sonoma, California, United States, born 25 Sep 1892 California (s. of Tracey and Brown)


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, San Mateo County, California

Charles J. Tracey 1860-1919

Catherine M Tracey 1868-1927



Joseph Tracey


25 January 1898 San Francisco Call

Tracey— In this city, January 23. 1898. Mamie, beloved wife of Joseph Tracey, and mother of Hazel, Leslie, Myrtle and Grover Tracey, a native of San Francisco.

The funeral will take place this day (Tuesday), at 2 o'clock, from her late residence, 10 Clementina street.


16 July 1899 San Francisco Call,

Tracey — In this city, July 15, 1899, Joseph, son of the late Thomas and Catherine Tracey. brother of the late Mrs. Sarah Byrnes and Thomas, William F. and Charles J. Tracey, husband of the late Mary Tracey, and father of Hazel, Leslie, Grover and Myrtle Tracey, a native of San Francisco, aged 36 years and 11 months.


[Note: there are two families with a Grover Tracey and Leslie Tracey]


1900 Census - Mount St. Mary's Academy Grass Valley city, Nevada, California

Leslie Tracy, 12, b. Apr 1888 California, parents b. California


1910 Census - 23 Pitch, San Francisco Assembly District 29, San Francisco, California

Thomas Amendola      Head   Male    25        Italy, emigrated 1888, naturalised, barber shop

Hazel Amendola         Wife    Female 23        California, parents born california, married 1 year

Virginia Amendola     Daughter         Female 6          Italy

Myrtle Tracy   Sister-in-law    Female 18        California, parents born california,

Leslie Tracy     Brother-in-law Male    23        California, parents born california, salesman

Frautzee          Lodger            Female 55        New York


1917-1918 Draft Registration

Grover Cleveland Tracey, 24 years, lives 310 Vicksburg San Francisco, born November 16 1892, locomotive firman Southern Pacific Railroad, married, tall. slender, blue eyes, brown hair


1942 Draft Registration

Grover Cleveland Tracey, lives 681 9 Ave San Francisco SF Calif, telephone Evergreen No 15, 48 years, b. 11.16.93 San Francisco, wife Mrs Mae J Tracey, employer Post Office Dept Rincon Annex 114 Spear St [signed]


Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery Colma, San Mateo County, California

Grover Cleveland Tracey (16 Nov 1892 California - 4 Dec 1962 San Francisco County, California)

Mae Josephine O'Neill Tracey (Sep 1894 San Francisco - 27 Dec 1975 Novato, Marin County, California)



Grover C [Cleveland] Tracey died 4 Dec 1962 San Francisco, California, born 16 Nov 1893 California, Mother: Riley






14 Engine

(2) J. Tracey (4) W. Buller (6) W. Fields (8) W. Butler (10) M. Foley

(1) Sam Rainey (3) J.J. Murry (5) W.J. Kenealey, Capt. (7) Geo Bury (9) F. Goette.








20 August 1893 San Francisco Call

Changes in the Fire Department.

The Board of Fire Commissioners met yesterday afternoon when the resignation of J. W. Tracey. hoseman of Engine Company 14, against whom charges were pending, was accepted. Horatio Cleveland wm appointed hoseman of engine 14 and Joseph Pendergast engineer of engine 2. A communication was read from District Engineer Walsh asking to be transferred from his preseut position to an easier one, as his eyesight had been greatly Injured by the explosion of benzine at the Thomas Dye Works fire. The matter was referred to Chief Sullivan. James Mason, engineer of company 18, who failed to report for duty after a leave of absence granted by the District Engineer for forty-eight hours was ordered to be reprimanded by the chief engineer aDd reinstated on September 1.





1919 Journal of the Senate and Assembly California


Central Savings Bank of Oakland

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding ten years

Miss L. Tracy, 185 Telegraph av, $28.86

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding twenty years

Miss L. Tracy, 185 Telegraph av, 5-1-1891, $10.03, interest $19.97, total $30.00


The Hibernia Savings and Loan Society, San Francisco

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding ten years

Thomas Tracy, 32 Golden Gate av, S.F., $11.85

Patrick Tracy, Central House, 3d st S.F, $1.32

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding twenty years

John Tracy or Julia Tracy, 5.5 Sherwood place S.F. May 28 1883, $8.12, interest $11.32, total $19.44

Michael Tracy, 714 Brannan st., S.F. Sept 4 1884, $3.82, interest $6.94, total $10.76


Savings Union Bank and Trust Company San Francisco

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding ten years

Mrs Lavenia Tracy, 1718 Pine st S.F, $3.69

Deposits unclaimed during the preceding twenty years

Mrs Lavenia S Tracy, 1718 Pine st San Francisco, Oct 1890, $1.84, interest $1.85, total $3.69



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