Tracey Brothers of Waterford, Stretford Lancashire and Columbia




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1923 Medellín, República de Colombia



1929 Trilladora Central

Tracey Brothers token


Medellín en 1932



The firm of Tracey Brothers was founded in Medeilin in the year of 1903 by Mr. Arthur, Frank and Sidney Tracey. It had offices in Manchester (Casa Matriz) and London (Londres), in England and Barranquilla, Bogota and Medellin in Columbia. In 1907 and 1910, the company was re-launched as Tracey Brothers Limited. The new company also absorbed the business of the third brother, Sydney Tracey, in Manchester. Frank Tracey was to stay on in Colombia for three years as manager. Arthur Tracey was to remain available for one year.  Later, in 1916, the Traceys associated with the powerful house Balfour, Williamson & co. of London.


The company had extensive business interests and was involved with imports of English and American merchandise, exports of Columbian products and distribution of national products such as salt, fabrics from the country's factories. They were agents of Lloyds, Board of Underwriters of New York, Imperial Chemical Industries Lid, Fire Insurances and several other important companies. In development of its activities, Tracey Brothers Ltd are the largest importer of cotton fabrics in the country, and it is one of the most important coffee exporter companies in the United States and Europe.


In 1929, Tracey Brothers Ltd. bought Trilladora Central, a Medellín coffee bean thresher facility. The labor control tokens were struck by the Medellín Mint in copper and in brass, both with reeded edge.


In 1940 the name of the company was changed from Tracey Brother Limited to Tracey & Co S.A.


Early in 1943, J. C. Blagden closed his wartime quarters at Spratton, near Northampton, and moved to 7 Gracechurch Street London, the location of Tracey Brothers Limited. In September 1945 Blagdens took the first step towards capital association with Balfour, Williamson by purchasing Tracey Brothers Ltd., who now operated as merchant converters, buying loom state cloth from the mills and bleaching, dyeing or printing and processing it to their own or customers' requirements — or buying products outside their own range in the finished state from other houses. The new combination became Tracey, Blagden Ltd








Medellín en 1932


Tracey Brothers Ltd


Esta firma es una sociedad anónima domiciliada en Londres, con sucurales en Manchester, Medellín, Barranguilla, Bogotá y Call, y agendas en otras ciudades y poblaciones importantes de la Repiblica. La casa antecesora de Thacey Brothers fue fundada en Medeilin en el ato de 1903 par los señores Arthur, Frank y Sidney Tracey, quienes iniciaron y desarrollaran sus negocios con mucho éxito y corrección absoluta, que acredité su firma haciéndoia merecedora de Ia confianza y la estiniaclén del comercio y de los panicuiares de esta ciudad. Más tarde, en el aio de 1916, los señores Tracey se asociaron con la poderosa casa Balfour, Williamson & co. de Londres para formar la actual Sociedad anónirna, figurando cairo afiliada de la citada casa que tiene ramificaciones, sucursales y agencias en toda América y otras partes del mundo.


Los negocios de esta Compañia se extienden en gran escala a la exportaciôn de frutos del pals y a la importación de mercancias ingiesas y norteamericanas. Son también distribuidores de productos nacionales como sal, telas de las fábricas del pals, etc; y son agentes de Lloyds, Board of Underwriters of New York, Imperial Chemical Industries Lid, Aseguros contra Incendio y varias otras companias importantes.


En desarroilo de sus actividades la casa Tracey Brothers Ltd aparece coma la más grande importadora de telas de algodón en el pals, y coma una de las más importantes compañias exportadoras de café a Estados Unidos y Europa.


Esta casa se ha distinguido siempre pot la corrección y cumplimiento absoluto de todos sus compromios, y hoy con motivo de la Feria Exposiciôn la regstramos compiacidos coma una de las principales casas que funcionan en la ciudad.


Actualmente es gerente principal de la compañia el señor Edgar J. Sharman, a quien agradecemos los datos que nos ha suministrado para esta reseña,




Tracey Brothers Ltd


This limited liability company located in London, with offices in Manchester, Medellín, Barranguilla, Bogotá and Call, with agencies in other cities and important towns of the Republic. The predecessor firm of Tracey Brothers was founded in Medeilin in the year of 1903 by Mr. Arthur, Frank and Sidney Tracey, who started and developed their business with great success and absolute correctness, which accredited their signature making it worthy of trust and trust of commerce and the panicuiar of this city. Later, in 1916, the Traceys associated with the powerful house Balfour, Williamson & co. of London to form the current anonymous company, with an affiliated cairo of the aforementioned house that has ramifications, branches and agencies throughout the Americas and other parts of the world.

The businesses of this Company extend on a large scale to the export of the fruits of the country and the importation of English and American merchandise. They are also distributors of national products such as salt, fabrics from the country's factories, etc; and they are agents of Lloyds, Board of Underwriters of New York, Imperial Chemical Industries Lid, Fire Insurances and several other important companies.

In development of its activities, Tracey Brothers Ltd are the largest importer of cotton fabrics in the country, and it is one of the most important coffee exporter companies in the United States and Europe.

This house has always been distinguished by the correction and absolute fulfilment of all its commitments, and today, on the occasion of the Exhibition Fair, we register it as one of the main houses that operate in the city.

Mr. Edgar J. Sharman is currently the company's main manager, to whom we thank for the information he has provided for this review,





Wallis Hunt (1960) Heirs of Great Adventure: 1901-1951. Balfour, Williamson.

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TRACEY BROS. LTD.— Shippers. Bridgewater House. Whiteworth Street, Manchester 1 and 7 Gracechurch street London


April 15, 1910 The London Gazette

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting: between us the undersigned, Sidney Tracey, Arthur Tracey, and Frank Tracey, carrying on business as Merchants, at 2, Booth-street, in the city of Manchester (but formerly at 89, Mosley-street, in the city of Manchester), and at Medellin, in the Republic of Colombia, South America, under the style or firm of TRACEY BROTHERS, has been dissolved by mutual consent as and from the 30th day of September, 1907, so far as regards the said Sidney Tracey. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Arthur Tracey and Frank Tracey, who will continue to carry on the said business under the same style or firm at 2, Booth-street, in the city of Manchester, and at Medellin, in the Republic of Colombia, South America.—Dated the eleventh day of April, 1910.

Sidney Tracey.

Arthur Tracey.

Frank Tracey

(By Sidney Tracey his Attorney).





1851 Census - George Street, Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire

George Tracy, 43 or 45  1806/1808 …, Ireland Broker

Margaret Tracy, 46 or 40  1811 …, Ireland

Michael Tracy, 15 1836 …, Ireland

Mary Ann Tracy, 11 1840 …, Ireland

Catherine Tracy     Daughter                Female    7             Manchester, Lancashire

George W Tracy    Son         Male       4             Manchester, Lancashire

Margaret Tracy      Daughter                Female    2             Manchester, Lancashire


George William Tracey of Hulme, buried April 13th 1851, 4 years 3 months, All Saints Chorlton upon Medlock Lancashire

Margaret Tracey of Hulme, buried 16 April 1851, 2 years 6 Months, All Saints Chorlton upon Medlock Lancashire

Catherine Caroline Tracey of Hulme, buried 22 Jun 1851, 6 years 8 Months, All Saints Chorlton upon Medlock Lancashire


1861 - 59 Booth St, Hulme St John Manchester Lancashire

Geo Tracey, Head, 50, b. 1811 Waterford Ireland, collector of debts

Mary Tracey, Wife, 51, b. 1810 Coonagh [Limerick?] Ireland,

Mary Hills, Servant, Female, 11, Manchester


Michael Tracey married Emma Brougham 8 Nov 1865 Cathedral, Manchester, England

Michael Tracy/Tracey, clerk/warehouseman, & Emma

Frederick Tracey b. 25 Nov 1866 of 25 Casnlerooh Street. Event Place:        Holy Trinity, Hulme, Lancashire, England

Arthur Tracey b. 13 Jun 1868 St Matthew, Stretford, Lancashire, England

Sidney Tracy b. 3 Apr 1870 St Matthew, Stretford, Lancashire, England

Frank Tracey b. 26 Nov 1871 St Matthew, Stretford, Lancashire, England


               Emma Brougham (1833-1879)


1871 Census - Stretford, Lancashire, England

Michael Tracey      Head       Male       35           Manchester, Lancashire, Spanish Corresponent

Emma Tracey         Wife       Female    37           Manchester, Lancashire

Frederick Tracey    Son         Male       4             Fretynd, Lancashire

Arthur Tracey        Son         Male       2             Fretynd, Lancashire

Sidney Tracey        Son         Male       1             Fretynd, Lancashire

Margaret Jones      Servant   Female    23           Llangothlan, Denbighshire

Amelia J Rogers    Servant   Female    12           Davyhulme, Lancashire


Mary Ann Tracey married John Thornton 22 Sep 1860 Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire


1881 Census - Stockport, Cheadle, Cheshire, England

Arthur Tracey, boarder, scholar, 13, b. Stretford, Lancashire


1881 Census - Sibson Road, Sale, Cheshire, England

John Thornton       Head       Male       48           Manchester, Lancashire, England, Cotton Salesman (Dealer)

Mary Ann Thornton              Wife       Female    41           Ireland

Mary E Thornton   Daughter                Female    19           Manchester, Lancashire, England

George W Thornton              Son         Male       18           Manchester, Lancashire, England, clerk

Alfred Thornton    Son         Male       13           Sale, Cheshire, England

John Thornton       Son         Male       11           Sale, Cheshire, England

Mable Thornton     Daughter                Female    6             Sale, Cheshire, England

Ethel Thornton      Daughter                Female    5             Sale, Cheshire, England

Herbert Thornton   Son         Male       3             Sale, Cheshire, England

Amy Thornton       Daughter                Female    2             Sale, Cheshire, England

Sidney Tracey        Nep [nephew?]      Male       11           Stretford, Lancashire, England

Frank Tracey          Nep         Male       9             Stretford, Lancashire, England

Margaret Baker      Servant   Female    19           Wales


John Thornton, 49, b. 1870 England (s. of John & Mary Tracy) married Amanda A. Stevens Bury, 41, b. 1878 Canada (d. of Ambrose Steve... & Harriet Hendricks) 30 Dec 1919 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan


1891 Census - Hyde Grove, St Stephens, Chorlton Upon Medlock, Lancashire

William Wood       Head       Male       39           Lancashire, England, Clerk In Shipping Warehouse

Elizabeth Wood     Sister      Female    41           Lancashire, England

Mary Procter          Sister      Female    57           Lancashire, England

Mary Procter          Niece      Female    15           Lancashire, England

Sidney Tracey        Lodger    Male       21           Lancashire, England, Cashier In Cotton Manufacturing Mill

Frank Tracey          Lodger    Male       19           Lancashire, England, Clerk In Warehouse


Sidney Tracey, 32, Traveller, Bachelor, of 241 Upper Brook Str. C on M (s. Michael Tracey, deceased, Traveller) married Mary Annie Smith, 23, Spinster, of 161 Plymouth Grove C on M (d. of John Smith, Estate Agent) Wit: John W. Hargreaves, Edith M. Smith & Ann Smith on the 6 Nov 1901 St Chrysostom, Rusholme, Lancashire, England


1911 Census - Ashton Upon Mersey, Ashton- Upon- Mersey, Cheshire

Sidney Tracey        Head       Male       41           Stretford, Lancashire, SHIPPER'S MANAGER

May Annie Tracey Wife       Female    33           Eccles, Lancashire

Norah Tracey         Daughter                Female    8             Republic Of Colombia

Molly Tracey         Daughter                Female    5             Southport, Lancashire

Denis Broughman Tracey     Son         Male       3             Ashton On Mersey, Cheshire

May Annie Smith  Visitor    Female    53           Manchester, Lancashire

Edith Constance Sayeant     Servant   Female    23           Bridgenorth, Shropshire

Mary Farmer          Servant   Female    21           Crewe, Cheshire

Martha Nellie Millington      Servant   Female    23           Market Drayton, Shropshire


Ellis Island

Arthur Tracey, Manchester England, 1904, 35 years

Arthur Tracey, Medellin Colombia, 1909, 41 years (Ecuador Grayaquil)

Arthur Tracey, Bristol England, 1915, 47 years (b. Stratford Lonas?, going to Own residence Baranquilla Columba)

Arthur Tracey, Barranquilla Colombia, 1916, 48 years (b. Stratford England, in transit to London)

Arthur Tracey, London England, 1918, 50 years (b. Stretford England, Trouy Bros Ltd., Barranquilla, Rep of Colombia, in transit)


Frank Tracey, Bogota Columbia, 1913, 47 [42] years, b. Strattford England, 1903 New York, to friend Meisn? Balfour, Williams and Co. New York,

Francis Tracey, Barranquilla Colombia, 1916, 45 years, b. London England, 1913 NY, Brother: Mr. A Tracey, Barranquilla Columbia.

Isabella Tracey, Bogota Colombia, 1916, 34 years, , husband Mr Frank Tracey, Bogota Colombia, b. Wimborne England

Frank Tracey, Bogota Colombia, 1916, 45 years, b. Stortford? England, Home: Villa Blanco, Columbia St, Chapinero, Bogota, New York 1916, Friend: The Rev Chancellor

Isabel Audrey Tracey, Bogota Colombia, 1916, 34 years, b. Privett England


George Tracey, Mejillones Chile, 1919, 36 years


Isabel Audrey Tracey buried 24 May 1967 Hinton-Parva, Dorset, age 86, b. 1881


Sidney Tracey, 1896, 26 years, traveller, England,

Sidney Tracey, Medellin Colombia?, 1904, 35 years, married, merchant, English, lived New York 1902, to West Minster Hotel? New York, to Manchester

May Annie Tracey, Medellin Colombia?, 1904, 26 years, married, lady, English, lived New York 1902, to West Minster Hotel? New York, to Manchester

Norah Tracey, Medellin Colombia?, 1904, 1 years

Sidney Tracey, Sale England, 1906, 36 years, Commercial traveller, New York 1904, in transit to Medellin Columbia c/o Tracey Bros

Sidney Tracey, Sale England, 1917, 47 years, merchant, 5’10”, fresh complexion, brn hair, grey eyes, tattoo on left hand, wife: May Tracey, Brookfield, Harboro Rd, Sale. New York 1907, in transit to Barranquilla Columbia, b. Stretford Lancs England

Sidney Tracey, Barranquilla Colombia, 1918, 48 years, married, merchant, 5’9.5”, dark complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, English, Tracy Bros Ltd Barranquilla Columbia, to Manchester England. 1917 NY. Friend Balfour Williams, Exchange Place NYC. b. Stratford Lancashire England.

Sidney Tracey, Barranquilla Colombia, 1919, 49 years, married, merchant, English, 5’10”, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, tattoo on left hand. b. Stretford England. Wife May Tracey, Harboro Rd Sale Chesire. To Republic of Colombia.


National Archives


Tracey Bros., Manchester, 1909, Cadbury/180/927

Cadbury/180/1-962 General correspondence, mainly relating to Portuguese West Africa and the Trial. Many, but not all, these letters, are to be found in the bound volumes, Cadbury 4-7. Mostly by or to W.A. Cadbury.


BT 365/12 - First World War claim settlements

Steamer: Orubian. Nature of goods: Manchester Goods. Value: £425. Payment to: Tracey Bros Limited. Assured: Tracey Bros Limited. Date of Settlement: 01/10/1917


Records of Balfour Williamson & Company Ltd

...Tracey Bros. Ltd...



1863 Slater's Directory of Manchester and Salford

James Tracey, cooper, Stockport road

James Tracy, joiner, 21 Walker st. Lloyd st

John Tracy, labourer, 88 Loom st. Poland St

Martin Tracy, tailor, 25 Mason St. Swan st

Mary Tracy, seamstress, 4 Pump st. Oldham road

Patrick Tracy, shopkeeper, 56 Mason st. Swan st

Patrick Tracy, tailor, 50 Fernie st. Red bank

Rev. John Tracy, 38 Granby row

Thomas Tracey, carder, 20 Spencer st. Beswick st

Thomas Tracy, fowl dealer, 44 Carter St Strangeways

Thomas Tracy, packer, 7 South Pump st Salford

Tracy & Co. printers, engravers & manufacturers of the translucent show cards, 55 to 63 Temple st. Chorlton on Medlock-See advertisement

Wm. Saml Tracy, printer (Tracy & Co.), 27 Dover St. Oxford rd


1879 Slater's Directory of Manchester & Salford

Elizabeth Tracy, dressmaker, 9 Molynenx st. Stockport rd

James Tracey, boot and shoemaker, 15 Jones st. Bloom st. Salford

Margaret Tracey, dressmaker, ll6 Higher Chatham st. C on M

Mary Tracey, dressmaker, 159 Church st. Ellor st. Pendleton

Michael Tracey, clerk, 10 Wynford st. Thurlow st. Salford

Thomas Tracey, tailor, 9 Carter st. Corporation st

Thomas Tracy, packer, 22 Brownbill st. Salford

Thomas Tracy, poulterer, &c. 200 to 204 Bury New rd. H B

Tracy & Co. manufacturers, North st. Thomas st. Ardwick

W. Burnett Tracey, secretary, Mechanics Institution, 103 Princess St


1883 Slater's Directory of Manchester & Salford

Edward Tracey, fishmonger. 202 Bury New rd. Higher Bronghton

Elizabeth Tracy, dressmaker, 9 Molyneux st. C on M

Lord James Tracy, engineer, Grass Field, Yew st. Lr. Bronghton rd

Margaret Tracey, dressmaker, 116? Higher Chatham st. C on M

Mary Tracey, dressmaker, 159 Church st. Ellor st, Pendleton

Thomas Tracey, greengrocer, 204 Bury New rd

Tracy & Co, lace & fancy box manufacturers, North st. Thomas at. Ardwick-Pay day, 10th of each month

Tracy & Norbury, mauufucturers in ivory, &c. 26 Fountain st; works, 9 Russell st. C on M

William B Tracy, lace manufacturer (Tracy & Co.), 23 Longford road, Victoria park

William S.Tracy, lace manufacturer (Tracy & Co.), 47 Ardwick green north


1895 Slater's Manchester & Salford Directory

Ann Tracy, Mrs., householder, 14 Maskell st. C on M

Catherine Tracey, Mrs., dining rooms, 10 Brown St res. 32 Devonshire st. H B

Dennis Tracey, salesman, 86 Sudell st. Rochdale rd

Edward Tracey, fishmonger, 175 Bury New rd - T N S 127 Nat

John Tracey, shopkeeper, 1 Percy st. Ruth st. S

Lord James Tracy, draughtsman, 17 Grecian st. L B

Michael Lawrence Tracy, relieving officer, 22 Edmnnd St Seedley

Miss Tracey, householder, SI Weymouth st. C on M

Richard Tracey, baker, so Manchester st. S

Thomas Tracey, baker, 15 Tudor st. Rochdale rd

Thomas Treacy, watchman, 14 Providence st. Livesey st

William S. Tracy, householder, 78 Rusholme grove, R

William Tracey, leather bag maker, 17 West George st, Windsor 8


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