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Surname Researchers


Of Brooklyn

From Co. Tipperary

Kimberly Treacy


Army Birth Registration

Frances E. Treacey, Felhard, 1867, 89th, Vol 1338 page 11

Francis E. Treacy, Fethard, 1867, 89th, Vol 1339 page 22

John Treacey, Fethard, 1869, 87th, Vol 799 page 2

John Treacey, Fethard, 1869, 89th, Vol 1338 page 11

John Treacy, Fethard, 1869, 89th, Vol 1339 page 28

John Tracey, Clonmel, 1852, 39th, Vol 1091 page 8

John Tracey, Clonmel, 1852, 75th, Vol 1091 page 8

Michael F. Tracey, Tipperary, 1904, A.H. & M. Cps., Vol 621 page 157


Victoria Australia Marriages

1866, 02656, , Treacy, Catherine, Crockett, Samuel, Tipperary,

1866, 03958, , Tracey, Ellen, Gibson, Joseph, Tipperary,

1868, 00452, , Tracy, Margaret, Rapacioli, Francisco, Tipperary,

1868, 01593, , Tracy, Margaret, Fogarty, Patrick, Tipperary,

1868, 01685, , Tracey, William, Owens, Joanna, Tipperary,

1868, 01772, , Treacy, Mary, Walsh, Michael, Tipperary,

1869, 00546, , Treacy, Eliza, Meagher, James, Tipperary,

1870, 04058, , Treacy, Eliza, Cumings, Denis, Tipperary,

1871, 01733, M, Tracey, Thomas, Waddle, Elizabeth, Tipperary,

1872, 01718, F, Tracy, Ellen, Shanahan, Michael, Tipperary,

1874, 00447, M, Tracy, Daniel, Cahill, Bridget, Tipperary,

1874, 04505, F, Treacy, Margaret, Oloughlin, Patrick, Tipperary,

1875, 01845, M, Treacy, James, Cantwell, Honora, Tipperary,

1875, 04293, M, Treacy, William, Wixted, Annie, Tipperary,

1878, 03296, M, Treacy, Edmond, Mcquillane, Rose, Tipperary,

1891, 08587, F, Tracey, Johanna, Rowell, William, Tipperary,

1893, 04317, M, Tracey, John, Schmitt, Emma, Tipperary,


Ann Tracy Howe

Birth:      Dec. 24, 1832

Death:     Jan. 15, 1890

Obituary- Sun Prairie Countryman- Thursday, January 16, 1890

Mrs. Thomas Howe died at her home in Bristol yesterday morning. She had been a paralytic invalid for the past seventeen years and almost entirely helpless, being deprived of the use of one side and also of the power of speech. She arose, assisted by members of the family, in apparently her usual health, but was suddenly stricken and died shortly after, due, doubtless, from the communication of the disease to some vital organ. Deceased was 57 years of age. Funeral services will be conducted from the Sacred Hearts church in this village on Saturday at 10 o'clock

Obituary- Sun Prairie Countryman- Thursday, January 23, 1890

Mrs. Thos. Howe, the announcement of whose death appeared in this paper last week, was born December 24, 1832, in county Tipperary, Ireland, died January 15th, 1890. She removed to this country in early life and settled at Salina, N.Y., where she was married to Mr. Howe April 25, 1852, and from which place they immigrated to Wisconsin in 1854, locating in Bristol where she had since resided. Although for the past seventeen years almost entirely helpless from an attack of paralysis previous to that time hers had been a useful life.


  Margaret Howe Lyons (1853 - 1933)*

  Anna Howe Cass (1855 - 1911)*

  Mary H Howe Gill (1856 - 1942)*

  Michael Howe (1856 - 1907)*

  Elizabeth Howe Davies (1858 - 1927)*

  Catherine G Howe (1861 - 1919)*

  Thomas Charles Howe (1862 - 1928)*

  James Harry Howe (1867 - 1919)*

Spouse:   Thomas Howe (1820 - 1908)

Burial: Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Cemetery, Sun Prairie, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Created by: Jean Howe Gladem Record added: Nov 12, 2008 Find A Grave Memorial# 31335623


January 15, 1891 The Sun, (NY, NY)

Ryan-Tracy. On Wednesday Jan 14 by the Rev. Father McKernon, at St. Francis Xavier's Church, Timothy Ryan to Bridget R. Tracy, both of Tipperary Ireland. No cards.


Bridget Tracy b. abt 1810 Diocese Cahel & Emly m. Edmond Cormack 1831 Diocese Cahel & Emly (LDS)


Bryan Tracey & Anne Kennedy

Bridget b. 24 June 1873 (LDS)


Catherine Tracey m. John Neal abt 1848 or 1850 (LDS)


Christopher Tracey (b. Tiperary) m. Margert Curley (b. Ireland)


1. Matthew Tracey

2. Rachel Tracey

3. Mary Ellen Tracey

4. Has ChildrenLawrence Tracey b: AUG 1867


Daniel Tracy b. 4 March 1805 (LDS)


Daniel Tracy of Tipperary Tom Cooney

1. Daniel Tracy (b.1805/7 d. April 6, 1885) married Hannah Mary Kennedy (b. 1815 d. 1890) in 1832. Buried Cherry Mound Cemetery, in Iowa.

1.1  John b. 21 May 1833 d. 10 September 1898 Morton Franklin Minnesota m. Ann Baird 18 December 1861 (LDS)

William James TRACY  birth:  1862 death:  19 October 1929

Hannah Mary TRACY  birth:  4 August 1864 death:  3 September 1926

Jon Timothy TRACY  birth:  1 November 1866  death:  28 June 1946

Edward TRACY  birth:  1868  death:  December 1937

Catherine TRACY  birth:  1870 death:  1888

Daniel Joseph TRACY  birth:  12 January 1872 death:  5 November 1918

Francis Patrick TRACY  birth:  May 1875 death:  24 April 1943

Anna Teresa TRACY  birth:  21 May 1876 death:  25 April 1943

Alice Jane TRACY  birth:  16 June 1878 death:  5 July 1941

Kieran Baird TRACY birth:  11 January 1880 death:  12 February 1936

Ellen Norah TRACY birth:  19 January 1881 death:  5 December 1940

Bernard Roger TRACY birth:  19 January 1881 death:  27 November 1935

Aloysius Matthew TRACY birth:  31 May 1883 death:  24 January 1945

1.2  William b. about 1835 (LDS)

1.3  Mary b. 1837 (LDS)

1.4  Jane Agnes b. 1839 (LDS)

1.5  Daniel born March 4, 1842 in Tipperary. Married Mary O’Hara who was born in Limerick, Ireland on May 1, 1850. There marriage date is unknown at this time. He died January 21, 1927 and was buried at Riverside cemetery in Spokane, Wa.. She died April 16, 1906 and is buried in Morton, Minnesota.
1.5.1 Francis (White)
1.5.2 Robert (drowned)
1.5.3 Daniel III (unmarried)
1.5.4 Bridget Jane (Cooney) John Patrick Cooney was born in Kilkinney, Minnesota on December 12, 1873. He married Bridget Jane Tracy in the year 1900. Bridget was born in Birch Coulee, Minnesota on April 13,1879. They moved and settled in Ray, North Dakota were John opened a Blacksmith shop. Bridget later moved to Spokane, Washigton and then onto San Fransisco, California. He eventual died in February 22, 1944 and was buried in Holy Cross cemetary in Spokane, Wa. She died on October 10, 1943 and was buried in Holy Cross cemetary in San Fransisco, Ca. Cathrine Agnes b. 3-22-1901 d. 4-24-1937 John Vincent b. 4-1-1904 d. 12- -1984 Paul Raymond b. 4-2-1907 d. ?

1.5.5 Agnes (Welch)
1.5.6 May (Rush)
1.5.7 Bell (Waldron)
1.5.8 Isabel

1.6  Timothy b. abt 1849 (LDS)

1.7  Hannah or Hanorah b. 1850 (LDS)

1.8  Robert Joseph b. abt 1854 (LDS)

1.9  James Francis b. 1856 (LDS)


Daniel Tracey (b. 1804/6 Tipperary)

1850 Census: New York Ward 16 District 1, New York, New York

1880 Census: Clinton, Dutchess, New York, United States 

Death: 6 Apr 1885 in Allamakee, Iowa

Patrick Tracy (son of Daniel Tracy) was born in Tipperary, Ireland, and died date unknown. He married Mary Donnelly.
Children of Patrick Tracy and Mary Donnelly are:

+Charles Stephen Tracy, b. April 05, 1897, Holley, NY, d. October 26, 1967, Rochester, NY.

Margaret Tracy, d. 1933.

+Elizabeth Tracy, d. date unknown.

+Bernard Tracy, d. date unknown.

Edward Tracy, d. date unknown.

+William Tracy, d. date unknown.

Paul J. Tracy July 26, 2008


Catherine Tracy  (b. 26 Aug 1856 Tipparary, Ireland  d. 22 Jan 1938 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Dan Tracy b. Tipparary, Ireland & Catherine Murry b. Tipparary, Ireland) 

Occupation: Housewife 

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Spouse: Jerry 

Burial Date: 25 Jan 1938 Calvary Evanston, Cook, Illinois 


Darby Treacy & Margaret Carty

Margaret b. 9 November 1865 (LDS)


Dennis Tracey & Julia Kane

My goal is to find out  where in Ireland 6 great-grandmothers & grandfathers came from.  I've looked at the name charts and they may have come from County Tipperary. I say this because the of Death Certificates:

Patrick DWYER, 1873, F:Anthony Dwyer, M: Mary Kennedy.  

Sarah TRACEY, 1925, F: Dennis Tracey, M: Julia Kane.

Is there an Index for those who left Ireland ports? The most reliable date for Sarah's emigration is 1855.  All dates and ages change as my Irish get older.  Pat died before he could list his in the census.

Dennis Tracey m. Julia Kane--Ire. 

Sarah, b. 1840 m. Patrick Dwyer (Anthony Dwyer & Mary Kennedy) in St. Louis, MO 1856. 

Sarah Dwyer m. Charles J. Almstedt St L 1889.

Thanks...Charlie Almstedt 8th July 2008


Den(n)is Trac(e)y & Bridget/Bridged Meara

Margaret b. 12 August 1871 (LDS)

Dennis b. 4 July 1873 (LDS)

Thomas b. 10 April 1880 Coolbawn (LDS)


Timothy Tracy of Northampton, machinist, 1st marriage, b. Co. Tipperary (s. Denis Tracy & Nancy [Mary] Tracy) and Sarah Maloney, of Northampton, 23, 1st marriage, b. 1836 County Kery? Ireland (d. of James Maloney) Intention of Marriage 1 Jul 1859 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts

Dennis Tracy & Mary

Timothy m. Sarah Maloney 5 July 1859 Holyoke Hampden Massachusetts (LDS)


Denis Tracey (1835 Tipperary – 1888 New Orleans) married Ann McCabe (1842 Monaghan – 1890 New Orleans) 14 Feb 1859 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Edmond Tracy & Margaret Brennan

Honora b. 29 June 1870 (LDS)


Treacy/Delahunty of Mountheaton

Both Names were changed to Tracy & Delahanty when they immigrated to New York City. I have been told by my older family members, that they were from Tipperary and that Edward had a brother, James, and Margaret had a sister, Mary. Good possibility that James and Mary married and went to New York City too. In 2003, my family received papers from Nenagh, Tipperary North Designated Centre, with marriage and baptism information on our family. It mentions that the family address was Mountheaton. I have just found out that Mountheaton is in County Offaly. It also says that the marriage and baptisms were at the R.C. parish in Roscrea. Here is the info we received:
Edward Treacy m. Margaret Delahunty 1854. Witnesses: William Maher & Anne Whitaker
Anne Sp: Patrick Bohan & Honora Delahunty
Michael Sp: Patt Reardon & Sarah Corbett
John Sp: John Cussin & Anne Cussin
James Sp: Michael Delahunty & Margaret Gavin
I believe they immigrated to NY City between 1856 & 1861, but I can't find them on the passenger lists. Any ideas? Maybe you have a connection with my family or one of the witnesses or sponsors? I am open to any suggestions.
Best Regards, Kathleen Tracy, New Canaan, CT. KTRACY 11/7/2004


Edward Treacy & Johanna Maher

Mary b. 15 December 1871 (LDS)

John b. 1 April 1875 (LDS)


Edward Treacy & Judith Maher

Ellen b. 24 May 1877 Shanakill (LDS)


Edward Tracy & Margaret ??? [emigrated on the Fidelia Liverpool to New York, arrived 14 Aug 1862?]

Patrick b. March 19 1848

Martin b. ???

August 7, 1909 Kentucky Irish American

Thrown from Wagon. Patrick Tracy, a well known grocer of Jeffersonville...father of John Tracy of the funeral directors' firm of Tracy & Straub.

March 2, 1912 Kentucky Irish American

Jeffersonville - Death of Patrick Tracy Cast Gloom Over City

Sorrow and gloom hovered over Jeffersonville Monday morning when tolling of the fire bells made known the death of Patrick Tracy one of the best known and most progressive men of that city who died tots Sunday night at his home 418 Illinois avenue following an Illness of nine days.

Patrick Tracy was born in County Tipperary, Ireland March 19 1848 and was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tracy. At the age of sixteen he came with his parents to America and three years later located in Jeffersonville. There he was married to Miss Anna McCarty July 6 1868. For several years following his marriage he was patrolman when the chief peace officer was the Town Marshal. Later he engaged in the grocery business and was successful. He retired sometime ago. During all his life Mr. Tracy was ardent Democrat. He served two terms of two years each as Councilman from the First ward tad during the administration of Mayor Henry A Burtt he was selected as a member of the board of Public Works. At the last session of the Indiana Legislature he was an assistant doorkeeper In the Senate. He was a member of St Augustine’s church and a faithful attendant He also was identified with the Catholic Knights of America the Ancient Order of Hibernians and other societies Besides his wife Mr. Tracy Is survived by one daughter Mrs. Stowell Beach of Wood River, and four sons John Tracy of Louisville; Edward Tracy, Charles Tracy and Ernest Tracy of Jeffersonville. A sister Mrs. Jacob Muth lives in Louisville and a brother Martin Tracy in Jeffersonville. The funeral one of the largest ever seen in Jeffersonville took place Wednesday morning from St Augustine’s church Rev Father John O Connell being the celebrant of the solemn high mass of requiem.

April 20, 1912 Kentucky Irish American

Bereaved - Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tracy of Jeffersonvllle were again bereave Tuesday morning when their son Daniel J Tracy was called into eternity making the second death in their home in two months, the other being that of their son Arthurt. Mr. Tracy was twenty-eight years old and was born In Jeffersonvllle, where he was widely and favourably known. He had never married. His occupation was that of a painter and a good part of his life he had been employed at the car works Besaides his parents he Is survived by two brothers George Tracy and Edward Tracy both of whom are at home. Mr Tracy was a member of St Augusllnes church and several fraternal orders. The funeral took place at St Augustines church Friday morning at 9 o'clock and was largely attended.

Fidelia Liverpool to New York, arrived 14 Aug 1862 [Settled in Jeffersonville, IN?]

Edward Tracy, 49, M, 14 Aug 1862

Margaret Tracy, 40, F, 14 Aug 1862

Bernard Tracy, 20, M, 14 Aug 1862

Daniel Tracy, 19, M, 14 Aug 1862

Patrick Tracy, 13, M, 14 Aug 1862

Nancy Tracy, 10, F, 14 Aug 1862

Maria Tracy, 7, F, 14 Aug 1862

Martin Tracy, 5, M, 14 Aug 1862

Michel Tracy, 5, M, 14 Aug 1862


Edward Tracy

FYI, my wife's great grandfather, Edward T., b. in Tiperairy. He served in the Civil War as a Wagoner w. the Indiana Cavalry and later ran a boat service out of Jackson Harbor on the s. side of Chicago. His daughter, Mayme, married Peter Pheiffer so we have no Tracy relatives in contact. Thanks,

Bob BobE6931 28 Nov 2011


1841- 1887 Interment Records St. John’s Cemetery, Albany, NY




















October 26, 1847

30 years







Ellen Tracey (b. 1835 in Tipperary Ireland d. 17 May 1911 in Nimmitabel NSW Australia) m. Dennis O'MARA (b: 1824 in Tipperary Ireland) 1857 in Cooma Monaro NSW Australia


1. Has ChildrenJulia O'MARA b: 1859 in Cooma NSW Australia

2. Has ChildrenBridget O'MARA (Infant) b: 1860 in Cooma NSW Australia

3. Has ChildrenJeremiah O'MARA b: 1863 in Cooma NSW Australia

4. Thomas O'MARA b: 1865 in Cooma NSW Australia

5. Timothy Bede O'MARA b: 1869 in Nimmitabel NSW Australia

6. Has ChildrenDennis J O'MARA b: 1872 in Cooma NSW Australia


Henora Tracy b. 1852 m. James Downing 23 September 1872 Allamakee Iowa (LDS)


Honora Tracey b. 1803 Tipperary d. 18 November 1889 m. Philip Flannery about 1840 Offaly.


James Treacey (widowed, s. of Thomas Treacey) m. Ellen Brien (widowed, d. of John Brien) 18 Jan 1868 Tipperary Co., Ireland


James Tracy & Johanna Canny

Johanna b. 8 February 1878 Bonlea (LDS)


James Treacy m. Honora Mary Cantwell 1875 Victoria Australia (LDS)


James Tracey & Mary Darcy

John b. 15 November 1868 (LDS)

Denis b. 28 April 1870 (LDS)

Daniel b. 15 July 1875 (LDS)


James Treacy & Marg(a)ret Murr(a)y

Ellen b. 30 January 1874 (LDS)

Margret b. 17 June 1876 Longford Tipperary (LDS)

Mary b. 12 June 1879 Lonford Tipperary (LDS)


James Treacy & Mary Smith

Ellen b. 19 May 1865 Kilsheelan (LDS)


James Treacy & Anne Sprole/Sprowle

Maryanne b. 18 May 1875 Tipperary (LDS)

Elizabeth b. 14 February 1877 Tipperary (LDS)

Bridget b. 15 October 1880 Limerick Junction (LDS)


James Treacy & Mary Treacy

William b. 19 August 1875 (LDS)

Mary b. 28 July 1877 Gurteen (LDS)


James Tracey

Ellen b. 1837 d. 1904 (LDS)


James Treacy

John b. 1856 (LDS)


James Treacey

My grandfather came from Tipperary and his name was James Treacey. He had approx. 10 brothers and sisters (Peter, Tillie, Catherine, William ...) He was born 1875 and was married to Julia O'Keefe. If you think there may be a connection, e-mail me at


James Tracey 
Eliza - Return of all male convicts assigned and transferred between the 1st and 31st days of October 1832, inclusively.


Eliza II arrived NSW 6/9/1832

James Tracey, a resident of Tipperary, was transported from Cork for "stealing a cow". James was 22 years old, 5 ft 2 inches tall and unmarried. His occupation was listed as "stable hand".

Contact: Margaret Tracey


Jeremiah Tracey & Margaret Carty

Johanna b. 29 July 1867 (LDS)


Jeremiah Treacy

Hanora m. James Darmody 17 January 1864 (LDS)


John Tracy b. 21 May 1833 d. 10 September 1898 m. Ann Baird 18 December 1861 Ohio (LDS)


John Treacy & Eliza Cassin

Joseph b. 26 April 1868 (LDS)


John Tracy & Hanora Downes

A likely ancestor of mine, Hanora DOWNES, 22, servant of Kilmacow, daughter of John DOWNES, married John TRACY, 28, laborer of Knockfierna, son of John TRACY on 9/2/1876 (RC)- witnesses Catherine Ruddle and John White. Griffiths valuation lists a Margaret TRACY on plot 30d (Commons townland) to which John succeeds by 1873. 1901 census (#17 - Commons) shows John TREACY, 65, farm laborer, Hanora, 55, John, 27, farm laborer, Thomas, 25, farm laborer, Mary, 23 scholar, Michael, 16, scholar, Denis, 14, scholar. Land valuation show John succeeded by Hanora, then Thomas, then Rachel. 1911 census shows Hanora TREACY, 74, widow, Mary, 34, James, 31, laborer, Denis, 24, laborer.
Paul Keroack


John Tracy & Mary Flanagan

Ann b. abt 1830 m. Jim Reed (LDS)

Patrick (b. 1831 d. 10 May 1903 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY) m. Mary Bolan 1851 1851 in St Mary's French Church, Factory St,Watertown, Jefferson, NY)

  1. Anna Tracy b. 1853 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY
  2. Margaret Tracy b. 1855
  3. John Tracy b. 1857 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY
  4. Michael Tracy b. 1859 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY
  5. Mary Agnes Tracy b. 26 Dec 1861 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY
  6. Elizabeth Tracy b. 1865 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY
  7. Patrick Tracy b. 1868

 Ann and Margaret married brothers, the Reeds, who were related to the Mullin Street Bradleys. According to Anna Warren Hyland's account (Claire Mann's mother), Claire Bradley told her that the Reeds were related to the Irish born Charles Carroll, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Michael Tracy died 30 Nov 1905 Chester Massachusetts, laborer, married, 87 years, b. 1818 Tipperary Ireland (s. of John Tracy & Margaret Fogarty born Tipperary) Buried  2 Dec 1905 Catholic Cemetery West Stockbridge, Mass. Informant Thomas Treacy Undertaker Frank Tracy


John Treacy & Bessy Kelly

Mary Agnes b. 6 May 1868 (LDS)


John Treacy & Anne Kerwin/Anna Kirwan

Mary Ellen b. 15 August 1870 (LDS)

Vina Agnes b. 7 March 1872 (LDS)


Mr. John Treacy m. Miss Mary Maher of Tipperary (d. of Timothy) Bef Aug 1863 Mount Alexander Mail Vic Aus


John J Tracey & Catherine Murphy

Hi: I have a John Coveney death pre 1862.His son Michael married 1862.There are two Matthew Coveney's.One in Dover and one in Elgin in 1871 census. My Michael passed away 1883 and is on record as it was without will in probate court.Then in 1891 another Michael shows up at 60 years of age Irish, parents Irish.
My Michael was married to Mary Margaret Tracey d/o John J tracey of Tipperary wife Catherine Murphy.
Michaels and MM Tracey: John Jr (Jack), James, Anastasia, Mary, Margaret, Ellen. Coveney all.

SPodolinsky7184 17 Jun 2002

John Tracey/Treacy & Catherine Murphy

John Tracey/Treacy was born 1811 Tipperary. He was in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1836 because he married my x3grgranmother, Catherine Murphy just over from Ireland. Catherine had two brothers with her one was married. I would think John had family in Nova Scotia? According to Catherine's own words they went for a while to States then came back here (St.Thomas area Ontario, Canada). Births of children are 1838-40's:
Mary Margaret Tracey m. Michael Coveney (same area),

Bridget (dissapeared after 1880),

John m. Mary Ann Casey (same area)

James (never married)

Katherine never married went to States (Detroit Mich). They may have relatives over there.

Sue Podolinsky

Hi All: I have recently been made aware of my grgrgrgranmothers background.I knew she was Irish but with A Pioneer History--- Elgin County; prize winning school essays. There is a write up about Catherine (Murphy) Tracy who came over April 10 1834 left out of Dublin.They had Cholera and then were shipwrecked just off coast of Newfoundland.They finally got taken to Halifax where she married John Tracey of Tipperary,Ire. They went to states for short time then settled in elgin Co., She was born in town of Oklamonway (the place of the Fine Ford) She was orphaned at two and lived with her grandparents.Her father was Charles Murphy. She had at least two brothers as they came over too.
anyone looking for Murphy's or know more about them.Thanks for any info in advance.

Sue P SPodolinsky7184 20 Feb 2005

John Tracey & Catherine Murphy

John Tracey (b. 1802 in Tipperary, Ireland d. 24 Jan 1882 in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada) m. Catherine Murphy (b: in Ireland) 


1. Has ChildrenMargaret Tracey b: 1839 in Canada West, Ontario, Canada m. Michael Coveney (b: 1826 in Cork County, Ireland) m. 20 Apr 1862 in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada


1. Has ChildrenAnastacia F. Coveny b: 20 Jan 1871 in Wallacetown, Dunwich Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada

2. Mary Catherine Coveny b: 25 Nov 1874 in Dunwich Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada

3. Ellen Coveny b: 1882 in Dunwich Twp., Elgin Co., Ontario, Canada

John Tracey of Tipperary & Catherine Murphy of England? 

Holy Angels Catholic Cemetery St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

742. Five foot grey marble obelisk on two piece grey marble stone with two piece Concrete base.

    south-east - In memory of / Mary Ann CASEY / wife of John TRACY Jr / died Aug. 9, 1901 / aged 53 years / - / May her soul rest in peace / Amen / TRACY

    north-west - In memory of / Catherine MURPHY / wife of / John TRACY Sr / died Aug. 2, 1896 / aged 85 years

    south-west - In memory of / John TRACY, / who died / Jany. 24, 1882. / Aged / 80 years / A native of Tipperary / Ireland / May his soul rest in peace / Amen / Hutchinson & Miller Aylmer

TRACEY - St Thomas Times Journal, 1 September 1922, Page 1, c2 - Died - James TRACEY, 75 years, Sept 1, brother of Katherine and John TRACEY; uncle of George SCHINDLER.  Funeral September 2 from Holy Angels' Church to the Roman Catholic Cemetery.  No monument found - CVH October 2006

779. Small red granite cross on grey granite stone on concrete base.

    James A. TRACEY / 1874 – 1957

817. Blue-grey granite stone on concrete.

    Beatrice Helen / TRACEY / 1899 - 1945

818. Blue-grey granite stone on concrete.

    Michael J. TRACEY / 1867 - 1946

926. Blue-grey and grey-black granite stone on concrete flat on ground.

    Nellie COUGHLIN / wife of / Michael J. TRACEY / 1877 - 1935

               COUGHLIN - St Thomas Journal, 16 October 1916, Page 1, c6 - Died - Mrs Mary COUGHLIN, 73 years, Oct 14, daughter of Dennis REGAN; mother of Mrs P. A. WORDON, Mrs M. Y. TRACEY and Y. D. COUGHLIN; sister of C. D. REGAN.  funeral October 17 to Holy Angels' Cemetery.  No monument found - CVH March 2007

1373. Grey black granite stone on concrete flat on ground.

    In memory of / Walter D. / TRACEY / 1902 - 1972


John Tracey b. 1839 m. Sarah Jane Russell 1 June 1869 Moruya NSW Australia (LDS)


1873 Tewksbury Almshouse Intake Record, Massachusetts

John Tracey, age 44, from Fall River Nov 1 1873, condition Same Shoulder, discharged Nov 13 1873, removed New York

44 b. Devons Lin Eng. Land New York lattes part of June 1869 per SS "Colorodo" Direct to Fall River via NSS Co Sine, In Fall River since except few months in Lowell - NN No taxes - No prop - Single. Spinner Pa William & Mary never in A d Ire. No rels or fds. No Home Intemp, No other inst. Same Shoulder & Bad cold.


1878 Tewksbury Almshouse Intake Record, Massachusetts

John Tracy, age 46, from Lowell Dec 31 1878, removed Warren RI

46, b. Ire Co Tip Land New York June 1869 per "SS Colorado" Direct to Prov RI & there Gengraville & other factory places in RI except 2 or 3 mos Fall River & past 9 mo in Lowell N.N. No Est Never paid a tax. Mule skinner Md in Eng to Mary Cavanagh & he sent for her in March 1870 she now in Waren Ri not heard from her past 4 mos not seen her for 9 mos. Has 2 daus (grown up) in Eng. Pa William & Ellen both d' Ire. Never in A. No rels but wf in A. Drinks at times to excess RAN No other inst. Asthmas.


Colorado Liverpool & Queens to New York 29 Jun 1869

John Tracy, 28, labourer, b. England


William H. Tracy died 16 Jun 1898 Clinton Adams Massachusetts, age 26 years 4 months 9 days, single, mill operative, b. 1872 Cheshire (s. of John Tracy b. Ireland & Mary Cavanah b. Ireland), died of Phthisis, buried Clinton


Julia Tracey, 60, b. Tiperary, Ireland Death: 13 Jan 1875 Ramsay, Lanark, Ontario Spouse's Name: John Oshaughnessey

Catherine Ann O'Shaughnessy, 24, b.c 1859 (d. of Julia Tracy & John O'Shaughnessy) m. Christopher Delisle, 25, (s. of Stephen Delisle & Euphemia Pelon) 17 Apr 1883 Almonte, Lanark, Ontario, Canada


Margaret Tracy b. abt 1785 Diocese of Cashel & Emly m. Thomas Harbert 1806 Diocese of Cashel & Emly (LDS)


Margaret Treacey (24, d. of Timothy Treacey) m. Patrick Phelan (26, s. of John Phelan)  26 Sep 1866 Tipperary, Tipperary, Ireland


Margaret Tracy b. abt 1793 Diocese of Cashel & Emly m. Richard Sadlier 1814 Diocese of Cashel & Emly (LDS)


Erin, Liverpool and Queenstown, 22 June 1880

Martin Tracy, labourer, 33 years, Ireland

1893 Naturalization Maine 

Martin Treacy, b. 20 November 1850 Tipperary Ireland, arrived NYC 22 June 1880, Wit: James Savage & WS Irish, Court: Knox County Rockland Maine


Martin Treacy & Catherine Maher

Ellen Treacy b: Abt 1845 in Co Tipperary?, Ireland d. 1905 age 60 in Prahran, Victoria, Australia

Elizabeth 'Eliza' Treacy b: Abt 1845 in Co Tipperary, Ireland d. 1934 age 89 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

James Treacy b: Abt 1848 in Co Tipperary, Ireland d. 1933 age 85 in North Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Denis Treacy b: Abt 1848 in Co Tipperary?, Ireland? d. 1925 age 77 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Mary Treacy b: Abt 1852 in Co Tipperary?, Ireland? d. 1930 age 78 in Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia


Mary Tracey & Nicholas Delaney (b. Meeting St.) (LDS)

Ellen Delaney b.08 Dec 1871 Tipperary

Mathew Delaney b. 22 Feb 1873

Mary Delany b. 25 Sep 1877 Tipperary, Tipperary,


Mary Treacy b. abt 1858 m. Thomas Hackett abt 1878 (LDS)


Mary Tracy b. 28 March 1874 d. 17 August 1932 m. Henry Charles Meyer/Meier 1903 Mobile Alabama (LDS)


Mary Anne Tracey b. 1850 m. John Power 1871 (LDS)


Mary Tracy  (d. of John Tracy, 19 years) m.  Anthony Tolan  (s. of Patrick Tolan, 19 years) 14 Jun 1848  Cashel


Mary Ann Treacy b. 1836 Tipp d. 27 June 1879 m. 1 July 1858 St Rose’s Catholic, Mount Barker, South Australia (LDS)


Michael Treacy

Jeremiah Tr(e)ac(e)y (aged 50) m. Margaret Carty (aged 30) 6 January 1864

Mary b. 5 September 1869 (LDS)


Michael Treacy & Johanna Kenna

Sarah b. 2 August 1876 (LDS)


Michael Treacy & Kate McLoughlin

Thomas b. 21 December 1872 (LDS)


Michael Tracey †/1920 m. Catherine O'Neill (born in 1817 - Tipperary, Ireland Died before 1917)


Michael Tracy father of

Jeremiah Tracy
Marriage 1 Mary Wallace b: in Ireland


Has No ChildrenThomas Tracy (b: 27 MAY 1851 in Ireland d. 6 JUN 1925 in Newark, Essex, NJ)

Has No ChildrenHanora Tracy b: ABT 1856 in Ireland

Marriage 2 Margaret McCarthy b: in Ireland

Married: 6 JAN 1864 in Tipperary, Tipperary, Ireland


Has ChildrenJohanna J. Tracy b: 29 JUL 1867 in Tipperary, Tipperary, Ireland

Has No ChildrenMargaret Tracy b: 5 SEP 1869 in Ireland

Has No ChildrenMary Tracy b: 15 AUG 1873 in Tipperary, Tipperary, Ireland

Susanne Martin 2006-09-27& 2008-12-08 08 & 2010-09-10


Michael J. Treacy

My Father's side of the family if from County Tipperary, Ireland. My Grandfather, Michael J. Treacy, came over in 1907 and settled in New York. My paternal Grandmother, Ellen Morrisey, came to America in 1914 and settled in New York. The names related on my Father's side are Morrisey, Lonergan and Sullivan.
On my Mother's side, all I know is that her Father's family (Coyle) came to America in the 1880's from County Meath. My maternal Grandfather's name was Edwin J. Coyle. My maternal Grandmother's name was Alice Bresnahan.

Philip Thomas Treacy June 29, 2007


3 November 1899 San Francisco Call

Murphy - In this city, at the Potero, November 2 1899, Mary beloved wife of Cornelius Murphy, mother of May Murphy, and sister of Michael Tracey, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland aged 33 years.


Patrick Treacy b. 1812 d. 12 January 1869 (LDS)


Patrick Tracey b. 1843 Tipperary Ireland, age 40 & Mary Brown b. 1855 Chicago Illinois, age 28

May Tracey b. 12 Nov 1883 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States


Patrick Treacy & Eliza Ga(r)van

Catherine b. 10 March 1874 (LDS)

Johanna b. 6 August 1875 (LDS)

Mary b. 7 October 1876 Ballymullglen (LDS)


Patrick Tracey & Honor(i)a Hayes

William b. 12 January 1870 (LDS)

John b. 7 August 1871 (LDS)


Rebecca Tracey (d. of Patrick Tracey) of 20 Ely Place m. James Aherne (s. of David Aherne) of Holly Crop Co. Tipperary on 22 February 1881 Wit: Michael Gormley & Nora McCabe. St Andrews RC, Dublin.


Sarah Tracey & James Doocey

I am searching for James Doocey b. 24 Dec 1825 Tipperary who married Sarah Tracey b.1821 Tipperary. They migrated to Pike Co. Illinois and had seven children: Edward, Margaret, Sarah, Mary, John, Elizabeth, and James. ...

AHughes3343  18 Aug 1998

Edward Doocy was born at Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, October 19, 1851. His parents were James and Sarah (Tracy) Doocy, both natives of County Tipperary, Ireland, who in 1847 emigrated to America, and from New Orleans came to St. Louis, where they lived four years, and in the early part of 1851 located at Griggsville. The father followed various occupations while living in St. Louis, and in Pike County became a substantial farmer and was such up to his death in 1874 at the, age of forty-nine. The mother died at Springfield, Illinois, at the age of seventy-seven.

Frederic B Crossley. Courts and lawyers of Illinois (Volume v.2).


Richard Kildare Treacy (d. Jan - Mar 1880 Castlecomer PLU, aged 29) m. Jeanie Sayers (d. Jan - Mar 1912 Dublin South, aged 58) in 1878 [State Reg: Richard Kildare Treacy, Cashel, 3rd Quarter 1878 3 317] [see Kilkenny]


The sun., September 20, 1892 (NY, NY)

Tracy - Suddenly on  Monday Sept 19, 1893, Roday Tracy, born in Tipperary Ireland in the 50th year of his age, at his late home, 96 West Av., Long Island City.


Thomas Tracey & Mary Hogan

Catherine b. 2 November 1872 (LDS)

William b. 16 March 1874 (LDS)


Thomas Tr(e)ac(e)y & Mary McGrath/Magrath

Nicholas b. 30 September 1875 (LDS)

Jeremiah b. 31 March 1877 (LDS)

Margaret b. 1 August 1879 (LDS)


Thomas Tracey & Catherine Maher

James b. 5 August 1876 (LDS)

Thomas b. 6 January 1878 Ballinlough (LDS)


February 11, 1905 The Intermountain Catholic

Husband and Wife die in one week

Scarcely a week after she had followed the remains of her husband Mrs Thomas Tracy...North Denver...pneumonia...Both Mr and Mrs Tracy were born in Tipperary. They however did not meet until both came to Ottawa Ill about fourty-five years ago and they they married. They have been in Denver twelve years. Mr. and Mrs tracy were exemplary Catholic people and their death is mourned by many people. They are survived by their sons and daughters who are, John Tracy, Dan Tracy, Miss Sara Tracy, Miss Mary Tracy, Mrs PW Lawler and Mrs Dan Eagan...

1870 Census - Town Rutland, La Salle, Illinois, United States

Thos Tracy  M 50y Ireland, farmer 

Bridget Tracy  F 33y Ireland 

Sarah Tracy  F 10y Illinois 

Margaret Tracy  F 8y Illinois 

Mary Tracy  F 6y Illinois 

Katie Tracy  F 4y Illinois 

John Tracy  M 1y Illinois 

1880 Census - Brenton, Ford, Illinois, United States

Self  Thomas Tracey  M 56 Ireland, farmer 

Wife  Bridget Tracey  F 40 Ireland 

Daughter  Margret Tracey  F 18 Illinois, United States 

Daughter  Mary Tracey  F 17 Illinois, United States 

Daughter  Catharin Tracey  F 14 Illinois, United States 

Son  John Tracey  M 11 Illinois, United States 

Daughter  Ellen Tracey  F 6 Illinois, United States 

Son  Daniel Tracey  M 4 Illinois, United States 

1900 Census - ED 44 Precincts 5-6 (incl. State Home for Dependent Children) Denver city Ward 6, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States

Head  Thomas Tracy  M 83, b. Dec 1817 Ireland, married 40 years, Immigration 1852 

Wife  Bridget Tracy  F 57, b. Jul 1843 Ireland, Immigration 1846 

Daughter  Sarah Tracy  F 35 Illinois 

Daughter  Mary Tracy  F 29 Illinois 

Son  John Tracy  M 30 Illinois 

Daughter  Katie Tracy  F 27 Illinois 

Son  Dan Tracy  M 24 Illinois 


18 August 1897 San Francisco Call [see Timothy Edward Treacy of Limerick]

Treacy - In this city, August 16 1897, Catherine, beloved mother of Edmond, John, T.E. and the late Thomas Treacy, a native of County Tipperary, Ireland, aged 78 years. The funeral will take place this day at 9.30 am from her late residence, 215 Dore street between Ninth and Tenth Harrison and Bryant, to St. Josephs Church...Internment Mount Calvary Cemetery.


Timothy W. Tracy  (b. 14 Nov 1855 Troy, NY  d. 29 Mar 1924 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois) (s. of Timothy Tracy b. Tipperary, Ireland  & Mary Hooley  b. County Tipperary, Ireland 

Occupation: Retired 

Spouse: Leila Sweet Tracy 

Burial Date: 01 Apr 1924 Durand, Ill 

Anna Agnes Tracy (b. 22 Apr 1866 Rockford, Illinois d. 14 May 1944 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois (d. of Timothy Tracy b. Ireland & Mary Hooley b. Ireland)

Burial Date: 17 May 1944 St. Mary's, Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois

Jeremiah F. Tracy (b. 22 Jul 1868 Rockford, Illinois d. 11 Jul 1938 Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois) (s. of Timothy Tracy  b. Ireland & Mary Hooley b. Tipperary Co., Ireland)

Occupation:  Retired Grocer

Residence: Rockford, Winnebago, Ill.

Burial Date: 14 Jul 1938 St James, Rockford, Winnebago, Ill.


Timothy F Tracy b. 1848 d. 1892 Iowa m. Ann J Downing 11 November 1873 Allamakee Iowa (LDS)


Timothy Tracy (1820 Tipperary-1905 New Orleans) (plasterer/Carpenter) and Margaret McKenna (1814 Armagh-1891 New Orleans)

[see Robert Emmet Tracy]


Timothy Thacey

   Timothy Thacey, one of the enterprising and representative agriculturist of Cherokee county, is the owner of an excellent farm of one hundred and sixty acres on section 9, Marcus township. HIs birth occurred in La Salle county, Illinois, February 12, 1873, his parents being Michael and Mary (Mahoney) Thacey, both of whom were natives of County Tipperary, Ireland. The father emigrated to the United States at an early day, locating in New York, where he remained for some time. Subsequently he made his way to Illinois and in that state was engaged in coal mining and teaming for a time. He next turned his attention to general agricultural pursuits, cultivating rented land in La Salle county until the time of his removal to Plymouth county, Iowa, where he operated a rented farm for six years. On the expiration of that period he came to Cherokee county and purchased the tract of one hundred and sixty acres on section 9, Marcus township, which is now in the possession of our subject. The cultivation and improvement of this property claimed his attention throughout the remainder of his life, his demise occurring January 8, 1908. In his passing the community lost one of its substantial agriculturists and esteemed citizens. His widow still survives and makes her home with her son Timothy.
   In the acquirement of an education Timothy Thacey attended the schools of Plymouth and Cherokee counties and after putting aside his text-books assisted his father in the work of the home farm until the latter's death. The property has since remained in his possession and in its operation he has won success, annually gathering good crops which find a ready sale on the market.
   On the 26th of April, 1910, Mr. Thacey was joined in wedlock to Mrs. Mary (Athmer) Unkruer, a daughter of Bernard and Caroline (Meemen) Athmer, natives of Germany, who emigrated to America as young people. They resided in St. Louis for some time and subsequently removed to Clinton county, Illinois, where they have since remained on a farm. Mr. Thacey has three children, namely: Michael, two years old; Bernard, who is in his first year; and Joseph, a stepson, who is fourteen years of age.
   Since age conferred upon him the right of franchise Mr. Thacey has supported the men and measures of the democracy, believing firmly in the principles of that party. In religious belief he is Catholic. Marcus township numbers him among her successful and respected citizens, and the fact that many of his stanchest [staunchest] friends are those who have known him from boyhood is an indication that his life has been at all times honorable and upright, worthy of the high esteem in which he is uniformly held.

1914 History Of Cherokee County,  Iowa


Timothy Tracy, County Tipperary, Ireland [1850's?]

Broderick, Frances D. The Burial Grounds of Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York. Lansingburgh, NY: Frances D. Broderick, 1965.


William Tracy & Margaret Brennan

John b. 27 March 1873 (LDS)

Thomas b. 1 August 1875 (LDS)


William Tracy & Judy Conney

Michael b. 12 October 1873 (LDS)


William Treacy & Mary Doran

Thomas b. 28 August 1867 (LDS)

Alice b. 17 October 1872 (LDS)

Patrick b. 28 May 1875 (LDS)


William Tracy m. Bridget Gilfoil/Guilfoyle abt 1842 (LDS)

Patrick b. 1844 (LDS)

John b. 6 February 1845 d. 14 August 1894 (LDS)

Michael Joseph b. 1 November 1846 d. 27 August 1913 (LDS)

Mary b. 1847 d. 1934 (LDS)

William J b. 17 January 1849 d. 16 September 1930


William Treacy m. Mary Anne Connell, [State Reg: Borrisokane, 1st Quarter 1885 3 371]

Elizabeth Ann (Lil) Treacy was born 1896 to William Treacy and Mary Anne "Ann" O'Connell.

William was born in 1860, in Near Rosscreigh, Brownstown, Ireland.

Mary was born in 1860, in Cloughjordan Tipperary Ireland.

Elizabeth had 2 brothers: Patrick Treacy and one other sibling.

Elizabeth married John (Jack) Carroll 1935. John was born on January 27 1901, in Nambour, Queensland, Australia.


William Tracey & Anna Powers

Josephine F m. William Quinn 2 February 1908 Manhattan NY (LDS)


William Tracy b. 1812 d. 1887 (LDS)


 Ballinahinch & Killoscully


1868 Victoria Police Gazette

Information is requested respecting John Tracy (or Tracey), from Ballinahinch, co. Tipperary, formerly in the police force in Cork, thence transferred to Limerick. He afterwards came to Australia, where he is likely to have joined some force.-29th January, 1868.





Edward Tracy & Margaret Grennan

Patrick b. 3 August 1864 Ballingarry District (LDS)


James Treacy & Judy Coney

Catherine b. 5 February 1864 Ballingarry District (LDS)

John Tracy & Johanna Canny/Cunny

Thomas b. 6 February 1866 Ballingarry District (LDS)

William b. 20 June 1868 Ballingarry District (LDS) Cunny


The Treacy family that is in my family is from Ballingarry, Thurles and Killenaule, which are towns in Tipperary county. My Patrick was born May 25, 1876 to James Treacy and Judy Cunny. My Wife's relations, dead and alive are from Ballingary. I have a big list of names that I received from Father Phillip Morris who is the Pastor of the Catholic Church Ballingarry, Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Names such as (All Treacys) John, Patrick, Thomas, Honora, Michael, Joanna, James, Catherine, William, Mary, Another Patrick, my Wife's Grand Father who married a Fogarty from Killenaule, And an Ellen.


James Treacy married Judy Cunny/Coney. Father Morris states that Cunny was sometimes called Coney and there is a note in the Parish register of that fact. They were married February 24, 1857. James Treacy and Judy Cunny had the following children, the dates I will submit after each name will of course be the date of Baptism. The Day first-month-and then the year:
John 6-2-1859


Patrick 9-3-1862
Catherine 7-2-1864

Thomas 2-2-1866
William 21-6-1868

Honora 26-5-1870

Mary 28-4-1872
Michael 15-10-1873

Patrick 25-5-1876
Joanna 13-2-1878

James Cunny and Honora Rochford had the following children:
Michael 17-2-1822

Mary 22-8-1825
Bridget 10-4-1831

Judy 30-11-1834
Ellen 24-11-1837

As you can see Judy Cunny DOB 30-11-1834 married James Treacy. Patrick Treacy, DOB 25-5-1876 was the son of James and Judy, Patrick is my Wife's GrandFather, James and Judy are her Great Grand Parents. Since Judy Cunny was the Daughter of James Cunny and Honora Rochford , this couple is my Wife's GG Grand Parents. I have No other info on the Rochford family except what you read. Looking at the dates of birth, Honora Rochford who married James Cunny probably was born about 1845. Your Grandfather's Sister Honora Rochford, born 1879 would be the next generation. There is no doubt a blood relationship here. I know exactly where Ballingarry and Killenaule are located we visited there 3 yers ago. My Wife's Mother Johanna was a Treacy. Her Mother was Bridget Fogarty from Killenaule. We have lived in South Carolina for the past 11 years, previously to that we lived about 40 miles north of West Point on the Hudson in New York State. Keep in touch, My Grandmother was a Burke.

Sincerely, Tom Sartori Tom Sartori 5 Mar 2000
tommy Sartori - Oct 3, 2008


Lismolin Cemetery



Gloria in Excelsis Deo Here lies the body of William Trasey late of Ballywater [Ballywalter Kilvemnon] who depd this life Augt 15th 1821 aged 55 years



Here lies the body of James Trassy who died March the 16th 1772 aged 28. Lord have mercy on his soul Amen.



 Ballycahill and Holy-Cross (mid east Tipperary)


John Tracy & Jude/Judith Dwyer

Mary Tracy b. 31 Jan 1836 Sp. Ellen Dwyer?. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish

Patrick tracy b. 12 Mar 1839 Sp. John Tracy & Mary Burke. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish

Catherine Tracy b. 17 Apr 1843 of Upper Glanbane [Glenbane, Upper Holycross] Sp. Margaret Tracy. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish


Pierce Tracy & Mary Barry

Winifred Tracy b. 2 Oct 1836 Sp. Matthew Smyth & Mary Barry. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish

Margaret Treacy b. 6 Mar 1839 Sp. Michael Banan & Margaret Carr. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish


Edward & Winifred Tracey

Pierce Tracey (b. abt 1816 in Tipperary, Ireland d. 1879 in Burrowa, Nsw) m. Mary BARRY (b: Abt 1816 in Tipperary, Ireland) in Tipperary


1. Has ChildrenLaurence TRACEY b: 1842 in Binalong Nsw

2. Edward TRACEY b: 1844 in Nsw

3. Margaret TRACEY b: Abt 1845 in Nsw

4. Has ChildrenAnastasia TRACEY b: 1846 in Binalong, Nsw

5. Mary TRACEY b: 1849 in Nsw

6. Pierce TRACEY b: 1852 in Nsw

7. Darby TRACEY b: 1856 in Binalong (Harden) Nsw, Aus

8. Has ChildrenJeremiah J TRACEY b: Abt 1857 in Nsw


11 May 1839 Tipperary Free press:
A ruffian named Pierce Treacy of Ballycahill has been sent for two months to the thread-mill by Mr Tabiteau C.M. for flinging a stone at Mr. B. Ryan, Manager of Thurles Agricultural Bank.


1841 Glenswilly:
Pierce Tracy, 25, Ballycahill, husband (parents: "both dead")
Mary Tracy, 27, Ballycahill (parents ??? Barry/Margaret Flynn, living in Macarky) Stated to have 2 chn in application.,
Arrival in Australia 11 Mar 1841 Sydney NSW

Grevilles 1872 Binalong Nsw:

Pierce Tracy, Blacksmith, Dickinson St, Binalong


Tracey Family Ballycahill, Tipperary

Seeking any information at all with regards to Pierce Tracey (Tracy) bc 1816 Ballycahill, perhaps to parents, Edward & Winifred Tracey (both deceased by 1841). He immigrated to New South Wales 1841 "Glenswilley" with wife Mary Barry bc 1816 (mother Margaret Barry nee Flynn /Flinn who resided at Macarky, Father Thomas Barry (deceased by 1841). Pierce & Mary had two children with them when immigrating, sexes unknown. Trying to confirm Pierces' parents/marriage/children etc
Many thanks
Kay Cole, Northern Territory, Australia Casey 23 June 2008

Hello there, I believe I may be able to help you as I'm from that Tracey line. amanda_1981 18 October 2008


Pierce Tracey from Ballycahill Ire.

I am looking to research my maternal family of Tracey. Pierce and his wife Mary (nee Barry) emigrated to Binalong aboard the Glenswilly in 1841. They had at least two sons Laurence (often spelt Lawrence) 1842-1921 and Edward 1844-1908. Laurence married Johanna O'Brien in 1863 and they had 11 children. Pierce is buried at Gaylong with Laurence and Edward at Binalong. I would like to hear from anyone interested in this twig of the Tracey family. Peter W, April 2011


Traceys/Maddens of Binalong
Is anyone out there researching the TRACEYs of Binalong (Pierce, Edward, Jeremiah etc.)? I am also interested in the MADDENs possibly from Peak Hill/Bathurst, and if there is any connection between those 2 families.

When my Grandmother died we found lots of documents that mentioned these families, 2 photos also, but no reason why she would have had these things. My Grandmother is a big mystery and the clue lies somewhere with the Maddens and the Traceys. We can find no record of her birth, all her married life she was known to the family as Ada MADDEN, but her marriage certificate lists her parents as James SMITH and Annie KIRKLAND. Supposedly she was born in Bathurst in 1885 but no record exists. If anyone has an interest in these families could you contact me off list and I will send you more details, and even a copy of the photos to see if you recognise them. My family tree looks a bit lopsided with this branch missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Barbara Willingham, Ettalong NSW <>  20 May 2007


Michael Tracy married Bridget Gleeson 27 Nov 1845 Wit: Michael Brenan?, &Margerat Kennedy? & Elias? Gleson. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish


John Tracy & Mary Cormack

Margaret Tracy b. 9 May 1847 of Glanbane [Glenbane Holycross] Sp. Joahana? Delahunty & Mary Delahunty. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish


Margaret Tracy married William Kelly 27 Nov 1847 Wit: Arthur Cae? & Mary Hyins. Ballycahill and Holy-Cross Parish


 Ballyneale (south east Tipperary)


Brigida Tracy & Joannis Phelan

Catharinam Phelnn b. 16 Feb 1840 Sp. Rogur? Sullivan & Judith Keohe Ballyneale Parish


Patrick Tracey & Maria Bennet

Catharinam Tracey b. 9 Aug 1852 Sp. Michael Cahill & Maria Keeff Ballyneale Parish


Timothae Tracy & Eleonora Shearn

Philippum Tracy b. 10 Apr 1859 Sp. Patritii Sheason & Catharina Hara. Priest J Tracy Ballyneale Parish

David Tracey b. 26 May 1866 Sp. Patricis Walsh & Joannes Flynn. Ballyneale Parish


Gullielmi Treacy & Ellena Hearn/Ahearn

Mariam Treacy b. 1 Nov 1863 Sp. Patricius Learey? & Maria Hearn Ballyneale Parish

Michaelem Tracy b. 2 Jan 1870 Sp. Laurentio Butler & Maria Hennessy Ballyneale Parish

Thomam Tracy b. 28 May 1871 Sp. Joannes Mulumhy & Ellina Dwyer Ballyneale Parish

Ellenan Tracy b. 23 Oct 1872 Sp. Jacobo Walsh & Ellena Carbery Ballyneale Parish

William Tracey, labourer, & Ellen Hearn

David Tracey b. 5 June 1866 Glenbower [Fiddown Kilkenny]. Ellen Tracey mother Glenbower her mark (Carrick-on-Suir LDS)


Patrick Treacy, 26, single, b. 1867 Ireland (s. of William & ??? Hearn) married Ellen Hourahan, Single b. Ireland (d. of Thomas & ??? Slattery) 1 Oct 1893 Manhattan New York


Patrick Tracy died 29 May 1917, 216 E 77 Manhattan New York, age 55, Married, Laborer, b. 1 Feb 1862 Ireland (s. of William and Helen Haran both b. Ireland), buried 1 Jun 1917 Calvary


June 1 1917 New York Tribune

Tracey — On May 29, Patrick, beloved husband of Ellen Tracey (nee Hanrahan), and father of the late William Tracey, native of Ballyneal, County Tipperary, Ireland. Funeral from his late residence, 216 East 77th st., on Friday, June I, at S:30 a. m.: thence to Church of St Jean Baptiste, 76th st. and Lexington av. Interment Calvary.


William Tracey died 12 Mar 1913, 249 East 77th St. Bronx New York, 17 years, Single, Stenographer, b. 1896  United States (s. of Patrick & Ellen Haurahan both b. Ireland), buried 14 Mar 1913 Calvary



 Boherlahan & Dualla


Ryan/Boherlahan/Ballydoyle Boherlahan County Tipperary
Hi, I am looking for information on my ancestors. Edmund Ryan born abt 1823- Ballydoyle (son of Edmund, not sure of mother's name- cannot read it properly on ship manifest) was married to Margaret Tracy born Ballydoyle (parents Patrick and Ellen)(born abt 1826(or Treacy) - not sure of spelling. Their children at the last known time of them living in Boherlahan were Patrick (born abt 1842), Ellen (born abt 1845), Mary (born abt 1847), Margaret (born abt 1850) and Catherine (born abt 1853). They emigrated to Australia in 1854 on the ship "Switzerland". Unfortunately Catherine died during the voyage aged 1. I know that Margaret had a sister Ellen who lived in Australia at the time of their emigration. Not sure when she came to Australia.





Ellen Tracy b. abt 1803 Borrisokane m. R Kennedy abt 1823 Borrisokane (LDS)


John Tracey & Mary Cahalalan/Cahalan

James b. 27 May 1864 Borrisokane (LDS)

Honora b. 23 October 1866 Borrisokane (LDS)

Daniel b. 24 July 1868 Borrisokane (LDS)

Timothy b. 7 September 1869 (LDS)


John Tracy married Maria Clark 5 May 1839 Wit: Dennis Quirk & Mary Hoctor Borrisokane Parish, Tipperary [moved to Liverpool]

John Tracy/Treacy & Maria Clarke/Clerke of Crotta Borrisokane, Tipperary

William Tracy b. 20 Jul 1844 Sp. Michl Carrol & Hanna Dougham. Borrisokane Parish

Cathe Treacy b. 11 Sep 1840 Sp. Mary Norton?. Borrisokane Parish


Margaret Tracy b. abt 1812 Borrisokane m. Daniel Tierney 6 March 1832 Borrisokane (LDS)


Marie Tracy b. abt 1820 Borrisokane m. John Tierney 13 January 1841 Borrisokane (LDS)


William Tracey & Susan Burke/Bourke [see Agnes Treacy]

John Thomas b. 29 June 1867 (LDS)

William Slevin b. 3 August 1868 Nenagh (LDS)

Michael b. 11 October 1869 Borrisokane (LDS)

Hugh Daniel b. 19 September 1874 (LDS)

Susannah Tracey b. 16 Feb 1873 (Susannah Burke) [Nenagh PLU]

Agnes b. 21 December 1877 (LDS)

William Treacy & Susan Burke

Michl Treacy b. 13 Oct 1869 Sp. John Treacy & Hanora Hogan. Borrisokane Parish [Note: policeman]





Surname Researchers

Trac(e)y, Treacy


1854 Victoria AU

Lesley Anderson



Denis Treacy & Margaret Ryan

Nora b. 1860 (LDS)

Paddy b. 1862 (LDS)

Cath b. 1865 (LDS)

Mick b. 1867 (LDS)

Annie M b. 1869 (LDS)

Martin b. 1872 d. 1904 (LDS)

John b. 1874 (LDS)

Mary b. 1876 d. 1876 (LDS)

Denis (8/11/1877 – 1/1/1946) (LDS) Borrisoleigh


Edmond/Edward Tracy (1830 Borrisoleigh Tipperary – 1910 Illinois) married Ellen Cash (1832 Ireland – 1903 Illinois) 13 Sep 1853 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Date: 25 August 2015 Posted By: Barbara Bachelier
My great grand-father, Edward Tracy (maybe Treacy) was born in Borrisoleigh in 1824 and imigrated to USA in 1848. I believe he was married to Ellen Cashin.


Honora Treacy of Glanbreeda m. Matt Stapleton of Upperchurch on Feb 14 1838 witnesses Denis Stapleton and Biddy Tracy or Stapleton


John White m. Nancy Kinahan of Glanarisk on Nov 18 1843 witnesses James Treacy and Bridget Ryan


Margaret (Peggy) Treacy & James Kinnally of Rathmoy

Neal Kinnally b. 8/8/1823 Sp Michael Hynes and Rebecca Tracey

Margaret Kinnally b. 19/1/1826 Sp Michael Tracey and Catherine Kinnally
Martin Kinnally b. 9/12/1828 Sp Patrick Tracey and Mary Power
Connor Kinnally b. 24/2/1832 Sp Thomas Maher and Margaret Bourke
Catherine Kinnally b. 4/2/1835 Sp Michael Power and Mary Power

Martin Tracey & Mary Moroney/Morrony

Michael b. 18 September 1874 (LDS)

Bridget b. 15 June 1876 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

William b. 22 February 1878 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

John b. 6 June 1880 Bonisoleigh (LDS)


Mary Treacy & Patrick Shanahan

Patrick (Paddy) Shanahan born ca 1819 married 12 May 1835 in Borrisoleigh Tip. to Mary Tracey/Treacy. My great grandmother was their daughter, her name was Mary also. She was born 4-12-1835 Tipperary. Other children could have been - Patrick, Cathleen, Nathanial and Bridget. I do not know who Patrick's parents were nor the details of the other children. The children would have been born before 1841 as Patrick and Mary came out to Australia on the "Diamond" in 1841. I have their cabin trunk. Hope you can shed some light on Patrick's birth and his children.
Cheers - Carolyn Harris, (Westoz), Australia

Carolyn Harris 15 Jan 2002


Mary Treacy & Kennedy Toohy

1871-1876 The Search for Missing Friends

Of Johana Toohy, daughter of Kennedy Toohy and Mary Treacy, parish of Borrisoleigh, townland of Galbreedagh, county Tipperary; when last heard of her was in the Magazine Hotel, New Orleans. Direct to Patrick Gleeson or Michael Toohy.


Michael Treacy b. about 1818 Knockshearoon (LDS)


1. Michael Treacy m. Judy/Johanna Costello 1851 (LDS)

1.1. Denis b. about 26 January 1852 Knockshearoon m. Honora Ryan 20 January 1878 (LDS)

1.1.1 Johanna b. 5 December 1878 Borrisoleigh District (LDS)

1.1.2 Michael b. abt 16 November 1880 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.3 Mary b. abt 23 May 1882 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.4 John b. abt 25 January 1883 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.5 Denis b. abt 5 June 1885 Borrisoleigh District (LDS)

1.1.6 Catherine b. abt 19 May 1889 Borrisoleigh d. before 1994 (LDS)

1.1.7 Honora b. abt 1 May 1890 Borrisoleigh District d. before 1994 (LDS)

1.1.8 Margaret b. 3 August 1893 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.9 Patrick b. abt 26 September 1894 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.2. Francis b. about 17 June 1853 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.3  Mary b. abt 22 June 1854 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.4. Patrick b. about 1 November 1855 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.5 Margaret b. about 20 December 1856 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.6 Francis b. about 4 October 1862 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.7 Johanna B. about 19 January 1864 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.8 Martin b. 23 May 1865 Borrisoleigh (LDS) about 24 May 1865 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.9 Michael b. 23 October 1866 Borrisoleigh or Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.10 Catherine b. abt 6 February 1868 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.11 Winifred b. about 20 December 1868 Knockshearoon (LDS)

1.12 John b. 25 December 1869 Borrisoleigh (LDS) or 26 December 1869 Knockshearoon (LDS)


Michael Tr(e)ac(e)y & Mary White

Bridget b. 6 August 1864 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

William b. 15 April 1866 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

Mary b. 1 April 1869 (LDS)

Martin b. 27 June 1871 (LDS)

Patrick b. 7 May 1874 (LDS)

Anne b. 13 June 1876 (LDS)

Michael b. 1 July 1878 Gurteeng (LDS)


Simon D Tracy (b. 1786 d. 2 February 1875 Troy NY) m. Honora Kinnally 19 February 1828. Groom's address: Gurtalough. Bride's address: Curragloss. No occupation listed for either. Witnessed by: John Sheppard John and Honny Tracy.


  1. Has No ChildrenEdmund TRACY b: 13 Nov 1828 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland CROSSING: 21 Apr 1854 on the John Bright from Liverpool. Tipperary was place of origin, and Troy destination. Cooper by trade. James, brother traveled with him. BIOGRAPHY: Edward lived with Bryan and Fanny at 8 North Fourth Street in 1890.
  2. Has ChildrenBrian TRACY b: 21 Oct 1830 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  3. Has No ChildrenSimon (Samuel) TRACY b: 22 Oct 1832 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  4. Has ChildrenPatrick TRACY b: 13 Nov 1834 in Summerhill, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  5. Has ChildrenBridget TRACY b: 29 Jun 1837 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  6. Has No ChildrenJames TRACY b: 26 Apr 1840 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  7. Has No ChildrenMichael TRACY b: 24 Feb 1843 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish, County Tipperary, Ireland
  8. Has No ChildrenEllen TRACY b: 29 Nov 1844 in Gurtalough, Borrisoleigh Parish ,County Tipperary, Ireland

Nickname: Treacy In Ireland
BIOGRAPHY: Per the 1855 NYS census, Simon was 54 (year of birth 1800/1801) it states that he had been in the US for 6/12 year, as had Honora and Ellen the youngest daughter. The census has recorded that Simon could not read or write, that he was a laborer and an alien. The first member to come to America according to this 1855 census was Samuel, who had been in US 4 years, and shows up first in the Troy directory in 1853-1854. If he had gotten to Troy in 1852 (to be recorded in the directory the following year 1853) the 4 years seems approximately accurate. In 1853 Samuel was living at 299 River street. In 1854 Samuel is at 171 Second Street. In the 1855-1856 directory, Simon is listed at corner of Hill and Fourth, and Samuel is still at 171 Second Street. In 1857 Samuel is now a waiter at the same address. In 1858, Bryan(t) is a laborer at 305 Fourth Street, with Patrick and Simon at the same address. In 1859 Simon is now at 299 Fourth Street. The 1860 directory shows Simon as a painter boarding at 2 Fulton Street. 1861 thru 1972 has Simon living at 309 Fourth Street. In 1865, Simon's house has 2 Tracy families living in the Dorsey's house. Simon is now listed as 73 years old, an alien laborer from Ireland who cannot read or write. Honora is 55 years old, consistent with the previous state census and it says she had 8 children. Brian is listed as naturalized and married (no wife is listed in this family) while James is listed as an alien as is Ellen. Cornelius, his wife Mary and daughter Mary and son Dennis also live in this house. Is Cornelius a son or nephew to Simon?
CHILDREN:Samuel, Edward and Bridget appear as sponsors for Patrick's children.
CROSSING: abt Jan 1855 per 1855 census
DEATH: Obituary in the Troy Daily Times Feb 15th 1875. "In this city, Feb 15th, 1875, SIMON TRACY, in the 89th year of age. Funeral from the residence, 295 Fourth St, at 1pm. Wednesday. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend." I believe that Simon was living at the same address as Patrick, as this was Patrick's address in 1880. The NYS census does not list street addresses, and Simon had died by the taking of the census in 1875.


William Tr(e)ac(e)y & Margaret Kearn(e)s

Ellen b. 1 August 1865 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

Philip b. 11 June 1867 (LDS)

Margaret b. 16 June 1871 (LDS)

Catherine b. 11 July 1873 (LDS)


1. William Treacy (b. 1745 Glenbreedy d. 8 December 1797) m Honoria Tals Ryan 1779 Glenbreddy (LDS)

1.1. Denis b. 1780 Glenbreedy m. Margaret Ryan 1812 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

Denis Treacy

I have a Denis Treacy born 1780 in Glenbreedy, Tipperary. There are also several others named Denis that follow after him.

Lesley Anderson/nee Tracey, Australia LAnderson9725 22 Aug 2001

1.1.1 Patrick Treacy (b. 1813 Borrisoleigh d. 12 January 1869) m. Catherine Kenny 10 February 1834 (LDS)

Denis b. 20 November 1834 d. 1 October 1912 (LDS)

Johanna b. 3 October 1836 (LDS)

Martin b. 14 November 1838 d. 24 October 1916 (LDS)

Patrick b. 3 March 1841 d. 23 February 1904 (LDS)

Michael b. 17 September 1843 (LDS)

Patrick Treacy (b. 1814 d. 12 January 1869) m. Ann Ryan 1852 (LDS)

Mary b. 1854 (LDS)

My Treacys originated in Borrisoleigh, Tipperary. My GG Grandfather, Patrick, came to Australia in 1853/4/5, with his second wife Ann Ryan and the children from his first marriage to Cath Kenney. They settled around the Daylesford area of Victoria, Australia. Would love to hear from anyone with connections.
Lesley Anderson (nee Tracey) Lesley Anderson

1.1.2 Honor b. 1815 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.3 Michael b. 1818 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.4 Denis b. 1821 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.5 Denis b. 1823 Borrisoleigh (LDS)

1.1.6 Mary b. 1826 Borrisoleigh (LDS)


St. Mary’s RC Cemetary, USA

Flat stone

(added at top)  James Tracy d. Oct 25, 1873 aged 58

Erected by James Tracy in mem. of wife

Margaret who died Oct 25, 1857 aged 30

Their children

Margaret d. Dec 25, 1856

Bridget d. Mar 17, 1858 age 4 mos (sic)

Burrisoleagh (Borrisoleigh) Co. Tipperary Ireland


Treacy Family Gathering


On 5th July 2008 a reunion of three generations of the Treacy Clan (descendants of Martin and Nora, Fantane) was hosted by Willie and Geraldine in the ancestral home. A tented village was set up in the 'hurling field' to cater for all 122 people. Father Liam Everard P.P. opened the event by celebrating Mass.


A pig cooked on a 'spit' was quickly demolished as were several barbecued burgers and sausages. A chocolate fountain was greeted with delight by those with a sweet tooth.

Then came the sporting events (reminiscent of times past) - egg 'n spoon, sack races etc. The highlight was the over seventies race.


As darkness fell an oak tree was planted and and a plaque was laid to mark the event. Then it was on to the musical entertainment provided 'in house' and which continued to the small hours. Tunes were played, songs were sung and sets were danced. A once in a lifetime reunion. Buíochas le Dia.

Treacy family Borrisoleigh1

The Clan and Friends

Treacy family Borrisoleigh2












The Family

Gerard, Michael, Denis, Willie, Martin, Seamus and Pat

Mary, Anne, Nora, Teresa, Eileen, Josie and Peggy




 Bournea and Corbally



There was a family by the name of Treacy who lived on the edge of Clonakenny village. Their house was infested by a destructive kind of witch. This witch visited every night but could never be seen; her voice, though, could be heard high in the chimney. People from all parts used to come to the house just to hear her and she would have something to say about each visitor, no matter how far away they had come from. To the Treacy family she was most mischievous, moving things about and such like; there were many times when Mrs Treacy would put a cake of bread in on the griddle to bake only to find it moved into the middle of the floor of the kitchen.

One day the witch changed herself into a hare. A man from the district was out hunting and he rose the hare and he chased it but failed to kill it or catch it. That night he went to visit Treacy's and the voice from the chimney spoke down to him, 'You tried to kill me today but you failed'. Every evening the witch would tell her adventures of the day from the chimney to whoever was listening.

After many years of this a local priest, Fr Vaughan, managed to banish her from the house. The night before she left she said to the family that she would 'Have to go in the morning'. She was never heard in the house again.

Aideen McBride (2015) Tipperary Folk Tales. The History Press Ireland, Dublin


Griffiths Valuation Borrisnafarney Civil Parish 1851

Occupier/Surname, First, Townland, Page#, Map Ref#, Immediate Lessors, Description of Tenement

Michael Tracy, Cloncannon, 3, 13, Michael Gavan Esq, land

Michael Tracy, Cloncannon, 4, 27b, Michael Gavan Esq, house, office & land


Carey/Tracey Ancestry

My grandfather immigrated to eastern Niagara County, New York in 1863.  He traveled with his grandparents, Martin and Eliza (McDoole) Tracy (Tracey/Treacy).  His parents, Daniel and Bridget Tracy Carey (Keary) preceeded him in 1861/2. Based on information gathered from Griffiths Valuation, RC Church records and the Irish Family History Foundation, it appears that the families were members of the Roscrea and Cournaganeen (Bourney) RC parishes. It also appears that Daniel's parents could have been Daniel and Mary (Mahar) Carey/Keary.  It is possible that they had, at least two other children, Margaret Keary and Catherine Carey.

Any infor mation supporting/rejecting these conclusion is greatly appreciated.

John Carey, Helotes, TX

I am seeking information on Tracey family of Ballynough, Bourney, Tipperary, per 1851 Griffiths Valuation. Believe dau. Bridgit Tracy may have married Daniel Keary (Carey) about 1855. Both families emmigrated to New York 1863.

My grandfather, Jeremiah (Jerry) Carey, accompanied by his brothers, Martin and Michael, and grandparents, Martin and Eliza McDuell Tracy, came to the US in the Spring of 1863. His parents, Daniel and Bridget Tracy, traveled earlier, late 1862-early 1863. They settled in eastern Niagara County, New York. It is believed that they came from the Roscrea/Corbally/Bourney area of County Tipperary. Names on marriage and birth records (possible) use the various spellings above. Any information on family origins/ships manifests/US sponsors/life in Ireland/NY would be appreciated.

Contact @ J_P_carey - May 19, 2008  


Andrew Treacy & Eliza Hynes/Hines

Andrew b. 29 October 1869 Bourney (LDS)

James b. 25 Jul 1873 Bourney, Tipp, Ire (LDS SR)

Patrick b. 1 April 1875 (LDS)

William b. 3 December 1876 Skehana (LDS) Hines Templemore?


Denis Treacy & Margaret Fogarty

Ellen b. 15 January 1869 (LDS)

Michael b. 1 April 1870 (LDS)

Margaret b. 15 October 1872 (LDS)

Ann b. 12 October 1873 Bourney (LDS)

James Treacey b. 01 Feb 1875 Bourney, Tipp, Ire (LDS SR)


James Treacy & Margaret Fogarty

Catherine b. 21 November 1867 Bourney (LDS)


James Treacy & Nell Butler

I am looking for any relations of James Treacy from Clonakenny Co Tipp. He Married Nell (Eleanor) Butler from Cloughjordan and went to live in Cloughjordan Co Tipp.

Mick Johnson Dec 15, 2006
Butler from Cloughjordan Cloghjordan, Cloughjordan, Cloch Shiurdain County Tipperary
I am trying to trace my Grannys Family My Grannys Name is Nell(Eleanor) Butler she married a Jim(James) Treacy from Clonnakenny any help would be great thanks


James Treacy (b. 1890 Clonakenny, Co. Tipperary d. 31 December 1985 Thurles, Co. Tipperary) & Agnes Martin 1897-1963

o Denis

o Edward

o Paud

o Maud

o Seán

o James

o Peter & Rita Searson

o Seamus Martin

o Patrick Joseph & Anne Ita Ryan

o Oisín Peter

o Muireann Lucia

o Rían Patrick

o John Gerard & ? ?

o Naoise Hannah

o Monica & David McEntee

o Geraldine Mary & Hilary Walshe

o Brendan Peter

o Catherine Ann

o Paul Anthony

o Christopher

o Bridget


E Treacy, Private Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Age: 27 Date of Death: 29/11/1947 Service No: 6354185 Son of James and Agnes Treacy, of Conakenny, Co. Tipperary, Irish Republic.


Treacy of Bourney

1. 1829, May. James Tracy of Shanballyanagh listed in the Tithe Applotment

2. 1846, 20-Sep. Anne Kilmartin’s birth is recorded in the Couraganeen Parish Register (National Library Ireland, POS 2478).
Her father is listed as Anthony Kilmartin and her mother is listed as "Ar... Treacy”?  Sponsors of the newborn Anne are "New" Madden and Judy Riordan.
(NOTE- the hand writing was horrible!)
3. 1851. James Tracey of Shanballyanagh is listed in Griffiths Valuation
4. 1862, 13-Jul. "Jeremauh" Treacy is listed in the Couraganeen Parish Register (National Library Ireland, POS 2478) as a baptism sponsor of Bridget Sheedy.
5. 1879? Possible marriage year for John Tracey and Bridget Madden based on their daughter's (Katie) 11 Dec 1880 birth registration
6. 1880, 11-Dec. Katie Tracey is born. Her father is John Tracey and mother is Bridget Madden. Residence is "Summer Hill, Roscrea" and the name of the person who reported the birth is Elizabeth Bannon, she seems to be a midwife.

Ed Madden Dec 6 2009

John Treacy & Bridget Madden

Patrick b. 6 January 1872 (LDS)


Mary Treacy & Michael Mahon Cloghjordan, Cloughjordan, Cloch Shiurdain County Tipperary
Michael Mahon b`1847 married Mary Treacy in Clonakenny 1875. They had 10 children in Stoneyacre, Cloughjordan. My Paternal Grandmother Catherine 1879-1955 was one of their children. Have limited information on Michael and Mary.


Mary Tracey & John Mullally

I have Thomas Mullally born Clonakenny Tipperary 1860. His parents were John Mullally and Mary Tracey.
Thanks Regards Lesley Kennedy (nee Mullally) From New Zealand now living in Brisbane, Australia  LesleyKennedy52 12 Aug 2007


Martin Treacy & Bridget Treacy

Daniel b. 20 September 1869 Bourney (LDS)

Mary b. 7 May 1872 (LDS)

Mary b. 5 April 1875 (LDS)


Michael Treacy & Catherine Dwan

Bridget b. 30 June 1866 Bourney (LDS)


Michael Treacy & Anne Horan

Michael b. 27 February 1875 (LDS)

Margaret b. 20 May 1877 Cloncannon (LDS)

Patrick b. 12 May 1878 Cloncannon (LDS)

Anne b. 28 June 1880 Bourney (LDS)


Borrisafarney Co. Tipperary, National School Registers

Michael Treacey, Register number 88, page 2, entered 14 Nov 1881, age 5, RC, lives Cloncannon, farmers son, 1st 69 days 1.6, 2nd 100 days 2.6, to page 26 age 8 [attendance to 31.5.88]

Patrick Treacy, Register 110, page 27, entered 5 May 1884, age 8, RC, lives Cloncannon, farmers son, from 1st class Casteily school Tipp [attendance to 31.5.96]

Wm Treacy, Register 116, page 2, entered 11 July 1888, age 6, RC, Cloncannon, farmers son, 1st 102 days, to page 30 age 7 [attendance to 31.5.96]

Thos Treacy, Register 148, page 3, entered 21 Sept 1893, age 6, RC, Cloncannon, farmers son, 1st 107 days, 2nd 107 days, to page 36 age 8 [attendance to 31.5.02]

Tomas O Treasaigh, Register 214, page 50

Johana Treacy, register 49, page 15, entered 20 July 1873, age 7, RC, lives Bossisofarney, labourers daughter, from 2nd class Garranfrena school Tip [attendance to 31.10.75 then absent]

Margaret Treacy, register 103, page 2, entered 23 April 1883, age 7, RC, Cloncannon, farmers daughter, 3rd 16 days, to page 27 age 7, [attendance to 31.5.88]

Mary Treacy, register 108, page 2, entered 7 July 1884, age 5, RC, Cloncannon, farmers daughter, 1st 32 days, 2nd 99 days to page 31 age 7 [attendance to 31.5.88]

Annie Treacy, register 117, page 2, entered 24 May 1886, age 4, RC, Cloncannon, farmers daughter, 1st 2 days, 2nd 115 days, 3rd 1 day, to page 34 age 5 [attendance to 31.5.95] to page 41 entrance 24.9.96, age 14 [attendance to 31.5.96 struck off 6.3.97]


Michael Treacey & Eliza Stapleton

Stephen b. 26 Dec 1871 Bourney, Tipp, Ire (LDS SR)


1. Patrick Treacy & Margaret Delahunty

1.1. Michael Treacy (b. 1839  d. 1899, Templemore Cemetery ) m. Mary Reid (b. 1845 d. 1904 Templemore Cemetery) daughter of James Reid & Elizabeth Kennedy

1.1.1. Patrick Treacy (b. 1871 Gortnaduma, near Clonnykenny [Gortnadumagh Bourney], North Tipperary d. Templemore Cemetery) m. Annie Kennedy (b. 1880 Primatestown, County Meath d. Templemore Cemetery) on the 1902 Callan, Co. Kilkenny.


Better known as: Pat - The Sceach Trassies

Burial: Templemore Burial Ground

Residence: 1902, 18, Aberdeen St., Infirmary Rd, Dublin 7 Michael Treacy (b. June 29, 1903, Dublin; d. November 19, 1966, Dublin)  m. Brigid Mary Smyth (; b. June 16, 1910, 25, Harolds Cross, Dublin 6  d. April 1, 1988, Wexford County Hospital, Wexford, Burial: April 5, 1988, Glasnevin Cemetery  Patrick Treacy  b. 1905. Edward Treacy b. 1907  Blaise Treacy (b. 1935) m. Imelda Laverty


Appointment: 1973, Town Clerk Carlow UDC

Education: St Joseph's Academy Kildare.

November 2010 Elected members [Wicklow CC] extended a vote of sympathy of the families of the late Ms. Imelda Tracey, wife of Mr. Blaise Treacy, former Wicklow County Manager

March 2011 Elected members [Wicklow CC] extended a vote of sympathy to the families of the late Mr. Thomas Treacy, brother of Mr. Blaise Treacy, former County Manager... Mary Treacy  b. 1908 Francis Treacy b. 1910 William Treacy b. 1913 d. 1966) Margaret (Peggy) Treacy (b. 1914; d. 1971) Postmistress, Infirmary Rd  1940's.

Padraic Ingoldsby 9 July 2011-07-09

Ossory, Ferns & Leighlin Marriage Licence Bonds 1691-1845

Patrick Tracy & Susanna Delahunte 1827 (Marriage Licence Bond)

Michael Treacy & Mary Reid/Reed

Patrick, 27 January 1868 (LDS) (?Roscrea 1868 3 666)

Margaret, 29.12.1873, Tipperary (?Roscrea 1874 3 654)

1901 Census

Patrick Treacy [Freacy], 30, M, 25.4 Ellis's Quay, Arran Quay, Dublin, Tram Driver, R C, Boarder, Not Married, Tipperary

1911 Census 

Patrick, Treacy, 18.2 Aberdeen St., 40, M, Arran Quay Dublin, Motorman DUT Co (b. Tipperary)

Annie, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 31, F, Arran Quay Dublin

Michael, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 8, M, Arran Quay Dublin

Patrick, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 6, M, Arran Quay Dublin

Edward, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 4, M, Arran Quay Dublin

Mary Mary, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 3, F, Arran Quay Dublin

Frances, Treacy, Aberdeen St., 1, F, Arran Quay Dublin


Patrick Treacy & Susan(a) Dudley

Patrick b. 21 October 1876 Clonakemmy (LDS)

Susan b. 31 October 1878 (LDS)

Bridget b. 13 December 1880 Clonakenny (LDS)


Patrick Treacy & Jane McDonnell

Michael b. 3 July 1865 Bourney (LDS)

Denis b. 28 October 1867 (LDS)


Thomas Treacy & Peggy Moylan/Margaret Moynan

Andrew b. 29 August 1865 Bourney (LDS) Moynan

Michael b. 13 May 1868 (LDS)


Timothy Tracy

My great grandfather was named John. He died aged 75 in 1897 in Boulrea, Bourney, Co. Tipperary. I have seen the valuation records for the farm where he was living up to the time of his death. The recorded tennant at the time of his death was Margaret Treacy, who may have been the widow of the previous tennant Jeremiah (Jer) Treacy who died in 1873 aged 51. I think Jer and John may have been brothers. The tennant before Jer was Mary Treacy, possibly their mother. Tithe Applotment book for the area show that in 1829 the tennant was Timothy Tracy, possibly their father. This Timothy might be of the same generation as your Dennis.
My grandfather, John Treacy, had a brother Tim who emigrated to the USA, probably in the 1880/90's. My grandfather was the only sibling who stayed in Ireland. There were a total of 7 siblings in the family, 4 sisters and 3 brothers, all of whom, except John, went to USA. All had children, although one line has died out now. I believe Tim snr lived in Calhoun County. He had a son also Tim, probably born around 1892. Tim senior died around the time his son was born. I believe his widow returned to her family (farm?) and may have remarried. Tim junior lived in Flint and was in the dry goods business around 1927. It appears that Timothy (the one who married in USA in 1890) was an eldest son. It is likely therefore that he was named after his paternal grandfather.

The name Dennis Treacy appears regularly in that part of Tipperary. I do not know if any of the Dennis Treacy's is a realtive.
In Ireland in earlier years Treacy and Tracy seemed to be pretty much interchangable. In the USA it seems that some Treacys Americanised the spelling of the name to Tracy.
John John Treacy 27 Oct 2000



1937-8 Schools’ Manuscript Collection

My Home District - Essay by Maude Treacy, Corriga, Bournea

UCD School of Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore and Linguistics









1841 Eleanor to Australia

Michael Tracy, 36, Caher, husband (parents: "deceased")

Bridget Tracy, 26, Caher, wife (parents: not given - Ryan connection ??) Baptism Cert.

Michael Tracy, 10, son

John, Tracy, 6, son

Catherine Ryan, 23, Caher (parents: Dennis/Margaret Sullivan F dead) Baptism certified. Protected by Michael Tracy & wife


 Cappawhite (see also Limerick)


Surname Researchers



ca 1845 CAN>So Franklin Co NY

Lorraine D Eachus


James Tracy b. abt 1785 Cappawhite Limerick (LDS)


Margt Tracy married Conr Maher, farmer, 15 Apr 1804 Wit: John Tracy & Darby Ma Cappawhite Parish

Margt Tracy/Treacy & Cons/Conr/Connor Maher/Meagher

Brigt Maher b. 29 Jan 1816 Sp. Jno Buckly & Mary Maher Cappawhite Parish

Cath Maher b. 19 Oct 1818 Sp. Wm Buckly & Bridgt Treacy Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Maher b. 24 Feb 1822 Sp. Michl Baragny & Kitty Mone Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Maher b. 21 Mar 1822 Sp. Michl Beragry & Kitty Moore Cappawhite Parish

Sally Meagher b. 19 Jun 1825 of Garrytian Sp. Tim Meagher & Mary Crowe Cappawhite Parish

Mary Meagher b. 30 Jan 1830 of Garryfian Sp. Js Hickey & Mary Meagher Cappawhite Parish


Jno Tracy, farmer, married Margt Fitzgerald 26 Feb 1805 Wit: Th Bourke & Jno Moor Cappawhite Parish

James Treacy & Margt Fitzgerald

Jno Treacy b. 23 Jun 1816 Sp. Connor Shanahan & B Kennedy Cappawhite Parish


Ricd Tracy, farr, married Margt Burke 2 Feb 1809 Wit: Micl Burke & Jm Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy married Wm Joyce, farmr, 5 Feb 1812 Wit: Tomy Treacy & Phil Fahy Cappawhite Parish


Pat Treacy, farmr, married Mary Ryan 9 Feb 1812 Wit: Emd Ryan & Micl Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy married Tim Ryan, farmr, 10 Feb 1812 Wit: Wm Ryan & Phil Leahy Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy married Jno English, labr, 21 Feb 1814 Wit: Sam Bany & Tom Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy married Jno Ryan, far, Aug 1814 Wit: Danl Neill & Jn Webb Cappawhite Parish


Judith Treacy married Din Dwyer, labr, 22 Jul 1815 Wit: Wm Webb & Judy McKnight Cappawhite Parish [Treacy betwwen Dwyer and Webb crossed out]

Judith/Judy Tracy/Treasy/Tracey/Trassy & Denis/Dennis Dwyer

Margaret Dwyer b. 19 May 1816 Sp. Peter & Margt Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Ewd Dwyer b. 13 Jul 1817 Sp. Cath & Jno Kennedy Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Dwyer b. 22 Sep 1821 of Ayle Sp. John Hayes & Mary Ryan Cappawhite Parish

John Dwyer b. 30 Sep 1822 of Ayle Sp.Jm Russell & Margt Harden Cappawhite Parish

Kate Dwyer b. 2 May 1825 of Ayle Sp. Peter Tracy & Margt Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Thomas Dwyer b. 30 May 1829 of Ayle Sp. Andy Trassy & Nory Brien Cappawhite Parish


James Tracy m. Bridget Neil abt 1813 Cappagh White (LDS)

Jams Tracy & Bridgt Neil

Timy Tracy b. 18 Nov 1815 Sp. Morgan Neil & Margt Tracy Cappawhite Parish (LDS)

Thmis Treacy b. 1 Mar 1818 Sp. Wm Foy & Cath Neill Cappawhite Parish

Patt Tracy b. 21 Oct 1822 of Kilbeg Sp. Phile Fahy & Norry Fahy Cappawhite Parish (LDS)


James Tracy & Bridgt Brien

Thomas Tracy b. 12 Dec 1815 Sp. Hugh Byrne & Margt Burke Cappawhite Parish


Mary/Hanora Treacy & Micl Hanly

Hanna Hanly b. 21 Apr 1816 Micl Brokly & Julia Hanly Cappawhite Parish

Julia Hanly b. 13 Apr 1819 Sp. Thms Dwyer & Jean Hanly Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Hanly b. 9 Sep 1821 Sp. Biddy Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Judy Hanly b. 29 Nov 1827 Sp. Michl & Judy English Cappawhite Parish


Peter Treacy married Ellen Ryan Feb 1816 Wit: Jms Ryan & Miss Carroll Cappawhite Parish

Peter Tracy & Nelly/Elen Ryan

Andrew Tracy b. 29 Jan 1817 Sp. Jno Ryan & Ellen Treacy Cappawhite Parish

Narry Tracy b. 29 Sep 1819 of Carnahalla [Cahernahallia] Sp. Larry McKnight & Peg Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Peter Tr(e)acy Cappawhite Parish

1. Peter Tracy (1800 -) & Ellen Ryan (1800 -)

1.1 Andrew Tracy (1817 Cappawhite – 1867) & Bridget Ryan (1822 – 1906)

1.1.1 Baby Tracy

1.1.2 Peter Albert Tracy (1850 – 1917) & Anna Elizabeth McKillip (1853 – 1911) Andrew J. Tracy (1877 – 1919) & Alice McGinnis (1884 -) Archibald H. Tracy (1879 – 1944) & Margaret Hogan AnnJane Tracy (1880 – 1963) Hanorah Tracy (1882 -) Albert Francis Tracy (1884 – 1966) & Katherine Edwards (1885 -) Margaret Mary Tracy (1886 – 1930) Lucy Evelyn Tracy (1888 – 1970) & Alexandre Bertrand Henrietta Agnes Tracy (1891 – 1979) Cora Helen Tracy (1894 – 1981) & Daniel James McCarty

1.1.3 Ellen Tracy (1851 – 1932) & Patrick J. O'Neil (1851 – 1909)

1.1.4 William Andrew Tracy (1854 – 1922) & Helen Cecily McKillip (1856 – 1928) William Andrew Tracy (1885 – 1898) Mary Elizabeth Tracy (1886 – 1956) & Austin Short (?- 1959) Frances Tracy (1888 – 1892) Ann Jane Tracy (1889 – 1889) Edgar Archibald Tracy (1892 – 1966) & Marion King (1906 – 1979) Leanore Tracy (1895 – 1982) Anna C. Tracy (1897 -) & Albert D. Rasmussen (1899 – 1989) Ruth Helene Tracy 1901 – 1980 & Lawrence Meron (1902 – 1971)

1.1.5 Hanorah Tracy (1856 – 1880) & Charles Arthur Finnegan (1852 – 1932) Mary Jane Finnegan 1878 – 1956 & George Lavallee (1872 – 1924) Kathrine E. Finnegan (1880 – 1974) & John Morrison Waterhouse (1881 – 1970)

1.1.6 Jane Tracy (1859 – 1870)

1.2 Mary Tracy (1819 Cappawhite -)

1.3 Hanorah Tracy (1830 Cappawhite – 1863) & John D. Wallace (1824 – 1902) (2nd Wife of John D. Wallace: Mary Ann Finnegan (1840 – 1913))

1.3.1 John Wallace (1849 -)

1.3.2 James Wallace (1851 -)

1.3.3 Ellen Wallace (1853 -)

1.3.4 James T. Wallace (1855 – 1872)

1.3.5 Mary Wallace (1857 -)

1.3.6 Peter Wallace (1860 -)

1.3.7 Thomas Wallace (1863 -) & Mary A. (1862 -) Howard F. Wallace (1901 -)

Mary Tr(e)acy's probable place of birth was Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary, Ireland and was born to parents, Peter Tracy/Treacy and Ellen Ryan. She probably emigrated before 1846 with her siblings, Andrew Tracy and Hanorah (Tracy) Wallace to the Keeseville/Plattsburgh, NY, USA area. Her siblings later settled in Franklin Falls, Franklin Co., NY, USA. I would imagine that she would have settled in northern New York state and would like to find her extended family, if one exists.

L.Eachus or Lorraine Dewey Eachus February 22, 2003


St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Cemetery, Franklin, Franklin County, New York

Andrew Tracey died Dec. 8, 1867 Native of Cappawhite Tipperary, Ireland
Janie Dau of Andrew & Bridget Tracey died Sept. 8, 1870 age 11 yrs

Bridget Wife of Andrew Tracy Died Dec. 26, 1906 AE 90 Yrs.


Nora Daughter of Peter & Annie Tracy Died Jun. 29, 1885  AE 2 Yrs. 11 Mos. & 14 D's.


Ann J. died 1889 Daughter of William & Helen Tracey

Fanny died May 14, 1892 age 4 yrs Beloved Dau of Willian & Helen Tracey

William Son of William & Helen Tracey 1885 – 1898


by Lorraine Dewey Eachus 24 Jun 2002
I grew up in the Tipperary Hill Irish section of Syracuse, New York, USA and attended a Roman Catholic school named St. Patrick's. All the time I went to school I never felt completely Irish with a last name of DEWEY. Little did I know that the search into my family background would show how wrong I was.
I knew that my grandmother had an O'NEIL father and a TRACY mother but knew nothing of where they came from. My grandfather was DEWEY and that's all I knew of them. The only additional information that I had was that they both came from a specific area in northern New York State.
Most of my initial research involved searching the U.S. Federal Census records. That got me back to my grandmother's parents. Two cemeteries in this area filled in the remainder of my relatives on both sides of my grandparents back to their grandparents. A distant O'NEIL cousin was the caretaker of one of the cemeteries and he knew where the second cemetery was and agreed to take me and several cousins to both of these places. Each cemetery contained one generation.
The Irish Potato Famine drove all of my great-great-grandparents to the USA prior to 1850. I knew from a photo that the first TRACY, Andrew, emigrated from Cappawhite, Tipperary Co., Ireland sometime before 1850 -- it was inscribed on his stone. An Internet site indicated that the first O'NEIL, Patrick, came from a place called Capauline, Ireland -- a place that did not exist. A genealogy group had transcribed the stone the best they could, but looking at it, it was immediately evident -- it was chiseled "Cappawhie." It also had to be Cappawhite -- the stone cutter ran out of room and left the "T" out. The DEWEY stone in the same cemetery showed my grandfather's grandparents, Martin and Catherine DEWEY. On the side of the stone were her parents, Cornelius and Mary RYAN, also from Cappawhite. All three lines came from the same parish in Ireland.
What also became interesting about these three lines of my family is that Andrew TRACY had married a Bridget RYAN – and my grandparents looked so much alike in an early picture that I feel that this Bridget may have been a sister to my great-great-grandmother, Catherine RYAN DEWEY. There were other interesting marriages that occurred among the families – the gene pool was very limited in that area.
The last line was the maternal grandparents of my grandfather. Through death certificates, I found they were Patrick and Susan GAFFNEY, both Irish immigrants also prior to 1850.
The result of all this is that I learned I was very, very Irish.
In the midst of researching all this, I found another DEWEY line that I think was descended from who I believe to be Martin DEWEY's brother (who married an Elizabeth RYAN -could it be another sister?). I also reconnected with the lost TRACY line through phone calls to TRACY homes in So. Glens Falls, Saratoga County, New York. One woman I contacted first told me she used to live in Syracuse and asked if I knew a lady named Bobbie Eachus; that she had lived and raised her children about four
doors away from her 30 years earlier. She was referring to my mother-in-law, who was visiting me in Georgia, about 1000 miles away from this TRACY relative. They conversed about people they remembered from their old neighborhood. Very strange. "Twilight Zone" strange. One of her sons lives across the street from my
sister and is a business associate of one of my cousins. Very strange again.
I have also connected with several other people on the Internet who are researching lines from the same area of northern New York State, with two of whom I keep in regular contact. One has a great-great-grandmother who was a sister to two other women that married the two sons of Andrew TRACY.
"Even worse than a storm or a riot,
is a big bunch of kids who are suddenly quiet."


Andw Treacy & Mary Tuohey/Toohy

Margt Treacy b. 15 Jul 1816 Sp. Anthony & Catr Rennahen Cappawhite Parish

Andrew Treacy b. 26 Feb 1818 Sp. Pat & Mary Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Wm Trecy & Bridget Ryan

Thomas Tracy b. 15 Aug 1816 Sp. Mane McGrath & Sara Poudklers Cappawhite Parish


Tom Trasy & Mary Fitzgibbons

Wm Trasy b. 16 Mar 1817 Sp. Hugh Bryan? & Mary Fose? Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy & Jms Bradshaw

William Bradshaw b. 12 Apr 1818 Sp. Mary Keyes Cappawhite Parish


Thms Treacy married Brigt O'Neill 7 Jun 1819 Wit: Timy Treacy & Jms O'Neill Cappawhite Parish

Ths/Thomas Tracy/Trassy & Bridgt Neil

Tim Tracy b. 10 Jun 1820 Sp. James Ryan & Kit Neil Cappawhite Parish

John Tracy b. 8 Jul 1822 Sp. Patt Neil & Mary Neile Cappawhite Parish

Mary Tracy b. 25 Jan 1824 of Monevane [Moanvaun] Sp. Martin Ryan & Bridgt Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Winny Trassy b. 3 Apr 1830 of Monevane  Sp. Denis & Anne Ryan Cappawhite Parish

James Tracy b. 5 Oct 1832 of Kilmore Sp. Thos Keating & Mary Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Ellen Tracy b. 20 Apr 1835 of Kilmore Sp. Philip Neil & Anne Ryan Cappawhite Parish

Patrick Tracy b. 1 Sep 1837 of Kilmore Sp. Thomas Todd & Mary Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Thomas Treacy of Cappawhite (LDS Ancestoral file)

1. Thomas Treacy (b. abt. 1800) married Bridget Neil abt 1818 Cappagh White Tipperary

1.1 Timothy Treacy c. 10th June 1820, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary OR Doon, Co. Limerick m. Mary Stokes 26 February 1843 Doon Limerick (Tim Trassy (or Tom Tracey) (b. abt 1817 or 1820) married Mary Stokes (b. abt 1821) about 1842) (LDS)

James Treacy c. 29 December 1843 Doon Limerick d. 1888 (LDS)

Catherine Treacy c. 30 September 1845 Doon Limerick (LDS)

Bridget Treacy c. 6 September 1847 Doon Limerick (LDS)

Timothy Treacy b. abt 1855 (LDS)

William Trassy b. 17th August 1852 Cloonlusk, Doon, Limerick (LDS)

Stephen Trassy  (b. 7th May 1857 Clonlusk, Doon, Limerick d. 11 January 1937 Randall Morrison MN) m. Mary A McCarthy 30 October 1888 Marysburg Le Sueur MN (LDS)

Mary Trassy b. 15th May 1859 Cloonlusk Doon RC, Limerick (LDS)

Patrick c. 14 May 1863 Doon Limerick (LDS)

Mary b. 15 October 1865 Cappagh District Tipperary OR c. 4 October 1865 Doon (LDS)

John b. 25 May 1868 Tipperary OR c. 17 May 1868 Doon Limerick (LDS)

1.2 John Treacy c. 8th July 1822, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.3 Mary Treacy c. 25th January 1824, Moanvaun, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.4 Thomas Treacy c. 12th June 1826, Moanvaun, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.5 Patrick Treacy c. 20th September 1828, Cappawhite, Co. Timpperary

1.6 Winny Treacy c. 3rd April 1830, Moanvaun, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.7 Ellen Treacy c. 20th April 1835, Kilmore, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.8 Patrick Treacy c. 1st September 1837, Kilmore, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary

1.9 Bridget Treacy c. 3rd March 1840, Kilmore, Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary


Berkshire (Tipperary) London/Plymouth to Sydney, New South Wales  or Moreton Bay, Queensland 1841

Thomas Tracey, 39, Cappawhite, husband, (parents: Timothy (farmer) & Mary, b. Jan 11th, 1802, Baptism certified)

Bridget Tracey, 35, Cappawhite, wife, (parents Patrick ??? (land steward) & Winifred Neale Baptism certified)

Timothy Tracey, 19, Cappawhite, son

Mary Tracy, 16, Cappawhite, daughter

Thomas Tracey, 14, Cappawhite, son

James Tracey, 7.5

Ellen Tracey, 4.5

Bridget Tracey, 9 mths


1. Thomas Tracey, son of Timothy Tracey and Mary, was born circa 1800 in Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Thomas married Bridget O'Neill circa 1820 in Tipperary, Ireland, daughter of Patrick O'Neill and Winifred Lacy. Bridget was born circa 1796 in Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, died on January 20, 1872 in Kydra near Nimmitabel, NSW1 at age 76, and was buried in Cooma, NSW.

Notes: Thomas and Bridget and five children departed from London/Plymouth on 20 Nov 1840 on the Berkshire. They were assisted passengers and were sponsored by Nicholas James and Company. They reached Sydney on 13 Mar 1841 after a voyage of 113 days. Mary Tracey was listed separately as an unmarried female immigrant. She was described as the daughter of Thomas, on board, and Bridget

More about Thomas:

• Occupation: Farm labourer.

• Religion: Catholic.

• He immigrated to Australia with family on the vessel "Berkshire" arriving Sydney March 13, 1841.

• Literate: could read and write.

More about Bridget:

• Occupation: Farm servant.

• Religion: Catholic.

• She immigrated to Australia with family on the vessel "Berkshire" arriving Sydney March 13, 1841.
Children from this marriage were:

   M    i. Timothy Tracey was born in 1820 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised on June 10, 1820 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland.

   M    ii. John Tracey was born in 1822 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised on July 8, 1822 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland.

   2 F    iii. Mary Tracey was born in 1824 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, was baptised on January 25, 1824 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, died on July 20, 1901 in Botany, NSW2 at age 77, and was buried in Waverley Cemetery, NSW Catholic section.

   3 M    iv. Thomas Tracey was born in 1826 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, was baptised on June 12, 1826 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, and died on September 25, 1915 in Newtown, NSW3 at age 89.

   M    v. Patrick Tracey was born in 1828 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised on September 20, 1828 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland.

   F    vi. Winifred Tracey was born in 1830 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised on April 3, 1830 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland. Another name for Winifred was Winnie.

   4 M    vii. James Tracey was born in September 1833 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, died on January 15, 1920 in Numeralla, NSW4 at age 86, and was buried on January 17, 1920 in Mittagang Cemetery, Cooma, NSW Grave 220a.

   5 F    viii. Ellen Tracey was born in 1835 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, was baptised on April 20, 1835 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, died on May 17, 1911 in Nimmitabel, NSW5 at age 76, and was buried in Nimmitabel Cemetery, NSW Grave 139b.

   M    ix. Patrick Tracey was born in 1837 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland and was baptised on September 1, 1837 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland.

   6 F    x. Bridget Tracey was born in 1840 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, was baptised on March 3, 1840 in Moanvaun, Cappawhite, County Tipperary, Ireland, died on September 2, 1877 in Summerill near Cooma, NSW6 at age 37, and was buried in Mittagang Cemetery, Cooma, NSW.


Thomas Tracey (born in 1786 - Tipperary, Ireland Died 9 January 1846 - Berridale, NSW , age at death: 60 years old) Married in 1820, Tipperary, to Bridget O'Neill 1796-1872

Timothy Tracey 1820-1907

John Tracey 1822-/1922

Mary Tracey 1824-1901

Thomas Treacy Tracey 1826-1915

Patrick Tracey 1828-/1928

Winifred Tracey 1830-/1930

James Tracey 1833-1920

Ellen Tracey 1835-1911

Patrick Tracey 1837-/1937

Ellen Bridget Tracey 1840-1877



Thms Tracy [Tecuy?] married Margt Baragry [Barafry?] Feb 1820 Wit: Wn Tecuy? & Wm Barafry? Cappawhite Parish


Judy Treacy married Jms Hamersly Feb 1820 Wit: Jms Hamersly & Tim Treacy Cappawhite Parish

Judy Tracy/Trassy & Js/James Hamersley

Mary Hamersley b. 5 Feb 1821 Sp. Js English & Mary Ryan Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Hamersly b. 5 Dec 1822 of K Sp. Wm Hamersly & Nelly Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Mary Hammersly b. 25 Jan 1824 of Carnahalla [Cahernahallia] Sp. Patt Ryan & Mary Joy Cappawhite Parish

Norry Hamersly b. 15 Apr 1824 of Toome Sp. Richd Devan & Nancy Reddin Cappawhite Parish

Laurence Hamersly b. 6 Aug 1825 of Toome Sp. Matt Hamersly & Kitty Tracy Cappawhite Parish

Matt Hamersly b. 18 Jul 1829 of Moher Sp. Tom & Judy Ryan Cappawhite Parish

James Hamersly b. 3 Jun 1832 of Moher Sp. Tim & Biddy Trassy Cappawhite Parish

Tim Hamersly b. 17 Aug 1834 of Moher Sp. Patt Crotty & Mary Kennedy Cappawhite Parish

Judith Hamersley b. 7 May 1840 of Moher Sp. Michl Doyle & Ellen Ryan Cappawhite Parish

Bridget Hamersly b. 14 Apr 1842 of Moher Sp. Mathew Hamersly & Ellen Gohpey? Cappawhite Parish


Mary Tracy & Js Flinne

Mary Flinne b. 14 Jun 1821 of Cappa Illegimate Sp. John Kennedy & Mary Hourigan Cappawhite Parish


William Buckley & Honor Hammersly

Briget b. 20/2/1822 Sp. Patrick Buckley & Judy Tracy


Margt Tracy married Mathew Hamersly 2 Feb 1824 Wit: John? Tracy, Js Tracy & May Hamersly Cappawhite Parish


Tom Tracy & Margt Fitzpatrick

Margaret Tracy b. 10 Nov 1824 of Ayle Sp. Danl Ryan & Mary Dwyer Cappawhite Parish



Js Tracy married Mary Mocler 14 Feb 1825 Wit: Tim Tracy & Wm Mocler Cappawhite Parish

Js Tracy & Mary Moder/Mocler

Kitty Tracy b. 9 Mar 1826 of Philipstown [Philipston Donohill] Sp. Thomas Tracy & Margt Stundun Cappawhite Parish

Ellen Trassy b. 17 Jan 1829 of Gurtnadrum Sp. Js Mocler & Biddy Trassy Cappawhite Parish

Judy Tracy b. 2 Nov 1831 of Gurtnadrum Sp. Edmd Dundun & Margt Keefe Cappawhite Parish

William Tracy b. 29 Jul 1833 of Gurtdrum Sp. Tim Tracy & Mary Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Not sure if you are still looking for information on Timothy Treacy and Margaret McGrath of Cappawhite area. I believe I have some information and may be a very distant relative to your Timothy and his son Thomas. In the cappawhite birth records, Thomas is listed as living in Gurtadrum. After.much research I have found that Gurtnadrum is Phillipston. In the Tithe Allot. records of 1826, living near each orther were William Mockler and his wife Mary Treacy, James Treacy and his wife Mary Mockler and Timothy Treacy and his wife Mary McGrath. My ancestors were the Mocklers, and I believe James and Timothy Treacy were brothers. I have in my possession a letter from Rev. Father James Power Treacy from1942 to my ggrandfather Richard Mockler in the US. The Rev explains that his grandmother was Mary Mockler married to James Treacy. As I have researched my Mockler Family, the Treacy's have been interwined, If any of this is of interest please contact me at

JanetJackson1960 08-09-2014


Richard Trassy married Catherine Power 20 Jul 1865 Wit: Patrick Trassy & Margaret Quinlan. Cappawhite Parish

Richard Trasey/Treacy/Tracey (shopkeeper) & Kate/Catharine Power

Mary Trasey b. 9 Sept 1866 Sp. Mathews Hammusly & Mary Power Cappawhite Parish (6 Sept LDS)

James Treacy b. 15 May 1868 of Cappawhite Sp. Patrick Treacy & Maria Mockler Cappawhite Parish (13 May LDS)

Brigid Treacy b. 16 May 1870 of Cappa Sp. Richard Gleeson & Margaret Quinlan Cappawhite Parish

Richard Treacy b. 14 Feb 1872 of Cappawhite Sp. James Treacy & Johanna Ryan Cappawhite Parish (Note: married Josephine Delaney 20 Dec 1924? St Michaels Church Tipperary)

Bridget Treacy b. 17 Mar 1874 of Cappawhite Sp. James Hammusly & Hanora Mockler Cappawhite Parish (16 March LDS)

Catherine Tracey b. 20 Sep 1876 of Cappawhite Sp. Edmond Ryan & Mary Hammusly Cappawhite Parish


Rev. James Power Treacy (1868-1946)

James Power Treacy, RR Rev, MGR, Clergyman and Editor of 161 Annette St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was born 13 May 1868, in Cappawhite Co. Tipperary. He was educated at St. Vincent's College, Castleknock, County Dublin; also at the Royal University, Dublin, from which he received the gold medal scientia et religione; in 1888 he went to Rome to the Canadian College for a special course in Philosophy; remained there until 1893; studied under Lorenzelli and Sbarretti, and in 1889 received the degree of Ph.D. from the Academy of St. Thomas; studied theology under the late Cardinal Satolli and was ordained in 1892; and in 1893 took the degree of S.T.D. He was pastor of St. Patrick's Church from 1894-1913. He was rector of St. Patrick's Church, Dixie, Ontario, Canada 1904; and served as one of the official secretaries to the first Plenary Council of Canada in 1909; also theologian at Council. In 1913 was appointed parish priest of St. Cecilia's Church, Toronto; He contributed editorial articles to the Catholic Register, Toronto, and to other religious and secular papers in Canada; is editor of the Question Box on Catholic Register, Toronto, and has written for various magazines in the United States and Canada. In 1895 Father Treacy accompanied the late Archbishop Walsh of Toronto, to Europe and traveled extensively in Great Britain, Ireland and the continent. In 1907 he returned to Rome, had a private audience with Pope Pius X, also with Cardinal Merry Del Val and Cardinal Satolli, visited Naples, Vesuvius, Loretto, London, France and his family home in Ireland. He died in Toronto, Canada Nov 23, 1946.

Builders of Our Nation United States 1915, Page 773

Cowley Burnand, Francis (1935) The Catholic Who's who and Yearbook - Page 498

Herringshaw's American Blue-book of Biography: Prominent Americans of Thomas William Herringshaw, American Publishers' Association - United States – 1915 Page 1133

Pratt, James Bissett (1916) One thousand American men of mark today. American Men of Mark, Chicago

Row BB, St. James Cemetery, Adjala Tp, Simcoe Co, Ontario, Canada






His brother, Dr Richard Treacy, of Tipperary Town, and British Army WW1.


Army Record

Richard Joseph Treacy/Treacey, No. 15292 Royal Irish Rifles, of Cappawhite Tipperary, 34 years, student in medicine, has resided out of fathers house for three years, served about 2 months in Queens R Rifles Volunteers, dated 15 Sept 1914 Tipperary, discharged not being likely to become an efficient soldier 16.11.14 Pvt 63 days, Discharged under para 392 (iii)(c) Kings regulations [Recruit within three months of enlistment considered unfit for service] Hallux valgus [bunion], 5'7.5", 142 lbs, 35.5" +/- 2" chest, good physical development, vacinated 1908-9 1 right arm 2 ledt arm, good vison, Next of kin 1) Brother Dr J.P. Treacy, St Cecilias Church Toronto Canada 2) Sister Mrs JJ Ryan Worastigh? Tipperary


Timy/Tim/Timothy Trassy/Tracy & Margt/Margaret McGrath

Mary Trassy b. 28 Jul 1830 of Gurtnadrum Sp. Timy Trassy & Judy Kennedy Cappawhite Parish

Nelly Tracy b. 10 Dec 1832 of Kilbeg Sp. Tim Tracy & Mary Stapleton Cappawhite Parish

James Tracy b. 4 Feb 1835 of Gurtnadrum Sp.  Mich English & Mary Hamersly Cappawhite Parish

Thomas Trassy b. 27 Mar 1842 of Gurtnadrum Sp. Thos Trassy & Mary English Cappawhite Parish

Catherine Trassy b. 26 Apr 1844 of Gurtnadr? Sp. Thos Trassy & Catherina? Trassy Cappawhite Parish

Denis Trassy b. 26 Apr 1844 of Gurtnadr? Sp. Michael English & Mary McGrath Cappawhite Parish

John Tracey b. 18 Sep 1846 Sp. Thomas Tracy & Mary Moklers? Cappawhite Parish


Timothy Treacy & Margaret

I am researching the family of Thomas Treacy born1842 at Cappawhite County Tipperary Ireland.
His father was Timothy and his mother Margaret and he migrated to Australia.

LizPritchard60 02-22-2013


Mary Tracy & Js Keogh

Grace Keogh of Solohead illehimate b. 7 Dec 1831 Sp. Betty Bourke Cappawhite Parish


John Phelan & Catherine Storeman

Mary b. 1/3/1839 Crossayle Cappawhite Sp. John Trassy & Norry Hogan


Mary Tracy married Denis Dwyer 24 Nov 1831 Wit: Philip Dwyer & Mary Bohen Cappawhite Parish

Mary Trassy & Michl Dwyer

Denis Dwyer b. 25 Nov 1839 of Ayle Sp. John Dwyer & Catherine Donahough Cappawhite Parish


Kitty Trassy married Patt power, of Kilbeg, 17 Apr 1831 Wit: Margt Trassy & Berthy Ryan Cappawhite Parish

Kitty/Catherine Tracy/Trassy & Patt/Patrick Poor/Power

Kitty Poor b. 21 Apr 1832 of Carnahalla [Cahernahallia] Sp. Wm Honigan & Biddy Tarany Cappawhite Parish

Bridget Power b. 7 Aug 1835 of Cahernahalla Sp. Denis Taranny & Judy Ryan Cappawhite Parish


Michael Tracy married Biddy Connelly 1 Dec 1832 Wit: Miss Techan & Miss Scanlan Cappawhite Parish


Biddy Tracy married James Barry 4 Feb 1834 Wit: Tim Tracy & Mr? John Dwyer Cappawhite Parish


Briget Trassy married Michael Dwyer, Cahrna hann, 3 Jun 1838 Wit: Michl Hickey, Cath Ryan & John Kernan Cappawhite Parish

Bridget Treacy/Tracy & Michael Dwyer

Dennis Dwyer b. 22 Feb 1847 Sp. Thomay? Dwyer & Johannna Hickey Cappawhite Parish

Bridget Dwyer b. 30 Mar 1849 of Inchsquilib [Inchinsquillib] Sp. Hanias? Dwyer & Hanora Ryan Cappawhite Parish

John Dwyer b. 11 Dec 1853 Sp. James Ryan & Judy Dea Cappawhite Parish


Margaret Trassey & John Heran

Michael Heran b. 10 Oct 1845 of Cappaghwhite Sp. James Anudy? & Cathr Horan Cappawhite Parish


Winefred Tracy & Thomas Mokler

Michael Mockler b. 28 Mar 1848 of Cappa Sp. James Ryan & Ellen Ryan Cappawhite Parish


1850 Kate to Australia

Michael Tracey, 36, Toem (parents: Michael/Mary nee Brien, both dead), His surname is stated as Brien but a long note states that his real surname is Tracey.

Mary Lynch, 26, Nenagh (parents: Michael & Margaret Tracey) (wife of William, 30)


Edmond Treacy married Bridget Hays 27 Feb 1859 Wit: Edmond Tracy, Bridget Dunne & William Hays  Cappawhite Parish


Ellen Treacy married Thomas Leary 16 Feb 1859 Wit: Edmond Leary, Johanna Hamersly & Mrs? Hacket Cappawhite Parish

Ellen Treacy & Thomas Scarry

James Scarry b. 9 Dec 1859 Sp. Richard Treacy & Mary Treacy Cappawhite Parish


Mary Treacy married John Russell 4 Feb 1861 Wit: John Ryan & Johanna Hamersly Cappawhite Parish


Edmond Tracey & Anne Ryan

John b. 9 January 1865 Cappagh (LDS)

Edmond Treacy b. abt 1840 Cappagh District m. Anne Brien before 1865 Cappagh District (LDS)

Ellen b. 1 August 1866 Cappagh (LDS)

Thomas b. 16 December 1869 Cappagh White (LDS)


Patrick Treacy married Margaret Ryan 28 Feb 1865 Wit: Richard Treasy & Mary Casie Cappawhite Parish

Patrick Treasy married Margaret Ryan 28 June 1865 Wit: Rischard Treasy & Mary Casis. Cappawhite Parish


**Richard Trassy married Catherine Power 20 July 1865 Wit: Patrick Trassy & Margaret Quinlan Cappawhite Parish [already done]


Margaret Trassy? married Patrick Phelan 26 Aug 1866 Wit: Bernard Phelan & Mary Fahy Cappawhite Parish

Margaret Tracey & Patrick Phelan

Bridget Phelan b. 24 Apr 1870 of Clashnacrona [Clashnacrony Donohill] Sp. William Phelan & Bridget Phelan Cappawhite Parish

John Phelan b. 07 Dec 1872 of Clashnacrona Sp.Barnabas Phelan & Honora Hogan  Cappawhite Parish


John Treacy/Treasy (Farmer) & Margaret Gadfery/Godfrey

Mary b. 29 April 1866 Clonteen, Union of Tipperary Page 806 (District of Cappagh) (LDS) Cappagh District (LDS)

Richard b. 18 September 1868 Cappagh White (LDS)


Mary Tracy & Daniel Buckley

Patrick b. 5/5/1872


John Tracey/Treacy & Bridget Corbett/Corbitt

Bridget Tracey b. 8 Jul 1876 of Philipstown Sp. William & Julia Corbitt Cappawhite Parish. 12 Jul 1876 Kilbeg [Tipperary] (LDS)

James Treacy b. 2 Sep 1877 of Gurtnadrum Sp. John Ryan & Bridget Treacy Cappawhite Parish

Thomas Tracey b. 23 Oct 1878 of Gurthnadrum Sp. Patrick Tracey & Mary Corbet Cappawhite Parish (note: married Ellen Cranley of Donohill 27th sept 1918)



 Carrick-on-Suir  (south east Tipperary)


Ellena Tracy/Treacy & Laurentis/Joannis Megher/Maher

Maria Megher b. 19 Nov 1788 Sp. Jacobus Galern? & Maria Dorney Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Thomas Maher b. 2 Nov 1798 Sp. Nicholaus Power & Anna Kierwich? Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Catharina Tracy & Philippi Fogarty

Catharina Fogarty b. 28 Feb 1791 Sp. Andrew Brown & Margarita Brown Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Joanna/Juliana Tracey/Bracy & Gualteri Deverax/Devereux

Joanna Dover b. 26 Mar 1801 Sp. Michael Cantwell & Anastasia Byrant? Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Patritius Deveraux b. 17 Mar 1812 Sp. Patritio Maher & Ellena Commins Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Maria Tracy married Patricius Keefe of Main Street 15 Feb 1836 Wit: Jacabo Gery? & Miarai Kiwnahine? Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Patritiu Tracey/Treacy & Margarita Mieye/Meade?

Guliulmus Tracey b. 12 Sep 1836 of Bridge lane Sp. Jacobus Quinn & Maria Connors Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Ricardus Treacy b. 26 Nov 1851 Sp. Ricards Meade & Maria Comessy?  Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Edmundus Treacy married Maria Hayes (paupores et vagi) 17 Apr 1837 Wit: Timothes Conroy & Hanora Scully Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Edmundi Tracy & Maria Hayes

Patricius Tracy b. 24 Mar 1841 of Cedir? lane Sp. Soan? Walsh & Margrieta Riely Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Mary Tracy & Patritii Keefe

Joanes Keefe b. 11? Jul 1840 Sp. Jacobo Keating & Cate Casy Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Ellena Tracey & Eomindi Walsh

Thomas Walsh b. 20 Jul 1840 of New? street Sp. Jacobo Dalton & Brigida Carroll Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Anna Trishy married Philipus Cassin 26 Nov 1842 of Mainstown? [Newtownlennan]  Wit: Jacobo Fitzents? & Margita Shilly Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Michaelis Treacy & Anastatia Shea

Dionisus Treacy b. 1 Sep 1844 of Sir Johns Road Sp. Walt Shea & Ann Kelly Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Thomas Tracey & Alicia/Louisa Lahy [see Treacy Brothers of New Jersey]

Joannes Tracey b. 23 Jun 1847 of Bridge? lane Sp. Jacobo Quirk & Maria Anna Connell Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Jacobus Tracey b. 5 Feb 1849 of Bridge lane Sp. Joan Phelan & Marg Macks Carrick-on-Suir Parish

Gulielmus b. 20/24 Nov 1850 of Bridge Lane Sp. Michael Phelan & Anna Macks Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Catharina Tracey married Thomas White of Gray Stone [Greystone] Street 2 Mar 1856 Wit: Edwd? McCarthy & Brigida Walsh Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Catherina Tracy & Thoma Prendergast

Joannem Prendergast b. 8 Jun 1859 of Greystone street Sp. Thoma Meany & Margarita Mulcahy Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Anastasia Tracy

Michael Tracy b. 25 January 1866 workhouse. Jermiah Kelly master workhouse (Carrick-on-Suir LDS)


Michaelem Treacy married Ellenam Wall 20 Apr 1875 Wit: Thomas Cleary & Maria Callaghan Carrick-on-Suir Parish


Maria Tracy & Joanne Trihy?

Michaelus Trihy b. 3/6 Sep 1876 of Greystone St Sp. Gululmo Coump? & Marie Trihy Carrick-on-Suir Parish





Surname Researchers



Roxanne Treacy


Daniel Traeacy of Cashell, Co. Tipperary married Anestasia Kehoe of Ross Co. Wexford on the 14 Jan 1805 at St. John's Newfoundland Wit: Wm. Byrn & Catherine Brien


Reverend Joseph Vincent Tracy (1860-1947), DD, b. at Mountmellick, Ireland, 26 August, 1860, son of Edward Tracy, of Cashel, Ireland. Education: at Hawes Hale and Bigelow public schools, Boston; Boston College; Holy Cross College, Worcester (A.B., 1882) ; St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y.; St. John's Seminary, Boston. Ordained priest by the Most Rev. John J. Williams, Archbishop of Boston, February 24, 1886. S.T.D. St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1898; received the title of Missionary Apostolic from Pope Leo XIII, 1903. Spent the earliest years of his priesthood in Florida and Minnesota; in 1889 was assigned to the parish of the Most Precious Blood, Hyde Park, Mass.; teacher of Holy Scripture at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 1890-88; in 1898 was recalled to Boston to teach the New Testament at St. John's Seminary and act as local director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Through his efforts, branches of this society were organized in more than one hundred parishes and over $84,000 collected for missions within four and a half years. In 1906 he read a paper before the annual meeting of the Arch-bishops, entitled The Catholic Church in the United States, and its mission work, in which a plan for a national mission-support organization covering all mission needs was outlined. Appointed Rector of St. Anthony's Parish, Allston, 1907; Rector of St. Columbian's, Brighton District, Boston, since 1907. Has contributed to the Sacred Heart Review, Catholic World, American Catholic Quarterly, Ecclesiastical Review. Address: Rector, St. Columbkill's, Brighton District, Boston, Mass.    

The Catholic Encyclopedia and Its Makers. The Encylopedia [!] press, inc.,1911& 1917

He died 12 February 1947 [see Laois].


James Treacy & Honora Rahilly/Rahely

Patrick b. 14 March 1864 (LDS)

Catherine b. 8 March 1866 Cashel (LDS) Rahely


James or Mary Anne Treacy, Cashel, Co Tipperary

I recently discovered that I have Treacy ancestry. My great-great grandmother was Mary Anne Treacy, born around 1862 who married James Brien in 1880. Mary Anne's father was James - he had died by the time of her marriage and I do not have his date of birth. Her mother was listed as Honoria but may be Honora. On Mary Anne's marriage record the family was listed as living at Moor, Cashel.
If this rings a bell with anyone I would really welcome it if they could get in touch.
leesiggs1  9 Oct 2008


John Treacy

All my family are Treacy from Clonmel Tipperary, I am Louise Treacy (married name howard) my Dad John Treacy from Clonmel and my Grandfather John Treacy Senior. would be great to exchange information. Louise x

Louise Howard 09-02-2016


Mary Tracey & Michael Quinn

James Quinn b. 18 Jul 1877 Cashel


Holy Cross Murders 1826-7

Michael Treacy - NSW

Alias: Tracey 

Religion: Catholic
Marital status: Single
Calling/trade: Ploughman & reaper
Born: 1806 Tipperary – Cashel?
Tried: 1828 Tipperary        

Sentence: Life   

Ship: Governor Ready (2) [1829]
Crime: Conspiracy or murder
Remarks: Cripple





Denis Treacy of Lafally [Lavally] m. Mary Connell 1858 Clerihan RC

William b. 1859 Tipperary RC


Patrick Treacy m. Honora Buckley 1852 Clerihan RC


Clonmel St. Marys & Ss Peter and Paul (see also Waterford)


Joannis Treasy & Honora power

Catha treasy b. 22 Sep 1793 Sp. Joannes Ahern & Honora Meehan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treasy & Joannis Kelly

Eliz Kelly b. 14 Dec 1794 Sp. Patrici Carolan? Daniel & Jane Lae St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joanna Treacy & Joannis Egan

Daniel Egan b. 5 Jun 1796 Sp. Patrici Harting Pacuer & Margta Butler St. Mary's, Clonmel


Euginis? Treasy & Elena Bryan

Margaritam Treasy b. 19 Jul 1797 Sp. Gienysig? Cahons? & Maria Daily St. Mary's, Clonmel


Elena Tracy & Lois Scully

Marium Scully b. 26 Dec 1798 Sp. Thos Lawlor & Maria Lawlor St. Mary's, Clonmel


Matia Tracy & Gullelmi Goher?/Hulahan?

Cathrina Goher? b. 26 Jul 1803 Sp. Jacobus Muchin? & Catherina Lahy St. Mary's, Clonmel

Margritam Hulahan? b. 19 Jun 1813 Sp. Johan Carthy & Maria Hulihan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Tracy & Georgii Talbot

Thomam Talbot b. 24 Jun 1803 Sp. Thos Cormick & Maria Quirke St. Mary's, Clonmel


Jacobi Tracy & Cath Hogan

Mich Tracy b. 15 Jun 1807 Sp. Thos Hays & Maria Dempsey St. Mary's, Clonmel


Georgi Tracy & Judith Barry

Brigidam Tracy b. 23 Aug 1809 Sp. Margarta Conors St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catha Tracy & Danieles Mara

Mariam Mara b. 3 Sep 1811 Sp. Carolus Frawly & Maria Graddy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Jacobi Tracy & Cath Tobin

Mariam Tracey b. 15 Mar 1812 Sp. Nate? Swly? & Marium Land St. Mary's, Clonmel


Lois Tracy & Cath Hacketeel

Patriam Tracy b. 04 Oct 1812 Sp. thos Phelan & Mariam Donnal St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Joannes Magher

Maria Magher b. 19 Oct 1813 Sp. Patritio Spellan & Ellena Morrisy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Anna Tracy & Patritii Lahy

Joannem Lahy b. 25 Jun 1814 Sp. Joanne Peeky & Margarita? Lahy? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Edmundi Tracy & Brigida Tracy

Elena Tracy b. 16 Jan 1817 Sp. Elina Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Farrel Tricy & Elenora Brien

Joanm Tricy b. Apr 1818 Sp. Sullivan & Maria Merkels St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Treacy & Joannis Sherick?

Joannem Sherick? b. ? Sep 1818 Sp. Joannis Doody Patrina Gilam Molly? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treacy & Guilelmi Noonan

Guilielmum Noonan b. ? Oct 1819 Sp. Patricio Delany & Elona Leonard St. Mary's, Clonmel

Elenam Nonnan b. ? Mar 1821 Sp. Edmundo Nowlan & Catherina Roberts St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catharina Tracy & Cornelii Toomy

Anna Toomy b. 26 Jul 1820 Sp. Murdach McKenzie & Margarita Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Catherina Treacy & Thomas Walsh

Brigdam Walsh b. ? Feb 1823 Sp. Edmundo Smyth & Maria Walsh St. Mary's, Clonmel


Thoma Tracy? & Eliz Toohey?

Mariam Tracy b. 2 Dec 1827 Sp. Joanannes? Beecham? & Dan? Brady? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Pat Trasey & Margt Daniel

Patritium Tracy b. 1 Mar 1828 Sp. Thomas Power & Ellana Ryan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Anna Treacy & Mordaine? McKensey?

Margaritam Treacy b. 18 Mar 1828 Sp. Maria Bermingham St. Mary's, Clonmel


Cath Tracy married David Brien 6 Oct 1828 Wit: Dionysis Gormon & Brigita Hearnon St. Mary's, Clonmel 


Edmundi Tracy & Margarita Tansey?

? Tracy b. 7 Jul 1830 Sp. Danl? Sharn? & Maria Trainor? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Treacy & Patritii Keefe

Michaelem Keefe b. 04 Oct 1831 Sp. Michaeli Kelly & Maria Quinlan St. Mary's, Clonmel 

Bartholomeus Keefe b. 18 Aug 1833 Sp. Gulielmus? Brien & Elenora? Foley? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joannes Treasy & Maria Maher

Michaelem Treasy b. 30 Oct 1831 Sp. Michaele Treasy & Brigida Moran St. Mary's, Clonmel


Patritii Tressy & Brigida Connors

Jacobum Tracy b. Dec 1832 Sp. Joanne Casey & Maria Quinlan St. Mary's, Clonmel


Johannes Trasey & Johanna Power

Patritium Trasey b. 11 Mar 1833 Sp. Johann? Bisk? & Maria Tyler? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Edmundi Treasey & Brigida Carew

Michaelem Treasey b. 19 Sep 1833 Sp. Jacobo Connolley & Maria Anna Riely St. Mary's, Clonmel


Margarita Tracy married Cornelius Cleman 1 Nov 1834 Wit: Martin Kelly & Maria Laekes St. Mary's, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Michaele Stokes

Jeremiam Stokes b. 13 Jan 1836 illeg Sp. Daniele Grady & Ellena Kenedy St. Mary's, Clonmel


Patritius Treacy married Brigida Condon 15 Jul 1836 Wit: James Collins & Alicia Hartigan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Joannes Treacy married Maria Maher 19 May 1838 Wit: Patritius Cummnis & Godpridius Daniel Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Joannes Treacy & Maria Maher

Honora Treacy b. 16 Dec 1839 Sp. Patrick Commons & Hanna Donegan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Brigida Tracey b. 21 Feb 1844 Sp. Gulielmus Dunne & Catharina Dunne Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Thomas Tracy married Alicia Kenny 3 May 1840 Wit: James Roake & Ellina Sweeny Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Thoma Tracey/Tracy & Alicia Kenny

Joannes Tracy b. 1 Jul 1844 Sp. Richardis Morissey & Ellena Tracy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Thomam Tracey b. 3 Aug 1847 Sp. Gilielmus Sheehan & Honora Dumphy St. Mary's, Clonmel

Alicia Tracy b. 2 Dec 1850 Sp. Joannes Ahern & Honoria Ahern Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Edmundas Tracy married Catharina Phelan 9 Jul 1842 Wit: Richardus Daniel & Maria McKerrin Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Edwardus Tracy & Catherina Phelan

Edmundus Tracy b. 29 Aug 1843 Sp. Patricius Phelan & Ellena Massy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Joanes Tracy & Brigita Hackett

Honora Tracy b. 19 Oct 1843 Sp. David Costello & Margareta Casey Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Ellena Tracy married Carolus McCarthy 4 Apr 1842 Wit: Ricardus Daniel & Judith McCarthy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Ellena Tracy & Carolus McCarthy

Maria Anna McCarthy b. 2 Dec 1846 of Parshia SaMaria Sp. Anna McKinsea Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Maria Tracy & Corolus Connors

Corolus/Cornelius Connors b. 2/3 Dec 1848 Sp. Ricardus Cadwell & Judith Hennessy Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Ellena Tracy & Caroli McCarthy

Mariam McCarthy b. 21 Jul 1850 Sp. Joanne Buckley & Maria Anna K? St. Mary's, Clonmel


Joannes Tracy & Elizabetha Murray

Joannes Tracy b. 22 Dec 1852 of Milita Sp. Michael McJameson & Maria Cunnigham Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Maria/MAnna Tracy & Jacobus Danaher

Anna Danaher b. 12 Mar 1854 Sp. Jacobus Mason & Margta Brien Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Patricius Dannaher b. 15 Mar 1857 Sp. Joannis Carey & Catherine Casey Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Anastia Tracy & Patritius Norris

Catharina Norris b. 30 Jul 1854  Illeg Sp.Joanans Lyons & Maria Tracy? th Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


Dionysius/Denis Treacy & Maria Connell/Connele

Thomas Treacy b. 23 Apr 1862 Sp. Michael Halloran & Judith Ryan Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

James Treacy b. 18 April 1864 St Marys District (LDS)

Mary Treacy b. 7 February 1867 St Marys (LDS)

Ellen Treacy b. 14 Apr 1873 St Marys (LDS)

Thomas Tracy b. 16 Apr 1876 Sp. Patritius Kelleher & Catharina Farrell Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel (14 April 1876 Old Bridge or Glebe LDS)


Janetta Tracey & Gulielimus Leary

Gulielmus Leary b. 3 Apr 1864 Sp. Josephus Gilsnan & Maria McKinzie Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel

Jane Tracy & William O'Leary

William O'Leary b. 12 Mar 1864 Dudlin St


Phobe Tracy single, (d. of Thos. Tracy) m. Michael Lindlay single, (s. of James Lindsay) 24/26 March 1865 St. Marys Clonmel Wit: Samuel Simpsom & William Brown.


Winifred Treacy & Thomas Yarr

Bartholomew Yarr b. 28 Mar 1870 Portree, Inverness, Scotland

Aloysius John Yarr b. 20 Nov 1875 Clonmel, Tipp, Ire.

Yarr, Major-Gen. Sir (Michael) Thomas, K.C.M.G., C.B., F.R.C.S.L— Cr. 1917. Only surviving son of Thomas Yarr, Esq., J.P., of Winton Avenue, Eathgar, Dublin, by Winifred, who d. 1900, dau. of the late Michael Tracy, Esq., of Tipperary; b. 1862. Sir Thomas Yarr, who was educated at Blackrock Coll. (L.R.C.S.I. 1882, F.R.C.S.L 1893), is a Major-Gen. A.M.S. and a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; was Deputy Director of Medical Services, Dardanelles, 1915-16, and Egyptian Expeditionary Force 1916; appointed a Director of Medical Services 1916.  Army and Navy Club, s.w. ; Albemarle Club, w.

The county families of the United Kingdom (1919)


Sarah Jane Tracey & William Whitford [moved from Liverpool and back again. See Liverpool]

Elizabeth Ellen Whitford b. 20 May 1870 Clonmel

William Whitford b. 27 May 1872 Clonmel


John Treacy m. Catherine Murphy 9 January 1881 Clonmel (LDS)

James b. 15 November 1881 Clonmel (LDS)

John Thomas b. 16 May 1883 Clonmel (LDS)

Catherine b. 31 August 1884 Clonmel (LDS)

Mary Joseph b. 2 May 1886 Clonmel (LDS)

William b. 24 January 1888 Clonmel (LDS)


John Thomas Treacy (d. 6 November 1948) m. (Eliza) Agnes Mason 21 July 1906 Clonmel (LDS)

John b. 9 January 1907 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

William b. 26 January 1908 Clonmel d. 1939 (LDS)

Margaret b. 20 August 1912 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

Catherine b. 23 June 1914 Clonmel d. 10 July 2002 (LDS) Eliza

Patrick John b. 23 April 1923 Clonmel d. 6 June 1978 (LDS)


Patrick Treacy

Hi, my name is Maria and my father's name was Patrick. He was born in Clonmel in 1923. He had sisters, Kitty (Davis), Aggie, Betty, Annie, brothers Tommy Jimmy. Can’t remember the names of the rest. I do have details of dates of births etc. of the Treacy family. Think grandmothers name was Eliza but she was never known as that. We used to visit Annie in Cork. He had a very big family. Auntie Kitty had one son who lives in Australia. If this sounds like the same family let me know.
Maria Tracey 16th March 2008


Patritius Tracy & Brigida Condon

Patritius Tracy b. 7 Mar 1887 Sp. Edwds Landy & Catha Hapblon Ss Peter and Paul, Clonmel


William Treacy, soldier, & Ellen Dillon

??? Tracey b. 1 March 1893 of Stephen St. Margt? Halpen? River St prsent at birth [her mark]


Death Records

Mary Anne Tracey, Date of Death 09 Nov 1882, 16 years, Old Bridge St Marys, labourers child, mother Mary Tracey.

Thomas Treasy, Date of Death 20 Jun 1869, aged 7, Glebe St. Marys, informant Mary Treasy

Ellen Tracey, Date of Death 17 Apr 1873, 4 days, Glebe St Marys, labourers child, informant Mary Tracey.


Marlfield - Clonmel Parish

Erected by Leonard Meskill, in memory of his loving wife Elizabeth Maskill, who died the 10th of June 1914, aged 52 years.  Also his father Bartolomew Meskill, who died 24th April ??, aged 65yrs. Also his daughters Mary Treacy, who died 2nd Nov 1925, aged 38 years. Also the above Leonard Meskill, who died 10th March 1921. Also Elizebeth Meskill. R.I.P.









Séan Treacy, [see Séan Treacy (1923-2018) of Clonmel]

born 22nd September 1923 Clonmel Co. Tipperary, 4th child of James and Margaret (nee Kenrick), married Catherine Connolly 4th June 1967.

Educated at Maryfield NS, St. Mary’s CBS, Clonmel Technical Institute & UCC Dip Social and Economic Science.

1952-1973 President Clonmel Trades & Labour Council.

1955-1973 Alderman Clonmel Borough Corporation.

1955-1973, 1977-1987 Tipperary South Riding Council.

1957-58, 1961-62 Mayor of Clonmel.

Chairman Joint Board of Conciliation and Arbitration Boot and Shoe Industry Ireland, member Executive Council Irish Shoe and Leather Workers’ Union, member Executive Council Irish Labour Party, Labour spokesman on Education 1961-5, Industry & Commerce 1965-9 & Local Government 1969-73.

1961-1997 Member of Dáil Éireann

He was first elected to the Dáil in the 1961 general election as a Labour Party Teachta Dála (TD) for Tipperary South and was re-elected in 7 subsequent elections and returned automatically in 3 more due to being Ceann Comhairle. He left the Labour Party in 1987 and was elected as an independent TD in the 1987 general election. He served in 10 successive Dála until he retired from politics at the 1997 general election.

1973-1977, 1987-1997.Ceann Comhairle (speaker) of Dáil Éireann & member Council of State

He was a member of the Presidential Commission (acting head of state) from November 17, to December 18, 1974 and from October 22, to December 2, 1976.

1981-1984 Member of the European Parliament.

Chairman: 1973-7 & 1987-97 Civil Service Commission and Local Appointments Commission,  Comhairle na Mire Gaile, Irish Parliamentary Association, Committee of Procedure and Privileges Dáil Éireann. Member: Conference of Presidents of European Parliamentary Assemblies.

Hobbies: Reading, walking & Travel.









Clonmel Rugby Club

In 1937,  they played in the Show grounds. They had their best period in the years of 1937 to 1940 when they won 6 cups the Manseragh and Garryowen Cups. In the years 1937 and 1939 they won the double. with David Lonergan Captain in '37 and John Smyth '39. On that squad you had Davy Lonergan, Joe Fennessy, John and Davy Smyth, Jim Byrne, Denis Lowry , Pat O 'Shea, Rodger Coffey, D. Lalor, J, Fogarty, Usna Treacy, T. Harnick , T. Leonard, K. Keoghane, Vinny Healy


28 May 1987 Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Uisnagh Joseph Treacy, died 27 May 1987, late of Toowoon Bay, Drummoyne, formerly of Clonmell, Tipperary, Ireland.




Surname Researchers


Cloughjordan 1900 +



1854 Columbia to Australia

Catherine Treacy, 19, Cloghjordan, RC (parents: James/Margaret, M dead)


James Treacy & Nell Butler

I am looking for any relations of James Treacy from Clonakenny Co Tipp. He Married Nell (Eleanor) Butler from Cloughjordan and went to live in Cloughjordan Co Tipp.

Mick Johnson Dec 15, 2006

Butler from Cloughjordan Cloghjordan, Cloughjordan, Cloch Shiurdain County Tipperary
I am trying to trace my Grannys Family My Grannys Name is Nell(Eleanor) Butler she married a Jim(James) Treacy from Clonnakenny any help would be great thanks


John Tracey, of Beechwood, married Anne Castello of Curravolla  [Corravally Ardcrony]  Wit: Cornelius Cleary of Carrickaneagh [Kilruane] & Margaret Ryan of Dernaslyn [Derrynasling Ardcrony] 12 Feb 1866 Cloughjordan Parish. [see Very Rev John J Tracy, Ph.D. (1868 - 1923)]

John Trassey/Tracey & Anne Costello

Bridget Trassey b. 17 Mar 1867 of Kyle Sp. Jas Trassey & Bridget Trassey of Kyle Cloughjordan Parish (16 Mar 1867 LDS)

John Tracey b. 12 May 1868 of Kilruane Sp Brian Tracey & Anne Tracey Cloughjordan Parish (LDS)

Martin Trassy b. 18 Jul 1869 of Corbally [Corravally Ardcrony] Sp Michael Costello & mother Cloughjordan Parish (2 August 1869 LDS)

Michael Faccy b. 17 Nov 1870 of Beechwoor Sp. Dan Tracey & Cony? Tracey Cloughjordan Parish (note: v. [vide=see] 18 Jul 1869)

Bernard Tracey b. 15 Aug 1872 of Beechamid? Sp. John Costello & Margaret Costello. Cloughjordan Parish (John b. (15 September 1872 LDS)

William Treacey b. 15 June 1874 of Beechwood [Kilruane in Tithes] Sp. Martin Costello & Hanora Costello of Ardchroney. Cloughjordan Parish (14 June 1874 (LDS)


John Quinlisk & Peggy Crehan                                

Eliza b.  07 May 1850 Sp. John Treacy & Johanna Crehan (St. Michael's & John's, Cloughjordan)


Mary Tracy & Michael Mahon

My Paternal Grandmother was Catherine Mahon, born 1879 in ?Cloughjordan to Michael Mahon and Mary Tracy (Treacy). Catherine was 1 of 9 children and with her sister Mary (Mollie) she emmigrated to Australia. Does this mean anything to anyone?
Kath Huitema - Jan 18, 2010


John Quinlisk & Honora Darcy                       

Bridget b. 27 Dec 1883 Behamore Sp. Patt Quinlisk  & Mary Treacy (St. Michael's & John's, Cloughjordan)

Mary Anne b. 1 Aug 1889 Behamore Sp. John Treacy & Mary Treacy (St. Michael's & John's, Cloughjordan)


Julie Tracey & John Hogan, labourer

Elene? Hogan b. 22 June 1891 of Ardcroney. John Hogan [his mark] Nenagh PLU


1854 Lady Elgin to Australia

John Tracy, 26, Cloghprior (parents: Michael/Margaret, living in Cloughprior), 3 sisters Ann, Margaret & Mary (now Lynch), Broulee,


23 February 1867 (N) Marriage

Egan and Tracey - Feb. 14 at the Catholic Chapel, North Anne street, by the Rev Canon M'Mahor, Matthew Egan, Esq, Bolton street, youngest son of the late Michael Egan, Ballydonagh House, King's County, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Michael Tracey, Esq, Cloughjordan, county Tipperary.


Mary Anne Treacy, 22, spinster, house maid, of Ballinascarry (d. of Michael Treacy, gardener) married Joseph Whyte, 35.5, bachelor, labourer, of Ballinascarry (s. of John Whyte, mason) Wit: Thomas Foley & Mary Anne Foley on the 4 October 1908 RC Chapel Castletown [Granard Westmeath]

Mary Tracy & Joseph White, labourer

John White born 15 July 1909 of Wilton [Enniscorthy Wexford]

Michael White born 23 April 1911 of Behamore [Borrisokane Tipperary]

[1911 Census both born Offaly - Behamore (Hawkshaw) Cloughjordan, Tipperary]


Patrick Tracey, farmer, of Gurthan & Bridget Maogue? [see 1901 census]

Rody Tracey b. 25 May 1891 of Gurthnatduan. Patrick Tracey father [his mark] [Gortadalaun Ardcrony] Nenagh. Nenagh PLU


Thomas Treacy/Treasy & Anne Waters

Thomas b. 13 July 1866 Cloghjordan (LDS)

Anne b. 6 June 1868 Cloghjordan (LDS)

Patrick b. 24 April 1870 (LDS)

James b. 23 October 1872 (LDS)

Treacys in Tipperary

I'm looking to find anyone related to the Treacys of Ballingarry/Cloughjordan/Shinrone in Tipperary.
I'm got as far back as Thomas Treacy marrying an Ann Waters, they had 6 children (that's as many as I've found so far!) named;
- William (b.1864)
- Thomas (b.1866)
- Anne (b.1868, my gg-grandmother, married Timothy KIllackey)
- Patrick (b.1870)
- James (b.1872, who we believe went to the UK to become a police officer and never married (not verified))
- Christopher (b.1875) and married a Kate Cleary (b.1878)

Christopher and Kate went on to have 6 children (that I'm aware of);
- Annie (b.1904)
- Daniel (b.1906)
- Ellen (b.1908)
- Mary (b.1908)
- Thomas (b.1909)
- Kathleen (b.1910)

If you think there might be a connection, let me know, thanks.

Alison Donnelly August 30, 2009

I'm looking for a marriage between a Thomas Treacy and Ann Waters. I have no date of birth for either. The first child of theirs I could find was James in 1864 so I presume they would of married within a few years of that date. On that baptism cert, the address is down as Cooraclevin, Dunkerrin? But I think later on they were based around Ballingarry.

Alicat84 16 September 2009



Kilruane Graveyard

75. Here lies the body of Mary Tracy who died Nov 1793 aged 21 years

76. Erected by Mary Donaho in memory of her husband Danl Tracy who died April 1798 aged 43.



Cullen and Latten


Bridget Treacy m. James Riordan 1853


Catherine/Kate Treacy m. John Harty 1854

John Harty b. 1854


Edmond/Edmund Treacy [see Page 1 murdered January 1869] & Bridget Hayes [Not married in this parish]

Edmund b. 1860

William b. 1862

Catherine (Kate) b. 7 December 1867 Emly (LDS)

John b. 13 July 1869 Emly (LDS)

Edmond Tracy & Bridget

Mary b. 9 March 1865 Emly (LDS)


Edmund Treacy m. Anne O'Brien 1859


Margaret Treacy m. Daniel Kirby or Keily 1860


James Treahy/Trehy/Trihey/Treacy? & Margaret Daniher

Judith b. 1850

Edmund b. 1852

Daniel b. 1854

Kate b. 1857


Johanna Treacy m. John Hogan 1862


John Treacy m. Bridget Corbitt 1875


Patrick/Patsy Tr(e)ac(e)y & Johan(n)a(h)/ Shana Ryan

Mary b. 8 December 1865 Kilpatrick District (LDS) Cullen and Latten

Margaret b. 4 March 1867 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Patrick b. 14 May 1868 (LDS)

Johannah b. 25 September 1869 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Martin b. 17 June 1871 (LDS)

Sarah b. 3 April 1873 (LDS)

Richard b. 20 July 1874 (LDS)

Daniel b. 3 April 1876 Bishopswood (LDS) Shana

Edmond b. 16 January 1878 Bishopswood (LDS)


Peter Treac(e)y & Mary Moloney

Catherine b. 20 July 1877 Longstone (LDS)

Ellen b. 1 December 1879 Longstone (LDS)


Timothius Tracey of Cullen married Catherina Riordan of Arlman [Ardlaman Solloghodmore] 21 Feb 1846 Wit: Daniele Reardan & Gulielmi Butler Sologhead Parish Tipperary [see Timothy Edward Treacy of Limerick]

Timothy/Tim Tracey & Cathe/Kate Riordan/Reardon

Edmund Tracy b. 28 Feb 1847 Sp. Danl Tracy & Brigit ???. Cullen and Latten Parish Tipperary

Daniel Tracey b. 26 Mar 1849 of Dromsally [Dromsallagh Tuogh] Sp. Martin Breen & Kate Ryan. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thomas Tracy b. 1 Jun 1855 of portatis? Cappamore Sp. John Reardon & Mary Fahy. Cappamore Parish Limerick

Thady Tracy b. 28 Mar 1860 of Dromsally Sp. Micl Glas Kenna? Rua & Johanna Maishen? Cappamore Parish Limerick



 Doon & Castletown (See also Limerick)


Michael Aherne & Catherine Hourigan

Martin b. 1/1/1830 Doon Sp. Patrick Tracey & Judy Phelan


Thomas Treacy (b. Glengar, Doon, Tipperary, Ireland) m. Mary Hanly 9 Feb 1891, Kilcommon, Templebeg, Tipperary


Julia Treacy D'Arcy+ (1892 - 1973)

Tom Treacy+ (1898 - 1952)

Pakie Treacy+ (1901 - 1959)

Mary Treacy Richardson+


Commonaline National School

Commonaline School opened its doors for the first time in 1888. It was somewhat unique in that it attracted pupils from two Counties - Limerick and Tipperary - and three parishes - Kilcommon, Cappawhite and Doon. Constructed at a cost of £282 it was a building 33' 6" long by 18' 00" wide and 12' 00" high. Located on Kennedy's Farm, it was built to accommodate one hundred children. A further £56.4.8. was spent enclosing it. A grant of £225.9.9. was made available by the Board of Education against total expenditure. Trustees for the project were: Most Rev. Dr. Croke, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly; Very Rev. Thomas Canon O'Donnell, P.P. Doon and Mr. Denis Treacy, Commonaline.

Bridget Mcdonagh, Assistant, 1924 -1946

A native of Tuam, Co. Galway. She taught in Ferbane and came to Commonaline as a replacement for Mrs. Deere (retired). Married to Thomas Treacy of Glengar, she went to Gurtavalla N.S. as Principal in 1946.






8th July 1879 Tipperary Free Press and Clonmel Advertiser

The right to bury in Cloneen Churchyard is reserved to the following persons and their families:-

Boherboy: Denis and Michael Tracy

Killalea (maybe Kyleaclea): Martin Treacy


18th Century Decorated Gravestones


Tracy 1739


Survey of the old Graveyard (Ballyhomuck) Cloneen

No. 23

Michael Tracey

(wife) Anastica Tracey nee Shea 23 years 1846

No. 171

John O’Halloran (Kylenagrannagh) 1933

Wife Margaret nee Heffernan 1950,

Patrick 1947 Margaret Carroll 1923,

James O’Halloran 1888,

Wife Catherine nee Treacy 1893,

Michael Field 23 years 1746





John Treacy & Margaret Lanigan

I am looking for relatives of John Treacy (Tracey) b. 1800-1820, d. 1851-1861 and his wife Margaret Lanigan b. 1800-1820, especially their children. This couple lived in the townland of Clonismullen in the parish of Drom, Thurles Union in 1850. I only know of two of their children John and Johanna both of which emigrated to Australia in the early 1860's. Johanna married a Patrick Boyle (from Roscommon Ireland) in Maitland Australia in 1868. I am positive that there were more children but am having difficulty locating them. Any info would be appreciated. I am assuming that their dates of birth would range from the 1820's- 1840's. Thanks.
Karin Mackay 31 Jul 1999


Drom Catholic Cemeteries Diocese of Cashel and Emily Old and New, County Tipperary

Drom – Old Cemetery

Riordan Daniel. Erected by John Riordan in memory of his son who died April 28th 1858 aged 10 years, his wife Anne alias Tracy who died May 28th 1866 aged 50 years. Mary Stapleton nee Treacy of Rosmult. John Treacy of Killoskehan and his wife Johanna nee Nolan. Edward Pennefether of Rathmoy.


Riordan John. Erected by Mary Riordan alias Tracey of Rosmult in memory of her husband who died July 28th 1882 aged 68 years, also her infant child died April 1873, Michael Joseph Kenny of Rosberkin, grandson of above John and Mary Riordan. John Riordan died January 4th 1928 aged 57 years. Mary Riordan died February 1929 aged 91 years, also Ellen Kenny eldest daughter of John and Mary died June 1st 1942. Catherine Collins nee Riordan died December 12th 1961 aged 84 years. This plot was renovated by request of the late Patrick Riordan who died March 1941 aged 69 years, buried in St Johns Cemetery, Long Island New York.


Treasy Nancy. Erected by Patrick Treasy of Killoskehan in memory of his wife who died June 16th 1831 aged 56 years, also his son Patrick Treacy (spelt this way on the headstone) of Killoskehan and his wife Catherine nee Pennefether and her son Patrick of Rosmult died March 1867, also Thomas.

New Drom Church 1827

Ryan Pat. Erected by John Ryan in memory of his father Pat who died August 15th 1887 aged 65 years, also his mother Mary died October 21st 1902 aged 76 years, his niece Bridget Ryan died May 20th 1903 aged 2 years, his brother Timothy died January 1st 1942, the above John died March 27th 1943. Johanna Ryan nee Treacy died May 18th 1954. Winnie Ryan nee Bannon died November 5th 1993 and her husband Martin died October 14th 1994.



Erected by Johanna Condon


Also John C???????? Treacey who died in New York





Bridget Tracely? & Patrick English

James b. 5-Nov 1816 Duncummin Sp. Thos Norris & Elen English


Edmond/Edmund Treacy [see Page 1 murdered January 1869] & Bridget Hayes [Not married in this parish ] 

Edmund b. 1860

William b. 1862

Catherine (Kate) b. 7 December 1867 Emly (LDS)

John b. 13 July 1869 Emly (LDS)

Edmond Tracy & Bridget

Mary b. 9 March 1865 Emly (LDS)


Elizabeth Tracy & Bartholomew Bourk

Michael b. 12-May 1813 Dromcom? Sp. Connor Bourk & Brigid Tracy, his m-in-law


Honoria Treacy & Terry Geagney (farmer)

Winifred b. 10-Aug 1817 Duncummin Sp. Elly Connelly & Margt Harrenton


Honor Treacy & Terry Egan (farmer)

Elean'r b. 27-Dec 1819 Ballinislea Sp. Ed Healy & Margt Corbett


Jno Trussy? (labr) & Jane Nugent

Bridget b. 4-Feb 1819 Ballavistea Sp. Michl Mallowney & Mary Hickey


Patrick Hogan  & Margt Flaherty

Michl  b. 19-Feb 1819 Knockanen Sp. Jno Treacy & Alica Casy


Margt Treacy & Jas Brien (labr)

Denis b. 13-Jul 1817 Duncummin  Sp. Patk Henessey & Margt Curtin


Emly Gravestone Inscriptions

Tracey, Bohernore.


 Fethard & Killusty


John Tracey & Mary Coffee/Coffey (A soldier from Gorey, Wexford who moved to Armagh. See Gorey)

Frances Amelia b. 16 July 1867 Fethard (LDS)

John b. 24 January 1869 Fethard (LDS)

John Tracey, 5889, Coms't Trpt, enlisted 20 November 1884

15 years 10 months b. 1869, 5'4.75", 114 Lbs, 32" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC, Father ??? John Tracey 3rd Batt ???

Born Fethard, Tipperary


Traceys of Prospect, Fethard

1. Michael Tracey born 1803?

1.1 Thomas Tracey 1826?

1.1.1 Thomas born 1877

1.1.2 Alice 1878-1936, as a young woman she worked as a servant at Bansha House.

1.1.3 Ellen 1879,

1.1.4 Margaret 1880.

1.1.5 Katie?

Kind regards from Auckland NZ. Valerie Watson (nee Power)


Michael Tracey & Mary Tubberdy/Tubberty/Jubberty

Thomas b. 22 March 1877 (LDS)

Alice b. 10 February 1878 Prospect (LDS) Jubberty

Margaret b. 23 May 1880 Prospect (LDS)

Michael Treacy of Prospect, labourer, & Mary Tubberty

Anne Treacy b. 19 Oct 1884 of Prospect. Michael Treacy father Prospect [his mark]


Thomas Treacy, 248450, gunner, Royal Regiment of Artillery (RHA & RFA), enlisted 17/9/1917 Clonmel, deserted 19/2/1918

20 years b. 1897, farm labourer, single, 5'11.25?", 39.5" chest, brown mole left leg, RC, Pte John Treacy Irish Guard of Rathduff Fethard brother next of kin,

Born Rathduff Fethard Co. Tipperary


William Treacy & Mary Cashen

John b. 15 July 1868 Tullamain (LDS)


Survey of the old Graveyard (Ballyhomuck) Cloneen

No. 23

Michael Tracey

(wife) Anastica Tracey nee Shea 23 years 1846

No. 171

John O’Halloran (Kylenagrannagh) 1933

Wife Margaret nee Heffernan 1950,

Patrick 1947 Margaret Carroll 1923,

James O’Halloran 1888,

Wife Catherine nee Treacy 1893,

Michael Field 23 years 1746





Edmund Tracy, Newtown, Kilcooly, Galway [Tipperary], 1826

Philip Tracy, Newtown, Kilcooly, Galway, [Tipperary] 1826

Edmd Tracy, Kilcooly Commons, Kilcooly, Galway [Tipperary], 1826


Kilcooly Electoral District 31 Jan 1842

Philip Treasy, (Land owner), Grangahissa (Graigaheesha?)

Thomas Treacy, Kilcooley


Tom/Thomas Tracey, labourer, & Mary Walsh

John Tracy b. 6 Apr 1844 of Kilcooly Sp. Johanis? Cri?th? & Allry Sheridan? Gortnahoe Parish

Ned Tracy b. 6 Apr 1844 of Kilcooly Sp. Johanis? Cri?th? & Allry Sheridan? Gortnahoe Parish

Patrick Tracey b. 11 Mar 1849 of Kilcorly Sp. Denis Cormick & Ellan Cahill. Gortnahoe Parish


1900 Census - 3305 57th, Precinct 36 Lake town Chicago city Ward 30, Cook, Illinois

Thomas Tracy       Head            Male    44        Ireland, emigrated 1875, 25 years resident, Na, storekeeper C&GJ

Kate Tracy            Wife Female 42        Canada Eng, emigrated 1870, 20 years resident

Paul Tracy             Son   Male    15        Michigan

Edmond Tracy      Son   Male    12        Michigan

Frederick Tracy    Son   Male    9          Illinois


Edmond Treacy, 25, b. 1888, married Gertrude Arendt, 21, b. 1892 on the 16 Oct 1913 Chicago, Cook, Illinois


1920 Census - 3138 W 47th St, Chicago Ward 29, Cook (Chicago), Illinois

Thomas Treacy     Head            Male    63        b. 1857 Ireland, emigrated 1874 Na 1895, store keeper railroad

Catherine Treacy  Wife Female 61        Canada, emigrated 1884, Na 1895,

Paul Treacy           Son   Male    33        Michigan, store clerk railroad

Fred Treacy          Son   Male    28        Illinois, engineer railroad


Thomas Treacy died 14 Mar 1925, 6131 So Talman Ave Chicago Cook Illinois, age 69, b. 25 May 1855 Llanles/Hanley [Thurles?] Ireland  (s. of Thomas Treacy b. Llanles Ireland & Mary Walsh b. Llanles, Ireland) Retired store keeper, Spouse Cathrine Treacy, Informant Fred A Treacy, buried 17 Mar 1925 Loudone Ontario


1940 Census - 6444 S Maplewood Ave, Ward 15, Chicago, Chicago City, Cook, Illinois, United States

Edward Treacy     Head            Male    51        Michigan, Tenras? foreman Mabcoa? KK? Co

Gertrude Treacy   Wife Female 47        Germany

Thomas Treacy     Son   Male    21        Illinois, apprentice electric motor Corp

Grace Treacy        Daughter      Female 17        Illinois


Griffiths Valuation South Tipperary 1850-51

Philip Tracy Graigaheesha Kilcooly Tipperary

Thomas Tracey Blackcommon Kilcooly Tipperary

Thomas Tracey Crossoges Kilcooly Tipperary


1889 The Book of County Tipperary

Mrs Bt Treacy, Grocers, Grange, Tipperary [Grange is a village in Kilcooly]

Jno Treacy, Schools National, Gurtnahoe, Tipperary.


1901 Census

Edward Treacey, 45, M, 10 Crossoges, Kilcooly, Tipperary, Farmer, Roman Catholic, Head of Family, Not Married, Co Tipperary

Margret Treacey, 35, F, Crossoges, Kilcooly, Tipperary, Domestic Servant, Roman Catholic, Sister, Not Married, Co Tipperary


1911 Census

Margaret Treacy, 50, F, 6 Crossoges, Kilcooly, Tipperary (head, farmer, single)



1948 Tipperary take Munster junior cross country championship...John Tracey (Ballysloe)...

...1 mile...4 mile...Michael Treacy (Ballysloe)...

1949 Tipperary Cross County Title. 18 year old William Treacy (Ballysloe) was the first man home.

1951 Tipperary win Junior All Ireland cross country...captain Willie Treacy (Ballysoe)...

1852 Ballysloe Cross Country Team...W. Treacy...reserves...J. Treacy, M. Treacy.

Ballysloe Athletic Club, County Senior Cross Country Champions 1952 L to R: J Shanahan, T Sullivan, T Fitzgerald, W Treacy & M O'Dwyer



Michael Treacy

21 July 2007


Michael Treacy entered this world a beautiful brown eyed baby boy, to the delight of his parents Susan and Seamus and his big brother, James. This handsome little boy began a wonderful happy fulfilled loving but sadly short life. Michael was a happy smiling child always eager to make all those around him smile. From a young age Michael had shown great interest in films and music and learned to set dance with Josephine Kenny and went on then to the more modern music and loved the discos in his teenage years. As he grew so did his sense of humour and huge smile. He was a true devoted brother to James, D. J., Liam, Paul and Katie - a friend as much as a brother and a wonderful and loving son to his parents Seamus and Susan, always ready to help in any way he could. As Michael grew his love for his family grew stronger and as he gathered his large circle of friends his brotherly love shone in friendship often referring to his friend Thomas as my brother Tom. Michael and his two brothers James and D. J. had a very strong relationship and where you would see one of the Treacy boys the other two would be close by and their younger brother Liam was starting to catch up and enjoy the company of his big brothers.


Michael had a great love for machinery and spent his child hood with Tom, Tim and John Fitzgerald helping on the farm as did his brothers and when he was old enough he started driving tractors and looked forward to the summers so he could draw in the silage for anyone that needed a driver. Michael had a huge love for the village of Ballysloe where he grew up. At weekends he and his brothers would join their circle of friends in Ballysloe as this was their get together spot. A group of wonderful young people that the parish are so proud of and are a credit to their parent’s families and community. They would sit for hours chatting and telling stories one better than the other. Michael, like most young men, had a great love of cars and would often travel to Rosegreen Race Track with his brothers and friends and often head to Killarney to the rally of the lakes. Like all young people Michael enjoyed his social life often heading to KIlkenny to meet up with his friends from there who nicknamed him "scrummy" because of his good looks. Michaels friends were always made welcome in his home. His parents would always make sure that the young were as safe as possible.


Michael chose carpentry as the trade he wanted and from a young age it was obvious that Michael was greatly talented in this area and this was shown as his friends and family brought some of his work to the alter at his funeral. Michael also had a gift in the line of sports. From an early age it was apparent that MIchael wold excel at sport and indeed he did. He competed in Hurling and football (Gortnahoe-Glengoole), athletics (Slievardagh A.C.), badminton (Grange) and won medals and trophies with all these clubs. During his primary school days at Ballysloe N.S Micheal’s eagerness to compete and win made sure that he was never far from the winners podium, whether it was the parish inter school sports or with the hurley and ball. At secondary school (Scoil Ruian, Killenaule) Michael won two county final medals in hurling and football, he also played badminton with the school.


In athletics Michael represented Slivergagh A.C. in three events, relay, javelin and high jumps. In his short career with the club Michael won won three County titles, two with the relay team and one in javelin. In addition to this he won numerous Community Games medals both at local and county level. On the GAA front Michael represented Gortnahoe-Gleengoole Juvenile Club with distinction in hurling and football at U-12, U-14, and U-16 levels, winning his first Mid medal at the tender age of eleven years. In the year 2000 Michael was on the U-14 that won a historic double, Mid and county titles in both hurling and football. As Michael grew so did his strength and skill and in 2004 he captained the U-16 hurling team throughout the championship. Later that year he represented the club in the Mid Tipperary team that won the Garda Cup. This team went on to represent Tipperary in the Munster championship. Last year, 2006, Michael starred at midfield in the minor hurling team and was part of the junior panel that won the Mid final. Michael was also part of this year’s U-21 and junior hurling panels. Michael was a big hearted player who always gave 100% to each game he played and never complained no matter how tough the going got. With his quick wit and bright smile he was always the life and soul of the team bus going to and coming from his many matches. MIchael will be a huge and irreplaceable loss to his family, large circle of friends and his beloved parish.


In Michael’s short but busy life he brought great happiness to all who had the pleasure of knowing him through school. And as he grew into a fine fine popular young man and started work all who worked with him had only the height of praise for him. Michael was a real home boy and loved coming home from work and would chat endlessly about his day at work and tell of the people he met. As he waited for his friend Kevin to arrive he would play for hours with his seven-year-old brother Paul and sister Katie. Michael had boundless energy and would often head off to do silage for his neighbours and friends after work, before heading to Ballysloe to meet up with the lads that are known as the Ballyboyz.


Michael’s grand-uncle John Treacy had passed away three weeks before and and Michael was deeply upset at his passing and he and his brothers carried John’s remains into the church. MIchael brought up the gifts and did a reading for his much loved uncle. Michael will be deeply and sadly missed by his heartbroken parents, brothers and sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and his huge circle of friends.


Michael’s popularity and the respect in which this family is held was reflected in the huge turnout as hundred’s called to the house for MIchael’s wake and turned out in hundred’s to his funeral and laid a huge array of flowers on the spot where he lost his young life and on his grave in Glengoole and still continue to call to his house to his family to show their love and support. More than anything now Michael would want his brothers and friends to take a lesson from what happened to him and to care on the roads. Michael will be sadly missed but always remembered and held close in the hearts and memories of all who loved and knew him through his short but well lived and enjoyed 19 years may he rest in peace.


Courtesy of the Tipperary Star

21 July 2007



 Killenaule & Moyglass


Catherine M Beatty (Treacy); 98; Killenaule TIP IRL>Goshen NY; Times Herald Rec; 2000-1-15; wwwalton


John Treacy, of Coolgraney, married Mary Donally, of Parkbaun 04 Jul 1878. Wit: James OKeefe & Kate Donally. Gorey Parish [retired to Avoca Wicklow]
John Treacy of Pike St Killenaule, Subconstable RIC, & Mary Donnolly
Thomas Peter Treacy b. 22 June 1880 of Pike St Killenaule. John Treacy father Pike St Killenaule [Cashel]
John Treacy of Killenaule, Constable RIC, & Mary Donnelly
Ann Mary Treacy b. 1 Nov? 1883 of Killenaule. John Trecey father Killenaule [Cashel]
John Tracey of Hinley Park Callan, Acting sergeant RIC, & Mary Donnelly 
Peter Tracy b. 22 August 1885 Parkbawn. Kate Donnelly Park Baun present at birth. [Gorey Gorey][Parkbaun Kilcavan]
John Tracy of Hollyfort Tipperary, police sergeant & Mary Donnelly [Kate crossed out]
John Tracy b. 22 July 1887 of Parkbaun. Kate Donnelly Parkbaun present at birth.


Patrick Tracy (Labourer) & Bridget Fogarty Labourer

James b. 20 June 1900 Killenaule, Union of Cashel, Tipperary Page 453 (District of Killenaule)


Patrick Treacy & Mary Lyod/Loyd

Patrick b. 15 January 1878 Killenaule (LDS)

Catherine b. 10 September 1880 Killenaule (LDS)


Tom Treacy of Killenaule married Ally Hunt (d, of Tom Hunt) of Kilenac on the 19 Feb 1816 Wit: Hr Mannion & Michl Treacy Moycarkey Parish


Wm Treacy  b. 02 Feb 1904 ,​ Killenale Tuppriany Qc [killenaule Tipperary?]

Arrival Date: 13 Aug 1922  Buffalo, New York, from Canada 

Departure Contact: Fa Patrick Killenale 

Arrival Contact: Sister Katherine Beatty 


Athenia 11 Jun 1927 Canada

William Treacy, Age: 22, single, farm labourer, b. Killenaule Ireland

Mother: Mrs Bridget Treacy, Cashel Rd Killenaule Co Tipp


1835-1857 Merchant Navy Seamen

Denis Tracey, b. Killensulle [Killenaule Tipperary]

Denis Tracey, b. 1810 Killenaule [Tipperary]

Denis Tracey, b. 1811 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. Killenhaule [Killenaule Tipperary]

John Tracey, b. 1807 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. 1812 Tipperary Tipperary

John Tracey, b. 1814 Tipperary Tipperary

Timothy Tracey, b. 1808 Killenaule Tipperary

Timothy Treacy, b. Killenaule [Tipperary]


St. Mary's Churchyard Killenaule


28. Erected by Patrick Treacy of Killenaule to the memory of his beloved wife Margaret Treacy who died Sep. 12th 1876 age 70 years. May she rest in peace. Amen.


160. Erected by Patrick Treacy (Cashel Road) in loving memory of his wife Bridget who died 27th Mar 1951 aged 76 yrs., and her relations interred here. The above Patrick Treacy died 10th April 1972 age 96 yrs. R.I.P.





Patrick/Patsy Tr(e)ac(e)y & Johan(n)a(h)/ Shana Ryan

Mary b. 8 December 1865 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Margaret b. 4 March 1867 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Patrick b. 14 May 1868 (LDS)

Johannah b. 25 September 1869 Kilpatrick District (LDS)

Martin b. 17 June 1871 (LDS)

Sarah b. 3 April 1873 (LDS)

Richard b. 20 July 1874 (LDS)

Daniel b. 3 April 1876 Bishopswood (LDS) (Shana) Knockavilla

Edmond b. 16 January 1878 Bishopswood (LDS)



 Kyle & Knock (Laois/Tipperary) (see also Roscrea)


Thomas Tracey

Martin Tracey b. 1835 Kyle Roscrea (or 1844) m. Harriet Stamford 16 April 1865 Newcross London (Gunner in Royal Artillery) (LDS)

Martin Tracey was born at Tipperary, Rosscrey, Ireland. He was the son of Thomas Tracey. Martin Tracey married Harriet Stamford, daughter of Alfred James Stamford and Sarah Ann Unknown, on 16 April 1865.

Children of Martin Tracey and Harriet Stamford:

Susie Beatrice Tracey   (a 1865)
Alfred Martin Tracey+   (03 Jun 1865)
John Tracey   (05 Nov 1866)
Thomas Tracey   (1868)
Catherine Tracey   (1870)
Alice Tracey   (1872)
James Tracey   (Aug 1875)
Hastings Campbell Tracey   (1878)
Harry Tracey   (22 Aug 1886)

Martin Tracey, Kyle, Roscrea Roscrea, Ros Cre, and Parish County Tipperary
I'm looking for information about Martin Tracey who was born in Kyle, Roscrea in 1835. I have his army records which tell me that his father was Thomas Tracey, but nothing else. I've no idea where to go next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anne Tracey & Wm Molony

Michl Molony b. 7 Dec 1845 Sp. Richd Molony & Susana Do [Molony] Kyle and Knock Parish


Mart/Martin Tracey & Johanna Bergin

Patk Tracey b. 11 Oct 1847 Sp. Pat Henessay & Winefrid Bergin Kyle and Knock Parish

??? Tracey b. 17 Mar 1850 of Newtown [Corbally Tipperary] Sp. Dan Bergin & Judith Treacy Kyle and Knock Parish

Bridget Tracey b. 10 Apr 1852 Sp. John Bergin & Mary Larkin Kyle and Knock Parish


Ann Tracy & Wm Maher

Bridget Maher b. 14 March 1849 Sp. Michl Maher & Eliza Tracey Kyle and Knock Parish

William Maher b. 29 Jul 1855 of Baronale  [Barnaboy Kyle Laois] Sp. Mary Mara & Patrick Doolan Kyle and Knock Parish

Cornelius Maher b. 26 Feb 1858 of Barnabe Kile [Barnaboy Kyle Laois] Sp. Joseph Maher & Mary Grady Kyle and Knock Parish


Jeremiah Trasey married Margharet Ryan? 27 Feb 1851 Wit: John Coonan & Margaret Ryan. Kyle and Knock Parish


Honora Tracy/Trassy & Martin Maher

Martin Maher b. 17 Sep 1854 of Newtown Knock [Corbally Tipperary] Sp. Rody Kavanagh & Mary McDonnell Kyle and Knock Parish

Jeremiah Maher b. 3 Apr 1857 Sp. Pat Peterson & Mary Mara Kyle and Knock Parish

Elizabeth Maher b. 3 Apr 1857 Sp. Pat Mara & Mary Maher Kyle and Knock Parish

Margaret Maher b. 3 Oct 1860 of Newtown Knock Sp. Pat Fogarty & Anne Peterson Kyle and Knock Parish


Joseph Tracy/Trassy & Mary Coonan

Mary Tracy b. 24 Jun 1855 of Newtown [Corbally Tipperary] Sp. Mary Maher & Mochl Coonan Kyle and Knock Parish

Joseph Tracy b. 30 Jun 1857 of Newtown Sp. John Tracy & Mary Coonan Kyle and Knock Parish

Catherine Trassy b. 18 Dec 1859 of Newtown Sp. John Henessy & Honora Coonan Kyle and Knock Parish


William Tracy married Maria Delany 28 Feb 1867 Wit: James Fitzpatrick & William Delany. Kyle and Knock Parish



 Lorrha & Dorrha


Henrietta Treacy (d. of Dennis Treacy, 19 years) m. Samuel Graydon  (s. of Robert Gray, 23 years)  15 Mar 1850 Dorrha, Tipp, Ire 


James Tracy & Catherine Flaherty [see Tracy Undertakers  Brooklyn NY]

Sara Tracy b. 1 Jan 1842 Sp. Denis Tracy & Margaret Flaherty. Lorrha and Dorrha Parish

Thos Tracy b. 1 Jun 1843 Sp. Thos Flaherty & Margaret Tracey. Lorrha and Dorrha Parish


Deaths – Newspaper Notices

William Tracy; Lorrha Borrisokane TIP IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1863-11-28; dja



 Loughmore & Castleiny


Danl Treacy & Ann Burke

Daniel Treacy b. 19 Aug 1832 of Whtfld [Whitefield Loughmoe West] Sp. Richd Burke & Honoria Dwyer Loughmore and Castleiny Parish


Edward Tracy died 09 Feb 1930 718 W 72nd Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States, age 82 years,

Widowed, Retired

born 07 Apr 1847 Tipperairy Ireland (s. of John Cracy & Mary Sweeney)

Buried 12 Feb 1930 Mt Olivet Chicago, Illinois

Spouse's Name      Margaret

Informant's Name Mayme Pfeiffer


Mary Tracy, of Borris, married Patk Brian, of Loughmore, on the 8 Feb 1810 Wit: Thos Molony, Michl Tracy, Moycarkey Parish


1841 Jane Gifford to Australia

Mathew Tracy, 28, Lochmore, husband (parents: Mathew (farmer)/Judy Sweeney)

Bridget Tracy, 25, Lochmore, wife (parents: Ned Hall (labourer)/Catherine Carroll)

Judy, 4, daughter

Kate, 2, daughter


23rd May 1857 Irish American

Of Eliza Tracey, parish of Loughmore, townland of Whitefield, county Tipperary, who left home in October last, and landed in New York, and is supposed to have gone to Upper Canada. She will hear of her sister, Johanna, by writing to John Tyrrel, No. 33 New Church Street, Baltimore, Md.



Moneygall/Dunkerrin/Barna (See also Offaly)


Jno Tracy & Judy Meagher

Michael b. 2 Dec 1836 Ranaveg? (Rathnaveoge?). Sp. Patrick Mullally & Sarah Meagher.

E. Davenport


Mary Tracey & James Stapleton

Honora b.12 Oct 1843 Rathnaveoge (Rathnasveoge?). Sp. John & Catherine Mullally..

E. Davenport




Bridget Tracy (d. 3 January 1911 Kiladangan) m. William Flannery 20 November 1849 Monsea (LDS)


1853 Telegraph to Australia

Honora Tracey, 22, Ballycommon, RC (parents: William/Nancy, father at Ballycommon).

Mary Tracey, 21, Ballycommon, RC (parents: William/Nancy, father at Ballycommon)


Killodiernan Graveyard

79. Erected in memory of Bryan Tracey, Ballygraggan died Dec 4th 1900 aged 68 years.

Also his son John Tracey died May 6th 1928 aged 48 yrs.




Margt Treacy & Wm Carr

Thomas Carr b. 5 Sep 1802 Sp. Mr Walsh & Mrs Walsh Moycarkey Parish


John Tracy & Margt Keogh

Michael Tracy b. 9 Oct 1802 Sp. Laurence Scanlan & Hanora Sweeney Moycarkey Parish


Cath Treasy & Jam Quinlan

Michael Quinlan b. 15 Aug 1803 Sp. Pat Long & Judith Maher Moycarkey Parish


Jam Treasy & Cath Bourk

Mary Treasy b. 27 Nov 1804 Sp. Jno Healy & Judith Mullens Moycarkey Parish

Jas Tracy & Mary Bourke

James Tracy b. 23 Jul 1807 Sp. Jno Tracy & Nancy Bourke Moycarkey Parish


Mary Tracy, of Borris, married Patk Brian, of Loughmore, on the 8 Feb 1810 Wit: Thos Molony, Michl Tracy, Moycarkey Parish


Joanna Tracy married Thomas Fahy, labr, both of Borris, 20 Oct 1810 Wit: Michl Ryan, John Hanrahan, Anne Duane Moycarkey Parish


Tom Treacy of Killenaule married Ally Hunt (d, of Tom Hunt) of Kilenac on the 19 Feb 1816 Wit: Hr Mannion & Michl Treacy Moycarkey Parish


Tom? Tracy & Mary Cormack

Margaret Tracy b. 7 Dec 1832 Sp. Martin Cormack & Alley Dun Moycarkey Parish


Patk Tracy & Winfred Dwyr

Michael Tracy b. 5 Mar 1833 of Gaajane/Grageen [Garraun Twomileborris] Sp. Thos Boghison & Ellen Doyle Moycarkey Parish


Martin Treasy & Cath Young

John Treasy b. 16 Dec 1834 of Borris [Twomileborris] Sp. Mich Laurey? & Mary McBride Moycarkey Parish


Ante Treacy & Laws Ryan

Michael Ryan b. 29 Mar 1838 of Ballydavid Sp. James Kinsagh & Juali Treacy Moycarkey Parish


Michl Treacy married Nancy Ryan of Borris on the 12 Apr 1841 Wit: John Fogaret & Mary Meagher Moycarkey Parish (note: in octiti tempore dispensitis)

Michl Treacy/Tracy & Anne/Nancy Ryan

Mary Treacy b. 15 May 1841 of Ballydavid [Twomileborris] Sp. Laur Ryan & Mary Tracy Moycarkey Parish

Anthony Tracy b. 18 Sep 1844 of Ballydavid Sp. James Treacy & Margaret Fogarty Moycarkey Parish

Mathias Tracy b. 20 Nov 1853 of Derryhogan [Twomileborris] Sp. Rodger Fogarty & Fanny Shanahan Moycarkey Parish

Honoria Tracy b. 9 Mar 1856 of Derryhogan Sp. John Bourke & Ellen St. John Moycarkey Parish

Ann Tracy b. 10 Oct 1858 of Derryhogan Sp. Connor Gleeson & Mary Godfrey Moycarkey Parish

Sarah Tracy b. 17 Nov 1861 of Derryhogan Sp. Patrick Bourke & Judy Tierney Moycarkey Parish


Jude Tracy & Thomas Nolan

Ellen Nolan b. 22 Mar 1848 of Knockroe [Moycarky] Sp. Michael Nolan & Mary Fogarty Moycarkey Parish

Margaret Nolan b. 4 Sep 1850 of Knockroe Sp. Wm Nolan & Cath Nolan Moycarkey Parish

Catherine Nolan b. 28 Feb 1854 of Knockeraw [Knockroe?] Sp. William Brien & Mary Cananagh Moycarkey Parish


Edmund Tracy & Mary Keashan

John Tracy b. 9 Nov 1852 of Fartiana [Fertiana] Sp. Kitty Farrell Moycarkey Parish


James Tracy & Ellen St. John

Michael Tracy b. 29 Sep 1852 of Cooleep hee [Coolkip? Moycarky] Sp. Denis Fogarty & Kitty St. John Moycarkey Parish


Margaret Tracy married Michael Ryan on the 23 Nov 1857 Wit: Michael Ryan & Nelly Tyrel Moycarkey Parish


Catherine Tracy & Michael Mulany

Ellen Mullany b. 7 Feb 1858 of Skehane Sp. John Tracy & Catherine Mackey Moycarkey Parish

Mathew Mullany b. 31 Oct 1860 of Skehane Sp. Patrick Lahy & Judy Ryan Moycarkey Parish

Tudy Mullany b. 26 Feb 1863 of Skehane Sp. John Molloy & Judt Tracy Moycarkey Parish


Catherine Tracey married Hugh Leahy of Moycarkey on the 17 Jan 1860 Wit: Edmund Maher & Bridget Dwyer Moycarkey Parish

Catherine Tracy & Hugh Lahy/Leahy

John Lahy b. 6 Feb 1860 of Graigue [Moycarky] Sp. Michael Tracy & Catherine Lahy Moycarkey Parish

Mary Lahy b. 4 Dec 1861 of Graigue Sp. Edmund Lahy & Judy Tracy Moycarkey Parish

Winifred Leahy b. 19 Nov 1865 of Tuberadora Sp. Richard Doyle & Margaret Maher Moycarkey Parish


Eliza Tracy married James Gleeson on 8 Nov 1862 Wit: Edmond Gleeson & Catherine Feeney Moycarkey Parish


Anaestasia Tracey married James Maher on the 12/13 Feb 1866 Wit: Jeremiah Maher & Mary Boilson Moycarkey Parish


John Tracy of Moyne married Mary Ryan of Moycarkey on the 17 Jun 1867 Wit: John Ryan & Mary Ryan Moycarkey Parish


Thady Fell & Ellen Mulcahy

Nicholas b. July 9 1868 Graigue, Moycarkey Sp. James Fell & Bridget Tracey


Mary Tracy & James Nolan

Anne Nolan b. 30 Apr 1871 of Borris Sp. James Darmody & Anne Cleary Moycarkey Parish


Michael Tracey married Johanna Kenna on the 26 Jan 1874 Wit: Michael Tracey & Honoria Kenna Moycarkey Parish

Michael Tracy & Tudy/Joanna Kenna

Anne Tracy b. 27 Jan 1875 of Coolcrue? [Coolcroo Twomileborris] Sp. Michael Tracy & Honoria Kenna Moycarkey Parish

Sarah Treacy b. 22 Jul 1876 of Coolcrue Sp. William Hunt & Joanna Treacy Moycarkey Parish (Note: married 28th June 1910 Pat Carroll)

Edmond Tracy b. 16 Oct 1879 of Coolcrue Sp. Mathew Tracy & Joanna Stapleton Moycarkey Parish


Michael Tracey married Sarah Ryan on the 3 Feb 1880 Wit: Matthew Tracey & Elizabeth Maher Moycarkey Parish



 Moyne & Templetuohy


John Tracy of Moyne married Mary Ryan of Moycarkey on the 17 Jun 1867 Wit: John Ryan & Mary Ryan Moycarkey Parish


Mary Tracy (b. 1821 Moyne d. 27 May 1854 Bradford PA (or 27 May 1851 Wysox Twp Bradford Pennsyvania)) m. Andrew Brennan abt 1842 (LDS)

Patrick b. Nov 25, 1842 at Templetuohy RC parish; sponsors were James Treacy and Peggy Delaney.
James b. August 15, 1846 at Templetuoly RC Parish; sponsors were Michael Brennan and Ellen Delaney

Mary Treacy m. 5th December 1839 at the Templetuohy R.C. church to Andrew Brennan Moyne Co. Tipperary. They had two sons Patrick b. 1842 and James b. 1846 before immigrating to PA in 1849. Seeking info on Mary's family.

John Clancy 14 Jan 2002

Martin’s parents were Andrew Brennan and Catherine Lynch (2nd wife of Andrew). Andrew and his 1st wife, Mary Treacy had immigrated from County Tipperary in 1849 with their sons Patrick and James. Mary died shortly thereafter.


Matthew (Matt) Tr(e)acy & Ellen Maher

Catherine b. 1 July 1866 Moyne (LDS)

John b. 18 December 1877 Lisanure (LDS) Templemore


Patrick Tracy & Mary Murphy

Briget b. 5 November 1864 Moyne (LDS)


Patrick Tracy & Ellen Stapleton

Bridget b. 13 July 1864 Moyne (LDS)

James b. 12 August 1866 Moyne (LDS)


Patrick Tracy & Margaret Tracy

Margaret b. 14 December 1864 Moyne (LDS)

Thomas b. 10 July 1867 (LDS)


Thomas Treacy Templetouhy/Clonmore Parish.

1. Thomas Treacy of Templetouhy married Margaret Tierney of Killea on the 2 June 1817

Witnessed by: Roger Tierney & Michael Fehely, Michael (Templemore/Clonmore Parish Register reference T381)

1.1 Johanna b. 26/11/1818 Mien. Sponsors: Patrick Dohan & Mary ???

1.2 Mary b. 21/5/1821 Mien. Sponsors: Richard Brute & Mary Jordan

1.3 Mary b. 3/2/1824 Mien. Sponsor: William Kirwan William & Judith Brute

1.4 Ellen b. 12/1/1826 Mien. Sponsors: Thomas Jordan & Nancy Mooney

1.5 Patrick b. 21/11/1827 Mien. Sponsors: Patrick & Margaret Lanigan

1.6 John b. 22/1/1830 Mien. Sponsors: Patrick Quinlan & Kitty Tierney

1.7 Anne (b. 21/6/1834 Mien. Sponsors: Edmund Byrne & Judith Fehilly) m. Patrick McGrath in Ottawa, LaSalle County, Illinois.

1.8 Mary b. 2/11/1836 Mien. Sponsors: Thomas Treacy & Anne Mooney

Their daughter Anne, according to her tombstone, was "Wife of Patrick McGrath, a native of the Parish of Clanmore (or Clonmore), county of Tipperary, died January 25, 1875, at 39 years of age". She is buried in St. Columba Catholic Cemetery in Ottawa, IL, USA.

We believe there may have also been a Michael & a Thomas born to this couple. Does anyone have any additional information?
Jean Pratt  29 Jan 2004.

CharlotteMcGrath (Anne is Great-grandmother) 3 Oct 2003