Tincurra Church and Well Wexford



In south Wexford, Tracystown East and West are located on the boundaries to the barony of Bargy, named after the Uí Bairrche.


Tincurra Church and Well are located in Taghmon Parish, overlooking Tracystown East. The church appears to be of Celtic origin.


It is likely that the Traceystowns are a former Gaelic settlement, and that Tincurra Church would have been of importance to the Traceys and the Uí Bairrche. It fulfills a number of criteria as an inauguration or óenach/meeting site. 


The placename Tincurra (Tincur = marriage portion/settlement) is mostly particular to Wexford and occurs four times, near areas with an Uí Bairrche connection. 






Tincurra Well and mound




Tincurra Church




Last update: 04 May 2011