Tim (Timothy Joseph) Tracy (1874-1953) of Kilbane Co. Clare, Lightweight & Welterweight Boxing Champion of New Zealand




1908 Tim Tracy



1908 Ben Tracy?


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1908 Wellington Representatives at New Zealand Championships


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1923 Victoria University Boxing Team


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Tim Tracy

18 August 1909 New Zealand Times



Boxing champion of New Zealand Boxing Association

Tim Tracy lightweight 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911

Tim Tracy welterweight 1910, 1911


Tim Tracy was a native of County Clare Ireland, he was born on 20th April 1874, the son of Michael Treacey and Bridget Cleary. He was a two-year-old tot when his parents brought him out to New Zealand. Early in his life Tim followed the family tradition and was apprenticed to the bootmaking trade and thus began an association with leather, which he later turned to his advantage with leather gloves for the boxing ring.


In the first hundred years of the New Zealand Boxing Association there have been two figures that stood out above all others. The two Gentlemen are Tim Tracy and Richard (Dick) John Dunn. The extraordinary influence that the two bestowed on New Zealand boxing was further linked in that Dick Dunn trained under none other than the immortal Tim Tracy. Boxers he fought included World Champion Billy Murphy (in Stratford), brother Burt Murphy (in Christchurch), Teddy Morgan, Freddy [Dasman] and [Dinnie Murphy] (in Blenheim) with whom he fought 14 rounds whilst suffering a broken arm. He has been formally acknowledged by the Wellington Boxing Association in an illuminated address that hung in the sitting room of his home.


In his own account, he explained that he decided to learn how to box after being threatened on the streets of Wellington by two men. His father referred him to Charles (Charlie) Richardson, a trainer that owed him money which unfortunately for Tim meant training backfired and he was put through the toughest fights of his life. He fitted out his own little gymnasium, at the rear of his bootmakers shop in upper Willis Street, Wellington. In years to come the Tracy gym, which in reality was only a converted room, became a regular meeting place for all of Wellingtons boxing fraternity.


Tim Tracy, had not fought any kind of contest until past his thirtieth birthday. It appears that Tim Tracy had his first contest with an American named “Kid” Parker in 1904 at the old Exchange building on Lambton Quay.  In his third contest he defeated ageing Billy “Torpedo” Murphy, who became the only native born world champion when he beat Ike Weir for the world featherweight title in San Francisco during 1890. The Tracy v Murphy contest was staged in Stratford and Tim stopped Murphy in the fourth round.


In 1907 he won a tournament at Christchurch among lightweights to become the first official professional titleholder of the NZBA. Tracy was the outstanding name in New Zealand rings in the days before the First World War.


In 1911, he was presented with a gold time piece “The popularity of that genial, clean-living, manly fellow, Tim Tracy, was manifested at Auckland on Tuesday evening last when, at a meeting of sports, a gold timepiece, suitably inscribed, was handed over to him.". And in 1912, there was a ceremony to honour him and he was presented with a gold medal, as a recognition of his services to boxing, The accounts states that “Without a doubt Tim Tracy is the most popular boxer in New Zealand. He has been on hand for the past eighteen months, and his record during that period is thirty-six fights. Of the thirty six he has lost eight and drawn two, his wins, therefore, numbering twenty-six. Never in his career had Tim won a medal, so the Hastings  sports did well in giving him a  little token. Boxing in the Dominion owes a lot to Tim, who has always been a steady, well-behaved, citizen of this country. “


Tim Tracy went on to have some 36 contests until 1915 most of which were for the New Zealand Professional lightweight championship.


Tim Tracy continued to train for many years. In 1923 he was the trainer of the Victoria University Boxing Team, Joint Winner Inter-Varsity Boxing Shield.


He became the second President of the New Zealand Boxing Instructors and Trainers Federation, which was formed in 1948. At the age of 78, he was still active being the president of the Wellington and Hutt Valley Boxing Trainers Association.


In 1952, he made a recording of his life’s experiences. He died on the 1st of July 1953, age 79 years.


In 2022, he was inducted into the New Zealand Boxing Hall of Fame.








New Zealand National Library

Tracy, Timothy Joseph, -1953

Boxer and boot importer and manufacturer. His boot shop was located in upper Willis Street, Wellington. He was the father of May Thompson.

Papers relating to Tim Tracy

Date: [195-?]

Ref: MS-Papers-9303-7

Contains a label `T Tracy, boot and shoe maker and importer,193 Upper Willis Street, Wellington and a sketch of Tim Tracy drawn by `Mack' to be added to the collection of Stars of sport (original drawing and cutting of it published in an unidentified newspaper). The back of the original sketch is annotated with a note by his daughter, May.

Timothy Tracy Shoeshop (Wellington) - Account book

Date: 1909-1934 By: Tracy, Timothy Joseph, -1953

Ref: MSY-6710

T Tracy was the father of May Thompson. He was a boot importer and manufacturer. His shoe store was located at Upper Willis Street, Wellington


Looking Backwards. No.2, Tim Tracy (1952)

Tim Tracy at the age of 78 recounts tales of his career as a boxer. He was the first lightweight champion of New Zealand. The interviewer gives Mr Tracy considerable prompting as he seems to find it difficult to formulate sentences.

Tim Tracy explains that he decided to learn how to box after being threatened on the streets of Wellington by two men. His father referred him to Charles (Charlie) Richardson, a trainer that owed him money which unfortunately for Tim meant training backfired and he was put through the toughest fights of his life.

Boxers he fought included World Champion Billy Murphy (in Stratford), brother Burt Murphy (in Christchurch), Teddy Morgan, Freddy [Dasman] and [Dinnie Murphy] (in Blenheim) with whom he fought 14 rounds whilst suffering a broken arm. He has been formally acknowledged by the Wellington Boxing Association in an illuminated address that hangs in his sitting room at home. Currently Tim Tracy is President of the Wellington and Hutt Valley Boxing Trainers Association.



Ben Tracy


Bantamweight Armature Boxing Champions of New Zealand

1906    Ben Tracy (Wellington)

1907    Ben Tracy (Wellington)

Lightweight Armature Boxing Champions of Wellington

1910    B. Tracy (to New Zealand Boxing Championships)


3 November 1910 Manawatu Standard

...Ben Tracy the N.Z. feather champion of 1908...









Tim/Thady/Timothy Treasey/Tracey/Tracy/Trassy/Treasy & Mary McNamara

Timothy Treasy b. 8? July 1845 Sp. ? Broadford Parish

Mary Tracey b. 10 Sep 1848 Sp. John Hickey & Catherine Connell. Broadford Parish

Michael Tracy b. ? May 1851 of Kilbane Sp. John McNamara & Biddy Tracy of Kilbane. Broadford Parish

Honor Trassy b. 17 June 1853 of Kilbane Sp. Pat Vaughan & Ellen Trassy of Kilbane. Broadford Parish

Catherine Trassy b. 23 Jan 1856 of Kilbane Sp. John Trassy of Kilbane & Anne Cahil of Lisroe. Broadford Parish

Anne Treasy b. 14 Jan 1859 of Kilbane Sp. John Treasy & Anne McNamara of Upper Kilbane. Broadford Parish

Theady Tracy of Kilbene [Kilbane Killokennedy] & Mary McNamara of Do [Kilbene]

Michl Tracy b. 9 May 1851 Sp. John McNamara of Kilbene & Biddy Tracy of Do [Kilbene]. Broadford Parish


Timothy Tracy & Mary McNamara

Ellen Alicia (b. 1846 Kilbane Clare d. 29 June 1907 Brunswick Victoria Australia) m. Samuel Timothy Lett 28 February 1877 West Melbourne Victoria Australia.


Timothy Treacy and Mary McNamara

Timothy Treacy (Born 1847 in Kilbane, County Clare, Ireland) & ???

Timothy J Treacy (Born March 2, 1878 in Kilbane, County Clare, Ireland Died February 2, 1934 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA)



1852 Timothy Tracy, 3a Kilbane Killokennedy Clare, Patrick McNamara, house office & land, 1a2r17p, land value 15s. buildings value 15s, total value £1.10.0


John Treacy married Bridget Naish of Cluneconnery [Cloonyconry Killokennedy] Wit: John Dwyer & Bridget Moloney of Cluneconnery 31 July 1868 Broadford Parish (Note: Noe natiim celebtumist eum dispenstione in 4th et 4th gidua consangiumetatis tn testor J. Burke Pastor [4th - 4th consanguinity - third cousins])

John Tracey, full age, bachelor, shoe maker, lives Cluneconnery, (s. of Timothy Tracey, deceased, shoe maker) married Bridget Naish, full age, spinster, lives Cluneconnery, (d. of Thomas Naish, deceased, farmer) 31 July 1868 RC Chapel Kilban Wit: John Dwyer & Bridget Molony [Bridgetown Limerick PLU Clare ] signed her mark

John Tracey (s. of Timothy Tracey) married Bridget Naish (d. of Thomas Naish) 31 Jul 1868 Bridgetown, Clare, Ireland [Limerick State Reg]

John Treacy/Tracy & Bridget Naish/Nash/Marsh

Timothy Treacy b. 16 Oct 1869 of Cluniconnery Sp. Tim Treacy & Honora Treacy of Kilbane [Killokennedy]. Broadford Parish

John Treacy b. 1 Mar 1871 of Broadford [Kilseily] Sp. Timothy Treacy & Anne Treacy of Kilbane. Broadford Parish

Thomas Treacy b. 11 Sep 1875 of Cluniconnery Sp. Lizzie Vaughan of Lisroe [in Cloongaheen East]. Broadford Parish

Pat Treacy b. ??.03.1877 of Cluniconnery Sp. Timothy Treacy & Bridget Carney of Cluniconnery.

Michael Tracy b. 1 Jun 1874 of Cluniconnery Sp. James Spaigtit & Honoria Spaigtit of Cluniconnery. Broadford Parish (1 Jul 1874 LDS)

Mary Treacy b. 22 Feb 1879 of Clonineconry Sp. Pat Walsh of Clouniconry & Anne Ryan? of Killbane [Kilbane]. Broadford Parish

John Treacy & Bdt Nash/Naish

Anne Treacy b. 11 Jun 1880 Sp. John Browne & Bdt Browne. Killaloe Parish (10 Jun 1880 LDS)

John Tracy/Treacy & Bridget Naish/Nash/Marsh

Timothy Tracey b. 19 Oct 1869 Clonaconning, Luneruk OR Bridgetown Clare (LDS)

John Tracy b. 2 Apr 1871 Bridgetown, Clare (LDS)

Bridget Treacy b. 14 Apr 1873 Bridgetown Clare (LDS)


1901 Census

John Tracy, 57, M, 15 O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, Boot and Shoemaker, R Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Clare

Bridget Tracy, 54, F, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, R Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Clare

Thomas Tracy, 23, M, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, Boot and Shoemaker, R Catholic, Co Clare

Annie Tracy, 19, F, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, R Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Clare

John Tracy, 18, M, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, Boot and Shoemaker, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Clare

Michael Tracy, 15, M, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Clare

Patrick Tracy, 12, M, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Clare

Hanorah Tracy, 9, F, O'Brien's Bridge, O'Brien's Bridge, Clare, R Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Clare


1911 Census

John Tracey, 69, M, 8 Clonboy, Fahymore, Clare (boot maker, widower, married 42 years, 9 child 8 alive)

John Tracey, 28, M, Clonboy, Fahymore, Clare (son, single, boot maker)

Michael Tracey, 24, M, Clonboy, Fahymore, Clare (son, single, boot maker)

Patrick Tracey, 22, M, Clonboy, Fahymore, Clare (son, single, labourer)

Nora Tracey, 19, F, Clonboy, Fahymore, Clare



John Treacy 24 [23] May 1919 Clonboy O’Briens Bridge Clare, shoemaker, to daughter Norah Treacy, Spr


Timothy Treasy of U. Kilbane [Killokennedy] married Anne Ryan of Killeagy [Killokennedy] 29 Jan 1873 Wit: Michl Treasy of Cluniconnery [Cloonyconry Killokennedy] & Anne Gunning of Killeagy. Broadford Parish

Timothy Treasy/Treacy, full age, bachelor, shoemaker, lives Kilbane, (s. of Timothy Treasy, deceased, shoemaker) married Anne Ryan, full age, spinster, BLANK, lives Kileagy, (d. of Michael Ryan, laborer) 29 January 1873 RC Chapel Kilbane Wit: Michael Treacy & Anne Gunning [Bridgetown Limerick PLU Clare]

Timothy/Tim Tracey & Anne Ryan

Mary Anne Tracey b. 4 Dec 1874 of Upper Kilbane Sp. Mary Gunning, Kileagy

Timothy Treacy b. ? Mar 1876 Upper Kilbane Sp. John Treacy, Cluniconnery(?), (?)

Anne Tracey b. 17 Feb? 1880 of Killbane [Kilbane Killokennedy] Sp. Patt Hayes & Mary Anne Gunning of Kilbane. Broadford Parish

Timothy Tracey, of Kilbane, shoemaker, & Anne Ryan

Timothy Tracey b. 2 March 1876 of Kilbane. Timothy Tracey Kilbane father. (Tyan LDS) [Bridgetown Clare]


Timothy J Treacy

Born 2 Mar 1878 in Kilbane, County Clare, Ireland

Son of Timothy Treacy and [mother unknown]

[sibling(s) unknown]

Husband of  — married [date unknown] [location unknown]

Father of  and 

Died  in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA


Timothy Treacy (b. 1848 Clare) & Anna Ryan

Timothy J (b.1878 Clare d. Massachusetts) (Kelley Family Tree)


1901 Census

Timothy Treacy, 54, M, 6 Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, Boot and Shoe Maker, R Catholic, Head of Family, Married, Co Clare

Anne Treacy, 52, F, Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, R Catholic, Wife, Married, Co Clare

Tim Treacy, 23, M, Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, Farm Servant, R Catholic, Son, Not Married, Co Clare

Bridget Treacy, 16, F, Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, General Domestic Servant, R Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Clare

Mary Treacy, 13, F, Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, Scholar, R Catholic, Daughter, Not Married, Co Clare


Michael Tracey, 18, M, 7 Tilbane, Killokennedy, Clare, Servant (Farm), Roman Catholic, Servant, Not Married, Co Clare


Ellis Island


Bridget Treacy, Kilbane Clare Ireland, 1905, 19 years, lived Kilbane Broadford Co. Clare, to brother Timothy Treacy, 8 School St, Sandy Hill, New York.


Mary Tracey, Broadford (Kilseily Clare?) Ireland, 1907, 21 years, single, b. Claremount Broadford Ireland to Long Branch? NJ [crossed out]


1911 Census

Anne Treacy, 68, F, 12 Kilbane, Killokennedy, Clare (farmer, married?)

Michael Treacy, 26, M, Kilbane, Killokennedy, Clare (son, farmer)


1922 Army Census

Michael, Freacy [Treacy], 38, Pte 1st Western; home address: Kilbane, Co. Clare; Pay no. 11303; joined Ennis; Single; RC; Sister Mary Treacy, 20 Catherine St, Limerick; Macroom (Cork);  download file


Michael Treacey, full age, bachelor, shoemaker, of Killaloe (s. of Timothy Treacy, shoemaker) married Bridget Cleary, BLANK, spinster, labourer, of Newtown [Kiltenanlea?], (d. of James Cleary, labourer) Wit: John Hogan & Annie Carrick in the RC Chapel Killaloe 24 July 1873 [Annacarriga Scarriff]

Michael Treacy married Bridget Cleary of Killaloe Wit: John Hogan & Annie Carrig on the 24 Jul 1873 Killaloe Parish

Michl Tracey & Bridget Cleary

Timothy Tracey b. 21 Apr 1874 Sp. James Cleary & Lizzie Tarpy (by prose) Killaloe Parish

Michael Tracy/Treacy of Newtown, shoemaker, & Bridget Cleary

Tim Tracy b. 20 April 1874 Newtown. Michael Tracy father Newtown his mark. [Annacarriga Scarriff]

Mary Treacy b. 20 February 1876 Newtown. Bridget Treacy mother Newtown. [Annacarriga Scarriff]


4 Oct 1876 Waimea arrived Wellington NZ (assisted emigration)

Michl Treacy, aged 24, farm labourer of Clare

Bridget, aged 26

Timothy, aged 2

Mary, 6 months


Michael Tracy/Treacy & Bridget

Bridget Treacy b. 1878 New Zealand

Margaret Tracey b. 1880 New Zealand

Annie Tracy b. 1881 New Zealand

Michael Treacy b. 1883 New Zealand

James Treacy b. 1884 New Zealand

Michael Treacy b. 1885 New Zealand

Margaret Treacy b. 1885 New Zealand

John Joseph Patrick Tracy b. 1889 New Zealand


11 June 1878 Evening Post

Wanted, a good Bootmaker. Apply to M. Tracey, Bootmaker, Upper Hutt, or to A. Lindsay, Featherston-street.


19 March 1889 Evening Post

Boot Trade. Wanted, respectable Youth, as improver. Apply sharp to M. Tracey, Bootmaker, Willis-street.


Timothy Joseph Tracy married Catherine Jane Quin 1899 New Zealand

Timothy Joseph Tracy & Catherine Jane

Mary Anastatia Tracy b. 1899 New Zealand


15 August 1893 Manawatu Herald

...pleaded Guilty to a charge of having stolen a pair of shoes, value 8s 6d. from the shop of Michael Tracey, bootmaker, Willis-street...


16 June 1908 Hastings Standard

A Chat With Tim Tracy...Tracy said that people twitted him for wearing a moustache, a practice most unusual among professional boxer=. "But I have to." he said "my wife will not let me shave it off."


30 September 1911 Evening Post

Quin - On the 30 September 1911, at the hospital, Wellington, sarah, relict of the late James Quin, and mother of Mrs. T. Tracy, of Wellington, aged 72 years; deeply regretted. Private internment.


18 November 1911 NZ Truth

Tim Tracy's Latest.

Foreman of a Jury.

"Tim Tracy, boxer, bootmaker, and a jolly good fellow, filled quite a new role whilst m Auckland prior to his fight with Hannan. And the nature of it has been the standing joke of Tim's many friends who  never expected  his services would be so eagerly sought after in the direction indicated. In fact some sages have gone so far as to prophesy that Tim Will be on the Bench next. Sudden deaths in the Queen city were frequent last week, and sudden deaths mean an inquest, an inquest means a jury, and a jury means a foreman. So the police, as the powers that be, evidently thought that a deliverer of punches would be the best man to deliver a verdict as to how the victim' died so suddenly, and accordingly at two inquests Tim Tracy was appointed as foreman of the jury. If the. suddenness of things had been attributed to punches perhaps the presence of Tim as a foreman could accounted for, but somebody must have had a big joke when they shoved Tim into such an unenviable job, especially as he had been m the place but a few days.  It's the worst of being well-known to the police! Still,, after all, it's an experience, and when the hairs on warrior Tim's head begin to fade he can look back and swear that the worry occasioned when foreman of two juries at Auckland was a contributing factor to the sign that man is no longer young. Needless to remark, in conclusion, Tim enjoyed the joke as well as anybody else.


29 March 1917 Evening Post


Connor.—On the 2Sth March, 1917, Annie, beloved wife of James Joseph Connor, and youngest daughter of M. Tracy, of Manners street. Private interment. No flowers (by request).


11 May 1926 Evening Post

Goldsmith.—On the 9th May, 1926, at Wellington Hospital, Alice, dearly beloved mother of Mrs. F. Hey, Lower Hutt, and Mr. Leo Brett, Nelson, and sister of Mrs. Tim Tracy and J. 11. Quin, of Wellington. Interred at Karori to-day. R.I.P.


Mary Anastasia CamillusTracy married Noel McNair Thomson 1930

6 January 1930 Horowhenua Chronicle


Much interest centred in the wedding at the Basilica, Wellington, on Wednesday evening of Miss May Tracy, the well-known tennis player and several times champion, which was witnessed by many devotees of the game at Resent in Wellington. The bride is the daughter: of Mr and Mrs T. Tracy, of Willis Street, and the bridegroom Noel M. Thompson, solicitor, of Levin, son of Mrs and the late Mr E Thompson, of Austin Street, Wellington. The ceremony, which was choral, was performed by the Rev. Father Smyth, and the church was decorated for the occasion by friends of the bride. Mr Tracy gave his daughter away. She wore a frock of white marietta starred with silver, the close-fitting bodice all silver, and silver in lace design edging the full, long skirt. Her tulle veil was embroidered in silver, and fell from a, coronet of pearls and diamante finished, yd th orange blossom. She carried a bouquet of white flowers.

Three bridesmaids attended her— Misses Alma Clegg, Nancy Thompson  (sister of the bridegroom) and Vera Flan. They wore frocks of floral ninou in rose, almond green and lime respectively, made with full skirts falling .to the ground at the back and finished with three frills narrowing to the sides. Their hats of crinoline straw to match their frocks were handpainted and they carried bouquets to tone. Their gifts from the bridegroom were antique bracelets set with square jewels to match their frocks. The bridegroom was attended by Mr D. Cullinane, of Feilding, as best man and Mr S. Scott (cousin), and Mr F. Desmond as groomsmen.

After the ceremony a reception was held by Mr and Mrs Tracy at the Adelphi Cabaret, where the tables were decorated with pink shaded sweet peas and centred with the pink and White iced cake. Mr G. N. Goldie propose! the toast of the bride and bridegroom. Mrs Tracy received her guests wearing navy blue marietta and lace with vest of beige, and navy hat finished with ospreys. She carried a bouquet of pink roses. Mrs Thompson, mother of the bridegroom, wore navy blue and fawn and a navy hat, and carried a bouquet of crimson roses. Later the bride and bridegroom left for a motor tour in a car which was the bridegroom’s gift to the bride. She wore a frock of maize crepe de chine pattern id with large black and crimson rose ever which was a coat of maizc-coloured lace embroidered wool, with a dose-fitting maize hat of summer felt. Among the guests were relatives and friends from Wanganui, Timaru, and Dunedin, and many tennis players from different parts as well as Wellington.


4 Feb 1931 Probate

Bridget Treacy or Tracy, married woman, of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand, deceased about 24 Dec 1930, estate Post Office £22 3s 3d Realty £370 0s 0d Total £392 3s 3d

I give devise and bequeath the whole of my estate to my son Timothy absolutely should he survive me.

Signed Bridget Treacy 3rd Sep 1929


28 July 1931 Evening Post

Quin.— On 27th July 1931 at Welliugton, James Hugh Quin, beloved brother of Mrs. Tim Tracy, 193, Willis street; in his 61st year. "Peace, perfect peace."


19 Sep 1933 Makura, Wellington New Zealand to Sydney Australia

First Class

Tracy do [Miss] Jane, age 56, D.D., born do [New Zealand]

Tracy, Mr. Timothy, Age 59, Bootmaker, born Ireland


5 February 1935 Evening Post

Tracy - On February 3, 1935, at Auckland, Michael, the beloved husband of the late Bridget Tracy and father of Timothy, Michael, Ben, Patrick, and Bro. Leo (Timaru); aged 82 years. R.I.P.


6 February 1935 Horowhenua Chronicle (NZ)


Mr. Michael Tracy.

The death is reported from. Auckland of Mr. Michael Tracy, for many years in business in Wellington, and father of Mr. Timothy Tracy, of Upper Willis Street.

The late Mr. Tracy, who was born in County Clare, Ireland, came to New Zealand fifty-eight years ago by the ship Waimea. He was accompanied by his wife (who died four years ago), his eldest daughter, Mary (Sister Camillas, of the Catholic Orphanage, who died six years ago), and Mr. Timothy Tracy, formerly well known in boxing circles in New Zealand. Upon his arrival in Wellington, Mr. Tracy found business none too brisk in town, so he set up as a bootmaker and repairer at the Upper Hutt, as at that time there was a largo number of men employed on the railway works building the line that was to connect Wellington with the Wairarapa. When that work gave out Mr. Tracy shifted to Wadestown, to cater for the men who were employed in the construction of the line between Wellington and Crofton (now Ngaio) for the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company. Subsequently he commenced business as a boot salesman in Willis Street, and remained there for some thirty years before shifting into Manners Street. He had been out of business for some years prior to his death.

He leaves five sons, Timothy, Benjamin, Michael, Leo (a Marist Brother), and Patrick.

The remains are being brought to Wellington for interment.

Mrs. N. M. Thomson, of Levin, is a grand-daughter of the late Mr. Tracy.


13 February 1935 New Zealand Herald

Losses to Bowling. Auckland Players' Deaths

...Two other old bowlers...Mr. M. Tracey, died recently...Mr. Tracy was a member of the Aucklanf Club...Mr. Tracy was a noted leading exponent and his services in rink play were always in demand...


19 April 1951 Probate, Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand, Probate £217 10s 9d

James Leo Tracey, of Wellington and Palmerston North, Marist Brother, deceased about 4 Feb 1951, will dated 20 January 1947

...I appoint my nephew, Leo Connor, of Wellington, Roman Catholic Priest, to be sole executor and trustee of this my will

I bequeath the sum of £20 to my nephew the said Leo Connor for masses to be said for the repose of my soul.

I bequeath the following pecuniary legacies:

The sum of £20 pounds to:

1. My niece Vera Baigent

2. My niece Annie Giovanetti

3. My Niece Mollie McKensie

4. My brother-in-law James J. Connor

5. Mrs J. J. Connor, the wife of the said James J. Connor [Annie Tracy married James Connor 1906] [died 1917]

6. Mollie Fox sister of the said James J. Connor

7. My cousin Thomas Tracy

8. My cousin Cis Landers (nee Tracy) [Nora Cis Treacy married Edward Landers 1928]

The sum of £3 to

9. My nephew James Connor

10. My brother Patrick Tracy

The sum of £10 to

11. My brother Timothy Tracy

The sum of £30 to

12. My brother Benjamin Tracy

The remainder and residue to my cousin Cis Landers.

Signed: J. L. Tracy




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