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Thomas Francis Tracy (1861-1916), a Boston cigarmaker, was a vice-president of the Cigar Makers' International Union (CMIU) from 1896 to 1916. He represented the Massachusetts State Federation of Labor. In 1910 Tracy moved to Washington DC to serve as secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Laborís (AFL) Union Label Trades Department, a position he also held until his death at his residence of 18 Girard street Washington DC, age 57 years


1 September 1906 True Republican,

To Manage Labor Campaign. The American Federation of Labor has decided to go actively into politics . Officials of the organization believe that the needs of the workingman, as regards legislation, can best he served in this way and the federation will make a hard fight this fall on all members of congress who have opposed legislation introduced in the interest of the laborer. To manage the campaign a Boston man, long a labor leader in that city, has been chosen . He is Thomas F . Tracey, and will make his headquarters in this city. Since 1903 Tracey has been chairman of the national legislative committee of the American Federation of Labor, and he has held numerous offices in labor organizations. In 1895 he wan president of the Cigar-Makers label League and in 1897 was president of the Central Labor union of Boston. In 1899 he was sent by the American Federation of Labor to the congress of the British trades unions. Two years later he was elected vice president of the Cigar-Makers International union and later was sent to Washington as special legislative committeeman to watch the interests of labor in congress.


November 19, 1916 The Topeka Daily (Kansas)

Thomas F. Tracy Dead. Thomas F. Tracy, secretary of the Union Label Trades department of the American Federation of Labor, died at his home In Washington, D. C, Saturday, November 4, after an Illness lasting several months. Deceased was president of Boston Cigarmakers' union, vice president of the International Cigarmakers' union for-over fifteen years; legislative committeeman of the A. F. of L.; general organizer of the A, F. of L., and the first secretary of the Union Label Trades department. His wife died two years ago. Four children survive. Thomas F. Tracy was a Spartan in his adherence to the cause of trade unionism and was numbered among the early pioneers who built up the present trade union structure. While others might waver when th ship occasionally reeled under attacks from within and without, "Tom" Tracy's loyalty was never questioned. He was a trade unionist, first and last, and was uncompromising in his belief that the trade union movement was the- only hope for better conditions and a fuller life for those who toil.


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Michael Tracy, 28 years, trader b. 1833 Ireland (s. of Thomas & Mary) married Julia Callahan, 23 years, b. 1838 Boston (d. of John & Catherine) 22 Apr 1861 Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Mich Tracy, porter, & Julia F, both born Ireland

John Joseph Tracy b. 25 Jul 1863 of 69 Kingston Boston, Massachusetts

Wm. Henry Tracy b. 22 Dec 1865 of 64 Kingston Pl Boston, Massachusetts

William J Tracy died 18 Mar 1868 age 2 years

Mary Elizabeth Tracey b. 18 Apr 1868 of 64 Kingston Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts


1865-7 Boston Directory

Michael Tracy, porter, Bromfield House, house 64 Kingston

1870 Boston Directory

Julia Tracy, widow, house 64 Kingston

1871 Documents of the City of Boston

...to the heirs of Michael Tracy, bounded as follows, viz: westwardly by the proposed line of widening of Kingston street...

1872 Boston Directory

Julia Tracy, widow, house 79 Hudson


Michael Tracey died 23 Feb 1868 64 Kingston St Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, age 41, Married, Waiter, b. Ireland 1827, (s. of Thomas & Mary)


1870 Census - Ward 5 City of Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Julia Tracey ††††††††††††††† F †††††††† 35 †††††† Ireland, washwoman,

Thomas F Tracey ††††††† M ††††††† 9 †††††††† Massachusetts

Joseph Tracey M ††††††† 7 †††††††† Massachusetts

William Tracey †††††††††† M ††††††† 4 †††††††† Massachusetts

Mary Tracey †††††††††††††† F †††††††† 2 †††††††† Massachusetts


1880 Census - Ward 12 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

Julia Tracey ††††††††††††††† Self †††††††††††††††† F †††††††† 43 †††††† Massachusetts, United States, widowed

Thomas F Tracey ††††††† Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 19 †††††† Massachusetts, United States

Joseph J Tracey ††††††††† Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 17 †††††† Massachusetts, United States

William H Tracey †††††† Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 14 †††††† Massachusetts, United States

Mary E Tracey †††††††††† Daughter ††††††† F †††††††† 12 †††††† Massachusetts, United States


Julia Tracy nee Callahan died 07 Apr 1886 of 79 Hudson St Boston Suffolk Massachusetts, Age 52, Widowed, b. Ireland 1834 d. of John & Catherine


1887-8 Boston City Council

Thomas Francis Tracy, Ward 12


Mary J. Tracy, 22 years, (d. of Michael & Julia F.) married George U. Clough. 27 years, (s. of Joseph H. & Harriet H.) 4 Mar 1891 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States


Joseph J. Tracy died 1 Apr 1893 3 Utica Pl. Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Age 28, Single, Teamster, born 1865 Boston Mass. (s. of Michael Tracy b. Ireland & Julia Callahan b. Ireland)


Thomas F Tracy, cigar maker born Boston & Margaret J Moore born Boston

Edward Tracy b. 17 Sept 1893 of 106 C Fifth

Julia Tracy b. 22 Feb 1895 of Boston

Thomas Tracy b. 17 Sep 1898

John Joseph tracy b. 1 apr 1907 of Boston


1900 Census - Precinct 6 Boston city Ward 14, Suffolk, Massachusetts

Thomas F Tracy †††††††† Head M ††††††† 39 †††††† b. May 1861 Massachusetts, Father & Mother born Ireland, cigar maker

Margaret J Tracy ††††††† Wife †† F †††††††† 29 †††††† Massachusetts, married 10 years, 5 children 3 alive,

Edward Tracy ††††††††††† Son †††† M ††††††† 7 †††††††† Massachusetts

Julia F Tracy †† Daughter ††††††† F †††††††† 5 †††††††† Massachusetts

Thomas Tracy Son †††† M ††††††† 2 †††††††† Massachusetts

Mary Callahan ††††††††††† Aunt †† F †††††††† 67 †††††† Ireland, single, emigrated 1847

Thomas P Moore ††††††† Brother-in-law ††††††††††† M ††††††† 33 †††††† Massachusetts


1902 Delegates to the 22nd Annual Convention

Thomas F. Tracy, 14 Hudson street, Boston Mass.


1910 Census - Precinct 9, Washington, District of Columbia

Thomas F Tracy †††††††† Head ††††††††††††† M ††††††† 49 †††††† Massachusetts, Father & Mother born Ireland, cigar maker

Margaret J Tracey ††††† Wife †††††††††††††† F †††††††† 39 †††††† Massachusetts, married 18 years, 6 children 4 alive, Father Irish mother Canadian

Edward J Tracy ††††††††† Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 16 †††††† Massachusetts

Francis J Tracy †††††††††† Daughter ††††††† F †††††††† 15 †††††† Massachusetts

Thomas F Tracy Jr. †††† Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 11 †††††† Massachusetts

John J Tracey Son †††††††††††††††† M ††††††† 3 †††††††† Massachusetts









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