Séan Treacy (1923-2018) Teachta Dála & Ceann Comhairle (speaker) of Dáil Éireann and member of Council of State






Séan Treacy as Mayor of Clonmel



Séan Treacy as Ceann Comhairle with Nelson Mandela




Séan Treacy (1923-2018)

Born 22nd September 1923 Clonmel Co. Tipperary, 4th child of James and Margaret (nee Kenrick), married Catherine (Kitty) Connolly 4th June 1967.

Educated at Maryfield NS, St. Mary’s CBS, Clonmel Technical Institute & UCC Dip Social and Economic Science.


1952-1973 President Clonmel Trades & Labour Council.

1955-1973 Alderman Clonmel Borough Corporation.

1955-1973, 1977-1987 Tipperary South Riding Council.

1957-58, 1961-62 Mayor of Clonmel.

Chairman Joint Board of Conciliation and Arbitration Boot and Shoe Industry Ireland, member Executive Council Irish Shoe and Leather Workers’ Union, member Executive Council Irish Labour Party, Labour spokesman on Education 1961-5, Industry & Commerce 1965-9 & Local Government 1969-73.


1961-1997 Member of Dáil Éireann

He was first elected to the Dáil in the 1961 general election as a Labour Party Teachta Dála (TD) for Tipperary South and was re-elected in 7 subsequent elections and returned automatically in 3 more due to being Ceann Comhairle. He left the Labour Party in 1987 and was elected as an independent TD in the 1987 general election. He served in 10 successive Dála until he retired from politics at the 1997 general election.

1973-1977, 1987-1997. Ceann Comhairle (speaker) of Dáil Éireann & member Council of State

He was a member of the Presidential Commission (acting head of state) from November 17, to December 18, 1974 and from October 22, to December 2, 1976.


1981-1984 Member of the European Parliament.

Chairman: 1973-7 & 1987-97 Civil Service Commission and Local Appointments Commission,  Comhairle na Mire Gaile, Irish Parliamentary Association, Committee of Procedure and Privileges Dáil Éireann. Member: Conference of Presidents of European Parliamentary Assemblies.


Hobbies: Reading, walking & Travel.

He lived at Rossa, Heywood Road in Clonmel and died peacefully in South Tipperary General Hospital at the age of 94 on the 23rd March 2018. He was pre-deceased in 2000 by his wife Catherine (Kitty) and the couple had no children.








July 1870 Silver Spring, near Clonmel

For sale...James Tracy, on the Premises, will show the hay


John Tracey, full age, bachelor, car driver, of Irishtown (s. of James Tracey, farmer) married Catherine Waddy alias Catherine Murphy, full age widow, of Main Street, (d. of Thomas Murphy, labourer) Wit: P. Murphy & Bridget Connally [her mark] on the 9 January 1881 St. Mary's Clonmel

John Tracey/Treacy, car owner/proprietor, & Kate/Catherine Murphy

James Treacy b. 15 Nov 1881 of Grubbs Court. John Tracy father Grubbs Court [his mark]

John Thomas Treacy b. 16 May 1883 of Peter Street. Catherine Treacy mother Peter Street [her mark]

Catherine Treacy b. 31 Aug 1884 of Peter Street Clonmel. Mary Waddy Peter Street present at birth [her mark]

Mary Joseph Tracey b. 2 May 1986 of Irishtown Clonmel. Margaret Nale New St present at birth [her mark]

Daniel Tracey, car owner, & Kate Murphy

William Tracey b. 24? January 1888 of Irishtown Clonmel. Bastasia Tyhe Queen St present at birth [her mark]


Thomas Treacy, 21, bachelor, labourer, of Mary Street Clonmel, (s. of John Treacy, alive, cardriver) married Agnes Mason, 19, spinster, Dom helper, of Dungarvan Road Clonmel (d. of William Mason, alive, boatman) Wit: James Roberts & Mary Mason on the 21 July 1906 RC Chuch of St. Peter & Paul Clonmel


John Thomas Treacy (d. 6 November 1948) m. (Eliza) Agnes Mason 21 July 1906 Clonmel (LDS)

John b. 9 January 1907 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

William b. 26 January 1908 Clonmel d. 1939 (LDS)

Margaret b. 20 August 1912 Clonmel d. May 1948 (LDS)

Catherine b. 23 June 1914 Clonmel d. 10 July 2002 (LDS) Eliza

Patrick John b. 23 April 1923 Clonmel d. 6 June 1978 (LDS)


Patrick Treacy

Hi, my name is Maria and my father's name was Patrick. He was born in Clonmel in 1923. He had sisters, Kitty (Davis), Aggie, Betty, Annie, brothers Tommy Jimmy. Can’t remember the names of the rest. I do have details of dates of births etc. of the Treacy family. Think grandmothers name was Eliza but she was never known as that. We used to visit Annie in Cork. He had a very big family. Auntie Kitty had one son who lives in Australia. If this sounds like the same family let me know.
Maria Tracey http://www.voy.com/104782/33.html 16th March 2008


1911 Census

Kate Treacy, 21, F, 25 Gladstone Street Upper (Pt.), Clonmel East Urban, Tipperary (servant, domestic, single)


John Treacy, 72, M, 31 Mary Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (car owner)

Kate Treacy, 63, F, Mary Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (married 29 years, 5 child, b. Wexford)

James Treacy, 28, M, Mary Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (car driver)

Daniel Treacy, 21, M, Mary Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (coach builder)


Thomas Tracey, 26, M, 10.1 Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (jarveyman)

Agnes Tracey, 23, F, Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary (married 4.5 years, 4 child)

John Tracey, 4, M, Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary

William Tracey, 3, M, Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary

Jane Tracey, 1, F, Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary

Daniel C Tracey, 0, M, Peter Street, Clonmel West Urban, Tipperary


James Treacy, 33, bachelor, car driver, of Mary Street Clonmel (s. of John Treacy, cardriver) married Margaret Kenrick, 23, spinster, shop keeper, of Irishtown Clonmel (d, of John Kendrick, carpenter) Wit: Daniel Treacy & Mary Meskill on the 13th November 1915 RC Church of St. Mary's Clonmel Town.

James Treacy, car owner, & Margaret Kenrick

John James Treacy b. 16 Apr 1916 of 1 Irishtown [Clonmel I]



Thomas C Treacy b. Jan - Mar 1928 Clonmel, Ireland

Valentine P Treacy b. Jul - Sep 1931 Clonmel, Ireland

Margaret Treacy b. Jul - Sep 1932 Clonmel, Ireland




FAMILY TREE (LDS) - Michael Thomas Davis (mike@specialistit.com.au)


James Treacy


John Treacy (1839 Roscrea - 29 June 1911 Clonmel) & Catherine Murphy (27 Oct 1846 Wexford - 19 May 1933 Clonmel)


James Treacy (b. 15 November 1881 Clonmel) married Margaret Mary Kenrick (1892-) 13 November 1913


John James Treacy (1916–1917)

Mary Patricia Treacy (1918–Deceased)

Catherine Treacy (1920–Deceased)

Josephine Mary Treacy (1921–1922)

John (Sean) Treacy (1923–2018) married Catherine Connolly June 1958 Clonmel

Daniel Treacy (1925–Deceased)

Valentine Patrick Treacy (1931–1953)

Margaret Treacy (1932–Deceased)


John Thomas Treacy (16 May 1883 Clonmel - 6 November 1948 Clonmel) married Eliza Mason (1887-1935) 21 July 1906 Clonmel


John Treacy (1907–1948)

William Treacy (1908–1939)

Mary Jane Treacy (1909–1997)

Daniel C. Treacy (1911–1937)

Margaret Treacy (1912–1948)

Catherine Treacy (1914–2002)

Agnes Treacy (1916–1993)

Anne Treacy (1918–1995)

James Treacy (1921–2005)

Patrick John Treacy (1923–1978)

Thomas Treacy (1925–1988)

Bridget Elizabeth Treacy (1929–2009)


John Thomas Treacy



Catherine Treacy (b. 31 August 1884 Clonmel) married Joseph Purcell (1886-) on the 1 Sept 1912


Mary Kate Purcell (1912–Deceased)

John Joseph Purcell (1913–Deceased)


Mary Joseph Treacy b. 2 May 1886 Clonmel


William Treacy b. 24 January 1888 Clonmel



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