Bishop Robert Emmet Tracy (1909 - 1980)










Robert Tracy was born on September 14, 1909 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Robert Emmet and Margaret Agnes (née Cahill) Tracy. He studied at Saint Joseph Seminary College and Notre Dame Seminary. He was ordained to the priesthood on June 12, 1932, at age 22. He then served as a curate at St. Leo Church in New Orleans (1932–1946) and archdiocesan director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (1937–1946). His ministry as a priest focused especially on the young . He was chaplain of the Newman Centers at Tulane University (1941–1946) and as Chaplain at the Catholic Student Center at  Louisiana State University (1946–1959). He was named a Papal Chamberlain in 1947 and a Domestic Prelate in 1949. From 1954 to 1955, he was national chaplain of the Newman Club Federation.


On March 13, 1959, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Lafayette in Louisiana and Titular Bishop of Sergentza by Pope John XXIII. Tracy received his episcopal consecration on the following May 19 from Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, with Bishops Maurice Schexnayder and Louis Caillouet serving as co-consecrators.


On July 20, 1961, the new Diocese of Baton Rouge was established by Blessed Pope John XXIII, and Bishop Tracy was installed as its first Bishop on November 8 of that year.  Fifty three parishes were transferred from the jurisdiction of New Orleans.


From 1962 to 1965, Bishop Tracy attended the Second Vatican Council; on October 24, 1963, he addressed the Council in the name of his fellow American bishops on the subject of racial equality and successfully his fellow bishops to add racial discrimination to the proposed statement condemning bigotry based on gender and national origin, eliciting applause from the rest of the 178 American bishops assembled in St. Peter's basilica, where such ovations were forbidden. A year later, in 1966, he published his memoir of the Council, entitled American Bishop at the Vatican Council. He established a consultative process as an integral part of the diocesan administration, and encouraged the greater participation of the laity in governing the Church. Tracy also oversaw the construction of the Catholic Life Center and the renovation of St. Joseph Cathedral.


In January 1966 in New Orleans, he participated  in the consecration of the first Negro to be raised to the U.S. hierarchy in this century.  Preaching at the consecration  of Auxiliary Bishop Harold R. Perry, S.V.D., of New Orleans, in the Basilica of St. Louis here, he said the ceremony occasioned ‘two principal sources of wonderment.’ … ‘First, that today we are witnessing the episcopal consecration of the first Negro ever to be raised to the high office of bishop in order to serve in a diocese of the United States of America in this century. And, second, the fact that this bishop-elect has come through to the public—both here in the South as well as across the nation—as a highly cultivated person; a Churchman with an impressive record of dedication and leadership in the works of religion; a true “man of God” in the modern tradition, fully in touch with the world around him, sensitive to such mundane things as public relations—an attractive, winning personality endowed with all the graces one would expect to find in one of his position.’ ”


His leadership during the first years of the Diocese was inspired by the Conciliar vision of the Church as the People of God, with clergy, religious, and laity striving together to do the work of the Lord. He established a full consultative process as an integral part of the diocesan administration, and encouraged laity and religious to join with the priests in sharing responsibility for the mission of the Church. To facilitate this, he oversaw the construction of the "Catholic Life Center" as a model administrative, educational, and service-oriented building. Bishop Tracy also supervised the complete renovation of St. Joseph Cathedral in harmony with the spirit of the renewed liturgy.


In 1967, he became the first American Catholic bishop to publish a financial statement for his diocese.  In 1972, he established a committee for the regulation of allowing remarried Catholics to receive the sacraments, saying, "The Church has a pastoral responsibility of healing and forgiveness".


He resigned as Baton Rouge's bishop on March 21, 1974, after twelve years of service.  He died on April 4, 1980 aged 70 years.







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page-36-LSU-HILL-Memorial-bishop-tracy-prayer-card2-wk-1024x823.jpg                              Bishop-Tracy-Jim-Funlkner-Commentator-wk-1024x766.jpg



Timothy Tracy (1820 Tipperary-1905 New Orleans) (plasterer/Carpenter) and Margaret McKenna (1814 Armagh-1891 New Orleans) [see obituaries]


1850 Census - Lafayette, ward 1, Jefferson, Louisiana, United States

Timothy Tracy             M         30        Ireland, plasterer

Margaret Tracy            F          36        Ireland

William Tracy M         7          Louisiana

John Tracy                   M         3          Louisiana


1860 Census -             New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Timothy Tracy             M         40        Irland, plasterer

Margaret Tracy            F          46        Irland

William Tracy M         17        La

John Tracy                   M         13        La


April 30, 1869 The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Petition New Orleans, March 17, 1669...undersigned, property owners and residents on the south side of Camp street, between Washington and Sixth streets...Timothy Tracy, 30 feet front...


1870 Census - 1st Ward New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Timothy Tracey           M         45        Ireland, plasterer

Margaret Tracey          F          60        Ireland

William Tracey            M         25        Louisiana, plasterer

John Tracey                 M         24        Louisiana. clerk in store

Elisa Magee                 F          16        Ireland

Sarah Magee               F          16        Ireland


William F Tracy married Ernestine Michael 22 Nov 1870 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


July 23, 1876 The New Orleans Democrat

The State Convention...delegates to the Baton Rouge Democratic-Conservative convention...Eleventh Ward...Tim. Tracy...


March 09, 1879 The New Orleans daily Democrate

Eleventh Ward Central Democratic Club, New Orleans...Commissioners...John A Tracy...


1880 Census - New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Timothy Tracey           Self      M         60        Ireland, plasterer

Margt Tracey   Wife    F          70        Ireland


1880 Census - New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

William T [F] Tracy     Self      M         37        Louisiana, United States, journalist, father & mother born Ireland

Ernstine Tracy             Wife    F          31        Louisiana, United States, father & mother born Germany

William Tracy Son      M         8          Louisiana, United States

Maggie Tracy Daughter         F          6          Louisiana, United States

Viola Tracy                 Daughter         F          4          Louisiana, United States

Robert E Tracy            Son      M         1          Louisiana, United States


August 29, 1869 The Daily Picayune

Lone Star Base Ball Club, thirty-five members present, organized Sept. 15, 1859. President, W.F Tracey; Vice President, H.R. McVey; Corresponding Secretary, W.B. Young; Financial Secretary, J.N. Howard; Messrs. M. Dumphy, Wm. Condon, J.N. Howard , L.F. Keating, A. Bozant, Directors. Practice grounds, the Delachaise.


...Interest in cricket faded because some players such as William F. Tracy, exchanged cricket equipment for baseball uniforms and because small attendances by the local gentry discouraged other players...Another example of the camaraderie among ball players of both races was a game played by the Pickwicks and another black team for the benefit of William F. Tracey, a white sportsman e=who had been a founder of the Lone Star Baseball club, one of the first white teams to play matches with Negroes...The benefit for Tracy is mentioned in the New Orleans Daily Picayune February 10 1878...

Dale A. Somers  (1972) The Rise of Sports in New Orleans: 1850-1900. Louisiana State University Press.


In early October 1885, a month before the American Exposition’s November 10 opening, plans were announced to construct a diamond and grand stand for Exposition Ball Park in the area between the Main Building and the river. William F. Tracey, a representative of the American Exposition, was reported to be in Chicago negotiating to bring at least one professional “nine.” New Orleans had a number of amateur teams and semi-professional touring teams but lacked a professional nine to represent the city. The Exposition management faced a dilemma: either bring two professional teams to New Orleans at great expense or try to get together a formidable enough professional nine to represent New Orleans against the visitors.



1900 Census – 1023 5th Precinct New Orleans city Ward 11, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Abraham T Boardman            Head   M         48        Louisiana

Julia P Boardman        Wife    F          40        Louisiana

Abraham P Boardman            Son      M         18        Louisiana

Timothy F Tracy         Boarder           M         82        b. Nov 1818 Ireland, widower [Note: Living next door to William]         


1900 Census – 1021 5th Precinct New Orleans city Ward 11, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

William T [F] Tracy     Head   M         57        b. April 1843 Louisiana, Father & mother b. Switzerland, sales denteach

Euistian M Tracy         Wife    F          52        b. Jan 1848 Switzerland

William J Tracy           Son      M         30        b. Sep 1870 Louisiana, teler in Post Office

Magia Tracy                Daughter         F          26        b. Mch 1874 Louisiana, sales lady

Jenevive V Tracy        Daughter         F          24 [23] b. Nov 1876 Louisiana

Robert Emmet Tracy Son       M         21        b. Feb 1879 Louisiana, Assistant operator N.U


William Joseph Tracy of N Orl La (s. of William F Tracy & Ernestine Michels) married Margaret Boyle of N Orl La (d. of Cornelius Boyle & Catherine Tague) 18 Dec 1901 Orleans, Louisiana, United States [St Louis Cathedral] Wit: RE Tracy & Marnie Tague


Tracy, Mrs. Margaret [nee McKenna, of Armagh resident 50 years]

Death date:        1891-01-19

Age:       80 years

Sex:        F

Next of kin:       Timothy Tracy (husband)

Obituary citation(s):

Times Picayune, 1891-01-20

New Orleans Item

Daily City Item, 1891-01-20, Pg. 3 col. 1

Daily City Item, 1891-01-19, Pg. 4 col. 1


Timothy Tracy, Died February 16, 1905, age 86 years, Orleans Parish Louisiana

Tracy, Timothy [Carpenter, born Tipperary]

Death date:        1905-02-16

Age:       86 years

Sex:        M

Obituary citation(s):       

Times Democrat, 1905-02-17, Pg. 6 col. 5

Daily Picayune, 1905-02-17, Pg. 16 col. 7

Daily Picayune, 1905-02-19, Pg. 8 col. 6


William Joseph Tracy died Aug. 31, 1942 age 71

Margaret Boyle Tracy died Jan 10 1941

Boyle Family Plot http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=90036187


Robert Emmet Tracy, 28 years, b. 1880, of NOL (s. of Wm F/William J Tracy & Ernestine Michael) married Margaret Agnes Cahill. 24 years, b. 1884, of NOL (d. of John Cahill & Johanne Ryan) 21/23 Sep 1908 Orleans, Louisiana, United States Wit: Jn P Baites & Gertrude Smith OR James J Cahill & Jno Bartele


1917 WWI Registration Card

Robert Emmet Tracy of 6121 Magazine New Orleans, 39 years, born 6 February 1879, Employed as clerk at I.C. RR, Roydias and Saratoga, New Orleans La, Wife Margaret Cahill Tracy, short slender brown hair, black eyes


1920 Census - New Orleans Ward 14, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Robert E Tracy            Head   M         38        Louisiana, Clerk Illinois Central St

Margaret A Tracy        Wife    F          34        Louisiana

Robert E Tracy Jr.       Son      M         10        Louisiana

Shirley M Tracy          Daughter         F          7          Louisiana

Anna Cahill     Mother-in-law             F          69        Ireland


1930 census - New Orleans (Districts 1-250), Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Robert E Tracy            Head   M         51        Louisiana, clerk railroad

Margaret Tracy            Wife    F          49        Louisiana

1930 Census - New Orleans (Districts 251-277), Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Robert Tracy   Student           M         21        Louisiana, Notre Dame Seminary


1940 Census - Ward 7, New Orleans, New Orleans City, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Robert E Tracy            Head   M         60        Louisiana, stock clerk steam railroad

Marguerite Tracy         Wife    F          58        Louisiana


1942 Draft Registration

Robert Emmet Tracy of 717 Bruxselles St New Orleans La, 53 years, b. 6 Feb 1889 New Orleans, Patrolman Canal St New Orleans


Note: This is the best match that I could find for John Tracy but I could not find a marriage record.


1880 Census - New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Jno A Tracy     Self      M         32        Louisiana, United States, Enumerator, father & mother born Ireland

Theodora Tracy           Wife    F          29        Germany

Charles Tracy Son      M         8          Louisiana, United States

William Tracy Son      M         6          Louisiana, United States

Alice Tracy      Daughter         F          5          Louisiana, United States

James Tracy     Son      M         4          Louisiana, United States

Theodora Tracy           Daughter         F          3          Louisiana, United States

John G Tracy   Son      M         0          Louisiana, United States

Cecelia Stach Stepdaughter   F          12        Louisiana, United States

Lizzie Krieger             Other   F          18        Louisiana, United States


1910 Census - New Orleans Ward 12, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

John A Tracy   Head   M         63        Louisiana. officier Private Police

Theodora Tracy           Wife    F          62        Germany, 40 years married, 11 children 8 alive

Alice A Tracy Daughter         F          36        Louisiana

Theodora J Tracy        Daughter         F          32        Louisiana

James A Tracy             Son      M         26        Louisiana, Motorman Street Railway

Estelle B Tracy            Daughter         F          25        Louisiana

Edna B Tracy Daughter         F          21        Louisiana

Lucretia Winslow        Nurse   F          57        Louisiana


John August Tracy

Birth:   Jan. 5, 1847

Death:             Oct. 14, 1914

Family links:


  Theodora Brown Tracy (1848 - 1911)


  William Roselius Tracy (1872 - 1909)*

  Alice A. Tracy (1874 - 1932)*

  Theodora J. Tracy Glavin (1878 - 1949)*

  John August Tracy (1879 - 1947)*

  James A. Tracy (1882 - 1931)*

  Estelle B. Tracy Blume (1884 - 1961)*

  Edna Viola Bitter (1889 - 1939)*







Note: There is also the following


Timothy Tracey married Mis Margaret Maher 09 Aug 1848 Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Contract between Timothy Tracy and John Maher, bond to the State of Louisiana [their marks] John Maher & Roger Brown witnesses?


It is unusual that there would be two Timothy Tracys at this time and both of the same age. This Timothy Tracy may have died in 1849



Tracy, Timothy

Death date:     1849-12-13

Age:    28 years

Sex:     M

Obituary citation(s):  Daily Delta, 1849-12-14, Pg. 2 col. 6


October 26, 1849 The daily crescent

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at New Orleans...Timothy Tracy...



1842 City Directory Orleans Parish, LA

Tracy E. L. secretary, Firemans' Insurance C21 St. Charles St. r.c. St. Charles & Girod Sts.

Tracy Joseph Casa Calvo b. Louisa & Clouet Sts.


1849 New Orleans City Directory

Tracey George W. Phillippa b. Poydras and Gravier

Tracey Brothers brokers and public weighers 6 Foucher

Tracey Alfred above firm c. Nayades and Melpomene


1850 New Orleans City Directory

Tracy A. & S. A. [Alfred & Simeon A Tracy dissolved 1849] brokers & public weighers 30 1/2 Poydras

Tracy E. L. public weigher & broker c. Foucher & Poydras

Tracy Timothy plasterer St. Andrew b. Chippewa & Jersey, Lafyt.


1855 Cohen's New Orleans directory

Tracy E. L., public weigher and broker, 5 Poydras

Tracy George, Rousseau, n. Fourth

Tracy J, Chippewa, n. Felicity

Tracy John, 76 Constance

Tracy Mary, 23 Estelle

Tracy S.A, 5 Poydras

Tracy Timothy, plasterer, Camp, n. Sixth

Tracy Wm, Chippewa, n. Felicity


1861 New Orleans City Directory

Tracy Bernard painter 360 Common

Tracy Dennis cooper 157 Franklin

Tracy Edward cooper 66 St. Joseph

Tracy E. L. public weigher & broker 5 & 13 Poydras d. Girod c. St. Charles

Tracy George produce dealer 44 Poyfarre

Tracy George Jackson n. Rousseau

Tracy Geo. W. acct. 319 Bienville

Tracy John laborer 179 Chippewa, d. 4

Tracy Joseph, Mrs. b. h. 177 Julia

Tracy Joseph plasterer 177 Julia

Tracy Jeremiah lab. Rousseau n. St. Mary

Tracy Michael slater Morales n. French'n

Tracy Thomas lab. 32 Spain

Tracy Thomas printer 151 Camp

Tracy Timothy plasterer 750 Camp


1866 Gardner's New Orleans Directory

Tracy Bernard painter 360 Common

Tracy Dennis cooper 107 Robertson

Tracy Edward cooper 66 St. Joseph

Tracy George produce dealer d 110 Harmony

Tracy George Jackson n. Rousseau

Tracy Geo. W. acct. 319 Bienville

Tracy Joseph, Mrs. beerhouse, 177 Julia

Tracy Joseph ship carpenter 177 Julia

Tracy M slater 48 Morales

Tracy Patrick 13 Euterpe

Tracy Timothy plasterer 750 Camp


August 27, 1872 New Orleans Republican

Notice of taxpayers...

39481 Tracy John A Mrs...................82 25

39482 Tracy John.........................35 75

39483 Tracy M O.........................195 63

39494 Tracy P.............................8 25

39496 Tracy Richard......................11 00

39497 Tracy Timothy......................55 00

39499 Tracy W F..........................49 50


1875 Soards' New Orleans city directory.

Tracy Bernard R messenger N. O. Transfer Co. r. 122 Mandeville

Tracy Charles C. dep. collector and cash. Int. Revenue Dept r. 14 Dryades

Tracy Dennis, cooper, r. 67 Palmyra

Tracy John A. dept. sheriff First Diet. Court, r. 791 Magazine

Tracy Mary Mrs. r. 75 Euterpe

Tracy Michael, baggagowagon, r. 67 Rousseau

Tracy Patrick, carman, r. sixth, se. cor. Howard

Tracy Thomas, driver, ws. N. Galvez, bet. Conti St. Louie

Tracy Thomas, hackman, r. 8 S. Roman

TRACY THOMAS G. business manager N. O. Republican, 94 Camp, r. 189 Baronne

Tracy Timothy, plasterer, r. 750 Camp

Tracy William, machinist D. C. McCan & Son, r. 44 Annunciation



Other early residents of New Orleans who came from Tipperary


Daniel Treacy and Mary Cormack

I found (through rootsireland) that Daniel Treacy and Mary Cormack (Cormick) married in Templemore Co. Tipperary in 1831.  These two might be my great great grandparents.  They had 7 children including William; my great grandparent is a William Tracey/Tracy.  He arrived in USA in 1849 according to his 1868 naturalization record (port of arrival not shown.)  He lived in New Orleans LA USA until his death in 1914.  An 1870 USA census record listed Mary Tracy living with children: Mary, William, Bridget and Ellen Tracy in New Orleans.  I found baptism records through rootsireland for William, Bridget and Ellen in Templemore.  Couldn't find one for the younger Mary shown on the census but she might have been a cousin or other relation.  William married my great grandmother, Eliza Grady (O'Grady) in 1871 in New Orleans.

I just found Mary Tracey/Tracy's (William's mother) obituary showing she died in New Orleans on 11-30-1879.  She was living with William her son at the time of her death.  Obituary shows she was from Clanmore [Clonmore], North Riding, Tipperary.  She lived in N.O. for 30 years indicating she arrived with William in 1849. 

I don't know what happened to Daniel Treacy.  I could not find a death record in either Ireland or New Orleans.  I attribute the spelling variation to inability to read/write at the time entry into USA. 

I think it is quite possible that Daniel and Mary are my great great grandparents.  My great grandfather, William Tracy/Tracey, named his first born son Daniel; unfortunately, the baby died at about 6 months in New Orleans and this child's obit showed the funeral was conducted from the family home on Annunciation St. in New Orleans.  This was confirmation that the widow Mary Tracy and William Tracy as shown in a New Orleans city directory were mother and son as the residence for both was the same Annunciation St. address.

I hope there are Treacys and/or Cormacks still residing in that area of Tipperary.  I would love to connect with them.  I have been doing genealogy work on my totally Irish family for 40 years and a major reason has always been to connect with relatives in Ireland.  I am a fifth generation Irish American, 100% Irish by surnames and 93% Irish by DNA testing.  The other 7% is European/Viking. 

Thanks again.

M. E. McAuliffe 3mermaids Friday 11th April 2014 http://www.irelandxo.com/ireland/tipperary/templemore/message-board/parishdistrict-name


1850 Census - New Orleans, ward 1 (2nd municipality), Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Daniel Tracy                  M         44        Ireland, labourer

Maria Tracy                   F          40        Ireland

Thomas Tracy                M         19        Ireland, labourer

Mary Tracy                    F          16        Ireland

Ellen Tracy                    F          14        Ireland


1860 Census - 2nd Ward 1st District City of New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Mary Tracy                    M         (Illegible) [50]             Ireland

William Tracy                M         20        Ireland, finisher

Daniel Tracy                  M         12 [16] Ireland

Bridget Tracy                F          1 [17]   Ireland


1870 Census - Louisiana, United States

Mary Tracy                    F          55        Ireland

William Tracy                M         30        Ireland, labou

Mary Tracy                    F          32        Ireland, domestic servant

Bridget Tracy                F          25        Ireland, domestic servant

Ellen Tracy                    F          17        Ireland, seamtress


William Tracy married Eliza Grady 10 Apr 1871 Orleans, Louisiana, United States Surity Richard Coleman


Daniel Tracy, son of William and Eliza Grady

Death date:        1875-02-02

Sex:        M

Obituary citation(s):       

Daily Picayune, 1875-02-03, Pg. 4 col. 5 [6 Feb]


Mrs. Mary Tracey

Death date:        1879-11-30

Age:       73 years

Sex:        F

Obituary citation(s):       

Daily Picayune, 1879-12-01, Pg. 6 col. 3

Daily Picayune, 1879-12-07, Pg. 6 col. 5


1880 Census - New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

William Tracey Self      M         35        Ireland, machinist

Eliza Tracey       Wife    F          30        Louisiana, United States

Lossy Tracey     Daughter         F          4          Louisiana, United States

Maggie Tracey   Daughter         F          2          Louisiana, United States


1900 Census - 2nd Precinct New Orleans city Ward 2, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

William Tracy    Head   M         49        b. jan 1851 Ireland, na immigrated 1860, machinist foundary

Eliza Tracy         Wife    F          40        b. may 1860 Ireland, married 27 years, 10 children 7 alive, immigrated 1861

Mary Tracy        Daughter         F          28        b. July 1872 Louisiana

Elizabeth Tracy Daughter         F          24        b. Sep 1876 Louisiana

Margaret Tracy Daughter         F          22        b. Aug 1878 Louisiana

William Tracy    Son      M         19        b. Jan 1881 Louisiana, machinist foundary

Thomas Tracy    Son      M         15        b. May 1885 Louisiana, apprentice

Ellen Tracy        Daughter         F          11        b. Apr 1889 Louisiana

Edward Tracy    Son      M         9 [8]     b. July 1891 Louisiana

Regina Tracy     Daughter         F          3          b. Mar 1897 Louisiana

Elizabeth Tully Lodger            F          79        Ireland


1910 Census -    New Orleans Ward 2, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

William Tracy    Head   M         65        Ireland, machinist foundry

Elizabeth Tracy Wife    F          52        Ireland, married 39 years, 10 children 8 alive

Edward Tracy    Son      M         19        Louisiana, operator

Mamie Tracy      Daughter         F          38        Louisiana

Regina Tracy     Daughter         F          12        Louisiana


William Tracy, husband of Elizabeth O'Grady

Death date:        1914-10-15

Sex:        M

Obituary citation(s):       

Daily Picayune, 1914-10-16, Pg. 8 col. 6



Denis Tracey (1835 Tipperary – 1888 New Orleans) married Ann McCabe (1842 Monaghan – 1890 New Orleans) 14 Feb 1859 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Denis Tracey married Ann McCabe 14 Feb 1859 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


January 21, 1875 New Orleans Republican

Another Victim of Coal Oil —John M. Tracy, a three-year old son of Denis Tracy, of Palmyra street, who was badly burned by an explosion of coal oil a few days ago, died Tuesday morning from the effects of his wounds. He was a bright little child, and the pet of a once happy home. The mother, who was also burned ill her efforts to save her daughter, is recovering.


1860 Census - 3rd Represeritative Ward City of New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Dennis Tracey                M         25        Ireland, cooper

Ann Tracey                    F          18        Ireland

Ralph Stone                   M         35        Ireland, trader

Ann Stone                     F          35        Ireland

Frank Angelo                 M         31        Italy

Fanny Angelo                F          30        Ireland

Antima Angelo F          1          La


1880 Census - New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Dennis Tracy     Self      M         35        Ireland, cooper

Ann Tracy          Wife    F          40        Ireland

Jas Tracy            Son      M         18        Louisiana, United States, Cooper

Lillie Tracy        Daughter         F          15        Louisiana, United States

Ella Tracy          Daughter         F          13        Louisiana, United States

Dennis Tracy     Son      M         9          Louisiana, United States

Katie Tracy        Daughter         F          5          Louisiana, United States


Tracy, Dennis [of Tipperary]

Death date:        1888-07-02

Age:       50 years

Sex:        M

Obituary citation(s):       

Daily Picayune, 1888-07-03, Pg. 4 col. 4

Daily Picayune, 1888-07-03, Pg. 4 col. 6

Daily Picayune, 1888-07-08, Pg. 4 col. 5


Tracy - On Aug. 16, 1890 At 1:30 P.M., Mrs. Ann Tracy, Wife Of The Late Dennis Tracy, Aged 49 Years, A Native Of County Monaghan, Ireland. Friends And Acquaintances Of The Family And Her Brothers John And Phillip McCabe Are Invited To Attend The Funeral From The Family Residence Corner Dorgenois And Ursulines Streets.

New Orleans Daily Picayune Sunday August 17, 1890



Monaghan - McCabe





Edmond/Edward Tracy (1830 Borrisoleigh Tipperary – 1910 Illinois) married Ellen Cash (1832 Ireland – 1903 Illinois) 13 Sep 1853 Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Edmond/Edward Tracy married Ellen Cash 13 Sep 1853 Orleans, Louisiana, United States signed Edmond Treasy & Patrick Quillinan & Michael Healy as sureties/Witnesses     


1860 Census - 2nd Ward 1st District City of New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Edward Tracy                            M         30        Ireland, cooper

Allen [Ellen] Tracy                    F          21 [28]             Ireland

(illegible) [James?] Tracy           M         10        Louisiana

Dennis Tracy                             M         4          Louisiana

(illegible) [Thomas] Tracy          M         1          Louisiana


1870 Census - Illinois, United States

Edward Tracy                M         40        Ireland, cooper

Ellen Tracy                    F          38        Ireland

Dennis Tracy                 M         12        Louisiana

Thomas Tracy                M         10        Louisiana

Catherine Tracy             F          7          Illinois

John Tracy                     M         5          Illinois

Mary Tracy                    F          4          Illinois

Margaret Tracy F          2          Illinois

Anna Tracy                    F          1          Illinois


1880 Census - Lee, Brown, Illinois, United States

Edward Tracy                Self      M         50        Ireland, Farmer & Coopering

Ellen Tracy                    Wife    F          48        Ireland

Thomas Tracy                Son      M         20        Louisiana, United States, farmer

John Tracy                     Son      M         14        IL

Kate Tracy                     Daughter         F          16        Louisiana, United States

Mary Tracy                    Daughter         F          13        IL

Margaret Tracy Daughter         F          11        IL

Ann Tracy                      Daughter         F          9          IL

Edward Tracy                Son      M         6          IL

Sarah Tracy                    Daughter         F          5          IL


1900 Census - Lee Township Mound Station town, Brown, Illinois, United States

Edward Tracy    Head   M         76        b. Nov 1824 Ireland, Immigration Year 1845, cooper, na 1885?,

Ellen C Tracy     Wife    F          78        b. Nov 1822 Ireland, married 47 years, 12 children 9 alive

Denny Tracy      Son      M         46        b. Dec 1854 Louisiana

John Tracy         Son      M         34        b. ??? 1866 Illinois

Anna Tracy        Daughter         F          29        b. Sep 1871 Illinois

Edward Tracy    Son      M         28        b. Oct 1872 Illinois


1910 Census - Lee, Brown, Illinois, United States

Edward Tracy    Head   M         85        Ireland, Immigration Year 1845, widowed

Dennis Tracy     Son      M         52        Louisiana

John Tracy         Son      M         44        Illinois

Anna Tracy        Daughter         F          39        Illinois

Edward Tracy    Son      M         37        Illinois



Father Edward Oct 14 1824 - June 4 1910

Mother Ellen Dec 25 1826 - Jan 5 1903

Born in Borrisoleigh Tipperary Co Ireland

Lord Grant them peace



Dennis Tracy  (b.  26 Dec 1855 New Orleans, La.  d. 09 Nov 1923 Mt. Sterling, Brown, Illinois  (s. of Edward Tracy b. Ireland & Ellen Cashin b. Ireland 

Occupation: Labor 

Burial Date: 12 Nov 1923


Thomas Tracy  (b. 04 Mar 1859 Louisiana  d. 16 Sep 1925 Liberty, Adams Co., Illinois) (s. of Edward Tracy  b. Ireland & Eileen Cashin b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Farmer 

Spouse: Lizzie Tracy 

Burial Date: 18 Sep 1925 St Bridgets, Liberty, Ill. 



1851 Admissions to Charity Hospital, New Orleans Parish

John Tracey, Laborer, Tipperary Co., Ireland, died 5-Mar, ward 32,  from St. Louis, 1 month in New Orleans, Single, 2 days, Debility, 1 ¼







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