Richard S Treacy (1844-1920)



richard s treacy

Richard S. Treacy



Richard S. Treacy

Real estate and ins. broker; b. N. Y. City, July 28, 1846; s. Patrick and Hanora (Ryan) Treacy; grad. Fordham Univ., A.B., 1869; m. N. Y. City, Feb. 20, 1878, Annie W. O'Neill; children: James A. (died March 8, 1908), Richard S., Jr., John H., Annie W., Edgar V., Mary V. Senior mem. firm R. S. Treacy & Son. Chm'n Chelsea Dist., Charity Org'n Soc, mem. 18th Dist. Local Sch. B'd; school trustee, 20 years. Independent; Roman Catholic. Mem. Fordham Univ. Alumni Ass'n, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; St Vincent de Paul Soc, Xavier Alumni Sodality. Residence: 307 W. 102d St. Address: 662 8th Av., N. Y. City.

Geddings Harry Crawford (1914) Who's who in New York, city and state.


January 28, 1920 New York Times

Richard S. Treacy, member of the Board of managers of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, died yesterday at his home , 307 West 102d Street of heart disease in his 75th year. He was formerly Treasurer of the United States Catholic Historical Society and for a long time was in the real estate business.


In New York, August 1863, young Richard S. Treacy was told by his father that he was going to St. John's College in the Bronx, and Richard simply obeyed, it never having occurred to him he should have been consulted. [extracted from an article that he wrote]

Raymond A. Schroth (2008) Fordham: A History and Memoir, Revised Edition



NEPHEW OF MICHAEL TREACY (see http://www.traceyclann.com/files/Michael%20Treacy%20contractor.htm)



Patrick Treacy (1801 Ireland – 1888)


August 02, 1833 The evening post (NY NY)

List of letters...

Patk Trasy

Wm Tracy

Patrick Treacy

Elizabeth Tracy

Julia M Tracy

December 19, 1840 The evening post (NY NY)

List of letters...Patrick Treacy...


January 10, 1843 The New York herald

...Cornelius Ryan...bailed by Patrick Treacy and Patrick Doherty...


1845 The First Annual Report of the New York Association for the Improvement of the conditions of the poor

Members...Geo Manning Tracy...C.C. Tracey...Samuel F Tracy...Charles Tracy...Irwin Tracy & Co...S.P. Tracy...P. Treacy...J.W. Tracy...F. Tracy...


Pat/Patrick Treacy/Tracy & ? Ryan

Mary Tracy b. 1837 St James Manhattan

Julia Treacy b. 1841 St John the Evangelist New York County

Richard Tracy b. 1844 St Joseph, Sixth Avenue Manhattan


1850 Census - New York City, ward 19

Patrick Tracy  M 49 Ireland  grocer

Hanora Tracy  F 46 Ireland 

Bridget Tracy  F 21 New York 

James A Tracy  M 20 New York  grocer

Johannah Tracy  F 16 New York 

Mary Tracy  F 13 New York 

Richard Tracy  M 6 New York 

Julia Tracy  F 4 New York 

William Ryan  M 16 Ireland  clerk

Julia Madden  F 24 Ireland 


1855 Census - New York

Head  Patrick Tracey  M 51  b. Ireland, 30 years NY. Feed Store?, naturalised, owns land

Wife  Hanora Tracey  F 48  b. Ireland, 30 years NY

Child  Bridget Tracey  F 25  b. N York

Child  Johanna Tracey  F 20  b. N York

Child  Mary Tracey  F 18  b. N York

Child  Richd Tracey  M 11  b. N York

Child  Julia Tracey  F 9  b. N York

Cousin  Johanna Fox  F 20  b. Ireland, 3 years NY

Boarder  Pat Cunningham  M 22 b. Ireland, 3 years NY


1860 Census - 1st Division 22nd Ward New York City

Patrick Tracey                       M            58           Ireland, feed business

Johanna Tracey                     F             24           New York

Mary Tracey                          F             22           New York

Richard Tracey                     M            15           New York

Julia Tracey                           F             14           New York

Johanna Fox                          F             26           Ireland, domestic

Thomas Cuningham              M            34           Ireland, clerk


1870 Census - 3rd Election District 22nd Ward NYC New York

Patrick Treacy  M 67y Ireland, retired merchant 

Joanna Treacy  F 26y New York 

Richard Treacy  M 23y New York 

Julia Treacy  F 20y New York 

Patrick Treacy  M 15y New York 

Joanna Fox  F 35y Ireland 


1880 Census - New York, New York

Patrick Treacy        Self         M            76           Ireland, widowed

Julia A Treacy        Daughter                F             25           New York, United States

Richard S Trachy   Son         M            33           New York, United States, real estate

Annie W Trachy    Daughter                F             20           New York, United States

James A Trachy     Grandson               M            1             New York, United States

Patrick S Trachy    Grandson               M            24           New York, United States, real estate

Bridget Kennedy   Other/servant         F             25           Ireland


1884-1885 New York City Directory

Treacy Patrick, h 263 W. 42d

TREACY PATRICK S. real estate, 809 Sixth av. h 263 W. 42d

Treacy Ricbard S. real estate, 265 W. 42d h 263 W. 42d


Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens County, New York

In Memory of

Hanora Treacy

Who depatrted this life

Nov 4, 1855

Aged 49 Years

The Beloved wife of

Patrick Treacy

Who departed this life

Oct 15 1888

Aged 87 years

And their children:

James A. Treacy

Died Nov 10, 1859

Aged 28 years


Wife of James A Treacy

Died Jan 11, 1868

Aged 35 years

Joanna Treacy

Died Jun 6, 1874

Aged 15 years





James A Treacy (1830-1868)


James Treacy & Jane

[Male] Treacy b. 2 Dec 1857 Manhattan, New York


1860 Census - 1st Division 22nd Ward New York City

Ellen Mc Kenney                  F             60           Ireland

Jane Tracey                           F             27           Ireland

Patrick J Tracey                    M            4             New York



1884 New York's Great Industries

P. S. Treacy, Real Estate and Insurance, No. 800  Sixth Avenue, near 46th Street.— The remarkable growth  of the real estate and insurance business during the last  few years has placed it in a position and given it a prominence that is" assumed by very few other enterprises in  the metropolis. Of those houses that have exerted a  considerable influence and obtained an enviable reputation in the department, that of Mr. P. S. Treacy, No. 800  Sixth Avenue, is one of the most popular in New York.  This business was founded in 1880 by the present proprie tor, who, however, has been engaged the whole of his  life in this profession, and is thus thoroughly qualified to  carry it on efficiently. The transactions of this concern  include all the departments of a general real estate and  insurance business, such as the buying, selling, renting,  or management of real property, the collection of rents  and other income, conveyancing, the negotiation of loans  and the investment of funds. Mr. Treacy likewise carries  on extensive insurance business, being agent for several  of the most important and reliable companies in the  world, and pays all losses promptly without litigation, al-  ways discharging the important trusts committed to him  with great fidelity and to the complete satisfaction of all  patrons. Insurance is effected immediately to any  amount on all classes of insurable property at the lowest  rates compatible with safety. Mr. Treacy enjoys the  fullest confidence of capitalists and landowners, and is  constantly handling and placing large sums of money in  mortgages, ground rents and other securities. Personally,  he is highly esteemed for his many excellent qualities and  integrity by the community, and justly merits the success  attained by his ability and perseverance.


1885 Proceedings of the Board of Aldermen NY

To the Honorable the Board of Aldermen : I return, without my approval, the resolution of the Board of Aldermen, adopted July 10, 1885, permitting Patrick S. Treacy to keep a portable sign on the sidewalk, near the curb....a portable real estate sing in front of No. 809 Sixth avenue...


1886 Gould's Lawyers' Diary

Treacy, Patrick S, 809 Sixth ave

Treacy, Richard S, 265 W. 42d st


1888 Record on Appeal

...in the presence of Patrick S. Treacy. Is acknowledged August 30th, 1888, before Patrick S. Treacy, Notary Public, N. Y. County...






1884 New York's Great Industries




Patrick S Treacy, 36, b. New York & Camilla S Jardine, 29, b. Scranton, Pa

Cyril Treacy b. 5 Feb 1892 Manhattan, New York

Patrick S. Tracy, 40, b. N.Y.City & Mary Camilla Stanton, 33, b. Scranton, Pa.

[Female] Tracy b. 22 Nov 1895 Manhattan, New York


Allyn V. Treacy died 28 Jan 1897 266 W 88th Manhattan New York, 3 years, b. 1894 New York, buried 28 Jan 1897 New York Calvary (d. of Patrick I. Treacy b. New York & Camilla Treacy b. Pennsylvania)


1900 Biographical Directory of The State Of New York.

Patrick S Treacy

Real Estate, 1929 Broadway, New York City; residence Yonkers. Born in New York City, July 2, 1855. Educated at the College of the City of New York. (Married M. Camilla Stanton.) Treasurer and trustee Washington Savings Bank; secretary and director Highlands of Navesink Improvement Co.; one of the founders of the Real Estate Board of Brokers; member New York and Brooklyn Real Estate Exchanges. Member Catholic Club, Water Witch and Country Clubs of Navesink, N. J., Yonkers Choral Society, West End Association and Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.


1900 Census - Wevision St, Yonkers City Ward 6, Westchester, New York

Patrick S Treacy          Head   M         45        b. Jul 1855 New York, Father b. NY Mother b. Ireland, Real Estate Br

Mary C Treacy            Wife    F          38        b. sept 1862 Pennsylvania, married 10 years, 3 child 2 alive, parents b. Pennsylvania

Cyril S Treacy             Son      M         8          b. Feb 1892 New York

Julia M Treacy             Daughter         F          5          b. Feb 1895     New York

Delia Mcmahon           Servant            F          45        b. Feb 1855 Ireland


1910 Census – Vernon Lane?, Yonkers Ward 9, Westchester, New York

Patrick Treacy             Head   M         54        New York, father b. NY mother b. Ireland, operator real estate

Camilla Treacy            Wife    F          47        Pennsylvania, married 20 years, 3 child 2 alive, father b. NY mother b. New Hampshire,

Cyril Treacy    Son      M         18        New York

Julia Treacy     Daughter         F          14        New York


1914 Patrick S. Treacy,

Real estate; b. N. Y. City, 1855; s. James A. and Jane (Creedon) Treacy; grad. Coll. City of N. Y.; m. 1890; two children. Entered real estate business as clerk, 1874; started own business, 1879. Mem. Real Estate B'd N. Y. (a founder). Recreations: Golf, music, literature, art, drama. Mem. Friendly Sons of St. Patrick. Address: 1931 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Geddings Harry Crawford (1914) Who's who in New York, city and state.


May 1, 1917 Cyril Stanton Treacy, of New York, Patent

Combined clamp and support.

US 1224515 A



Julia Mary Treacy, 22, Single, b. 1896 N.Y. (d. of Patrick ... Treacy & Camilla Stanton) married Harold A. Wintjen, 25, single, b. 1893 Mt Vernon, N.Y. (s. of John S Wintjen & Vera H. Barclay) 20 Mar 1918 Manhattan, New York


1920 Census - 331 Bayway Elizabeth City Ward 11, Union, New Jersey,

Patrick Treacy             Head   M         63        New York, father b. NY mother b. Ireland, agent real estate, rent

Camilla Treacy            Wife    F          57        Pennsylvania, father b. NY mother b. New Hampshire

Cyril S Treacy             Son      M         27        New York, engineer chemical


Oyril Stanton Treacy, 36, single, b. 1892 N.Y. City (s. of Patrick J. Treacy & Mary Cammilla Stanton) married Margaret Eleana Melhuinen, 23, single, b. 1905 New York City (d. of John J. & Margaret Robertson) 30 Oct 1928 Manhattan, New York


1930 Census - Mount Vernon, Westchester, New York

Joseph L Stanton        Head   M         63        Pennsylvania, Father born New York, mother born New Hampshire, Insurance

Bella Stanton Sister   F          87        New Hampshire, widowed, Father born Northern Ireland, mother born Massachusetts

Camilla Treacy            Sister   F          67        Pennsylvania, widowed, Father born New York, mother born New Hampshire


1930 Census - 428 Northgate Appartments, Eastchester, Westchester, New York

Cyril Stanton Treacy   Head   M         38        b. 1892 New York, Father born Pennsylvania, Mother born Connecticut, Chem Engineer, Chemical

Margaret Treacy          Wife    F          24        New York, patents born Scotland


27 September 1935  Scarsdale Inquirer

Democrats to Back Treacy As Supervisor

Caucus Endorses Two Republicans for Reelection as Justices of the Peace

Cyril Stanton Treacy of 315 Heathcote Road was nominated by the Democratic town caucus Monday evening at the Popham Road firehouse to oppose Ralph A. McClelland, Republican candidate for j supervisor, at the November election. The local Democratic party's last candidate for this position was George G. Ernst of Reimer Road, who opposed Pliny W. Williamson for reelection as supervisor in the 1933 election.

The caucus also endorsed the, present Justices of the Peace, Charles M. Carter and Burchard Dutcher, both Republicans, for reelection and Melvin W. Whitlock as school director. These three names were recommended to the group by the Non-Partisan Citi- | zens' Committee of which Arthur F. Hebard, president of the Town Club, is chairman.

Mr. Treacy has been a resident of the village since 1928, is married and has two children. He has been for three years a member of the Scarsdale Democratic Committee; is a member of the Scarsdale Post of the American Legion, serving as chairman of its naval preparedness committee and is a member of the Town Club.

The Democratic candidate was graduated from New York University in 1915 with the degree of Chemical Engineer. For a number of years following his graduation he acted as research consulting chemist. During the World War he served as sergeant in the chemical warfare service and for eight years after the end of the war was a lieutenant in the U. S. A. Reserve Corps.

He is now connected with the United Research Corporation of Long Island City.


1940 Census - Cranford Township, Union, New Jersey

Cyril S Treacy             Head   M         48        New York, Chem Engineer Merck Co. Drug Br.

Margaret Treacy          Wife    F          34        New York

David R Treacy           Son      M         9          New York

Patricia Treacy            Daughter         F          8          New York

Margaret Treacy          Daughter         F          2          New York

Mary C Treacy            Daughter         F          0          New York


1942/1945 Patent

Emulsions And Phdcessis For Their Production. Cyril Stanton Treacy, Cranford, N. J. - Merck A Co. Inc., Rahway, N. J.


12 March 1948 Scarsdale Inquirer

Mrs. C. S. Treacy Dies, Mother of Resident

Mrs. Camilla Stanton Treacy, widow of Patrick S. Treacy and mother of Cyril S. Treacy of Heathcote Road, died at her home in Mount Vernon on March 9 at the age of eighty-five.

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Treacy, but for a short period in New Jersey, spent her life in Westchester County. She was a descendant of an old New England family and had been for fifty years a member of the New York Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

She is also survived by a daughter, Mrs. Harold A. Wintjen of Mount Vernon, a brother, Joseph L. Stanton, and four grandchildren.

Services were held yesterday at the Sacred Heart Church in Mount Vernon. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery, Elizabeth, New Jersey


April 16, 1964 The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland)

Miss Margaret Treacy And Jerome Egan Wed Saturday Wed in the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scarsdale, N.Y. were Miss Margaret Staunton Treacy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Stanton Treacy, of Scarsdale, and Jerome Joseph Egan Jr. of Baltimore, Maryland, the son of Mrs. Jerome J. Egan, 1334 Potomac Ave., this city, and the late Mr. Egan, The bridegroom is the grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Victor Monroe Cushwa, this city. The nuptial mass and wedding ceremony were celebrated by the Reverend William Graam, S. J. of Washington, D.C. on Saturday, the eleventh of April, at high noon. White stock, gladioli and snowflake chrysanthemums enhanced the high altar of the church forming a lovely background for the wedding rites. A wedding breakfast for the two families followed the rites at the Coveleigh Club, Rye, N.Y. Given in marriage by her father, the bride was lovely in a gown of candlelight Italian silk with a yoke of heirloom Rosepointe lace. A coronet of the same heirloom lace held her veil of illusion and she carried her great grandmother's prayerbook with a marker of while roses and stephanotis. Miss Mary Calder Treacy, sister of the bride, and Miss Susannah Cushwa Egan, sister of the bridegroom, served as bridesmaids. Both wore gowns of long Nile green crepe with overskirts of chiffon, complemented by. blending h e a d- dresses, and carried cascade bouquets of yellow and white daisies. Peler Lyon, of Salisbury, Md., served as best man for his cousin. Ushering the wedding guests were Victor Cushwa, of Williamsport, Md.; and David R. Treacy, brother of the bride, Scarsdale, N.Y. The couple later left for a motor trip through the South. When they return they will reside in Baltimore, Md. The bride is a graduate of Ursuline School, New Rochelle, N.Y. and of St. Michael's College of the University of Toronto, Canada. The bridegroom graduated from Loyola High School and Loyola College, in Baltimore, Md. He is associated with the Maryland National Bank in Baltimore.


JUNE 7, 1964 The New York Times

SCARSDALE, N. Y., June 6 —Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Stanton Treacy have announced the en­gagement of their daughter, Miss Mary Calder Treacy, to Gregory T. Thompson, son of Mrs. Francis X. Thompson of the Bronx and the late Mr. Thompson.

Miss Treacy is an alumna of the Ursuline School and Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, class of ’61.

Her fiancé was graduated in 1956 from Manhattan College.

NOV. 29, 1964 The New York Times

Gregory T. Thompson Weds Mary C. Treacy

SCARSDALE, N.Y., Nov. 28—Miss Mary Calder Treacy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Stanton Treacy, was married here this morning in the Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Gregory T. Thompson, son of Mrs. Francis X. Thompson of the Bronx and the late Mr. Thompson. The Rev. John P. Fleming performed the ceremony and celebrated the nuptial mass. The bride was graduated from the Ursuline School, New Rochelle, and Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart, Purchase. Her husband was graduated from Manhattan College. He is assistant treasurer of Inflight Motion Pictures, Inc.


Cyril Treacy, born 5 Feb 1892 New York, died Dec 1977 Westchester New York



Mary Treacy McCoffery (1837-1913)


Mary H. McCoffery died 31 Mar 1913 Manhattan, New York, 70 years, widowed b. 1843 US (d. of Patrick Treacy & Hanora Ryan, both born Ireland) Buried 05 Apr 1913 Calvary NY



Richard S. Treacy (1844-1920)


Richard S. Treacy married Annie Watson O'Neill in 1878

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Austin Treacy died 11 Nov 1891 263 W. 42nd St.Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, 9 years b. 1882 New York (s. of Richard S. Treacy b. NY & Annie M. O'Neil b. Phill., Pa.) Buried 12 Nov 1891 Calvary


Richard S. Treacy & Ann O'Neil

Ann Treacy b. 13 Mar 1887 Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

Richard S. Treacy, 39, b. US & Ann O'Neil, 32, b. US

Unknown Treacy b. 30 Jan 1888 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States

Richard S. Treacy, 42, b. New York & Annie W. O'Neill, 32, b. Bedford, Pa.

Edgar V. Treacy b. 09 May 1889 Manhattan, New York, New York


1900 Biographical Directory of The State Of New York.

Richard S. Treacy

Real Estate, 265 West 42d street. New York City; residence 326 West End avenue. Born in New York City, July 28, 1846. Educated at St. John's College, Fordham, N. Y. (A.B.). (Married.) Director Mutual Bank. Formerly school trustee for fourteen years in Twenty-second Ward. Member Catholic Club, American Geographical Society, Xavier Alumni Sodality and Fordham College Alumni Association.


1900 Census - ED 483 Borough of Manhattan, Election District 34 New York City

Head  Richard Treacey  M 54 New York 

Wife  Annie Treacey  F 44 Pennsylvania, 22 years married, 7 children 6 alive 

Son  Richard Treacey  M 19 New York 

Son  Edgar Treacey  M 11 New York 

Son  James Treacey  M 21 New York 

Son  John Treacey  M 14 New York 

Daughter  Mary Treacey  F 9 New York 

Daughter  Annie Treacey  F 13 New York 

Boarder  Edward Stwater  M 25 New Jersey 


April 27, 1906 The New York Times

Miss Lucy Marie Hagerty and Richard S. Treacy Jr., were married In the Church of the Holy Cross in West Forty-second Street, yesterday! Morning


James A. Treacey died  8 Mar 1908 Manhattan, New York, New York, 28 years, Single, Lawyer b. 1880 N.Y. (s. of Richard S. Treacey, b. N.Y. & Anna W. O'Neil, b. Phila., Pa.) Buried 10 Mar 1908 Calvary


1910-1911 Fordham University School of Law

Degree of LL.B. Conferred Upon...Richard S. Treacy, Jr. [Manhattan]


1910 Census - Manhattan Ward 12, New York

Head  Richard S Treacy  M 66 New York, both parents b. Ireland 

Wife  Annie W Treacy  F 53 New York 

Son  Ino J G Treacy  M 25 New York 

Daughter  Annie W Tracy  F 22 New York 

Son  Edgar V Tracy  M 20 New York 

Daughter  Mary V Tracy  F 19 New York 

Servant  Margeret Durkin  F 22 Ireland 

Servant  Nora Walsh  F 23 Ireland 


1911 The American Catholic who's who.

TREACY, Richard S.: B. July 28, 1844 in New York City; m. Annie W. O'Neil, d. of John P. O'Neil of Philadelphia. Ed. at public and private schools; Fordham Uni- versity, N. Y. City (1869), and St. John's College- Was School Trustee, 22nd Ward N. Y. City, for 20 years; now member of the local school board; President of Holy Trinity Conference, St. Vincent de Paul Society; member of U. S. Catholic Association. Clubs: Catholic; Graduates. Address: Times Building, Times Square, New York. Residence: 307 West One-Hundred and Second St., New York.


28 Dec 1919 New York Herald

Miss Kilgore Engaged.

Announcement is made by Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Kilgore, of No. 48 East Fifty-seventh street, of the engagement of their daughter, Miss Beatrice Frances Kilgore to Mr. John G. Treacy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Treacy, of No. 307 West 102d street.

When the war was on Miss Kilgore originated a shop in Fifth avenue for the benefit of the Baroness Ward Hospital Fund. The hospital was at Chateau-Thierry. Miss Kilgore is also a Red Cross worker, and as an amateur actress she has participated in trie charity productions of the Gramercy Guild. She was graduated from the Sacred- Heart Convent. Mr. Treacy served with the First Field Hospital Corps in the war, and was stationed at the local headquarters In this city.

2 June 1920 The Evening telegram

Miss Beatrice Kilgore Wedded to Mr. Treacy

Miss Beatrice Kilgore. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Edward Kilgore. was married today to Mr. John George Treacy, of this city, in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Broadway, and Seventy-first street. The Rev. Bernard F. McQuade. of St. Patrick's Cathedral, performed the ceremony and celebrated the nuptial mass, which followed.

The bride, who entered the church with her father, wore a gown of ivory white satin trimmed with old family print lace and mado with a court train of white satin, trimmed with Breton lace and orange blossoms. Her tulle veil was held with a cap of point lace.

Miss Virginia Kilgore, sister of the bride, was the maid of honor and only attendant. She wore a costume of orchid-colored taffeta over cream-colored lace and her hat of orchid-colored taffeta, was trimmed with point lace. She carried a bouquet of lavender sweet peas and yellow primroses.

Mr. Edwin Treacy acted as his brother's best man. and there were no ushers.

Owing to the recent death of the bridegroom's father, only relatives and intimate friends were invited for the ceremony and the reception and wedding breakfast, which followed at the home of the bride's parents. No. 48 East Fifty seventh street.

After their wedding trip Mr. Treacy and his bride will live in this city.


1920 U.S. Army Register

Edgar Vincent Treacy, 307 West One Hundred and Second Street New York, May 9 1889


1920 Census - Manhattan Assembly District 11, New York, New York

Richard S Treacy   Head       M            75           New York

Anna Treacy          Wife       F             62           New York

Anna Kilcullen      Daughter                F             30           New York

Willian M Kilcullen              Son-in-law             M            36           Pennsylvania

John G Treacy       Son         M            36           New York, broker real estate

Edgar Treacy         Son         M            28           New York, salesman Insurance


8 February 1921 New York Tribune

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kilgore, of 48 East Fifty-seventh Street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Marie 'Virginia Kilgore to Edgar V. Treacy, of this city. The engagement was made known at a reception, given £y Miss Kilgore's sister, Mrs. John G. Treacy Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Treacy was married last June and her husband is a brother of her sister's fiance. Miss Kilgore is a graduate of the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Since her graduation she has taken an active part in entertainments for charity and amateur theatricals. Mr. Treacy was a lieutenant in the 309th Infantry and served overseas for one - year. The wedding will take place in the fall.


Richard S Treacy died 27 Jan 1920 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, 75 years, married b. 28 Jul 1844 New York City (s. of Patrick Treacy & Nora Ryan both born Ireland) Buried 29 Jan 1920 Calvary


January 29, 1920 The New York herald

TREACY. RICHARD S. in his 76th year, at his residence, 307 West l02d St. Requiem mass Thursday, January 29. at ten A. M., Church of the Holy Trinity, 82d st., east of Broadway.

TREACY. At a special meeting of the Board of Managers of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum in the City of New York. Resolved. Mr.  RICHARD S. TREACY a member of the Board since May, 1914 by his faithfulness in attendance at its meetings and his helpful cooperation with his fellow members in the affairs of the asylum, by his decease is a great loss to the asylum, to which  its managers hereby testify and to  which they would give expression.

His services on the Committees on Admission and Binding and on Building and Repairs were so constantly and so effectively rendered as to merit the deep acknowledgment of his colleagues and grateful recognition of the whole Board. The Board extends the expression of its deep sympathy to his family on this sad occasion of the death of one who  was a fine type of the Catholicity of  our city, a devoted member of the church, faithful and true in all the relations of his long and honorable life in the city of his birth. The members of the Hoard of Managers  of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum will attend the funeral of their  late associate in a body at the Church of the Holy Trinity, West 82d st., near Broadway, on Thursday, January 2D, I, 1D20, at ten A. M.

Most Rev. Patrick J. Hayes, Archbishop, President, 

Francis O'Neill. Secretary.

TREACY. The Xavier Alumni Sodality has learned with deep regret of the death of RICHARD S. TREACY, Sodadist since 1872 and President 1891 and 1898. Members are requested tb attend the funeral services. Charles Edward Nammack, M. P., President. James J. McNerny, Secretary.


1 February 1929 Scarsdale Inquirer

Aged Resident Dies After Long Illness

Mrs. Annie W. Treacy died at the home of her son Edgar V. Treacy, at 20 Lockwood road, this week after a long illness. Mrs. Treacy, who had been a resident of Scarsdale for the past three and a half years, was in her 73rd year.

"A requiem mass was said at the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Wednesday morning at ten o'clock. Interment was in Mount Calvary cemetery.

Mrs. Treacy is survived by three sons, Richard S., John G., and Edgar Treacy and by two daughters, Mrs. Anne Kilcullen and Mrs. Mary T. Kirkpatrick. She is also survived by one sister, Mrs. Anderson of Pennsylvania, and one brother, W. W. O'Neill of New York.


1930 Census - Scarsdale, Westchester, New York

Edgar V Treacy           Head   M         40        New York, father born NY, mother born Pennsylvania  agent insurance

Marie Treacy   Wife    F          35        New York, parent born New York

Edgar V Treacy Jr.      Son      M         4          New York

Lillie Connell Servant            F          19        Ireland



24 March 1939 Scarsdale Inquirer

Champion Basket Shooters of Scarsdale

Left to right, the boys are;

front row, George Hall, junior manager; Anthony Flannery, John Hefti, William Nisbet, captain; Jerry Mahoney, George Kelley, James Ryan, manager;

second row, Daniel Koch, Edmond Supple, Joseph Kiley, Jr., George LaMarsh;

third row, Edgar V. Treacy, Jr., John Potter, Donald Ginter, Jerome Kiley, William Conway:

last row, Raymond Sullivan, Gregory Chilson, William Taggart, Thomas Mangan.







1940 Census - Scarsdale, Scarsdale Town, Westchester, New York

Edgar V Tracey           Head   M         50        New York, agent insurance

Marie V Tracey           Wife    F          45        New York

Edgar V Tracey           Son      M         14        New York

Anna Mae Wilson       Maid    F          19        Pennsylvania


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Edgar Vincent Treacy


Edgar Vincent Treacy

Edgar Vincent Treacy Jr. “Bud”, 86, retired Chairman of TM&P, Inc, veteran of World War II and the Korean War, Catholic philanthropist and active member of St. Pius X Church, devoted husband, father and grandfather of Scarsdale, NY died unexpectedly in Hillsboro Beach, Florida on April 25, 2012. He was an inspiration to all who knew him.

Born in Manhattan, Bud was the only child of Edgar Treacy Sr. and Marie Treacy (Kilgore). He was graduated from The Canterbury School and Williams College. Upon his return from the war, he began his career as a minor league baseball player for the Philadelphia A’s His career continued at CBS Broadcasting and J.P. Stevens, before he founded TM&P, a premiere sports marketing and media training firm in 1972. He retired from the company in 1995.

He was the longest member of Westchester Hills Golf Club and served several times as president and a board governor. Bud and his father were pillars of the club and there is a tournament in the Treacy name.

He had an extraordinary life filled with numerous professional and personal accomplishments, but he will be best remembered for his 55 year marriage to Lois Treacy (Hickey) and for his devotion to his two daughters: Sharon Driscoll (Kevin) of New Canaan Ct. and Susan Smith (Kevin) of Sudbury, MA. And five Grandchildren: Kevin Driscoll Jr., Griffin Driscoll, Colin Driscoll, Morgan Smith and Kyle Smith.





Julia Treacy (1846-1922)


Julia A. Treacy died 31 Dec 1922 171 W. 71 St. Manhattan, New York, 76 years, single, b. 22 Jun 1846 US (d. of Patrick Treacy & Manosa Ryan both born Ireland) buried  2 Jan 1923 Calvary





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