Rev Gerald Carr Treacy, SJ (1883-1964)


The Rev Gerald Carr Treacy, SJ, was a rector of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Ignatius, Rogers Ave and Carroll St, and widely known Jesuit teacher, author and lecturer, and retreat master at Mount Manresa, Staten Island.


Born in Manhattan on the 26 January 1883, the son of Judge Michael Joseph Treacy and Mary E. Carr.


He received his education at the College of St. Francis Xavier, Manhattan. He entered the Jesuit order in 1898, and his first assignment was as a teacher at Holy Cross College. As a scholar, he was one of the first group of young Jesuits when he came to Brooklyn College, Carroll St in 1908. He taught the senior high school class for three years. Father Treacy was ordained to the priesthood in August, 1914, and since then has devoted most of his time to mission work and to writing. Father Treacy as a scholar was one of the first group of young Jesuits at Brooklyn Prep in Carroll St near Rogers Ave where he taught from 1908 to 1911. Later in June 1937, he returned as rector of the for a six year term.


After his ordination in 1914, Father Treacy taught at Boston College, and considered the most popular, teacher in the history of that institution. Father Treacy is well known in Brooklyn and has preached at several, of the churches in this borough. A number of his sermons have appeared on The Brooklyn Eagle's Sermon Page. He then taught at Fordham University for four years when he was assigned as superior at the Staten Island retreat house.


He was a regular contributor to 'America' the Jesuit magazine and served as an associate editor, before becoming president of American Press.


In 1917, he was among the eighteen Catholic priests selected by Cardinal Farley to be chaplains in the Army, He served with the rank of first lieutenant with the 39th Infantry at Camp Greene Charlotte NC and Camp Mills NY.



In December 1930, he went to Mount Manresa-on-the-Severn, Md., until the following June, when he was named procurator at St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia. From there he went to Fordham as minister and vice president for a year before been appointed as head of Brooklyn Prep in 1937.


Father Treacy was appointed rector of the Church of Our Lady of Martyrs Tertianship Ayresville N.Y. in 1943, where he served until named vice-rector of Campion Hall headquarters of the staff of 'America' the Jesuit magazine.


Father Treacy observed his golden jubilee of his entrance into the Society of Jesus in 1948.


He died on 30 December 1946 and was buried in the cemetery of the Culinary Institute of America Grounds, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York.


Gerald Carr Treacy, 1883-1964 b. New York

Rev Gerald C. Treacy, S.J. on August 15 1898 became a member of the Society of Jesus. Ordained 28th June 1914 NYC. born January 26 1883. Brother Edgar J Treacy, Cedarhurst, NY.

Jesuit Archives Treacy, G.C. 30.078

TREACY Geraldus C •• n 26.1. 1883 New York; i 14.8,1898; 0 28. 6,1914; gr 2.2.1918. + 30.12.1964 Poughkeepsie. P NEb.

The school of Christ (1926)

After death what? (1927)

Ten commandment series (1939)

Sex - sacred and sinful (1941)

Loyola, the soldier saint (1942)

Stories of great saints for children (1942)

Cover of: God in society (1943)

God in society (1943)

The last crusade (1945)




Father Treacy Selected For Chaplain in the Army July 25 1917 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Rev. Gerald C. Treacy, S.J., will mark his golden Jubilee 13 Aug 1948 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle





Rev Gerald Carr Treacy, SJ (1883-1964)


Gerald Treacy




July 25 1917 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle



Family History


James Tracey married Cathe Kinsella 10 Jan 1838 Wit: Edd Gleeson & Ellen Burke. Thurles Parish

James Tracey/Treacy & Cathe/Catherine Kinsella

William Tracey b. Oct 1838 Sp. John O'Shea & Jane Kinsella. Thurles Parish

Michael Joseph Treacy b. 5 Oct 1846 Sp. John Connell & Catherine Toomy. Thurles Parish


1855 Census - E.D. 2, Ward 18, New York City, New York, New York

Cath M Tracy        Head       U            30,          Ireland, widow, 5 years resident         

Mich I [J?] Tracy Child        U            8,            Ireland, 5 years resident       

William Tracy        Child      U            15,          5 years, Ireland, resident      

Harvey Banny       Nephew M             9,            Ireland, 2 years resident


1870 Census - 330 33rd street and second Avenue, New York

Catherine Tracy, 47,

M. Y[J?] Tracy, 22


William Tracy & Mary Ann Brisnan

Lillie Tracy b. 10 Feb 1880 Brooklyn, Kings, New York


1880 Census - Brooklyn, Kings, New York

Andrew Bresnan   Self                        M            62           Ireland, labourer

Mary Bresnan        Daughter                F             27           New York, United States

John Bresnan         Son                        M            20           New York, United States

Andrew Bresnan   Son                        M            17           New York, United States

Willie Tracey         Grandson               M            1             New York, United States

Lillie Tracey           Granddaughter      F             0             New York, United States

Patsey Bresnan      Daughter                F             14           New York, United States

Maggie Bresnan     Daughter                F             21           New York, United States

William Tracey     Son-in-law             M            29           Ireland, butcher


M. J. Treacy & Mary Carr

MALE Treacy b. 05 May 1879 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


1880 Census - New York, New York, New York

Michael J Tracey,               Self         M            31           b. Ireland, Coal Dealer

Mary E Tracey,                     Wife       F             30           b. New York, United States

Edgar Tracey,                      Son         M            1             b. New York, United States

Hannah Steward,   Other      F             30           b. Ireland

Helen Mc Guire,                   Other      F             17           b. Ireland


March 25 1883 New York Daily Tribune

Mr. Thompsons's [commissioner] Evasive Answer...1882...[Treacy supplied approximately $13,000 of coal]


Michael J. Treacy (34, b. 1849 Ireland) & Mary Carr (33, b. 1850 New York)

MALE Treacy b. 26 Jan 1883 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


October 13, 1890 The World

Has Left The Counties

Michael J. Treacy. of the Etghteen Asembly district, well known in literary circles, and one of the original 100 men who founded the County Democracy, resigned from that organistion last Monday and has been elected a member of the Tammany Central Association. Mr. Treacy is a powerful orator and will contribute his energies in behalf of the Tammany candidates.


December 29. 1891 New York Herald. 

The following stenographers were reappointed...Michael J. Treacy...


January 22, 1892 The World

Stenographers' Extra Copies.

Can These in the Courts Charge for Transerlpts for Lawyers?

A case that win Interest court stenographers is down for trial to-day before Judge Lachman in the sixth District court. The action is brought by Michael J. Treacy, stenographer In the Essex Market Police Court, against Lawyer Benno Loewy to recover $48.49. Mr. Treacy claims tbat in a case the lawyer was trying he furnished to him a transcript ot tbe testimony, In all 24,247 words, payment tor which was not made.

Lawyer Robert O'Byrne said yesterday: “I Understand that an effort will be made to have my client non-suited, on the ground that bis agreement with Lawyer Loewy was an Illegal contract. The novel position to taken that Mr. Treacy has no right to charge for the transcript because he took the testimony as official stenographer under salary paid by the city. As the transcript was made after regular office hours the reasoning of such a defense is that Mr. Treacy’s whole time belongs to the tax-payers and citizens generally. If the courts sustain Lawyer Loewy’s

position it will be a great saving to the thousands of lawyers who practise in our courts though the stenographers may possible think it unfair to them.

Stenographer Treacy said “Mr. Loewy repeatedly urged me to furnish him with the transcript of the testimony. I have a letter and witnesses to prove that, and I can also prove that in order to oblige Mr. Loewy both my wife and myself worked until late at night making the desired copy of testimony it is nonsense to claim that I am obliged to furnish a free copy of testimony taken in court to any one except the Judge who tries the case."


1892 Census - Brooklyn, Ward 06, E.D. 18, Kings, New York

William H Tracy, 56, Ireland, citizen, Produce dealer

Mary Ann Tracy, 35, N.S.

William J Tracy, 12, N.S.

Lilly Tracy, 11, N.S.

Andrew J Tracy, 10, N.S.

George Tracy, 9, N.S.

Katie Tracy, 8, N.S.

Maggie Tracy, 7, N.S.

Jeoacchein Tracy, 6, N.S.

Mary Tracy, 4, N.S.


April 10, 1896 The New York Times

West Point Cadets Appointed. Washington, April 9. - Appointments to cadetships at the United States Military Academy have been secured...with E.J. Treacy, New York City as an alternate...


May 26 1897 New York Herald

Treacy.-May 23, 1897. at St. Vincent's Hospital, Catherine M. Treacy, mother of William H. and M. J. Treacy, aged 80 years. Interment private.


1900 Census - Borough of Brooklyn, Election District 18 New York City Ward 6, Kings, New York

William H Treacy Head                      M            59           Ireland, b. Oct 1841, 22 years married, Police Doorman, emigrated 1848

Mary Ann Treacy Wife                       F             47           New York, b. July 1853

William J Treacy                   Son                        M            22           New York, b. Sept 1878, RR Conductor

Lilian Treacy                         Daughter                F             18           New York, b. Feb 1882, Stenographer

Andrew J Treacy                  Son                        M            19           New York, b. Feb 1884 RR Conductor

George Treacy                      Son                        M            16           New York, b. April 1885

Katharine Treacy   Daughter                F             15           New York, b. Sept 1886

Margaret Treacy                    Daughter                F             14           New York

Joseph Treacy                       Son                        M            11           New York, b. Jan 1889,

Mary Treacy                          Daughter                F             9             New York, b. Jan 1891

Andrew Daly                        Nephew                 M            18           New York

Andrew Daly                        Nephew                 M            11           New York

John Brosnan                        Brother-in-law       M            39           New York

Patrick Brosnan                    Brother-in-law       M            33           New York


1900 Census - 216 Borough of Manhattan, Election District 10 New York City Ward 20, New York

Micheal [J] Treary [Treacy]   Head       M            51           Ireland, b, Jan 1849, emigrated 1852, naturalised, Official Stenographer

Mary Caro Treary Wife                       F             51           New York, b. Aug 1849

Edgar J Treary                      Son                        M            21           New York, b. May 1879, law student

Catherine Carr                      Sister-in-law          F             52           New York, school teacher PS

Anna M Carr                         Sister-in-law          F             42           New York PS teacher

Eugene J Carr                       Brother-in-law       M            40           New York, Agent for cigar firm

Adul Salsburgh                     Boarder                  M            25           New York

Leowan Salsburgh                Sister [of boarder]                 F             23            New York

William Garrad                     Boarder                  M            45           Scotland

Micheal O Sullivan               Boarder                  M            60           Ireland


June 30, 1900 The New York Times

E.J. Treacy to go to West Point

Congressman Jefferson M. Levy yesterday appointed Edgar J. Treacy of 437 Lexington Avenue as cadet at the West Point Military academy, he having received the highest average in a competitive examination with thirteen other young men of the Thirteenth Congressional District for the appointment.


1901 New York University

Edgar J. Treacy, A.B. (St. F.X.) New York City


May 2/3/4, 1902 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Treacy - At her residence, 72 Union St, on May 1, Mary Ann, nee Rrosnan, wife of William H. Treacy. aged 48 years. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited Sunday May 4, at 2 o'clock P.M. Interment in Hjly Cross Cemetery. May her soul rest in peace.


January 21, 1903 The Sun

Treacy.-On Monday. Jan. 19 1903, Mary E. Carr, wife of Michael J. Treacy.

Funeral services from her late residence, 140 East 43rd Thursday, at 9 A.M.. thence to St. Stephen's Church in East 28th and where a mass ot requiem will be celebrated.

January 22, 1903 New-York tribune

Treacy— Monday. January 19. 1903. Mary E. Carr. wife of Michael J. Treacy. Funeral from her late residence. No. 140 East 43d-st.. Tbursday. at 9 a.m. thence to St. Stephen's Church. In East 28th-st. where a mass of requiem will be celebrated.

January 25 1903 The New York Times

Deaths: Tracy/Treacy - Jan 19 at 140 East Forty-third Street, Mary C. Carr, wife of Michael J. Tracy/Treacy. [double entry]


Aug 4 1903 Naturalisation of Antonio Dovi

Witness: William H. Treacy, Police Officer, 72 Union St, Bklyn, NY


1903 - 1906 Military Service

Edgar J Treacy, enlisted 18 April 1903 New York NY, left 23y11m, lawyer, 14 Cav, Dis Jany 30 1906 Presidio Monterey Cal per letter Sec of War Jan 22 1906


1905 Census - Brooklyn, Kings, New York

William H Treacy Head                      M            63y         Ireland, policeman

William J Treacy                   Son                        M            26y         United States, Labour day

George Treacy                      Son                        M            22y         United States, Barkeeper

Catherine Treacy                   Daughter                F             19y         United States

Margarite Treacy                   Daughter                F             18y         United States

Mary Treacy                          Daughter                F             16y         United States

John Brosnan                        Brother-In-Law     M            43y         United States, Street sweeper DSC

Arther Daley                         Nephew                 M            22y         United States, Day laborer

Andrew Daley                      Nephew                 M            15y         United States


1905 Census - Manhattan, New York

Michael J Treacy    Head                      M            58y         Ireland, Stenographer

Mary E Carr           Sister-In-Law        F             48y         United States

Anna Carr              Sister-In-Law        F             42y         United States


August 06, 1905 Evening star, Washington & August 18, 1905 The San Francisco call

Will be given Commissions. Acting upon an opinion by the Judge advocate...twelve enlisted men who recently passed the examinations for commissions...mentioned in the order of merit as determined by their examination, are: Corporal Edgar J Treacy, [troop H] 14th Cavalry... now at Fort Leavenworth [for examination], to be sent to the Presidio, San Francisco...

December 12, 1906 Evening star. Washington.

Officers Resignations Accepted...The resignation of Second Lieut Edgar J. Treacy, 5th Cavalry, has been accepted by the President, to take effect at once, Lieut Treacy was appointed only last January and is now stationed at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.


Michael J. Tracy died 18 Mar 1908 1150 Holbler Tenement 27 Brooklyn Kings New York, 59 years, Widowed

born 1849 Ireland (s. of Machael Tracy & Catherine Eafer, both born Ireland)

Buried 20 Mar 1908 Calvary Brooklyn, NY

March 19, 1908 The New York Herald

Treacy.—On March 18, 1908. at his residence. 1160 De Kalb av Brooklyn, Michael J. Treacy, in the 60th year of his age. Funeral from St. John's Church, Lewis and Willoughhy ave., on Friday, March 20, at half-past nine A. M. Interment private.


Catherine M. Treacy, 25, b. 1885 US, d. 05 Feb 1910, 573 East 31st St. Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States (d. of William Treacy, b. Ireland & Mary A. Brosnan, b. Ireland) Buried: 5 Feb 1910 Holy Cross Cemetery

Probate of Catherine M Tracy, daughter of William H Tracy, died 5th February 1910 Kings New York.

Brothers & Sisters:

William A Treacy

Andrew J Treacy

George W Treacy

Joguiu Treacy

Lillian M Treacy

Margaret Treacy

Mary A Treacy


1910 Census - Brooklyn Ward 32, Kings, New York

William H Treacy Head       M            68           Ireland, widowed, Immigration Year: 1845

Marion Treacy                       Daughter                F             20           New York

John Brosnan                        Brother-in-law       M            48           New York

Katy Twitz                            Housekeeper          F             49           Ireland


1910 Census - Manhattan Ward 15, New York, New York

Edgar J Treacy                      Head       M            31           New York

Helena E Treacy                   Wife       F             32           New Jersey


1910 Census - Brooklyn College, Ward 24, Kings, New York

Gerald C Treacy    Faculty member     M            27           New York


William H. Treacy died 6 Mar 1911 Brooklyn Kings New York, 69 years, Widowed, Patrolman

born 1842 Ireland (s. of William Treacy & Catharine Kensella, both born Ireland)

Buried 09 Mar 1911 Holy Cross Cemetery

March 7, 1911 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

William H. Treacy.

William H. Treacy, a Civil War veteran and a retired policeman; died yesterday at his home, 573 East Thirty-first street. He had formerly lived in the Sixth Ward for 40 years. His wife, Mary Ann Brosnan, is deceased, and there survive him three daughters, Marion V., Mrs. Edwin Skoglund and Mrs. James Dore, and four sons, William J., Andrew. J.; George W, Joseph H. He was a member of the Church of St. Jerome.


Erected by William H. Treacy in memory of his beloved wife

Mary Ann Treacy nee Brosnan died May 1st 1902 aged 48 years a true wife and loving mother

Catherine M. Treacy died Feb 5th 1910 aged 25 years

William H. Treacy died March 6, 1911 aged 69 years

James H. Dore Sr died Aug 29 1959

George W Treacy Sr died Aug 19 1950

Jean M Treacy died Nov 2 1971

Margaret Treacy Dore died Dec 29 1972

Joseph T. Dore died Oct 3 1984

Requiescant in Pace



1913 The College Of St. Francis Xav1er New York

Treacy, Edgar J., A.B.,'99. Lawyer, 170 Broadway, New York City; Woodhaven, Li. I.


1915 Census - New York, Queens, New York

Edgar J Treacy, head, 37 years,


1915 Census - New York, New York

Gerald Treacy, 32 years


12 Sept 1918 Draft Registration - Nassau County no 4, New York, United States

Edgar Joseph Treacy, b. 05 May 1879, Uxfind & Rugby Rd, Lawyer, works 80 Maiden Law ??? US US, relative Helen E Treacy


1917 Draft - New York City no 129, New York

Gerald Carr Treacy, of 39 W 86 NY, 35 years. born 26 Jan 1883, missionary work, next of kin Edgar J Treacy (brother) Cedarhurst L Is NY, Tall, medium build, brown eyes, brown hair


1920 Census - Hempstead, Nassau, New York

Edgar J Treacy                      Head       M            41           New York

Helena E Treacy                   Wife       F             40           New York

Geraldine M Treacy              Daughter                F             8             New York

Edgar Treacy                        Son         M            6             New York

Norbert C Treacy   Son         M            2             New York

Anna M Carr                         Aunt       F             65           New York

Nellie Putorak                       Servant   F             25           Poland


1930 Census - Cedarhurst, Nassau, New York

Edgar J Treacy       Head       M            51           New York

Helen E Treacy      Wife       F             53           New Jersey

Geraldine Treacy   Daughter                F             18           New York

Edgar J Treacy       Son         M            16           New York

Norbert C Treacy Son           M            12           New York

Sarah Preston         Servant   F             60           India


1930 Census - Mt Mauresa Home of Retreat, Richmond, New York

Reverend Jerald Treacy        Head       M            49           New York, priest


2 February 1931 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Cedarhurst Youth Named for West Point

Edgar J. Treacy Jr. of Cedarhurst, L. I., has been named for conditional cadet appointment to West Point by Senator Royal S. Copeland, It was announced today by MaJ. Gen. Hanson E. Ely, commanding the 2d Corps Area.



8 Dec 1931 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Edward Treacy will fill Police Position

Cedarhurst L.I. Dec 8- At a meeting of the local board of trusteesa last night, Edward Treacy was named police judge to fill out the unexpired term of Cortlandt A. Johnson recently elected county judge.


28 December 1931 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Cedarhurst, LI Dec 28. Police Judge Edgar Treacy will preside for the first time in the local court on Wednesday evening Jan 6.



edgar treacy sr

Judge Edgar J Treacy, Sr (1879-1958)

Judge from 1931 to 1958




Class of 1935 - United States Military Academy West Point - Howitzer Yearbook (West Point, NY)

Edgar Joseph Treacy, Jr. Cedarhurst, Long Island, New York Senatorial, New York

Upholder of Erin' s supremacy — mocker of the pedantic — composer of ditties— authority on horseflesh — kingfish of the swimming team — our congenial menace to the serious-minded, Treco. Brilliant guard-house lawyer and suave master of subtle ridicule, O'Toole shatters the most fool-proof arguments with the unanswerable logic of his vigorous "So what?" Wintry evenings passed pleasantly when, amid the cozy intimacy of barren walls and icy radiators, the sage of "de clique" expounded with carefree idiocy his philosophies of life, love, and text-book absurdities. Reconcile this character with one who possesses unassailable ideals, the soul of a poet and dreamer, and the masterful ability to lead others . . . (The department offers no solution to this problem) . . . Corporal (2), Acting Sergeant (1); Swimming (4-3-2-1), Minor "A" (3-2-1), Captain of Swimming (1); Rifle Sharpshooter; Pistol Expert.



edgar 1935

Lt. Col. Edgar Treacy, Jr (1914-1951)



June 19 1937 The Brooklyn Daily eagle 

The Rev. Gerald C. Treacy, former vice president of Fordham University, has been appointed head of Brooklyn Prep , the Jesuit School on Carroll St., near Rogers Ave., and pastor of the Church of St. Ignatius which adjoins the school.

When the Society of Jesus established Brooklyn College, In Carroll St. between Rogers and Nostrand Aves., more than a quarter of a century ago, one of the scholastics who welcomed the first students was the Rev. Gerald Carr Treacy, S. J. Father Treacy remained at the school from that time until he was assigned as a chaplain In the U. S. Army to serve during the World War.

Father Treacy made many friends In the borough among the student body and through his efforts, the college reached a notable. position, not only in the educational field but in the sphere of athletics. His return as rector to Brooklyn Preparatory School and pastor of the Church of St. Ignatius, adjoining the school, announced yesterday. Is welcomed by his many friends among the alumni and the old parishioners of the church.


1940 Census - Cedarhurst, Hempstead Town, Nassau, New York

Edgar J Treacy       Head                      M            60           New York, Lawyer

Helen E Treacy      Wife                       F             62           New Jersey

Mary G Treacy      Daughter                F             27           New York

Norbert Treacy      Son                        M            22           New York


1940 Census - Brooklyn Prep School, Assembly District 11, Brooklyn, Kings, New York,

Gerald C Treacy    Head       M            57           New York, priest, last residence Philadelphia


22 May 1941 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Suzanne Walker Plans Military Bridal May 28

A military wedding In St. Matthew's Cathedral, Washington, D. C, Wednesday will unite Miss Suzanne Carolyn MacLean Walker, daughter of Commander Hugh MacLean Walker, U. S. N., retired, and Capt. Edgar Joseph Treacy Jr., U. S. A., stationed with the mechanized forces at Camp Pine, N. Y., son of Judge and Mrs. Edgar J. Treacy of Cedarhurst. The ceremony will be performed at 11 o'clock by the Rev. Gerald C. Treacy, president of the Brooklyn Preparatory School and uncle of the prospective bridegroom. A reception will follow at the home of the bride-elect's grandmother, Mrs. Harrison Howell Dodge, in Washington.

May 29, 1941 The New York Times.

"Susanne Walker Bride In Capital; Naval Commander's Daughter Wed In Cathedral To Captain Edgar Treaty Jr., U.S.A. Escorted By Her Cousin Mrs. Joseph Carey 3d Matron of Honor -- Reception Held at Mrs. Harrison Dodge's"


1942 Draft

Gerald Carr Treacy, of 1150 Carroll St, Brooklyn NY


October 7 1943 The Wave, Rockaway Beach, NY

Legion of Merit Awarded Lt. Col. Edgar Treacy, Jr

Lieut. Colonel Edgar J. Treacy, jr., has been awarded the Legion of Merit Medal in recognition of "exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services in the South Pacific."

Word of the award was received by his wife of 473 Oxford road, Cedarhurst, from Lieut. General M. E. Harmon, US Army. Lieut. Col. Treacy is the son of Judge and Mrs Edgar J. Treacy of the above address.

He is 29 years old and was graduated from West point in 1935. Four years later he was graduated from the Cavalry School at Fort Riley and from the School of Staff and Command at Fort Leavenworth Kansas, in 1942.


May 4 1944 The Wave, Rockaway Beach, NY

Col. Edgar Treacy Is Awarded Medal

Colonel Edgar Treacy, jr., of 473 Oxford road, Cedarhurst, son of Police Justice and Mrs. Edgar Treacy of Cedarhurst, has been awarded the Bronze Star, the War Department announced.

Colonel Treacy's medal was awarded for meritorious service at Bougainville, where he directed construction of an emergency field so that light planes could bring in ammunition and evacute wounded, before more permanaent fields were established.


April 5, 1944 Madison Wisconsin State Journal

Attack Futile, Jap Prisoner Warns Pals...Crowded in the pillbox are Col Edgar J Treacy Cedarhurst N Y...




12 March 1951 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Listed as missing in action are:...Lt. Col. Edgar Joseph Treacy, husband of Mrs. Carolyn Walker Treacy, 473 Oxford Road, Cedarhurst...


Mar 15, 1951 The Hinton News

The GIs who survived the bloody cavalry dash...have petitioned for the reward of the Congressional Medal of Honor to their battalion commander, Lt Col Edgard J. Treacy. Ed Treacy, a rifle-toting West point graduated foot soldier, has long been a hero to enlisted men and officiers alike of the 5th Cavalery Regiment, 3rd Battalion..."Colonel Treacy is the best that America can produce. He always put the interests of the men first. He never sacrified the life of a single man by a tactical blundrr or a snap decision. He was the only man in the battalion who never had a bad word said against him". [His commander Colonel Crombez cancelled the request].


5th Cavalry Regiment (United States)

Lt. Colonel Edgar Joseph Treacy, Jr (January 10 1914-May 31 1951) (USMA class of 1935) [Service Number: O-0019892] a decorated World War II Veteran and commander of the 3rd Battalion/5th Cavalry was part of a Task Force of Infantry and tanks to rescue the 23rd Infantry Regiment (United States) at Chipyong-ni in February 1951;[5] although the effort was successful, with heavy casualties, ironically Treacy became a POW and died 31 May 1951. His ABMC memorial record lists his rank as Colonel and awards as Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Legion of Merit with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Prisoner of War Medal, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal. Spouse Carolyn Walker (1912 - 1977)


Edgar J Treacy d. 3 Jul 1958 Cedarhurst, Hempstead, Nassau, New York; age 79 (b.c. 1879)


Norbert Corcoran "Dick" Treacy (November 3, 1917 - July 16, 2016)

U.S. Air Force Colonel, Substitute Teacher

Norbert Corcoran "Dick" Treacy, retired US Air Force Colonel, died on July 16, 2016 at the age of 98 of natural causes. He was born on November 3, 1917 in Cedarhurst, New York to Edgar Joseph and Helena Corcoran Treacy. His last residence was at Vinson Hall in McLean, Virginia.

In over 31 years of military service, Colonel Treacy served in a Horse Calvary Squadron and an Infantry Rifle Company before entering flight training in 1941 and retiring as an Air Force Jet Pilot in 1969. His last assignment as Commander, USAFE Base Command, Wiesbaden, Germany was preceded by combat tours in Africa, China-Burma, and Korea. Peace time duties included instructing at the Army Command and General Staff School, the Air Force Tactical School, the Air Force Staff College, as well as command of flying units in Japan, the United States, and Germany. Among his many decorations are the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, and Air Medal.

Following retirement, Col. Treacy taught extensively as a substitute teacher in the Arlington County School system where he is remembered with "mixed emotions" -- his words -- by almost a generation of students as, "The Colonel." He was a long-time member of Saint Agnes Catholic Church, the Army Navy Country Club, the Order of Daedalians, and the 14th Air Force Association.

He was preceded in death by his beloved parents, brother, Edgar J. Treacy, Jr., sister, Geraldine T. Haas, and son-in-law, Lance P. Jensen.

His first wife, Sarah Fowler Treacy, and loving mother of his beloved daughters, Karen and Maureen, died in 1969. His second wife, Lisa Jansson Treacy, died in 2011.

He is survived by his devoted daughters, Karen Treacy Jensen (Michael Keller) of Lake Oswego, Oregon, and Maureen E. Treacy of Arlington, Virginia, grandson, Brigham Corcoran Jensen (Catherine) of Portland, Oregon, and step-children Warren Awtrey (Mark Weinrod), Orleans, Massachusetts and Karin A. Akerson (Dan), McLean, Virginia. He is also survived by six nieces and four nephews.

On December 1, 2016 at 10:45a.m., a Catholic Mass will be said at the Fort Myer Old Post Chapel followed by burial with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.






Last update: 27 October 2017