Linton Muldoon Treacy (1887 – 1929) of Ontario, Ice Hockey pioneer









Pete Muldoon holding his son Lynn Treacy in 1928


Linton Muldoon Treacy otherwise known as Pete Muldoon was born Colonel Linton Treacy on the 4th June 1887 the son of Alexander Treacy and Eliza Parent of St Mary's, Ontario.


He was an iconic ice hockey figure who also boxed, played lacrosse, ice danced and skated on stilts.


He played ice hockey in Ontario before moving to the Pacific coast in order to pursue a boxing career. He started as an amateur boxer for the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle. By February 1910, he was the holder of the PNA and AAU 158-pound titles. He would turn pro shortly thereafter. When he participated in the Pacific amateur tournament at Sacramento in November 1910, his amateur status was disputed by Olympic officials and he was "disbarred." He changed his name to Pete Muldoon because the pursuit of a professional sports career was discouraged at the time.


In 1912, Muldoon left Washington for Vancouver to manage a professional lacrosse team, train its hockey (Millionaires) and baseball (Beavers) teams. When he found time, Muldoon moonlighted as a boxing referee. In 1914, he took over as the coach and manager of the Portland Rosebuds. For the 1915 season, he changed teams, and went to Seattle to manage a new team in the PCHA, the Metropolitans. He spent eight seasons coaching in Seattle, and amassed a record of 115 wins, 105 losses, and four ties. The Metropolitans competed several times for the Stanley Cup. The Mets played for the Stanley Cup three times under his leadership, and winning it once in 1917 during their first trip. Muldoon was the first and, at age 30, youngest coach of a Stanley Cup Championship team based in the United States.


In 1919, the Metropolitans made it to the finals for the second time in three years, this time against the Montreal Canadiens. The series was to have been a five-game series, but the fourth game ended in a scoreless draw. However, local health officials called off the deciding sixth game just hours before it was due to start when several players on both teams were stricken by Spanish flu. With virtually his entire team either hospitalized or confined to bed and efforts to find replacements vetoed by the PCHA, Canadiens owner George Kennedy announced he was forfeiting the game—and the Cup—to Seattle. However, Muldoon felt it would be unsportsmanlike to accept what would have been his second Cup, seeing as it would have been at the expense of a team decimated by illness. Seattle lost in the Stanley Cup finals in the next year against the Ottawa Senators.


Muldoon returned to the Rosebuds after the Metropolitans folded in the spring of 1924. He followed most of his players to the NHL when most of the Rosebuds were sold to Major Frederic McLaughlin to start the Chicago Black Hawks. He accepted the position because his wife Dorothy was a Chicago native and pregnant with the family's second child, Dick. After the Black Hawks ended the 1926–27 season with a playoff berth after finishing in third place in the American Division with a 19–22–3 record, he resigned because of constant meddling from McLaughlin.


Muldoon returned to Seattle and became involved in efforts to bring a professional team back to the city, as a new arena was constructed in 1928. Muldoon, with the help of a group of investors, established the Seattle Ice Skating and Hockey Association, while aiding to establish the PCHL. This new league had its first season in 1928, and the Seattle team was dubbed the Seattle Eskimos.


In the spring of 1929, Muldoon went to Tacoma with co-owner and local boxing promoter Nate Druxman to search for a location to build a new rink in order to establish a team. While in Tacoma, on March 13, 1929, Muldoon died due to a heart attack. Without their coach, the Seattle Eskimos were able to win a playoff series against Portland, before losing to Vancouver in the league finals. The following season the Eskimos established the Pete Muldoon Trophy, presented to the player "deemed most inspirational by his teammates". It was awarded for a few seasons, and disappeared from records during the Great Depression years.


He is best known for reportedly putting a curse on the Chicago Black Hawks, as well as team owner Major Frederic McLaughlin, after he was fired at the end of the 1926-27 season; however, it has been alleged that a Toronto sportswriter had come up with the "curse" due to a bout of writer's block in 1943.Muldoon was the Black Hawks' first head coach.


In a 2010 New York Times interview, Lynn Treacy of Wilmington Delaware, then an 85 years old high school tennis coach and retired chemical engineer, reflected on his father and the ‘Curse of Muldoon’ “For what little I remember of him, I remember he was such a warm person,” Lynn Treacy said. “He bought us pets — a dog, a monkey. He did everything I would have expected from a father.” Indeed, Treacy said, when his eldest daughter first heard about the Curse of Muldoon years ago, she joked that they should fly to Chicago to remove it. Treacy barely knew his father, but he followed hockey in Delaware into the 1970s. Then came hockey’s goon era, led by Philadelphia’s Broad Street Bullies, and he lost his taste for the game. “Hockey is a game of skating, puck-handling and shooting, not a game of trying to cripple the other players,” he said.





Laurel Zeisler (2012) Historical Dictionary of Ice Hockey.













1851 - London, Middlesex County, Canada West (Ontario), Canada

John Traecy, farmer, b. Ireland, episcopal, 34

Catherine Traecy, b. Ireland, episcopal, 32

Thomas Traecy, b. Canada, episcopal, 9

Samuel Traecy, b. Canada, episcopal, 7

William Traecy, b. Canada, episcopal, 4

Mary Traecy, b. Canada, episcopal, 8

Jane Traecy, b. Canada, episcopal, 1


1861 Census - East Nissouri, North Oxford, Ontario [Note: Treney in index]

John Treacy, 42, b. Ireland, C of England, farmer

Catherine Treacy, 42, b. Ireland, C of England

Thomas Treacy, 19, b. Canada, C of England

Samuel Treacy, 16, b. Canada, C of England

Wm John Treacy, 14, b. Canada, C of England

Eliza Jane Treacy, 10, b. Canada, C of England

Alexander Treacy, 7, b. Canada, C of England

Robert James Treacy, 5, b. Canada, C of England

Maryann Treacy, 3, b. Canada, C of England


Samuel Treacy (1844-


Samuel Tracy, 24, b. 1844 Ontario, lives East Nissouri Ont (s. of John & Catherine) married Catharine Anderson, 19, b. 1849 W. Nissouri Ont, lives W Nissouri Ont (d. of David & Catherine) Wit: W Tracy & J Willson of E Nissouri on the 28 Oct 1868 Oxford, Ontario, Canada

Samuel Treacy & Catherine Anderson

John Treacy b. 30 Sep 1869 St. Mary's, Perth, Ontario, Canada, father carpenter

Alexander Treacy b. 7 Aug 1871 Orillio, Ontario, Canada, father Carpenter

George Treacy b. 14 Apr 1876 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario father Carpenter


1881 Census - St Mary's, Perth South, Ontario

Samuel Tracy                              M            37y         Ontario, carpenter, Irish, Methodist

Catherine Tracy                          F             32y         Ontario, Irish, Methodist

John Tracy                                  M            11y         Ontario, Irish, Methodist

Alexander Tracy                         M            9y           Ontario, Irish, Methodist

George Tracy                              M            4y           Ontario, Irish, Methodist

William Tracy                             M            2y           Ontario, Irish, Methodist


1891 Census - St Mary's, Perth South, Ontario

Samuel Treacy                            M            48y         Ontario, carpenter, Father & mother born Ireland, Methodist, House carpenter & bridge builder

Catherine Treacy                        F             41y         Ontario, Father born Ireland & mother born Ontario, Methodist,

John Treacy                                M            21y         Ontario, parents born Ontario, Methodist, machinist

Alexander Treacy                       M            19y         Ontario, parents born Ontario, Methodist, carpenter joiner

George Treacy                            M            15y         Ontario, parents born Ontario, Methodist, carpenters apprentice

William Treacy                           M            13y         Ontario, parents born Ontario, Methodist


21 Jan 1898 The Huron Expositor

On New Years Day, Mr. David Anderson, one of the oldest residents of St. Marys died at the home of his son-in-law, Mr Samuel Treacy. The deceased was born in Derry Ireland, in 1817, came to Canada in 1840...for the past six years with his daughter, Mrs. Treacy...


John Treacy


20 Sept 1894 The Exeter Times

Treacy - Kelly. At Chicago, on Wednesday, Sept 5th, Mr. John Treacy, of Toledo, O., to Miss Annie Kelly, of Chicago, both formerly of St. Marys.


John Treacy, widowed, retired machinist Toledo Mach & Tool Co, Spouse Anna Treacy, 70y9m8d, b. 30 Sep 1869 St Marys Ont Canada, (s. of Samuel Treacy & Catherine Anderson, both born St Marys, Ont, Canada), died 08 Jul 1940 612 Chestnut St Toledo Lucas Ohio, buried 11 Jul 1940 Forest Cemetery


Alexander Treacy


1900 Census - 1813 Port Huron city Ward 7, St. Clair, Michigan, United States

Alexandrew Treacy, head, 29, b. Aug 1871 Canada Eng, father born Ireland, mother born Scotland, emigrated 1890, Na, carpenter

Margret Treacy, Wife, 26, b. Feb 1874 Canada Eng, married 8 years, 4 children 1 alive, parents born Canada, emigrated 1892

Anna Treacy, Daughter, 5, b. May 1895 Michigan,


1910 Census - 1813 Anth Avenue, Port Huron Ward 7, St Clair, Michigan, United States

Alexander Treacy, head, 38, b. Canada Irish, emigrated 1890 Na, parents canadian Irish

Margaret J Treacy, Wife, 37, b. Canada English, married 17 years, 5 children, 2 alive, emigrated 1892, father Canadian Irish mother Canadian English, contractor & builder

Anna K Treacy, Daughter, 14, b. Michigan, parents Canadian Irish

Russell A Treacy, Son, 9, b. Michigan, parents Canadian Irish


1920 Census - 66 E 31st St N, Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Alexander Treacy, Head, 48, b. Canada, emigrated 1888, Na 1896, contractor building

Margaret J Treacy, Wife, 46, b. Canada, emigrated 1892

Russel A Treacy, Son, 19, b. Michigan, stenographer office


Anna Hammond, 29, b. 1896 , (d. of Alex Treacy & Margaret Capling) married Marse Theodore Gibson, 24, b. 1901, (s. of Ora Magoon & Ella Gibson) 09 Feb 1925 Los Angeles, California, United States


Russell A Treacy, 58, b. 1902 married Dorothy Ogg/Dorothy O Coambs, 40, b. 1920 24 Nov 1960 San Mateo, California


Russell A Treacy married Juanita Lumsden 18 Jun ? San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States


1930 Census - 3752 Bagley Avenue, Los Angeles (Districts 0001-0250), Los Angeles, California, United States

Russel A Treacy, head, 29, b. Michigan, parents born Canada, auditor movie studio

Juanita Treacy, Wife, 28, b. Philippines, married 4 years, bookkeeper bond office


1940 Census - 1135 Crest Drive, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

Russel A Treacy, head, 39, b. Canada, business mgr private party

Juanita Treacy, Wife, 31, b. Hawaii

Juanita Sandra Treacy, Daughter, 3, b. California


1942 Los Angeles city directory

Russel A Treacy & Juanita, h1135 Crest dr


Russel A Treacy of Los Angeles, married Beatrice E Stephens of Arcadia, Wit: William J. Rigney & Ray Mummey, 14 Feb 1943 Clark, Nevada, United States


Russell Alexander Treacy.jpg

Cecil B. DeMille pallbearers.jpg


Russell Alexander Treacy, Business Manager, of Cecil B. DeMille

LIFE 2 Feb 1959

Old Associates of DeMillen served as his pallbearers. In center foreground is Samuel Goldwyn, last survivor of the original partners in the Jesse L. Lasky company. Clockwise from Goldwyn are: Adolph Zukor, chairman of the board at Paramount Pictures; Neil S. McCarthy, DeMille's attorney; Henry Noerdlinger, chief of DeMille's research staff; one of the undertaker's assistants; Donald Hayne, DeMille's executive assistant; Russell Treacy, his business manager; Y. Frank Freeman, vice president of Paramount Pictures; Henry Wilcoxson, actor, producer and DeMille's old friend; and a second undertaker's assistant.


July 29 & 30, 1961 Pasadena Independent (Pasadena, California)

Treacy-- Mrs. Dorothy Ogg Treacy of 1330 Belhaven Rd. San Marino, passed away July 27, 1961. loving wife of Russell A. Treacy also survived by her mother Mrs. Raymond L. Farlin of Los Angeles also a half brother and a half sister. Funeral services 11 a.m. Monday at the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 6128 Yucca St. Hollywood. Rev, Harry Evans Owings Jr., officiating. Friends may visit Sunday afternoon and evening al the Du Bois Funeral Home, 116 North San Gabriel Blvd., San Gabriel. (AT 7-6123). In lieu of flowers Memorials may :bc sent to the Children's Home Society of Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.


Russel A Treacy, born 1 November 1901 Michigan, died 25 Feb 1971 Los Angeles, California, United States


Garden of Legends - Section 8, Hollywood Forever, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Inloving memory

Russel A. Treacy

1901 - 1971



1930 Census - 917 Rodney Skidmore, Portland (Districts 271-553), Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Alexander S Treacy, head, 58, b. Canada, emigrated 1889 Na, contractor builder

Margaret Treacy, Wife, 57, b. Canada, emigrated 1892

Betty A Hammond, gr daughter, 12, b. Oregon


1940 Census - 4235 N. E. Rodney, Tract 34, Portland, Portland City Election Precinct 304, Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Alexander Treacy, Head, 68, b. Canada, widowed, same house 5 years, capenter house building

Anna Hammond, Daughter, 44, b. Michigan, widowed, same house 5 years

Treacy Hammond, Grandson, 25, b. Oregon, same house 5 years, capenter & painter houses


Oregonian (Portland, Oregon)

Alex S Treacy died 11 Mar 1953 obituary


Cypress Section, Lincoln Memorial Park, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon, USA

Alex S. Treacy (1871-1953)

Margaret J. Treacy (1873-1940) Mother



Alexander Treacy b.1871 Ontario?

Grandpa Alex said to be born in Aurilia (most likely Orilla) Ontario.Parents are Samuel and Catherine (Anderson) Treacy also born in Ontario. Looking for more info on these people. Have only found them in the 1881 Census in Perth co. He had a younger sister Margaret Jane I believe.Will post brothers the next time I'm on.

genealogy.com user July 08, 2000 http://www.genealogyeemaker.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/treacy/1/


George Treacy, 28, b. 1876 (s. of Samuel Treacy & Catherine Anderson) married Etta Elizabeth Akers, 25, b. 1879 (d. of Emerson Akers & Jane Hattersley) 9 Jun 1904 Lucas, Ohio, United States


George E Treacy, Widowed, 73, b. 14 Apr 1876 St Marys, Ontario (s. of Samuel Treacy & Katherine Anderson), died 01 Apr 1950 Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, United States


1901 Census - 152 St Mary's, Perth South, Ontario [Robert at 158]

Samuel Treacy                            M            56y         b. Dec 19 1844 Ontario, Irish, carpenter, Meth,

Catherine Treacy                        F             51y         b. Aug 13 1849 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

William Treacy                           M            22y         b. Apr 20 1878, Ontario, CommL Traveller, Meth, disability?

Loyana Eby,                               F,            Niece      15y         b. Sep 8 1885 Ontario, meth


William Treacy, traveller, lives St. Marys, 26, b. 1877 St. Marys, (s. of Samuel Tracy & Catherine Anderson) married Frances Helena Crawford, lives Blaushard, 29, b. 1874 Berlin, (d. of William Crawford & Helen Winter) 22 Aug 1903 Perth, Ontario, Canada


1911 Census -St Mary's, Perth South, Ontario [Robert at 158]

Samuel Treacy                            M            67y         b. Dec 1842 Ontario, Irish, Methodist, carpenter pluming? mill

Katherine Treacy                        F             62y         b. Aug  1848 Ontario, Irish, Methodist,

Loazara Eby,                              F,            Niece      35y         b. Sep 8 1875 Ontario, Germany, Methodist, milliner dry goods store


8 Apr 1915 Exeter Advocate

St. Marys - Samuel Treacy, aged 70 who had been ill for some weeks was found dead in bed March 30.


1. John Tracy & Catharine Tracy

1.1 Samuel Treacy (b. 1843 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada) married Catherine Anderson (b. 1849 Nissouri, Oxford, Ontario, Canada) 28 Oct 1868 Oxford Ontario Canada

1.1.1 John Treacy (30 September 1869 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 8 July 1940 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States) married Anna

1.1.2 Alexander S Treacy (7 August 1871 Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada - 9 March 1953 Multnomah, Multnomah, Oregon, United States) married Margaret Jane Capling (22 February 1873 Downie, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 29 January 1940 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, United States) Anna Kathleen Treacy (14 May 1895 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States - 22 July 1973 Los Angeles, California, United States) Baby Boy Treacy (5 June 1897 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States - 5 June 1897 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States) Alexandra Treacy (1899 Michigan, United States - 18 August 1899 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States) Russell Alexander Treacy (1 November 1901 Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan, United States - 25 February 1971 Los Angeles, California, United States) married Juanita Lily Buchanan (22 September 1900 Manila, Philippines - 30 September 1978 Riverside, California, United States) 18 June 1925 San Francisco, San Francisco, California Juanita Sandra Treacy (17 August 1936 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States - 16 October 1952 Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States)

1.1.3 George Treacy (14 April 1876 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 1 April 1950 Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, United States) married Etta Elizabeth Akers (10 April 1879 New Haven, Allen, Indiana, United States - 29 February 1944 Owosso, Shiawassee, Michigan, United States) 9 June 1904 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, United States Edna May Treacy (19 June 1905 Ashley, DeKalb, Indiana, United States - 8 Oct 1977 Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan, United States) Howard Treacy (1919 Shiawassee, Michigan, United States)

1.1.4 William Clarence Treacy (21 April 1878 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada) married Frances Helena Crawford (1874 Ontario, Canada - 07 Oct 1929 York, Ontario, Canada) 22 Aug 1903 Blanshard, Perth, Ontario, Canada William Crawford Treacy (6 January 1905 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 07 Mar 1905 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario) Isabel Nichol Treacy (25 March 1906 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 1986) Kathleen Agnes Treacy (24 November 1907 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 1997 Ontario, Canada) Frances Helen Treacy (5 May 1910 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - ) Marian Crawford Treacy (8 May 1911 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada - 1969)



1871 Census - 118 East Nissouri, North Oxford, Ontario

John Treacy, 54, b. Ireland, W. Methodist, Irish, farmer

Catherine Treacy, 52, b. Ireland, W. Methodist, Irish

Eliza Jane Treacy, 20, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish, farmer

Alexander Treacy, 17, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish, farmer

Robert Treacy, 15, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish, farmer

Maryann Treacy, 13, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish

Isabella Treacy, 10, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish

Margaret Ann Jamesson, 6, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish

James Jamesson, 17, b. Ontario, W. Methodist, Irish, farmer


Catherine Treacy, died 30 May 1871, aged 52 yrs 10 mos, b. 1818 Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Methodist, of E Nissouri Oxford, Ontario


Alexander Treacy (1854-


Alex Treacy.jpg

This portrait was found tacked to the rafters at 105 Water St. formerly owned by the Tracy family. A penciled notation on the back reads "Mrs. Alex Tracy/$1.35" this could be Alex Tracy or a member of the Tracy family.



Employees of the Millinery Department at White & May

Back row - 2nd from the left: Della Tracy



Back row - 3rd from left - Della Tracy






Alexander Tracy, 24, b. 1853 London Township, of Nissouri, bachelor, carpenter, Methodist (s. of John & Catherine Tracy) married Eliza Perent, 22, b. 1855 Stephin or Stevin, of Bosanquet, spinster, Baptist (d. of Telisford & Julia Perent) Wit: Robert Treacy of Nissouri & Mary Treacy of St. Mary on the 3 Oct 1877 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Alexander Treacy & Eliza Parent

Ada Dell Treacy b. 28 Dec 1880 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, father carpenter & Farmer

Melburn Parent Treacy b. 8 Mar 1890 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, father builder [male]

Alexander Treacy & Eliza Perrin

Colonel Linton Treacy b. 4/8 Jun 1887 St. Marys, Perth, Ontario, father farmer

Everett Tracey b. 27 Dec 1885 St. Mary's, Perth, Ontario


1881 Census - St. Marys, Perth (south/sud), Ontario, Canada

Alexander Tracy          Head       M            28           Ontarion, Methodist, Irish, Carpenter (farmer crossed out)

Eliza Tracy   Wife       F             23           Ontarion, Methodist, French

Ethel Tracy   Daughter                F             2             Ontarion, Methodist, Irish

Ada Tracy    Daughter                F             0 4/12     Ontarion, Methodist, Irish


1891 Census - Town of St. Marys, Perth (south/sud), Ontario, Canada

Alexander Tracy          Head       M            37           parents born Ontario, C. Presb, house & Bridge builder

Eliza Tracy   Wife       F             33           parents born Ontario & Quebec, C. Presb

Ethel Tracy   Daughter                F             12           parents born Ontario, C. Presb

Dell Tracy    Daughter                F             10           parents born Ontario, C. Presb

Everit Tracy                 Son         M            5             parents born Ontario, C. Presb

Linton Tracy                Son         M            4             parents born Ontario, C. Presb

Milburn Tracy              Son         M            1             parents born Ontario, C. Presb


19 July 1900 Exeter Times

St. Marys...A very sudden and very sad death occurred in town on Sunday last when little Melburn, the ten year old son of Alex Treacy passed away after a brief struggle against an attack of appendictis.


1901 Census - Perth (south/sud), Ontario, Canada

Alex Treacy Head       M            47           Ont, b. 3 Jan 1854, Presbyterian, Ethnicity English, carpenter

Eliza Treacy                 Wife       F             44           Qc, b. 25 Dec 1856, Presbyterian, Ethnicity French

Ethel Treacy                Daughter                F             20       b. 28 Nov 1880, Ontario, Presbyterian, Ethnicity English, milliner

Della Treacy                Daughter                F             19       b. 25 Dec 1881, Ontario, Presbyterian, Ethnicity English

Everett Treacy             Son         M            15           b. 25 Dec 1885, Ontario, Presbyterian, Ethnicity English

Linton Treacy              Son         M            13           b. 3 June 1887, Ontario, Presbyterian, Ethnicity English

John Slack    Lodger    M            21           Ontario, Methodist Ethnicity English

Albert Ruson               Lodger    M            24           Ontario, Methodist Ethnicity English

Fred Cockrane             Lodger    M            32           Ontario, Methodist Ethnicity English

Mckenzie Robinson     Lodger    M            22           Ontario, Presbyterian, Ethnicity Scotch


1911 Census - Perth South Sub-Districts 34-38, Ontario

Alex Treacy Head       M            57           b. Jun 1854 Ontario, Presby, Carpenter factory

Eliza Treacy                 Wife       F             53           b. Dec 1858 Ontario, Presby, Hkeeper


Saint Marys Cemetery, St. Marys, Perth County, Ontario, Canada

Alexander Treacy

Died July 22, 1920

Aged 65 years

Erected by

His beloved wife and children

His wife

Eliza Parent

Died Oct 13, 1936



Eliza Treacy died 14 Oct 1936 Water St South St Marys Ontario, age 76, married, born 25th Dec 1860 Millium Quebec (d. of Telesphore Parent & Julia Fluette both born France) buried St Marys, Informant Mackenzie Robertson of Belleville son-in-law


Ethel May Treacy, 25, spinster, of St Mary's, born St. Mary's, Presbyterian (d. of Alexander Treacy & Eliza Pacent) married Mackenzie Robertson, 26, bachelor, of St. Marys, born Meaford, buttermaker, Presbyterian (s. of James Robertson & Margaret Falls) Wit: John Darling of St Marys & Everett Treacy of St Marys 11 Sept 1905 Perth, Ontario, Canada


1917-1918 Draft Registration

Colonel Pete Muldoon, Mendel Apts San Francisco City no 12 California, British, merchant 2051 Sutler, single, b. 4 Jun 1887 St Marys Ontario Canada, tall, medium build, dark brown eyes, black hair


Linton Treacy, 39, b. 1887 Ontario & Dorothy Johnson, 31, b. 1895 Chicago, Illinois

Richard Mac Kenzle Treacy b. 22 Dec 1926 Chicago Cook Illinois


Linton Muldoon Treacy died 13 Mar 1929 Tacoma Pierce Washington, age 41 years 9 months 9 days, wife Dorothy Treacy, son of Alexander Treacy


1930 Census - 50 Shinning, Seattle, King, Washington

Dorothy Muldoon             Head       F             36             Illinois, widow, parents born Norway, operator park concession

Lynn Muldoon   Son         M            4 9/12            Washington, father born Canada mother born Illinois

Richard Muldoon              Son         M            3 4/12             Illinois, father born Canada mother born Illinois


1940 Census - Assembly District 24, San Francisco, California

Elmer Campbell                Head       M            43             Iowa, foreman smelting plant

Dorothy Campbell            Wife       F             43             Illinois

Lynn Tracy        Stepson   M            14             Washington

Richard Tracy    Stepson   M            13           Illinois


World War II Army Enlistment Records

Lynn A Treacy, enlistment 26 Aug 1943 Seattle Washington United States, b. 1925 WASHINGTON, 1 year of college, Semiskilled driver, Single without dependents, Private No branch assignment


1881 Census - Nissouri East, Oxford North, Ontario, Canada

John Tracey, 60, b. Ireland, Irish, widowed, C Meth, farmer,

William Tracey, 33, b. Ontario, Irish, C Meth, farmer,

Jane Tracey, 29, b. Ontario, Irish, C Meth,

Robert Tracey, 25, b. Ontario, Irish, C Meth, farmer,

Marion Tracey, 23, b. Ontario, Irish

Isabella Tracey, 20, b. Ontario, Irish


John Tracy, died 15 Oct 1883, aged 68, b. 1815 Ireland, farmer, Methodist, of E Nissouri Oxford, Ontario


Vining Cemetery, 22157 Purple Hill Road West Nissouri Township Middlesex County, ON

John Treacy 1815-1883 (Concession 5, Lot 17),

Catharine Treacy 1819-1871


Robert Treacy (1856-


Robert J Treacy, 30, of St. Marys, b. 1856 London Township, farmer & carpenter, bachelor, Methodist (s. of John Treacy & Catherine Treacy) married Sarah McMillan, 21, of East Nissouri, b. 1865 Blanshard, spinster, Presbyterian (d. of John Mcmillan & Jane Mcmillan) Wit: Edith Greene Hamilton & Mrs WH Hicks St Marys Ont 24 Mar 1886 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada


1891 Census - St Marys Perth South Ontario

Robert Tracy, 34, b. 1857 Ontario, father & mother born Ireland, Methodist, house & bridge builder

Sarah Tracy, 26, b. 1865 Ontario, father born Quebec & mother born Ireland, Methodist,

Bryon S Tracy, 4, b. 1887 Ontario, father & mother born Ontario, Methodist,

Edgar A Tracy, 1 6/12, b. 1889 Ontario, father & mother born Ontario, Methodist,


Robert Treacy, carpenter, & Sarah McMillan

Frank Russell Treacy b. 1 Sep 1892 St. Mary's, Perth, Ontario


5 Mar 1896 Exeter Times

Treacy - In St.Marys on Feb 22nd, Sarah Jane McMillan, wife of Robert J. Treacy, aged 30 years, 5 months and 25 days.


Robert Treacy, 44, of St Marys b. 1855 London Township, widower, carpenter, Methodist (s. of John Treacy & Catherine Treacy) married Mary Mckee, 30, of St Marys b. 1869 Nissouri, widow, school teacher, Ch of England (d. of James Hurford & Mary Hurford) Wit: Bryan Treacy of St Marys & Eliza Treacy of St. Marys on the 11 Oct 1899 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada


1901 Census - 158 St Mary's, Perth South, Ontario [Samuel at 152]

Robert J Treacy           M            45y         b. Sep 14 1855 Ontario, Irish, carpenter ???, Meth,

Mary A Treacy            F             32y         b. Jan 19 1869 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Bryan S Treacy            M            14y         b. Jan 25 1887 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Edgar A Treacy           M            11y         b. Sep 19 1889 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Frank R Treacy            M            8y           b. Sep 1 1892 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Sara M Treacy             F             y             b. Sep 1 1900 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Jane C Treacy                             F             y             b. Sep 1 1900 Ontario, Irish, Meth,

Mary Mechian, mother-in-law,                  F             55y, widow, b. Arl 1 1846 Ontario, Eng, Meth,


1901 & 1911 Census - Nissouri East, Oxford, Ontario

Irene Tracey b. 1895 living with grandparents John & Jane McMillin


Irene Isabel Treacy, daughter of Robert & Sarah (Mcmillan) Treacy ... married James Everard Gleason.

Richard ?, Charles ' [Gleeson] was born Apr 7 , 1889 in E. Nissouri , Ontario , Canada , and died Mar 6 , 1946. He married Jan 26 , 1916 in Lakeside , Ontario , Canada , Irene Isabel Treacy , Daughter Of Robert & Sarah (Mcmillan ) Treacy .

Glidden Genealogy: The Fit of the Glidden Genes


Irene Isabel Treacy (1895 - 1964) married Everett James Gleason (1889 - 1946)


Robert James Gleason (1917 - 1971)



Lakeside Cemetery, Lakeside, Oxford County Municipality, Ontario, Canada


Everett J Gleason

1888 - 1946

his wife

Irene I. Treacy

1895 - 1974



Frank Russell Treacy, 46, British Canadian, lives 3096 Kensington Rd, Naturalization 23 Sept 1938 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio


On 13 Oct, 1899 Mary Mechan McKee married Robert Treacy in Perth Co.  Robert was 13 years older than Mary.  His first wife, Sarah McMillan, had passed away.   At the time of their marriage, Mary was a school teacher and Robert was a carpenter.

Information we found indicates that the Treacy’s came from Ireland during the potato famine.  They are said to have been builders and there are apparently quite a number of their heritage houses still standing.  We should note that this may be a different branch of the Treacy family tree than Robert belonged to, but the information matches with Robert’s occupation being listed as a carpenter.

In the 1901 census Robert and Mary are living in St. Mary’s, Perth Co with Robert’s three sons from his first marriage, their one-year-old twin daughters (Sara and Jane) and Mary’s mother.

By the 1906 census they had moved to High River, Calgary, Alberta.  Two of Robert’s sons, Sara and Jane and Mary’s mother are living with them.

Robert Treacy died 8 Nov, 1910.  Mary Mechan McKee Treacy died 9 May, 1930.

They are buried together in Highland Cemetery Range E Plot 061, High River, Alberta.





William Treacy, lives St. Marys, merchant, Episcopalian [Presbyterian crossed out], 25, b. 1846 Ireland, (s. of Frank Treacy & Mary Heron) married Charlotte M Adams, lives St. Marys, Presbyterian, 22, b. 1849 Ontario, (d. of John Adams & Addis Jane Lowry) WitL John Mclean & Miss Adams, St Marys, 18 Oct 1871 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada [of Limerick?]



Note: Different pioneer family living in the same area




Model of George Tracy’s shanty, built by his son, Benjamin Tracy. St. Marys Museum, 980.3.1.

In May 1841, George Tracy travelled from Oxford County to St. Marys to purchase 200 acres of land. Using a variety of woodworking tools, George Tracy was able to build his first home in the village, a log shanty.

The Christian Guardian, May 4, 1894

Obituary Rev. Thomas B. Brown

...He preached the first sermon ever delivered in what is now the town of St. Marys, in the log shanty of the late George Treacy...[1830’s Wesleyan Methodist Church]


Treacy House.jpg

"Treacy House" circa 1960

The community museum for the Town of St. Marys is located in a lovely old home sitting on a hilltop in a park at 177 Church Street South. It was constructed from locally quarried limestone in 1854. When George Tracy, an early settler to St. Marys, built it for his family, it was by far the largest home in the small village of log shanties. Almost immediately, it was nicknamed the Castle in the Bush. It has been the location of the St. Marys Museum since 1959.



Photo of Benjamin and Agnes Tracy. He is seated while she standing in behind him. In behind Benjamin it is obvious that someone has been scratched out of the photo.



Iredale Family, As Told By Bruce Iredale

Bruce Iredale, along with all who currently carry the Iredale surname in St. Marys, trace back to his great-great-grandfather Joseph Iredale who arrived here in 1844, coming over from England. The original Iredale in Little Falls (as it was known at the time) secured a position as head miller with the Huttons in their grist mill along the Thames River near Victoria Bridge. Joseph married Ellen Barron, who later died. Joseph then married Jane Tracy (daughter of George Tracy ) and the couple would buy a farm and sawmill up Trout Creek, later converting the operation into a flour mill.  Joseph and Ellen had a son named Joseph, who would go on to marry Mary Ann Todd. Their son, Orville Clarence Iredale, would marry Mary Ann Longhurst and the couple would have a daughter and three boys that would have descendants in St. Marys to this day. Wilfred Newton Iredale (who married Ida Smith) is the father of Bruce Iredale, while Orville Clarence Iredale is the father of Norman Iredale.





1852 Census -  Blanchard Perth (county) Canada West

George Tracy Sr.,  59           M            Farmer    United States               Methodist Episcopal Church              

Elizabeth Tracy,     60           F             Housewife             United States      Methodist Episcopal Church              

George Tracy Jr,    24           M            Labourer Canada   Methodist Episcopal Church 

Benjamin Tracy,    19           M            Labourer Canada   Methodist Episcopal Church 

A. Tracy                 22           F             Canada  Methodist Episcopal Church   

Jane Tracy              20           F             Canada  Methodist Episcopal Church   

Harti?ans Tracy,    17           M            Labourer Canada   Methodist Episcopal Church 

Maranda Tracy,     7             F             Canada  Methodist Episcopal Church


1861 Census - St Mary's, Perth, Ontario

George Tracy, 68, b. 1793 United States, F C Scotland, gentleman

Elizabeth Tracy, 70, b. 1791 United States, F C Scotland


1861 Census - St Mary's, Perth, Ontario

Ben Tracy, 27, b. 1834 Canada, F C Scotland, teamster

Aganas Tracy, 25, b. 1836 Canada, F C Scotland

Hartmond Tracy, 2, b. 1859 Canada, F C Scotland

Elizabeth Tracy, 5, b. 1859 Canada, F C Scotland


Lizzie Tracy, 19, of St. Marys, b. 1856 St Marys, spinster, , Presbytarian (d. of Benjamin Tracy & Agnes Donald) married William Henry Leggett, 30, of St. Marys, b. 1845 South Crosby Ont, bachelor, harness maker, Presbytarian (s. of William Leggett & Elizbeth Sly) Wit: William White & Joseph Oddy on the 8 Dec 1875 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada


Harkman Frank Tracy, 28, of Newboror, b. 1857 Canada, bachelor, saddler, Presbytarian (s. of Benjamin Tracy & Agnes Donald) married Isabella Sutherland, 30, of Kingstown, b. 1855 Canada, spinster, Presbytarian (d. of John Sutherland & Elizabeth Gilmour) Wit: Adelaide Sutherland & John R Rathenbury on the 22 Jul 1885 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada


Benjamin Tracy died 3 Dec 1916 Drummond St Newboro Leeds Ontario, 85 years, gent, married, b. 1831 Embro Tp, Ont (s. of George Tracy) buried St Mary Ont, Informant George Tracy Newboro


Ralph Iredale died 25 Dec 1929 Toronto E. Gen. Hospital York Ontario Canada, English race, age 66, b. 10 May 1863 Ontarion (s. of Jane Tracie born Scotland & Joseph Iredale born England) Informant Gordon Iredale, brother, buried Toronto


Hannah Iredale, 34, of St. Marys, b. 1865 Downil, spinter, Methodist (d. of Jane Tracy & Joseph Iredale) married Joseph Cousins, 36, of St. Marys, b, 1863 Blanshail, bachelor, mason, Presbyterian (s. of James Cousins & Mariah Tait) Wit: George Cousins & Mrs George Cousins of New Hambury on the 27 Apr 1899 St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada


Gordon Tracie Iredale, 27, of Sauet Sle Marie, b. 1872 St Mary Ont, bachelor, Blacksmith, Church of England (s. of Jeannette Tracie & Joseph Iredale) married Brunetta Issie Lackie, 20, of Owen Sound, b. 1880 Markdale Ont, spinster, Church of England (d. of William J Lackie & Margaret Walker) Wit: Leslie Elliott Herbert & Maryu Alma Lackey on the 19 Sep 1900 Owen Sound, Grey, Ontario, Canada



George TRACY

Birth: ABT SEP 1793 in New York, USA

Death: 24 FEB 1871 in Mt Morris, Waushara Co., Wisconsin, USA

Married Elizabeth ERNEST b: ABT 1792 in New York, USA, EST 1825 in ?Canada

    Census: 1851 in Blanchard, Perth Co., Canada West (ONT), Canada


George TRACY b: ABT 1827 in Canada

Jane TRACY b: 28 JUN 1829 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada


George TRACY

Birth: ABT 1827 in Canada

Death: 03 JUN 1871 in Mt Morris, Waushara Co., Wisconsin, USA

Married Martha JUNOR b: 1834 in St Mary, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada

Married: 02 JUL 1857 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada

Census: 28 JUN 1870 in Mt Morris, Waushara Co., Wisconsin, USA


Anna TRACY b: 17 JAN 1859 in St Marys, Perth, Ontario, Canada

George F TRACY b: 22 OCT 1860 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada



Birth: 28 JUN 1829 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada

Death: AFT 1881 in St Marys, Perth Co, Ontario, Canada

Marriage 1 Archibald James FAIRBAIRN b: 06 JUL 1825 in Shiells, Par. of Eccles, Berwickshire, Scotland

Married: 20 SEP 1849 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada


Archibald James FAIRBAIRN b: 25 OCT 1850 in Ontario, Canada

Marriage 2 Joseph IREDALE b: DEC 1827 in Par. of Graveley, Hertfordshire, England

Married: 20 MAY 1854 in St Marys, Perth Co., Ontario, Canada

Census: 1881 in Downie Twp, Perth Sth, Ontario, Canada



George TRACY b. about 1789 Near North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts d. about 1859 Wautoma Waushara Wisconsin married Elizabeth Lilly before 1825 Canada

George TRACY b.  1825 St.Marys Ontario d. after 1859 Wautoma Waushara Wisconsin

Elmira TRACY b. 1827 St.Marys Ontario

Jane TRACY b. 28 June 1829 St Mary's Ontario died 2 June 1889 St Marys On Ca married 20 June 1854 Joseph IREDALE At Jane's parents House St Marys

Benjamin TRACY b. 1831 St.Marys Ontario d. 1916 Newboro, Ontario married Agnes DONALD 1856

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