Honorable John Tracy (1852-1931) of Dromin Limerick and Appleton Wisconsin



John Tracy was born on April 18, 1852 in County Limerick, Ireland In 1865, he moved to Appleton, Wisconsin in Outagamie County. In November 1879, he married Margaret Powers and would have seven children. Tracy and his family attended St. Mary's Parish. He died on June 24, 1931.


John Tracy was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He was elected to the Assembly in 1890 and 1892. From 1882 to 1890, he was a member of the city council of Appleton, serving as its President in 1887. Other positions he held include Chairman of the county board of Outagamie County. He was a Democrat.


1931 Journal of Proceedings of Wisconsin Legislature.

Jt. Res. No. 30, A.,

Relating to the death of the Honorable John Tracy.

John Tracy, former member of the assembly, died at his home in the city of Appleton, Wisconsin, Wednesday, June 24, 1931, after an illness of over a year. Mr. Tracy was born in Ireland, April 18, 1852, and came to Appleton when he was thirteen years of age, where he resided until his death. Shortly after he came to Appleton, he found employment in the Gerrard and Mason Hub and Spoke Factory, and although there were several changes in the name and ownership of the factory, Mr. Tracy was connected with the company as foreman and later as manager for more than sixty years and until it was abandoned in 1930.

Mr. Tracy took an active interest in the political life of his community, and was repeatedly honored by his fellow citizens by being elected to various offices. For thirty-four successive years, he represented the fourth ward of the city of Appleton on the County Board, being chairman for eleven years and at one time or another being a member of every committee. He also served as treasurer of his schools district for more that thirty years and was a member of the city council of Appleton for eight years, being honored by the presidency of the same in 1887. Mr. Tracy served two terms in the assembly, first elected in 1890 and re-elected in 1892. In these positions, Mr. Tracy performed his duties with integrity and exceptional ability and in his death the community and the state have lost a faithful public servant and a useful and hororable citizen.

He was married in November 1879, to Margaret Powers, who survives him, together with four daughters. Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That as a tribute of respect to the memory of the Honorable John Tracy, this resolution be spread upon the journals of each house, and a copy thereof duly attested by the presiding off icier and chief clerk of the assembly and senate be transmitted to the family of the deceased.

Read and concurred in by unanimous rising vote.



Honorable John Tracy (1852-1931) of Dromin Limerick and Appleton Wisconsin





1898 Hon. John Tracy

Foreman of the Appleton Spoke factory, was born in County Limerick, Ireland, April 18, 1852, and is a son of Edward and Joanne Brown Tracy. The father, who was

a farmer, died when John was but ten years old. The mother still survives and resides in Appleton. They were the parents of two sons and three daughters, of whom our

subject and two of his sisters are still living. The family came to America in 1865, about three years after the death of the father, and John being the eldest child, the greatest

share of the responsibility fell upon him. The September following their arrival, our subject commenced to work in spoke factory in Appleton and during winters attended

the evening schools until 17 years old, when he left school. This, with some little instruction he received in the old country, constituted the sum of his scholastic studies. He

now devoted all his attention to his duties in the factory, working his way up until he attained the position of foreman, which he reached in 1877 and which his merit still

entitles him to. An enthusiastic Democrat, he has worked energetically in the interest of his party and in recognition of his services he has been honored with several positions

of interest. He was alderman from the Fourth ward of Appleton from 1882 to 1890, and president of the council in 1887 and since 1882 also he has been school treasurer; in

1890 he was elected to represent the First District of Outagamie county in lower house of the State Assembly and so well did he satisfy his constituents that he was re-elected

in 1892. Few men of his age in this section of the county have been more highly honored and few endeed have more deserved to be so honored. Mr. Tracy was united in mar-

riage Nov. 18, 1870, with Miss Maggie Powers, a native of Massachusetts and a daughter of William Powers, a farmer who came to Appleton when his daughter, Maggie, was

three years of age. Six children have blessed this union, named respectively: Eddie, Maggie, Kittie, Emma Agnes, Mabel and Florence Tracy. Mrs. Tracy lost her mother

in 1885 and her father died in 1889.

Record of the pioneers of Outagamie County, Wisconsin : also an appendix containing the minutes and records of the Pioneer Association since our annual meeting of 1895



1911 Hon John Tracy.

The career of the Hon. John Tracy, of Appleton, Wisconsin, who started life with no advantages of any kind save those given him by nature and worked his way to a position of esteem and respect among the foremost men of his section, illustrates what can be accomplished by persistency, honest endeavor and a determination to succeed, when backed by a natural ability. Mr. Tracy was born in County Limerick, Ireland, April 18, 1852, a son of Edward and Johanna (Brown) Tracy, natives of the Emerald Isle, where the father died in 1862. The mother brought her children to the United States in 1865, settling in Appleton, Wisconsin, whence her two brothers, Richard and Patrick, had preceded her some twenty years, and she still survives her husband and resides in Appleton. She has been the mother of five children, namely: John; Edward, who died in 1868; Mary, whose death occurred in 1901; Kate, died in 1880; and Nora, who married a Mr. McDermott and lives in Chicago. John Tracy was the eldest child of his parents', and he was given little chance to secure the education which he craved, it being necessary for him to go to work when he was but thirteen years old in the spoke and hub factory at Appleton. He secured what education he could in the night school, after the long, wearisome day in the factory was finished, and continued to attend that institution until he had reached the age of seventeen years, when he devoted all of his attention to his work. He had started to work for Jarrard & Mason, July, 1865, at a salary of forty cents per day, and during the same year J. H. Marston purchased the interest of Jarrard, the firm name becoming Mason & Marston Hub and Spoke Factory. In 1877 Mr. Tracy was given the position of foreman, which his attention to business, hard, persevering labor and general ability, entitled him, and he held that position for about twenty years. He now leases the mill in which he first started to work at forty cents per day, and is at the head of a firm that employs twenty men, uses 1,000,000 feet of logs yearly, and turns out hubs and spokes that are used all over the United States and Canada. On November 18, 1879, Mr. Tracy was married to Miss Maggie Powers, who was born in Massachusetts, daughter of William Powers, and seven children have been born to this union: Edward, who is engaged in business with his father; Margaret, who is deceased; Kitty, at home, a teacher; Emma, who died in 1910; Agnes, also a teacher; Mabel, living at home; and Florence, who is attending school. The older girls were given a high school education, while Agnes is a graduate of Oshkosh normal school and is now teaching at Appleton. The family are attendants of St. Mary's Catholic Church. Mr. Tracy has always been a stanch and active supporter of the principles of the Democratic party, and his services have been recognized by his election to various positions of honor and responsibility. From 1882 until 1890 he served as a member of the City Council of Appleton, and in the latter year was elected to represent his district in the State Legislature, being re-elected in 1902. He has been chairman of the county board for the past sixteen years, and for the past thirty years has served as treasurer for the Fourth district. Mr. Tracy is the owner of a fine farm in Outagamie county, but makes his home in the city. Although he has been successful in his personal ventures, he has never let himself be governed by the wish for self gain or promotion, but has always been one of the leaders in any movement that his judgment told him would further the interests of the community at large.

History of Outagamie County, Wisconsin. Thomas Henry Ryan. Part 15 http://www.foxvalleymemory.org/Ryans/Textfiles/part15r.html#jtracy

History of Outagamie County Wisconsin, Goodspeed Historical Association Publishers, (1911) pages 1038-1040;


25 Jun 1931 The Post-Crescent Appleton, Wisconsin






Edmundum Tracy married Joannam Brown 9 Feb 1851 Wit: Cornelis Scanlan & Margta Brown. Dromin Parish

Edmundi Tracy & Joanna/Joana Brown

Joannem Tracy b. 19 Apr 1852 Sp. Margaritta Molony. Dromin Parish

Edmundus Tracey b. 26 Jun 1853 Sp. Danis Tracey & Jana Moloney. Dromin Parish

Maria Tracey b. 7 Jan 1855 Sp. Jacobus Brown & Maria Scanlan. Dromin Parish

Edward Tracy & Johanna Brown

John b. 18 April 1852 (LDS)


John Tracy b. Ireland & Margaretha Powers b. Mass

Tracy b. 4 Dec 1884 Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy & Maggie Power

Josephine Mabel Tracy b. 7 Oct 1890 Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States


1875 Census - Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin

Johanna Tracy, 2 white males & 3 white females



1880 Census - 163 Maple Grove, Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

Johanna Tracy Self Female 48 Ireland Works In Woollen Mill

Pattrick Tracy Son Male 14 Wisconsin, United States school

Richard Brown Other Male 67 Ireland border Asthmia [disabled]


1900 Census - 615 Lincoln Street, Appleton city Ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

Johanna Tracy Head Female 56 b. Sept 1844 Ireland widow emigrated 1865

Patrick Tracy Son Male 33 b. Oct 1867 Wisconsin day labourer

John Brown Boarder Male 40 b. Mch 1860 Ireland emigrated 1864 Na mail carrier


1905 Census - Appleton city, ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin

Johanah Tracy Head Female 72y Ireland Widowed

Patrick Tracy Son Male 39y Wisconsin Tay shop


1910 Census - Appleton Ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

Johanna Tracy Head Female 75 Ireland widowed emigrated 1868

Patrick Tracy Son Male 42 Wisconsin machinist Hub Mill





1880 Census - 63 Lincoln Street, Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy Self Male 28 Ireland Works In Spoke Fact.

Maggie Tracy Wife Female 25 Massachusetts, United States


1900 Census - 605 South River St, Appleton city Ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy Head Male 48 b. Apr 1852 Ireland emigrated 1865 Na, Hub & Spoke Mfr

Margaret Tracy Wife Female 46 b. Dec 1854 Massachusetts married 20 years 8 children 7 alive

Edward Tracy Son Male 20 b. Sept 1880 Wisconsin farm labourer

Margaret Tracy Daughter Female 17 b. June 1883 Wisconsin at school

Katherine Tracy Daughter Female 16 b. Dec 1884 Wisconsin at school

Mary E Tracy Daughter Female 14 b. Mar? 1886 Wisconsin at school

Agnes Tracy Daughter Female 12 b. Jan 1888 Wisconsin at school

Mabel Tracy Daughter Female 10 b. Oct 1890 Wisconsin

Florence Tracy Daughter Female 4 b. Nov 1896 Wisconsin


1905 Census - Appleton city, ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin

John Tracy Head Male 53y Ireland

Margrett Tracy Wife Female 50y Massachusetts

Edward Tracy Son Male 24y Wisconsin farmer

Catherine Tracy Daughter Female 20y Wisconsin teacher

Emma J Tracy Daughter Female 19y Wisconsin student

Agnes J Tracy Daughter Female 17y Wisconsin student

Mabel J Tracy Daughter Female 14y Wisconsin student

Florence J Tracy Daughter Female 8y Wisconsin


1910 Census 556? South River St, Appleton Ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy Head Male 58 Ireland Farmer & mill manager, emigrated 1865

Margaret Tracy Wife Female 55 Massachusetts, 8 children 6 alive

Edward C Tracy Son Male 29 Wisconsin Ass manager Hub mill

Catherine Tracy Daughter Female 25 Wisconsin Teacher public school

Emma D Tracy Daughter Female 24 Wisconsin none

Agnes J Tracy Daughter Female 22 Wisconsin Teacher public school

Mabel J Tracy Daughter Female 19 Wisconsin none

Florence G Tracy Daughter Female 13 Wisconsin none


1920 Census - 556 South River St, Appleton Ward 4, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy Head Male 67 Ireland manufacturer Hub & Spoke, emigrated 1866, Naturalised 1878

Margarette Tracy Wife Female 55 Massachusetts

Edgar Tracy Son Male 38 Wisconsin manager farm

Catherine Tracy Daughter Female 35 Wisconsin Teacher public school

Agnes Tracy Daughter Female 32 Wisconsin Teacher public school

Mable Tracy Daughter Female 29 Wisconsin Teacher public school

Florence Tracy Daughter Female 23 Wisconsin Chemist paper mill


1930 Census - 534 South River, Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States

John Tracy Head Male 78 Ireland Immigration 1870 Na

Margaret Tracy Wife Female 74 Massachusetts

Katherine Tracy Daughter Female 45 Wisconsin Teacher Public School

Agnes Tracy Daughter Female 42 Wisconsin Teacher Public School

Mabel Tracy Daughter Female 39 Wisconsin Teacher Public School



John Tracy (18 Apr 1852 - 24 Jun 1931)

Saint Marys Cemetery

Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, United States of America





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