John Tracey (1830 Ireland – 1896 Norwalk Connecticut)


John Tracey and Catherine English of Clonmel Tipperary were married at Norwalk’s St. Mary Church on Nov. 14, 1858.


1860 Census - Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

Wm St John                M         49        Conn, farmer

Esther St John             F          47        Conn

John Tracy                   M         28        Ireland

Theodore Perdy          M         12        Conn, black


1860 Census - Westport, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

John Cleveland, M, 55, b. Mass, lawyer

Harriet H Cleveland, F, 40, b. Conn

Ellen M Cleveland, F, 13, b. N Y

John L Cleveland, M, 11, b. N Y

Alice Cleveland, F, 2, N Y

Neamiah Cleveland, M, 61, b. Mass, teacher of languages

Abby E Cleveland, F, 27, b. Mass

Jessy Shearer, F, 25, b. Ireland, servant

Eliza Sheldon, F, 22, b. Ireland, Do [servant]

Maria Tomlinson, F, 30, b. Ireland, Do [servant]

Catherine Tracy, F, 30, b. Ireland, Do [servant]


Company F 17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

Treacy, John Residence: Norwalk, enlisted Aug. 21, 1862. Mustered out with regiment July 19,’65.



1870 Census - Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

John Tracey                 M         40        Ireland, lonsman? labourer?, citizen

Catharine Tracey         F          30        Ireland, cannot read and write,

James Tracey               M         7          Connecticut

William J Tracey         M         4          Connecticut


1880 Census – 192 Plattville Avenue, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

John Tracey                 Self      M         52        Ireland, labourer

Catharine Tracey         Wife    F          51        Ireland

James Tracey               Son      M         17        Connecticut, works in woolen mill

William Tracey            Son      M         14        Connecticut


30 Mar 1896 Evening gazette

Funeral of John Tracey.

The funeral of the Late John Tracey was held from St. Mary's church, this morning, a solemn requiem high mass being celebrated with Rev. Mr. Dougherty as celebrant, Rev. Mr. McMahon as deacon, and Rev. Mr. Sullivan as sub-deacon. The singing was by a quartette composed of Mrs. T. F. Heffernan, Miss Kate Singeline, and Messrs. Bernard Tully and W. H. Hjgland. The casket was enveloped in an American flag as a testimony of service done by the deceased in the civil war. The floral offerings were beautiful as well as numerous.


1896-07-02 Evening gazette,

Catherine Tracey widow of John Tracey has received a pension through the agency of Stiles W. Curtie.


Saint Marys Cemetery Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

John Tracey, member of Co. F, 17th Regiment Conn. Vol. Inf. died 27 Mar 1896, Age 73 years

Catherine English his wife died Mar. 13, 1918 age 85 years


John Edward Tracey, died May 29, 1867 Aged 5 yrs. 10 mos. 15 days

Leon Tracey, died Jul. 10, 1886, Aged 4 mos. 6 days


James J. Tracey (1863-



21 April 1888 The Weekly Recorder (Conshohocken Pa).jpg

21 April 1888 The Weekly Recorder (Conshohocken Pa)



April 16, 1897 The Conshohocken Recorder





tracey the hatter2.jpg

No stranger to endorsing products, Ty Cobb, Major League Baseball outfielder, was willing to lend his name or likeness in exchange for a nice payday. Clothing was one such line, and this straw hat is one of the rarer Cobb items from the early 20th century. Made by "Tracey the Hatter," the inside top of the hat features the company name, "Norristown, PA - Erie, PA - Jamestown, NY" and the name "Ty Cobb." A 7-1/8" size tag hangs from the inside band. The hat has remained in remarkable condition, with just a bit of staining in the center inside, no cracking to the leather interior band, and good condition of the straw.



March 22, 1940 The Conshohocken Recorder


James J. Tracy, 23, b. 1863, of Norristown, hatter (s, of John Tracy & Catharine) married Ola L. Albertson, 17, b. 1869 of Norristown (d. of John Albertson & Emma) 04 Aug 1886 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, United States


1897 Clothiers' and Haberdashers' Weekly

James J Tracey lost the suit

Chester Pa, Oct 12 - James J. Tracey, hatter, of Norristown, Pa., who several months ago sued Constable E. L. Lukens, of Chester, for damages for the seizure and sale of the stock of John A. Albertson, of 811 Edgemont avenue, Chester, under a judgment for $20, was defeated in the trial of his suit last week.


1900 Census - District 2 Norristown borough Ward 10, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

James Tracey   Head   M         37        b. Mar 1863 Connecticut, hatter

Ola L                           Wife    F          31        b. Jan 1869 New Jersey, 14 years married 4 children 2 alive

Edwin A Tracey          Son      M         11        b. jan 1884 Pennsylvania

Emma E Tracey           Daughter         F          8          b. Fen 1892 Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Albertson    Sister-in-law    F          30        b. Feb 1870 New Jersey, single


1910 Census - Norristown Ward 10, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

James J Tracey            Head   M         56 [46] Connecticut, hatter merchant

Ola [Ella] Tracey         Wife    F          41        New Jersey, 24 years married, 5 children 3 alive

Edwin Tracey Son      M         20        Pennsylvania

Emma Tracey Daughter         F          17        Pennsylvania

James J Tracey            Son      M         1          Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Albertson    Sister-in-law    F          39        New Jersey, single, cashier dry goods store


Edwin A Tracey, 25, b. Narristown Penn, of Jamestown, merchant, 1st marriage, (s. of James J. Tracey & Ola L Albertson of USA) married Loretta M Casey, 22, of Erie Penn, machinist, 1st marriage (d. of Cornelius Casey of Boston & Mary Ellen Lynch of Columbus O), 02 Jun 1915 Ripley Chautauqua, New York, United States


March 21, 2015 Post-Journal

In Years Past...1915...Tracey, the Hatter, opened his new store at 115 Main Street in Jamestown the previous morning. The place had been completely remodeled since it was occupied by the Wells Fargo Express Company and the present appearance was all that could be desired for an attractive and up-to-date hat store. Jamestown was the twelfth city to be selected by the Tracey concern for a branch store. Other stores were scattered over the eastern and central states. Edwin A. Tracey would have charge of the local store and he expected to make Jamestown his home. A goodly number of men visited the new store in the morning and afternoon and each visitor was presented with a souvenir in the way of a hat cleaner.


1915-1916 Directory Jamestown

Tracey, Edwin A.,—Tracey the Hatter—rms. 13 Fulton. gQ

Tracey the Hatter—Edwin A. Tracey, prop.—retail hats and caps, 115 North Main.


1917-1918 Draft

Edwin Albertson Tracey, 27 years, born 7 Jan 1890 Norristown Pennsylvania, lived 529 Stanbridge St Harristown, salesman Federal Development Co Ohio, wife and child, tall, slender, blue eyes, light brown hair


1920 Census - Norristown Ward 10, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

James J Tracey            Head   M         56        Connecticut, widower, retail hat merchant

Emma E Tracey           Daughter         F          26        Pennsylvania

James J Tracey Jr.        Son      M         10        Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Albertson    Sister-in-law    F          46        New Jersey, single, cashier Dept store


1920 Census - Erie Ward 1, Erie, Pennsylvania

Edwin A Tracey          Head   M         29        Pennsylvania

Loretta M Tracey        Wife    F          26        Pennsylvania

Marilynn Tracey          Daughter         F          2          Pennsylvania

Jack Tracey     Son      M         1          Pennsylvania

Neil Tracey      Son      M         0          Pennsylvania


1927 Immigration SS Tuscania from Southhampton to New York

James Tracey, 65, widow, b. 7/3/62 Norwalk Conn, lives 529 Stanbridge St Norristown Pa

Emma Tracey, 34, single, b. 28/2/93 Norristown Pa, lives 529 Stanbridge St Norristown Pa


December 19, 1930 The Conshohocken Recorder

Second Grade Emma E Tracey, teacher...


1930 Census - Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

James J Tracey            Head   M         61        Connecticut, widowed, manager mens hat store

Emma E Tracey           Daughter         F          34        Pennsylvania, teacher public school

James J Tracey Jr.        Son      M         21        Pennsylvania, salesman hat store

Elizabeth H Albertson            Sister-in-law    F          50        New Jersey, single,


1930 Census - Atlantic City, Atlantic, New Jersey, United States

Edward A Tracey       Head   M         39        Pennsylvania, advertising salesman

Loretta Tracey             Wife    F          37        Pennsylvania

Maryland Tracey         Daughter         F          13        Pennsylvania

Jack Tracey     Son      M         12        Pennsylvania

Edward A Tracey Jr.   Son      M         8          New Jersey

Kathaline Tracey         Daughter         F          7          Massachusetts


1931 Immigration SS Belgenland Cherbourg to New York

James Tracey, 69, single, b. 7 Mar 1862 Norwalk Conn, lives 529 Sanbuch St Nornestown Pa


January 12, 1937 The Conshohocken Recorder

Miss Emma Tracey

Ill for more than a year with complications, Miss Emma Tracey a member of the faculty of the local grade schools, died this morning at 4.30 at her home, 529 Stanbridge street. Norristown

Miss Tracey Joined the local faculty in 1924, and Instructed the second [grade until impairment of her health in January, last year She underwent treatment at Pennsylvania Hospital several times

since then.

Besides her father, James J Tracey, Norristown hatter, she is survived by two brothers, James of Norristown. and Edwin, of California. She attended Norristown High School and Drexel institute majoring in kindergarten work.

Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at 2 from an undertaking establishment on DeKalb street. Norristown. and internment will be made at Riverside Cemetery.

February 2, 1937 The Conshohocken Recorder

Wills Probated

Emma E Tracey, Norristown, gave a $1000 estate to James J. Tracey, Jr and Elizabeth Albertson after she directed that her automobile go to James J Tracey, Jr. She died January 5


1937 Immigration SS Rex, Genoa to New York

James Tracey, 78, w [widowed], b. 7 Mar 1862 Norwalk Conn, lives 529 Stambridge St Nortown Pa


1940 Census - Ward 10, Norristown, Norristown Borough, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

James J Tracey            Head   M         70        Connecticut, hat store own store

James J Tracey  [Jn]    Son      M         31        Pennsylvania, hat store own store

Sarah Tracey               Daughter-in-law          F          29        Pennsylvania, secretary Telegraph

Elizabeth Albertson    Sister-in-law    F          59        New Jersey

Cathline Tracey           Granddaughter            F          17        Boston Massachusetts


1940 Census - Lindy Hotel Councilmanic District 15, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Township, Los Angeles, California

Mina Tracey, Head, married, 42, Iowa, lived Sacremento

Edwin A Tracey, married, 50, Pennsylvania, lived Sacromento, mine eparoter, Gold & Silver mine


September 29, 1942 The Conshohocken Recorder

Estate Balances. A balance of $8,445.29 remains for distribution in the estate of James Tracey, Norristown merchant, according to an inventory filed today by executors of his estate.


World War II Army Enlistment

Edwin A Tracey, b. 1921 New Jersey, 4 years of high school, Semiskilled machine shop and related occupations n.e.c., Single with dependents, Military Service 02 Jan 1943 Hartford Connecticut, Private


1972 The Daffodil Journal

...information: James Tracey, 103 Haws Ave., Norristown, Pa. 19401


Edwin Albertson Tracey died 04 Mar 1987 Los Angeles California, born 11 Jun 1921 New Jersey, Mother's Name Casey



James J 1909 - 1974

Elisabeth 1909 - 1985

Elizabeth Albertson 1870 - 1959



Edwin Albertson Tracey born 7 Jan 1890 died November 6, 1940 California





William Joseph Tracey, M.D. (1866-1948)


mary Shanahan.jpg


30 Sep 1891 Daily Norwalk gazette and Saturday's Norwalk record

Dr. William J. Tracey and Miss Kate Finnegan were married this morning at St. Mary's parsonage, by Rev. Father Slocum. After the ceremony, a wedding breakfast was served at the residence of the bride’s parents on Center avenue, after which the happy couple started on a wedding tour to Washington, D. C.


Norwalk Hospital Association

Since 1868 local doctors had been meeting professionally, as the Norwalk Medical Society. Its secretary, William J. Tracey, MD, became medical director of the hospital in 1892, first of a Tracey tradition of physicians that is still going strong a century later, in the fourth generation.



1900 Census - Norwalk city, Fairfield, Connecticut

William J Tracy           Head   M         34        b. May 1866 Connecticut, physician

Catharine A Tracy       Wife    F          34        b. Oct 1866 Connecticut, married 8 years, 3 children alive

William W Tracy         Son      M         8          b. Jul 1892 Connecticut

Catharine Tracy           Daughter         F          5          b. Jany 1895 Connecticut

Edward J Tracy           Son      M         0          b. Apr 1900 Connecticut

Catharine Tracy           Mother            F          60        b. 1840 Ireland, widowed, 3 children 2 alive, emigrated 1860

Bernard Murphey        Coachman       M         33        Ireland

Margret Baynham       Servant            F          25        Ireland


1901 The Catholic Club....President, Dr. W. J. Tracey


1904 Town of Norwalk - Dr Wm J Tracey, Health officer


1909 Whos Who in New England, Albery Nelson Marquis, 1909

Tracey, William Joseph, M.D.; b. Norwalk, Conn., May. 16, 1866; s. John and Catherine (English)  Tracey; ed. Norwalk pub. schs.; St. Marys Parochial 8ch.; M.D.. Univ. Med. Coll„ New York. 1889; m. Sept. 30, 1891. Catherine Flnntgan. of Norwalk, Conn. Practiced at Norwalk, Conn., since 1889: town health officer and city health officer since 1900; mem. City Bd. of Health; attending surgeon, Norwalk Hosp.: consulting surgeon, Bridgeport Hosp. Democrat Catholic Fellow An. Coll. Surgeons, mem. A.M. A., Conn. Med. Soc (vp.).  Fairfield Co. Med. Hoc. (ex-pres.) Am. Surg. Soc. Mem. Elks. Knights of Columbus. Club: Catholic.  Address: 23 West Av„ Norwalk. Conn.


1910 Census - Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

William J Tracey         Head   M         42        Connecticut, physician General practice

Catherine Tracey         Wife    F          41        Connecticut, married 18 years, 5 children 3 alive

William Tracey Jr.       Son      M         17        Connecticut

Cataline Tracey           Daughter         F          14        Connecticut

Edward Tracey           Son      M         10        Connecticut

Nina Olden     Servant            F          30        Massachusetts

Clifford Mansfield      Servant            M         19        Connecticut


William Joseph Tracey, b. Norwalk, Ct., May 15, 1866; Dr. Fitch Sch., Norwalk, Ct. ; on surg. staff Norwalk Hosp.; health officer City and Town of Norwalk; mem. Ct. Med. Soc; v. p. Fairfield Co. Med. Soc; mem. City of Norwalk Health Bd. Norwalk, Ct.


1914 American College Of Surgeons

William Joseph Tracey, M.D., 23 West Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut.  University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1889. Surgeon,  Norwalk Hospital; Consulting Surgeon, Bridgeport and St. Vincent's Hospitals, Bridgeport, and St. Mary's Hospital, Waterbuty.


1920 Census - Norwalk Ward 1, Fairfield, Connecticut

Dr. William Tracey      Head   M         53        Connecticut, MD?

Kathryn A Tracey       Wife    F          54        Connecticut

Dr. William W Tracey             Son      M         27        Connecticut, physician

Kathryn A Tracey       Daughter         F          24        Connecticut

Edward J Tracey         Son      M         19        Connecticut

Julia Olczak     Maid    F          24        Poland

Russel W Mansfield    Boarder           M         23        Connecticut


1922 Connecticut State Medical Society

1890 William Joseph Tracey, M.D., 23 West Avenue, Norwalk.

1920 William Wallace Tracey, M.D., 23 West Avenue, Norwalk.

1911 Tracy, Dwight Wallace 179 Allyn

1911 Tracy, Robert Graham 493 Howard ave.


1909 William J. Tracey


Tracey, D. W., Ph.B., Yale, '04 Johns Hopkins, '08 Hartford

Tracey, W. J ; Univ. N. Y., '89 Norwalk

Tracey, W. W., Ph.B., Yale, '12; M.A., Columbia, '16 P. & S., N. Y., '16 Norwalk

Tracy, R. G Yale, '00 New Haven


1930 Census – 275 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

William J Tracey         Head   M         63        Connecticut, surgeon general practice

Catherin A Tracey       Wife    F          63        Connecticut

Ada Mildoon Servant            F          42        Ireland

Heny Mildoon             Servant            F          46        Ireland


1940 Census – Ward 1, Norwalk, Norwalk Town, Fairfield, Connecticut

William J Tracey         Head   M         72        Connecticut, medical doctor private practice

Catherine Tracey         Wife    F          72        Connecticut


United States Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968

Tracey, William Joseph

Norwalk, Conn.

December 17, 1948


William Joseph Tracey, Norwalk, Conn.; University of the City of New York Medical Association; fellow of the American College of Surgeons; past president of the Fairfield Coiunty Medical Society and Norwalk Medical Society; first health officer in Norwalk and South Norwalk; for many years chairman of the board of education; a public school named in his honor; life member of the board of directors of the Norwalk Hospital, where he was on the staff; died December 17, aged 82.



William Wallace Tracey, M.D. (1892-1959)


Service Records : Connecticut Men and Women in the Armed Forces of the United States During World War, 1917-1920, Vol. 2


1st Lt.. White

23 West Ave.. Norwalk, Conn.

Br Norwalk, Conn. July 29/92.

Called into active Serv as 1 Lt MC July 1/18 fr ORC. MOTC to Aug 20/18; 156 Dep Brig to Jan 24/19; BH Cp Lee to Mch 10/19; Rockefeller Inst to Mch 21/19; Cp Greenleaf Ga; Cp Jackson SC; Cp Sevier SC; New York NY; Cp Lee Va. Hon disch Aug 19/19.


14 Jul 1926  Hartford Courant (Hartford, Connecticut)

...Miss Anna Bernadette Phelan, and Dr. William Wallace Tracey, which took place Monday morning in St. Charles's Church, Bridgeport. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John M. Keating of Waterford College, Ireland, a cousin of the bride, who crossed the Atlantic to officiate. Dr. Tracey, who is the elder son of Dr. and Mrs. William J. Tracey of Norwalk, and his bride will live in Chapel street, Norwalk, following a wedding trip.


1930 Census - Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

William W Tracey       Head   M         37        Connecticut, physician general practice

Bernadette P Tracey   Wife    F          33        Connecticut

Ellen Hyde      Servant            F          72        Connecticut


1940 Census - Ward 1, Norwalk, Norwalk Town, Fairfield, Connecticut

William W Tracey       Head   M         47        Connecticut, doctor private duty

Bernardette F Tracey Wife    F          40        Connecticut


1942 Draft

William Wallace Tracey MD of 23 Bettswood R Norwalk Fairfied Conn, 49 years, born Norwalk July 29 1892, telephone Norwalk 8-9156, wife Bernadette P Tracy


United States Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968

Tracey, William Wallace

Norwalk, Conn.

February 14, 1959

Coronary thrombosis

5-23-59 488

Tracey, William Wallace, Norwalk, Conn.; Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, 1916; died Feb. 14, aged 66.

- Michael H. Tracey, Oakwood Lane, Westport, Conn.

x Espired 12-31-48

x Failed 12-48 Misc. rec. Conn.


Edward John Tracey, M.D. (1900-1948)


mary Shanahan.jpg

Service Records : Connecticut Men and Women in the Armed Forces of the United States During World War, 1917-1920, Vol. 2


4,905,785, White

23 West Ave..Norwalk, Conn.

Ind NA New Haven, Conn. Oct 5/18. Br Norwalk, Conn. Apr 4/1900.

SATC New Haven Conn to disch. Pvt. Hon disch Dec 17/18.


Connecticut, Military Census Questionnaires

Norwalk Feb 23rd 1917

Edward John Tracey, 23 West Avenue

Student, 16 years, 5'8", 126 lbs, single, US citizen

Ride a hose - no

Handle a team - yes

Drive an automobile - yes

Ride a motorcycyle - no

Understand telegraphy - yes

Operate a wireless - yes

Any experience with a steam engine - No

Any experience with electrical machinery - Yes some

Handle a boat, power or sail - yes

Simple coastwiswe machinery - No

Are you a good swimmer – yes


22 Sep 1920 The Norwalk Hour

Edward J. Tracey of 23 West Avenue, son of Dr and Mrs William J. Tracey and 1920 graduate of Yale university, left today for Philadelphia to enter upon a medical course of four years at the University of Pennsylvania.


Edward J. Tracey, 28, single, b. 1900 Norwalk, Conn. (s. Wm. J. Tracey & Catherine Finnegan) married Clara Hammond, 24, single, b. 1904 Toronto Canada (d. of Ira Hammond & Helene Henry)  27 Jun 1928 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


1930 Census – 276 Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

Edward J Tracy           Head   M         30        Connecticut, physician general practice

Clara H Tracy Wife    F          26        Canada French, emigrated 1921

Catherine A Tracy       Daughter         F          0          Connecticut

Anna Sandor   Servant            F          23        Connecticut


1940 Census - Ward 1, Norwalk, Norwalk Town, Fairfield, Connecticut

Edward J Tracey         Head   M         40        Connecticut, medical doctor private practice

Clara H Tracey            Wife    F          36        Canada

Kathryn A Tracey       Daughter         F          10        Connecticut

Mary Tracey                Daughter         F          9          Connecticut

Edward J Tracey         Son      M         8          Connecticut

William J Tracey         Son      M         7          Connecticut

Michael H Tracey        Son      M         5          Connecticut

John Tracey                 Son      M         4          Connecticut

James Tracey   Son      M         2          Connecticut


Edward J. Tracy died 17 Nov 1948 30 East Avenue Manhattan, New York, New York, United States

Spouse Clara Hammond Tracy Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut

48 years, born 04 Apr 1900 Norwalk, Fairfield, Conn. (s. of William J. Tracy & Katherine Finnegan of Connecticut)

Buried 22 Nov 1948 St. John's Cem Norwalk, Conn


United States Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-1968

Tracey, Edward J.

Norwalk, Conn.

November 17, 1948


Edward J. Tracey, Norwalk, Conn; University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, 1924; certified American College of Surgeons; for many years physician to the city fire department; served on the faculty of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York; on the staff of the Norwalk General Hospita;; affiliated with the New York Post-GRaduate Medical School and Hospital in New York, where he died November 17, aged 48, of Laennec's cirrhosis of the liver.


Obituary Record Of Graduates Of Yale University Deceased During The Year 1948-1949

Edward John Tracey, PH B 1920 Born April 4, 1900, Norwalk, Conn ; died November 17, 1948, New York City

Father, William Joseph Tracey (MD. University Medical Coll New York 1889), physician and health officer, Norwalk, son of John Tracey. Mother, Kathenne Agnes (Fmnegan) Tracey, daughter of Michael and Julia (Wallace) Fmnegan Harstrom School. Biology course, Freshman Baseball and Basketball squads, corporal S A T C at Yale MD University of Pennsylvania 1924; interne Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, 1924-25 and Lying-in Hospital, New York City, 1925; surgical house staff New York Post-Graduate Hospital 1925-27; physician and surgeon Norwalk 1927-48; associate in gynecology clinic Post-Graduate Hospital, physician Old Noroton Veterans Home and Norwalk Hospital, surgeon Norwalk Fire Department, member Norwalk

Board of Fire Commissioners and St. Mary's Church (Roman Catholic), Norwalk Married June 27, 1928, in New York City, Clara, daughter of Ira and Helene (Henry) Hammond Children Kathryn Ann (Marymount Class of 1951); Mary Jane (Mount St Vincent Coll 1947-48; Mrs Frederic Francis Shanahan), Edward John, Jr (Class of 1954); William Joseph (Middlebury Class of 1954), Michael Hammond,

John Paul, James Patrick; and Sheila.

Death due to sclerosis of the liver Buried in St John's Cemetery, Norwalk Survived by wife, children, father (died December 1948), and a brother, Dr. William W. Tracey, '12 S.


Saint John's Cemetery, Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

Dr Edward John Tracey Sr.

Birth      4 Apr 1900 Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

Death     17 Nov 1948 (aged 48) New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA


Father, Dr. William Joseph Tracey (-1948), physician and health officer, Norwalk, son of John Tracey

Mother, Katherine Agnes (Finnegan) Tracey, daughter of Michael and Julia (Wallace) Finnegan


Spouse: Clara Belle (Hammond) Tracey m. 27 Jun 1928, in New York City, NY, daughter of Ira and Helene (Henry) Hammond


Daughter: Kathryn Ann Tracey Harrell (1929-2007)

Daughter: Mary Jane (Tracey) Shanahan (1930-2012)

Son: Edward John Tracey Jr

Son: William Joseph Tracey

Son: Michael Hammond Tracey (1934-2002)

Son: John Paul Tracey (1935-1987)

Son: Dr. James Patrick Tracey (1937-2019)

Daughter: Sheila Clare (Tracey) Corridon (1940-2003)


Brother: Dr. William W. Tracey


Family Members - Children

Kathryn Tracey Harrell 1929–2007

Mary Jane Tracey Shanahan 1930–2012

Edward J. Tracey 1931–2019

Michael Hammond Tracey 1934–2002

James Patrick Tracey 1937–2019




Mary Tracey Shanahan (1930-2012)


mary Shanahan.jpg

June 7, 2012 Connecticut Post

SHANAHAN, Mary Tracey Shanahan, beloved wife of the late Frederic F. Shanahan, passed away peacefully with her family by her side on her 82nd birthday, June 5, 2012. She was born in Norwalk to the late Dr. Edward John and Clara Belle Hammond Tracey. Mary was a long-time resident of Stratford. Mary was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoyed a long career at General Electric Service and enjoyed Scrabble, reading, knitting, travel, and following the New York Mets and UCONN Huskies. Mary is survived by her children Rick Shanahan and his wife Patty, Tracey Person, Patricia Shanahan, and Mary Ellen Johnson and her husband David. She is also survived by 8 grandchildren Niambi, Hilary, Dave, Courtney, Michael, Matthew, Austin, and Mark. Mary is survived by her brothers, Dr. Edward Tracey and his wife Ann, William Tracey and his wife Margaret Mary, Dr. James Tracey and his wife Dorothy, and her sisters-in-law Joan Tracey, Susan Tracey, and her brother-in-law John Corridon as well as many nieces and nephews. She was also predeceased by her siblings Kathryn Ann Harrell, Michael Tracey, John Tracey, and Sheila Corridon. The family would like to express a special thanks to the staff of Maplewood at Orange for their exceptional care and compassion. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held on Friday, June 8, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. in St. Mary's Church (Meet Directly At Church) 70 Gulf St., Milford, CT. Friends and family may call on Thursday, (TODAY) June 7th from 4 to 7 pm at the Cody-White Funeral Home, 107 Broad On the Green Milford, CT 06460. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to the Activities Fund for the Currents Program of Maplewood at Orange in care of Chris Spencer 245 Indian River Rd Orange, CT 06477.



Edward J. Tracey, M.D. (1931-2019)


edward j.jpg

Edward J. Tracey is a retired general surgeon and former acting executive director of the Norwalk Hospital Foundation.


July 29, 2015 The Hour

50 years ago...July 12...Dr. Edward J. Tracey, M.D., of 13 Granite Drive opens an office for the practice of general surgery at 31 Stevens St. after graduating from Yale College, New York Medical College, and a residency at New York University Bellevue Hospital.


Aug. 7, 1989 The Hour

Dr. Edward J. Tracey, M.D., is given the Distinguished Service Award of Norwalk Hospital for his long and exemplary surgical career by Dr. Horace Laffaye, M.D., chairman of the Surgical Department.


November 26, 2014 The Hour

25 years ago...NOV. 16 - The newly-elected Women's Board of Norwalk Hospital includes Ann Tracey, president...


Edward J. Tracey, M.D.

Practice: 183 Westport Rd. Wilton, CT 06897

Board Certified General Surgery       

Medical Degree: New York Medical College, Valhalla, United States. Graduated 1958


The 2002 William J Tracey Award will be presented to his sons Edward of Norwalk and James of Wilton [Bulletin 2002]


Norwalk Health Department Annual Report 2012-2013

Board of Health Member: Edward Tracey, MD

Edward J. Tracey, MD, and his family. Dr. Tracey practiced surgery in Norwalk for many years and has served as a member of the Norwalk Board of Health since 1978. The Tracey family connection goes back much further than Dr. Tracey’s tenure on the Board and even further than Norwalk’s centennial. Dr. Ed Tracey’s grandfather, Dr. William J. Tracey, was Norwalk’s health officer from 1893 to 1913. According to Norwalk: An Historical Account (1979), the elder Dr. Tracey “was everywhere—peering into wells and water tanks, cesspools and sewers, privies and piggeries, marking mosquito-breeding pools, examining conditions in the Jail House, and tracking down every single case of typhoid fever.” At a time when infectious diseases and poor sanitation were leading causes of poor health, Dr. Tracey took the death rate in Norwalk from one of the highest in the state to one of the lowest.



2014 William J. Tracey, MD Award recipient Dr. Peter R. Dodds; special guest, Dr. Edward Tracey (grandson of Award’s namesake); 2014 William J. Tracey, MD Award recipient Dr. Eric M. Mazur; and Dr. Howard Eison, Chairman, Norwalk Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.


Obituary: Edward J. Tracey, Former Norwalk Resident

He attended Fairfield Preparatory and went on to graduate from Yale University Class of 1954.

The following obituary of former Norwalk resident Edward J. Tracey, 87, is from Magner Funeral Home:


Edward J. Tracey, resident of Wilton and formerly of Norwalk, passed away peacefully at home on June 25th [2019]. He was born in Norwalk on July 26, 1931 to the late Dr. Edward and Clara Tracey. He attended Fairfield Preparatory and went on to graduate from Yale University Class of 1954. Ed then followed in the path of his grandfather and father by pursuing a career in medicine. He attended New York Medical College graduating in 1958. His internship and residency was at NYU-Bellevue Medical Center where he was the Chief resident in the Dept. of Surgery his final year.


Dr. Tracey was in the USNR from 1953-1965. He was a Lt. Cdr. Active Duty aboard the U.S.S. Saratoga CVA 60 1963-1964, US Naval Hospital in Newport, RI 1964-1965 and 6th Marine Exped. Unit Dominican Rep. 1965.


He and his family settled in his hometown of Norwalk after retiring from the Navy and he began his long career at Norwalk Hospital being the 3rd generation "Doc Tracey" to roam the halls. Edward held many positions including Asst. Dir. of the Dept of Surgery, Chief of General Surgery, Chief of Staff, Trustee, Dir. Physician Services and Acting Dir. of Norwalk Hospital Foundation. He was also the longest member of the Norwalk Dept. of Health serving over 39 years. In 2017, He humbly accepted an accommodation from the mayor for his dedication. He was a member/fellow of various Boards including American College of Surgeons, International College of Surgeons, Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery, European Society of Vascular Surgery, Norwalk, Fairfield County and Connecticut Medical Societies. He was a long standing member of the Norwalk Catholic Club. He and his late brother, Dr. James Tracey shared an office on East Avenue for many years.


Ed met Ann Schenk when they were 16 and never looked back. They married in 1957 and celebrated 60 years of marriage in 2017. Ed and Ann loved spending time on various boats as long time members at Shore and Country Club. Sailing to Block Island, Bermuda or the Caribbean was where Ed was happiest. He was Commodore of the Marina at SCC and could always be found on the dock entertaining his many friends with stories or even performing minor surgery when needed!


Ed loved spending time with his grandchildren and could be found on the sidelines at various sports games or taking them for boat rides. He enjoyed rooting for his son-in-law's Blue Wave Lacrosse Team and was happy to give his two cents if they didn't play up to his expectations.


Edward was predeceased by his loving wife Ann in 2017. He is survived by his daughter Sharon Brameier and her husband Jeff of Wilton, CT; his son, Scott Tracey of Wilton, CT; his five grandchildren, Devon, Ryan and Jenna Brameier of Wilton. Madeleine and Edward John Tracey II "Jack" of Newington; his brother William Tracey and his wife Margaretmary, his brother-in-law Carl Schenk; sisters-in-law, Joan, Dorothy and Susan Tracey; many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his sisters, Kathryn, Mary and Sheila; brothers, Michael, John and James, brothers-in-law Fred Shanahan and Jack Corridon. He will be greatly missed by friends, family and all who knew him.


His family will receive friends on Monday, July 1st from 5-7pm at Magner Funeral Home, 12 Mott Avenue, Norwalk. A funeral mass will be celebrated at St. Thomas the Apostle Church 203 East Avenue, Norwalk on Tuesday, July 2nd at 11 am. Burial will be private. For directions or to leave an online condolence for his family, please visit: www.Magnerfuneralhome.com.

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William Joseph Tracey (1933-


January 29, 1957 The Bridgeport Post (Connecticut)

Troth Announced Of Miss Kerwick Philadelphia Resident to Become Bride of William J. Tracev The engagement of Miss Margaret Mary Kerwick to William Joseph Tracey, son of Mrs. Edward John Tracey of Oakwood lane, Westport, formerly of Norwalk, and the late Dr. Tracey, is announced by her aunt, Miss Gertrude A. Kerwick of Philadelphia, Pa. and Cape May, N J Miss Kerwick, daughter of Mrs. Francis T. Dunn, and the late James A. Kerwick, is a graduate of the Academy of Notre Dame of Ritfen house Square, and attended Chestnut Hill college in Philadelphia. Mr. Tracey is an alumnui of St. Luke's school, New Canaan, and the University of Bridgeport. He expects to be graduated in September from Georgetown university Law school, Washington, D C.- Mr. Tracey is a grandson of the late Dr. and Mrs. William J. Tracey of Norwalk.


Michael Hammond Tracey (1934-2002)


July 1, 2015 The Hour

50 years ago...June 16...Daughter born at Norwalk Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tracey of Roxbury Road...


20 June 2002 The Hour

Michael Hammond Tracey

Retired funeral director, Catholic Club director

Michael Hammond Tracey, 68, of Norwalk, died Wednesday, June 19, 2002, at home. He was the husband of Joan Hines Tracey.

He was born on April 20, 1934 in Norwalk, the son of the late Dr. Edward Tracey Sr. and the late Clara Hammond Tracey. He was a graduate of Norwalk High School, class of 1952.

He was a US Army veteran of the Korean war.

Mr. Tracey was a funeral director with Magner Funeral Home in Norwalk from 1955 until his retirement in the fall of 2001.

He was a member and a director of the Catholic Club in Norwalk, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Knights of Columbus, Council 46 and the Shore and Country Club.

In addition to his wife, Mr Tracey is survived by four daughters, Katherine A. Tracey of Norwalk, Lizabeth T. Tusten of Anchorage Alaska, Tricia C Tracey of St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, and Joan T Seguin of Ashland Mass, two sons , Michael W Tracey and Edward M Tracey, both of Norwalk; three sisters, Katheryn Ann Harrell of Cleveland Ohio, Mary J Shanahan of Stratford and Sheila Corridon of Bedford Mass; three brothers, Dr Edward M Tracey of Norwalk, William J Tracey of Marblehead Mass and Dr James P Tracey of Wilton; a granddaughter and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by a brother John P Tracey.

A mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 10 am Saturday at St Thomas the Apostle Church, 203 East Ave, Norwalk. Internment will follow at St. John Cemetary in Norwalk. Members of the Catholic club will meet at church prior to mass as honorary pallbearers.

Friends may call from 4 to 8 pm Friday at Magner Funeral Home, 12 Mott Ave, Norwalk.

The family requests contributions be made to the Connacticut Hospice, 30 Stevens St, Norwalk, 06850 or to St Thomas the Apostle Church, 203 East Ave, Norwalk, 06855.


John P. Tracey (1936-1988)


January 1, 1988 Washington Post

Former Bar Lobbyist John Tracey Dies

John P. Tracey, 52, director of legislative affairs for the Northern Telecom company and a former chief lobbyist for the American Bar Association in Washington, died of cancer Dec. 31 at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

As chief lobbyist for the ABA from 1967 to 1975, Mr. Tracey was a principal spokesman in support of establishing the Legal Services Program. This was the legal aide program of the old Office of Equal Opportunity, the antipoverty agency, and it is now Legal Services Corp.

In 1975 Mr. Tracey went to work for the U.S. Telephone Association, an industry organization. He joined Northern Telecom two years ago.

Mr. Tracey, a Bethesda resident, was born in Norwalk, Conn., and graduated from the University of Vermont. He moved to Washington in the late 1950s as a law student at Georgetown University, where he received his law degree in 1960.

He was an attorney in the Washington law firm of Hedrick & Lane before he went to work for the ABA.

Mr. Tracey was a member of the Kenwood Golf & Country Club and the parish of the Catholic Church of the Little Flower in Bethesda.

Survivors include his wife, Susan Tracey, and two sons, John Edward and Evan Lane Tracey, all of Bethesda, and his mother, Clara Tracey, four brothers, Edward, James, Michael and William Tracey, and three sisters, Katherine Ann Harrell, Mary Shanahan and Sheila Corridon, all of Norwalk.


Jan. 6, 1988 Bulletin, Wilton, Conn.

John P. Tracey

John P. Tracey, the son of Clara Hammond Tracey of Wilton and the late Dr. Edward Tracey, and the brother of William J. Tracey and Dr. James P. Tracey, both of Wilton, died Dec. 31 in the Sibley Memorial Hospital in Bethesda, Md. after an illness of six months. The husband of Susan Hagist Tracey he was 52.

Mr. Tracey was director of congressional affairs for Northern Telecom Inc. He was a graduate of the University of Vermont and Georgetown Law School, and was formerly associated with the Hendrick and Lane law firm in Washington, D.C. Mr. Tracey was former director of legislative affairs for the American Bar Association and also had been director of legislative and regulatory affairs for the U.S. Telephone Association. In addition to his mother and two brothers, he is survived by two sons, John E. Tracey and Evan Lane Tracey, both of Bethesda, Md.; two other brothers, Dr. Edward J. Tracey and Michael H. Tracey, both of Norwalk; three sisters, Kathryn Harrell and Mrs. John (Sheila) Corridon, both of Norwalk, and Mrs. Frederic Shanahan of Stratford; and several nieces and nephews.

Burial took place Monday in SL John Cemetery in Norwalk. The family requests that contributions be made to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 2087, Norwalk.


James Patrick Tracey, M.D. (1937-2019)


james p Tracey.jpg


Practice: 183 Westport Rd, Wilton, CT 06897, Phone: (203) 762-8234

Board Certified: Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine         

Medical Degree: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Graduated 1963 


25 years ago

Dr. James Peter Tracey will be the fourth generation of his family to practice medicine here following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. James Patrick Tracey, M.D., and his uncle, Dr. Edward J. Tracey, M.D. His grandfather, Dr. Edward J. Tracey, M.D., and his grand uncle, Dr. William J. Tracey, M.D. both practiced here, too. As did his great grandfather, Dr. William J. Tracey, M.D., a Norwalk Hospital founder and chief of staff for 30 years, who was also chairman of the Norwalk school board for 22 years.



The 2002 William J Tracey Award will be presented to his sons Edward of Norwalk and James of Wilton [Bulletin 2002]



Dr. James Patrick Tracey

July 9, 1937 ~ March 12, 2019 (age 81)


With deep sadness, the family of Dr. James P. Tracey announces his peaceful passing on March 12, 2019. He dedicated his life to helping others as a medical doctor who practiced for over 35 years on East Avenue and at Norwalk Hospital. He and his wife of 56 years, Dorothy Gernat Tracey, have lived in Wilton since 1968. Dr. Tracey was born in Norwalk on July 9, 1937, the son of the late Dr. Edward J. Tracey, Sr., and Clara Hammond Tracey, and the grandson of Norwalk Hospital’s first Chief of Staff, Dr. William J. Tracey. He graduated from Fairfield Prep, Yale University, and University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Dr. Tracey served his internship and residency in Medicine, 2nd (Cornell) Division Bellevue and Memorial Hospitals in New York City, where he was also awarded a fellowship in Gastroenterology. Dr. Tracey served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1967-1969 as a Major and Chief of Medicine for the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon, Vietnam. After his discharge, Dr. Tracey returned to Norwalk to establish his medical practice and affiliation with Norwalk Hospital. He was an associate editor of the American Journal of Gastroenterology, and was an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. He was honored with the William J. Tracey, M.D. award in 2002, by the Norwalk Hospital Foundation.


In addition to his wife, Dorothy, Dr. Tracey is survived by his loving children: Dr. James Peter Tracey and his wife Heather, Laura Tracey, Pamela Tracey Gleason and her husband, John, and Carolyn Tracey Gill and her husband, Daren. Also surviving are his brothers, Dr. Edward Tracey and William Tracey, his five grandchildren, Megan Tracey, Margaret and Christopher Gill, Timothy and Matthew Gleason and many nieces and nephews. He was also predeceased by his brothers, Michael and John Tracey, and sisters, Kathryn Harrell, Mary Shanahan and Sheila Corridon.


A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Saturday, March 16, at 10 a.m. at Our Lady of Fatima Church, 229 Danbury Road, Wilton, with burial to follow at St. John Cemetary. Dr. Tracey’s family will receive friends at church from 9 a.m. until Mass begins. In lieu of flowers, donations in his name may be made to Doctors Without Borders, P.O. Box 5030, Hagerstown, MD 21741 (www.doctorswithoutborders.org).



Saint John's Cemetery, Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA

Dr James Patrick Tracey

Birth    9 Jul 1937

Death 12 Mar 2019 (aged 81)


Kathryn Tracey Harrell 1929–2007

Mary Jane Tracey Shanahan 1930–2012

Edward J. Tracey 1931–2019

Michael Hammond Tracey 1934–2002




Sheila Tracey Corridon (1940-2003)


Feb. 9, 1964 The New York Times

East Norwalk, Conn., Feb. 8 — Miss Sheila Clare Tracey, daughter of Mrs. Edward John Tracey of Westport and the late Dr. Tracey, was mar­ried this morning to John Joseph Corridon, son of Dr. James Donald Corridon of Norwalk and the late Mrs. Corridon. The Rev. Francis George Deevy performed the ceremony and cele­brated the nuptial mass in St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic Church.


Sheila Tracey Corridon

Longtime Norwalk Resident

Sheila Tracey Corridon, age 62, of Bedford, Massachusetts and former longtime Norwalk resident died Thursday, November 27, 2003 at her home. She was the wife of John J Corridon. Mrs Corridon was born in Norwalk November 28, 1940, daughter of the late Dr. Edward J Tracey Sr and the late Clara Hammond Tracey and lived in Norwalk all of her life before moving to Bedford 7 years ago. she was a graduate of the Bolton school (now Greens Farms Academy), attended Rosemont College and graduated from the University of Bridgeport. she had been a medical secretary for the office of her brothers, Doctors Edward J and James P Tracey, for many years. She was also a former member of the Shore & Country Club in Norwalk.

She is survived by five children, Sean Michael Corridon, Christopher Corridon and Colin Patrick Corridon, all of New York City, Kara Louise Graham of Medfield MA and Julie Elizabeth Northrup of Mystic CT, 3 brothers Dr Edward J Tracey of Norwalk, William J Tracey of Marblehead MA and Dr James P Tracy of Wilon, 2 ssisters Kathryn Ann Harrel of Cleveland, OH and Mary. J. Shanahan of Stratford CT 9 grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by 2 brothers John P Tracey and Michael H Tracey

A mass of Christian burial will be celebrated Monday December 1 10am At St Thomas the Apostle Church, 203 East Ave., Norwalk with burial to follow at St. John Cemetery, Norwalk, The family will receive fiend at the Magner Funeral Home. 12 Mott Ave., Norwalk on Sunday from 4-8PM Contributions may be made to the Oncology, Dept. Lahey Clinic, Mall Rd. Burlington, MA. 01805 or to VNA of Middlesex, 8-East/Hospice, 607 North Ave., Wakefleld, MA. 01880.




Tracey family established a medical dynasty in Norwalk by Paul Keroack

The Shanachie, Vol. XXVIII - No.2 - 2016 [Connecticut Irish-American Historical Society]







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