Traceys of Ireland









John Joseph Tracey of Chicago USA, b. Ireland, 27 (s. of Andrew Tracey & Margaret Hennesy) m. Catherine Irena O'brien, 27, b. Paris (d. of Timothy O'brien & Ellen M Bridle O'brien ) on 12 Jun 1907 Brant Canada Wit: Laurence Tracey of Chicago USA

Peter Tracey, d. 1 Mar 1931 Essex Canada, 68, single, b. Ireland (s. of  Andrew Tracey & Margaret Hennessy) Informant: nephew - John J Tracey, Wilmette ??? USA

30 years in Canada & place of residence, 11 Monmouth Rd, Walkerulto?


Mary Tracy, 24, b. Ireland, RC, (d. of Andrew Tracy & Bridget Muleahy) m.  William Herlihy, 40. B. Ireland, RC (s. of John Herlihy & Joanna Clifferd) on  17 Aug 1875 Brant Canada


Bernard Tracy, 68, b. 1830 Ireland (s. of Bernard Tracy & Mary Murry both born Ireland)  d. 06 Sep 1898 Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Married, Farmer, Killed by mad bull


Teresa O'Leary (b. 16 Nov 1862 Adjala, Ontario, Canada d. 05 Aug 1930 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Bridget Tracey b. Balfin [Elphin?] County, Ireland & James Moran b. Balfin County, Ireland)

Spouse: John O'Leary

Burial Date: 08 Aug 1930 Mt. Olivet, Chicago, Cook, Ill.


John Tracy, 27, Omaha; b: Ireland (s. of Christopher Tracy & Ann Farly) married Bridget Farrell, 34, Omaha, b. Ireland (d. of Philip farrell & Margaret Dignam) on 24 Jan 1875 at St. Philomena's Cathedral Off: Jennette Wit James Duffy & Kate Power. Douglas County Nebraska.


Andrew Tracey, b. Ireland, Age 49, (s. of Corneluis Tracey & Mary Tierney) m. Mary Ann Hayran, b. Ireland, Age: 36 (d. of Anthony Burke & Eliza Harrigan)  on 10 Oct 1887 Lanark Canada


Edward Tracey (b. circa 1866 Ireland d. 12 Feb 1938 Bremen, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Edward b. Ireland & Catherine Bridges b. Ireland)

Occupation: Conductor (street cars)

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Burial Date: 14 Feb 1938 Bremen, Cook, Illinois


Andrew Tracey (b. circa 1858 Ireland d. 20 Jan 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Edward Tracey b. Ireland & Catherine Lowe b. Ireland)

Residence: Little Sisters,

Burial Date: 23 Jan 1925 Mt. Carmel


Ellen Tracy died 25 Feb 1901 193 Elm Cambridge Massachusetts, 84 years, Widowed, Spouse James Kennedy, born 1817 Ireland (d. of Edward Tracy & Johanna Techan [Teehan?])Buried Malden


William Treacy, 25, b. Ireland, Episcopalion (s. of Frank Treacy & Mary Hivon [Hison]) m. Charlotte M Adams, 22 b. Ontario (d. of John Adams & Addis Jane Lowry Adams) on 18 Oct 1873 Perth Canada


James J Tracey, b.c. 1844 Ireland  d. 17 Mar 1913 Cambridge, Massachusetts, age 69, (s. of Henry Tracey & Catherine Flynn)


Peter Tracey, d. 21 Jul 1938 York Canada, aged 77, widower, b. Ireland, (s. of James Tracey & Mary Mcquire)

Wife: Alice Tracey

Informant: son - James Tracey, 119 Northcote Ave


Annie Tracey, 21, b. Ireland, Methodist (d. of James Tracey & Mary Todd) m. Job Rogers,  22, b. Canada, Methodist (s. of George Rogers & Maria Wice on 29 Oct 1890 York Canada


Peter Tracey, 30, b. Ireland, of Hamilton (s. of James Tracey & Bridget McLaughlan) m.  Alice Gallagher, 25, b. Ireland, of  Hamilton (d. of Thomas Gallaghar & Jane Sharp) on  1 Jan 1866 Wentworth Canada


Ellen Fox, 94, b.c. 1828  Ireland (d. of John Britt & Johanna Tracy) d. 14 May 1922 Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Spouse's Name: Martin Fox 


Henry Tracey b. Ireland died 13 May 1910 Lawrence,,Massachusetts (s. of John Tracey & Mary Clark)


John Tracey & Mary [Conway] Tracey (b. circa 1835 Ireland d. 08 Mar 1919 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of James Conway b. Ireland) Burial Date: 10 Mar 1919 Mt. Carmel

James J. Tracey (b. circa 1866 Ireland d. 12 Oct 1918 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of John Tracey b. Ireland & Mary Conway b. Ireland)

Occupation:     Saloon Keeper - Retired

Burial Date:     15 Oct 1918 Mt Carmel

John Tracy (b. Oct 1866 Ireland d. 23 Aug 1929 Bremen, Cook, Illinois) (s. of John Tracy b. Ireland & Mary Conway b. Ireland)

Occupation: Laborer 

Residence: Chicago, Ill. 

Burial Date: 24 Aug 1929 Hillside, Cook, Ill. 


Lawrence Tracy b. 1842 Ireland (s. of John Tracy & Mary Collins) died 05 Nov 1907 Taunton, Massachusetts, aged 65, Married


Thomas Tracy (b. 15 Jun 1872 Ireland  d. 20 Mar 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois)  (s. of John Tracy b. Ireland & Margaret Conway b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Laborer 

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Spouse: Catherine Tracy 

Burial Date: 23 Mar 1925 Mt. Carmel 


John Tracey, 34, b. Ireland (s. of John Tracey & Mary Kiernan) m.  Julia Shea, 20, b. Warren Ontario (d. of Dermis Shea & Rose Rochett) on 24 Jul 1923 Essex Wayne Canada


Mary Tracey, 24, b. Ireland, of Toronto (d. of John Tracey & Catharine Merath) m.  William Hagans, 27, b. Ireland, of Toronto (s. of John Hagans & Ann Lawrence) on 26 Jan 1859  Toronto York Canada


Nora Tracy  (b. Dec 1863 Ireland d. 28 Feb 1923 Anna, Union, Illinois)  (d. of John Tracy b. Ireland & Ann Russel b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Domestics 

Residence: 31yrs 

Burial Date: 01 Mar 1923 Anna, Illinois 


July 25, 1902 The Saint Paul globe

Pioneer Settler Passes Away.

John M. Tracy, an aged resident of South St. Paul, died at his home yesterday at the advanced age of eighty three years. Mr, Tracy came to this country sixty-seven years ago, and engaged in railroad construction with success. For the past fifteen years he had resided in South St. Paul. Mr. Tracy leaves a wife [Alice] and six children Mrs. E. P. Roberts; Mr. J. J. Tracy, Spokane, Wash:; Mrs. Ryan, and Mrs. Thomas Gehan, of Chicago, and Thomas and Daniel Tracy, of South St. Paul. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 8:30, with services in St. Augustine's church,


Catherine A. [Almira] Tracy (21, b. Malone NY, d. of Martin Tracy & Kate Gleason) m. Frederick L. [Lord] Burnham  (20, b. Brixton? Me, s. of Samuel & Bucila Blunt)  on the 07 Jan 1864 Chicopee, Massachusetts  

1850 Census - Malone, Franklin, New York, United States 

Martin Tracy  M 45 Ireland 

Catherine Tracy  F 40 Ireland 

Daniel Tracy  M 12 Ireland 

Patrick Tracy  M 10 Ireland 

Catherine Tracy  F 8 Canada East 

Mary Tracy  F 5 Canada East 

John Tracy  M 3 New York 

Sarah Tracy  F 0 New York 

1880 Census - Malone, Franklin, New York, United States

Martin Tracy  M 86 Ireland head 

Catherine Tracy  F 70 Ireland wife

1880 Census - Malone, Franklin, New York

Daniel Tracy  M 42 Ireland 

wife  Allace Tracy  F 38 Ireland 

daughter  C. M. Tracy  F 14 New York, United States 

daughter  Elizabeth Tracy  F 12 New York, United States 

daughter  Allace Tracy  F 9 New York, United States 

son  Martin Tracy  M 6 New York, United States 

Martin Tracy & Catherine Gleason

I wish I knew where in Ireland Martin came from but I don't. My father mentioned three counties that his ancestors came from and for the life of me I can only remember two of them. One was County Armagh and the other was County Monahan but neither of these are where the Tracy family came from. Armagh was where my gr grandfather Phillip Rogers was from. He was the father of Bridget Maria Rogers, She was the wife of Martin & Catherine''s son John ( my gr grandfather). Monahan was where my Grandmother Bridget Theresa Murray was born. I did do a search in Armagh for the Tracy's before finding out that was where the Roger's family came from and it turned up nothing.
As for where Catherine and Mary where born in Canada, I don't know that either. I suspect it was Quebec but only because that is right across the border from New York, where the family eventually settled. I am not sure how to check Canadian records and so have not done that yet.
This is as far as I have gotten. The 1850 census shows Daniel and Patrick were born in Ireland and based on info there I estimated they were born in 1838 and 1840 respectively. It shows Catherine and Mary born in Canada and their estimated birth years are 1842 & 1845. My great grandfather John and his younger sister Sarah were born in Malone, N.Y. John was born 16 Aug 1847, & Sarah was born 11 May 1850. I have copies of both their birth certificates.
Martin was naturalized: 10-24-1851 in Malone, N.Y. His application for naturalization was made 1/1/1847 In it he states he emigrated in 1841 and his admission to U.S was in 1846. It doesn't say where in Ireland he immigrated from. I assume based on all that info they immigrated first to Canada around 1841 and left there for the U.S. in 1846. Since Quebec is just across the border, I think that will be as good a starting place as any to look for them. It's the only clue I have. If you do check Canadian records you might want to look under "Tracy" and "Treacy" for them. All the records I have found for them list the spelling as Tracy. However, my great grandfather John enlisted in the N.Y. Cavalary under name of John Treacy on 5 Sept 1864 but changed the spelling to Tracy before he was discharged on June 6, 1865, according to his pension records. I am not sure why the Treacy spelling was used. Maybe it was a mistake but then again maybe not since his tombstone records his name as John TREACY. I have since been told that was the irish spelling of the name.
Both Martin and Catherine are buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Malone. According to various records Martin was born about 1795 and Catherine about 1805 His death was recorded in "Liber Defunctorium" 1884 St Bridget's Church, Trout River. It lists his age as 89. The cemetery record also lists his age at death at 89. Catherine died 25th April 1885. I got her death date & maiden name from St. Joseph Cem records, Malone. I obtained the cemetery records through the Franklin Co. Historical society. Perhaps if we locate the records of their immigration into Canada it will show where in Ireland the Tracy's came from, but since both Ireland and Canada were both British possessions at that time, I am not even sure we will find a record of their immigration. Please let me know if you find anything. I would also love to have more info about Catherine and Fredrick's family if you don't mind sharing. Feel free to contact me directly via email if you want to.
Irene 22 Nov 2003


Bridget Ann Tracey, 21, b. Ireland, Residence Whitby (d. of Martin Tracey & Honora Ryan) m.  Michael John McTague, 23, b. Ontario, Residence Whitby (s. of John & Margaret McGuiggin) on 14 Nov 1865 Oshawa Ontario


Jerome Tracy, b. October 14 1863 Ireland (s. of Martin Tracy & Marie O'Shaughnessy) d. 15 Jan 1928 Woodrow, Millard, Utah, United States, Age: 64 years 3 month Married to Elizabeth Cahoon lived 18 years at Woodrow, 57 years in US.

FarmerMartin Tracy & Maria O'Shanghnesay/Shangnessy

John Tracy b. 07 Jun 1870 bapt. 19 Jun 1870  St. Patrick, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey

James Tracy b. 11 Jun 1874 bapt. 16 Jun 1874 St. Patrick, Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey


John Tracy, 25, b. Ireland, of Hamilton (s. of  Maurice Tracy & Mary Hays) m.  Honora Guinn, 21, b. Hamilton (d. of  Edward Guinn & Mary Nugent) on 11 Sep 1867 Wentworth Canada


Michael H. Tracy (b. circa 1858 Ireland  d. 14 Feb 1919 Chicago, Cook, Illinois  Age: 61)  (s. of Michael Tracy b. Ireland  & Bridget Henry b. Ireland)

Occupation: Retired 

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois 

Burial Date: 17 Feb 1919  Calvary 


Margaret O’Neil (b. Ireland daughter of Michael Tracey and Margaret Lipaght [Lysaght] both b. Ireland) d. 01 Jan 1912 Fall River,,Massachusetts. Spouse Michael O’Neill


Martin Tracy, 25, labourer, single of Princeton  (b. 1841 Ireland s. of Nicholas Tracy & Mary Collins) m. Katie Gately, 18, single of Westminister (b. Westminister d. of Martin Gately & Mary Gately)  on 16 Apr 1866 Fitchburg/Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Martin Treacey of 213 High St, Garndner Massachusetts, d. 16 Jul 1916, aged 74 years/8 months/8 days, widowed, b. 1832 Ireland s. of Nichols Treacey & Mary Collins, Informant Mrs John F Caffrey, buried St. Johns, Gardner


Marie Walsh (b. 01 Jan 1860 Montreal, Canada d. 04 Dec 1924 Dwight, Livingston Co., Illinois) (d. of Patrick Tracy b. Ireland & Katherine Carbury b. Ireland)

Occupation: housewife

Residence: Dwight, Livingston Co., Ill.

Spouse: Patrick Walsh

Burial Date: 06 Dec 1924 Ransom, Ill.


Mary Brodbeck (b. 15 May 1877 Illinois d. 03 Apr 1916 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois) (d. of Patrick Tracy b. Ireland & Ellen Coleman b. Ireland)

Occupation:  at home

Burial Place: IL

Cemetery: St. Mary


Patrick Tracy, 23, single, boatmaker, b. Ireland, lives Modweag? (s. of Patrick & Bridget) m. Mary Foley, 25, b. Ireland, lives Modweag? (d. of Patrick & Mary) 24 May 1863 Milford, Massachusetts


Thomas Tracey (b. 23 Apr 1871 Ireland d. 28 Sep 1916 Oak Forest, Bremen, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Patrick Tracey b. Ireland & Elizabeth Flynn b. Ireland)

Occupation: Railroad Camp Sectionhand

Residence: IL

Burial Date: 17 Oct 1916


Margaret Tracey, 24, b. Ireland (d. of Patrick Tracey & Bridget Hamilton) m. Charles Henry Rainer, 24, b. England (s. of Edward Rainer & Charlotte Haniman) on 22 Apr 1896 York Canada


Michel J. Tracey  b. 1852 Dubuque Iowa, 29 years (s. of Patrick Tracey & Ellen Healey)  m. Mary Ann Kelley  b. 1866 Pennsylvania, 15 years  (d. of Anthony Kelley & Mary O'Hare) 7 Jun 1881 Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa 

James Tracy b. Iowa 1857, 30 years (s. of Patrick Tracy & Ellen Haley[?]) m. Ellen May Nelson  b. Iowa 1867, 20 years (d. of O. D. Nelson & Maria D. Soper)  6 Oct 1887 Cumberland, Cass County, Iowa 

Mary Ann Tracy b. 25 Aug 1860 Dubuque Iowa d. 1936 in Dubuque Iowa (d. of Patrick J Tracy and Ellen Healy) m. Thomas Coates Rawson before 1886 and had 3 children.

William [Patrick] Tracey  b. 1862, 32 years (s. of Patrick Tracy & Ellen Healy) m. Mary M [Ann] Mcguire  b. 1867, 27 years (d. of Roger Mcguire & Ellen Noonan) 24 Jan 1894 Humboldt, Iowa, United States 

1870 Census - Iowa, United States

Patrick Tracy  M 40y Ireland, farmer

Mike Tracy  M 18y Iowa 

James Tracy  M 16y Iowa 

Mary Tracy  F 14y Iowa 

William Tracy  M 10y Iowa 

1880 Census - Union, Cass, Iowa, United States

Self  Patric Tracy  M 55 Ireland, farmer, widower  

Son  Michael J. Tracy  M 27 Iowa, United States, farm labourer, single


Thomas Tracey (b. circa 1884 Ireland d. 20 Feb 1938 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Patrick Tracey b. Ireland & Margaret Mulhern b. Ireland

Occupation: Laborer

Residence: Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse:   Agnes Tracy

Burial Date: 23 Feb 1938 Holy Sepulchre, Worth, Cook, Illinois


Denis Tracy, 33, b. Ireland, single, RC, labourer (s. of Patrick Tracy & Briget Murray) m. Ellen Tierney, 34, b. Ireland, widow, RC (d. of John Tierney & Anastasia Raly) on 6 Nov 1876  Georgetown, Canada


Johanna Tracy, b. Ireland. d. 6 Dec 1928  Memphis Shelby Tennessee Usa, single, 85 years (d. of Patrick Tracy & Nora O'Donnell, both b. Ireland)


James Patrick Tracy, 27 years, single, brakeman, b. Batavia NY, of 16 Colorado Ave (s. of Peter Tracy & Mary Cramer both b. Ireland) m. Margaret Mary Rogers, 25, single, telephone operator, b. Batavia NY, of 36 Peter Ave (d. of Arthur Rogers & Mary Ryan both b. USA)  on 18 Apr 1923 Genessee, New York, United States  Wit: Earl A. Laurence & Anna A Rogers


1916 Census Canada

Robert W Tracy, 34, b. Ireland, Year of Immigration: 1910, Home in 1916: 11, Winnipeg North, Manitoba Address: 317 Bawarner

Isabella Tracy, wife, 32, b. Ireland, Year of Immigration: 1911

Robert Tracy, 11, b. Scotland. Year of Immigration: 1911

David A Tracy  4

John S Tracy  2

David Albert Ewing Tracey  b. 23 Dec 1911 Winnipeg, Manitoba d. 08 Feb 1984 Vancouver British Columbia Canada (s. of William Robert Tracey & Isabella Aiken)  Married to Gwen Gabrelle Godwin 

John Stuart Tracey b. 04 May 1914 Winnipeg, Manitoba  d. 15 Oct 1986 Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada  (s. of William Robert Tracey & Isabella Eakin) Divorced


William Treacy (b. 28 Oct 1856 Ireland d. 17 Sep 1916 Oak Park, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Thos Treacy b. Ireland & Anna Connell b. Ireland) 

Occupation: Carpenter

Residence: Oak Park, Cook, IL


Elizabeth Mackey (b. 30 Sep 1869 Chicago, Ill. d. 29 Oct 1928 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (d. of Thomas Tracey b. Ireland & Mary Drew b. Ireland)

Spouse:   Richard C.

Burial Date: 31 Oct 1928 Mt. Carmel


Bridget Tracy d. Concord NH of Cerebral Hemorrhage (d. of Thomas Tracy & Winifred Hefferman)

Inmate of NH State Hospital 7 yrs 8 months 9 days

b. Ireland

Mill Worker in Manchester NH

father's name: 


Francis Tracy, 55, b. Ireland, of Kingston, Widowerer, Methodist, Blacksmith (s. of Thomas B Tracy & Amra Pallen [Dublin?]) m. Eliza Maria Miller, 45,  of Ernestown, CoE (d. of Wm A Miller & Alida Spark Miller) on 1 Feb 1888 Frontenac Canada


Bridget Tracey (b. 12 Sep 1871 Ireland d. 09 Mar 1946 Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois)  (d. of Thomas Tracey b. Ireland & Alice Wall b. Ireland)

Occupation: Housewife

Residence: Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois

Burial Date: 12 Mar 1946 Calvary Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois


Thomas Treacy (b. b. 25 May 1855 Llanles [Thurles?], Ireland d. 14 Mar 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois) (s. of Thomas Treacy b. Llanles, Ireland & Mary Walsh b. Llanles, Ireland)

Occupation: Retired of Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Spouse: Cathrine Treacy

Burial 17 Mar 1925 Loudone, Ontario


Bridget Tracey (b. 06 May 1862 Wapella, Illinois d. 26 Nov 1935 Clinton, DeWitt, Illinois) (d. of Timothy Tracey b. Ireland & Mary Donegan b. Ireland)

Occupation: Housework

Residence:  Clinton, DeWitt, Illinois

Burial Date: 29 Nov 1935 Woodlawn, Clinton, DeWitt, Illinois

John J. Tracey (b. 03 Jan 1864 Wapella, Ill d. 22 Jan 1925 Clinton, DeWitt, Illinois) (s. of Timothy Tracy b. Ireland & Mary Dougan b. Ireland)

Occupation: Railway Engineer

Spouse:   Matilda Christ Tracey

Burial Date: 25 Jan 1925 Woodlawn

Johanna Cully (b. 01 Jun 1869 Wapella, Dewitt, Ill. d. 01 Jan 1930 Clinton, De Witt, Illinois) (d. of Thimothy Tracey b. Ireland & Mary Dunagan b. Ireland)

Occupation: House wife

Spouse:   Christopher C. Cully

Burial Date: 03 Jan 1930

Burial Place: Clinton, De Witt, Ill.

Margaret Crowley (b. 01 Nov 1870 Wapella, Illinois d. 19 Aug 1942 Clinton, Dewitt, Illinois)  (d. of Timothy Tracy b. Ireland & Mary Donnegan b. Ireland

Occupation: Housewife

Spouse:   Patrick Crowley

Burial Date: 21 Aug 1942 Woodlawn, Clinton, Illinois


September 1, 1905 Clinton Register


Timothy TRACEY, died suddenly Tuesday afternoon at his home in Clinton, aged 75.  He had been in poor health about six months, but had not been confined to his bed, and less than half an hour before his death was walking about the house.

Deceased was born in Ireland and came to America about sixty years ago.  He lived in Wapella several years, moving to Clinton when the Illinois Central shops were moved here from that place.  He had worked for that company most of the time for about fifty years.   He is survived by his wife and the following children: Mrs. P. CROWLEY, Mrs. C. CULLY, Mrs. John DUFFEY, Miss Julia, John and Wm., all of Clinton.  He was a faithful member of the Catholic church.


February 4, 1910 Clinton Register

Three Score and Three.

Mrs. Mary TRACEY died early Sunday morning at her home in the east part of the city, aged 63 years.  Mary DONEGAN was born in Ireland July, 1847, and her parents came to the United States when she was 7 yrs old.  They settled at Wapella, where she lived until about thirty years ago.  In 1862 she was married to Timothy TRACEY, and they moved to Clinton about 15 years later, where she has since lived.  Her husband died five years ago.

She is survived by six of her children, as follows: Mrs. Josephine CULLY, Mrs. Mame DUFFY, Mrs. Margaret CROLLY, Miss Julia, John J. and William, all of Clinton.


Emily Tracy, 38, b. 1857 Ireland, single, (d. of William Tracy & Eliza Ewing) married Eugene Parker, 37, b. 1858 Connecticut  (s. of Andrew F. Parker & Martha Butter) 07 Nov 1895 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


Mary Tracy Costigan  (b. 18 Dec 1856  ...town, Ireland d. 05 Jul 1932 Carbondale, Jackson, Illinois)  (d. of Will Tracy b.  Ireland & Ann Russel b. Ireland) 

Occupation: housework 

Residence: ... (perhaps Cherry) 

Spouse: James Costigan 

Burial Date: 07 Jul 1932 Anna, Union, Ill. 


Michael Tracey b. 21 Aug 1850 Ireland (s. of William Preacy [Treacy] & Katharine Whelan both b. Ireland) d. 13 Jul 1909 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age:        59

Marital Status:       Married

Occupation:           R. R. Foreman

Address:                4245 Leidy Ave

Cemetery:              St Denis Cemetery


William Tracey, father of Elizabeth Tracey 

Richard Hanley abt 1830 of Ellice Co. Perth - Note: Roman Catholic

Elizabeth Tracey abt 1841


1.   William b. 1857 - (sent to live with a Connelly family in Peel)

2.   Michael abt. 1861 - baptized in Stratford Ont- (sent to live with a different Connelly family in Peel)

3.   Ellen abt. 1860 - (sent to live with the John O'Grady abt 1820 family of Peel)

4.   John b. 1864 - baptized in Stratford Ont.

Here is Ellen's wedding announcement:

11601-78 Jacob WENTZ, 21, cooper, Galt Ont., Elmira, s/o Jacob WENTZ & Mary BRONTE, married Ellen HANLEY, 19, Stratford Ont., Peel twp., d/o Richard HANLEY & Elizabeth TRACEY, witn: William TRACEY of Peel twp. & Caroline WENTZ of Elmira, 8 Jan 1878 at Macton

Elizabeth died between 1864 and 1871 as the children were all split up.  Any info would be appreciated.

I did find that the Tracey and Connelly family were early settlers to a place in Canada in Wellington County called Macton.

St. Joseph's Church, Macton, is entirely rural, and stands in the Township of Peel, Wellington County, on the northern boundary line of Wellesley Township, about three miles northeast of Linwood, now its nearest railway station, and about twenty miles northwest of Berlin. About three miles east there is Wallenstein, another railway station and a small village.

The district was settled somewhat later than St. Clement's, mostly by Irish people. Among the early settlers were, in Wellesley : The Connollys, 'Neils, McCardles, O'Donnells, Traceys, Raffertys, Barnes, Nolands, Doughertys, Hayes, Gibbons, McGoeys, Ryans, Nagles, Short, Kennedys, Malloys, Connors, Lanaghans, Farrells, etc.

rory.griffith@sasktel.net rory.griffith@sasktel.net 13 December 2012

1851 Census Peel Twp, Wellington


















































Mrs Ann Tracy (d. of David Mulhollan) m. Archibald Richardson 1729 to 1735 (Swanzy Mss)





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