Honor Lilbush Wingfield Tracy (1913-1989)





Honor Lilbush Wingfield Tracy was born on October 19, 1913 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England, the daughter of a dental surgeon Horace Ernest Humphrey Tracy and artist Chrystabel May Clare Miller. She had one sister and two brothers. She was educated privately and at the Grove School in London, Madchenscochschule Dresden Germany and she spent two years at the Sorbonne studying French civilization. In later years, she lived much of her life in rural Ireland, in Achill Island, County Mayo. She was married in 1938 to Rudolph C Liebmann, whom she divorced and had no children. She died 13th June 1989 in a nursing home in Oxford, England, 75 years of age.


She started her career as an assistant in a London publishing house. She then became Foreign reader to Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer’s London office. During the war she did intelligence work in the British Women's Auxiliary Air Force from 1939 to 1941, rising to sergeant, and was a specialist on Japan in London's Ministry of Information from 1941 to 1945.


After the war, she spent two years in Dublin where she was worked for Sean O'Faolain, subsequently her lover, on the Irish Digest. She was also an editorial assistant with The Bell. In 1947, she went to France and then roamed East Europe for the Observer. In 1948 she went to Japan for eight months and on her return to Ireland wrote ‘Kakemono’, an account of her travels there. She then became a newspaper correspondent in Dublin.


She was a correspondent for The Observer, then The Sunday Times and was a longtime contributor of talks and features for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). She was a renowned travel writer, columnist and novelist, who satirized Irish and English society. Her best novels were hailed by reviewers for wittily dissecting the nonsense in which people allow themselves to be immersed. With astringent mockery, she revelled in lampooning false pretensions, snobbery and intellectual muddles.


Reviewers and readers repeatedly praised Miss Tracy's incisive travel accounts, particularly those from Japan, Spain and the West Indies, and her newspaper columns in The Sunday Times of London, The Daily Telegraph and other papers.


In 1950, she returned to Ireland, and on her leaving after six months, the Irish Times “An Irishman’s Diary”, described her as “a nice person, full of intelligence and with a delicious sense of humour” and also described her as “a Roman catholic of Irish extraction”. During her stay, she had been writing articles for the Sunday Times. The article concludes with the hope that she will not write a book about the Irish.


In April 1954, she won considerable damages from The Sunday Times for impugning her journalistic integrity in conceding a libel case passed on her true reportage on the number of priests in Ireland. The newspaper had published her account of a Canon O'Connell's attempt to raise funds for a parish house in Doneraile, Co. Cork. O'Connell took exception and the Sunday Times printed an apology, paying £750 to charity. Tracy in turn sued the Sunday Times for damaging her professional integrity by acting without her permission. She eventually won £3,000 and costs in the London high court. Justice Glyn-Jones instructed an English jury that:


"Her views were that there were too many priests, and that they lived on a scale which was quite disproportionately high, having regard to the comparative poverty of the majority of their parishioners; and that, in fact, too much money was being taken from the pockets of the poor to pay for so many priests to live on the standard on which they did live." (8/4/54)


In August 1954, in a portrait piece in the Irish Times, she was described as “a brilliant linguist (she speaks French, German, Russian, Italian and some Japanese)”. The article also states that “Nobody can deny her courage. It takes some courage for an individual journalist to take the financial and professional risk of launching legal action against a great newspaper.”


Her specialty in more than a dozen novels was mocking English-Irish antagonisms. Her third novel, ‘The Prospects Are Pleasing’ (1958), included this exchange between Tommy, an Irishman, and Felix, an Englishman:


''No wonder your empire is crumbling,'' Tommy said. ''Empires do,'' replied Felix cheerfully. ''It's a little way of theirs. Be glad you never got one.'' ''Who says we didn't?'' said Tommy angrily. ''Our empire is spiritual and intellectual and extends all over the world. It existed already when you fellows were running about painted blue. Yours was a little tinpot affair of guns and Bibles and trade.''


In an interview, Miss Tracy remarked, “If something interests, pleases or amuses me, I imagine it may do the same for other people and I try to pass it on. Also, I have an orderly mind, and writing is a sort of tidying up and clarifying of life.”


Harold H. Watts, quoted in the 1972 book ‘Contemporary Novelists’, concluded that “her novels are designed to be read with a glass of sherry in the hand, preferably in the company of persons as basically sensible as the ideal reader of Miss Tracy's work.”



Honor Tracey 1953





Her travel works included:


Kakemono: A Sketchbook of Postwar Japan (Methuen/New York, Coward-McCann, 1950)

Silk hats and no breakfast (Random House 1958) a journey from Algeciras to the Basque country

Spanish Leaves (Methuen/Random House, 1964)

Winter in Castille (Eyre methuen, 1973, Random House 1974)

The Heart of England (London, Hamish Hamiliton, 1983).


Her Irish books included:


Mind You, I’ve Said Nothing (London Methuen 1953), with sketches of Behan, Smyllie, et al., comically scathing both the Irish and Anglo-Irish, and characterised as ‘brilliant and unjust book’ by Louis MacNeice

The Straight and Narrow Path (1956), a rowdy Irish farce;

The Prospects Are Pleasing (Random House 1958)


Her novels included:


The Deserters (1954)

A Number of Things (London: Methuen; NY, Random House 1960)

A Season of Mists (London: Methuen; NY: Random House 1961)

The First Day of Friday (London: Methuen; NY: Random House 1963)

Men at Work (London: Methuen; NY: Random House 1966)

The Beauty of the World (London: Methuen; NY: Random House 1967)

Settled in Chambers (London: Methuen; NY: Random House 1967)

Butterflies of the Province (NY: Random House; London: Eyre Methuen 1970)

The Quiet End of Evening (NY: Random House; London: Eyre Methuen 1972)

In a Year of Grace (Random House 1975)

The Man from Next Door (Random House 1977)

The Ballad of Castle Reef (Random House 1980)




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RKP 19/7

Title:    Letters to and from Honor Tracy

Contents: letters between George Routledge & Sons Ltd (later Routledge & Kegan Paul) and Tracy concerning and including her reader's reports on the possible publication of English translations of 3 titles by Henry de Montherlant, Service inutile, Les jeunes filles, Pitié pour les femmes.

Date:   1937

Held by:          University of Reading: Special Collections


RKP 75/7

Title:    Letters to and from Honor Tracy

Contents: correspondence between George Routledge & Sons Ltd. (later Routledge) and Honor Tracy relating to the translation and publishing of Bart de Ligt's 'Pour vaincre sans violence', subsequently published as Conquest of violence: an essay on war and revolution / by Bart de Ligt; translated by Honor Tracy; with an introduction by Aldous Huxley, London: Routledge, 1937, and originally published as Pour vaincre sans violence: réflexions sur la guerre et la revolution, Paris: G. Mignolet & Storz, 1935; details of her fee and agreement for translation; mentions delay in receiving material from de Ligt; problems with author's translations; also mentions rewriting and additions made by author while at proof stage; includes 2 letters from Bart de Ligt to Tracy; also reference to music books for children by Sydney Harrison, introduced to Routledge by Honor Tracy.

Date:   1937

Held by:          University of Reading: Special Collections


RKP 59/14

Title:    Letters to and from Bart de Ligt


Contents: letters between George Routledge & Sons Ltd (later Routledge & Kegan Paul) and Ligt concerning an agreement to publish the English translation of his book Conquest of violence. Includes a report by his literary agent, John Rodker; letters from the translator, Honor Tracy; letters from the proof reader and indexer, Archibald L. Clarke; a list of persons to whom complimentary copies should be sent; production correspondence with the printers; a prospectus for Ligt's book La paix créatrice.

Date:   1937-1938.

Held by:          University of Reading: Special Collections


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Title:    General publishing correspondence 1938-1939 To-Tre

Contents: correspondence between George Routledge & Sons Ltd. and A. Todd; Colonel Todd; W. Tokon; Mary M. Tompkins; A.E. Toombs; The Torch; Toronto Star Weekly; T'oung Pao; Towarzystno Wydawnicze; J.R. Towers; Richmond Towers. Ltd.; Town and County Councillor; Ernest Townley; Town Planning Review; Kenneth A. Townsend; Walter Townsend; Toynbee Hall; F.M. Tozer; Herbert Tracey; Honor Tracy; Canadian Department of Trade and Commerce; National Trade Union Club; V. Transfield; W.E. Tratman; Travel Log; John Trevelyan; A.A. Trever; Fratelli Treves Editoria; Libreria Internazionale Fratelli Treves; Daphne Trevor.

Date:   1938

Held by: University of Reading: Special Collections


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Title:    General publishing correspondence 1939-1940 Tr-Tw

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Date:   1939

Held by:          University of Reading: Special Collections


Herbert Mitgang collection of papers, 1967-1975. New York Library

Manuscript box (Tracy)     

Tracy, Honor. Letters to 1967 - 1975 corr. out (1 folder ) With replies and articles contributed to The New York Times


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Family Notes:


1. John Rain (or Wren?) Tracy

Birth: Abt 1760-1775 in Kent?, England?

Death: in Kent or Middlesex?, England?

Marriage 1 Catherine (Wingfield or Wingsfield?) b: 1770 ? in Kent?, England?


1.1 John Tracy

Birth: Abt 1798 in Rochester, Kent, England

Death: 1873 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Marriage 1 Mary Fife b: Abt 1805 in Lambeth, Surrey, England


1.1.1 George Wingfield Tracy

Birth: 5 Oct 1832 in Lambeth, Surrey, England

Christening: 3 Nov 1834 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Death: 1883 age 50 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

Burial: Campbells Creek / Castlemaine?

Marriage 1 Mary Jane Hunton b: Abt 1821-1828 in Yorkshire?, England c: 24 Jun 1821 ? in Loftus?

Married: 1859 in St Mark's, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia


1.2 William Tracy

Birth: 18 Apr 1808 in Strood, Kent, England

Christening: 15 May 1808 St Nicholas

Death: 25 Sep1883 in Walworth, Surrey, England

Marriage 1 Caroline Wansell b: Abt 1802-1804 in Walworth, Surrey, England c: 15 Oct 1802 ? in St Pancras, Camden, London? Married: 23 May 1824 in St Mary, Newington, Surrey Separated


1.2.1 Thomas Wingfield or Winkfield Tracy

Birth: 25 Dec 1829 in Kent or London, England

Christening: 5 Jul 1837 Walworth, Surrey

Death: in South Africa or England or USA?

Marriage 1 Mary Flannigan b: Abt 1838 in Co Clare or Limerick, Ireland. Married: 1856 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia deserted 1869


Has No ChildrenThomas Henry Tracy b: 28 Feb 1857 in Dunolly (near Maryborough), Victoria, Australia

Has No ChildrenMary Ann Jane 'Minnie' Tracy b: 4 Jul 1858 in Dunolly (near Maryborough), Victoria, Australia

Has No ChildrenCaroline Louisa 'Carrie' Tracy b: 28 Nov 1861 in Dunolly (near Maryborough), Victoria, Australia

Has ChildrenMargaret Honora Tracy b: 26 Oct 1865 in Dunolly (near Maryborough), Victoria, Australia


details supplied by Ross Dyall - beammeup"AT"iprimus.com.au



John Rain Tracy & Catherine

William Tracy b. 15 May 1808 Strood Near Rochester, Kent, England (LDS)

Martha Tracy b. 15 May 1808 Strood, Kent, England (LDS)

George Bakewell Tracy b. 15 May 1808 Strood, Kent, England


Thomas Wingfield Tracy b.c. 1799 d. 1883

Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington, Hackney, London

Tracey, Thomas Wingfield, died 21 may 1883, age 84 years

Thomas Wingfield Tracy Death Apr-May-Jun 1883 London City, age 84, b. 1799


Thomas Wingfield Tracy & Mary Ann

Thomas Wingfield Tracy b. 11 Aug 1826 St. Luke, West Norwood Lambeth, Surrey

John Ibbetson Tracy b. 9 Sep 1827 Saint John The Evangelist,Lambeth,Surrey

Henry George Tracy b. 16 Nov 1828 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London

Ann Tracey b. 25 Feb 1830 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London

Mary Tracy b. 11 Jul 1832 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London

Alice Tracy b. 27 Oct/4 Dec 1839 St Botolph Bishopsgate, London

Frank Anthony Tracy b. 6 Nov/8 Dec 1843 Christ Church,Southwark,London


1861 Census - St Mary Le Strand, London

Mary Ann Tracy            Wife    F          60        Brighton, Sussex, married

John J Tracy       Son      M         32        , London, Ivory Carock Master

Henry G Tracy   Son      M         29        , London, Ivory Carock Master

Anne Tracy        Daughter         F          28        , London, Ivory Carock Master

Mary Tracy        Daughter         F          27        , London, Ivory Carock Master

Alice Tracy        Daughter         F          20        , Surrey, Ivory Carock Master

Frank A Tracy   Son      M         17        , London, Ivory Carock Master

Lord Jas Tracy   Son      M         15        , London, Engine Smith


John Ibbetson Tracy married Ellen Baxendale Jul-Aug-Sep 1862 Halifax, Yorkshire


6th January 1864 Patent

40. John Ibbetson Tracy, and Henry George Tracy, of St. John Street, Clerkenwell, in the County of Middlesex, Manufacturers in Ivory, for an invention for-" Improvements in the construction of umbrellas, parasols and sunshades, part of which improvements is applicable to whips, canes and other like articles.” Provisional protection only.


Henry G Tracy married Eliza Tucker Jul-Aug-Sep 1866 Kensington, London


1871 Census - St John At Hackney, London

John Tracey       Head   M         42        London, Ivory Turner

Ellin Tracey       Wife    F          34        London

Henry Tracey     Brother            M         41        London, married, Ivory Turner

Eliza Tracey       Sister   F          29       

Harry Tracey      Son      M         2          Hackney

Tracey                F          1          Hackney

Maria Dukes      Servant            F          16        Wiltshire


Lord James Tracy married Marie Elizabeth Garton Jul-Aug-Sep 1875 Exeter Devon

James Lord Tracy & Marie Elizabeth

James Tracy b. 2 Feb 1876 St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset

Rodney Lionel Tracy b. 1 Aug 1877 St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset

Charles Reginald Tracy b. 11 Sep 1878 All Saints, Dorchester, Dorset [died 1878?]

Harold Wingfield Tracy b. 2 Dec 1879 St. Peter's, Dorchester, Dorset


1881 Census - Nursery Road, Fordington, Dorset

Lord J Tracy         Head   M         35        Tooting, Surrey, England, Mechanical Engineer Employing 6 Men & 7 Apprentices

Marie E Tracy      Wife    F          27        Exeter, Devon, England

James Tracy          Son      M         5          Dorchester, Dorset, England

Rodney L Tracy   Son      M         3          Dorchester, Dorset, England

Harold W Tracy   Son      M         1          Dorchester, Dorset, England

Vivian B Tracy     Son      M         0          Dorchester, Dorset, England

Kate Fudge          Servant            F          16        Ansty, Dorset, England


1891 Census - Grecian Street, Broughton, Lancashire

Jas Tracey             Head   M         46        Surrey, England, Engineer Manager

Maria E Tracey     Wife    F          36        Devonshire, England

James Tracey        Son      M         15        Dorsetshire, England, Boy Clerk

Rodney Tracey     Son      M         13        Dorsetshire, England

Harold Tracey      Son      M         11        Dorsetshire, England

Violet Tracey       Daughter         F          5          Lancashire, England


James Tracy, 24 years Estate Clerk Bachelor of 33, Symons Street, Gt. Cheetham St. Higher Broughton (s. of Lord James Tracy, Engineer) married Mary Alice Willox Thwaites, 31 Years Spinster of 17, Boothroydon (d. of James William Thwaites, (deceased), Cotton Manufacturer) Wit: George William Hellawell; William Firby; Willox Cookson Thwaites; James Henry Thwaites on the 7 Apr 1900 St Paul, Blackpool, Lancashire, England


1901 Census - Brownhill Gardens, Lewisham, London, Middlesex

Lord J Tracy         Head   M         55        Mitcham, Surrey, Mechanical Engineer's Draughtsman

Marie E Tracy      Wife    F          45        Exeter, Devonshire

Violet E Tracy      Daughter         F          14        Manchester, Lancashire


1881 Census - Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London,Middlesex

Henry G Tracy   Head   M         52        London, Middlesex, England, Manufacturer In Ivory Employing 22 Men 15 Boys

Eliza Tracy         Wife    F          39        London, Middlesex, England

Harry H Tracy   Son      M         12        Hackney, Middlesex, England

Duncan P Tracy             Son      M         6          Hackney, Middlesex, England

Ellen M Tracy    Daughter         F          3          Hackney, Middlesex, England

Walter S Tracy   Son      M         1          Hackney, Middlesex, England

Charlotte H Banister     Boarder           F          33        St Becks, Middlesex, England, Clerk Manufact

Matilda Amblett            Servant            F          38        St Lukes, Middlesex, England


1891 Census - Shacklewell Lane, St Marks Dalston, Hackney, London

Henry G Tracy   Head   M         62        London, England, Ivory Turner

Eliza Tracy         Wife    F          49        London, England

Harry H Tracy   Son      M         22        London, England, Ivory Turner

Ronald Tracy     Son      M         20        London, England, Ivory Turner

Norman Tracy    Son      M         18        London, England,       Engineers Apprentice Bridge Builder

Duncan Tracy    Son      M         16        London, England

Ellen M Tracy    Daughter         F          13        London, England

Walter Tracy      Son      M         11        London, England

Nora Tracy         Daughter         F          8          London, England

Stanley Tracy     Son      M         6          London, England

Charlotte H Banister     Boarder           F          43        London, England, Book Keeper

Matilda Hamblet           Servant            F          48        London, England

Charlotte Banister         Boarder           F          66        Norfolk, England, widow, Living On Her Own Means


The Dentists Register

Duncan Powerscourt Tracey, 14 City Road, London ECI, Jan 7 1899, L.D.S. R.C.S. Eng. 1898


Norman Tucker Tracy (Great Britain) v. United Mexican States

15 February 1930 VOLUME V pp. 90-95

Nations Unies - United Nations 2006

1. The facts on which the British Government in their memorial base the claim are the following:

Mr. Tucker Tracy was employed as manager of the Compania Minera Jesûs Maria y Anexas S.A. Mines and Hacienda at San José de Gracia, Sin., Mexico. On the 16th May, 1913, a .303 Winchester carbine with 100 cartridges and on the 30th May a .3 Luger automatic pistol with 100 cartridges were delivered personally to Melquides Melendez under threat of search and confiscation. It was impossible to obtain a receipt for them. In May 1913 the Constitutionalist forces occupied the mine after the Federal forces which had been garrisoning the town had been dislodged, and disposed of a quantity of precipitate of cyanide, valued at $ 35,000. They were obliged by Federal troops to evacuate the place after a few days. On the 3rd June, 1913, when the Federal garrison announced its intention of withdrawing from the town for the second time, Mr. Tracy considered it prudent to remove himself and his family to a place of greater safety. When he returned in January 1914 he discovered that a saddle mule, three horses and equipment, part of the household effects and almost all the clothing had been lost.

At the end of November 1913 the mine was seized with the aid of military forces by persons commissioned by the Constitutionalist Government of the State of Sinaloa and in February 1914 the administration was taken over by the Constitutional Federal Government. There was no reason in accordance with the civil laws operating at the time that might be offered as a pretext for the seizure of the Company's properties. There was no previous warning nor civil legal proceedings prior to the seizure. The property was returned to the Company on the 1st September, 1916. Mr. Tracy was refused permission to continue his employment as manager of the mine during the time the Government authorities had control. He consequently lost the salary which he would have earned during this period (annex 4). Information of the salary which Mr. Tracy would have earned is given in the affidavi t signed by Miguel Tarriba, then president of the Company (annex 2).

The amount of the claim is 510 Mexican pesos for the objects and animals which he lost, plus 14,403.68 dollars, United States currency, for the loss of salary, and interest...


1930 Census - Mocorito, Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico

Norman T Tracy               Male    55a      London England, Engineer Mining, Prileral

Olalla V De Tracy                        Female 48a      Chihuahua, Married both Civilly and in the Church, Catolica

Otilia Tracy                      Female 18a      Chihuahua, Catolica

Olalla Tracy                      Female 17a      Chihuahua, Catolica

Eleonora Tracy                 Female 16a      Sinaloa, Catolica

Henry Tracy                     Male    11a      Sinaloa, Catolica

Margot Tracy                   Female 9a        Sinaloa, Catolica

Emma Tracy                     Female 8a        Durango, Catolica


Norman Furker Tracy





Stations of the cross, from the series "Vía dolorosa", 1981, Unsigned, Pigments, blood and wooden sticks on canvas on relief cardboard



"Mujer Xochimilca" 1989




Miguel Ángel Velázquez Tracy (1935 - 2016)


The last brushstroke of Miguel Ángel Velázquez Tracy

One of the symbols of the culture of Mocorito dies, a municipality once known as the 'Athens of Sinaloa'

Mocorito had a great time, the boom came with the train and with the train he left, but in those years of halves of the 20th Century, the people with dreams of greatness were born poets, painters and great musicians, and among the muralists Miguel Ángel Velázquez Tracy left his mark.

Juan Avilés Ochoa, director of the Municipal Institute of Culture of Culiacán and originally from Mocorito, recalled the roots of the recently deceased painter, creator of the shield of that municipality that saw him born.

"Micky Velázquez, as he is known here in Mocorito by members of his generation and those of us who are later, was the son of one of the most deeply rooted families here. He belongs to the Velázquez family who were public servants for a long time in the City Council of Mocorito, "he recalled.

For the Tracy, he said, comes from a character who came to Mocorito during El Porfiriato, an Englishman named Norman Tracy who came with a mining company, relatives of the mother of the Sinaloan sculptor and muralist.

The artist's mother, Olalla Tracy, was a teacher, poet and shared good manners classes, and her father, Miguel Ángel Velázquez, of family roots in the region.

"Micky studied with people representing muralism, sculpture and painting in Mexico. He studied with important plastic arts figures such as Erasto Cortés, who is one of the top representatives of the plastic arts in Mexico, studied sculpture with Federico Canessi, who in turn collaborated with Siqueiros ".

He emphasized his passage through Difocur as assistant director (now Sinaloan Institute of Culture) at the end of the 70s, where he also taught some Plastic Arts workshops.

Among other things, he stressed, is the creator of the shields of Mocorito and Badiraguato, created in 1974 and 1978, respectively.

"His work is present in many states of the Republic, large-scale works in both painting and sculpture that were its strengths in Michoacán, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Monterrey and even in the United States, I have reference."

In Mocorito, he recalled, he was awarded the Granito de Oro Award for his outstanding work in art.

Although he did not have the opportunity to talk with him, Avilés Ochoa met some of his children and relatives who lived in his hometown.



Painter and sculptor. He was born in Mocorito, Sin. He studied with teachers Federico Canessi, Erasto Cortez Juárez and Nicolás Moreno. He is a founding member of Northwest cultural and plastic associations. In 1977 he was deputy director of Development and Regional Culture of the Government of the State of Sinaloa. In 1978 he directed the Plastic Arts Workshop of Difocur. He has given conferences and courses on history and art in various forums of the Republic. His first solo exhibition, El reto, dates from 1955 at the Asociación Civil Prometeo in Culiacán. He has made around fifty individual exhibitions in different art forums and participated in multiple collective exhibitions. One of the most recent was made in 1996, called Painting mural 96 in the Gallery of Mexican Art in Guadalajara, Jal. He has large-scale work in painting, sculpture and picto-sculpture in cities of Sinaloa, Michoacán, Guanajuato, Quintana Roo, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. Also in the United States and Canada.



Stations of the cross, de la serie Vía dolorosa, 1981
Sin firma
Pigmentos, sangre y palitos de madera sobre telas sobre cartón en relieve
Exhibido en: "Vía dolorosa", muestra presentada en la Galería Pecanins en la Ciudad de México en 1981.
Con etiqueta de Galería Pecanins.
Presenta detalles de conservación.
"Vía dolorosa" fue una exposición inspirada en los festejos de Semana Santa en México. Además de esta muestra, Michael Tracy ha trabajado sobre temáticas relacionadas con la muerte y la religiosidad en México. En el año de 1979 realizó su primera exhibición en el país que llevó por nombre "Homenaje a México".
"[…] la exposición de Tracy consta de doce retablos representativos del Vía Crucis basados en la forma que en el siglo XIV les dio el pintor italiano Ambrosio Lorezetti; cuatro cuadros dedicados a la Resurrección de Cristo elaborados con pintura, papel y tela mexicana […]". Adriana Malvido.
Fuentes consultadas: MALVIDO, Adriana. "La exposición Vía dolorosa, del estadounidense M. Tracy, dedicada a monseñor Oscar A. Romero". México. Uno más uno, 15 de abril de 1981.



1901 Census - Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, London

Henry Tracey     Head   M         72        St Lukes, London, Umbrella Handle Manufacturer

Eliza Tracey       Wife    F          59        St Ann'S, London

Ronald Tracey   Son      M         30        Hackney, London, Umbrella Handle Manufacturer

Ellen Tracey       Daughter         F          23        Hackney, London

Walter Tracey    Son      M         21        Hackney, London, Engineers Fitter

Norah Tracey     Daughter         F          18        Hackney, London

Stanley Tracey   Son      M         15        Hackney, London

Charlotte Bannister       Visitor             F          76        Illington, Norfolk, Living On Own Means

Alice Bottle       Servant            F          21        Hackney, London


1901 Census - Hale End Road, Walthamstow, Essex

John J Tracy       Head   M         73        Surrey, Retired Own Means

Ellen Tracy        Wife    F          65        Yorkshire

Florence Blackburn       Servant            F          27        Walthamstow, Essex


1902 Journal of the Society of Arts

J. I. Tracy.— Mr. John Ibbetson Tracy died at his residence at Walthamstow on the 7th inst. at the age of 75. He took a considerable interest in the local affairs of Walthamstow where he had resided for the last 25 years, and had been for six years a member of the School Board. Mr. Tracy was elected a member of the Society of Arts in 1855 and was a frequent attender at the...

John Ibbetson Tracy died Jul-Aug-Sep 1902 West Ham, Essex, England, age 75


December 31, 1915 List of Shareholders in the Chartered Banks of the Dominion of Canada

Harry Hamilton Tracy

Ronald Wingfield Tracy

Duncan Powerscourt Tracy


Harry Hamilton Tracy, recorded as a gold and stick mounter as well as well as a gold and silver worker, continued a business, which was begun by Thomas Walker. The latter was listed in 1841 as a jeweller and whip mounter based at Buttesland Street, Hoxton New Town. Thomas Walker’s business then became known as ‘U. & T. Walker’, which was continued by Thomas Walker (probably junior), recorded at Finsbury London in 1885. On the latter’s death the firm was taken over by Henry Tracy who was recorded at 64 Moorgate Street London in 1897 and at Foskett Works, Shacklewell Lane in Dalston as a manufacturer in ivory. Following Henry Tracy’s death the business was continued by Harry Hamilton Tracy, who worked firstly under the name of ‘Henry Tracy’ (1890 - circa 1904) and thereafter up until 1916 as ‘Henry Tracy & Sons’, when he was partnered by Ronald Wingfield Tracy (who was presumably his son).


Tracy tray.jpg


A fine late Victorian silver tray by Harry Hamilton Tracy of oval form with gadrooned rim and foliage at intervals and similarly ornamented handles, with an inner scalloped border enclosing an elaborately engraved decoration with scrolling motifs, flowers and foliage issuing from a plain central oval medallion
Sheffield, dated 1901
Fully hallmarked. Length with handles 70 cm, width 45 cm.







Henry Tracy & Sons


(registered Dec 1904)

Harry Hamilton Tracy & Ronald Wingfield Tracy trading as Henry Tracy & Sons, stick mounters, Moorgate Street, London & Foskett Works, Shacklewell Lane, London

From 1904 until 1912 Harry Hamilton Tracy traded alone as "Henry Tracy"



John Tracy & Mary [Fife] Tracy

George Wingfield Tracy birth 5 Oct 1832 bapt. 3 Nov 1834 Whiting Street Independent [Chapel], Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Deaths in the district of THE LODDON, 1883. [Australia Gold Fields]

TRACY George Wingfield - aged 50yrs, native of Suffolk, England. parents: John TRACY & Mary FIFE.



George Wingfield Tracy [this is an error that he was the brother of Richard Thomas Tracy]

Sketcher and gold-digger, was born in Ireland, a son of Thomas Tracy, gentleman, and Elizabeth, née Coghlan. He presumably came to Adelaide with his brother, Dr Richard Thomas Tracy (1826-74), and accompanied him when Richard formed a small party (including James Bonwick) to travel to Victoria from Adelaide on news of the discovery of gold. Castlemaine was the first field they prospected and George Wingfield's only known art works are four small, naive paintings of the Castlemaine goldfields: My Tent, 1852, Diamond Gully, 1853, McIvor, 1854 and Anderson's Creek, New Caledonia 1855 (Pioneers and Old Residents Association, Castlemaine). Although Richard Tracy soon gave up the life of a digger, George Wingfield obviously persisted for some time.


My Tent, 1852

Diamond Gully, 1853

McIvor, 1854

Anderson's Creek, New Caledonia, 1855



George Wingfield Tracy's house at Castlemaine



1866-67 Directory of Victoria

Tracy, C.W. [GW?] dentist, Hargreaves st


George Wingfield Tracy, Dentist Castlemaine, Victoria, 22 July 1878 to 1889?

Humphrey Wingfield Tracy, Dentist, 6, Hatter street, Bury St. Edmonds, 1878-1889?

The Dentists register




My Tent Fryers 1852




Diamond Gully 1853



Mt McIvor 1854



Ambour Creek 1855



Drawings by George Wingfield Tracy

held by the Pioneers and Old Residents Association Castlemaine

in Miner's Cottages of the Goldfields of Mount Alexander




1841 Census - Saint Stephen. Ipswich, Suffolk

John Tracy, b. 1801

Mary Tracy, b. 1806

Mary Tracy, b. 1821 Scotland

John Tracy, b. 1826

Nathaniel Tracy, b. 1828

Samuel Tracy, b. 1830

George Tracy, b. 1834

Anthony Tracy, b. 1836

Jesse Tracy, b. 1838

Agnes Tracy, b. 1840


Samuel William Tracy

1830 - c.1872

Samuel William Tracy or Tracey, his name is found spelled both ways even in RIBA membership lists, but ‘Tracy’ predominates, was born at Lambeth on 5 June 1830 and baptised at Surrey Chapel, Blackfriars Road, Southwark on 13 January 1832, son of John Tracy, a surgeon, and his wife Mary. By 1841, John and Mary with their eight children, have moved to Upper Brook Street, Ipswich and in 1851 Samuel was a 20 year old student living on Whitton Road, Ipswich with two of his sisters, Mary and Jessie and may have gone to Norwich in 1854 from where he sought election as Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. By 1861 a 29 year old architect and surveyor living at 9 Hungerford Street, St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster with an office at Bedford Chambers, 28 Southampton Street, London. As well as architecture, he designed church furnishings for Cox and Co in the mid-1860s and did the plans for the restoration of Whatlington church, Surrey in 1862, a church of which he did an oil painting. In 1871 he emigrated to Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, where in the same year the Canadian census shows him living alone with his brother, a farmer. He last appears in the RIBA membership list in 1872 and the only person in Canada of the name in the 1881 census was living at Niagara. If the same, he had not prospered, for he is described as a labourer.



Miss Jessie Fife Tracy

1839 - 1895

Born at Ipswich in 1839, daughter John Tracy, a dental surgeon, and his wife Mary Isabella. In 1841 John and his wife were living at Upper Brook Street, Ipswich with their eight children. One of a family of local artists in 1851 she was living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with her 20 year old brother John as head of the family with 28 year sister Mary as housekeeper with her parents absent. In 1861 the family were living at 16 Tacket Street, Ipswich with John a dental surgeon with three of his sons in the business. She was still living at home in 1871 but in 1881 was a private governess at Downe Court, Down, Kent. A painter in oil and watercolour of landscapes and flowers and a member of Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1879 exhibiting at least ten works 1880-1893 including watercolours 'Pink Azealas' (1890), 'November Sunset, Butter Market' (1891) and 'Framlingham Castle' (1893). In 1891 living on her own account 'amateur artist' living at 98 Christchurch Street, Ipswich where she died, unmarried, in 1895. Her sisters were Agnes and Jessie [q.v.]



1851 Census - Saint Stephen. Ipswich, Suffolk

John Tracey, b. 1799

Mary Tracey, b. 1805

John Tracey, b. 1824

Nathaniel Tracey, b. 1829

George Tracey, b. 1833

Anthony W Tracey, b. 1838

Joseph W Tracey, b.   1842

1851 Census -St Matthews, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Mary Tracy/Tracey, b. 1823

Samuel Tracy/Tracey,  b. 1831

Jessy Tracy/Tracey, b. 1839

Agnes Tracy/Tracey, b. 1841

Isabell Tracy/Tracey, b. 1844

Humfrey Tracy/Tracey, b. 1846


Miss Agnes Loveridge Tracy

1839 - 1924

Born at Ipswich in 1839, daughter John Tracy, a dental surgeon, and his wife Mary Isabella. In 1841 John and his wife were living at Upper Brook Street, Ipswich with their eight children. One of a family of local artists, in 1851 she was living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with her 20 year old brother John as head of the family, 28 year sister Mary as housekeeper with her parents absent. In 1861 the family were living at 16 Tacket Street, Ipswich with John, a dental surgeon together with three of his sons in the business. Agnes went to train in London and in 1871, a 27 year old artist, already deducting a few years from her age, staying with sculptor Henry Weekes (1807-1877) [q.v.] at 96 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster. Her father died at Ipswich in 1873, aged 75 and her mother two years later in 1875, aged 70, and in 1881 Agnes was an artist(painter) living at Oak Lodge, Christchurch Street, Ipswich with her artist(painter) sister Isabel [q.v.]. A watercolour landscape painter and a member of Ipswich Art Club 1879-1890 and a regular exhibitor showing thirty-four works, many local views including 'A Winter's View - Tuddenham Church' (1883) and 'Harwich from Felixstowe' (1893), she also exhibited at the Bury & West Suffolk Fine Art Society in 1882 'The Old Sailor Wife', 'Stoke Bridge, Ipswich' and a portrait. In 1911 she was living at 25 Roundwood Road, Ipswich 'private means' and died, unarried, at Ipswich in 1924, aged 84.



Isabel Martha Winfield Tracy

1843 - 1901

Born at Ipswich in 1843, daughter John Tracy, a dental surgeon, and his wife Mary Isabella. In 1841 John and his wife were living at Upper Brook Street, Ipswich with their eight children. One of a family of local artists in 1851 she was living at Whitton Road, Ipswich with her 20 year old brother John as head of the family with 28 year sister Mary as housekeeper with her parents absent. In 1861 the family were living at 16 Tacket Street, Ipswich with John a dental surgeon with three of his sons in the business. In 1861 a student living with the family at 16 Tacket Street, Ipswich where her father John had a substantial dental surgeon's business which included three of his sons. In 1871 a music governess at Carlton Lodge Academy, Iffley Road, Cowley, Oxford but ten years later a 35 [sic] year old artist(painter) living with sister Agnes Tracy [q.v.] at Christchurch Street, Ipswich. A watercolour painter of flowers and landscapes and although not a member of Ipswich Art Club exhibited 1880-1882, mostly flower studies but other titles included 'Treasures' and 'In the Fog' (1880) and she exhibited at the Bury & West Suffolk Fine Art Society in 1882 'Foxgloves'. She married at Ipswich in 1885, 69 year old widower Thomas Hayes, a retired architect, and he died at their home Shrub House, Foxhall Road, Ipswich in 1888, aged 72 and where Isabel died in 1901, aged 57.





Of the many public-spirited citizens of whom Lambton County can boast none, perhaps, has done more for the advancement of his section or is more widely known and beloved than Capt. John Tracy, of Enniskillen township. His life has been spent in many lands and he has seen many vicissitudes of fortune, but through it all he has remained essentially the same loyal, upright and useful citizen. He was born near London, in March, 1823, son of John and Mary (Fife) Tracy, natives of England and Scotland, respectively, who lived and died in England.

Capt. John Tracy was the eldest son, and was educated for the medical profession. After finishing his course in medicine he immigrated to Australia, and there was put in charge of the gold fields under the British government, a position which he retained three years. When the Crimean war broke out he received a commission in an Osmanli cavalry regiment and served in it to the close of the war in 1856. In December of that year he started for Canada, by way of Port land and Montreal, and then pressed on to Lambton County, where he bought land in Enniskillen township, and began to make his home. While developing his farm he also practiced medicine gratuitously among his neighbors, and was thus occupied until the discovery of oil in this section. Then he moved at once to Petrolia, and acted as land commissioner for various agencies in Canada and the United States. Such employment lasted twelve years, during which period he was a number of times elected to a place on the council of Petrolia, besides acting as school trustee. He was likewise one of the founders of the English Church in Petrolia, and was not only warden for some time but also filled other positions in the church. During his residence in Petrolia Capt. Tracy was instrumental in bringing the branch railroad as well as in securing many other improvements in the place. About 1880 he returned to his farm in Enniskillen township, and there engaged in oil producing on his own account, while he also leased and worked other lands near, and this has been his main interest ever since one. too, in which he has been very successful.

Capt. Tracy has been twice married, the first time to Miss Jane Cox, a native of England, who died in Petrolia, in 1868. No children were born to this union. His second marriage was to Miss Caroline Ramsden, daughter of John Ramsden, who came from Yorkshire, England, and settled at Blenheim, Kent County. The daughter was born and reared in the Canada home. She has been the mother of five children, all of whom received a fair education, mainly in the public schools of Petrolia. Agnes, the deceased wife of William Webb, of Lambton County, left no children. Mary married Simon Baker, an Englishman, and they with their two children, Caroline and John P., reside in Enniskillen township, where Mr. Baker is engaged in the oil business. John grew up in the Petrolia home and still resides in that town; he married Miss Josephine Bailey, of Lambton County, and they have two daughters, Dolly and Lucy C. Isabella, the fourth child of Capt. Tracy, married Thomas B. Mackey, and they reside with her father. Humphrey W. married Miss Mary Ennis, of Enniskillen township, and they have two children, George L. and Jessie May.

In his political ideas, Capt. Tracy has always been one of the old Conservative party. With a keen interest in the public welfare, he has always been active in municipal affairs, and during his residence in Petrolia held many official positions of trust and responsibility. In fraternal circles also he is a prominent figure and began his connection with such organizations before he left England. He joined the Masonic order there and belongs to the Grand Lodge, being one of the leading Masons of Petrolia, and has been the representative of his lodge from its organization, as well as being District Past Deputy Grand. In religious belief the Captain and his family are members of the Church of England in Petrolia, in which he has always taken an active interest, and where he has held many positions. For many years he has been one of the leading citizens of the township and of Petrolia and has made many warm friends throughout that section. None stands higher than he in the general esteem, and he is loved by all who know him for his kindly, genial nature. He does conveyancing for the convenience of his neighbors, and devotes most of his leisure to reading and drawing, being remarkably well read and quite accomplished as an artist. He has a number of oil paintings which he himself executed.

Commemorative biographical record of the county of Lambton, Ontario... : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens and many of the early settled families. J.H. Beers & Co. 1906


1881 Census - Enniskillen, Lambton, Ontario, Canada

John Tracy                               M         58y      England, farmer, Chur. of England

Caroline Tracy                         F          35y      Ontario

Agnus Caroline Tracy             F          12y      Ontario

Mary Catherine Tracy             F          10y      Ontario

John Tracy                               M         7y        Ontario

Isabella Wingfield Tracy         F          5y        Ontario

Humphrey Fife Tracy M         2y        Ontario

Mathew H. Dunham   M         52y      England




1861 Census - 3 St Margaret, St Stephen, Ipswich, Suffolk

John Tracy, 62, Head, b. Rochester, Kent 

Mary Tracy, 56, Wife, b. Lambeth, Surrey 

Mary C Tracy, 40, Daughter, b. Scotland 

Nathaniel Tracy, 31, Son, b. Lambeth, Surrey 

Anthony Tracy, 23, Son, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 

Jessie ... Tracy, 22, Daughter, b. Ipswich, Suffolk

Agnes L Tracy, 20, Daughter, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 

Joseph W Tracy, 18, Son, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 

Isabel M W Tracy, 17, Daughter, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 

Humphrey Tracy, 15, Son, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 


Mary Catherine Tracy. A Birthday Gift from Miss A.L. and T.M.W. Tracy [I.M.W.]

[N.p. 1864?]. Manuscript written in black ink, with illuminated headings and initials, seven full-page illustrations and a sketch of a village church. 8vo. [181 x 112 x 13 mm]. [4], 131 pp. Bound in the original green cloth, the front cover with the initials MCT in gilt. A charming birthday gift, and a real labour of love. The writer has signed the seven illustrations with her initials "A.L.T." and one is numbered "'64", which may be the date 1864. The work comprises six pieces: a short story "Every may be has its may not be" (68pp); a poem "We spend our years as a tale that is told", signed T.M.W.T. (2pp); "A Tale of Two" (26pp); "Light and Darkness. An Allegory" (10pp), with a verse at the end "Waiting for the Golden Days", signed A.L.T.; "The little Petunia", signed T.M.W.T. (11pp); "and Ripening for the Harvest" (8pp) also signed T.M.W.T. [Manuscript]


Now held at the University of Edinburgh.



31 July 1868 Exeter and Plymouth Gazette

Wingfiold Tracey, Esq., of Bury St. Edmond's. Suffolk, to Elizabeth Bateman, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Henry Michell, M.A., of Gresley Lodge, Croydon, and ...


Anthony Wingfield Tracy (s. of John Tracy) m. Elizabeth Bateman Michell (d. of Henry Michell) 23 Jul 1868 Croydon, Surrey, England


1871 Census - St Stephen, Suffolk, England

John Tracy       Head   M         72        Rochester, Kent, married, Retired Dentist

Mary Cabrin Tracy      Daughter         F          48        Holland, single

Jessie F Tracy Daughter         F          25        Ipswich, Suffolk, single

Ellen Nelson    Servant            F          19        Westminster, Middlesex


1871 Census - St Matthew Suffolk

self  Nathaniel Tracy  M 41 Lambeth, Surrey 

wife  Louisa Eliza Tracy  F 35 Burnham, Essex 

daughter  Louisa Agnes Tracy  F 7 Ipswich, Suffolk 

daughter  Maud Isabella Tracy  F 5 Ipswich, Suffolk 

son  Phillip Tracy  M 4 Ipswich, Suffolk 

daughter  Ada Helen Tracy  F 2 Ipswich, Suffolk 

daughter  Gertrude Sarah Tracy  F 0 Ipswich, Suffolk 

visitor  Sarah Ann Hagreen  F 25 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 

servant  Elizabeth Leggatt  F 18 Ipswich, Suffolk 

servant  Alexandra Wyard  F 17 Ipswich, Suffolk 


1871 Census - Bury St Edmunds

Household Gender Age Birthplace

self  Anthony W Tracy  M 33 Ipswich, Suffolk 

wife  Elizabeth B Tracy  F 27 Yorkshire 

mother  Mary Isabel Tracy  F 67 Lambeth, Surrey 

servant  Eliza Lyes  F 19 Higham, Suffolk 


1871 Census - St Margaret, Ipswich, Suffolk

Humphrey W Tracy, 25, head, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 


Humphrey Wingfield Tracy married Ann/Alice Eliza Wakes/Weekes Kensington London 1878


WEEKES, Alice Eliza

1854 - 1927

Born at Copthorne, Surrey in 1854, daughter of artist Henry Weekes (1807-1877) and his wife Eliza Alice née Burrows (or Burroughs), who married at Lambeth, London in 1849. Studied art and on the death of her father, her and her brother Percy Weekes [q.v.] seem to have come to Suffolk where she became a member and exhibitor at the Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1879. However she had married at Kensington, London in 1878 Humphrey Winfield Tracy, a dentist of Britannia Road, Ipswich and they moved to Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk. In 1891 Humphrey was a 45 year old dentist living at 6 Hatter Street, Bury St. Edmund's with his 35 [sic] year old wife and a 9 year old son Horace and a 4 year old daughter Dorothy, both born at Bury St. Edmund's, also living with them was 14 year old Lilian Weekes. Humphrey and Alice were still living at Hatter Street in 1911 but Humphrey died the following year, aged 66. Alice died in the Woodbridge district of Suffolk in 1927, aged 76.

Suffolk Painters http://www.suffolkpainters.co.uk/index.cgi?choice=painter&pid=1322


1881 Census - The Folly Tuddenham Road, Ipswich St Margaret, Suffolk, 

Household Gender Age Birthplace

head  Nathaniel Tracy  M 51 Lambeth, Surrey, England, Surgeon Dentist

wife  Louisa Eliza Tracy  F 45 Burnham, Essex, England 

daughter  Louisa Agnes Tracy  F 17 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 

daughter  Ada Helen Tracy  F 12 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 

son  Hugh Loveridge Tracy  M 6 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 

son  Nathaniel Tracy  M 3 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 

visitor  Sarah Anna Hagreen  F 35 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England 

visitor  Isabel K C Guest  F 23 Sunbury, Middlesex, England 

servant  Dora Miners  F 19 Probus, Cornwall, England 

servant  Elizabeth Mary Chittock  F 19 Michfield, Suffolk, England 


Hugh Loveridge Tracy

1874 - 1955

Born at Ipswich in 1874, eldest son and third child of Nathaniel Tracy, a dental surgeon, and his wife Louisa Eliza née Barnes, who married at Cambridge in 1862. In 1881 a 6 year old living at The Folly, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich with his parents, 51 year old Nathaniel and 45 year old Louisa, with his siblings, Louisa Agnes 17 [q.v.], Ada Helen 12 and Nathaniel 2. He took up his father's profession as a dental surgeon and married at St. Margaret's Westminster, London on 7 July 1910, Mary Kennedy Jordan, who was born at Howrah, Bengal, India on 5 October 1882. In 1911, a 37 year old dental surgeon living at 9 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich with his 28 year old wife Mary and kept three servants. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1915-1916. He died at Ipswich in 1955, aged 80 and his wife followed in 1961, aged 79.



1913 The School Dentists' Society Affiliated to the Child-Study Society


1900. TRACY, Hugh Loveridge, l.d.s.glas., 9 Lower Brook Street Ipswich. St. John’s Home, Ipswich.


Hugh Wingfield Tracy, of Emmanuel College, Cambridge and of Tyre House, Branford (19) only son of Major H-L-T-, of Scamford, Suffolk, dental surgeon, Called 17 Nov., 1939.

Register of admissions to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, from the fifteenth century to the year 1944, Volume 3]


Hugh Wingfield Tracy - Ipswich War Memorial

born 27th January 1915, Ipswich. Died: 6th October 1942; age 27.



1881 Census - Lullington Rd, Penge, Surrey, England

Elizabeth Michell        Head   F          68        Manchester Ardwick, Lancashire, England, widow

Elizabeth Tracey         Daughter         F          37        York, Yorkshire, England, widow

Mary A Ellis                Servant            F          28        Essex, England

Elizabeth Coresens      Servant            F          18        Yeovil, Somerset, England


1891 Census - Lower Brook Street, St Stephen, Ipswich, Suffolk

Nathanel Tracy            Head   M         61        Surrey, England, Surgeon Dentist L R C T E

Louisa E Tracy            Wife    F          54        Essex, England

Louisa A Tracy           Daughter         F          27        Suffolk, England

Ellen Lucy Tracy         Daughter         F          19        Suffolk, England

Hugh Loveridge Tracy            Son      M         16        Suffolk, England, Dentist Apprentice

Nathanel Tracy            Son      M         13        Suffolk, England

Sarah A Tucker           Servant            F          20        Suffolk, England

Gertrude Wells            Servant            F          17        Suffolk, England


Horace Ernest H Tracy, Birth Registration, Jul-Aug-Sep 1881 Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England        


1891 Census - Hatter Street Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Humphrey W Tracy    Head   M         45        Suffolk, England, dentist

Alice E Tracy Wife    F          35        Copthorne, Surrey, Ext

Horace H Tracy           Son      M         9          Suffolk, England

Dorothy W Tracy        Daughter         F          4          Suffolk, England

Lilian A Weekes                     F          14        London, England

Florence E Lingwood                         F          18        Suffolk, England, Governess

Laura Allen                 F          22        Suffolk, England, Housemaid

Mary E Pryke              F          29        Suffolk, England, cook


1894/1895 List of Members of the Suffolk Institute of Archæology and Natural History

Humphrey Wingfield Tracy & Mrs. Tracy, l.d.s., 6, Hatter Street, Bury S. Edmund's.


January 7, 1896 The London Gazette

Notice is hereby given that the Partnership which has for some past been carried on by Humphrey Wingfield Tracy and Reginald Edward Bascombe under the firm of Tracy and Bascombe at Bury Saint Edmunds and Sudbury in the county of Suffolk in the business or profession of Surgeon-Dentists was this day dissolved by mutual consent. — As witness our hands this 31st day of December 1895.

Humphrey W. Tracy.

Reginald E. Bascombe.


Humphrey Wingfield Tracy, Dentist, 6, Hatter street, Bury St. Edmonds, 1878-1889?

Tracy, Humphrey Wingfield, LDS, 6, Hatter Street, Bury S. Edmund's.

1897 Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, Volume 9


1901 Census - Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Humphery W Tracy    Head   M         55        Ipswich, Suffolk, Licentiate In Dental Surgery

Alice E Tracy Wife    F          44        Copthorne, Surrey

Horace E W Tracy      Son      M         19        Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, medical student

Dorothy W Tracy        Daughter         F          14        Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Mary E Pryke Servant            F          37        Chedburgh, Suffolk

Laura Petch     Servant            F          29        Fornham St Genevieve, Suffolk


102. TRACY Horace Ernest Humphrey. Son of Humphrey Wingfield Tracy of Bury St. Edmunds, surgeon detist. At Bury school 1892-. Now practising with his father.

Biographical list of boys educated at King Edward VI. Free Grammar School, Bury St. Edmunds: From 1550 to 1900


Horace Ernest H Tracy m. Chrystabel May C Miller Jul-Aug-Sep 1909 St. George Hanover Square, London, England


1911 Census - Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Humphrey Wingfield Tracy, head, 66, b. Ipswich, Suffolk 

Alice Eliza Tracy, wife, 56, b. Copthorne, Surrey 


Humphrey W Tracy b. abt 1846 d. Jan 1912 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


1911 Census - Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Horace Tracy, head, 30, b. Bury S Eds, Suffolk 

Chrystchel Tracy, wife, 31

Humphrey Tracy, 0, b. Bury S Eds, Suffolk 


Alys I W Tracy born Jul-Aug-Sep 1912 Bury St. Edmunds - mother Miller

Honor L W Tracy born Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Bury St. Edmunds - mother Miller

David Q W Tracy born Jan-Feb-Mar 1920 Ipswich, Suffolk - mother Miller


Honor L W Tracy married Rudolph C Liebmann  Apr-May-Jun 1938 Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England


Queen Elizabeth, Southampton to NYC, 17 Jan 1948

Honor Lilbush W Liebmann, 34, Journalist, born Bury St. Edmunds, visa issued London 23 Dec 1947


Horace Ernest Humphrey Tracy, b. 1881 Suffolk, United Kingdom, Merchant Navy Seamen Records 1921-1941

Horace Ernest H Tracy, b. 30 Jul 1881, 1939-1945 Merchant Navy Seamen medals

Horace E H Tracy died 1951 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England


Flying Officer 20th Apr. 1941.

David Quinn Wingfield Tracy (42913).

Judith Margaret Susanna Wedgwood (born 24 August 1946), married firstly Christopher Anthony Wingfield Tracy, of Wimbledon, London SW19, son of David Quinn Wingfield Tracy, of Bickley, co. Kent





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