George William Tracey (1864 - 1943) of Ballyfasy Kilkenny & Kinderhook New York, Blacksmith - Walker - Musician - Poultry Expert - Mayor



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March 2, 1919 Sunday Courier, Poughkeepsie, NY

He is great great grand-nephew of Commodore Barry, of Revolutionary fame. Mr. Tracey's mother was a great grand-niece…

Always an Athlete

From boyhood he took a lively interest in athletics, besting all local comers in friendly bouts with the gloves, and he is still very handy at the art of self-defense.

His particular trend, however, was toward pedestrianism, and stimulated by the glory of the early achievements of Weston, then in his prime, and "Dan" O'Leary, he devoted his small leisure time to training for the track.

Following closely on local successes in that direction, he began entering the larger events, which brought him into international prominence and won him fame, reaching the height of his ambition and renown as a pedestrian in October, 1901, when he won the six days, day and night, go as you please, championship of the world at Philadelphia, defeating 112 starters, including the champions of Great Britain, Germany and France.

Matched in February, 1904, against George Cartwright, champion of England, for the 25 mile world's championship, he was again the winner, breaking the world's record by covering the distance in 2 hours, 34 minutes, 27 seconds.

In May, 1909, he made a world's record in his feat of running 78 miles and 6 laps, on the fifth day of a 6-day, 12 hours a day race held at New York; and in the following month of the same year he had won a world's championship race of 12 hours in Madison Square Garden, New York, beating 128 men over the tan bark course to a finish.

In a hard-fought championship race at Philadelphia, he made the unprecedented record of running and walking 39 consecutive hours without leaving the track.

His 24-hour record of 184 miles and 5 laps, made at Springfield, Mass., in September, 1889, was a wonderful test of speed and endurance.

A large number of victories stand to his credit in the 12 hour a day class and at this period of his career on the track he won many 10 mile events, being one of the few men capable of running 11 miles inside of an hour; and by the best judges he was accredited with being one of the most graceful and powerful runners the world ever saw.






Wm Tracy married Ellen Barry 28 Sep 1863 of Ballyfacy [Ballyfasy Kilbride] Wit: Michl Fitzgerald & Judy Delahunty. Glenmore Parish Co. Kilkenny

Wm Tracy & Ellen Barry

George Tracy b. 23/24 Oct 1864 of Ballyfacy Sp. Denis Whelan & Judy Delahunty. Glenmore Parish

Richard Treacy b. 26 Apr 1866 of Ballyfacy Sp. John Connors? & Kate Barry. Glenmore Parish

William Tracey & Ellen Barry

George b. 23 Oct 1864, Kilmakevoge (LDS)

Bridget b. 26 April 1866 Kilmakevoge (LDS)


1870 Census - Morrisania [South Bronx] Westchester New York - 29 June 1870

William Tracy              Male    27        Ireland, blacksmith

Ellen Tracy                  Female 27        Ireland

George Tracy              Male                5          New York

Bridget Tracy              Female 4          New York

Eliza Tracy                  Female 2          New York

Katharine Tracy          Female 1          New York


1870 Census - 120th St bet 2 & 3 Ave, 17 Elect Dict 12 Ward New York - 23 Dec 1870

Wm Tracy                   Male    27        Ireland, blacksmith

Ellen Tracy                  Female 27        Ireland

George Tracy              Male                6          Ireland

Bridget Tracy              Female 4          Ireland

Eliza Tracy                  Female 2          New York

Kate Tracy                  Female 1          New York


1880-81 Lawrence & Co's Columbia County Directory

Frank W. Tracey, lab, Spencertown, Austerlitz

Geo Tracey, lab, Spencertown, Austerlitz


Michael F Tracy, farmer, East Chatham

Thomas Tracy, lab, East Chatham


Mrs Almira Tracy, wid, Ghent

A. M. Tracy, farmer and speculator, Ghent

Charles Tracy, bookkpr, Ghent

Edwin D. C. Tracy  farmer, Ghent


John Tracy, stone cutter, res 68 Diamond, Hudson City

Otis B. Tracy, confectioner, res Worth ave nr Warren, Hudson City

Thomas Tracy, stone cutter, bds Diamond nr Sixth, Hudson City


James H. Tracy, hotel, Kinderhook

Mrs Delia E, Tracy, milliner, Kinderhook, Chatham Village

Wm Tracy, blacksmith, William K, Valatie and Kinderhook


Ashley Tracy, farmer, New Lebanon


John Tracy, farmer, Stuyvesant

Richard Tracy, farmer, Stuyvesant


Messrs Tracy & Mullen, Druggists [reference 27 July 1816]


1880 Census - Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

William Tracy  Self      Male    36        Ireland, blacksmith

Ellen Tracy      Wife    Female 36        Ireland

George Tracy  Son      Male    16        Ireland

Agnas Tracy    Daughter         Female 14        Ireland

Lizzie Tracy    Daughter         Female 12        New York, United States

Catharine Tracy           Daughter         Female 9          New York, United States

Robert Tracy   Son      Male    8          Massachusetts, United States

William Tracy  Son      Male    6          Massachusetts, United States

John Tracy       Son      Male    4          New York, United States

Ellen Tracy      Daughter         Female 2          New York, United States

Jane Tracy       Daughter         Female 0          New York, United States


1900 Census - Kinderhook Township, Columbia, New York

William Tracey            Head   Male    55        Ireland, Blacksmithing

Ellen Tracey    Wife    Female 55        Ireland, married 35 years [1865] 11 children, 4 alive

Elizabeth M Tracey     Daughter         Female 30        New York, b. Sep 1870

John Francis Tracey    Son      Male    24        New York, b. M 1876

Mary Josephine Tracey           Daughter         Female 18        New York, b, May 1882


1905 Census -             Chatham St, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

Ellen Tracey    Head   Female 59y      Ireland, housework

George W Tracey        Son      Male    40y      Ireland, horse shoeing

Mary A Tracey            Daughter         Female 22y      United States, book keeper

Elizabeth Tracey         Daughter         Female 35y      United States, housework


John Francis Tracey, 35, b. 1876 Kinderhook New York (s. of Wm Tracey & Ellen Barry) married Alexandria B Prest, 31, b. 1880 Canada resident of Boston Massachusetts (d. of Isaac Prest & Lydia Blachey) 28 Feb 1911 Holy Family Church South Pasadena Los Angeles, California


1920 Census - 640 Monroe St, Springfield Precinct 26, Sangamon, Illinois

John F Tracey    Head   Male    43        New York, clerk Cavensis? office

Alexandria Tracey         Wife    Female 40        Canada

Frances Tracey   Daughter         Female 0y9m   Illinois


Alexandr B Tracey died 15 Apr 1925 Los Angeles, California, age 45


1930 Census - 501 Story Place, Alhambra, Los Angeles, California, United States

John F Tracey    Head   Male    53        New York, widowed, oil producer Oil fields

Mary Tracey      Sister   Female 47        New York

Frances Tracey   Daughter         Female 10        Illinois, parents b. NY & Canada


1940 Census - 1512 Montissy, Tract 480, Alhambra, San Gabriel Judicial Township, Los Angeles, California

John F Tracy      Head   Male    63        New York, widowed

Frances E Tracy Daughter         Female 20        Illinois, Cuthuand finisher, retail house furnishing store

Mary J Tracy      Sister   Female 57        New York


Ellen Tracey, 24, b. 1919 (d. of John Francis Tracey & Alexandra B Peart) married John Raymond Cummins, 27, b. 1916 (s. of Erby Elmer Cummins & Elsie Hill) 23 Apr 1943 California, United States


1920 Census - Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

George W Tracey        Head   Male    55        Ireland, Immigration Year: 1868, Na, Postmaster Post Office

Jennie Tracey  Wife    Female 43        New York

Agnes Tracey  Daughter         Female 10        New York

Katheryn Tracey         Daughter         Female 7          New York

Susan Hickey  Mother-in-law Female 67        Ireland

James Hickey  Brother-in-law Male    27        New York, mail carrier Government

Mary Tracey    Sister   Female 32        New York, Stenographer Railroad Office


August 02, 1921 The Columbia Republican

Kinderhook July 31.— Mrs. George W. Tracey, and daughter. Agnes, were recent guests of her cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Hoag, of Poughkeepsie


August 1, 1922 The Columbia Republican

Kinderhook Woman Struck by Auto

Mrs Susan G. Hickey Was Quite Seriously Injured There on Wednesday. Kinderhook, July 26.-—-While crossing the State road in front of her home on Chatham street, Kinderhook, on Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Susan G. Hickey was hit by a big automobile, receiving severe injuries the extent of which have not been fully ascertained as yet. She was carried to her Home at the residence of her daughter, Mrs George W. Tracey, and is under the care of a nurse and Dr. Garnsey. It is said Mrs Hickey suffered a fractured ankle and is suffering from shock. The unfortunate accident happened about 2:45 p.m.  


1930 Census - Chatham St, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

George W Tracey        Head   Male    65        Ireland, Mayor Village

Jennie Tracey  Wife    Female 54        New York

Agnes Peschel Daughter         Female 20        New York

Katherine Tracey         Daughter         Female 17        New York, saleslady drug store

Susan Hickey  Mother-in-law Female 80        Ireland

Stephen Peschel          Son-in-law       Male    27        Poland, engineer highway


Agnes Teresa Tracey Peschel

Jun 1909 - 10 May 1932 (aged 22)

Loving Wife of Stephen S. Peschel

Devoted Mother of Stanley & Sylvia

Cherished Daughter of George & Jane Tracey



Catherine Wilhelmina Tracey Madden

28 Apr 1912 Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, USA

Death 16 Feb 1991 (aged 78) Greenbelt, Prince George's County, Maryland, USA

Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Silver Spring, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA



Wm Tracey


Oct 25 1902

Aged 58 years


His wife

died Jan 13 1914

Aged 68 years

Elizabeth M

Died July 12 1905

Aged 34 years

Bridgetta Agnes Tracey 1866 – 1883

Catherine Tracey  1870

Elizabeth M. Tracey 12 Jul 1905

Ellen Tracey 1878

Ellen Tracey 13 Jan 1914

James Tracey 1880

Mary J. Tracey 1871 – 1872

Robert J. Tracey 1873 – 1883

William Tracey 1875




George William Tracey.png


Saint John the Baptist Cemetery, Valatie, Columbia County, New York

George William Tracey 

Loving Husband of Jane F. Tracy

Devoted Father of Agnes & Catherine

Beloved Son of William & Ellen

22 Oct 1864 - December 1943

Mayor - Musician - Walker - Blacksmith - Poultry Expert





District of Columbia Deaths

7 Mar 1943

Jennie Frances Tracey died Greenbelt Prince George Maryland, age 67, (d. of Edward Hickey & Susan Gibbons), Spouse: George W Tracey



Other Tracys of Columbia County, New York


1865 Census - 209 frame house, District 02, Stuyvesant, Columbia, New York

John Tracy                   Male    48        b. Ireland, farmer, naturalised, owner

Magret Senet   Wife    Female 40        wife, b. Ireland, 6 children

Catharine Tracy                       Female 15        b. Col Co

Margret Tracy             Female 14        b. Col Co

John D Tracy               Male    11        b. Col Co

James S Tracy             Male    8          b. Col Co

Elen Tracy                   Female 7          b. Col Co

Richard B Tracy                      Male    4          b. Col Co


1875 Census - 252 Framed, Stuyvesant, Columbia, New York

John D. Tracy  Male    21, male, b. Columbia, farm laborer

Helen (Mehan) Tracy, 18, female, b. Columbia

John David Tracy, male, 5/12, b. Columbia


1875 Census - 253 Framed, Stuyvesant, Columbia, New York

John Tracy       Father  Male    57        b. Ireland, farmer, naturalised

Margaret (Senet) Tracy           Wife    Female 50        b. Ireland

James H Tracy Son      Male    18        b. Columbia, farm laborer

Ellen Tracy      Daughter         Female 17        b. Columbia, farm laborer

Richard P Tracy          Son      Male    14        b. Columbia


1900 Census - 115 Stuyvesant Township, Columbia, New York

John Tracy, head, male, 53, b. Jan 1847 Ireland, emigrated 1850, 50 years US Na

Sopiah Tracy, wife, female, 67, b. Mar 1833 Germany, married 3 years, 1 child 1 alive, emigrated 1880 20 years US


1900 Census - 117 Stuyvesant Township, Columbia, New York

Richard B Tracy          Head   Male    40        b. Oct 1860 New York, parents b. Ireland, gardener

Margret A Tracy         Wife    Female 40        b. June 1860 New York, parents b. Ireland, married 14 years, 4 children 1 alive,

Ruth A Tracy  Daughter         Female 7          b. Jan 1893 New York


1900 Census - 120 Stuyvesant Township, Columbia, New York

John D Tracy, head, male, 44, b. June 1845 New York, parents b. Ireland, farmer

Ellen Tracy, wife, 39, b. June 1860 New York, parents b. Ireland, married 24 years 1 child 1 alive,


1910 Census - Stuyvesant, Columbia, New York

Richard Tracy Head   Male    47        New York, farmer general farm

Margaret A Tracy        Wife    Female 47        New York, married 24 years 3 children 1 alive,

Ruth A Tracy  Daughter         Female 17        New York


Ruth E Tracy, 20, b. 1893 (d. of Richard B Tracy & Margaret Rouke) married William H Crouse, 26, b. 1887, carpenter, (s. of Wm Crouse & Anna Mann) 18 Aug 1913 Columbia, New York


March 27, 1923 The Columbia Republican


Richard Tracey Died Suddenly At Albany

The funeral of Richard Tracey, a native of Kinderhook, was held at 10 o’clock Monday morning at St. John's church, Valatie, the Rev J.J. McGann officiating, the body being brought from Albany.

Mr. Tracey was found dead last week in his room at his boarding place in Albany, in which city he had lived the last couple of years, being engaged in the contracting business. He was born about 62 years ago in Eichybush, a suburb of Kinderhook where he at one time owned and conducted a large farm but the past fifteen years he had been a contractor in this village and vicinity, where he was a well known and respected resident. Mr Tracey had removed, re-modeled and built many places in Kinderhook, Stuyvesant and Valatie, where a few years ago ho built a moving picture theatre in that village and where he had resided for some time before going to Albany, his untimely death being read by a host of relatives and friends with regret. The deceased was a man of genial disposition and ambitious achievements. During the mass Miss Furceli rendered two beautiful solos, the bearers where two nephews’, John D. Carney, Jr, of Kinderhook, Richard J. Carney, of Elchybush; a brother in law. John E. Rourke, of Valatie, and William Hickey, of Kinderhook. The interment was in the Tracey family plot in St. John’s cemetery.

Mr Tracey is survived by a wife who was formerly Margaret Rourke of the Ridge district, by a daughter, Ruth, Wife of William Crouse, and two grand-daughters, also by a brother, John D. Tracey, a sister, Mrs John D. Carney, Sr., all residents of Eichybush, also by two sisters, Mrs Katherine Gaffney, and Mrs Dennis Barton, of the Ridge, and by several nephews and nieces, of Eichybush, Castleton, Kinderhook, Albany, New Jersey. Massachusetts, Newburgh and New York city.


John Tracy 1817 - 1904

His Wife

Margaret Sinnott 1825 - 1897

George W. [William] Tracy 1886 - 1969



George Tracy, b. 8 Jan 1886, age 83

State:     New Jersey

Last Place of Residence:           Kinderhook, Columbia, New York

Previous Residence Postal Code:          12106

Died:      Jun 1969


Richard B. Tracy 1860 - 1923

Margaret Rourke his wife 1860 - 1936








The following have been town clerks:

1895-98. G. W. Tracey.

History of Kinderhook, NY (Part 2) The Record Printing and Publishing Co. Hudson, New York 1900


March 28, 1901 The Columbia Republican.,

Kinderhook Pedestrian.

George W. Tracey, of Kinderhook, won third place in the Philadelphia walking match, with a prize of $792. Mr. Tracey has participated in many matches, and in them, all has m ade records that have placed him in the front rank of the best long digtanoe pedestrians in the world. Mr. Tracey is well known in this city.


January 22, 1903 The Columbia Republican

Tracey Wins

Exciting end of twelve-hour go-as-you-please race.

Hegelman was second

The contest a great financial and spectacular success.

Tracey, the Kinderhook blacksmith, won the twelve-hour go-as-you-please race which began Thursday night and was completed on Saturday night at the Opera House in this city.


March 05, 1903 The Columbia Republican

Why Tracey Withdrew.

Our Kinderhook correspondent says lat George W. Tracey withdrew from the walking match in Philadelphia last week, on account of a sprain in training for the contest


July 20, 1905 The Columbia Republican

Death of Kinderhook Woman.

Miss Lizzie Tracey, aged 35 years, died July 13th at her home in Kinderhook. Fourteen months ago she underwent an operation fOr the moval of a tumor at the Albany City Hospital and never fully recovered. The funeral services were held Friday a. m. at 9 o’clock at the house and 9:30 at St. John’s church at Valatie.


January 08, 1907 The Columbia Republican

First Prize on Pullets.

George W. Tracey, of Kinderhook, was awarded first prize on his single comb Rhode Island red pullets exhibited at Madison Square Garden tr show this week.


January 28, 1908 The Columbia Republican.,

Electted to Office.

Geo. W. Tracey, of Kinderhook, ha« been appointed on the executive committee, of the R. I. Red Club of America, at Boston, Mass. Mr Tracey was the winner of twelve prizes on five birds exhibited at the Boston show.


October 02, 1908 The Columbia Republican

Tracey Made A Sweep.

Former Resident of Kinderhook Shows Prize Winning Chickens.

George W. Tracey, the former Kinderhook athlete and chicken fancier, now manager of a large poultry farm at Hathoro, Pa., was a heavy exhibitor at both the New York State fair at Syracuse, and the Allentown, Pa., fair and poultry show. At both of these exhibits he was very successful and his number of premiums show the class of stock he is handling. Below is the summary:

New York State fair, winnings on Rhode Island Reds, cocks 1st, 2 and 3d; hens, 1st, 2d and. 5th; cockrels, Rhode Island Reds, cocks, 1st, 2d and 4th; pens, old, 1st; pens, young, 1st.

At the Allentown, Pa., fair, cocks, 1st, 2d-and 4th; hens, 1st, 2d and 6th; cockrels, 2d and 5th; plillets, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th; pens, 1st and 2d; also winning shape and color specials.


September 14, 1909 The Columbia Republican

Tracey Among Breeders,

Kinderhook Man Has Something to' Say of Hudson Chickens

The .September number of Poultry Success has the first of a series of interesting reports of visits amoug breeders by George Tracey, field representative and associate editor of that publication. Mr Tracey, who. is a resident of Kinderhook, will cover the New England States and counties Of New York bordering on the Hudson river.


November 16, 1909 The Columbia Republican

In the "Coop"

Henry Schermerhorn of Valatie, is in the county jail here for ten days. He was committed by Justice Tracey, of Kinderhook


February 01, 1910 The Columbia Republican

Tracey Wins Again

George Tracey, of Kinderhook, has won a prize cup at the International poultry slow at Buffalo.


July 21, 1911 The Columbia Republican.,

Gets Salary Increase.

Kinderhook, July 19.—George W. Tracey is home from Buffalo, where he made a contract as associate editor and field man with the American Poultry World for the coming year at an advance which puts his salary beyond the $1,000 mark.


May 28, 1913 The Chatham courier



October 29, 1913 The Chatham courier


Village President Tracey is receiving congratulations from his large circle of friends on the appointment as postmaster of Kinderhook. Mr . Tracey will devote his time to the service and give the patrons of the office a good administration of its affairs.

Village President Tracey appeared before the tax commission in Albany Tuesday to ask for a larger share for the village o f the various public service corporations that are assessed in the town. His argument was heard and decision reserved.



As we cross William Street we recall that it was originally the old Post Road which turned up near the present Bain- Snyder house and came out near the Albany Southern Station. The house in which Mr. George Tracey now lives was in '64 the home of Reuben Head, his son Edwin, and daughter. Later, it became the property of Mr. Eugene Hover and the birthplace of Mr. E. L. Hover. Eugene was living in '64 in the present Chris. Becker's home on William Street. Mr. Tracey built the large blacksmith shop adjoining, and his son, George W., is our well-known poultry specialist, active politician, and honored citizen, and now our postmaster.  

Collier, Edward Augustus (1914) A history of old Kinderhook from aboriginal days to the present time. G. P. Putnam's sons New York and London,


April 11, 1916 The Columbia Republican

George W. Tracey resigned as leader and director of the Kinderhook Citizens’ Band last week. Following Mr Tracey’s resignation the Kinderhook Band was organised and he was re-appointed director and will serve in that capacity.


September: 20, 1921 The Columbia Republican

William Hickey, and nephew, Mr and Mrs George W. Tracey, of Jersey City, who are his guests, were among those from Kinderhook, attending the Nassau Fair the past week .



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