British Postal Service Appointments


Ada E Tracey, 1938, London Postal Region

Ada M Tracey, 1946, Manchester


Agnes M Tracey, 1903, Southend on Sea

Agnes M Tracey, 1907, Ldn Tp

Agnes M Tracey, 1907, London

Agnes M Tracey, 1910, Brighton


Alex Thos Tracey, 1891, London

Alexr Tracy, 1887, Southeast


Alfred J Tracey, 1936,  

Alfred J Tracey, 1940, Norwich

Alfred J Tracey, 1940, Norwich TMO


Allan R Tracy, 1912,  


Ambrose Tracy, 1898, Plymouth

Ambrose Tracy, 1904, London Postal Service Paddington

Ambrose Tracy, 1904, Northwest


Annie Tracey, 1918, Liverpool


Arthur Ah Tracy, 1912,  

Arthur Tracy, 1910, Mitcham

Arthur Tracy, 1914, I S


Charles K Tracy, 1937, Liverpool

Charles K Tracy, 1940, Liverpool

Charles K Tracy, 1940, Liverpool

Charles R Tracy, 1940, Liverpool


Christopher Treacy, 1953, London Telecommunications Region


Cornelius J Treacy, 1898, Cork


29 April/3 May 1898 The London/Edinburgh Gazette

Without Competition

Post Office: Skilled Telegraphist, Cornelius Joseph Treacy.


Cornelius Joseph Treacy, born 1869 Templemore Tipperary


Denis Treacy, 1913, Mullingar


Doris L Tracy, 1920, London


E C Tracey, 1915,  

E M Tracy, 1918, London


Edward M Tracey, 1920, Stores Ldn

Edward R Tracey, 1920, London Postal Service

Edward Tracey, Mr, 1843, Derby

Edward Tracy, 1843, Derby

Edward Tracy, 1852, Belturbet To Wattlebridge


Eileen Treacy, 1951, Swindon


Eric L Tracey, 1931, Stafford

Eric L Tracy, 1928, Liverpool

Eric L Tracy, 1936, Liverpool

Eric L Tracy, 1936, Liverpool


Ernest A Tracey, 1917,  

Ernest C Tracey, 1915, London Postal Service

Ernest H Tracey, 1924, Godalming

Ernest H Tracy, 1946, Falmouth

Ernest H Tracy, 1948, Falmouth

Ernest H. Tracy, 1926, Woking


Esther A Tracey, 1918, London


Ethel M Tracy, 1919, Central Telegraph Office

Ethel Tracey, 1907, London Tp Dept

Ethel Violet Tracey, 1903, Glasgow


Evelyn A Tracey, 1929, Money Order Department

Evelyn A Tracey, 1929, Money Order Department


Francis C Treacy, 1920, Dublin


4 March 1921 The London Gazette

Post Office...Postman...Francis Christopher Treacy (Dublin)...


Francis Treacy, 1897, Cong


Geo Treacy, 1893, Castlebar


22 August 1893 London Gazette

August 18. 1893.

Without Competition.

Post Office...Sorting Clerics and Telegraph Learners,... George Treacy (Castlebar)...[see Avoca CoI Wicklow]


George A Tracy, 1922, London Telephone Service

George Treacy, 1902, Edgworthstown


Gladys B Hanbury Tracy, 1934, London Telephone Service


H E Tracey, 1901, E

H F Tracy, 1915, London Postal Service

H Tracey, 1887, London


Harry E Tracey, 1906, Ado


Henry G Tracy, 1943,  


Hilda F Tracy, 1917, Rls


J Tracey, 1871, Dublin

J Tracey, 1874, Waterford


James H Tracey, 1930, Rochester and Chatham

James H Tracey, 1936, Reigate and Redhill

James H Tracey, 1938, Hounslow

James H Tracey, 1939, London Postal Region

James P Tracey, 1913, Londonderry

James P Tracey, 1914, Boyle

James P Tracey, 1920, Londonderry

James P Tracey, 1924, Belfast

James P Tracey, 1942, Northern Ireland

James Tracey, 16 Jan 1843 recommended by Col Brown MP, Leighlinbridge

James Tracey, 1843 ditto Minute cancelled, Leighlinbridge

James Tracey, 1910, Mold

James Tracey, 1912, Chester

James Tracey, 1947, Bristol


James Treacy, 1911, Rathdrum Ovoca


3 March 1911 The London Gazette

Without Competition.

Postmen, ...James Treacy (Rathdrum).


Jane E K Tracey, 1925, Birmingham


Jas P Tracey, 1913, Carlow

Jas P Tracey, 1914, Learner, Gorey

Jas Tracey, 1910, Flint


John J Tracy, 1939, London Postal Region

John P Tracey, 1912, Bradford

John Tracey, 28th January 1741, A letter carrier in the Inland Office be discharged

John Tracy, 1864, Pembroke

John Tracy, 1866, Cappoquin to Whitechurch; Ired

John Treacey, 1860, Dublin


John Treacy, 1925, Grays

John Treacy, 1926, Grays


5 January 1926 The London Gazette & 8 January 1926 The Edinburgh Gazette

Temporary Postmen Messengers, John Treacy...


6 August 1926 The London Gazette & August 1926 The Edinburgh Gazette

Post Office

Male Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists,

...John Treacy (Grays)...


John W Tracey, 1940, Royal Tunbridge Wells


1901 Census - Alexandra Street, Horton All Saints, Bradford, Yorkshire

John Tracey     Head   M         47        Kilkenny, Telephone Office (Attendant)

Sarah Tracey   Wife    F          32        York

Thomas Henry Tracey             Son      M         9          Durdalk [Dundalk] Ireland

Mary Elizabeth Tracey            Daughter         F          4          Aldershot


Jos Jno Tracey, 1876, Boy sorter CD


Jos R Treacy, 1890, Killarney [see Templemore Tipperary and Patrick J Treacy]


8 August 1890 The London Gazette

Civil Service Commission, August 8, 1890.

August 4, 1890.

Without Competition.

Sorting Clerks and Telegraph Learners,... Joseph Bernard Treacy (Killarney). [Kerry]


Joseph B Treacy, 1918, Cork [1901 Census Kerry, 1911 Census Mallow 1916 Bantry]


Joseph B. Tracey, full [age], bachelor, Post Office Clerk, lives Killarney (s. of James Tracey, contractor) married Nora O'Keeffe, full [age], spinster, lives Killarney, (d. of Eugene O'Keefe, shopkeeper) 8 September 1898 RC Cathedral of Killarney Wit: P. Treacy & B. O'Keeffe [Killarney Killarney PLU]


Joseph Treacy, 1921,  


June Tracy, 1948, Southend On Sea


1894 Parliamentary Papers

Cahir, J. Tracy, Rural Postman, died 11 Jan 1893, £12/7/7


Kathleen V Treacy, 1948, Accountant Generals Office


Lillie A Tracey, 1915, Birmingham

Lillie A Tracey, 1916, Birmingham

Lillie A Tracey, 1916, Birmingham

Lily Treacey, 1905, Blyth


Lily Treacy, 1899, Ovoca

Lily Treacy, 1900, Ovsea

Lily Treacy, 1905, Edgworthstown

Lily Treacy, 1908, Edgeworthstown

Lily Treacy, 1908, Longford


31 October 1899 The London Gazette

October 27, 1899.

Without Competition.

Post Office

Learners...Lily Treacy (Ovoca) [see Avoca CoI Wicklow. 1901 Census - Ballymurtagh, Ovoca, Wicklow and 1911 Census - Great Water Street, Longford, Longford]


Lionel W Tracey, 1921,  


Margaret D Tracy, 1949, Rochester and Chatham


Margaret M. Treacy, 1912, Dublin


1 March 1912 The London Gazette

Without Competition.

Telephonists, ... Margaret Mary Treacy (Dublin).


Margaret Tracey, 1947, Birmingham

Margaret Tracy, 1950, London Telecommunications Region


Mary E Tracey, 1914, Bradford

Mary E Tracey, 1937, Leicester

Mary E Tracey, 1939, Leicester

Mary I Tracy, 1914, Boston

Mary J Tracy, 1920, Ballymena

Mary J Tracy, 1921, Omagh

Mary J Tracy, 1923, Portrush

Mary Josephine Tracy, 1916, Beverley

Mary L Tracy, 1914, Bridlington

Mary Tracey, 1927,  

Mary Tracey, 1946, Liverpool


Matthew Tracey, 30 Mar 1844,  Twopenny Post Office

Matthew Tracey, Mr, 1844,  Twopenny Post Office

Matthew Tracey, Mr, 1844, Twopenny Post Office


Maurice Tracy, 1897, Savings Bank


Michael L Tracey, 1935, Lewes

Michael P Tracey, 1914, Holbeach


Michael Treacy, 1919, Dublin

Michael Treacy, 1921, Dublin


2 and 5 December 1919 The London Gazette

Post Office

Temporary Assistant Postmen...Michael Treacy,


2 September 1921 The London Gazette

Post Office:...Michael Treacy (Dublin).


Pat Tracey, 1867, Holmes Chapel; Burnley


Patricia M Tracey, 1937, London Telephone Service


Patrick J Treacy, 1933, Farnham

Patrick J Treacy, 1935, Portsmouth and Gosport


6 October 1933 The London Gazette

Post Office

Postmen...Patrick Joseph Treacy (Bordon, Farnham).


Patrick Tracey, 1912,  


Patrick Treacy, 1896, Killarney [see Templemore Tipperary and Patrick J Treacy]

Patrick Treacey, 1898, Killarney


19 & 23 March 1897 The London Gazette

March 16, 1897.

Without Competition

Sorting Clerk and Telegraph Learner, Killarney [Kerry]—Patrick Treacy.


Patrick Treacy, 1904, Waterford To Kilmeadon


2/5 August 1904 The London/Edinburgh Gazette

July 9, 1904

Without Competition.

Postmen... Patrick Treacy. (Waterford)...


Patrick Treacy, 1907, Naas


3/7 January 1908 The London/Edinburgh Gazette

December 4, 1907.

Without Competition.

Postmen...Patrick Treacy (Naas)...


Patrick Treacy, 1912,  


Peter Treacy, 1903, Boy clerk to Engineer In Chief


13/17 December 1901 The London/Edinburgh Gazette

December 11, 1901

Without Competition.

Post Office

For Registration As Temporary Boy Copyists (New Class)... Peter Treacy...


R L Tracey, 1927, Money Order Department

R Tracey, 1887, Londonderry

R Tracy, 1875, Hundleton & Castle Martin; Pembroke

R Tracy, 1875, Pembroke & Lamptey


Robert J Tracey, 1947, Glasgow

Robt F Tracy, 1888, North District

Robt F Tracy, 1891, London

Robt Tracey, 1880, Londonderry to St Johnston

Robt Tracey, 1884, Londonderry; Cullion


S Treacy, 1872, Drumcondra

S Treacy, 1872, Drumcondra


Stanley R Tracey, 1947, Portsmouth and Gosport


Sylvia Tracey, 1936, London Telephone Service

Sylvia Tracey, 1936, London Telephone Service


T Tracey, 1871, London


Thomas M Tracey, 1943,  

Thomas P Tracey, 1939, London Telecommunications Region

Thomas Tracey, 1901, Shronell To Glenbane; Tipperary

Thomas Tracey, 1902, London CO

Thomas Tracey, 1937, Belfast

Thos Tracy, 1881, Liverpool

Thos Treacy, 1882, Liverpool


W A Tracey, 1913, London

W A Tracey, 1913, London MOD

W A Tracy, 1900, London CO

W C Tracey, 1883, Southeast

W C Tracey, 1887, London

W Chas Tracey, 1885, Southeast


Walter D Tracey, 1938, London Postal Region

Walter D Tracey, 1940, L.P.R

Walter M Tracey, 1930, Manchester

Walter Tracey, 1914, Oldham

Walter Tracey, 1920, L P S; E C


William E Tracey, 1908, E.D.O.

William P Treacy, 1953, Belfast

William S H Treacy, 1956, Swdo

William Tracey, 1935, Barnet

William Tracy, 1910, Edinburgh

William Tracy, 1910, Edinburgh


Winifred A Tracey, 1917, Money Order Department


Wm A Tracy, 1894, London

Wm Arthur Tracy, 1893, London

Wm E Tracey, 1907, Battersea

Wm Edgar Tracey, 1904, E


Wm Tracey, 1887, Dublin

Wm Treacey, 1887, Dublin


6 December 1887 The London Gazette

Civil Service Commission, December 6, 1887.

December 3, 1887.

Without Competition.

Postmen, Dublin, ...William Treacy.


9 May 1924 The London Gazette & 13 May 1924 The Edinburgh Gazette

Whitehall, 2nd May, 1924.

His Majesty the KING has been pleased to award the Imperial Service Medal to the following officers:—

Home Civil Service.

Treacy, William, Inspector, Dublin Postal Service



16 June 1899 The London Gazette

June 14, 1899.

Without Competition

For Registration As Temporary Boy Copyists (New Class)... William Treacy.



Francis Treacy, postman, & Helen Little

William Coleman Treacy b. 24 Nov 1921 of 18 Nottingham St. Helen Treacy, mother, 18 Nottingham St [1921 269 ? Dublin Dublin PLU]





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