Andrew 'Squire' Tracy (1837 Ireland - 1903 New York) Justice of Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, New York


December 30 1903 The Sun (NY)

 January 2, 1904 The New Rochelle Press (Ny)

"Squire" Andrew Tracy Dead.

Tarrytown Character Never Sent a Friend to Jail — Whipped a Wife Beater in Court and Made Him a Model Husband — Strength Better Than a Constablee Shield — Was a Justice of the Peace Twenty Years.

Tarrytown N.Y. Dec 29 - Andrew Tracy, for twenty years a squire of Westchester County, is dead, and all the folks in the valleys of the Bronx and the Sawmill are sorry for it.

Why? Because, in his twenty years of service as a squire, holding court In North Tarrytown, he would never send a friend to jail — and almost everybody was his friend.

The squire was born In Ireland 64 years ago. He came to this country when he was 12 years old, and happened to drift into Westchester County where he learned the trade of brick molding. Young Tracy was the strongest lad about the kilns, and could do more work and win more fights than the best of his competitors. That gave him his reputation throughout the county, and when he grew up he was elected constable, as a matter of course, because his strength and his courage were worth tons of badges and brass buttons to awe the reckless. From constable Tracy was advanced to the dignity of squire twenty years ago and he was always re-elected.

The one thing that the squire would never do was to issue a warrant for the arrest of a friend. Instead, he would send for the offender and ask him to appear, as a matter of personal friendship and courtesy, and explain his offence. If the explanation was good the squire and the offender would have a pleasant time together after court. If the explanation was only so-so the squire would rebuke his friend, but give him another chance. If the explanation was too thin for even the squire's good nature, the friend would be fined.

He would never let the law interfere in family rows. He would tell the husband with the grievance and the wife with the counter grievance to remember their wedding day and the joys of their courtship, and to go home and be sensible for the children's sake. That method usually worked well.

Once there was a case before the Squire, in which a negro accused an Italian of assault. Neither the plaintiff nor the defendant was a friend of the squire, but the lawyers on both sides were cronies of his. That was a delicate situation for "Old Man" Tracy, but be wriggled out of it by making both sides compromise. Both lawyers and the Italians were pleased.

But the squire placed chivalry toward women ahead of his loyalty to friends. Once a friend of his was brought before him, charged with beating his wife.

"Don't ever do it again," said the squire severely.

"Ill do it whenever I like, for she's my wife." replied the prisoner.

The next decision that the sqiure handed out was right off the knuckles. The Court vaulted the bench, and gave that wife beater a worse drubbing than the latter had ever given his helpmate. From that time the man was a kind and considerate husband.

Squire Tracy weighed over 300 pounds and was six feet two. He died of heart disease, but with his boots on, as he always said he would. He was found dead in his armchair in his home on Clinton street. A widow and two sons survive him. 


December 30, 1903 The New York Press

Famous Squire Tracey Dead.

Had His Own Ideas of Justice and Once Whipped a Wife Beater.

Special to Tbe Press.

Tarrytown, Dec. 29. - Justice of the Peace Andrew Tracey of the town of Mount Pleasant died to-day from dropsy when seated In his favorite chair at home He was six feet two Inches tall and weighed more than 430 pounds. A special coffin must be made for him, and as it cannot be taken downstairs it will be lowered from the second-story window to the hearse.

"Justice" Tracey. who had been living In North Tarrytown. was famous all over Westchester County, and had been elected and re-elected to office for twenty years. His official record was unusual In that he never liked to issue a warrant, but when he did so he saw it was served, even If he had to go out and do It himself, Tracey also favored a compromise in all cases, and when he couldn't convince the other parties to the suit generally had his own way somehow.

Several years ago a man was before him charged with wife beating. After a lecture, although the man was still sullen. the squire offered to let him go free if he would promise not to beat his wife again. The man refused to make the promise The squire walked from behind his table and hit the man a blow that sent the fellow sprawling and  followed this up with a drabbing which continued until the man begged for mercy and was witting to make the promise  never beat his wife again. 


December 30, 1903 New-York Tribune

Mount Pleasant "Squire" Dead.

Andrew Tracy An Interesting Tarrytown Character — Weighed 400 Pounds.

"Squire" Andrew Tracy, one of the best know men la Tarrytown died at his home in Clinton-St., that place, yesterday. He was sixty-four years old and came to this country from Ireland when am was twelve years old. He was Justice of the Peace in Mount Pleasant twenty years and was never beaten tor the office,  He had also been village collector in North Tarrytown for the same period. As a squire he was never known to issue a warrant for a friend. He probably did not issue more than ten warrants during his long term, for he always favored compromising Cases, and no friend of his ever went to Jail Many interesting stories are told of his proceedings in court. Once.  when a husband refused to promise him not to beat his wife again, Tracy gave rum a drubbing, and it had the desired effect. Tracy weighed four hundred pounds, and was six feet two inches tall. The body rests in the second story of the house and will have to be lowered from & window, as it cannot go down the stairs.


November 10, 1961 The Daily News, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Wallace Odell Writes...

And another comparison with oldtimers. We all remember Judge Armstrong and Squire Tracy. They were not alone a power, but they were the law...

SQUIRE TRACY held forth in  a small office on the southeast  corner of Cedar and Cortlandt Streets. He was a large man and must have weighed around 300  pounds. Like all heavy men. he was good natured and it was good entertainment to sit in his court and listen to cases before him. Unless the case was a big one, and  important. Squire Tracy would down the questions and answers in long hand and with pen and ink. It was quite a laborious job and also a slow one. It had one advantage it cut down on the testimony and it saved Squire Tracy from getting writer's cramp...   





Andrew Tracy & Catherine Collins [see Andrew Tracy shoemaker below]

Andrew Tracy bapt. 1855 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


Andrew Tracy married Catherine Robinson 1859 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York

Andrew Treacy b. 1865 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York

William Henry b. 1868 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York

Andrew Tracy & Catherine

Catherine Tracy bapt. 1860 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


1850 Census - 66/113 Albany city, ward 5, Albany, New York

Andrew Tracy Male    27        Ireland, shoemaker [see Andrew Tracy shoemaker below]

Catherine Tracy           Female 23        Ireland

Andrew Tracy Male    15        Ireland, shoemaker

John Tracy                   Male    2          New York

James Tracy                 Male    22        Ireland, shoemaker


1860 Census - 2142/2270 Tarytown PO, Greenburgh, Westchester, New York

Andrew Tracy             M         23        b. 1837 Ireland, brickmaker

Kate Tracy                  F          25        b. 1835 Ireland

Susan Tracy                 F          48        b. 1812 Ireland

Eliza Tracy                  F          28        b. 1832 Ireland

M Mc Intire                 M         50        b. 1810 Ireland, quaryman


1870 Census - 297/449 Tarrytown PO, Mountpleasant, Westchester, New York

Andrew Tracy Male                45        Ireland, labourer

Catharine Tracy           Female 36        Ireland, keeping house

Catharine Tracy           Female 10        New York

James Tracy                 Male                8          New York

John Tracy                   Male                7          New York

Andrew Tracy Male                5          New York


1876 Proceedings of the County Board of Legislators of Westchester County, N.Y.

1874/5 Communications from Andrew Tracy and Thomas Fallon, constables of the town of Mount Pleasant in regard to accounts for services, &c., which were referred to Judiciary Committee.

1874 Mountpleasant...A Tracy, constable      $282.85 Claimed         $163.70 allowed...A. Tracy, cases of small pox $45.00 claimed $45.00 allowed

1874 Greenburch...A Tracy, constable           $27.60 Claimed           $27.60 allowed

1875 Mountpleasant...Andrew Tracy, constable        $258.23 Claimed         $250.98 allowed

1875 Greenburgh Andrew Tracy, constable   $5.60   $5.60


January 15, 1880 New York Herald

Where Is John C. Freund?

.. a number of cases were sent to be shipped from the freight depot at Tarrytown. where they were seized by Constable Andrew Tracey. under an attachment issued by Justice of the Peace Winfield S. Bird, at the suit of Mr| Briggs...


1880 Census - Vil of N. Tarrytown, Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York

Andrew Tracy             Self      M         41        Ireland, labourer

Catherine Tracy           Wife    F          42        Ireland

James Tracy                 Son      M         19        New York, United States, labourer

John Tracy                   Son      M         17        New York, United States, labourer

Andrew Tracy             Son      M         15        New York, United States, labourer

Willie H Dobson         Nephew           M         5          New York, United States


6.06.1889 The Republican

The following names were added to the roster of the Sing Sing Yacht Club on Monday evening...and Andrew Tracy of Tarrytown. The last named gentlemen augment the fleet of yachts by the addition of a cat boat and an open sloop, respectively.


1890 Local Boards of Health in the State of New York

Mount Pleasant town, Justice, Andrew Tracey, N. Tarrytown


1896 The New York Red Book

Andrew Tracy (J. of P.), N. Tarrytown.


1897 Documents of the Senate of the State of New York

Andrew Tracy, post-office box 69, North Tarrytown, N. Y.


1898 Manual of Westchester County

Andrew Tracy, Justices of the Peace


March 17, 1900 New-York Daily Tribune

Westchester County. North Tarrytown...Judge Andrew Tracy is on all three tickets for Collector of Taxes.


1900 Census - Mt. Pleasant Township North Tarrytown, Westchester, New York

Andrew Tracy             Head   M         62        b. Dec 1838 Ireland, emigrated 1847, 53 years resident, Na, Justice of Peace

Catherine Tracy           Wife    F          60        b. 1840 Ireland, 35 years married [crossed out], emigrated 1848, 52 years resident,

John Tracy                   Son      M         35        b. Oct 1865 New York, day labourer

Andrew Tracy             Son      M         34        b. Nov 1866 New York, day labourer





James Tracy married Mary F Dean 1899 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


1900 Census - Mount Pleasant, North Tarrytown, Westchester, New York

James Tracy                 Head               Male                37        New York, b. Dec 1862, parents b. Ireland, labourer

Mary Tracy                  Wife                Female 25        New York, b. April 1875, married 0 years, 0 children, parents b. Ireland

John Van Tassell         Boarder           Male                80        New York

George Ray                 Boarder           Male                40        New Jersey

John Johnson               Boarder           Male                38        Germany


1910 Census - 118 Sally? Av?, Mt Pleasant, Westchester, New York, United States

James Tracy     Head   Male    44        b. 1866 New York, parents born Ireland, machinist Mobile? Co

Mary Tracy      Wife    Female 34        b. 1876 New York, married 10 years, 4 children 3 alive,  parents born Ireland

James Tracy     Son      Male    8          New York

Leroy Tracy     Son      Male    7          New York

Marion Tracy   Daughter         Female 1          New York


1920 Census - 104 Valley Street, North Tarrytown, Westchester, New York

James Tracy     Head   Male    54        b. 1866 New York, parents born Ireland, machinest factory

Mary Tracy      Wife    Female 41        b. 1879 New York, parents born Ireland

James Tracy Jr.            Son      Male    18        New York, clerk insurance

Leroy Tracy     Son      Male    17        New York, cutter factory

Marion Tracy   Daughter         Female 11        New York


1930 Census - 104 Valley St, North Tarrytown, Westchester, New York

James Tracy     Head   Male    62        b.1868 New York, married at 38, parents born Ireland, odd jobs road

Mary Tracy      Wife    Female 48        b. 1882 New York, married at 23, parents born New York,

Leroy Tracy     Son      Male    26        New York, ???

Marion Tracy   Daughter         Female 20        New York, ???


January 29, 1931 Tarrytown daily news (NY)

Tarrytown Will Pay Tracy’s Bill For Medical Aid

Assumes Responsibility For Injuries To N. T. Fireman

There will be no controversy as to what village will pay LeRoy Tracy, fireman, of Union Hose Company, of North Tarrytown, who was Injured Sunday morning while fighting the fire in the Sokol Building in Orchard Street. Tarrytown will assume the responsibility, it was stated.

As Tracy is member of the North Tarrytown Fire Department, the question of responsibility arose shortly after the young man was removed to the Tarrytown Hospital.

It was contended that Tarrytown should pay Tracy's expenses as well as compensation for the loss of time, while others held to tiie belief that North Tarrytown should pay inasmuch as he is an active member of that department.

Fire Chief William A. Dwyer, however, settled the question this morning by saying that Tarrytown would stand behind Tracy nnd that assurance to that effect has been given by Mayor Clark and members of the Board of Trustees.

Tracy has been placed ln a private room at the hospital at the direction of the Board.

Under the law each village stands responsible for injuries firemen receive while on active duty unless the duty is performed in another municipality upon an official call from that municipality. In the Tarrytown fire, the North Tarrytown firemen received an official call to render service in Tarrytown.


1940 (& 1935) Census - 14 Depeysten? Street, North Tarrytown, Mount Pleasant Town, Westchester, New York

John Leroy Tracy        Head   Male    37        b. 1903 New York, riveter Auto assembly

Helen Tracy     Wife    Female 38        b. 1902 New York

Marion Tracy   Sister   Female 29        b. 1911 New York, cost clerk Auto assembly


Leroy J Tracy died 13 Jan 1958 Sleepy Hollow, Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York, age 55, b. 1903


James Andrew Tracy, 25, single, b. 1901 Tarrytown, N. Y. (s. of James & Mary Dean) married Elizabeth Agnes Crowley, 27, single, b. 1899 N. Y. City (d. of Timothy & Margaret Daly) 24 Nov 1926 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States


1930 Census - 3477 Bronx? Place, Bronx (Districts 501-750), Bronx, New York

James A Tracy   Head   Male    28        b. 1902 New York, married at 25, parents born New York, agent insurance

Elizabeth C Tracy          Wife    Female 27        b. 1903 New York, married at 26, parents born Ireland

Peggy A Tracy   Daughter         Female 0          b. 1930 New York


1940 Census - 3524 Hull Avenue, Assembly District 8, Bronx, New York City, Bronx, New York

James Tracy       Head   Male    38        b. 1902 New York, insurance broker insurance

Elizabeth Tracy  Wife    Female 36        b. 1904 New York

Margaret Tracy  Daughter         Female 10        New York


Margaret T. Byelick

Margaret T. Byelick.jpg

Margaret T. (Ann) Byelick, a longtime resident of Valley Cottage died in Portland, Oregon on September 7. 2015. Margaret was born in the Bronx on August 5, 1929 the daughter of James Andrew Tracy Jr. and Elizabeth Crowley Tracy. She grew up in Tarrytown with her sister Jane and graduated from Washington Irving High School. Peggy or Peggy Ann as her friends called her, began working in the office of the President of The County Trust Company where she met her husband Milan G. Byelick. They were married in Tarrytown in 1954 and moved to Valley Cottage in 1962.

Peggy loved music of all kinds. She sang with the Transfiguration Carmelite church choir and never missed an opportunity to attend a concert or Broadway musical. Above all, she loved traveling and exploring new places. In particular, she enjoyed visiting her six grandchildren in various parts of the country and spending time at the beach.

Peggy's smile, positive outlook and energetic spirit will be missed by all who knew her. She is survived by four children, Kenneth M. ( London, UK), J. Drew (DRW, Texas), Susan ( NY, NY) and David G. Byelick ( Portland, Oregon).

Memorial Service at St. Paul's Church, Congers on Friday Oct 2nd at 10am. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Research, checks written to ADRC Attention: Jane Martin, PhD., Alzheimer's Diseases Research Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 1 Gustave L. Levy Place, Box 1230, New York, NY 10029.

Published in the The Journal News from Sept. 18 to Sept. 20, 2015






John Tracy married Annie M Brennan 1907 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


1910 Census - 171 Bakman? Avenue, Mt Pleasant, Westchester, New York

John Tracy       Head   Male    47        b. 1863 New York, parents born Ireland, patrolman Police Dept

Annie B Tracy Wife    Female 34        b. 1876 Ireland, married 3 years, 0 children, parents born Ireland


1930 Census - 216 Beekman Avenue, North Tarrytown, Westchester, New York

John Tracy       Head   Male    64        b. 1866 New York, parents born Ireland, Police retired

Annie Tracy    Wife    Female 53        b. 1877 Ireland, parents born Ireland, married at 30


June 15. 1939 Daily News, Tarrytown. N. Y.

Tracy Funeral Set Saturday Mass To Be Held at St. Teresa's Church

The funeral of John Tracy, retired North Tarry town policeman who died yesterday afternoon at his home in 216 Beekman Avenue, will be held at 10 o'clock Saturday morning from St. Teresa's Church A High Mats will be celebrated and interment will be in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Chief of Police Daniel F. Murphy of North Tarrytown and William A Grady, secretary of the Westchester County Policemen's- Benevolent Association, are making plans for the participation of local police and others throughout the county in the funeral Many policemen are expected to attend as a tribute to the man who served 27 years on the North Tarrytown force and who was one of the first to join the county police organization.

Officers of Court Fremont Order of the Foresters of America are making arrangements to hold their services at 8 o'clock tomorrow night, when a large delegation of members will assemble at the bier. Mr. Tracy was an old member of the Foresters ' and was also an honorary member  of Union Hose Engine Company  No. 2.

The deceased was born in North Tarrytown, his father was the late Squire Tracy who was a Justice of the peace of the Town of Mount Pleasant for many years and had his court room on Cortlandt Street. Since the news of Mr. Tracy's death spread through the community yesterday afternoon, scores called  to express their sympathy to his widow The deceased made hosts of friends throughout his long years of service on the police force and as a resident of the village.

Besides his widow, one brother. James Tracy, of North Tarrytown, and three nieces and nephews survive. 





1910 Census - 4 or 246 Depayster, Mt Pleasant, Westchester, New York, United States

Andrew Tracy, head, M, 44, single, b. 1866 New York, parents b. Ireland, none employment


Andrew Tracy died 2 Jul 1913 163 E. 104 St Manhattan New York, age 48 years, Married, Machinist, b. 1865 U.S. (s. of Andrew Tracy born U.S. & Katherine Robison born U.S.

Buried 5 Jul 1913 Sleepy Hollow New York




Other St Teresa of Avila Marriages


Bridget Treacy married Peter Flaugherty 1867 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


Annie Tracey married James Madden 1879 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York [sisters lived Yonkers 1880]

Kate Tracey married Peter J Collins 1883 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


Katherine Collins died 15 Jul 1929 4462 Park Ave. Bronx New York, Age 68, Housewife, born 1861 U.S. (d. of Andrew Tracy b. Ireland & Katherine b. Ireland) Buried 17 Jul 1929 Sleepy Hollow NY, Spouse: Peter Collins



1993-1996 Sean Treacy, Mayor of Sleepy Hollow/North Tarrytown




Andrew Tracy shoemaker



Sarah & Arbelea Liverpool to New York 6th July 1840

Andrew Treacy, 20, b. Ireland, shoemaker

Betsy McManus, 25, b. Ireland

Sicelia Treacy, 30, b. Ireland


1850 Albany Co New York naturalization petitions for Irish born

Andrew Tracey, 31, b. Co Leitrim Ireland, left from Liverpool, Albany Oct 26, 1850


1850 Census - 66/113 Albany city, ward 5, Albany, New York

Andrew Tracy Male    27        Ireland, shoemaker

Catherine Tracy           Female 23        Ireland

Andrew Tracy Male    15        Ireland, shoemaker

John Tracy                   Male    2          New York

James Tracy                 Male    22        Ireland, shoemaker


1853-54 Munsell's Albany Directory

Tracy Andrew, shoemaker, 61 Canal


Andrew Tracy & Catherine Collins

Andrew Tracy bapt. 1855 St Teresa of Avila, Westchester County, New York


1860 Census - 884/1475 8th Ward Albany City, Albany, New York

Andrew Tracey           Male    46        Ireland, shoemaker

Catherine Tracey         Female 36        Ireland

John Tracey                 Male    11        New York

James Tracey               Male    9          New York

Andrew Tracey           Male    5          New York

Mary Tracey                Female 3          New York

Frank Tracey               Male    1          New York


1865 Census - 63/216 Canal Street, District Southern Division of the Southern District, Ward 08, Albany, Albany, New York

Andrew Tracy Male    45 b. Ireland,   shoemaker, naturalised,

Catharine Tracy           Wife    Female 35 b. Ireland    8 children married once, alien

John Tracy       Son      Male    16 b. Albany  

James Tracy     Son      Male    14 b. Albany  

Andrew Tracy Son      Male    12 b. Albany  

Mary Ann Tracy          Daughter         Female 8          b. Albany

Frank Tracy     Son      Male    3          b. Albany

Thomas Tracy  Son      Male    1          b. Albany


Mary Ann Treacey died 29 Nov 1937 Manhattan New York, age 78, Single, Religious, b. 8 Apr 1859 (d. of Andrew Treacey born United States & Catherina Collins born United States Buried 1 Dec 1937 Nenwood Cemetery Albany, N.Y.


Sr Mary Ann Treacy







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