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Militia Service Records [born 1848 onward] 1806-1915 (WO96) [Home Guard/Territorial Army]

Andrew Treacy, b. 1878, Templemore, Tipperary

Andrew Treacy, b. 1882, Dublin, Dublin

Arthur Tracey, b. 1864, Belfast, Antrim

Arthur Tracey, b. 1877, Dublin, Dublin

Christopher Tracey, b. 1883, Tullamore, Kings (Offaly)

Cornelius Joseph Treacy, b. 1871, Templemore, Tipperary

Cornelius Treacy, b. 1885, Limerick, Clare

Daniel Tracy, b. 1880, Nenagh, Tipperary

Edward Tracey, b. 1872, Bannagher, Kings (Offaly)

Edward Treacy, b. 1879, Tullamore, Kings (Offaly)

Francis Treacy, b. 1887, Kilkenny, Kilkenny

George Tracy, b. ?, Granard, Longford

Henry Tracey, b. 1858, Dublin, Dublin

James Tracey, b. 1858, Tipperary, Tipperary

James Tracey, b. 1871, Monaghan, Monaghan

James Tracey, b. 1872, Templemore, Tipperary

James Tracy, b. 1880, Waterford, Waterford

John Tracey, b. 1860, Arklow, Wicklow

John Tracey, b. 1874, Cork, Cork

John Tracey, b. 1876, Kingstown

John Tracey, b. 1876, Limerick, Limerick

John Tracey, b. 1876, Monaghan, Monaghan

John Tracy, b. 1885, Dublin, Dublin

John Treacy, b. 1865, Dublin, Dublin

John Treacy, b. 1871, Abbeyfeale, Limerick

John Treacy, b. 1880, Borrisoleigh, Tipperary

Joseph Tracey, b. 1876, Drogheda, Meath

Matthew Tracey, b. 1862, Belfast, Antrim

Michael Tracey, b. 1888, Limerick, Limerick

Michael Treacy, b. 1874, Limerick, Limerick

Nicholas Tracey, b. 1856, Maynooth, Kildare

Pat Tracey, b. 1879, Killenanle, Tipperary

Patrick Tracey, b. 1874, Newtownstewart, Tyrone

Patrick Tracey, b. 1878, Limerick, Limerick

Patrick Tracey, b. 1886, Londonderry, Derry (Londonderry)

Patrick Tracey, b. 1888, Knocklong, Limerick

Patrick Treacy, b. 1878, Limerick, Limerick

Patrick Treacy, b. 1887, Kildare, Kildare

Peter Tracey, b. 1871, Drogheda, Louth

Robert Tracey, ?, b. Ardee, Louth

Thomas Tracey, ?, Roscommon, Roscommon

Thomas Tracey, b. 1871, Dublin, Dublin

Thomas Tracey, b. 1875, Drogheda, Meath

Thomas Tracey, b. 1879, Dublin, Dublin

Thomas Tracey, b. 1880, Kilkenny, Kilkenny

Thomas Tracy, b. 1864, Maynooth, Kildare

Thomas Tracy, b. 1864, Maynooth, Kildare

Thomas Treacy, b. ?, Cloohan, Kings (Offaly)

Thomas Treacy, b. 1875, Roscrea, Tipperary

Timothy Tracey, b. 1878, Dublin

William Tracey, b. 1883, Burr, Kings (Offaly)

William Tracey, b. 1886, Londonderry, Derry (Londonderry)

William Tracy, b. 1848, Kilkenny, Kilkenny

William Treacey, b. 1882, Templemore, Tipperary

William Treacy, b. ?, Ballyragget, Kilkenny

William Treacy, b. ?, Clonmel, Tipperary

William Treacy, b. 1866, Hospital, Limerick

William Treacy, b. 1866, Limerick, Limerick

William Treacy, b. 1870, Templemore, Tipperary

William Treacy, b. 1871, Limerick, Limerick


Yorkshire Gazette 29 July 1865 [see Roscommon]

Treacy - On the 24th inst, at Shorncliffe Camp, aged 32, Drum Major John Treacy, son of Patrick Treacy, staff sergeant of pensioners, Hull District.


Chelsea Pensioners' Service Records [born 1831 onward] (WO97)


Andrew Tracey, b. 1837, Toomevara, Tipperary 


Andrew Tracey, b. 1868, Dublin, Dublin 

Andrew Tracey, 2358, pt, Royal Inniskg Fusrs, enlisted 4/11/1887, discharged 2/2/1901, served 5th Royal Dublin Fus since February 1886

19 years 2 months b. 1868, labourer, single, 5'7.5", 122 Lbs, 34" chest, blue eyes, red brown hair, RC, marks "A.T." on left forearm Jno Tracey no.32 Thomas Court Dublin next of kin,

Born St. Catherines Dublin.

30/10/1902 Medal ack. Pte Andrew Tracey, 62 Cook Street, Dublin


Andrew Treacey, b. 1879, Templemore, Tipperary

Andrew Tracey, 5960, 3rd Royal Irish Regiment, enlisted 13/10/11 Special Reserve, demob 6/3/1919, rejoin Clonmel, Prisoner of War 13/10/1915 in Germany.

32 years 6 months b. 1879, general labourer, RC, 5'5.75", 130 Lbs, 36" chest, blue eyes, light brown hair, single, employer Mr James Delaney Main St Templemore.

Address for pay 8 Hazelfield? Street, Belfast

2/7/1920 13766 Mr Andrew Tracey, Church St Templemore, co. Tipperary, class Z final discharge.

7 May 1919 Pension. Discharged 2/4/1919, aged 39, married, c/o Mrs Quinlan Church St Templemore, 30-40% debility,

11 Jan 1915. Letter to Mr Wm Tracey Church St Templemore taken prisoner at Lille 19-21/10/14 to Limburg Germany.

Andrew Tracey, 5500, Corps Leinster Rgt, served 12.5 years, discharged 24/10/10, address Church St Templemore, offers re-enlistment special reserve 10/10/11

14/5/1916. Money due from the estate of the late No.6919 Private William Tracey 2nd Bn Leinster Regt [brother?]


Andrew Treacy, b. 1882, St James Dublin, Dublin, Royal Dublin Fusiliers


Charles Tracey, b. 1876, Limerick, Limerick 

Charles Treacy, b. 1860, Ballyshannon, Donegal

Charles Treacy, 1921, 65th Brigade Enniskillen or 94th Regiment of Foot, enlisted Enniskillen 22 October 1878

18 years b. 1860, shoe maker, single, 5'9", 34" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, ??? on left leg, RC,

Father? 248 Paisley Road, Glasgow, 1882?

February 1926 Mr. C. Tracey, 143 East Sant Joseph Hospital, New York

November 21st 1932, Charles Treacy, 213 E 70th St, N.Y. City

January 9th 1933 received discharge paper, Reg No. 3832, private, of 24th October 1890. Mr. C. Tracy, West Pavillion 3, Metropolitan Hospital, Welfare Irland, New York, USA. Late Commissariat and Transport Corps missed his dischage from the Army Reserve on the 24th October 1890

Christopher Tracey, b. 1864, Dublin, Dublin 

Christopher Tracey, b. 1891, Dublin, Dublin 

Christopher Treacy, 25875, Pte, 4th Bat Royal Dublin Fuss, enlisted 28/1/1916, discharged 20/10/1916, pension refused 27/10/1916 allowed March? 1917

24 years b. 1892, General labourer, married 2 children,

Address Sallins Rd Road [Naas], Co. Kildare. Letter April 1918 addressed C Treacy, Abby Terrace, Naas.


Christopher Treacy, b. 1874, St L O Toole Dublin, Dublin, Royal Artillery


Cornelius Joseph Treacy, b. 1872, Templemore, Tipperary

Cornelius Tracey, b. 1846, Mallow, Cork 

Cornelius Tracey, b. 1885 St Munchians Limerick, Clare, Clare Artillery


Daniel Tracey, b. 1838, Dublin, Dublin 

Daniel Tracey, b. 1844, Lougrea, Galway 

David Tracey, b. 1831, Michelstown, Cork 

David Tracey, Head, 29, b. 1832 City of Cork Ireland, Sergeant 84 Regiment, St Bartholomew Salford Lancashire.

Ann Tracey, Wife, b. 1840 Sheffield York, Salford Lancashire.

Denis Treacy, b. 1886, Borrisoleigh, Tipperary

Dennis Tracey, b. 1846, Dunkerrin, Kerry 

Dennis Treacy, b. 1858, Limerick, Limerick


Edward Tracey, b. ?, Loughrea, Galway 

Edward Tracey, b. 1831, Roscrea, Tipperary 

Edward Tracey, b. 1837, Cork, Cork 

Edward Treacy, b. 1869, Banagher, Kings (Offaly)

Edward Treacy, b. 1879, Tullamore, Kings (Offaly)

Edwin Tracey, b. 1883, Cork, Cork 


Francis Tracey, b. 1885, Limerick, Limerick 

Francis Treacey, b. 1846, Derrygonnelly, Fermanagh

Francis Treacy, b. 1861, Omagh, Tyrone

Francis Treacy, b. 1861, Omagh, Tyrone

Frank Treacy, b. 1889, Portarlington, Queens (Laois)


George Treacey, b. 1878, Limerick

19th October 1900 Evening Express [Wales]

Newport...Soldiers Run Amuck. George Tracey and John Fitzgerald, gunners in the Mountain Battery (both natives of Limerick) ran amuck on Thursday night, and were now arraigned for being drunk and disorderly in High-street, kicking a woman, malting a row in a fried fish shop at 95 Shaftesbury-street...The sergeant who was sent to speak as to their character said Tracey had only recently returned from the front, having been invalided home. Daring the six weeks he had, been home with the battery there had been one charge against him...

George Treacy, b. 1831, Castlelyons, Cork


Henry Tracey, b. 1840, Dunlavin, Wicklow 

Henry Tracey, b. 1842, Dublin, Dublin 

Hugh Tracey, b. 1857, Derry, Derry (Londonderry) 

Hugh Tracy, b. 1851, Lisburn, Antrim


James Tracey, b. ?, Kilkenny, Kilkenny 

James Tracey, b. ?, Tyrone 

James Tracey, b. 1835, Athlone, Westmeath 

James Tracey, b. 1835, Belfast, Antrim 

James Tracey, b. 1836, Athlone, Westmeath 

James Tracey, b. 1839, Coothill, Cavan 

James Tracey, b. 1840, Dublin, Dublin 

James Tracey, b. 1858, Birr, Kings (Offaly) 

James Tracey, b. 1863, Morettee, Queens (Laois) 

James Tracey, b. 1868, Carlow, Carlow 


James Tracey, b. 1871, Monaghan, Monaghan 


1889 Militia service records

James Tracey, born 1871 Monaghan Monaghan Ireland, no. 4158 5th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers Regiment, Attested 07 Mar 1889 age 18 years 5 months, no trade, single, no children,

18 years 5 months, 5'8", 32.5" chest, fresh complexion, hazel eyes, light brown hair, RC

Joined regular army 7th August 1890

WO 97 - Chelsea Pensioners British Army service records

James Tracey, born 1871 Monaghan Monaghan Ireland, No. 3622 Royal Ish Fusrs, attested 07 Aug 1890 Armagh, 19 years, labourer, served 2 years 5 Royal Irish fus

Description 19 years 11 months, 5'8", 124 lb, 34-34.5" chest, fresh complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair, at present living in 5th Royal Irish Fuisilliers, Discharged medically unfit Pvt 19.6.94 served 3 years 314 days (east Indies 1y84d)

Next of kin: Mother Mary Ann, brothers (younger) John, Thomas Glasslough Street Monaghan sisters elder Elizabeth, Mary Janies Glasslough St Monaghan, single, no children

4.8.93 Medical at Allahahed, Dementia, recommended for discharge, conduct good temperate

Landed in India 18th March 1893, Allahabad 29.3.93-26.7.93 Dyspepsia - Climate nerves tonic 2.11.93 Dementia - Climate and military service acting on a ??? weak minded subject...Colaba 19.1.94 Dementia...Lunatic Hospital Netley Hants 14.5.94 Dementia


James Tracey, b. 1875, Irwin, Meath 

James Tracey, b. 1893, Cork, Cork 

James Tracy, b. 1834, Ballylough, Cavan

James Tracy, b. 1838, Kinnelty, Kings (Offaly)

James Tracy, b. 1843, Kilkenny, Kilkenny

James Tracy, b. 1843, Sixmile Bridge, Clare

James Tracy, b. 1844, Dublin, Dublin

James Tracy, b. 1847, Roscrea, Tipperary

James Treacy, b. 1856, Galway, Galway

James Treacy, b. 1869, Kildare, Kildare

James Treacy, b. 1880, Amagh, Tyrone

Jas Treacy, b. ?, Omagh, Tyrone

Jeremiah Tracey, b. 1836, Cashel, Tipperary 

John Patrick Treacey, b. 1870, Dublin, Dublin

John Tracey, b. 1835, Belbeck, Fermanagh 

John Tracey, b. 1835, Mallon [Mallow], Cork

John Tracey (b.c. 1835 Mallow, Cork, Ireland died 17 Nov 1893 Geraldton Hospital, Western Australia.)

Labourer. Height: 5 ft. 7½ ins. Complexion: freckled. Eyes: hazel. Hair: black.

married Anne Roache 13 Feb 1858 Fermoy, Cork, Ireland.


Johanna b. 1859, Fermoy, Cork, Ireland.

Catherine b. 1861 (d.1863), Fermoy, Cork, Ireland.

Mary Ann b. 1863, Western Australia.

David b. 1866, Geraldton, Western Australia.

Bridget b. 1869, Geraldton, Western Australia.

John b. 1871, Geraldton, Western Australia.

Thomas Francis b. 1873, Geraldton, Western Australia.

Agnes b. 1876 Geraldton, Western Australia.

Helena b. 1879 Geraldton, Western Australia.

18th (Royal Irish) Regiment, 3232 Private, Attestation 2 Sep 1854 Cork Cork, served Casualty Roll: Severe wound. Minor actions at Sebastopol. 13 July 1855.

Disabled by loss by amputation of fore and middle fingers and partial contraction of limb after wound by fragments of shell in ? on 13th July in the trenches.  Unfit for further service.

Discharged 1 Jan 1856 Chatham. Length of Service 1 year 122 days.

Chelsea Pension Reference: WO97/1450/176.

Post Discharge Residence: Fermoy.

Emigration: Norwood. 16 Mar 1862 Portland; 09 Jun 1862 Fremantle.


John Tracey, b. 1835, Roscrea, Tipperary 

John Tracey, b. 1836, Dublin, Dublin 

John Tracey, b. 1837, Ballmasloe, Galway 

John Tracey, b. 1837, Templemore, Tipperary 

John Tracey, b. 1837, Thurles, Tipperary 

John Tracey, b. 1842, Raigormick, Waterford 

John Tracey, b. 1864, Powerstown, Carlow 

John Tracey, b. 1876, Tralee, Kerry  [see Limerick]

John Tracey, 26155, sapper 11th Company, died 11 March 1896 at Currah Camp, Mrs M. Tracey [crossed out] Meak (Mother) Staff Barracks Tralee [crossed out] 23 Gorman? R South next of kin.

John Lawrence Tracey, 26155, sapper, Royal engineers, enlisted October 1891, died 11 March 1896 Scarlet Fever

15 years 10 months, b. 1876, 5'3", 101.5 Lbs, grey eyes, lt brown hair, RC, small scar upper part of left buttock, blacksmith, Mrs M. Mzak? (Mother) Staff Barracks Tralee [crossed out] ??? Amelia ??? [other text] next of kin,

Born St. Johns, Kerry Ireland

John Tracey, b. 1878, Monghan, Monaghan 

John Tracey, b. 1879, Limerick, Limerick 

John Tracey, b. 1883, Dublin 

John Tracey, b. 1887, Dublin  

John Tracy, b. 1835, Omagh, Tyrone

John Tracy, b. 1837, Belturbet, Cavan

John Tracy, b. 1846, Newmarket, Clare

John Tracy?, b. 1837, Portumna, Galway

John Treacey, b. 1838, Arklow, Wexford [see Wexford]

John Treacy, b. 1852, Kilkenny, Kilkenny

John Patrick Tracey, private 9th Lancers, b. 1854 Kilkenny

John Treacy, b. 1860, Atby, Kildare

John Treacy, b. 1872, Cork, Cork

John Treacy, b. 1876, Limerick, Limerick

John Treasy, b. 1832, Hockstown, Roscommon

Joseph Tracey, b. 1865, Dublin, Dublin 

Joseph Tracy, b. 1864, Dublin, Dublin

Joseph Treacy, b. 1862, Athlone, Roscommon


Martin Tracey, b. ?, Roscommon, Roscommon 

Martin Tracey, b. 1835, Roscrea, Tipperary 

Martin Tracey b. 1835 Kyle Roscrea (or 1844) m. Harriet Stamford 16 April 1865 Newcross London (Gunner in Royal Artillery) (LDS)

Martin Tracey, b. 1845, Loughrea, Galway 

Martin Tracey, b. 1877, Waterford, Waterford 

Mathew Tracy, b. 1859, Belfast, Antrim

Matthew Tracey, b. 1862, Belfast, Antrim 

Michael Tracey, b. ?, Tipperary, Tipperary 

Michael Tracey, b. 1832, Roscrea, Tipperary 

Michael Tracey, b. 1835, Roscrea, Tipperary 

Michael Tracey, b. 1839, Ballinsloe, Roscommon 

Michael Tracey, b. 1839, Roscrea, Tipperary 

Michael Tracey, b. 1846, Dublin, Dublin 

Michael Tracey, b. 1855, Portarlington, Queens (Laois) 

Michael Tracey, b. 1868, Omagh, Tyrone 

Michael Tracey, b. 1877, Dublin, Dublin 

Michael Tracy, b. 1862, Limerick, Limerick

Michael Tracy, b. 1875, Limerick, Limerick

Michl Tracey, b. 1863, Cloghan, Kings (Offaly) 


Patrick Tracey, b. ?, Clearagh, Kings (Offaly) 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1834, Kildare, Kildare 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1837, Ballinidslow, Roscommon 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1837, Tipperary, Tipperary 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1840, Athy, Kildare 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1841, Athlone, Westmeath 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1845, Ballinasloe, Roscommon 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1848, Dunleer, Louth 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1851, Killiman, Limerick 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1852, Athlone, Roscommon 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1859, Dublin, Dublin 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1874, Kilcock, Kildare 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1875, Belfast, Antrim 

Patrick Tracey, b. 1880, Kilcock, Kildare 

Patrick Treacy, b. 1876, Moate, Westmeath

Patrick Tressy, b. 1836, Enniskillen, Fermanagh

Pattk Tracey, b. ?, Dublin, Dublin  

Peter Tracey, b. 1871, Dublin, Dublin 

Peter Tracey, b. 1873, Drogheda, Louth 


Peter Tracy, b. 1838, Limerick, Ireland [see Limerick]

Peter Tracey & Amelia Jane Tickner/Meek

Peter Laurence Tracy (b. 1848) m. Almelia (Anne or Emilia or Jane) Tickner 1873 (LDS)

William Joseph b. 28 November 1874 (LDS)

John Lawrence b. 2 December 1875 Military Barracks Tralee (LDS) Sp. James Smythe & Catherine White. Rev. D. O’Keeffe

Peter Tracy of 104th Regt & Amelia Jane Ticknea

Charles Timothy Tracy b. 19/25 Nov 1877 Sp. Michael Fannin & Mary O'Brien. Birr and Loughkeen Parish Offaly. [died 1915 WW1]


Peter Treacy, b. 1880, Ballinastoe, Galway



India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Persia (P. Treacy, 2nd. Bombay Eur. L.I.) edge additionally engraved by suspension claw with relative’s (?) initials ‘M. T.’, traces of brooch mounting to reverse, suspension claw re-affixed, very fine £180-£220






Robert Tracey, b. 1825, Armagh, Armagh 

Robert Tracey, b. 1867, Kilkenny, Kilkenny 


Stephen James Tracey, b. 1846, Kilkenny, Kilkenny 

Stephen Tracey, b. 1864, Tramore, Waterford 


Thomas Tracey, b. 1835, Drogheda, Meath

Thomas Tracey, b. 1841, Ballingarry, Tipperary

Thomas Tracey, b. 1844, Tullock, Kilkenny

Thomas Tracey, b. 1858, Dublin, Dublin

Thomas Tracey, b. 1872, Monaghan, Monaghan

Thomas Tracey, b. 1880, Dublin, Dublin


Thomas Tracy, b. 1840, Limerick, Limerick, b. 1840 Hospital Limerick, no. 582 private attested 1860, discharged Depot 86th Reg Of Foot  


Lincelles 1862 - Western Australian Convicts


Pensioner Guards and Families

Tracey        Thomas                ..   private; 86th Regiment

Tracey        Edward                ..   refer: surgeon's report


Thomas Tracy, b. 1852, Dublin, Dublin

Thomas Treacey, b. 1834, Dunmore, Galway

Thomas Treacy, b. 1836, Toomevara, Tipperary

Thomas Treacy, b. 1862, Dungarvan, Waterford


1867 Army Discharge

48th Regiment of Foot

Dublin November 14th 1867

Discharge of No. 7 Sergeant Thomas Treacy [son of Patrick Treacy – see Roscommon]

Service 21 years 22 days...abroad 8 1/12 years viz Ionian Islands 1 6/12, Crimea 1 9/12, Malta 1 2/12, Gibralta 1 2/12, East Indies 2 6/12

Discharge at own request

Born Trichinopoly East Indies, attested for the 48 Regt at Hull York on the 24 August 1844 age 15 10/12 years.

Discharged at Dublin 3 Decr 1867, age 39 1/12, 5'7.25", fresh complexion, brown hair, labourer, scar of bullet wound on belly and side.

Intended place of residence: Hull Yorkshire.


William Tracey, b. 1793, Maryborough, Queens (Laois)

William Tracey, b. 1834, Templemore, Tipperary

William Tracey, b. 1835, Pallas Kenry, Limerick

William Tracey, b. 1837, Charleville, Cork

William Tracey, b. 1837, Partarlington, Kings (Offaly)

William Tracey, b. 1838, Ballymena, Antrim

William Tracey, b. 1839, Kildorery, Cork

William Tracey, b. 1853, Cork, Cork

William Tracey, b. 1857, Birr, Kings (Offaly)

William Tracey, b. 1858, Antrim, Antrim

William Tracey, b. 1860, Dublin, Dublin

William Tracey, b. 1870, Borrisokane, Tipperary

William Tracey, b. 1875, Roscrea, Kings (Offaly)

William Tracey, b. 1879, Londonderry, Derry (Londonderry)

William Tracey, b. 1887, Londonderry, Derry (Londonderry)

William Tracy, b. 1841, Ballymena, Antrim

William Tracy, b. 1844, Cappoquin, Waterford

William Treacey, b. 1880, Limerick, Limerick

William Treacy, b. 1878, Dublin, Dublin


Other Records


James Tracey, 6792, Conn Rangers, enlisted Galway December 1899, served 4 Br Connaught Rangers, deserted 3rd April 1900

23 years 2 months, labourer, resided outside of fathers house for three years but paid no rates, single, 5'6", 38" chest, brown eyes, brown hair, RC, Mother Catherine Tracey, Bks St, Loughrea, Brother (E.) Michael Tracey, Sisters Mary & Catherine Tracey, next of kin

Born Loughrea, Galway


John Tracey, 5889, Coms't Trpt, enlisted 20 November 1884

15 years 10 months b. 1869, 5'4.75", 114 Lbs, 32" chest, grey eyes, brown hair, RC, Father ??? John Tracey 3rd Batt ???

Born Fethard, Tipperary


Thomas Treacy, 4137, The Conaught Rangers (Special Reserve), discharged July 1913

19 years b. 1893, RC, Town labourer, 5'7.75", 143 lbs, 37" chest, hazel eyes, black hair, single, scar back of neck, father James & sister Sarah (E) Fawn Street Derry next of Kin

born St. Michaels, near Derry, Donegal

Reference: John Moran, Fish Dealer, Dunlo Street, Ballinasloe, Galway. Thomas Treacy worked Driving Fish Cart for 10 months until 5/12/1912 [before joining up]


William Treacy, 2030 Connaught Rangers.  Enlisted April 1st 1886, Discharged 1/4/1898.

20 years 10 months b. 1865, labourer, single, 6', 167 lbs, Blue eyes, Brown hair, RC, scar right hip,

born Kilconduff, Swinford, Mayo.

Met with a violent death at Castlebar on the 25th March 1905, Coroners Report, Lce. Cpl. Wm. Tracey

William Treacy, 7239, joined 5/2/2001 Fermoy

Served South Africa 1902, James Treacy Roy I Constabulary Kells Co. Meath brother next of kin

William Treacy, 1420 or 7239, 4th Battn Liverpool Regiment joined 4/2/1901 at Athlone, serving in Royal Irish Reserve Regiment & served in Connaught Rangers (Time Exp???)

35 years 9 months b. 1865, labourer, single, 6'1.5", 177 lbs, chest 37-9", blue eyes, brown hair, RC

born Kilconduff, near Swinford, Mayo. Will serve until 41 years.


William James Treacy, 19368, Gr, 58 Company Royal G Artillery, enlisted 25 March? 1897, desertion 1st March 1905 at Eiquimalt BC, after re-enlisting two years earlier

28 years b. 1869, single, electrician?, 5'8", 140 Lbs, chest 36", brown hair, blue eyes, Church of England, top of third finger of left hand lost, Father Francis Tracey Clogwillem [Clogrenan] Queens?, Mother Amelia Tracey, Sister Anney [Amelia?] Tracey next of kin,

Born Clognah [Cloghna], Co. Carlow


William Treacy, 6634 Royal Irish Fusiliers, enlisted 5/8/1899, serving in Royal Dublin Fus B 118, discharged 31/1/1903

18 years 6 months, b. 1881, labourer, single, 5'5", 33" chest, blue eyes, fair? hair, RC, Father Christopher 16 Upper Mercer St Dublin, Brothers Christopher elder & Frederick younger

Born St. Matthew Dublin.


21st October 1893 Evening Express [Wales]

Mess Plate Missing. The Pembroke Dock...charged with stealing mess plate of the value of £150, belonging to the officers of the Connaught Rangers (88th Regiment), on July 10, 1892...Sergeant William Treacy proved that on the night of July 10 prisoner had broken out of the cells...


WO 131 - pensions granted at a later date to discharged, generally men who served prior to the 1883.

The index states Surname, First Name, Regimental Number, Rank on discharge, Regiment/Corps.

Tracey, Andrew, 3386, Private, 86th Foot    

Tracey, Joseph, 1304, Gunner, RA    

Treacy, William, Gnr/Dvr, RA



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