1841 & 1851 Census - 1908 Pensions Act


The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in 1908. Pension claimants had to prove their age. Those born before 1864 used the 1841 and 1851 census.


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Mary Tracey                born 1833

Patrick Tracey born 1836

Peter Tracey                born 1839





1851 Census (16/4/1851) & National Archives [Census Fragment]

Craigdunloof Townland, Dunaghy Parish, County Antrim

William Tracy, Head, 42, married 1829, Read & Write, Tailor (Tyrone)

Alice/Nancy Tracy, Wife, 41, None

John Tracy, Son, 18, Agricultural labourer, Read & Write

William Tracy, Son, 15, Tailor, Read,

Patrick Tracy, Son, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Sarah Tracy, Daughter, 10, at Mr. Carey’s School

Ann Tracy, Daughter, 8, at Mr. Carey’s School

Jane Tracy, Daughter, 4, None

Absent from Household 30th March 1851:
Hugh Tracy, 21 (Son) - Tailor (America)
Died since 6th June 1841:
James Tracy, 6 months (Son) - Inflamation - Spring 1846
Ellen Tracy, 1 (Daughter) - Meazels - Winter 1851

Lisnamanny Townland, Dunaghy Parish

Robert McQuillin, 78 (Head) (Married 1802) - Farmer
Absent from Household 30th March 1851:
John Tracy, 16 (Servant) – Farm Labourer





IG Record 46324

Tracey Thomas Phil Tracey Bessie Tracey nee Mulligan Maghernacaldry Drumgoon Tullygarvey Cavan 1917 - Drumnatrade, Cootehill, Co Cavan.


Maghernacaldry, Drumgoon, Co. Cavan

Thomas Tracey Applicant                               

Phil Tracey                     Father                        

Bessie Mulligan             Mother


IG Record 46658

Tracey Susan --- --- Kilnacor Denn Loughtee Upper cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killagregan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff. Head of family - Peter and Bridget Hughes. 1851 Peter and Biddy Hughes, with Mary Tracey aged 3yrs, lodger.


IG Record 46120

Tracey, Susan --- --- Kilnacor Denn Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killagrogan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff. Head of family - Peter & Bridget Hughes. 1851 Peter & Biddy Hughes, there is a Mary Tracey, 3yrs old, lodger, no Susan.

Kilnacor, Denn, Co. Cavan

Susan Tracey     Applicant                   

Peter Hughes     Father


IG Record 46147

Tracey, Susan - Thomas Tracey Catherine Tracey nee McMahon Termon Killinkere Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mrs Susan Smith, Bogheskey, New Inns, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan.


Termon, Killinkere, Co. Cavan

Susan Tracey                 Applicant                               

Thos Tracey                   Father                         

Catherine Mcmahon      Mother           


IG Record 46243

Tracy Mathew and Susan Francis Tracy Susan Tracy Killygrogan Lavey Loughter Upper Cavan 1917 - Mr Mathew Tracey, Killygrogan, New Inn, Kells, Ballyjamesduff, Co Cavan. Found - Head of family-Mathew Tracy, grandfather. 1851 Mathew Treasy with grandson Mathew Tracey, 5yrs old.


Killygrogan, Lavey, Co. Cavan

Mathew Tracy   Applicant                   

Francis Tracy     Father


Belturbet, Annagh, Co. Cavan

Anne Tracy                 Applicant

Edward Tracey           Father

Hugh Tracey               born 1806

Mary Tracey                born 1829

Bridget Tracey            born 1811



Margaret Tracey          born 1833

Rosy Tracey                born 1836

Pat Tracey                   born 1839


Virginia, Lurgan, Co. Cavan

Pat Tracey       Father 





IG Record 44561

DALY Peter Peter DALY Margaret DALY nee Tracey Newquay Oughtmama Burren Clare 1920 - Agent, Ballyvaughan, Clare. Family - Honor, Bridget, Maria, Juliet, John, Agnes, Ellen, Peter.


Newquay, Oughtmama, Co. Clare

Peter Daly          Applicant                               

Honor Daly                               

Maria Daly                                            

Bridget Daly                                         

Julia Daly                                              

John Daly                                             

Agnes Daly                                           

Ellen Daly                                             

Peter Daly                                             

Peter Daly          Father                        

Margaret Tracey Mother



Mary Tracey                Applicant

Patrick Tracey Father





IG Record 7851

Tracey John Henry Tracey Margaret Altahoney Cumber Upper Tirkeeran Londonderry Or with Moses ELLIS head of house. Family - John, Mary Jane, Henry. 1851 Found Moses ELLIS 52 head not married, Margt. 25 sister not married, Mary 38 sister married, George 15 nephew, John 3 nephew, Henry 43 brother in law absent? (or died).



IG Record 8055

Tracey Annie John Tracey Kate Fairney Cumber Lower Tirkeeran Londonderry Please search for James and Nancy (Ann) Tracey, Altaghoney, Cumber Upper. 1851 Found James 60 and Nancy 57 Tracy married 1820, unmarried daughters Nancy 19 and Unity 17, visitors Ned Tracy 8yrs and Hugh Tracy 7yrs.


IG Record 8068

Tracey nee MULLAN Catherine John MULLAN Sarah Ervey Cumber Lower Tirkeeran Londonderry 1851 Mary 12, John 10, Margt. 6, Wm. 3, Susan 3, Cath not on form.


IG Record 8081

EDWARDS nee Tracey Margt. John Tracey Nancy Knockbrack Clondermott Tirkeeran Londonderry 1851 Parents married 1850, Margaret not on form.



IG Record 27941

DEVINE Mary Patrick DEVINE Martha DEVINE nee Treacy Sallowilly Cumber Upper Tirkeeran Londonderry 1920 - Agent, Glenrandle N.S., Claudy, Derry. Family - Eleanor, Nancy, Mary, Patrick, James, Bridget, John. 1851 Eleanor 5, Nancy 2, Mary 6mos.

Sallowilly, Cumber Upper, Co. Londonderry

Martha Treacy   mother


IG Record 27903

MORAN Hugh --- --- Altahony Cumber Upper Tirkeeran Londonderry 1917 - Kangaroo Hills, via Ingham, N. Queensland. Head of family - James Tracy, grandfather. 1851 James 60 and Nancy 57 Tracy married 1820, with Ned Tracy 8, visitor, Hugh Tacy 7, visitor, no Hugh Moran.





IG Record 36436

MCNENEY Catherine James MCNENEY Sarah MCNENEY nee BOX Rockbrook Cruagh or Whitechurch Uppercross or Rathdown Dublin 1913 - Mrs Catherine Tracy, 15 Short St, Batley Carr, Dewsbury.



IG Record 39774

Tracey, Tracy or Treacy Patrick Patrick Tracey Mary Tracey Culliagharney Creagh Moycarn Roscommon 1916 - Mr Patrick Tracey, Royal Infirmary, Kilmainham, Dublin. Born about 1844-46. Family - 1st marriage - John, Ann, Edward, Mary, Patrick, Peter. 2nd marriage - Margaret, Bridget, Winifred, Michael, Abbie. 1851 John 16, Ann 14, Edward 12, Mary 8, Patrick 5, Peter 2.





IG Record 9489

Treacy Sarah Ann Peter Treacy Catherine Inishmacsaint Magheraboy Fermanagh 1851 Parents married 1844.



IG Record 23794

Treacy Ellen John Treacy Catherine Treacy Tower Beg Devenish Magheraboy Fermanagh 1851 - parents married 1850, no daur Ellen 1917 - Mrs Ellen Magoarty, Carran West, Garrison, Co Fermanagh

IG Record 23795

Treacy Ellen John Treacy Catherine Treacy Towermore Devenish Magheraboy Fermanagh 1851 - Patt Treacy 70 Head, John Treacy 27 son, Catherine Treacy 20 daur in law, married 1850, no return of applicant Ellen 1920 - Mrs Ellen McGourty, Cavanwest, Garrison, Co Fermanagh


Try Towermore, Devenish, Co. Fermanagh

Patt Treassy                   Head                           70       

Catherine Treassy          Dautr In Law 20       

John Treassy                  Son                              27       

John Treacy                   Father


Ellen Treacy


Tower Beg, Tower More, Devenish, Co. Fermanagh

Ellen Treacy       Applicant                               

Ellen Treacy                                          

John Treacy       Father             


IG Record 23826

FLANAGAN Cecilia Patrick FLANAGAN Cecilia FLANAGAN nee Tracey Corramore Inishmacsaint Magheraboy Fermanagh 1917 - Mrs Cecilia Murray, 48 Lewis Street, Auburn, New York, U.S.A.


Corramore, Inishmacsaint, Co. Fermanagh

Cecilia Flanigan             Applicant                               

Annie Flanigan             

Patt Flanigan                                        

Mary Flanigan                                      

Cisly Flanigan                                       

Cisly Flanigan                                       

Patrick Flanigan             Father                         

Cecilia Tracey    Mother           


IG Record 23381

Treacy Anne Peter Treacy Mary Treacy nee TIMONEY Agho Boho Clanawley Fermanagh 1916 - Mrs Anne Walsh, Kiltyclogher


Agho, Boho, Fermanagh

Anne Treacy      Applicant                               

Peter Treacy       Father             

Mary Timoney Mother


IG Record 23442

McKANE Mary Anne James McKANE Mary McKANE nee TRACEY Letterbreen Cleenish Clanawley Fermanagh 1920 - Agent, St Mary's Cleenish, Arncy, Enniskillen

Letterbreen, Cleenish, Co. Fermanagh


Mary Anne Mckane       Applicant                               

James Mckane               Father                        

Mary Tracey                  Mother           


IG Record 23759

SCOLLEN Patrick Hugh SCOLLEN Mary SCOLLEN nee TREACY Carran East Devenish Magheraboy Fermanagh 1917 - Agent, Leeter, Derrygonnelly, Co Fermanagh


Carran East, Devenish, Co. Fermanagh

Patrick Scollen   Applicant                               

Susan Scollen                           

Margaret Scollen                                              

Hugh Scollen     Father                        

Mary Treacy                  Mother           





IG Record 26527

Tracey Mary Michael Tracey Margaret Tracey Derrooghs Kilkerrin Tiaquin Galway 1921 - Agent, Glennamaddy, Galway. 1851 Mary 2mos.

Derrooghs, Kilkerrin, Co. Galway

Mary Tracey                  Applicant                               

Michael Tracey Father


IG Record 26532

Treacy Margaret Thomas Treacy Mary Treacy Kiltullagh Kilkerrin Tiaquin Galway 1910 - Glennamaddy. 1841 Margart 10yrs. 1851 Margaret 21yrs.


Kiltullagh, Kilkerrin, Co. Galway

Margaret Treacy            Applicant       

Thomas Treacy Father


IG Record 25905

Treacy Catherine Thos. Treacy Cathn. Treacy Clonfert Clonfert Longford Galway 1916 - Agent, Portumna, Galway.

Clonfert, Clonfert, Co. Galway

Catherine Treacy           Applicant                   

Thos Treacy                   Father



IG Record 26008

KILLEEN Catherine John KILLEEN Mary KILLEEN nee LARKIN Keeloge Meelick Longford Galway 1916 - mrs Catherine Tracey, Keelogue, Eyrecourt, Galway.



IG Record 25181

ROCHE Sarah Pat ROCHE Mary ROCHE Bulcaun Kilconla Dunmore Galway 1916 - Mrs Sarah Tracy, Dugarra, Ballyboy, Tuam, Galway.


IG Record 25952

LEAHY John James LEAHY Mary LEAHY nee Treacy Cloonlahan Geoghogan Killoran Longford Galway 1922 - Clonlaghan, Kiltormer, Ballinasloe, Galway. 1851 Parents married 1850, no children.


Cloonlahan, Killoran, Co. Galway

John Leahy        Applicant                   

James Leahy      Father                        

Mary Treacy      Mother           


IG Record 25886

COONE Catherine John COONE Mary COONE nee Treacy Drumatober Abbeygormacan Longford Galway 1920 - Agent, Clerk of Union etc., Clerk's Office, Union Workhouse, Portumna. 1851 John and Mary Coan married 1843, no Catherine, a Catherine 3yrs died 1847.


Try Drumatober, Abbeygormacan, Co. Galway

Catherine Coone            Applicant                               

John Coone                    Father                         

Mary Treacy                  Mother           


IG Record 24522

COYNE Anne Farrell COYNE Maria COYNE nee TRACEY Polleagh North Templetogher Ballymoe Galway 1916 - Mr Michael Conner, L. Castle, Dunmore, Galway.


Polleagh North, Templetogher, Co. Galway

Anne Coyne      Applicant                               

Farrell Coyne Father                             

Maria Tracey      Mother





IG Record 22386

Tracey or HALL Mary Edmund Tracey Mary Tracey Kiljames Lower Columbkille Gowran Kilkenny 1917 - Mrs Mary Hall, 218 West 4th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Born about 1846-47. 1851 - Edmond Treacey 48 head & Mary Treacey wife married 1837, Catherine 13, Ann 10, Mary 8, John 6, Judith 4, Richd. 1 (dead).


Kiljames Lower,Upper, Columbkille, Kilkenny

Mary Tracey      Applicant

Edmond Treacey           Head   48       

Catherine Treacey                      13       

Mary Treacey     Wife    40       

Ann Treacey                              10       

Mary Treacey                 8         

John Treacey                              6         

Judith Treacey               4         

Richd Treacey                                      

Edmund Tracey             Father                        





IG Record 19820

TRACEY Annie TRACEY John TRACEY Mary TRACEY nee FITZGERALD Quay Lane, Limerick --- --- Limerick 1922 - J O'Sullivan, 49 Clare St, Limerick. Parents married 1852. Family - John, Stephen, Katharine, -ns?, Elizabeth.

Quay Lane, Limerick, Co. Limerick

Annie Tracey     Applicant

John Tracey

Katherin Tracey

Stephen Tracey

John Tracey

Agnes Tracey

Elizabeth Tracey


IG Record 19841

MERRICK Johanna MERRICK Pat Merrick Mary MERRICK nee TREACY Dromalta Tuogh Owneybeg Limerick 1916 - Mrs Johanna Ryan, Barna, Newport, Co. Tipperary. Family - Wm, Pat, John, Kate, Mary, Bridget, Alice, Norah, Ellen, Judy 16yrs. 1851 Parents married 1826 with children as per above, no daughter Johanna.


Dromalta, Tuogh, Co. Limerick

Mary Treacy      Mother


IG Record 19590

WILLIAMS Henry WILLIAMS James WILLIAMS Bridget TREACY Jamestown Kilquane Coshlea Limerick 1921 - Lower Effin, Kilmallock, Limerick. 1851 Found - James and Bridget Williams married 1835, no return of Henry.


Coombs, Jamestown, Kilquane, Co. Limerick

Bridget Treacy   Mother





IG Record 30977

GROGAN Patrick John GROGAN Bridget GROGAN ne Tracey Killunagher Annagh Costello Mayo 1917 - Carlinghow Lane, Batley, Yorks. Born 1845-47. Family - Pat, Catherine, Laurence, Ellen(died). 1851 John Grogan 32, head, married 1843, Bridget 30, wife, Patt. 5, Cath. 3, Laurence 4mos. 1851 John Grogan 50, head, married 1840, Bridget 30, wife, Catherine 8, Margt. 5, Michael 3, no Patrick.


Killunagher, Annagh, Co. Mayo

Bridget Tracey   Mother                       





IG Record 29260

HACKETT Catherine Hugh HACKETT Cath. HACKETT nee TRACEY Annbore St, Clanes Clones Dartree Monaghan 1920 - Agent, 38 North Frederick St, Glasgow. 1851 Catherine 2yrs.


Clones, Co. Monaghan

Cath Tracey       Mother





IG Record 21547

Treacy John John Treacy Mary Treacy nee SWEENEY Gorteen Roscrea Ballybritt Kings 1917 - Mr E.J. Guilmartin, Rosemary Street, Roscrea, Kings.


Gorteen, Roscrew, Co. Offaly

John Treacy       Applicant                   

John Treacy       Father                        

Mary Sweeney   Mother


IG Record 21546

FITZPATRICK Margaret William FITZPATRICK Ann FITZPATRICK nee Tracy Ballyduff Roscrea Ballybritt Kings 1917 - Mrs Margaret Fitzgibbon, 803 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Born 1838. William dead in 1851. Ann Tracy, widow, head in 1851. 1841 Mary 6, Ann 4, Margt. 3. Ballyduff. 1851 Margt. 12, Peter 7, Anne 14. Gorteen.

Ballyduff, Roscrew, Co. Offaly

Margaret Fitzpatrick      Applicant                               

Mary Fitzpatrick                        6         

Peter Fitzpatrick                                               

Ann Fitzpatrick                         4         

Margt Fitzpatrick                       3         

Margt Fitzpatrick                       12       

Peter Fitzpatrick                        7         

Anne Fitzpatrick                        14       

Cons Fitzpatrick                        41       

William Fitzpatrick                                           

Margt Fitzpatrick                       51       

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick                                     

William Fitzpatrick        Father                        

Ann Tracy                      Mother                       





IG Record 39774

Tracey, Tracy or Treacy Patrick Patrick Tracey Mary Tracey Culliagharney Creagh Moycarn Roscommon 1916 - Mr Patrick Tracey, Royal Infirmary, Kilmainham, Dublin. Born about 1844-46. Family - 1st marriage - John, Ann, Edward, Mary, Patrick, Peter. 2nd marriage - Margaret, Bridget, Winifred, Michael, Abbie. 1851 John 16, Ann 14, Edward 12, Mary 8, Patrick 5, Peter 2.


Creagh, Moycarn, Co. Roscommon

Patrick Tracey    Applicant

John Tracey       Born 1825

Edward tracey   Born 1829

Ann Tracey        Born 1827

Abbie Tracey    

Patk Tracey        Father

Mary Tracey      Mother


IG Record 39128

Treacy Thomas Martin Treacy Bridget Treacy Drumagissaun Kilglass Ballintober North Roscommon 1917 - Muckinagh, Kilglass, Strokestown, Roscommon.


Kilglass, Roscommon

Thomas Treacy  Applicant

Martin Treacy    Father


IG Record 39019

GANNON Frances James GANNON Catherine GANNON nee TRACEY Lisagallan Fuerty Athlone Roscommon 1917 - Donamon, Roscommon.


Lissagallan, Fuerty, Co. Roscommon   

Catherine Tracey           Mother




IG Record 36684

Tracey Michael Phillip Tracey Marey Tracey nee WHALEY Corrowle Modreeny Lr. Ormond Tipperary 1921 - 252 North St, Langwith, Mansfield, Derby, England. Born about 6 January 1851. Family - Thomas, James, William.





IG Record 38332

Tracey Sarah Terence Tracy Ellen Tracy Ballygowan Drumragh East Omagh Tyrone 1910 - Omagh 1. 1841 Thomas and Ellen Tracy with daughter Sally aged 25yrs.


Ballygowan, Drumragh, Co. Tyrone

Sarah Tracey      Applicant

Terence Tracey  Father


IG Record 38267

Treacy Margaret Edward Treacy Margery Treacy Glennan Donacavey East Omagh Tyrone 1921 - Agent, Tempo, Fermanagh. Born about 1850-54. 1851 Parents married 1843, no Margaret, a daughter Margaret 5yrs died 1850.

IG Record 38268

Treacy Patrick and Edward or Edwin Edward Treacy --- Treacy Glennan Clogherny East Omagh Tyrone 1921 Agent, Tempo, Fermanagh. Born about Patrick 1848, Edward 1850. 1851 Edward and Margey Tracy married 1843, Patrick 4, Edward 2.


Glennan, Donacavey, Co. Tyrone

Margaret Treacy            Applicant

Margaret Treacy            Daughter         Born 1836

Edward Treacy  Father

Patrick Or Edward Or Edwin Treacy   Applicant

Patk Treacy        Son      Born 1837

Edwd Treacy     Son      Born 1839

Susan Tracey     Mother


IG Record 16708

Treacy Rosey Edward Tracey Briged MCBRIDE Glenchiel Bodoney Upper Strabane Upper Tyrone 1851 Edward TREASY 25 head married 1849, Biddy 22 wife, Rosey 1yr.



IG Record 38266

DALY Joseph Peter DALY Susan DALY nee Tracey Glennan Donacavey East Omagh Tyrone 1917 - Tummery P.O., Dromore, Tyrone. Family - Anne, Bridget, Thomas, Hannagh, Mary, Bernard, Susan, Catherine, Peter, Joseph. 1851 Thomas 20, Hannagh 18, Mary 16, Bernard 14, Susan 12, Catherine 10, Peter 8, Joseph 3.


IG Record 38438

DOBBS John Owen DOBBS Anne or Nancy DOBBS nee TRACEY Altdrumman Termonmaguirk East Omagh Tyrone 1915 - Agent, C.C., Carrickmore, Tyrone. Born about 1844. 1851 John aged 3yrs.


Altdrumman, Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone                

Anne Or Nancy Tracey Mother


IG Record 38868

WILLIAMS or MCWILLIAMS Myles --- --- Aghnamirigan Bodoney Lr. Strabane Upper Tyrone 1917 - Agent, Aughnamerrigan, Drumlea P.O., Gortin, Tyrone. 1841 Ealse McWilliams 55, widow, married 1809, Ann 25, Ealse 23, John 18, Patrick 15, Bridget Tague 4, grand daughter, James McWilliams 58, husband died 1839. 1831 James McWilliams, occupier of house. Patrick Mcwilliams, occupier of house. Aughnamergan. 1821 Susan McWilliams 55, Flax Spinner, Ann Treacy 18, visitor. Glensaurick, Aughnamirgan. 1821 James McWilliams 50, farmer, Alice 38, wife, Catherine 14, Mary 12, Ann 10, Alice 7, John under 1, Mary McWilliams 60, Catherine 8, her daughter.

Aghnamirigan [Tyrone]

Ann Treacy, born 1823 [1803?]




IG Record 33351

Treacy or NOONAN Kate Mike Treacy Kate Treacy nee WARD Drumraney Drumraney Kilkenny W. Westmeath 1917 - Mrs Kate Noonan, Killare Castle, Ballymore, Moate, Westmeath. Family - 6 girls, 2 boys.


Drumraney, Drumraney, Co. Westmeath

Kate Treacy       Applicant

Mike Treacy       Father





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