1771 to 1812 Walkers Hibernian Magazine


O'Reilly, Capt. John Tracy (late of 5th Dragoons), of H.E.I. Co.'s 3rd Regt. of Native Cavalry=Hunter, Isabella Sarah, only child of Andrew, of Queen St., Edinburgh, late of Bengal, in St. Mary's Church, at Madras, 1 July, 1807 Jan. 1808 p. 62


Tracey,Miss=Riely, Henry Stevens 1776 p. 432


Tracy, Dr., Fleet St.=Smith, Martha, y.d. of John, at Mark's Church Mar. 1812 p. 143


Tracy, Wm., Ballylevin, King's co.=Tarlton, Elinor, d. of Gilbert, of Killeigh June 1779 p. 375



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