1749 Elphin Diocesan Census



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Richard Tracy, w. papist, Miller, 3 children under 14 years & 2 over 14 years, 1man & 1 woman papist servants, Cargeens, Dunamon, Co. Galway. [Carrigans Park, Dunamon, Co. Roscommon]



John Tressy, papist, labourer, 1 child under 14 years, Kilmore, Athleague, Co. Roscommon.

Michl Tressy?, Kilmore, Athleague, Co. Roscommon.


Patrick & Catharin Tracey, papist, miller, 2 children under 14 years, 1 man & 1 woman papist servants, Cloonagh, Ballintobber (Ballintober), Co. Roscommon.


Laurence Treacy & Mary (Papist), 1 child under 14, Carugarry, Baslick, Co. Roscommon

Thos Treacy & Jane (Papist) cottier, 3 children under 14, 1 child over 14, Parish of Gortneselagh, Baslick, Co. Roscommon


Bryan & Margaret Trassy, papist, labourer, 2 children under 14 years, Gortoose, Bumlin, Co. Roscommon

Roger & Hanna Trassy, papist, labourer, 2 children under 14 years, Gortoose, Bumlin, Co. Roscommon

Daniel & Mary Trassy, papist, cotter, 3 children over 14 years, Newtown, Bumlin, Co. Roscommon


Edward & Bridget Tracy, papist, Farmer, 1 child under 14 years & 2 papist women servants, Keillmore, Clooncraff, Co. Roscommon.

John & Jane Tracy, papist, Farmer, Cloonshee, Clooncraff, Co. Roscommon.


De. Treasey & wi[fe] (Papists) 1 child under 14, 1 man servant (Papist), Aughlard, Parish of Cloonfinlough, Co. Roscommon.


William [or Jas] Traccy & wife (Papists) Labr., 2 children under 14, 2 male + 1 female servant (Papists), Runnymeade, Cloonygormican, Co. Roscommon


Thomas Tracy, w. papist, 1 child under 14 years, Dundermott, Drumatemple, Co. Roscommon.


Andrew Trasy, papist, Labourer, 3children under 14 years, Portron, Portron, Killinvoy, Co. Roscommon.


Mary Treacy (Papist) cotter, 1 child under 14, 2 children over 14, 1 female servant (Papist), Cloonican, Kilkeevan, Co. Roscommon.

William Tracy, papist, cotter, 2 children under 14 years & 3 children over 14 years, Kilteevan, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon

Treacy Laurce 1749 Census Kilkeevan, Roscommon


Thady Trassy, papist, begger, Carnagullah, Kiltrustan, Co. Roscommon

Bart.Anne Trassy Lenaghan papist, cotter, 2 children over 14 years, Cloncovanagh, Kiltrustan, Co. Roscommon


Thomas Tracy, papist, horse rider, 3 children under 14 years & 1 papist woman servant, Acres, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon.


Treassey Mathias 1749 Census Tisrara, Roscommon


Thomas Trassey, papist, baker, Sligo, St. Johns Sligo, Co. Sligo.


Legg Marie-Louise ed. (2004) The census of Elphin 1749. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin.



The following records are stated as being available in the National Archives, ref 1A 36 13.


Tracy, Clooncraff, Co. Roscommon, page 48

Tracy, Roscommon, Co. Roscommon, page 118

Tracy, Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon, page 125

Trassy, Kiltristan (Kiltrustan?), Co. Roscommon, page 75

Trassy, Bumlin, Co. Roscommon, pages 82, 83, 85

Trassy, Portron, Co. Roscommon, page 139


Tracy, Drumatemple, Co. Galway/Roscommon, page 234

Tracy, Dunamon, Co. Galway/Roscommon, page 245

Tracy, Ballintobber (Ballintober), Co. Galway/Roscommon, page 270

Tressy, Athleague, Co. Galway/Roscommon, page 216


Trassey, Sligo, Co. Sligo, page 397


Manning, Peter (1947) Elphin Diocesan Census 1749: surname index.


A more comprehensive index by Peter Manning dated 1987 is available http://www.irishancestors.ie/?page_id=1688




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