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16 Oct. 1761

Dublin Mr. Martin Tracey, Earl St. timber merchant horseback attacked footpads Palmerstown robbed cash watch.



31 Jan. 1764

…Liverpool returns James Tracy, Dungannon


11 May 1764

…Neptune Tracey foul sunk…



6 Sept. 1765

…Grand Jury Co. Tyrone justice …James Tracy…


1 Oct. 1765

sold cant house James Tracy, Dungannon 14 Nov. land townland Killymaddy Co. Tyrone. dwelling bleach-houses bleaching business. lime-stone gravel marlroads Carnteel Ballygawly Earl of Charlemont, James Menagh, Lurgan 1Dec. Durrymecash Lough Neagh office-houses furnaces rubbing-boards washhorse-mill. beetling-engine sycamore beams drying-loft utensils. kesh turfhay 30 Sept.


3 Dec. 1765

James Maguire, dancing-master teaching towns families May Dungannon. Ball King''s Arms favour ladies gentlemens. Assembly-Room tea coffee musiccards. tickets Mr. Semple,. Apothecary, Mr. Tracy, King's Arms



30 Sept. 1766

sold publick cant house James Tracy, Dungannon 23 Oct. bidder lease townland Killimaddy Earl of Charlemount, remainder chiefry profit rent under-tenants marled gravelled limed kiln brick implements husbandry.


10 Oct. 1766

Died…Fishamble St. wife James Tracy, china merchant…



20 Jan. 1767

sold cant Feb. James Tracey, Dungannon


27 Jan. 1767

fobb Joseph Holland, silver watch enamelled dial-plate seal compass engraven ribbon London. reward Benjamin Waters Lisnamorrow, Oliver Tracy, Ballynail Magherafelt Michael Johnston, Moneymore Alexander Alexander,



6 Jan. 1769

31 fire house Edward Tracy, pastry-cook Chequer Lane Thomas Babington, Mr. Hodges, assistance fire-engines St. Andrew''s St. Anne''s parishes damage. [Dublin]


30 May 1769

sold cant house James Tracey, Dungannon


7 July 1769

Clare McKane, dancing-master families north Ireland certificates recommendations persons eminence Monaghan Dungannon opened school 32 ladies gentlemen houses apply lodgings Mr. Tracy, Mr. Flemming,


29 Aug. 1769

Co. Tyrone sold publick auction 5 Oct. house James Tracey, Dungannon


7 Nov. 1769

dropt road Monaghan Dungannon 23 Sept. silver watch case William Sinclare, brass besell dial plate James Tracy, William Templeton, Coothill reward.


5 Dec. 1769

Co. Tyrone sold publick cant 11 Jan. house James Tracey, Dungannon Co. Tyrone…



2 Jan. 1770

Co. Tyrone sold publick cant bidder 11 house James Tracey, Dungannon


26 June 1770

sold publick auction 5 July house James Tracy, Dungannon interest leaseholdhouse Main!St. yard garden repair occupation Bartholomew Verner


28 Sept. 1770

…Castle Caulfield Co. Tyrone…James Tracy…


28 Dec. 1770

sold auction house James Tracey, Dungannon



26 Nov. 1771

sold cant money house James Tracy, town 5 Dec. title interest John Seawright, townland Mogashel mile Dungannon farm land bleach-yard overshot-mill waterwash-mill beetling-engine rub-boards drying-loft kieves furnaces articles bleaching business. applying Arthur Ingram


13 Dec. 1771

imported London Manchester Birmingham Arthur Tracy, Maghrafelt superfineforest broad cloths bath rugs ratteens coatings frizes. velvelures velveretsthicksets fustians. jeans jeannets drawboys dimities counterpanes.callimancoes russels stuffs lastings sattinets. waistcoats silk cambrickcotton linen handkerchiefs thread stockings mits ribbands cambricks. menwomen hats broaches knee shoe boot buckles bridle bits pins clumps trinkets.Liverpool Dublin silver watches guns pistols blankets flannels chequerspoplins camblets cloaks Durham 10. [Advertisement]


24 Dec. 1771

sold cant 16 Jan. James Tracy, house Dungannon freehold lease tenant profitrent



17 Mar. 1772

Maghrafelt …company volunteers …Arthur Tracey, …


17 Mar. 1772

Mr. Tracy, Dungannon employ dyes blackgentlemen clergy London Dublin.


27 Oct. 1772

imported London Manchester Birmingham Arthur Tracy,Magherafelt superfineforest broad cloths bath rugs ratteens frizes coatings velvelures velverets.thicksets fustians jeans jeannets drawboys dimmitties counterpanes half-ellhalf-yard callimancoes russels pink pea-green scarlet stuffs lastingssattinets Turkey stripes waistcoats silk cambricks men womens hats broachesknee buckles stock plated shoe boot buckles set-pins clumps trinketsLiverpool Dublin watches prices. cottons poplins camblets thread sattinspeelings cloak persians modes black white lace velvets bonnets furniture aproncheckers bed tickens blankets flannels Padua serges pladdens brown rand gunshooks scythes Irish manufactured hops. [Advertisement]


17 Nov. 1772

Maghrafelt Co. Londonderry…Arthur Tracy…



23 Mar. 1773

Capt William Chivers, Nedham sail 20 Apr. Newcastle Philadelphia New York attend 30 Mar. Monaghan market: Achibald Dobbin Castleblaney.Widow McKinstry Clonis, Michael Kane Coothill, Mr. Thornton Ballybay, Alex Chambers Calladon, Stewart Norris Armagh, Geo. Park Stuartstown, Joseph Campbell Dungannon, Mr. Tracy passengers redemptioners servants sendview Newry.


2 Apr. 1773

Co. Tyrone sold auction 19 May Mr. Tracey, . Dungannon


27 Apr. 1773

sold publick cant 20 May house James Tracy, Dungannon


26 - 30 Nov. 1773

Dungannon James Tracy, promise sums thief…


26 - 30 Nov. 1773

stolen 23 fair-day Dungannon house James Tracy, beaufett parlour turene spooninitals name cypher handle brings William Adams, merchant reward offered sale stopped notice



4 - 7 Jan. 1774

Robert Fairservire, Elizabeth Fairservire, wife plaintiff Robert Speer, Martha Speer, defendants sold sheriff Co. Tyrone 20 house James Tracy, Dungannon fieri facias town lands Drumbanaway, Mullaghmossagh, Grosardagh, Carkley parish, Ballyclog, Stewartstown lease Armagh .


11 - 15 Feb. 1774

Sold sheriff Co. Tyrone 20 Jan. house James Tracey, Dungannon


14 - 17 June 1774

Miss Cathcart, daughter Lord Cathcart, privately introduced Queen appointed maids honour room Miss Tracey, married possession apartments St. James’s [London]


21 - 24 June 1774

imported London Manchester Birmingham, Arthur Tracy, Maghrafelt forrestbroad cloths bathrugs rateens frizes coatings velverats corderoys corderellsthicksets fustians jeans jeannets drawboys dim ties counterpanes ellcallimancoes russels lastings sattinets waistcoats silk cambrick cotton linen handkerchiefs thread worsted stockings mitts ribbands hatts poplins cambletssattins peelings cloak persian modes velvet blankets flannels plidans paduaserges shoes Durham mustard hops guns hooks scythes charges oblige [Advertisement]


4 - 8 Nov. 1774

sold public auction 10 lease house shop late David Tomb, deceased daughters business town Maghrafelt years unexpired 1. purchase-money sale deed trade Arthur Tracy refused.


16 - 20 Dec. 1774

Died...Daniel Tracy [Monastereven?]



17 - 21 Feb. 1775

Ireland Kilkenny 11 White Boys armed house Richard Tracy, Kilherhil Knocktopher night cut tongue information Andrew Conway, James Conway, John Walsh, James Murphy, gaol. guard escaped hands seized horses Callan.


28 Apr. - 2 May 1775

stolen stable Gabriel Eken, Ballynoey Co. Tyrone horse. James Neal servant Armagh kingdom masters vessels watch. reward Thomas Lawson, James Tracy Dungannon.


8 - 12 Sept. 1775

sold 20 Oct. James Tracey, Dungannon innkeeper…


22 - 26 Sept. 1775

wanted person skilled malt application Mr. A. Tracy, merchant Maghrafelt.



31 May - 4 June 1776

Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt woollen-draper laid fresh assortment goodsdifferent manufacturers England elsewhere sell reasonable terms. superfinerefine coarse broad cloths forest fine hunters buff coloured cashmeres plaintwilled coatings bath rugs. blankets beds counterpanes plain ribbed velveretsshapes waistcoats silk Marseilles quilting cotton petticoat mock EnglishIrish poplins crapes printed cottons linens. garter light blue pink pea-greenscarlet dark black stuffs russels callimancoes colours camblets stuffs stripedplain cloak apron silks sprigged modes. persians black lace handkerchiefslinen velvet bonnets stays gentlemen ladies hats. newest fashion plated giltbuttons gimp common sorts worsted stockings kinds checkers tickens sergestrimmings 23 May. [Advertisement]


21 - 25 June 1776

Aug. sold publick cant bidder house James Tracey, Dungannon


23 - 26 July 1776

Aug. sold publick cant house James Tracey, Dungannon


30 July - 2 Aug. 1776

…New York. American prizes England privateer Yankee Hero commanded Capt Tracy, Irishman killed engagement Milford frigate…


2 - 6 Aug. 1776

Thomas Moorehead concert ball Mr. Tracy room Dungannon 23 tickets.


6 - 9 Aug. 1776

Halifax June 29 Yankee Hero American privateer guns Capt James Tracey, commander taken resistance Milford frigate wounded killed.


20 - 23 Aug. 1776

attendance linen drapers Co. Tyrone requested James Tracy, Dungannon.


4 - 8 Oct. 1776

wanted Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt man skilled making malt recommended sobriety application John Robinson, merchant Belfast. Mr. Tracy, accommodate person house garden cow’s grass.


15 - 19 Nov. 1776

Magherafelt Co. Londonderry. returns …Arthur Tracey…



11 - 14 Feb. 1777

sold James Tracey, Dungannon


11 - 14 Feb. 1777 Belfast Newsletter

Plymouth Jan. 30 American prize; Thetis man-of-war Triton master Tilestone; Newbury Port Massachusett's Bay firm owned Jackson/Tracy/and/Tracy. sailed 6 Dec. taken Cape Ortuga captain examined Admiral Amherst, account information intelligence cargo quintals. candles America sterling trade business time. built frigate guns Boston commanded Hector MacNeil, Irishman rebels Quebec joined. Privateers West India goods sugar rum cotton building river contemplation plan seamen merchant service dollars board. smuggler coasts person naval surveyors famous Ordnance Nov. 1775 Capt. James Tracy, late Yankee. Milford Capt. Burr Roman Catholic served genteel fellow nephew old principal cousin beef sterling pork meat portion. price Maryland Pennsylvania produce Indian corn ryeraise serve Highlanders exchanged Boston family effects suffer native affairs spirit.


6 - 10 June 1777

Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt woollen draper inform publick importedmanufacturing towns England goods sell wholesale retail. superfine refinecommon broad-cloths forests hunters bath rugs twilled plain coatings wiltonskerseys buff white. crimson cassemers blankets bed-rugs corderoys corderellscordelures rib royals eatokens thicksets pillow fustians jeans jeannets.velvelures velverets English stuffs callimancoes russels poplins printedcottons linens crapes camblets. waistcoat shapes Marseilles quilting ladiespetticoats mock stays gentlemen hats gilt plated gimp buttons sewing silkstwists Dublin prices. knee garters worsted thread stockings night-capscheckers tickens flannels serges. [Advertisment]


15 - 19 Aug. 1777

July19 gentlemen congratulate prize taken [ship] Sally, Thomas Tracy, master, Charles Town South Carolina, Nantz


30 Sept. - 3 Oct. 1777

wanted journeyman tanner apply John Robinson, merchant Belfast Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt Oct.2.


10 - 14 Oct. 1777

sell publick auction Dungannon James Tracey,


9 - 12 Dec. 1777

[Ship] Sally, Tracy South Carolina, Nantz.



10 - 14 July 1778

Arthur Tracy, hoped watch-makers notice


13 - 17 Nov. 1778

Co. Tyrone bleach-green sold auction 3 Dec. house James Tracey, Dungannon order…


27 Nov. 1798

meeting Orange Lodge Co. Tyrone, Tracey Dungannon



8 - 12 Jan. 1779

…conviction felony reward Arthur Tracy, John Macartney, Ballyronanstrayed.


19 - 23 Mar. 1779

James Tracey, Dungannon post-chaises horses road drivers [Advertisement]


17 - 21 Sept. 1779

Apprentice Boys Derry commanded…Arthur Tracey…


29 Oct. - 2 Nov. 1779

Londonderry Volunteer companies donation…Arthur Tracy…



7 - 10 Mar. 1780

sold sheriff house James Tracey, Dungannon


31 Mar. - 4 Apr. 1780

…Arthur Tracy…


28 July - 1 Aug. 1780

William Richardson Goodlat plaintiff, Andrew Bailie Donaghendry defendant sold sheriff Co. Tyrone house James Tracy, Dungannon. 17 writ fieri faciascause right interest town lands Dura, Shankey, Tillysaughan, Gorclaghan, Artpatrick, Cloghsin, Shankeycavan, see Armagh, Stewartstown James Alexander, sheriff.


28 July - 1 Aug. 1780

Arthur Tracey, sell wholesale retail superfine refine common broad clothsforests colours. military scarlets uniform whites hunters coatings bath rugsfrizes blankets cassimeres. eatokeens cordureens velverets twilled Genoacords velvet lures silkeens florenteens waistcoasts. poplins crapes tabbinetscamblets stuffs ruffels callimancoes printed cottons linens. penciledcopper-plate English patterns Marseilles quilting figured dimities jeansdrawboys. enamelled pearl japanned gilt buttons padua serges druggetsflannels pladdens tickens bedrugs embossed hats gloves stays worsted threadstockings trimmings cloths Magherafelt [Advertisement]


8 - 12 Sept. 1780

bleach green sold publick auction James Tracy, innkeeper Dungannon



11 - 15 Jan. 1782

… Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt guinea reward sale watchmaker publick custody person conceal law felony


29 Jan. - 1 Feb. 1782

sold publick auction house James Tracey, Dungannon


14 - 17 May 1782

Dungannon delegates Volunteers assembled…Capt. Tracy…


21 - 25 June 1782

…Arthur Tracy…


6 - 10 Sept. 1782

Londonderry…Arthur Tracy…


20 - 24 Dec. 1782

Dungannon hunt dine James Tracy, 30 hounds Lower Town Hill assembly



30 May - 3 June 1783

Sold Mr. Tracy, Maghrafelt bullocks


18 - 22 July 1783

Portsmouth Beer sloop Royal George towed Mr. Tracey, assistants diving bellcables stern keel vessel lighters tide hawser Orpheus frigate machinery.


17 - 21 Oct. 1783

raise Royal George Portsmouth cables Mr. Tracey, ship.



9 - 12 Mar. 1784

Dungannon hunt meet James Tracey…


29 June - 2 July 1784

Arthur Tracy, goods superfine refine common broad cloths forests military scarlets uniform white. hunters coatings bath rugs frizes blankets cassimeresea tokeens cordureens velverets twilled Genoa cords velvelures. Dublin florentines silks waistcoats poplins crapes camblets stuffs callimancoes cottons linens pencilled copper plate padua serges flannels druggets pladden strimming Magherafelt [Advertisment].


13 - 17 Aug. 1784

sold 30 Sept. house Mr. Tracey, Dungannon


1 - 5 Oct. 1784

sold public auction house James Tracy, Dungannon



31 Dec. 1784 - 4 Jan. 1785

Co. Tyrone sold public auction house James Tracy, Dungannon lands, Drumard, Drumhabbard acres English measure. …



Dungannon hunt meet, John? Tracy, members…


14 - 18 Oct. 1785

…Londonderry 25 let tenants house John Tracey.




Dungannon hunt James Tracey…



9 - 13 Feb. 1787

Lord Chancellor of Ireland Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt Co. Londonderry justice peace.



25 - 29 July 1788

trustees schools Magherfelt publick thanks donation institution compensation contributors disbursements…Arthur Tracy


29 July - 1 Aug. 1788

sold rent…Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt


24 - 28 Oct. 1788

notice persons hold drafts…Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt.



16 - 20 Jan. 1789

Arthur Tracy justice peace oath sworn Magherafelt 12 Jan. expenses compulsion


27 - 31 Mar. 1789

Dublin…Wm. Tracey, transportation robberies acquitted witnesses...


9 - 12 June 1789

Glorious Memory Orange Lodge Dungannon 689 dine James Tracy


17 - 21 July 1789

sold auction Mr. Tracy, Dungannon proprietor interest tenements Irish St., School House Lane, Gallows Hill, lease fine William Greer


21 - 25 Aug. 1789

sold auction 10 Sept. house James Tracy, Dungannon tenement Church St. lease Lord Welles, Nov. 1784 title deeds Mrs. Donnelly, relict late Simon Donnelly


18 - 22 Sept. 1789

smallpox weaver Arthur Tracy…


23 - 27 Oct. 1789

Merry Career dine James Tracey, Dungannon



23 - 27 Apr. 1790

Dungannon…Union Association…Tracy…


29 Jan. - 2 Feb. 1790

Dublin arguments case Richard Daly, John Magee, ended court King’s Bench adjourned motion term. appearance rescued quantum bail reduced marshalMarshalsea Miss Frances Tracy, Mr. John Brennan, Kilmacud, Dublin Chronicle. attorney general crown attachment absolute rule.


23 - 26 Feb. 1790

Dublin 23 House Commons Mr. G. Ponsonby, motions proper officer lay copy affidavit filed court King’'s Bench. chief justice Richard Daly, John Magee, copies orders Francis Tracy, John Brennan, Francis Higgins, county candidates attended friends Kilmainham Mr. Finlay, proceeded carriage Mr. Talbot, accompanied attached carries foot attended hand wind instruments close poll.


26 Feb. - 2 Mar. 1790

resolutions Whig club respecting John Magee, Duke of Leinster committee appointed consider report far liberty subject affected case prisoner Four Courts marshalsea. fiat granted writ issued affidavit Richard Daly, sustained damages publication Dublin Evening Post printer copy bail reduce, Tracy, Brennan, Higgins. apprehend power judge sum liberty subject resolved unanimously.


2 - 5 Mar. 1790

House Commons officer presented bar order copies declarations Francis Higgins, Richard Daly, Frances Tracy, John Brennan, John Magee,


5 - 9 Mar. 1790

Dublin Evening Post. charged gaining subsistence gambling children daughters son suffer. Brennan, Miss Tracy, Mr. Bushe, opposed


29 June - 2 July 1790

Counsellor verdict plaintiff  200. Mr. Magee. arrested for fragment fiats pending Francis Higgins, Mr. Tracy, Mr, Brennan, Kilmacud.




8 - 11 Feb. 1791

English-bred horse figure performance master hounds sale Arthur Tracy, Magherafelt bills notes payment


8 - 11 Mar. 1791

Dublin masquerade harlequin Mr. Tracy, newsboy…


11 - 15 Mar. 1791

…John Magee, chief justice court King''s Bench. Frances Tracey, John. Brennan, Dr. Duigan


15 - 18 Mar. 1791

court King''s Bench, Higgings, Magee, Daly, Brennan, Tracy, Mr. Day


18 - 22 Mar. 1791

King''s bench affidavits writs fiats John Magee, suits Higgins, Daly, Brennan, Tracey



30 Mar. - 3 Apr. 1792

…M Tracy constituent assembly army general officers.


27 Apr. - 1 May 1792

Magherafelt monthly assembly…Arthur Tracy…


22 - 26 June 1792

French Austrians…cavalry M Tracy…


3 - 6 July 1792

names subscribed town DungannonEnglish.inhabitants June 25…James Tracy…


2 - 5 Oct. 1792

Sammuel McReynolds, inns Stewartstown Dungannon James Tracy, Charles McReynolds, 1 Nov. waiter wanted 29.



1 - 5 Feb. 1793

meeting Magherafelt loyal volunteers…Arthur Tracey…


10 - 13 Sept. 1793

Londonderry assizes cause tried Mr. Glenholmes plaintiff Mr. Tracy, defendant action injury words spoken character damages costs.



19 - 23 May 1794

Magherafelt Arthur Tracy, thanks support business woollen drapery mens mercery own account.



16 - 20 May 1796

inhabitants town Magherafelt, Royal Dublin militia quarterd oaths secrecy magistrate military power…Arthur Tracy…James Tracy…United Irishmen soldiers plot


4 - 8 July 1796

Maghera, Londonderry…United Irishmen…Arth Tracy…



24 - 28 Apr. 1797

Trim assizes Thomas Tracy…high treason…


23 June 1797

…Mr. Tracey, PortseaCharon’…


11 Sept. 1797

sold auction Magherafelt 18 still distillery utensils Arthur Tracy


15 Sept. 1797

persons convicted Trim Thomas Tracy treason


18 Sept. 1797

…Mr. Ball, solicitor-general judge Thomas Tracy French invasion…


20 Oct. 1797

notice public cautioned payment bills law agent John Glenholm draft favour Arthur Tracy,…Belfast indorsed…James Tracy Magherafelt attorney Belfast


20 Oct. 1797

victory Adm Duncan, Dutch fleet…John Tracey…



13 Apr. 1798

[Down?]Drumadonald. military…Mr. Tracey, markethouse rescuing sheet…


27 Nov. 1798

meeting Orange Lodge Co. Tyrone, Tracey Dungannon



5 Apr. 1799

post-chaise plated harness molding box boot oil cloth cover caravan venetian blinds James Tracy, inn-keeper Dungannon.



3 Jan. 1800

Paris List members conservative senate…Tracy…


11 Mar. 1800

Co. Westmeath legislative union…Moate…Wm Tracy…Meernstown…William Tracy…








Apr 23, 1833 (BL) Birth [see Tracy Peerage]

On the 14th inst the lady of Lieut Tracey, R.N. Coast Guard Station, Dunaff Head [Donegal], of a son.


7 Feb 1845 (BL) Died

On the 30th ult. Mr. Thomas Tracy, Falls-road, aged 44 OR 49 years.


30 Mar 1853 (BL) Death [see Kilkenny]

Wm H Tracy Esq, Belmont, Castlecomer, died age 31 years


September 2, 1834 (BL) Marriage [see William Samuel Tracy]

Aug 25, in Lisnadell Church, William S. Tracy, Esq. Sub-Inspector, county Sligo Constabulary to Margaret, second daughter of the late Thomas Simpson, of Beech Hill, in the county of Armagh, Esq.


October 29, 1852 (BL) Death [see Co. Down]

October 21, Mrs. Tracy, Superioress of St. Clare's Convent, Newry.


April 19, 1854 (BL) Death [see Richard Taylor Tracy]

April 9, at Tullamore, Samuel Wood, eldest son of the Rev. Richard Taylor Tracy, Wesleyan Minister.


November 7, 1843 (BL) Death [see Treacys of Ballymena Antrim]

On the 31st ult. John Treacey, Esq. of Brigadie House aged 64.




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