1636-1703 Books of Surveys and Distribution


Clare: None.




Killymore Parish: Lonford Barony


No. of reference in ye Alphabet

Proprietors name Anno: 1641


Number of Acres unprofitable

Number of Acres profitable

Number of profitable Acres disposed of on ye Acts

To whom disposed with their Title, whether by Decree, Certificate or Patent, References to ye record thereof

No. of ye Book or Roll & ye Page or Skin

Number of ye unprofitable Acres remaining undisposed

John Mc Daniell Mc Rory O Trassy

½ Cartron of ye Inga quarter




Sr ffran. Gore


John Mc Donell Mc Mlaghlin O Trassy

1/3 quarter in Ballynahiskeragh




Earle Clanrickard 1/3 quarter

Murrogh Mc Donell O Trassy

1 Cartron in Killyne of the Said 4 quarter



Earle Clanrickard 1/2 quarter Wo

James ffitz Wm Power

John Mc Daniell Mc Mleagh O Trassy

1 Cartron ½ Carton in Killyne of the Said 4 quarter



Ffergus Madden


Killconerin Parish: Dunkellin Barony


No. of reference in ye Alphabet

Proprietors name Anno: 1641


Number of Acres unprofitable

Number of Acres profitable

Number of profitable Acres disposed of on ye Acts

To whom disposed with their Title, whether by Decree, Certificate or Patent, References to ye record thereof

No. of ye Book or Roll & ye Page or Skin

Number of ye unprofitable Acres remaining undisposed


John Mc Keadagh  Mc William  Tressy 2/3 θ wanting 1/7

Cregaturrla ½ quarter wanting 1/7 part



Walter Blake



Choille, Breandan Mac Giolla, ed.; Simington, Robert C., (1962) Coimisiun Laimhscribhinni Na hEireann. Books of Survey and Distribution, Being Abstracts of Various Surveys and Instruments of Title, 1636-1703: Vol. III, County of Galway, with Map of the County from Petty's Atlas, 1683. Dublin: Stationery Office for the Irish Manuscripts Commission.


Mayo: None

Roscommon: None



Local Transplatation Barony of Dunkellin

Tressy (Tracy) Richard and Una, Alias Swiney.

Kilconierin 54 Irish Acres (H 4 profitable decreed)

Killeeneen (H 15)

Killogilleen (H 32)

The Transplantation to Connacht 1655-58 (1970) Irish Manuscript Commission.


Forfeiting Proprietors in Ireland under the Cromwellian Settlement

"A List of the Papist Proprietors' names in the county of Kerry, as they are returned in the Civill Survey of the said. County."

Barony of Corkaguiny...John Trassy..

Limerick: Transplanted: Trasy, Joane Ny


(a). TRANSPLANTERS' CERTIFICATES.* (vol. i.e. 10. 123)

Transported from Limerick to Connaught

On page 341 are listed the names of:

O'Trasy, Margaret

----------   John

----------   Teige

The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry by John O’Hart



Depositions 1641


20th June 1642 Cork

Annes Hope wyfe of Alexander Hope of ffarmoye and parish of kilcomper in the baroney of Condon and Clanegibbon in the in the County of Corcke blacksmeath...

[robbed by]...Vlicke Roch of the cragg in the parish of Littone gentleman & Owne o Tracy of Glannoue [Glannagaul?] in the said county Masse Preest...

TCD, 1641 Depositions Project http://1641.tcd.ie/index.php


April 1642 Deposition of Katherin Magee, Dublin

…William McEnale of Ballskaddan [Balscadden Balbriggan] in the said Countie of Dubli{n} weaver Richard Tressie of the same farmor

TCD http://1641.tcd.ie/deposition.php?depID=810174r223

October 1642 Examinatione of John Lalis of Iristowne in the County of Dublin yeo:

...Mathew Brangan of Rowlogh in the County aforesaid… Irishtowne in the parrish of Palmerstowne… one Connor tressy whoe was one of the soulldiurs of the garrison of Irish towne


1642 Depositions of James Elwell, Limerick

... Dermod o Tracy of Rathkeale in the said County husbandman...

TCD http://1641.tcd.ie/deposition.php?depID=829291r189


1607 Galway/Roscommon

…That there was an English woman murthered by one Teage o Trassy & ffarrell o Bryane servants then to the said William ô Concanon [in his Island one the River of Sucke]

TCD http://1641.tcd.ie/deposition.php?depID=831284r213


Redmond Tressy of Kilcrua (Tipperary?) hanged at Magher an earla (Magher an Iarla) in Tiranascragh (Galway) hanged 17th November 1643 on the order of the Earl of Clanrickard for the murder of a Scotsman John Chancelor, his English wife Elizabeth and their son John. The Earl of Clanrickard states that after interrogation Redmond Tressy confessed. Also hanged for the same offence, William O’Meaghan of Kilcrua hanged at Portumna 16th November 1643 and Breasal McDermot O’Madden of Killimor, hanged at Killimor 4th December 1643.

The lands of Teigue O’Trassie of Ballaghaghill  [Ballycahill Killimorbologue Galway???] who was slain in the rebellion were given to Richard Earl of Clanrickard.

Lowe John ed (1983) Letter-book of the Earl of Clanricarde, 1643-47. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin.

Madden, Gerard (2004) History of the O’Maddens of Hy-Many. East Clare Heritage, Co. Clare.


23o 7bris 1642

Margrett Percy late of kilcrasny in the parish of Glanororte & within the County of kiery widdowe...Cormacke o Tracy of Glanarorte [Glenarought] whoe is out in actuall rebellion...

TCD, 1641 Depositions Project http://1641.tcd.ie/index.php

Edw. Vauclier. Jurat coran. norbis, 21 Martii, 1642, 

Edward Voakley (Vauclier), late of Tralee, in the barony of Trughenackmy, county of Kerry, gent., being duly sworn and examined before me by virtue of a Commission for Enquiring into the losses sustained by his Majesty's loyal subjects in the late troubles, deposeth and saith: That, upon the 20 January, 1641, he lost, was robbed, and forcibly despoyled of his goods and chattels to the several values following, viz.: Of cowes, horses, mares, oxen, sheep, and swine to the value of £400; of household stuffe to the value of £21; of ready money to the value of £120; of wearing apparel to the value of £50; of corn and hay in house and haggard to the value of £260; of debts to the value of £500, which, ere this rebellion, were esteemed good debts, but now are become desperate, by reason some of the debtors are become impoverished Protestants, as John Mason, John Barrett, Arthur Rawleigh, and divers others, which this deponent did (sic) not now remember; and the rest Papists and rebels, as Garrett Fitzgerald at BallymacDaniel, Gen. Finine McDermott Carthy, of Glanerought; Thomas Malone, of the parish of Clogherbrien gent.; Edmund Moore O'Shane, of Ardglass, gent.; Cnogher Trassey, of Ballinerough, husbandman; Philim MacFineen Carthy, of Dromvallagh, gent.; Christopher Hickson, of Knockglass, gent.; John Granal, of same, gent.; all of the county of Kerry, and divers others, which this deponent cannot now remember…..

Ireland in the Seventeenth Century: Or, The Irish Massacres of 1641-2...By Mary Agnes Hickson.  Longmans, Green, and co., 1884

Garri-Na-Sassenach, or the Englishman's Garden. Kerry Archaeological Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 15 (Oct., 1915), pp. 153-161

June 1624 Ferns p.120

Lord Esmond on behalf of his ward complains that “he had been disturbed and disposed by Nic Clinton, of Ferns, Murtagh McDonnell Dowill, Thos Tracy, Redmond Archdeacon alias Candy, Dermott McHugh Groney, Laurence Masterson, Anthony Cavanagh, Donnagh ne Killy, Wm Talbot, Thos Clare and Edmond St. Michell so that he and the said ward can receive no profits, rents or issue by the said lands to the ward’s damage of £1000”

1638 p.577

The Ioyat and Several Answeres of Sir Jas Carrol Kt and Richard Carrol two of the defendantts to the bill of compliant of Henrie Kenny, Complainant.

...£3 that he (Sir James) paid to one Katherine Tracy att logharn (Longhard, Ballybrennan Parish, Forth) for drink that he (Walter) spent there...

Sworn 27th October 1642 p. 478

“By the deposition of Nathaniel Hewett, late of Castle Beaumont [Clobemon], we find these names of proprietors in this district in active rebellion: Dubley Colclough of Monart “near Enniscorthy”, Walter Lacie of Enniscorthy, who is now in active league with the rebels; Edward and Oliver Masterson of Ferns and Cloghamon. Pierce Synnott of Ballycarney; George ffarrell and his son of E; Pierce Synnott, Andrew Quin, John O’Quigly, Pat English, Nic Tracie and Simon Brazill, all of Cloghamon, with many others.

Hore, Philip H. History of the town and county of Wexford. 6 vols. 1900-11 (Volume 6)

1642 Depositions... Nicholas Tracie of Cloghamon...

[TCD Archive] http://1641.tcd.ie/deposition.php?depID=818114r122


TCD, 1641 Depositions Project http://1641.tcd.ie/index.php




1654-1656 Civil Survey

This was carried out by order of the English Parliamentary Government, the war that had been waged in Ireland was to be paid for with Irish land. It lists the landlords of each townland and their predecessors in 1641.


Volume 1 Tipperary North & West: None

Volume 2 Tipperary East & West: None

Volume 3 Donegal, Derry, Tyrone:  None.

Volume 4 Limerick: None

Volume 5 Meath: None

Volume 6 Cork, Waterford & Kilkenny: None

Volume 7 Dublin: None

Volume 8 Kildare: None

Volume 9 Wexford: None

Volume 10 Miscellaneous: None


1654-6 Civil Survey (Inistioge and Callan, Co. Kilkenny)

153 East Street, Callan

Phillipp Trassy Ir. Pa. (Proprietor)

John Pressick Pt. (Tenant)

A thatched barn, length 56 foot, breadth 21. A haggard & a garden 20 perch.

The last street in the survey is East Street, now called Mill St., which has thirty four listed properties (133 to 166). The location of Butler properties here suggests that the sequence started in the centre of the town on the south side of the street. This appears to be confirmed by the lack of gardens with the first four properties (133 to 136), which were otherwise substantial buildings, presumably because they backed directly onto the graveyard as is the case with their present-day successors. The main part of Peirce Butler's property in the town was at the east end of East St. (Bll to B15 on the map; 143, 145-8, 152 and 154 in the survey). He had a large strong tower house (147) attached to the gate, which according to Carrigan was known as Cúirt Phiarais.

Manning, Conleth (1998) The Civil Survey of Inistioge and Callan, Co. Kilkenny. The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Vol. 128 (1998), pp. 48-73



The Irish and Anglo-Irish Landed Gentry by John O’Hart

Kerry: John Trassy

Limerick: Transplanted: Trasy, Joane Ny



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