1605 Irish Statue Stable Book





Melaghlyn McGlanaghy

Conn O’Rourke

Thadee or Teig McNawa

Edmond Tresey, Gent, Aghederray, Leitrim. £600 Dc2/258v

Creditor: Henry Jones, Dean of Ardagh


3/3/1605 (cancelled)

Robert Kenna

Willm Trasie, Merchant, The Naace, Kildare. £110 Dc1/57r

Creditor: Sir Adame Loftus, Dublin

Text: (crossed out) On the view of the bond this was cancelled? (Description of money 7 score and six pounds thirteen schillings and four pence sterling of the new silver money called Harps lately? Ordained and proclaimed by the Kings majesty £146-13-4 Harps = £110 sterling)


Ohlmeyer J, O’Ciardha E (1998) The Irish Statute Stable Book 1596-1687. Dublin Corporation.



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