c. 1190-1265. The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll


The guild roll of medieval Dublin is the earliest-known town record extant in Britain and Ireland, and is certainly one of the best preserved and most striking documents of its kind. The roll was compiled between 1190 and 1265 and contains the names of those admitted annually to the merchant guild of Dublin with, for the early years, a record of fines paid on entry. The guild members came primarily from settlements in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland but also from towns throughout Western Europe, from Scandinavia to Italy. In many instances the occupation of members is recorded in the text which is Latin, with occasional entries in English and French. The roll provides unique information on the social and economic history of medieval Dublin and its relationship with Europe in a time of notable and cultural developments.


Henricus de Traci 91/2 Sol (=schillings)


Hii subscripti intraverunt in Gilde-mercaturam civitatis Dublinie William de Cestria et Waltero unred existentibus prepositis anno regni Regis Henrici xlvii (1262-3)

Willelmus de Trasy


Clark, Mary ed (1999) The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll c. 1190-1265. Dublin Corporation.


1171-1301 Calendar of Documents


Aug 11 1220

Oxford. Henry de Trascy attended meeting on the future of Ireland. Pat 4 Henry III p1 m3 dors.

1285 Michaelmas Roll of Receipts

Wexford: Alan le Norreys for not having Richd Tracy, for whom he had given mainprise - ½ mark

1289 Easter - Thursday April 28

Dublin: Willm Tracy, because he did not come when summoned - ½ mark


Thomas Tracy (attorney) Pat. 28 Edward I m.33


Calendar of Documents Ireland 1171-1301. Vol 1 p.144, Vol 3 p.48 & 222, Vol 4 p.274. HMSO 1875.


1295-1307 Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls


1302 Wexford?

John Burell and Gregory Ohony servingmen of Walter Kyng attached to answer Ric. Tracy for that, with said Walter, they entered a wood of the said Ricard, called the Pollrith and carried away rods and against peace, came and cannot deny it.

1302 Wexford?

Ric Tracy complains about John de Ocle and the right of way to the Pollrith.

1306 Louth

Gilpatrick McMahoun, in this court at Atherde, on Wednesday after Epiphany last acknowledged that he owed to…Robert Tracy, for one afer, 40d…

1307 Old Ross, Wexford?

Ric Tracy holds two carucates 60a in Leffeth and Polryth, and renders yearly 57s 4d without suit.


Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls Ireland Vol I 1295-1303 p.391,394 Vol II 1305-7 p.280,349. HMSO 1914


1303 Red Book of Ormond


The Red Book of Ormond is a 14th century manuscript (with some portions supplied from a 15th century transcript) of legal records pertaining to the Ormond family in Ireland. It was written in Latin by an English speaker.


13. Extent of the Manor of Cloncorri (Cloncurry, Co. Kildare) 8th November 1304


De Conelath McTressy pro j cotagio dim. Estang ijd.

De Crayn McTressy pro j cotagio dim. Estang xjd virgat iiijd.

De Euercath McTressy pro j cotagio dim. Estang ijd.

De Mardauth McTressy pro j cotagio dim. Estang et v virgat ijd.


26. Extent of the Manor of Thorles (Thurles) 18th May 1303


De Herde Tracy pro - ob. Quad. Quia per Willelemum Le Brode ob. Quad.


De heredibus Philipi le Croker videlicet pro Rogero Clericio xixd. ob.

De eisdem Herde Tracy jd.


De Eisdem pro Petro Danial xiiijd. ob. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xiiijd. ob. quad.

De eisdem Herde Tracy ijd. ob.

Summa ad pacha xvijs. iid. ob. quad. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xvijs. viijd. inde subtrahantur iiijs. ob per annum ut in particulis subscriptis et sic onus domini summatur per ann. xxxs. xjd. ob. quad. inde agneta croker xd. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xd. quad. pro. xiij. acris et dim. quas tenet nominee dotis et per manus Thome le Grete iijd. et per manus Willelmi de Preston id. ob. quad. et ad festum Santi Michaelis ijd. et inter Johannem fil. Rogeri et Thomam le Grete iijd utroque termino et per Johannem fil. Rogeri Cort. iijd. et per eundem Johannem fil. Rogeri vd. ob. quad.


White, Newport B. ed. (1932) The Red Book of Ormond. Dublin: Irish Manuscripts Commission. pp.33, 78, 79, 80.


1154-1509 Calendar of Documents


Pat 20 Edward III (AD 1347?)

112. R Concess’ Simoni Otrassy Hibnico qd ipse & posteri de corpe suo utantr legib’ & consuetud’ anglic’, & lidum ten’ licite adquire possint. Kylmehallok 28 Aug. - Siles cartas hent Joh’ & Ada Otrassy.

Pat 15 Richard II (AD 1392?)

22. R P mcapcoem Hug’ Tracy & Nichi White de co’ Lym’ comis’ John Yong de eod’ co’ custod’ trear’ qu fuer’ Johis Mauncell mil’ in Chaumpeneyestou in co pdco. Kylmehallock, 20 Aug.


Rotulorum Patentium et Calusorum Cancellarie Hiberniae Caleendarium (Henry II - Henry VII) Vol I Pars I  pp.54, 148 HMSO 1828


COMMENT: From these early medieval documents, there appears to be two distinct spellings  of Tracey. One appears to be Norman (Tracy, de Traci) while the other appears to be Irish (Otrassy, McTressy ).


Tudor Fiants


Edward VI

1548 22nd March

Pardon to ... Rory Trassy, kern, of Buttlerswood (Kilkenny) Cal. PP. p.175, Art. 23


Philip & Mary

1554 28th January

Patent of pardon to John Malone of Taghdowe, Wm Trassye of Grayge glene, and John Trassy, of Conestown, Co. Kildare, Husb.


Elizabeth I

1564 3rd August

Pardon to Luke O Toole of Castlekevin...Tiege O Trasse, kern, servant (Wiclow)

1566 10th July

Pardon to ... Edmund O Trasy of Ballynebranaghe (Ballynabranaghe, Carlow)

1566 16th August

Pardon to ... Thady O Trasse, Kern (Wicklow)

1573 20th April

Pardon to ... Rory O Trassye, Teig O Trassye of Tynnekill (Laois)

1576 8th May

Pardon to ... Edm O Trosse, kern, Cloghan (Galway)

1576 21st November

Pardon to ... Morrougho O Treassa of Pouleston (Kilkenny)

1582 19th September

Pardon to ... Teig m’Wm O Tresye of Loghreaghe (Galway)

1582 20th September

Pardon to ... David Roo O Trassy, Ballendirre (Galway)

1583 3rd May

Pardon to ... Moragh O Tressy, Tumoltagh O Tressy (Galway)

1585 31st May

Pardon to ... Tumoltagh O Trassy m’Rory Oge (ie Tumoltagh son of Rory son of Rory), kern, John Trassy alias Shane Fyn of Kilmore, clerk (Galway)

1585 3rd June

Pardon to ... Tho Oge O Trassie of Ballynatolhoe (Galway)

1585 27th June

Pardon to ... Wm O Treasie of Kilcayarin (Galway)

1586 6th June

Pardon to ... Owen O Trassie of Killimerboll (Galway)


Pardon to ... Cahill O Treassa of Ineskillin, priest (Fermanagh)

1591 26th November

Pardon to ... Teige O Tressy of Clonecony (Galway)

1592 13th June

Pardon to ... Wm O Tressy of Knynagha (Galway?)

1601 21st April

Pardon to .. Edm O Trassie of Ballinehawe (Limerick)

1601 5th July

Pardon to ... John O Trasie of Diserte (Limerick)

1601 7th August

Pardon to ... Rowland O Treaghie of Knockancostian (Limerick?), John O Trassy of Lish Caruell, piper (Liscarroll Cork?)

1601 25th August

Pardon to ... John O Trahse of Pallice (Limerick)

1602 1st May

The vicarage of Ballisax (Ballysax), Diocese of Kildare, vacent by the resignation of John Tracye (Tracie), clerk. (Kildare)

1602 7th July

Pardon to ... Melaghlin O Trasy of Ballinehesgrigh (Galway)

1602 1st December

Pardon to ... Donell O Trasy of Horetowne, Husb. (Wexford)

1603 12th March

Pardon to ... Teige Trasie of Cotlandstoune (Kildare)


kern = light soldier


The Irish Fiants of the Tudor sovereigns. (1994) De Burca, Dublin.


Carew Mss.


1586 Ulster

The county of Down...The captain of Kilultoe is Cormac McNeyl, who likewise has brought by Sir N.B. from the bondage of the O’Neyles. “This country afore the Baron’s wars in England was possessed and inhabited by Englishmen, and there doth yet remain there an old defaced castle, which still beareth the name of one Sir Miles Tracy.”


Carew Mss. Vol 2, p. 437


Inquisitum Cancellariae Hiberniae Repertorium


Jac I (2) Com’ Civit’ Kilkenny

Kilken’ 18 April 1623

…Roger Trassy, al’ mes’ in pd’ vico modo in occopacon’ assing’…

Charles I (3) AD 1629 Fermanagh

...& ½ tat’ de Kiniahan Patric’ O’Tracy...


Inquisitum Cancellariae Hiberniae Repertorium. Vol 1 Leinster, Vol II Ultonia (Ulster) HMSO 1829


Calendar of State Papers 1642-59


3rd March 1642-3

Receipt for £10 from Edward Baglehole or Baggelholl through John Tracy

6th September 1653

John Tracy or Tracey, subscribed for land in Ireland in 1642. He made no disposal of his investment by assignment or by his will, and is now dead. John Tracey, now living, is his reported son and lawful heir. Signed Mayor of Bideford.

13th August 1653

Certificate by the Mayor & of Exeter

The receipts above are for sums really the property of Baglehole & Tracy, who may dispose of them accordingly.

25th March 1659

List of Persons who drew lands.

Barony of Kenry, Co. Limerick

South-West Quarter...John Tracy...


Calendar of State Papers 1642-59. p.261, 351


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