c. 1190-1265. The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll


The guild roll of medieval Dublin is the earliest-known town record extant in Britain and Ireland, and is certainly one of the best preserved and most striking documents of its kind. The roll was compiled between 1190 and 1265 and contains the names of those admitted annually to the merchant guild of Dublin with, for the early years, a record of fines paid on entry. The guild members came primarily from settlements in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland but also from towns throughout Western Europe, from Scandinavia to Italy. In many instances the occupation of members is recorded in the text which is Latin, with occasional entries in English and French. The roll provides unique information on the social and economic history of medieval Dublin and its relationship with Europe in a time of notable and cultural developments.


Henricus de Traci 91/2 Sol (=schillings)


Hii subscripti intraverunt in Gilde-mercaturam civitatis Dublinie William de Cestria et Waltero unred existentibus prepositis anno regni Regis Henrici xlvii (1262-3)

Willelmus de Trasy


Clark, Mary ed (1999) The Dublin Guild Merchant Roll c. 1190-1265. Dublin Corporation.




1171-1301 Calendar of Documents & Other References


Aug 11 1220

Oxford. Henry de Trascy attended meeting on the future of Ireland. Pat 4 Henry III p1 m3 dors.

1285 Michaelmas Roll of Receipts

Wexford: Alan le Norreys for not having Richd Tracy, for whom he had given mainprise - ½ mark

1289 Easter - Thursday April 28

Dublin: Willm Tracy, because he did not come when summoned - ½ mark


Thomas Tracy (attorney) Pat. 28 Edward I m.33

Calendar of Documents Ireland 1171-1301. Vol 1 p.144, Vol 3 p.48 & 222, Vol 4 p.274. HMSO 1875.


1258… Regis Henrici xliii...et cives Dublin per subscriptos… El : Juvenem…Robertum Tracy…[may have been located beside the Dodder near Dundrum]

Henry F. Berry. Notes on an Unpublished Ms. Inquisition (A.D. 1258), Relating to the Dublin City Watercourse.From the Muniments of the Earl of Meath. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section C: Archaeology,  Celtic Studies,History, Linguistics, Literature, Vol. 24 (1902 - 1904), pp. 39-46.



Dec 1 1299 Northallerton

Letters for Richard Costantyn, staying in England, nominating Thomas Tracy his attorney in Ireland until Michaelmas.

Calander of Patent Rolls. Edward 1, vol.3, p.482


1295-1307 Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls


Richard Tracy owes 5l.14s.8d rent of 2 carucates 40 acres of land in the Fyth and Polryth for the same time; accounted for in car. Xiv. Ed. II. [1298?]

1907 [Cd. 3726] The thirty-ninth report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and Keeper of the State Papers in Ireland.


1302 Wexford

John Burell and Gregory Ohony servingmen of Walter Kyng attached to answer Ric. Tracy for that, with said Walter, they entered a wood of the said Ricard, called the Pollrith and carried away rods and against peace, came and cannot deny it.


Membrane 26.

May 27. 1302. Pleas of Plaints, at Carlow, before said Justiciar, on the Sunday Next Before The Ascension.


John Burell and Gregory Ohony servingmen of Walter Kyng, attached to answer Ric. Tracy for that, with said Walter, they entered a wood of said Ricard, called the Pollrith, and carried away rods therefrom against the will of Ricard and against peace, come and cannot deny it. Therefore let them be committed to. gaol. And it was found by the jury upon which Ricard and Walter put themselves that Walter went with his said servingmen to said wood and commanded them to carry away the rods. Therefore let him be committed to gaol, and said Ricard recover against him his damages assessed by the Jury at 3d. Afterwards Walter made fine for himself, and his servants by 10s., by the pledge of John Kyng and Rob. Aithan.


1302 Wexford

Ric Tracy complains about John de Ocle and the right of way to the Pollrith.


Membrane 27.

June 1 1302. Yet of Pleas of Plaints, at Ros, before John Wogan, Justiciar of Ireland, on the morrow of the Ascension.


Ric. Tracy complains that John de Ocle unjustly prevents him from driving his cattle by the high road between Ros [New Ross] and his pasture of the Pollrith to his damage and against peace.

John comes and says that the place where he claims to have his way is his freehold and severalty, and he prays judgment whether he ought to answer of his freehold by bill, without the King's writ. Therefore let Ricard take nothing by his plaint, but be in mercy for false claim, and let him procure a writ if he wish.


July 8 1306

Membrane 61 d.

Yet of Pleas at Dublin, before John Wogan, Justiciar, on Same Day


Gilpatrik McMahoun, in this court at Atherde, on Wednesday after Epiphany last, acknowledged that he owed to...Robert Tracy, for one afer, 40d...


1307 Old Ross, Wexford

Membrane 9

...Ric Tracy holds two carucates 60a in Leffeth and Polryth, and renders yearly 57s 4d without suit...


1311 Louth

Robert Tracy and others charged that Richard Gernoun, Sheriff of said county, the escape of William McNeel in going to Drogheda Castle with William Le Yong.


4 Jan 1311

Yet Of Pleas Of The Crown And Delivery Of Gaol At Drogheda Before John Wogan, Justiciar, Monday After Circumcision,

William le Yong, Robert le Yong, Robert Tracy, Robert Tanner, Adam Threl, John Pullehare, Walter Pullehare, Richard son of Roger Burgeys, Richard le Rede, William Bonde, John Bouer, and Richard Mowr, charged that when Richard Gernoun, sheriff of the said county, took one William McNeel, indicted before the sheriff of theft, and handed William over to the said William le Yong, etc., as prisoner of the King to lead to the castle of Drogheda, they permitted the said prisoner to go free and escape, whereby the whole country is damaged, come and say they received the said prisoner from the sheriff, as is aforesaid, and led him to the castle of Dublin and offered to Richard de Balybyn, constable, an open letter of the sheriff commanding the constable to receive the said prisoner from them; the constable refused to receive the letter and prisoner, whereupon they led back the prisoner to the town of Hathrede and put him bound in the house of Adam le White, and burdened the community of the town with the custody of the prisoner, from whose custody he afterwards escaped, so that William le Yong etc. are not guilty of the escape, and did not permit the prisoner otherwise to depart, and they put themselves on the country.


1312 Waterford

24 July 1312


Yet Of Pleas Of The Crown And Delivery Of Gaol At Same Place Before Same, Day And Year As Above. [Waterford]

Walter Ohatherne and William Otrassy, charged that they on Trinity Sunday at the ninth hour, entered the Church at Holy Trinity, Waterford, and there broke a chest before the alter of St. John Baptist and out of said chest robbed a breviary worth two marks and a chalice worth 20s., come and say they are clerks and neither can nor ought to answer here. And thereupon come one Henry, commissary of Mathew, Bishop of Waterford, with letter patent of the bishop by which the bishop assigned Henry as his commissary, to demand all and singular clerks charged at please of the crown at this day before the judiciary and demand Walter and William in the bishops name to be delivered to him as clerks. And that it may be known why they ought to be delivered to the said commissary inquiry proceeds more fully into the truth of the premises by the underwritten jurors to wit, Jordan de Bristoll, Robert de Gloucestre, Robert Toukere, David Tayllour, Robert le Marischall, William le Tylere, Henry Goer, Walter Large, John son of Richard, Richard le Tayllour, Robert le Rede and Walter le Keu who say that Walter is not guilty therefore he is quit. They say that William is quilty therefore let him be delivered to the commissary to be kept in the bishops prison as are convicted under fitting penalty. He has no chattels.


26 Mar 1313 Cashel Pleas


Pleas Of The Crown At Cassell Before Walter De Thornbury, 26 Mar. Chancellor Of Ireland, And William Alysaundre, Assigned To The Place Of Edmund Le Botiller, Gustos Of Ireland, Acting Elsewhere In Remote Parts, On Monday The Morrow Of The Annunciation, A. R. 6.

Walter Ohassy, charged with the death of John de Nasshe, feloniously slain by him, comes and defends, etc. John Athelard, El . . . ., Simon Monywrench, Walter le Blound, John Mare .... William ....Taillour Roger A .... Graunt, Robert Albus, Thomas de Aula and Walter Broun, jurors, say that Walter is guilty. Therefore let him be hanged.


1314 Clonmel Pleas

Jordan, son of Patrick Nelltylle and others of his following, who feloniously slew Roland Tracy and William Kerdiff at Ringnagonagh [Ringagonagh Waterford] and robbed them of 30 cows.


14 May 1314


Pleas Of The Crown And Delivery Of gaol At Clonmel before Edmund Le Botiller, Custos, Tuesday Before Ascension a. r. 7.

Jordan son of Patrick Nekylle and others of his following, who feloniously slew Roland Tracy and William Kerdiff at Ringnagonagh and robbed them of thirty cows, which they brought to the house of Nicholas Leynagh, Nicholas well knowing that they were thus robbed and having art and part therein, and also charged that he procured and abetted Jordan son of Patrick Nekyll to rob Clement Leynagh, tenant of Nicholas, of all his goods and chattels, so that when Clement was made a beggar Nicholas could have good right to his lands and tenements, and so acquire the said tenements in fee, comes and of grace, at the instance of Arnald le Poer, knight, is admitted to make fine, etc., for the said charges and also for all other trespasses and felonies to this day, except death of another man, by 20 marks, by pledge of John Kermerdyn and Clement Leynagh, so that he stand, etc. And by the same fine suit of the peace is pardoned to David Leynagh, Ivo Leynagh and John Bretnagh, for the charges wherewith they were charged above in this roll, so that they stand, etc. And let the said fine be levied of David, Ivo and John as well as Nicholas, if they wish to enjoy the same peace. And it is granted that they have terms to pay of the fine 40s. yearly, half at Michaelmas and the other half at Easter.


Calandar of the Justiciary Rolls Ireland Vol I 1295-1303 p.391,394 Vol II 1305-7 p.280,349. HMSO 1914


Isabella (b.1280-5), dau. of Sir Henry de Tracy of Woolcombe married

(1) Sir Simon Roges (or Fitz Rogus) of Porlock co. Somerset, by 1303

(2) Herbert de Marisco (b. 1296 at Pollrone Co. Kilkenny; of Huntspill, Camely & Weyperous; d. 1326-7), by 1317

(3) Edmund le Botiler, probably yr. brother of James, Earl of Ormond (both alive, 1350) (divorced)

(4) Sir John Stowford, Knight (Justice of the Common Bench, Crackway co. Devon, d. 1359)

Eric St. John Brooks. The Family of Marisco. The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. Seventh Series, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Jun. 30, 1932), pp. 50-74

Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, Who Came to America Before 1700 (7th edition, 1992), Weis, Frederick Lewis



1303 Red Book of Ormond


The Red Book of Ormond is a 14th century manuscript (with some portions supplied from a 15th century transcript) of legal records pertaining to the Ormond family in Ireland. It was written in Latin by an English speaker.


13. Extent of the Manor of Cloncorri (Cloncurry, Co. Kildare) 8th November 1304


… De Crayn McTressy pro j cotagio dim. estang xij virgat iiijd. …

… De Conelath McTressy pro j cotagio j estang. ijd.

     De Euercath McTressy <pro> j cotagio j estang. ijd. …

… De Mardauth McTressy pro j cotagio dim. estang et v virgat. ijd. …


26. Extent of the Manor of Thorles (Thurles) 18th May 1303


… De Herde Tracy pro – ob. quad. quia per Willelemum Le Brode ob. quad.

     De Willelmo le Brode – ob. quad. quia dominus oneratur pro eo jd. ob. …


… De heredibus Philipi le Croker videlicet pro Rogero Clericio xixd. ob.

… De eisdem Herde Tracy jd. …


… De eisdem pro Petro Danial xiiijd. ob. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xiiijd. ob. quad.

… De eisdem Herde Tracy ijd. ob.

Summa ad pacha xvijs. iijd. ob. quad. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xvijs. viijd. Inde subtrahantur iiijs. ob per annum ut in particulis subscriptis et sic onus domini summatur per ann. xxxs. xjd. ob. quad. Inde Agneta Croker xd. et ad festum Santi Michaelis xd. quad. pro. xiij. acris et dim. quas tenet nominee dotis et per manus Thome le Grete iijd. et per manus Willelmi de Preston id. ob. quad. et ad festum Santi Michaelis ijd. et inter Johannem fil. Rogeri et Thomam le Grete iijd utroque termino et per Johannem fil. Rogeri Cort. iijd. et per eundem Johannem fil. Rogeri vd. ob. quad. …


92. Extent of the Manor of Carkenis (Co. Limerick) 5 June 1300


… De Ricardo de Any pro ix acris de terra McGorman per ann. ixs. …


White, Newport B. ed. (1932) The Red Book of Ormond. Dublin: Irish Manuscripts Commission. pp.33, 78, 79, 80, 157


circa 1305 Ormond Deeds

391. B Milo Albus grants to Nicholas Harper clerk, and his heirs, a house with a place in the tenement of Jordan de Exonia called Balyk[eh]in, lying from the house of said Nicholas to the highway, paying yearly a penny or a pair of white gloves, value a penny, at Easter. Witnesses : Sir William, vicar of Stradbaly, William Esmer, Thomas Hayrun, Haye Goch, Walter the clerk, son of Ralph, Richard Ylger, Wm. Tracy.



1154-1509 Calendar of Documents



Richard Tracy holds 2 carucates and 69 acres of land in Le Fech and Polrych, and yearly renders thereoff 57 s. 4d. without suit.

Calendar of Documents Vol. 5 p.177


Pat 20 Edward III (AD 1347?)

112. R Concess’ Simoni Otrassy Hibnico qd ipse & posteri de corpe suo utantr legib’ & consuetud’ anglic’, & lidum ten’ licite adquire possint. Kylmehallok 28 Aug. - Siles cartas hent Joh’ & Ada Otrassy.

28 Aug. 1346

GRANT to Simon Otrassy, Irishman, that he and the descendants of his body may use English laws and customs, and may lawfully acquire free tenements. John and Adam Otrassy have similar charters

Pat 15 Richard II (AD 1392?)

22. R P mcapcoem Hug’ Tracy & Nichi White de co’ Lym’ comis’ John Yong de eod’ co’ custod’ trear’ qu fuer’ Johis Mauncell mil’ in Chaumpeneyestou in co pdco. Kylmehallock, 20 Aug.


COMMISSION, by mainprise of Hugh Tracy and Nicholas White of co. Limerick, to John Yong of that county of custody of the lands that belonged to John Mauncell kt in Chaumpeneyestoun, co. Limerick. Kilmallock

Rotulorum Patentium et Calusorum Cancellarie Hiberniae Caleendarium (Henry II - Henry VII) Vol I Pars I pp.54, 148 HMSO 1828

Translation Sources C: RCH. http://chancery.tcd.ie/advanced_search



NOTE: From these early medieval documents, there appears to be two distinct spellings  of Tracey. One appears to be Norman (e.g. Tracy, de Traci) while the other appears to be Irish (e.g. Otrassy, McTressy ).



1397. Raymond, Viscount De Perelhos (chapter IV).

...and so going into the cave after me followed an English knight." At the time the last-named visited Lough Derg there was to be found there a throng of pilgrims of different nationalities. One of these entered the Purgatory with him ; in the Latin version this pilgrim is alluded to as "Anglus Eques Taresi Dominus," i.e., his surname was Tracey; but in the Languedoc version he is named "Mossenhor Guilhem, senhor de Corsi."

Saint Patrick's purgatory : a mediaeval pilgrimage in Ireland ([1918?])




John OTracey (Otrcassny) cleric of Clonfert d., a commission. Reg. Suppl. 987, fo 88r (13 March 1494) the commission concerns the execution of Innocent VIII’s mandate to collate the parish church of ?Lickmolassy (Bicharalace), d. Clonfert, detained by Thady Olorkan (Olarcaryn) ostensible priest, to Otracey. Cf CPL XIV, p.221

Boyle LE ed (1998) Calendar of Papal Letters Volume XVII, Part II, 1492-1503, Alexander VI. Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin.


Anno 1647 28 Novembris. Intercedente et testificante in scriptis Doctore Fayo

Clonfertensis. Parochialis (ecclesia) loci Killiemor de Longford fructus 40 librarum, pro Donato O Trussi, presbytero dictae dioecesis. (Probably the parish known formerly as Killimore-Bolloge, in the barony of Longford, co. Galway, and now comprising also Tiranascragh.)

Calendar of Hibernia, no. 2, 1959


Crown Survey of Lands


Villita de Grayglin (p.139)

Et sunt ibidem 40 acre terre, una acra prat, et una acra pasture quas Willelmus Tracye modo occupant et reddit…


Villata de Balmaglyn (p. 140)

Et sunt ibidem 36 acre terra arrabilis quas Johannes Tracye (Dercye B)…


Domini 1517 (p. 249)

An indenture to Richard Tressy of Lexlep, myller on the milles of Mainoth & Lexlep for terme of 7 yeris…dated 20th day of December anno 10° H Octavis [1518]


Crown Survey of Lands 1540-41. Irish Manuscripts Commission.


October 1537

Item, the saide Jurye present that ther ar many other merchauntmen of the Citie of Waterford do use lyke grey merchauntes, whose names ensue, vizS Patrik Welche, Thomas Lumbard, Henry Welche, younger, Henry Welche, senr., Patryk Welche the younger, James Welche, Sherlok, Edward Shyrlok, Jamys Sherlok, junr., Richard Lombard, David Baylif, William Madan, Jamys Baylif, Morice Wyse, William Lyncoln, Mallage Tressey, goldesmyth. Piers Dobin, Denys Porsell, John Neyle, John Lee, Nicholas Lee, Robert Lee, and many other whose names they knowe not, and use also to forstall the marketes, and also regrated the same ; so that there is not unethes a hide to be boughte in no market ne elsewhere but at ther handes and at ther pleasure, ne wolle, vytalles, ne other thinges.

Hore, H.J. The Social State of the Southern and Eastern Counties of Ireland in the Sixteenth Century, 1870. [Online Book]



1540 Ville of Tully. [Kildare]

Extent of the preceptory of Tully and other possessions in the barony of Faylye made at Kildare 25 Nov. 1540.

Jurors :— Thomas Shurlok clerk, John Russell of Clane, Dermot McThomas of Kildare, Thady Becan clerk, Malachy McDonaghoo of Founston, Dermot McDavy do., Patrick Dempsy of Kildare, Dermot Negar' do., Thady McCormyk do., Rory Carroll do., John Gunewes of Pollardston, Cormack Broo of Rathbryde, Dermot Otrury of Tully, Patrick Duff do., Thomas Omulbryde of Douncry, Maurice Ballowe of Downene, William Duff of Penam, Patrick Clerk of Ballysax, Donald Sherman do.

On the site, a castle or fortilage necessary for the farmer, with orchard, garden, 60 acr. ar. of the demesne lands and 2 acr. p. ; 6o.s.

In the v., 3 mess., 100 acr. ar. ; Dermot Trury and others ; l00.s., and customs, 4 ploughdays, 4 cartdays, 2 hooks, and i hen, 10.s. 6.d.

A cottage ; 2.s., and customs, 2 hooks and i hen, 6.d.

A watermill, 2.s. 8.d.

Rectory, 4.5 copp. ; altarages, lo.s. ; 70.5.

Total, 13.1L 8.s. S.d. (sic).

Extents of Irish monastic possessions, 1540-1541,from manuscripts in the Public record office, London /edited by Newport B. White, M.A. (1943) Stationary Office Dublin


Calendar of the patent and close rolls of chancery in Ireland

1548  23. Pardon of Edmond Fitz-Richard Butler, of Butlerswode, Leonard Shortall, Richard Fitz-Theobald Butler, William Shortall, James Cantwell, Edwanl Shortall, Edmond Shortall, Richard Fannyng, John Shortall, Hugh O'Kayll, David Fannyng, John More Fannyng, Shane M'Richarde, Michael Purcell, David FitzDonyll, David Pitzmagon Fannyng, Nicholas Neishe, and Rorie Trasy, all of Butlerswode [Kilkenny] Mar. 26, 3°.

1551  132. Grant of English liberty to James Yosse, alias Molryge, clerk. — Nov. 10, 5°. [No location stated]

1552  66. Pardon of Thomas Trodee, of the Irishtown of Kilkenny, glover ; Owen O'Donyll. of the same ; Ellen ny Currane, alias Elene ny Querrene. and Johanna, alias James Fits-Gerald, of the same place, singlewomen.— June 26, 6°.

1561  78. Writ of dcdimus potestntem, directed to Clement Fannynge and Edward Arthur, of Limerick, to examine such witnesses as Peter White should produce to the interrogatories annexed, iu pcrpetaara rei niemoriani. — Sept. 14, 2°.

79. Interrogatories. Whether Katlieriuo Arthurc, of Limerick, widow of Edmond Lang, during licr life peaceably enjoyed the half of two water-mills, called Jcnkyns' Mills, on tho water of Shannon, by tho walls of Limerick ? Whether William Lang, after the death of Edmond, his father, and before the death of his mother, so being jieaceably possessed of the one-half of the saiil mills, niado a gift in tail thereof to his son Ediuond, the remainder over to otlicrs, or not.

84. Edmond O'Hassye agrees with Richard O'Dony, the second deponent, and for cause of knowledge, saith he was a page in the mill, serving under the miller, his father.



Tudor Fiants


Edward VI

1548 22nd March

Pardon to Edmund fitz Richard Buttler, of Buttlerswodde, gent.; Leonard Shortull, and Richard fitz Theobalde Buttler, horsemen; William Shertall, James Cuntwell, Edward Shertall, Edmund Shortull, Richard Faunyng, John Shertall, Hugh O'Kaill, David Funnyng, John More Faimyug, John fitz Richarde alias Shams m'Riehnrde, Nicholas Pun-ell, David fitz Donyll, David fitz Magon' Fannyng, Nicholas Naishe, Rory Trassy, kerns, all of Buttlerswodde (Kilkenny) Cal. PP. p.175, Art. 23 [Note: It is presumed that this is Butlerswood, Killamery, Kilkenny, the same civil parish that has the townland of Kiltrassy]


Philip & Mary

1554 28th January

Patent of pardon to John Malone of Taghdowe, Wm Trassye of Grayge glene, and John Trassy, of Conestown, Co. Kildare, Husb.


Elizabeth I

1564 3rd August

Pardon to Luke O Toole of Castlekevin...Tiege O Trasse, kern, servant (Wicklow)

1566 10th July

Pardon to ... Edmund O Trasy of Ballynebranaghe (Ballynabranaghe, Carlow)

1566 16th August

Pardon to ... Thady O Trasse, Kern (Wicklow)

1573 20th April

Pardon to ... Rory O Trassye, Teig O Trassye of Tynnekill (Laois)

1576 8th May

Pardon to ... Edm O Trosse, kern, Cloghan (Galway)

1576 21st November

Pardon to ... Morrougho O Treassa of Pouleston (Kilkenny)

1582 19th September

Pardon to ... Teig m’Wm O Tresye of Loghreaghe (Galway)

1582 20th September

Pardon to ... David Roo O Trassy, of Yllan m'Kegan [perhaps Letterkeeghaun Kilcummin] (Galway)

1583 3rd May

Pardon to ... Moragh O Tressy, Tumoltagh O Tressy (Galway)

1585 31st May

Pardon to ... Tumoltagh O Trassy m’Rory Oge (ie Tumoltagh son of Rory son of Rory), kern, John Trassy alias Shane Fyn of Kilmore, clerk (Galway)

1585 3rd June

Pardon to ... Tho Oge O Trassie of Ballynatolhoe (Galway)

1585...4718 (3891) Grant to Donell O Madden, of Longforde, chief of his nation; of all the manors, castles and lands surrendered by him by his deed of 3 June, viz:- Longeforde, Tireihane, Clownefegan, Lisballimore, Kilmarouseke, Clare, Skewgh Coore, Ballyneren, Townesallah, Lismyfadda, Lispeg, Annohherbye, co. Galway, and all services and customs of...Monter Trassey...[Muinter? = family]

1585 27th June

Pardon to ... Wm O Treasie of Kilcayarin (Galway)

1586 6th June

Pardon to ... Owen O Trassie of Killimerboll (Galway)

6 Aug 1590

Pardon to...Teige O Trehi, of Ballecame, in cos. Limerick and Tipperary.


Pardon to ... Cahill O Treassa of Ineskillin, priest (Fermanagh)

13 May 1591

Pardon to...Shean O Trighee grogaghe,...of Baghebegg, in Elie Occarroll, King’s co.

1591 26th November

Pardon to ... Teige O Tressy of Clonecony (Galway)

1592 13th June

Pardon to ... Wm O Tressy of Knynagha (Galway?)

27 Jan 1600

John fitz Rob. alias John ny Traie,...of Bulligiddin [Bulgaden Limerick]...Teig 0 Fieghie...of Annagh [Cork]

20 April 1600

Pardon to...Maurice O Troddie...of Kilbride...co. Meath...

18 March 1600-1

Pardon to...Owen O Hassie, of same, husb., (Bohircarrin) [Bohercarron Galbally Limerick]...

28 March 1601

Daniel 0 Trighie (Butlers messenger struck out),...of Seskin...[Kilkenny]

1601 21st April

Pardon to .. Edm O Trassie of Ballinehawe (Limerick)

1601 5th July

Pardon to ... John O Trasie of Diserte (Limerick)

4 Aug 1601

Pardon to...Wm. O Hasie (also O Hahasy), of same, husb., (Corragh-in-dorragh) (also Courriehudareigh and Correhene Daregh) [Curradarra Aglish waterford]

1601 7th August

Pardon to...Rowland OTreaghie, of Knockancostlan...[Knockatancashlane Limerick]), John O Trassy of Lish Caruell, piper (Liscarroll Cork?)

1601 25th August

Pardon to ... John O Trahse of Pallice (Limerick)

8 Sept 1601

Pardon to...Rob. Troghe...Katherine Trassye...of Kilnydy [Cork?]...

22 March 1601-2

Pardon to...of Harryestowne, co. Louth...James Tressle...

4 Feb 1601-2

Pardon to...Donoghoe O Trehie, of Cloncrokyn...[Tipperary?]

1602 1st May

The vicarage of Ballisax (Ballysax), Diocese of Kildare, vacent by the resignation of John Tracye (Tracie), clerk. (Kildare)

1602 7th July

Pardon to ... Melaghlin O Trasy of Ballinehesgrigh (Galway)

1602 1st December

Pardon to ... Donell O Trasey of Horetowne, Husb. (Wexford)

1603 12th March

Pardon to ... Teige Trasie of Cotlandstoune (Kildare)


kern = light-armed foot soldier


1583 Pardon to Hugh M'Gennies, of Raferilan, chief of his nation, in the Co. Down, Donald M'Brien, of Mirahe, Arthur oge, of Loughbricklin, Donald M'Rasse, of Loughekernan, gentlemen, Cormock modder O'Kelly, horseman, and Phelim Magennies, gent., all of the со. Down. Security as in 897. Signed 18 June.


1566 Pardon to...Dermot O'Haessy, of Kilclony...Dermot O'Hassy, of Killinormody...2 September, Viii. (co. Waterford?)


In Cork, in the Fiants of Elizabeth I, there is a reference to Balliatrassie (Ballatrasnie, Ballyatrassnie) Ballytrasna, Kilmurry? Co. Cork.

In Limerick, in the Fiants of Elizabeth I, there are references to Castlematrasse (Castlematrix, Castlematraske) and Courtmatrasca (Courtmatrix, Courtmatruske, Court Mutris, Courtvatraskie) Rathkeale, Co. Limerick and Cahirassie (Cahirassey, Carassie, Carrassie, Kahirassie) Caherass, Croom, Limerick


The Irish Fiants of the Tudor sovereigns. (1994) De Burca, Dublin.

Twenty-First Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records in Ireland



Carew Mss.


1586 Ulster

The county of Down...The captain of Kilultoe is Cormac McNeyl, who likewise has brought by Sir N.B. from the bondage of the O’Neyles. “This country afore the Baron’s wars in England was possessed and inhabited by Englishmen, and there doth yet remain there an old defaced castle, which still beareth the name of one Sir Miles Tracy.”

Carew Mss. Vol 2, p. 437


The kings this time upon the hill of Garyston...They were seven kings upon that hill at that time walking; for which cause it was called the hill of Trasse, as though you would say there these kings trassyd there, and walked, for that was their place of meeting for that purpose. They also appointed the prince or king of Leynster...called Deyrmot Lawedyarge.

Carnew Vol 5 Book of Howth p.3


1st Oct 1611

Meath - Peter Tracy, rector of Rathmore and Richard Tirrell of Flower, 12 Eliz, for payment of such first-fruits as were due - 20 l. Str.

Carnew Vol 6 p.119


Patent Roll James 1


1603 Pat. 1 James I.

XXI - 19...Tomultagh O'Trassey of Ballyheskeagh, husbandman...Sept 1st [Kilkerrin? Galway]


1603 Pat. 1 James I.

XXVII.—23 Pardon to...Calle O’Tresse...in the county of le Trime [Leitrim]


1603 Pat 1 James 1 Part 3

VI. - 3 General Pardon to ...Will. O'Trashy of Kilconerine, gent...Tho. oge O'Trashy of Lishenard, gent...Donell O'Trasha of the Ingen...Brien O'Tressy of the Ingen...

...Brien O'Trasy of Killymore-Boulge...12th May 1st [Galway]


1603 Pat 1 James 1 Part 3

XI - 11 General pardon to...Rorie O’Trasie of Ballebehid, yeoman...Kilkenny co. - 9 July 1st


1603 Pat 1 James 1 Part 3

LXVI - 4 General Pardon to...in Kerrie and Desmond cos...Edmond OTrasey of the Dingle in said co. gent...of Shannyd in said co. Limerick...Shane oge O'Hassey of the same, yeoman...


1604? Pat. 2 James I.

XXXV.—-44. General Pardon to...Donell O’Tressye of the same, husbandman, [Kilcarmicke in the King’s co.]...


1606 Pat. 3 James I

Galway County...parcel of the estate of Teige O'Trassy of Belarahill, slain in rebellion: rent 6s8d - in Rath in Rathconnor, 1qr - in Barran, 1qr - in Kappaghkelly. 1/2qr - in Gornshinrissin [Gortnahimrissan Killallaghtan], 2/3[?] parts of 1/5qr;... [Ballycahill?, Killimorbologue and Tynagh?, Galway]

1611 Pat 8 James I

…parcels of the estate of Teige Trassie, late of Ballaghill, slain in rebellion;  rent, 6s8d - in Rahine and Rathycon, 1 qr; in Garran, 1 qr; in Cappaghkelly, 1/5 qr; in Gortnahinaissen Gortnahimrissan Killallaghtan], two-thirds of 1/5 qr;... [Ballycahill?, Killimorbologue and Tynagh?, Galway]


Pat. 7 James I.

XIX.—37. General Pardon to...Owen McGillentresse...


Pat. 8 James I. Part 2

II...in Killcloyne, three half qrs and a castle; parcel of the estate of Towlhill O’Higgin of the same, slain in rebellion; rent, 10s0d—in Gortdressagh, 1/2 qr parcel of the estate of Thomas Mc Henry Bourke of the same, slain in rebellion; rent 4s0d...[Killacloyne Carrigtohill/Caherlag Cork city]


1606 XII.—9. Pat 3 James I

…the tithes of the south part of the parish of Ardee, with those of Baltrassie [Baltray east of Drogheda]...


1609 Pat 6 James 1

CIV - 38...Dalton O’Trertie...John otherwise Shane O’Tressie, Neale O’Tressie, Rowrie O’Tressie...of Ballinewill in [  ] co....9 Mar 6th [Donegal]


Pat. 13 James I.

XXXII...Fermanagh Co’. In Magheriboy Bar. Killmore and Killtrasse, Kiltarsney, l tate...


1614 Pat 13 James 1

LXXXVII - 42 General Pardon for...Thomas Treeffe of Kilkenny co. yeoman...


1616 Pat 13 James I

XCIII...Galway Co'. In Coragh, 1/2 of a qr; in Cloncoury, 1/2 qr; in Magherimore, 1/3 of 1/2 qr; parcel of the estate of Laughlin Mc Rory O'Tressy, slain in rebellion; value, 6s 8d. [Corry, Clooncona & Magheramore in Killimorbologue]


Patent Roll, 11 James I. Part 2.

VIII-37...Carrow-gortdrassa, 1 q', containing Leaghcarrow gortedrassa and Leaghcarrowdownraghtin; [Sligo]


Pat. 11 James I.

IV...Wicklow Co. In Newcastle Bar. Half of the town and lands of Ballinorhan, with its hamlets, and half Of Cooldrasse...




Inquisitum Cancellariae Hiberniae Repertorium


Jac I (2) Com’ Civit’ Kilkenny

Kilken’ 18 April 1623

…Roger Trassy, al’ mes’ in pd’ vico modo in occopacon’ assing’…

Charles I (3) AD 1629 Fermanagh

...& ½ tat’ de Kiniahan Patric’ O’Tracy...

Inquisitum Cancellariae Hiberniae Repertorium. Vol 1 Leinster, Vol II Ultonia (Ulster) HMSO 1829



1599-1600 Calendar of Documents



May 9, 1599 Dublin

Henry Tracy, servant of the Earl of Essex


May 16, 1599

The Privy Council to the Earl of Essex

Find from this hasty dispatch by Mr. Tracy, that he is not satisfied with their letter of April 17 sent by Mr. Darrell.


May 24, 1599 Clonmell

Earl of Essex to the Privy Council

After writing of my other letters, the same day that I ended them, here arrived my servant H Tracy with your Lordships letters of the 14th.


June 10, 1599

The Privy Council to the Earl of Essex

Acknowledge his letters sent by Mr Tracy, Mr Darrell and Sir Francis Darcy.


[1599 April 28] Army in Ireland...Companies of Foot in Leinster, With the Earl of Osmond...C. Nic. Tracy. (100 to 200 each)

W. Temple to Edward Reynolds...His Lordship wishes you should be careful of the delivery of a letter to the Lieutant of the Ordnance, which this bearer, Mr. Tracy, has with him...Dublin, May 6, 1599

Army in Ireland 1599 Aug 28, Companies of foot left in Leinster...Kilkennye and towards Munster...100 C. Nic. Tracy...

1902 [Cd. 928] Historical Manuscripts Commission. Calendar of the manuscripts of the Most Hon. the Marquis of Salisbury, K.G.,


29/9/1601 Waterford p.88-9

The Mayor of Waterford and others to the English Privy Council

Relates the arrival of the Spaniards at Kinsale:- Pray send us help here. We have always been loyal and will do our best to defend this city with the last drop of our blood. Pray deliver to the bearer, Nicholas Luke, 300 pikes 50 halberts and two last of powder for provision and defence of the city, for which we pay Her Majesty Treasurer of War here.

Signed by Edward Geoghe, Mayor of Waterford, George Sherloke (county) Sheriff and Thomas Tracy Borough Sheriff


1611-1614. James I. Calendar of State Papers Ireland

The Lord Deputy to the Attorney-General. Order to draw forth a fiant of incorporation of the town of Tuam, CO. Galway, by the name of Soveraigne and Burgesses of Galway.—Chichester House, 7 December 1612.

List appended :—Isaek Lally, Soveraigne ; Murtagh Hanyn, Donell O'Bukin (sic), Tully Donellane, Francis Robinson, Thomas Sais, Samuel Barnard, Donell Graame M'na Hyny (sic), John Kirevan [Kirwan], Manus O'Trehy, John O'Donoghou (sic), Owen O'Higgin; Thomas O'Cuillename (sic).

P. J . Orig. Signed at beginning. Endd. : " Tuam."

Dec. 7. vol. 62 No.118

[Note: Presume this is Manus O’Tressy as Trehy is not found for Tuam]


Date: 15 October 1660

An Order of Reference, by the Commissioners for governing his Majesty's Army in Ireland, to the Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, made upon a Petition of Francis Tracy

Shelfmark: MS. Carte 154, fol(s). 33v

Document type: Copy


Muster rolls of Regiments and Companies

Vii 1644 April 26 Arthur Culme

...Edmond Trassy...

Mustered in Dublin

xiii 1644 April 25 Lord Lambert

...James Tracy...

Mustered at Dublin

xxi 1644 April 26 William Peasly

...Rorie Tracie...

Mustered at Dublin

xxiii 1644 April 26 - Nicholas Forde

...Jo. Trassey...

Mustered at Dublin

lix 1646-7 Juary 30 - Fott regiments in Dublin

...Roger Trasey, lieutenant...

1895 [C.7678] Historical manuscripts commission. Fourteenth report, appendix, part VII. The manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, preserved at the Castle, Kilkenny. Vol. I.


23 May 1646 Kilkenny

Names of the drivers for the expedition to Connaught...John Trasny



p. 451...John Tracy (limerick?)

8th October 1653 p. 469

That the following will abide by what lots he drawn for them...John Tracy


1662 p.650

A true abstract of the several debentures of the officers and soldiers belonging to Captain John Gallands company for their services since 1649 and their claims that are added thereunder...John Tracy...Certified and examined by (Sir) John Pettie; and with note signed by same, that this list contains several debentures satisfied in Captain John Gallands lot. In part satisfaction of his debt there was set out 5,597 acres, 2 rods in the liberties of Coleraine and Co. of Londonderry and 2169 ¼ acres in the barony of Kilconway, Co. Antrim.


Date: 11 August 1662

Warrant, by the Duke of Ormond, appointing George Tracy to be one of the Waiters in the Custom House of Dublin, during pleasure

Written from: Dublin Castle

Shelfmark: MS. Carte 165, fol(s). 9

Document type: Copy


1662-1684 The King's regiment of Guards in Ireland

...Leanord Tracey.


13th August 1664 p.424

Council Chamber Dublin

The sum of...was charged on you for the King by virtue of an order of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in the Parliament assembled dated 31/7/1661...Viscount Tracy of Rathcoole £20...


We find that the eight subsidies granted by the King in the present parliament there is yet unpaid by you...Viscount Rathcoole £100...


18 July 1665. Historical Manuscripts Commission - Marquis of Ormond

James Tracey of Carrickfergus, Clerk, a Minister of the Church of England. Exempt from quartering soldiers.



Aug 11 1668, letter from W. Tracey to Ormond

Mar 26 1669, letter from W. Tracy to Ormond

1877 [C.1745] Sixth report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts. Part I.


1668 August 11... W. Tracy to Ormond

1904 [Cd. 1963] Historical Manuscripts Commission. Calendar of the manuscripts of the Marquess of Ormonde, K.P. preserved at Kilkenny Castle. New series, vol. III.


1682 Marquis of Ormond

May 22, George Tracy, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

June 20, G. Tracy, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

Aug 8, Geo. Tracey, Dublin to H. Gascoigne

1878-79 [C.2340] [C.2340-I] Seventh report of the Royal Commission on historical manuscripts. Part I.



Calendar of Inquisitions


CI 16 William Crowe PM

30 Jan 1628

…a mes & garden on the N of New St now or lately occupied by Thomas Trasy baker.

Calendar of Inquisitions. Irish Manuscripts Commission.


November 7, 1630

Pardon of Christopher Veld on, James Roone, and James Byrne, for the murder of Thomas Tresy, late of the city of Dublin.

Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reign Charles the First



Calendar of State Papers 1642-59


3rd March 1642-3

Receipt for £10 from Edward Baglehole or Baggelholl through John Tracy

6th September 1653

John Tracy or Tracey, subscribed for land in Ireland in 1642. He made no disposal of his investment by assignment or by his will, and is now dead. John Tracey, now living, is his reported son and lawful heir. Signed Mayor of Bideford.

13th August 1653

Certificate by the Mayor & of Exeter

The receipts above are for sums really the property of Baglehole & Tracy, who may dispose of them accordingly.

25th March 1659

List of Persons who drew lands.

Barony of Kenry, Co. Limerick

South-West Quarter...John Tracy...

Calendar of State Papers 1642-59. p.261, 351






Report from the Irish Committee approved of, viz. : 14. That Capt. George Tracy, commanding Major General Ireton's troop in Ireland, was, upon his coming to England, desired by the Major-General to send over to Ireland 230 pair of boots...

Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series [During the Commonwealth 1649-60



1612 Plantation of Ulster

Sir Paul Tracy, 30 foot soldiers

n.1965 p.1492

British Museem 39,955.6; 39.960; 39,970 Add. Charters for maintaining 30 foot soldiers in the plantation of Ulster 1612


Recognisances of Sir F. Barrington and Sir W. Ayloffe for each maintaining 30 footsoldiers for the Plantation of Ulster, June-Oct., 1612. Similar recognisances for Sir P. Tracy and Sir M. Finch and Sir E. Hales, June, 1612 and Sir J. Mollineux, June, 1613.

London: British Museum, Add. Charters, 39,955-6; 39,960; 39,970

The National Library of Ireland holds a microfilm copy (n.1965, p.1492.).


[dedication] To the much Honored Ladie, the Ladie Bridget Tracie: Nicholas Bifield wisheth all prosperity in the things of the Kingdome of Christ...

Author: Byfield, Nicholas, 1579-1622.

Title: The marrow of the oracles of God. Or, diuers treatises containing directions about sixe of the waightiest things can concerne a Christian in this life. by N. Bifield, late preacher of Gods Word at Isleworth in Middlesex.

Date: 1630

[It is presumed that Bridget Tracie was an Irish Lady living in Middlesex. Nicholas Byfield was a well-renowned preacher of that parish]


March 8 1636

Pardon of an alienation made by Sir Edward Blanchfield of Blanchfield, in the county of Kilkenny, and Katherine Treany, of Ballyready, to Edward Sweetman, of Hodsgrove, in the same county.

Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, of the Reign Charles the First


1666 Certificates for Adventurers, Soldiers

John Trasey XXIV 32

John Trassyes XXIV 38



Car II August 29 1676

Licence to erect lotteries in Ireland

Capt Walter Tressy

Analecta Hibernica no.6 p.390



5. Captain Walter Tressy, one of his Highness the Duke of Yorks Life-Guard, stark blinde of one eye, was restored to his sight.

Miracles not ceas'd to His Grace George Duke of Buckingham &c., of his miraculous cure and of the rest of all the most wonderfull and glorious miracles and cures wrought by a Roman Catholick priest in and about the cities of London and Westminister, in the moneths of Iune and Iuly 1663, in confirmation of the holy Roman Catholick faith

A. S., Digby, John., Digby, Kenelm, Sir, 1603-1665.


Army in Ireland 1686-1705

Earl of Donnegalls Reg

Ensn Willm Trac(e)y

Add Ms 9762


Records relating to 1688 Forfeitures; Entries of Claims

Edward Yardly taken before Mr Bawn Tracey in England which was uad.



Captain ___Tress 1689

Neither this surname nor that of Tracy, for which it seems to have been intended, is to be found on the Rolls of Attainders of 1691.

D’Alton, John (1880) Illustrations, Historical and Genealogical of King James Irish Army List 1689. Vol. II. 2nd edition, London.


Hudibras 1698

The Irish “Hudibras”, printed in London, 1698, to ridicule and vilify the Irish, thus describes the gentlemen of the ancient English families of the Pale who were as fond of the harp as the Irish:

“There was old Treicy [Tracy], and old Darcy,

Playing all weathers on the clarsey,

The Irish harp, - whose rusty metal

Sounds like the patching of a kettle.”

Prendergast, John P (1865) The Cromwellian settlement of Ireland.

Martial affairs entry book of the Ld. Lieut. and Lords Justices, 1711-13.

Bonles Regiment, Alice Tracy widow of Lieut, £5 per 3 months



1801 - 1804 Chancery Schedules

13 Aug 1804, In the matter of Thos Tracey a minor

5 Gos Debs of £100 each 5? from Jas Richards £500

1 Do of £50 from Do 50

19 Oct 1805 Suitors names Thomas Tracey a minor £13.15.0 5 pleny Gov Stock £13.15 Total





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